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File 132893026022.png - (23.85KB , 687x457 , page1center.png )
7995 No. 7995 ID: d12795

So, i'm thinking about DMing a 3.5 campaign. It's going to be an any supplement that works with d20 3.5e dnd. The starting levels will be ECL 5 or fifth level characters and the setting is going to be post fictional renaissance, ie there's going to be guns. If interesting send a pdf character sheet of your character to bamump2k9@yahoo.com and i'll try to respond with my skype name and a link to the dice generator that i use. My hopefully starting date will be tuesday the 21st, but will delay if circumstances are bleak. Hope to see some takers.
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No. 7999 ID: b6edd6

I am interested in playing a 3.5 campaign, but the only DnD I have played so far is ADnD. Is there a site that has the various lists of feats and such that I could use?
No. 8000 ID: d12795


try this one, i'm slumming through it and it seems fairly... something.
No. 8001 ID: b6edd6

How common is magic in your setting? More specifically, would a artificer or a warforged fit into the setting? (I have some general ideas for characters from conversations with some of the people in my group who have played 3.5 . One of those ideas involves a gnome artificer and shenanigans with decanters of endless water, and the other idea is a warforged druid, which I like for its sheer hilarious wrongness. {After all, druids can't use metal armor, but it says nothing about metal skin.})
No. 8002 ID: 9130c6

Actually a feat that covers that. Yes, composite plating counts as metal armor.
BUT you can take a feat to get Darkwood plating instead which makes you slightly less encumbered and counts as wood.
By the eberron handbooks, anyway. DM wants to change it, that's his business, ask.
No. 8003 ID: 9130c6

Also, I forgot.
No. 8005 ID: d12795

anything flies, zig. this is the quote i put up on the flier in my local game shop "Does your warforged, who wields a gunlance while riding bare back on a tarask, want to use his magical/psychic abilities against the tyranny of the elven super race?" Yes, shenanigans are possible- please add more shenanigans to this campaign cus i'll throw more back at you.
No. 8006 ID: b6edd6

That's good. I also got a copy of the 3.5 pdfs from a friend, so I can get started with character creation soonish.
No. 8009 ID: b6edd6

Wow there is a lot of stuff involved in character creation. Still, it is gradually coming along.

Actually, there is the ironwood body feat you can get, but you are only actually prevented from using druid abilities by the mithril/adamantine body feats. (I will likely end up taking that feat anyway though.)
No. 8017 ID: 9933f7

alright, so i got one of my real world chums interested and he might join in

plus the 21st is coming fast, so don't forget to send me a copy of your character sheets.
Also leaving a link to the dice roller i use.
and posting the d20 page, cus it has nearly everything from the 3.5 Handbooks.
No. 8023 ID: b6edd6

Since we are starting at fifth level, how much gold do we have to spend on spells and equipment?
No. 8025 ID: 9933f7

It'll be 5d6x10 worth of gold and one wonderous item starting out, though if your not an elf you don't get these right off the bat. Also magic works the same way as layed out in the charts of mages and sorcerers in the phb.
No. 8026 ID: b6edd6

Is the 'not getting them right off the bat' for the item, the gold, or both?
And what do you mean by 'wondrous item'? The section in the d20 site contains a large range of prices/powers.
If I do start with a wonderous item (as a non-elf), can I instead get a Permanencied Magic Fang on my mouth (+1 on attack and damage rolls with that natural weapon, only has an effect when I am in an animal form due to the spell affecting a natural weapon).

With the spells, what I meant was how any we could start the game knowing. All of the ones we want (of the levels we can cast at level 5), or are we on a budget for those?
No. 8028 ID: 964078

the absolute beginning of the campaigne will start the players off strapped to tables with weak straps. So you won't have the weapons on you when you immediatelly start.

if you read in the item section of the dmg you get a list of wonderous items, or you can google 3.5 dnd wonderous items to find a fun one. Note: Wonderous items are not artifacts or relics.

Finally, the spells you have remembered are the ones you can use. Both sommatic and verbal components will be tracked in this campaign. If you want to use a not known spell, i will implement the wild surge rules. There will be learning spells checks based on level of spells and other things.
No. 8029 ID: b6edd6

Wait, never mind about the Nature's Fang part. I forgot I already get an enhancement bonus to natural weapons from the shapeshift specialty (druid level/4) and they don't stack, so nature's fang wouldn't do anything.

By 'remembered', do you mean prepared spells?
No. 8030 ID: 8adfab

... yeah.

so a confirmed 2 players, might have to start small and wait for others to jump right in.
No. 8033 ID: b6edd6

I am pretty sure I will be finished soon. Sorry for taking so long; after learning the rules I was delayed by the new Dwarf Fortress release ( in which your dwarfs can be driven insane by evil smoke then slain by an animated horse skin).

I am typing my character sheet in Microsoft Word for ease of editing, and writing the various equations used to the side of the stats so any character gen mistakes I make will hopefully be noticeable and correctable.

Should I write my character's back story in my character sheet?
No. 8034 ID: 8adfab

yep, make sure you have an explanation on why you're a fifth level character or experienced whatever you are. Alleviate me on minor details of family and a short summary of what not. It will be plot relevant so make it nice and tasty.
No. 8038 ID: b6edd6

Wow this character sheet is huge due to all the shapeshift druid stuff. I am glad I did not use a physical character sheet.

As a recently activated construct, my character's (planned at the moment, to be written tomorrow) backstory includes a number of things he doesn't know which will I think have lots of potential for plot points. (To be elaborated on in the actual backstory.)
The main ones of these are:
- The whereabouts and goals of his Maker (who disappeared one day, along with a large, perfectly spherical chunk of his lab and the surrounding dirt)
- How his Maker built a construct (him) with druidic abilities anyway
- What the other druids will do when they find out about him (his copy of the Encyclopedia Material informs him that druids tend to be rather hostile towards unnatural things such as machines and constructs)

(I originally though about a warforged druid as a joke, but as I though about it more I think the conflict between mechanical (tending towards lawful and analytical) and natural (tending towards chaotic and instinctual) aspects can be a legitimate source of drama/characterization if I pull it off right. Sort of like those conflicted half-elves you sometimes see, except with a larger issue than being humanoid/other humanoid.)
No. 8039 ID: d01463

that all sounds good, and just a small tidbit the elven super race is called pormot and they are the whole collection of all the elven races and subraces together. Like drow and grey elves having kids together and living together.

Also i'm keeping only two languages from the original set.
Common- the most common language across the land
Druidic- language of the druids

the other languages that you can have are these

Pormoti- The pormot language (think all elf languages put together as one)
Quidle- caveman speak (replaces undercommon)
Hypercode- language of the machines (sentient constructs such as yourself)
Darkspeak- gypsy language, hope you know what gypsies are
Arcane- devil/lower tier angel speak
Alpha- god and ancient people speak

so all things are ready for tuesday after you send me a copy of your characters stats and info.
No. 8043 ID: 6a5a08

I might be interested, depending on session times (ie. whether they conflict with other campaign), though I'm a little late to the party. Also, what method will be used for sessions?

Do we 'purchase' equipment at character creation if we don't get it immediately, or just roll the starting gold and leave the equipment to be purchased later in character?

Thinking about playing a Dromite Psion (Nomad).
No. 8044 ID: 9933f7

you purchase before play, and you get one wonderous item- any wonderous item.

and if i can find out what dromite is then yeah.

also, i will be on all day tomorrow- whenever both you zig and the other one are on at the same time is when we will start.
No. 8045 ID: b6edd6

I forgot to include the wondrous item in the character sheet. Hrm, it is a bit tricky to think of a useful magic item when you plan on spending most of combat in a form where you don't get the bonuses from equipped items. Maybe I could have my backpack be a Handy Haversack?

Aside from that, my character sheet is finished and was sent.

Are we scheduling sessions, or posting whenever?
No. 8046 ID: 53aede

it'll be on skype with audio, if you don't have a mic or anything we can do it on irc, it'll be in about..... say 12 hours from now.
No. 8047 ID: b6edd6

My last class on Tuesday ends at 3:20 (well, often earlier but not always), so I will be on around by 3:30 but maybe earlier.

What is your skype address?
No. 8048 ID: 53aede

look up sweets floofy, or bamump2k9
No. 8051 ID: 6a5a08

For Dromite on d20srd: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/psionicRaces.htm#dromites
This is what I could find on culture and such: http://realmofadventure.wikia.com/wiki/Dromite
Planned Wondrous Item: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm#sustainingSpoon
I also have the sudden urge to taste warm, wet cardboard, so that I know what my character's reaction should be. Is this normal?

Moving away from that note, it appears my computer cannot run Skype due to being an eight year old mac.
No. 8053 ID: b6edd6

So I guess we will be doing irc then?
...how do I use irc?
No. 8054 ID: b6edd6

Also I am done with classes for today.
No. 8055 ID: 6a5a08

Sent my sheet.

IRC stands for Instant Relay Chat, I'm pretty sure. It's really just a chatroom with a fancy name. rizon.net is an example, though its on-site chat client is subpar and crashes a lot, so you would want an IRC client. I use Colloquy, but I'm pretty sure that's mac-only.
No. 8057 ID: 53aede

okay, lets see.... okay, i guess this can work.
On rizon go to #bamump and i'll have to npc you here on skype, but i will relay what is going on
No. 8058 ID: 53aede
File 132986424745.jpg - (4.48MB , 2552x3504 , IMG_0081.jpg )

a map
No. 8060 ID: 6a5a08

Nomad 5
HP gained: +3
Psionic Body HP gained: +4
Feat chosen: Psionic Talent 1 (+2 pp)
Psion bonus feat: Psionic Talent 2 (+3 pp)
PP gained from Psion: 8
New Max HP: 30
New Max PP: 39
Skill point distribution: +1 to Concentration, +5 to Climb
Powers learned: Recall Agony (2nd level), Time Hop (3rd level)
No. 8063 ID: 53aede

thx sala, now about that next time we play. My schedule looks like it may be Wednesday the 29th, we'll try the same thing with skype and irc, but i may have everyone switch over to irc depending on how the situation may be cast. We will still be using the same dice generator with the same password. If anything comes up remember to mention it here, i will check this thread regularly. Also, for those who want to sit in such as an audience you are welcomed, i might anyone who does that play npcs to help me out. So with that outta the way, I will hopefully see you guys on wednesday.
No. 8067 ID: b6edd6

I think next Wednesday works for me. (The two days I am usually busy until late in the day day are Sunday and Thursday.)

Skype makes discussing things easier, but I think for actions or things we say in character we should use irc. (Personally I find it easier to be in character while typing rather than speaking.)

>+5 to Climb

With the new feat I got, I now have a wolf-like sense of smell. (Despite how I never breathe. Magic can be funny like that.)
No. 8068 ID: 6a5a08

Checking over the psionics stuff, and Salsa's Int bonus to power points actually bumps up by two every level, taking the total to 41.
If Harley hasn't been devoured by the undead, that'd probably apply to Tuo as well since he seemed to be a psionic class.
No. 8082 ID: 4e1efc

here are a few fun a quarky things that i'm letting into the campaign, mostly for folk who join at a later time

and yes, you might run into pokemon- but keep in mind that you will be able to kill them and/or eat there entrails
No. 8084 ID: b6edd6

I noticed an alternate class feature that I missed during character creation, so I was wondering: can I switch out an ability I have not actually used so far?
The specific switch would be to lose
Spontaneous Summon Nature's Ally (you can lose a prepared spell to instead cast Summon Nature's ALly of the same level)
to get
Spontaneous Rejuvenation (you can lose a prepared spell to instead give all allies in 30 feet (including yourself) the Fast Healing ability for three rounds, with the same magnitude as the lost spell's level (this does not stack with itself or other regeneration abilities). For example if you lose a second level spell, you and your allies each heal 2 per round for 3 rounds.){The healing effect is fairly small per target compared to normal healing spells, but because the healing comes from an Ex ability rather than a healing-subschool spell it would affect me fully.}
No. 8086 ID: 53aede

i will give you a change to counter learn it, which in DMerp speak is if you run across another druid that has those powers to train you in them- and depending on my usual chance rolls you might either replace the current abilities succeffully or acquire along with keeping what you have currently. But like i said, they will based on the chance rolls that i make. Along those druid lines, you may also learn how to train and raise a plant familiar that will be customizable based on level if you wish too go an alternate route aside from animal allies.
No. 8087 ID: b6edd6

A plant familiar seems like it could be neat. Maybe some kind of animated lichen that would grow on my plating or a plant I could keep in my haversack...
As a well-armored melee fighter, I am generally not in favor of having a familiar or summon who fights in melee, as it seems both ruthless and inefficient to have less-protected critters take hits for me while dealing relatively minor damage.
No. 8088 ID: ac6d0b

Standard HP Gained: 3(roll)+2(mod)= +5HP
Psionic Body HP Gained: +4HP
Total HP Gained: +9HP
6th Level Feat: Combat Meditation(or Psionic Talent, because of the errata from my complete and utter feat fubar)
Psion Bonus Feat: Expanded Knowledge(gain 1 power)
PP Gained from Psion: 10
Bonus PP: +2
Total Max HP: 42 HP
Total Max PP: 48 PP
Skill Distribution: +2 Concentration, +1 Psicraft, +1 Bluff, +1 Gather Information
Powers Learned: 3 Powers; False Sensory Input, Sustenance, Energy Bolt

Also errata: I would have went with Combat Manifestation as opposed to combat casting.This also means my HP at level 5 would have been a max 33 instead of 31. But I didn't have the required ranks in Combat Manifestation, and i would have benefitted from Psionic Talent more, which i planned to get at this level. So that was an error. I will take Psionic talent now as a feat, as planned, and i now meet the requirements of the Combat manifestation, so can we just say i did Psionic Talent in the first five and say combat manifestation this level?
No. 8089 ID: 275917
File 133037408929.png - (599.37KB , 803x414 , FO02_NPC_Harold_N.png )

Head bonsai.
Dooooo eeeeeet.
No. 8090 ID: b6edd6

And there is a second level spell to transform into a tree...
No. 8091 ID: ac6d0b

Hey! I made a Jungle Halfling Barbarian (Eagle Totem). How should I give it to you? I have a hard copy but you probably would like a copy.
No. 8094 ID: 53aede

i would, scan and send to my email
No. 8097 ID: b6edd6

Are we doing the thing where we only heal a few hit points per night of rest? (Though I think warforged don't actually heal over time, which means it is a good thing I have spells for healing.)
No. 8098 ID: 6a5a08

If Sala or Tuo takes the Shaper's Repair Construct power using Expanded Knowledge, they'll be able to heal you.
No. 8099 ID: b6edd6

More healing is useful, but probably wouldn't be worth a feat (if Expanded Knowledge is one of those) when I can heal myself with spells.
No. 8100 ID: ac6d0b

I don't have a scanner. and you live in my town so .... Maybe harley and myself give it too you?
No. 8103 ID: 275917

Repair checks?
Should be an item based on that in the Eberron setting book.
No. 8106 ID: 53aede

yes, find me, grab chumpface and get him to call me.
No. 8107 ID: 53aede

in 10hrs from this post, this very post, I will be trying to get ahold of you all on irc or skype.
The time that i am going to begin will be around 3-ish or four on my time. Which will be 10hrs from this post. Right now my clock says 5:05am. And the posts go by military time, so just add 10hrs to this post and you will be able to find me on skype or irc.
I hope to see peoples then, alrighty- SLEEP TIME!!
No. 8109 ID: b6edd6

I will probably be on closer to 3:30 or 4:00. (Today is actually quite a good day for us to meet, since I just had my last midterm and will soon be going to my last quiz before spring break.)
No. 8111 ID: 53aede

alright, game time, it will start off slow because of minor character detail with the recent join in. But have no fear, expect CITY SHENANIGANS!!!
No. 8114 ID: b6edd6

So our human psion has just seduced a dragon (who was inhuman form at the time).
No. 8116 ID: 53aede

alright, so no experience this session, but the cumulative experience will be added together sfter next session, highlights were that the human psion did some chix... we don't know how that was productive, and we figured out how to take down a shield of magic. YOHO, so see you gents next session.
No. 8121 ID: b6edd6

Should I email you my updated character sheet, or do I only do that when I level?
No. 8122 ID: 53aede

unless there are major changes to the character sheet such as attributes, feats, and skill changes you don't have to send me the sheet.

Also, the next session will hopefully be tuesday march... um.. either fourth or fifth, all i know is that it's a tuesday upcoming. Same as last two sessions, if you are unable to make it please post it.
No. 8123 ID: b6edd6

About the bag of holding thing, I the entry for anti-magic right above the entry for Scent ( http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#antimagic ), and apparently golems, undead, and elementals do function in anti-magic fields, though I would still revert to humanoid form.
No. 8124 ID: b6edd6

Barbarian guy, are you at your max AC bonus from Dex? I am selecting spells for the (probably) dragon fight, and was wondering whether you would be helped more my Barkskin (+3 AC at my level, 60 min) or Cat's Grace (+4 Dex, 6 min)

In other news, I did the math about a flight related thing, and it is sadly not viable to (starting from bat form, in midair) fly upwards, change to humanoid, cast a spell, and then return to bat form at the beginning of the next round. (I can only shapeshift once per round.) Even if I start out flying upwards at max fly speed, by the time a 6 second combat round has passed I will have fallen about 1118 feet (not factoring in drag, but unless I get a parachute drag won't wake that much of a distance).

Out of curiosity, if I was desperate to damage something very quickly, how does the calculation work for damage dealt by dropping onto an enemy from a great height?
No. 8125 ID: 53aede

based upon your weight i would guess it's similar to a slam attack.

well then we'll have the dromite stick you in a bag of holding and have it carry you around.
Also, just a little spoiler, each of your characters will recieve nifty magical doodads, whether now or later is up to how you interact with encounters. There may be a chance that maybe there's an item that could let you cast your spells in your beast forms... but that is still based on how the campaign plays out.
No. 8129 ID: e3aff6

A random thought: Would the Scent ability help with Sense Motive checks, via smelling fear (and presumably other strong emotions)?
No. 8132 ID: 787042

find a way to make a scent check relate to a sense motive and i'll let you try it. But to be honest the smell of fear is a combination of things, such as sweat or urine.
No. 8133 ID: 1b5708

Under emotional stress there are molecules released that don't get released with purely physical stress. Search for 'chemosensory cues emotional stress'.
Naturally the person needs to be under emotional stress to release those molecules and as far as I know they are pretty much unspecific to the source of the emotional stress.
No. 8134 ID: e3aff6

So I guess any help from scent would only work with people concealing their emotions, such as when someone is bluffing and feeling much more nervous that they are letting on.
No. 8135 ID: 0b1389

You'd get a positive for stress if they fear for their best mate because he's deathly ill. Or you smell fear because your group is the eighth group in 3 days and the evil wizard told his guards if he doesn't get his rest they are going to be feed to his molds.
No. 8136 ID: e3aff6

Yeah, I guess you are right. If detecting stress doesn't work out that well for polygraph tests (which are not much better than chance) it probably won't work at all for me.
It likely doesn't matter that much in the end, with super-diplomacy-guy already in our party.

An unrelated disappointing thing is that I was planning on using this feat at high levels to gain the ability to turn into a tornado (the lvl 16 air elemental form combined with the feat to gain the supernatural abilities of a currently assumed form), but it turns out that on further inspection transforming into a tornado is not particularly useful and is actually a step down from being a huge elemental in the first place.
No. 8138 ID: e3aff6

Will tomorrow's meeting be at about the same time as the previous ones? I can meet whenever, due to spring break.
No. 8139 ID: 53aede

yes, for continuitys sake.

you think too small, when the tornado form kicks in you need to think more environment then what you can do personally. If a tornado just erupted into a middle of say a smithy's shop, one who you might not find appealing, you'd pick up a whole helluva ton of sharp pointiness and be ethereal doom to anyone you actually occupy the same area with.
No. 8140 ID: e3aff6

Mounting spikes ON the tornado? I love it! I can picture myself walking into a blacksmith's shop with a bag of holding and saying "I wish to buy swords. All the swords."

On a similar note, how does shapeshifting interact with body additions from warforged feats such as Spiked Body (acts like armor spikes) or Jaws of Death (you get a secondary bite attack)? (Of course, the Jaws definitely wouldn't apply to forms which already have bite attacks (as that would be silly), but the two highest level forms don't come with bite attacks.)

...For that matter, how do armor spikes work, anyway? The rulebook isn't that clear on whether the damage they do is a flat 1d4 (or 1d6 for the warforged version) or if the damage counts as an attack for purposes of bonuses.
No. 8141 ID: 53aede

Alright, bad news, gaming has been delayed on account one of my housemates tried to almost burn the house down. Occupied with police and whatever most of the day... sorry guys for the inconvenience, but smokey isn't happy with this one.

Sorry for the last minute update, the new hopefully decent day will be friday. If you cannot make it remember to post it here.
No. 8142 ID: ac6d0b

I have a prior engagement on friday.
No. 8143 ID: 53aede

alrighty, so hiatus til ... tues march 20th. it's a couple of weeks away. looks like i have work all of next week. Alrighty, i hope to see you guys then.
No. 8144 ID: e3aff6

Um, ok. Sorry to hear about the house.
No. 8145 ID: 6a5a08

Alright. Good luck with whatever's going on then.
No. 8169 ID: ac6d0b

How's it going guys? just thought i'd give the group a shout while we wait for the next session.
No. 8172 ID: b6edd6

I am still around.
No. 8184 ID: 7664b8

the game is coming up quick, tuesday of next week. same time and same process, see you guys there.
No. 8196 ID: ac6d0b

job interview at 3 today, so i'll probably be back around 4 or so. if you guys get together around 3, feel free to get the ball rolling.
No. 8197 ID: 7664b8

okay, so today at generally 3 my time, same time as usual. One play will be late but that's not a prob. Side note, my write ups for today got caught in a storm so the campaign will be just wingin it on story.
No. 8198 ID: b6edd6

If Harley, Sala, or the halfling are there, we are waiting for you right now
No. 8206 ID: 7664b8
File 133230776119.gif - (1.16MB , 250x197 , 133145278177.gif )

so 4 diplomatic lays by tuo
that's 200 each
the story time shenanigans for everyone is 6000
saving people, sala, trenton, and 02 get.... lesseee, 48 people saved, about 100 each
for creating a bbeg but being an autistic retard, 1000
trenton gets 200 for playing his character well
sala gets 200 for playing his character
02 gets 300 for playing his character and story
and tuo get 200 for playing his character... but being stupid
and your previous levels cap was 15000 so add it appropriately
No. 8207 ID: ac6d0b

You're welcome. :)
No. 8208 ID: b6edd6

So with the krackendragon, are its rust abilities just for its face tentacle or for its entire body?

(And were you just choosing components to make it OP in general, or were you specifically choosing things that would screw over our characters? Its numerous nearly-instant-kill abilities (plane shift, unholy whip, etc), are fairly general, but I kind of take blindsight bit personally. I had the best concealment/blindsight related plans...)
No. 8210 ID: 7664b8

half of it was harleys doing, but the blindsight thing was pretty much off the fly there. Sorry for that, i'll look into the hard copy later and do some revisions to make it killable. aside from that it is still gonna be a much higher challenge then you can take on at your current levels.
No. 8212 ID: b6edd6

Well yeah, definitely higher than our current level.

I have the beginnings of a plan of how to fight it, but the plan involves getting to level 24 (or at the very least 18), getting a feat so I can take Ex abilities from forms I take (which should be plausible, as there is an existing frat to get Su abilities from your forms), and getting a number of powerful implants (such as a dimensional anchor, something to counter mind effects, and something to prevent stat damage).

...Or possibly I could ask Sala next session whether he can move the shield-bubble, and if so whether he can throw the thing into the ruins of the city.
No. 8213 ID: 6a5a08

How much exp did we get the first session by the way, or was it just enough for each person to level? Just making sure I have the right numbers down.

Level 6:
HP rolled: 2 (+1 from Con)
Feat taken: Psionic Talent (3)
HP from Psionic Body: +2
New max HP: 35
PP gained: +2 Int, +10 Psion, +4 Psionic Talent
New max PP: 53
Powers Taken: Telekinetic Thrust, Telekinetic Force
Skills: +2 to Hide, +2 to Diplomacy, and +2 to Perform (Dance)

You want me to send the updated sheet?
No. 8216 ID: b6edd6

So I was thinking about the incredible OPness of bluffing PCs with a ridiculous bluff check, and I would like to propose an idea to somewhat limit the ability to bullshit indefinitely about anything.

The idea is basically a system of penalties for distrust gradually accumulated over time. Telling strings of lies that really shouldn't work or actually getting caught doing something particularly untrustworthy would increase the affected PC's distrust by one per scene of lying or major discovered deception, which would give them a bonus against future bluff attempts from the bluffing character. (Of course, deceiving other people who are not close allies of a character would not effect their trust levels, as that is just being thiefy rather than actual betrayal. Lies that are actually perfectly plausible will also not count towards distrust unless some other in-character factor (such as evidence to the contrary) renders them implausible.) So for instance, the scene near the end of last session where Tuo 'explained' his disappearance and the shield-orb would increase 02's distrust level by one, and if he had actually gotten caught on something major like the lie about his control over the orb it would increase 02's distrust by an additional one.
Of course, if a distrusted character does something that displays their trustworthiness towards a distrusting character, distrust towards them would decrease, but it would have to be fairly convincing and an actual action rather than an alleged action.
If we did go with this 02 would currently be at 1 distrust towards Tuo, as he believes what Tuo said when they met in the city, but something seemed a bit off about his explanation.
No. 8218 ID: 7664b8

I'll edit the sheet that i have for you, thank you for posting this.

sounds like you have a good plan, i am currently muddling with it and it should be at least peak epic lvls if it goes over cr 20. I'm gonna try to throw some complications into it to drop it's difficulty so that i can at least use it to grief the party occasionally.

I shall consult the phb about this...
>Bluff (cha)
>you can make the outrageous or the untrue seem plausible, or use doublespeak or innuendo to deliver a secret message to another character.
>The skill encompasses acting, conning, fast talking, misdirection, prevarication, and misleading body language.
>Use a bluff to sow temporary confusion, get someone to turn and look where you point, or simply to look innocuous.
>A bluff check is opposed by the target's sense motive check.
In my campaign i'm also using similar checks to discern if someone is bluffing; sort of like a con artist can figure out that he's being conned.
>Discerning bluff Penalties and Modifiers
>the target wants to believe you -5
>the bluff is believable and doesn't affect the target much +0
>the bluff is a little hard to believe or puts the target at some risk +5
>the bluff is hard to believe or puts the target at significant risk +10
>the bluff is way out there, almost too incredible to consider +20

after looking into it i believe i was neglecting to know about this, and the blame goes to me for not letting you take your modifier. But now that i recognize this, the rest of the party will be able to discern the type of bluff check Tuo uses against the party and may gain the temporary modifier to sense motive or a what i'm calling counter-skill check.
No. 8219 ID: 7664b8

oh, i forgot to answer the question. Lessee, yeah you should be lvl 7 by now, the first part of the campaign gave you enough to level from 5 to 6. The exp cap of that is 15000, which is the last item of the experience listings here >>318206 then you add up the rest of your exp to that.
No. 8221 ID: 6a5a08

The exp table I checked listed both 6 and 7 as 15,000, so I checked the equation and found 7 should actually be 21,000.
500*level*(level+1) to determine exp required for next level is the listed equation, and it seems to fit with the other entries in the exp chart.

Also Dromites get +1 to ECL, so Sala started at Level 4, if that changes things.
If he still leveled up to 7 I'll make sure to update that before next session.
No. 8225 ID: 7664b8

you almost got it, but if you read it lvl 1 has a zero next to it, and the experience next to 2 is 1000, you have to read the level next to it to get the lvl cap. so to put it like this to get to lvl 2 is 1000 to lvl 3 is 3000 to lvl 4 is 6000 to lvl 5 is 10000 and since you are already level five your next cap was 15000 and that first session had everyone level so the cap after that is 21000. Tl:dr version, you had 15000 as a lvl 6, now you add to that and see if you gained past 21000
No. 8239 ID: 6a5a08

Sala is only just reaching Level 6 though, it has about 16,300 depending on what the amount we got the first session was.
No. 8240 ID: b6edd6

Next week, could we meet Monday, Wednesday, or Friday? Next Tuesday is somewhat awkward for me since I have a test Wednesday morning.
No. 8241 ID: b6edd6

Posting this here so I don't forget it:
"The iron in the body of a warforged makes him vulnerable to rusting grasp. The creature takes 2d6 points of damage from the spell (Refl ex half; save DC 14 + caster’s ability modifier). A warforged takes the same damage from a rust monster’s touch (Refl ex DC 17 half). Spells such as stone to flesh, stone shape, warp wood, and wood shape affect objects only, and thus cannot be used on the stone and wood parts of a warforged." [Eberron Campaign Setting]
No. 8242 ID: 7664b8

we will be playing on monday upcoming then.
I have the day off so the usual shenanigans. same time same place.

sala, you missed the last part of first session. that was saying that you all leveled from 5 to 6. Because i didn't have the calculations i just added a level. so as a level six character you are starting out with 15000 experience. then you add the experience from this
which is for you personally 11000
the total exp you should have is 26000 and the experience needed to make it to level 7 is only 21000.

I am starting to get flustered, do you have a link to what you are looking at that is confusing you so much? Or the name of the book that you're using?
No. 8244 ID: 6a5a08

I looked over the table and Sala would have started with 6000 at Lvl 4 (+1 level adjustment from Dromite puts it at the ECL 5 to start).

I think what confused me is the '48 people saved, about 100 each'
I read that as '100 in total for each character', not '4800 total for each character'.
No. 8245 ID: 6a5a08

Even from the minimum of 10,000 for level 5, that 11,000 would bump it up through 6 to 7, so I updated the level again:

HP: 4(Rolled), +1(Con), new max: 40
PP: +11(Psion), +2(Int), new max: 66
Skills: +2 to Concentration, +4 to Gather Information
Powers learned: Fly, Psionic; Telekinetic Maneuver
No. 8247 ID: 7664b8

okay neat

alright, repeat same time same process tomorrow.
No. 8253 ID: 7664b8

so campaign is cancelled for today. I'll see if we can get a decent day next week. If any of you guys have a day of preferance please don't be afraid to ask
No. 8254 ID: 6a5a08

Usually any day other than friday or saturday will work for me.
No. 8275 ID: b6edd6

So can everybody meet this Tuesday? And if we have the meeting at 4:00, will people actually be there, or would it be better if the meeting is moved to 5:00 or something?
No. 8276 ID: 2d2d9a

I am unable to make this tuesday, but i can make it the Wednesday of April 4th. If there are any concerns about this i can push it til wednesday aprill 11th
No. 8278 ID: 6a5a08

Works for me.
No. 8279 ID: b6edd6

April 4 works for me.
No. 8286 ID: ac6d0b

Just a heads up Sweets, I'll be late because i'm helping Sarge reorganize his shop.
No. 8287 ID: 6997f2

then we'll start at around 4ish
No. 8288 ID: ac6d0b

New PP: 63
New Feat: Psionic Endowment + One to Power Save DC
New Powers: Dominate Mind, Death Urge
Skills: Diplomacy 17(+4 ranks)
HP: +1 roll, +2 con mond, +one for a psionic feat
No. 8289 ID: 6997f2

okay, so you finally made it to the jungle, no exp til after next session. which will hopefully be maybe tuesday of next week
No. 8294 ID: 6997f2

alright, sorry for such a late minute post but it seems i have come down with illness- it is mostly just stomach things but because of this i will desire to sleep it away. the campaign is moved to either thursday of this week or if that does not work monday of next week in the later period of 4-5pm
No. 8295 ID: b6edd6

On Thursday, I have class until about 4:30 your time. After that still works though.
No. 8296 ID: 0c3545
File 133426145712.jpg - (10.77KB , 320x240 , 006200_11.jpg )

alright, so another update- due to being out of town today it will be held next week. Sorry for the delay, hopefully shenanigans will resume monday
No. 8310 ID: 6a5a08

I'm a bit ill at the moment, so depending on when I can get an appointment to see the doctor, I may be late. I'll definitely be there though.
No. 8311 ID: 6a5a08

It was today right?
No. 8312 ID: b6edd6

That's what I thought too, but he is currently off Skype and I have not heard anything else from him.
No. 8313 ID: 6997f2

I"M HERE, sorry, just got side tracked... uh, i'll be waiting in the usual spots if you guys are still willing to play today... man, whoops, sorry guys.
No. 8317 ID: b6edd6

A random thought:
Since I can put skill points in Spot or Listen, can I similarly put skill points in Scent?
No. 8322 ID: 6997f2

yes, i can let you do that.

alright, so update- we'll hopefully continue where we left off on tuesday of next week. april 24th i believe. i will not be late this time (hopefully)
No. 8343 ID: 6997f2

so the update is that the campaign is put on hold til one of the current players can get all internetted up and due to not having too many people- on a side note this campaing is still looking for players to join in, the details still are at the top of this thread
No. 8344 ID: b6edd6

I found a friend who would like to join the group.

(At this point new characters will start at lvl 7, right?)
He says that if it is not too overpowered (which I think it is), he wants to play a half-dragon hill giant (which has a total level adjustment of +7, and a massive assortment of bonuses listed in http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/giant.htm#hillGiant and http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/halfDragon.htm . Particularly of note are the 12d8 starting hit dice, the +8 starting base attack bonus, 5 monster feats, and the +22 strength. (After reading that, I don't know why the hill giant level adjustment is only +4. Sure they have sizable Int and Cha penalties, but fighting classes don't use those anyway.)

Otherwise he is thinking about playing a kobold monk.
No. 8345 ID: b6edd6

Hmm, on second thought, I don't know how much large amounts of strength bonuses are balanced out by a lack of spellcasting. I haven't really had much experience with how things work with high level spellcasters in 3.5.
No. 8346 ID: 207274

Actually, the Half-Dragon ability makes it 12d10 starting HP, and not 12d8 :D
No. 8347 ID: 6d2182

And please ignore the Half-Dragon part. Just being a hill giant monk is enough.
No. 8348 ID: 6997f2

that will be okay, just send the finished characte sheet to my email. my email is in th elink.
No. 8349 ID: 319bea

Is it alright if it is in an Excel spreadsheet?
No. 8350 ID: fb1ef0

The answer is, "unless your spellcasting consists of self buffs to enable improved melee, not very".
Having a lot of power means jack if you can't close the gap to use it, and there are a LOT of ways to stop melee should a decent creature not want you to hit it.
No. 8351 ID: b6edd6

At least some ultra-powerful monsters seem fairly hittable apart from their DR, high AC, and incredible grapple bonuses.

About that, can you attack with armor spikes while being grappled as well as when grappling?
No. 8353 ID: b6edd6

I have just convinced my older brother to consider joining.
Some rules explaining will be necessary; the last time I know of that he has played a pen and paper RPG was GURPS back when we were much younger.
No. 8354 ID: fb1ef0

>At least some ultra-powerful monsters seem fairly hittable apart from their DR, high AC, and incredible grapple bonuses.
>apart from their DR, high AC, and incredible grapple bonuses.
I think you are glossing over the problem.
And I do believe that armor spikes automatically cause 1d6 damage when grappled or swallowed, but don't quite me.
No. 8355 ID: fb1ef0

Alright, after a long time, I have taken a smidge of interest in this game.
I just need to know some stuff, like power scale, expectations, what is and isn't kosher.
No. 8356 ID: 6997f2

alright, so to sum up what i see.
Spikes do damage when a creature makes contact with them- whether it's grappling, swallowing, or even punching the armor.
It is alright to put the character sheet in any format you guys are able to use.

>power scale, expectations, what is and isn't kosher.

power scale is between tit mouse and god, expectations are that you will run into things that aren't basic fantasy stereotype, and what is and isn't kosher is up to the game environment (so far it seems that it is unwise to attack a creature that is a cr far greater then yours). If there are in game conflicts between players, they have to solve it in game, if they aren't in game i will slap the ever loving hell outta them verbally. Most things will fly with me, such as pvp and what not (not all the players will be the same alignment or even act the alignment right). The starting ecl is 7 at the moment, if you want to make a broken monster with a class, go right ahead. If it cannot defeat cr 44s or higher, then it will not be considered overpowered.
Also, there will be a fair chance of character or party wipe based on a few "that guy" players.
No. 8357 ID: b6edd6

So what is our status for tomorrow?
No. 8358 ID: fb1ef0

>power scale is between tit mouse and god
>expectations are that you will run into things that aren't basic fantasy stereotype,
>and what is and isn't kosher is up to the game environment (so far it seems that it is unwise to attack a creature that is a cr far greater then yours)
Seeing as CR means fuckall, not surprising, but a lot of things are harder than you'd think.
>implies I would make some LA fuckoff monster pc
>further implies that idiots will cost the party
YAY~, I love idiots.
No. 8359 ID: 684293

Which IRC client are you guys using? Should I go ahead and download one?
No. 8360 ID: b6edd6

You don't actually have to download it. The website is http://cbe004.chat.mibbit.com/
For the Connect drop down box, select Rizon, and in the channel field enter #bamump

We are also using an online dice roller at http://www.catchyourhare.com/diceroller/
The password for that is merren ala marta

(Though I don't know if we will be meeting today, with all the disorganization from new players.)
No. 8361 ID: 6997f2

the current status on the campaign is that i'm going to a convention this weekend. I need to prepair, if the characters are sent to me by the end of the week or early next week we may be able to begin playing again on the week after. I am also getting a new apartment soonish so when we do begin playing the bulk of the encounters will most likely be thrown together.
No. 8371 ID: e3aff6

I haven't heard from you guys in a while. Are you still there?

Also, I will be busy for some largeish amount of time this tuesday due to grandparents visiting. (My brother is still working on his character sheet, but progress is slow.)
No. 8372 ID: 6997f2

i'm still here, but haven't really gotten any updates on players yet. as soon as that falls into place then we'll start up again.
No. 8374 ID: 319bea

Did you get my character sheet, or should I re-send it?
No. 8376 ID: 6997f2

resend it, it seems to not have gotten through
No. 8377 ID: e3aff6

How many spells would a wizard starting at level 7 have? And does the fact that they are proficient with crossbows also make them proficient with basic guns?
No. 8389 ID: 6997f2

it's subjective based on int on how many spells a level 7 would have, and crossbows are similar but not the same as the guns such as loading the ball and adding powder.
No. 8390 ID: 131de9

Guns would definitely require their own (exotic) weapon proficiency. There's a world of difference between the two.
No. 8500 ID: e3aff6

Are any of you guys still around by this point? I would be interested in re-forming the group if you guys are.
No. 8508 ID: 34cbef

i'm still here, been busy
No. 8510 ID: 6a5a08

Still around, just waiting on news.
No. 8511 ID: e3aff6

What about the guy who was moving and away from internet? Is he done with that?
No. 8512 ID: 9202a9

I'm a new guy who is interested is it still open?
No. 8513 ID: e3aff6

Probably, if it isn't dead. It has been inactive for a while though.
No. 8514 ID: 34cbef

its still going on, lately haven't been getting the emails of new characters if anyone is sending them
No. 8532 ID: e3aff6

No. 8538 ID: 34cbef

that is funny- so still waiting on any stragglers before we start again
No. 8589 ID: 34cbef

alright, sorry for the delay seems no one else is going to join- campaign will be resuming on tuesdays again. This upcoming tuesday will not take place, the tuesday after that we will be resuming at the part of the campaign where the party has made it outside the sewers to escape the now dwelling of the new monster freak thing.

Make sure you still have your character sheets, and we will be using the usual materials as always.
No. 8593 ID: 6a5a08

This is awesome.

Two/three person campaign won't be too bad, really. I'm sure it's been done before.
No. 8601 ID: e3aff6

I am in.
By the way, I found out from some other games that I had been calculating damage incorrectly during this game. In previous sessions I had though that base attack bonus contributed to damage, when it does not in fact do so. So my melee attacks are now less overpowered (1d6 + 5 in predator form rather than 1d6 + 10). (Next level they might be heading back to OPville, though, because that is when I get my next form.)
No. 8602 ID: e3aff6

Also, I found a neat site for storing character sheets. Here is my (main, due to forms) character sheet there:
No. 8625 ID: 34cbef

that is pretty useful zig, alrighty that day is coming up- need to get a roll call of who's attending so i can write the cr of the upcoming conflicts.
No. 8626 ID: 6a5a08

Sala is present.
No. 8629 ID: e3aff6

I am here.
No. 8630 ID: 34cbef

Alright folks, game time.
No. 8631 ID: 34cbef

next tuesday is the next session- i will post when the game is beginning
No. 8633 ID: a73dec

So, spell loadout decision time in preparation for a large dwarf attack.
Can I get a description of the tunnel entrance with things like width of the entrance and ground type (floors of stone, dirt, or grass allow or stop various druid spells). A quick map like >>8058 would be nice, but not necessary if it is too much trouble.
No. 8635 ID: 34cbef


It's a simple cave mouth- rugged stone walls with patches of dirt, mud and grass as the floor. The deeper it goes the flooring becomes more solid and before it hits the sewer it's completely stone. It is a single tunnel that spans a week long trek and other then that it doesn't have much appeal.
No. 8641 ID: 34cbef

Alrighty, everything is set up- game time when everyone is ready
No. 8642 ID: e3aff6

I am home early today due to local power outage issues that have (probably) been resolved by now.
No. 8643 ID: 34cbef

welp we be waiting 4 u then
No. 8644 ID: 34cbef
File 134316806012.png - (26.15KB , 773x567 , cave.png )

No. 8645 ID: 6a5a08

Sheet with updated shit:

Totally making the Sustaining Spoon a familiar. This is a thing that is happening.
No. 8647 ID: 4c4acb

I will probably not be able to make it next Tuesday due to being in California from next Saturday until the Friday after that.

(Also, I think the amount of exp assigned last session was kind of out of scale. We did get a lot done last session, but according to the tables 15000 would bring me from being almost lvl 8 to being halfway from lvl 9 to lvl 10, unless we are using the only-one-level-up-at-once rule, in which case it caps at bringing me from almost level 8 to the edge of level 9.)

Currently, your page seems to be set to not be publicly viewable.
No. 8662 ID: 34cbef

trying to stick to the 1 or 2 level gain minimum- i've been throwing alot of stuff at you guys. And there are only two of you so the experience represents that.

so no campaign tuesday- will probably have it the next tuesday after then.
No. 8685 ID: 34cbef

Tuesday is coming up fast, same time tomorrow. Current events are the travel to the human settlement westwards. Be ready for airship shenanigans and maybe dragonland shenanigans.
No. 8689 ID: d8537a

What specific time is that again?
No. 8690 ID: e3aff6

Hello? I arrived a bit late today, but I don't see anyone else on the IRC or skype.
No. 8691 ID: 6a5a08

I'm checking in periodically for bamump's post for starting.
No. 8692 ID: 34cbef

Sorry for the delay, it has been hectic to drag myself away from current events. A head count to see who is willing to play this late will be cool and also if you are willing to play this late.
No. 8695 ID: e3aff6

I am still here.
No. 8697 ID: 6a5a08

I'm back now. Opening up my tabs and will be there if this is still happening.
No. 8698 ID: 34cbef

it seems that the thing is cancelled this tuesday- sorry. We will try next tuesday
No. 8713 ID: 34cbef

Alright, take two on the campagine tommorrow. I'll be damned if i miss it this time. Same time, same place.
No. 8714 ID: 34cbef

game time
No. 8715 ID: 34cbef

actually i have to run some quick errands.
It will probably be an hour
No. 8716 ID: b6edd6

I was moving into my dorm earlier today, but now I am moved in so I am ready when you guys are.
No. 8717 ID: b6edd6

So it seems that at level 8, my shapeshift druid transfroms from an ok-ish melee fighter to a whirlwind of death.
3.5 Druids being 3.5 druids, I guess.
No. 8718 ID: 6a5a08

On top of that, the dice love you this session.
No. 8719 ID: 34cbef

alright, sorry about not having a chock full session this go around- but next session i'm sure you will make it to the human village. See you guys next tuesday.
No. 8731 ID: 34cbef

mkay, session is tomorrow. We'll be doing the same as always- meaning we'll try to meet at around 3-4-5 pm... yeah, times are awkward with this session.
No. 8734 ID: 34cbef

my mom had an emergency, today's session is cancelled. An update on the next time we hold the session will be posted later today.
No. 8735 ID: 34cbef

session is put on hiatus because i gotta take care of irl stuff. I'm not sure when we'll resume but i'll keep you guys posted.
No. 8744 ID: b6edd6

Ok. I hope your mother is ding better.
No. 8746 ID: 6a5a08

This, but doing better, rather.
No. 8747 ID: b6edd6

Er, right, that is what I meant.
No. 8752 ID: 34cbef

yeah, well she's not been doing well so now i gotta help take care of her. It now means i don't have as much free time as i usually do so DMing will have to be put on hold til the family can figure out what we can do.
No. 8753 ID: 6a5a08

It's fine, family comes before people on the internet.
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