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File 136195556351.jpg - (449.39KB , 1242x1241 , Z12_SmallTest_SciFi.jpg )
10049 No. 10049 ID: c25e16

I am looking for a large archive of textures, to map with on a google+ app called roll20. I just need textures, to make the map look better, and figured it would be very easy to find. I know there is some archive somewhere most likely, I just cannot find it. help PLz
example picture
I would prefer an old leather look, and a sci-fi version of tile sets. I am running a dark heresy campaign, so the majority of stuff which is just fantasy etc doesnt work well.
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No. 10050 ID: 30df25
File 136215288588.gif - (194.29KB , 574x566 , sshot_20130301T104704.gif )

Huh. reminds me of http://davesmapper.com/
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