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File 135337703163.jpg - (119.02KB , 400x476 , Eberron_Adventure_Party.jpg )
9894 No. 9894 ID: 74dcdb

Hey, I have not played much DnD and I have no idea what to do for my characters personality as I've mostly played tabletops in modern settings. I'm thinking of going with an half-elf sorceress but I've got no clue what to do past that.
No. 9895 ID: 07ede0

Personality would be something that's hard to help with...but maybe I can think of something.

- A sorceress who is sick and f***ing tired of wizards treating her as a lesser being for their greater knowledge of how magic works, and treats them with greater disdain than other magi. She has great skill with ray-and-touch-based battle magic (acid arrow, spectral hand, etc).

- A half-elf whose half-elf parents wanted to teach her another trade, but she learned of her powers and decided to pursue that path instead. She has a fascination with the idea of making a tattoo scroll, or perhaps a tattoo familiar (specialized feats?).

- A sorceress whose temper is quite even, and whose magics are naturally subtle as a result of this temperament (enchantment and illusion specializations). She has the bloodline of a subtle creature, such as a rakshasa or devil, which is where her sorcery and temperament come from.

idk just thinking aloud.
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