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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 133584951965.jpg - (881.70KB , 1300x1063 , urgency.jpg )
21053 No. 21053 ID: b9e291

Hey I was thinking about setting up a little parallel universe back when I played the "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon" games. Was thinking that it'd be a fun setting for one of those text based dungeons you connect to online. Trouble is, I don't know anyone besides me who's into both pokémon, roleplaying and world building. Would anyone here be interested in that sort of thing?
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No. 21059 ID: a7ad0c

Haha sorry about my enthusiasm, I'm just excited for this to happen.
No. 21066 ID: b9e291
File 133602006171.jpg - (96.17KB , 600x816 , Pokemon-Mystery-Dungeon-Explorer-of-Time-Fan-Art-2.jpg )


Woah man, slow down a bit. You're totally flooding this thread with all that enthusiasm. It's just a game man, OK? Chillax.


Anyone interested in it can go there I guess.
No. 21070 ID: b1e090

I made a big embarrassing post of excitement and love and deleted it because embarrass.

I will totes peep in there every now and then, thanks yo!
No. 21106 ID: 14754c

Isn't this thread on lulz?
No. 21119 ID: b9e291
File 133619410675.png - (65.43KB , 1920x1200 , patachu,mew - Copie de zuiormatistism.png )


Don't be silly. Nobody goes to that den of evil here.
No. 21135 ID: e4d0c5

I love adblock.
No. 21196 ID: f44b56

A Pokemon text thing would be aces
No. 24909 ID: 1766db

I've worked on a MUD before. Not a lot of good MOO engines out there, though.
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