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File 140065772828.png - (48.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
81802 No. 81802 ID: 186341

hey friends check it out talk about enemy quest here
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No. 81803 ID: 186341

Do I keep the multiple choice thing going or do I switch it out and make it OPEN-ENDED?
No. 81804 ID: 186341

Not that I hew particularly close to the multiple choice options at present, but people have complained about them on IRC. I welcome ur input on this matter.
No. 81805 ID: 53ba34

the multiple choice thing helps give direction.
No. 81806 ID: 2bfcdf

I like the multiple choice thing.
No. 81807 ID: d6c045

Multiple choice is fine. If we really have a problem with it we'll all just disregard the choices anyway.
No. 81808 ID: 2f4b71

Keep the choices and just stick "Other?" on the end of the list.
No. 81811 ID: 0835d4

PRetty much. The multiple choice gives the quest a sense of narrative progression. It's very accessible as a result. If we ever find the suggestions to be limiting, we can always just make one up instead.

That works.
No. 81812 ID: 57a559

It's doing pretty well, though to be honest it's more of a multiple choice thing that accepts some flavor input.

I did not expect my darwin awards insult to make it through because intervening by becoming the new target wasn't an actual option, but it did and we got to enrage a redneck and that made me happy. I just thought we'd intervene by going, "Oh hey what's going on here stop doing that jerk."
I just wanted the guy to literally go participate in the darwin awards elsewhere, like the arena. And reference the darwin awards because it was very relevant.
No. 81813 ID: 57a559

because, you know, if you're going insult a a species designated as "Warrior" that's built like Goro, you really shouldn't participate in the gene pool.
No. 81853 ID: 68bbc5

This. The current system of multiple choice major options with flexible details seems pretty ideal.
No. 81968 ID: 0ee153

I notive that after GG the Oculot seems to have the largest breasts. Are we inadvertently/purposely doing this in order of breast size or what?
No. 81970 ID: 57a559

I think we're going from most human to least human. The Ocelot even has a beauty mark. Skut will probably be last if the pattern holds up, since she's has a kobold potato head, which might be very attractive for her species but I think most of us are just a little turned off by the fact her head is a potato and the standard measures of finding of an attractive mate are just fucked. No symmetry, nose, hair, nothing human like.

Then again maybe Skut's ARE kobolds and that's just how Brom makes kobolds.

And the Floater is expressionless, very alien, very clinical. Also has no hair or mouth.

So it has most to do with the face I think. We're going most human - least human
No. 81971 ID: 57a559

The skut does have a very cute outfit though. It looks like she's wearing spats.
No. 81984 ID: 186341
File 140123860852.png - (10.26KB , 800x600 , skuts.png )

Yeah skuts aren't the cutest.
She's also very hunched and looking to one side. They don't take pictures well.

attached are some skut heads
No. 82115 ID: 6780f8

Aww. I could see them being cute, at least in some circumstances, or with a little help.

It's funny, though, in this and similar contexts I start to become aware that I still basically paste or read human expressions on their faces and evaluate them accordingly - like, a face is usually cuter smiling than angry, or something, and I start to think, "But wait, aren't I still then just looking through the same kind of human filtered lenses?" until I can't figure out what I should think of anything anymore.

Hmm. I wonder if, given a well-defined set of criteria, you could teach your brain to (for example) evaluate an individual of a species based on THEIR criteria?
No. 82118 ID: 2f4b71

>Hmm. I wonder if, given a well-defined set of criteria, you could teach your brain to (for example) evaluate an individual of a species based on THEIR criteria?

Not in the same way you evaluate human faces, no. Recognition of facial expressions has a good chunk of dedicated low level neural circuitry. It's a evolutionarily selected adaptation to be able to see a highly obscured face (e.g. see scared person face in distance through tall waving grass? Maybe they just saw the leopard next to you. Start pumping out adrenaline!). There's facial recognition circuity dedicated to picking out more generalised faces (eyes & mouth) for spotting camouflaged predators, but there's no selection pressure for being able to identify temperament from this, as cases where ACCOST OR AMBUSCADE are not the optimum solutions are incredibly rare and of little survival benefit (i.e. even a sleeping predator may wake with you in the vicinity, so vamoose).
No. 82134 ID: 57a559

Has anyone noticed this Ocelot has two functional eyebrows?
No. 82143 ID: ca0da5

Well felines are known to have two eyes, so it makes sense. But, yeah, I did notice that the Oculot had two eyebrows early on. >>/quest/576485
It's probably for use in their Sondering. They recognize emotions and fully understand them, it would make sense that they'd also be more capable of showing them off in the way that others would: Warriors, due to having two eyes, even if they lack the brows, Skuts, for the same reason, and Floaters? Well, honestly I don't know how their physiology works, but they're cyborgs, not androids, so I'm sure there's a bit to them there.
No. 82221 ID: f0a5e4

I have always found it fascinating how easy it is for most people to read human emotions and states of mind from obviously inhuman faces and body language. Even though almost all of our fictional nonhuman societies are based on human interaction, humans beings display a remarkable ability to expand their empathy to encompass entirely unfamiliar faces, customs, and mannerisms.
Now some people just can't do that very well, and the extent to which people can is fairly unpredictable, but I know plenty of people who've learned to read the body language of other species, especially wildlife biologists and animal handlers.
On the subject of sexual attraction?
...well, I doubt I could provide a better testament to the diversity of the human capacity to appreciate beauty than the entirety of this site, and a fair share of our brother and sister boards as well.
No. 82289 ID: 0ee153

I wonder if the girls are aware of each other. We were told they agreed to take part in the program with us, so it sounds like they know what's going on. Think it's worth asking one of them if they're dating other guys or should we wait to ask our bosses that?

I mean, it's a bit of a weird question to ask the girls, but they might want to know as well. And asking our bosses would be even weirder.
No. 82296 ID: f0a5e4

Poly is at least aware that we're dating one of each lot, because she said as much when she told us about the Skuts'... interesting table manners. I'd assume the others also know the score. But do they know each other personally? I guess it depends on whether that group photo from the beginning was actually a group photo or just a collage.
Interesting point that they might also be dating multiple men in the program. Don't think we need to worry about dramance, yet. GG and Polyphema both seem like remarkably sane and caring individuals. We can only hope our other two "coworkers" carry the trend.
I wonder if there's a branch of this program where human girls are dating Visitor guys? It'd be interesting to meet up or chat online with some of our fellow Kirks and Janeways.
No. 82331 ID: 0c117d

>I wonder if there's a branch of this program where human girls are dating Visitor guys?

Sounds like it might be an interesting spinoff quest, just to see any differences between how we'd approach dating guys vs. dating girls
No. 82335 ID: 0ee153

From what I remember of Kaktus' quests, it's mostly "jump his bones, suck his dick in public!!!!!!!!!" when the guy in question isn't around. And then when the actual date or whatever happens people get cold feet or whatever, then things go more or less the same as now. The usual relationship stuff when they're not busy dealing with daemons or trying to figure out what their sexuality is.
No. 82490 ID: ca0da5

I don't know if/when Carlson will ask for the documents on this stuff, but I figured I'd write up something for the Warrior date.

More than just in battle, Warriors have a fairly easy to understand outlook on things. Whether it's a date, just hanging out, or a full on brawl, they stick true to their namesake: Agressive and proud. That being said, they are not without their compromises. Do not be surprised to find a Warrior wearing cologne or perfume, especially heavily at that. Warriors are not just some brutish barbarians who can't think to save their lives, they are intelligent and adaptive, and will certainly attempt to fit in with the crowd. Creativity and adaptability, unfortunately, don't fully account for cultural differences, and they'll commonly spray more than necessary to give a sence of dominance, as though it were their musk and carrying the scent everywhere marks that they are the top dog. Show some understanding and with time they'll further comrpromise this action, sticking to other forms of dominance.

Sports and shows that have a more violent or malevolent appearance to them are prime destinations in a date; Warriors demonstrate a like not just for being a part of the combat, but for witnessing it as well. As advice for any interspecies couples, try and support some competitive decision making, even after the major decisions have been made. While Warrior-Warrior couples may be more physical about it, playing a game of psychological combat can be just as stimulating. Small portions of physical competition are certainly welcome, but avoid anything damaging--Human customs have laws against that. Try a limb-lock, such as preventing the partner from moving their leg, and rather than prying limbs loose, aim for some more sneaky like tickling. There are certainly bound to be those who are opposed to this idea, but it is the physical yet light, non-harmful method of conflict, allowing an attempt to see who is worthy of being considered the dominant and who the submissive.

Equality is by far the norm among the Garakton, if not all visitors alike. Don't expect as a guy to pay all the bills, or as a girl to be paid for. Give it some struggle, as their methods are the loser has to pay. That, and the winner gets the say in how and when the date ends; even with compromises, there's plenty of wishful thinking you can make true if you manage to win.

All in all, be a gentleman, but be honest, too. Don't be outright hostile, but show some competitive spirit. This will be a learning experience for both parties, and it's best to keep it all in good fun so as to avoid hurt feelings and burned bridges.

We'll be able to decide on more to put into our statements as we advance through the dates, but I think this is a good "article" to send to Mr. Carlson when it comes to it, or retroactively, if it already has.
No. 82917 ID: d8a627

That implies he enjoys hearing non-subtle jokes, maybe even retelling them, but he's bad at making them. At least, that's what I read from it... Am I the only one? Let's get a vote here.
No. 82919 ID: 0ee153

You probably are. "Okay sense of humor" means "okay sense of humor" in my book. He's average.
No. 83179 ID: 87206f

All right, kids. Sooner or later in this quest about dating aliens things of a sensitive nature are going to happen that happen naturally between dating people. I don't really see this as a sex quest but it's obviously got fanservice running in its blood and zack isn't a nun or anything

My question to u the audience is how do you want the sex scenes handled? I'm good for anything from fade to black to good ol 18+ (tgchan being of course the Internet's premiere den of degenerate furries) but I thought I'd throw the decision out to ye the people and see what you want. This sort of thing can easily be a sticky subject for people (if u know what i mean) and I want to make sure we're all entertained and nobody has any sensibilities I'd offend.

No. 83180 ID: 92fe71

No. 83181 ID: d8a627

Just as long as you put explicit scenes in spoilers, I'm perfectly okay with it. I mean, lighter explicities (what word are you even supposed to use here) can pass without it, but heavy questionable and heavy explicit just... annoys me. I'm not even sure why heavier questionable does when lighter explicit doesn't, but that's just the way it is.
Other than that, I'd probably prefer to see what's going on, yeah.
No. 83184 ID: 483d7f

If the sex is really plot-relevant I suppose we should have a say in it. If it isn't then I'm cool with skipping over the slimy details.
No. 83186 ID: e607cd

Honestly, I just sort of expected the grand tradition of your past quests to continue if that actually came up. The traditions of "...good characterization, close (somewhat idyllic) romances between characters... and curvaceous butterfaces (he clearly has a knack for drawing hips if not faces)" seem to have continued unabated. I am okay with this.
No. 83189 ID: 0ee153

I'm fine with whatever; I'm confident you can avoid making the quest focus too much on sexual stuff. Spoiler 18+ images just in case and all's well as far as I'm concerned.
No. 83198 ID: 2fd516

Keep it tasteful.
No. 83221 ID: 68bbc5

Go full sexy, but spoiler everything for those who aren't interested.
That seems to be the best compromise anyone's figured out so far.
No. 83249 ID: a7868d

Short answer, go for it.

Long answer, sex can really fuck up any quest, and it attracts the wrong kind of attention. That said consider what this quest is about you shouldn't be bashful. You should be as explicit as you can comfortably manage. It's the thematic climax for the chapter, and skipping it would be skipping an important part of the story. That said, please, please don't make it sound or look like a porno.
No. 83250 ID: e1609c

I'm agreein' with this, go as explicit as you want but put it under a spoiler for those who aren't gonna be into that.
That way you get the best of both worlds.
No. 83351 ID: 2fc3e9

I wonder whether this new chapter will feature the theoretical Polyphema killing someone. Who wants to bet it's the sickly emotional attachment we're dragging around?

That sounded somewhat too cynical when I read it. I'm guessing the kid because so far he's the one who you'd probably feel worst about killing and it makes narrative sense to kill an important character if you're killing anyone at all. Could be the narrator, but that's less usual and therefore less likely. I'm jumping to conclusions with this entire premise, admittedly.
No. 83352 ID: d8a627

All I know is that we're in the war time now. The time when the Visitors are still "The Enemy". It's an interesting deviation from dating the "enemy".
No. 83354 ID: 0e5a5e

I somewhat suspect our view is actually one of the 'visitors', and not human. Because probably our breaking into their realm was terrifying from their angle too. But it's speculative.
No. 83355 ID: ef7fd2

nah, not likely. We already got a pretty specific place name, remember? We are definitely on earth.
No. 83367 ID: d8a627

That, and they didn't exactly have a lot of cars.
No. 83428 ID: 186341


Don't worry friend anonymous this is just a brief interlude. Alien dates remain go.
No. 83461 ID: b8ceae

It would make MUCH more sense for the first-person-view here to be the victim, since the framing device could be Poly having a nightmare where she relives the backwash off a kill.
No. 83469 ID: bb78f2

I can't help but feel the character's last name is familiar, but I did a search in the first thread and Nguygen or whatever her name is (I put it in correctly at the time) and it didn't come up. But I swear I know the name's on tgchan somewhere else at least.
No. 83471 ID: 0ee153

Nguyen is the single most common Vietnamese surname, so you probably have seen it around.
No. 89278 ID: 0cc49e

Fuck yes Enemy quest is back!
No. 89383 ID: a19cd5

in this thread: Waifu Wrestling Federation, Arms versus Eyeballs edition
No. 89385 ID: 0ee153

No. 89434 ID: 5db52c

Answering in dis since this ain't close to suggesting.

I'd say that then we've got a problem of definitions. When I think of a hive mind, and what I think >>/quest/627214 meant to bring up, would be closer to:

>Hive minds are group minds with (almost) complete loss (or lack) of individuality, identity, and personhood.

And rather distinct from the collective or emergent intelligence of a societies or groups.

(Doesn't help that these concepts aren't very well named very distinctly. Just checking "hive mind" leads to a disambiguation of several very different concepts).
No. 89435 ID: caac4c

yee exactly
maybe our newest waifu is just traumatized [um, she said cops kicked her] and instinctually doesnt want to bring attention to her in heavily human-populated areas?
No. 89438 ID: 5db52c

They still come to decisions via communication, even if it's a non-verbal channel. That's still fundamentally about individuals interacting and communicating and influencing each other, just more closely and/or differently than we're used to. I'd consider that substantially different from the more top down model of a group or hive intelligence giving orders to its constituent parts.
No. 89439 ID: 7b7ab3

>maybe our newest waifu is just traumatized [um, she said cops kicked her]
>You are now picturing Bika lying on the ground, curled up in a little protective ball, crying her eyes out.

Have fun with that.
No. 89440 ID: 0ee153

If you haven't practiced the ability to shut down your imagination at will, you're not doing it right.
No. 89442 ID: 7b7ab3

Now that I've re-read the quest, I see that the ladies have been: a big, boisterous tomboy, a proper, upper-class lady, and now we have the tiniest moe in two dimensions. I'm betting the floater's the emotionless tsundere type.
No. 89443 ID: 0ee153

No bet. Polyphema already said they're that way. And if we're going to throw anime terminology around, the word you're looking for is kuudere.
No. 89447 ID: bd8b82

so, one mind many bodies waifu, did ANYONE expect this?
No. 89448 ID: 7b7ab3

Not I.
This is gonna be good, I can feel it.
>Poly said skut have orgies.
>Technically true, but only if you're just counting bodies involved as opposed to individuals involved.
No. 89449 ID: 2f4b71

It might be closer the the Tachikomas: not a constant mind-link, but a group of individuals that gradually 're-sync' when in proximity to share the same memories & experiences (and therefore thought processes).
No. 89451 ID: 0ee153

I won't pretend I saw it coming from the moment skuts were introduced, but part of the quest is pretty obviously dealing with alien cultures/ways of thinking. With that, the archetypal bug-hivemind, Bika's behavior changing around more skuts, and the wordless communication thing... it became less of a surprise as time went on.
No. 89453 ID: 321d85

Man, though, Brom must have had this all planned out since the beginning (which...I guess makes sense.); thinking back, SO many things make total sense given this new bit of info. It's like, all these pieces suddenly clicked into place, haha.
No. 89454 ID: 7b7ab3

Remember how it was mentioned in passing that skut-on-skut assassinations were outlawed somewhere. I guess when one skut doesn't like another skut muscling in on their territory, they just drop bodies until the other skut clears off. Kinda like the formics from Ender's Game, only cuter and without a terrible movie adaptation.
No. 89457 ID: bd8b82

thought. we only played bika in 1v1 games. skuts are probably AMAZING at team games. imagine new smash bros. one team is four humans. other team is one skut individual using four bodies. so it would be like four separate people vs one 8 armed person. every character on team skut would react in perfect coordination.
No. 89462 ID: 7b7ab3

You know what we need? Cute little nicknames for our lady-friends.
How about: GG - Cookies 'n' Cream
Poly - Banana Boat
Bika - Shortcake
Floater - ???
No. 89463 ID: 0ee153

No. 89466 ID: 6692b2

i didnt see this coming. i didnt see this coming at all. holy shit man holy shitballs assdick.
No. 89468 ID: 7b7ab3

Here's a strange idea that just popped into my head: The Enemy Quest Halloween Special! What costumes would the ladies dress up in?
No. 89469 ID: 6692b2

No. 89471 ID: 7b7ab3

Bika being the gamer that she is, and given her species' cultural preference for spears, the answer seems obvious.

>"Pata Pata Pata Pon!~"
No. 89475 ID: fc3f9f

Wow, so Skut orgies are literally just masturbation.
I admit that's a first for me.
No. 89477 ID: 7b7ab3

And now, because I'm an asshole.

>You are now imagining what Bika did with herself after our date.

Have fun with that.
No. 89479 ID: d958ad

Masturbation, with the chance of creating another baby to raise into a functional body. So, a Skut cloud, uh, grows from masturbation.
No. 89480 ID: bd8b82

they probably didn't understand how the phrase "go fuck yourself" was an insult.
No. 89481 ID: 7b7ab3

Oop! Yep. There they go. Mmhm. Yeah. My sides are now orbital. Thanks for that.
No. 89487 ID: d95501

So, we just met lady number four, and the first thing she does is basically tell us to strap in, shut up, and leave the flying to her.

I have concerns.
No. 89491 ID: 0ee153

Given that she tried to make a joke, I'm not too concerned. Floaters weren't described as touchy-feely huggy types, and we've only just started.
No. 89492 ID: a99eb3

Still, I offer up my prayers to the the spirit of Sir Isaac Newton, because if her showboating gets us in trouble we may see exactly why he's the deadliest son of a bitch in space.
No. 89493 ID: 330ce5

I want to do a barrel roll so badly, but for a first impression that would kinda suck. Here's hoping we live long enough to try a barrel roll later.
No. 89495 ID: 7b7ab3

Actually, now that I think about it we've really put ourselves in an absolutely horrible position: strapped to a living rocket who disregards authority, bound for who knows where, hundreds if not thousands of feet in the air. There's being adventurous and then there's just being reckless. Depending on what happens, we'll see which we've been.
No. 89496 ID: d958ad

I thought about the endgame a little.

Polyphema would outlive Zack, but not by a huge amount. I'm not sure she would stick with him though. She seems like a lady who likes new things a lot if you know what I mean. ...I also have a vague uneasiness about how much she jokes about exploding Zack's head.

GG uh, I don't know the lifespan of Warriors offhand, but I expect they're similar to humans. I think she's a really good match for Zack, since he's super confident and headstrong and would just need to GET STRONK to live up to expectations of other Warriors. There is some possibility of physical injury from the nonsense they'll get up to together.

Bika would outlive Zack and would in fact never even age. That could be a bit tragic and I wonder if she would ever date another human. Maybe it's best they don't go long term.

Meg, I don't know yet.
No. 89498 ID: d958ad

Oh and to top it off for Bika, Zack will easily outlive the body Bika uses most to interact with him. It will be weird as fuck. Possibly insurmountably so.
No. 89499 ID: 256d52

She's just feeling the need, the need for speed. You know how those flygirls are. Buncha mavericks!
No. 89502 ID: 321d85

Hey, so she says inbound to Manhattan. So, I WAS gonna ask if we've been told where they are, but with assiduous detective work, I've pieced together that we're in New York. In fact, she gave coordinates. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=40.737856,+-73.914299&hl=en&ll=40.739063,-73.915758&spn=0.021591,0.045447&geoco

The internet is an amazing thing.
No. 89504 ID: 7b7ab3

Poly would outlive Zack by a massive amount. She's well into her 300s with around 400 - 600 more years left to her lifespan. At least, according to her. The head popping thing is something we may have to broach, but delicately and carefully.

I'll admit, GG is a blast to be around, and while the whole hyper-competitive Warrior culture thing might get a little tiresome GG herself has proven to be anything but a typical Warrior. Still, considering the direct involvement a Warrior had in death of Zack's mother, it might get pretty dramatic if we start discussing the past with the girls.

Bika's mind would almost certainly outlive Zack, but as I should have mentioned with Poly above, he would at least be a good memory for her, and he would more than likely have her for the rest of his life.
No. 89506 ID: bd8b82

i am thinking THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kl4hJ4j48s with Meg.
No. 89513 ID: 7b7ab3

Actually, off the topic of rocket-girl for a second, I was kinda wondering how people were pronouncing Bika's name. Are we saying it with a long I, a short I, or a long E?
No. 89514 ID: a0894d

bika like how pikachu says "pika" is what i do, but then again myaccent is attrocious so
No. 89524 ID: b19c1d

No, that sounds fine to me. Besides, it adds to her cuteness. Also, because you mentioned Pikachu and I mentioned a Halloween special: Zack dressed as Ash, Bika dressed as various pokemon, and the two of them going Trick-or-Treating. Yes, Zack's a little old for it, but Bika's young, curious, and thrills at the prospect of free candy.
No. 89527 ID: 1a35e2

that is ADORABLE
No. 89529 ID: 7b7ab3

All her costumes are homemade, thrown together out of scraps of cloth she's pulled out of dumpsters and cleaned up. They're not well made, but they cover her heads and bodies. That combined with naturally high-pitched, squeaky voices and a diminutive stature means she passes fairly well for a group of human kids. One quick drive out to the suburbs later + Zack playing the part of 'parental guardian' + some unsuspecting suburbanites =
"What the hell?! Candy Corn again?!"
"I thought skut would eat just about anything?"
"We draw the line at Candy Corn!"
No. 89537 ID: d958ad

Bika's mind is 25 years old, though.
No. 89538 ID: 0ee153

I think they've gone too deep into headcanons to care.
No. 89539 ID: 7b7ab3

Perhaps, but: Free. Candy.
No. 89542 ID: 098ddb

especially if she's never done it before! like man, i'm 19 but i live in a country where halloween isnt a thing so i've never gone trick or treating - you think i wouldnt hop on that if i could?
fund it x2
No. 89545 ID: 7b7ab3

It just makes sense that Visitors would treat holidays differently than humans.
Like, Warriors treat everything like a competition, so Halloween would probably be a time to see who can wear the best costume or get the most candy or pull off the biggest scare.
Warrior haunted houses usually require you to sign a waiver before entering...
No. 89547 ID: 098ddb

yes i am 100% down with that.
do you think floaters would attach glowy jack o lanterns on themselves when they fly?
No. 89550 ID: 7b7ab3

That and holding "hauntings". Other species have zombie walks, floaters have hauntings.
Picture this: dozens of floaters wearing sheets with eye holes cut in them just... hovering around town going "BoooOOOOooo!".
Same thing, really.
No. 89575 ID: 321d85
File 142598522452.png - (176.70KB , 578x872 , bikachu-crop.png )

No. 89576 ID: 321d85
File 142598593742.jpg - (169.98KB , 916x616 , bika-tennis.jpg )

Also, tennis!
No. 89577 ID: 321d85
File 142598599730.jpg - (124.36KB , 498x701 , bika-front.jpg )

And I don't think we've actually seen Bika directly from the front, yet?
No. 89578 ID: 321d85

And I rescind my previous statement: they are the cutest, always.
No. 89579 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh my god. I have no words. The fact that I inspired artistic creation in someone has left literally speechless. I say all of this without sarcasm. I mean every word.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
No. 89580 ID: 321d85

Oh, sure! Thank YOU for the idea! And I'm glad it makes you happy, that's exactly the thing is silently asked for when I posted it, is I just hoped it would make somebody a little happier. :_)
No. 89581 ID: 7b7ab3

You have no idea!
I get so down on myself, worrying that I'm not creative, that I'm dull or bothersome. But then you go and do this and i just--
So thank you, my friend. Thank You!
No. 89582 ID: 321d85

I'm glad. You're welcome. :)
No. 89583 ID: 7b7ab3

It is seriously no problem, you beautiful creature, you.
No. 89585 ID: bd8b82

okay that's enough, you are getting caught in a thank you loop.
No. 89586 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, well thank you for breaking us out of it.
No. 89594 ID: 321d85

Indeed, thank you. XP
No. 89615 ID: 7b7ab3

So, does anyone know what's going on with the quest right now?

It's been a few days.
No. 89616 ID: 0ee153

>it's been a few days
That's not really unusual for any quest, honestly. Plus Brom has Static on the Wire, Council of Wizards, and presumably a life of his own.

And the quests tend to go on hiatuses anyway. We texted Zack's friends to plan the beach date on August 17th, 2014. Texting GG to tell her we were ready was February 19th, 2015.
No. 89618 ID: 7b7ab3

>August 17th, 2014
>February 19th, 2015
Oh god, that wait. I remember that.
Hopefully it's just a little break. I'm not kidding when I say I this is my favorite quest of his.
No. 89619 ID: 0ee153

Agreed, although Static is a close second. Shame Revenant is RIP.
No. 89620 ID: 7b7ab3


I have a little system where I'll read Static for that cyberpunk/action high, then shift over to EQ to detox with a warm, romantic, fuzzy feeling.

It's a good system.
No. 89664 ID: 7b7ab3

And it's back!

Responses seem to be a little thin, though...

Come on, people! Let's play some some paintball!

Sorry for the double post.
No. 89682 ID: f61b8d

Maybe the reason why the multifriend nature of our job feels so uncomfortable at this moment
is because Meg, most of all of them, is really new to these feelings and may not totally understand them yet, so she's probably gonna be most vulnerable to heartbreak and the like?
No. 89685 ID: bb78f2

At the same time she probably doesn't understand exclusivity. And since floater's are so objective based, she might actually be the most open for a threesome.

Not that we should be making any assumptions, but I think the Skut and the Floater are the girls we can be the least worried about.

We can even talk it over with the skut, probably, if Zack needs to vent about the stress of it all.
No. 89687 ID: 0ee153

It wasn't. You were right about not putting on her figurative shoes, though. Meg isn't a child, she's fully grown, and she's had nine months to think about it. I think she felt that Zack was trying to... coddle her and didn't understand that she was an adult doing adult things.

Remember when she asked at the start of the date if Zack trusted her? It seems like she feels Zack doesn't trust her on this.
No. 89690 ID: 321d85

Yeah; I dunno, maybe. I don't know what the best way to handle that situation would have been.

I mean, it bears consideration that just because a choice upsets her, doesn't necessarily mean it was the wrong one. Hmm.
No. 89693 ID: 7b7ab3

At this point it doesn't matter.
We screwed up, and now Meg is off somewhere feeling terrible. Our responsibility to her now is to fix the damage we did and show her that she means something to us.
No. 89694 ID: bb78f2

We did not screw up
She is a person, not some objective with the perfect thing to say to make things better. I get we're playing a scripted set of events here, but this feels a bit too far in the direction of gamifying dating.
She's nine months old. Experiencing a lot of new stuff. From Zack's perspective, he probably said no because he was uncomfortable and was both trying to make Meg and himself comfortable with the relationship.
Let her feel embarrassed. Saying we're sorry and that we got to make it up to her later feels wrong and I think would insult her. Let's wait a bit and see what happens, she is the first of her kind. It isn't just us fucking shit up, lots of other factors here and saying no might turn out better than saying yes.

Come on guys, we've been doing pretty well so far. Let's stick to our guns here. I think it will work out for the best.
No. 89695 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm sorry, but I can't watch Meg get so distraught and then fly away like that and not call it a colossal fuck up! It's, like, a reflex action of mine to people getting upset.
No. 89696 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, but sometimes people want sex, and the reasons Zack gave not to weren't exactly great. I mean, now I'm convinced that there's a valid case for not humping her right now, but it wasn't used in the quest.
No. 89701 ID: bb78f2

I am extremely worried Zack didn't give her that list of video games I made for her.
No. 89702 ID: 52d763

I wouldn't give that list. Playing MGS out of release order is crazy. Ur crazy.
No. 89703 ID: bb78f2

Well, if she wants to play Metal Gear Solid 1 she's going to have to get the PS3 version of the HD collection, which makes a LOT of assumptions about what consoles she has access to.

You SURE as hell don't play the second one first.

I mean, how the hell are you supposed to introduce a non-gamer to the MGS games?
There's also the Metal Gear originals one the MGS3 version, so yes, technically if she's going to play the entire series in order she has to fire up MGS3 first anyway.

Only reason I suggested Metal Gear is that it's the closest thing to Warrior fiction (which is something she has some experience with) we have that is legit 100% human. And MGS3 also has the closest narrative style to Warrior movie stories. Legit probably the best reference point for her.

Also it is the easiest to enjoy on its own.

Brom, I know you shouldn't step in here, probably, but I'm actually curious what would be YOUR personal choice for the video game you'd show Poly?
No. 89706 ID: 7b7ab3

Am I the only one who's curious about that thing hanging from Poly's neck? It shows up in the mirror but not on her body. I feel like that wasn't an artistic error.
No. 89707 ID: 296917

Looked like a thin scarf to me.
No. 89708 ID: 2f4b71

>I mean, how the hell are you supposed to introduce a non-gamer to the MGS games?
Twin Snakes.
No. 89709 ID: 7b7ab3

I still say it'd be fun to get the Visitor's reaction to games like Metroid or Mass Effect. How would the real aliens react to the fictional ones? Would Poly sympathize with the Asari? Do Oculots have their own version of the 'lifespan talk'?
No. 89711 ID: 0ee153

Is Polyphema the Kariket or some shit?
No. 89712 ID: 7b7ab3

That's some Shyamalan shit and I instantly refuse it. Besides, she doesn't exactly strike me as the "tyrannical alien monarch" type.
No. 89713 ID: 0ee153

She already said she's royalty and she's not sharing her name. I grant it's not plausible, but "some shit" could easily be nearly as bad as her being the Kariket.
No. 89714 ID: 13c4a5

she might be related but I doubt that she is the Kariket.
No. 89715 ID: 7b7ab3

Seeing as we're talking about introducing Poly to video games I think we should think about what not to show her.

She's probably not a huge fan of blood and gore, so things like Mortal Kombat are out.

A lot FPS games are in the same vein, so probably not. Although the thought of #MLG #Swag Poly is amazing.

X-COM is right out! As is anything involving Xenomorphs and/or Predators!
No. 89716 ID: a19cd5

Mario kart.
No. 89718 ID: bd8b82

i dunno, seeing what we used to think an alien war was like could have her interest.
No. 89722 ID: 7b7ab3

New thread, and WOW does the Kariket looks like a douchebag! I mean, just look at this elitist cyclops fuck.


Appropriate, given the whole "evil alien emperor" thing he's got going.
No. 89741 ID: 7b7ab3

Poly didn't like Mass Effect.


Maybe Portal? No real fighting. Just her, some test chambers, and a very rude voice.
No. 89745 ID: c5d021

Poly liked Uncle Vanya.
I had to suffer through that and analyse it as a part of my literature class. (weeps fucking weeps)
God. I understand so much more about how wonderfully pretentious she is. Very nice touch.
No. 89746 ID: 7b7ab3

Forgive my ignorance, but what's so bad about this Uncle Vanya thing, and how does it highlight Poly's pretentiousness?
No. 89747 ID: 5b37ff

There's nothing wrong with it and it's a classic in the western Canon for a good reason. Tgchan is far from its target audience though because there are no sex scenes or fights.
No. 89748 ID: 0ee153

It's a classic play by a Russian playwright. Anon dislikes it and dislikes other opinions.
No. 89749 ID: 7b7ab3

Ah. I see.

Y'know, sometimes it really strikes just how little we know about our dear lady cyclops. Makes interacting with her challenging but enjoyable.
No. 89751 ID: c5d021

there's nothing Bad about it, man (ppl still read it for reasons), its just very pretentious.
maybe my dislike is bc i had to read it instead of see it, and thats....really not the way to consume plays, but basically
it's chock full of ennui and Sadness
an elderly professor married to a Hot Babe (jelena/yelena/helena, depends on the version i guess) goes to visit the mansion estate thing in the country that funds his city lyfestyle, and Hot Babe's main passtime is to make everyone swoon and obsess over her bc There Is Nothing To Do In The Country, EVER
the dickhole professor kept sonya, the daughter of his first (presumably unhot) wife, and vanya, the titular character, the brother of dead lady, there to basically work the estate so the professor could get moneys. and now he wants to sell it bc he is a Douche
so it functions well as a oculot play because theres a lot of emphasis on emotions - except the emotions were HOPELESSLY SAD and the play literally ends with vanya going "WELP, THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO IS WORK AS ALWAYS, SONYA, MAYBE THERES PAYOFF IN HEAVEN" so i found them boring
No. 89753 ID: e30e12

omg I didn't think my questdis would become a Russian theater debate place.....

Sorry to hear about your Vanya experience, Anon. Chekhov is like Shakespeare: Godawful to read and wonderful to see performed by good actors in a good production.
It's actually a very funny play to see done live; Chekhov was a shockingly upbeat and optimistic guy in real life. He was always kind of dismayed when people took his characters fully at their word. The Russians were all about that Tragicomedy.

That Polyphema likes it isn't quite meant to broadcast pretentiousness so much as highfalutin-ness. Yes you DO need a certain amount of cultural capitol to really get everything out of a Chekhov play and yes she DOES like flaunting it, in a way, but I think Chekhov is far less pretentious than, say, Arthur fuckin' Miller or David Mamet or whoever. My day trade is in Literary Administration for theater, so I'm kind of a staunch lover of Chekhov. I love how high the stakes are for his weird vodka swilling depressives: everything he writes is so full of these wildly self-destructive last stabs at happiness that straddle the line between hilarious and heart-breaking when you do them right. Anon is right that they are also all insufferable, but that's at least partially the point.
No. 89754 ID: 7b7ab3

It's going to sound weird, but I think there's one show that might catch her interest, crazy though it may sound.

Red Vs Blue.

Really, think about it. It focuses on the perspective of a group of people as opposed to a single protagonist, it invests a lot of time in the emotions of the characters (even if those emotions can usually be summarized as "Fuck this canyon, and fuck you people."), and the story evolves and grows stronger as it progresses.

What do you guys think?
No. 89755 ID: c5d021

i might go see it live [if i can], maybe it will change my mind.
honestly, i agree with what you've said about getting the most out of chekov - i had to read it for school when i was 15/16, and frankly that was a terrible idea, who fucking authorized that
would poly be partial to dostoyevsky or tolstoy?
No. 89756 ID: 7b7ab3

WOW. I could not have timed that post worse. People discussing high theater and I'm peddling machinima.
No. 89757 ID: c5d021

but would poly be into homestuck or quests on tgchan?
No. 89758 ID: 0ee153

almost literally cancer, hopefully not

>quests on tgchan
Bit broad, and meta shit in quests is rarely, if ever funny, but hypothetically... depends on the quest, but lots of emotion and arguing is involved.
No. 89760 ID: 52d763

I sincerely enjoy reading Shakespeare. Obviously his works were written for the stage but they're still interesting to dissect as a reader. It's a different degree of entertainment though.
No. 89767 ID: a19cd5

Not even almost, Galactic Cancer is a driving plot point for a while.
No. 89768 ID: 5dec64

OK People: It's time to place our votes in the WAIFU WAR VOLUME 1


Who is best grill?
Who will win the Zack Bowl?
Obviously, we haven't dated everyone equally, but if you had to pick TODAY, who would it be?

No. 89774 ID: 0ee153
File 142721325313.jpg - (21.39KB , 198x223 , disdain for plebs.jpg )

>Bika in the lead
No. 89775 ID: 88960e

Look, obviously, if anyone wad gonna stuff the voting it would be her.
No. 89776 ID: fbc59e

Poor Meg!
I'm shocked she didn't get any votes but...I can kind of see why that is.
No. 89777 ID: 7b7ab3

Small + adorable = popular. Whatcha gonna do?

It's funny because she has so many bodies!

We don't deserve her. Not yet, anyway.
No. 89778 ID: a19cd5

>4-armed wonder not on the list
No. 89779 ID: 0ee153

That's GG, I voted for her, I know she's on the list.
No. 89782 ID: 7b7ab3

>quest thread filling up with avalanche of kink suggestions

Brom, I'm sorry.
We are a twisted, fractious lot.
No. 89783 ID: 34a3a8

yall need jesus
lmao who am i kidding i too need jesus
No. 89784 ID: 5db52c

You leave Jesus out of our alien waifu orgy. There's already too many people in here!
No. 89786 ID: 7b7ab3

Several Visitors have obviously converted to Earth religions, and that raises so many questions for me.
Are there any Visitor priests?
Are there Warrior mohels?
What is the Skutti idea of a soul?
How do Floaters feel about the concept of reincarnation?
I'm so happy to find a story that sparks these kinds thoughts.
No. 89789 ID: 7b7ab3

There was a really nice comment here a minute ago.

But yes. It just goes so deep.

Is there some racist preacher out there who says things like Jesus died for human sins and not Visitor sins? That Visitors are all bound for Hell for one reason or another?
If some Floaters do believe in reincarnation do they gravitate toward religions like Hinduism or Buddhism? Would the clone of one Floater, imprinted with the memories of another, see itself as the reincarnation of that Floater?
Would there be a revival of worship for the Nordic pantheon among Warriors? I can see them putting particular emphasis on the concept of Valhalla, a place of endless battle and feasting, which would appeal to their cultural mindset.

The list goes on and on.
No. 89791 ID: 330ce5

I think I deleted that by mistake, my bad.
All we were saying is that those ideas are amazing and that sharing them with others was really awesome.
No. 89792 ID: 7b7ab3

Thank you.

If anybody has any other ideas, please post them.
No. 89795 ID: 0ee153


Extremely important.
No. 89796 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm sorry, I tried to contain it, but after >>/quest/630836 It must be done.


Forgive me!
No. 89797 ID: e30e12

No. 89798 ID: 7b7ab3

Goddamnit Brom, you beautiful bastard!

I love you! No homo.

Super homo.
No. 89799 ID: 52d763

White Chocolate Macadamia nut is good. Chocolate not so much.
No. 89805 ID: 7b7ab3

Quickly back to games for Poly, what would she think of Undertale?

I can only see it ending in *inelegant blubbering*.
No. 89837 ID: 2d4005

After seeing her in action this date I wish I could change my vote to Polyphema... She is seduction personified.
No. 89862 ID: 2f96d6

It looks like Brom might take the weekend off.
I don't blame him.
He's been friggin' on point with updates lately, and he deserves a rest.
The only question now is how do we keep ourselves entertained until his return?
No. 89888 ID: 7b7ab3

Whoops! I--I was wrong! Resume! Resume!

Dang double post.
No. 89889 ID: 5db52c

>phone autocorrects "link" to "lock"
>shrug, figure it's not worth deleting and reposting to fix
>Poly verbatim quotes "eyeball brain lock thing"
No. 89890 ID: 7b7ab3

Sorry, bro.

At least you got quoted!
No. 89896 ID: 7b7ab3


We haven't been in her brain for five minutes and already there's a suicide.

Girl's had it rough.
No. 89919 ID: b8ceae

So, what does ZACK know about how things went on the human side during and after the war?
How much damage was there? How many people died? What kind of social changes did it cause? Political?
What places were hardest hit? What places were hurt the least?
How far was humanity pushed? What depths did it sink to to stop the invasion?

How scared are people of visitors? We know there's a lot of hate, but how widespread is that? How socially acceptable are things like the cop kicking Bika? Was the racist talking head on a channel like Fox that lives by vomiting propaganda, or was it on a channel that maintains a neutral discourse?
Are visitors considered second-class citizens? Officially, or in the eyes of the people?

Now that we're actually talking about the war and the past we should probably know about what happened on this side BEYOND Zack's childhood traumas.
No. 89920 ID: 7b7ab3

These are all phenomenal questions.

The war lasted over 30 years, and a lot can happen in that time. I think it's pretty obvious that humanity got pushed hard, but not as hard as we might think. We still have arcades, anime, paintball, and parks, so things can't be that bad. Obviously, a lot of people died and that's terrible, but socially and politically things seem about the same. As for damages, I'd say a lot of our shit got broken and we had to go to some pretty dark lengths at times.

But what else is new for humanity.

I'd say the hate and fear regarding Visitors probably fluctuates quite a bit depending on where you are. Zack lives in New York, so we have to take that into account. New Yorkers are surly enough with their own species! Also, even if it isn't on paper anywhere, the Visitors are clearly on the lower rungs of the social ladder. The war was long and brutal, and it's only been five years since an official truce was called. Things are gonna be pretty tense.
No. 89921 ID: 0ee153

>New York meme
I lived in Rochester for a while. It was entirely pleasant.

>Visitors lower rungs
Except the Oculots, I'd say. Money helps.
No. 89922 ID: 7b7ab3

>I lived in Rochester for a while. It was entirely pleasant.
Sorry. Couldn't resist.

>Except the Oculots, I'd say. Money helps.
True, but it definitely doesn't save them from random jerks. And they can't even properly defend themselves! It has been a recurring fear of mine throughout the quest that one or more of the girls would get in hot water and have to do something drastic. Eye beams, super strength, acid spit, and flight are all very dangerous powers, and I am thankful that (most of) the girls aren't loose with them. If they actually had to defend themselves with lethal force, I can't see them getting a fair trial, if they got one at all.
No. 89927 ID: 0ee153

>if they got one at all
The government is on their side enough for HVAO to be a thing and to have a large enough budget to spend $200,000 on Zack the random guy.

>no defense
They can get a gun or a knife or learn martial arts like everyone else.
No. 89928 ID: 7b7ab3

>The government is on their side enough for HVAO to be a thing and to have a large enough budget to spend $200,000 on Zack the random guy.
You are correct. I keep forgetting that for some reason.

>They can get a gun or a knife or learn martial arts like everyone else.
You know, you're right! Back when Poly was getting harassed by that creep in thread one we didn't know she was what she was. Being over 300 years old and spending most of her life around Warriors must have given her options to make people leave her alone without lethal force.
No. 89934 ID: dbe554


So we know that New York was hit majorly, and that as a whole 1/7th of ALL people were lost almost immediately, I'm starting to understand people's hatred of the Visitors considering they just came out of nowhere and started butchering them outright.
No. 89937 ID: 7b7ab3

That's the bitch of it. The decent Visitors are being lumped in with the warmongers. I'm starting to see why the HVAO is so necessary. After such a tremendous shitstorm of a war, there's a lot of bad blood to put to rest.
No. 89939 ID: dbe554


It doesn't help that the decent visitors only really gained cold feet after it started seeming like a slaughter, which would make one wonder why they actually invaded to begin with. Resources? Land? To fight something new?
No. 89940 ID: 7b7ab3

I figure the Kariket probably pressed a lot of anti-human propaganda, making us seem like some monstrous Other or something. He doubtlessly lied to his followers constantly just to keep his engine of conquest rolling. I have no doubts that the Karikets name will go down in history as one of the foulest villains on both Golboria and Earth.

It's a good thing we have four Visitor ladies to ask these questions to. I imagine the HVAO, assuming they don't already know, would be very interested in the whys and hows of the war's beginning.
No. 89941 ID: 7b7ab3

With the quest getting sad, I need to supply some feel good thoughts.

>Going on a jog with GG
>Making a flower crown for Poly
>Playing Mario Kart with Bika
>Singing a duet with Meg
>Watching Predator with GG
>Having a staring contest with Poly
>Helping Bika in the kitchen
>Hang gliding with Meg
No. 89952 ID: 2fc2dc

No. 89953 ID: 6de15c

I thought they were cute.

I could spam ideas for awhile.

Should I?
No. 89955 ID: 0ee153

No. 89960 ID: 7b7ab3

The number one thing I imagine going wrong while we're away with Poly is: Someone tries to burn Bika's restaurant down.
No. 89978 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm going to assume nobody's posting in the quest because it's April Fool's Day.
No. 89979 ID: 0ee153

Nothing else to say until it updates.
No. 89980 ID: 7b7ab3

Ah. I see.
No. 90009 ID: 7b7ab3

I've had a thought.

We all love Enemy Quest, right? And it would be nice if it got more exposure, right?

So, I was thinking about maybe starting a TV Tropes page or something to help get the word out. Just to help spread awareness about this cool thing Brom's making.

Would that be an okay thing to do or not?
No. 90010 ID: 2413dc

Weaver's quests all have 'em, don't see why not!
No. 90011 ID: 7b7ab3


It'll be the first Tropes page I've ever made, so it'll be a great occasion in more ways than one for me.

I'll need time to figure it out, but once I have it going I'll post a link.

Thank you for the support!
No. 90015 ID: 7b7ab3



A brand new TV Tropes page! Very bare right now, so add what you can when you can!

Hopefully there won't be any problems. It's my first Trope page so it needs a lot of work, but that's what time and editing are for!
No. 90025 ID: 7b7ab3

I started a forum thread to talk about Enemy Quest and how to edit its Tropes page.


If you guys wouldn't mind posting and spreading the word about EQ and Brom's other works it'd be really appreciated.
No. 90059 ID: 7b7ab3

I was wondering if anyone could add a link to the Tropes page to the tgchan page.

I would do it myself, but they're still processing my account request.

Sorry for multi-posting, but I don't have anywhere else to ask.
No. 90060 ID: 5db52c

>I would do it myself, but [the wiki is] still processing my account request.
Did you confirm your email? If you don't, the wiki never actually tells any admins there's an account request to approve, and you just sit there in limbo, forever. Or until one of us remembers (or is reminded) to check manually.

Regardless, you should be good now. Happy editing, and remember that the preview button is your friend.
No. 90061 ID: 7b7ab3

Thank you so much!

Do you think Brom sees any of this?
No. 90089 ID: f68a09

I do & it's appreciated

RE: Updates: It is passover and I am Jewish.

No. 90091 ID: 7b7ab3

Brom-sempai noticed me!

Well, that explains it. Have a good one!

No. 90118 ID: 7b7ab3


He posted! Respond for great justice!
No. 90284 ID: f61b8d

Just played Undertale last night, after reading your suggestion. Good game. Did you know there are quite a few different endings?
No. 90286 ID: 7b7ab3

I did indeed.

I thought Poly would like it because it lets the player take a peaceful route and actually rewards the player for not killing enemies.

That and I thought most of the endings would get Poly right in the heartstrings.
No. 90307 ID: 0c79b4

So many endings, and yet a certain flower still manages to mock you in each one.
No. 90335 ID: e25683

Am I the only one that feels like it would be a good idea to keep the girls separated for now? At least until we know Bika and Meg a little better.
No. 90338 ID: 47c301


We barely know Bika and Meg, we only just recently got serious with Poly and GG, and we still have some reports to fill out.

Patience and timing is the key to victory.
No. 90346 ID: 7b7ab3


GG loved it! And now the plot begins to convert her into a total anime nerd! Muahahahaha!

Also, that picture is awesome.
No. 90367 ID: 57d76a

Now you're making me want to recommend Iji to Poly.
No. 90370 ID: 7b7ab3

I just looked it up, and she might enjoy it.
It mirrors certain aspects of the war, and
it allows for a non-violent approach to
resolving the conflict. Next time we see her,
we should suggest the two. Maybe a couple adventure games, too, like The Wolf Among Us and Monkey Island.
No. 90422 ID: bfbb8e

*Poly plays the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, then quickly texts Zack*

Poly: I just finished that game you suggested.


Zack: To be fair, I did say you might be getting in over your head.


Zack: Poly plz. It's nothing to...

Poly: Zack no

Zack: ...lose your head over.

Poly: >D(
No. 90424 ID: 77bbac

>That angry oculot smiley

And because I have nothing better to do: oculot smiley collection!

O) O( OD DO OP OV O3 O9 O< OI D) D( (D OU D9 OS @D
No. 90452 ID: 7b7ab3


Doesn't do the tongue justice. I don't think there is a way to do the tongue justice.
No. 90454 ID: bb78f2

No. 90455 ID: 7b7ab3

Good. Could double for a monocle.

Which makes me think of oculots wearing monocles. The only kind of eyewear they could really use, honestly.
No. 90528 ID: 7b7ab3

Way earlier in the thread I brought up the idea of Enemy Quest holiday specials. I focused on Halloween, and I had some ideas that I never really did anything with. For instance: Visitors as earth monsters!

Oculot vampires, Warrior zombies, Skut ghosts, Floater frankensteins, and all those other horror staples. It just struck me as interesting to imagine what these creatures would be like.

What do you guys think?
No. 90529 ID: 0dbb15

I'm all for more Halloween stuff, but I'm also wondering about shit like Visitor Easter or Valentine's Day. Seriously, I can just imagine Warriors going crazy during an Easter egg hunt, tearing shit up and making a huge mess. Most of the eggs would probably end up squished.

I can see oculots getting super into Valentine's, what with the whole "spread the love" theme.
No. 90530 ID: 6de15c

Every single oculot Valentine contains an eye pun. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

"You're the apple of my eye!"
"I only have EYE for you!"
"Look me in the eye: I love you, Valentine!"
No. 90533 ID: ba7ec2

You want real Visitor horror? How about Warrior Thanksgiving? Imagine: all the rancor and bile of a Thanksgiving family meal combined with super strength and hyper-competitiveness. Imagine being a human invited to that nightmare. You want a turkey leg, but you also don't want to lose any fingers in the process. Not to mention all the weird Warrior food you'd have to adjust to. Turning it down would be rude, so your stuck having some. Hope your not allergic.
No. 90537 ID: 34333b

For all that Warrior Thanksgiving would be terrifying, Warrior Christmas would be so much worse. Just imagining what Warrior neighbors would get up to trying to one-up eachother. It'd be like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation up to 11, with twice the property damage and noise complaints.

Although, I would pay through the nose to see such a movie.
No. 90541 ID: c6575e

No. 90550 ID: 7b7ab3

I can see skut going goofy over Thanksgiving, what with family and food being such important parts of their culture. They might want to forgo the post-meal orgy, however, assuming they have non-skut guests over.

Floaters probably despise The 4th of July. An entire day of people shooting fireworks into the air, creating a 24 hour flying hazard, making it hard for Floaters to engage in their most basic pleasure. Try to imagine taking a bottle rocket to the gut while you're several stories off the ground. Doesn't sound too pleasant, does it?
No. 90551 ID: 0ee153

>floaters hate freedom
Destroy all floaters
No. 90552 ID: 7b7ab3

They'd be fine with the holiday if it weren't for all the fireworks.

It'd be like getting caught in the middle of technicolor anti-aircraft fire. Unpleasant.
No. 90553 ID: 0ee153

>floaters hate freedom
Destroy all floaters
No. 90557 ID: 7b7ab3

Of course I could be wrong. They might love The 4th of July. They were the ones toting rocket launchers during the war.

I can see it now: whole 4th of July air shows where Floaters zip through the air, bobbing and weaving past each other, filling the sky with a rainbow of lights as they drop multicolored flares and shoot off all manners of fireworks. An entire mid-air faux battle, complete with bright, colorful explosions.
No. 90592 ID: 727950

Where's Brom? We've got skut to date!
No. 90612 ID: e30e12

Hello all:
My tablet pen is borked.
I need a new one but I don't have the budget for it this month.
This is why there are not updates.
No. 90615 ID: 7a0636

Oh, Brom! I'm so sorry!

I wish there was something I could do to help.
No. 90616 ID: e23b4d

Damn. Sorry, dude.
What he/she said. Wish I could help.
No. 90620 ID: defceb

I don't know how well I can emulate your style, but if it'd help then I'm willing to try.
No. 90622 ID: 05a64c

I'm very sorry, Brom. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

I eagerly await your return.
No. 90627 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, shit, that sucks.

Sorry, man.
No. 90638 ID: e30e12

The IRC suggested I ask for some donations so that I can get a new tablet.


If u have disposable income you want to throw at a sketchy internet person throw it in that direction!!! I'll love u forever. Donate let's say 15 bux or more and I'll do a request for u too.

No. 90640 ID: 7b7ab3

I've got $20 on hand, but it'll take me a couple of days to get it to you.

Don't worry about a request, though. You're a cool dude who deserves good things.

No. 90656 ID: 745cf2

Damn it! Of all times to be strapped for cash! I'll see if I can scrape anything together. I'm pulling for you, nonetheless!

Stay awesome!
No. 90674 ID: 7b7ab3

What kinda tablet ya aimin' for?

I ask out of curiosity, and out of the hope that my 20-25 bucks will actually help.
No. 90675 ID: 81a5f7

I'm going for a refurbished bamboo thing from amazon. It's like 60 bucks.
No. 90677 ID: 7b7ab3


Gimme a little time and I'll hook you up with $22.00, no problem.
No. 90679 ID: 7b7ab3

Okay, so it's probably going to be tomorrow before I can send the money, BUT it will be there.

Count on it.
No. 90694 ID: 998805

If you don't mind faffing about with drivers for a day getting the thing to accept pressure sensitivity, and have the desktop space, Monoprice(.com) makes reliable tablets for a third the price. They're just a pain to get working in Windows.
No. 90699 ID: 7b7ab3


The money has been sent! I had to use my sisters card and account because I misplaced my wallet, but the deed has been done nonetheless!

I can't wait to get back in the action.
No. 90705 ID: 7b7ab3

Allow me to clarify that it was all done with my sisters permission, and that the money transferred was out of my own pocket.

Just to clear up any confusion.
No. 90714 ID: 718e37

Great. Remember to thank your sister.
No. 90726 ID: 7b7ab3

If the money doesn't show up soon, let me know.

I don't use PayPal that often, so I'm hoping I didn't make any mistakes.
No. 90770 ID: 7b7ab3

I seriously hope that money went through.

So, should we just keep playing around until Brom gets back or what?
No. 90772 ID: e30e12

hello nerds
you're all amazing and the tablet has been ordered
it should come around the 7th to the 12th of this month, according to The Internet
In the mean time, I might do a stopgap thing. Stay tuned....
No. 90773 ID: 7b7ab3


and i helped :D
No. 90832 ID: 2bb0d4

I can't wait to see what you have planned. You've got me all excited!
No. 90919 ID: 7b7ab3

With the birth of Gaiden, the imminent return of the main quest, and because skut are a hot topic right now, I'm going to try and make some skut smilies.

:·_·: :·u·: :·n·: :·w·:

This is surprisingly difficult. They have very complicated faces, even as smilies. How'd I do?
No. 90921 ID: 2a7417

:;_;: sad skut

:.^.: silly upside-down skut

%o~o% experimental emote? probably didn't work...
No. 90922 ID: 7b7ab3

>:;_;: sad skut
Means a sad human.

>:.^.: silly upside-down skut
"See, Zack? I told you I could do a headstand. Could you help me up, though? My horns are stuck."

>%o~o% experimental emote? probably didn't work...
I'm thinking dizzy skut. Confused skut?
No. 90923 ID: 2a7417

Possibly embarrassed/blushing skut. Maybe if I use subtext instead? o%~%o

I'd experiment with varying amounts of [sub and [sup to move the o around, but I don't know of any way to preview imageboard text formatting. Do you?
No. 90924 ID: 7b7ab3

Afraid not.

But, now that I look at it again, I can definitely see an embarrassed skut, which in my opinion is one of the cutest kinds of skut.

So, well done!
No. 90928 ID: 7b7ab3

I think the reason skut are so popular right now, besides them being completely adorable, is that we know so little about them.

Warriors are easy enough to figure out and we've studied them the longest, oculots are strange, but not beyond comprehension, and while we know very little about Floaters they aren't anywhere near as alien as the skut.

So color us curious, I suppose.
No. 90929 ID: 2a7417

Man, no interest in a Skut that could go toe to toe with a Garakton? That's an incredible feat! You're gonna miss out, guys!
Also, a high birthrate really won't come into play over the scope of a quest, guys. It's not very likely.
No. 90931 ID: ea0ad9

If you wanna preview, get the script thingy for tgchan. It requires greasemonkey, but you can get it here: >>/meep/24283
No. 90932 ID: ea0ad9

>Also, a high birthrate really won't come into play over the scope of a quest, guys. It's not very likely.
Means bigger starting hive size too, probably. But, really, do you expect it to be a short, one-day quest? It's probably over time.
No. 90934 ID: 7b7ab3

The point of Enemy Quest, ironically enough, has never been to make or defeat enemies. Therefore playing as a soldier seems rather superfluous, if you ask me.

Brom said Gaiden is to tide us over until his tablet arrives. I assume when that happens the main quest will recommence. It's anyone's guess what'll happen to Gaiden after that.
No. 90947 ID: a02d2a

If a skut can be a harlot, then that means other odd characters are possible.
Like a Warrior accountant.
What would that even look like?
No. 90948 ID: 05a64c

Some big, red, muscle-bound nerd wearing business casual?
No. 90949 ID: d1bf19
File 143099279112.jpg - (337.81KB , 820x1175 , image.jpg )

I'm thinking they'd be Rintaro with extra arms.
No. 90950 ID: 3eec4f

A cigar chomping corporate ass-kicker? Like Duke Nukem with a briefcase.

"I came here to balance accounts and chew bubblegum. And I'm all outta bubblegum."
No. 90951 ID: 317eec

I can dig it.
No. 90952 ID: 6fb257

What's he from?
No. 90953 ID: 52d763

Hokuto no Gun.

Aka, Misappropriation Investigator Nakabo Rintaro
No. 90954 ID: 7b7ab3

>Misappropriation Investigator

That sounds like the kind of thing a Warrior would be into.

Talking about Warrior businessmen has me thinking of something else: Visitors going to High School and College. I know skut and floaters wouldn't need to, but Warriors and young oculots? Certainly.

What do you guys think?
No. 90960 ID: dbe554


Most likely, either that or communal teachings by the parent unit.
No. 90962 ID: 7b7ab3

I can just see a Warrior family getting all in an uproar about one of their children being a "huge nerd" and deciding to go to college and everything. But then, after he/she graduates, he/she gets a high paying job and starts sending money back home. They stop giving him/her crap after that.
No. 90963 ID: c717e8

Perhaps Warriors are all right to go into softer careers, so long as they pursue them in a sufficiently warrioresque manner?

Like, I imagine some Warrior who becomes a painter, and dedicates himself to TEARING DOWN traditional notions of beauty, SETTING FIRE to the critic community and UTTERLY DESTROYING the sensibilities of the bourgeois.
No. 90965 ID: 7b7ab3

It would make sense!

From what we've observed, as long as Warriors can do something in an EXTREME fashion, they're cool with it.

Perhaps a Warrior author would be lauded for his DEVASTATINGLY heartfelt romance stories about the RED-HOT, BURNING PASSION between two TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS lovers.
No. 90972 ID: 86c741

How about Warrior critics?

Like, imagine a Warrior Gordon Ramsay.

Just imagine.
No. 90973 ID: e114bc

I don't think he would be very different.
No. 90974 ID: 956ad3

I think that's the joke.

But seriously, Warriors could probably make a killing in the entertainment industry. Imagine a show like Jackass, only hosted by Warriors and a bit more over the top. I'd watch the shit out of that.
No. 90989 ID: 7b7ab3

I imagine there eventually being hundreds of YouTube videos of Warriors doing increasingly awesome/stupid things. It'd be an easy, efficient way for them to show off.

I can see GG starting an account and doing her own parkour videos. We should introduce her to the idea sometime.
No. 90991 ID: 2a7417

Wait a second.
Oculots (1 eye) > Warriors & Floaters (2 eyes) > Skuts (3 eyes)
I think I'm seeing a pattern in this heyerarchy.
(This brings a new level of insult to the term 'four-eyes.')
No. 90992 ID: 7b7ab3

By that logic, wouldn't humans be equal to Warriors and Floaters? And since so many oculots have died off, wouldn't that mean that Warriors, Floaters, and humans would rank higher in the "heyerarchy"?
No. 90993 ID: ea0ad9

Two-eyes continue to be Second-rank. Occulots are First because they have One eye, regardless of how many Occulots are still alive or not.
No. 90996 ID: 7b7ab3

Regarding the loss of so many oculots, would you say that their species has gone from "oculot" to "oculittle"?
No. 91051 ID: 2a7417

More skuttlebutt.
Does being a community unto themselves make skut better at sharing with others by nature, or worse?
Can skut hives ever re-combine after having a difference of opinion?
No. 91052 ID: 7b7ab3

Skut butt is best butt.

>Does being a community unto themselves make skut better at sharing with others by nature, or worse?
I would figure it would make them better, what with having to constantly share things amongst themselves.

>Can skut hives ever re-combine after having a difference of opinion?
I honestly hope not. I'd hate to lose Bika's uniqueness under any circumstance.
No. 91065 ID: bb78f2

What happens when skuts of two different hives bone and produce children?
No. 91070 ID: 2a7417

I suspect the offspring will belong to the collective the female comes from. An equal exchange of DNA would involve males and females from both sides mating. (And not getting mixed up on who's who, whoops.)
No. 91074 ID: 7b7ab3

Some things Bika said, like how she apparently changes her own diapers, indicated that infant skut are not immediately linked to their collectives.

Like, a newborn skut has to develop to a certain point mentally to link with the rest of its swarm. Am I getting that right?
No. 91079 ID: e2a92b

I don't think that Bika means the infant isn't linked yet (also, I would think "not changing a stranger's diapers" would indicate the opposite), it's just that the infant her isn't physically capable of doing so yet because, y'know, it's an infant.

>running around a playground as your toddler self while another you is bored out of their mind(s) at work
No. 91082 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, until we get a chance to speak with her, we don't know anything for certain.

>working your shift at Burger King while also trying to fix your toilet
>going grocery shopping while you watch a movie back home
>managing your restaurant while you go to the movies with your boyfriend
>#skut life
No. 91083 ID: ea0ad9

On Skut:

Skut are very social, and quick to shy away from events that would pull them away from their family. If you arrange a get-together with a Skut, don't be surprised if a few extra tag along, as this is perfectly standard--though how much of this is their desire to be with family, and how much is their family looking out for them, is currently unknown. Skut love to talk, and are very open, but at the same time, are surprisingly secretive, quickly and intelligently changing the subject to avoid talking about anything that might even imply what the secrets are. If you catch a Skut doing this, do not press them, further, as it is a quick way to lose their trust.

Expect the subject to change a lot, even by accident, and just try to carry on with it. In my experience, they are not simply smart, but able to multi-task very efficiently, as well--their ability to understand people of other species, however, is somewhat lacking, resulting in them instinctively covering multiple subjects, not realizing that their friends might have trouble keeping up. Just ask them to slow down a bit, and they'll be perfectly willing to accomodate you.

No. 91100 ID: 7b7ab3


Doesn't reveal anything. Well done.
No. 91115 ID: 7b7ab3

A question that's been bugging me: how does the Other Side handle orphans? After the war there must be quite a few on both sides, and Zack being one himself makes the question all the more pertinent.
No. 91117 ID: ea0ad9

I made sure to avoid spoiling the Skut secret.
Forgot to make one for the Oculots, though, and still need to do one for the Floater.
No. 91118 ID: e2a92b

The concept of family is looser, so they probably move in with one of their parents' -mads. It would be pretty hard to run out of those. Plus, two of the races don't really have that situation, one being robots and the other having myriad bodies.
No. 91119 ID: 7b7ab3

>The concept of family is looser, so they probably move in with one of their parents' -mads. It would be pretty hard to run out of those.
That would make sense. Of course, we won't know for certain until we actually discuss it with the girls.

>Plus, two of the races don't really have that situation, one being robots and the other having myriad bodies.
Floaters are cybernetic clones, but your point is still valid, and skut being what they are makes orphaned skut practically impossible.
No. 91121 ID: 7b7ab3

One more question plagues me.

We've already revealed Zack's tragic past to Poly, but when should we do the same with the other girls? I think it's important they know.
No. 91125 ID: 77bbac

Whenever we get to them, I guess. Personally, I think GG should be told next. We have known her the longest.
No. 91126 ID: d16848

We could just post the story online or something.
It's a bit impersonal, but it would save on time.
No. 91127 ID: a5a352

That could work, but it doesn't quite have the same dramatic impact of a face to face revelation.
No. 91128 ID: 149ae7


I wonder if there's a way we could could tell Bika soon. It'd be out of the way with her, then.
No. 91129 ID: 7daa4f

It is important, and it will happen. Just be patient and it'll all work out.

Besides, I'm in no hurry to make the girls sad, even if they need to know.
No. 91131 ID: ea0ad9

On Oculots:

Oculots can live for centuries, giving them plenty of experience and, in most cases, perception. Sometimes, they will be willing to look into all they can, be it taking their time in studying it, or quickly living by-the-day and learning as many trivial facts as they can in a short amount of time, while others will have gone for so long seeing the same old things, believing that it is impossible for anything to work any other way. In these regards, despite their lifespan, they are very similar to humans.

Many Oculot on their side of the rift will believe themselves to be superior because of their experiences and knowledge. However, there was a lot of fallout with the old system when the Visitors first encountered humans, as should have been noticed when they started siding with us, even helping us get back into their world. Our actions therein shattered their believes even more, as our methods of war were drastically different compared to theirs. Where, once, nobody questioned how things worked, suddenly, everything changed.

However, while they may no longer view themselves as being superior, it is in one's interests to think of them in that way, even if they don't believe it. Consider, for a moment, if your Oculot friend is superior, what would they suggest, how would they see things? Understand things from their viewpoint, learn from their knowledge, as while they may not know much about what you have studied, they are well-read and you can only benefit from their knowledge, as long as you can sift through their riddles... Which leads me to the next point: Some Oculots seem to actively avoid straight answers and statements, instead telling you half-truths, asking you riddles, and leaving you to ponder at the meaning behind their words.

Ye of minor intellect, befriend the Oculot, but do not bask in their wisdom. You'll get a headache if you do. Hell, I managed to understand most of their statements, and still manage to get the occasional one!

No. 91135 ID: 2a7417

>Oculots can live for centuries, giving them plenty of experience and, in most cases, perception.
But not depth perception.
No. 91136 ID: 7b7ab3

Very good!

A thought occurs to me: when it comes time to write the reports in the Quest proper, should we ask the girls for assistance? To help with fact checking and the like?
No. 91143 ID: ad7bba

We should mention that Skut are particularly vulnerable to predation by bigots. On the other side, they largely self-police and have longstanding mutual interaction with the other species, who themselves have their own cultural standards for what is and isn't an appropriate way to deal with Skut. It isn't always, er, pleasant, but it's functional. On Earth, though, Skut are left hanging because of their self-policing tradition. They are used to taking care of themselves, but they -can't- effectively here, because the prospect of getting help from human authorities is unusual to them.

Really, it's the hivemind secret that complicates the issue most, but we can't tell the HVAO that.
No. 91154 ID: ea0ad9

Pretty sure that time has already come. We can consider these reports to be the canon reports, I'm just posting here to save Quest thread space, and so that we can discuss any changes that need making in it.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for a Floater one yet, we did not exactly learn much about them.
No. 91157 ID: 7b7ab3

Once we finish our date with Bika, we should go on a date with Meg. We didn't ask her many Floater related questions last time, and we seriously need to apologize for the misunderstanding and upsetting her.

I hope she's okay.
No. 91269 ID: 117945

Just finished reading the threads and wow this is good. How do you write those dialogues, Brom? I mean dang.
No. 91275 ID: 7b7ab3

Brom always surprises me with the quality of his work. His writing has always been fabulous, and his art has grown into something very distinct and attractive.

I hope he updates soon. This quest is one of his best.
No. 91297 ID: 05d909

He should write Eivr into a script and get a teen drama series going.
No. 91358 ID: 7b7ab3

Does anyone know what's happening right now? Where's Brom? It's been over a week since the last update.
No. 91360 ID: e607cd

>his art has grown into something very distinct and attractive.
>grown into
You shut your whore mouth. It has ALWAYS been distinct and attractive. The things Brom accomplished with the MS Paint line tool shall be memorialized for generations to come.
No. 91361 ID: 88960e

He hasn't updated in a week. That's all.

Brom has cycles of high activity and lulls. It happens. I wouldn't worry about it.
No. 91363 ID: 7b7ab3

Brom's art has always been wonderful. I loved his work in Oren. What I meant was that his latest works have been remarkable even by his standards.

I suppose. Hopefully he'll come back soon.
Blast him for making such a good story! He's got me hooked!
No. 91366 ID: f0a5e4

He seems to take breaks to write new scenes, because after each lull he comes back with a slew of new updates.
Considering the quality of the writing so far, I'm willing to sit on the F5 button or another month or two.
No. 91367 ID: 7b7ab3

>another month or two
Well, hopefully it won't be that long. The story is definitely worth the wait, but that doesn't make the wait any more enjoyable.

My anticipation is killing me.
No. 91383 ID: cbc9e6

In the meantime I invite you to take part in the following poll:

1) Poly is love
2) Poly is life
No. 91387 ID: 78a595

1/√2 i |1⟩ + 1/√2 |2⟩
No. 91388 ID: 7b7ab3

>Poly loves Zack, but will outlive him by centuries
>Unless she dies first, which would break Zack's heart
>No matter what, their love is a tragedy waiting to happen

Poly is wise to live in the moment.
No. 91395 ID: e114bc

I wonder if Oculots even suffer heartbreak as badly as humans. I mean, they fall in love easily, so maybe... easy come, easy go?
No. 91397 ID: 7b7ab3

They probably suffer heartbreak very intensely. Oculots are very in touch with their emotions, remember? Falling in love is so easy for them because they feel it so strongly. It stands to reason that they would experience their other emotions just as extremely. I imagine that losing a loved one must be agonizing for an oculot.
No. 91399 ID: c717e8


I never got the "oh one of them will outlive the other a long time, how sad" thing. Is it harder to outlive someone by decades or centuries instead of just years? Does knowing you'll die soon yourself make it easier to deal with someone close to you dying?
No. 91400 ID: ce9176

Imagine what it would be like if you knew for certain that you were going to outlive everyone you ever cared about. How would that make you feel?
No. 91402 ID: 05a398

Considering all the loss she's suffered already, Poly's probably even more susceptible to heartbreak, even by oculot standards. I'd hate to think what would happen if she suddenly lost Zack.
No. 91404 ID: 52ddcd


Not that different? I mean, there was always a chance that I was going to outlive them. Some of them I was probably always going to outlive. It is sad, of course it is, but knowing I was going to continue living past that would only make me feel better about it, personally. Like, at least my memories of them go on living, with me.
No. 91405 ID: 7b7ab3

If Zack suddenly died she'd most likely be devastated. All the girls would be, more than likely.

It actually makes me really sad to imagine the girls and Zack's friends attending his funeral. Hopefully we can keep Zack alive long enough that it won't be an issue.
No. 91406 ID: 52ddcd

For all we know, with the intense mind-sharing thing, Poly might believe she's got a little bit of Zack left behind in herself, to live on with her. It might even be kinda true. We've not really gotten any depth so far on these guys' views of life and death.
No. 91409 ID: 7b7ab3

I don't think that would stop her from being sad and missing him.

I mean, she lost Bijala and Gadjjok a long time ago, and she still misses them.
No. 91414 ID: cbc9e6

Yes, lifespans are the single saddest thing about pursuing a relationship with an oculot.

I guess one can only adopt their attitude and live in the moment as well.
No. 91424 ID: 7b7ab3

The alternative is dwelling on it, and I would think that would be enough to drive anyone crazy, oculot or otherwise.
No. 91429 ID: f68a09
File 143285688620.png - (22.65KB , 960x560 , Polyphema.png )

It's the Polyphema Playlist!
This is what's on Polyphema's EYEpod



1. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
2. Bibio - À Tout À L’heure
3. Riz Ortolani - Oh My Love
4. TV on the Radio - Lover's Day
5. Robyn - Dancing On My Own
6. Destroyer - Kaputt
7. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
8. St. Vincent - Digital Witness

Art as requested by my boy Hatticus_Finch. Thanks for the tablet cash, Hatticus!!
No. 91433 ID: 7b7ab3

That image is so good it should be illegal! I don't know what I like best! Giantess Poly, sheep rustler Zack, just how cute it all is. I can't choose! You're awesome, Brom!

The playlist is great! Very fitting for our precious, alien cyclops.
No. 91442 ID: e114bc

What are the odds that one of the large skut hiveminds is constantly having sex with itself? Like, it would only take about 10-20 skut bodies to do that.
No. 91452 ID: 6c8858

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "go fuck yourself", doesn't it?

That's probably how it is. Not really with itself, though. Not any more than you would call masturbating having sex with yourself. Especially since Bika compared her bodies to fingers.

Yeah, I think it's more like masturbation. That makes you... grow new... uh, limbs. Man, skuts are weird.
No. 91453 ID: 7b7ab3

>Bika compared her bodies to fingers
There's a joke so obvious here that it's astounding.

>Man, skuts are weird.
Said everyone,ever, on Earth or Golboria.
No. 91456 ID: 2a7417

This is almost exactly what I would have said. Thanks Brom!
No. 91457 ID: e114bc

Yeah I know it's like masturbation. My question is, what if they're masturbating ALL THE TIME. Just... going out in public with one body while a bunch of others are doing the dirty back at home.
No. 91461 ID: 8e0b6a

That would depend on how big a single Skut hive can get.

The bigger a population, the higher the birth rate necessary to maintain it. Past a certain critical mass, that would require near constant sexual activity somewhere in the hive just to keep up.

...of course, a hive that size of stable population would have to cope with a comparable death rate. Honestly, that might have worse psychological implications than the constant sex thing.

Going out on a limb, but I'm gonna guess single-skut populations don't tend to grow large enough for near-constant turnover to be an issue.
No. 91476 ID: 7b7ab3

I think the better question is: if you were a skut hive, would you do something like that?
No. 91508 ID: 41524d

Yes. Absolutely. Constantly.
No. 91513 ID: 0b1cca


No. 91515 ID: e1437d

She's so full of love and hope. How can you not fall in love with her?

Most likely, but I'd probably be really embarrassed about it, too.
No. 91517 ID: 7b7ab3

>She's so full of love and hope. How can you not fall in love with her?
I don't know, man. Her positive attitude despite everything is really hard to resist. Plus she's really mysterious, and that kinda draws you to her.
No. 91535 ID: c2811a

Y'know, what really gets me is the fact that GG, the one we've known the longest, still doesn't know our backstory. We need to tell her the next time we see her.
No. 91544 ID: 7b7ab3

First, I say we settle things with Meg. The poor things waited long enough. Then let's go to GG and see if we can reveal some things.
No. 91548 ID: 82d576

I predict the next time we meet she will have read the manual and will follow it to the letter.
No. 91549 ID: 7b7ab3

Which means we may be the ones helping her to loosen up and be herself next time. The first date was amazing, and I don't want to lose what makes her so fun and enjoyable to be with.
No. 91554 ID: 409b75

>You scan the street and see a CVS you can duck into.
>"Bika," you say. "In here."
Pardon my unenglishness, but what's a CVS? Google hasn't been helpful.
No. 91555 ID: 4189b9

A pharmacy / convenience store.
No. 91556 ID: 409b75

But what's the V doing there then? "ConVenience Store"? :D
No. 91557 ID: defceb

Consumer Value Stores was the name from 1963 to 1996
No. 91558 ID: 7b7ab3

CVS either stands for "Consumer Value Store" or "Convenience, Value and Service."

Either way, it saved our hides.
No. 91559 ID: 409b75

Gotcha. Thanks again.
No. 91560 ID: 7b7ab3

We have a few options to get out of our latest mess.

1) We wait for Carlson to call us back and see if we can get an escort.
2) We call one of Zack's friends and see if they can pick us up.
3) We call up one of the other girls and see if they can give us a lift.
4) We walk the two blocks to the restaurant and hope they don't come back.

What do you think, enemigos?
No. 91562 ID: 254419

There's only two blocks to the restaurant? There's 80+ Bikas... the Crewcutcrew is likely plotting something, the longer we wait the more chance they have to spring 'something' on us.
No. 91566 ID: 7b7ab3

I say we should be patient. Acting rashly will only bring us more trouble. Besides, what can we do anyway? We're not a fighter, and I don't want Bika or anyone else to endanger themselves.
No. 91567 ID: 8e0b6a

Bringing in Bika-muscle just exposes them working together / highlights her nature. Which is not in her interest.

It's also escalation. Which is also not good for her.

Gotta think beyond the one encounter: a big skut 'gang' crushing an intruding human one is bad for her local politics. And politics in general, the climate being what it is.
No. 91568 ID: bc6279


The unexpected return of Xu!

She works at CVS?!
No. 91569 ID: 317eec

>She works at CVS?!
No. 91570 ID: d8d908

I know I sound super thirsty when I say this, but I hope we actually get to have some "fun" with Bika. Those creeps threw us off, but we shouldn't let that stop us, right?
No. 91571 ID: ec4530

Of course not. This is just a slight detour.
Soon enough we'll be back at her place and making some sweet "puppy love."
No. 91572 ID: 7b7ab3

>"puppy love"
Now I've got that damn song going through my head. Fantastic.
No. 91574 ID: 7b7ab3


I don't trust these two. We never heard back from the office and they're just giving me the creeps. We need to be careful about how we handle this.
No. 91591 ID: 7b7ab3

OK, looks like I was wrong. They're cool. At least I hope so.
No. 91593 ID: 388d06

Rella seems a little uptight, but Brose seems chill. Maybe they can be our newest pair of friends. You can never have too many friends, especially if they're well trained government agents contractually obligated to guard your life.
No. 91594 ID: 4c4420

>Soon enough we'll be back at her place and making some sweet "puppy love."
Fingers crossed!

>You can never have too many friends, especially if they're well trained government agents contractually obligated to guard your life.
The very best kind of friends: big, scary ones you can hide behind if things get too dangerous.
No. 91596 ID: 027c13

If our next date is Meg, then things should go a lot more smoothly. It's hard for hate groups to target people when they're a couple thousand miles off the ground. Assuming Meg still wants to fly with us.
No. 91598 ID: 156106

>Assuming Meg still wants to fly with us.
Why would she not? We embarrassed her last time, true, but I don't think her opinion of us will drop that much. Floaters love to fly, and she really seemed to enjoy our company, so I don't see why she'd want to not have us along.
No. 91600 ID: a77c1b

She said that she was going to read that manual she mentioned, which says to me that she may end up with some preconceived notions about how a date should go. We may end up having to help her shake those notions and get back to being her awesome self. Which is fine with me. It's all part of the fun.
No. 91603 ID: 261cf5

Preconceived notions or not, she still deserves an apology.

I don't think their job description mentioned "human shield" or "be friends with a xenophilic nerd." But what do I know?
No. 91604 ID: 46984a

Not wrestling though. Skuts would need something more fit for smaller, skinnier, lighter people. Like philippinian martial art or something.

But yeah, the idea itself looks awesome. We should definitely roll it by Bika some time.
No. 91605 ID: 0c5c48

>Doing martial arts
>In a tiny, little karate gi
That is too precious. We have to suggest this to her.

>philippinian martial art
I'm afraid I'm not familiar.
No. 91607 ID: 409b75

Look up "pekiti tirsia" or "arnis". Basically it's a martial system with unified moves and techniques that work with bare hands, a knife or a stick/bat, and once you learn the gist of it it works with either of those weapons.

Dynamically, it's all about controlling distance, well-timed counter-attacks, quickly disabling the hand with the weapon and/or stipping your opponent of mobility.

When Spain decided to colonize Philippines, the locals, mostly farmers, had no way of defending themselves against a professional army. They had neither time nor resources to mass-produce weapons or armor, so they came up with a fighting style that utilized things every farmer already had: bare hands, a knife, hooks for climbing palm trees and a machete.

Filipinos are naturally sort of skinny and toned - you won't find super stacked 220+ lbs fighters there. So every hack, stab and jab (it's not a very "noble" style per se, foot-to-groin and knee-to-face stuff is pretty common) comes from the hip and torso to maximize the body mass delivering the blow.
No. 91609 ID: 7b7ab3

Playing dress-up with Bika would be a blast. She has so many bodies (and body types) to experiment with. I bet her Prime would look adorable in a little sun dress.

That sounds right up the skut's alley. Combine it with their teeth, tails, and acid and you have a pretty strong defense.
No. 91610 ID: 406ce7

The problem with teaching Bika a human martial art would be her legs. Stances, balance and footwork are very important in all martial arts and there are a few things that would be tricky to translate. There are also a number of types of kick, like the standard roundhouse or the side-snap, that are based on the joint structure of human legs. Her center of balance would also have to be shifted from what humans do, because of her tail.

Skuts probably have their own fighting styles, though whether they're really 'martial arts' with a ll the discipline and self-mastery stuff would be another question. For a skut, that kind of martial arts would be more on the level of learning to use all their bodies together.
No. 91611 ID: 409b75

That's true. Skuts are digitigrade, right?

In the long run, we'd want to present it as a sport. Most sports are about showing physical excellence, and "might makes right" seems to be the core of skutti competition.
When human television officially airs a skut turf war, that is handled in a specialized arena with a specialized set of rules and safety measures, with spectators and referees - I think that's when we can call our cultural integration a success.
No. 91614 ID: 7b7ab3

Skut strike me as being all about multitasking and being dynamic. A swarm has many different kinds of bodies for many different kinds of situations. I can see skut being attracted to sports that focus on teamwork and group tactics, like football or hockey. I kinda wish we'd taken her to a paintball game. It'd be pretty cool having our own squad of skut paint-snipers.
No. 91620 ID: 71d2ae

Skut are probably incredible at a lot of games, so much so that it's probably really frustrating to play with them. Even a really simple game like Hide 'n' Seek is complicated by skut nature. All it takes is one discreetly peeping skut to let the whole hive know where you are.
No. 91622 ID: 946dd8

Trivia games would be the worst! When they get a question, they use some body you can't see to look up the answer. Not that I'm saying skut cheat a lot, but they probably get accused of it pretty often.
No. 91623 ID: 7668ec

I feel that what is more subtle but has even more potential than skuts' ability to do multiple things at a time is their ability to think multiple things at a time. Because of that skuts would make amazing bureaucrats or administrators; being able to pay attention to many things in parallel combined with nearly instant communication would add up to efficiency that could only be matched by very advanced AI. (I would say they would be good at being rulers if it weren't for the tendency to split, which would get very messy with other people involved.)
No. 91626 ID: ad6f49

Wearing little suits, talking on tiny cellphones, carrying itty-bitty suitcases.
I love this idea.
No. 91641 ID: 254419

Something which occurs to me...

Skuts seem accustomed to dealing with their issues their own way amongst themselves, both because it's what they were accustomed to on the other side (and possibly because their nature made it too much of a hassle and/or their lowest class status made it not worth the Oculots' time) and because Human civil and criminal justice can't get over how obviously Alien they are.

Falling into this habit only hurts the Skuts long-term as what seems like sensible resolution of conflicts to them looks like gang warfare between rabid coyote-raptors to humans.
No. 91659 ID: 7ccd19

It'll be easier for humanity to understand when the skut reveal their true nature, but until then you have an excellent point.
No. 91660 ID: 27bc51

Actually, the skut would probably be fantastic at law enforcement. A single hive could patrol entire neighborhoods with minimal effort, and their ability to react to disturbances would be unmatched. It would also be a good way to keep territorial disputes between hives under control. I can't imagine anyone wanting to mess with a swarm wearing a badge.
No. 91672 ID: 254419

Zack has a fetish for discreet public sex.

Would sex in a room fulla Bikas count?
No. 91675 ID: 7b7ab3

Not really. It would still just be him and Bika, no matter how many bodies were present.
No. 91687 ID: d3bbf8

Turns out Bika's a little handful. Woof! Steady, woman!
No. 91688 ID: d369a9

She's an energetic little thing, isn't she? Impish, too! Didn't know she had such a long naughty streak. We should remember that.
No. 91689 ID: fcbfd2

Am I the only one who thinks Rella and Ambrose would look cute together? Like, together together. Is it just me?
No. 91692 ID: 7b7ab3

Romantically? I guess.

I mean, theirs wouldn't be the strangest relationship this quest's produced.
No. 91712 ID: 186341

Hello all I have an announcement:

There will be no updates to this here quest for a few days, as my wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary, and alien hanky-panky isn't on the to-do list. Sorry! Updates to resume later on in the week.

Love you all!!!
No. 91713 ID: 7b7ab3

Roger that.

Holding pattern: engaged.

Knock her dead, loverboy!
No. 91714 ID: ab7529

Ask Bromwife lots of questions about her weird alien culture. All evidence we've seen thus far says that should score you a lot of points.
No. 91770 ID: 27bc51

Have a good time, Brom!
No. 91812 ID: 2f4b71

>I will be celebrating our anniversary, and alien hanky-panky isn't on the to-do list
Man, tradition in Bromistan sucks.
No. 91850 ID: 7b7ab3

It's Back!

Hope you and Bromwife had a good time, Brom.
No. 91886 ID: 7b7ab3

All these pet names are getting me right in the feels. Should we come up with pet names for the girls?
No. 91892 ID: 76c583

I could get behind the idea.

Personally, Zack seems like a "babe" and "sweetheart" kind of guy.
No. 91894 ID: f68a09

Agree on what he'd call someone and I'll slip it into the quest.

As long as it isn't something weird like "schmootzy poo" or "pet".
No. 91895 ID: f68a09

or like

No. 91898 ID: 4b1db0

I think GG would make a pretty good "babe." It's both a common, affectionate pet name, and an accurate description of her appearance.
No. 91900 ID: 7b7ab3

I could see that, although honestly I'm not that fussed about pet names. The girls are still the girls no matter what you call them.
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right?
No. 91902 ID: 7b7ab3

The proper Visitor name for Warriors is Garakton. GG said so herself in the first thread. Humans call them Warriors because their language, Garaktonik, is difficult for humans to reproduce.

Skut, on the other hand, have a much more easily pronounceable name. Therefore, a nickname is not necessary.
No. 91904 ID: 57d76a

I motion we call one of Bika's bodies "butterbiscuit".
No. 91905 ID: 7b7ab3

Bika mentioned having "a really rotund body that eats all the desserts [she] want[s]."

I motion, as an alternative, that this body be called "butterball."
No. 91906 ID: 1f3797

Another sign of successful cultural integration: some company registers a trademark of an energy drink called "Garaktonic".
No. 91908 ID: ea0ad9

Skut, Article 2:

While Skut may be absolutely cautious and watchful, they aren't the sort to shy away from violence. While a lot of people may have gathered that after their kamikaze attacks in the war, it's less a matter of them being willing to give up their lives, more that they crave the honor it brings. I can only theorize this connects to their history with the Warriors, who held those willing to fight with their lives on the line in the highest regards.

Skut are also not fond of outsiders (Anybody who isn't a Skut) butting in on their battles. While big fights should certainly be broken up, one-on-one matches being ended is likely to hurt the family more than it helps them out. As an experiment (Talk this over with the Floaters, they'd probably love to try it), perhaps supply them with nonlethal battle ideas and, if necessary, supplies. I have a hard time imagining they would turn down the idea of a Sumo fight, for example: Something that, while it might leave some bruises, is much less likely to leave one dead. The formalities would also help to prevent people from assuming it's nothing more than a gang fight, calling the police, and breaking it up, so it would be helpful to the human populous as well.

PS: I would like to apologize over not submitting an article on the Floaters yet. I have not had much chance to learn from them so far, but will submit intel as soon as I can.

Yes, no, send to Carlson nao?
No. 91910 ID: 2993af

How about Dulamaid? (still an energy drink)
No. 91916 ID: 7b7ab3

Sounds great. Can't think of a reason for Carlson to complain.

Oh, the puns! They cut me deep! Although, I could see a company pushing a product called "Garaktonic." It would, of course, require a cartoon Warrior mascot.
No. 91921 ID: 7d5048

Y'know, I'm sorta curious about how Skuts fit into the lovers and friends-with-benefits thing that Polyphema described. A number of Bika's Zack-related questions seem to apply equally well to Warriors and Oculots.

I have a sneaking suspicion the hivemind thing is a secret to literally everybody.
But Oculots can read minds so it can't be all that secret...
No. 91922 ID: 0ee153

>secret to literally everybody
Please. Anyone even slightly intelligent can figure out there's something with a hivemind going on just from watching how skut act for like, ten minutes.
No. 91923 ID: 0fc976

They don't get too far before the mind they're reading explodes. Also, the use of the mind-link on others as a weapon seems to have been introduced in the human-visitor war, so I don't think they've used it in conflicts with skuts.
No. 91924 ID: ad7bba

Polyphema and other Oculots totally know what's up with skuts. She makes jokes about it, ditto others we saw in memory diving irc.
No. 91925 ID: 7d5048

I dunno, I think us individual minded folk are rather predisposed to think other bodies all have individual minds. With the knowledge that Skuts are a hive mind all the bits make sense, but it isn't difficult to see them as dog-like and attribute it to some kind of pack behavior.

I'm not too proud to say that I totally didn't see it coming.
No. 91926 ID: 0ee153

I did. And people living with them for centuries or millenia are going to figure it out too.
No. 91927 ID: 7b7ab3

I'll admit I wasn't expecting it. I thought it was just posters being paranoid. But then the secret was revealed.

My first thought: "AWESOME! This is the kind of alien stuff I signed up for!"

Second thought: "She must spend a fortune on toothpaste."
No. 91929 ID: 74f272

Assuming she brushes her teeth.
Actually, considering how acidic skut body fluids are, I wonder if she even has to worry about something like gingivitis. Her saliva's probably pretty antiseptic.
No. 91931 ID: fcbfd2

She might do it just to freshen her breath. She has admitted to eating out of the trash once in a while.
No. 91947 ID: bb78f2

Okay guys, that was not Zack who's perspective we had at the end there, right?
Or did we just see a super confusing scene where we just unlocked the human girl path, somehow, by voting for a date with Poly?
No. 91948 ID: 0ee153

Nah, that was the guy who tried to follow Zack and Bika.
No. 91950 ID: 7b7ab3

This is ominous. Who was speaking to "Hoodie Bitch" just now? If it was Carlson, we're in deep shit.

Also, she only has one eye. I think we all know who our least favorite cyclops is now.
No. 91951 ID: 7b7ab3

Spoiler: it's Hoodie Bitch.

Poly remains favorite cyclops #1.
No. 91952 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, that's a hell of a start.

Imminent death.

Wish we were cognizant enough to tell these Kariket loving automatons to kiss our soon-to-be-dead ass.
No. 91967 ID: 7b7ab3

Important notes:

GG: Ticklish.
Poly: Ticklish.
Bika: Unknown.
Meg: Unknown.

This requires more study. Tickle experiments should be engaged with Bika and Meg at our earliest convenience.
No. 91977 ID: 0fc976

Statistically, the odds are at least one Bika is ticklish.
We should find out which ones are by having a massive ticklefight free for all.
No. 91978 ID: 6665d7

You can't tickle yourself
No. 91980 ID: 7b7ab3

That is an excellent idea!

Sure you can! Just don't do it in public or people will think you're weird.
No. 91981 ID: 7b7ab3

By the by, are you two posting in the quest?
No. 91984 ID: 0ee153

Check IDs or turn ponychan on and check ponies instead if you prefer.

>>91977 did twice, >>91978 either hasn't or has a dynamic IP.
No. 91993 ID: 46984a

>"Shut up. I'm never vulnerable. You know me."
I think this phrase encapsulates one of Polyphema's defining character traits.
No. 91994 ID: 7b7ab3

I think you may be right.
I hope she doesn't shut us out if we try to get closer to her. We would never knowingly do anything to hurt her.
No. 91995 ID: 6c8858

That seems unlikely. I mean, Poly and Zack shared personal stuff out in the wild, we he'd have to touch some really deep old wounds for her to change like that.

And even if there are such wounds, she's three centuries old. Poly's tough.
Also, a schemer and a manipulator, even though she doesn't seem to draw much enjoyment from it.
No. 91996 ID: 7b7ab3

I suppose you're right. I just worry.

She's had a hard life, and I want Zack to be someone she can feel safe and secure with.
No. 91997 ID: fcbfd2

The last time Poly was vulnerable, she got hurt.


We can hardly blame her for being guarded.
No. 91998 ID: cfa084

Tough or not, the thought of making her uncomfortable doesn't sit well with me.
No. 91999 ID: 5340db

You don't get to be so old without picking up some baggage. Our dear, sweet Poly probably has more than her fair share.
No. 92005 ID: 55daa5

I wonder if the whole alumad/dulamad thing might be dangerous with Meg. Floaters don't normally have romance and so weren't part of it, so they don't have that idea built up and accepted so much. Plus I wouldn't put it past them to go "hmm we're going to try romance with a human so lets load her with a human sense of romance". The harem ending route might be problematic with her. We should feel things out in that direction, first.

While we're at it, we could do the same with the others. See what each one thinks of each of the other Visitor races in general, then zone it in, do the same with the rest. Like, we know Poly likes warriors, but she hasn't spoken of knowing any skuts, just general knowledge of them. What would Poly think of Bika?

I'd also like to ask "what happens if an oculot tries mind-interfacing with a skut" but this isn't the right time.
No. 92009 ID: 2a7417

Do you think we could convince the government that we need an Abrams tank as a bribe for Daddy Gzrgkahk?
No. 92010 ID: 7b7ab3

More feasibly, we could get him a poster or a book about tanks or something.

Maybe we could introduce him to the BOLO novels?
No. 92015 ID: 7b7ab3

We fucked up.


Well, nothing left to do now but damage control.
No. 92016 ID: 0ee153

>fucked up
No, man, not everything that makes people sad or unhappy or upset is a fuckup. That's part of life. Shit happens. Not telling her would have been worse, based on how she doesn't want us to know.
No. 92017 ID: 7b7ab3

I just don't want her to think we're trying to hurt her or spy on her or something.

I'm afraid we may have done something to damage the relationship.
No. 92018 ID: 0ee153

Right, but it's too early to get worried. Chill, man. Not everything is cause for immediate alarm.
No. 92019 ID: 7b7ab3

I can understand why she's upset, though.

It must feel very alienating when someone is digging through your most personal memories, even if they aren't doing it intentionally.
No. 92021 ID: e114bc

Telling her was not a fuck up. Good relationships are built on honesty. Maaaaybe the timing could have been better but whatever.
No. 92022 ID: 2916ca

Too true. However, being honest is fine, but being blunt and tactless is most assuredly not. We should exercise more discretion in the future.
No. 92023 ID: cd62e7

All RIght Gentlemen, it's been three months since the last poll. It's time for ROUND TWO OF THE WAIFU WARS


No. 92025 ID: d820c1

>GG in the lead

No. 92029 ID: 4b1db0

>GG tied with Bika

No. 92030 ID: 0ee153

>proxy voting is power
Nice try, skut
No. 92031 ID: bb78f2

>GG tied with Bika
I'm sure GG is into that HAaaayooooo
No. 92032 ID: f68a09

No. 92033 ID: 46984a

Three votes. Three votes. Preposterous!
No. 92034 ID: 0ee153

Polyphema is my second favorite but GG wins. I suspect that's the case for a large portion of people. So: http://strawpoll.me/4656308
No. 92044 ID: 946dd8

Alright. Cards on the table.
Is it time? http://strawpoll.me/4662152
No. 92046 ID: 946dd8

What do you guys think?
No. 92050 ID: 9513be

After the gala, and not all at the same time.
Slow, 1 on 1 introductions seems like the best plan.
No. 92051 ID: 5340db

We should have Poly meet GG once the gala is over.
We've known them the longest, and oculots and Warriors get along pretty well, so they're our safest bet.
No. 92052 ID: d3bbf8

Y'know, there's a possibility that Bika will be catering for the gala, so a meeting of the girlfriends may be unavoidable. Not necessarily a bad thing, but we should be aware of the possibility.
No. 92056 ID: bb2891

Well, it seems that the answer is yes.

No. 92057 ID: 3380e4

Agreed, though I think it best we not bring her along when we meet GG's parents.
No. 92058 ID: 3380e4

Important question: what are we gonna get GG's mama?
No. 92059 ID: 74f272

We could ask GG for some gift ideas.
No. 92062 ID: 40cdb3

It'd be best to ask about both parents, seeing as we're kinda clueless.
No. 92065 ID: fc88a1

>"Still gonna punish me, Frank Castle?"
I can't believe it took me this long to notice, but GG knows who The Punisher is.

Is she a Marvel fan? Have we been missing out on the opportunity to go full on geek with her?
No. 92083 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm not sure, but I figure she has a little geek in her. Besides Zack, I mean.
No. 92089 ID: 967df9

I see what you did there.

You monster.
No. 92090 ID: 27a3ed

No. 92129 ID: 7b7ab3

I've thought of an unpleasant possibility: what if those "Earth for Earth" creeps crash the gala? Should we develop a contingency plan in case things go south? Maybe it would be a good idea for the HVAO to post some guards or something.
No. 92132 ID: 0fc976

I think our wardroid gal pal is all the security the place needs. Seriously, though, I think the event security already in place is sufficient. Besides, she's only one of many acts that night.
No. 92135 ID: 7b7ab3

Technically she's only the clone of a wardroid.

My reasoning is that large social gatherings like the gala are major targets for hate groups and the like. Also, if they're as organized as I fear they might be, then I'd like us to be prepared for the worst.
No. 92153 ID: afd47f

Seeing as they target Visitors and Visitor sympathizers, the chances of them attacking depend on the number of Visitors at the gala. Therefore, until we know how inclusive this thing is, we have no idea what the odds of them attacking are.
No. 92154 ID: ea0ad9

Oculots and Empathy:

Humans seem to have an unusual receptiveness to empathy. Perhaps this is what allowed the Oclots to use it as a weapon during the war, but in lesser quantities, it seems to be able to connect just fine, such as when they use that xenoneural inhibitor. They also seem to be able to leak memories out during sleep, through connections to others in a state of sleep.

It feels a little too short, so if anybody has suggestions on things to change or add...
No. 92155 ID: 0fc976

Shh! We don't officially know about the inhibitor. It's not polite to mind-meld and tell.
No. 92157 ID: 6d989a

My question is: how long until the inhibitor is commercialized? I can imagine plenty of applications for a fancy little doodad like that besides interspecies hanky-panky.
No. 92162 ID: 2d8163

Let's be honest, though.
Interspecies hanky-panky is probably its greatest application.
No. 92169 ID: 7b7ab3

I hear what you're saying.

I can see inhibitors becoming the next big thing for oculots. I mean, it solves one of their oldest issues: the inability to safely link with other species.

If it ever hits commercial markets, I can't imagine an oculot that would want to go without one.
No. 92173 ID: ea0ad9

Hmm. We need to find a way to get them to look into the memory leak, but you're right that we shouldn't be divulging secrets.
No. 92175 ID: 7b7ab3

I think the best thing to do would be to take Poly, go to the HVAO's office, and simply explain the situation.

Once that's done the HVAO should be able to actually begin studying the phenomenon and hopefully provide some answers.
No. 92178 ID: 0fc976

The memory leaks began before the mind-link, if I recall correctly. It was our memory (kind of?) at first, but it went on longer than it ever had before.
No. 92179 ID: 7b7ab3

That's correct.

At first, it was only the one, extended dream of Zack's we were experiencing. Now, after linking with Poly, we seem to be unwillingly tapping into her deepest memories.

I don't know the significance of this change, but I do know it alienates Poly. The sooner we can figure it out, the better, in my opinion.
No. 92187 ID: bb2891

We're taking uninvited trips into some of Poly's most private and personal memories. Of course it alienates her! I do wonder, however, about the long term effects of dream sharing. For all we know, Poly could unintentionally be giving Zack brain cancer or something!
No. 92189 ID: cfa084

I had a weird little idea: Enemy Quest x Static on the Wire crossover. Aliens plus cyberpunk is always good. With this crossover you could have: oculot cyborgs, Warrior Moldies, Floater Bureau agents, and who knows what else.
No. 92208 ID: 7b7ab3

From what I can tell by watching Quest, Brom is focusing on completing SotW. Understandable, seeing as it's one of his longest running and most popular quests, and well deserving of a good finish. I imagine EQ's on the backburner until SotW's complete.
No. 92279 ID: 5340db

Interesting idea.
I'll admit, a Warrior Moldie would be something to see.
No. 92288 ID: f68a09
File 143521324377.png - (9.61KB , 960x560 , GG.png )

I had to
No. 92289 ID: 7b7ab3

Beautiful, yet terrifying.

No. 92292 ID: 0fc976

Red Dead Revolver
No. 92298 ID: abfd9d

Excellent description. And a new word to add to my vocabulary.
No. 92306 ID: 7b7ab3

Off the topic of hypothetical cyborg-zombie-girlfriends, there is something I've noticed: we have never once booped Bika on any of her noses.
Not a single one.
We must rectify this at our earliest convenience.
No. 92311 ID: 37adba

So, we're dating Karket's daughter, and we're being offered a chance to ask someone who might tell us so. Should we take it?
No. 92313 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm betting she's the Kariket's former lover. Nothing like a broken heart to breed resentment.
No. 92317 ID: 53a13f

I'm sure that prying into Polyphema's painful back-story is the plan that cannot possibly go wrong.

She's totally a princess or something.
No. 92318 ID: c170a8

I bet her number is 66.
No. 92319 ID: 1dce91

You're right! How we've gone this long without doing it is beyond me. At least we've already touched fluffy tail.
I see what you did there.
No. 92321 ID: 66ed48

>She's totally a princess
And even if she's not we should still treat her like one.
No. 92324 ID: 0cef2a

So anger makes fireballs, confrontational energy allows telepathy, and wanting to disappear causes portals. What other little tricks do oculots have up their sleeves? I wonder what they can do with other emotions, like fear or sadness or joy.
No. 92327 ID: 66415b

I don't know about oculots, but I think I've figured something out about Warriors. Namely, how they're so resistant to good,
old-fashioned lead.
I imagine that their musculature is so thick and densely packed that it acts like a sort of natural Kevlar. Bullets impact and deform before they can achieve effective penetration. Add what must be an extremely robust skeletal system, plus whatever manner of protective garments they may be wearing, and you arrive at one conclusion: Warriors can take an obscene amount of punishment.
No. 92328 ID: 0ee153

Bullets don't fuck you up just because of penetration. The blunt trauma and hydrostatic shock kill you just fine too.
No. 92329 ID: 7b7ab3

It would seem you're both correct.
Warriors can take an obscene amount of punishment, but they are not invincible. As we've seen, they can be injured and killed just like any other lifeform. It just takes significantly more force than it would for others to put them down.
No. 92341 ID: d3bbf8

Sort of like the Catachan Jungle Fighters from 40K: so ripped they might as well be wearing flak armor.
No. 92344 ID: ea0ad9

You know, if we ever do get the chance, we should introduce Xu to Hizalian. Whether she was just joking about wanting a job or not can be determined based on her reaction to more open Visitors... Especially those whose jobs are their side of yours. If it was a joke, she'd probably still enjoy meeting more friendly aliens, anyways, and Hizalian could use more exposure to proper human culture.
No. 92345 ID: 7b7ab3

That's not a bad idea! Part of our job is to improve human/Visitor relations.

Who knows? Xu and Hizz might really hit it off!
No. 92351 ID: 7b7ab3

>"Zaaack," Polyphema whispers. "She's gorgeous."
Awesome! Meg is Poly approved!
>The standing ovation is immediate.
>The three of you in the front row go fucking nuts.
And Meg's performance was amazing! Things are looking up!
No. 92353 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, gee.
Meeting again after so long. After parting on bad terms.
This is kinda awkward. How should we approach this?
No. 92370 ID: 37adba

I have a possible apology to use as a starting point for discussion:
"On reflection, I owe you an apology for underestimating you. You said your understanding of romance and sexual relationships was watching a movie, which in human terms doesn't make you ready at all. But you're not human--in many ways you're superhuman--so it is a mistake to judge you according to human expectations. I should've asked you to explain what you thought, what you felt, what you wanted and what you planned instead: I should have treated you like the experienced and intelligent person you are instead of like a clueless virgin who needed to be protected from making an ignorant decision. I'm sorry."
No. 92371 ID: 7b7ab3

That might work.

It's a little long and wordy, but it definitely gets the point across.
No. 92379 ID: 38aa12

How about something a little more compact.

"Meg, I'm sorry. I was disrespectful and dismissive of you last time. I can't undo it, but I do want to make up for it somehow."
No. 92380 ID: db46ec


Eeehh. To me, those both sound kinda... patronizing? I'm not sure that's the right word. Overly formal? "I'm sorry, I was disrespectful and dismissive of you" sounds like something you say to someone you offended in a business meeting, not something you say to a friend or lover.
No. 92381 ID: 1b75f8

How about we just start with "I'm sorry" and work from there.
If it's weighed on her mind like it has on ours, then she'll know what we're talking about.
No. 92382 ID: db46ec


I don't know. I know we don't know her that well, but Meg seems like the kind of person who prefers not to talk things out. Like she'd want to just leave things behind and move on without lingering on them.
No. 92383 ID: 062da3


Actions speak louder than words, so let's do our best to make things right with her.
No. 92384 ID: 01774f

>Larger breasts
>Can eat now
Well, someone's got some upgrades.
No. 92386 ID: c1d890

Well, we know one thing for certain now: Floaters can modify their chassis. To a pretty extreme extent, if they can add and remove things like eating.
No. 92390 ID: ea0ad9

>It'd advance visitor relations by a cosmic mile!
That... Would be useful for somebody in Zach's job. Which makes it a bit suspicious that he'd say that. I think he knew who Zach was.
Still, he's right. Such beautiful music could definitely help to improve relations, but only if publicized right, which includes what Meg wants.
No. 92391 ID: d1c02c

In the end, it's Meg's decision.
We can suggest she accept his offer, but beyond that...
No. 92394 ID: ea0ad9

If we suggest anything, I would rather it be she consider a partnership with a studio. Not any one specifically, especially that one.
No. 92411 ID: 7b7ab3

If Meg does do a recording, then we simply must get a copy. Besides showing our support, it's also a damn good song.
No. 92421 ID: 7fa4f5

I hope Meg's not too cheesed off. We've tried to get in contact with her, so it's not like we've been avoiding her. Hopefully a stiff drink and a romantic evening will help even things out.
No. 92439 ID: 38c567

She's being pretty unreadable right now.
You are right, though. A stiff drink and romance can go a long way to mending hurt feelings.
No. 92451 ID: 27bc51

So it turns out Meg's been having a pretty shitty time.
She needs some TLC in a bad way.
No. 92468 ID: 7b7ab3

I wonder if there's a place we can take Meg so she can fly around. Maybe somewhere out of town or something.
No. 92470 ID: 5a4a22

There's that park where we went camping with Poly. Would that work?
No. 92473 ID: ea0ad9

I'm thinking we should ask HVAO about a place we can get permission for her to fly at. If they find out she's flying without clearance, she could still get into trouble.

Relationships among Visitors:

Visitors are very lax in their relationships, and it is even expected that a person will have multiple partners. They are open to having a relationship with both genders, though this does not mean it advances to the physical stages, as one will often end up in a pseudo-romantic relationship with their partner's partners.

There are three major terms to understand when talking about Visitor romance: Alamads, which are the closest of partners, the ones who are treated as spouses; Dulamads, who are still close partners, just not of the closeness we would consider Married; and Dulabira, which is the circle of all of the partners at once. While a Dulamad can offer comfort, fun, and an all around great time, when somebody starts feeling depressed, it will likely fall to an Alamad to help them out.

Dulabiras can and usually do end up getting messy, so there is no need to worry about ruining things by introducing your partners to one another at a bad time, or if they disagree with one another. Pay attention to how things went wrong, and simply try to improve upon your actions in the future, as any member of your own Dulabira is not going to hold a grudge against you (Yes, this even includes the Warriors), even if they hold one against your other partners. Just avoid bringing them together where you can, and schedule your times around the arguments.

While the Visitors may be lax in what they consider to be a relationship, you should still not consider a person to have become your Dulamad immediately. While it is possible to earn yourself the title in the first date, it is also possible that the person may desire some more time as just friends before they advance the relationship. This depends on both you and your Visitor partner, so don't worry if it takes time. Just be patient and enjoy yourself, and before too long you should have grown an understanding of how things are working out.


Floaters are the odd race out among the Visitors, being Cybernetic lifeforms who center themselves around efficiency. At the time of writing this entry, Megumi 9x542 is the first and only Floater who was built specifically for the study of relations, which means that while they may have had a head start in understanding things from the Visitor's perspective, they are learning the differences between Human and Visitor romance alongside us.

Floaters are big on rules, and you should attempt to follow them when dealing with a Floater, but do point out when the rules are more lenient, or where they're intended more as guidelines, so that you can help them to understand where it's acceptable to ignore the rules, and to what extent.

As their name implies, Floaters are fliers, and feel restrained when they are unable to fly. If your Floater friend or partner is "Grounded," not allowed to fly, try introducing them to higher locations, such as balconies, rooftops, or mountain trails. While it is not quite the same as flying, it helps them to no longer feel restrained, which means they are much less likely to get depressed (Yes, they can get depressed. They might have a strong control over their emotions, but they still have them).

No. 92475 ID: 2a7417

>there is no need to worry about ruining things by introducing your partners to one another at a bad time
Sounds like you're jumping to a lot of conclusions in this article. Perhaps it should wait for further research to be done.
No. 92476 ID: ea0ad9

Well, Poly said that it gets messy but that it's to be expected. We certainly could use some confirmation on the other portions, though.
No. 92484 ID: eac8be

The thing I really want to ask Meg (though we are probably a long while from a time we could ask it without being awkward) is what base species the Floaters were made from. The historical clay tablets Bika mentioned contained only Skut, Warriors, and Oculots, so there doesn't seem to have been some fourth pre-Floater species.
No. 92486 ID: 7b7ab3

I think our primary concern should be keeping Meg from losing her mind. She is in a very bad place right now. She needs help figuring out her emotions, she needs to feel like she is succeeding, and she needs. To. Fucking. Fly. What moronic human thought it would be a good idea to ground a Floater?
No. 92489 ID: 6b0329

One that wanted to be able to tell the difference between a non-hostile and a renewal of the war, for targeting SAM batteries and intercept missions?
No. 92492 ID: 7b7ab3

>What moronic human thought it would be a good idea to ground a Floater without some kind of outlet?
No. 92493 ID: 6b0329

One that either doesn't know and care about that, or thinks it's not their responsibility. Suggest calling up the HVAO and mention the floaters are going stir-crazy from being grounded, help.
No. 92497 ID: 7b7ab3

Aren't Carlson and the others out tonight? If we could get the okay from them then Meg could be flying sooner than we thought.
No. 92505 ID: 7b7ab3

Carlson, you beautiful sonuvabitch! We owe you big time!

Assuming you're not a traitor.

Hopefully Meg didn't fly off while we made the call. She'll be ecstatic when we show her!
No. 92507 ID: 7b7ab3

>Meg goes to the edge of the pit and looks down. An ecstatic-looking floater tears past her face. "Holy SHIT," she says.
>Meg looks back at you, her eyes wide and wild. She's normally impossible to read but her face is lit up with emotion. She looks like she'd be on the verge of tears if she had tearducts.
If there's a competition for "Best Boyfriend", I think we just won. Do you think we'll get a trophy?
No. 92511 ID: ea0ad9

I think we've been winning that title from all four ladies.
Still, if Megumi wants to keep her job with HVAO (And thus be able to see Zack often), we'll want the other humans to know about the whole Dulabira deal. Can we get a smaller message that doesn't make assumptions (guesses are fine, the difference being you actually mention it being a guess) from anybody for it?
Something about them being more open to relations, forming circles around multiple partners called Dulabira, something about them maybe showing up...
No. 92519 ID: 009aa8

There's something I've wanted to ask the girls for a while now: humanity has been to space. We've walked on the moon, built space stations, and all that good stuff. Have the Golborians done the same?
No. 92524 ID: 0ee153

Moving to /questdis/ for obvious reasons. Might be something to do with how Zack was the only one out of five dates to 'come close'. Three didn't want to fly and the other one who did fly puked. Only Zack had a strong positive reaction with the erection, and Meg did say that had been on her mind.
No. 92525 ID: 0ee153

Although I wonder just how heavily the Collective modifies its floaters. Could've tried to... customize her for Zack after his date turned out the best. Doesn't seem likely, since she says she was infatuated well before she got the mods installed, but have fun worrying about it anyway.
No. 92528 ID: 7b7ab3

Really, out of all of her dates, Zack did do the best, even with his last minute slip up.
No. 92540 ID: ea0ad9

Well, Zack was also the first one she met. She was built to fall in love, but perhaps based on the Human understanding (Or a fluke in design may have left it that way), with only one person receiving the focus of the love.
No. 92542 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, it hardly matters now.
The point is: Meg is awesome, she likes us, we like her, and this relationship has potential. So let's do our best to help it grow into something truly awe inspiring.
No. 92558 ID: 846437

Visitors need special places where they can just be themselves, at least until integration is further along.
I mean things like Floater flying zones and Warrior fight clubs. Places where they can blow off some species related steam. It would give them a better outlet than doing something illegal.
No. 92559 ID: fcbfd2

>Warrior fight clubs
Those sound like a blast. Maybe not to participate in, but they'd make one hell of a spectacle.
No. 92560 ID: ff2d28

Can do!
Meg should meet Poly.
Poly's has a lot of experience and she's good with emotions.
Meg could use the help.
No. 92563 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, God damn it.

Well, we all knew we'd have to face shit like this eventually.

So much for that apartment. Time for a change of residence, I guess.
No. 92568 ID: 7aeb02

>I suspect Meg was built to do exactly this. Fall in love. Should be an interesting philosophical conundrum when/if the question comes up about how much is Zack's charisma and how much of it she was programmed to act.
The Nguyen Parable, huh?

Also yeah, I share the sentiment about Zack's superhuman ability to make girls fall for him. It does strain my suspension of disbelief as well, but the ride is good enough that I will allow it to strain a bit further.
No. 92569 ID: 2a7417

Have we seen a paycheck from the HVAO yet? Or have they handled our purchases directly?
No. 92576 ID: 7b7ab3

Y'know, this latest turn of events is really just an inconvenience. It's a disturbing inconvenience, but still just an inconvenience. We'll find a new place to shack up. Maybe with a friend or with one of the girls. All in all, this is nothing we can't handle.

For now, I suggest we grab a few essentials (toothbrush, clothes, etc.), take Meg, go to a nice hotel, update the HVAO, and enjoy the rest of our night. We can deal with this all in the morning.
No. 92580 ID: 10e39f

Sounds like a plan.
Poly and Bika are going to be worried sick about Zack, and GG will probably be furious someone tried to hurt her boyfriend. Let's tell them when they've had some rest.
No. 92581 ID: ab4978

>We can deal with this all in the morning.
How late is it? Too late to deal with this crap.
No. 92586 ID: 800a06

Poor Meg.
Let's see if we can breathe some life back into the night!
No. 92587 ID: 5a4a22

I just realized something. Ironically, out of all the girls, GG is the only one to have never been in actual combat. I mean, she moved to earth with her family when she was 16. Unless the Kariket indulges in child soldiers or Warriors mature more quickly than humans, then it's very unlikely that GG has ever been an actual combatant.
No. 92590 ID: 01774f

It wouldn't surprise me if the kari-creep uses child soldiers. He does everything else heinous, so why not?
But yes. She does seem the least likely to have been a soldier. Besides, she never struck me as the killing type.
No. 92592 ID: 0fc976

Guys, it is official. We have a higher calling now than dating alien women.
After hearing of so many of his crimes, it is clear what our calling is: Zack must ASSASSINATE THE KARIKET.
Show of hands? Yea? Nay? Actually don't bother. I can't see any of your hands through the screen. I just know in my heart that you're all with me on this.
No. 92594 ID: 7b7ab3

As satisfying as it would be to be the one to strip him of his power, lay him before his countless victims, and deliver unto him his righteous punishment, I fear it is not dear Zackary who will serve as the engine of the bastard Karikets undoing. Though I have no doubt that it would please him greatly.
No. 92595 ID: bb78f2

Honestly, I think this is leading up to Zack being a martyr and forcing the Karikat to mind backwash him and then the Karikat either change's for the better or kills himself.

Imagine him living Zack's life up until his death at the hand's of the Karikat. No WAY is that motherfucker walking out of that unscathed.

If a conflict with the Karikat is coming, it's ALL leading up to that moment. Zack isn't a killer, he's a peaceful motherfucker. He's got martyr written ALL over him.
No. 92597 ID: 6b0329

"Hay guyze, assassinating is wrong, so, let's, uhm, assassinate guy who assassinates other people. It'll be right when we do it!"
No, not with you on this.
No. 92600 ID: 0ee153

Am I meant to take this idiocy seriously or are you just venting?
No. 92601 ID: 7b7ab3

Meg is right. Visitors need more from humanity than a place to hide from the Kariket. They need to be able to express themselves without humans going insane. Perhaps we can convince the HVAO to construct Visitor rec centers or something.
No. 92608 ID: 6b0329

Likely, but why did the humans win the war? a) Because the visitors' social organization was so awesome that a mistake made by one political leader resulted in them losing power and a change of policy, or; b) Because the visitors' social and political order was brittle, failed to have sufficiently replaceable and flexible leadership, and visitor society experienced a massive loss of confidence in leadership and collapse in morale when they discovered that humans believed in sentient rights and wouldn't just slaughter their civilians like assholes?
Polyphema and GG are doing better here because they have done a better job of abandoning parts of their 'visitor culture' that don't serve them well in human society. In contrast, Bika's people are hiding the true nature of what they are... just so that they can continue to engage in traditional bloody brawling without the cops getting wise to what's really going on? We don't even know really how difficult the floater issues are, but it's pretty obvious they haven't really tried very effectively to understand and adapt to human society yet.
No. 92610 ID: 7b7ab3

>Visitors are inferior to humans and should abandon their cultures to appease humanity.
That is honestly what all that sounded like to me.
No. 92611 ID: 409b75

Thank you Mario, but our assassin is in another quest!

Seriously though, I think that's beyond our scope. Getting the entirety of people to accept Visitors is achievement enough on its own.
Besides, Zack kills with charms, not his fists.

Or... maybe we could seduce the Kariket...
No. 92612 ID: 0ee153

Narrow-minded, aren't you.
No. 92613 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, what exactly was I supposed to draw from all that? Because it sounded like a lot of putting down of the Visitors.
No. 92614 ID: 0ee153

Try reading the entire thing. Kariket a shit, Kariket has influenced the culture so heavily that large parts of it are also a shit. Those are the parts the anon you quoted meant when he mentioned abandoning stuff.
No. 92616 ID: ebcefd

Culture and politics are not the same thing as eachother; the war and its end were functions of politics, and culture played many roles helping and hindering both. If you want to link parts of visitor culture to the unstable genocidal dictatorship you will need to be more specific then a sweeping generalization of visitor culture leading to these problems.

>Bika's people are hiding the true nature of what they are... just so that they can continue to engage in traditional bloody brawling without the cops getting wise to what's really going on?
Trying to distance themselves from parts of visitor culture that would not serve them well in human society is exactly the reason why Skuts hide their nature. If the cops knew about the hive minds then brawling would be easier (as it would then be considered assault instead of murder), but Skuts avoid letting them know because it would also be much easier for humans to justify killing their segments (as it would be considered assault instead of murder).
No. 92618 ID: 7b7ab3

>Kariket a shit
An incontrovertible fact.

You make a number of very good points.
Suffice to say: things are complicated.
No. 92620 ID: 0ee153


No. 92621 ID: 01774f

I don't get where s/he's coming from.
They're not that drunk.
They're both consenting.
And neither of them are rapists!
No. 92625 ID: e114bc

I think he was just talking about how if you're drunk you can't consent. But I think you can make the case she was already consenting before getting drunk, due to various circumstances.

Plus there's the whole thing about how she's been saving herself just for Zack. That's definitely planned.
No. 92626 ID: 946dd8

It wouldn't even make sense in a meta sense. If Brom had Zack rape one of the girls he'd lose his readers. So there you go.
No. 92628 ID: 0ee153

Didn't we go over this entire thing already with Polyphema's first date?
No. 92633 ID: d5fa7a

Fairly certain, and look how that turned out.
No. 92634 ID: 2dcdc8

So now that the gala is over, there are a couple things we need to take care of. First, we need a new place to live. The old one's not safe anymore. Second, we need to get ready to meet GG's parents. Third, if we're going to start introducing the girls to each other we need to choose who, when and where. Am I missing anything?
No. 92636 ID: 6b0329

>Trying to distance themselves from parts of visitor culture that would not serve them well in human society is exactly the reason why Skuts hide their nature. If the cops knew about the hive minds then brawling would be easier (as it would then be considered assault instead of murder), but Skuts avoid letting them know because it would also be much easier for humans to justify killing their segments (as it would be considered assault instead of murder).
That might be a sensible interpretation of my point... if you think the cops would suddenly abandon normal definitions of what assault and murder are to go kill Skuts. No, I'm getting at the fact that if Bika at the beach is involved in a gang fight then Bika at the restaurant is also guilty and should be arrested, because they are the same person. Cops don't know this, they can't make heads or tails of how skut gang fights are organized or why they happen because they don't know the scale of the participants.
Now, if you want to make the point that skuts need the bloody melee for social and population-control reasons... there may be something to that. But why's the combat necessary, and why can't they at least ritualize this stuff into closed cage matches that don't scare and present risk to non-participants?
No. 92639 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, how about instead of just complaining you actually suggest a means of improving the scenario?
No. 92640 ID: 6b0329

> at least ritualize this stuff into closed cage matches that don't scare and present risk to non-participants?
TL;DR, eh?
No. 92641 ID: 7b7ab3

Ah, so you want Visitors in cages.

Do you own a hoodie by any chance?
No. 92642 ID: ea0ad9

...I still stand by my idea of Sumo Skuts.
No. 92643 ID: 2a7417

This territorial gang behavior just won't fly in human culture. It's going to be a hard habit to kick, but skuts will need to end the turf wars. So, like someone else mentioned, other outlets will need to be made available for Visitors. Perhaps a skut sports league could be formed?
No. 92644 ID: 7b7ab3

It all comes down to the fact that both humans and Visitors are going to have to adapt to each other.

Humans will have to learn and understand Visitor ways, Visitors will have to learn and understand human ways, and the two will have to find a middle ground for there to be any chance of lasting peace.
No. 92645 ID: eac8be

>if you think the cops would suddenly abandon normal definitions of what assault and murder are to go kill Skuts.
There any many scenarios in which an attacker is hateful or angry enough to beat someone up to "show them their place" while not being willing to go so far as to outright kill them. That is why assault exists as a crime separate from attempted murder. Bika has said that some people (including a significant number of police) already do assault Skuts fairly often, so that plus the knowledge that a dead Skut segment is effectively assault rather than murder means a lot more Skut corpses.

>the fact that if Bika at the beach is involved in a gang fight then Bika at the restaurant is also guilty and should be arrested, because they are the same person.
The problem with that is that logistically it would be extremely hard to enforce things like arrests on Skuts, since even finding all of a Skut would take either a huge search effort after the crime or some dystopian system of preemptively making all Skut to wear trackers or id badges at all times. And when you can't enforce laws on Skut without using extreme measures, trying to get them to settle their conflicts nonviolently has much the same difficulties as trying get two distant countries to nonviolently end a war without using extreme measures like sending an invasion yourself. (While there are measures that might help such situations, they are much more complicated and less direct than policing single-bodied people.)
No. 92649 ID: b9680d

We should talk to Bika about these issues.
No. 92650 ID: 0b25c6

Honestly, we would get more accomplished if we did.
No. 92651 ID: 6b0329

I understand your point about worrying that increased understanding of what Skuts are would lead to an increase in violence against them. I also don't think you're right.
I'm not sure I agree that it would change the law so killing individual Skut bodies is a lesser crime, but let's run with your hypothetical: I'm not seeing the increase in murder resulting from that. It's still assault with a deadly weapon and a whole bunch of other charges. It also leaves a damn corpse. In contrast, I am also seeing cops and hate groups being charged on reports and eyewitness accounts from the Skut whose body they killed, which can't happen in the story as-is because the Skuts are too busy with the biggest conspiracy to commit identity fraud of all time. It would be surprising if that conspiracy weren't also a big chunk of the reason why cops gangbeat Skuts as well.

As far as arresting all of a Skut goes, failure to comply with helping track down all of themself is genuinely resisting arrest. Once the cops have custody of part of a Skut the rest is a wanted criminal or showing up to turn themself in. The only reason that seems messy and dystopian to you is because you're presuming Skuts should be granted a freedom normal people don't have: The ability to use a variety of aliases as their legal name.
Think about it, when the DMV knows that Skuts are poly-body individuals, they basically should have one body take an annual old age driving test to make sure they're competent to drive in at least one body. Then they'd issue numbered license cards with the same name for every body that passes the vision tests: It would be the Skut's own responsibility--on pain of losing all of their license--to make sure none of their incompetent bodies drive. With birth certificate, library card, driving and other such existing ID systems correctly identifying who each Skut-body is part of... I'm not seeing the need for anything weird besides the possibility that they might try to have a couple extra bodies off the record.
No. 92656 ID: d2c5e8

I'll repeat what >>92649 said: we should discuss these issues with Bika. Because I will agree with you on one point: the skut's secret will eventually cause more harm than good, for both Visitors and humanity. The problem is finding a way for the skut to reveal themselves without suffering severe ramifications.
No. 92657 ID: 4964f3

I hope you realize that things would not run as smoothly as you think.
No. 92658 ID: eac8be

I generally feel more pessimistic about humanity's reaction considering how people can behave even when in cases where claims like "they aren't full people like we are; killing them wouldn't be murder" are blatant lies rather than misleading half-truths.

Regardless of how humans would actually react to finding out about the hive minds, what the Skuts expect to happen is pretty close to the worst case scenario (which seems to be a fairly justified fear both with how humans have treated them so far and with how the Kariket had them do suicide bombings because of their nature). It would take a lot to convince them that humans as a whole would not think of skuts as more disposable, and really I am not very convinced of it either.

>I am also seeing cops and hate groups being charged on reports and eyewitness accounts from the Skut whose body they killed
If people can't trust the police, it doesn't help much to make it easier for them to report things to the police.

>It would be surprising if that conspiracy weren't also a big chunk of the reason why cops gangbeat Skuts as well.
Because police brutality totally happens for rational reasons :/

>With birth certificate, library card, driving and other such existing ID systems correctly identifying who each Skut-body is part of...
People have a right to not need to carry identifying cards or documents with them at all times. Single-bodied people effectively need to do many things that require having id or leaving records (education, business and taxes, driving), but Skuts handle those things either internally or with a subset of segments. Segments designated for internal or illicit work would not generate the same sort of natural paper trail that single-bodied people have, and it then becomes difficult to trace such a segment back to the skut.
No. 92659 ID: 0ee153

Enemy Quest: Talking every single thing to death and beyond since May 13th, 2014.
No. 92660 ID: 0fc976

Am I meant to take this ayy lmao seriously or are you just venting?
No. 92661 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, you know you love it.
No. 92662 ID: ebcefd

>Enemy Quest tgchan: Talking every single thing to death and beyond
No. 92663 ID: 7b7ab3

More accurate.
No. 92678 ID: 7b7ab3

New topic: I've been wondering what GG's parents will be like. GG hasn't spoken of them often, but she's never said anything negative about them. We know her father likes tanks and absolutely nothing about her mother. I'm looking forward to learning more about them.
No. 92679 ID: 742b4a

It occurs to me that getting to know GG's parents could net us some help at rooting out the people targeting Zack.

Also, Bika would be AMAZING at gathering information. People mostly ignore skuts in the streets, and thus she can have eyes everywhere without being noticed. Her nature as a hivemind is a secret, and so she can even take HVAO off guard. She could root out the mole! Well, that assumes she can gain access to HVAO in any way.
No. 92681 ID: 846437

Before we do that we must get swole.
Which means plenty of time in the gym with GG.
Which means plenty of watching our big, sweaty, sexy girlfriend bend, flex, stretch, and squat.
Which means plenty of Zack getting hot and bothered for multiple reasons.
No. 92684 ID: 7b7ab3

Not a bad plan, but I don't savor the idea of placing the girls in danger. I do agree, however, that this security problem needs to be resolved.
No. 92691 ID: 742b4a

Well it's not like Bika sees danger the same way we do. Her bodies are expendable. Also, full of acid.
No. 92700 ID: 7b7ab3

That's kinda like saying your fingers are expendable. Yes, her's grow back, but I don't imagine that makes it any less unpleasant.
No. 92708 ID: 800a06

>watching our big, sweaty, sexy girlfriend bend, flex, stretch, and squat
Zack is going to get his little nerd body wrecked, but it'll be worth it just for that.
No. 92710 ID: 31d120

>Workout with GG
>Get really sweaty
>Hit the showers together
>Help wash that big, red body of her's
No. 92716 ID: ad7bba

I'm amused by the number of people who apparently got their knowledge of first time intercourse from hentai.
No. 92718 ID: 742b4a

Are you saying hymens only exist in hentai?
No. 92719 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 92723 ID: 8d7f0e

Well no, but hentai really overstates them. A lot of the time they're already either partially or entirely gone by the time you reach maturity. The primary source of tightness or pain the first time is tension and inexperience.
No. 92726 ID: 7b7ab3

I think it's safe to say that all three are an issue.
Zack just broke her hymen.
She's super tense.
She's completely inexperienced.
Result: a Floater in a good deal of discomfort.
No. 92728 ID: 2f4b71

The question you should be asking is: Where did the FLOATERS get their knowledge of sexual anatomy?
No. 92730 ID: 7b7ab3

Considering what all they've done to Meg?

No. 92733 ID: 6b0329

I'm not sure if the right response to this one is *rimshot* or *rimjob* but I'm not doing the second one.
Here you go on the first one though: http://instantrimshot.com/index.php?sound=rimshot
No. 92734 ID: 7b7ab3

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

Be sure to tip your waitress!
No. 92738 ID: 62bf94

Forgive me for going full morbid for a minute, but has anyone else wondered what color Visitor bloods are? I imagine Warriors and oculots have the red stuff, but what about skut and Floaters?
No. 92739 ID: 7ccd19

Here's what I think:
Warriors: Red.
Oculots: Red?
Floaters: Blue.
Skut: Yellow(ish).
No. 92740 ID: bb78f2

I think we might be able to figure that out through the science of why our blood is red.
However, I am not a biologist, so I'd like someone else to do the thinking for us.
No. 92741 ID: fe39f8

Two things.
1.) I want to talk to the girls about space and whether golborians have ever been to it.
2.) I think it would be hilarious if Zack and the girls wound up on Family Feud. Just saying.
No. 92742 ID: 0fc976

Bika would just carry the team with her access to a computer.
As for space, perhaps they have been there. Before us, even. And perhaps having found nothing out there, they abandoned their space program and developed the portals instead.
No. 92743 ID: 742b4a

From the sound of things, Oculots figured out the portals by accident. I'd wager most of those that created a portal decided to either just go through it, or not tell anyone.
No. 92744 ID: cfa084

1.) With the Kariket in charge, I highly doubt the golborians have been to space.
2.) I would love to see Steve Harvey's reaction to the gang. And the girls could be the first Visitor contestants! How's that for integration?
No. 92746 ID: 6b0329

The reason human blood is red is because of the hemoglobin in red blood cells which is used to facilitate transport of oxygen (and other gases) in the blood. The active ingredient causing the colour there is a single iron atom in a porphyrin ring with four other chains of amino acids connected to it. That stuff dying and going bad is also most of the reason why shit is brown (the colour of rust, actually).

Brom's a talented guy, but I would be shocked and amazed if he invented different metabolisms and blood chemistries for each of the visitor alien species: Don't look behind the curtain.
No. 92747 ID: 7b7ab3

>why shit is brown
Really TMI.
No. 92749 ID: 6b0329

Shut up nerd, you know you like it. Now lube up and bend over so I can give you some more trivia hard and fast.
No. 92750 ID: 7b7ab3

Honestly, it's amazing the Visitors haven't gone extinct with the Kariket in charge.

Steve Harvey's reactions to human strangeness is already hilarious. His reactions to Visitor oddity could only be amazing.
No. 92755 ID: a20c64

>"I fucking loved that, Zack. I love you."
Another satisfied customer.
No. 92756 ID: 559264

Nice job, partner.

No. 92757 ID: 4964f3

An excellent job all around.

TF2? At this hour?
No. 92766 ID: 742b4a

Visitors, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the man-slut Zack Nguyen. His 5-year mission: to explore strange new bodies, to seek out new love and new relationships, to bodly bone whom no man has boned before.
No. 92767 ID: d56254

I love you.
No. 92768 ID: 559264

One of the best posts in this entire thread.
Does anyone want to try and top this?
No. 92769 ID: 38c567

Kirk - Zack
Spock - Meg
Bones - GG ("Damn it, Zack! I'm a Warrior, not a doctor!")
Uhura - Poly
Scotty - Bika
No. 92772 ID: 7fa4f5

Does that make the Kariket Khan?
No. 92776 ID: ad7bba

I wonder if Meg would ever switch out her lube for something spicy as a prank.
No. 92777 ID: a77c1b

There's one thing about the Kariket that I think we can all agree on. One crime of his that none of us are divided upon. Truly the most unforgivable thing he has ever done.

That fucking goatee.
No. 92779 ID: 1ce348

The first time I saw it, I actually did a doubletake. My mind's initial reaction was to reject its existence. To this day I have a hard time believing that even someone like the Kariket can be so devoid of taste.
No. 92808 ID: 6b0329

I don't know too much about Oculotti overachievers, but human nouveau-riche dickheads tend to be all kinds of tacky and tasteless. It's because they're too busy dealing, swindling, brown-nosing, arm-twisting and otherwise 'doing business' to develop good taste: Their single-minded focus on greed makes them like Donald Trump with his amazingly awful comb-over. Seriously, that kind of lack of self-awareness is a warning sign they're an asshole (with humans) usually.
No. 92809 ID: ea0ad9

Wrooong. I thought it was alright.
No. 92810 ID: 7b7ab3

Apparently the oculot's long lifespan only makes it worse, because that thing is fucking indecent.

I am physically incapable of agreeing with you.
No. 92822 ID: 7b7ab3

Okay, now that the gala is over and things are starting to heat up, when should we start introducing the girls to each other? Fairly soon, I'd reckon.
No. 92832 ID: 5859eb

we totally need to have a group date, a picnic maybe
No. 92833 ID: 7b7ab3

That's not a bad idea! Once we've finished with GG's parents, that should be what we do next. Barring unforseen circumstances, let's have ourselves a picnic!
No. 92840 ID: 1e63f3

Sometime during the week we could start making plans for a meet up. We should discuss it with the girls, too. See if they have any ideas/problems.
No. 92845 ID: 7b7ab3

An opportunity for GG and Poly to meet soon just came up. Are we gonna jump on this?
No. 92846 ID: 0263d5

I don't see why not. We've been talking about it for awhile now, and with things getting so intense at home and abroad I'd say some more togetherness could only do good.
No. 92847 ID: b4dd67

I'm afraid that the girls won't like each other. But nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess.
No. 92849 ID: e8135d

Poly said that Warriors and oculots get on alright, so there shouldn't be too much to worry about.

I hope.
No. 92851 ID: 406895

Please don't jinx it.
No. 92853 ID: 441205

What the heck are those things on Meg's head for?
No. 92860 ID: 4964f3

Jawara's turning into a political nightmare. I hope Meg's joke about becoming enemies doesn't turn prophetic.
No. 92862 ID: 0ee153

That'd probably require a bit too dramatic a genre shift.
No. 92864 ID: d51fe1

It looks like the girls are gonna start crossing paths. Are we ready for this?
No. 92865 ID: 1830f5

As we'll ever be, I suppose.
No. 92867 ID: af41d6

It just occurred to me that the only place we've visited with a large Visitor presence is Bika's. That's kinda weak for a cultural ambassador, right?
No. 92875 ID: 559264

I think we've been doing fairly well.
If we do this diner thing, we're going in mostly blind. We'll have to rely on the girlfriends to help us out.
No. 92935 ID: 72883a

Alright, the real question here: why do Oculots have one eye but two eyebrows?
No. 92936 ID: f68a09

No. 92938 ID: 7b7ab3

Good enough for me!
No. 92949 ID: 7aeb02

Brom, was there a real or a fictional prototype for Poly before you started the quest?
Because I find her more and more entrancing with each thread and I can't understand how you're doing it.
No. 92953 ID: e3bd41

Is the Enemy Quest Gaiden totally dead?
No. 92954 ID: e607cd

no but yeah.. isn't the point of eyebrows to help keep water out of your eye? the wall has a breach! now she will be forced to rely solely on her enormous and probably very effective eyelashes to protect her from rain
No. 92969 ID: a55758

To say that our first group date is going splendidly would be a catastrophic understatement. I am absolutely thrilled about how well it's gone. Hopefully future introductions will proceed just as smoothly.
No. 92972 ID: a41fbf

If we can pull off what we're pulling off right now a second time, I'll eat my hat with my shoes for dessert.
No. 92975 ID: e3bd41

Occulots and Garakton get along like cookies and milk, but I wonder about Skuts in the mix.

Bika seems intrigued by GG, but the Occulot dominated cast-system was quite unkind to skuts.. We know we're eventually gonna introduce GG and Poly to the Bikaswarm, but maybe we should just bring GG along next time we visit Bika's restaurant and then sound-out the idea of introducing Poly to them..

..unless there's already been indications it'd go swimmingly that I just missed/forgot-about.
No. 92977 ID: 4b1db0

I'm okay with this idea. The girls should meet slowly and steadily, so as to avoid complications. That being said, I am really looking forward to seeing Bika again. She's had a pretty minor presence in the current thread.
No. 92993 ID: 3d34d2

We should play more games with the girls.
A big TF2 match. GG'd make a mean Heavy.
Minecraft! Poly'd be all over it.
Board games like Pandemic and Trivial Pursuit.
We could start a bowling team!
No. 92997 ID: 2916ca

Super Smash Bros. would be a hoot!
Portal 2 co-op would be fun, too.
I wonder if the girls would enjoy a big Poker game.
When we get a new place, we should buy three things: a dartboard, a pool table, and a new deck of cards.
No. 92998 ID: e3bd41

There's still the unresolved issue of who the leak is, might be best Not to involve HVAO too deeply in our selection of a new hacienda.
No. 93004 ID: a41fbf

>A big TF2 match.
Who would play The Medic? Zack or Poly?
Poly and Meg could build the shelter, Bika could gather resources, GG could fight off mobs, and Zack could be the leader.
>Trivial Pursuit.
Zack would win every single game.
>We could start a bowling team!
That'd be awesome! GG'd probably love it.
>Super Smash Bros.
Zack as Marth, Poly as Zelda, GG as DK, Bika as Olimar, Meg as R.O.B..
>Portal 2 co-op
GG'd keep trolling everyone. It'd be hilarious.
Who would have the worst Poker face?
>a dartboard, a pool table, and a new deck of cards.
And plenty of snacks and booze. Sounds like a good time to me.
No. 93013 ID: 2591d7

that opens up a possibility actually. talk to bossman about this first, but tell erryone a different address and post bikas to see which one gets raided
No. 93031 ID: 0fc976

>post bikas to see who gets raided.
Oh, you mean send Bikas to stake out each joint. I thought you wanted the thugs to vandalize Bika's restaurant, you misconstrued monster!
No. 93032 ID: bb78f2

I'm concerned that Zack has told all the girls about how he knows about the skut thing. I know we can trust 'em, but I just don't know.

I actually don't know how the other defector's have not already spilled the beans if it's primarily the Golborian government that wants it secret. Everyone on this side besides the Floater's defected right? And there's no way the floaters could perform an execution for spilling those beans on this side without causing a HUGE ruckus.
No. 93033 ID: e3bd41

I am loving this plan.


Don't forget to include the bossman on the list of people who get false addresses, even if we don't tell him he's getting a false address.

Just gotta be thorough.
No. 93041 ID: 0fc976

*Whoooo*. That is some heavy stuff. And their whole race shares it. They even see themselves as monsters, like humans do, just because of an unfortunate coincidence in Greek mythology. This is bad. Worse than bad. It is raaarlysnarly. The HVAO needs to implement a massive therapy program for the Oculots. This needs to go in our (long overdue) report ASAP. Still, maybe if someone is able to find forgiveness, that can spread between the Oculots just like the grief and sadness did.
No. 93045 ID: 0ee153

I'm pretty sure the monster thing is because they murdered a fuckload of what they didn't realize were civilians and saw their dying thoughts, not a coincidence of mythology.
No. 93046 ID: 7b7ab3

Hizzy needs a hug!

We should take him out for a beer or two, sometime. Help him relax and forget his worries for a while. I still think we should introduce him to Xu. God knows, the poor guy could use some more friends.
No. 93049 ID: dbe554


Doesn't help their case that their name for humanity was "Prey Animal" either, which has some interesting thoughts as to how much they cared for what they were invading.
No. 93059 ID: 4b65cc

The war was so bad it put an entire species on suicide watch.
That's a pretty strong argument against starting another one.
No. 93063 ID: 93aa30

I whole-heartedly support Operation Bait Room. Sans the Bikas, though.
Can we afford to rent two false apartments? That way we could keep the real place to ourselves and probe two groups of HVAO employees at once.
No. 93066 ID: 2dcdc8

I am torn between not wanting to put Bika in danger and not wanting to put agents like Rella and Ambrose in danger.
No. 93073 ID: bc6a96

I like Hiz. He's cool. Let's make him our new friend. I want to invite him to our next BBQ.
No. 93077 ID: f68a09

Oh that option is addressed to Hiz sorry for not making it clearer
No. 93081 ID: 0f4536

Wild theory time: The Kariket's rise to global domination was fairly recent in Ocultot time (within the last 80ish years), so that opens the possibility... What if Poly is the Kariket's mother?
No. 93083 ID: 141bf4

>I want to invite him to our next BBQ.
A Barbecue sounds good. When we get moved into our new place, let's invite all our friends and ladies over and have big housewarming party. Let's make sure to buy plenty of food, though. GG alone could pack away an entire buffet.
No. 93094 ID: 37557c

If we're supplying the meat, then the girls should bring their own dishes. I'm betting Bika makes a mean potato salad.
No. 93114 ID: 7131bd

According to Hizz, Polyphema's been drinking more and more lately. I'm thinking maybe we should do something about that.
No. 93115 ID: 2a7417

Rather than stage an intervention, I think we should do things with her to get alcohol off her mind. Such as meeting more of the gals! Floater fuel will probably get her off the sauce for a bit.
No. 93118 ID: ea0ad9

We definitely know that Poly's fine with Dura-what'sit, butwe don't know that about the rest of them. Yeah, GG was fine with Poly, but Warriors are known for finding Oculots sexy.
No. 93119 ID: 0ee153

Bika is too so far. His male half thought GG was hot and asked about her.
No. 93120 ID: bb78f2

Meg is the only potential issue, but she's fairly clinical and objective based but still is exploring the whole love and emotions thing. It really depends on the cultural model the Collection might have programmed into her. Did they program bisexuality into her? Was she built solely to be attracted to Zack?

There's some creepy undertones with the whole "Being built to date" thing.

I wonder who the first Floater was, and who built them, or if the Floater originally belonged to a fully biological species that eventually reached cyborg Renaissance and simply didn't share the cyborg tech with the other races, and before long reproduction wasn't biological and they just built new Floater's from scratch with a mental base for everything.

Really, the origins of the Floater's are one of the most potentially interesting things that we could learn about Golboria.
No. 93130 ID: 93aa30

Well, yeah. The thing about bad habits is that you can't just drop them without causing more stress (for which the bad habit is a "cure"). A thing that generates endorphines has to be replaced with anoter thing that generates endorphines.
No. 93225 ID: 30c15c

It seems like we learn something new about our ladies every time we're with them. Who knew Bika was some kinda Visitor peacekeeper?
No. 93228 ID: c34db3

Hopefully GG doesn't have any earth shattering secrets we haven't discovered yet.
No. 93234 ID: 0fc976

>>93228 Earth-shattering, maybe not. Pelvis-shattering, on the other hand...
No. 93236 ID: 6eb9b8

We can only hope.
Now that I think about it, the number of snu-snu jokes has been strangely low considering how long we've known GG.
No. 93237 ID: f67386

I had the horrible idea of trying to fit a Warrior in a smart car.
No. 93240 ID: 6eb9b8

Coincidentally, after that we get a nice, little field trip to the scrap yard. What are the odds?
No. 93280 ID: 17cdae

I wonder, should we give Bika a password? I worry that, if the skuts-are-a-hive-mind thing gets out, hostility towards Bika and Zack from the other skuts will go way up. There's not much to stop another hive with bad intentions from going up to Zack with a few of their bodies and going "hey Zack, I'm Bika, will you follow me down this alley" or similar.
No. 93287 ID: 5f9714

That'd get messy in a hurry.
No. 93303 ID: ea0ad9

>before long reproduction wasn't biological
And all of the sudden they make a Floater who has the reproductive organs.
Floater Babbies incoming.

Actually, think on it. Oculots wishing to Disappear from the world, to dive into what Does Not Exist... It unlocks a portal to another world. Humans are called "Hybrids" due to having features of all of the different races, and live in that world.
Here's the list of the hybrid features I've come up with: Skut have the ears, Warriors have the eyes, and Oculots have the limbs. Note that Floaters aren't on the list. This is because Floaters are Saropa, evolved to a state of cybernetic reliance. Remember, they weren't in the old murals and stuff!

My theory: Early Saropa, before they became reliant on cybernetics, managed to escape through the portals that the Oculots ran through. While there was some life started up from the comets that had landed, this is where the Megabeasts originated from. Initially, these Saropa, thanks to not having evolved as much as the Floaters have, had the stance of a Skut: They were the Neanderthals. By some quirk, the Saropa were able to breed with the Oculots (Probably due to being part Oculot), and down the line, it eventually evolved to the state of Homo Sapiens. If this is the case, then Humans and Floaters have the same Saropa origins, and would be more likely to be able to crossbreed (Once the floaters got the organs) than Humans x Original Visitors.
No. 93305 ID: 0ee153

So, am I alone in not caring about the Kariket? Ooh, boohoo, an expansionist leader. Not like that's not a thing we already had, and no one gives a fuck about Germany today. He didn't even do it out of racial motives like Hitler did, his motives were perfectly acceptable as far as governmental policy goes. And his facial hair may be stupid but that's his problem.
No. 93306 ID: 0ee153

Not caring about him on a personal level, that is. He's certainly a threat on a global level, and something to watch out for, but that's just geopolitics.
No. 93307 ID: 387db4

He wanted to exterminate humanity and he manipulated the entirety of golboria into being his own personal war machine. That's a bit worse than just "an expansionist leader."
No. 93309 ID: e114bc

Honestly I'm not sure why he hasn't been assassinated. It'd only take a small group of Warriors.
No. 93310 ID: dbe554

Yes, I'm sure that when you call a sentient species "Prey" you are doing a 'bit' more then for expansionist reasons
No. 93311 ID: 0ee153

That's not really any different from history, to be honest. American Indians, Australian aboriginals, and Canadian natives all got genocided/otherwise shafted and no one really cares.

Please prove that the Kariket specifically chose and propagated that name.
No. 93316 ID: afd47f

It's safe to say that the Kariket is absolutely detestable.
He's just not our problem. We're more worried about hate groups and the like.
No. 93325 ID: e114bc

Those examples did not involve a bloody war with the explicit purpose of genocide. Rather, those were all examples of them being conquered then subjected to neglect so bad that it winds up approaching genocide.
No. 93333 ID: 9615a7

The Kariket is guilty of so much more than attempted genocide. What he did to the golborians is just as heinous. He lead them into a brutal, unnecessary war for purely selfish reasons. All the guilt and shame the Visitors are experiencing can be traced back to his leadership. I can't tell who deserves to punish him more: earth or golboria.
No. 93338 ID: bb78f2

I still want to know if the Karikat's ever received the backwash of killing a human.
I know he probably hasn't, but I just want confirmation that his brain isn't fucking him up right now with the memories of some dude.
No. 93340 ID: dbe554

I kinda wonder, would a proper sociopath who ends up killing get no real feelings of guilt or emotion from it?
No. 93343 ID: 7b7ab3

>I just want confirmation that his brain isn't fucking him up right now with the memories of some dude
I think his brain is fucked up enough on its own.
Your average psycho doesn't go on cross-dimensional murder sprees.
No. 93344 ID: bb78f2

If he's truly a sociopath who struggles with emotion, he's actually a very weak Oculot. He'd need emotion to do anything with any of his powers. Which raises the question of how he even made it to power. Perhaps he just rode the curtails of the skuts and they put him in power. Yeah, I'll believe in a skut conspiracy.

When I meant fucked, I didn't mean fucked up, I meant getting fucked up. Like mind punched how Hiz's brother got, or Hiz since he was a portal opener.
No. 93346 ID: 6327fe

I doubt the bastard has the capacity for remorse. Otherwise he wouldn't have done all the shit he's done.
No. 93350 ID: c41c90

We called Bika a sheriff.
Am I the only one who wants to see her in chaps?
No. 93351 ID: 76f2b0

If Oculot stuff is caused as a manifestation of some sort of intense emotion, I wonder if there's an emotion that's causing Poly to make those visions happen when she sleeps. I would say "desire to connect with someone", but that's what causes the usual telepathy/mindsplode thing. Perhaps... not just a desire to open up to or to know someone else, but maybe a desire to be someone else? Perhaps Poly's hiding of her past comes from a desire to cut herself off from who she used to be, to get rid of who she was, to become someone else. So when she sleeps next to someone, her mind subconsciously tries to climb out of her and into them, and it causes a transfer of memories and identity.

Also... if the desire to disappear is what creates portals to earth, how did that work going the other way? Did the oculots who made the portals from earth back to golboria use a different emotion?
No. 93356 ID: dff8dd

If the dream thing is Poly's doing then she's not getting much out of it.

Besides stress.
No. 93358 ID: 2a7417

She is getting someone who understands her more deeply, whether she wants them to or not. This may be her subconscious's way of letting her pent-up issues out, because it feels that's what's best for her regardless of the consequences her conscious mind fears.
I'm still betting on Zack being a bio-engineered intelligence gathering project implanted with false memories to do the HVAO's bidding, though.
No. 93362 ID: 55c682

Hyperbole aside, we should poke around HVAO to find out why they chose Zack of all people, when the opportunity presents itself. They couldn't have been picking young men at random.
No. 93366 ID: 76f2b0


Well, as Carlson said: "You're going to be a very symbolic man".

What better symbol for human/visitor relations than a boy who lost his home and parents to a visitor attack, getting into loving relationships with visitors?
No. 93371 ID: 879618

Makes ya feel kinda proud, doesn't it?
No. 93395 ID: 2f2f45

i cant believe we didn't ask more about pirgatea, im immensely curious and this worldbuilding is bomb
stares wistfully into the sunset, hopefully we'll get another chance!
No. 93397 ID: 08b6c4

We can still ask Bika. The best source for information on skut would be a skut, right?
No. 93406 ID: 726184

I guess we can add Pilop to our growing list of assholes. I'd love to sic the HVAO on his fuzzy butts. Put him through a legal meat grinder, so to speak.
No. 93407 ID: 0fc976

Perhaps this should be dealt with through Visitor channels for now, because if you drag the government into this they're going to start looking into every skut hive that's doing the same stuff, including Bika herself. We need to find a less disruptive way to reconcile visitor and human justice systems than whistle-blowing.
No. 93408 ID: bb78f2

Pilop's a territorial thug, but I'm not keen to the idea starting a skut gangwar over chauvanism. Bika's a tough hivemind, it's nothing they can't shake off.
I mean, it's Zack against probably over 100 skuts here. Bika might be insulted, in fact, or become very angry. It's not our fight to take. We should emotionally support Bika while she makes whatever plans she wants to in regards to her hive. If Pilop ever wants to talk, man to skut, he fucking can, and then we can let him know that we take some serious fucking offense at hurting our girlfriend's family over something as simple as wanting to enjoy the damn beach. But only then.

We can say he doesn't own anything on this side if he doesn't have a deed, and that beach is a public area, so he can't do motherfucking shit. Then we tell him the only thing holding US back is the chance we might piss off Bika, who we care about very much. And if that LITTLE SHIT thinks he can be a distraction to our date again, we will BRING THE NOISE.

Only if he starts talking to us though and continues to be a problem, though. He's fucking with us as much as Bika at that point.
No. 93409 ID: 726184

As much as I would love to run roughshod over that glorified beach hog, the more level headed thing to do is to support Bika and offer our assistance in any way we can. Certainly she and we together can handle a cheap punk like Pilop.
No. 93410 ID: 0ee153

I really don't think either Bika or Pilop care about it that much. Bika already said she considers skut life less valuable when she first met Zack, and the soldier wasn't apparently even killed. Given skut culture so far, it seems like the equivalent of rough shoving, and human overreaction like this might be part of why Bika doesn't want to talk about it to Zack.
No. 93413 ID: 1bce3e


I agree that a lot of this is probably normal for skuts, Bika's probably hospitalized other skut-bodies herself in the past. We have to be careful our human instincts don't make us too mad over the wrong things. The physical violence in and of itself is probably not something we should be made about. Besides, if he's smaller, Pilop probably had good reason to feel threatened. It's not like skut clouds can read each other's minds, so a pack of some other hive's skuts just "having fun" in your territory could easily often be a prelude to some sort of ambush or territory theft.

What might be more reasonable to be mad about, though, is him taking advantage. Bika moved the fight away to save rep with humanity, which was beneficial to her and Pilop. Him taking advantage of that to get the upper hand was a dick move.
No. 93415 ID: 3d6054

I say it's time to drop the hammer on the little ass maggot. Bring Bika's case to the HVAO, drag the fucker in for his bullshit, and let him get what he deserves! Show him that if he's going to act like an asshole, then he's going to be treated like an asshole.
No. 93416 ID: 1bce3e


I don't think bringing it to the HVAO is a good idea. Remember the leak? There's probably someone still in the HVAO who wants to sabotage the whole effort. Spilling the goods about a messy skut gang war scenario would be a good way to do that. It could easily tangle Bika in red tape as much as Pilop, anyway.

... You know, it'd be a really cruel tactic to use, but if Zack went to talk to Pilop with the excuse of being concerned about his girlfriend's "family", he could watch for an opportunity and then pretend to realize the hive-mind thing from him. Then he'd have blackmail material. Though it'd be an empty threat, obviously, since it would have to get Bika in trouble too. Zack's got the confidence and charm for bluffing, though. Still probably a bad idea overall.
No. 93423 ID: dbe554

The problem is you are having visitor justice on what amounts to another culture's soil, which basically amounts to the fact that it shouldn't be done that way to begin with.
No. 93426 ID: 15c085

Oh, dear. It seems we've thrown off the flow a bit. Let's get the mood going again and show Bika how much we care.
No. 93428 ID: 2a7417

Just because their culture is different from ours doesn't mean they are wrong. Their system developed in a whole other dimension, where their biology and resulting psychology was so different from ours we could barely even comprehend what it's like.
No. 93429 ID: 2a7417

>>93428 continued.
So the question isn't who's right and who's wrong, because that answer changes depending on one's perspective (which is influenced and molded by one's culture), but how the gap between cultures can be bridged.
No. 93430 ID: 7b7ab3

Which is where people like Zack come in: helping humans and Visitors understand each other, and looking for ways the two can integrate.
No. 93432 ID: 55c682

It bears reminding that we haven't been very active - to put it lightly - with our reports to Carlson, i.e. actual transition of field knowledge about Visitor integration.
No. 93434 ID: cb9da5

Then what say the next time we're not wooing sexy alien ladies we sit ourselves down and type out a report or two? That'll make Carlson happy.
No. 93444 ID: ad936f

As I understand it The kariket won the war due to having a numerical advantage (unconfimed), a willingness to attack civilians, greater societal unity, and the ability to create rifts. Unless he has some other ridiculous advantage hidden up his ass a second war would probably be a lot less one sided. I can't think of anything the visitors have that could stand up to a nuke, and the human side would certainly be willing to use them in a war against extra-dimensional "monsters". Bare handed warriors, suicide bombing skuts, and brain exploding oculots could all be fairly easily dealt with using machine guns, artillery, bombs, tanks, or even just high caliber assault rifle fire. Floaters would be trickier, but having been given a few decades I'm certain humanity has come up with something. Both sides will have learned from the other, making all war tech even deadlier than last time. Round two will likely be far bloodier than round one, if it falls on us to stop it (it will) then we best not fuck up, genocide isn't fun.
No. 93448 ID: c4546c

Well, let's just hope it doesn't come to that.
No. 93449 ID: ea0ad9

Kariket lost the war, though. People like Remadren realized that the human civilians were basically defenseless people they were being forced to kill for no good advantage whatsoever, and used their power to open portals up willingly to help visitors defect. The human life, to them, was an entirely better world, and some of these defectors even went as far as to join the human's army and help them strike back. Once the humans started going through portals and striking Golboria, the rules they stuck by, their sense of ethics, it was revealed to the entire world, which lost Kariket the majority of his support. The thickest of thick-headed soldiers found no honor or fun in fighting somebody so "Weak minded", and those who liked the idea of following those ethics defected ASAP.
No. 93451 ID: c4546c

So, really, his entire genocide plot backfired on him in spectacular fashion. By attempting to destroy humanity, he made them into a martyr. Now everybody hates him, and rightfully so. How appropriate that his actions should be the catalyst for his downfall.
No. 93452 ID: bb78f2

I don't think it was a genocide plot. More of a conquer and rule plot.
He had no reason to outright hate the humans, it was just more land to conquer, unless the guys has weirder motives than most conquerers. He was just going to take all these lands, institute a new rule over it, and profit from the fruits of Earth, which may include learning the how the particular strengths of human's may benefit his population.

It's logicical he knew nothing of humans, nor felt anything for them like he did for the Oculot's in his army, despite being an Oculot himself.

Which is still my biggest question about him, how he could ask his people to destroy their minds like they did. How much DID he understand, and how does it affect him? The worst thing is that we'll never know.

I don't think War of the Worlds 2 will happen because he wants it to. It can't happen on his terms, he's lost too many Oculots and their fertility rates are too shit. The guy is probably barely holding his lands together anymore, he has too much to focus on at home now to risk a war. Human's, on the other hand, could probably do fine now in comparison. With a majority of the Oculots out of the way, their leader structure is broken, and they can't do as much damage as before. Now, if we're willing to allow it, we even have some Golborian defector's on our side. If a war happens, it's because the human's want it.

The Earth's governments are more likely spending time on a shadow war, they've probably put spies everywhere they possibly can in Golboria, and have connections to Anti-Karikat factions and their supporting them. And the Karikat can't just declare war over that, because in addition to his population and control issues, there's a multitude of Earth governments independent of one another, he can really only declare war on ONE at a time, or maybe an alliance of a few governments at most. That's all he can handle.

That's the hugest problem for the Karikat in a war, he is ONE government, one nation, even if the Golborian nation is planet sized, he can't organize all that bullshit without making too many weaknesses.
No. 93454 ID: 0f4536

>I don't think it was a genocide plot. More of a conquer and rule plot.
The difference between conquest and genocide is demanding (and actually non-murderously accepting) surrender. The Kariket's forces did not seem to be doing much or any of that during the war.
No. 93455 ID: 0ee153

Was that the Kariket or the Warriors, though? "Prey animal" was a Warrior term iirc, and Hizalin's brother apparently did try to get a Warrior to stop killing shit or be honorless. He got laughed off by said Warrior.

Someone asked why the Kariket hasn't been assassinated yet. He might be a puppet king designed to take the blame for everything and keep the real powers that be hidden. I admit it's needlessly tinfoil-hat seeming, but it's somewhat interesting to try and think of what might be manipulating him.
No. 93456 ID: 0ee153

Essentially, I think it's suspicious that he's as weak of a ruler as Dirtbag already described and he manages to stay in the throne. Either he's got some scary-ass personal superpowers nobody is mentioning or there's some reason a Warrior going MUH HONOR or someone else hasn't killed him yet.
No. 93458 ID: 190574

>a Warrior going MUH HONOR

Huh. Do you think, if Poly turns out to be the Kariket's grandaughter or niece or something, she'd get Warriors showing up with vendettas?
No. 93459 ID: 0ee153

Given their stated ages, more likely she's his mother or aunt or something. Also, unlikely, she keeps that stuff secret.
No. 93460 ID: a36057

The Kariket is several centuries older than Poly.
There is no way she is his mother or aunt.
No. 93461 ID: 0f4536

Has anyone said the Kariket was old? Hiz was saying the Keriket rose to power during his 80ish year lifetime.
No. 93462 ID: a36057

>"What is the Kariket, anyway? Is he a Visitor?"
>"He's an oculot," Bika says. "One of the oldest."
No. 93463 ID: ebcefd

I had missed that. Though it might still be from the official source referenced by Hiz when he said
>"There's a biography someone wrote about him, at his bequest. I won't bother going over it. Small farmhouse birth, blah blah. It's all lies. Guys like that where they grew up, doesn't really matter. He's a force, now."
No. 93464 ID: bb78f2

Are there moments of human history where a genocide was admittedly desired by the conquering side that primarily wanted to conquer? The genocides I know of were made because of religious or past grievances between cultures, like the Holocaust and the genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutus. I'll admit my knowledge is pretty limited on the subject.

Does the establishment of American colonies and the following western expansion count as a genocide against Native Americans? Or how the conquering of the Aztecs by Hernán Cortés? Those are the most closely related parallels I can come up with.
No. 93465 ID: a36057

All this talk of interdimensional politics has left me with a burning question: how will golboria deal with human colonists? Particularly once the Kariket is out of power.
No. 93470 ID: 0ee153

The same as natives usually do in human history. Dying of disease and factionalism until they're too scattered to resist annexation, then being reduced to heavily-marginalized minority groups on reservations.
No. 93471 ID: 0ee153

A less glib, more in-depth answer: Golboria is defenseless if humans manage to establish a foothold, and everyone knows it. Their only advantage was that they could appear and disappear at their convenience, and that was overwhelming. Without it, they can't do anything with nukes and reduced population.

Floaters are the only ones with useful military technology, but they're dependent on factories to reproduce, eat, and sleep. Take these, and it's game over.

Oculotti don't have the population to mount a significant resistance.

Skut don't have anything equivalent to human military tech and mistrust each other. Acid blood doesn't help when artillery and bombers kill you a mile away. Factionalism is likely to do them in.

Warriors don't have anything that puts them on par with a human military. They're not tough enough to survive high explosives and not fast enough to close the gap before being blown to pieces.

If humanity ever decides it wants Golboria and manages to establish transport, Golboria is doomed.
No. 93472 ID: a36057

Well, one does hope for a more peaceful outcome.
I suppose I romanticize it a bit. Traveling to a strange, new world, experiencing the native cultures, exploring an alien landscape. It all sounds very exciting!
No. 93473 ID: 7b7ab3

Hard to say.

Could there be a golborian equivalent to the HVAO in the future? What would the golborian equivalent to Zack be like? What species would he/she be?
No. 93475 ID: 0fc976

Probably a Floater, designed specially for the task. So really, Meg is already the Golborian equivalent of Zack. No wonder they get along so well!
No. 93478 ID: 55c682

It's a real shame that the powerlifter on today's Google doodle isn't red. All crazy-colored and no red? *sigh*
No. 93528 ID: 55c682

When Visitors will participate in Olympic games with humans, there'll probably be two separate synchronized swimming competitions for skuts and non-skuts, since the little bastards would dominate the scene otherwise.
No. 93531 ID: ad936f

I think the way Poly and Bika talked about him implies that he isn't just a puppet.

It was a truce, and for the majority of the war we were getting the shit kicked out of us. He would have won had he not been incredibly incompetent PR-wise.
No. 93532 ID: 40f2f3

As athletic as Warriors are, they may need an entire set of competitions all their own. Wouldn't want to make the other species look bad.
No. 93540 ID: 0ee153

The point of having a puppet is that people aren't supposed to know it's a puppet.
No. 93542 ID: ad936f

poly seems to be important enough that she would know.
No. 93550 ID: c952dd

I wonder if there are any video games with Visitor protagonists. A Warrior would be great in a beat-'em-up, and I'd play the shit out of a skut RTS. I'm not sure where to place Floaters, but I can see an oculot in a point and click adventure game.