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File 164129060103.png - (274.47KB , 800x799 , 1.png )
1019446 No. 1019446 ID: 7a1a17

Unofficial Discussion thread - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business
Family Tradition Chapter 1 - https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/372338.html

"Pushing the speech forward? You know I just gave one like right before you invaded right? People are going to start getting ideas. Conspiracy nuts will be coming after me. After you for this."

"We anticipate zis. In fact, we are 'oping for it. Ze sooner we identify problem cases in your city, ze sooner we can form plans that isolate zem from ze populace with minimal damage."
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No. 1027642 ID: fd2dfa
File 164863272934.png - (1.22MB , 2193x2046 , 38.png )

The Coroner it is. Unfortunately her main office was destroyed in the landing, so she's had to relocate her quarters to the corpse-vault in the sub-city strata. I don't like coming here. The officers are a nasty bunch, and the the attack only made their attitude worse. I guess it's understandable? With everyone moving to the sub-city after the attack, criminals will have free rein to abuse and take advantage of them. The gangs down here make the ones topside look civil, so I guess they got a reason to be pissed just wish they didn't have to treat me like I'm just another civvie.

"So zis is why your city seemed so small" Nunnette doesn't sound impressed. More like I answered a question nagging at her.

:nusergei:"Well we are near the front, we were told to prepare for an attack from any direction at any point; and you sort of proved the propaganda department right..."

"So 'ow far does it go?"

:nusergei:"Most cities only go for one or two levels. The big ones can do down ten. Here? Just five."

"Just five 'e says. Zat is an incredible distance. You realize if somezhing were to 'appen to your support struts..."

:nusergei:"No! No sabotaging my city."

"I am just saying. It seems razher dangerous."

:nusergei:"No more dangerous than being on the surface during a Heg-barrage."

"I'll give you zat. Our gunz are quite formidable guun?"

:nusergei:"I was referring more to how indiscriminate the bombardments are."

"Well it's your fault for 'aving weapon stores everywhere so it becomes a valid target guun?"

We don't have stores EVERYWHERE...
No. 1027643 ID: fd2dfa
File 164863277444.png - (724.01KB , 1910x1457 , 39.png )

Nunnette runs ahead, I don't know why. I guess this is the first time she's seen a sub-city? She keeps peeking into the apartments and shops, peeking over the edge at passersby. It's a good thing she's wearing that outfit. Most folk just think she's another high born ditz come to see how the lower classes live. If she wore Hegemony colors, well. It wouldn't matter their soldiers are occupying the city. They'd make an example of her anyway.

"Ah you must be ze cor-"

"Get out."


"Get out, no Heggies in my vault."

"Why would you-"

"You may look Rezan, but you got the accent of a Heggie. Out I said."

"Sergei, please speak reason with this [Person whos Mother is their Sister]?"

"Sergei?!" What are you doing bringing the enemy to my door?!"

:nusergei:"Miss Servina we're here about the body. You know, the weird Hegemony body?"

"Do you have any idea how many "weird" bodies are in my vault cause of that damned landing? Heg and Imperial. Half of them make no sense! So you need to be a lot more specific and a much better reason to let this bitch anywhere near my corpses!"

Oh no I was afraid this would happen. All of Servina's husbands were killed in the war. And she had to autopsy their remains so she knows what happened to them. It wasn't gentle.

>>Servina, please...
No. 1027645 ID: 90c451

Okay, explain the fact that this isn't your choice, the hegemony is keeping you under constant supervision an there isn't much we can do about it.
Next, we can narrow down weird to the body itself being weird, and not something weird happening to the body, so if so we can check off somebody's spine being turned into a pretzel if it was due to a horrid explosion and not transfiguring magic.
Next weird is well... eldritch, so you know, tentacle limbs, large fleshy sinewy arms, bones contorting in nonsensical ways. Also, she's a coroner, so she should be able to tell if they had the eldritch mutations before they died, so we can know if it was freak magic that killed them or they operated as eldritch abominations. We want the latter.
So yeah, simplest terms: weird as in eldritch, functioning?, and not the cause of death.
No. 1027651 ID: e5709d

>sub-city strata
I'm going to scream at Venian when we see him again. These needed to be regulated from day one.
While I'm all for building sub-terranean cities, the fact that we didn't learn about this undercity until just now indicates this is an underground ghetto. I've been to one of these, in a city called Ark; they're monstrous plague-incubators that serve more as a dumping ground for undesirables than a productive slave force. For every citizen living normally above, there are dozens stuck in cramped, toxic areas that only hasten the spread of tormenting diseases. Gangs aren't just thriving, they're typically government-sponsored to keep the population down. And then I learned about the pre-planned neurotoxic gas.

>[Person whose Mother is their Sister]
Hegemony frowns upon parental incest. That's good.

>No Heggies in my vault
"I didn't want her on my island any more than you do, you've seen the casualty list to prove that. But she's proven herself, and we're here to stop the rot affecting both our countries. If you care more about the sanctity of the dead than the safety of the living, I'll have to force you on a paid vacation to clear your head."

>Half of them make no sense
"Explain. Now."
No. 1027924 ID: fd2dfa
File 164884663123.png - (267.42KB , 1300x1300 , 2241.png )

:nusergei:"This isn't my choice-"

"Fiff iffn't mah choife!"

:nusergei:"Now stop that! You're being immature!"

"Ftop fat yer myeh myeh myeh! That's you stupid man! That's what you sound like!"

I hate my life...
No. 1027936 ID: e5709d

I see the local Actors' Guild will have new material. Happy April Fool's Day, Sergei.
No. 1028831 ID: 7a1a17
File 164965766883.png - (381.63KB , 1600x1200 , 40.png )

:nusergei:"Servina please, this isn't my choice. I didn't want her on my island any more than you do, you've seen the casualty list to prove that. But she's proven herself, and we're here to stop the rot affecting both our countries."

"[Why speak of my like I am not here?]"

Servina isn't buying it. I've seen her give that look before, she's going to go crazy on me. I need to distract her. Like-

:nusergei:"What's weird about the bodies? Do you mean like large, fleshy sinewy mutations or freak magic?"

That stopped her tirade. Rage becomes confusion. She leaves her desk and grabs me, leaning in close. "No, it's not like that at all. More like they were torn apart. The wounds indicate tearing, like they were grabbed by some large beast and pulled apart."

Oh. Well then nothing we're worried about

"Larger than anything on island."

Okay. Partially related.
No. 1028833 ID: 7a1a17
File 164965768925.png - (601.57KB , 1949x1857 , 41.png )

She leads me to the vaults, pulling back the corpse-sheets on two of her cases. It's a good thing I'm an officer and used to seeing messed up dead people. Still these look less like corpses and more like a pile of meat and clothes. If it wasn't for the skin, I never would have known they were Rezan or human or whatever race THAT thing was.

"I have never seen anything this violent. An animal would have carried the meat away, these? They were all present. Granted it had to be scraped off walls and ceilings, but they were there."

:nusergei:"Are they all like this? Did any of them show signs of scorching from magic run-off?"

"You mean like your Danny? Some, but for all I know the burns could have beenfrom weapons malfunctions, they too messed up for me to tell."

:nusergei:"But not 'my Danny'?"

"None of them are like him!" she opens another drawer and-there's Danielsi.

"I've determined that the body had the skin boiled away."

:nusergei:"What like dropped in hot water?"

"No, like a chemical burn. Like an acid eroded it all away. It would explain the state of the body."

>Let me examine the body
>Maybe Nunnette is familiar with human anatomy. Let her have a look
>"So would you say he was digested alive?"
No. 1029102 ID: 08983b

Bring Nunnette in and both of you examine Danielsi. Show Servina she can be trusted by example
No. 1029110 ID: 90c451

Ask for more details on the recovery, were any bits and pieces positioned in a purposeful way?
I feel like as the bodies are now they won't provide much information, but maybe one of the people recovering the bodies noticed something odd about where they died.
No. 1029579 ID: 7a1a17
File 165024008769.png - (669.56KB , 1954x1721 , 42.png )

:nusergei:"Anything specific about the way the bodies were placed? Where were they recovered."

"They were piled in groups. Your corpse collectors marked each site. Here."
No. 1029580 ID: 7a1a17
File 165024017875.gif - (296.33KB , 1954x1721 , 43.gif )

She shows me a map of the city. She points to them one by one: First were the mangled bodies found in the governor's palace. Then the one impaled on landing struts by the air-pads, two sites where the bodies of Imperial and Hegemony were piled into mounds of meat. The fifth site was in the trade quarter just above Strut 02, each body was missing their left limbs. Sixth was on the road out of the city, the bodies were hanging from tree. And the eighth was in the hills, or, more like all the missing left limbs from the previous sites. I wonder what that says about me that I'm getting used to how grisly these murders are.


No. 1029581 ID: 7a1a17
File 165024019443.png - (647.47KB , 1954x1721 , 44.png )

Eight sites. The arrangement is too clean. If these are more cult related killing those sites might have been-yes they form a circle around the city! And the center-
No. 1029582 ID: 7a1a17
File 165024020138.gif - (328.71KB , 1954x1721 , 45.gif )

Ka-Grovda it's the fucking Grand Theater again. Where I was supposed to give that false speech before the invasion. And where I'm going to give another one tomorrow. Of course that's the center!

"Sergei, are you alright."

:nusergei:"Fine! Just...contemplating life choices. Nunnette what did you find?"

No. 1029583 ID: 7a1a17
File 165024022359.png - (604.65KB , 1600x1200 , 46.png )

"Zis body iz 'orribly decomposed, but zere are still clear signs of mutilation before death. Ze left wrist bone. Marks of being sawn off. It iz too clean a line for it to 'ave been melted or ripped off, but ze wound iz too messy for a clean cut. Ze left eye socket, marks on ze bone show signs of rough 'andling. Compared to ze right, which still has a half rotted eye and all ze gooey things behind it, ze left is bare."

Servina WAS ready to shoo Nunnette out, but her observations awoke the Mortician. She looks at the corpse and does that thing I've seen her do with a dozen other bodies: the dead becomes her world. She forgets who we are. We just become background characters, or stooges to hand her tools.


And looks like I'm the toolboy again. I get the probe and she's prodding Danielsi

"Yes I see. Left eye scooped out. And it wasn't a gentle process. Marks on the orbital plate, and the greater wing. It wasn't a clean removal. They had to do it several times."


"Whoever tortured this man-"

:nusergei:"You mean he was alive for this?"

"Yes, he was in agony no doubt, but he was still alive when this happened. Signs of scar tissue imply much of this had healed up before death."

Oh gods I hope the guy was at least on painkillers. But knowing these cults he was probably experiencing every moment vividly. The weirdos do like their pain.

:nusergei:"Ugh...anything else?"

"Organs shifted but. Scalpel! Yes...yes the left kidney was removed. It was cut off and...now why would they do that? The renal blood vessels were tied into a knot!"

"Holy...and zat did not kill him?"

"Maybe it did, maybe not. There are signs of paracausal sustainment. Residue of magic in the nerves."

:nusergei:"What does that mean?"

"It means someone kept him alive. At least for a little while. The rate of decomposition would put this one's death around...eight months ago!"

"[Shit on my face that was before the deployment. We were ferrying a corpse zis entire time...]"

That mess of Usparao snaps Servina out of her trance

"The fuck are you doing in my vault?!"

"Are we really doing zis now?"

>Oh shit defuse. DEFUSE!
No. 1029597 ID: 90c451

Right, Servina, as much as you want to yell at Heggies and as understandable as that is, we gotta go yell at some other Heggies for more useful reasons.
Bye Servina! Thanks for the help!

Then we drag Nunette away.
No. 1029602 ID: e5709d

"Servina, don't murder Nunette with the formaldehyde pump or you're fired."
No. 1031284 ID: 7a1a17
File 165174595172.png - (642.02KB , 1251x1102 , 47.png )

:nusergei:"Servina, I know how you feel, but please put down the bonesaw and let me explain. You see-RUN!"


No. 1031285 ID: 7a1a17
File 165174597001.png - (339.51KB , 1300x1200 , 48.png )

I only stop running once we're several blocks and strata away. I've known Servina to go hunting in the past, but not this far. I hope.
"Why are-who did-why? Why are Rezans so crazy?!"

:nusergei:"Ugh. You're Rezan!"

"But I can't be, I'm not crazy!"

So recap, Danielsi's body was all cut up, but still alive. A bunch of left body parts were missing. On top of that, there were MORE ritual murders during the invasion, with missing body parts. From the left side of the body. Which is way too similar to Danielsi to be a coincidence.

According to Vidi, Dan voluntarily gave himself up to let her ride his body? Or something? But these murders, clearly it's to fuel more esoteric weird shit. Is Vidi involved?

She did say there were others. Perhaps they use the same methods for their bizarre culty magic. But Vidi did try to kill me. She said she wasn't actually trying as she knew I would survive. But-dammit can I even trust her?

Gods dammit I can't even tell Nunnette this stuff can I? I wish Viv was here...

No. 1031289 ID: e5709d

Careful, Nunette triggered her Rage ability.
If you don't find some way to calm down, she'll grab the nearest weapon and start rampaging all across the ghetto. Or across your ass if she reaches down.

>Vidi - Trust or Don't Trust
Don't Trust. It's not Vidi I'm worried about, it's her programming. They've had millennia to study the Heirs and how your eldritch brains tick. She's like a machine to them, with patsies that have instruction manuals on how to guide her and the obedient stupidity to follow the last order as it kills them.
Vidi, however, is salvageable; it's clear that she hasn't had a responsible parent-figure all her life. Be that figure.

... Aaand I just realized we forgot to ask about any other siblings.
No. 1033465 ID: 7a1a17
File 165342518217.png - (285.66KB , 1300x1300 , 49.png )

Oh dear that doesn't sound good. I do know this old lullaby my mother used to sing. She said it was used by Daoine so maybe it could work?"

"What are you doing?"

:nusergei:"Oh good it's working!"

"Nnnno? I was just curious. Where did you hear zat song?"

:nusergei:"My mother? Why?"

"...I'd like to speak with her one day."

No. 1033466 ID: 7a1a17
File 165342518762.png - (257.31KB , 2010x1116 , 50.png )

I think you got my mother involved with something I shouldn't have mentioned. So thanks for that. Nunnette decided that it was time to visit the excavation so here we are. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe it's because nothing is on fire anymore. And as we get closer I feel less sure I want to go. Like if I don't go in the ruins, I can keep pretending Viv is fine.

"Oh merrabo what is zis now?"
No. 1033468 ID: 7a1a17
File 165342555414.png - (744.62KB , 2211x1272 , 51.png )

:nusergei:"What is what?"

"Zat crowd. No Rezan should be here. 'Ow did zey get past the cordon? Sir Balzhemund doez not andle people well. Sergei, be a dear and disperse your people?"

:nusergei:"My people?"

"Well zey are certainly not mine."
No. 1033490 ID: e5709d

Ew, you look like a young soprano from that one movie.

Listen in on the conversation first. See what each side says when they think the governor isn't in earshot.

Then shoot their ears.
No. 1034162 ID: 7a1a17
File 165407639121.png - (461.88KB , 2031x1586 , 52.png )

Well it is hard to not be noticed when there's nothing but flat ground between me and them, but I can try.

"they are spoils of war, and as such I am obligated to take what I want."

"This isn't even a matter of war anymore, it's robbery! We excavated it, we recovered it."

"And now I take it. Simple yes."

"No, you can't just bring those-THINGS here and act like it's all yours."

"I can because I just did Rezan. My 'things' as you call them are quite docile. They won't get loose on your island to do their usual nasty business, rest assured."

"That's not what I-Governor!"

"Hrm? Oh hello Nunnette."

"Allo Balzhemund, are you bozering ze locals again?"

"Only because they won't get out of the way. I'm trying to secure this weapon."

"It's a relic, and that goes against the Rules of Conduct!"

"It's a weapon, it fired on us."

"And you destroyed it! It's now just a relic!"

"A relic with priceless technology inside."

"That belongs to the Empire, not some gods-touched human! Governor, tell them! Tell them they must leave it alone."

"You can't do that Governor. Nunnette?"

"I am sorry Balzhemund, but zis is outside my department..."

:nusergei:"Um, I'm a bit in the dark here. What's the Rules of Conduct?"

"Just ze rules of war agreed between ze Hegemony, ze Empire, and a number of neutral nations. The rule being called is section 9 I believe regarding war spoils. Weapons of war are considered fair lootings, but cultural relics must be left untouched."

"Which you lot have violated!"

"If it was a relic. Which it's not, it's a weapon."

"If a weapon cannot work, then it's not a weapon anymore. It's a relic!"

"Oh dear, zis sounds like a headache waiting to happen.

>Side with the Rezans
>Side with Balzhemund.
No. 1034166 ID: e5709d


I know it's going to suck just giving away precursor tech to the Hegemony (especially after they turned those Gormoamhi into prototype Husks), but Balzhemund is right. We literally used that 'relic' as a weapon of war less than 24 hours ago, with intent to reign death and chaos on the battlefield to defeat Hegemony forces. This is not inherently dishonorable (though possibly unethical). What is dishonorable, however, is attempting to claim cultural heritage over something that has not been properly appraised as such by a team of archaeologists, which was impossible by design, because the Rezan Empire intentionally kept the weaponized artifact a classified military secret and made all attempts to prevent it from being culturally appraised, directly and indirectly!

"Believe me, I don't want to give an inch to a sick freak that makes our slaver ancestors look like noble saviors. But we are an Empire, not a gods-damned horde. We grit our teeth and follow international law, because we can't defeat the Hegemony yet without destroying our own sanity in the process and torturing our own children. We will not stoop to that level, or we will be worse than failures. Yes, this artifact is no longer a weapon of war, but it can't be considered a cultural artifact because it was a classified state secret until today. I can't, in good conscience, defend this hunk of metal. They pulled off a good trickshot to defeat this weapon honorably, and I'm eager to learn how the hells they managed it.

Just get out of here, Balzhemund. And leave your damn Gormoamhi alone, they don't deserve this crap."

Once Balzhemund leaves with the artifact, off-handedly give them something placating:
"Besides, the reactor core is spewing transparent toxic sludge and I wanted it off my island anyway. See? We win. Oh, and we're all taking a bath, that's an order. Seriously, go, go, go, we have to wash this stuff off or we'll catch the cancer."
No. 1034172 ID: ce39da

"In a grey area such as this, I'd be inclined to side with whoever got to this 'weaponized relic' first. However, while I understand miss Balzey's reasoning for it being a lootable weapon, I think you're going to have to make a very convincing argument for why this military installation - which was classified up until yesterday - has any of this 'cultural significance' you proscribe to it. That's not even getting into the fact that you weren't authorized to be here in the first place."

"If you truly care about preserving the memory of that day, then very well, I'll submit plans for a war memorial here. I might even be able to convince them to leave the outer shell of the weapon behind to act as a foundation for it - surely, leaving in the potentially hazardous innards isn't necessary for such a project?"
No. 1034582 ID: 6f4b03

Heavens on High, are those the.....like the ones from Guk's story?

How do you manage to domesticate those?!
No. 1035042 ID: 0a9e06
File 165527556163.png - (742.34KB , 1967x2400 , 53.png )

Huh, that sounds professional enough. except for the 'slaver ancestor' part. Let me try that.

:nusergei:"Believe me, I don't want to give an inch to uh...him"

I nod my head to Balzhemund, who is giving me a weird look.

:nusergei:"But we are the Rezan Empire, not a horde. We grit our teeth and follow international law, because we can't defeat the Hegemony yet without destroying our own sanity in the process and torturing our own children. We will not stoop to that level, or we will be worse than failures. Yes, this artifact is no longer a weapon of war, but it can't be considered a cultural artifact because it was a classified state secret until today. I can't, in good conscience, defend this hunk of metal."

"Are you serious?"

:nusergei:"I am. That's not even getting into the fact that you weren't authorized to be here in the first place."

"I-WHAT?! You and those damn invaders commissioned us to come out here! That's our crane! You see nothing wrong with giving the contents of that artifat to THIS THING?!"

He points to Balzhemund who seems to have forgotten they exist. He keeps staring at me.

:nusergei:"Oh. Well that is information that would have been nice to know earlier. Nevertheless if you truly care about preserving the memory of that day, then very well, I'll submit plans for a war memorial here. I might even be able to convince them to leave the outer shell of the weapon behind to act as a foundation for it - surely, leaving in the potentially hazardous innards isn't necessary for such a project?"

The men growl and trudge back to the crane. I heard something about "being a heg-loving traitor". I think I made things worse.

"Abnormal skin tone for a rezan. Second generation abnormality? No, no, those eyes. A first generation surely. Skeletal structure indicative of possible gnoll ancestry. Or maybe Tsang Naji."


"Hrm? OH! Nicely done governor Rezan. Now that that matter is done with, tell me would you mind doing a few exercises for me?"

"Balzhemund, zis is ze governor, not one of your Gomahee toys."

"What those things?" Balzhemund waves at them dismissively. "A passing fancy, a distraction. Rezans though. I've always been fascinated with your kind. What decides which traits are chosen? What is retained? Why do some traits skip a generation? Why is the gorod even a thing? You my dear have been a fascinating study; but oh so limiting. Not like this one here! A demonstration of Rezan genetic malleability!"

I don't know whether to be flattered or scared.

"A blood sample! A spare toe? I'll compensate for the inevitable loss of balance."
No. 1035044 ID: 273c18

No. You've already given them enough.
No. 1035046 ID: e5709d

If the cult still needed a blood sample, they would have used one of their moles to collect some bloodstains, or just asked Vidian for the guts she backstabbed right out of you. Organs, though, might be on the menu.

I know one thing Balzhemund has that I want you to nab. Let's trick him

"I can spare a few liters of blood. On one condition. In fact, let's make it a game. I'll give you a function, with either discrete or continuous inputs and outputs, and you have to guess what I'm asking for. The more blood you draw, the more of what I request you have to submit to me. Then I'll tell you what I want, and you have to give me what I want. And if you renege on the deal, you have to give me the square root of my request while I keep the blood and drawing apparatus. Oh, and you cannot kill me, because Nunette will either arrest you or have you executed on the spot for going rogue.
So... wanna play?"

Just in case he can read minds with culty powers, here's the plan. He'll draw Sergei's blood. If he draws a little, fine. But if he lets his greed consume him, we reveal he must relinquish his slaves to Sergei. Once he gets mad, we put Nunette and the Gormoamhi in the way - which means he has 'drawn blood' yet again and now has an even greater debt, meaning we can then pressure him into surrendering Sergei's blood samples or freeing the entire Gormoamhi slave population in one go.
No. 1035055 ID: ce39da

"Considering I am the mayor, it would take something significant to sway me into humoring you. As much as I want to be a servant to my people, I feel I should be insulted for being mistaken for being impoverished and desperate."
No. 1035664 ID: fd2dfa
File 165587735024.png - (483.38KB , 1600x1600 , 54.png )

:nusergei:"I can spare a few liters of blood. On one condition. In fact, let's make it a game. I'll give you a function, with either discrete or continuous inputs and outputs, and you have to guess what I'm asking for. The more blood you draw, the more of what I request you have to submit to me."

"Sergei zis might not be a guun idea..."

:nusergei:"It's okay Nunnette, I have a plan. I'll tell you what I want, and you have to give me what I want-"

No. 1035665 ID: fd2dfa
File 165587743831.png - (518.60KB , 1600x1600 , 55.png )

:nusergei:"H-hold one, if you renege on the deal, you have to give-"

"I won't. There's not much I won't give to crack the secrets of the Resoan gene-amalgamate. Now I don't have my marrow extraction tools, but I can make this pointy thing work if you keep still..."

Uh-oh, up the ante, up the ante!
No. 1035671 ID: e5709d

>Up the ante
UHHH YOUR MOM, no wait that's stup-
No wait maybe - I got it, has your mother ever literally had so much sex her partner died from the strain?!

Too silly? How about you force him to genetically modify himself with your blood multiple times before he can publish or distribute his work?

No wait the answer is obvious! How many soul karvings you're allowed to inflict on him and the Hegemony soldiers! If he reneges to that war crime, the Hegemony deserves your genes, and all the screwed-up curses of your society that come along with it!

And be sure to declare the square root fold cost!
No. 1035748 ID: 90c451

Oh, also he will have to sign a limited Non-Disclosure agreement in regards to the contents and information of your blood.
Basically, he cannot share any of your blood, publish any papers about it, release any information about it or anything for about 6 years.
Basically, he can study it to his heart's content but not a single soul other than him gets even a hint of it until 6 years are up.
Of course he can still study it and make his own breakthroughs, they just cannot be known by anyone but him for 6 years.

This is a necessary precaution as there is trouble with cultists and corpse magic so letting the enemy get even your blood type would be troublesome. You'd be doomed if they got access to your dna.
No. 1035750 ID: 90c451

Also, and this is extremely important, make sure he can only take up to 10% of your blood and no more, that syringe doesn't look like it can hold much but he might pull out more.
10% is the max where you won't start getting sick, anymore and you will start feeling very ill.

In order to clarify, say he can take no more than 1 pint, as the body contains about 10 pints of blood.
No. 1035754 ID: 273c18

Are you seriously considering selling state secrets?
No. 1035895 ID: e5709d

For the low, low price of immediately turning those we're selling the state secrets to, into state-owned, soul-karved slaves.

I'm wondering if he's stupid enough to take such a deal.
No. 1036062 ID: fd2dfa
File 165629932146.png - (453.23KB , 1600x1600 , 56.png )

He took it. Oh gods he took it. I even told him about the Gormoamhi. You know what he did? He flicked a switch. Said "All yours" and they dropped dead! Said because they were technically property of the task force, they were soldiers and I was free to 'karve away' then stuck that fucking needle in my neck!

"I tried to warn you. Balzhemund is a tricky fellow. 'Ow do you zink he survived making Anderz?"

:nusergei:"Point. Taken."

"Well you now own a dozen Gormoamhi master Sergei. Or at least a dozen Gormoamhi corpses, and I doubt you will like Balzhemund's terms to revive zem..."

:nusergei:"He can do that?"

"He'll probably try for ze challenge."

:nusergei:"Friggin humans.,,"
No. 1036063 ID: fd2dfa
File 165629934362.png - (347.04KB , 1600x1600 , 57.png )

Oh, another one of my 'prizes'. Just what the hell am I supposed to do with these n-
No. 1036064 ID: fd2dfa
File 165629936096.png - (326.62KB , 1600x1600 , 58.png )

No. 1036065 ID: fd2dfa
File 165629939788.gif - (45.82KB , 560x468 , 59.gif )

:nusergei:"Ugh! fuck..."
No. 1036066 ID: fd2dfa
File 165629946885.png - (533.51KB , 1280x1088 , 60.png )


"Oh Governor Rezan thing, are you dead?"


"Are you sure? That was a long way you fell."

:nusergei:"If I was dead, then this is the afterlife. And you wouldn't be here!"

"Good point. I'm sure you've dropped to the level of the superweapon, it's far too dangerous for me to send anyone down. I'll think of something though."

"We'll try to reach you Sergei, just 'old on!"

You know I was a little suspicious of Vidian's claims I can survive stuff that would kill other people. Now I kinda wish she was wrong because I didn't know pain like this could be real...

Wait did he say I was near the weapon?
No. 1036084 ID: 273c18

Obviously you should go mess with it, mister will-sell-blood-for-corpses.
No. 1036105 ID: e5709d

... Let's kill him. In fact, get Vidian to do it.

So, uh... is your middle name "Dan"?
Get to exploring stuff.
No. 1036921 ID: 7a1a17
File 165687303015.png - (184.47KB , 787x981 , 61.png )

Hey you're the one who told me to offer! Who knows what he's going to do with it.

Acha-this thing really is made of some stern stuff. Direct hit, dropped to the sublevels and it's still mostly intact. I mean yeah, it's a wreck now but look at it! Anything else would be scrap!
No. 1036922 ID: 7a1a17
File 165687304519.gif - (17.99KB , 560x373 , 62.gif )

I almost don't want to be here. I didn't find Viv last time but maybe this time I will and I kind of don't?

Wow this thing really can take a beating. There's still lights on. That console looks like it's flashing something. And the chair is missing? Like not torn out, it looks like it dropped beneath the floor on some rail-things. I see blinking lights down there but damned if I know what it is.

No. 1036933 ID: 273c18

>you're the one who told me to offer
No, I very clearly said not to.

Blinking light is either an important notification or something malfunctioning. Go check that out first, then the console.
No. 1036959 ID: 90c451

I suppose that Rezan technology is a lot more robust than I assumed. If this thing still works it's probably running on backup power.
If this still works, you don't want the Hegemony to be able to use it.
There's nothing we can do now about them taking apart and studying it but if it still has backup power maybe we can activate the console and lock the controls. If they found some way to activate it, it would go terribly, best we make sure they can't.
Find a neural interface or a slot for us, and preferably don't use the giant weapon to watch porn this time.

Also yeah, check the blinking light, it's probably just about how the whole thing is ruined but blue usually stands for communication and if it's a message we better find out what it is.
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