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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 131742876499.png - (49.38KB , 600x600 , SadShawk.png )
18141 No. 18141 ID: 049dfa

Who loves sharks? That's right, we all do.

On December 17th, members of our community here on the site will be streaming arts live for 48 hours in order to attempt to raise money to help our endangers sharky friends. More information can be found here: http://sharksavers.donorpages.com/2011Fundraiser/araelkins/

Additionally, by donating $5 or more you will be entered into a raffle of sorts to win various prizes! More info on that can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2761748/

Won't you help our poor rough skinned friends of the deep, or at least just watch our friends from the site stay up drawing things until they're stupid with sleep deprivation? Hope to see you there.
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No. 18142 ID: 0bd117

No. 18149 ID: 86d0ac

I think the minimum to be eligible for prizes was actually $10. Or maybe that was just the grand prize.
No. 18170 ID: 8fe206

No, it's $5 for one of the smaller prizes. This makes me feel like a dick for spending all me money on games. How long's the donation acception going for?
No. 18171 ID: 55c4cf


Until December 19th, probably.
No. 19288 ID: 55c4cf
File 132302526018.jpg - (1.00MB , 3116x1686 , 150108.jpg )

Holy moley! It's getting really close to the charity drive now.


Anyone with a tumblr, please help me raise awareness! 13 days until we do the stream.
Please and thank you.
No. 19289 ID: d60822

>1-6 humans killed each year
Uh, you should probably give an indicator of how many humans some other animals kill, for perspective. Because 1-6 humans dying doesn't sound like a good thing by itself.
No. 19290 ID: 5316b2

Compare it to, say, firearm related deaths in South-Africa.
No. 19292 ID: 453e62

compare it to deaths by humans at all. humans are the biggest killer of other humans.
No. 19293 ID: 1854db

More humans each year die of heart disease. Cancer. Lightning strikes.

Sharks do not want to kill you.
No. 19299 ID: d60822

I was thinking more like dogs or deer, which are considered pretty innocuous creatures but kill a fuckton more people than Sharks do.
No. 19300 ID: 9c7c3b

Oooh no, no, no. That'd be bad.

A better thing would be falling coconuts or hippopotamuses. Or falling hippopotamuses.

Also, I am totes donating.
No. 19304 ID: 5316b2


Hippos might be a good'un, actually, although what Cruxador said about dogs or deer (wow) makes a lot of sense.
No. 19307 ID: 8fe206

Deer: they won't only wreck your car but they'll also hunt you back.
No. 19336 ID: bccf7b

The major problem with a lot of this kind of logic is:

1). Population
2). Proximity
3). Frequency

It's why so many people die in car accidents: there are millions of vehicles, nearly everyone has them or has to be in/on/around one at some point, often daily, and more often than not, that very fact of it being daily increases the risk by rather vast amounts.

Though no, most sharks don't give a shit about people unless they do something to the shark or slather themselves in bacon grease.
No. 19341 ID: bdf35e

Yes, but if you multiply the yearly rate by the number of years they've been around, you get something like 200 Hitlers and that's terrible.
No. 19612 ID: 97cc92

No. 19628 ID: a6ab09

this stream is nothing but dicks, fair warning
No. 19642 ID: 1854db

Oh god don't join laughing to death

leave everything to my dog
No. 19670 ID: 55c4cf

This was the best goddamn thing that ever was.

RIP 2011, the galaxy is at peace.
No. 19672 ID: c6ec33

This WAS in fact one of the awesomest things ever. :>

Thanks, you guys, for putting in the effort to raise over $2,500 for charity. Y'all ROCK. :D

I am currently drinking a toast to you, using my favorite beer. I SALUTE YOU.
No. 19673 ID: 25d956
File 132431335347.jpg - (553.68KB , 1600x1200 , Photo0049.jpg )

I spilled the pistachios.
No. 19674 ID: 97cc92

When Mike Dawson fucked an onion, the onion cried.
No. 19680 ID: 0c9433

This is now a Mike Dawson thread
No. 19694 ID: a1de0e

Mike Dawson is so ugly, when he peeled an onion the onion cried.
No. 19695 ID: e3f578

Hey, you missed pal
No. 19696 ID: 0c9433
File 132435657278.jpg - (186.09KB , 616x871 , questfortheshrimpbabyintheringtossdungeon.jpg )

Now we're talkin'
No. 20009 ID: 94ed3e

Part 1/26 of the Shark Stream is uploaded. The gray artifacting in the video fixes up after about 3 minutes. Tell me if there are any highlights from the stream you want put into an eventual highlight video, ideally with a timestamp/frame number.

No. 20032 ID: 94ed3e


Parts 1-5 are now uploaded, and the rest should be gradually added to the playlist. Tell me if you notice any problems in part 3 or later, the small syncing problems from 1-2 should be fixed in 3, and I have not noticed any other problems.

Highlight recommendations are still appreciated, especially if you tell me when the highlight starts and ends. Only these things are currently suggested:
-Derpception - 32 minutes in on part 6
-[clockworkslug] singing song 2 - Sunday morning
-Mr. Q's roommate
-Slinkoboy saying the Mike Dawson joke
No. 20034 ID: c6ec33

Are you going to be putting anatomy on YouTube? :V
No. 20035 ID: 94ed3e

Once anatomy is gotten to I will be censoring it in some way for youtube.

This is probably not going to be relevant to almost anyone, but just in case I will try to explain my method for dealing with the Shark Stream videos. http://pastebin.com/QMH9xAxL
No. 20052 ID: 94ed3e

Parts 1-8: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60AFA6DF35E2F06F
In checking over part 8 I found a point where I type something into the sharkstream chat without my mic muted, so I finally have something to use to accurately sync Bite's video with the chat log. Part 9 and on should have super legit syncing.

Part 7 uncensored: http://jumbofiles.com/317zmok00mdx
Part 8 uncensored + better sync: http://jumbofiles.com/key4w8xp6xg8
No. 20056 ID: 4f5779

I think all the mike dawson jokes should be highlights
also some mike dawson banter generally.
No. 20088 ID: 94ed3e

Parts 1-8 have been re-synced and re-uploaded, and parts 9, 10, and 11 are now uploaded. If you want something to be highlighted it is super helpful if you give the time when it happens.
Currently I have for highlights:
Part 1: Introductions, blow all your dicks, Danny Doobieto, Pistachios 01
Part 2: Pissing on a Snivy's tummy is PG-13, "That's just anatomy", a girl with a huge horsedick is okay.
Other: MrQ turning Japanese (3), Derpception (6), Mr. Q's roommate, Slinkoboy saying the Mike Dawson joke, Mike Dawson jokes in general
No. 20131 ID: 94ed3e

All parts are now uploaded. The uncensored versions will eventually be uploaded somewhere, I need to encode them still and I don't know of a good upload site that allows ~450MB files and isn't super slow.
No. 20284 ID: 94ed3e

You can add suggestions for highlights here as well as just contacting me: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rXosJ0Sl5VInqhKbo87XMVjTcBHPwYoJbjseCGc73IA/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1

Uncensored versions of the parts of the Shark Stream that got censored.

Part 7: http://jumbofiles.com/317zmok00mdx

Part 8: http://jumbofiles.com/key4w8xp6xg8

Part 20: http://jumbofiles.com/7zx8nsawnpfo

Part 21: http://jumbofiles.com/bgyugj0quiw5

Part 22: http://jumbofiles.com/6dknuzv4ar94

Part 23: http://jumbofiles.com/dw94oo66g4bz

Part 24: http://jumbofiles.com/i6sh44xnxzb0

Part 25: http://jumbofiles.com/hl0ekup3ym0a
No. 21910 ID: 55c4cf

Shark Stream 2012: Sea Wizards
Friday July 27th 7PM EST - Monday July 30th 7PM EST

Charity: http://www.sharksavers.org
Stream Site: http://sharks.thatquestsite.org
Exclusive Shirt: http://sharkstream.tumblr.com/post/27319832078
Will be on site 27th-31st.
Reblog Prize Promo: http://sharkstream.tumblr.com/post/27314965303
Active until the final hour of the charity. Reblogging on tumblr puts you in for a free chance to win a prize.
Chat: #sharksavers on irc.rizon.net

Looking forward to see you there!
No. 21925 ID: f7ae22

No. 21931 ID: f7ae22

It's happening right now. It's happening.
No. 21961 ID: 34cbef
File 134364499661.png - (42.49KB , 959x531 , nosharkattackyear.png )

No. 21963 ID: 14b5e4

Yay, peace with the sharks!
No. 21976 ID: 58a693

I fucking love this.
No. 21990 ID: af3431
File 134400708213.jpg - (36.14KB , 499x315 , fintastic.jpg )

No. 22173 ID: f7ae22

The marathon is being uploaded to http://www.youtube.com/user/SharkStreams/videos
Features all streams and the IRC from the marathon. Tell me if a video has any problems with sync or anything. I'm not going to be bothering trying to make a highlight video for this one unless other people suggest a bunch of things to highlight, because it just takes way too much time otherwise.

Once all of Sea Wizards is uploaded I will finish the shortened cut of Shark Stream 2011. First third is uploaded here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPHwKManqiY
No. 22455 ID: ab701f
File 134795140158.png - (13.51KB , 221x161 , hagfishbastion.png )

First 45 of about 77 hours are uploaded now. Tell me if you notice any problems.
Sorry it's taking so long to upload the videos. I'll try to get videos up more frequently now, I finally dealt with all the video problems of the Bomberman block and I am now encoding it.

Prizes are still being taken care of. Everyone that won a prize was sent an e-mail, and I recently sent a second e-mail to those who hadn't responded yet. Please make sure to respond if you won something!

Also, if you have any suggestions for future shark streams feel free to post them here, even if it's something like "X was good, make sure to do X for the next stream too."
No. 22480 ID: 0006f5

peaches was good, make sure to do peaches for the next stream too.
No. 22482 ID: 55c4cf
File 134853109102.jpg - (149.87KB , 480x640 , tumblr_matyt4ZctW1r7v7b1o1_500.jpg )

Trying to think of a subtitle for next year's event.
"Ocean Nurses" is an idea. If anyone has any clever titles (preferably two words) let us know. We need to figure out a theme for next year so we can start earlier on design work, ads, and the t-shirt.
No. 22526 ID: ac9acd

this is a "SEAMERGENCY"
No. 22609 ID: 1bdb8a
File 135052469995.png - (244.35KB , 1000x1000 , 1343467353_queblock_joneszulf.png )

Shark Stream 2012: Sea Wizards is now archived at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4r3DdIwcLe0wmsOthU44mEbg254kemh3

I have some of the after-hours stream stuff that I might upload later, but the ~74 hours of the main stream is there.

For the next Shark Stream, the Mibbit on the stream page should probably be switched out for an embed of http://qchat.rizon.net/ instead, since Mibbit is more interface than chat at lower resolutions.

Something that would be super duper rad for the next Shark Stream is asking Lag.Com if we could use the dynamic stream layout he made for SDA. I don't think there is any possible way to make a good static layout.
No. 22624 ID: 1bdb8a

Seamergency seems like a good name to me. A great thing about it is that nothing else uses it; a Google search for "Seamergency" mostly shows this thread. I registered "Seamergency" on Twitch to make sure no one takes it since it is seeming like Shark Stream 2013: Seamergency is the hypest possibility so far.
No. 22625 ID: 55c4cf

Seamergency it is then.
Time to start prep-work in a week or two.
No. 22665 ID: 1bdb8a

I uploaded the after-hours stream stuff I had from Sea Wizards. Youtube sometimes takes a long/infinite amount of time to have a 720p option for longer videos, so if this never ends up getting a 720p option I'll probably try reuploading it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C0cEzl0psM

I'm working on getting the shortened cut videos of Shark Stream 2011 finally finished, and am now about 75% done with the next video.
No. 22710 ID: 1bdb8a

Oh what is this it is the second highlight video for Shark Stream 2011 how did this get here.

Also I tried to re-upload the Sea Wizards XX After-horses stream to get it in 720p but Youtube is having none of it. The after-horses stream will just have to be in only 480p I guess.
No. 22770 ID: 1bdb8a

Shark Stream 2011: Shortened Cut is done.

If you want the full uncensored video for any drawing tell me which videos you want and I'll try to find somewhere to upload them again. You can check out the Avisynth scripts to see which video something was in.
Spoilers alert:
No. 22775 ID: f2c20c

Is there a gallery or something of all the pictures?
No. 22782 ID: 1bdb8a

There was never a gallery made, mostly because of all the NSFW stuff. I'm trying to put together all the pictures but some of the requests that weren't done before the end of the stream are hard to find. There's a text file of all the Shark Stream 2011 requests in the .zip file. If anyone knows where one of the pictures for a request is telling me would be pretty hype.

This should have every picture done during the stream at least. NSFW.
No. 22787 ID: f2c20c

No. 25017 ID: 55c4cf
File 137200680211.png - (43.90KB , 560x420 , youcaringbanner2.png )

Shark Stream 2013: Seamergency
Thursday June 27th 7PM PDT - Monday July 1st 6PM PDT

Charity: http://www.sharksavers.org
Stream Site: http://sharks.thatquestsite.org
Exclusive Shirt: Will be available on shark savers official store starting on the 26th and carrying on until about July 10th. Designed by rottel.
Reblog Prize Promo: http://sharkstream.tumblr.com/post/53494436146
Active until the final hour of the charity. Artist Chat: #sharksavers on irc.rizon.net

Year 3, let's go!

We still have room for any artists that would like to stream art during the event, please contact us ASAP to participate!
No. 25025 ID: 55c4cf

No. 25044 ID: 56710e

Hype for sharks!!
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