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File 128762827218.png - (428.65KB , 966x738 , eversor5 STATUS.png )
4846 No. 4846 ID: f49195

Never really frequented /tg/ chan, but it's worth a try here.
What do you gentlemen think of Dungeon Crawl?
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No. 4847 ID: 146c5a

It's pretty fun when one gets the chance. I do enjoy the occasional Sludge Elf Necromancer, or just for fun Kobold Assassin (blowdarts are no end of amusement.)
No. 4848 ID: 754124

I use it to blow a few minutes here and there. I'm not good at it.
No. 4849 ID: 6550ad

Troll berserker is god tier.
No. 4850 ID: 2563d4

It makes a heck of a lot of improvements over Nethack, but comes at the cost of not having hundreds of man-years of TDTTOE.
No. 4851 ID: 36019b
File 128767679150.jpg - (72.93KB , 356x398 , sf2art19.jpg )

I always end up playing Centaur archers of various sorts.

And then I die

I die a lot...but hey I have fun in the mean time!
No. 4852 ID: f49195
File 128770619240.png - (239.62KB , 966x738 , dreamer STATUS.png )

It's good to find others who enjoy it, even though /tg/ chan's threads don't move as fast.
I almost quit entirely after my first win-- which was the straight-shot product of two years of failures and character made from inspiration rather than motivation to win, but lately I've found myself drawn back to the game's simple... fun, especially after playing my other games to death Dungeon Crawl offers alot more varity.
No. 4853 ID: f49195
File 128770637298.png - (292.91KB , 966x738 , Haemon 2.png )

The trouble now is even though I want to explore much of the extended game levels, I'm still using 'characters of inspiration' like Eversor on the first post who has no magic capabilities what so ever, and has been relying on evocations and martial skill since I still haven't picked a God out for him.
No. 5116 ID: f49195

I fucking love this game.
One of my greatest moments came in the early game, my character spotted Pixel and when into a rage. Dashing past the slaves he savagely beat Pixel to death before his body was all but spent.
Broken and exhausted, he fell to the floor as monsters surrounded him drawn by the clamour of the fight.
And the newly freed slaves fought them off to repay the simple man's courage.
No. 5740 ID: 2563d4
File 129366974240.png - (251.09KB , 1206x748 , ninjapuss-lvl6.png )

Anyone trying the current 0.8 dev builds?

Felid Monks are agreeably killy. Sneak up on things and one-shot them in their sleep. Also I just grew a mane, thus apparently making me +2 furry http://pastebin.ca/2033789 .

And yes I am bad at remembering to ever try out scrolls to ID them before the last moment. And, yes, +5 ring of evasion on an early dlvl as well as being awesome at dodge. The RNG is going to rape me.
No. 8745 ID: 4a20fa
File 134567492456.png - (339.99KB , 1206x748 , dcss-furpileonworm.png )

>< LionsPhil> >You squeeze the jackal. You kill the jackal! Your Stabbing skill increases to level 1!
>< LionsPhil> >The [other] jackal barks! The jackal gazes forward, looking utterly alone.
>< Rurik> :<
>< LionsPhil> I feel bad now. :(
>< Rurik> You should!
>< LionsPhil> They are together now ;_;

>< LionsPhil> Hmm. Just found an evil enchantress, zapped her with a previously unidentified want of paralysis, then constricted her to death in my tentacles.
>< LionsPhil> I'm /fairly/ sure I didn't launch one of Driblis' kind of RPGs instead by accident. Fairly.
> * LionsPhil chops her up for rations
>< LionsPhil> Oh christ, two /more/ evil hyoomons. Help me, miscellaneous fluffy forest creatures I can summon!
>< LionsPhil> Welp. Sigmund'ed.

Seriously, they give octopodes grappling (I...assume it's unarmed-only, anyway), but make their "ideal" classes magicians? I'm gone pick the specialisation that introduces as many other targets as possible.

So I end up spamming Summon Small Mammals, tentacle-grappling things, and furpiling them to death. Oh, naked, because octopodes cannot into armour.

That crazy v0.10.
No. 8750 ID: 4a20fa
File 134583766701.png - (108.34KB , 425x401 , lovetopus.png )

No. 8754 ID: 4a20fa
File 134589975292.png - (320.14KB , 1206x748 , dcss-curare.png )

>Sonja. A graceful kobold assassin. Admire her graceful pirouettes, thrill at her daring leaps! But watch out for her knives!

Unfortunately, my minotaur is finding her prowess with a blowgun breathtaking.
No. 8799 ID: 4a20fa
File 134885541394.png - (48.42KB , 588x443 , dcss-welp.png )

I'm really not very good at this game. :|
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