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File 124416002547.gif - (66.76KB , 256x192 , gumshoe.gif )
32 No. 32 ID: 87583b

Sure is DEAD BOARD around here.

So let's hear it from you, /tg/chan. What is your personal favorite game system?

Not what do you think is best, but what do you find to be the most fun to play?
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No. 37 ID: 89ff55

Anyone heard of Feng Shui?

Never played it, but it seems to be AWESOME!

Yeah, my favourite system is V:tM.
No. 38 ID: 8de3c6

I love the fuck out of MtG draft.
No. 39 ID: 87583b

MtG Draft?
No. 40 ID: 89ff55

No. 41 ID: 8de3c6

Magic the Gathering.

Draft format.

You know how football drafts work? It's a bit like that.
No. 42 ID: 87583b

That actually sounds... PLAYABLE...
No. 50 ID: c92984

I have something like twenty systems sitting on my hard drive, but anything other than D&D falls apart after a session or two.
No. 52 ID: 87583b

I really wish my GURPS sessions lasted as long as my 4e ones...
No. 73 ID: 89ff55

Yeah, we play DnD mostly, too. Problem is: I HATE DnD. I hate it so, so much.
No. 96 ID: c92984

I wonder why that is?
We say we're going to try something else and we never do.
Heroin in the manuals?
MINDHEROIN in the manuals?
No. 98 ID: 89ff55

Hmmm... The rules don't give me as much freedom, as I'd like. I dislike Class-systems. Sure, there's TONS of classes in DnD, but they're still too limited. Also, DnD, in my eyes, is a game designed for Powergamers. Again that limits my freedom of character-creation, since playing the group's underdog is no fun either.

How about you just prepare a session, tie your pals to their chairs in your living room (after you've baited them with cake) and hand them their character sheets? We have tried a few systems... Shadowrun session have become rare. DeGenesis we only played once, although it's an awesome game. Earthdawn seems to become rather common, which is good. Vampire is nice because we play it whenever the two brothers ain't there (They hate modern settings). What we play most recently is DnD and Bob (Which was an idea I found at /tg/ once).
No. 110 ID: 8de3c6


Oh, it is.

Bastards at WotC designs all the blocks around limited play
No. 111 ID: f74047

Currently, I like Shadowrun. Okay, it's a bit of a clusterfuck sometimes, but it's kinda refreshing, at least to me. I really like the aspect of combining real world elements with cyberpunk and fantasy.

Also, open-ended char gen fuck year.
No. 138 ID: 87583b

I'm actually very much into GURPS right now for the same reason. If only statting didn't take forever and a day... *sigh*
No. 142 ID: 6a23ac

Trying to get Ironclaw started up nowadays...
It's a good system, really!
No. 143 ID: 87583b

What's it based on?

3d6? 2d10? d20? Percentile?
No. 145 ID: 6a23ac

Differing die sizes.
Success is based on difference between the results.

For example, you might have a d12 for Body, which covers the equivalents of Strength and Constitution, and whenever a test came up that could use Body, you'd roll a d12.
Swinging a sword works like the skills do, and would go something like this: You've got a Body die of d12, a skill die in Swords of d12 and d4 (the next level after d12), and a career die in Mercenary (which adds to swords) of d8. To make an attack, you roll 2d12 d8 d4, and line up the highest with the highest on whatever the defender rolled for whichever defense they chose. Five more than the other is an Overwhelming success, and if your highest number is one, it's a botch. (Note that you actually use Speed for determining how well you can hit things, I'm just too lazy to change it; it's now an example damage roll.)
Combat is fairly complex, so I'll do a simpler one for the next example.
Let's say you need to climb a wall. The difficulty is 2d8, which is pretty good. Since you want to scramble up it instead of taking time on it, the GM rules you'll be using Speed for it instead, and increases the difficulty to 2d10. You'd roll your speed die of (let's say) d10, your skill die in climbing of d6, and if your Race die adds to climbing, then it, too.

No. 197 ID: 04603a

Storyteller is usually the most fun for me. It's not nearly as versatile as I'd like, though.
No. 211 ID: 8f8f28

Iron Claw is a decent system wasted on furfags.

My system of choice is BESM 2nd-edition.
But mostly my friends and I play D&D4 or BFRPG (a retro clone of Rules Cyclopdia/Basic D&D)
No. 227 ID: 3d0867

The only problem I had with it was the massively bloated skills system.
When I actually run a game, I think I'll have a make your own skills thing.
No. 461 ID: 8cd6a3


Why did Guardians of Order have to die? We used to have two rpg companies in Canada, now we have half.

Speaking of Dream Pod 9, my most successful campaign ever was a Heavy Gear roleplaying only game. I know it is fully set up for mini combat but we got along fine without maps and figures.

As for favourite game of all time I am inclined to go with Don't Rest Your Head right now. Just because my players are all storytellers and a system built around handing off narrative has ended up creating a beautiful setting and story. Needless to say we don't really play in the proper DRYH fluff.

Side note: 4e got me back into DnD when I thought I would never return so props to that.
No. 3135 ID: bb9fda
File vvvvvv_beta1_4chan_release.swf - (3.79MB , 640x480 )

No. 3176 ID: bde1b8
File 126213547341.png - (178.21KB , 800x759 , Gensokyo Map.png )

No. 7996 ID: fc6a64
File 132893352865.jpg - (13.80KB , 411x242 , doit.jpg )

No. 8574 ID: d862bb

I'm pretty sure I can figure this out, just give me some time.
No. 8575 ID: d862bb

That was not it.
No. 8576 ID: d862bb

Perhaps this?
No. 8577 ID: d862bb

Not it either.
No. 8578 ID: d862bb

Welp, don't abandon a quest for a year, folks.
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