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File 134432367423.png - (40.97KB , 931x842 , skype orig 3.png )
8686 No. 8686 ID: ea7b34 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A group of fairly inexperienced players are looking to play a game over Skype.

We have no idea what we're doing, all we're looking for for a game is something where I can kick some doors in, and one of us wants monster people of some sort. We're leaning towards Gamma World, but we're very open.

If anyone wants to play (or, if we're lucky, DM) please add me on Skype, name's bswaldmann.
No. 8688 ID: 58bc8d

Also feel free to add ateen1220
I'm one of the other players.
No. 8694 ID: 34cbef

What timeframe do you guys play? I DM on irc but i can double as long as the times don't conflict. Don't usually go into 4th ed often because i'm not too savvy with that edition.
No. 8696 ID: 58bc8d

We're really open when it comes to time and availability. If you want to figure out the specifics, feel free to add us.
No. 8782 ID: 2fd111

This post is a month old, but if the offer is still up, I'm game. I've been itching to play, I've had everything necessary to play 3.5 for around 2 years. Except someone to play with. So if you want fairly inexperienced, you got it in spades right here.
No. 9929 ID: 3aa29e

ateen1220 replying again. Not sure if this will get any attention, but...
Add me on Skype if you're interested, or you can email me at ateen1220@yahoo.com
Always like people who are interested in TTRPGs

File 131215984731.jpg - (245.77KB , 848x1200 , Sanguinus.jpg )
7482 No. 7482 ID: 2b8edc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Looking for players for a possible Pathfinder game!

Game will be weekly, more often if everyone is mysteriously available and in the mood.

Game will start at Level 1.

Game will use the Pathfinder SRD. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/

If you have other books you want to use, you must provide a digital copy of some sort for me to read.

Either post images of character sheets, or use one of the various online generators available.

I'm looking for something between 3 to 5 players. Sessions will run until 'practical stopping point', or for about three hours, maybe.

A practical time will be decided when everyone is gathered.

Let's get this show on the road!
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No. 8756 ID: e5c426
File 134594310151.png - (74.47KB , 196x187 , Mezzosmall.png )

Derp Herp
No. 8804 ID: 97024b

Possibility of lateness due to school project shenanigans. Apologies.
No. 9891 ID: 726b8f

Possibly late due to the sky falling.
No. 9911 ID: 726b8f

Family dinners ahoy!
Jangles is back in town and Cheesus is fulfilling family obligations.
No. 9923 ID: 35888d

Are you still looking for players?

File 135337703163.jpg - (119.02KB , 400x476 , Eberron_Adventure_Party.jpg )
9894 No. 9894 ID: 74dcdb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey, I have not played much DnD and I have no idea what to do for my characters personality as I've mostly played tabletops in modern settings. I'm thinking of going with an half-elf sorceress but I've got no clue what to do past that.
No. 9895 ID: 07ede0

Personality would be something that's hard to help with...but maybe I can think of something.

- A sorceress who is sick and f***ing tired of wizards treating her as a lesser being for their greater knowledge of how magic works, and treats them with greater disdain than other magi. She has great skill with ray-and-touch-based battle magic (acid arrow, spectral hand, etc).

- A half-elf whose half-elf parents wanted to teach her another trade, but she learned of her powers and decided to pursue that path instead. She has a fascination with the idea of making a tattoo scroll, or perhaps a tattoo familiar (specialized feats?).

- A sorceress whose temper is quite even, and whose magics are naturally subtle as a result of this temperament (enchantment and illusion specializations). She has the bloodline of a subtle creature, such as a rakshasa or devil, which is where her sorcery and temperament come from.

idk just thinking aloud.

File 135144787210.jpg - (168.69KB , 471x726 , digimon_adventure.jpg )
8817 No. 8817 ID: b3b2ec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


So, basically I've been playing a Digimon Adventure with some people over IRC for a while, its pretty awesome and I've considered GMing a game of it myself.

I have come up with some ideas, but I need Feedback on it.
No. 8818 ID: b3b2ec
File 135144791593.png - (379.49KB , 1348x2813 , Storytime _01.png )

So far I intend the Players to start in the Real World, in some kind of unnamed, but large city.
I'd leave it to the players wherever they know each other and if they already have their 'mons.
The first couple of sessions would establish the characters and the relation between eachother, while also introducing Wild Ones that enter the world and cause chaos, perhaps even threatening the Players quite directly.
I am not sure how to do this exactly though.

Eventually I would bring up a third Party into the game, which is basically a secret government funded Organization made to contain or eliminate any threats that appear, but also to study them.
They would also study why and how the Wild Ones enter the world and explain it to the Players, the reasons being the Internet increasing in size and the Barrier between the worlds being more and more fragile.
Wild Ones with luck may reach the real World or they may be helped from outside by humans who actively seek to 'summon' them.
No. 8819 ID: b3b2ec
File 135144795037.png - (312.48KB , 1311x2674 , Storytime _02.png )

The Government group, called 'Hypnos' for now (I really do need a different name) would have 2 influential characters:

A charismatic, but aggressive and cold Project leader, who believes the attacking monsters to be a threat to eliminated and nothing more.
He'll go as far as to deny any sentience of the Digimon and claim that the monsters are simple animals, incapable of free will and simply mimic human behavior to manipulate people to feel pity.
I've considered making him a father of a destined that has gone missing, which would be why he takes his job personal and relies on it for psychological and financial support.

Further the would be a subordinate scientist, high in rank and obsessed with the idea of creating life from scratch and the evolution of the Monsters.
He would push the organization to capture Wild Ones alive, to 'study' and to preserve them.
In the late stages of the campaign he would attempt to create a perfect Digimon from scratch, which wouldn't turn out so well.
I'd hint at him having contact with a 'Mon, but he would barely remember it himself.
No. 8820 ID: b3b2ec

The invading Wild Ones would have a Group too, I am unsure how to name then though.
I intended them to be Conquerors, but that didn't seem to fit anymore as I worked it out a bit.
First the Wild Ones would reveal that they come to the Real World seeking for, what they assume to be their destiny, to become perfect and become creators themselves.
They however, would have been created, or rather given live by certain Digital Gods, these Gods would seek to prove their worth by showing their creations to mankind, but also to punish them for creating the imperfect and violent Digital World.

The last kind of Antagonist I considered is a cold, calculating Monster, in the literal and figurative sense.
He would be created by the scientist guy, made to be 'perfect', which would play out in him basically feeling superior to every single thing.
While not only extremely powerful, this one would be smart enough to attempt to rile up the Players against each other.
There is one catch to him however, as he loads Data of his opponents to become stronger, he does so very efficiently, but once he reaches a certain threshold, he would lose sanity, and be in constant pain.
That pain could only be temporarily numbed, by loading more opponents, which would result in him becoming more and more of a wild, rabid beast.

I also considered making a formerly known Digimon into this monster, be it villain or friend, to make it more impacting.

Thats pretty much it so far, I basically need Feedback on these Ideas, Names and Digimon to fill these Roles would be nice too.

File 132971936010.jpg - (172.20KB , 830x1172 , 1328446120688.jpg )
8035 No. 8035 ID: 2397ca hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I wish to create a Legends of the Wulin discussion thread.


For those unfamiliar, it is the spiritual successor of the Weapon of the Gods RPG and has been compared to FATE and Exalted.

You roll a pool of dice and create matching sets. The more sets you can create, the more actions you can do.

Anybody here familiar/interested in this game?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8081 ID: 6412fa
File 133023866167.jpg - (654.32KB , 700x878 , 1214068230065.jpg )


OP here

Thanks for responding! I wouldn't bother you guys with this thread, since it's pretty slow, but I am honored to have someone instrumental to this game's development willing to speak on its behalf!

At the moment, I only have a few questions.

1. Are you assumed to be "proficient" with all of the weapons of your External Kung Fu? For instance, if I was using Blossom Harvest and a Staff, could I drop my Staff in combat and switch to Unarmed or a Massive weapon?

2. I have been informed by my local game store that they will be receiving a few copies of the game, but have no dates listed. Do you have any news regarding expected printing/shipping dates?

3. During a round of combat, on your turn, can you elect to not attack and instead perform a Marvel? For instance, if you and I were on a rooftop, but you were using Graceful Crane and I wanted to reduce the amount of Replies I took, could I choose to not strike you and instead just utilize a Knockback Marvel to try and push you off the roof?

That's all I have for now, and I appreciate the time you have taken to respond. Thanks!
No. 8085 ID: 57258a

>1. Are you assumed to be "proficient" with all of the weapons of your External Kung Fu? For instance, if I was using Blossom Harvest and a Staff, could I drop my Staff in combat and switch to Unarmed or a Massive weapon?
Yes. In fact, 'weapon proficiency' isn't a thing in LotW. You can use any weapon with any style - however, unless your weapon is compatible with your style, you don't get to add the weapon traits (listed on pages 192 through 194) to the External Style statblock (Speed/Footwork/Strike/Damage/Block/Toughness).

>2. I have been informed by my local game store that they will be receiving a few copies of the game, but have no dates listed. Do you have any news regarding expected printing/shipping dates?
I am afraid I do not, but if you want, I can ask around. You'd probably have more luck asking about that particular issue on the RPG.net forum thread.

>3. During a round of combat, on your turn, can you elect to not attack and instead perform a Marvel? For instance, if you and I were on a rooftop, but you were using Graceful Crane and I wanted to reduce the amount of Replies I took, could I choose to not strike you and instead just utilize a Knockback Marvel to try and push you off the roof?
By the rules, no. You have to make the attack and include the Knockback marvel. That's not a valid way to avoid replies.
No. 8104 ID: 2397ca

Thank you very much for your reply, Mr. Hughes.
No. 8784 ID: a363a1

I've been trying to find an online game of lotw for ages; has anyone else had any luck with this, or wants to start one?
Willing to attempt pbp, seeing as timezones can be a problem.
No. 8811 ID: 409543

Hmm. Looking into this... Huh. Yeah, this is pretty damn cool. You and your colleagues did a fine job, Mr. Hughes.

File 128762827218.png - (428.65KB , 966x738 , eversor5 STATUS.png )
4846 No. 4846 ID: f49195 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Never really frequented /tg/ chan, but it's worth a try here.
What do you gentlemen think of Dungeon Crawl?
8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5740 ID: 2563d4
File 129366974240.png - (251.09KB , 1206x748 , ninjapuss-lvl6.png )

Anyone trying the current 0.8 dev builds?

Felid Monks are agreeably killy. Sneak up on things and one-shot them in their sleep. Also I just grew a mane, thus apparently making me +2 furry http://pastebin.ca/2033789 .

And yes I am bad at remembering to ever try out scrolls to ID them before the last moment. And, yes, +5 ring of evasion on an early dlvl as well as being awesome at dodge. The RNG is going to rape me.
No. 8745 ID: 4a20fa
File 134567492456.png - (339.99KB , 1206x748 , dcss-furpileonworm.png )

>< LionsPhil> >You squeeze the jackal. You kill the jackal! Your Stabbing skill increases to level 1!
>< LionsPhil> >The [other] jackal barks! The jackal gazes forward, looking utterly alone.
>< Rurik> :<
>< LionsPhil> I feel bad now. :(
>< Rurik> You should!
>< LionsPhil> They are together now ;_;

>< LionsPhil> Hmm. Just found an evil enchantress, zapped her with a previously unidentified want of paralysis, then constricted her to death in my tentacles.
>< LionsPhil> I'm /fairly/ sure I didn't launch one of Driblis' kind of RPGs instead by accident. Fairly.
> * LionsPhil chops her up for rations
>< LionsPhil> Oh christ, two /more/ evil hyoomons. Help me, miscellaneous fluffy forest creatures I can summon!
>< LionsPhil> Welp. Sigmund'ed.

Seriously, they give octopodes grappling (I...assume it's unarmed-only, anyway), but make their "ideal" classes magicians? I'm gone pick the specialisation that introduces as many other targets as possible.

So I end up spamming Summon Small Mammals, tentacle-grappling things, and furpiling them to death. Oh, naked, because octopodes cannot into armour.

That crazy v0.10.
No. 8750 ID: 4a20fa
File 134583766701.png - (108.34KB , 425x401 , lovetopus.png )

No. 8754 ID: 4a20fa
File 134589975292.png - (320.14KB , 1206x748 , dcss-curare.png )

>Sonja. A graceful kobold assassin. Admire her graceful pirouettes, thrill at her daring leaps! But watch out for her knives!

Unfortunately, my minotaur is finding her prowess with a blowgun breathtaking.
No. 8799 ID: 4a20fa
File 134885541394.png - (48.42KB , 588x443 , dcss-welp.png )

I'm really not very good at this game. :|

File 134878454477.jpg - (41.71KB , 246x241 , 1341464348676.jpg )
8797 No. 8797 ID: 5355ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Yo, a bunch of bros from the other /tg/ are trying to fix 40K in an attempt to wrench the fandom from GW's incompetent, money-grubbing, Marine handjobbing paws.

Any of ya'll are welcome to help out, we've got quite a lot done so far and have much more to discuss.

No. 8798 ID: bdb3f8

This is not an urge that is uncommon, I think. Though how far the project gets beyond the initial storm of activity varies. I have been vaguely following this instance:

File 134818998389.jpg - (79.73KB , 395x500 , overgrowth.jpg )
8793 No. 8793 ID: 061a93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Animal Forest is a graphical MUD inspired by books like Redwall, about animal people in a forest. There is an original setting, but I don't know where the information is hosted anymore. It's a very fun, RP-encouraged game with a good deal of complexity and fun magic/crafting systems.

Download and forums:

If you sign up, please put 'Squeegy' as your referrer!

File 134601847552.jpg - (123.47KB , 471x781 , Tulpa.jpg )
8761 No. 8761 ID: 5b4b49 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Okay, why hasn't there been a tabletop RPG made about these? I mean there's Persona, but that's a video game. Who would be interested in a tabletop game involving the creations of tulpae for the sake of battling an ancient conspiracy?

For those unaware, a tulpa is essentially thought made sentient, and is part of Tibetian mysticism. Basically an imaginary friend that you actually see, though obviously it can't interact with anyone but you.

I don't really care if the system is new or uses an existing system (maybe only tulpae can gain levels in d20, or perhaps it's a NWoD system modification). As long as it takes this interesting idea to a tabletop game near me, I think I'll be happy.

Pic related, it's a tulpa out of Mage the Awakening, pg 233 on a PDF.
No. 8763 ID: e5c426

I remember reading something about a monk making a snake of light from a pair of gongs to scare away bandits...
I would mix in some Jojo's Bizarre Adventures for spice.
No. 8767 ID: 533c7a

actually yeah, jojo had the stands which were pretty similar. they took orders from their masters but were also characters of the story in and of themselves.
No. 8768 ID: e5c426

I think the only ones that spoke were Dragon's Dream and Spice Girl and a few others...

As for system, I'd say avoid having the tulpae be all of the heavy hitting, and I'm trying to think of a reasonable way to work multiples but not coming up with anything.
I agree, though, this sounds awesome. You have the guy with the not-star-platinum that can do brain surgery via punching, you have the dude with the thing that's just invisible and intangible but it can make people go insane, you have the dude that is thoroughly convinced he has excalibur and it's speaking to him, you have the guy that just got the ability to see all this shit and be able to punch it.

And the dude that makes evil flesheating butterflies from the sounds of the bells he wears.

And the dude that can shoot memory leeches through eye contact.

And the guy that draws snakes that come to life and catch on fire.
No. 8770 ID: ecfcdc

I'm pretty sure Tulpas are in Enter the Shadowside.

File 134580507957.png - (1.91MB , 1280x1630 , 1345607567842.png )
8748 No. 8748 ID: 89c7f5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Heya folks; I'm currently organizing my ass-massive collection of character art and I'm organizing by species. Couldja tell me if I'm missing any big ones?

Humans, Androids/Cyborgs/Robots, Avians, Bolds, Canids, Celestials, Corvids/Kenku/Tengu, Demonblood, Dragonblood, Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Felids, Fey, Giants, Gnolls, Gnomes, Goblinoids, Gryphons, Halflings, Harpies, Merfolk, Minotaurs, Monsters, Mutants, Neko, Nevreans, Ogres, Orcs, Plantfolk, Reptilians, Rodentia, Sergals, Serpents(Naga, Lamia, Medusa), Shifters, Sphinxes, Taurs, Undead/Necromancers, Ursines, and Werewolves
No. 8749 ID: b6edd6

Maybe slimes.
No. 8751 ID: 99090a

Make a distinction between cutebolds and kobolds. You seem to be missing Outsiders and Elementals.
No. 8760 ID: 5355ed

I don't really have enough cute/rat/dogbolds to warrant their own folder, but thanks for the outsider suggestion.

I'm not sure I have that many slimes, but I'll see.
No. 8769 ID: 7f8707

Tozols. Everyone loves tozols.

File 126896469112.jpg - (258.30KB , 800x1081 , 1268221086877.jpg )
3443 No. 3443 ID: 75b091 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


If you guys haven't seen it yet.
No. 3448 ID: 4b1405

I think it goes without saying that that thread is long dead.
No. 3449 ID: 16de3a

No. 3460 ID: 8b1bc1

No. 3493 ID: 889351

For the record, there was no scan.
No. 8759 ID: 0eef61


File 132893026022.png - (23.85KB , 687x457 , page1center.png )
7995 No. 7995 ID: d12795 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

So, i'm thinking about DMing a 3.5 campaign. It's going to be an any supplement that works with d20 3.5e dnd. The starting levels will be ECL 5 or fifth level characters and the setting is going to be post fictional renaissance, ie there's going to be guns. If interesting send a pdf character sheet of your character to bamump2k9@yahoo.com and i'll try to respond with my skype name and a link to the dice generator that i use. My hopefully starting date will be tuesday the 21st, but will delay if circumstances are bleak. Hope to see some takers.
187 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8744 ID: b6edd6

Ok. I hope your mother is ding better.
No. 8746 ID: 6a5a08

This, but doing better, rather.
No. 8747 ID: b6edd6

Er, right, that is what I meant.
No. 8752 ID: 34cbef

yeah, well she's not been doing well so now i gotta help take care of her. It now means i don't have as much free time as i usually do so DMing will have to be put on hold til the family can figure out what we can do.
No. 8753 ID: 6a5a08

It's fine, family comes before people on the internet.

File 134525383236.jpg - (119.35KB , 600x900 , cover.jpg )
8720 No. 8720 ID: 940def hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Let's talk about prep.


This is a book about it. Turns out it's pretty difficult just to define what game prep *is*.
No. 8721 ID: 0006f5

how do i view an .epub :V
No. 8722 ID: 940def

Calibre will open goddamn near everything
No. 8727 ID: 0006f5

commenting on this as i read it. i like how this author provides examples of what happens when things are missing. obviously every experienced quest author and gm can relate

File 134326838502.jpg - (60.33KB , 640x480 , Dafuq.jpg )
8648 No. 8648 ID: e8cde6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This will hold the Rolls and maps for lead balloon.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8659 ID: c7dc56

rolled 5, 6, 4, 3, 1 = 19

No. 8660 ID: 299ed3

rolled 6, 6, 3 = 15

No. 8703 ID: 299ed3

rolled 19 = 19

No. 8704 ID: c7dc56

rolled 8 + 3 = 11

No. 8705 ID: 32e092

rolled 4 + 9 = 13

File 134261016205.jpg - (233.06KB , 512x368 , gva-closeup.jpg )
8632 No. 8632 ID: 6e41cb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So... I just checked how much money I have lying around because there was a thing I wanted to get, and it turns out I have... $1.17 in my account. That's a bit less than I would like to have!

But then I remembered I have like... 700+ copies of this game here (in the image there) just lying around because I AM THE WORST AT MARKETING, and that I never mentioned this fact to anyone around here (a classic example of that whole WORST AT MARKETING bit).

So yeah, if anyone has any sort of interest in a 2 player asymmetric cards&minis type Kaiju game (which honestly is really good), that'd have the cool side effect of me having multiple dollars again.


There's also this crappy Barbarian RPG with garbage production values that's way more fun than it should be considering I made it as a joke just to make rules for female characters taking less damage the more skin they have showing:


File 124416002547.gif - (66.76KB , 256x192 , gumshoe.gif )
32 No. 32 ID: 87583b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Sure is DEAD BOARD around here.

So let's hear it from you, /tg/chan. What is your personal favorite game system?

Not what do you think is best, but what do you find to be the most fun to play?
24 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8574 ID: d862bb

I'm pretty sure I can figure this out, just give me some time.
No. 8575 ID: d862bb

That was not it.
No. 8576 ID: d862bb

Perhaps this?
No. 8577 ID: d862bb

Not it either.
No. 8578 ID: d862bb

Welp, don't abandon a quest for a year, folks.

File 133280889220.jpg - (31.31KB , 375x523 , Island_2.jpg )
8258 No. 8258 ID: af10de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

rolled 49 = 49

Rolling for Magical Girl/MtG Quest

Let's not try to fuck up the script this time.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8362 ID: af10de
File 133598818934.jpg - (41.18KB , 375x523 , 82.jpg )

rolled 62 = 62

This is an actual card, I just put it in a modern frame because the pre-6th edition frame is just shit-looking.
No. 8363 ID: 9ce6fb
File 133617653264.gif - (955.74KB , 285x120 , 1334271483818.gif )

No. 8365 ID: af10de
File 133633898621.jpg - (51.03KB , 375x523 , 43a.jpg )

rolled 94 = 94

so is this
No. 8515 ID: af10de
File 134008119461.jpg - (75.64KB , 312x445 , 23.jpg )

rolled 4 = 4

No. 8518 ID: af10de
File 134016761831.jpg - (76.96KB , 312x445 , 26.jpg )

rolled 12 = 12

File 133754860560.jpg - (83.29KB , 659x550 , automotivator.jpg )
8383 No. 8383 ID: 5b4b49 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'll be honest; I love D&D 3.5. I also love Pathfinder. I really do. But there are some things that don't make sense. Many of them are poked fun at fairly often, such as alignment or how positive and negative energy work.

But what about the spell levels? This isn't about Vancian casting being weird, this is about the spells themselves.

I just realized that Animate Dead, the quintessential necromancy spell, is fairly high-level in D&D - AND IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE. In PF it has a 50-gp price tag per corpse animated! That makes it good as a 2nd-level spell or even 1st-level spell.

I wish to begin a project for the sake of my own idea of common sense. Raising and lowering the levels of any spells that seem to be way too weak or powerful for their current spell level. Likely, I will be lowering all the direct-damage spells by one level.

I do realize that this once again screws over non-casters. But it's one of the first steps we can take to balancing the system just a bit better. I have some ideas for fighting men too, though nothing definitive yet. Vital Strike tree as free bonus feats, maybe?

Is anyone with me on this?

Pic related to my revelation. No name for now because not sure what to go by.
14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8401 ID: 87d18a

Where's the line drawn, and on what criterion?
I could see a few variant bits (What happens if you go 'RISE MY MINIONS with the first level spell without dead bodies around) but I think zombie/skeleton/ghoul +/-templates is the way to go for the simple stuff and anything more complicated needs a specific ritual to make(not a specific spell for each, but a different kind of thing with different requirements.)
Or am I trying to stick too much complication on?
I just want people to have to work to get an antiparty of undeadness as opposed to magicking up four random corpses and getting a death knights, a huecueva, a Drowned, and a Famine Spirit.
No. 8402 ID: 87d18a

This thread was made to get gets, wasn't it.
Testing 3DS functionality, limited.
No. 8403 ID: 07ede0


OP here, not sure what you mean? Are you saying I'm trolling?
No. 8406 ID: 72d49b

Sure. And in Dark Sun all magic is evil, unless you're a preserver.

Except those labels are totally arbitrary.
No. 8410 ID: 120db2

Nah, just noting gettage.

As a side note, possibly a side buff or separate spell to continue the 'Lots and lots of quick, cheap but time-limited servitors' side of the tree?
Or too weak of an effect for a spell slot, or irritating to work?
I could see running zombie swarms, where you have a bunch all packed together...
Other idea would be having an even shittier kind of undead than zombies (call them Husks or something) that has the option to be created without a body around, but is automatically limited on time(Takes damage every round at a low rate, troublesome to heal it, some kind of attack that directly gives it HP back for hitting things or something to extend the clock.)

File 133628964356.jpg - (9.96KB , 197x255 , panopticon.jpg )
8364 No. 8364 ID: 551d90 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Someone was just commenting on how little action this thread sees, and I'm running some weird quest with Eclipse Phase connections, and, more importantly, for the next indefinite time period, my main computer, videogame console, and place to hunt for work are all broken. So wow could I ever stand to get in on a fresh game of something. Plus, people around here generally seem like the type to be really interesting to play something with.

The catch of course is, eventually I'm going to escape from this vast wasteland of having absolutely nothing to do all day, so I'm not particularly inclined to commit to running an ongoing game of some sort if I can avoid it at all.

So yeah, shot in the dark. Anyone coincidentally already running a game of whatever via irc/maptool/whathaveyou and feel like picking up an extra player? Or have some weird, possibly homebrewed system you can never talk anyone into playing because the concept is too damn creepy? Or, worst possible scenario, any interest in some kinda likely doomed, maybe mid-week sorta thing I'd run? Possibly involving cheesy barbarian stuff?
No. 8378 ID: b9e291
File 133740411605.jpg - (195.85KB , 733x606 , rym.jpg )

Isn't there a general LFG thread? I don't see one offhand. I'd love to do some sort of IRC group story or brainstorming stuff. Unfortunately most IRC networks are actively hostile against privacy protection, in particular the one this website advertises. But if you want to meet on the telecomix IRC or Welterde's, or even the OFTC those are all doable.
No. 8381 ID: 131de9

Pretty sure this is the only LFG thread around, with others of a similar nature mutating into threads about particular campaigns, as they tend to do.

Anyway, I've never personally had any massive fears of someone raiding my precious RPG logs from an IRC server, but I suppose if that was the only barrier from someone wanting to get a game going, there's always Maptool (which, really, is a better option in a lot of other ways too).

But anyway though, if that's you offering to potentially run somethingorother, specify an irc server/channel and time for people to wander over and work out what. I'm pretty much down for whatever myself.
No. 8382 ID: b9e291
File 133754629010.jpg - (134.79KB , 1100x700 , ooo.jpg )


Nah RPG logs are public--post them anywhere. I just don't want my legal identity connected to the roleplaying campaign wherein I pretend to not-for-real fictionally just-for-fun in a total simulation and not sincere in any way plot to overthrow the government. Or you know, if someone else who is most certainly not me were to do that, then I wouldn't want Rizon broadcasting their IP for everyone to see.

Anyway I'm up for anything, though the IRC channel I tried to set up, their servers are currently being DDoS'd by Russians so no need to mention it. <.< I can set up a chat server myself if anyone wants it. Not a mapchat one though that's closed source and secret so I'm locked out. Either jabber XMPP or IRC.

You don't make your maps in blender? :3c

File 133650977472.jpg - (394.80KB , 1600x1200 , Fallout.jpg )
8367 No. 8367 ID: cf09c8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

ITT: We discuss how we would run an extended campaign in the Fallout universe. What system we'd use, character and plot ideas that would work best, where we would set it etc.
No. 8368 ID: 2563d4

>Fallout universe
>What system we'd use

Also, your OP image appears to be misnamed; that's Oblivion_With_Guns.jpg .

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