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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 136853044657.png - (0.98MB , 900x727 , sotl alignment.png )
24628 No. 24628 ID: c850c4

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No. 24629 ID: 051d15
File 136853206690.jpg - (167.49KB , 750x805 , 1361171140643.jpg )

I won't specifically because I've heard a bunch of mostly-positive talk about the game recently (and I find it annoying, for reasons I'd have difficulty expressing), and therefore I'd like to adopt a stubborn, and deliberately condescending stance for no legitimate reason than for the sake of negativity alone.
No. 24630 ID: f2c20c

I don't even know what game this is.
No. 24631 ID: 29654e

Spec Ops: The Line is great. However the morally grey nature of the game doesn't mesh very well with alignment charts.
Also I can foresee this thread dead-ending very quickly, so how about we just call this Video Games General?
No. 24639 ID: a8fc3c

> I've heard a bunch of mostly-positive talk about the game recently (and I find it annoying, for reasons I'd have difficulty expressing)

Allow me to help express for you:

The game's entire point, every narrative decision in it, and the excuse for the sloppy mechanics -- is that it's all about 'the story' and about the player wanting to be a hero (instead of the character); and yet the game commits the capital sin of blaming the player for things that happen in cutscenes. Which causes it to be a massive failure that only garners attention from people who really want to reach into a game and pull out a meaning and call it art regardless of one of the most botched executions in recent memory.

No. 24641 ID: 22d338

Your sarcasm detector's on the fritz, bro.
No. 24678 ID: d49f71

You cannot imagine how tempted I am to argue with you right now.
No. 24717 ID: 0eef61

No. 24737 ID: 933f92

Telling the player they are a scumbag for making decisions that they cannot, in fact, make, lowers the impact of said decisions upon the realization that you cannot make them. It's a hamfisted 'war is hell' message that's been done before by other mediums far better and could have been done much, much better with an interactive medium, but falls flat when the interactivity that matters - making meaningful decisions - is removed.

Bioshock was amazing because it looked the obvious method of doing things in the eye and showed us what we were taking for granted.

The Line is terrible for using what we take for granted to show us what is obvious.

Show me a game where you're in a war, and you have to make tough decisions, but you can make them, and I'll show you a good game with a message. The Line is like making a bunch of people sit through a snuff film and saying 'god, you people are sick for watching this instead of walking out'.
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