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File 159042698112.jpg - (275.61KB , 1576x1200 , Lyluks_talk.jpg )
132952 No. 132952 ID: 443c89

Hello this is a thread for discussing shitty lyluks
Expand all images
No. 132953 ID: 443c89
File 159042711688.gif - (502.44KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_attack.gif )

I will start off this thread with a behind the scenes look at a potential alternative path the quest could've taken if bitluk were more brave and violent/murderous
No. 132954 ID: 8768f8

Are all lyluks shitty? Isn't there a single amazing lyluk?
No. 132955 ID: f8b8bb

This gif is a SIN upon bitluk's pure innocent soul.
No. 132956 ID: 8768f8

She's just helping the other to put mascara on so she can feel prettier.
You can doubt the end result, but are you really doubting bitluk's motives?
No. 132957 ID: f8b8bb

Of course!
that's why they're called "shitty-lyluks".
They're all various degenerated castoffs (AKA badly drawn) of the one TRUE Lyluk.
This is why both there are no "male" shitty lyluks, and why they're all "shitty" lyluks.
No. 132958 ID: 443c89
File 159042846998.jpg - (151.58KB , 1600x1201 , door.jpg )

Heres a less interesting bit of unused assets. This is what pilluk would've seen if she looked through the door. Kinda unnecessary now that she's out.
No. 132959 ID: 8768f8

So you mean there's actually a non-shitty, true Lyluk?
No. 132960 ID: f8b8bb

...no, she's still shitty. But she is the one TRUE lyluk which all the other shitty lulyks are based on!
No. 132961 ID: 8768f8

>All the other
How many? How are lyluks created? How the hell did they survive so far if they lack basic preservation instinct?
No. 132962 ID: f8b8bb

>How the hell did they survive

There's a lot of them. Like... "A LOT" a lot of them.
Nobody knows how they come into being though. They don't seem to breed.
It's a mystery!
No. 132963 ID: 8b270f

No. 132964 ID: 8b270f

see! this is exactly why thay need to be banned.
and persacuted!
No. 132965 ID: 8768f8

So, they are effectively a pest?
Isn't the roman helmet dude right then? Aren't they just a slightly less dumb dodo bird?
No. 132966 ID: c1d5fb

I just wanted you to know that Shitty Lyluk Quest fills me with a great joy every time I read it.
No. 132967 ID: 443c89
File 159051436485.jpg - (84.83KB , 960x720 , hi.jpg )

Glad to hear you are enjoying it.
Here have a lyluk.
No. 132968 ID: 5280e2

Very good.
No. 132975 ID: 6f7a5a

I like Pilluk she is cute
No. 132979 ID: 443c89
File 8b1de42d2391ceb7bdce8eaf555f82cc.mp4 - (383.45KB )

I meant to post this here but I forgot
No. 132980 ID: 2bd15b

Your art style is really bold and brash!
No. 132988 ID: 443c89
File 159070653592.png - (44.23KB , 394x422 , 789d0aca851e85820ec23934390dcbab.png )

I call it "belongs in the trash"
No. 132990 ID: 2bd15b

No. 133038 ID: 443c89
File shake.mp4 - (4.76MB )

No. 133089 ID: b1b4f3

How would we know if we saw the one true Lyluk?
No. 133138 ID: e11102
File 159188957087.jpg - (128.53KB , 250x280 , 1.jpg )

By its color
NOTE: This is NOT the one true lyluk
No. 133139 ID: b1b4f3

What is the proper color?
No. 133150 ID: 82211c

Lilac, obviously
No. 133841 ID: 16d082

damn it, I get my wisdom teeth removed and am not supposed to smile, then I’m treated to an image of Meandraco being described as an “anime pedo rapist” then using his dark Finnish sorcery to summon a meanluk just to grab it by the neck and throw it into a toilet
No. 133842 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god is that who that is? lol that puts things in a new perspective.
No. 134224 ID: 12b116
File 160391632184.jpg - (68.20KB , 498x666 , lyluk ass.jpg )

Just in case you don't check the community threads, I drew y'all some fanart.
No. 134251 ID: 689dc6
File 160425884136.jpg - (373.64KB , 961x987 , nurseluk.jpg )

Thank you very much mr.BiteQuest. I really appreciate it.
I will try to return the favor once things in our lives are back to normal, in the mean time have a lyluk butt courtesy of the quests artist, Begra.
No. 134813 ID: 689dc6
File introducing_lyluks.webm - (2.05MB )

Now for the grand return of the lyluks, here is an introductory presentation made by SubzeroKelvin
No. 134822 ID: 0837e6

Hehehe, nice. Fits perfectly and totally reminds me of the Tiny Desk Engineer ad video.
No. 134837 ID: 12b116

I watch this at least once a week
No. 134857 ID: 689dc6
File 161366724725.png - (392.73KB , 640x459 , free lyluks.png )

No. 134875 ID: 16d082

oh shit, really?
No. 134996 ID: 164e20

Someone was kind enough to make this video chronicling shitty lyluk quest

Much thanks to sleepless slander but I must clear up some confusion. I am definitely not meandraco and he has no involvement in this quests production, he only shows up as an antagonist.
No. 134998 ID: 07ed53

Holy fuck that was incredible. You need to, at minimum, give Sleepless Slander a handy-J.
No. 135227 ID: 164e20
File 161688175716.gif - (683.09KB , 1600x959 , lyluks_walkcycles.gif )

By popular demand some lyluk walk cycles
No. 135229 ID: 12b116

This is my favorite
No. 135304 ID: b0f7ae

These are giving me some strong vibes of the videos on YouTube of the results of AI neural nets learning to walk via genetic algorithmic selection. (Search for CodeBullet on YT for example.)
No. 135311 ID: 164e20
File 161781265736.gif - (20.62KB , 256x217 , cookie_pixeluk.gif )

No. 135392 ID: 164e20
File 161904459702.gif - (2.44MB , 480x270 , myfirstsynfiganimation_1.gif )

Made by validguy
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