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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 138334780052.jpg - (28.85KB , 300x300 , 61KCbp0p8VL__SY300_.jpg )
25522 No. 25522 ID: 7ed0c9

I know Clocktoberfest is gone with the wind and Pretti Paddie's day's still ways away....

But let's tide ourselves over with some Neckbeardish Drinking Songs!
No. 25523 ID: d315b1

No. 25530 ID: 097017

> [Pic of Merud switching his Biretta for a Hardhat]
As her research partner,
there's plenty groundbreaking work to do,
But ever since I've gotten here
I've only built subsidized housing for her mooks!

Oh I don't want nomore of the Dungeon Life,
Deem-You ought to know, I fear,
I'm no foreman or civil engineer,
Deem-I just want to go hooome!

> [pic of Hin stomaching more whisky than a Scottsman]
She told me that in a prim'al forge
rare metal's I'd refine,
now I'd do most anything
for a nickel anda dime!

Oh I don't want nomore of th'Dungeon Life,
I'll just head back to the bar,
forget about her falling star,
Deem-I just want to go hooome!

> [Stargazer lounging, surrounded by golem attendants and resting her tail on Riesarf who's crouched on all fours]
When I first met her She said she respected her Elder blights,
She was campaigning on the grounds of Abberation Suffrage & Immigration,
a new healthcare system and alien civil rights!

But since it actually happened I've gotten rather thin,
Is it really such a sin, not to want to be an ottoman?
Deem-I just want to go hooome!

> [Moriko with one foot on the coffee table, dressing a legwound]
They said that as Deem's minion,
they'd serve you tea that's fine;
It's great for cuts and bruises,
and tastes like Iodine!

Oh I don't want nomore of th'Dungeon Life,
Deem-I just want to go,
back to the land I know:
Deem-I just want to go hooome!

> [Izakkik in nurse's pillbox hat loading a golem with a giant jolly roger'd syringe]
Mi miemd phfat aphfs Meemfphs mimim,
meh maypthfemphs mar mephf mime,
meyo mape meyr miewpfs nnn meemls
mams a mimper mor ma mime!

<*I find that as Deem's minion,
the patients are just fine;
they'll take their pills and needles
sans a whimper or a whine!*>

<*Oh I'm just loving the dungeon life!
But you I'd like to show,
places where pollen falls like snow!
Deem-I want to take you hooome!*>
No. 25531 ID: 9e3650

No. 25535 ID: f7248b

-Tor Rockall-

They say that in a dungeon,
the girls you'll meet are fine,
but expect Big Sister or Bad Teacher Deem
You'll get a drunk, a gypsy and a Frankenstein!

(Ivac, Moriko and Deem, cross-armed stand behind with forehead veins pulsating)
*audible smack and cracking sounds*

(Tor bruised, in wheelchair and neck and arm casts, delicately palms his swollen cheek and black eye with his working hand.)

*with lisp*
Oh I don't want more of the D. Life,
Deem I want to go back where critters love me so
Deem I want to go Home.

-Charles Carton Chester Louis-

She promised me gold
and chin scratches every day,
I've haven't seen her since she went to town
and her golems aren't in the mood to play.

(Tor in CCCL's jaws like a rabbit)

Well I guess I'll just eat a coney or maybe two.
Back to square one I suppose,
with woodland creature's blood to wet my nose,
Deem I wish you'd taken me home.

(Tor wheezes "heeelp meeee")
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