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File 135144787210.jpg - (168.69KB , 471x726 , digimon_adventure.jpg )
8817 No. 8817 ID: b3b2ec


So, basically I've been playing a Digimon Adventure with some people over IRC for a while, its pretty awesome and I've considered GMing a game of it myself.

I have come up with some ideas, but I need Feedback on it.
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No. 8818 ID: b3b2ec
File 135144791593.png - (379.49KB , 1348x2813 , Storytime _01.png )

So far I intend the Players to start in the Real World, in some kind of unnamed, but large city.
I'd leave it to the players wherever they know each other and if they already have their 'mons.
The first couple of sessions would establish the characters and the relation between eachother, while also introducing Wild Ones that enter the world and cause chaos, perhaps even threatening the Players quite directly.
I am not sure how to do this exactly though.

Eventually I would bring up a third Party into the game, which is basically a secret government funded Organization made to contain or eliminate any threats that appear, but also to study them.
They would also study why and how the Wild Ones enter the world and explain it to the Players, the reasons being the Internet increasing in size and the Barrier between the worlds being more and more fragile.
Wild Ones with luck may reach the real World or they may be helped from outside by humans who actively seek to 'summon' them.
No. 8819 ID: b3b2ec
File 135144795037.png - (312.48KB , 1311x2674 , Storytime _02.png )

The Government group, called 'Hypnos' for now (I really do need a different name) would have 2 influential characters:

A charismatic, but aggressive and cold Project leader, who believes the attacking monsters to be a threat to eliminated and nothing more.
He'll go as far as to deny any sentience of the Digimon and claim that the monsters are simple animals, incapable of free will and simply mimic human behavior to manipulate people to feel pity.
I've considered making him a father of a destined that has gone missing, which would be why he takes his job personal and relies on it for psychological and financial support.

Further the would be a subordinate scientist, high in rank and obsessed with the idea of creating life from scratch and the evolution of the Monsters.
He would push the organization to capture Wild Ones alive, to 'study' and to preserve them.
In the late stages of the campaign he would attempt to create a perfect Digimon from scratch, which wouldn't turn out so well.
I'd hint at him having contact with a 'Mon, but he would barely remember it himself.
No. 8820 ID: b3b2ec

The invading Wild Ones would have a Group too, I am unsure how to name then though.
I intended them to be Conquerors, but that didn't seem to fit anymore as I worked it out a bit.
First the Wild Ones would reveal that they come to the Real World seeking for, what they assume to be their destiny, to become perfect and become creators themselves.
They however, would have been created, or rather given live by certain Digital Gods, these Gods would seek to prove their worth by showing their creations to mankind, but also to punish them for creating the imperfect and violent Digital World.

The last kind of Antagonist I considered is a cold, calculating Monster, in the literal and figurative sense.
He would be created by the scientist guy, made to be 'perfect', which would play out in him basically feeling superior to every single thing.
While not only extremely powerful, this one would be smart enough to attempt to rile up the Players against each other.
There is one catch to him however, as he loads Data of his opponents to become stronger, he does so very efficiently, but once he reaches a certain threshold, he would lose sanity, and be in constant pain.
That pain could only be temporarily numbed, by loading more opponents, which would result in him becoming more and more of a wild, rabid beast.

I also considered making a formerly known Digimon into this monster, be it villain or friend, to make it more impacting.

Thats pretty much it so far, I basically need Feedback on these Ideas, Names and Digimon to fill these Roles would be nice too.
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