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File 134432367423.png - (40.97KB , 931x842 , skype orig 3.png )
8686 No. 8686 ID: ea7b34

A group of fairly inexperienced players are looking to play a game over Skype.

We have no idea what we're doing, all we're looking for for a game is something where I can kick some doors in, and one of us wants monster people of some sort. We're leaning towards Gamma World, but we're very open.

If anyone wants to play (or, if we're lucky, DM) please add me on Skype, name's bswaldmann.
No. 8688 ID: 58bc8d

Also feel free to add ateen1220
I'm one of the other players.
No. 8694 ID: 34cbef

What timeframe do you guys play? I DM on irc but i can double as long as the times don't conflict. Don't usually go into 4th ed often because i'm not too savvy with that edition.
No. 8696 ID: 58bc8d

We're really open when it comes to time and availability. If you want to figure out the specifics, feel free to add us.
No. 8782 ID: 2fd111

This post is a month old, but if the offer is still up, I'm game. I've been itching to play, I've had everything necessary to play 3.5 for around 2 years. Except someone to play with. So if you want fairly inexperienced, you got it in spades right here.
No. 9929 ID: 3aa29e

ateen1220 replying again. Not sure if this will get any attention, but...
Add me on Skype if you're interested, or you can email me at ateen1220@yahoo.com
Always like people who are interested in TTRPGs
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