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File 130224365547.jpg - (155.71KB , 634x796 , narulebook.jpg )
6241 No. 6241 ID: 900c9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone else psyched about this?
No. 6242 ID: 900c9c

I prefer the Babylon Five rules, but good to see that the game is still afloat, the system is really pretty good.
No. 6262 ID: 900c9c

The new signs and portents gave away some of the rules for the Hawkwood fleet, the Meson cannon is fucking close range death!
No. 6378 ID: d91eef

Just got the minis in the mail! They look great!

File 12471829825.jpg - (161.77KB , 700x1000 , ontopalone.jpg )
939 No. 939 ID: 119cbb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So the word on the street is that not only has Mektek.org been granted the rights to host the full downloads for Mechwarrior 4 and it's booster mech packs (the ones you used to have to pay 40 dollars for)...


...but Videos have begun to pop up in regards to a new Mechwarrior game project in the Unreal 3 engine by Smith&Tinker and Piranha games, as well as several interviews in regards to the upcoming title. Apparently another PC/360 title, so I'm expecting watered down gameplay to a degree, but according to the interview, will be made to feel much more desperate than the last games, and the video pretty much dictates that the Unseen will also be making a reappearance in the games....


...I just can't get over how awesome all this news is... the next few months are going to be distilled excellence for me.
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No. 6282 ID: 900c9c

As a Lyran Officer I have never succumbed to the cowardice of a Fedrat.
No. 6283 ID: 6c4270
File 130232254410.jpg - (27.48KB , 454x365 , grouchomarx6.jpg )

as a lyran officer you never left the country club
No. 6286 ID: 900c9c

That's a load of horse-hockey! The Captain leads from the front!
No. 6287 ID: 6c4270
File 130232877891.gif - (5.97KB , 204x203 , game_citadel.gif )

Leads from the front?
From the Front-Stage seats at the opera-house, you mean.
No. 6296 ID: 900c9c

It was a great show...

File 129494301297.jpg - (83.64KB , 500x547 , 1290744028310.jpg )
5799 No. 5799 ID: 08b764 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi folks! Is it okay to write and post erotic fiction on this board? I just want to ask so I don't break any rules.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5801 ID: 08b764

I wrote the one about the ogress on 4chan's /tg/ a little while ago. I just wanted to start on a new one and was wondering where it would be safe to post it. Thank you for the information!
No. 5807 ID: 4812df

yeah it's fine
No. 5809 ID: 20fc85

Fapfiction is alright here... considering there's another just a few threads below you...
No. 6292 ID: 6cb915

Maybe I'll start posting over here.
No. 6293 ID: 6cb915

Note to self, there is an XS here already.

File 129728584251.jpg - (83.41KB , 810x340 , 1258135636839.jpg )
5954 No. 5954 ID: 9a86e9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I picked up the Mongoose Traveller corebook sometime ago and have most of the supplemental as .pdfs. My gaming table and I have had some fun rolling up characters, even if they somehow manage to make EVERY roll and have enough money to retire even before play starts. But I digress, I need some assistance. I cannot comprehend how this game is supposed to actually work. I get the mechanics just fine, although the rules for space combat are spread so thin through the rulebook you could see through them. Where I get hung up is writing a game session in this system. Are there any Traveller players or GMs around that could give me a crash course in GMing this?

For example, I'd like to start a campaign with the players salvaging a derelict spacecraft and then turning them loose to explore the system, maybe find some work, and jump out. But find the book sorely lacking in ways to build NPCs, etc.
No. 6290 ID: d4369b

Check out the collected White Dwarf articles, which examine this in detail:


Also have you checked out the CT guides 76 Patrons and 1001 Characters? Lots of inspiration there. Also check out the BITS guides - 101 Plots, 101 Cargos, etc.

File 12934304439.png - (451.72KB , 1280x771 , sergalbaker.png )
5728 No. 5728 ID: 0c9433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Strange/funny/awesome character ideas you have and would like to impliment in a tabletop or freeform roleplay

Pic related. He is a dirty dustback who is fluffy and bakes pies.
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5815 ID: 891283

Yeeeeeeesss...should one require the players to write up magical incantations for their attacks, assume those are automatically done, or just do without? Perhaps incantations as a power multiplier? Usually big long incantations are signs of someone's crap about to get beaten out. Not always, though.

...I'll shut up now.
No. 5816 ID: 43d730

I could see charged incantations or something, where the more rounds you spend nattering on and doing ceremonial stuff.

Gnoll Lamashtu heretic, convinced of the sanctity of all children, not just the monstrous ones. Also a very good clown. Something like the joker crossed with Gamera.
No. 5817 ID: a41aaf

Loyalty of NPCs directly proportional to the damage you have inflicted on them.
No. 6226 ID: 815d12

You need to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Nyatorrents has them. Make it pthrough the third episode for true plot revelation.
No. 6227 ID: df0b78

The spellcard system from Touhou Danmaku Yuugi might be the only useful thing from the whole manual. It allows you to customize range, area, effect, targets...

File 129679501568.jpg - (99.50KB , 453x604 , CharacterSheet.jpg )
5848 No. 5848 ID: f88f02 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Fled /tg/ thanks to fucking assholes. Continuing discussion here until tomorrow.

This is the current character sheet, not including Popularity and Inventory, which are on a second page.

Grades and Popularity generated by rolling 2d6:

2- F
3- F+

4- D
5- D+
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 6031 ID: f88f02

While you're mostly right, you should read the logs I've been posting. The rules have been refined over time and we are approaching the point where we can release a pdf. So yeah, there's been progress! It's just not readily appaerent.
No. 6033 ID: d4f82f

So OP, you gonna post a link to that PDF here when your through with it? Saw the original thread and was joyous to find this one here, where there's no chance of losing it due to other-traffic.
No. 6034 ID: f88f02

Here and in 4chan's /tg/. I promise it by the end of this year!
No. 6178 ID: d4f82f
File 130064954358.png - (28.29KB , 426x324 , 1298175787754.png )

awesome, I eagerly await it.
No. 6203 ID: e10ce4

Note to self: If character has tits...

Suddenly... In the darkness. LESBIANS.

File 128461348437.jpg - (301.42KB , 1200x812 , 1236439576071.jpg )
4244 No. 4244 ID: 962221 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What are you all playing?
29 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5718 ID: 8c1304

Playing a version of donjon(http://open.crngames.com/src/donjon.html) so modified that it doesn't even roll the dices the same way, planeswalkers overpowered with high tech-high magic in a multiverse kind of setting incorporating old settings we played, mostly as fun way to revisit old places but is starting to get a real plot.

Preparing everything to start a Mouse Guard campaign, but i'm not discarding the less grimdark, trekie Rogue Trader one...
No. 5723 ID: dd45d7

Mouse Guard, you say?

Any chance this would be online?
No. 5724 ID: 8c1304

Nah, I had a few bad experiences trying on-line campaigns. And my English sucks anyway.
No. 5735 ID: cf2533

When you said Donjon I really got exited for a moment. But sadly it didn't turn out to be the game based on the comic series. Cause I really would love to find that one translated.
No. 6200 ID: 9e7f1c

Started a 3.5 campaign using useless classes, in the first session we had a samurai, a favoured soul, a beguiler and a knight. We are expecting an hexblade and a wu-yen in the next one.

File 130129027749.jpg - (127.79KB , 1000x800 , The_Holy_City.jpg )
6195 No. 6195 ID: 0c9433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I humbly request someone do a quest in this setting.


Also unique world settings general thread

File 128469544841.jpg - (123.26KB , 651x743 , 159.jpg )
4257 No. 4257 ID: 962221 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Landscape/Location thread
807 posts and 793 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5511 ID: 962221
File 128970977116.jpg - (442.95KB , 1180x888 , Within_Tower_by_fibreciment.jpg )

No. 5512 ID: 962221

collection will go up soon
No. 5513 ID: 962221


Third collection
No. 5605 ID: 77ec19

I forgot to say thanks man.

Thank you.
No. 6186 ID: 1fd1a7

Thanks, OP. Really nice of you to upload them.

File 129301006055.jpg - (191.48KB , 1336x971 , book.jpg )
5711 No. 5711 ID: c700ce hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Since /tg/ clearly still frowns upon writefaggotry, you can have all my porn.


Ah, the great hot springs of the north! Great place for a vacation, very popular, and until recently occupied by some evil nasty hobgoblins. Thankfully, a party of adventurers showed up and kicked them away!

It was evening now. There were no more hobgoblins in sight, and Asherun the paladin felt like it would be the time to relax a little. It was so hot in here, even though it was winter outside: the earth itself heating up the springs to a highly favourable temperatures, blowing steam everywhere, and making her feel incredibly warm in her armor and clothes. Good deeds and smiting were done for the day, there was nothing left here to beat up, and it was time for personal relaxation and comfort.

And so, as quickly as she possibly could, the dragonborn got rid of her protection and clothing, letting the steam over to her naked skin, chose a pool, and slid into the warm waters. "Ohh," she went out loud. "Man..." It really was incredibly comfortable, her exhausted and beat-up flesh being caressed by the warmth, making her feel so relaxed. She let herself sink in neck-deep, sighing blissfully as her tense muscles yielded and unwinded...

Meanwhile, another shape was walking across the springs: quite a bit smaller, wearing a red ragged cloak and carrying expensive magical equipment. Uwe the wizard was taking a casual walk through the hot springs, his magical reserves almost exhausted in battle, taxing him physically as well, and making him feel like he could do for some break. Deep upon his thoughts, he almost stumbled upon the pieces of armor that he did not quite manage to see through the steam before it was almost too late.

Curiously, he bowed down to examine the pieces of metal, and the clothing next to them. He recognized these very well, and suddenly felt himself shiver and his heart beat f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5775 ID: 4bdb13

What? Those were some damn nice socks, you ungrateful lout.
No. 5843 ID: 28e94e

This is excellent writing. I approve.
No. 5965 ID: eec6b7

I'm just going to bump this because I seriously don't think that other fanfic deserve so many posts and this one so little.
No. 6102 ID: 7a1eb1

I politely safe because I have a very, very barely related question and didn't want to start a new thread. Consider this me asking something but really not wanting to be a bother.

The anon from old /tg/ who wrote the stories of the xenofucking Rogue Trader (well, she fucked nids in both stories I read), have they ever shown up again? I was a big fan of both stories, which were very playfully erotic and witty in my opinion. I guess I'm just asking if there was any more, of if that person hangs out anywhere new so I can read what they write these days.
No. 6180 ID: bc7124

Not to my knowledge, no. Which is a shame because those stories were hot.

Polite sage as well.

File 124707951813.png - (9.84KB , 432x498 , DORF.png )
713 No. 713 ID: 2851e0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>lye maker
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 727 ID: 2851e0
File 12471037771.jpg - (71.95KB , 465x1075 , dworf.jpg )

No. 5981 ID: f1df52

Pull lever. Clean up remains if I feel like it.
No. 5983 ID: 28e94e

Step 1: Cat burgers
Step 2: Immigrant burgers
No. 5984 ID: e245c8
File 129747615672.png - (580.29KB , 1024x768 , Dfcomic01.png )

So, another day at the fort?
No. 6122 ID: 2563d4
File 130022678756.png - (531.29KB , 450x624 , Dwarf_rollingrocks_anonib.png )

Don't mind me; just poking about the ol' /tg/ images folder.

File 129450164250.jpg - (45.89KB , 500x500 , creationaryProductImage.jpg )
5783 No. 5783 ID: 0f32d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

ITT: Lego games

I recently bought Creationary, intrigued by the idea of 'Pictionary with Legos' and had a lot of fun with it. Thinking about how the range of bricks gives good options while at the same time how LIMITED the number and type is really forces you to think things out for the simplest representation you can make. Basically, I think it's brilliant.

I'm curious what others thing, about this and the other Lego games. Considering they have a good number of them out, I was wondering what everyone thought of them, which ones you all have tried and any ideas for using Legos for other game ideas you have. I quite like Lego dice, part of me wishes I could just buy a pack of them. So tell everyone what you've played, or are wanting to play.
No. 5785 ID: 72d523

Like the one that seems to think the Minotaur was Roman?
No. 5830 ID: f16b80
File 129587525874.jpg - (44.25KB , 640x480 , dt23_01b.jpg )

No. 6101 ID: 7a1eb1

Okay, since this old post I've bought 2 other Lego games because they were on sale: Magikus and Monster 4.

Magikus has you collecting spells from a spell rack, rolling the die to see which ones you take from the rack (red, yellow, blue and green). You can also pick if you roll white, and steal from another player if you roll black, and you get nothing if the spot is empty. You can choose a row or column before rolling, so your almost assured a few components the first few turns. I can actually see an interesting little way of adding this to a roleplaying game as a random casting system. But for now, it's a nice simple game, probably on clearance in most stores.

Monster 4 is also real simple. You want to get 4 monsters in a row on the 4 x 4 board. Rolls can place you on a light or dark gravestone, allow you to switch with another player, scare all monsters out of a corner of the board or place skeletons. Skeletons are 'jokers/wildcards' that count for anyone who lines up with them, so the key of the game involves making them work for you most of the time. It's pretty good, and my 7 year old picked up on both games pretty well. If I remember, and if there are any left, I'd pick up more copies of both just for the Lego Dice, since I still want to see what ideas I can come up with for a game involving switching die faces as part of the game. I'd probably start with a risk variant and move from there.

File 12999798636.png - (3.98MB , 1873x2085 , Valve Set Sample 1.png )
6074 No. 6074 ID: 6ad354 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Dicking around in MSE and was wondering on how to improve some of the cards in my "Valve" themed set.

Adrian Shepard - Mythic Rare or just Rare?
Axtinguisher - Minus to toughness because it would remind me too much of the Sub-Machine Gun if not.
Citadle Core - Yes, it takes out itself. I know.
Combine Hunter - Different cost on its ability?
Confiscate - Uncommon? Different cost?
GLaDOS - Not sure if legendary...
Headcrab - Way overpowered with its ability. Maybe add a cost to it?
Pit Worm - Reduce to 2/2 and add double strike? If so, bump rarity?
Saxton hale - SAXTON HALE
Xen Fungus - There's one of each color of these.

Any thoughts? Criticism is well appriciated.

Also, custom MtG card thread because I didn't feel like necroing the other one.
No. 6090 ID: bf1e7e


uh, he kind of is.
No. 6100 ID: 6ad354
File 130002350253.png - (5.04MB , 1873x2085 , Valve Set Sample 2.png )

Here's more!

Blu Engineer - Draw one card instead of two?
Blu Spy - 2/2 instead of 3/1?
Builders League United - There's a red one, too.
Core Meltdown - Damnation clone.
Crystal Supply - Comes into play tapped?
DOG - Creature sub type? Golem doesn't quite fit...
Gonarch - Inspired by Ant Queen, obviously.
Gordon Freeman - Was originally 3WGR, but changed the G for the U.
Handheld Portal Device - I want to add an effect to this and bump its rarity without giving it "shroud" to pass as Whispersilk Cloak.
Unforseen Consequences - It's a better Dream Fracture with lower rarity... Maybe discard a card as an additional cost.
The Announcer - I like how that artwork fits so well with the cards color. U/R sure is overpowered in this set.
Zoey - Since it's a named creature, should be legendary. Wondering about a way around this because I don't want this to be another Kamigawa.


Yes and no. Really powerful in any red or blue deck, even if you don't have use for his ability. Maybe I should change it? Gaining flying several times seems off....

File 129384951558.png - (131.01KB , 816x637 , ivan.png )
5752 No. 5752 ID: 2563d4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Since people have been playing it and we have this nifty board for sharing tales and all.
8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5839 ID: fd61dd

It's a fair bit like nethack, except that IVAN is brutal.

So. Unbelievably. Brutal.
No. 5841 ID: 28e94e

It's a bit like Nethack, but it's more fun and has better graphics.
No. 5845 ID: aad253

Fuuuuu damn you all for getting me hooked on this.

Something I haven't been able to figure out, though: Is there a way to *purposefully* hack off a limb? Like, say I'm in really good with Silva or.. what's-his-face, the fire/metal/machine god, and I feel like I want an arm made of purple light crystal or metoeric steel. Can I just cut my arm off, or do I have to somehow entice a monster to do it for me? With my leg, I know I could just repeatedly set and walk into beartraps, but for an arm, it seems.. trickier.
No. 5846 ID: 28e94e

Contract leprosy, your arms are usually the first parts to fall off.
No. 6054 ID: cb45f0

Iter Vehemens Ad Necem, the Violent Road to Death

File 129693836591.jpg - (40.35KB , 248x300 , Arcanum_cover_copy.jpg )
5899 No. 5899 ID: 8817be hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

-and I'm trying to decide on the system.

None of my players have played Arcanum, and I do like some of the small plot twists. I do intend to tweak some things, and extend the 'endgame'.

The current choices are:
1) 4th ed. D&D.

If I go this route, I'll make some changes to the setting, of course-perhaps some variant of easily made golem, as opposed to steam engines, and no magic/technology interaction. I'm leaning towards this because I have some familiarity with 3rd edition D&D.

This allows me much more flexibility, and to tailor the game towards the 'actual' arcanum setting more.
The problem is I have never played, let alone RUN, a gurps game. I have no idea how difficult it would be to come up with encounters for the players, to make enemy characters, and I haven't a *clue* what books I'd need to try to purchase or, uh, acquire otherwise.

3) Say "Eh, fuck it, I've always been curious about Paranoia."
No. 5900 ID: 8817be

And to clarify, I'm asking for opinions/advice/etc, since I realized I didn't mention that at all.
No. 5901 ID: 4812df

GURPS is designed to be an easy-to-pick up system. I'd go for it.

Plus 4e is a pretty different beast from 3e.
No. 5903 ID: bffa2a

For GURPS you would need the basic set and gurps magic unless you enjoy spending a hour creating a whole table of new spells yourself. I also recommend martial arts but that's only because it's a rather fun book and not because anything more is needed. Most accusations of it being slow come from people not knowing the rules from heart so make sure you've got at least combat down to pat so it'll go smoothly. Lot's of optional rules there but start with the basics and bring them to play slowly after the play starts to go smoothly.

Creating enemies and things should be quick. I recommend downloading gurps pdf's and taking a look at what you want beforehand so you know what you'll get.

Since 4ed is a bit different as mentioned and GURPS is very versatile once learned I recommend it.
No. 5919 ID: 2ee9f4

Of all systems mentioned here, I'm only familiar with 3e (3.5e, to be exact), and I don't quite understand why you intend to dump magic/technology interaction if you decide to settle with D&D.

To me, things like mages breaking clockwork stopwatches or inventors being immune to magic healing were one of the most unique features that made me love that setting. I recommend that you don't get rid of that.

It depends on how much homebrew elements you want to bring into your game, but I personally don't see any insurmountable problems with emulating the magic/technology interaction. Of course, it also hugely depends on how much time you're willing to put into worldcrafting and prep work.

Whichever system you pick up, it would require tweaking. It would suck balls to sort out all the minutae and be left with no party willing to play, so make sure you have one.
No. 5925 ID: 259738

4e DnD is going to be hard to work with. I would recommend GURPS of the three you mentioned. Paranoia and 4e just aren't going to work out without a LOT of tweaking.

File 129483817543.jpg - (13.94KB , 318x209 , HexGrid.jpg )
5796 No. 5796 ID: b92442 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The problem which seems to be older than gaming itself.
Anybody knows an elegant solution to put rectangular objects on a hexagonal grid without goofy things like doors being only able to be stepped through on a diagonal line?

Google provides many articles on hex and square based grids, but alas, I never found a satisfactory answer.
Also, I hate hexagonal houses.

Related question: Any good solutions for diagonal distances on a square-based grid? Square root of 2 is not really intuitive..
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5804 ID: c00b0d

Main question: Hexes are an abstraction. Your characters aren't standing perfectly still in the center of their hexes swinging their weapons around when they fight, so why are they always in them exactly when they move?

Also, it can help a lot to draw lines for walls, rather than saying "this hex is passable, this one is not." Makes it easier to express more types of terrain.
No. 5805 ID: a0d785

OP here, thanks for your answers!

Actually going for a gridless system now, but hex grids are, and will forever be, on my mind. I really like their look and simple elegance. Although yu are right, the level of abstraction should be higher than what I had in mind (which is, dimension-wise, squad-level tiny. Hex grids might shine on division/brigade-level abstraction, though).

But now back to coding. And implementing a new pathfinding function. Sigh.
No. 5811 ID: 192c6d

The simplest way to remember them is to calculate the sides of the triangle and subtract 1 unit. If I move 5 units diagonally, that's 9 units (2N - 1).
No. 5812 ID: 7a69ce

This is... actually really useful. Ta.
No. 5813 ID: f7166d

For these reasons I use gridless and a little measuring tape. I find that it represents the proper size and distance of pretty much everything.

File 129075990034.jpg - (69.17KB , 1024x683 , Sarah1_by_Smeel.jpg )
5567 No. 5567 ID: f138b3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, I made a thing, and I decided to make a thread here instead of regularchan, because you seem decent enough, and also because I won't have to make no-content bump posts.

Imagine the Warriors, but set in the prison from Escape from New York. Make it a women's prison. Make all of that a small skirmish wargame for the resulting stylized absurd gang fights, with additional rules for XP, looting, dumping the loot into your hideout, and various non-combat activities that take place between fights. This is essentially what Catfight: Tactics is shaping up to be.

Anyway, a lot of it is extremely unpolished or even broken at this point, so any comments, suggestions, offers to help run test campaigns, and attempts to break it are welcome.

The latest ruleset will always be here: http://cftactics.blogspot.com

Pic related: it's a chick with ridiculous accessories punching, a common in-game event.
34 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5776 ID: c00b0d
File 129437001948.jpg - (359.50KB , 900x1255 , Hathaway_Demerest_Comission_by_paulorocker.jpg )

Not working on this too actively, but I found out that Google Docs is basically the map thing I was using, but perfect. Well, no dice roll, but it's a shared thing that lets you save documents with movable graphics that are easy to upload and edit. Go to docs.google.com and make a powerpoint document (you can do this in the browser) if you want to try it out.

Actually, you can fuck around with mine if you want, since I made it public.


So yeah, should I acquire a tester blob, fixing up the final stuff just got a lot easier. No more leaving a gametable server up 24/7 for me.
No. 5792 ID: c00b0d
File 129471850242.jpg - (87.04KB , 496x800 , hells_yeeeh_by_freakstatic.jpg )

While the Socialist Republic of Fairway Park is currently one of the most powerful groups on Florida Island, its origin was less than impressive. Roxie Segrest, the group's de-facto leader, had decided to hole up in a remote warehouse. It was a reasonable choice; her group of political dissidents were not fighters, and were vulnerable to the experienced criminal groups that controlled the area. Unfortunately, the group had to leave the hideout to gather supplies regularly, eventually resulting in a local warlord's scouts tracking them back.

Segrest knew that her group had a limited amount of time to act. The group agreed that the best option among the bad ones available was to fight, rather than organizing a hasty mass-evacuation to a place that might be even more dangerous. Everyone contributed to the defense. There were fortifications to be built, signal systems to be set up, weapons to be scavenged and built, and plans to be made. Segrest herself negotiated with other, smaller groups of the area who had reason to oppose the warlord, offering them products manufactured by her group's workforce in exchange for help against their common enemy.

When the attack came, Segrest's group was ready. Her own inexperienced but organized fighters held their ground, aided by their coordination and planning, and her hired guns were worth their pay, sending the warlord's forces fleeing with a well-timed charge. News of the battle of Fairway Park travelled quickly, and within months the warlord found her territory picked apart by various gangs who sensed her vulnerability, and was eventually driven into the wastes with a small band of followers.

Meanwhile, Segrest was learning to deal with an expanding group. A steady trickle of desperate political prisoners sent their population steadily higher. There were even some unaffiliated locals who were willing to join up, whether they were interested in politics or better tr
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 5794 ID: c00b0d
File 129480416299.jpg - (504.55KB , 470x658 , hentai--bad-girl--baseball-bat--blonde-hair--blood.jpg )

In the early, chaotic days of Florida Island Prison, there were few safe areas. However, on the edge of the wastes, in a plot of land that was not particularly valuable to anyone, an unofficial truce was taking place. In this secluded location, representatives from many groups met to trade their surplus resources. While negotiations were often tense, they rarely broke down - all sides benefitted from the ability to make a deal.

Erin Squires knew an opportunity when she saw one.

With a little bit of hired help, she began to make sure things ran smoothly. People who went back on their deals rarely did so a second time after Squires' gang paid them a visit. Eventually, when she was well known enough to get away with it, Squires started collecting money to cover business expenses. This was the beginning of the Trade Regulation Committee.

Within a few years, the TRC's territory had grown exponentially, covering miles and miles of ground. Its operating methods were almost exactly the same, though more formal. The Committee enforced three laws, which it publicized very well. All trades are to use TRC currency and pay a 5% tax. No trade, contract, exchange, or service can be acquired by coercion. All contracts are binding and enforced by the TRC's security.

Most people within the TRC's borders are happy to obey these laws. Independent traveling merchants needed the stability that the TRC's security could bring. Representatives of larger groups needed a market to offload large quantities of goods quickly. And the permanent residents? Well, there was nowhere else that they could make a living in their line of work.

Given the relative safety and wealth of the neutral market, a niche for extravagant live entertainment quickly sprang up - and was filled just as quickly. In particular, a great deal of money changed hands betting on the fighting pits. While anyone who could come up with two v
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 5795 ID: 08bf42

I don't really do fluff, but I have some thoughts about the supply drops:

- No crates or tins, because that's just giving the prisoners weapons. Instead, everything is sent in sacks, plastic bags, leather pouches, etc. - which could be where most of the clothing is sourced from.
- Since you can't really do bulk deliveries like that, the auto-warden thingies are constantly flying all over the place to drop off supplies, which also means there's a pretty good chance that wherever a fight is happening a drone can step in to prevent killings.

I might some more ideas later.
No. 5798 ID: c00b0d
File 129488311191.jpg - (530.60KB , 600x900 , I_always_stand_my_ground_by_mat3jko.jpg )

>- No crates or tins, because that's just giving the prisoners weapons. Instead, everything is sent in sacks, plastic bags, leather pouches, etc. - which could be where most of the clothing is sourced from.
Oh, this is clever. I'd planned on having them grow cotton and dyes, but this helps keep things a bit more explainable. I mean, it's not like I'm NOT going to have every low level thug in an elaborate costume.

>auto-warden thingies
Yeah, I'd definitely planned a quantity over quality approach with them.

>I don't really do fluff
I need testers more than anything, if you're more into the numbers side of things, not that I don't find story-side contributions really helpful.

File 129383217048.jpg - (37.27KB , 179x240 , Argonian Arena.jpg )
5750 No. 5750 ID: e20032 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Argonians, like Khajiit, had varied designs throughout the game and used lore to bullshit excuses (both Khajiiti and Argonians have multiple sub-races).

File 129024659685.jpg - (10.76KB , 450x236 , Maynooth36a.jpg )
5535 No. 5535 ID: f16b80 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What does TG think about glass cannons? Better yet, what is the biggest glass cannons in Table tops or video games otherwise?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5540 ID: f16b80
File 129033464968.jpg - (98.11KB , 640x323 , archimedes_death_ray.jpg )


That sounds pretty brutal, but if we're talkin' old and overpowered I'm going with Archimedes Death Ray.
No. 5542 ID: c99f30
File 129035764222.jpg - (557.31KB , 1600x1200 , Great_Turkish_Bombard_at_Fort_Nelson.jpg )

The Dardanelles Gun, technically a XBAWKSHEUG Bronze Cannon. Designed by a Hungarian, first marketed to the East Roman Empire, eventually built and used by their mortal enemies, the Turks, to lay siege to the final 'impregnable' bastion of this empire, Constantinople.

It was last used in the early 1800s as coastal defense when the British tried to harass the Ottoman Empire. It successfully killed at least 28 soldiers in this final operation, despite having been forged over 300 years ago.

Was later gifted to the Queen Victoria for some reason, perhaps just to rub it in.
No. 5543 ID: f16b80

No. 5551 ID: 5ba6bb
File 129055477964.jpg - (59.19KB , 230x230 , glass_cannon.jpg )

Did somebody said Glass Cannon?

Damn, that game needs some love...
No. 5726 ID: 2ee9d8

Yeah, Rise of Legends was the best. Three, interestingly distinctive 'fantasy' sides (even tho each was a different genre really), and overworld campaign maps! Pretty sweet.

File 129252175490.jpg - (263.84KB , 768x1086 , For Konig and Country.jpg )
5651 No. 5651 ID: c2d156 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So I have a setting I've been working on. Here's what I've got as fluff for a few races, can /tg/ offer any constructive criticism?

HUMANS: Humans are basically Switzerland. They'll do business with anyone, they'll shelter criminals from other nations (as long as they aren't wanted inside Human terrirory), and so on and so forth. Humans, in other words, are greedy amoral bastards, which I feel is fairly realistic.

ELVES: Elves are equal parts pre-revolutionary France and modern Ukraine. They're ruled by a corrupt, decadent, all-powerful nobility who go around having orgies and doing cocaine. Said nobility use facial piercings and "tribal-style" tattoos as coats of arms - each family has a different pattern. Their peasants are almost all farmers, and they function as the breadbasket for a lot of the world. This means that Elves have a reputation for being connected to nature.

Orcs: The Orcs control a fuckhuge amount of territory. The downside is, most of it is uninhabitable due to cold. Orcs are like Imperial Russia in many ways, including their oppressive monarchy. There is a pro-democracy movement, who are perfectly willing to bomb innocent civilians and do other evil terroristy things. Fuck year setting two grey things against each other.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5684 ID: 08ce8c

So, still the man-of-iron and armour-of-steel period.

You mentioned there is some magicks going on in the setting. Is it a common thing?

Is it a "gift from nature", as in, even a peasant's boy might be born with a talent for the magical arts?

Or is it strictly restricted to the nobility and the upper class?
Or rather a intermediate thing, like studying magic arts consumes a lot of time and money, thus ruling out the common folk of ever becoming proficient with it, although they potentionally could?

Also, could you tell if the races have different attitudes towards magic? (I imagine humans have probably different views on how to apply magic in every-day life than e.g. the elves or dragonborn).

Also, apart from the goblins, the races seem to be united under one form of governement. Or are the humans, for example, divided into several kingdoms?
No. 5685 ID: 2c9772

What are the nations famous for? E.g. elven spice, orc warrior hirelings, etc.

Do any nations have colonies? If so, how these colonies feel about their patrons?

You said orcs control a vast but uninhabitable territory, is it uninhabitable for the orcs too? If so, what's the point?
No. 5695 ID: c2d156


Magic is rare enough that only artisans can do anything worthwhile with it.

I've not put much thought into how different races view it, which is a bit silly of me.

All races are in one racial society. It's lazy, but fuck it.


Human money
Elven food
Orcish clothes
Dwarven...uh...I'll get back to you.
Drow magic
Dragonborn art
Gnolls are fuckpoor, don't export shit
Goblin boats, fishing gear, etc.

No colonies

>What's the point?

Imperialism, bro. Shit's fucking illogical.
No. 5696 ID: 2c9772

>Imperialism, bro. Shit's fucking illogical.
"It doesn't make sense to me but it exists in real world so I'll add it" is not the best way to design a setting.

If we're talking about Imperial Russia, it's quite logical. The reason they kept controlling the territory was that it had natural resources (oil, gas, wood, diamonds).

If I may suggest anything, orcs should export not just clothes, but the finest furcoats.
And what do you mean humans are known for money? Did they invent money, or is their currecny the most widespread and accepted anywhere?
No. 5702 ID: c2d156


Orcs want that uninhabitable land because it's THERE, damn it. It makes their dicks feel big when they can paint a fifth of the map blue.

And Humans are known as greedy capitalist shitbags, a la America, Dubai, etc.

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