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File 131761000721.jpg - (195.83KB , 610x767 , syndicate9_12_11art.jpg )
7662 No. 7662 ID: da5231 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So how about that Cyberpunk Renaissance, eh?

First we got DXHR, now Syndicate. What next, a Neuromancer game?

My tg-related question is this: if someone redesigned Cyberpunk 2020 to be more modern, flexible for different kinds of cyberpunk gameplay (GITS-style action, Syndicate corporate resourcing, Shadowrun infiltration, etc.), would you buy it?

Does anyone remember the Interlock system for Cyberpunk 2020? Does anyone here like it?
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No. 7681 ID: 1444d5

Ok, wow. Never got into the first Prey, but definitely picking that up.

And watching Space Precinct again.
No. 7711 ID: 4ce93e

I do like this cyberpunk resurgence. I'd hold off on calling it a renaissance however.
No. 7773 ID: 8d62cb

To call it a renaissance you'd have to see some new ideas being incoporated with cyberpunk.

It's more of a reemergance of Cyberpunk. And alot more modernized as opposed to the over the topness you saw in things in the 1980's
No. 7798 ID: d40ef2
File 132360335011.jpg - (66.08KB , 520x467 , zoeticacyber.jpg )

I was raised on snippets from William Gibson's stuff. As a kid my dad told me about gangsters with nerve gas and chameleon suits, cyborg assassins and the like. I got hooked on the stuff when I was around 14.
The subculture is also making a comeback, especially on Tumblr weirdly.
No. 8338 ID: 2563d4
File 133493446539.jpg - (223.71KB , 1600x1200 , AquaNox_2_-_Revelation_(PC).jpg )

Well, damn: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/20/rumor-prey-2-development-stricken-by-dev-strike/

As consolation, cyberpunk tits.

File 130022527084.jpg - (780.08KB , 1440x900 , 1272897481321.jpg )
6109 No. 6109 ID: 2563d4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

We don't seem to have an art dump thread for stompy mechs. We totally should.

Animoo mans wearing cardboard boxes need not apply. A spiderbot is fine, thought.
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No. 6177 ID: 4c58de
File 130064754371.jpg - (1.46MB , 2000x994 , 1300644249029.jpg )

No. 8307 ID: 2563d4
File 133452633097.jpg - (578.68KB , 1920x1080 , u0cTY.jpg )

Miniguns, miniguns, and more miniguns.
No. 8335 ID: 9dba7d
File 133486853659.jpg - (279.58KB , 900x675 , MW-77.jpg )

No. 8336 ID: bdb3f8
File 133491938143.jpg - (39.27KB , 440x600 , Lucius11-1.jpg )

Man, how are you gonna stomp things with those tiny feet?
No. 8337 ID: 2563d4
File 133493080807.jpg - (41.56KB , 600x450 , 222856-61114769_super.jpg )

One of the guys who did art for the first C&C, right?

File 132708631475.jpg - (29.17KB , 550x413 , Falchion.jpg )
7913 No. 7913 ID: 3fbae5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Ok. So as much as I love Pathfinder(and I really do) I find there are too many things that irk me; to the point that houseruling them all is just silly. In that vein, I'm thinking of building my own system; from the ground up, based off of as many other systems (cherry picking the good stuff) until I end up with something interesting.

A friend, fellow DM, and rather intelligent fellow, suggested I design the most basic of basic first, and so for this first post, I will post literally the first and most fundamental rule in the game. It isn't original, it isn't unique, but it's my start.

when attempting an action that requires a check, a player rolls a d20, and adds all relevant modifiers related to that check. If the final score is equal to or higher than the check's difficulty, the check succeeds. If it does not; the check fails. Passing or failing by increments of five cause successively more positive or negative effects to happen.

From here I was going to branch into attribute scores, then into the action system, followed by skills and movement, and finally combat; wrapping up the more technical aspect of the game. Each time I'm stuck I'll post an in-depth writeup of the ideas I am toying with, and test it against your guys' votes and opinions. But, for now, I have computers to fix. Expect the first bit written by the end of today, if not earlier.
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No. 8328 ID: 7924f4

I mean trying to cheese spells onto their form and composition with bullshit logic,
No. 8329 ID: e8cde6

The way I'm gonna nerf that is by making it so that you have to add certain words to "power up" your spells.

Basically spells go
[Meta] [Composition] [Form] of the [Modifier]

Meta words enhance the whole spell. Examples include "Reaching" which allows you to cast spells at range what would otherwise not be able to be cast as such. These multiply the mana cost of spells.

Composition words define what the spell is. Compositions are the "root" word, and often have restrictions on what other words are allowed to be used. Some words include "Summon Monster" "Fire" "Transmute Earth"

Form words define the shape of the spell. Touch, Ray, Cone, Line, Burst. Possibly different based on the Comp, so "Summon" has Forms related to what you will summon and costs associated.

Modifiers is where things will get really interesting; and it's also the hardest to balance. They effect spells by adding secondary effects. For example, "Vitriolic" would either add acid damage to a spell(So for Fire Ray of the Vitriolic, you would do Fire/Acid damage. Summon Monster Vitriolic would give all the monster's attacks acid damage, or enhance an acidic monster's HP) or enhance an acid spell's power. This cost often is about the same as the cost of a comprable Composition, but errs on the side of more expensive.

So, to make a fireball that flings enemies, you would have to use something like

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 8330 ID: c2a2bc

So, some design work on spells.

Basically, I'm working on finding out hwo spells act, and how much words cost.

Right now I have it as follows;

Fire, Cold, Electricity, and Acid all cost 4
Piercing, Bludgeoning, and Slashing cost 3
Touch costs either 1 or 0
Ray costs 1 or 2
Line, Cone and Burst...no clue. I feel like maybe 5-6 works.
Elemental modifiers will probably cost 0-1 more than their regular words. So, For Infernal it would be 4-5.

The idea is, at level 1, you really don't have much available to you except Pierce/Slash/Bludgeon Ray, and elemental touch spells. (1CL+3 or 4 for relevant stat)

At level 5, however, you can cast Fire Cone, which is a damn sight more powerful and does 5d6 threat, or something like Vitriolic Fire Touch (5+4+1) for Fire/Acid devastation.

One of the things I really wanna push is that Mages, and spellcasters in general, have an effective range; beyond it, hunters and warriors can plink them with arrows, but too close and they just get sliced by swords. I'm making them powerful, but a bit hard to handle. That said, when I implement summons and some other stuff, it will make them versatile in response to level of difficulty.
No. 8331 ID: 7924f4

Eh... I'd stick it so you can do one or two small things in your best composition/form, otherwise why would you have it?
Not that you should be able to pull off 'LEVIATHAN'S DEATH BLAST OF THE WHALE' at first level, but it seems a bit silly to go 'Alright, I wield the fiery serpents of set-shalam and he's a Royal Shieldmage of the Throne of Alissan and we both plink at things for three more levels until we can actually cast shit that makes us different'
Or even have them limited to a few spells to start with, so their one or two tricks for the first few levels pretty much have to be in their favored form/comp or they'd have to roll ludicrously well to do it.
No. 8334 ID: 7e47cc

With the way this works, out of the box you actually are different; because you can choose your preferred composition and form; when you cast those spells, you are treated as if you have more mana than you actually do.

That way fire mages cast fire rays at first level, etc.

The way it works is, the big badass powerful spells you can wield have a 50% chance of you losing mana, meaning you can only cast them once. But in return, they really are pretty damn dangerous.

File 124715616238.jpg - (125.07KB , 778x583 , IMG_1992.jpg )
778 No. 778 ID: 273495 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hey everyone, 4chan still seems to be down so this seems like the right place to come

I got my hands on some silicone and I'll try some casting later on based on my own knowledge of the stuff (inb4 horrible, horrible failure) but before that I'd like to ask a few things from you lot
-Anyone have a good plan for sculpting Valhallan-style fur hats over Cadian helmets?
-Is citadel Snow Scatter the best way to make snow bases or are there better ways?

Thanks in advance folks
>Pic demi-realted, he'll be in the final army
49 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 933 ID: 43a399


Wouldn't we all?
No. 993 ID: 273495

The cape is a separate part that fits over a Terminator back

I tend to find sex to be overrated. Or maybe my partners just aren't that great. Meh, that's off topic.
No. 1310 ID: 273495

Too many quests on the front page
No. 3535 ID: d86d2c

No. 8285 ID: 6d95b4
File 133349132536.jpg - (255.91KB , 810x627 , 1333274764801.jpg )

File 132628955118.jpg - (52.56KB , 265x370 , 9xh27x1cck_en.jpg )
7871 No. 7871 ID: 448d82 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You know what time it is?
Time for a magic: the gathering thread!

Figure there must be a few magic players here.

So, bout dat new planeswalker, quite spiffy eh?
Good day for token lovers in anycase.

And why yes, this is a huge spoiler, but then, all I have to say is, you would have found out about him before getting him anyway!
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7958 ID: 31afe3

I've been looking for some help with my casual deck, any takers?
No. 7971 ID: 502b88

I still dislike planeswalkers (the card type, and most of the new ones introduced along with it) and the mythic rarity in general.

Hey, I'll help in any way I can.
No. 7972 ID: 31afe3

4 Kazandu Blademaster
2 Kabira Evangel
4 Makindi Shieldmate
3 Ondu Cleric
4 Hada Freeblade
4 Talus Paladin
20 Plains
4 Bone Saw
2 Mask of Avacyn
4 Adaptive Automaton
4 Join the Ranks
4 Sylvok Lifestaff
1 Umezawa's Jitte

Looking for better equipment and Allies.
No. 7985 ID: 7abd3e

auuugh, that's basically a white rush deck :|
Personally, if I was you and wanted to make the deck especially mean, I'd drop most/all the artifacts, pick a second (or third color if you think you can get a reliable mana base for it), grab some mana-fix lands, and focus on low-mana allies.
Alternatively if you want other ideas for all-white.. Mask of Avacyn is pretty expensive, I'd suggest lightning greaves instead I think, or drop it entirely. Spidersilk Net might be nice if you're threatened by fliers. I'm not good with equipment though so there are probably better ideas here. I want to suggest a couple cards like Parralax Wave, Otherworldy Journey, or Momentary Blink(especially this for your Ondu Clerics) - you have no control currently and cards like that can do wonders at critical times, and have good synergy with your deck. Likewise a couple disenchants may save you from opponents' combos, or if you don't like risking dead cards Leonin Relic-Warder, although these are definitely more side-board ideas than main-deck.
No. 8224 ID: a18021


I'd drop all but 4-6 Equipments and throw out Makindi Shieldmate as well as Ondu Cleric since they don't help your rush strategie.

Good equipment (that's also cheap to buy) would be Bonesplitter. In a rush type deck it's a lot better than Sylvok Lifestaff, Bone Saw and Mask of Avacyn. If you keep your deck mono white you could of course also play Honor of the Pure instead of any equipment.

Since there aren't any more allies in white you'd have to splash another color if you would want to keep the ally theme. After looking at all of them I guess green would be the best choice with Graypelt Hunter, Oran-Rief Survivalist and Turntimber Ranger.

Since all of your good creatures are not only allies but also humans, you could also add some creatures like Champion of the Parish or Mentor of the Meek instead of splashing.

You can also add some control cards like Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere or Bonds of Faith (since, again, most of your creatures are human).

Also I'd play 22 Lands, but if 20 work fine for you, maybe that's the right number.

File 132469237314.jpg - (36.49KB , 762x506 , desert_sun-1209.jpg )
7806 No. 7806 ID: bdb886 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A thread for the rolling needed in Red Sands.
53 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8078 ID: 07eaf7

rolled 76 = 76

No. 8112 ID: 07eaf7

rolled 81 = 81

No. 8186 ID: 07eaf7

rolled 1 = 1

1 - Black Magic
2 - White magic
3 - Fire magic
4 - Darkness magic
No. 8187 ID: 07eaf7

rolled 9 = 9

No. 8220 ID: a76cbb

rolled 65 = 65


File 133157980529.gif - (139.19KB , 556x803 , warforgeddruid.gif )
8163 No. 8163 ID: 09ed9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey, /tg/chan.

So, I posted this on 4chan's /tg/, but I thought i'd get your take on it.

What do you think of a Warforged Woodling Druid who, while beginning as a blank slate, has now learned enough skewed information to be of an adolescent intelligence level?

I've also decided to make him a spell that combines Summon Nature's Ally and Summon Swarm, resulting in a medium-sized monstrous creature carrying a swarm of miniature versions of itself on its back, ie Spiders, Rats, Locusts, etc.

tl;dr Warforged who thinks he's people, ask me anything.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8173 ID: b6edd6

I have a 3.5 warforged druid in this thread >>317995 , but went a different direction with the idea. My warforged has the shapeshift specialty (which makes him sort of a transformer), so he is mostly a melee fighter with spells for utility and healing (especially since he is the group's only healer). He was built less than a year ago by a reclusive gnome artificer, and wandered away from the lab after his Maker disappeared. Because of this he knows fairly little about the world around him (apart from the nature knowledge that comes with being a druid), though he does have some knowledge about a number of random subjects due to reading an encyclopedia in his spare time.

Does he have some equivalent of a blaster?
No. 8174 ID: 32857c

Go warlock.
Take hammer blast and Baleful Utterance.
Start blowing up rocks.
Start mining 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Warforged warlock is always fun.
No. 8175 ID: 12c19f

Arcane armbow. It's a magic missile blaster, so yes. His other weapon is a retractable electric armblade.
No. 8177 ID: b6edd6

Are those like rechargeable wands, and are their projectiles unerringly accurate like magic missiles are? I have not heard of them.
No. 8178 ID: 12c19f

It's an item that generates it's own ammunition which are arcane crossbow darts. For all intents and purposes it's a repeater arm crossbow for forged.

File 133045924469.jpg - (93.47KB , 1000x775 , 1308333981311.jpg )
8093 No. 8093 ID: d09277 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey, so I'm going to be DMing a 3.5 game with some friends soon. I've never DMed before, played infrequently, and their experience ranges from nil to minimal, so we're overall pretty inexperienced. Using a preexisting setting doesn't appeal to me at all, and I'm sort of gestating a setting in my head. I thought it might be nice to have a place to throw down some of the ideas I'm chewing on here, both because writing things down helps me flesh them out better, and because I really like bouncing ideas off of people who think differently than me.

So, I kind of liked the flavor of a couple of the little tidbits I've read from the Dark Sun setting, where the true power of civilization is centered around a few shadowy cabals of magic-users. I don't know that psionics should necessarily replace it among the masses, though; I think the general propaganda of the ruling elite would be that only they have the know-how and discipline to use any sort of supernatural power.

I also don't like deserts very much. I'd like a setting that seems just alien enough from anything in reality to make the players uneasy (we live in Texas, a desert is not too far-fetched). What I've been tossing around is the idea of a massive global forest. The trees of this world have lots of thickly-woven, far-reaching branches atop massive, otherwise-bare trunks, which I could explain as natural competition for sunlight in a thick, jungly environment. The result is that most people live in the canopy, atop what is essentially a mass of thick, interwoven branches and leaves. Separated from the streams and wells below, many commoners are moisture harvesters, who find ways to extract water from the trees and other vegetation.

This canopy is so thick, that the ground level receives basically 0 sunlight, and terrible creatures thrive in the darkness below, perhaps with the occasional patch of bioluminescent f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8102 ID: 275917

>ruling class

Might be a large organisation of druids pulling a catholic church setup with where the nobles need them for legitimacy...
If not that, then treejumping druidic avengers with shapeshifted insect legs jumping from tree to tree after people that walk too hard on the leaves...
Something else you might consider is that DSun has a few significant dangers on just using magic. If the trees don't like the arcane...
No. 8105 ID: d09277

So, I did post this on 4chan's /tg/ because I was at the lab and wanted distractions from my long render times. I'm going to conglomerate everything that was tentatively decided on in that thread, and we can go from there. Though, if you have a cool idea that contradicts something, feel free to post it, because I haven't set anything in stone yet. I'm also going to give my players a synopsis of the setting based on this list, minus whatever I decide might be spoilery.

There's one main continent and a few smaller islands. There may be other continents as well, but they're either too far away to matter or else are waiting to be developed. The main continent had some undetermined past including stone dwellings and standard D&D tech levels, but it's now overgrown by trees.

The central continent is dominated by one main tree, with many smaller trunks and sprouts. This tree's true origin point is one massive tree holding aloft and ancient stonecastle entwined in its branches. This tree is the host tree of a dryad, whose love affair with a god of nature grants her and her tree immunity to aging and disease as well as immense personal power. The tree's branches are thick and interwoven at the top, with massive trunks below ranging from 20-500 feet arcross. While some individual portions of the tree might die, the entire conglomerate is almost indestructible. The rest of the continent is made up of a forest of other, slightly less massive trees, loosely maintained by a cabal of druids.

These druids are part of a larger empire of which the dryad is a key member, but perhaps not the only significant ruler. This empire's elite members include all overt practitioners of magic. While there are a few exceptions, most of the elites of society are of fey, elven, or gnomish origin, with a non-negligible population of humans and a smattering of members of other races who have prove
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 8128 ID: d09277

I dunno, I think if you tried to burn down a 200-foot-wide tree you would have a very hard time of it. It's mostly dead trees and undergrowth that is flammable, I think, and the undergrowth is all fungus. I wouldn't consider the normal, thick branches around the cities to be any more flammable than, say, dirt. But, it could be cool to have an area supported by a dead tree, and have it catch fire for some reason while the PCs are on it.

Tree parasites are a cool idea, and fits nicely with my mostly-bugs-and-reptiles theme. Done.

They might even be dromites or thri-kreen or something, that could be cool.

Good point about the climate. Since I limited the tree growth to one continent I've only really been thinking about one climate area, but that continent could have a foot in the desert, or a foot in the arctic.

Actually, I like the idea of using the arctic better, consider that added. Maybe ice sheets could occasionally link the mainland with one of the dragon islands.

I was thinking it's usually espoinage in what is otherwise a unified nation. Remember, these are basically all of the casters, and also most of the high-level NPCs. Unfortunately I don't have the nature of that conflict sorted out yet, maybe someone could help?

The trees grow several varieties of edible fungus, and fruit is certainly a possibility. I had an idea that maybe the lighter-than-air gasbag plants are actually the fruit or seeds of the trees, which float around, land somewhere on the canopy, then start dropping roots from there. The downside is that if they're the fruit, then the sky-pirates driving them around with a swarm of giant flying bugs are basically James of "Giant Peach" fame.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 8131 ID: e3aff6

>I dunno, I think if you tried to burn down a 200-foot-wide tree you would have a very hard time of it. It's mostly dead trees and undergrowth that is flammable, I think, and the undergrowth is all fungus.
I think you are right about giant trees being too thick to burn down easily, but from looking up forest fires a bit more I found that canopy fires (also known as crown fires) do exist, and giant leaves would have to still be relatively thin in order to not weight down the branches they are on.
Much less directly dangerous to buildings closer to or inside the trunk, but the shower of flaming or burnt debris combined with the damage to the tree would still be troublesome.

The question of leaf fires brings up another issue. Is there a season in which the trees shed their leaves? (This is not necessary for canopy fires, but would make them much more likely when the leaves are dead and about to be shed.)

>Unfortunately I don't have the nature of that conflict sorted out yet, maybe someone could help?
I think the nature of the conflict hinges largely on how their government functions. The three general types of short-term political goals I can think of (control of an office, control of the public, and control of resources) are weighed differently in significance depending on the system of government. For example, a powerful emperor would make control of office more significant. Descriptions of the various goals:
-Control of an office involves becoming, influencing, gaining the favor of, or eliminating the holder of a specific position (emperor, council member, general) in order to gain access to the powers and privileges of the position, or at least deny them to rivals.
-Control of the public involves being liked, trusted, or sometimes feared by most of some large group of people who collectively have political authority. This is
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 8137 ID: 79c2fc
File 133098833701.jpg - (271.24KB , 484x496 , dwmbox.jpg )

Well, druids or shenanigans with nature spirits that come down on unregulated magic?
Presumably the rulers don't have a straight-up monopoly on all magic, that could end badly. No reason they shouldn't be striving for that, though.
Also, giant flightless, eyeless, limbless dragonspawn called Iormungandr that gnaw at the roots of the trees, necessitating well-lit hunting parties of druids and the rulers to destroy the pests and heal the damage done.
Also, nostalgia bomb when someone mentioned giant dead trees.

File 132821305560.jpg - (93.61KB , 644x960 , 407008_360972120580934_197009883643826_1452836_880.jpg )
7965 No. 7965 ID: 36ca65 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Don't support WotC guys. I was banned from their official forums today for pointing out the poor quality of several of the their supplements for 4e in a thread about addressing the increasingly puerile content of the fluff in the books. My point was that if WotC truly wants bringing back older fans of previous editions which is their stated design goal of the new game that this would also need to be addressed because older gamers expect more for their money in this economy. Suddenly banned. Corporate Whores.

Picture Unrelated
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8010 ID: 36ca65


marine-claude b. uploaded it to her profile, that's where I got it. The mannequin was made from a full body cast of her.
No. 8073 ID: 8e8cb6
File 133011274761.jpg - (85.15KB , 553x700 , 1316805903848.jpg )

Doesn't everyone already know that WotC D&D is of poorer quality nowadays? No wonder they lost so much ground to Paizo.
No. 8077 ID: 275917

Then more from trying to be paizo.
I must admit I do not have high hopes for 5E.
No. 8092 ID: 4f5779

That chick has enormous tits.

Like, majestic misty mountains seen across the far expanse of ocean by sailors setting sights on their homeland after a long, terrible voyage.

Those breasts are

quite large.
No. 8095 ID: 36ca65
File 133047106455.jpg - (96.07KB , 426x640 , marie_claude_bourbonnais_7_yHsT7jd_sized.jpg )


i'll just leave this here

File 132647477210.jpg - (378.94KB , 1900x1200 , 1324087704875.jpg )
7886 No. 7886 ID: 36ca65 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I am preparing the start an Cyberpunk campaign using most of the Eclipse Phase rules but a different setting (Only one of the player in my group "gets" the setting, failed at running it once already as the campaign will be set on nearer future Earth with some of the more advanced tech absent).

The player characters will be part of a special corporate police force on Earth and I am trying to think up some high profile cases they can do. Given the Orwellian tier surveillance that exists in public places, people's location being tracked 24/7, anyone they come within 20m of showing up on a list associated with them and anyone they talk to being highlighted on the list all through their Mesh Inserts what are some good ways that people can commit non-crimes of passion in the first place?

Obviously things can be hacked but the criminal infrastructure for people without these skills would be impossible to maintain by any group of people for too long due to the capabilities of the above surveillance combined with advanced analytical software to recognise criminal organizational patterns?

Basically what I am saying is there anyway to actually make this type of campaign work without seriously breaking suspension of disbelief? This kind of data mining is easy mode even for today's analytical software, all we lack currently is the infrastructure of sensors and implants in RL.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7889 ID: 99faf2

Alternately, security is incomplete: a panopticon. Yes, you could be watched anywhere at any time but in truth you're not. There's so much data to filter through that unobtrusive crimes go undetected for months and it's only after investigation that the pieces are put together and the perpetrators are uncovered.

The public, and maybe even the rank-and-file of the corporate police force, believe that surveillance is more powerful than it is, and that's what keeps the system working.

So the players can either be that rank-and-file, slowly realizing how flawed their organization is... or they can be members of the elite secret unit required to hide the big lie.
No. 7890 ID: 30df25
File 132666735034.jpg - (74.06KB , 450x306 , big_brother_is_london_cctv.jpg )

High profile cases for police in a post-Singularity setting?
- Anonymous already mentioned one of the problems with omniscience: the time it takes to process all that data. Sure the criminal was recorded somewhere, but even with expert-sysystem AIs that still only narrows down the footage to 72 hours worth of useful tape, which would need to be reviewed and correlated by actuals with training. However, the PCs have to find the culprits in 48 hours "or else," so they're sent to do conventional forensics and investigation.
- Take a page from Masamune Shirow's "Ghost In The Shell": the criminals are people who were briefly hijacked and injected with a compulsion that seemed harmless at the time. All the footage shows the hijacked people, but never the hijacker since the hijacked ones never broke behaviour patterns before the compulsion was triggered... can't even tell how long a 'puppet' had the compulsion since it could lay dormant for years.
- this time borrowing nan idea from distributed computing: the crimes are committed by teams of people, but each person does something small and innocuous, something that would not exceed detection thresholds for uncivil behaviour. ie.: man found dead, poisoned after spending the afternoon in a cafe. No trace of the poison in the cafe's plumbing, nor on any of the staff. None of the drinking containers detect for poison. Turns out it was a half-dozen patrons in the busy cafe, each depositing a small amount on the victim's cups with accidents or helpful carrying during the day. Each small amount was harmless, and wouldn't alert the shop's pollution monitors, but as the victim drank, and got new cups, the poison accumulated to a fatal dose in her bloodstream.

Or, alternately, you could make things easier on yourself as a GM and *not* have omniscient surveillance in your world.
No. 7892 ID: 36ca65

But that would not be realistic. To me maintaining my own suspension of disbelief is more important than anything else. The minute I can't do that I lose interest in GMing.
No. 7959 ID: 1444d5

The obvious solution is that the 24/7 surveillance is fairly trivially broken, but infrequently so (with most users either not even considering the possibility, or deciding the benefits outweigh the privacy limitations). Making the system totally completely secure would not only be impossible, it would be vastly more expensive than dealing with the issues caused by untracked users.
Making the system voluntary leaves plenty of room for areas with minimal tracking. Read 'Harmony' by Project Itoh for some ideas.
No. 7980 ID: 71dee5

use a spin on the GITS "ghost hacking" idea:

the criminals have all been mind hacked. they do not remember committing the crimes, nor what they did with the loot.

the realm crooks are the ones who controlled these victims

are you bad enough dudes to find them?

or maybe its someone exploiting the constant survilance: blackmail done via stolen personal info gleamed from surveillance logs

File 132676114187.png - (459.14KB , 800x1133 , Tanto_Cuore_cards10-13.png )
7897 No. 7897 ID: 30df25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So... it's Dominion with maids in frilly dresses? I don't know if I should be happy or scared.
No. 7957 ID: f74c90

Be ecstatic. The lighter tone of the fluff makes the game hilarious.

File 132733267163.jpg - (100.52KB , 992x559 , Metropolis_Pt4_by_AndreeWallin-992x559.jpg )
7927 No. 7927 ID: a27d11 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Looking for anyone who's interested in playing a play-by-post here, in this thread, in the WH50K setting, The Ship (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_ship_moves, previous threads listed, please read some if not familiar with setting).

We'll be using the Simple D6 v2 rulesystem (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Simple_D6_-_Second_Edition). The two hp/def we'll use are regular Health, and Corruption/Purity (Please don't alter your base Corruption/Purity unless you have a *really good* backstory reason).

Go ahead and post your character here with a single paragraph of backstory. If you have exceptionally high values in a single stat (3 Def, 9 Health, etc.), please provide a decent character explanation why (9 Health B/c he's a Ogryn, 3 Def b/c he's in Power Armor and he's an Inquisitorial henchman, etc.).

Don't forget that this is a WH setting, so Skills like Melta, Purge the Wicked, and Qualities like Inquisitorial or Space Marine are perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Setting: You characters are part of a Imperial Guard Platoon/Inquisitorial Henchman Band/Space Marine detatchment (Depends on what characters I get) sent by order of the Governing Subset of Sector 3463 Sub-Level 25 Deck 206 Section Alpha to investigate and repair damage to one of The Captain's Rivets, one of the (supposed) million three-mile long rivets found in various vital areas of The Ship.

Contact was lost with the Sector two decades ago, and five years ago a sensor-spirit alerted the local Techpriests to the fact that the Rivet had been removed from it's holding.

Given that Rivet 020.446.718 was the main support holding Habitat Sphere 67.25.206.A suspended in space(Think a small dyson sphere for a ~100 mi diameter sun, an
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 7935 ID: 0a1dbb

quick question, are we gonnna run into tyranid or necrons in this?
No. 7936 ID: 9123ea

I would be all over this if i didn't have exams.

If this gets going, I call dibs on a female Skitarii NCO.

Considering the restoration of the holy rivet would be a major interest of the AdMech, it would make sense if they would support the effort, and also try to keep influence over the operation (i'm pretty sure there is as much bickering and infighting, even among the loyalists, as in 40k).

File 132634790785.jpg - (85.79KB , 450x375 , robert-plant-203296.jpg )
7872 No. 7872 ID: e690af hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This man is now your GM.

Next action?
No. 7873 ID: becb83

roll up an awesome druid farmer who has a plant familiar, then order tons of pizza
No. 7876 ID: e690af


Sammise of the Five Leaves

File 124623245142.jpg - (92.80KB , 525x316 , cutestparty.jpg )
524 No. 524 ID: 82af0a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

drawfag here, can we get more cutebold pictures and cutebold picture ideas? i just love cutebolds :3
264 posts and 107 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7759 ID: 9202a9

Some wrightfaggery http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3062562/
No. 7847 ID: 2be5ee
File 132581664916.png - (14.66KB , 514x387 , dribbleholder.png )

my input
No. 7862 ID: 88dfaf
File 132616065076.png - (31.77KB , 350x350 , dinner_time.png )

No. 7864 ID: becb83

... the thread didn't ask for sergals... cutebolds, it said cutebolds.
No. 7869 ID: 995f9d

One or several cutebolds staring at a rhinocerous with horror/disgust/admiration/arousal/etc. on their faces.

File 131942722423.png - (952.66KB , 1199x854 , zmap.png )
7705 No. 7705 ID: 846315 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Maps, for the way to adventure is a winding one.

This one belongs to a friend.
10 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7742 ID: 1268e6
File 132135171043.jpg - (568.71KB , 1395x2120 , MapofZakhara.jpg )

I'm in a campaign run by your friend. Ask him why he didn't show us that map, instead of a badly-drawn version.

Also here's Zakhara. Gotta love Zakhara.
No. 7743 ID: 30df25
File 132137744485.png - (240.79KB , 1444x998 , ylaruam-8.png )

oooh shit, I almost forgot about Al-Qadim. Wasn't that supposed to be one of the early winners of the TSR "make this year's campaign setting" contests? I think one splatbook came out of it and that was it.

... The gazeteer series's "Emirate of Ylarum" was better anyways, even though it was for Expert/Companion D&D and not AD&D 2nd ed.
No. 7795 ID: 597dc4
File 132334992642.png - (135.92KB , 2218x1706 , Sanroseworldmapgreen.png )

i've got one
No. 7796 ID: 597dc4
File 132334996769.png - (101.47KB , 2218x1706 , Sanroseworldmap.png )

and the other one
No. 7868 ID: e7ebd2
File 132623861402.jpg - (1.77MB , 4000x4000 , Arevea_Square.jpg )

Here's mine, courtesy of the donjon generator. Campaigns over now, but went on for a good long while and my players liked it.

File 132503085313.jpg - (204.67KB , 1325x602 , Tyranid_hive_brood_by_LordHannu.jpg )
7816 No. 7816 ID: 141b84 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, I want to start playing 40k. Specifically, I want to start up a tyranid army. Incidentally, my tabletop wargaming experience is 0. I realize that this will require a sizable investment, but I believe I'm patient enough to cope. My reason for posting is to ask actual players for advice. So, I'm all ears(eyes). Relay your words of wisdom or tell me how I'm an idiot. Cheers!
No. 7817 ID: 8fe206

From what I've heard you choose one of the 'good' armies. Also one of the most flexible. You can play as swarm, balanced, elite, what have you. The only downside for Tyranids is that monstrous creatures suck compared to vehicles, and that's what you get instead of vehicles.
No. 7819 ID: 199718

Consider looking for a starter army on eBay. You can save loads that way.

I don't play Tyranids myself, but it seems to be a difficult yet fun army to play. The lack of vehicles and troop special weapons is something you will probably curse. Termagaunts with Devourer guns can be incredibly lethal. Lictors can turn battles, but depends on getting that deep strike roll right. Genestealers are good on paper, but enemies tend to focus fire on them because they're such a pure offensive unit. A lot of tyranids will lose melee battles in surprising circumstances. Especially when assaulting things that use terrain cover as their initiative is suddenly down to 1 - unless they count as having offensive grenades, which I remember as being rather rare.
No. 7829 ID: 049dfa

find some Carnifexes or Trygons for cheap on eBay or something. You will basically be required to convert them into Tervigons, they're pretty much a must have unit and don't have an official model. They're a Toughness 6, Wound 6 3+ save monstrous creature that can be taken as a Troop slot (scoring unit) and can produce 3D6 FREE Termigants every turn until a double is rolled. They can also be fielded as HQs. I pretty much never field my Nids anymore without two of them in my Troop slots

File 131731935756.png - (67.13KB , 743x600 , Risk_Game_Graph_svg.png )
7651 No. 7651 ID: 30df25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Every time a thread starts on 4chan/tg/ about Risk, it gets deleted. goddamnit.

I know there's a good game in Risk, somewhere. What can be done to improve the game without turning it into something else?
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7790 ID: 2563d4

Blank White Mornington Risk?
No. 7792 ID: 30df25
File 132328144284.jpg - (2.57MB , 2500x2298 , game_four.jpg )

"Risk Legacy." Each time you play, you will change the board and cards. Permanently. Future games with this set start with the changes. There's also "unlockables" to add new cards/pieces/rules to the game when events happen during normal play.
No. 7794 ID: 2563d4

Planned obsolescence for boardgames. Dear god.
No. 7802 ID: 9c7334

Do you guys play anything like TripleA or is that considered too complicated to fall under "Risk"?
No. 7825 ID: 30df25

> TripleA is programed in Java and can run on any platform that supports Java (including Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X).

- Axis & Allies is better than Risk, you're slumming it here.
- TripleA is a videogame of a boardgame that is an improvement on an improvement on Risk. You are super slumming it in this thread, mi amigo.

File 132155006184.jpg - (10.40KB , 200x261 , 266-bokomslag_fil-200.jpg )
7754 No. 7754 ID: aca1f1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone who has played this intriguing RPG?
No. 7755 ID: 0ef5d9

as is often the case with such things, never heard of it. why is it intriguing?
No. 7757 ID: aca1f1

Ah, it might not be intriguing for you, but I find it very interesting. Why's that? Because it is a Norwegian roleplay set in the 1800 (aka. while it still was under Danish domonion, but also while nationalism was on the rise) with creatures from Norwegian folklore like the Draug, the Nick, the Fossegrim, the Dovregubbe and the Ones who Dwells under the Ground (faeries).
I am aware that it might sound very niche, but I find it fascinating.
No. 7763 ID: 8fe206

Sounds pretty interesting, in a very niche sort of way. Is there an english version floating around the web?
No. 7822 ID: b6178d


I've played it with its creator, once. Quite the treat. Pretty fun, but as far as I'm aware it's in Norwegian only (though there might be a fan translation around). I also think you get more out of it if you know (and know how to play on) some of the mythology involved, i.e. Asbjørnsen & Moe fairy tales and norwegian history from the early 1800's.

There's an english review here, if you're interested: http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10604.phtml

File 131852691967.png - (971.38KB , 1748x2480 , doodle20.png )
7694 No. 7694 ID: 4c7956 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Greetings, fellow D&D 3.5 DMs and players.

I need your advice on a good build for a werewolf NPC that will become a recurring villain in my campain.

I need a character with raw close contact fighting power and high dommage output to be a rival against one of my PCs, who is a very optimised fighter using heavy plate armor and bastard sword.

He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC, but damage reduction 10/silver

for more details : http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/lycanthrope.htm

If it can be of any help, he has a crew of human goons and an Ur Priest assisting him from a distance, but who will try not to get involved.

I hope you'll find this query challenging.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7734 ID: b3d229

Here is what you do.
Either Warblade or Unarmed Swordsage from Tome of Battle.
Go into the Blood Blade prestige class, take Tiger Claw maneuvers.
Shred the fighter to bits with authority.
No. 7752 ID: 066919

>optimised fighter in 3.5
>full plate and BASTARD sword
Just take any class from PHB2 and put him in the dirt.
No. 7764 ID: 995f9d

>Blood Blade
>Throwing and catching your claws
This is the best
Go with this
He can regenerate, it should be fine
No. 7770 ID: b7988b

Sue me, I forgot which was the berserker shifter prestige class offhand. Even though that does sound fucking awesome, throwing your claws.
No. 7771 ID: 784dcc

Wolf Trip+Improved Trip, use an Orc, wield jovar or ripper from PlanarHB, get the UP to buff the shit out of 'im.
that Bastard sword? Disarm.
use a triple-weapon-capsule-holder from CAdv, for poisons or possibly worse.
Barb 1 ACF for pounce.
>recurring villain
that might be a problem if you're unwilling to R0 his escapes.
>He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC,
ECL != CR, FYI, even if each aren't considered most reliable. Animal HD are pretty shitty, too.
>high dommage output
Whips and chains are good for that I hear- ReachPlus with a bonus to disarm (/joke)

File 132076146333.png - (342.37KB , 900x1332 , Microscope RPG.png )
7728 No. 7728 ID: fa59a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Saw this on 4chan. Anyone here know it? Played it? Even if you haven't; opinions?

The official website is http://www.lamemage.com/, go check it out.
No. 7731 ID: 30df25

The game that they tried to play on 4chan lasted all of 4 hours before the thread 404'd. Bleah.

Someone managed to rescue a recording of the game: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Microscope/Humanity%27s_Grandkids
No. 7756 ID: c5d574

It seems interesting. I might give it a shot some time.

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