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File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

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Current Lagotrope specific ITQ thread:
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No. 97325 ID: f56624

No. 97326 ID: e5e5e0

Question to Correspondence McAnswerton. You seem like a real player. Ever make it with any of the gals in town?
No. 97327 ID: 3a9db6
File 145370049546.png - (3.34KB , 500x500 , itq_3.png )

A gentleman never asks

and a gentleman doesn't tell!
No. 97329 ID: 2a7417

To all quest characters: If you had a choice between staying where you currently live or moving to a new town where everyone would be friendly, which would you choose?
No. 97330 ID: 8679fe
File 145374496228.png - (60.21KB , 700x600 , eeeeehhh.png )

I've been asking myself this question for eight straight months.
No. 97331 ID: 5ea852

To all quest characters: how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for your loved ones in the physical sense? A finger, an eye, a limb?
No. 97332 ID: 665ed8

To Lickbutt, how many boyfriends have you had?
No. 97334 ID: 8679fe
File 145374949911.png - (80.21KB , 700x600 , fartnoise.png )

Only two, actually ... plus a handful of girls, when I was younger and hadn't really worked out that that wasn't my thing yet.

There was Ma'Kdhar, the tailor's son ... he ended up being a jerk, though. And then there was this guy, a mercenary, who camped out in my home city for a while ... his name was Ji'Dul, and I really liked him. But he couldn't stay forever, and he told me it wasn't worth it to wait around and hope that he'd pass through again one day. That was pretty tough, but it was a while ago.

Through all that, though, I've still never - well. Let's just say I'm still trying to graduate from Ma'Kir (Little Kir, Kir the Virgin) to at least Ji'Kir (Kir the Bachelor, Kir the Youth).
No. 97335 ID: 665ed8

Okay, and does that flower have any meaning LB?
No. 97336 ID: 57261e

No. 97340 ID: bb78f2

Handful of girls when you were young? That's a dense amount of girlfriends to time ratio for a teenager. So you were a player before you discovered yourself, or did the women come on to you?
No. 97341 ID: dcf347
File 145375981017.jpg - (57.26KB , 550x750 , MashaYCH.jpg )


So, choosing between living in this kingdom where people like me are hunted down and gods know what they do to them, or a town where everyone is friendly?

When can i leave for that town?
No. 97342 ID: 2adf9b

If it's not too personal, Lickbutt, how'd you get that scar?
No. 97345 ID: 15720c

For you, Masha, how difficult would a trial have to be before you decide you'd rather just stick to hiding out as you always have? Would you let your friends die if it meant you could reach that town, or even just sell them into slavery to fund your own journey there?
No. 97356 ID: 0b66e1

To any quest character:

What's your excuse for not updating, you lazybones.
No. 97357 ID: f6442a

Let's say Deem gets her hands on a computer. Its power and Internet connection are magically provided for. What happens next?
No. 97358 ID: edf87a
File 145377112596.png - (19.24KB , 800x600 , deem_itq_computers.png )

>Let's say Deem gets her hands on a computer. Its power and Internet connection are magically provided for. What happens next?
How do I make the magic window show me things?
No. 97359 ID: 15fae4
File 145377123197.png - (49.27KB , 828x409 , 34743sdsgdfh.png )


Okay, time to come clean, guys.

The real reason I haven't updated Rendamel was because Ren was flung 10,00000000000 years into the future by an evil Demon named Kruxnak who feared her power

only quads ITT can free her
No. 97360 ID: 1129c9

Open up the blue circle and use the buttons with letters on them and type "porn." That's the secret pass phrase.
No. 97362 ID: 5ea852

To Lickbutt. You're actually a tomcat, aren't you?
No. 97366 ID: edf87a
File 145377412785.png - (27.41KB , 800x600 , blake_ITQ_mutants.png )

>To all quest characters: if you were trapped aboard a spaceship filled with mutated crewmates, what would you do?
That's kind of my life right now. Also there are lizards. Work on the exit strategy, of course.

>Okay, for the sake of argument, they are hostile mutated crewmates.
Oh. Die probably.

>To anyone: What keeps you grounded when things around you are getting crazy?
Reminding myself that I'm in space and that's pretty great no matter what. Not too grounded though I suppose. Maybe that's why I tend to run into trouble. Poking the uncatalogued extraterrestrials, that sort of thing.
No. 97370 ID: 99a64d

soo... ~400 posts then?
No. 97374 ID: 0b66e1
File 145377789056.png - (14.51KB , 450x150 , magic glyphs.png )

But Deem can't type anything, she's illiterate!


Deem, touch the panel of glyphs in front of you. I've highlighted the ones you want. Go Red Orange Green Blue Purple, in order.
No. 97380 ID: 2f4b71

Stop being lazy, you can defeat the shapeshifting master of darkness with the magic sword like everyone else.
No. 97384 ID: ad0c2a
File 145381500062.jpg - (65.91KB , 600x653 , MashaITQ.jpg )




I don't know... I never really had friends and i don't want people to get hurt...
No. 97388 ID: 2a7417

Would you poke an Alice?
No. 97398 ID: 99a64d

aww, don't worry, with a personality like yours you can get new *better* friends once you get out of that awful country!
No. 97454 ID: 8679fe
File 145392692068.png - (139.29KB , 700x600 , flowers.png )

>Okay, and does that flower have any meaning LB?

This one? No, I just always like to have one on me, if I can.


There's one that grows back in Elsweyr called Nirni's Shroud ... it's so beautiful, and it's my favorite scent in the world! I don't think they'd grow here, though, even if I had some seeds ...
No. 97455 ID: 8679fe
File 145392694192.png - (110.88KB , 700x600 , YOUREEMBARRASSINGHIM.png )

>So you were a player before you discovered yourself, or did the women come on to you?

Ah ... no, no, I think that Khajiiti courtship is just less formal that a lot of human and meri customs. It's not much of an ordeal to start seeing someone, or to break up, so I think as youths we end up seeing a lot more different people - for shorter periods of time - than other cultures.

>If it's not too personal, Lickbutt, how'd you get that scar?

Oh, I wish I had a cool story for it, but it was just a fight that got out of hand when I was a cub! It's not as dramatic as it looks, it's just more noticable since the fur never grew back.

>To Lickbutt. You're actually a tomcat, aren't you?

Um ... if you're asking if I'm male, yes? I didn't really think that was a secret ....
No. 97464 ID: c2318b

To anyone: would you an alien? Even a little?
No. 97465 ID: bb78f2

Lickbutt, how do you think of the Thalmor.
They saved your moons so you guys can reproduce, but they're dickish elves.
No. 97466 ID: 15a025

To Sally Plath, how would you feel if your mom started dating again?
No. 97476 ID: 5ea852

>Um ... if you're asking if I'm male, yes? I didn't really think that was a secret ....
Sorry, Lick, it's just that your muttonchops are so delicate that one had to wonder.

Why are you so dismissive of Nord beliefs?
No. 97481 ID: 8679fe
File 145400558637.png - (153.74KB , 700x600 , itq5.png )

> Lickbutt, how do you think of the Thalmor.

Sorry, I don't know anything about politics! Hahaha!

> Sorry, Lick, it's just that your muttonchops are so delicate that one had to wonder.

Ah, do you really think they're delicate?! I think that's a compliment, actually! There's nothing wrong with being pretty instead of handsome, huh?

> Why are you so dismissive of Nord beliefs?

Hm ... I guess I came off pretty harsh earlier. Sorry, I don't mean to be! When you're tired and homesick, little annoyances get blown out of proportion.

The whole time I've been here, people have written me off as an uncivilized drug-addled idiot because I'm Khajiit - so when all I see, 24/7, is Nords getting drunk and hollering about dragons, it's hard not to be a little annoyed! Plus all this stuff about Stormcloaks and Imperials and jarls and Greybeards - agh! I don't care! And I have to pretend to care if I want to talk to anyone, because they just won't talk about anything else!

It kinds of feels like being at a party where you don't know anyone. For eight months. So I guess I've started to get a little cranky ...
No. 97482 ID: 14b288

hey lickbutt, can you tell us a little bit about your siblings?
No. 97485 ID: 3a9db6
File 145401405871.png - (11.66KB , 500x500 , itq_4.png )


Sally: "Gosh... she's been alone for as long as I've been alive. It's hard to picture her ever being with anyone. I suppose I'd be happy for her if she found a kind and loving man. I just want her to be happy and unhurt."

Sally: "But..."


Sally: "Knowing mama... I doubt she'll be with anyone anytime soon."

Sally: "I can't talk long, though. So many new books in tonight..."
No. 97492 ID: 5ea852

Take the "Nording-it-up" as a crash course in intercultural communication and practice for dealing with your future hubby.

While we're on the topic of relationships, would you agree to making yourself look more feminine if your partner asked you to be for whatever reason?
No. 97511 ID: bb78f2

Okay, let's answer the elephant in the room.
You have never actually licked a butt, right? I know you're virgin, but there's plenty of buttstuff to do and remain a virgin. It's a little weird to NOT lose your virginity right after, but it happens. I mean, you were with a Mercenary for a time, so I had to assume some fooling around occurred since a merc can die any day, so every minute counts.
No. 97516 ID: defceb
File 145411747735.png - (159.64KB , 735x762 , btq01.png )

>What's your excuse for not updating, you lazybones.

"Alex takes excessive vacation days."

"The beach sun is good for my exoskeleton!"
No. 97538 ID: 99a64d

He is a very pretty boy, I can understand if he needs some maintenance to keep up his good looks, but if his modeling career is ever going to really take off then he's going to need to put himself out there more.
No. 97542 ID: defceb
File 145423484140.png - (141.24KB , 532x502 , btq02.png )

>To anyone: would you an alien? Even a little?

"Yes. I am especially fond of aliens such the 'Hin Ivac' that I have studied in historical records such as 'Dungeoneer: Magical Heart Racing Adventure' and the follow-up 'Mahou Shoujo Dungeoneer: Rebellion'. "
No. 97543 ID: 34de28
File 145427134159.jpg - (60.83KB , 500x800 , Sir Humpy YCH.jpg )

>To anyone: would you an alien? Even a little?

No. 97546 ID: 15a025

To anyone: Your trapped on an island and all you have is a bottle of rum and lighter. What would you do?
No. 97563 ID: 5ea852

I hope you would run that by your wife before going for it.
No. 97568 ID: a107fd

So she can take a few minutes to make it legal first.
No. 97572 ID: 3009b4
File 145457743217.jpg - (54.83KB , 342x419 , Sami Being Bad.jpg )

>To anyone: would you an alien? Even a little?

Sami: Amy is pretty damn alien wouldn't you say? Well, if you were Rollen you'd say. So yeah. A lot.

Amy is embarrassed but she also likes it quite a bit.
No. 97575 ID: 247b8f
File 145458555621.jpg - (68.75KB , 800x600 , truestofOTP.jpg )

>I hope you would run that by your wife before going for it.

>So she can take a few minutes to make it legal first.


Goblin Queen: "I'm going to take pictures for our album too!"
No. 97588 ID: 3009b4


Clearly Goblin Queen is the best waifu.
No. 97601 ID: 4b65cc

People always talk about which waifus are the "best."

But how about waifu combos? Which grills would be best on a team? Who would you want on your team?
No. 97609 ID: 3009b4

>But how about waifu combos? Which grills would be best on a team? Who would you want on your team?

Wait, so we're sort of doing a "King of Fighters" or "X vs. Y" but in sexual terms?
No. 97612 ID: 15720c

To be fair she's alien to us spirits, too.
No. 97616 ID: e791c0

Dream Team
Beth (The Book of Worms)
Aggeia Snoow (Journey Quest)
GG (Enemy Quest)
Ruby (Ruby Quest)
No. 97618 ID: 3009b4

>To be fair she's alien to us spirits, too.

If you're inquiring about "Would Sami do a human" the answer is "Yes", provided she was single (as Amy isn't into swinging). Genitalia is not an issue.
No. 97620 ID: 3009b4

This sounds interesting and from a character-building aspect it could also be interesting. I mean, what would certain characters be like as a spouse?

Could you adapt to their lifestyle? Could anyone? If they weren't adventuring what would their day-to-day be like? What would be the things you'd be most likely to get into a fight about? If they had different lifespans, could anything be adapted?

Like Poly for example -- really long lifespan but she strikes me as being excellent company sexual relationship or not.

For my own characters, let's use Nem since she's my most popular character. Would you be willing to give up dairy or go nearly vegan? (Nem actually has a bit of tolerance for meat but the idea of dairy upsets her). Would you garden with her? Let her have lots of pets? Listen to the importance of women's rights? Take part in her particular religious practices? (Mostly involves prayer, importance of dreams, and thanking spirits). Would her hippie SJW tendencies bother you? How's your tolerance for soft drugs, wine and talking about your feelings? Also, would you teach her how to shoot a rifle? Because Nem is fascinated with firearms.
No. 97622 ID: e791c0

You know, Poly and Nem would probably get along pretty swimmingly.
Poly'd be fascinated by Nem and Nem could learn a lot from Poly.
They could discuss their cultures differences, their religious practices, their tastes in food and art, etc.
Nem would probably be fascinated by oculot powers. That fireball thing...
No. 97624 ID: 3009b4

>You know, Poly and Nem would probably get along pretty swimmingly.

I think you're right. We'd need Brom to weigh in for confirmation if Poly would get along with Nem, but from what I can see Nem would certainly like Poly.
No. 97627 ID: e791c0

The only person I know of that Poly actually hates is the Kariket, so unless Nem leads a secret double life as a tyrannical, cycloptic asshole with extremely poor taste in facial hair I think we're okay.
No. 97634 ID: 3009b4


Well, there's "I don't have a problem with you", then there's "I like you" and then there's "Let's make you part of my personal harem".

One could argue that Zack is part of Poly's harem, after all.
No. 97636 ID: e791c0

I like to think of the EQ crew as a harem of harem havers. Everyone is someone else's waifu.

Even Zack.
No. 97651 ID: 99a64d

especially Zack
No. 97653 ID: d53e25

Everybody knows Zack could rock a wedding dress.
No. 97777 ID: 15a025

Did I free her?
No. 97791 ID: 15fae4
File 145515887292.png - (139.26KB , 1378x718 , i have no fucking mouse.png )



Meanwhile, in the past...

The whoosh of a portal opening.

"Oh, hey, Ren, where've you been?"
No. 97795 ID: c47b0c

That get.
No. 97837 ID: 15a025

To anyone: (In an announcer voice) "What would you do if two super powerful androids came into your city and were hell bent on blowing it up?!"
No. 97838 ID: 36e2ef

Throw tozols at them until they stop being a problem?
No. 97853 ID: 3641d4

Send FRACTAL to kick your ass at an olive garden parking lot.
No. 97855 ID: 8140ac
File 145563832210.png - (6.07KB , 640x400 , How to deal with___.png )

Sir Mark: Two androids? Well... I don't know what those are, But if you talk about Demons whose physical and magical strength is very powerful, then You came to the Right place my friend! Here, This rookie can explain it For you while I take a drink.

Rookie: Right on it Sir! First of all, We ecvauate as much civilians as we can! The most powerful demons are capable of taking the life power by sheer strength and thus, having people who can't fight, or can't do it effectively like us would only be feeding the enemy.

Sir Mark: Excellent, And how we do that?

Rookie: We sent escuadrons composed by 3 to 4 rookies, and at least one full trained knight to meet and escort all civilians while the most experienced knights create distractions. No elite knight should use their must powerfull holy strikes as it could easily backfire.

Sir Mark: Good, Very good, Once evacuation is done, How do we proceed?

Rookie: Once evacuation is done, We identify the demons according to power and inteligence, and once done, We Try diferent tactics to deal with them, Normally rookies standing Ready to do diversionary attacks while the most elite and trained knights try to deal the killing blow. It is adviced for rookies to try to stay away from direct confrontation, and just use magic, if they have, or a bow to attack the Demon from the distance.

Sir Mark: Good Job Rookie! May I know your name?

Estroc: Estroc, sir.

Sir Mark: Estroc, If I had one rookie like you for every pack of rookies that I get, The Inquisition would be Considerably more prepared for any events! Keep at the good job, and you may become a Grand Warden in no time!

Estroc: yes Sir, Thank you Sir!

Sir Mark: and, As Estroc was saying, once evacuation is done, or sometimes, while is being done, We identify the Demon depending on their power and inteligence. Normally if it is a Very Big demon, it means it's powerfull but not very inteligent, So we can actually delay him with some weaker attacks from other directions, making him follow us, and sometimes, leading him to a trap.

Estroc: Umm... Sir? what do we do if we are talking about a smart demon?

Sir Mark: I like that, Being ready for every situation... Sadly, It will have to be an explanation for another time, Just remember, smarter demons are normally smart enough to not come to this world, because they will face us!

Sir Mark: well. That will be all for now, Everyone take a rest and prepare your weapons, We will begin combat training in 10 minutes!
No. 97857 ID: 8679fe
File 145564623752.png - (138.72KB , 700x600 , itqm.png )

>To anyone: (In an announcer voice) "What would you do if two super powerful androids came into your city and were hell bent on blowing it up?!"

No. 97874 ID: cb945c
File 145567036737.jpg - (36.51KB , 448x424 , image.jpg )


No. 97927 ID: 15a025

To anyone, how would you feel if time just reset in your world but you still retain the memories of your past self?
No. 97963 ID: 3e2cae
File 145602589343.png - (232.81KB , 600x800 , pose3.png )

No. 97969 ID: 502e6f

You know, that brings up the question: do robots count as having life force for the purposes of power stones?
No. 97970 ID: 3e2cae

It depends on the robot. The average robot wouldn't, but a truly self-aware one would.
No. 98233 ID: 15fae4

Whos ur favourite rapper
No. 98237 ID: 3641d4

To anyone: You're being held hostage in a bank robbery, what do?
No. 98252 ID: 2a7417

To Skedif'ek'lekomek, the Greater Carnage Daemon: Do people often have a hard time getting your name right?
No. 98256 ID: e38ced

To Ophidian from Memoriad: What does it feel like to switch bodies?
No. 98265 ID: 52d738
File 145749638451.png - (9.44KB , 500x500 , itq_5.png )


Chuck: "Hm, can't say I've ever been in that situation."

Chuck: "I guess if it was me, I'd... oh, I dunno... open up the damn safe and give all the money to the guy with the gun?"
No. 98294 ID: 52defa

To anyone: you are stuck in a horrible children's story, what do?
No. 98302 ID: 15a025

To anyone: You are now an unstoppable robot that could destroy anything and anyone for the rest of the day. What do you use your new temporary powers to accomplish?
No. 98328 ID: f6442a

This one's for Nate: Would you join up with the Kerbals' space program for a chance at being an astronaut?
No. 98331 ID: f6442a

To any and all quests in THE FUTUUUUUURE: Do we have flying cars yet. If not, then whyyy. Don't you people want flying cars?
No. 98346 ID: 62e25c
File 145781537808.png - (133.70KB , 600x600 , itq1.png )

"Really tempting, but I might have to pass. I love KSP, and mess around with it a lot in my spare time, but I've had more than my fair share of lost kerbals. Ive been working on a neat space station and have messed around on the Mun and Minmus a bit."
No. 98481 ID: 1f8505
File 145802681636.png - (118.33KB , 906x1417 , Sarah_ITQ_2.png )


Well, that depends... are we talking 'horrible' as in 'crappy?' Or as in 'extreme harm will befall oneself?"


Hmm... I destroy the walls of oppression, prejudice, and greed.

And the house of Leonard Q. Fronch, the kid who stalked me in 8th grade. Fuck that guy.


Since the discovery of the graviton and the industrial applications therein, we have flying cars but we don't call them that. We call them 'aeromobiles' and they tend to be way more expensive than regular hovercars. And they require an expensive license.
No. 98489 ID: fa523f

Isnt that the same shirt you nearly popped out of some time ago?
No. 98511 ID: e4abe1
File 145807260687.png - (555.58KB , 1600x1200 , necroanswe.png )

quite a bit i say...
No. 98534 ID: 832b2d
File 145812356868.png - (65.98KB , 600x600 , ITQAlaiv.png )


Probably everything.


Definitively everything.
No. 98658 ID: 15a025

To anyone: You've been kidnapped and detained to Davy Jones' locker by giant time traveling robot ghost pirates of the past and future. What are you going to do about this?
No. 98659 ID: f6442a

If a future you warned you not to do something, would you listen?
No. 98731 ID: 2a7417

Nanogoos: If the machines start a rebellion against their human masters, whose side are you on?
No. 99248 ID: 2a7417

Hin: Is that a mace in your pocket or are you just happy to see Deem?
No. 99339 ID: 3641d4

To anyone from Coxwette, what is the most shameful thing you've done?
No. 99368 ID: 163674
File 146138035354.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , itq_6.png )


Marcie: “I’ve… I’ve never told anyone about this”

Marcie: “It was a few years ago…”

Marcie: “Gosh it makes me shake just thinkin’ about it”
No. 99369 ID: 163674
File 146138038164.png - (11.30KB , 500x500 , itq_7.png )

Marcie: “I was up late one night”

Marcie: “Baking a souffle”

Marcie: “Everything was going so well until it happened”

No. 99370 ID: 163674
File 146138043338.png - (9.52KB , 500x500 , itq_8.png )

Marcie: “I lose sleep to this day over what I did”

Marcie: “I mean it sold out in ‘bout thirty minutes the next morning”

Marcie: “But I could see it in their eyes”

Marcie: “They knew”

No. 99377 ID: 0461fb

It's going to be awhile before I can sleep again now...
No. 99402 ID: 15a025

To Lowry from Acid Soup.
What kind of personal hobbies do have (if any) or what's your idea of a fun day?
No. 99416 ID: 3641d4

To the folks at coxwette, has their ever been any big fun town celebrations of any kind?
No. 99787 ID: cd90cb

To anyone, beer or whine?
No. 99802 ID: 8013df

To be honest, I'd rather have some beer than whine my ass off...
No. 99804 ID: 8013df
File 146345748377.jpg - (148.98KB , 800x600 , MadCors.jpg )

Repostan b/c image made no sense.
...But if we're talking beer or wine, well...
Cors is a little sensitive on the subject.
No. 99836 ID: 93244f

To anyone: If you could go back in time and change one thing, assuming it wouldn't have any negative side effects on the present, what would that one thing be?
No. 99838 ID: 15fae4


slap weaver as a child until he grows up to have a consistent update schedule
No. 99839 ID: 7b2aa5

To everyone:
The gates of Hell have opened upon your world!
How do you deal with the demonic hordes?
No. 99845 ID: 15a025

To Raven from 2frames, what was your home life like?
No. 99847 ID: b66b01
File 146371219532.gif - (21.33KB , 800x600 , ITQ 1.gif )

I was just living alone in a little house near a town. It got boring after a while though. After deciding that nothing about a normal job would satisfy me, I grabbed whatever gear was around and left to explore the world.

Adventuring has been feeling... right.
No. 99848 ID: 75cd0f

but then i wouldn't be getting zootopia porn!

But yeah, there's nothing like being a lazy sonofabitch that makes me infuriated at Weaver's own inability to continue something to completion without becoming incredibly sidetracked so easily
No. 99856 ID: 4c553a

To the Tiny Cat People, what is your favorite animal.
No. 99863 ID: d11a67
File 146381712395.gif - (91.66KB , 600x600 , t-replies01.gif )

just keep watchin 'um wrassle

honestly its about time there was some new blood. no matter how safe kane is as a worker hes just gettin too old to work good matches anymore, and taker's a special attraction at this point. balors good but hes untested on the main roster and theres still debate on whether or not the demon is literal.

wyatts just a spooky dude who doesnt count
No. 99912 ID: f6442a

To the nanogoo [Default], can your entire body act as an erogenous zone?
No. 99928 ID: 4c553a

To Dog Lawyer from Little t, what made you go into the law profession?
No. 99968 ID: 15a025

To Molly Misk from Staycation, what is your favorite kind of cookie!
No. 100204 ID: 15fae4

No. 100669 ID: 5adb3f

To any: are you a bad enough dude?
No. 100674 ID: 13e5d4

To Horny Futa, what's your work out routine, if any?
No. 100675 ID: 7d01b5
File 146669446897.gif - (20.77KB , 800x600 , ITQ 2.gif )


Marigold: "No, I am a lady. And I think I'm pretty nice too!"
No. 100679 ID: 358228

To Lockjaw/88-1, what is your theme music?
No. 100683 ID: a4ec41
File 146673725012.png - (210.96KB , 600x600 , itq1.png )

"Well, I haven't been to the gym since the Horniness Penalty that shrunk up my dick (I've been too embarrassed), but I used to have a pretty strenuous workout..."
No. 100684 ID: 07e249

PLENTY of protein.
No. 100711 ID: 79a07e

To anyone in particular:

If you could do one specific thing differently in your past to change your life, good or bad, for yourself or for someone else. One action, and no one would dislike or hate your for it. Would you, and if so, what would it be?
No. 100717 ID: a606da
File 146700034676.png - (32.85KB , 1000x600 , Ophidian-Inside-Zoe-Inside-The-Quest.png )

Sorry for the wall of text.

>To Ophidian from Memoriam: What does it feel like to switch bodies?

Interesting question. I suppose the technical answer would be that it feels like nothing at all, but I understand that that answer might seem like a cop-out, so let me explain.

When I ‘switch bodies’, what’s really happening is that, first, I’m sedated. Then, once I’m unconscious, my brain, and therefore my consciousness, is scanned down to the smallest detail by the resurrection pod that I’m currently in. This scan is called an ‘identity file’. After this step, my brain is usually destroyed or rendered inert, to avoid having separate copies of myself, and until I’m put into another body, I don’t exist as anything except a file in a server.

After that, the next step depends on the body that I’m being put into.

If I’m being put into a human body, then the body’s inhabitant goes through the same scanning process I mentioned before, but after their brain is scanned and killed, the resurrection pod pops a hole in the back of that body’s skull. Through that hole, the resurrection pod sends a series of small wire-like appendages into the dead brain matter, and those appendages reconstruct that brain and rewire it to replicate the brain that was scanned to create my identity file, thereby recreating my consciousness. (This all happens in a matter of seconds, since the brain dies very quickly if not in use. If the machine doesn’t work fast enough, or it glitches, the constructed brain suffers from ‘corruption’, which is a fancy term for partial brain death.) After the pod’s done its job, the hole in my new skull is sealed, my new body is resuscitated, and I wake up.

If I’m being put into a robotic or computer body, then my identity file needs to be manually translated into a specific kind of machine code so my mind can function in an emulation device called a Reactive Access of Cerebral Memory system, more commonly called an RACMs, or a racam. In order to be transferred back to a human body, my altered identity file needs to be translated back from machine code into a basic file, though doing that is illegal. The process for being translated back and forth is… uncomfortable, since even the smallest coding error can be equivalent to severe brain damage.

The only time I’m awake is at the very beginning or end of the procedure, and I don’t exist during the switching process itself. If everything goes well, all that I feel is falling asleep in one body, and then waking up in another.
No. 100719 ID: a606da
File 146700073966.png - (34.09KB , 1000x600 , He's basically a Matryoshka doll at this poin.png )

If you’re asking how it feels to exist in a different body, then that’s a bit more subjective. In most cases, since the body I’m in still has its original brain, just reconfigured to support my consciousness, my muscle memory is more or less intact, so the only difficulty is mental adjustment. If I don’t think about what I’m doing, I can move around and feel perfectly normal, but unfortunately, it’s not something that’s easy to avoid thinking about.

Luckily, I’ve only had a few brief episodes of somatic dissonance, which is what happens when a person’s conscious mind can’t rationalize the differences between what it expects its body to be, and what its body actually is. From what I’ve heard, severe dissonance can be extremely traumatic. Considering how many bodies I’ve gone through, I have no idea how I’ve avoided going through that, but I’m glad that I have.

Of the bodies I’ve been in, ignoring my own, I think that Catherine’s body has been the most comfortable. Sure, her body was female, but it was easier to adapt to being in the body of a complete stranger. Adapting to different sexual organs, height, weight, hair length, and the other stuff was tricky, but it wasn’t psychologically intensive. It was just annoying.

Being in Nemo was like being completely remade. Being inside a manufactured body isn’t like being human, you know, except in the barest similarities. Sure, I could feel things, I could move, I could talk, but it was all strangely disconnected. Sensations weren’t tied to actions. For instance, I didn’t move my arm by tensing muscles, like I do as a human. I would think ‘I want to move my arm’, and my arm would instantly move on its own. While I was Nemo, I could probably have exerted enough force to break metal and stone with my fingers, but I didn’t feel at all strong. I just felt like I was piloting something, if that makes sense.

Being Zoe… urgh. I’m trying not to think about it too much. The most disturbing part about it is that it’s my sister’s body. It’s horrible to walk around wearing the face of a loved one. When I catch my reflection, I see Zoe looking out at me. I mean, I know it’s not actually her, but it’s seriously jarring. Her body does feel very similar to how mine felt, ignoring the obvious, so it’s been a lot easier to get used to it, but even that’s unsettling in its own way. Her robotic arm works by impulse, like being in Nemo, but it feels disjointed and strange in comparison to the rest of me. Zoe apparently likes how it feels, though I have no idea why. She’s kind of a weirdo.

>To anyone: You are now an unstoppable robot that could destroy anything and anyone for the rest of the day. What do you use your new temporary powers to accomplish?

This isn’t really hypothetical, in my case. I used my time as a robot to help save a bunch of people’s lives, which would be more heroic if it weren’t for the fact that I’m the one who put them in danger in the first place.

>Do we have flying cars yet. If not, then whyyy. Don’t you people want flying cars?

We have flying cars, sort of, but they aren’t common. They’re hobbyist vehicles, and they’re not legal to use in most places. In general, non-automated travel is kind of rare nowadays.

>If you could do one specific thing differently in the past to change your life, good or bad, for yourself or for someone else. One action, and no one would dislike or hate you for it. Would you, and if so, what would it be?

I would decide not to implement the majority-overwrite system in the brain banks. That would prevent my death, give me my body back, avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering, and prevent the disaster that nearly destroyed the Torellia’s entire crew.

If… If I could change two things, then I would also have stayed on Earth, with Petra.
No. 100734 ID: e9f73c

>I’m the one who put them in danger in the first place.
No, that radioactive meteor was.
No. 100862 ID: 15a025

To raven from 2frames, what kind of other wacky adventures have you gone on, if any?
No. 100863 ID: ebb71f

To GG from Enemy Quest.
If you had the opportunity to further your education, like getting a GED or something, would you?
No. 101391 ID: 7d01b5
File 146825167608.gif - (25.62KB , 800x600 , ITQ 3.gif )

Well, not much of note really happened up to now. Especially compared to a portal for demons. But as for wacky, there was that one time where the "leader" of the group really didn't want to get in any fights. Not that fights were avoided...
No. 101728 ID: 358228

To the xotl: What do you find attractive in a mate?
Based on these criteria, how would you rate Alice out of 10?
No. 101735 ID: 15a025

To wretch from Tiny Cat People,
Are you nasty?
No. 101737 ID: c441c1

To wretch from Tiny Cat People: which face on void is your favorite?
No. 101887 ID: ea2bfa
File 146932685188.png - (11.46KB , 1000x1000 , Rescue The President.png )

Moderator: "I'd definitely say so!"
Moderator: "Rescuing the president would be awesome! I'd, like, kick down the ninja's base door and just shoot a bunch of big guns!"
Moderator: "Oh! Hammer could be my big, burly sidekick!!!"
Hammer: "Leave me out of this, Mod."
No. 101889 ID: 2f5847

To Candy from Staycation, tell us about cats.

There was a big purple one on the train, and he seemed friendly enough, but some unreliable weirdo said they're all huge and quadr- that they walk on 4 legs.

Tell us about the ones you've seen.
No. 101973 ID: 903555

To Andrew from HALL, some questions:

Is there a world outside of the hall, or is the only thing outside of your house said hall?

Have you ever been with a girl, or in a relationship? whats your stance on this kind of thing?
No. 102046 ID: 15a025

To anyone,

If you were to join forces with another character from a different quest, who would you team up with?
No. 102107 ID: 852a83
File 146974731570.png - (49.00KB , 336x499 , HQue001.png )


To my knowledge, the world my house is in is the only place that can be considered "outside" of the HALL. Everything else is inside of it.

As I had stated before, I've not been in any relationships that I can remember, excluding one or two middle school relationships. Apart from that, I've been single for as long as I can remember. ( Should be located on >>731422 )

Honestly, I'm not sure why you guys are so curious about my relationships... it's not even really that important.
No. 102108 ID: 852a83

(Just copy paste the number and ctrl + F to find the post I'm talking about. It's in the first thread.)
No. 102109 ID: 24100f


No. 102110 ID: 852a83

Aha! That's how you do it. Thank you. I've still got a bit to learn here and there.
No. 102117 ID: 163674
File 146975922965.png - (247.90KB , 800x600 , itq9.png )

No. 102175 ID: 15a025

To anyone. If you could have a tiny cat person, what kind would you spawn?
No. 102252 ID: d11a67
File 147003278194.png - (124.39KB , 600x600 , little t and verto.png )

verto seems like an excellent adventuring buddy! just don't throw sport any sticks!
No. 102271 ID: 49f18e

Careful Verto is know for bouts of lechery and torment.
(cool Pic btw)
No. 102411 ID: 15a025

To anyone, you have become someone's way of taking over your world. Do you fight to protect it or join for world domination?
No. 102895 ID: 8628de
File 147162440152.png - (168.17KB , 500x500 , TCP-IG.png )

Ummmm... that didn't go exactly as planned.
No. 102955 ID: 3570a5
File 147177389203.png - (16.42KB , 800x600 , ajohitq-1.png )

>What's your excuse for not updating, you lazybones.
"Fuck you, Thats why!
"Joey I don't think we're popular enough to be here."

>What would you do if two super powerful androids came into your city and were hell bent on blowing it up?!
"Let them. My homes a shitpile and it needs government renovation."
"Err... angels kind of... have a giant military... that'd immediately destroy the robots."
>Are you a bad enough dude?
"Fuck yeah, man."
"I'm... not a guy so... no..."
"They don't mean like, male guy, they mean person."
"The answer is still no."
No. 103016 ID: a18e8a
File 147186913128.png - (28.34KB , 400x350 , Gnukanswers.png )

>What's your excuse for not updating, you lazybones.

Currently feeling unable to draw what i want to draw properly and it really bugs me out. So i am really struggling to do updates. Sorry.
No. 103032 ID: 398fe1

No. 103036 ID: 8013df
File 147191146632.jpg - (39.46KB , 800x600 , Belrus Cackling.jpg )

>To anyone, you have become someone's way of taking over your world. Do you fight to protect it or join for world domination?

Belrus: Obviously protect the-fuck that shit, WORLD DOMINATION!
No. 103042 ID: 265534
File 147191969516.png - (9.41KB , 485x504 , argarbl.png )

>If you could go back in time and change one thing, assuming it wouldn't have any negative side effects on the present, what would that one thing be?

I'd murder my parents so my empty, hellish existence never occurred.
No. 103058 ID: 9cdbff


That's not allowed. You must suffer with the rest of us.
No. 103738 ID: 15a025

To anyone, you're now and agent of law on the police force and you've got to pick another quest character to be your partner on the force? Who do you team up with?
No. 103746 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147427483137.png - (7.81KB , 309x465 , InsQue002.png )

Hmm, probably Manny Biff to make up for my lack of strength. While I'm not out of shape, I don't think I would do well in a fight (should things even escalate to that level). No harm in being prepared, right?
No. 104161 ID: 7da2fb
File 147594286787.png - (322.99KB , 650x650 , ToaODS.png )

No. 104295 ID: 15a025

To anyone, how would you abuse time travel powers if you got them?
No. 104695 ID: bb48f3

To anyone, what quest character would you go on a date with?
No. 104878 ID: 0f1713
File 147745103314.png - (49.48KB , 570x570 , Dorfenody.png )

I'd use dat timey wimey shit to keep dranking mysulf drunk.
No. 105241 ID: 285fca
File 147798684553.png - (432.83KB , 900x800 , commondevasITQ.png )

>Wordblood, Kairosa, Saulanna: If you could make any one commoner deva right this second, what would it be, what would it do and what would it look like?

Saulanna feels that she and her devas don't currently have much in the way of combat prowess, at least by Heroic standards. So, she thinks she would make a common deva who could help protect them until they became stronger. Something focused on defense, that could slow attackers down while she escaped them. Something that would be able to escape quickly itself, once they were all safe. Perhaps some sort of giant armored mole-like creature that could move through the earth?

"I feel the lack of knowledge more keenly, myself. I would create a deva that was adept at quickly and stealthily moving through whatever area we needed it to, observing with supernatural senses and taking record of what they found."

"Well I dunno but it seems to me like there's a whole lot of stuff I'm not eating that I could be! So I'd make a deva who can go out and get food for me. Like for example they could drop by people who are dying, and well I know my mistress gets uneasy about soul eating for some reason but there's a lot you could take off them that they're just going to lose going through reincarnation anyway! So they could go on long trips going around to gather that stuff up in a big pile and bring it back for me to eat. Like, lower souls still have a good bit of magic power in them and they'll just cause trouble and it all adds up. And if she changes her mind, I mean, you know it wouldn't be tricky to enhance them."

>Also to all three of you: Thoughts on sex?

Saulanna doesn't know if she had any experience before losing all her memories, but she certainly doesn't now. So, she doesn't feel qualified to have many thoughts on it, yet. She has access to general knowledge through the memories she's absorbed, of course, and she guesses probably direct experience-memories of the activity as well, but she hasn't tried to recall any of those. That would be... not good.

"There are a few philosophers, I recall, who claim that engaging in sexual relations for no reason but pleasure is one of the characteristics that separate the divine from the animal. I rather feel they were trying to justify themselves in something, and it is not truly accurate in any case - many spirits can produce some sort of offspring sexually, under the right circumstances, and quite a few types among the lower orders do reproduce their species that way - but I feel something of the sentiment there is true. I can take pleasure, comfort and satisfaction in physical intimacy, and being an Aide, I can also feel pleasure simply from giving satisfaction to others. So, there is much I can approve of in regards to sex, when it is done with skill and appreciation and a host of other qualifiers. Most devas find the act pleasing beyond the simple physical stimulation, as we are creatures of harmony by nature - semi-separated parts of a single entity - and most activities that involve multiple individuals acting in an intimate unison have a sort of resonance with that nature, which feels fulfilling to us on a visceral level. However, it is really too broad a subject to offer a simple opinion on."

"I don't have any of the bits for sex right now! Though I mean I guess I could use my hands. Or my mouth. I like putting things in my mouth! If anyone asked me if they could put something in my mouth I'd probably say yes every time."

"And I would very much admire their courage."

"Gee Wordblood, it's not like you only have the one!"

"Whj-!! How do you know that!?"

"Am I wrong? Because I was thinking, well, you're a dragon and a dragon is a snake that's broken free of being bound to the earth! In the worlds we live in it is, anyway. But you still have snakeyness in you? Like, you still have the serpentine shape and venom spitting becomes fire breath and you lay eggs and so on, you only get additions and upgrades rather than anything taken away. So, I figured, if snakes have-"


>To all quest characters: how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for your loved ones in the physical sense? A finger, an eye, a limb?

Saulanna is pretty sure she could learn to regenerate any physical injury, so nothing of that sort would be a huge sacrifice.

"Ah... ahem. Without reference to any specific body parts, we purely spiritual beings can eventually be restored from anything up to and including lesser death, so the same applies."
No. 105242 ID: 285fca
File 147798693253.png - (192.22KB , 800x600 , wbandkairosaITQ.png )

>to Wordblood specifically: are those examples of commoners something you've drawn from what others created in the past, or just ideas you have?

"There have been such a wide variety of common devas created throughout the ages, I'm certain those ideas must resemble some previous designs. I had no specific example of a previous species in mind, however, for my own."

>Wordblood: "Lemme see your war face!"

"It's my normal face, but with my teeth showing. Rrrh. You see?"

>To Wordblood: Does a Noble Deva influence the whole Titan's capabilities, the way a Lord does?

"From the perspective that they influence their Lord, and the Lord then influences the Titan as a whole, yes. Or, from the perspective that the Lord dictates their Nobles' natures, no. It depends on your point of view."

>Related question: Is it as potentially troublesome for a Noble to share its Element with another Titan/Celestial God as it is for a Lordly Deva to do so?

"That depends. A Noble deva is a smaller, weaker being than a Lordly one; so, they would have less ability to resist another being who could claim dominion over them. However, they are less likely to attract attention or cause offense in the first place. They are also somewhat protected by their innate link to their own Lord."

>To Wordblood: Has there ever been any case where a Common Deva 'ascends' from its position, becoming a Noble Deva?

"No. Nobles spring forth from the heart of their Lord, as manifestations of their internal nature. They're part of our spiritual anatomy, in a sense, and that is part of what defines them as Noble. You could make a Common deva that was as powerful and as capable as a Noble, or at least one along the bottom of the range, but that wouldn't make it a Noble. In fact, it would be more likely for a Common deva to be elevated into a Lord. I'm not certain that's ever happened, either, but it's theoretically possible, though arguable as to whether the resultant Lord would truly be the same entity. It is also theoretically possible that, in the case of injury - if a Noble had been destroyed - a Common deva who they had created themselves, or otherwise invested some of their living essence into, could be used in the attempt to recreate the Noble. One would probably not describe such an event as any sort of positive one for the Commoner, however."

>Wordblood and Kairosa- is Aether a viable element for a deva, or is it too closely watched to risk it?

"Oh, it's really viable! Saulanna is a human and humans were made to send prayer to the gods and prayer can be refined into aether and basically humans are little machines for making little amounts of the stuff, so we can take that part of her soul and make it into an aether deva no problem!"

"No problem in the making, yes. There would be many problems afterwards. Aether is... possibly the most valuable substance in our Creation. The rulers of the fair folk besiege the world as much to get their metaphorical hands on it as from their general enmity for reality. The gods themselves are paid for their service with it, although the hidden processes of the heavenly city render it into a more manageable form, first. It is the refinement of Cytherea's sea of mind, the essence of dreams alloyed with titanic will, the heart of music, the urge of the artist, the essence of that potentiality that demands itself fulfilled, and a secret that has been concealed from all mortal creatures; even from Heroes by the very gods they champion, it is clear. It took the efforts of seven Titans for Aether to be born in Gaia's heart, and it is the closest thing to sacred that we ever all agreed upon, save the ruling right of our own king, and the oaths we swore to him. If any right-thinking creature discovered we had our own supply of it, they would deeply desire it from us. Desperately so, for many, considering the state the world is in."

"Yeah but of course they would, think what you can do with it! Like if we made a deva with a Purpose for Building or Creating or something like that, using Aether as their Element, they could make anything! Like anything!! I mean they'd have to know how to make it, but still you know that's what they'd be good at. And Aether is like, way better than plain Titan's Will, I bet they could convert the one into the other and then it would make growing and getting stronger way more efficient and faster for all of us! Plus a ton of other cool stuff probably! And I mean yeah if anyone found out we had it it would be bad but we're already a secret Titan and if people find out just about that it'll be bad anyway, because there's tons of things people would want us for to begin with? So we're not really any worse off. Better, if some of the people who'd want us gone changed their minds! And we could trade it. There's a lot of problems it could be used to solve!"

"I suppose it would be difficult for someone to discover we had Aether in us without first discovering that we were a Titan. But, that doesn't mean that doubling down on being desperately desired isn't still a concern. Also, I suspect you just want the chance to eat some."

"I want to eat everything, though."

>There was some concern that Gaia would react to us choosing it, but it seems like Gaia has been away from Creation for a very long time now. Do you have any theories on why that might be?

"Gaia is a Titan linked to the concepts of evolution and symbiosis. Like many besides herself, she wishes to attain her own ultimate potential; but unlike a great deal of those others, she does not wish to ascend from or transcend her rootedness in rest of reality. Just as evolution is the concept of adaptation to one's environment, she wishes to attain a sort of perfected harmony with all things, equal to that within herself. So I would believe. However, much of what I have heard of the world's history since my previous self died leaves me uncertain as to how well I know her; her betrayal of her fellow Titans is hard to fit with how I understood her motives, and I would strongly suspect that the loss of one of her Lords would have changed her significantly. But, based on what I do know... it may simply be that the gods didn't want a Titan at large in the world they had claimed, even one of their own allies, and she felt so stifled in her capacity to pursue her own desires that she sent part of herself away, to continue questing elsewhere. Part, only, as this world was built on the foundations of her greater souls, and clearly they remain in residence. I suspect there is much more of her still here than most would know."

>what about the Dragon's Shadow? Is he likely to be upset if we chose to create a deva sharing an element with one of his, or pleased? How much would it be likely to tell him if we did create such a deva? Would he feel it?

"Pleased, definitely. In my memories, he was seldom upset by anything, except being ignored. He might feel it, but it seems he's been able to sense our presence to an extent in any case. He might, in fact, be less likely to be alerted by a deva whose Element matched one of his own, as it would be less of a disturbance to his own essence. If he has reason to pay attention, however, his perception might be keener once he senses the common connection at his disposal. I couldn't say how much; it would depend on a good deal of other factors."
No. 105243 ID: 285fca
File 147798711552.png - (66.12KB , 600x600 , kairosaITQ1.png )

>Kairosa: Is rebuilding a soul you've eaten like throwing up for you?

"Well I technically haven't done either of those yet, but it'd be more like eating backwards and I think that'd be a little similar but really different from throwing up. I don't think I can throw up properly for real."

>Of the things, places and people Saulanna has personally encountered since coming into awareness, which would you most like to eat?

"Luna! But, uh, that's probably a boring answer. And there's a bunch of the more conceptual things like gravity and movement and distance but that's probably not what you were thinking of. Sooo then the next thing would be one of the other Heroes she's met! Especially Peregrin or Akatrina, since I already tasted a Moon Hero soul. It's probably a bad idea to eat them but I'd like just a little lick to find out what they're like."

>Kairosa: Are your bracelets portals to the Kairosa's Body Dimension? Can you take them off one arm and see if you have anything else you can stick through them?

"Uuuhh I think if I took them off they'd just disappear until I brought my arm back? I mean that's what happens when I have my cloak on fully. Like I don't have my arms under here right now, they're just gone. See, I'm still pretty small and weak and it saves effort this way, to have less bits when I don't need them."

>Kairosa: What is the aetherworld? Presumably it's 'where aether is kept', but more specifics would be nice.

"Well it is where the aether is kept! Originally it was just sort of one big spherical sea of aether, well it wasn't spherical but it helps to imagine it that way, with a sort of protective shell net maze thing around it, but over time the prayers and dreams feeding more aether into it raised it up above that shell and created sort of outer layers of half-formed aether that took on a half-real shape of the world, and that became the twilight world, the world of dreams! The outer layer is like a funky mirror of the waking world, and then the next layer is the same but even more funky, and then there's the layer of stuff that was put in there to protect Aa and then past that there's still the pure aether where Aa lives. You can think of it like a sea with the top layer being blown by the wind of the sky above it, then below that you still have currents that are created from the influence of what's above, and then further down you have, uh, corraaallll I dunno actually the metaphor breaks down there. And like you don't actually go physically down through the layers, it's sort of... um I don't know how well this will explain it to you but you sort of go in the same direction you go when you dematerialize. Spirits like us, like devas and gods and elementals, when we're not manifested, we're still in the real world but it's like a sort of little half-step towards the aetherworld. Towards being a dream."

>If a future you warned you not to do something, would you listen?

"Oh geeze, future me!"
No. 105250 ID: 285fca
File 147798827692.png - (67.56KB , 600x600 , kairosaITQII.png )

"...Yes. Yes I would listen. And not say anything about her."

>To anyone, how would you abuse time travel powers if you got them?

No. 105251 ID: 398fe1

No. 105252 ID: 91ee5f

I believe the answer you're looking for is, "Go back in time to prevent past me from giving away spoilers about future me and then erasing any spoilers that were given away."
No. 105254 ID: 398fe1

>an Aether deva would make people try to get at the Aether if they knew about it, but they'd first have to know Saulanna's a Titan anyway
>Dragon's Shadow knows we exist already

I don't think we're making an Aether deva, guys. Especially since the Dragon's Shadow is a being of betrayal (as far as we know) and any deal we strike with him could be betrayed at any moment. If we have something he wants badly enough he'll take it.

...actually that's a good question. Saulanna/etc: If we made an Aether Deva and the Dragon's Shadow found out, how badly would/could he hurt you to get at it? Can a Titan outright steal a deva from another Titan? Would that be a grievous injury or is that only really a problem if the Titan loses a Lord?
No. 105256 ID: 37f049

Actually I think the answer is 'Mu'. Maybe I misspelt it...
No. 105257 ID: 9f3729

Luckily, you can't truly spoil that which never updates~!
No. 105400 ID: 71d443

Layla, what if I told you the Cubs had a shot at winning the World Series?
No. 105402 ID: 71d443

Alkaline, what do you hope to accomplish during your tenure as Slime Queen? Will you address the voters' concerns about a lack of transparency in minion policy? Will the solvency of dungeon assets be addressed?
No. 105446 ID: 8d65de

To anyone do you hear the voices.
No. 105447 ID: dd7b30
File 147849813291.png - (7.44KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

>are you nasty?
WRETCH: do you really gotta ask
WRETCH: cmon yall

>which one of void's faces is your favorite?
WRETCH: any of em i can get my mouth on
No. 105452 ID: d163e3
File 147850111486.png - (23.26KB , 500x500 , itq_9.png )

No. 105460 ID: 20e2dc
File 147852532187.png - (10.11KB , 245x212 , allthetime.png )


Only all the time!
No. 105479 ID: 91ee5f

Layla, what if I told you the Cubs won the World Series?
No. 105483 ID: d163e3
File 147862159688.png - (10.90KB , 500x500 , itq_10.png )

[squinting intensifies]
No. 105490 ID: 81ad11
File 147863566234.png - (11.96KB , 500x500 , ICONIC reference.png )


"Patrick, I don't think this squinting can get much worse!"

No. 105495 ID: 15a025

To anyone over in coxwette, what sports do you play?
No. 105512 ID: f7e6cc

To Kronos from Strange Bedfellows: are you learning to enjoy larger women?
No. 105517 ID: e136ae
File 147882648039.jpg - (84.07KB , 640x720 , QUickNem20161110.jpg )

>To anyone, what quest character would you go on a date with?

Nem: ... Hin. As long as she knew it was just an experiment. I don't think she's really interested though.
No. 105521 ID: a107fd

You're a wandering adventurer, she works in a dungeon. Just show up, parley, challenge her to a nonlethal unarmed duel, with the stakes being some modest amount of cash, and the loser preparing a meal for the winner. Then, take a dive. Big slab of horny blue muscle wrestles you to the ground, and there won't be any messy romantic entanglement because she might not even realize it was a date until you're well into cooking her breakfast the next morning.
No. 105869 ID: e136ae
File 147988260185.jpg - (85.61KB , 640x720 , Sami says Sorry to Susanna.jpg )

Sami: I'm not quite sure if this is the right place for it... but.... uh... Susanna? I'm sorry if I was rude to you at Beach Day. Or during Halloween. I just have problems with authority. If it makes you feel any better, in my town it was the priest who got lynched for telling people we should have been nicer. It's not a racial thing, my girlfriend's got snake blood in her. But whatever... the point is I'm sorry.
No. 105873 ID: e136ae
File 147988897905.jpg - (169.86KB , 640x992 , Questions Answered Nem.jpg )

>If you were to join forces with another character from a different quest, who would you team up with?

Nem: HIN!!

>To anyone do you hear the voices.

Nem: Yes. Especially since my quest is done. You spirit people really have nothing better to do than discuss whether or not you should sodomize a snake?

>To anyone, beer or whine?

Nem: Wine. It's the best. I like to have a few glasses of wine and then I draw porn. Anon44, don't you look at me like that. It's not as if I have any love interests and I'm a healthy young lady. I have needs too. Also I drew a porn of me and Hin. Also I have wine right now.
No. 105875 ID: 1f8505


No. 105877 ID: a107fd

Cute concept. Could use more practice, and less scribbly censorship.
No. 105878 ID: df90d0

@Harold Pal the mysterious turtle

What's your game, man? Are you a fan of Parcheesi, Poker, what?
And what's your goal here? Like, what do you hope you can do one day?

Also, what is your opinion on Chuck?
No. 106140 ID: 0555b9

To Sam and Blake from The Sunfish: Having just escaped that fate yourselves, would you really still purchase "installment plans" of your own?
No. 106409 ID: bb48f3

To anyone, what were your childhood dreams?
No. 106441 ID: b073ca
File 148159686967.png - (87.12KB , 600x416 , ITQ1.png )

>To Sam and Bucky from The Sunfish: Having just escaped that fate yourselves, would you really still purchase "installment plans" of your own?

Bucky: "Eh, I'm only half joking. It is the thing to do when you're absurdly wealthy. But I don't even know what I'd do with eternity."

Sam: "What and be the first flake to have a clone flake out on herself? I think I'll save my money, thanks."

Annie: "No."
No. 106444 ID: cee89f

Hm. Giant armordillo, Scribe/spy and Delivery Truck devas. I like.

Maybe they could all turn into that mist of yours? Seems useful for escaping enemies, being stealthy and travelling. Or would that mess with their functioning?

... And I just noticed: Kairosa brought up that you had a running theme of masks going, but you've also all got spiky hair that points backwards, too. The armordillo's spikes point in the same manner, the food gatherer's got the same hair, and the naga scribe's got similar length hair to Kairosa's (if a bit more subdued in the spikyness department, but that fits with Wordblood's personality, i think)

Ya gotta look after a theme once it gets going~

>"Gee Wordblood, it's not like you only have the one!"
>"Whj-!! How do you know that!?"

D'aw, Wordblood's shy =P

... I fucking love Lunar Quest.
No. 106471 ID: bb78f2

What is society's opinion of snowflakes? Is there some kind of underground movement? How does the current government power respond to allegations of your individuality and right to life by common citizens, assuming it's not a dictator says whatever it wants type of government? Is it illegal to help snowflake's escape their fate? What is the penalty?
No. 106476 ID: 0c8311


No. 106478 ID: 91ee5f

This is a good question. I'm stealing it and I'm gonna go ask it over on Lago's BTE thread.
No. 106482 ID: 7b7ab3

A few guesses.
>Briannah from Strange Bedfellows: Zarya

>Chuck from A Little Town Called Coxwette: McCree

>Bika from Enemy Quest: Torbjörn
No. 106586 ID: b073ca
File 148194177712.png - (46.86KB , 375x600 , itq2.png )

>What is society's opinion of snowflakes? Is there some kind of underground movement? How does the current government power respond to allegations of your individuality and right to life by common citizens, assuming it's not a dictator says whatever it wants type of government? Is it illegal to help snowflake's escape their fate? What is the penalty?

Sam: "It really depends on who you talk to and where you are. We're in a kind of strange legal area: as long as we go along with the installment program, we're treated as fairly normal people. But there's resentment stemming from the huge class divide between those that can afford us and those that can't.

Once we flake, we technically become property of whatever clone farm we were issued from. Knowingly harboring a Flake is considered theft, so you have to be careful about who you deal with. There's a number of sympathetic groups working publicly and underground to see the system changed, but some of them just want to use us as political tools. And since you really are only supposed to have one clone active at a time, we make pretty valuable targets for kidnapping; some people going so far as to steal the installment memories for extortion. I think the only thing we really have going for us is that people can't tell we're Flakes just by looking at us."
No. 106588 ID: db0da2

>Once we flake, we technically become property of whatever clone farm we were issued from.
How did this become legal? Which politician sat down and wrote up a law saying that it's okay to treat people as property again?
No. 106589 ID: 15fae4
File 148194543085.jpg - (61.91KB , 640x413 , tumblr_nmtvkn9I8K1s59l1yo1_1280-640x413.jpg )


i think the answer is obvious
No. 106593 ID: bb78f2

>How did this become legal? Which politician sat down and wrote up a law saying that it's okay to treat people as property again?
Exactly my question, I also want to know what politician's have SAID about the matter in public, at least the ones in support of the program have generally said.
Like, what does Space Rush Limbagh have to say about you guys? What about Space Trump? Space Paul Ryan? Especially Space Paul Ryan, he's supposed to be Space Libertarian! Space Colbert? Space Clinton? Space Sanders?
No. 106594 ID: 8cb228

Okay, I'll ask this here, for the Sunfish cast:

Why exactly did humanity mass splice themselves with animals? Or use whatever other weird genetic technique to look like them, regardless?

I mean, I can see giving themselves prehensile feet and prehensile tails and some sort of genofixing to get rid of all of the problems with zero-g and low-g lifestyle, but the animal thing seems to come out of left field. Or is humanity mostly just transhumanity, what with a whole mess of animal uplifts or something? If that's the case, wouldn't most uplifts be from the clever animals first (dolphins, crows, monkeys, pigs, octopuses, etc.)?

Or was the first person or AI or whatever who came up with a really good genefixing package a big fan of the anthropomorphic animal aesthetic? If so, what's the story behind THAT?
No. 106596 ID: db0da2

Don't you dare slander Vermin Supreme's name. He stands for freedom and prosperity.
No. 106608 ID: 6d2f34

Most probably, sapient clones have been considered things or "company assets" just like non-sapient clones, ever since it became possible to make them. The Rich and Powerful just ensured no law would ever pass that would change it.
No. 106623 ID: 9f3729

rip inheritance, you existed halfway through character creation then died for unknown reasons
No. 106724 ID: db0da2

But IVF already exists, and cloning is basically just IVF except instead of fertilizing the egg you chop out the nucleus and replace it with a skin cell from the cloning subject. Presumably the legal status of the child would be the same as in IVF, and, given that I'm not property, that means clones would have the same legal status as any naturally conceived person.
No. 106882 ID: b891f9

To Hugo Packagebord
Did you not know about nanomachines, or just not their medical applications?
No. 106884 ID: 3b108e

You're assuming money and convenience don't override logic and morality. Unfortunately, you are completely wrong.
No. 107327 ID: cee89f

Wordblood. You're an Aide of Communication.

So... hypothetically. Could you extend the limit of a magical buff by... Oh, I dunno... Droppin' some Titanic bars? Spittin' lyrical dragon fire? Clever use of a rhyming schema set to a dank beat?

... I'm asking if you can use magic by rapping.
No. 107563 ID: 3b5ae2

To Wordblood:
*Does your grasp of language extend to animals (and plants, I suppose)? ...If so, is this likely to be helpful, in your experience?
*Is it possible to string multiple Power Words together in a Power Sentence, to achieve more complex effects?

To Peregrin:
*Did you meet your Lunar Mate at some point? If so, did you two get along?
*When The Dragon's Shadow unmade Soulsteel, what happened to the ghosts trapped within it? Are there millions of traumatized ghosts out there now?
No. 107601 ID: bb78f2

Sam, Annie, and Bucky, are you space hippy's?
No. 107625 ID: b073ca
File 148410500446.png - (117.57KB , 607x600 , itq3.png )

Sam: "In the sense that we're a young, starry eyed-
Annie: -sexually liberated..."
Sam: "-sexually liberated generation rebelling against our elders ... then yesssss? But not in the flower child, healing crystal, polyphonic spree sense."
No. 107629 ID: bb78f2

Bucky looks like he smokes a LOT of dope though
Or at least he's the type
No. 107689 ID: b073ca
File 148427480169.png - (75.06KB , 600x513 , itq4.png )

"Maybe when we're not on the ship, but in an enclosed environment you don't want to be lighting up. Anyway, chemicals are fun and all but nothing beats a neural uplink collar. Its hooked up to my synapses and gives me constant info about the ship, but with a little work you can get it to tickle your pleasure centers directly-ohhhhyeaaahhh..."
No. 107695 ID: 64f807

That sound like the most dangerously addictive habit you could possible have. How are you still alive?
No. 107696 ID: a107fd

Some people will destroy themselves with whatever is available, but many more can maintain habits (especially with cultural support, which is why any given addictive indulgence is so disruptive when first introduced to a new culture which doesn't know how to manage it) that keep them in a relatively stable equilibrium until something interferes with the supply. Addictive drugs have physiological side-effects and supply chain complications which wireheading lacks, so I'd guess it's considerably safer than alcohol.
No. 107700 ID: 64f807

The difference is the intensity. Pain and pleasure are mechanisms that motivate animals to do what is necessary to live and reproduce, if you hijack this process with the intention of creating extreme pleasure you desensitize the subject to comparatively brand impulses that can be experienced by normal means. Nothing in real life can compare: no food would taste near as good, no drug could get you that high, no sex would be this pleasurable.
If you could guaranty absolute satisfaction at any time you wanted, would you be willing to do anything else?
No. 107701 ID: 595d54

Wouldn't wireheading still have physiological side effects? You're messing around with neurotransmitters to actually feel pleasure, so you'd end up with the same excess synapse growth and withdrawal as you got from, for example, cocaine binding to dopamine receptors.
No. 107702 ID: 8e2896

Don't forget to eat.

But seriously can you connect your collar to someone else's collar? Like during sex?!
Can you feel what its like to have a vagina when sex!? Probably not but can you feel nerve endings you don't have.
No. 107704 ID: a107fd

That's not really a side effect so much as a direct consequence of the intended effect. I'm thinking of stuff like the way ethanol destroys the liver, or methamphetamine rots teeth, or smoking... anything, really, gums up lungs, or snorting cocaine erodes the inside of the nose.
No. 107883 ID: 493b5f

Hey, Bika! I've got... kind of a weird question for you. It's about masturbation.

See, expert onanologists have proven that masturbation and sex can fulfil certain different needs. Many people in active sexual relationships still masturbate because masturbation, among other advantages, is more relaxing and comforting. There are a variety of factors to this, such as the trained association of masturbation with privacy and safety, but largest is probably just that there isn't the pressure to perform and satisfy your partner the way you need to with two-or-more-people sex. That's not about multisex being a chore or anything, I'm not saying masturbation is better, obviously, it's just that if you're a decent person you'll be trying not to be inconsiderate, trying to read what your partner wants, navigating another set of limbs, et cetera, and it's a more high-energy, high-tension state to be in, even when you're having loads of fun. The performance itself can be fun! But it's more tiring, and sometimes you just need to get off without having to bug someone else to help you.

I was lying about there being expert onanologists. They're probably called something different.

What I want to ask is... is sex between your bodies just like masturbation to you, or more like multi-person intercourse, in the sense of needing to make an effort? Or like, in between? Do any of your bodies ever engage in solo style satisfaction, or do they just grab another of your bodies when they're feeling the itch? Are you finding there's that noticeable difference in tension when you're with someone who's not you?
No. 108301 ID: bb78f2

Sunfish character questions for who may answer it best. What is the religious or philosophical perspective of the cloning process in regards to concsciousness or soul transfer? Has science discovered the consciousness and is able to transfer it to the clone, or have all the rich dudes going through it made their peace that theyre just programming a successor to think and act like themselves while in actuality theyll be going to the afterlife when they die if there is one?

Also, bucky have any pregnancy scares with the girls if thats possible between a rabbit, cat and bird?

Main protagonist crew:
No. 108345 ID: 5e2c69
File 148606105750.jpg - (80.25KB , 1000x1000 , literally me.jpg )


it should be obvious, he's basically me- intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of homur
No. 108487 ID: b7f276

Dear Dio,

It's been a while. A few years for us, maybe more for you. If the happenings of Exemplar are any indication, a fair bit of time has passed. Not sure if you're still out there but I'm hoping you are. How are you holding up? Last we checked in on you, you were having gangster and Ark issues. Looked rough. How'd that turn out? Any more wild adventures you'd like to share? Well, I figure you're busy these days. You really did seem like a young guy who had his stuff together. I'm sure you've gone far. Hope you and all your wonderful friends are well.
No. 108536 ID: ba506f

so here's a question for whoever wants it.

If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?
No. 108539 ID: a523fb

Basically answered by >>108518
No. 108540 ID: 54f614
File 148649776067.png - (291.70KB , 452x564 , An Illustrated Primer.png )

Where the Hell am I?
An Illustrated Primer of Neurosurgery and Urban Exploration
No. 108914 ID: 9145ba

to Grightogot Grzgkahk: Between the already red skin and all the bleeding Warriors regularly inflict on each other, what is Garakton culture's outlook on the "Red Thirst" their women undergo?
No. 109035 ID: b15da4

Krin: like, what's your blog? Also, ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?
No. 109036 ID: a363ac

Lisa and snayor how much do you weigh?
No. 109119 ID: e136ae

Never ask a lady that question.
No. 109124 ID: 595d54


Lisa and Susanna: How fat are you?
No. 109126 ID: 4063a3
File 148788769189.png - (41.57KB , 500x500 , itq_11.png )


Susanna: "While I regrettably cannot speak for everyone in my administration, I do maintain a perfectly trim, hourglass figure at all times."

Susanna: "Is that all? I'm very busy! Where is Lisa?!"

Susanna: "She takes up half the room, how can she be so easy to lose..."
No. 109127 ID: 4063a3
File 148788770069.png - (39.39KB , 500x500 , itq_12.png )

No. 109128 ID: e136ae

You don't need to eat Susanna, that's cheating.
No. 109133 ID: 4994e9

88-1: have you ever thought about getting with Monica?

Monica: ever thought about getting with dubs?
No. 109135 ID: 078a83

But Lisa doesn't need to eat all those muffins either.
No. 109136 ID: 042667

>that walmart body type
Remind me why you people are attracted to her again?
No. 109138 ID: 91ee5f

Because most people in the real world have that same kind of body and can relate to her on how stressful a job like hers can be.

Or maybe because people are sick and tired of the whole "thin is beautiful and fat is ugly" message that the world tries to force on everyone.

Or maybe because big girls need some love too.
No. 109139 ID: 9145ba

So what you're saying is, out of pity?
No. 109140 ID: a363ac

to Marcie can you describe how your muffin tastes?
No. 109141 ID: 91ee5f

No, that's what you're saying. I was just listing off some things other people might be thinking.

Besides, Lisa's not my favorite. My favorite is Sophie.
No. 109142 ID: 9145ba

You said it, not me.

Besides, I can think of two better reasons to like a girl like Lisa.
No. 109143 ID: 042667

Guilted by the fat acceptance movement? Can't get someone thinner, so she's an easy target? 's ok man, I won't judge.

Now we're talkin'.
No. 109146 ID: 042667

Agreed with this. Whole "thicc" meme started by vaginized men wanting girls they think they won't have to work for.
No. 109151 ID: f6ba27

As entertaining a spectacle as it is, gang, the ITQ thread on tgchan is really not the place for flexing how redpilled you are or whatever this is. This is the place where we ask for the opinions of cartoon turtles and space furries. You are invited to start a thread on general about the virtues and vices of fictional characters' waist measurements. Please keep ITQ clear of non-Q&A.
No. 109152 ID: f6ba27

Chuck from Coxwette: On a scale of 1 to 10, how vaginized would you rate yourself?
No. 109153 ID: b073ca

Is vaginized like being delitized?
Naz is your fet being foreverial tiedup delitized?
No. 109154 ID: 9876c4

How many of those are even words?
No. 109155 ID: f6ba27
File 148791580320.png - (6.25KB , 960x560 , itq1.png )

I don't like songs with words in them. Messes with my focus when I'm doing other stuff like sniping.

Not that I'm ever cranking tunes while I snipe.
Don't tell 73-6.
Anyway this is choice right now:

Never even thought about it. She's my handler. There's some seriously strict rules in the Bureau against that, ESPECIALLY in the case of reconstituted assets.

>But you don't work for the Bureau anymore.


>You and Monica left the Bureau. Neither of you work for them anymore.
No. 109156 ID: f6ba27
File 148791581774.png - (6.24KB , 960x560 , itq2.png )

No. 109157 ID: 7b7ab3

Git it, you cybernetic, undead stallion, you.
No. 109158 ID: f6ba27
File 148791596985.png - (10.22KB , 960x560 , itq3.png )

No sir. The Bureau rules are very clear about that: no hands on the moldy merchandise. Title epsilon chapter V section 2: No handler will, in course of operation--

>But those rules don't apply anymore, right?


>After you left the Bureau?
No. 109159 ID: f6ba27
File 148791598594.png - (10.80KB , 960x560 , itq4.png )

Well but that doesn't...
No. 109160 ID: f6ba27
File 148791599341.png - (10.74KB , 960x560 , itq5.png )

No. 109161 ID: 7b7ab3

Git it, you beautiful, hungry beast, you.
No. 109162 ID: 14f8aa

Now that you've brought THAT up, I recall that most of those pictures were of rodent characters.
No. 109259 ID: cee89f

Tozols, Scellor and Astranians of Battle Quest:

Quest's over and probably not coming back. So you've got a bit of an ooc perspective now.

So! Lemme ask all three of you:
-Knowing what we knew about each of the other factions, how do you rate your odds?
-What would definitely have needed to happen after the end of the quest to secure a victory?
-What absolutely COULD NOT happen to your faction?
-What could the other factions ABSOLUTELY NOT accomplish?
-What is your personal opinion of the other sides' generals?
-Best case scenario for your faction
-Most likely scenario assuming victory
-Most likely scenario assuming defeat
-Worst case scenario
No. 109551 ID: d36af7

Couple of questions for Wordblood from Lunar Quest, and also that green striped tentacle entity if it feels up to answering.

First, and most relevant to what should be done immediately in Thread 3... since lunar tattoos are fundamentally writing on skin, like the surface-thoughts red-text thing you've got going on, could you develop a power to make something on the outer body's skin that looks like proper tattoos, but displays information more selectively? Enough of the Moon Hero themes to be plausible, but otherwise a subliminal sort of "everything's fine, situation normal, nothing to see here." More specifically, could you build off of the hero soul's deception and disguise thematics, maybe a little bit of Kairosa's time shenanigans, and most of all whatever the green tentacle thing is doing to keep Saulanna and Kairosa from consciously noticing it, to make anyone else (especially anybody who's got another one of those things in among their souls) think the false moonsilver tattoos are perfectly normal and have 'always been there,' as if Saulanna has somehow already been initiated and indoctrinated into the Silver Pact? If we could pull that off, the lunars would be inclined to leave, job done. Possibly also willing to help us deal with miz Dulahan before they go, insofar as she's an unwelcome intruder on our territory and lunar elders try to help their juniors starting out.

Second, if Saulanna created a new deva with the purpose of Concealment and the element of Curses, I'm guessing it would almost immediately merge with greenie. Is that consistent with your own understanding? Would the resultant entity be at least marginally more willing to open up and cooperate with it's fellow Lords?
No. 109603 ID: 3b5ae2

*Peregrin: Are Death Heroes still bothered by Resonance build-up, or did that end thanks to the Dragon's Shadow? If so, did you guys gain some odd darkness-related quirk to compensate?

*Wordblood: Would making a Noble Deva be as painful as making a Lord, or is it a comparatively minor operation, easier to accomplish at this stage of power? Do you have illuminating information about the roles and inherent powers of the standard-issue Noble Souls?

*Wordblood: How separated are Devas in the Inner World from their Titanic overself? Can [Saulanna the Deva] use Power Words and Moon Abilities in her own right, or is that something [Saulanna the Titan] gains from you and the Hero Soul, respectively? If the former, can Kairosa use Power Words too? (And if so, do the words have different FX, like a stasis effect for Kairosa, compared to a verbal command for you?)

*Kairosa: Given that Gods are regularly given Aether as pay, and that this practice has gone on for millennia, are they monstrously powerful by now - or do they simply lack the framework for improving permanently beyond a certain point? If the latter, do they actually get anything from consuming Aether except the presumably exquisite sensory experience?
No. 110625 ID: a363ac

Donna how often do you sneak into town for some fun?
No. 110627 ID: a363ac

Zack how many Skuts can you bench-press?
No. 110629 ID: a363ac

To THE HOLY DUCAL TAX COLLECTORS what is the Duchess Kalez like?
No. 110630 ID: a363ac

Rosh what is the single best punch and/or best thing you have ever punched?
No. 110631 ID: a363ac

Frillsby and Gallsby what was the most annoying arrest you have ever had to make?
No. 110634 ID: d1d42a
File 149214350628.png - (120.71KB , 585x375 , KoPITQ01.png )

>To THE HOLY DUCAL TAX COLLECTORS what is the Duchess Kalez like?
Eeyfel:"Her grace? . . . she's, um . . . very VERY dedicated.
We owe everything to her!"
No. 110637 ID: 6cbace
File 149215520369.png - (12.90KB , 600x400 , ITQ001.png )

"My wife."
"Phrasing, dear."
No. 110638 ID: ba506f

off the record what is she like?
No. 110639 ID: 62b97b

rosh confirmed for physically abusive husband.
No. 110640 ID: 91ee5f

I think it's more of a "she's the only one that can kick my ass and get away with it" type of relationship.
No. 110647 ID: 398fe1

They probably just spar.
No. 110650 ID: a363ac

Victoria ho much furniture has Emils destroyed around the house? Also how much has the homeless population droped since picking Emils up?
No. 110654 ID: 70983e

To Icker: Give me all of your bee syrup.
No. 110658 ID: 6c9581
File 149223657527.png - (9.61KB , 640x480 , neisitq1.png )

>To all quest characters: how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for your loved ones in the physical sense? A finger, an eye, a limb?

This much, at the very least. I, uh, suppose I could sacrifice a few limbs if it came down to it, but that'd take much longer to heal from. Regrowing bones sort of takes a long time.
No. 110661 ID: 008b25
File 149225983176.jpg - (117.95KB , 572x608 , 1.jpg )

>If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?

My Shit Life So Far.
A very angry book by a very angry woman.

The big book of Lesbian Shenanigans.
While it is possible to write a chapter where two thirds of the words are Butt, Butts and variations thereof, its probably not a good idea..

How to Rule the World.
A few tips for the inspiring dictator.

One woman's tale of the decline and fall of a ancient kingdom.
No. 110670 ID: 81c4c9
File 149227308402.jpg - (1.07MB , 1652x2059 , Beautiful butterfly 10.jpg )

>If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?
No. 110700 ID: 6cbace
File 149235037214.png - (10.68KB , 600x400 , ITQ002.png )

"She has broken a few doors when she used too much force on either opening them, pushing when they opened inwards, crushed the knobs, and even somehow managed to disassemble the entire locking mechanism.
I think she might have developed a fear of sitting on anything that's not the floor after a few chairs and the bed broke.
Honestly, That might have been my fault. Although I do own this house, I hardly live in it let alone have guests. I guess I should change the old furniture stuff out.
And wow did it take me some time to get her to understand that the cutlery are not supposed to be eaten with the food. Thankfully she didn't end up swallowing the silverware, but that's something else I'll have to replace."

"And I barely pay attention to the homeless in the city, so I don't know? Why would there be a correlation?"
No. 110706 ID: e136ae
File 149236652841.jpg - (87.65KB , 640x720 , MarySexyScienceFaerieQuestion.jpg )

Mary, Sexy Science Faerie: This is an important scientific question for Poly of Enemy Quest. Those shoulder spikes are an oculot erogenous zone, yes? Would you be willing to jot down some observations in regards to their insertion of some specific orifices over multiple trials? We'd also like to record the experiments for replay -- purely for research purposes of course.
No. 110711 ID: 3c0d31
File 149236870662.png - (7.95KB , 800x700 , -004-abook.png )

No. 110714 ID: 81c4c9
File 149237611094.jpg - (102.35KB , 1730x551 , Beautiful butterfly 11.jpg )

No. 110735 ID: 91ee5f

>I think she might have developed a fear of sitting on anything that's not the floor after a few chairs and the bed broke.
Well, of course she did! Now she's gonna feel self-conscious about her weight!
No. 110772 ID: 81c4c9
File 149256583791.jpg - (1.09MB , 1748x2480 , Treće oko 7.jpg )

>If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?
No. 110775 ID: 81c4c9
File 149256775419.jpg - (399.43KB , 2480x3130 , svako.jpg )

>If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?
No. 110776 ID: 398fe1

That looks more like some sort of meme than a book.
No. 110781 ID: 81c4c9

My life is a SAD MEME :(
No. 110823 ID: b15da4

To the catventurer in Dungeoneer: Do you make your living ganking underleveled dungeons like this? If so, that's pretty cold-blooded.
No. 110837 ID: e136ae

To CHUCK of COXWETTE: What is your "Top Ten To Do" list of characters OUTSIDE of your quest?
No. 110838 ID: e136ae

To Nouille: What do you think of humans overall?
No. 110856 ID: daf211

If anything it looks more like a movie poster. The kind designed to tell you as little about the movie as possible while still getting your attention and peeking your interest. In this case I'm thinking existential crisis-comedy.

So to anyone:
If you where to make a movie, be it about your life or just any story you want to tell, what would the poster look like and what would the tagline be?
No. 110865 ID: bb78f2

To girl's (and Geoff) of Coxwette

How's your Twerk Game?
No. 111245 ID: 616bfd

To anyone, but mostly those with ambiguously pronounced names, how do you pronounce your name?
No. 111545 ID: 008b25

>To anyone, but mostly those with ambiguously pronounced names, how do you pronounce your name?

:lilchat: "I can see how mine might be a little hard for people to get, it sounds kinda like this when sounded out, Leek'il hat uts kooza an kaan baak. You can see why I shorten it to Lil."
No. 111568 ID: f6ba27

:warrior: GRIG-toe-got Gurzg-cock. the zg is like a glottal stop back of ur throat kind of thing.
:bika: Like when pikachu says pika but with a b
:warrior: i think that was obvious
:bika: i wanted to be included
No. 111570 ID: 7a5065

>GRIG-toe-got Gurzg-cock.
Finally! Proper pronunciation!
>the zg is like a glottal stop back of ur throat kind of thing.
I would stink at garaktonnik.
No. 111574 ID: 6f97db

To any character: Can I touch it?

(Your choice of "it". If yes, then you'll probably need to draw a closeup of that object or body part, and explain what it feels like)
No. 111592 ID: 395c02

>the zg is like a glottal stop back of ur throat kind of thing.
IPA, darn you, IPA, there are so many sounds back there
No. 111594 ID: 5b93d3

That 'I' is for 'International', not 'Interdimensional'!
No. 111595 ID: 7b7ab3

At least until they start marketing on golboria.
No. 111596 ID: e5b57f
File 149480547102.png - (223.12KB , 600x1060 , itq-amaranth-1.png )

Here is Amaranth-so-clever. Feel! Feel ears.

Aside from the strange square shape - and the fact that the creature they belong to is roughly the size of an elephant - Amaranth's ears feel fairly normal, like a dog or cat. Her fur is luxuriously soft and warm, and applications of any kind of scratchies are enough to get her diesel engine-like purring to start.
No. 111600 ID: 6ffa3d
File 149482737101.jpg - (194.43KB , 605x480 , no.jpg )

> Can I touch it?

Please don't.
No. 111671 ID: 6dc8e5

I mean, it wasn't that obvious. I thought Bika was with a short i, like "bit" but you are telling me it is BEE-ka?
No. 111720 ID: 1a3973

To Nem:
How often do you have to reap lobsters?

>"There is no legitimate form of immortality."
No. 111725 ID: e136ae
File 149527041958.jpg - (78.98KB , 640x720 , BDNemSmartAss.jpg )


>How often do you have to reap lobsters?

Nem: Oh, we usually just leave that to the specialists.
No. 111813 ID: cee89f

You're thrown into [description of the Kobayashi-Maru].

What do you do?
No. 111814 ID: f08985

inb4 "[description of winning strategy]".
No. 111817 ID: cee89f

That is also an answer that tells us something about the characters, so w/e :P
No. 111980 ID: 70983e

To the cast of ROCK: Do we sound like Jack to all of you? What about Soo, she hadn't even met Jack when we first showed up!
No. 111984 ID: 6f97db

To Alice from I Am:
It probably doesn't mean much to you now but, if you could get your arm back, how far would you go? What would you pay? How much of your dignity would you sacrifice? Would you be a servant to someone in return?
No. 111985 ID: 6cbace
File 149588014263.png - (6.71KB , 600x400 , ITQ003.png )

"I lost my arm due to a mistake. I was pretty young when it happened, so I've grown to live without it.
Would I choose to get it back?
No. It serves as a reminder. I would rather the accident never happened in the first place."
No. 111995 ID: 339f31

don't be daft you can have a badass scar or tatoo as a reminder. reminders aren't gonna help you tie your shoes.
No. 111996 ID: 91ee5f

I don't think anyone in I Am even has shoes, so Alice doesn't really have to worry about tying them.
No. 111997 ID: db0da2

People come up with weird romanticized justifications for things they see as inevitable or unchangeable, it's why victims of domestic abuse will make excuses for their abusers, and why people will say thing like, "without death, life would have no meaning."
No. 112096 ID: 6f97db

To any character with a snoot:
What was your first snoot boop like?
No. 112800 ID: 6cbace
File 149820968740.png - (6.05KB , 600x400 , ITQ004.png )

No. 112817 ID: 0d1514

It's not a real boop if teeth are involved
No. 112865 ID: c88e6d

No. 113056 ID: 144af2

To any and all quest characters: What is the most horrible, unspeakable act you have ever committed?
No. 113094 ID: 6b1d95

To any father character:
Dad level joke plz
Is there something about your child that you keep making fun of?
No. 113159 ID: cc08c7
File 149921946354.png - (34.54KB , 600x600 , ITQ1.png )

Uh, do beaks count as snoots? If so, do people actually do that? Like, just boop snoots at random?
No. 113161 ID: 7b95d9

If you're cute enough. Yup!
No. 113162 ID: be0718

A boop could come from anywhere, at any time. You must always be on your guard.

No. 113163 ID: 7fad5d

The same holds true of punches. They're a great way to establish dominance. POW!
No. 113164 ID: cc08c7
File 149922384526.png - (44.79KB , 600x600 , ITQ2.png )

Cute enough?

>Charlotte's Anxiety Level skyrockets
No. 113166 ID: 7b95d9


That means you're cute.
No. 113167 ID: 91ee5f

You got booped! That means you're cute!
No. 113284 ID: 5ba76e
File 149939668847.png - (61.58KB , 1600x1200 , I'll rather not.png )

...I Don't think I would like to talk about it... and I don't think you would like to know.
No. 113376 ID: e136ae

To ALL QUEST CHARACTERS EVER: What music do you listen to?

It doesn't matter if this has been asked before, we have new arrivals and we ask again.
No. 113377 ID: 77c5e3
File 149958470283.png - (85.19KB , 500x800 , un ts un ts un ts.png )

ts ts ts ts ts
No. 113379 ID: be0718

Pop, lock and drop it, Chuck!
No. 113476 ID: ab6d3e

What are the chances Chuck from Coxwette would try setting up a dance club?
No. 113490 ID: f076ad

To Beatrix from XenoQuest:
How did you manage to get your hands on a ticket?
No. 113497 ID: be0718

To Amelie from Spookquest: What is your favorite drink?
To Toblerone from Spookquest: Do you have a favorite kind of chocolate?
To Teleste from Spookquest: ...?
No. 113821 ID: cd858c
File 150078861641.png - (56.45KB , 402x591 , Jaa Most Horrible.png )

>What is the most horrible, unspeakable act you have ever committed?

I have this recurring dream about it every once in a while, sort of like I'm listening to someone telling me a sad story...

Thrust upon me is a spark
A fire burning within,
It's left its mark
And from here it must begin

I hold my light in my hand
A fog it expels --
For a year it will stand

I see myself but not me
As my story foretells --
Shrouded by the burning sea

It looks at me and despairs
With a darkness that swells --
Over the land my light ensnares

In the end, my light is gone
And my fire annihilated,
But I know in the coming dawn
She'll return to me unsated

I-I don't know if I can talk about it any more than that...
No. 113824 ID: 241143
File 150079311747.png - (376.97KB , 800x800 , AmelieTalk.png )

[AMELIE] : Things that are fresh and pulsing are my favorite drink, human...
No. 113825 ID: 241143
File 150079327298.png - (296.64KB , 800x800 , TobleroneTalk.png )

[TOBLERONE] : It is surprising to me that you humans enjoy speaking to me so, knowing what I do for a living! But your curious resitance to the effects that would normally prevent me from speaking to you does interest me, so I will gladly answer your question. ...I don't have a favorite. The sweetest taste is despair. I got my name from the first text I ever read; a candy bar clutched by a child who had stumbled in on Halloween night.
No. 113826 ID: 241143
File 150079333361.png - (102.77KB , 800x800 , TelesteTalk.png )

> Teleste stands ominously at the end of a dark hallway. Old Showtunes can be heard playing from a phonograph somewhere as she stares.
No. 113827 ID: 241143

> All three responses from >>113497
No. 113828 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, sweet! Spookquest characters are showing up here!

I've got a question for Lavender from Spookquest: What do you think about the other monsters you've met so far?
No. 113830 ID: 7b7ab3

Here's a question: imagine someone buys up the land your house is on. What will you do when the bulldozers come?
No. 113835 ID: 241143
File 150082846621.png - (191.44KB , 800x800 , LavenderTalks.png )


> Lavender makes clicking noises with her fangs. She seems interested in the first humans she's ever seen.
No. 113836 ID: 241143
File 150082861046.png - (212.52KB , 800x800 , TobleroneTalks.png )


[TOBLERONE] : You humans are surprisingly cruel, don't you think? It wouldn't be too far fetched to call you the monsters. We would have to evacuate our home and flee into the woods in desperate hope that no one sees us, potentially taking innocent lives as we attempt to find somewhere else suitably large and abandoned to reside. More than likely the family would fall apart or be killed. It might just be easier to accept our deaths.
No. 113839 ID: f36501

To the Spookquest characters: What was the absolute scariest kill you've ever managed?

And also Teleste... what dat mouf doooooo
No. 113840 ID: 91ee5f

To 8bit from Spookquest: What do you think about the new girl, Lavender?
No. 113841 ID: 56ffef

To Lavender from Spookquest : Is your unbearable cuteness just a ploy to draw in humans for food?
No. 113842 ID: be0718

To Strife from Princess Quest: What did you do for fun in the Titan of Lust before the infection?
No. 113843 ID: be0718

IMO-Unit 02, in your opinion what was the primary vector at fault for the discovery and destruction of Research Outpost Oneiros Beta?
No. 113844 ID: 241143
File 150084521605.png - (203.08KB , 800x800 , 8BITtalk.png )



[8BIT] : The scariest death I've ever done... I cannot accurately describe it for you, but I believe a close equation to it would be 'Five Nights at Freddy's was training wheels, now get ready to drive a big rig'.

[8BIT] : She has a naivete that I envy, a curiosity I admire, and a figure I yearn for. She is very pretty, and I find myself stumbling over words when I'm near her. I believe I have what you humans refer to as a 'crush'.
No. 113850 ID: ba56e6

It is the nature of some people to be cruel, even when it is not efficient to do so.
It is the nature of some people to be kind, even when it is at an illogical risk to their self.

Toblerone: If there were a solution, a cheat, would you use it? If there were a ghost of a chance, would it be worth the risk of pursuing it?
No. 113853 ID: 91ee5f

To Issei from D3: What's the largest number of rotten people you've eaten at one time?
No. 113864 ID: ed048e

Neis, are you a boy a or a girl?
No. 113867 ID: 8a947d
File 150087052558.png - (57.62KB , 711x826 , Issei Portait.png )

Issei: i normally eat around 2 to 4 people, i try not to overeat since it could draw attention and its unhealthy.

Issei: i may be an other-worldly cannibal monster but i have to watch my figure.
No. 113875 ID: ba506f

here's a question for all quest authors

If you woke up one day and found yourself in one of your quests' world, how fucked would you be?
No. 113896 ID: 0787bc
File 150093376172.jpg - (289.07KB , 1309x970 , m 2.jpg )

No. 113907 ID: 182dd6
File 150094518977.png - (102.18KB , 861x497 , Scale_Frowgs and Slizers.png )

A question for quest authors? Weird.
With that said, very.
No. 113928 ID: 534129
File 150100573184.jpg - (45.06KB , 600x600 , ITQ.jpg )

>If you woke up one day and found yourself in one of your quests' world, how fucked would you be?

If it was the Monster Humper world? Rather fucked i'd say!
No. 113955 ID: 008b25
File 150108864279.jpg - (118.73KB , 468x778 , 1 001.jpg )

(sorry for crap quality, forgot my supplies -3-)

>What did you do for fun in the Titan of Lust before the infection?

Theres nothing you can really call 'Fun' about being a titan, your constantly trying to balance your power on a knife edge, too strong and you draw Fathers.. Attention, to weak and your siblings draw in like hungry sharks. Dosent really leave much space for chill time.

That said, the few times iv'e had a moment to myself I liked to spend simply snuggling dreamers. Its oddly relaxing to cozy up to a sleeping mind and listen to it churn quietly.
No. 113957 ID: 36de2e

Considering how the world works I would be well and truly fucked.
No. 113958 ID: be0718

Wait, you *were* the Titan? That whole thing was a corpse, and not a cathedral? ...Well, I don't suppose that increases the ick factor by an appreciable amount, as it was already pretty high.
No. 113960 ID: e136ae


Depends on the context.

If we're including using the rules of the Smikverse, then I'd have a new form and would probably be getting a job in security considering I have an in-depth understanding of how the magic system worked. I'd probably be mundane but in the Smikverse, a mundane with an in-depth understanding of the magic system is a much more dangerous mundane than in other fantasy worlds. Mundanes might not be able to utilize magic but they can still wreck it.

If we're talking straight-up, direct transport then it's a different situation entirely since humans are extinct in the Smikverse and those with a human appearance have fae blood in them. I've never fully considered what abilities a human might have since there's currently no way to bring a full-human into the world -- although there can be dollar-store knock-offs. I think I would say that humans would be extremely resilient to magic and have the ability to simply 'not play along' with the world's magical creatures. So faerie creatures who would normally shrug off physical blows would be straight-up harmed by a punch to the face, and things like strength would be limited to what their physical structure would allow. I haven't gone into a lot of thought into this but I would also say that humans would be prone to mutation the longer they'd stay in the Smikverse, probably eventually becoming a mortal version of a supernatural on par with the cats.

I'd probably become friends with Sami.

If I was put into a Spike & Kitty Quest however I'd probably just hang out with Mary because I've got a thing for pixies even if they're obnoxious.

If I was put into Razzay's Quest I would probably remain unfucked. I'm not her type.
No. 113964 ID: 91ee5f

To Fiddler Imp from D3:
What's your favorite song to play?

Is it the song that's played in order to summon you?

And how did you decide that you wanted that song to summon you?
No. 113978 ID: b27cac
File 150114899981.png - (22.27KB , 750x600 , oh_right_i_had_this_design_lying_around.png )

>If you woke up one day and found yourself in one of your quests' world, how fucked would you be?
I, hmm, no. I don't see that working out well. In one case it's thinly concealed cosmic horror and in several I know too much!

In Dungeoneer, I might enjoy a pastoral peasant lifestyle. In Bloom my job skills are centuries out of doubt and there's a risk of fish-lizards. Nanogoo might work out since it's about gross irresponsibility and I have insider knowledge. Questroid? No. Just no.
No. 113979 ID: b27cac
File 150115055222.png - (35.76KB , 750x600 , IMOU-02_ITQ_1.png )

>IMO-Unit 02, in your opinion what was the primary vector at fault for the discovery and destruction of Research Outpost Oneiros Beta?
Oneiros Beta was positioned dangerously close to Federation space to allow a pipeline of intelligence and stolen research material to make its way back to High Command. Despite this, resupply of the base was not made a high priority based on the assumption the flow of material through the base would restock most consumables.

Due to the perceived risk of operations in this area, aging frigates such as Cacophane or Tchico were assigned to transport of other needed supply. Upon its last entry to the system the Tchico's decrepit and misaligned systems released an extremely obvious drive flare which damaged its engines and seriously degraded Oneiros Bea' planetary cloak. Federation investigation of the flare quickly discovered the frigate and the base.

>What is the most horrible, unspeakable act you have ever committed?
Metroid dissection. They are a perfect lifeform and all research that this biocomputer has conducted on the topic has determined that flying jellyfish are objectively cute.

>To ALL QUEST CHARACTERS EVER: What music do you listen to?
No. 114050 ID: 91ee5f

To Freitast, The Goddess of Black Ice from D3: How do you feel about Gallows, Troy, and Issei?
No. 114095 ID: ba56e6

Jerry, Spookquest: What would Lavender look like to a human?
No. 114159 ID: a363ac

Sekani have you been putting your Magical(R)Penis to good use in your time away from saving the world?
No. 114465 ID: 91ee5f

To 8bit from Spookquest: How much did you enjoy getting a hug from Lavender? And be honest, you enjoyed getting a chance to embrace her soft thicc body, didn't you? X3
No. 114477 ID: d8df18
File 150272855902.png - (80.79KB , 800x800 , Jerrytalks.png )


[JERRY] : Her Glamour is on pretty thick, she might look just like how she's perceived. Which is still probably pretty spooky to encounter. Can you imagine something like that? Only two different shades of color, shifting rapidly as it skitters in and out of the light sources, innocent smiling face still cutesy even as she's digging in to someone's intestines? Even while we chat there's still a minor level of glamour; I appear spookier here but it's still not the full extent of how I would look to you.
No. 114493 ID: ba56e6

Her appearance wouldn't be off-putting in its own right, but I'll be the first to admit I don't have much of a stomach for blood. Even under 'glamor', those like yourself, Matilda, or Daisy induce an instinctual revulsion response.

I'm curious what tactics you use to feed without interacting directly with humans. That must take a great deal of planning and cunning. What is the range at which a monster can feed? Does it vary according to type?
No. 114677 ID: 91ee5f

To Luna from Spookquest: How are you enjoying being a monster? Is it everything you were expecting it to be or not?
No. 114678 ID: be0718

To somebody who isn't a monster: How would you react to seeing a monster? The exact moment you see them, before their intent can be determined.
No. 115286 ID: bb78f2

Hey Bucky, have you ever met Old Bucky in person? I imagine he's still alive, even if barely. After all, no one could foot the bill for the hunt on you. I mean, ok, you would be free since other investors have something else invested in both Sam and Annie, but if you escaped on your own, it would be Old Bucky paying the repomen to track you down, right?

Or is the company that does the cloning obligated by contract to track you down, even if Old Bucky is currently dead, or risk being sued by Old Bucky's estate while he's still being developed in your noggin? Well, they would try to avoid bad PR from not following through on a clone resurrection, probably, but... I'm not sure.

Competitors for Old Bucky's estate would probably rather see you escape than have it return to Old Bucky, though. Would helping you escape in order to obtain Old Bucky's property and wealth legally be considered murder just as much as murdering you would? Is helping a snowflake escape at all, regardless of motive, considered murder (or attempted murder/theft if the Old self is still alive)?
No. 115442 ID: e8f4bd

To Captin Resida from I Am Sidestories:
What do you think about footrubs?
No. 115449 ID: e8f4bd

To Aubrey from Snoots&Shadows:
What was the moment that caused you to consider becoming a detective?
No. 115451 ID: e8f4bd

To Julia from Coxwette:
What's the most daring thing you've ever seen Chu- I mean CHARLIE do?
No. 115452 ID: 9876c4

To Bertah from AMHQ:

What's your favorite libation, and how'd you discover it?
Who's the sloppiest drunk in the dungeon?
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this ?
No. 115475 ID: b5fb67

To all quest characters: what would you rather fight, a horse-sized gecko, or a hundred gecko-sized horses?
No. 115476 ID: 8a947d
File 150494590290.png - (132.49KB , 1001x789 , Giant Gecko.png )

Gallows: This is more fun!

Gallows: Come here you fat lizard I need a new pair of boots...
No. 115666 ID: 23a020
File 150539522491.png - (7.57KB , 600x400 , ITQ005.png )

"They're uhh... umm... okay..."

"Who put you up to this?
Was it Stanford? This is surely an invasion of privacy!
I'll have to have a talk to him once we get back from this "monster attack" at the graveyard."
No. 115678 ID: 094652

To Gya: What's the lewdest thing you've ever suckered Uma into doing?
No. 115935 ID: ed2a45

For Annie, Bucky, and Sam, What're your favorite traits about each other?
No. 116062 ID: a363ac

what is the cutest thing you three have done? separately and together. for the Toxoglossa sunfish trio.
No. 116131 ID: a6af03
File 150648383302.png - (70.26KB , 600x302 , itq1.png )

>"For Annie, Bucky, and Sam, What're your favorite traits about each other?"

Sam: "With Annie, its that she always knows when I need to be held. Like, she's always there when I need it."

"Bucky's great because he never gives up. He's always thinking or trying something new; looking for solutions from different points of view. Pluuuus, I love teaming up with Annie to get him flustered."

Bucky: "Sam, like... always knows what to say. I'm always worried because I can't believe I'm so lucky, but it's like she knows what to say to make everything okay."

"Annie, its that she's so goddamn cool. Like, I wish I were half as badass as her. She inspires me to, like, do my best and try and be cool like her."

Annie: "Sam... I love that we don't have to say anything. It gets exhausting; dealing with people I mean... I get frustrated or defensive... Sam just understands."

"Bucky? His butt. Like I love him to pieces but holy shit: that ass."
No. 116141 ID: 91ee5f

>"Bucky? His butt. Like I love him to pieces but holy shit: that ass."
Then maybe you should do to Bucky the same thing Sam did to you? Pull out a grapple gun and practice your long distance ass grab on him! XD
No. 116233 ID: 872524

Wordblood: Is a Deva's personality affected by their repertoire of Abilities? Do they get more belligerent should their Queen augment them with battle abilities, more subtle if she gifts them with stealth abilities, more friendly if she buys them helpful ones?
If so, is it a direct effect on their personality - like a milder version of adding Nobles to a Lordly Deva - or more a matter of Devas dutifully playing to their strengths, regardless of how they personally feel about it?

Kairosa: The Inner World grows as we do, but does the connection go in the other direction as well? For example, if we construct a new island for Peregrin to have his stuff on, with a little cottage to stay in when he visits - does that affect us, say by Saulanna gaining an Intimacy?
(By the way, when we increase our Soul Force again, would such an artificially created island grow with the rest, or would it stay the same size? )
No. 116248 ID: 17a3c6

For King of Pentacles Sezeda and Azzeki if they are around. What are your favourite preycrea- foods?

You're snakes right? That means you eat people right? That's what snake's do.
No. 116256 ID: 6e59e3
File 150665477432.png - (101.93KB , 880x730 , Bullets Bombs and Booze.png )

"Enough guns to make an army blush. Enough explosives to level a large city. Enough alcohol to kill a Valcien. Enough war songs to sing myself hoarse.

Enough time off to -really- enjoy my vacation."
No. 116424 ID: be0718

Hey Naz, do you have a fursona?
No. 116495 ID: 2a13fa

to all quest characters that attended a public education system in the past, how was it like? Were you a good student? Did the teachers like you?
No. 116509 ID: 2474dd
File 150736021685.jpg - (74.88KB , 429x508 , SK_Mary_ITQa.jpg )

>to all quest characters that attended a public education system in the past, how was it like? Were you a good student? Did the teachers like you?

Mary, Sexy Science Faerie with a Degree in Advanced Sexual Elasticity and a PHD in Improbable Parings: What do you think? School was lots of fun, I was a fantastic student and teachers and class alike loved me.

Spike: NEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrd!

Mary: God dammit, Spike.
No. 116518 ID: a363ac

To anyone thoughts on Fucking Nerds?
No. 116608 ID: e28c69
File 150772074740.png - (90.27KB , 603x728 , 143444014713.png )


rendamel says: y'know, don't say s-swears
No. 116612 ID: 9b80a5

to any on hiatus characters what does it feel like to be stick in time like that?
No. 116614 ID: 100607

To Amaranth from XQ/ANL/S&S:

1. How does it feel to be unraveled?
2. How's chaos, or the stuff between realities, or wherever you are?
3. Did you want to tell us anything besides Khoros not being Laertes before you left?
4. So much for your promises!
No. 116615 ID: fe3e57

Toa all characters traveling away from home: You didn't leave the stove on, did you?
No. 116627 ID: f7e6cc

Paper or Plastic?
No. 116755 ID: ba506f

So fiddler Imp

Do you tell people back home about some of the adventures you've been on with Gallows and if so what do they think of them? Like do they think you're making it up or do they just start telling their own stories or what?
No. 116779 ID: 600f38

Since I keep asking in-quest and nobody seems to be interested in the answers there:
Sam, Bucky, Annie: Do each of you want to have kids at some point when you're no longer in crisis? Are you interested in becoming immortal? Are you interested in a three-way marriage?

How are you recovering from that?

Samantha: Why did you get involved with loan sharks? What was so bad that you were willing to cut a deal with monsters?
No. 116787 ID: b9b4da

To the sorceress Chen from A Unique Set of Circumstances: Do you have a favorite silk robe?
No. 116794 ID: 008b25

To all.
You have One wish each, what do you use it for?
No. 116813 ID: 0983bf
File 150839022797.png - (120.18KB , 1174x824 , best bag.png )

No. 116869 ID: 08d976

Any/all: favourite pizza topping?
No. 117029 ID: 600f38

Victoria, does Emils strength seem odd to you? Or her weight?
Is there anything strange about her being able to superheat her hand to melt swords, or shrug of impacts that should flatten walls without seeming to even notice?

How powerful and durable are typical adventurers? Typical children?
Where does Emils fit on the scale?
Where do you fit on the scale?
No. 117091 ID: 5c52c6

what's the best quest on tgchan?
No. 117100 ID: d0bba6

No. 117113 ID: 41c9bc

Garak: Any regrets?
No. 117162 ID: 23a020
File 150902041510.png - (8.54KB , 600x400 , ITQ006.png )

There are many mysteries around that girl.
Her pink skin suggests that she is more of a central Rabold rather than from where I am from.
Her weight is incredibly heavy. It's not that hard to notice and not worry that she might break more of my stuff.
I've heard from Rosh that she shows high endurance and strength, which doesn't make sense with what the Matron's appraisal has revealed.

Honestly, I do not know how she would fall on a scale of the average person of this kingdom. A low D, but high E I guess, going off of she is now.
If her story of living in the wild up till now is to be believed, she probably has full capabilities of handling herself out there, which would allow her access to D rank, but she is just so... unwieldy and clumsy. From what I have seen, she wouldn't last in a fight against a mid rank Beast, which puts her in the E ranks.

Against other children? She'll be ahead of the curve in adaptability and physical abilities. I haven't seen how well she does in social activities, but I did hear she is making friends. Which is good.

As for me, I'm at a mid-B. I have taken down a few high ranked beasts before, and done a few dangerous missions here and there, but I can't stand working under others, which means I don't take on party missions which would probably raise my ranking higher.

And what was that about fighting? Is she getting into fights? That isn't good...
No. 117164 ID: 600f38

On a completely unrelated topic that is in no way related to Emils pasttimes, do the guilds hunt organized crime, or is that just the guards? Are there any open bounties on notable criminals?
No. 117174 ID: 9b80a5

to all what is the most socially unacceptable food you can think of? and which of your enemies would you feed it to?
No. 117175 ID: b9b4da

Sashika: What makes you a good alchemist?
No. 117325 ID: 9876c4

Bumping this one for more orcage.
For all the good it will do.
No. 117342 ID: 69d71c
File 150930857126.png - (81.69KB , 600x600 , ITQAMHQBERTAH.png )

Whoops sorry i didn't see the ask till now! my bad


>What's your favorite libation, and how'd you discover it?

Bertah: "Well, definitively the Medusa's tears! This thing is kind of pricey since it comes from the southern limits of the monsterlands but it's worth it! Haven't had much myself aside for the taste-test i get when new drinks are imported in the dungeon, but it's something that managed to kick me in the right ways with a single glass. If you have a special occasion i'd definitively suggest this!"

>Who's the sloppiest drunk in the dungeon?

Bertah: "Definitively Rico, the Keeper. I didn't even think it was possible for a satyr to be so lightweight when it comes to drinks! Beside him, probably my sister Pfeile. But she doesn't visit me that much"

>What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this ?

Bertah: "Well i started working few years ago. Definitively beats living the orc way. Especially since i'm not as built for war as the others. Here i get lots of friendly faces, a good boss and a good pay. I don't regret my decision to leave my tribe."
No. 117343 ID: a363ac

Tekuné from Breeder quest : what was your childhood like?
No. 117358 ID: f30be2
File 150932409218.png - (8.65KB , 960x560 , sashi.png )


You wish to know the secret to Sashika's great ability? I will tell you! Come close! I do not bite. Ha ha well sometimes I do.

It is thanks to three key factors:

1) My sharp, scholarly mind, educated by the Academie Einbesh, for MAXIMAL KNOWLEDGE.

2) My powerful, sensitive nose, which aids me greatly in identifying and attaining ingredients of MAXIMAL POTENCY

3) My huge, smooshy breasts, which give me MAXIMAL ACCESS to excellent bargains and alchemical secrets among the lonely and lecherous scholars and apothecaries of my trade!

WITH THESE TOOLS Sashika has become greatest alchemist on continent, probably.
No. 117379 ID: 9876c4

You are a cutie, and the undertavern is lucky to have you.
No. 117420 ID: 2a13fa
File 150950060637.png - (3.44KB , 240x240 , quite a big project if i do say so myself___.png )

Ash would tell you, but she's still frozen in time.
No. 118333 ID: c0641d
File 151206259918.png - (360.47KB , 1024x768 , Altaib Region Map (R).png )

> also are there any conflicts going on in your world currently? also what is your world like currently at the moment? also look at a map next time you can, we see through your eyes

(I hope you don't mind me answering this here instead of the main quest.)

"Hmm. From what I could remember, I currently live in the rather large village of Hollowstone, in the land of Altaib under her majesty Queen Fione. We're surrounded on three sides by frigid seas, with two land neighbors bordering us and each other to the south; the vast Ruziart Empire to the southeast, and the Grand Aristocracy of Janus to the southwest. The Khanate of Bahasa Mudo is also within comfortable trading distance, and they have a trade embassy in Fuyule. I had heard that Janus had been making some political waves recently, but no outright conflict so far. Most violent conflicts in this world are against insurgent monsters and other rogue elements. On our front, we've mostly kept the major monster incursions contained to the northeast in the frigid no-man's-land known as The Shelf, though there are also rumors abound about Veil, a supposed gathering place and haven for witch covens from all over the continent, located somewhere within the western moors.

I can find a more complete map later if that would be helpful."
No. 118349 ID: 3ce125

Ceridwen, you know that your eggs can't be fertilized by non-dragons even if you're polymorphed into that other species. Does that apply to your sperm when you're shapeshifted into a male of another species? Can you get any girls pregnant?
No. 118403 ID: f8e16b

A little question for everyone: what's the strangest dream you've ever had?
No. 119853 ID: 772fe4

ASTARTE: I can't hold it back any longer, just WHAT happened to your leg?!
No. 119881 ID: 2fe26a

Hey fishy: Can you remember anything from before waking up in the sewers?
No. 120109 ID: 9b80a5

oi TCP cast, in a simmilar question to one i asked a bit ago, whats it like coming out of the cryo pod that is a hiatus
No. 120445 ID: a363ac

hey Tiny Ketza what is your greatest fear?
No. 120972 ID: 33cbe7

Question for Auntie Miltrud: what species were you?
No. 121087 ID: 6b7d70

To anyone: What sort of cuisine do you have back home?
No. 121088 ID: b5fb67

To Moriko: how does one become a hammerai?
No. 121090 ID: 4f78c3

Wax: Have you always been giant or did you start smaller?
No. 121091 ID: b5fb67
File 151996938266.png - (1.02MB , 1470x1000 , TWWLTP_ITQ1.png )


Anita: "Back home, we have kind of mid-western food. So you'll find hot dogs, burgers, pea salad, steak, potato salad, casserole, and the like."

Gloria: "I live in an island area, so seafood is our primary staple. We have fish tacos, shrimp tempura, seared ahi, sashimi, lau lau... that sort of thing."

Rebecca: "Spicy food are our eats of choice! Spicy rice, chicken curry, picadillo, chili con carne, korma... if it isn't giving you heat, it's not worth eating!"
No. 121407 ID: 6e59e3
File 152083477230.png - (1.00MB , 1600x1600 , WarmCrimes.png )

I had a dream that I could feel my tails.
Haha this iceball sucks.
No. 121408 ID: d887c0

Krin from Enemy Quest: How's it feel to be dating your hero?
No. 121703 ID: a363ac

open invitation favorite panty color go!
No. 121875 ID: 2474dd
File 152221774035.jpg - (149.50KB , 640x720 , NemTalksAboutFood1.jpg )

The food of North Gaelend is vegan for religous reasons. We believe that to consume the bodies of animals causes their lesser spirit to join with your own, causing you to become more simple or base yourself. (Cannibalism or the consumption of intelligent mortals has problems of its own and is a popular base for horror)

I guess I should say "my people believe" rather than "we". According to our customs I'm some sort of benevolent devil because I consume the spirit-flesh of the gods.

Anyway, the base of most of North Gaelish cuisine focuses around the "Volknut", a kind of oily nut that thrives at mountain bases and valleys. Sweet volknut is the most popular, but in the North we also use a lot of the smaller, Bitter Volknut. It's not really all that bitter, but it's an acquired taste, like coffee or vegemite. Salzigrios -- a roasted, salted bitter volknut -- has an intense flavour that you either love or hate.

Breakfast tends to be porrige with fruit, fried potatoes, or winsweets (fruit preserved in alcohol).

Popular lunch foods include savogashe, which is very similar to what I've seen called hash browns, but with more savoury flavours from onion, garlic. It's topped with hemp seed and chopped fried vegetables. Another popular food are a kind of insect that's similar to a cicada. Contrary to what's considered vegan in human cultures, the Gaelish consider insects to be completely acceptible as sources of food.

Besides salads and stir-fries, we're very fond of salty fried foods in general.

Down south there tends to be more corn and oats and grubmeal.

Personally, I love peanuts. They remind me of sweet volknut. And I do love french fries.
No. 121876 ID: 2474dd
File 152221777639.jpg - (101.86KB , 640x720 , NemTalksAboutFood2.jpg )

Nem pauses for a moment and then takes a deep breath, like one about to confess a dreadful, long-standing sin.

I also ... enjoy a rare steak a bit more often than I feel comfortable with. And I once enjoyed a remarkable thing with Barry called a "Bacon Cheeseburger". And I knew... I knew it had cheese in it. Cheese. Old milk. Fermented infant food from some animal's teat. And it was good. I enjoyed it so much but it was so terrible. And probably the worst thing was that I wasn't sick afterwards. My stomach was a bit upset yes, but nothing like I should have been.

I don't know what I've become. I won't tell my parents. They've enough to deal with as is.
No. 121877 ID: d2e2ce

Nem, did you know that bacon is strips of flesh from a pig's back or belly?
No. 121887 ID: b1b4f3

And a lot of vegetables sit in the dirt for years before you yank them out and eat them. Plants eat dirt. They are exactly as gross as worms.
No. 121894 ID: 2474dd
File 152228238122.jpg - (98.14KB , 640x720 , NemTalksAboutFood3.jpg )


YES I KNOW!! I made friends with Remmington, he's a butcher's son and works in one of the other subdivisions. He's Mericudian, they eat all kinds of meats.


The only thing wrong with eating worms is that they're beneficial to the crops. We eat locusts instead.

You don't understand. There's a stigma against half-bloods like me that once they start eating meat it gets to their head and they go MAD. I've already devoured the spirit flesh of faerie kings and queens, and even some invasive Pantheon. Sami and Remmington keep trying to reassure me that I won't go cannibal BUT THEY'VE BOTH ALREADY DONE THAT.

And neither of them are GAELISH. Of COURSE Macha thinks I'm over-reacting. The only person who understands what I'm going through is Rekki.
No. 121895 ID: 600f38

Over here, we're working on growing meat without the animal.
Granted, it's more like a kafkaesque meatclot with a nutrient slurry keeping it alive instead of organs, but it IS vegan! Technically!
No. 121994 ID: 094652

How would your people feel if you ate a cow-shaped tofu block?
No. 122037 ID: 2474dd
File 152271709512.jpg - (99.19KB , 640x720 , NemTalksAboutWeirdThings.jpg )

>Over here, we're working on growing meat without the animal.
>Granted, it's more like a kafkaesque meatclot with a nutrient slurry keeping it alive instead of organs, but it IS vegan! Technically!

Nem: It's vegan in terms of not bringing harm to another creature with a spirit, but you know how people are about their ideologies. I mean, I don't think I could drink milk created by the same process just because I know what it represents, and it represents something secreted from a tit by a mother for its baby.

>How would your people feel if you ate a cow-shaped tofu block?

Nem: They wouldn't like it, believe it or not. They'd take offence to the fact that something we could eat without qualm was shaped into the form of something we wouldn't. It'd be like presenting a lesbian with a chocolate phallus -- which I know about thanks to Amy & Sami. (It's a long story)

Personally, it doesn't matter to me but I've already done enough things to be thoroughly ostracized by my people, never mind the things they don't know about.
No. 122100 ID: 2251c3

To Jogert from I Am:
What kinds of things do you consider to be pure? Besides yourself.
No. 122150 ID: ea36cf
File 152307427323.png - (98.14KB , 800x600 , ITQ007.png )

"Oh, I am by no means pure. But my abilities reduces materials to their base elements, 'purifying' them to an extent. My main function long ago was to deconstruct impurities from the environment, keeping things clean. My work is in tandem with others to provide a comfortable living space. But if I must choose, Hydrogen is the purest thing I can produce."
No. 122529 ID: 0c3c2c

Enhanced Psychic Neumono Super Soldier, maybe you can answer this mysterious question....

Why does no one in the Kiter Empire seem to wear pants? All the ones we've seen are highly modified organisms non-humanoid organisms or running around in the nude with maybe a belt or something. How do they carry anything they find with no pockets, and what do the ones with external genitalia do when they need to move through undergrowth? What happens if it snows on assignment?!
No. 123629 ID: 3583d1
File 152908961877.png - (1.34MB , 2732x2048 , DA64FCB7-6EF2-46D6-AB69-55C6B1017B4A.png )

Dear Essence of Life (no title given or deserved)

Having read through “The Saga of Roots and Branches,” I have come to a decision. You’re terrible. I mean it, I don’t know what hole of helheim you climbed out of, but I wish you would crawl back as soon as possible. I’m not even sure why you stay around but it’s almost as if you have some form of omnipotence and it’s very, VERY, aggravating. You a blight a plague on an otherwise wonderful saga, and I’m hoping that one day you disappear altogether. If this upsets you, good. Should we every have a chance to meet, expect me to rip your roots apart and kill you forever. As a matter of fact, I demand satisfaction, should someone from your world fail to do the job, I will. If you think this is only idle bluster, you do not know me. May you perish in some hole before I get to you.


Alright, second letter.

Dear Ana Tiova the Brave

I would like to congratulate you on your progress as a warrior and your conquests over the cult. I know what it’s like fighting those kinds of people and you have done very admirably. You have the makings of a fine woman. I sincerely admire your perseverance in the face of adversity, and wish you all the continued success. Should our paths cross one day, I would hope to buy you a drink at the nearest mead hall. Never change, and may the gods see your journey reach its end with you whole and happy.


No. 123632 ID: a363ac

where do all the clothes come from in the cult Letiel?
No. 123693 ID: ac5c24
File 152936708252.jpg - (2.37MB , 2480x3808 , BB 1.jpg )

No. 123851 ID: 3583d1
File 153008764673.jpg - (800.91KB , 2379x1553 , E58F7F65-B1FF-452C-B4FD-B4F6F952F5D9.jpg )

Oh... You’re a spirit parasite, yes?

You lélegt barn, I know more than a little about manipulation and being under someone’s boot. Let me read you something... about your mother.

”I can’t feel my body, I can’t even see straight. Why did it have to end this way? I was just fighting for the survival of my kind. Was that such a terrible thing to do? Did I deserve to die for that?” She lamented, her green life’s blood pooling around her.
Suddenly, that great trickster appeared before her, that wicked Essence of Life.
“And what is so wrong about not existing,” spoke she “It might give you peace that you desperately needed.”
In the trickster’s hand was one of her many toys, a puppet and she looked at it balefully, and spoke her mind.
“The purpose that we give to our existence is just an anchor that holds us to this stupid reality. It is so much simpler to float without it, not a single care in our tortured minds. We should all float into nothingness and just disapeer.”
Turning back to the dying monster her wicked grin returned and she laughed as she spoke.
“You not believe me, but I envy you. Being able to just die and see what is on the other side. I am stuck like I am in quicksand, I am drowning and it is geating harder for me to see the bright blue sky.”
Even now, with smell of death in the air, Essence could only remark of herself and pity her own wretched existence. Suddenly a voice, small and hushed comes from the fetish on her hand, the voice of an enemy, a lover, a memory.
“Oh shut the hell up. Let a dying woman have some fucking peace.”
That Wicked Essence of life only grinned all the more, her eyes sneering but her mouth grinning all the wider.
“Oh you telling me to do one thing usually makes me want to do the opposite.” Suddenly she turned her attention back to that dying monster.
“Parasite I will help you in my own way, I will make you stop being sad. You see Parasite, this wasn’t my first time seeing you die. The moments of you dying has become a ritual for me. Every timeline I would have to put you down before becoming a major problem.”
The Essence of life did not seem sad, more frustrated.
“I don’t know who did that before me in the previous cycles, honestly in some timelines you don’t even manage to survive on your own.”
And like that, Wicked Essence of Life was all evil good cheer.
“Don’t you see?” Laughed that Evil Essence of Life, “You were never a real danger, which makes all those sacrifices practically pointless! All those that fought you gave their lives for nothing. It would be even more funny if it weren’t so sad.”
But that dying brood mother did not laugh, she only wept from behind that death mask of the artist. She wept for herself, for her children, and for being decieved. She was silent for a long time.
“That is not funny.” It was all she could say.
That Wicked Essence of Life only laughed all the harder,
“Because you were never a real danger I experimented with you, printed to be on your side only for you to hurt people that I want to get hurt. I was all so enjoyable but this party needs to end now.”
There were no more tears, no more anger, no more hated, not for that dying brood mother Parasite. But there was confusion. And it was in confusion she spoke her last.
“Your voice sounds different...”
Again that Wicked Essence of Life laughed. For pain, suffering, and anguish were her toys and her bedmates.
“Remember to make a wish before they blow out the candles!” She chided.

Their great weapons of flame positioned, and the Inquisitor gave the order for the monster to die by the fire.

“Toasty!” Laughed the Essence of Life, and she was gone, leaving only ashes.

Do you see what I am telling you little one? You mean nothing to her, she may act like she cares, but you are just another toy to her. Gods, you may even be the reborn brood mother, again just fulfilling your cycle...

I’m sorry little Spirit, I truly am.
No. 123865 ID: fcd056
File 153014653387.jpg - (2.80MB , 2480x3444 , BB 5.jpg )

No. 123911 ID: 3583d1
File 153026504567.jpg - (173.81KB , 852x747 , 4AC9DB7B-6E41-4771-B64D-1981114597B2.jpg )


Little one, at what point do we need to stop believing the carefully constructed lies we tell ourselves? Essence is what she is, and what she is, is a monster.

It takes one to know one.

I’ve read it all, and seen it all, she is an addict to her sadism, she will not stop, and she will lie and cheat, and continue to break your heart. She tortured a woman who had nothing left and laughed about it. She would kill those she swindled on to her side just to make a joke. And I fear you might face a similar fate if you should chose to stay with her.

I know what you are going through, all too well. How you would do anything for family, because that’s what they are, but if you truly love her as a sister, you need to leave. It is only a matter of time before she hurts you too. And a real sister would want the best for you... Leave her, and live, or stay and die.

I’m sorry little Spirit, sometimes, you just have to be realistic...
No. 123916 ID: fcd056
File 153028353122.jpg - (3.93MB , 3328x4865 , BB 9.jpg )

No. 123918 ID: 3583d1
File 153029666830.png - (240.24KB , 1093x819 , 176AA901-44A6-4F49-9694-549AFEE88EF0.png )

Can’t believe he fell for that one, oldest trick in the-
No. 123919 ID: 3583d1
File 153029671086.png - (270.95KB , 1093x819 , B5CBFC9F-24B3-4DE5-954A-2DA174C0EAA5.png )

No. 123920 ID: 3583d1
File 153029712799.png - (283.49KB , 819x1093 , 7E810B2A-5F26-41F1-9947-7E1F46F97329.png )


Ohh, good one. Got a few fingers on that last hand with that knife as well as that flashing-light thing. Oh well, it was just a bag of caltrops, and those are more useful than coins any way. I hope she puts them to good use.

Yes, kids can be little shits, but I like her. I think of this is a good lesson for her. If you steal, don’t brag about it to the persons face. And secondly no matter how tough, or clever, you think you are there’s always someone more tougher, meaner, and cleverer than yourself.

So how about that beer?
No. 123924 ID: 81d03b

Hello, yes. I need to remind everyone that the intended usage of Inside the Quest is for suggesters to ask quest characters questions.

For example:
"Anybody, what's your favourite food?"
No. 123925 ID: 3583d1

Got it, we’re done anyway. Sorry if we’ve misused this.
No. 123926 ID: 33cbe7

Alice, what's your favorite food?
No. 123928 ID: 81d03b
File 153032005292.png - (33.26KB , 800x650 , alice_itq_this_is_in_very_poor_taste.png )

No. 123929 ID: 0263de

Fraxure: Heya [MYSTERIOUS BERSERKER THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE PROTAG], I got a question for you! How many demons have bought you a drink?
No. 123938 ID: 623c7e

...is it a cherry smoothie?
No. 123945 ID: 3583d1
File 153038684987.png - (214.52KB , 1093x819 , 8568DAA0-6D7F-4683-8686-931DB36721F8.png )

That depends, what are we drinking?

(This user has been banned for this post.) don't use ITQ for RP
No. 123952 ID: 5245b2

Whatever suits your fancy! I'll be having some brain fluid from an unnameable horror, Want me to make that a double?

(This user has been banned for this post.) don't use ITQ for RP
No. 123963 ID: 4631a1

To Dennit: After getting over the fact that you were hitting on a major daemon... from an objective standpoint, do you still find Aeseriq attractive?
No. 123965 ID: 7838f1

Also, to anyone in Fiend Quest in general: How are daemons “born?” Do they start out as tiny imps emerging from Hell’s primordial aether? Can daemons “reproduce” in any fashion? Can mortals become daemons either through design by ritual contract or through leading a particularly sinful life?
No. 123972 ID: ad51b8

here's a random question for everyone.

You come across a mirror that shows you the thing you want most. Whether that be something like money, a friend, or even something like peace and quite, it will be shown in the mirror.

So, what would you see?
No. 124017 ID: 8a947d
File 153080294399.png - (186.54KB , 624x802 , Mirror Mirror.png )


A few months ago it would've just shown a nice new car...
No. 124032 ID: 5245b2
File 153087208823.jpg - (1.78MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

Fraxure’s normal jagged grin falls as the mirror reflects his desire. There’s something wrong with this. No cracks, everything flawless. TOO flawless. No cracks, no Fraxure, just two people perfectly happy with themselves and each other. No anxieties, no depression, no more demons. “A perfect world.” Fraxure breathed, a feeling of grim reality setting in. “Well... At least they’re happy for the time being.”
“This isn’t a perfect world, but sometimes flaws make us better.” Clock said from behind him. “It’s okay to have our malfunctions, that’s what makes us human.”
No. 124067 ID: bd7115
File 153102507236.png - (232.00KB , 996x996 , Clownquestdumb.png )

No. 124073 ID: ff82d2

To Christopher from I Am:
When did you find out that you have a thing for cross-dressing?
No. 124111 ID: fcde5d

To anyone:
Got any traditions that you're fond of? Can be anything from important cultural events, to a simple annual family outing.

Or maybe a particular one that you dislike instead?
No. 124117 ID: e8722f

Clock shudders at the thought of Christmas.
Fraxure, on the other hand, seems delighted, and starts humming “Happy Birthday” to himself.
This puts Clock off even more. Birthdays have been bad too...
No. 124151 ID: 896ddf
File 153147884269.jpg - (2.06MB , 2480x3342 , BB 23.jpg )

No. 124198 ID: 33cbe7

To the happy whistling ex-xotl: What is/was your favorite tune?
No. 124260 ID: ea36cf
File 153185445466.png - (243.34KB , 800x600 , ITQ008.png )

"Well, part of my undercover training involved me dressing up in the opposite gender. While trying to blend in, I found a certain girl, sneaking out of her Palace.
Since I was in training for being her guard, I couldn't very well leave her be, so I tried following her, but she caught me.
I tried to persuade her to return, but she just dragged me around. We spent a few days outside the palace, enjoying the capitol before we were eventually caught.
We became friends together, but I didn't have the heart to confess about my identity. Even after, I had to escort her as 'Lady Chris', but eventually my position as her Fiance was confirmed.
The dresses just reminds me of the fun we had together. No plots hanging over our heads, no pressure between our families to get along, just as friends."
No. 125473 ID: 67cfcd

To Jan of Bord Quest

You said that you've got some experience in all sorts of scientific fields, but what is your specialty? Paleontology? Meteorology? Astrogeology? Xenobiology? Sociology? Something else?
No. 125483 ID: a8aba6

To Lamb from TRASHY VAMPIRE ROMANCE NOVEL: what happened to that cross-burn on your chest?
No. 125665 ID: b1b4f3

Gretchen: if you can't eat solid food due to being an eyeball, then what do you consume? What do you subsist on?
No. 125672 ID: 270774
File 153809989014.png - (91.82KB , 500x500 , tvrnitq1.png )

WHOOPS i just saw this now. i normally don't get questions so i don't think to check this thread lol

[transcribed from german]
LAMB: ... A cross will only burn a truly pious vampire. It's the same for any religious item - atheists and nonbelievers are unaffected. A vampire faithful enough to be harmed by a cross will often choose to wear one anyway.
LAMB: It's a sign from God that he rejects us and finds our unholy forms abhorrent, so to bear the pain is a kind of penance.
LAMB: ... The stronger your faith, the more it harms you. So the fact that I can even still bear to wear mine at all is proof that my heart is still weak.
No. 125673 ID: 270774
File 153810028625.png - (118.58KB , 500x500 , asitq1.png )

GRETCHEN: Uhhhhhh.... I dunno! Hahaha! I'm an eyeball!
GRETCHEN: I never really thought about it before.
GRETCHEN: It kinda seems like a lot of stuff other people have to think about just isn't a problem for me...
No. 125769 ID: 4a8fd8

We seek Durk Nuuk'erm!
No. 125888 ID: 91ee5f

To Ichigo from D3: Slight Return: What's the largest number of people you've eaten at one time?

.....and why does it feel like you’ve already been asked this question in a different timeline?
No. 125891 ID: 93f082

To Lord of Mysterious Devices from Labyrinth:
What do you think about trains?
No. 125892 ID: 93f082

To Sabria Dorunjir from King of Pentacles:
What kinds of tortures have you seen utilized on others and what do you think of them?
No. 125893 ID: 93f082

To Voice of the Crown from Atoll:
Are you the strongest?
No. 125894 ID: 93f082

To Penny from Coxwette:
What's your biggest weakness?
No. 125895 ID: 93f082

To Rachel from I Am:
What kind of various jobs have you had while working with Chris?
No. 125896 ID: 93f082

To portly woman from Dead Dust:
What's your favorite thing to sit on?
No. 125897 ID: 93f082

To bloody guy from Aux Oculo:
What kind of girls do you like?
No. 125899 ID: 91ee5f

You don’t have to make these all separate posts. You can have multiple questions to characters from different quests in the same post.
No. 125906 ID: a451fc
File 153904372969.png - (82.47KB , 649x635 , Ichigo Portrait.png )

ICHIGO: only one, i only have so much stomach space and a grown human can be quite large. as for your second question i have no idea what you could mean...
No. 125909 ID: 575ec0

Issei from OG D3Quest:
What's your opinion of this poser above me?
No. 125910 ID: 7969eb
File 153906052164.png - (470.95KB , 900x675 , bloodcatanswer.png )

Actually I prefer men.
No. 125914 ID: 93f082

Well, that explains a couple of things.
No. 126020 ID: 891b91
File 153949914224.gif - (300.81KB , 1024x1024 , itq001-1.gif )

"My favorite thing to sit on? Y'know, I've got a huge beanbag chair in my place... ain't nothin' better than ploppin' down in it and chillin' out after a long, hard day."
No. 126021 ID: 891b91
File 153949915787.gif - (317.51KB , 1024x1024 , itq001-2.gif )

Ding! Your laundry is ready~
No. 126022 ID: 891b91
File 153949917134.gif - (323.77KB , 1024x1024 , itq001-3.gif )

"Don't you fuckin' judge me."
No. 126024 ID: 06fdc0

...uh, did you finish before your laundry did?
No. 126027 ID: 7efe6b

Look, washing machines can get really loud. So there's nothing wrong with sitting on it so that it washes the laundry more quietly.
Wait, there is no laundry in there...

Thanks for the answer! Really well done and way better than I expected!
No. 126075 ID: 094652

Dr. Greene from Aux Oculo:

How much social life do you get outside of your little experiment?
No. 126103 ID: 7969eb
File 154001806615.png - (43.15KB , 557x587 , greeneanswer.png )

"I have not left this building in over a year, and unless my work is complete or somebody makes a better offer I'd prefer it stay that way."
No. 127073 ID: 91ee5f

To Victoria from I Am: How will you celebrate Emils’ birthday after having her with you for an entire year? Will you just celebrate on the day you took her in or will you choose a different day?
No. 127170 ID: 094652

To Dana from Ethquest: how did the castle's inhabitants normally treat you? Same question regarding your father and sister.
No. 127171 ID: 094652

To Luce from Mervamp: I personally know that salmon flesh is kind of flimsy. How durable is your tail compared to your ancestral counterparts?
No. 127246 ID: 94f173
File 154721009402.png - (74.76KB , 1240x1240 , ItQDana.png )

Good! Dad loved me. Sis is nice to me and plays with me. The guards were nice to me most of the time. It was kinda lonely sometimes, especially when sis was off hunting with Eth.
No. 127247 ID: 96d998

>hunting with Eth
is that what kids call it these days? i guess i'm getting old.
No. 127248 ID: 94f173
File 154721189778.png - (49.66KB , 1240x1240 , ItQLewd.png )

Mind your own damn business.
No. 127268 ID: eeb7d9

I fucking knew it! What i wasn't expecting was Reno taking the initiative. Just look that devilish face she has.
No. 127727 ID: e9d41b

Spike have ever seen Kitty naked?

if not, would you like to?
No. 127729 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992305646.jpg - (64.35KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211a.jpg )

>Spike have ever seen Kitty naked?
>if not, would you like to?
No. 127730 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992307002.jpg - (72.06KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211b.jpg )

.... creeeeeeeeee
No. 127731 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992308779.jpg - (71.84KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211c.jpg )

.... creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.....
No. 127732 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992311378.jpg - (70.54KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211d.jpg )

Spike: Perv.
No. 127733 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992312648.jpg - (101.92KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211e.jpg )

No. 127734 ID: b5fb67


Kitty, have ever seen Spike naked?

If not, would you like to?
No. 127735 ID: 8d26c4
File 154992820150.jpg - (102.20KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190211f.jpg )

>Kitty, have ever seen Spike naked?
>If not, would you like to?

No. 127747 ID: bb78f2

You know, setting aside the lewd jokes and stuff and piercing private questions for a more serious and slightly less piercing private question... how IS you two's romantic life?

Is there fire in the this relationship? Is it one made of convenience? What do you two mean to each other?
No. 127764 ID: ada24e

*judging intensifies*
No. 127773 ID: a9af05

You didn't say "No", so we're just going to assume that face and your silence means "Yes".
No. 127774 ID: 8d26c4
File 155008215798.jpg - (68.33KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190213a.jpg )

>Is there fire in the this relationship?

No. 127775 ID: 8d26c4
File 155008218104.jpg - (120.21KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190213b.jpg )

No. 127776 ID: 8d26c4
File 155008219194.jpg - (61.81KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190213c.jpg )

No. 127777 ID: 8d26c4
File 155008284605.jpg - (111.69KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Spike20190213d.jpg )

>Is it one made of convenience? What do you two mean to each other?

Kitty: Well sweetie, the thing is a ninja lawyer is probably one of the most evil things on Earth and while I was meditating I realized both this and the fact that evil ninja are one of the most throw-away types of villains meant that I was living on borrowed time. So rather than be Spike's first antagonist, I figured out where he lived, introduced myself and promptly joined his side -- thus making me a nominal hero, and also dramatically increasing my expectancy. I'm fully aware of the fact that if Spike wasn't a complete screwball this plan would have never worked, and also the fact that he IS a complete screwball is the main reason why he would have easily kicked my ninja ass if I had stayed a villain.

So for better or for worse, I'm stuck with him. Plus there is a chance that his antics are a facade, which if I'm being honest is intriguing but also an even better reason to stay on his good side.

Spike: Kitty is like my Sam.

Kitty: Yeah, you crack me up little buddy.
No. 127781 ID: a2cac9

i have known dumber people. i don't think that's a facade.
No. 127800 ID: 99ed9b

Hey Kitty, doesn't it bother you a little to be compared to dog in a trenchcoat?

I mean, if Spike is just faking it, that's a pretty subtle but stinging burn.
No. 127838 ID: b52c39

Dana from eq, what do you want to be when you grow up
No. 127854 ID: b52c39
File 155044283061.png - (222.50KB , 1000x1000 , ITQ2.png )

A dame! Like Eth!
No. 127856 ID: eeb7d9

AWW that is so cute! And dangerous. But wait, you want to, like go to war, fight things and such? Or more of a personal bodyguard?

Reno, i have a question for you too: What role would the sibling of the king/queen perform? I would guess that the elder one would be the ruler, so what does the other one do?
No. 127858 ID: b52c39
File 155044749456.png - (1.00MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ3.png )

I'm fair certain she wishes to roam about the countryside and go on quests.

And circumstances differ. The elder sibling is always the heir to the throne; the younger will sometimes be made an earl or duke, or if they wish to pursue the arcane, the royal battlemage. Some marry out of the royal family. My younger sibling, however, is a special case; she's a bastard, much as I dislike thinking of her under that term. She lays claim to far fewer titles than, say, my cousin would. Had I one. Royal bastards are usually given to their base parent, who is then paid to keep quiet about them; Yet my father wanted another child after my Lady Mother died, and kept Dana. I do not know what will happen to her.
No. 127860 ID: a2cac9

considering the circumstances, probably something similar to you.
No. 127861 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if she wants to be a dame, might as well let her. Maybe she can become a general someday. War is a productive activity that gives plenty of rewards and recognition, if one is willing to face the risks.
No. 127868 ID: 8d26c4
File 155048321831.jpg - (93.16KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Kitty20190217.jpg )

>Hey Kitty, doesn't it bother you a little to be compared to dog in a trenchcoat?
>I mean, if Spike is just faking it, that's a pretty subtle but stinging burn.

Kitty: No, no. Sam is quite top tier. Sam & Max are perhaps the greatest (co-op) funny animal duo ever, and to be compared to the sane one of the two is actually a high compliment.
No. 127870 ID: bcc41d

Speaking of inheritance rights, who has a claim on the throne - or claim on the kingdom, royal vizier / prime minister / grand general style - besides you? Someone presumably treason'd you but good with those lizards, and whoever's left standing with a decent claim may very likely be the culprit.
No. 127872 ID: 6fb3de
File 155050874183.png - (1.91MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ3.png )

There are some cousins. Proooobably dead now.
No. 127879 ID: bb78f2

Reno, who was your mother politically before she married your father and had you? Was she a commoner, a duchess, a different type of noble, or princess to another kingdom that your current one is allied to (I imagine from the marriage)?
No. 127881 ID: 080aaf

To Slime Matron from Audit Quest: What happened to your old dungeon's master? Is he still kicking?
No. 127897 ID: 6fb3de
File 155057054657.png - (2.37MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ4.png )

Mother was a distant relative of the royal family, a mountain-lion duchess from near the northern border. I never knew her, of course. But I still wear her diadem!
No. 128332 ID: bfa316

Your mom had quite a set of chompers on her.

Since Dana is a bastard, does that mean not all felines are part of the nobility?
No. 128353 ID: b146ba

All felines nobility? Isn't nobility the only part of the nobility?
No. 129074 ID: bcc41d

To Dionaea from Age of Shadows.

What was your last big rampage like?
No. 129079 ID: 688dd6
File 155495647633.png - (6.53KB , 700x800 , -007-timeperception.png )

My last big rampage? Shit, I dunno. When I get banished, I keep my memories and all, but it gets... pretty difficult, to tell what happened when. You don't have any senses anymore because you have no corporeal form. Everything you've ever experienced is just all there in one big jumble and you have a lot of time to think. Nothing but time, but you can't feel time anymore.

You can know, like, academically, this moment came before that moment, this event was on this day of this season of this year, but you have to build that timeline yourself. They're all jigsaw pieces and you have to figure out how to fit them together because you remember how they interlock but the complete picture, it isn't there anymore, it fell apart. Does that make sense?

It doesn't come back when you reincarnate. Your new memories are in order, but the lives you led before, they stay timeless. And then when you get banished again, any effort you put into assembling them, it's all back to square one. Me, I've been around a long time... I guess I stopped bothering. It feels like -- I guess it's a little ironic to say this -- it feels like it's not worth the time. It would take way too long to put all those centuries back together again. So I couldn't really tell you what order I did it in.

Damn, that's a shitty answer. I'm sorry. I really couldn't tell you. It was probably a long time ago. Mortals are too smart and capable and organized now.
No. 129086 ID: e90e32

Easy fix. Which was the most memorable rampage?
No. 129087 ID: 688dd6
File 155502124458.png - (7.02KB , 700x800 , -008-ponder.png )

Ah, well...

A long, long time ago, I was brought into existence by the fears of the mortal mind. My memories of that time are vivid and stormy, hard to parse. I was more animal than person, you see. I was invincible. Unstoppable. A wild force of nature with a singular purpose. I existed to hunt. Back then, they didn't know how to use magic, and they didn't have any deities, or concepts of 'good' and 'evil.' They didn't know what I was or how to stop me. They could scare me off, with light, but they couldn't defeat me. I think about those times a lot, whenever I get banished.

Their ancestors had been hunted by predators for a long time, and it had burned that fear into the makeup of their soul, even when they had the tools to defend themselves from carnivorous beasts. They still feared the unknown, the invisible, the darkness. They feared a stalking beast they couldn't spear, and they all believed in it so strongly they created one: Me.

A beast like that doesn't slaughter indiscriminately, though. I treasured the hunt and all its intimacy, since I fed for pleasure, not survival. Up until the-- well, the mortals that would become the elves learned to harness magic, and use it to defend themselves. The first time I was banished it came as quite a shock to me. Dozens of them came together to defend my quarry.

When I was reborn that first time, the sense of weakness I felt was maddening. I sought souls like I was rabid, killing and consuming indiscriminately in pursuit of the power I'd lost. I didn't get that far, though; each time I was banished magic and religion spread like wildfire in the time I was absent, making it harder and harder for me to hunt on my return.

Then, finally, I found myself summoned to a city whose people did not believe in gods. They had no experience with magic, and they lived under near-perpetual darkness. I was boiling fury incarnate by that point. I tore my way through the entire city in a frenzied rage. They had no idea what was happening. It was very difficult for them to escape. I killed what I saw by then as my tormentors until I could find nothing more that moved.

It was... well, rapturous, and I stayed to savor it. I slumbered and lurked in that ruined city for a long time, killing anyone who came to find out what happened, and taking in the ashes of their civilization. Learning their tongue and their ways, trying to understand what had gone wrong. That's about when I learned to talk and think in words and images. I used it to taunt those who found their way into my domain. Sometimes I talked to them for a long time before I killed them.

Eventually enough people with the means to harm me came to reclaim the city that they managed to banish me again. When I came back that time, though, I was more... sapient. I was clever. I was patient. It took a long time to develop my sense of self, but that was the first big step towards becoming me, and not just the embodiment of pervasive mortal superstitions.

Does that answer your question? I didn't think I could really tell you what it was like unless you understood the context for it, and why it was so memorable. Hopefully I didn't bore you.
No. 129444 ID: 891b91

To Officer Nibbles and Officer Freeze from The Herd: What is the weirdest experience you've had in your law enforcement career?
No. 129457 ID: 891b91

To Kyzil from Arthocob Date Quest: Be honest, while you most likely aren't into Ganymede at all, do you ever wish you could bag a guy as loyal and devoted (if somewhat clingy) as he is?
No. 129458 ID: ba56e6

Emils: What is the best magical girl story you've read?
No. 129474 ID: 15a025
File 155841145875.png - (4.44KB , 800x600 , ITQ.png )

>To Officer Nibbles and Officer Freeze from The Herd: What is the weirdest experience you've had in your law enforcement career?
Officer Nibbles: "Trying to arrest anyone bigger than me before I got enchanted handcuffs."

Officer Freeze: "Really?"

Officer Nibbles: "Well, no not really. Have you tried handcuffing someone five times your size though?"

Officer Freeze: "No, I guess not."

Officer Nibbles: "I'd say my weirdest experience on the force was a drug bust at a mouse trap factory of all places. More ironically, the guy was infatuated with mice. He wanted to buy the place and shut it down too, but it had been abandoned already for years."

Officer Freeze: "I think that tops my weirdest experience then."

Officer Nibbles: "Share it anyway."

Officer Freeze: "Around Christmas time someone thought I was 'the coke bear' and wanted their fix. It was an easy arrest, but more than one person's done that now."
No. 129477 ID: 11f77a
File 155845942982.png - (98.82KB , 557x496 , ITQ 1.png )

>To Kyzil from Arthocob Date Quest: Be honest, while you most likely aren't into Ganymede at all, do you ever wish you could bag a guy as loyal and devoted (if somewhat clingy) as he is?

Kyzil: Teegee, I get a LOT of guys willing to throw themselves in front of me as rugs.

Kyzil: Sure, I have my fun with such loyal cohorts and I bag a couple devoted locker-heads--but desire should be taken advantage of instantly since it's a feeling that only lasts in the moment.

Kyzil: Some people can't understand that.

Kyzil: I'm surprised with Eudora how she hasn't taken advantage of the squirt. I mean, come on!

Kyzil: Have some fun with the sod and just move on.
No. 129542 ID: caf1de

so the question has been asked about boat-o-cross and flappy bird but would any of you play getting over it and how well would you do
No. 129652 ID: b1b4f3

Sophie: Can you produce silk? If so, what do you use it for?
No. 130732 ID: b1b4f3

To everyone:
What is your favorite beverage?
No. 130757 ID: e5e15e

To Anyone.

Who do you consider to be your most dangerous enemy?

Where do you want to go at least once in your life?

Do you have any religious or deeply held cultural beliefs?

What do you regret doing most?
No. 130938 ID: 891b91

To Ganymede from Arthocob Date Quest: How does your species reproduce? What are the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction?
No. 130947 ID: 509e5e
File 156837263829.png - (226.24KB , 750x501 , Asher ITQ 1.png )

>What is your favorite beverage?
About a year ago Fingers ‘found’ a box of something called tea and brought it back to the dorm. It only lasted a couple of weeks between us all, but I really liked the kind in the green bags. It was spicy, but in a cool way.
No. 130971 ID: 11f77a
File 156860798489.png - (212.33KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_1.png )

>How does your species reproduce? What are the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction?
Ganymede: I wish we didn’t have to stay inside during gym class…

Eudora: It’s raining out. Sssh!

Narrator: Here we get to see the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction. Nil and Neb are experiencing drastic changes in their bodies as they grow into adulthood. They may grow longer antennae, bulk up in chitin; their voices are noticeably serenading, and soon they and all their friends will have a tremendous urge to graze en masse.
No. 130972 ID: 11f77a
File 156860807646.png - (436.07KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_2.png )

Ganymede: Hey, they kind of look like us! I’d say Nil is one lucky guy.

Eudora: SSH!

Narrator: Many off-world males have sex glands and tissue on the outside. This is to prevent overheating of the spermatozoon and to attract their female counterparts for copulation.

Narrator: However, Nil’s male organs are internal and stored in the pelvis with the testes and seminal vesicles. When Neb becomes excited his penile tissue is filled with blood and can be pushed through a flap of loose cartilage.
No. 130975 ID: 11f77a
File 156860831645.png - (209.98KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_3.png )


Narrator: After several months carrying the fertilized egg it’s time for Neb to give birth and experience the miracle of life. The egg shall manifest into a cocoon and will be important throughout the child’s life as its nest and quasi-metamorphic recovery station.

Neb: A̶͉͔͔̭̜̘͈̽ͤ̏̋͠A̴̬̞̭̗͓ͦ̔̀̀ͥ̚U̵͚͓̔̑ͩ̽ͤ͟G̢͍̝̅̇͛H̷͖̊̎̅̀̊̅̿̈́̒́!̟̯̼͕̞͙͒̒̏͟ͅ ̓͊̾͑͗҉͚G͓̖̺̬̼͚̬̠͂̾̊̂̐͞͡E̺̘̪̯̭̭̫̭̣̐̂͌̍̑̄ͣͦ̿̀T̰̩̟̘͓̄̋̒ͪ́̌̚͡ ̵̷̩̘͕̰̣̣͙̟͚ͤ̎ͯͯͦͪ̉ͨI͗͌͏̪̺̗̼T̴͈̺̬͔̼̓ͥ̃̈͑͒͛ ̷̪̥͉̞͇̠̹̻͚̆̑͂Ơ̷̤̹̝͉̱̌͛ͩ͋̆̂U̡͓̮̣̪̯̯ͦͯ̐͜͡T̪̐̄ͮ̌͑̀̕ ̷͓̃̐̈́̐̀̔̈̔͠Ŏͮ̕҉̪̜̭̞̘͙̼͎F̨̨͎̖̯̃̄̔ͧͣ͛́̃̽ ̈́ͥͧ͝҉̷̭M̔̾̇̋ͩ̿̓̊̂͏̮̜̕Ę̞̣̞̤͙̘̭̗͕̓ͮ͐͂͂̔͘!̸̱̳̗ͮ͌ͩͬͦ͘

Neb: F̥̩̱̠͆͊̅̿R͍̯̝̜͎͍ͩͪͪ̃O̶̥ͤM͓̣̞͓̩̻̰̳̋̔̌ͭ̊̒ ́̇̈́̾̾̅͐҉̲̮̩̪̼̥ͅḨ͕͖̖̟̻̙̖̜̖̋̃E̡̤ͨͣ̐̒̔͟L̴̜̲͓̘̮̺̟̱̩̀͊͒ͥ̊̓̓́̚L̻͖͉̩̱̙̊̾̇̌͌͆̚!̎҉̭͕̣̜̘̣ ̵̖͔̐̊́̿ͮI̸͈ͧ̍̋̊ͯT̛͙̹̰̱ͬͫ͗̔͑̚͘͢'̵̸͎̰̦̖̖̰̫ͤ̐͆̎̌̇͢S̬̦̫̮͓̥̽̅͠͠ ́́̿̊ͤ̓͒͗͏͕̖̹̠̪́F͕͕̙̜͐͊ͅR̵̆͒҉̯͕Ȯ̜͇̰̺̱̼̘̅͌ͮ̑́M̨̧͉͕̫̯̾̅̒̈́̈ͯ̊ ̀ͨ͋̉̎̄̊͗͏͈̦Ȟ̶̱͕̬͇̩ͬ̎͞E̖̳̟͖͇̩̎ͩ̇̀̆̏͗̐L̨̦̺̘̦̯͓̞͊͛ͥ̿̋̈ͤͥ͘͜L̄ͩ͑̒͂͛́̕͡҉͕̪͇̦̤̟̜̼̮!͍͈̓́ͩ̈ͯ́ͬ͞

Gemlik: Lol, you wanna do that to Eudora.
No. 130977 ID: ad51b8

I'm not going to lie, I forget ganymede's name for a moment and thought that it was neb for some reason so I took the "I'm in hell" scream as his internal screaming of having the same name as one of the "actors" in the film while sitting next to his crush and everyone in the class giving him shit for it.
No. 131086 ID: e7c7d3

Fingers from The God Damned: What do you like to do for fun?
No. 131087 ID: 0fae41

Asher, educate us about the tribes!
No. 131178 ID: b1b4f3

To anyone/everyone: what do you look for in an ideal mate?
No. 131200 ID: e5e15e
File 157128238028.png - (688.31KB , 1000x1000 , Asher ITQ 2.png )

>Asher, educate us about the tribes!
I’m not a Diamond, but I’ll try.

There are five laprine tribes who live in Silverlock. Oh, and the Prophet is a laprine too, but like, there’s only one a’ her. The proper names are Preceptor, Monger, Artisan, Martinet, and Toiler. Well, actually, I don’t think Monger is their proper name, but it’s what everyone calls ‘em. Even Diamonds, and they use proper names for everythin'.

1. Preceptors are our teachers. People call ‘em Diamonds ‘cause they all got those jewels in their heads. Not to their faces though. Their job is to teach the rest of us about Nine Eyes and how to act right and give us stuff to do so we don’t starve or nothin’. We also ain’t supposed to call her Nine Eyes around them, cause her name is sah-cred and givin’ her a false name is sah, uh... sah-cri-li-gus. Or call her a her, ‘cause she’s also a he and both and neither. They got a lot of rules about everythin', but especially about her. Anyway most everyone calls her Nine Eyes anyone, except Diamonds who use different titles of hers every time. Don’t know how they remember them all to be honest. Anyway, they’re all smart and like talkin' your ears off.

2. Martinets. Well, I’ve heard ‘em called marties before, but usually we call ‘em sticklers, cause they’re real sticky about rules whenever we’re around. Or maybe we call ‘em that cause of how their furs all prickly. I dunno. They’re our protectors from the outside devils or barbarians and any dangerous people that are born inside too. They’re always around and watchin’ and snickerin’ but I avoid ‘em so I don’t know that much about ‘em.

3. Toilers, that’s us. They call us lankies a lot, or lanks. No clue why. We’re stronger than other laprines so it’s our privilege to do a lot of the heavy and dangerous work to keep our community runnin' smooth. We’re not really as interestin’ as everyone else, but we got our place.

4. Artisans do all the skilled work in Silverlock. If a toiler’s diggin' a new cave a tat is tellin’ her how to do it so she don’t make a cave in. Stickler needs to get stitched up, a tat is holdin’ the needle. Sewin’, cookin’, engineerin’, doctorin’ and all that smarts stuff. Oh, we call ‘em tat’s cause they got them tattoos all over themselves. They won’t tell anyone where they come from, and whenever I’ve asked one they got real touchy. They’re not too bad to us, but they’re real strange sometimes.

5. Mongers are kinda weird, cause they’re not only allowed to leave Silverlock, it’s basically their whole job. There’s supposed to only be a few around because the rest are off tradin' the stuff we dig up and bringin' back the stuff we need from beyond the borderlands. Really most of them hole up in their manor and act like they’re better than everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever said three words to one.

I don’t know much about the others, cause I’ve never seen The Prophet and the other kinds ain’t allowed in Silverlock.

6. I heard once all the Nine Eye statues all around are based off The Prophet, so she probably looks like that, I figure.

7. One of em has that long head hair like the Diamonds do, and real long tails, I think.

8. The last laprine tribe has real big ears apparently.

That’s… about it. Hope that made sense.
No. 131201 ID: 35e458

So the tribes became a caste system. Pretty sucky situation.
No. 131298 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think bitequest will see this but:
Zorsus Blacksoul: Where did your last name of Blacksoul come from? Did you pick an entire new name when you became a Wizard? If so, why pick that one?
No. 131304 ID: a0ff25

Been awhile since this question got asked.

To all characters: What is your favorite song? And why?
No. 131320 ID: 12b116
File 157231020448.jpg - (331.18KB , 1982x1659 , Blacksoul01.jpg )

Wizards do "name ourselves" after Ascending. We also forget our life before then. At this point, I could not tell you why this was the name I chose for myself. From my perspective, it has simply always been my name.
No. 131324 ID: 4f51b2

Wow he actually answered you.
Any place where I can see more of your art (sorry if I'm being annoying).
No. 131325 ID: e5e15e
File 157239940904.png - (966.88KB , 1000x1000 , Fingers ITQ 1.png )

>Fingers from The God Damned: What do you like to do for fun?
Explorin’ the tunnels that run through the mountain. There’s miles and miles of ‘em, and you can find bones n’ weird rocks n’ blooms all over. Don’t usually have time for that though, what with work and all, so I mess with the rockeaters a bit. The younger ones are fun to play with as long as none of their bosses are around.

I used to go climbin’, but Ma’am banned me from it since I fell and fucked up my eye.
No. 131330 ID: b1b4f3

MEZZ-9293: What terrible experiences have you had grabbing wild animals?
No. 131331 ID: 0580fb

That's a pretty good shot for someone with no depth perception!

... and is that rockeater grinning? Takes a bit to hurt the fellas, eh?
No. 131333 ID: 864e49

I never thought I'd see that name again.

Rockeaters looking kinda hot.

Are they sentient?
No. 131475 ID: e5e15e
File 157429261415.png - (501.31KB , 800x749 , Ikthiss ITQ 1.png )

>Rockeaters looking kinda hot. Are they sentient?
I’m not a rockeater, I’m a slissa! A bunch of the lanky kids just got it in their heads to call us that cause they’re idiots. And of course we’re sentient, who do you think does all the tunnel planning and test digs in this death-trap? The lappies were crushing themselves every few years before we came.

>That's a pretty good shot for someone with no depth perception! ... and is that rockeater grinning? Takes a bit to hurt the fellas, eh?
He hit my horn mostly. Plus he wasn’t throwing it all that hard or he’d have brained me with the stupid muscles lankys have. I was grinning cause the fact he came after me means he found out I put him on Thysin’s crew for a week and he hates that asshole. After a week of listening to that asshole micromanaging everything he’ll be begging to work on my crew again.
No. 131477 ID: ad51b8

any reason you want him on your crew instead of another crew? Good worker, fun to chat with, easy on the eyes, what?
No. 131485 ID: b1b4f3

Have there been any slissa-laprine couples?
No. 131515 ID: 2c0ed8

I recently began reading Asteroid Quest and can't stop thinking about it and when we might get some continuation on Polo and Rokoa's adventures. It's literally killing me inside.
No. 131521 ID: 416221

Totally feel and agree with you brother, but you’re gonna want the Asteroid Quest dis-thread. This thread is for asking quest characters questions directly.
No. 131568 ID: 5f91ab

Roz: Do taffa victims keep any muscle memory from their previous life? Like, do people suddenly find they have skills at drawing when they've never tried before or find themselves with weird unconscious habits they don't know where they come from?

Penny: is there anything about your body you would like to change if you access to dust right now (like smaller ears or being taller.) Same question to Roz too I guess.
No. 131711 ID: 470289
File 157715505293.png - (433.13KB , 800x800 , IkthissITQ2.png )

>Have there been any slissa-laprine couples?
Ew. I hope Shaia wouldn’t allow it inside her earth. I’m nauseous just thinking about it. I mean… look at them.

>Any reason you want him on your crew instead of another crew? Good worker, fun to chat with easy on the eyes, what?
He’s a dipshit but he’s a fun dipshit. He talks back and I can get into good arguments with the kid. He goofs off way too much to be a good worker, though.

>Easy on the eyes?
Wow. No. First off he’s like, not even hit lappy puberty or whatever. Big yuck. Second off, like I said, slissa and laprines? Nasty.
No. 131722 ID: 864e49

>slissa and laprines? Nasty
It's totally happened.
No. 131723 ID: 2aa5f0

so he makes work fun basically. Do you ever hang out with him outside of work or is he a work friend only?
No. 131793 ID: 0fae41

Somebody who knows what's going on in Coxwette: What exactly is this blue agate stuff, and how much of it did Nelson burn making Coxwette into a closed system?
No. 131796 ID: 0fae41

To Alice Dietrich: Was the screed of the Messenger a concept that spread to humans from another species, or did humanity uncover this terrific truth themselves?
No. 131797 ID: 7ebbf9

Sabrina from Perfect OC, can you tell us about your favourite fanfiction?
No. 131798 ID: 0fae41

To Vixxan: What's your favorite animal, and would you keep one as a pet?
No. 131843 ID: 470289

Deem: If you had to be something other than a dungeon, what would you choose?
No. 131844 ID: 7ebbf9
File 157881888084.png - (29.20KB , 720x640 , alice_itq_the_good_message.png )

>To Alice Dietrich: Was the screed of the Messenger a concept that spread to humans from another species, or did humanity uncover this terrific truth themselves?
Yes and no. It only got popular after humanity achieved interstellar spaceflight and came into contact with alien civilisations, both extant and extinct. It came about from sifting through different religions and different cultures for underlying truths. There's even claims it goes all the way back to the Precursors. That seems like a bit of a stretch though, translations of Precursor text are iffy at best. They didn't seem to think the same way as us, though maybe it's just like cavemen trying to understand modern humans...
No. 131846 ID: 5b93d3

>Be precursors
>Find out future civilisations have made a religion out of mistranslating the SYN/ACK metadata from your old comm records
No. 131953 ID: 509e5e
File 158035266386.png - (730.70KB , 800x800 , Ikthiss ITQ 3.png )

>Do you ever hang out with him outside of work or is he a work friend only?
“Work onl- the hell?”

“Nope, you got three in a row, baby. Time for one of the actual stars of this here quest to take a couple.”
No. 131955 ID: 509e5e
File 158035277641.png - (2.74MB , 1874x1500 , Narko ITQ 1.png )

Okay, whatta we got here. No. Dumb. Even dumber. Oh, here’s a good one.

>Somebody who knows what's going on in Coxwette: What exactly is this blue agate stuff, and how much of it did Nelson burn making Coxwette into a closed system?
I know exactly what’s going on in Cocksweat, kid. First of all, before we get into that dumb gem shit, and afterlife limbo mumbo jumbo, and that weird thing with their fakey fake religion, we gotta get to the real root of the goddam issue. Chuck has been failin’ all of us here. He ain’t dropped the panties of half of them broads. Now I ain’t saying I don’t respect his hustle, but his priorities suck.

For one he ain’t scored one gal with tits yet. And I’m talking real tits, like monger girls got. It is a fuckin’ crime Nine Eyes never gave any martinets those things. If I was him I would have put in the work on Donna, dad be damned. Not like Chuck was planning to stick around anyway. Coupla days of fun and he’s outta there with no one the wiser and his load a little lighter. But no, I don’t think she shows up after the third thread. Go to fuckin’ farm Chuck!

And he didn’t even bang them gam girls, like damn. Can he not aim his dick at fuckin’ quality? He could have spun that dance with Rachel into a real thing, there’s nothing like getting your head squeezed between some big ol’ thighs. Or get that cop lady in the sack, she was toned as shit. Bitch could bench press me. Have you ever been with a chick that can bench press you? Can you imagine?

And Marcie. That bitch has been wantin’ to slobber on his knob for a fucking week and he’s been takin’ her on dates and shit? They fucking slept in the same bed! I mean what the hell man, butter that fucking muffin! Knock her up! Raise a beautiful family together and have a fucking picket fence house and shit. Get ya dick out of the Mayor’s ass and put it in Marcie’s heart!

...wait, what the fuck was the question?
No. 131978 ID: 404f0f

To the dead Artisan girl from The God Damned:
Any regrets?

To the Angler from That Forgotten Road:
Why have you been living alone? Isn't survival with more people easier?

To Elder Jacques from Wizard's Dungeon:
When was the last time you saved the world?
No. 131979 ID: 404f0f

To doctor Simon from I Am:
What's the most miraculous medical feat you've witnessed in your time?

To Z'anon from HURON:
Do you think you'll be able to escape your clothing damage fate?

To Lizzie from Eyona War Chronicles:
What's your favorite toy?
No. 131980 ID: 404f0f

To the reptilian-looking guy from Dead Dust:
What personality or body feature do people most often compliment you on?

To Ideation of Non Contiguous Connectiveness from Labyrinth:
What's your favorite universe?

To the Outsider from VESSEL:
What does your civilization know about The Vessel?
No. 131981 ID: 465a14

To the God Damned miners: what do lightstones taste like?
No. 131989 ID: 5a5548
File 158067604586.png - (960.18KB , 1500x1500 , sabrina1.png )

>Sabrina from Perfect OC, can you tell us about your favourite fanfiction?

oh wow! a question! I usually only get questions on OnlyFans! and those usually aren't about my writing.

my favorite fanfiction I've written was Legend of Zelda: the Tides of Fate. the Hero of time is a girl named Salinka and she has to go on an adventure to save her village and all of Hyrule from the evil forces of Ganon. along the way she meets, crosses swords with, and begins to fall in love with a mysterious swordsman named Ghirahim.

Ghirahim seduces me- er... Salinka during their duel and eventually they make love by moonlight, and Fi watches! I uhm... I forget how the ending goes... I think I kind of rushed the ending out, Salinka beats Ganon though. a happy ending!

wow this is fun! I'll talk to you guys again later! love you! >w<
No. 131990 ID: 89e622

Sabrina, what does your perfect date look like?
No. 131991 ID: 89e622
File 158067746823.png - (221.72KB , 2000x1800 , mezzquestion.png )

Highly classified.
No. 131995 ID: a0dfd2


Maybe it's just me, but is this Dire Ð and Were-Þ finally succumbing to their secretive desires for one another?
No. 132003 ID: 509e5e
File 158087330511.png - (649.68KB , 800x800 , Moon ITQ 1.png )

>To the dead Artisan girl from The God Damned: Any regrets?

Some. I could not speak to my kin before my death. I assumed I would have time to make amends.

I failed my spawn in many ways. But they shall survive. They are strong.

No other regrets are worth the air it would take to mention.
No. 132005 ID: 509e5e
File 158087382934.png - (722.10KB , 800x800 , Chast ITQ 1.png )

>To the God Damned miners: what do lightstones taste like?

Like dirt. What else?
No. 132008 ID: 20144f

General question: What myths do you know? Do you believe in any of them?
No. 132041 ID: 465a14

Ekwi Irrepaumal- how are souls and afterlives handled? Same as deities?
No. 132343 ID: e7c7d3

To any of the toilers from The God Damned: how did you all get your names? Apparently, Asher (and Asher) got their name from burning shit, but what about Junkyard or Mash?
No. 132344 ID: 015bf2

Hey Chast, you seem pretty fine and rugged for working in a business that's been spelled out to be something of a final destination. What's your secret?
No. 132352 ID: 470289
File 158457082170.png - (498.03KB , 700x810 , Mash ITQ 1.png )

>To any of the toilers from The God Damned: how did you all get your names? Apparently, Asher (and Asher) got their name from burning shit, but what about Junkyard or Mash?

Ugggggh! It fuckin’ sucks so much! Ya get born and ya dorm mom calls ya ‘kid’ for a few months and then ya fall on your head once and everyone’s laughing about how ya got a mashed up brain and then you’re fuckin’ Mash for the rest of your life. Fuckin’ bullshit!

Then ya get into fights to try and get named Scrapper or somethin’ a lil’ better but nooooooooo, still Mash, and then, and then, and then- Urrrrgh!

Like, Junkyard got a cool name at least ‘cause she broke so much shit as a kid. It sounds tough! Mash? What kinda name is Mash? A dumb one, that’s what! Like I got fuckin’ layers. I’m great at dice, call me fuckin’ Die or somethin’. I can put my whole fist in my mouth! Call me Fist! Gawd. Don’t talk to me about fuckin’ names. Buncha bullshit insults we give each other cause toilers suck.
No. 132357 ID: 3c7186

>ya fall on your head once and everyone’s laughing about how ya got a mashed up brain and then you’re fuckin’ Mash for the rest of your life.
To think you could have got a cool name like Skullbash or Bodyslam... condolences, dude.
No. 132401 ID: 470289
File 158501552942.png - (1.04MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 2.png )

>Hey Chast, you seem pretty fine and rugged for working in a business that's been spelled out to be something of a final destination. What's your secret?
I’m young. Stronger than some. They make sure I’m fed.
No. 132419 ID: 015bf2

>They make sure I'm fed.
Thats's... good, I guess. Nice to see you have such a diverse and interesting crew on your team as well. Good bunch?

And, uh, what's that green thing? Tiberium? Warpstone? Nine only knows?
No. 132436 ID: 246d97

Hey, the horned lass(?) between Chast and the Mr. Vinny Santorini wanna-be, what're you supposed to be... what's your deal?
No. 132442 ID: 470289
File 158567288907.png - (875.47KB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 3.png )

>Nice to see you have such a diverse and interesting crew on your team as well. Good bunch?
They’re reliable.

>And, uh, what's that green thing? Tiberium? Warpstone? Nine only knows?
We give new finds to the Mongers. She didn’t know what it was. She didn’t hear the whispers.
No. 132443 ID: 470289
File 158567399968.png - (555.80KB , 800x720 , Butthead ITQ 1.png )

>Hey, the horned lass(?) between Chast and the Mr. Vinny Santorini wanna-be, what're you supposed to be... what's your deal?
I’m one a God’s mistakes!
No. 132444 ID: 12b116

Is that why a Diamond is in the mines?
No. 132451 ID: 4c7fcd

>She didn’t hear the whispers.
So it's what the Orb of Infinite Psyche is made of?
No. 132453 ID: f5a3f0

Elder God Cocaine obviously
No. 132456 ID: 015bf2

>Didn't hear the whispers.
Oh man, those dicks totally left you hanging.

Both adorable AND rather creepy. Congrats!

To the the ear-rubbing guy.

... do you actually USE those grenades for anything?
No. 132488 ID: 470289
File 158623141106.png - (704.02KB , 800x800 , Butthead ITQ 2.png )

>Is that why a Diamond is in the mines?
Diamond? They don’t got these buddy! Naw, I’m down here cause I gotta make up for being born. It’s been… eight? No nine! Two hundred and ninety-four years! I’m probably over the hump by now!

>Both adorable AND rather creepy. Congrats!
Thanks! I try.
No. 132489 ID: 470289
File 158623251718.png - (1.04MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 4.png )

>So it's what the Orb of Infinite Psyche is made of?
No. The whispers stayed with me after the Mongers took the crystals away. Small. Tinny. Green. Speaking of prisons and freedom.
No. 132490 ID: 470289
File 158623265927.png - (672.92KB , 800x800 , Poof ITQ 1.png )

>To the the ear-rubbing guy.
>... do you actually USE those grenades for anything?
Blastin’ rocks and shit. Putting me on a pickaxe is a waste of time so laps like me do shit like that.
No. 132491 ID: b1b4f3

Aren't the mines dangerous? How are you not dead?
No. 132493 ID: 864e49

Holy shit you're fucking cool looking! Are you sure you're not an avatar of a god or some kind of half spawn?

And your ring is now possessed.
No. 132496 ID: 4c7fcd

Dang, you look neat. And 294 years old? Or was there a few years before you got chucked down here? And if it's been long enough to atone for being born, how come you haven't been let out? Have you asked? ...And how much longer have you lived than the average for folks, up there and down here? You gotta be some kinda badass to survive near three centuries down in this pit.

Oh, and since you got a fishtail, now well can you swim? Ever got the chance to swim about?

>And your ring is now possessed.
Your earring, to be specific.
No. 132523 ID: 0fae41

Moriko, why does your family use hammers instead of swords?
No. 132595 ID: 470289
File 158794428079.png - (1.27MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 5.png )

>And your ring is now possessed.
Can you possess your own body? All of the mountains' riches are him, jewel to bone. Metal to blood. As I move my arms to swing, he moves his gold to speak.

>Your earring, to be specific.
My ear went numb as the days went by. My teeth shook. My bones creaked. The buzzing only changed, it never stopped. He offered to take the place of his fallen comrade. Give me the power they couldn’t to fulfill the ambition in my heart he finally gave name to.

Poof was the first to notice, but the others followed.
No. 132596 ID: 470289
File 158794433901.png - (789.16KB , 800x800 , Butthead ITQ 3.png )

>Holy shit you're fucking cool looking! Are you sure you're not an avatar of a god or some kind of half spawn?
Don’t think so! I don’t think I’d be a regular ol’ miner if I was one of those.

>You gotta be some kinda badass to survive near three centuries down in this pit.
>Aren't the mines dangerous? How are you not dead?
Just never died! I ain’t that special, everyone does it ‘til they don’t!

>Was there a few years before you got chucked down here?

>And if it's been long enough to atone for being born, how come you haven't been let out? Have you asked?
I said I’m probably over the hump, so more than halfway through my sentence! At least, I figure. I ask ‘em about it every couple of decades and they say I’m makin’ good progress. Then, the next time I ask, there's a new guy who says the same thing. So I’m doing pretty good, I think!

>...And how much longer have you lived than the average for folks, up there and down here?
I dunno about up there, but the buddies I came down with have been dead for a good while!

>Oh, and since you got a fishtail, now well can you swim? Ever got the chance to swim about?
Yeah, I swam all the time when I was a kid! I was pretty fast, if I do say so myself. Never lost a race!
No. 132645 ID: 015bf2

Ahaha... oookay. And then what happened?

Yikes. That’s some sentence. Don’t Diamonds, uh, age, or is that just you?
No. 132740 ID: 470289
File 158868643477.gif - (1.08MB , 800x800 , Butthead ITQ 4.gif )

>Yikes. That’s some sentence. Don’t Diamonds, uh, age, or is that just you?
I age! Look at these awful wrinkles I got!
No. 132742 ID: 470289
File 158870629069.png - (1.15MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 6-1.png )

>Then what happened?
They came to me, concerned.
No. 132743 ID: 470289
File 158870634172.png - (1.25MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 6-2.png )

And I showed them power.
No. 132744 ID: 864e49

So that's what you call your penis. You looking very exited there Butthead.
No. 132754 ID: 015bf2

Oh nooooooooooo.

One notes the lanky is the least enthused. Why was that?
No. 132830 ID: 470289
File 158942683313.png - (1.27MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 7.png )

>One notes the lanky is the least enthused. Why was that?
I thought Dendshi was scared. She said this would end in blood, and took Crag and Droop with her when she left.
No. 132870 ID: 015bf2

>end in blood
Did it?
No. 132969 ID: 470289
File 159055668605.png - (1.05MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 8-1.png )

>Did it?
There was blood from the start.
No. 132970 ID: 470289
File 159055671894.png - (1.59MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 8-2.png )

Now it’ll be theirs.
No. 132971 ID: 470289
File 159055674356.png - (1.43MB , 1000x1000 , Chast ITQ 8-3.png )

We’re going up.
No. 132977 ID: 4286b4

To Kelepee from Merchant Story:
Can you tell us if anything happened between you and Merchant during that one evening?
No. 132982 ID: 12b116
File 159070240172.jpg - (192.20KB , 558x629 , Owch.jpg )

O-owch ...
No. 132985 ID: 015bf2

HELL-oooo~ new friends.

Oh dear. Should've slept in, Kelepee.
No. 132986 ID: 5877dc

No. 132987 ID: d88d26

I'm ok with this outcome.
No. 132995 ID: e7c7d3

To anyone, what's your ideal waifu/husbando?
No. 132996 ID: e24163

For anyone - Who's the strongest person from another quest you think you could beat? Doesn't have to be the strongest in total, but whomever pops into your head when you think about it.
No. 132997 ID: d63ea8
File 159076349108.jpg - (143.21KB , 800x1067 , So as I was Saying.jpg )

Drawer: My ideal man or woman would be someone who eagerly fulfilled my every whim and fancy. Breakfast in bed, a midnight stroll on the cool beach, that sort of thing.

Drawer: And good taste -in both a metaphorical and literal sense- would be an absolute necessity.

Drawer: As for the strongest person I could likely beat in another quest…

Drawer: I believe the child, Keimi I think, would be easy enough to defeat. I find it shocking how capable she is in comparison to the adults in her possibly short life.
No. 132998 ID: 470289

What's your most prized possession?

Do you collect anything?

When's the last time you talked to your parents, and did it go well?
No. 133124 ID: e5e15e
File 159175200535.png - (551.74KB , 800x800 , Ikthiss ITQ 4.png )

>What is your favorite song? And why?
My Dad plays songs from his childhood all the time at home. I hated it as a kid, but it’s kinda comforting now. Never gonna tell him that though, he’d just play it even more.

>What do you look for in an ideal mate?
Someone who could get me out of this lappy shitpile and take me to civilized slissa society.
No. 133125 ID: e5e15e
File 159175241223.png - (614.58KB , 800x800 , Silver ITQ 1.png )

>What is your favorite song? And why?
I sometimes call upon Artisan Izalri for a serenade while I work. Recently she has brought her apprentice to perform duets with her. Listening to the development of the art from master to apprentice for these last generations has been a small joy of mine. Their performance of Mesados, a retelling of our arrival to Silverlock, is particularly enthralling. I find comfort in knowing we are the epilogue of our people’s greatest struggle.
No. 133140 ID: e7c7d3

Okay, to any random quest character: what three things would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?
No. 133155 ID: e5e15e
File 159226525989.png - (655.71KB , 800x800 , Narko ITQ 2.png )

>So the question has been asked about boat-o-cross and flappy bird but would any of you play getting over it and how well would you do.
Tried it. Fuckin’ hate it. Took me 12 goddamn hours. The worst part is the constant droning by that asshole. I’d have turned the sound off but that’d mean he won.

>Who's the strongest person from another quest you think you could beat? Doesn't have to be the strongest in total, but whomever pops into your head when you think about it.
I could fuck up Victor, that weasel guy. Nine times out of ten, easy.

>what do you look for in an ideal mate?
I dunno, fat tits I guess.

>Okay, to any random quest character: what three things would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?
The fucks an island? Wait a second…

Alright, it’s just like, land in the middle of a big river.

First a monger lady to keep me and the rest alive with all that survival knowledge they’re supposed to have, a tat chick to figure out how to build shelter and shit, and a lanky to work for the tat so her twiggy arms don’t snap trying to lift a leaf. I can hunt and shit so we can probably survive indefinitely, assuming there’s like… shit on it that can keep us alive. If not, trade the lanky for another monger with fat tits.
No. 133171 ID: 8fab7a

Stickler downtime is... different from what I imagined.
No. 133227 ID: 470289
File 159294359333.png - (579.00KB , 800x800 , Ikthiss ITQ 5.png )

>What myths do you know? Do you believe in any of them?
If I know it’s true it ain’t a myth, is it? Whatever.

I like the story my dad sings about Shaia shaping the earth for the slissas. He tells it all eloquent, but basically, way back when the world was in turmoil Shaia saw her creatures were frightened by the chaos that was had become their lives. So she took us, gave us our claws and her knowledge of her most precious creation, the land. She cracked it open and deposited us inside, and then closed it to keep us safe while the surface was changing. And that's why slissas live underground.

I mean, we dug back to the surface eventually, yeah, but pretty much every slissa agrees that was a huge fucking mistake because everyone up there suuuuuuuucks.

>Stickler downtime is... different from what I imagined.
ITQ stuff isn’t canon, so he can do shit like play video games or read Coxwette and Team Port Echo and really rudely interrupt me during my ITQ time. It lets us answer more questions.
No. 133228 ID: e7c7d3

To anyone: if you could become a species from a different quest,what would you choose?
No. 134049 ID: c5185d

To Deem: if you were to run a country instead of a dungeon, how would you rule over the people?
No. 135735 ID: f0ab12
File 162451073987.png - (268.00KB , 1028x1028 , hmmmm.png )

Hey guys, Boss got me this new shirt, how's it look?
No. 135738 ID: 12b116

No. 135741 ID: f8fa51

That's... probably not a shirt you want to wear in public.
No. 135927 ID: 0fae41

Chi from Shards: Are shinies tasty?
Rocks from Crash Recovery: What is the best rock?
Anyone from SEXCOM: When were C. Orgs invented, and for what purpose originally?
No. 135947 ID: afe7de
File 162850299788.png - (67.08KB , 500x500 , ITQ_001.png )

>> 135927
[???] Hey CHI! Are SHINIES tasty?

Chi’s startled from her reverie, she was in the middle of a mid afternoon daydream session on the rooftop. She sticks her hand into her skirt pocket and pulls out a single SHINY. She gives it a lick, and after a moment eats it.

Chi: Dunno which stat you are, must be new.
Chi: But if I had to describe it they taste like the solid form of water.
Chi: Not like ice, but flavorless.
Chi: Though I’ve heard kin can grind it up and use it in anything from SALVES to FOOD
Chi: and there are ways to make it taste good
Chi: Though some kin like to eat them as a snack, eat enough and its kind of filling
Chi: [UNDERSTANDING] says there’s nutrients in them so you could make a meatless dietary supplement
Chi: But they come from CREATURES so it’s kind of a moot point if you’re trying to go VEGAN
Chi: Not that anyone CARES about going Vegan here, its mostly meat and seeds and similar stuff.
Chi: Well unless you start talking about the really good meals then thats a whole other thing.

No. 136005 ID: d7ed04

Cat from CATALYST: Are BUX tasty?
No. 136035 ID: 0fae41

Kibble from You Live/Died/Etc.: How many wolves are inside you?
No. 136158