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File 131215984731.jpg - (245.77KB , 848x1200 , Sanguinus.jpg )
7482 No. 7482 ID: 2b8edc

Looking for players for a possible Pathfinder game!

Game will be weekly, more often if everyone is mysteriously available and in the mood.

Game will start at Level 1.

Game will use the Pathfinder SRD. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/

If you have other books you want to use, you must provide a digital copy of some sort for me to read.

Either post images of character sheets, or use one of the various online generators available.

I'm looking for something between 3 to 5 players. Sessions will run until 'practical stopping point', or for about three hours, maybe.

A practical time will be decided when everyone is gathered.

Let's get this show on the road!
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No. 7483 ID: 8894bf

first time dnd rping expecting fails everywhere
No. 7484 ID: 7b774b

I'm up for it.
Where and when in golarion, or determining this by the characters that come in?
No. 7485 ID: 7b774b

Separately, rolling or point buy, psionics included in the SRD allowance, and monstrous races negotiable?
No. 7486 ID: 2b8edc


Setting is handcrafted, though I'm going to do like half the worldbuilding after the campaign starts. I don't have the setting book, so I can't exactly use the setting, sorry.

(I don't like using premade settings anyway)

>rolling or point buy,

Your choice, but you get ONE reroll if rolling - it's only encouraged if you don't really care about class or anything.

psionics included in the SRD allowance and monstrous races negotiable?

Depends on the monster race, but I'ma have to say no to psionics - sorry.
No. 7487 ID: 7b774b

Alright. Any basics that you would like known, race/setting/rules/equipmentwise?
And which method of rolling or point-buy?
Apologies for question barrage, I just like to have specifics.
No. 7488 ID: 7b774b

I just hate to be the guy that shows up with a ninja in pseudoeurope, or an artificer in a low-magic, low-tech game.

Current concept is earth aspected magician of some kind, represented with the Synthesist Summoner to represent drawing up a shell of earth and stone to fight in. I'd prefer something corgi-ish, but that's just personal preference. Solid, stolid, and workaday, in any case. Maybe trade out some spells on the list for earth domain stuff and switch the casting score to wis instead of cha?
No. 7489 ID: 2b8edc


>Alright. Any basics that you would like known, race/setting/rules/equipmentwise?

Races in the SRD. You can try to convince me of more, maybe, but I'd need some pretty solid proof of balance.

Setting is on the verge of gunpowder - cannons are the RAZOR EDGE of tech, when it comes to war.

Rules are as they are in the SRD. Equipment is there too.

Eeeeeh, BIG maybe there. PM me on IRC and we'll talk. I have a few ideas.

Also, I forgot to say: IRC is Waking Nightmare.
No. 7490 ID: 2b8edc

Sorry, #wakingnightmare @Rizon
No. 7491 ID: 2b8edc

>And which method of rolling or point-buy?

Derp! Standard fantasy point buy, 4d6 keep three highest for rollan. If your net bonus (That is, the bonuses from each stat added up) is -3 or lower, you get a free reroll, but anything with +4 or higher total is kept unless you want to reroll once more and keep THAT one.
No. 7492 ID: 2b8edc

In-universe common knowledge for all PCs for the setting:

The small nation of Radamant is known for being mostly wild and untamed. THe majority of the land is thick, dark forest on the verge of being jungle-thick, and old nations that tried and failed to conquer it litter the interior of the Dark Wood.

There is any number of small farming hamlets on the rolling plains north of the Dark Wood, and further north, all roads lead to Garz, the capital city of Radamant. However, Garz is still small in comparison to the rest of the Nine Nation's capital cities - it is not very large, and only has a few inns that double as bars. The main trade and export is food, as the rolling plains and forests allow for a very fertile soil, and the discovery of rotating crops allows for a consistant harvest.

All races are welcome in Radamant, though some find it more appealing than others. Elves, namely, enjoy the untouched beauty of its nature, while dwarves enjoy greatly the local brew (Said to be some of the best in the Nine!), and gnomes love the need for innovation and invention that farming and feildwork can bring. Half-orcs find simple work as tavern bouncers and gaurdsmen, and half-elves find themselves often used for diplomacy with the local elves.

The Dark Woods are known to the elves as the Eternal Forest. In ages past, a druid worked with the people of Garz to settle a dispute over logging with the elves. She gave her life, on accident, to ensure that the forest would never grow thin, and it doesn't. To the mysterious border of the forest, any felled tree grows back in mere months. There was a dire warning placed by the druid not to abuse this, and so the people of Radamant have long heeded the warning.

Lately, livestock in the southern farms near the Dark Wood have gone oddly missing, only for partial, perfectly clean skeletons to show up the very next day. Confused, the farmers have sent a petition to Garz - who then hired adventurers to seek out the cause of the trouble.
No. 7493 ID: 7b774b

rolled 2, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2, 4, 3, 2, 5, 1, 3, 5, 6, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 5 = 75

Wish me luck.
No. 7494 ID: 7b774b

rolled 1, 2, 5, 6, 4, 4, 5, 4, 1, 5, 1, 3, 6, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 6, 2, 6, 4, 1 = 87

Decent, but I can hopefully do better.
No. 7495 ID: 7aedd2
File 131224591669.jpg - (104.17KB , 1280x768 , Kindle1.jpg )

Top half of Kindle
No. 7496 ID: 7aedd2
File 131224593813.jpg - (94.70KB , 1280x768 , Kindle2.jpg )

bottom half of Kindle's sheet
No. 7497 ID: 7b774b
File 131225164865.png - (393.60KB , 736x1336 , Pwll.png )

Third time's the charm.
No. 7498 ID: 3bad4c
File 131227174757.png - (321.27KB , 1473x953 , charsheet.png )

Yli the Xeph Rogue
No. 7499 ID: 8894bf
File 131227224339.png - (57.72KB , 738x1242 , char sheet.png )

No. 7502 ID: 7aedd2
File 131232714786.jpg - (78.50KB , 432x570 , Halforc Knight.jpg )

Character pic for Kindle
No. 7503 ID: 7aedd2
File 131232717391.jpg - (81.41KB , 560x1000 , Halfling Lancer.jpg )

No. 7510 ID: e17686


No. 7511 ID: 07416a

No. 7514 ID: aa66a4

rolled 4 + 5 = 9

No. 7515 ID: 3bad4c

rolled 18 + 5 = 23

No. 7516 ID: aa66a4

rolled 4 + 2 = 6

No. 7520 ID: 07416a

In the raw, you can make crafting rolls to make money. It simulates having a job. You roll a d20, add your skill, then make half of that in profit. Gallus has 10 alchemy crafting. He has mastercrafted tools that provide a +2 circumstance bonus. He has a potion which replicates a spell called crafter's fortune which provides a +5 bonus to any crafting roll. That is a total of +17. If Gallus rolls a 1 every crafting check he makes 9 gold a week at the absolute minimum. You can, in fact, take 10 on these crafting checks. That makes it an entirely respectable 27. 13.5 gold a week. At least four weeks in a month, plus change. That's 52 gold a month.

Five plat is 50 gold. We have a deadline of a month.

Gallus may, in fact, be losing gold by adventuring.
No. 7521 ID: aa66a4

Maybe this is true - however, adventuring has other boons he would not recieve from brewing hangover cures.

Excitement is one. Possible additional income (From ruins, enemies, etc) is another. Experience (Which helps him craft better) is yet another. References from the kingdom for better jobs.

Many missions and adventures don't even formally pay!
No. 7534 ID: aa66a4

We really need a new dicebot. Tabbris is unreliable as hell as to when it is online.

plz help.
No. 7536 ID: a1de30

Or pay in vague, congratulatory measures.
Still makes for interesting motivation.
No. 7542 ID: aa66a4
File 131311371831.jpg - (106.57KB , 807x434 , mapp.jpg )

Battle arrangement.
No. 7544 ID: aa66a4
File 131312963644.jpg - (91.38KB , 811x433 , MAPP2.jpg )

And map 2.

Tried to maintain everyone's tokens and whatnot.

Eagles are lemures.


Kindle 11
Krysnt 18
Pwll 16
Yli: 4
Antal: 13
Lemures: 12

White boxes are impassable.
No. 7545 ID: aa66a4
File 131313123860.jpg - (92.24KB , 812x431 , MAPP2.jpg )

No. 7546 ID: aa66a4
File 131313224164.jpg - (91.42KB , 810x430 , MAPP2.jpg )

No. 7547 ID: aa66a4
File 131313460442.jpg - (85.79KB , 811x428 , MAPP2.jpg )

http://pastebin.com/DbGD22MC Session 2 and updated fight map
No. 7552 ID: aa66a4
File 131319559142.jpg - (85.73KB , 811x432 , MAPP2.jpg )

No. 7553 ID: aa66a4

Krysnt 18
Pwll 16
Antal: 13
Lemures: 12
Kindle 11
Yli: 4
No. 7558 ID: 43d730

I have just run across a problem.
I haven't been on IRC due to driving up to school on Wednesday, and I have arrived to find that the campus internet not only blocks IRC, but shuts down the connection for an hour if you attempt it.
May I request that the sessions be moved to hamachi-supported maptools or something similar, at least for the time being, as I have not found a way around the block as yet?
No. 7560 ID: 7aedd2

Who is this?
No. 7561 ID: aa66a4

Alright, so. Shit happened, I understand. I'm downloading OpenRPG know - let me know if you can as well. Drop me a line at the provided email and we can discuss.
No. 7562 ID: aa66a4


Turns out the person playing Pwll will be unavailable for IRC discussion and etc, so we're going to move this to OpenRPG by next week! I know it seems a bit odd to do this for one dude, but looking it over, it seems pretty handy anyway.


Here is SESSION THREE in all its glory.
No. 7566 ID: 6b6016

So, are we supposed to download OpenRPG now?
No. 7567 ID: aa66a4

Eyup. Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 7568 ID: 43d730

Technically, I should be apologising.
Sorry for the trouble, everyone.
No. 7569 ID: aa66a4

If you're familiar with this, could you set things up for me, or tell me how?
No. 7570 ID: fb10df

Who is this? Is this Ark? If it's Ark, come back to us! We miss you! ;_;
No. 7571 ID: 43d730

Planning on it, but at the moment I'm trying to work up a way around the block.
You'll get your ghost story ending eventually.
No. 7572 ID: 715620

All players are now level 2! Yes, that includes you, Ark.
No. 7573 ID: 9281a3

No. 7574 ID: 43d730

rolled 5 + 2 = 7

rollan for health...
No. 7575 ID: 43d730

rolled 6 + 2 = 8

Or I could derp it up due to a d8 HD.
No. 7576 ID: 43d730

No. 7577 ID: 43d730

Might be a mite early, but how is the server setup going to work?
All I'm getting is a list of servers including 'Naruto PW' and 'Adult Roleplaying Community', which is not terribly encouraging.
No. 7578 ID: 715620

Those are like IRC servers.

Go into Blackstar.
Join the Room WakinNightmare.

The password is Derp.

I'm still learning this shit, yo.
No. 7579 ID: 43d730
File 131431144494.jpg - (6.34KB , 40x40 , VickiCorgiMatmini.jpg )

No. 7580 ID: 43d730
File 131431148413.png - (4.01KB , 40x40 , The Ogre.png )

No. 7581 ID: 1e78e2
File 131431529855.png - (4.48KB , 40x40 , Antal Jamir.png )

No. 7582 ID: cfa804
File 131431543507.jpg - (106.07KB , 1280x768 , Kindle1.jpg )

No. 7584 ID: cfa804
File 131431549895.jpg - (86.81KB , 1280x768 , Kindle2.jpg )

No. 7585 ID: cfa804
File 131431584484.jpg - (1.31KB , 40x40 , THE BLUR.jpg )

No. 7586 ID: 3bad4c
File 131431619510.png - (329.17KB , 1473x953 , charsheet.png )

No. 7587 ID: 43d730

OpenRPG blew up, room password isn't working.
No. 7588 ID: 43d730

Halp, in case that wasn't clear.
No. 7589 ID: 715620

No. 7590 ID: 43d730

Is it supposed to have your whispers?
No. 7593 ID: 715620

... YES.
No. 7602 ID: 715620

No game this week.

Sorry, bros - cleaned a whole goddamn house.
No. 7607 ID: 9281a3
File 131553167437.jpg - (35.91KB , 60x60 , Scythia.jpg )

No. 7608 ID: 715620


No. 7609 ID: 715620



They all got in the manor, there was a bugbear and three cloaked people. Kindle rushed the creature, Pwll knocked it out, and Kindle ran upstairs to confront the enemies. Arthur Macduff expected this, and attempted to bring forth the evil entity hiding in Kindle's body.

Meanwhile, Yli attempts to attack one of the other figures - but fails, and he dashes away through a lain deathtrap. Yli activates it, and nearly is killed for his trouble - but the room is on FIRE, now, and soon escapes the room.

Meanwhile, Pwll and Antal attempt to fight the now-conscious bugbear who is revived by mighty feindish power. It nearly kills Antal, but is brought down by Pwll's cunning manuever of surgically removing the rock that held the beast. In more practical terms, he just tore it out with a crowbar. Sometimes it is easy to forget we're talking about a corgi.

Anyway, upstairs, Kindle is possessed by a powerful demon, and Arthur Macduff makes passing reference to an individual named "Sanguinus", referring to him as a Lord. The demon is expelled, however, through the sheer insane WILLPOWER of Kindle's spirit. Arthur draws his blade and attempts to hold off the attacks of both Kindle and Yli as fires surround them, Pwll freeing the hostages they came for while Antal, by now revived by Greybeard, runs up the stairs to assist.

However, he is only in time to watch the villain make a horrific pun, slicing open Kindle's chest deeply while he himself bleeds from multiple wounds doled out by Yli and Kindle.

Antal coldly fires his crossbow and strikes Arthur Macduff in the heart, and, shocked, the nobleman falls from the balcony. But all that lands is a sword and a robe.

Everyone escapes, of course, and they agree: The fight is far from over. They decide to return to town to rest, heal, and plan.

Oh, and somewhere in there, it is revealed that Krysnt is one of Sanguinus's servants, and the other is highly skilled with chemicals.
No. 7610 ID: 715620

Them bolded terms? Imagine them like the words that are colored red in most Zelda games. They're the shit I want you to keep an eye on.
No. 7611 ID: 43d730

Seriously, someone remind me to get that thing blessed at a temple of the Free Man.
No. 7612 ID: 715620

Speaking of Gods:

PROMETHEUS, LORD OF THE FORGE: A God of fire and steel and forging, Prometheus brought the advances of metalworking first to the dwarves, then to other races, by inspiring individuals with visions. These "First Forgemen" are revered as great preists, who teach the sacred art to others. Not all blacksmiths revere him, but the ones that do are said to be blessed in the ways of the craft.

THE ONE FREE MAN: God of laborers and the dead. Said to be a man who wore plate the color of autumn leaves, he weilded the weapon of a simple worker to bring down many evil threats against the world. He brings peace to the undead, and is well-known for being worshipped by slaves seeking to escape servitude. Since slavery is still legal in some areas (though how they are gained is rigidly enforced), he is something of a polarizing diety. Churches are often marked with the symbol of the church, and are simple affairs. Shrines often are tucked in out of the way areas similarily marked, nd often contain helpful packages of supplies for runaway slaves.

More to come!
No. 7613 ID: 3bad4c

Your TL;DRs should be shorter than the maximum length of a post that can be displayed before this board gives a 'Message too long. Click here to view the full text.' notice.

No. 7623 ID: 715620

So my sister's birthday is this week! And that means, sadness of sadnesses, I won't be available for thursday, or friday. I will be back on saturday, however, if the whole gang can be here, we can still have a game this week.
No. 7624 ID: 43d730

I'm up for it.
No. 7628 ID: 3bad4c

That's Sunday for me, and that's my game day.
I can't make it.
No. 7629 ID: cfa804

God shot your sister's so greedy, can't you tell her to have a birthday on any other day of the year?! And I bet you won't even bring us any birthday cake. It looks like at the very least Psi/Yli can't make it, so i don't know if we should continue otherwise.
No. 7630 ID: 715620

So no game this week. ;-;

However, we will be playing next week! Been actually writing up the session and everythiiiing!
No. 7634 ID: 9281a3

Sorry to see you leave.
No. 7635 ID: cfa804

Trying to paste a log of the session... hope it works. http://pastebin.com/DAWcR1nt
No. 7641 ID: d6ae01

That's about enough of that Big Dumb Argument. If you wish to continue this discussion, do so privately or head to the Big Dumb Arguments thread.
No. 7650 ID: 715620

There will be a game tomorrow!

If there's anything you'd like to do between sessions or resolve here, please post it and I'll mediate it here.
No. 7676 ID: 43d730

So... Delayed, or canceled, or am I in the wrong room at the wrong time again?
No. 7677 ID: fb10df
File 131795078494.jpg - (88.45KB , 640x1534 , Elf Swashbuckler F.jpg )

No. 7678 ID: fb10df
File 131795106870.jpg - (188.34KB , 1323x1599 , Marina.jpg )

No. 7679 ID: 715620

Welcome to level 3.
No. 7682 ID: 43d730

rolled 5 + 1 = 6

No. 7683 ID: 715620

I'd also like to note that I'd like updated sheets at this point, too. Every odd level~
No. 7684 ID: 43d730

Updooted one further up the thread.
No. 7690 ID: cfa804

rolled 3 = 3

No. 7691 ID: cfa804
File 131827536888.jpg - (194.83KB , 1323x1599 , Marina.jpg )

No. 7696 ID: cfa804
File 131854893423.jpg - (3.96KB , 99x99 , MarinaMini.jpg )

No. 7713 ID: b248f3

alright so there won't be a game today. instead i want everyone to put forth what they plan to do in town.

you have a 5000 gold budget to work with. available allies are the druid from the capital, the priest, and the townsfolk in general. there's a forge, materials of decent quality, and plenty of helping hands.

your new items are:
flaming lance +1
dueling rapier +1
greyflame warhammer +1
spell-storing staff +1

these are all in the pfsrd so feel free to look them up. :3

if you need rolls for crafting etc please roll here.
No. 7714 ID: fb10df

I steal hall of the weapons and sneak attack the party.

Seriously though, 5000 gold EACH or split between us?
No. 7715 ID: 43d730

I'm sure I can find some use for the staff.
Guessing the 5000 is separate...
In any case, invest in some healing potions, hold Marina upside down and shake her until I get at least a pearl or two, for spell components.
Make sure Kindle gets his due.
Also, if possible, shell out for a chain shirt or equivalent practical working gear.
No. 7723 ID: 9f36c9

5000 split.

If you revive Kindle, it'd be like spending his share on it, and each of you get 1k, etc.
No. 7726 ID: fb10df

Well I'd obviously insist on a four way split since the dead are dead and heck, the ORIGINAL party had Gallus and the druidess and Yli, and sure as heck I'm not splitting it seven ways to share with traitors and corpses.
No. 7727 ID: 43d730

No contacts for Yli, and the other two are possessed or some shit. On the other hand, Kindle did die on this expedition, and the least I feel I can do is repay his support. 250 gold from each of us is not really that much for his sacrifice.
Not suggesting revival, possibly not even aware it's an option.
No. 7765 ID: 995f9d

Still on this week?
Should be able to make it easy on this end.
No. 7766 ID: 42e7cd

Unless something pops up, we're a go.

Then again we might run late - thanksgiving and all.
No. 7767 ID: bdb886

Family has arrived, it is nearly three.

Assuming festivities, they will likely leave around 6, and I have cleanup, so that's anoter hour. Expcet game at 7
No. 7768 ID: bdb886



No. 7769 ID: 4d0db9
File 132218397276.png - (2.16KB , 40x40 , you are so small it is funny to me.png )


pog editing games
No. 7774 ID: bdb886

There will be a game tommorow.

Endeavor to be early.
No. 7775 ID: 43d730

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
Bad sleeping habits, league of legends and inattentiveness finally caught up with me
Napped for seven hours instead of two
Willing to make it up whenever
As many apologies as I can muster
No. 7793 ID: bdb886

No. 7797 ID: bdb886

Before we start, Ted/Greyhorn, don't worry, you're in the clear.

Starting TWO SESSIONS AGO, Anyone who's late twice, or absent twice, without warning so I can plan the session, is booted.

I've had just about enough "I forgot". I can find a new player, Antal/Prole. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings or makes you angry, but I can't run a game with people so flaky. I'm sorry.
No. 7801 ID: ffec01




No. 7803 ID: 9281a3

My Prayer's for your brother. Don't worry about tonight.
No. 7805 ID: 995f9d

rolled 8 + 2 = 10

And rollan for HP.
No. 7815 ID: 85d876

There will be a game this week.

Please post updated sheets for your characters.
No. 7818 ID: 85d876

Uh Guyyyyys! Where dose sheets at!?

Anyone without sheets will be rollan dem HPs and picking stuff out before the session. I'll be arriving in the room AN HOUR EARLY to accommadate!
No. 7821 ID: 995f9d

I updated the one already in the thread. Same address.
Any chance I can trade out Coordinated Defense for something more useful? I was expecting the cavalier ability to mimic teamwork feats...
No. 7827 ID: 85d876

What happened, Emzee, Greybeard? I trusted you. ;-;
No. 7846 ID: d14d3e

[15:09]Shot__Blackstar games server is gone
[15:09]Shot__We shall instead be using Adult Roleplaying Community.
No. 7856 ID: b94819
File 132600354825.png - (1.68MB , 3931x522 , pathfinder.png )

No. 7857 ID: 1737f4

I'd like to reiterate that he attacked me first.
No. 7859 ID: becb83

pathfinder is just ridiculous...
corgi battlesuit pilot!? what the heck is that i dont even- i'll just stick to 3.5 thank you very much.
No. 7860 ID: 995f9d

There's a class called the summoner, which is sort of like being a bard except that instead of playing music to buff you get to cast summon spells, and a major feature of the class is the Eidolon, a unique extraplanar creature that you summon which is actually slightly beefier than you, and very likely a better fighter.
There's a variant where instead of summoning a thing with extra stats, you summon the eidolon as sort of a shell around yourself; it doesn't gain its own feats or skills, just replaces your physical ability scores and gives you all the abilities you usually pick for your eidolon.
In this case, I'm flavoring it as a shell made of earth and stone a a much larger humanoid figure, to be able to hit both the small and cute angle and the large and beaty angle. Working pretty well.
No. 7861 ID: becb83

that sounds... fun... is druid a playable in this setting? do you guys meet up or go to irc to do this?
No. 7863 ID: d14d3e


There's the document for all the rules.

Currently we're not looking for players, though. Sorry!
No. 7865 ID: becb83

oh poop
No. 7882 ID: d14d3e


Emzee's plane is too late for him to join in the session. There will be a miniventure in his abscence. My apologies!
No. 7884 ID: 995f9d

Still on the adult server? Don't see a Waking Nightmare anywhere...
No. 7911 ID: 9130c6

I may be slightly late due to other business.
Apologies if this is so.
No. 7967 ID: 9130c6

May be slightly late, dinner has been served and no one's made themselves apparent.
No. 7968 ID: b2d917

Might not make it
No. 7973 ID: 31afe3

Sorry I didn't make it, guys. The day was shit in general - I didn't have the energy even had I gotten home at 5.
No. 7992 ID: 9130c6

Windows fuckery. Pardon me for a moment.
No. 8020 ID: ec8060

Hey me and Ted aren't gonna be there tonight, we're both exhausted for different reasons. Apologies.
No. 8022 ID: a9f1dc

Considering moving to saturdays at the same time as usual.

If you can't make it please notify.
No. 8127 ID: 0ac74e

*cough cough*
No. 8157 ID: 07eaf7

Sorry, Emzee, but you've been banned as of the Two Session policy.
No. 8159 ID: 32857c

rolled 4 = 4

Rollan for eidolon health...
No. 8160 ID: 32857c

rolled 7 + 2 = 9

Rollan for health health.
No. 8161 ID: b710e7

I hate to feel like a douche for asking this immediately after someone was booted, but do you have any player slots open?
No. 8228 ID: a76cbb

Just reminding all of you that the game is SATURDAY AT FIVE.



No. 8292 ID: 2153a4

No game today. Sorry bros
No. 8339 ID: 7924f4

I am the worst person ever. Apologies, everyone.
No. 8369 ID: 87d18a

Managerial thinking 101
"Hey, since I don't have a fixed schedule at the moment, would it be alright if I noted saturday evenings as busy? I mean, if you have to call me in, do it, but I'd like some warning first. Game night with a few friends."
>Mystery process
Monday and tuesday off, four consecutive eight hour closing shifts on weekend.

No. 8409 ID: 120db2

Main computer borked.
Unable to download Python on other.
No. 8624 ID: 99cf3e

No. 8755 ID: e5c426
File 134594305947.jpg - (375.85KB , 480x1000 , Mezzo.jpg )

Herp derp
No. 8756 ID: e5c426
File 134594310151.png - (74.47KB , 196x187 , Mezzosmall.png )

Derp Herp
No. 8804 ID: 97024b

Possibility of lateness due to school project shenanigans. Apologies.
No. 9891 ID: 726b8f

Possibly late due to the sky falling.
No. 9911 ID: 726b8f

Family dinners ahoy!
Jangles is back in town and Cheesus is fulfilling family obligations.
No. 9923 ID: 35888d

Are you still looking for players?
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