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File 132390156403.png - (6.64KB , 946x510 , 1.png )
372338 No. 372338 ID: af7fd8

The hells? Ow. Ow...
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No. 372339 ID: cabf24

Stab the eye staring at you out of the darkness!
No. 372350 ID: af7fd8
File 132390661522.png - (27.98KB , 946x510 , 2.png )

Eye? What eye? My eyes? That's crazy. Ugh I hate mornings like this.
No. 372351 ID: af7fd8
File 132390672515.png - (28.19KB , 768x664 , 3.png )

Okay I got some morning amnesia, help me fill in the blanks. My name is...uh...whose working with Rezan law enforcement as a...something...doing a thing...and today was really important. Why was it important dammit? So many holes in my memory. Help me fill in the blanks here.
No. 372355 ID: 784dcc

Harold "Harry" O'Shanahan? a...negotiator, you were supposed to bring the briefcase of guns/money for exchanging.

Alternately, you work with the K-9 unit as a drug-sniffer and you were supposed to present to a local school today, explaining your job.

Might help if we knew what and where you are (where Rezan is), but I suppose that might not be something you can help us with at the moment with your memory problems.

Speaking of holes in your memory you might want to check who and/or what you woke up next to.
No. 372359 ID: c71597

Dude, you clearly need to drink less if this is a common thing.

Anyway, you're Richard "Dick" Holsome, and you're a cop because it relatively easy. You walk the beat and take the occasional bribe to not look too much into certain alleyways at certain times. Such an arrangement is also better for your health.
No. 372360 ID: d3ccca

You are Sergei Kristof and you work as a security guard. Today was important because you've been hand picked to guard the royal jewels on display at the castle.

Is there a castle? What tech level are we dealing with?
No. 372361 ID: 784dcc

And what magic level?

>>372360 c'mon man we did Harry and Dick you were totally s'posed to say Tom

No. 372364 ID: d3ccca

No. 372415 ID: e3aff6

I am pretty sure this quest is in the universe of http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Family_Business
To answer your question directly, magic is fairly common and there are magic based airships and guns, but the guns are not yet powerful or common enough to replace melee weapons as the primary infantry weapon.

No. 372420 ID: af7fd8
File 132391751401.png - (24.81KB , 768x664 , 4.png )

Yes, I am Sergei. That's right, the boss ordered me to guard the regent's jewelry. It's his daughter's dowry, right right...though why would chief pick me, I'd rather not try and stick out too much...

I start climbing the ladder, people are gonna look into me.
No. 372421 ID: af7fd8
File 132391760879.png - (54.58KB , 946x942 , 5.png )

And they find out my mom was a prostitute, and my dad...well I'd rather not think about it.

Mouse not working, last two images done with my finger and laptop's touchpad. Sorry for bad quality.
No. 372425 ID: c71597

Oh, she's one of those, man that must be rather awkward on family meetings. Hope she wasn't the one to raise you.

So are they kicking you out or do you still have a job? Well you're up and in uniform so you probably still have a job, lets go and do it with great skill!
No. 372434 ID: e3aff6

Oh, you are half Sergal? Can you do the creepy tongue thing?
No. 372467 ID: 784dcc

but if it's morning, don't you still have time to make your post, maybe?
No. 372572 ID: a2fa74

Pfft, don't worry about it. Follow orders, don't go above or beyond the call of duty, and nobody will care who you are no matter what you're assigned to do.
No. 372591 ID: af7fd8
File 132397314794.png - (38.41KB , 822x756 , 6.png )

Actually my mom's the one who put me through boarding school. My dad's the guy who-I never actually knew him. He was just the guy lucky enough to knock up my mom.

...what creepy tongue thing?

Oh I got time yeah, but I still got to get to the station early to meet my new partner. Chief said he was transferred to another department, so I need a new one.

Right follow orders, just do my job. That's exactly what I'll do. I just hope I don't screw up.
No. 372604 ID: c71597

Follow orders and you should be fine.
No. 372607 ID: a2fa74

You're going to make some lucky woman (Or man?) really happy one of these days.
Alright, head off to work.
No. 372612 ID: af7fd8
File 132398725548.png - (38.66KB , 1047x689 , 7.png )

I'm going, alright? But still I'm nervous, see my boss is a little-



"But chief, I thought I got here an hour early and-"


"...why sir?"

"To get integrated with your new partner!"

"Oh! Where is he? She?"

"...ergh, also late. Get yourself acquainted with the dossier."

You decide everything about the partner. Gender, race, name, etc.
No. 372613 ID: e3aff6

Ehh, I guess the creepy tongue thing doesn't really work with a humanoid mouth.
The thing I was referring to is the thing where sergals smile with their tongue hanging out and it looks really creepy.
No. 372614 ID: 784dcc

I vote for whichever sex will result in most tension based on Sergei's characteristics.

...what is Sergei? we seem to be assuming sergal/human mix?
No. 372615 ID: d3ccca

Obviously the partner has to be female to create sexual tension, seeing as Sergei is half rapist sergal. Which begs the question: how has his hereditary situation affected his penis?
No. 372620 ID: a2fa74

We are in agreement.
How about another half-breed? Half-human, half-Tsang Naji.

It would make sense for this assignment as both Sergals and Tsang Naji are feared and respected, which fits perfectly with their job being a combination of intimidating people into behaving and decimating people who try anything funny.
No. 372621 ID: e3aff6

I think he is technically a Sergal/Rezan mix, but Humans and Rezans are mostly similar (though Rezans certainly wouldn't say so).
No. 372626 ID: c71597

Hmm, half-umbral or half-gnoll, which would lead to the most lulz? Eh, lets go with the half-umbral. A female one even, but it should be rather hard to tell. Should work since these guys make half-breeds like crazy.

Guess she could be called umm, Vivian or something. And she should be creepy and asexual.
No. 372665 ID: 063c28

Ah, but there'd be even more tension if it was a male sergal! We should go for that.
No. 372676 ID: a2fa74

He already implied that he was the only guard with any Sergal blood, so that's not an option.
I don't think Gnolls exist in this world, so that's not likely an option.

Umbrals? No, now you're just being silly and mean to Cirr. Stop being mean to Cirr.
No. 372858 ID: af7fd8
File 132405957098.png - (45.38KB , 1047x689 , 8a.png )

So her name's Vivian...half Tsang Naji...I've never seen one before. Same ranks as me, really good record. Hope she isn't too pushy.
No. 372863 ID: 2f56b8

What else does the dossier say about her?
No. 372866 ID: c71597

Umbrals is simply the most alien looking thing. Come up with anything else that looks as alien that that would be great as well.

She looks sort of fuzzy, and there is some sort of emblem that is ringed in on her file, might be something important to know.
No. 372867 ID: f72f26

Prepare to make appropriate "bitch" jokes as necessary.
No. 372902 ID: a2fa74

You're going to want to keep the flirting to a professional level. Stuff like 'I'm looking forward to being your partner' and such.
Don't worry about getting along; you've got similar backgrounds so you'll understand each other better than most, and you'll probably have good chemistry between you.
No. 373155 ID: af7fd8
File 132417720845.png - (43.10KB , 1047x689 , 9.png )

The red thing? That's gender. She's female. Yeah.

I hope I get along well, after all given how dangerous it can be in the Trade Quarter, I'd rather have someone I can trust to be nearby-"YEEEEE!"

"Officer 4th Class Vivian Ishigo reporting sir!"

Too close! Need to say something! Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! This will establish our relationship from here on out! Augh, I can't think of anything! What should I say?!

No. 373165 ID: 453e62

laugh and say "you startled me a little, good job, not many people can manage that"
No. 373168 ID: 784dcc

"Hey, you're not my subm-ordinate yet." Clap a hand on shoulder, wink, do the tongue thing, step aside to reveal angry officer chap
No. 373185 ID: c71597

Lick your eyebrows and then ask her if she's ready for her new job.
No. 373190 ID: f72f26

it is clearly time to play it suave
No. 373202 ID: 2f56b8

Actually, I'm your new partner. The name is Sergei. HE's the one you should be reporting to.
No. 373207 ID: a2fa74

Offer whatever sort of physical greeting is appropriate for your culture.
"Sorry, Vivian, you left me at a loss for words for a moment.
Officer Sergei Kristof, and I'm looking forward to being your partner."
No. 373237 ID: 32e092

What ever you do, it should definitely involve some serious tongue-eyebrow interaction.
No. 373743 ID: af7fd8
File 132441343898.png - (52.81KB , 978x938 , 10.png )

I'm not sure if I can reach my eyebrows...never tried. best I can manage is this.

"Officer Sergei Kristof, and I'm looking forward to being your partner."

Is this the appropriate way of greeting Tsang Naji?
No. 373744 ID: af7fd8
File 132441357478.png - (62.48KB , 1065x822 , 11.png )

"Sergei, whatever it is you're doing cut it out, the adrenaline spike in this room is nauseating!"

"Yes sir, sorry sir."

"Brief your partner on what your guarding."

"Yes sir...uh it's to guard the regent's dowry jewels!"

"And why are you being posted?"


"If you forgot I'm going to chew your head off."
No. 373748 ID: 453e62

because despite you oddities you are extremely diligent. perfect man for watching something for hours.
No. 373751 ID: c2c011

Because you're awesome at guarding shit and will fuck up anyone trying to sneak in and steal the shit you're guarding.
No. 373758 ID: a2fa74

"Because most people see even half-sergals as vicious monsters with barely contained lust for blood and rape, and the same for Tsang Naji only with strange fetishes and black magic, and the king wants thieves fearing horrible violation and sacrifice to dark gods if they go anywhere near these jewels?
Or he expects it himself? Orders kinda lean that way, but the handbook clearly says we can't be ordered to-ERK! shuttingupnow."

"Our scintillating wits and personalities?"

Or, most likely:
"Because all the more qualified guards are protecting the royal families and their guests."

What are the royal families like, anyway?
Pureblooded Rezan? Mixed heritage? What?
No. 373786 ID: e3aff6

I stand corrected! You can do the tongue thing after all.
No. 374220 ID: 784dcc

'cause not only will Sarge here chew us up so will our family, who is...
No. 376050 ID: af7fd8
File 132521100323.png - (59.26KB , 1124x778 , 12.png )

Well all that was only half right. So he didn't eat me, but it's amazing how much force he can put in a backslap. Maybe I should take an extended leave like my last partner, and the one before him...and the one before her...and the one before him...

The regent? He's pure. Nobility pass on jobs like regent to their kids. After they run out of relatives, THEN they start assigning locals. This one was lucky enough to be Gamin...lucky bastard, probably was groomed to be a ponce.

"Sir? Are you well enough sir? Shouldn't we be going sir? Or is there another case for us that takes priority sir?"
No. 376057 ID: 453e62

"no no, we're going. and don't call me sir once we leave the building. is an obvious rookie thing and would make any attackers target you first."
No. 376159 ID: c2c011

Sounds like it's time to get out there and do your job, time to make your parents proud of you and all that.
No. 376248 ID: a2fa74

"We're going. Oh, and call me 'Sergei' or 'Officer Kristof'. I'm not your master, we're partners...
Unless you're into that sort of thing~"
No. 376342 ID: 784dcc

No. 376347 ID: 10d022

No. 376406 ID: 32e092

No. 376660 ID: 914844


Aww, she only has two arms. That is a pity.
No. 376661 ID: 4bdd79

No. 376758 ID: c2c011

Nope, not saying that.
No. 377903 ID: af7fd8
File 132587973334.png - (63.27KB , 1030x792 , 13.png )

So...I'm not saying it? Okay.

"Don't call me sir please. It will just make me a bigger target. Where were you transferred in from?"

"Shoyaku, the Southern Islands sir. It is customary for me to address my peers as sir."

"Well not here. Try to break that habit."

"Are things that dangerous here sir?"

"...yes and stop calling me sir."

"Sorry sir."

Okay, now I think she's doing it to aggravate me.

"Look, We need to introduce ourselves to the Regent, it's the only way to be allowed on his property. Just be prepared for confusion."

"Why sir?"

"Because he's Gamin."

No. 377904 ID: af7fd8
File 132587998146.png - (85.15KB , 1588x1012 , 14.png )

"Oh that's what you mean sir."

"Shush! Hello, I am Officer Sergei. I am here regarding the guard detail Regent..."

"Pako. You can call me Regent Pako Officer Sergei. Am I to assume you are the only two? It would be rather insulting to consider your police force could not spare more to protect something so important..."

And there he goes, the poncy bastard.

"At least tell me you hold some notable position. I'd rather I did not have the low ranking unreliables under my feet."
No. 377913 ID: c71597

Be honest with him about your rank and tell him that resources are stretched.
No. 377927 ID: f70e5e

don't give excuses, that just gets people arguing. simply tell him your rank, apologize and offer to relay his complaint to your Superior. he is probably going to be a prick no matter what, so lets try and make our interactions with him as short as possible.
No. 377931 ID: 453e62

guys, that was our cue to supply information.
rank lieutenant.
No. 378039 ID: 2f56b8

Don't apologize. This one seems like a real uncaring ruthless sort, so don't go out of your way to bow down to him or anything. Don't act defiant to him either, because we want to avoid trouble. Give your rank, and being mining him for information on the layout of the premises.
No. 378047 ID: 453e62

okay guys, SERIOUSLY are you even paying attention? we need to GIVE him a rank.
saying "give rank" is absolutely WORTHLESS.
No. 378094 ID: af7fd8
File 132591940676.png - (100.51KB , 1544x952 , 15.png )

"Lieutenant 3rd class. As is my partner here."

"4th Class actually sir."

"yes, and we need -ow!"

"Oooh, good you know how to do a proper job then yes? Mmmm and a cute one on top of that~"

"Regent Pako, we need a layout sir. Anything that mar give us...please stop pinching my cheek."

"But you're so soft, I can't resist."

"I neeb a layout of the estaphe if you wanf usf to do our job propherly."

"Oh yes, of course. Anything for that adorable face."
No. 378096 ID: af7fd8
File 132591983024.png - (26.48KB , 1026x736 , 16.png )

"I'm hosting a party tonight, and I am afraid someone my use the noise of intoxication and fornication as cover for stealing my daughter's dowry. Only the best for her you see."

"Your Commissioner General has assured me most of the house is already covered by other officers, but you will have the most important job starting now. You will patrol this floor, be wary of the main stairway down, though keep an eye open as there are plenty of hidden passage ways I'm sure lurking in the other rooms. This house is older than me you know, and if you ask my age, I will kill you. I don't care how cute you look. Kidding. Or am I?"

"You may also wish to check the other rooms. Most of the slaves will be busy tonight, but you never know if someone tries to slip in amongst them. check the pantry, the room next to the main stairway often. It's bigger than it looks and provides many hiding places. i should know~"

"The other rooms include the boiler for the baths, and the slave's quarters. Both should be empty for the remainder of the night, so check them to make sure they stay empty."

"What about the stairwell Regent?"

"Oh that just leads to the slave corridors. It lets the slaves travel through the house without getting in the way of others. So one final thing before you get started."


"Fancy a shag?"
No. 378098 ID: 453e62

"unfortunately i'm on duty. if the commander found out i would be demoted to desk clerk in a heatbeat."
No. 378101 ID: e3aff6

Is the dowry all in a single container (or at least a single room)? If so, is there an advantage to patrolling the entire floor rather than staying in the room and keeping the door closed to deter sniping from one of the other rooms?
No. 378123 ID: c71597

"Maybe later when I'm not on duty."

Hmm, someone should probably be a static guard in the big hall while the other wanders between the other rooms and the stairweels to keep an eye on them as well.
No. 378655 ID: a2853b

"After my duty is complete, my lord. I'm afraid that whatever contacts you have might not be much help against another official mark on my record."
No. 379107 ID: 2ae337
File 132626125691.png - (93.89KB , 1238x1050 , 17.png )

rolled 4 = 4

What's wrong with me?! I don't want this at all! Even if I was off duty, I wouldn't want it! Especially with a R-regent! I'll be infamous as some Gamin's...man mistress...thing! What will mother think?! What if father comes back and finds me like that?! Auggh!

"Regent! Please, let's keep this professional! I-I'm here to protect the d-d-d-do-dowry remember?!"

"Yes but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun before can't we?"

"I'm sorry Regent, but I just don't f-f-feel that way!"

No. 379112 ID: 2ae337
File 132626168168.png - (48.07KB , 1264x892 , 18.png )

"Hmph! Fine! Break a man's heart! The Commissioner General will hear of this!"

"Sir? What does 'a shag' mean?"

"If you must ask it does not matter anymore..."

And yes, the original plan was to patrol the lower floor.
No. 379123 ID: b6edd6

Well changing the plan without authorization or an emergency is a bad idea, but if we can discuss our guarding plan with someone with the proper authority that would be nice.
The way I see it, spending time guarding locations not containing the dowry means leaving the dowry itself vulnerable. After all, it is much easier to sneak past a payroll than to steal from a box a guard is actually looking at.
No. 379489 ID: a2853b

If nothing else, we need to SEE the dowry, wherever it is, and check to make sure the dowry is already present. Gods forbid someone pulls the 'box of rocks' bait-and-switch trick.
No. 379517 ID: b6edd6

(Er, I meant to say 'sneak past a patrol guard')
No. 379552 ID: ed57e8

yeah, have Vivian literally sit on the box. stealing from that should be near impossible.
No. 379554 ID: 252e1b


Just tell her what it means, she'll hear the slang again eventually.
No. 379905 ID: 2ae337
File 132662309728.png - (45.21KB , 1084x804 , 19.png )

Well we were given orders to watch for anything suspicious like someone in the pantry where there shouldn't be any...people dressed unlike slaves traveling along the slave corridor, that sort of thing.

Yeah this is typical nobility for you, place all their treasures in one room close to the slaves, like NOBODY would try to steal it. Even with everything in safes, someone is certainly NEVER bound to try and crack one...my bet is the biggest one is the dowry. Considering the size and value of the jewels, the Regent should settle for nothing less.

A good idea to keep her here though, my rank is enough for me to at least be a little flexible regarding orders.

"Vivian, I want you on top of the dowry at all times. Let no one near it."

"Like this sir?"

"I...yes good enough."

Ye-Penak! What sort of criminals did she deal with in Shoyaku?!
No. 379922 ID: 252e1b


My word, she is too literal for you to use casual slang. Be precise with her from now on.
No. 379923 ID: a2fa74

There are too many places to hide, it's too easy for somebody to slip between the rooms while they're being examined, there's no question about where the dowry would be kept, and there are potentially hidden passages that will complicate the issue.

Both of you stay with the dowry. Take turns doing cursory patrols of the floor every once in awhile, but spend as much time as you can in that room.

Oh, and remember that you haven't been working together long so both you and Vivian should be aware that the other could secretly be a cunning thief. Don't suspect her, just keep that possibility in mind.
Also, don't tell her that.
No. 379930 ID: f72f26

I am also in favour of sticking together for most of the watch.

having only one guard is always a bad idea,
No. 380457 ID: a2853b

"Vivian, what are you doing?! It's unprofessional to sit while on duty! If you wanted to literally be on top of it you should be standing!"
No. 381565 ID: 2ae337
File 132722469892.png - (51.20KB , 1118x900 , 20.png )

rolled 1 = 1

Oh! Oh alright, I can see the logic in that...anyone coming for the dowry will inevitably come here...still I'm still getting a bad feeling. It feels way too easy. Not that I'm complaining, but it feels like I'm not seeing something...
No. 381566 ID: 2ae337
File 132722506007.png - (37.25KB , 1132x726 , 21.png )

...like this, I wasn't seeing this. Now I regret I did.

"Augh! That's where the stench was coming from! Sergei, how did you know that would open?"

I didn't. A secret passage that not even the Regent knew about...and yet this slave did. Or maybe he stumbled upon it."

"H-how long has he been d-d-dead?"

"Well judging by the blood,I'd have to say not too long ago. Perhaps only an hour or so. It looks like someone stabbed his lungs. Poor guy. The clothes tell me he was a new face. He probably wasn't even here for a month before someone killed him."
No. 381569 ID: ed57e8

appears to have written something in blood.
No. 381588 ID: f72f26

read blood writing
No. 381599 ID: a2fa74

Read the note in blood, THEN send Vivian to send for the guard. Your mission is to protect the dowry, not investigate a murder.
It is, however, convenient that the murder investigation would naturally include extra guards who would, of course, have to investigate this previously unknown hidden passage.
No. 381670 ID: b6edd6

Another possibility is that he was taken here and killed. When you send Vivian, have her give a general description of the dead servant, as someone might be impersonating him.

Also, you might want to ask that Vivian informs you of mysterious corpse-stenches in the future.
No. 381793 ID: 2ae337
File 132737824993.png - (14.60KB , 628x464 , 22.png )

Right right uh...the blood writing. It says: "Lieto not Lieto"

Lieto. That's name. Not Lieto. Whoever Lieto is must be an imposter!

"Vivian! Get a good look at this man and get reinforcements! We may have a murderer roaming the estate!"


"Don't ask, just go!"

Well what should I do? I know I need to protect the dowry, but at the same time I should pursue any potential suspect. If he or she is willing to kill, that leaves very few motives, none of them good.
No. 381795 ID: b6edd6

Wait, tell her the name before she leaves. That could save her a lot of valuable time.
No. 381863 ID: a2fa74

Tell her the words "Lieto not Lieto" were written in blood, and she should have some of the guards warn the rest while others come investigate.

Also, your mission is to protect the dowry. That does not include catching murderers or stopping assassins.
Stay at your post and wait for Vivian to return with guards who are supposed to be catching murderers and stopping assassins.
No. 382270 ID: 2ae337
File 132755890083.png - (45.11KB , 1132x726 , 23.png )

But I...yes you're right. This is outside my field. Doing something rash may get me fired...or worse promoted.

Vivian already knows what was written. No need to call her back. Hopefully this means I'll get relieved and take an early break...where's that magic smell coming from?

Rolling for his initiative next turn. Make the suggestion a good one
No. 382271 ID: ed57e8

jump away from the door and draw your weapon. go for the neck.
No. 382332 ID: a2fa74

Five-foot step to your left, then draw-cut to your right.
Animated corpse.
No. 382412 ID: 917cac

draw weapon fall back

group up with Vivian and take it down as a team
No. 382546 ID: 2ae337
File 132764601332.png - (45.76KB , 1131x717 , 24.png )

rolled 7 = 7


No. 382548 ID: 2ae337
File 132764747767.png - (64.07KB , 1116x1158 , 25.png )

Dammit! It just got caught in his jaw!

"Vivian! We have an animate glyph!"

"Eh?! Hold it back! I'll get the rest of the guard!"
No. 382553 ID: ed57e8

is this roll high or roll low? we have yet to get anything above 10.

anyway, now that it is mostly disabled apply razor claw to forehead and scrape symbol.
No. 382561 ID: a2fa74

How did you do a right-handed draw-cut into its right cheek?

Use your weapon's stuckness for leverage on a kick into its stomach/pelvis or knee. If that doesn't wrench your weapon free it'll stumble it.
With a kick to the knee there's a chance of breaking the joint and crippling it, but you're less likely to unstick your weapon.
No. 382576 ID: 2ae337

All rolls are on a d20. So either the dice gods hate this quest, or some second possibility that I haven't yet thought of.
No. 382807 ID: b6edd6

Since its mouth is occupied with your weapon, it is probably going to try to grab your arm or strangle you. Watch out for that.
No. 383346 ID: 2ae337
File 132791229249.png - (51.55KB , 1254x764 , 26.png )

rolled 14 = 14

Oh-there comes the arm, really flimsy but surprisingly strong for an elf.

Right, I really need my weapon, so I'm going for the gut!
No. 383347 ID: 2ae337
File 132791502736.png - (77.50KB , 1240x1100 , 27.png )

Alright it's out! And it wrenched half it's jaw out with it.

"This is for making me work way above my pay grade you zombie asshole..."
No. 383406 ID: b6edd6

With your weapon you have a longer reach than it, so back up and try to destroy its eyes.
No. 383474 ID: a2fa74

Bash it in that magical mark thing. Hopefully that will stop it.
No. 383519 ID: 2ae337
File 132797525617.png - (63.96KB , 1270x852 , 28.png )

rolled 9 = 9

Right magical mark thing. Going for the magical mark thing!
No. 383527 ID: 2ae337
File 132797741558.png - (33.00KB , 1002x852 , 29.png )

Ugh...I damaged the glyph, but it ain't destroyed. At least it lost control of its limbs but now it's flailing blood everywhere. I dunno if I should finish it, those flailing limbs still got a lot of muscle behind them and a wild swing could break or dislocate something.
No. 383533 ID: ed57e8

let it flail, bat away anything that gets close. will let the others see what you are dealing with.
No. 383551 ID: a2fa74

Leave it like this, and continue to stay away. They may be able to tell more about the creator while it's active.
No. 383563 ID: 2ae337
File 132799191777.png - (47.15KB , 908x688 , 30.png )

Yeah that's true. Magic intact is easier to examine.

"Uh I can smell the stench of glyph magic from upstairs."


"Sir I bought reinforcements, but ugh...it looks like you handled it without us."

"Yes indeed Sergei good work and all that. Lookin' at this thing, I guess we have found our missing slave. Murdered then made into a puppet. That certainly adds a clue to this case."

"We're you able to find the culprit sir?"

"We did. A bit too late though. The Regent's been murdered by our missing man."


"Caught the bugger in the act of poisoning him. We tried to catch the suspect but the rat got away. Only thing we have was something an officer grabbed out of his satchel. No idea what it says though."
No. 383572 ID: ed57e8

"let me try a hand at it"
and can you track people via magic? could use the zombie as a locator.
No. 383905 ID: 2ae337
File 132817255081.png - (34.85KB , 908x688 , 31.png )

You know, I haven't thought of that.

"The glyph is still relatively intact. Do you think we can learn anything from it?"

"Let me take a look. Ah...yes, this is revealing. This is a high level glyph. Only an experienced carver could get all the subtleties in this character. This tells us either the culprit had outside help, or he belongs to a noble family. Only they have the experience to make something of this level...nice job Sergei. Though next time try not to damage it too badly. A couple more scratches and it would have force mutated the corpse into something worse."

"Uh thanks?"
No. 383906 ID: 2ae337
File 132817285666.png - (20.65KB , 766x537 , 32.png )

rolled 18 = 18

Hopefully we can use that as a lead of some sort. The letter is written in some kinda jumbly code. It looks familiar, I'm pretty sure I've seen this written somewhere.

Decide who should try to decode. Sergei or Vivian. Roll will determine success and what can be translated.
No. 383907 ID: ed57e8

fina-fucking-ly a good roll
and Sergei
No. 383912 ID: a2fa74

Sergei. When he fails from the terrible roll, have Vivian take a crack at it.

Rolling a 1 had him suddenly discovering a hidden passage nobody knew about in one of the most well-guarded rooms in the country as soon as he set foot in it.
If low rolls are bad, then on a good day he could count the fleas on a dog's balls at fifty paces.

No. 383914 ID: ed57e8

why would he say
to my comment about low rolls if they were good?
No. 383931 ID: b6edd6

The secret room was also full of zombie.
No. 384058 ID: 2ae337
File 132826062422.png - (39.37KB , 880x702 , 33.png )

Yeah that was actually the worst outcome. Inevitably he would have found the room, but the roll determined what would be behind it.

"Now I remember. Smugglers use this code all the time. They figure if they write in the Hegemony language and mix the letters and numbers together, most Rezans wouldn't even bother trying to read it."

"How'd you know that?"

"I have my sources."

"Well what does it say?"

"It's hard to make out, but from what I can tell it says something about the Hegemony, and that the local regent must not survive..."

"Ach-ka this is getting complicated. Mind taking this to your source? This may be real big if the Hegemony is involved."

Actually my 'source' is my mother. Being a prostitute apparently has certain advantages I suppose.
No. 384092 ID: a2fa74

Ah, ok then.
Make a copy of the note, and take the copy.
"This is the new assignment for Vivian and I, then?"
No. 384109 ID: b6edd6

Would she be able to read it? If not, it might be best to say your source is no longer available, but you will find a new one.
...So who is this Hegemony?
No. 384140 ID: 2ae337
File 132830971485.png - (64.06KB , 880x964 , 34.png )

Unfortunately I did have to bring Vivian. Fortunately, she's kind enough to wait somewhere safe. This is the slums, I don't need anyone knowing my family lives here.

Hegemony? You don't know who they are? Who are you anyway to not even know? They're...the Hegemony! A bunch of kingdoms and republics and stuff that normally fought each other for some stupid reason or another but banded together into an alliance to fight us, the Empire because we were expanding our territory. Of course the moment it looks like we stop, they go back to fighting each other...

"Sergei! Oh I haven't seen you in years!"

"Hi mom, am I interrupting anything?"

"Oh don't worry about that dear, you come first. Now what's the problem? Someone troubling you in the office? Need someone to disappear? Berr still owes me, I could pull a few stings, make it look like an accident."
No. 384152 ID: ed57e8

"no mom, it's something YOU can help me with" pull out the note "what does this say?"
No. 384203 ID: 2ae337
File 132833269760.png - (47.07KB , 880x702 , 35.png )

"Actually mom, I need a little help with this. Do you understand this?"

"Oh...Oh! Yes, I do. Seth, you know him, one of my regulars, taught me the whole language trying to charm me. One moment, I need to remember everything. Come in come in!"

"The fuck is this?"

"Erm sorry, I thought my mother was unoccupied."

"Out. Get out, I'm helping my son right now."

"The fuck?! I paid for all day!"

"And you'll get it after I'm done here. Now get out."
No. 384204 ID: 2ae337
File 132833283660.png - (51.00KB , 1152x972 , 36.png )

"Alright let me take a look here...Mmmm THE HEGEMONY MASSING IN SOUTH ISLAND LOCAL REGENT MUST NOT SURVIVE Oh...oh sweetie, you aren't getting yourself involved in the war are you?"

"No. At least I think I'm not.

"Are you sure honey? What happened? Where did you get this?"
No. 384207 ID: f72f26

start being very disturbed by your mother's lack of pants
No. 384212 ID: ed57e8

he grew up with it, probably doesn't even notice now. "i didn't find it, one of the others in the department did, while chasing the man who killed the regent. anyway, thanks mom, that was a big help" give her mom a familial kiss on the cheek(face) and say goodbye. then meet up with vivian.
No. 384222 ID: 252e1b


"I understood enough of it to be able to recognize it was important. I'll pass the translation up the chain of command. Hopefully the army can use the information."
No. 384227 ID: 7c31d2

Try to avoid thinking about how sexy your mom is.
No. 384246 ID: a2fa74

Move in close and lower your voice.
"I owe you at least that much. Keep this quiet, but it was on the man who assassinated the regent. Professional job; poison, magic, no clue how many people were involved. The note's probably a ruse, but we need to know what they want us to think.
I'm going to try to keep out of this."
Hug her.
"Take care of yourself; I'll try to visit again soon."
No. 385136 ID: 2ae337
File 132866325927.png - (61.65KB , 1152x972 , 37.png )

"I didn't find it, one of the others in the department did. "

"Still, why would someone have this? Where did that person find it? Please tell me Sergei, I worry about you."

"I owe you at least that much. Keep this quiet, but it was on the man who assassinated the regent. Professional job; poison, magic, no clue how many people were involved. The note's probably a ruse, but we need to know what they want us to think. I'm going to try to keep out of this."

"Well okay. If you say so. It doesn't make me feel much better."

"I'm sorry I can't do more, I'll try to visit more often mom."

Why would I think my mother is sexy? You really aren't part of my mind are you? Am I going crazy?
No. 385137 ID: 2ae337
File 132866338267.png - (79.37KB , 1152x972 , 38.png )

"Vivian! Vivian, where the hell'd you run off to?"

Dammit, why did I bring her along? She'll be overwhelmed by all this and do something rash. She would-um. Where would she go in a place like the slums?
No. 385138 ID: f72f26

Vivian is very "by the books" maybe she went to a book store?

more likely she saw some sort of crime being commited and wandered off after the perp
No. 385140 ID: 7c31d2

You'd think your mom is sexy because she IS sexy.
No. 385167 ID: a2fa74

Vivian's got a pretty distinct appearance, so toss that prostitute a drink's worth of coin and ask if she saw Vivian and if so where she went.
You pay her FIRST so she won't make something up to get paid.

If that's a bust then check inside the bar.
No. 385309 ID: 3af16b


Most of these girls are going to be like aunts and big sisters, since he grew up knowing them. If it's a girl he knows, she'll probably be insulted by being paid for petty information.
No. 385348 ID: a2853b

between family members there's usually a sort of hormonal thing that turns off the libido entirely,or simply converts it into an instinct of protectiveness.
The only times this doesn't work is when your brain is faulty, or you spend jack-all of your youth with those persons such that your brain never learns that smell/image combo=family.
No. 385550 ID: 2ae337
File 132885392263.png - (97.17KB , 1560x1188 , 39.png )

Oh yeah. I know that one.

"Gwendolyn! Hey Gwendolyn!"

"Hm? Sergei? Oh my how you have grown! You ain't that cute little fuzzball anymore I barely recognised you! What can Auntie Gwendy do for you?"

"Well see, I'm looking for a Tsang Naji..well half Tsang Naji. She was about as atall as you, two arms. She was waiting out here, did you see where she went?"

"Lost your girlfriend? Oh don't worry, we don't get many Tsang Naji down here, hard to lose one of them."

"Actually she's not my-"

"I believe she went off with someone else. This other girl, she came up, they started talking and they both up and leave in a hurry. Now let me see, that other one, she was a..."

Important character. Each suggestion should roll a d20. Highest roll decides the girl's race.
No. 385552 ID: ed57e8

rolled 16 = 16

No. 385555 ID: 97486c

rolled 10 = 10

No. 385567 ID: a2fa74

rolled 9, 10, 18, 9, 8, 3, 16, 2, 18, 10 = 103

Ok this was getting way to spammy so I'm going put them all in one post.
Naga or Lamia, Sparkledog, Mew, NORTHERN SERGAL!, Tarrasque, Giant space hamster, Tozol, Scellor, Magicka beast, Gelatinous Cube.
No. 385569 ID: 2ae337


I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that...
No. 385571 ID: 252e1b

rolled 18 = 18

A human
No. 385579 ID: b6edd6

rolled 6 = 6

One of those Mo Sala, with the face masks, weird ears, and actually existing in the setting.
No. 385631 ID: 4bdd79

rolled 15 = 15

>majicka beast

No. 385640 ID: fcf88e

dwarf and southern sergal.
No. 385641 ID: fcf88e

rolled 3, 8 = 11

bloody hell, let's try it again.
No. 385646 ID: 1b0f2f

rolled 18 = 18

No. 385650 ID: 0d7a83

rolled 10 = 10

No. 385651 ID: bd8232

rolled 7 = 7

No. 385657 ID: 471dcc

...what the hell's a doobie?
No. 385678 ID: 2ae337

So is that everyone?

Tozol, N.Sergal, Human, and Doobie(ugh) tie.

Anyone else? Anyone?
No. 385679 ID: 7c31d2

rolled 4 = 4

Intelligent house cat
No. 385689 ID: 421737

rolled 20 = 20

She went off with another half Tsang Naji!
No. 385741 ID: 784dcc

Half-nevrean half-tsang-naji?
No. 385742 ID: 784dcc

rolled 1 = 1

... format differences, rolling for previous
No. 385755 ID: 2ae337

Right we got a natural 20. Anyone else wanna have a go? By noon tomorrow I'll just go with this otherwise.
No. 385790 ID: a2fa74

rolled 18 = 18

Character is also a MATCHMAKER who Vivian is asking for help wooing Sergei.
No. 385793 ID: d12795

rolled 3 = 3

probably wont get that high, but eh.

gonna go with an elf
No. 385795 ID: fcf88e

rolled 9, 10, 20, 3, 6 = 48

May as well try again.

Let's see... Dwarf, kobold(reptilian), Minotaur, Naga, and half dragon.
No. 385820 ID: 4bdd79

Half Tsang Naji, half tozol?
No. 385821 ID: 4bdd79

rolled 5 = 5

No. 385823 ID: fa9f7e

Looks like we've got another candidate- a minotaur, assuming you're allowed to do that, of course.
No. 385855 ID: 2ae337

rolled 5, 19 = 24

I'll just leave that to the dice
No. 385857 ID: 2ae337
File 132899148634.png - (71.00KB , 1560x1188 , 40.png )

...one of those cow things! The ones from the Hegemony? The uh...what are they called? The uh..."


"Yeah that's the one! Both went down to the warehouses for the trade ships. Trust me, the two most uncommon races in the slums, everyone'll know where they're going."
No. 385871 ID: a2fa74

No. 385927 ID: 2ae337
File 132901549895.png - (36.28KB , 1532x931 , 41.png )

rolled 6 = 6

Minotaur what do-huh? What would a minotaur be doing here? Being a matchmaker? I mean it's much more likely that she's
No. 385928 ID: 2ae337
File 132901558071.png - (166.10KB , 2200x1600 , 42.png )

...beating the crap out of everyone. Yeah.

"They just keep coming don't they? Another smuggler?"

"No no, he's not with them."
No. 385929 ID: fa9f7e

A whore?
No. 385930 ID: fa9f7e

Aw, ninja'd. Anyways, act as if she's a whore and they paid extra for kinkiness.
No. 385931 ID: 2ae337
File 132901591181.png - (76.86KB , 1284x1196 , 43.png )

"He's my partner."

"Vivian? What happened to you? What the hells' going on here?"

"Just helping out a friend with a case. Actually I'm glad you followed us. It saves the trouble of kidnapping you. I'm sure you are guessing I am not really an officer of the law. I and my friend here are part of something much higher than that. Before I forget, I should introduce you. My friend here, the minotaur, her name's..."
No. 385938 ID: fa9f7e

Ima Alicia Hoor?
No. 385942 ID: fcf88e

Ishra Taoran
No. 385946 ID: b6edd6

You know, this is looking like the point where she has someone sneak up and hit you in the head. Might want to watch out for that.
No. 385958 ID: f72f26

admire her outfit and ask if you can join her evil team
No. 385972 ID: b6edd6

(Personally I preferred her previous outfit. Seems like it was just an act, but I found her semi-awkward formality to be adorable.)

I wonder what those tattoos on her face do. They would have to be valuable to be worth going through the trouble of disguising.
No. 385978 ID: a2fa74

I like this. It sounds like a name she'd be assigned by somebody who actively disrespects her. She'd probably get irritated at Vivian because she only goes by Alice.

Actually, lets just trim that to Alice because the entire idea of her having a derogatory name is far to silly and stupid.

"Oh, good. If your story had been real I'd've felt terrible about being suspicious.
Vivian, if you're looking for a partner I'd love to fill your opening."
No. 385990 ID: ed57e8

i'm confused as to exactly what that last roll was for. how many people the mino beat up?
No. 385995 ID: b7169d

Back away, checking to make sure you're not about to get group ganked. Though its very curious they'd want to kidnap you out of all the things.
No. 386045 ID: fa9f7e

Two people rolled 20's for their races. I assume the roll was a tie-breaker.

Yeah, let's have the name be a throwaway gag at best. And asking to join? Sure, why not? Go with the flow.
No. 386064 ID: fcf88e

I'd rather not go with Ima. It's not really witty, just degrading and will get rather old rather fast.
No. 386066 ID: fa9f7e

That's why we use Alicia and never ever use her first/last names or she beats the shit out of us.
No. 386580 ID: 2ae337
File 132920257811.png - (83.04KB , 1720x956 , 44.png )

"...Alicia. It's better you don't know her full name if you want to keep your cute hide."

"Um hello? Vivian? What's going on? What are those things under your eyes? Why did you want to kidnap me?"

"In that order? Well to be honest I'm part of the Imperial Investigative force, I'm sure you've heard of us."

"The secret police? The people that makes sure everything in the Empire works as it should right?"

"Exactly. See Alicia, he's a smart one, I told you."

"Doesn't explain the blank look in his eyes."

"Next the things under my eyes? Nothing big, just some corrective optical glyphs. I couldn't wear them as an officer as they would have given me away as someone with a much bigger paycheck. And finally kidnap you. Well It wasn't for anything sinister I assure you. We prefer to keep knowledge of our actions to a need to know basis. One way is to make sure that those that do deal with us not know where they are while we deal. But we aren't simply going to deal with you. We-the Imperial Investigative, need you for something very specific."

"So no matchmaking?"

"What? Oh silly boy, nothing of the sort. No, see with the Regent dead, there will be a bit of political anarchy here in the Southern Islands, and judging by that note, it has something to do with the Hegemony. If there is anything involving them, we need to take very careful actions. In this case, we need a new Regent to take his place. A Regent to act as a proxy so that orders we give to local military have and official Regent seal of approval. The only successor he had was his daughter and she isn't smart enough for the role, anything we make will look too smart for her to draft. And instead of waiting for the Families to debate on the new one, we will simply 'find' a will of the last Regent, naming his successor: you."


"You are someone I know, an officer of the law who can be trusted to do what's best for the Empire, even pose as the late Regent's lover."


"And you are smart and competent enough to look like you may know a thing or two about strategy. The marks you received in the academy say as much. Congratulations Regent Sergei."

No. 386584 ID: ed57e8

raise finger, open mouth, close mouth, lower finger. then say what again.
No. 386585 ID: 252e1b


"This will make my mother and her co-workers immediate targets. What do we have in the way of safe houses for them, while we sort out the chaos?"
No. 386587 ID: b6edd6

And that is how government agents kidnap you without actually moving you anywhere.

You might want to ask what measures they are taking to keep it from looking like you were behind the Regent's killing. It would look suspicious that you were alone in his mansion shortly before his will is found.

Also ask if anyone else in the department knows about this. Knowing how much we can trust the local authorities will be useful. (Also it would be nice to have some confirmation that these guys actually are who they say they are, but we don't need to tell them that.)
No. 386644 ID: a2fa74

"Ugh, and I just got done promising my mother I'd stay out of this...
I'll agree to this on the condition that you're coming with me, Vivian. You'll be my contact under the guise of being my secret lover; I'd like to get to know you better, and perhaps someday soon drop the guise~"
No. 386687 ID: f70e5e

hitting on her would be an insanely bad idea. though asking her if them finding someone else would be out of the question? mostly just so they know that you didn't exactly jump at the chance to be the puppet regent. also ask what happens to you after this all blows over. i'm willing to guess you will be stepping down as regent, but what happens after that? you could end up with powerful enemies but no real power yourself.
No. 386717 ID: 8fbba5

Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what one more goddamn time!
No. 386721 ID: c4a1fc

Well, given your tongue, it shouldn't be too hard to pose as someone's lover. If anyone asks how you got into her bed, wag your tongue in their faces. And let's not hit on ANYONE at the moment, mmkay? That's not terribly in-character for real Sergei anyway. Neither is the tongue-wagging thing, but if real-Sergei wants to be Regent-Sergei, he'll have to be able to think of an answer for related questions.
No. 386754 ID: a372f0

"I really have no desire to become regent or have anything to do with moving up in position, do I get any choice on the matter or is this going to be some weird form of kidnapping me like you said?"
No. 386768 ID: a2fa74

Sergei has been hitting on Vivian every chance he's had, and people will better believe he was the regent's lover if he acts the part. Having her pose as his secret lover gives them a reason to meet privately at odd hours without having to explain why she doesn't just live with him.
Lets not forget that she's a rare hybrid of a rare species, and they were seen walking into the scummy part of town together. The people they want to deceive will remember that.

Also? "It's better you don't know her full name if you want to keep your cute hide."
She's flirting back, just more subtly.

Probably a good idea.
No. 386958 ID: 2ae337
File 132935016634.png - (70.31KB , 1352x1176 , 45.png )

"What about my mother? My family? Doing this is obviously going to make me enemies. Right? How am I going to protect them?"

"The Regent Estate is large enough to house a small town, they can simply live there for the time being. And it will certainly be safer than before with me about as your, ahem, 'mistress'. All the better to keep a close eye on you."

"Still, I really have no desire to become regent or have anything to do with moving up in position. Do I get any choice on the matter or is this going to be some weird form of kidnapping me like you said?"

"Actually it's more of a 'if you disagree, I'll kill you' kind of thing.

"Gah! How'd you get back there so fast?"

"Dear, I'm trained to kill before you realize I'm there. It's very easy for me..."
No. 386975 ID: b6edd6

I see something that looks suspiciously like an eye behind you.
No. 386976 ID: ed57e8

something does indeed seem to be behind the door.
No. 386982 ID: f70e5e

say you'll do it if they wish, and ask who the person behind the door is.
No. 387013 ID: 2ae337
File 132936935228.png - (91.44KB , 1668x1164 , 46.png )

"Um who was behind that door?"

"No one that needs to know what's happening. Decision time Sergei. Will you accept??"


"Or do I snap you neck?"
No. 387014 ID: f72f26

accept definitely accept!
No. 387015 ID: 9c7c3b

She is threatening to brutally kill you and you are getting aroused what the fuck.
No. 387017 ID: ed57e8

kiss da girl
No. 387018 ID: b6edd6

I would imagine that is close to sergal romance.
No. 387019 ID: f70e5e

you don't really have a choice in the matter here. just ask what is going to happen to you when this is over.
No. 387079 ID: a2fa74

"I'll do you - IT! I SAID IT!"
Then get a hold of yourself, and wrap your arms around her.
"You had me at 'Mistress'. The chance to go from acting to not is ample motive. You're a fascinating person, after all~"
No. 387080 ID: a2fa74

"Oh, and the note's a plant. The hit was too professional for them to bring something so simple and obvious to the scene."
No. 387086 ID: ed57e8

you sure about that?
No. 387090 ID: a2fa74

The word "probably" apparently failed to survive editing. It should read "Oh, and the note's probably a plant."
No. 387173 ID: 93bbdb
File 132943652713.png - (95.04KB , 1704x1160 , 47.png )

Yes I'll accept. This is my life on the line! Why am I hesitating? Why can't I say yes? Why am I stuck on the first word?!


Dammit, I'm gonna die and I'm aroused?! What's the hells is wrong with me?!


I can't even think straight! Come on, pull yourself together, don't panic! Don't panic!



"Hmm? You wahMMMPH?!"

I panicked.
No. 387177 ID: 252e1b


That's just how sergals roll.
No. 387178 ID: ed57e8

panic more or pass out.
No. 387184 ID: 74ded8

Well now she might just kill you anyway. Good job. Now are you going to say yes or die like a bitch?
No. 387249 ID: 2ae337
File 132946155161.png - (107.63KB , 1332x1528 , 48.png )

"Mmm I'll take that means yes?"

"Ye-er-yes! But on the condition my family is looked after!"

"I still don't know what you see in him Vivi."

"Hush Alicia! Well Sergei, welcome to the aristocracy."
No. 387272 ID: a2fa74

"Er, *ahem*, you know that note is probably a plant. The hit was too professional for them to have something so simple and incriminating on them."
No. 387274 ID: ed57e8

i dunno, it MAY be a plant, but it was not simple, it was in a code that no one here knew. and assassins usually are one shot killers, they run in and kill, expecting to die as well, him getting away was pure luck. professional is unknown.
No. 387280 ID: a2fa74

>it was in a code that no one here knew.
Sergei knew some of it. Vivian apparently knew all of it. Anybody in intelligence or their smuggling unit would be able to read it with ease.
From the description, 17'$ b4$1c411y 1337.

>and assassins usually are one shot killers they run in and kill, expecting to die as well, him getting away was pure luck. professional is unknown.
I said professional because they killed somebody, assumed their identity, kill their target, and escape. Combine that with illusion magic being rare and expensive and animating corpses being even more rare and expensive and you're looking at something that's clearly had a huge time investment.

The assassins who don't expect to escape? Those people aren't trained to be assassins. You hear about the ones that get lucky, but most untrained assassins fail and are forgotten by history.

Honestly, how can you be a professional if you can only do something once? 'Professional kamikaze'? 'Expert suicide bomber'?
No. 387302 ID: ed57e8

you are assuming the magic man and the killer are the same guy.
magic man makes a distraction and the killer closes in.
No. 387324 ID: a2fa74

No, I'm not.
Coordinated efforts make this MORE professional, not less.
No. 388856 ID: 2ae337
File 133021165317.png - (62.52KB , 1344x928 , 49.png )

""Er, *ahem*, you know that note is probably a plant. The hit was too professional for them to have something so simple and incriminating on them."

"Oh, so does that mean you have the full note translated? Wait-you just said plant. Why would you think this is false?"

"Because if this was a coordinated assassination, then the suspects would not have been stupid enough to keep some written orders on them during the assignment. This whole thing about the Hegemony in the south may be a ruse for something else."

"Good thinking! My investment is already paying off it seems, and you've already given me a lead to investigate."

"So when do we leave?"

"If by 'we' you mean me and Alicia. Then yes. You on the other hand should head over to your new estate. You'll need to be sworn in before some Gamin family swoops in and starts to inspect the 'will' I left too closely."

"But what abou-"

"You're family? I know about all of them. Don't worry, they'll be sent your way."

"Yes but-"

"Your boss? I'll inform him shortly."

"Not that, I mean-"

"You're possessions, I'll also have someone go by to move everything from you're old home."

"I MEAN YOU! Are you going to be alright?"

"Oooh~ you're worried for me. How cute. Don't worry "honey", I'll be fine. No hurry along Regent, the city needs its leader back in office."

Well that's alright...I suppose.
No. 388857 ID: 2ae337
File 133021172908.png - (68.13KB , 1424x1064 , 50.png )

This is the Regent's estate? This is a frekin castle! And there's someone by the front. One of them seems to want in real bad.
No. 388872 ID: a2fa74

You're still dressed as an officer.
Walk up to the commotion.
"What seems to be the problem here?"
No. 389122 ID: 2ae337
File 133029823886.png - (217.31KB , 1824x2996 , 51.png )

Just like that? Okay.

"What seems to be the problem here?"

"You...are you Sergei?"

"Why would you ask tha-"

"Because out of nowhere, the late Regent Pako, suddenly has a lover named Sergei in local law enforcement, and decides spontaneously to name him heir. Normally I wouldn't mind, a bit of nepotism keeps the political crap at home to a minimum, but there are a lot of holes in this will of his. And the fact that he dies so soon feels like a coincidence."

"Well who are you then?"

"I am Dogol Gamin, Guardian of the Gamin family. You are law enforcement, you are a half bred sergal like the will describes, you must be Sergei."

"Oh, but uh-"

"Now don't lie, or I'll crush your skull. I raised Pako from infancy, and I know everything about him. Even things he kept secret from me, I figured out by his body language and his letters. Except this. Not even a hint. Pako was never this clever. Why would I not know about it?"
No. 389133 ID: c04c0d

I asked the regent to keep it secret otherwise it would hurt my career.
No. 389136 ID: c4a1fc

Said regent was shitty at keeping secrets.

"Are you so sure his body language showed nothing? The affair was indeed rather recent, and he seemed to me to be fairly worried about it. It was dangerous... but I've said a bit too much. Why should I believe that you're anyone other than someone with a weapon, which is very easy to get?"
No. 389142 ID: a2fa74

"I woke up this morning with a hangover, aches in novel and unpleasant places, a godawful taste in my mouth, and orders to meet with the reagent.
When I got there he flirted with me, made a few double-entendres about my body and tongue, told me to guard his daughter's dowry, made a rather humiliating joke about me 'not giving it up without a fight', said a few choice comments about my 'service history', invited my partner along for the ride, then excused himself.

Being in his will is the capstone of a long list of unpleasant surprises I've experienced today."

Or, alternatively:

"It would be dereliction of duty to talk about an ongoing investigation in public. You'll have to go much higher up the chain to get solid answers, and for fuck's sake don't ask in such an insecure place."
No. 389143 ID: c4a1fc

Yeah, actually, this.
No. 389153 ID: 4bdd79

No. 389237 ID: 252e1b


Adding on to this good, if defeated sounding, dialogue:

"Sorry, it's just been a bad day."

"Dogol, as the sworn guardian of the Gamin family, you must know how closely their fate is tied to that of the Southern Islands, and the Empire as a whole. The late Regent Pako was quite capable of intelligently dealing with the problems I'm facing now. I would have loved for him to still be alive, so that the upcoming mess would be his responsibility, and I could continue to do my job. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be."

"I don't know if you're aware, but his assassin had a note that pointed toward a Hegemony plot. It is an obvious cat's paw. No assassin would be carrying incriminating orders on a mission. Someone else intends to instigate a war. We're all very lucky that the late Regent named me as his successor in his will, because if he hadn't, the noble families would be bickering over who to place as Regent even as the enemy arrived at our doorsteps. As it is, with a clear successor, the army can be mobilized properly. Do you follow what I'm saying?"

"I'm not happy about being Regent, but I intend to do the job as well as I can; as a loyal citizen of the Empire should. For the Empire, for my home, for my loved ones."

"I'll admit though, I'm all ears for advice."
No. 389239 ID: 19d5cb

No. 389766 ID: 011ec1
File 133064960890.png - (61.36KB , 1256x886 , 52.png )

"Well erm...I woke up this morning with a hangover, aches in novel and unpleasant places, a godawful taste in my mouth, and orders to meet with the reagent.
When I got there he flirted with me, made a few double-entendres about my body and tongue, told me to guard his daughter's dowry, made a rather humiliating joke about me 'not giving it up without a fight', said a few choice comments about my 'service history', invited my partner along for the ride, then excused himself.

Being in his will is the capstone of a long list of unpleasant surprises I've experienced today."

"Why does this not surprise me? That Pako was always doing stupid things, it's a wonder we let him become Regent."

"So does that mean that-"

"You may be Regent for now, but that does not mean I will let you off so easily. Especially the method of his departure. How do I know you were not the one who killed him?"
No. 389796 ID: a2fa74

"Because I have a long history of trying to avoid attention?"
Drop your voice and move in close

His daughter was about to get married, and she's not too bright or strong-willed. With her being next-in-line for the regency, that puts her fiancee in a position to be the de-facto reagent through her. Since you don't marry into power if you aren't interested in power the regent may have suspected his future son-in-law would have moved to eliminate him through an agent and seized control. Optionally, he could eliminate his wife and seize control.
If the regent had a pretty good mind for tactics then he could have expected a power-grab from the somebody in line for the throne. If he expected a power-grab from somebody in line for the throne, then the surest way to counter that is to change who is in line for the throne and announce you have done so.

"I can't tell you about the investigation but I can tell you a few facts which are not directly related.
The regent's daughter was about to get married. She has the makings of a weak ruler, but her fiancee doesn't.
Rumor has it that his behavior was mostly an effection to cover a sharp mind.
The first time I met the regent was he ordered for me to be sent to him."

Move back a bit and return your voice to normal
"Sorry, but for anything better than rumor you'll have to contact the investigative force. I'd hurry, since once the royal investigators arrive nobody will tell you anything.
No. 389797 ID: a2fa74

Also: Get on IRC some time. Discussing things is fun!
No. 389818 ID: ed57e8

wow that is.. a bit heavy handed. okay a lot heavy handed.
you are just pulling facts out of your ass. and he could know some of the things you say are false. keep it simple and short.
"you don't, and i doubt anything i can say will change your mind, so you will need to take it on the word of a officer."
No. 389819 ID: 2ae337

Yeah I know. I never seem to find the time. Damn Syndicate eating all my free time!
No. 389821 ID: ed57e8

oh yeah, the other cops will back your alibi.
No. 389822 ID: 6f108b

Might be best to not offer him to ask the other cops as they might reveal that he didn't know you before today.

"When I was guarding the dowry with my partner I found a recently killed slave so I sent my partner to call for reinforcements before getting attacked when the slave reanimated. They saw the guy who poisoned him but where unable to catch him."
No. 389832 ID: a2fa74

No. No actual details. The less he knows the less he'll be able to piece together before everything's been secured.
Everything I'm saying to tell him is either rumor or easily verified fact, but will send him off chasing geese. Any cops he questions that actually give him answers won't say anything that contradicts what's been said, assuming it doesn't outright support it.

Beyond that? It gets him investigating the fiancee, which is something we want done.
No. 390087 ID: 252e1b

Be sure to point out that 1) You sure didn't want the responsibility of being Regent, you liked your old job and 2) There's a political storm brewing and the Gamin Family Defender could do a lot worse then cooperating with the new Regent to make sure that the time of troubles ahead doesn't prove to be ruinous.
No. 390088 ID: 252e1b


And I mean ruinous for everyone, not just the Gamin Family. Everyone on the island has a stake in this.
No. 390199 ID: 7d7f79

"Because I have a long history of trying to avoid promotions and the spotlight.
"If you really think I'm the kind of psychopath who can murder someone in cold blood and fix his own promotion from nobody to local bigwig then you're not much of a judge of character. If you want to make sure though, which is diligence I can respect, you check with my department who the heck I am and what my record is like. I suggest you do that when you go talk to the people running the murder investigation.
"In the meantime would you please do me a favour and stop yelling shit that might get one or both of us killed where everyone can hear you?"
No. 392062 ID: 2ae337
File 133153531227.png - (180.68KB , 2456x2004 , 54.png )

"Because I have a long history of trying to avoid promotions and the spotlight. If you really think I'm the kind of psychopath who can murder someone in cold blood and fix his own promotion from nobody to local bigwig then you're not much of a judge of character. If you want to make sure though, which is diligence I can respect, you check with my department who the heck I am and what my record is like. I suggest you do that when you go talk to the people running the murder investigation."

"Hrm. I suppose you are somewhat competent."

"In the meantime would you please do me a favour and stop yelling shit that might get one or both of us killed where everyone can hear yooooough!"

"I stand corrected."
No. 392063 ID: 2ae337
File 133153549177.png - (28.43KB , 974x826 , 55.png )

"You're an idiot. But a useful idiot."

"Ughbur? Blufblmbldmmm."

"I suppose I'll let you keep your title. But don't expect me to leave any time soon whelp."


"Oh right, I forget my own strength. Oh I'll just tell you the news when you can remember who you are."

I'm gonna end the quest here. It's slowing down too much, and with my finals coming up, I can't really pick up the pace. When I make the next chapter, I'll pick it up at a later point.
No. 392117 ID: a2853b

>quest hiatus for finals and such
Sounds reasonable.
Do come back once in a while and /draw/ occasionally, if only as a stress outlet.
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