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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 138305895066.jpg - (209.00KB , 1239x1536 , N05384_10.jpg )
25486 No. 25486 ID: f7248b

Your suggestions will be ignored and your proposals eschewed for some in that thread think you irredeemably rude. No matter what truth, if any, is contained in your story, at every post is an unwelcoming host, a sortie that see you as their quarry.

Regardless of how passionately you sue or how eloquently you plead, with contempt only your posts will they read. None can dare your ideas promote or endorse and expect to escape that unequal and opposite force. And though I wish some to take your financial advice, to their satisfaction there is no price you can pay, no device you can devise--though offer it you may.

It seems we've a little brother or sister inside us all, that ensure our heads don't grow to big our our height too tall. They know precisely what not to do and the worst possible thing to say, and though try as we might to keep them locked tight they always manage to slip away. Now whether this is the case or simply my own conclusions, about your place in that thread you, named at least, you should have no illusions.
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No. 25487 ID: f7248b

It's a very hard fact of life, and I do speak with experience, but as an anon contribute and mildly they'll treat you with invariance.
No. 25489 ID: 097017

A few corrections in your message I'll make, but your advice as I whole I'll see fit to take.

In your second sentence, which reads "a sortie that sees you as their quarry" would flow better as "a sortie sees you as their quarry".

And to "to thier satisfaction there is no price you can pay, no device you devise" should be "you can pay no price, nor can you compose any device."

Also, "about your place in that thread you, named at least, you should have no illusions." should be "that thread, named at least, you should have no illusions" or "that thread you, named at least, should have no illusions."

Why do you rhyme, anyway?
No. 25490 ID: 34b2f2

What? No, stop being wrong. Yes there's a very real chance that they've invented this younger sibling as an excuse for their indiscretions but that's immaterial as long as they stop being shitty. Which has got very little to do with their name or trip. They were shitty before they used them and whether they continue to be shitty has nothing to do with their use.

Just like you're being shitty right now, regardless of any names you do or don't use.
No. 25491 ID: fc0fc4
File 138306185578.jpg - (131.64KB , 801x1200 , Fisherman-in-bucket-hat.jpg )

Hey look, Stan, they caught a live one!
No. 25494 ID: f7248b
File 138306560243.jpg - (234.45KB , 1680x1050 , darth-vader-3.jpg )

It seems the student has become the master... And you are consistently followed by disaster. And I would that you know that my habit's not for show; it aids my poor memory. I once wrote a letter lost to an outage of power and quickly recalled it within a quaterhour--so it's quite useful you see.

Here I anoint my first case in point, like a crow to a battlefield takes flight. Did I not say that at first chance they may attack, fangs extended and ready to bite? He I did not invite, and reacted despite though my message was clearly intended for you. Thought he seemed not care, he deemed it quite fair for him to butt into our A-B conversation. A snare, I'm sure, a pathological lure lead him to post his offensive recommendation.

I assure you, sir angler, I'm no worm-dangler; To annoy or deceive was never my intent. I think trolling to boot is a prodigal pursuit. Much precious time and many a dime it has wastefully spent.
No. 25495 ID: 7ed0c9


I'm glad you think so, and in such good humor. From your last post to me I assumed you esteemed me a tumor. I suppose we ought not forget, its hard to discern intentions on the internet. Though as tempting and appropriate as it would seem to quote the closing statement of A Midsummers Night's Dream, that I will hold in reserve to see if your good fellowship I deserve.
No. 25496 ID: 7bbaae

Stop rhyming.
No. 25497 ID: 34b2f2

The reason I posted here was because of the history of dispute between him and I. I posted to explain that I don't hold any enmity towards him and that your recommendation was founded on a faulty premise.

I still think you're shitty for giving bad advice and you're annoying for rhyming constantly. Doesn't mean I'm going to discount your ideas out of hand, you're making more of small things than you should.

No. 25498 ID: 9b33d9

This thread is making me cringe hardcore
No. 25502 ID: f7248b

I've done some back tracking and a little research, and I've spotted interesting details from my lofty perch. Faulty premise you say, perhaps it is true, but before we make assertions let us first the facts review. His post were shitty before, or so you've said, but recent evidence will put that supposition to bed. You see history shows you both thought in the same frame, that is of course, before he donned a name. c7 is first two characters of his typical id, derived by mathematical encryption came to be: c770a7. Perhaps you lost track in the many voices whose suggestions were whose and who supported your choices. You see, when he was anonymous, he was quite identifiable. So its yours, if anyone's logic is friable.

>>/quest/543796 (the first use of that name was by another trying to contact him. It seems he didn't use the name on a whim.)

As for your second point, I have to tell you don't start a friendly diplomatic discourse by calling the rest of the room shit (at least, not where I'm from). I understand that while tgchan is more disciplined and measured than it's predecessor, it only deviates a bit; the apple falls not far from the tree. Too often for my taste are there trolls, lasciviousness and incessant vulgarity. Sarcasm is a time honored sport, so it's use I'll condone. (And on that point I'm quite done.)

Your third point confuses me, it seems its the same sort of miscommunication between you and him and it is between you and this imp. Like I said before people I know just don't throw the word "shit" at other people like chimps. What I said was honest, I'm just suspicious in nature; in plain words it was "uh, well... thank you... I guess." I wasn't expecting such a amiable response. It was the instinct of a wary creature who prefers to play close to the chest. It seems we all three make fighting words of small potatoes. We should all be sure to understand each other before we wound our egos.

And yes, just like indians know their accent sounds funny I know my rhyming is annoying, but try to be the bigger man. I do it for a few quite logical reasons, and some other reasons you wouldn't understand. Like I've said before it helps me remember my statements, like Oden's commandments the Hávamál. It also gives me time to think what to say before I set myself up for a fall.
No. 25503 ID: 34b2f2

Of course he was identifiable while anonymous, that was my whole point. More than half his posts are identifiable as his without the ID. That's why I said that returning to anonymity wouldn't work. It's the behavior associated with him that people don't like, not any persona set in names itself. As long as the behavior continues no number of name changes or removals will change his reception.

Just because we've agreed with each other doesn't mean we can't find each other annoying. To think otherwise confuses me, frankly. There are no fighting words here, you've been making a lot of assumptions. Interpreting my tone as hostile is more than fair, but assuming that means I somehow couldn't agree with your ideas is immature.

All that said, C7 has been far from universally unproductive and you've demonstrated a fair degree of creativity and produced an impressive volume of brainstorming. Even if I think it's largely inapplicable to the game. The entire reason I engaged C7 in the first place was because I felt their foibles were getting in the way of them contributing, something I actually like.

Anyway, my opinion is entirely inconsequential.
No. 25506 ID: 097017
File 138315303608.jpg - (20.75KB , 395x294 , musketeers.jpg )

Okay fellas, this is getting out of hand. I'd like to than you both for you willingness to communicate with each other an me despite the apparent difficulty....

Crap, that was a rhyme, wasn't it? Dammit Robbin now I'm doing it too. Thanks a lot. (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\

In all seriousness, I work with children all day, and when I go home to relax I come here. I'd like it if I came home from arguments and head-butting Ids (Freudian variety) and not to have to deal with the same here. I've already told my story and I'm sticking to it, and whether people believe me or not is up to them. (Though I'd have to admit I'd horrible at my job if I acted like the children I deal with, lashing out about the consequences of a game of make-believe.) But Robbin has a point: there's already a stain on my reputation, and so far on the thread I'm being avoided by my peers and the op. I've made the necessary changes to my computer security to ensure it won't happen again.

Abeo you've been perfectly reasonable and more than fair. And on the subject of anonymity I'd like to reiterate that my common ID is the result of my favorite proxy server. Which means, apparently, that I'm rather easy to imitate by anyone who reviews my browser history. ಠ_ಠ

Abeo, I believe I made clear that accepted your position as I offered my apologies, and to Robbin I haven't any hard feelings either. I'm fairly laid back and have a pretty thick hide so it's really no skin off my nose. Now I suggest that, if we are all agreed, Robbin deletes this thread and we put our arms around each others shoulders and head back to the thread, laughing all the way.
No. 25507 ID: 7bbaae

I thought proxies were blocked on tgchan, though.
No. 25509 ID: 097017


This is news to me. Where'd you hear that? I may not make the leanest posts in the world, but I'd hate to break any rules--that is if you mean in theory. In practice there's really no way to enforce that sort of regulation. A proxy would just look like another computer logging on to the system.
No. 25510 ID: d2b9fe

Proxies are only really frowned upon as a means of vote-stuffing. Otherwise, I don't see a reason for anyone to care.
No. 25513 ID: 097017

Ah, thanks for the heads up.

So Abeo, ReGi, your sudden silence is making me nervous here, or maybe it's just halloween.

No takers?
No. 25516 ID: 097017

What do you say, shipmates?



(Why does TGchan give you a youtube upload option when it cant read youtube?)
No. 25517 ID: 7bbaae

Follow the directions to embed properly. That little Help link exists for a reason.
No. 25518 ID: 244e80

Silence is assent, insofar as I don't actually care.
No. 25521 ID: 097017


Yeah, I saw the link. The only problem is that 'lil image doesn't show you how to skip the sloppy MSMoviemaker titles/credits they always tack onto the front and tail ends. Thanks anyway, though.

fair enough. Still haven't heard from the OP, yet. ReGi?
No. 25537 ID: 7ed0c9
File 138366343324.jpg - (162.67KB , 333x493 , mlp_yugioh_my_little_ponies_by_nikku0hyuga-d475bbr.jpg )

Allright, Mr. MiracleWorker, I get you'd like to Téa-light Sparkle us united with the power of friendship, as though the three of us were [st]birds of a[/st] alike. Well no carebear stare is going to weld us together, that only happens with mutual consent.

And I'll consent to quit rhyming, that's about it.

While my mind is set firmly set, I don't find Abeo [st]at all ill met[/st] any trouble.

Just a lot lost in translation, is all.

And please, no more "Enemies worst at first become friends fast at last" business, we can make up our own minds about that TYVM.
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