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File 134601847552.jpg - (123.47KB , 471x781 , Tulpa.jpg )
8761 No. 8761 ID: 5b4b49

Okay, why hasn't there been a tabletop RPG made about these? I mean there's Persona, but that's a video game. Who would be interested in a tabletop game involving the creations of tulpae for the sake of battling an ancient conspiracy?

For those unaware, a tulpa is essentially thought made sentient, and is part of Tibetian mysticism. Basically an imaginary friend that you actually see, though obviously it can't interact with anyone but you.

I don't really care if the system is new or uses an existing system (maybe only tulpae can gain levels in d20, or perhaps it's a NWoD system modification). As long as it takes this interesting idea to a tabletop game near me, I think I'll be happy.

Pic related, it's a tulpa out of Mage the Awakening, pg 233 on a PDF.
No. 8763 ID: e5c426

I remember reading something about a monk making a snake of light from a pair of gongs to scare away bandits...
I would mix in some Jojo's Bizarre Adventures for spice.
No. 8767 ID: 533c7a

actually yeah, jojo had the stands which were pretty similar. they took orders from their masters but were also characters of the story in and of themselves.
No. 8768 ID: e5c426

I think the only ones that spoke were Dragon's Dream and Spice Girl and a few others...

As for system, I'd say avoid having the tulpae be all of the heavy hitting, and I'm trying to think of a reasonable way to work multiples but not coming up with anything.
I agree, though, this sounds awesome. You have the guy with the not-star-platinum that can do brain surgery via punching, you have the dude with the thing that's just invisible and intangible but it can make people go insane, you have the dude that is thoroughly convinced he has excalibur and it's speaking to him, you have the guy that just got the ability to see all this shit and be able to punch it.

And the dude that makes evil flesheating butterflies from the sounds of the bells he wears.

And the dude that can shoot memory leeches through eye contact.

And the guy that draws snakes that come to life and catch on fire.
No. 8770 ID: ecfcdc

I'm pretty sure Tulpas are in Enter the Shadowside.
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