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File 170207635561.png - (70.25KB , 500x500 , 1b.png )
1078964 No. 1078964 ID: 0ba437

PART ONE: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html

Thousands of thousands of years ago, a Grand Slime was murdered by a mysterious entity known as the Void King.
Thousands of thousands of years later, Nemo reawakens with only a few fractured memories of her former life.
She quickly reunites with two of her broken pieces, and sets out to explore the world in search of the remaining fragments of her shattered core.
After accidentally uncovering and releasing a strange figure imprisoned in stone, Nemo meets another unfortunate end, and it's up to her other parts, Humphrey and Mirrow, to carry on the mission to reunite themselves.
Elsewhere, but not too far away, a runaway Elsekin named Sam is trapped in a dense forest filled with hostile vines.
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No. 1082283 ID: 273c18

Might as well try purifying the void since you have the opportunity.
No. 1082285 ID: 8f9bc4

At least you should be able to purify your wound. Your blood counts as water sort of, and that should stop the thing keeping it from healing.

But uh... you couldn't defeat these vines before they became so thick and left you ankle deep in void matter. So now you're pretty much fucked. Can't go forward, can't go backward. Try calling out, see if you're in earshot of the ones who got dragged out, if they're still alive. (They're most certainly not still alive.)
No. 1082286 ID: a7e7da

Fudge a little oracular magic so you can make a dowsing rod with a knife that detects the nearest living person excluding a list of people which you can change.
No. 1082287 ID: a7e7da

Maybe finagle your rune so that the fire-magic is also partially purifying magic at the small cost of some fire power?
No. 1082299 ID: cdef6b

Its honestly worth a shot purifying these tendrils to assist in carving our way through.

Though if we have the power to improvise these magic, why not try to combine the fire and purifying spells into some sort of scared flame?

This way we'll be suppoedly creating the anthisis to the corrupted vines.
No. 1082314 ID: 8f9bc4


> calling it "sacred flames"
> not calling it "purifire."
No. 1083334 ID: cd48aa

Yeah, at least try purifying the void.
No. 1088147 ID: 3fd859
File 171246995595.png - (177.60KB , 500x500 , 694.png )

You decide to try and create a purifying flame. You've only ever purified water, but maybe if you think about fire as a sort of "cleansing light" and the void as "bad water" you can make it work.

"Lemme try something," you say to Chester. You hand her the thread kit and using your teeth you carefully wind some more thread around the fingers of your non-burning hand.
No. 1088148 ID: 3fd859
File 171246995942.png - (135.38KB , 500x500 , 695.png )

With your hand wrapped in a web of thread, you murmur a soft prayer, "Goddess, bless this fire," and rip the threads apart with your burning hand.

The flames grow brighter and seem to crystalize into sharp beams lancing out into the darkness from your splayed fingers. The light feels resonant, and it's difficult to steady your hand. It's extremely painful to look at. You notice the writhing tendrils around you immediately react, drawing back to pull away from the searing beams.
No. 1088149 ID: 3fd859
File 171246996250.png - (112.12KB , 500x500 , 696.png )

The void puddles around you begin to drip upwards, slowly vanishing into the night, leaving dry earth behind. The vines pull back away from the reach of the light in your hand, and you can finally see an actual path lined with small crystals.

"Holy shit," Chester breathes beside you, "... are ... are they gone?"

"I doubt it," you grunt as you try to stabilize your arm. The vibration from the spell is starting to really shake you up. You can just make out beyond your orb of light the thorny vines pulling away into the safety of the dark. "We still need to find those travelers. If we keep moving forward we can chase the vines to the source."
No. 1088150 ID: 273c18

Your spell is very effective now which means you can pick up the pace! Follow the path quickly.
No. 1088163 ID: f14228

Well, better hurry before what fuels this runs out.
No. 1088164 ID: 8f9bc4

Shining Fist chaaaaaarge!
No. 1088167 ID: cd48aa

Hurrah! Hurry!
No. 1088218 ID: 5ebd37

make haste, your body might not be able to keep this up for long.
No. 1093559 ID: 3fd859
File 171964006382.png - (133.45KB , 500x500 , 697.png )

Wasting no time, the two of you chase after the retreating vines. Boots splashing in the puddles of void, which you notice seem to also be pulling away from the light radiating from you.
No. 1093560 ID: 3fd859
File 171964006885.png - (178.69KB , 500x500 , 698.png )

You begin to notice strange, smooth pillars appearing between the trees as you move, some only a foot or so high, others disappearing into the branches. The void tendrils snake around and away from them, seeming almost reluctant to leave them, but fear of the light seems to be stronger than their desire to remain.
No. 1093561 ID: 3fd859
File 171964007217.png - (208.55KB , 500x500 , 699.png )

And then, just as you break through into a small clearing, you hear a voice ---

"Well isn't this a delight, he he he he he...."

In the clearing stand several tall pillars arranged in a large circle. In the midst of them a tangled mess of thorny vines covered in bright red eyes twists itself into a small spire, unfurling at the peak to hold a small cloaked figure in a large hat.
No. 1093562 ID: 3fd859
File 171964007678.png - (138.69KB , 500x500 , 700.png )

"I expected a deer to come bearing the light," the figure says with a laugh, "but light is light no matter who bears it."
No. 1093563 ID: 3fd859
File 171964007989.png - (75.71KB , 500x500 , 701.png )

He takes a step off the dark pillar and drops gently down towards you. Your arm feels close to shattering as he draws near, the pressure of darkness radiating off of him almost overwhelming.

What do you do or say?
No. 1093564 ID: c8380b

Where are the others? Where are we?
No. 1093567 ID: 273c18

Uh. Maybe you can avoid a fight here(because you have no chance of winning). Tell him you're just looking for some travelers that might have come this way? Sorry if you're disturbing whatever he's doing here.
No. 1093569 ID: c6c009

Concentrate the fire in your hand, gather it up, smaller and hotter, like a furnace, and hold it close to your chest. If need be you’ll sacrifice your outfit to empower it in a desperate burst to fend off whatever this is - or the giant eye-tree behind them.

Ask where the travellers are.
No. 1093570 ID: aa9537


NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, byebyebyebyebye
No. 1093573 ID: 8f9bc4

TAKE ME YOU HANDSOME no no don't listen to me don't listen to me
No. 1093580 ID: 5ebd37

Ask what he's doing hiding away in the dark when he's so cute. Might put him off guard.
No. 1093594 ID: 8ab08b

"Who tae fuck are you?"
No. 1093723 ID: 189ec9


Hey Wizzy, you did a great job today; like a real bang up job! Look at all this black bramble and shit, the land contractor who has to come around and fix this is going to fucking shit his pants and cry.

Now look I know what you're thinking, I AM LITERALLY YOUR THOUGHTS, and we could totally turn this dog and cat into Swiss Cheese but then, "WHO WOULD TELL OF OUR EXPLOITS???" Gotta have a few witnesses otherwise some idiot could come around and say they did it. Let's just scare them a bit and send them on their way, that way they can tell everyone just how cool and intimidating we really are.

Also, I'm tossing out this "Periodic Table" and "Collection of Romance novels" out of your mind space, it's too cramped.
No. 1093854 ID: a0c6c5
File 172024568526.png - (156.06KB , 500x500 , 702.png )

>hold the fire close

You curl your fingers around the light in your hand and hold it close to your chest. Your heart beats faster, and your garments flutter as tho caught in a warm, sunlit wind, tho you only feel the warmth. You stare resolutely into the face of the approaching stranger.

>try reason; you don't want any trouble
No. 1093855 ID: a0c6c5
File 172024568868.png - (86.54KB , 500x500 , 703.png )

"Who are you? What did you do with the travelers?"

The figure doffs his hat with a bow. "I suppose it's only fair to give you some sort of introduction, considering the bargain we're about to strike. My name is long gone, but you may know me as 'Trickster'. As for your friends, they're nearby, unharmed. Well, mostly unharmed."
No. 1093856 ID: a0c6c5
File 172024569380.gif - (206.62KB , 500x495 , 704.gif )

He makes a face at you that one might assume is a wink, as much as someone with a large eye in the center of their face might be supposed to look like they're winking.

You've never heard of a figure calling themselves "Trickster". None of the scriptures nor the lessons your teacher drilled into your head remind you of anything like him. Perhaps it's an evolution of the wild void? You've never known those monsters to carry names or titles, let alone strike up any sort of conversation.

"Why did you kidnap those people?" you ask warily, "What bargain are you talking about?"

"What I want," he says with a chuckle, "you've brought for me on all but a silver platter. I need that light, and I need your arm to hold it. Give me both, and I'll give you back your friends."
No. 1093857 ID: 273c18

So he wants you to work for him?
Tell him if you're going to do that you'd need to know what his overall objectives are.

See if you can move around a little. If the travelers are nearby, maybe you can find them?
No. 1093858 ID: cd48aa

Ask if your arm stays on you and clarify that those travelers aren't technically your friends, you just met.
No. 1093860 ID: 1effd3

Sounds like he want to use you for something. Emphasis on "use". "Trickster" is kind of on the nose. Make sure you get this all in writing, and that he isn't about to possess you or something. Gotta have that magical binding contract.
No. 1093871 ID: 8f9bc4

Uh, they're not your friends. You just have a disinclination to let random strangers get poked by thorns. Unless he can bring your goddess back from the dead, he really doesn't have much to offer you. Why didn't he just ask for your help? Not like you have anything better to do. Why all this?
No. 1093872 ID: 7e1c5d

>I need that light, and I need your arm to hold it. Give me both, and I'll give you back your friends.
He worded that in a way where, if you agree, he's going to rip off your arm to use it to hold the light!
No. 1093884 ID: 189ec9

What's wrong with your arms? Also, I sort of need my arms to do stuff like... holding, grabbing, pointing, lifting, juggling, and shoveling food into my mouth hole... you don't even look like a qualified doctor to perform an amputation like that.
No. 1094199 ID: a0c6c5
File 172084529870.png - (109.21KB , 500x500 , 705.png )

You're definitely not about to just give him what he wants, not at least without getting more information. At any rate if you stall for time you might be able to study the situation and locate the travelers from the inn.

"Ok, I'll bite, 'Trickster'. What do you want with my arm? I can't just pop it off and hand it to you."

"Details, details," he says evasively, "I have a small project that requires the power you carry, and regretably I'm not able to wield it myself directly. I don't need to physically posess your arm. Just help me do my thing and I'll let your friends go unharmed."

"And what if i refuse? Those people aren't my friends. It's sad if they die but it won't hurt me personally." That isn't really true, you do care about the loss of innocent lives. Tho if it comes down to it, between your own life or the lives of strangers...
No. 1094200 ID: a0c6c5
File 172084530145.png - (176.53KB , 500x500 , 706.png )

His gaze narrows, grin stretching wider. "Is that so? If they really don't matter maybe I'll just go ahead and get rid of them then." He waves a hand and several thick tendrils from the tower unfurl, revealing the travelers coiled in their grasp. They seem to be unconscious, but still alive, thick trails of void slime dripping off of them.

Chester lets out a tiny squeak of a sob, her grip on your other arm tightening painfully. You might be at risk of losing both arms if she squeezes any harder.

"L-let's not get too hasty," you say quickly, "I just want to make sure I understand what's going on. What exactly is it you want me to do for you?"
No. 1094201 ID: a0c6c5
File 172084530491.png - (170.80KB , 500x500 , 707.png )

"It's..." he hesitates, thinking. "It's not that I'm trying to obscure my intentions, it's just that, it's a very delicate and complicated thing to explain."

He glances behind him at the tower, eye narrowed. "There's not a lot I can say about it in present company, but should you agree to help me, I promise to explain everything to you."

He looks back at you, smiling smugly again. "But if you're looking for more of a carrot than a vague promise of information, then I can promise to teach you more about that light in you, where it comes from, and more importantly how to use it."
No. 1094203 ID: 5ebd37

How about he lets these folks go back to the inn and then you two can have a nice long discussion?
No. 1094204 ID: 273c18

The alternative is to try and fight this guy and you will lose.
Plus, if it's something he can't explain in front of the darkness monster thing then it might be something not quite in line with the void's agenda?
(also you have no idea that this guy killed the Goddess so you don't have a biiiig reason to distrust him)

...well, one last question. Will helping him with the delicate thing hurt a lot of people? Will it benefit a lot of people? If it's something horrible for only his benefit and he can't force you to do it, then... I guess you would have to ask those present to sacrifice their lives to prevent him from getting his way. You might have to sacrifice your own life, though... maybe your light will be enough to keep him from directly attacking you at least.

If what he's asking will, overall, not be too bad for the people of this world, then you can agree. Then once you know how to use your power better, you could help with whatever the consequences are.
No. 1094205 ID: 273c18

...tempting to make him reach past the light to shake your hand to seal the deal. At the least it'll give you a good idea of his power level. Fighting him seems like it would result in the hostages' deaths no matter what though.
No. 1094206 ID: 5fd272

It seems pretty obvious you can't fight this guy and win- you could barely blaze your way through the undergrowth to get here in the first place. At this rate, agreeing to work with him looks like the only way out of this situation that doesn't get a bunch of people hurt immediately. And learning more about your light IS tempting...
No. 1094207 ID: cd48aa

Well that hesitation was unexpected.
No. 1094210 ID: 273c18

Wait, he didn't promise anything about the hostages. He has to let everyone go, including Chester, and swear never to intentionally allow them to come to harm, either directly or indirectly. Or if not never, at least for a significant amount of time. A year, maybe. After that point he'd have no reason to hurt them anyway.
No. 1094211 ID: 273c18

(also he totally wants you to kill the Void King but I have no idea how to let that slip without him then immediately killing everyone here)
How bad would it be if you killed the Void King, by the way? Is that worth the death of everyone here?
No. 1094230 ID: daf3a4

If he promises not to hurt anyone if he can avoid it, this might be the only way to get everyone out alive.
No. 1094282 ID: 2c1245

Damn why do the bad guys have to be so cute.
No. 1094284 ID: eb0a9c

"Prove you have the right to control my Will. Fight me."
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