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File 148734437095.jpg - (13.81KB , 600x400 , 001.jpg )
780239 No. 780239 ID: 6cbace

Title Gained: Bloodsucker - Digesting more than 10 liters of blood. +20 CON [Dragon] clan - The blood of [Dragon] flow though you. +10 INT Ability Gained: Sentience [Mana] perception Primordial Slime STR 11 DEX 6 CON 11 +20 INT 4 +10 WIS 5 CHA 2 Abilities: Primordial - Evolution Tree restircitons unlocked. Organic Mimic - Ability to replicate living things. Gluttony - Limitless capacity for consuption. Absorbtion - Traits of consumed organics can be taken. Sentience - You are aware. [Mana] perception - Able to sense the flow of [Mana]. Senses - (Touch) (Taste) ([Mana])

... I am.
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No. 780241 ID: b15da4

No. 780242 ID: 6cbace
File 148734593389.jpg - (15.12KB , 600x400 , 002.jpg )

I move.
No. 780243 ID: 0555b9

And then a slide to the right!
No. 780244 ID: ded3b0

Taste the ground! Touch the ground! FEEL THE MANA COMING FROM THE GROUND!
No. 780247 ID: 6cbace
File 148734717057.jpg - (26.88KB , 600x400 , 003.jpg )

The ground tastes of rock. It is hard.

You feel the [Mana] around you.
No. 780249 ID: b15da4

Consume dead body. Looks like a knight, maybe you'll become a metal slime!
No. 780250 ID: 398fe1

Follow the blood towards the dead body near you. EAT THE BODY.
No. 780255 ID: 6cbace
File 148734806784.jpg - (15.84KB , 600x400 , 004.jpg )

You return to the [Dragon] to consume the rest of the corpse.

Unfortunately it has ceased being organic.

Ability Gained:
[Mana] Core - Your body has been infused with [Mana].
I am heavy.
No. 780256 ID: b15da4

Become a magical slimegirl with your extra mass. Nothing can go wrong!
No. 780257 ID: 6cbace
File 148734870130.jpg - (13.29KB , 600x400 , 005.jpg )

I do not recognize the concept of [Magic] and girl.

My attempts to try to adjust my mass causes my form to change. My [Mana] automatically rewires itself to adapt to my shape.
No. 780258 ID: 2eca18

Grow. Evolve. Gain some form of limb or eye to see.

It is the only thing a slime can do!
No. 780259 ID: b15da4

Explore surroundings. Look for walls.
No. 780260 ID: d79f26

consume other body.
No. 780261 ID: 398fe1

Move in some arbitrary direction and sense the mana around you to find more things to eat.

Possibly shapeshift into a small animal like a cat, so that you can move more freely (and possibly gain sight?)
No. 780262 ID: 6cbace
File 148735006334.png - (8.69KB , 600x400 , 006.png )

The concept of Eye or Limb escapes me.

I trace a nearby [Mana] vein, but the floor is now impeding my way.
No. 780263 ID: 2eca18

Melt the ground, use some of yourself or your mana.

You need to get to that vein, push through any crack or anything to get at it.
No. 780264 ID: b15da4

Trace the floor until you sense a source of mana.
No. 780265 ID: 398fe1

Mimic [Dragon].
No. 780266 ID: 0d1514

Do you understand warm? Seek warmth.
No. 780267 ID: d79f26

trace the area and make a mental map.
No. 780268 ID: 6cbace
File 148735112835.png - (6.69KB , 600x400 , 007.png )

I follow the sideways floor along, creating a memory of your trail.

Along the way, I try to touch the [Mana] vein.

The ground vein forms capillaries to meet my own veins and traces of [Mana] trickle into my [Mana] core.

I am unable to touch the vein.
No. 780269 ID: 2eca18

We've hit the jackpot. Grow into the vein slowly but surely. If molds and other rock-boring plants can do it, so can you.

Tap right into that sucker.
No. 780272 ID: b15da4

Can you grow from just the mana?
No. 780275 ID: 6cbace
File 148735237128.png - (12.75KB , 600x400 , 008.png )

The [Dragon] I consumed was not organic. I am unable to mimic it.

The vein thins out the close I get to it. I am unable to touch it.

[Mana] seems to have trace mass, but gain is negligible.

I seem to have ran out of side floor.
No. 780276 ID: b15da4

Assimilate the concept of [green thing].
No. 780277 ID: 2eca18

Climb up the wall if you can. Maybe it runs up the wall.

Check the green stuff if that doesn't work. What does the green stuff do?
No. 780278 ID: 398fe1

That's the mental map.

Looks like a sheer drop. Let's feel along the edge and reach the other wall to follow that back, and see if we missed any side passages.
No. 780280 ID: 91ee5f

That green thing in the corner is a map of where the slime has been from it's own memory.
No. 780282 ID: 398fe1

Wait no, that's not a sheer drop, that's... water?
No. 780283 ID: 595d54

Yeah, from how it's trickling along the wall, it looks like water or some ore or something. Poke the veins in the wall.
No. 780284 ID: d79f26

backtrack to the dragon room, there was another glob of mana in a suspicious shape.
No. 780285 ID: 6cbace
File 148735431067.png - (13.76KB , 600x400 , 009.png )

The edge of the floor leads to a fast flowing fluid.

My CON is high enough to prevent me from diluting into it. If needed be, I could enter it without dissolving away.

[Mana] is present in it in traces, too fast to catch.
No. 780287 ID: 094652

Collect water, then process with your body or wait for it to evaporate to collect the mana.
No. 780288 ID: 595d54

Well, that's one option, but for now I think >>780284 is right. Let's go investigate what that thing in the dragon room was.
No. 780289 ID: 398fe1

Let's jump in, see where the water takes us.
No. 780290 ID: 398fe1

What, you mean the mana-infused remains of the dragon that the slime already ate?
No. 780291 ID: 6cbace
File 148735584287.png - (8.11KB , 600x400 , 010.png )

Returning to the room, I trace out the surroundings.

With exception of the one connected to me, the [Mana] veins has grown smaller, draining away from into the surroundings.

There are four spots where there accumulated [Mana] yet to fully evaporate.
No. 780293 ID: 398fe1

Oh, huh. This looks like some sort of ritual room actually.

Go see if you can tap those mana spots. Start with the isolated one.
No. 780300 ID: 595d54

Delicious mana, you must eat it. Start with the isolated one, it's probably the safest and most likely to fade soon. Then check the other three.
No. 780302 ID: 6cbace
File 148735695795.png - (14.04KB , 600x400 , 011.png )

Investigating the [Mana] spots, a sense of familiarity grows as I touch it.

These are seeds.

The isolated one is mine. I do not recall when I was hatched. Two of these have already bore fruit and left. The [Mana] reconstructing the shell for a new kin to germinate. It is not organic.

The remaining one is still incubating. As the [Mana] vein leaves it, it grows cold.
No. 780303 ID: 8d4593

Surround it with yourself.
No. 780304 ID: 595d54

Try and see if you can incubate it yourself. Engulf but don't digest it, and then see if it encumbers your motion. Having a friend around is more valuable than whatever little mana it has.

After that, I think we've exhausted every option that isn't the water. Might as well try that.
No. 780305 ID: d79f26

shepherd the mana back to the seed. try to bundle your mana lines together as a thick tube to act as a pipe. perhaps that will let you absorb and expel more.
No. 780324 ID: e66267

Consume your sibling. Their biomass will be useful when you decide on more complex forms to mimic.
No. 780361 ID: 7f7ea0

At the very least consume the remains of the open seeds
No. 780363 ID: 9876c4

I agree, having a sibling/pet in the picture will probably change things in an interesting way.
No. 780365 ID: 094652

Collect the remaining sibling, having a beta will even the odds if your siblings decide to come after you.
No. 780374 ID: 398fe1

Guys the shells aren't organic. We can't eat it. Best we can do is try to give more mana to the last seed.
No. 780387 ID: 6cbace
File 148737708167.png - (11.07KB , 600x400 , 012.png )

I take the seeds.
The shells crumple away upon my touch, while the still forming seed merges into my surface.
My [Mana] veins react to the shell, feeding it like a parasite.
I can feel the still forming core inside.

[Absorption] can be triggered. [Absorption] between two Slimes, Core with higher CON will consume the Core with lower CON. Proceed?

I reach the large fluid again.
No. 780388 ID: 595d54

Not yet. If it turns out to be a threat later on, we have the Bloodsucker title so I doubt it can beat our Con anyway. Let's see where the water takes us.
No. 780389 ID: 398fe1

Yeah we can just keep it around for now. Not like we're doing anything with the mana anyway.
No. 780390 ID: dd5b4d

Yeah let's dive in the water and find our destiny!
No. 780391 ID: d79f26

how about instead of jumping into the water we just follow it. just keep one side of us touching it and follow the flow.
No. 780394 ID: 6cbace
File 148737817998.png - (14.14KB , 600x400 , 013.png )

The flow of the fluid is strong. I am unable to sense anything in the fluid past my surface. Just it's weight as I enter the stream

My mass keeps me on the floor, where the currents are stronger.
It takes me considerable effort to try to keep steady, but the current pushes me along.

I let the stream carry me to the unknown.
No. 780397 ID: d79f26

drift for a while, if you start feeling salt water (an increase in PH) then get out of the stream. reset map start at where you got out of the stream from.
No. 780399 ID: 6cbace
File 148737923007.png - (17.14KB , 600x400 , 014.png )

I feel the fluid around me permeate into my being. It mingles with the blood inside of me.

Title Gained: Aquatic - Adapted to underwater environment. +5 DEX. Ability Gained: Fluid Body - Your body is able to produce and mimic the properties of fluids you absorb. Slime Bonus: Your core can freely move around.

I feel myself grow lighter, my buoyancy keeping me off the floor.

The seed retreats deeper into my body, but I have mass to spare to envelop it.
No. 780400 ID: dd5b4d

Try becoming perfectly spherical. You can just bounce and roll along the bottom then.

Or form wigglers and try to swim!
No. 780401 ID: 8d65de

go with the flow less work.
No. 780402 ID: d79f26

can you lose titles? if so then be careful not to lose too much blood, that +10 int from the dragon blood is important. if not then cool. ether try to get cilia or a flagellum going on. OR create a vacuole in the direction you want to go and grab a ton of water, base it through your center and expel it from the opposite side from where you want to go.
No. 780404 ID: 6cbace
File 148738034811.png - (17.29KB , 600x400 , 015.png )

[Dragon] blood is stored into my core, [Fluid Body] means I can never run out, but it takes considerable [Mana] to produce.

The added DEX allows me to make many small pockets of fluid around my shell and expel it outwards. A primitive form of locomotion is achievable, but navigation is impossible as the stream tumbles me around.

Eventually the fluid grows thinner, and I ooze onto the edge of the stream.

There is a presence.
No. 780405 ID: dd5b4d

Hang on, with the new fluid body ability does that mean we can make and spray dragon blood all over people?
No. 780406 ID: 398fe1

Can we jet boost with water for a burst of speed? Regardless, assault and consume the presence.
No. 780407 ID: dd5b4d

Show it the dance of your people. By that I mean envelop and devour it.
No. 780408 ID: d79f26

gather water and do a large burst and attach to the back of it, then absorb and mimic it. it being in the water means it is also adapted to this environment so you need surprise on your side.
No. 780411 ID: 6cbace
File 148738174403.png - (4.56KB , 600x400 , 016.png )

I do not have the ability to eject my inside outside. [Dragon] blood has bad [Mana] to fluid efficiency, compared to the fluid.

You attempt to "jet" across, but you only spurt out a pitiful puddle. My mass is too heavy to effectively propel myself outside of the fluid.

It does however get the creature's attention.
No. 780415 ID: dd5b4d

OK draw back and try to look edible. Then when the lizard is in the water reveal that it, in fact, is the one who is edible.
No. 780419 ID: d79f26

fake weakness.
No. 780421 ID: 6cbace
File 148738271602.png - (9.88KB , 600x400 , 017.png )

It is fast. Before I can ooze back into the stream, it is on me. Literally.

I feel it's dull edges press onto my body, as it tries to bite down. It's body is warm.
No. 780423 ID: dd5b4d

Lizards can't bite you if their heads are inside your body!
No. 780426 ID: ba506f

give it a hug
No. 780428 ID: 6cbace
File 148738355721.png - (9.80KB , 600x400 , 018.png )

I let it's situation sink in.

It trashes about struggling to get free, but I start filling into it's nearby cavities, making it impossible for it to pull free.
No. 780429 ID: 595d54

See if you can swallow up the second mana spot, too.
No. 780430 ID: c6fca7

Consume lizard, then assume its form.
No. 780432 ID: 3373e2

No. 780440 ID: 398fe1

How does it taste?
No. 780441 ID: 9145ba

Mimic the lizard's eyes and tail.
No. 780446 ID: 8d65de

devour and be empower
No. 780451 ID: 6cbace
File 148738512877.png - (9.72KB , 600x400 , 019.png )

[Absorption] has been activated. [Organic Mimic] has been activated.

The nearby veins creep towards me, filling and solidifying inside of me as my [Organic Mimic] shapes and reconstitutes my mass into the creature.

[Organic Mimic] has assumed the form of [Lesser Taros Reptile]. Ability Gained: Senses - (Lesser Sight) (Lesser Smell) (Hearing) (Greater Taste) Primordial Slime - [Lesser Taros Reptile] STR 11 +6 DEX 11 +5 CON 31 +2 INT 14 +3 WIS 5 +2 CHA 2 +1
No. 780454 ID: 398fe1

Open your eyes
No. 780456 ID: dd5b4d

oh no it's cute. Are you a girl lizard or a boy lizard?
No. 780457 ID: 6cbace
File 148738563990.png - (8.62KB , 600x400 , 020.png )

It is dark. (Lesser Sight) extends my perception range, but I am unable to see [Mana].

My body is heavy, I am unable to pick myself up or move as agile as the reptile. It appears something it has is unable to be replicated with [Organic Mimic].

I shuffle across the floor.
No. 780463 ID: 094652

Climb on a wall, continue from there.
No. 780464 ID: 398fe1

I think there's something interesting to the left.

Try tasting the air.
No. 780465 ID: d79f26

did you absorb any memories or instincts? perhaps they could clue you in.
hmmm... maybe it was strengthening itself with mana? try channeling mana into legs.
No. 780467 ID: 0d1514

go on a diet fatty
No. 780468 ID: 9145ba

Can you store this form for later? Mana sight seems generally more useful
No. 780473 ID: 6cbace
File 148738666478.png - (6.06KB , 600x400 , 021.png )

I do not understand the meaning of Boy or Girl.

To the left is more floor, filled with floor bits.
I do not retain memories or instincts of the reptile.

I taste the air. It tastes like air. I am unable to interpret it.

My mass is important, to lose mass is death.

Forms can be stored. [Organic Mimic] allows my body to mimic living things as a whole or as a part.

[[Mana] Perception] is still active, but does not overlap with (Lesser Sight).
No. 780474 ID: 398fe1

Oh! What if you closed your eyes? Could you see mana while they're closed?
No. 780476 ID: dd5b4d

Then get even fatter, fatty! Let's look around for some more food. What are those things around you, rocks?
No. 780477 ID: d79f26

you need a multi-layer mind. lesser sight and mana perception must both use the same location of your mind for processing, so make another location.
No. 780478 ID: 0d1514

Get bigger then. The problem is not mass, but density. You're too dense for your little limbs.

No. 780490 ID: 6cbace
File 148738780601.png - (9.92KB , 600x400 , 022.png )

All mass has been converted into Organs to support [Organic Mimic]. I am of similar size with the reptile, but less denser than it.

[[Mana] Perception] can be activated with eyes open, and [Mana] is visible outside visible range.

It is filled with floor bits everywhere.

I am only one core.

I see another reptile where I can not see.
No. 780491 ID: 9145ba

Is it nesting? Are there eggs inside with it?
No. 780494 ID: 7f7ea0

where are you keeping the seed
No. 780495 ID: 0d1514

No. 780496 ID: d79f26

try to concentrate mass to legs, you lack bones/ solid reinforcement supports.
No. 780498 ID: 398fe1

Find the cracks in the structure the lizard is hiding in. There must be an entrance; it got in somehow! If the gap is large enough to permit your core to enter, switch back to slime form and ooze on inside.

I suspect we may need to push a rock out of the way in lizard form, though.
No. 780500 ID: dd5b4d

Say hello. If you hang out with the other lizards you'll get to find out what they eat and eat whatever eats the lizards.
No. 780504 ID: 6cbace
File 148738847875.png - (11.91KB , 600x400 , 023.png )

The seed is stored in an existing cavity inside my body.

It's on the surface of the floor bit.

It makes a chirp at you and puffs up. You do not understand it.
No. 780506 ID: 9145ba

Idly lick eyeball. You are a master of disguise!
No. 780508 ID: ba506f

chirp back and puff up as well.
No. 780516 ID: 398fe1

What is obscuring your view of it, if it's on the surface?

Lick its face.
No. 780517 ID: 6cbace
File 148738939037.png - (11.20KB , 600x400 , 024.png )

I chirp back and puff up as well. My slime body expands without limits, but I stop myself before my limbs are unable to grip the floor.

The other reptile chrips excitedly.
No. 780518 ID: dd5b4d

Boop the snoot!
No. 780520 ID: 398fe1

Ohhhh it's an outcropping.

Surprise it by shifting back into slime form and falling on its face. More mass is better, right?
No. 780521 ID: d79f26

i think your puffing has impressed it, it now wants to mate. as in, mix genetic material in order to create offspring that have your desirable traits. in this case your exceptional puffing ability.
No. 780530 ID: 9145ba

The beginnings of a plan. Let it move in to mate, then absorb it when it is pinned under you/stuck on top of you. Cloaca and dagger tactics will win the day!
No. 780534 ID: 6cbace
File 148739096892.png - (10.21KB , 600x400 , 025.png )

I get closer.
No. 780537 ID: 6cbace
File 148739100114.png - (11.16KB , 600x400 , 026.png )

I boop the snoot.
No. 780538 ID: 398fe1

Consuuuuume omnomnom. How much more mana do we need to feed the seed before it hatches? Can we feed it some blood to give it the [Dragon] clan bonus and the INT it needs to be sentient? Keep it under 10 liters so it has no chance of overcoming our CON, of course.
No. 780539 ID: a363ac

Succ harder
No. 780540 ID: 9145ba

Beware the drop. Dig in with claws/wrap tail around something and pull your meal up.
No. 780544 ID: d79f26

consume this one slower and cross reference to see if you can find the discrepancy for why you have trouble standing.
No. 780545 ID: 6cbace
File 148739203269.png - (12.27KB , 600x400 , 027.png )

Mass Gained

It has stopped struggling once I had absorbed up to it's arms.

With the added mass, I feel myself spread out a bit more. I pull myself back up the floor bit as the rest of the reptile slides deeper inside of me.

The bud will not have [Bloodsucker] and thus would not be able to be granted the [[Dragon] clan] title.

I do not know how much [Mana] or time is needed for the seed to hatch.
No. 780546 ID: dd5b4d

Puff yourself up and chirp in victory. How big can you go, it might be good for surprising critters?
No. 780548 ID: 0d1514

Can you feel moving air? Move towards the moving air.
No. 780549 ID: 398fe1

Aw dang, that means the bud will take a huge amount of mana to become sentient, because we'd have to create 10 liters of blood. Well, that, or we feed it all the blood we get from prey until it gets 10 liters, then we spray some pittance of [Dragon] blood on it so it gets the clan bonus. Or does all 10 liters have to be one type to gain the clan bonus?

Alternatively we could feed it an intelligent creature once it hatches, so that it could mimic it and gain enough INT to become sentient.

Would we gain anything from eating the bud, aside from the pittance of mass? Well, that and we wouldn't be feeding it mana anymore so we'd keep it to ourselves...
No. 780550 ID: 6cbace
File 148739374029.png - (9.40KB , 600x400 , 028.png )

I puff myself as large as my reptile hide can and slide off the floor bit.

The air is still and cool. The stream behind fills the surrounding with ambient trickling.

It will be unknown if feeding the new bud will allow it to gain sentience, or if it will have a mimic ability.

The bud is separated from my form by the seed, and as long as it is within me, it will continue to feed off of my [Mana] to support itself. As a primordial slime, I will not gain any benefit from consuming another slime.
No. 780552 ID: 398fe1

Alright let's continue with the incubation, then.

Keep exploring the cavern. The lizards had to be eating something which means there must be access to the outside nearby. Head towards any light you find. I suppose we could just keep following the water flow but we can't be sure how big the underwater tunnel is, it could get too narrow for us to pass.
No. 780554 ID: d79f26

okay, compress yourself done to normal size for these lizards and try to stand again. then just roam around, maybe blink to see just mana and watch for anything interesting, like larger animals.
No. 780559 ID: 6cbace
File 148739516810.png - (11.30KB , 600x400 , 029.png )

I compress the added mass to apply more muscles to move my body. I am still slower than the first reptile.

I proceed forwards deeper and I find more reptiles around. I try to get closer but they keep their distance, hiding behind floor bits, but they can not hide their [Mana].
No. 780561 ID: dd5b4d

Chirp in anguish and pretend to die.
No. 780562 ID: 0d1514

Puff up sexily
No. 780564 ID: 9145ba

Cease aggression for now. Your prey must be caught unawares, or at least until it's too late.
No. 780566 ID: a363ac

And this time not eat what comes near you.
No. 780568 ID: 398fe1

I think there might be too many of them. Keep going.
No. 780572 ID: 6cbace
File 148739659922.png - (10.19KB , 600x400 , 030.png )

I puff up and chirp.

The reptiles seem startled and retreat behind out of sight.

Something large emerges at the edge of my [[Mana] Perception].
No. 780573 ID: a363ac

It is their king let it consume you so you might consume it from the inside out.
No. 780574 ID: d79f26

be ready to turn back to slime, when large thing puts it's mouth on you flow into it's lungs.
No. 780575 ID: d0a9a0


You have attracted the attention of long, green squiggle. Watch it fly majestically in the distance like the mysterious noodle it is. Also, extend dewlap and assert attractive status.
No. 780576 ID: dd5b4d

That's the minimap.

Look all vulnerable and edible.
No. 780577 ID: 8d4593

do this
No. 780578 ID: 9145ba

They weren't hiding from you. Get as dense as possible, right now!
No. 780581 ID: 6cbace
File 148739822143.png - (20.48KB , 600x400 , 031.png )

I deflate myself as the large creature draws closer.
It barely enters my sight range as it towers above me. It would be difficult to suffocate this one.
No. 780582 ID: a363ac

Let it eat you then crawl into the squishy thing in its head and assume direct control.
No. 780583 ID: d79f26

which is why you leap into it's mouth and go into the lung instead of the stomach, then just start eating it from that location.

if we can PAUSE and open evolution tree.
No. 780584 ID: 0d1514

present your backside
No. 780585 ID: d0a9a0


You mentioned manifesting parts of the creatures you've consumed. Let it swallow you and then grow just a shitload of claws. Like, become a hocky puck rimmed with fish hooks. Lodge yourself on those soft insides right down his throat and he will either have to rip out his own throat to kill you or he will choke. Either way, he. will. die.
No. 780588 ID: 91ee5f

Let it swallow you, then inflate to maximum size in its throat!
No. 780589 ID: 6cbace
File 148739953919.png - (10.27KB , 600x400 , 032.png )

It picks me up in it's mouth, gently placing it between it's blunt teeth as it carries me away.
No. 780590 ID: a363ac

Wait and see what it does.
No. 780592 ID: d0a9a0


D'awww. Maybe it thinks you're its baby. Or it plans on introducing you to its babies. Either way, biomass incoming. So hang tight.
No. 780593 ID: 398fe1

...this could turn out well for us. If you continue to pretend to be a baby, the parent will feed you.
No. 780594 ID: 9145ba

You don't... actually have a front, as a slime. You can slip down into its lungs now.
No. 780599 ID: d0a9a0


As an aside, herbivores tend to have blunt teeth, not carnivores. This could be interesting.
No. 780664 ID: 6cbace
File 148741275763.png - (28.32KB , 600x400 , 033.png )

The creature deposits me into a small clearing.

I am surrounded by a new texture of floor, softer than before. There is a new scent in the air, simulating this body's interest in feeding.

There is a growth around me, with capillaries of [Mana] growing inside of it. It is difficult to see [Mana] past them, [[Mana] Presence] is unable to determine depth.

The reptiles around me keep their eyes on me with the growth in their mouths.
No. 780665 ID: 34f6b6

Imitate them for now.
No. 780669 ID: 9145ba

Wait til they're sleeping to nom.
No. 780670 ID: 6cbace
File 148741671050.png - (22.80KB , 600x400 , 034.png )

I mimic their behavior, feeding upon the growth around me.

The reptiles choose to ignore me, concentrating on their own feed.

[Absorption] has been activated. [Fluid Body] can now produce [Aleo Gel]. [Dragon] Blood - ??? Water - Clear, Tasteless fluid. Aleo Gel - Recovers vitality over time.

The reptiles around me slowly make their way towards me, coiling themselves around my body.

It is warm.
No. 780671 ID: e4abe1

be nice to the lizards, they will give you food in return later, most likely!
No. 780672 ID: dd5b4d

Yeah why not stay a while and learn their mysterious lizardy ways.
No. 780674 ID: 34f6b6

This is pretty good actually, you've got relative safety to explore your new environment and any new abilities that crop up, and oh boy are any natural predators of these things in for a surprise if they go for you
No. 780675 ID: 6cbace
File 148742009211.png - (19.29KB , 600x400 , 035.png )

I spend some time in the reptile ball. My body does not require sleep to function, but the warmth is comfortable.

The larger creature returns periodically, depositing more of the smaller reptiles which join in the ball, adding to the warmth before finally settling down itself.

I close my eyes, mimicking the others around me before the larger creature closes its own eyes.

I am warm.
No. 780676 ID: dd5b4d

Rest well little slime lizard.
No. 780699 ID: 8d4593

Would you have sufficient size to suffocate the large one if you absorbed the small ones?
No. 780702 ID: 2dcc3b

Greater Taros Reptile is basically Mom. I don't care about the other Lessers, but don't hurt Mom.
No. 780704 ID: 34f6b6

aww, no matter what, try to do right by this little nest.
They're adorable and warm and helped sorta.
No. 780751 ID: d0a9a0


Rest well, slime lizard. You have found a family.
No. 780756 ID: 9145ba

A delicious family.
No. 780766 ID: 6cbace
File 148744994341.png - (28.39KB , 600x400 , 036.png )

"Alright kids, as a reminder, this here is Aleo Grass. It shouldn't be hard to find around here, and there shouldn't be too much danger about.

But just in case, remember to send a signal [Rune] in case you meet anything. The beasts around here react to sound, and would shy away from bright lights.

Any questions?"

"No sir."

"Alright, get going."
No. 780767 ID: 6cbace
File 148744997241.png - (19.37KB , 600x400 , 037.png )

Follow: >Adult >Girl >Boy
No. 780769 ID: a363ac

No. 780770 ID: d0a9a0


No. 780771 ID: 57f342

No. 780772 ID: 9145ba

No. 780780 ID: d79f26

No. 780781 ID: b88e47

No. 780785 ID: 34f6b6

No. 780801 ID: 2aba49

No. 780807 ID: 90f3c0

No. 780829 ID: 91cfcf

No. 780839 ID: 6bda2b

No. 780849 ID: 3abd97

No. 780850 ID: 7f9a74

No. 780855 ID: 8d4593

He seems like he's gonna do something retarded.
No. 780864 ID: 34576f

Adult. I want to see his reaction as the children in his care die horribly and he's unable to do anything other than scream.
No. 780873 ID: d79f26

then pick something else :V
as in, clearly we are the slime and we will 'follow' and eat the person we pick.
No. 780915 ID: 91ee5f

Or.....what if whoever we pick somehow ends up turning into the slime because they found some ancient magical thingy and they just had to touch it?
No. 780942 ID: 6cbace
File 148746961197.png - (16.29KB , 600x400 , 038.png )

>Adult - 7 >Girl - 2 >Boy - 6

{Mote; Follow; Target;}, {Mote; Follow; Target;}

Well this will be a boring day.
No. 780944 ID: 3abd97

Yeah you didn't get eaten by a shapeshifting slime who would then steal your identity or anything.
No. 780945 ID: 91cfcf

Hi. You're possessed now. Nothing except death will free you, and that's not even guaranteed to work.

Good news is we're probably vaguely friendly, what's up?
No. 780946 ID: d79f26

slime lizard, suddenly drop on his head from the roof and eat him.

if that isn't applicable then:
what kind of critters are down here?
No. 780949 ID: 9145ba

Hey Rabbold. See any juicy prey around? I spy three easy targets right... here.
No. 780975 ID: 6cbace
File 148747361822.png - (25.93KB , 600x400 , 039.png )

Last recorded one died in captivity after the shifter wars. Shapeshifters can't hide their [Mana] veins.

... No, I'm still me, I'm pretty sure.

Cannibalism is frowned upon.
No. 780977 ID: 91cfcf

So, coincidentally reminisce about what you're doing in this cave for the nonexistent voices in your head as you check out the [Mana] in that wall in the arbitrary top right corner you probably aren't aware of.
No. 780981 ID: d79f26

so what are you getting aleo grass for?
No. 780984 ID: 3abd97

So what's the point of this training exercise you've brought the youngings along on?

>can't hide mana veins
Aren't there some there, on the wall, to the right, behind your charges?
No. 780985 ID: 094652

Oh look a mana vein. Tap it out and move on.
No. 780993 ID: d0a9a0


Do not kill lizards while collecting grass, goat boy. Otherwise, the remainder of your existence will be suffering.
No. 781025 ID: 398fe1

What would you do if you found a slime?
No. 781029 ID: 6cbace
File 148747687052.png - (16.52KB , 600x400 , 040.png )

It's a sign, made my rubbing [Mana] Stone dust against the wall. It lasts as long as there's [Mana] in the earth. This one says "exit", with an arrow pointing back to where we came. [Mana] stone dust has the added benefit of giving off a non-luminescent glow if you're out of a light.

Aleo Grass is used for it's gel. Raw, it's a horrible bitter secretion that can be used to close small wounds.
Refined, can lead to salves that can heal more serious injuries as well as numb pain. Useful as a general medication, and most adventurers keep at least one tin with them.

I am in an escort mission for lower ranked adventurers, assigned by the guild, as they gain points and experience.
A mandatory babysitting and teaching job basically. I had to go though the same thing long ago.

These kids have a collection mission to gather Aleo grass for the apothecary.

Beasts around here are mostly harmless. Easy to kill even for a kid, but there are times where more dangerous beasts pop up from down below. I'm only to step up if that happens.
No. 781035 ID: 3abd97

Well, keep watch, I suppose. Nothing sneaking up behind you, right? On on the ceiling? People always forget to look up.
No. 781036 ID: 9145ba

Stand around repeating the same line over and over until they collect their fifty bear asses.
No. 781037 ID: d0a9a0


What other useful things do adventurer's tend to carry?
No. 781053 ID: 398fe1

What was the shifter war like? What's the policy on discovery of new shifters?
No. 781059 ID: 6cbace
File 148748113864.png - (14.52KB , 600x400 , 041.png )

Whetstone, Skinning knife, Flint and Steel.
Medical supplies, A [Mana] stone and powder.
A small shovel, Food and Water, A pot.
Rope, a sleeping mat and spare clothes.

The shifter war was a confusing thing, where it was discovered that multiple high positioned people from multiple countries were discovered to be shapeshifters. When it discovered how to tell the difference, Shifters began to be discriminated and hunted.

They retaliated, but they were soon outnumbered. The war ended centuries ago. If there are any surviving shifter, we don't know.

Nothing. Slimes are basically the cleaners of nature.
They scavenge and consume waste of other beasts. I've even heard some rich people or cities that use them as toilets.
Blood slimes however are highly valued by doctors for their secretions that can be used as a blood replacement.
Higher leveled blood slimes have been known to replicate usable limbs too. Together with high level medical magic, limbs could be regrown and attached with rehabilitation. Expensive and rare stuff, that.
No. 781066 ID: 398fe1

So, Blood Slimes are predatory?

Oh well, may as well go on patrol while the kids do their work. If there's any big monsters around you'd better find them before they find you.

What spells do you have, aside from mote control?
No. 781085 ID: 6cbace
File 148748536592.png - (33.05KB , 600x400 , 042.png )

They feed on waste like any other slime, it's just that they have the ability to clone parts given a sample of the animal. They get their name from the deep red color they have.

Spells I know are:
{Mote; Follow; Target;} - a luminescent ball of light. Useful since I don't have to buy torches.
{Spark; Target;} - Produces a small spark. Not practical for fights or lighting, but useful for starting fires sometimes.
{Body; Self; Toggle;} - A high energy spell, good for a short burst of power, but hurts like hell once it's done. I can keep this up for half an hour.

I take a walk around the perimeter of the cavern.
No. 781091 ID: 9145ba

Cast {Body; Self; Toggle;} right now. Just to uh, test it's working. Ignore the girl's bag, there's nothing in it but the leaves she was assigned to collect. Yes.
No. 781101 ID: b88e47

Something got into the bag of one of them. It's red. Keep an eye on it and let them figure it out unless it gets dangerous.
No. 781102 ID: 398fe1

Would you object to the kids capturing a small animal to keep as a pet?
(don't waste your combat buff, lol)
No. 781107 ID: d0a9a0


Do not kill smol lizard. He is hungry and a friend.
No. 781108 ID: ba506f

so what's the kid's story? becoming adventures to make it rich or is this more or less a rite of passage that all kids go through when they reach a certain age?

Also what's the story with these caves? Just some random cave system that you send newbies into to learn or is there a bit more to them then that?
No. 781111 ID: 398fe1

Hey have you heard of any Dragons deeper in this cave?
No. 781116 ID: 6cbace
File 148749200772.png - (22.14KB , 600x400 , 043.png )

Not unless I want to spend tomorrow with a full body hangover.

As a general rule, whatever an escorted picks up belongs to them. She'll probably be docked some points for having less grass than needed, but it's a learning experience.

Keeping beasts as pets is fine, depending on how docile they can be, and how affordable they are.

I did not ask, different people have different circumstances.
Anyone can apply to be an adventurer, hunter, or gatherer. The guilds offer classes, workshops or help for citizens to learn and earn based on their skills.
The differences are that Adventurers are not tied to a city, Hunters are more combat oriented and Gatherers are not. The kids are both hunters.

This place is a network of caves and caverns under the Wern Kingdom, situated outside the [Dragon]s Ridge. The caves goes pretty deep, and Wern Kingdom history states that they eventually lead to the other side of [Dragon]s Ridge, where the treasures and cities of [Dragon]s rest.

[Dragon]s are religious fairy tales.
No. 781119 ID: dd5b4d

So no-one's crossed the ridge then?
No. 781122 ID: 398fe1

So what's your city like?
Also, what are [Dragon]s exactly?
No. 781128 ID: 6cbace
File 148749834179.png - (24.57KB , 600x400 , 044.png )

The ridge is impassable, and it takes years just to circle it.
Many have tried to climb it, but the higher one goes, the less [Mana] there is, making it harder to survive. Those who returned barely made it to the sea of clouds surrounding it.
No. 781130 ID: 8d4593

Ancient ruins? Untold riches?
And no one has attempted to use magic or explosives to blast through the mountains?
No. 781133 ID: 6cbace
File 148749928286.png - (8.16KB , 600x400 , 045.png )

Well, [Dragons] are said to be the mother of the land.

The first [Dragon], the [Star Dragon] landed on this world, [Havaros], laid her eggs. [Havaros] trapped the [Star Dragon] where she laid until she died.

Her body became the land, Her tears became the ocean, Her breath became the air and her blood became [Mana].

From the [Mana], came the races, [Avaros] of the winds, [Nereya] of the oceans, and [Rabbolds] of the earth, and the various [Beasts].

The [Dragons] hatched many years later, and introduced [Magic] to the races, as well and produced [Mana Beasts] that harvested the lands for unknown reasons.

Back then, the [Avaros] were rulers, with their ability to fly. They had spread all over the world. The [Rabbolds] had burrowed underground and the [Nereyas] fled to the waters.

After the [Dragons] hatched, the [Avaros] demanded all their Magic and Technology, eventually raising war against them. The [Dragons] punished the [Avaros], clipping their wings and eliminating their Capital, Avern, before retreating from the world into the [Dragons] Ridge.

No one has seen a [Dragon] since.

Well, this happened millennias ago, so who knows if this is all true. Like I said, Religious fairy tales.
No. 781137 ID: dd5b4d

How are the kids doing harvesting that grass?
No. 781139 ID: d79f26

neat, but you still didn''t answer the other question, has any wizard just come to the same spot on the ridge every day and use massive explosion spell against it? just keep hammering one spot and something's gotta give.
No. 781144 ID: ba506f

so I take it you're a Rabbold? what is the relation between the races then?
No. 781146 ID: 6cbace
File 148750925762.png - (22.87KB , 600x400 , 046.png )

Honestly, I do not know. Maybe someone somewhere has tried tunneling though.
They obviously failed somehow since it's still considered impassible.

That we are. The Avaros are now a nomadic race, their traveling nature keeps them traveling, Whereas we Rabbolds tend to be more solitary. Interactions between us has been stable for the most part. The Nereya are unable to stay on land for too long, so our port cities tend to be half submerged with constant trade between land and sea goods.

No. 781147 ID: 6cbace
File 148750927480.png - (25.29KB , 600x400 , 047.png )

They seem to be doing okay.
No. 781149 ID: d79f26

what's that critter they are beating up on? should it be killed or just beat up and left alone?
No. 781150 ID: 34576f

They appear to be fighting Mom.

This shit is going to turn me vegan.
No. 781151 ID: 57f342

Did they gathered enough herbs? If so it's a good time to move on, if not it will be difficult to do so without killing the now aggravate local wild live.
No. 781156 ID: 3abd97

Well, be ready to step in if the kids screw up and that thing is gonna maul them.

Nothing else more dangerous has been attracted by the commotion, has it?
No. 781159 ID: 211d83

You know everyone is somebodies mother.

Anyways what type of lizard is that and why are they fighting it?
No. 781161 ID: 8d4593

Slime: The large reptile will perish soon. Climb into it's mouth and begin consuming it when it does.
No. 781162 ID: 91ee5f

Tell them, "It's only protecting its young, so one of you must've done something to one of its kids. Check your bags and make sure you only picked up grass."
No. 781165 ID: 14f8aa

Enjoy the show for now, but be prepared to intervene if necessary.
No. 781188 ID: 398fe1

What kind of creature is that? Keep an eye out for complications, or step in if it looks like it's going to win.

What are Mana Beasts like? Are any still around?
No. 781235 ID: ba506f

so what are they even fighting?
No. 781240 ID: 9145ba

Saves you the trouble of pissing one off to lead the kids into a "random" encounter. Tell miss Fastpaws to go for the eyes.
No. 781257 ID: d0a9a0


If by okay you mean "wounding an herbivore that keeps these caverns accessible to you". Seriously, call them off. They probably just stumbled too closer to her nest and/or have one of her babies in their bags.
No. 781371 ID: b88e47

They bagged a kid. You should tell them before they kill mom.
No. 781395 ID: 6cbace
File 148758425625.png - (20.72KB , 600x400 , 048.png )

A Taros Reptile. Relatively harmless; just territorial. I guess it's their feeding time.

I yell out "Alright kids, times up, just hit it on it's nose and it will retre-"

Aw hell.

"Get back!"
No. 781396 ID: 6cbace
File 148758429135.png - (22.88KB , 600x400 , 049.png )

"Well, I guess we're done for the day."

I'm not looking forwards to reporting this.
No. 781398 ID: dd5b4d

Ask them how they made that lizard so angry.
No. 781407 ID: ba506f

so they can shoot out poison gas then huh?

Ask the kids what they did and what did they learn form all of this.

Oh and I think I see some mana lines or vanes or whatever they're called near the back of the cave to the right.
No. 781409 ID: 9ac535

Welp now that all the grass is poisoned, time to return home. Hopefully they got enough.
No. 781417 ID: 6cbace
File 148759569817.png - (20.96KB , 600x400 , 050.png )

Numbing gas. In small doses, harmless, but if you get yourself stuck in a cloud like this, you can find your lungs no longer working.
And that's the same exit sign as before.

"Alright kids, What did we learn today?"

"Not to provoke the wildlife?"
"That taros reptiles are stinky?"

"Well, yes. Also that not all battles need to be won. Also it's better to either finish off beasts quickly, or run away when you can. Most won't chase you off once you get past their territory."

We reach the garrison at the exit of the caves.
No. 781426 ID: dd5b4d

Is the garrison to protect the cave or to stop things getting out of the cave?
No. 781429 ID: 6cbace
File 148760040770.png - (20.46KB , 600x400 , 051.png )


"Hey Sumin."
"Welcome back. Kids, you go and home first, it's almost dark. I need to talk to Victor."
"Yes sir."
"Thank you Victor!"
"Don't forget to sign out."


"Victor, you've got someone looking for you."
"Yeah, they're waiting for you at the guild tomorrow noon."
"Any idea what's it about?"
"Don't know, we just got a memo with your description and to notify you that it's important."
"Alright, thanks. By the way, Cavern 4 just got gassed."
"Ah damn, not again!"
No. 781433 ID: d79f26

so what's the procedure for handling taros gas? just wait it out or can they throw some fire at it and light the whole cloud up?
No. 781434 ID: 57f342

How long does it take for this gas to lose it's effect?

Anyway, I'm sure you are dying to help in whatever protocol is required in situations like this, but you heard the man: you got to wake up early tomorrow and it's getting late.
No. 781452 ID: d0a9a0


Best you tend to that, then. The kids will tidy up.

OOC, time to switch to them rather than the old guy.
No. 781456 ID: 15a025

Is there a long painful process to clean up the gas?
No. 781549 ID: ba506f

so now that you don't have to baby sit what are you're duties? or do you just get to head home now and relax until tomorrow?
No. 781687 ID: 6cbace
File 148766330663.png - (18.99KB , 600x400 , 052.png )

Nothing, without proper ventilation, it'll last for a day before decomposing on it's own. Less if we can blow it away deeper.

Thankfully filling in a report takes less time.

I still have to show up at the guild to at least complete the mission. That can be done tomorrow. As for now...

I am done.


Questdis can be found at http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html
probably better to ask questions there next time.

Follow: >Adult >Kids >Bag >Slime
No. 781688 ID: 9145ba

No. 781689 ID: a363ac

I am Bag
No. 781692 ID: b88e47

No. 781698 ID: 91ee5f

Hmmm, do we follow the lizard in the bag or the slime? Surprise, the lizard in the bag is the slime!

I vote follow slime!
No. 781700 ID: 8d4593

No. 781723 ID: fbeeaf

The exiting adventure in the life of a BAG!

I swear to god if this isn't a joke I am going to be so disappointed.
No. 781726 ID: dd5b4d

Be the bag you gotta be.
No. 781727 ID: 595d54

Be the bag.
No. 781731 ID: e4abe1

No. 781735 ID: 6cbace
File 148767484948.png - (14.26KB , 600x400 , 053.png )

>Adult - 0 >Kids - 0 >Bag - 5 >Slime - 4

No. 781736 ID: 6cbace
File 148767487348.png - (12.56KB , 600x400 , 054.png )

I am Bag.
No. 781737 ID: dd5b4d

Are you sure you are not lizard?
No. 781738 ID: 0d1514

No. 781740 ID: 3a02d7

Hello Bag. Where is everyone else?
No. 781741 ID: 6cbace
File 148767588502.png - (5.90KB , 600x400 , 055.png )

Bag is Bag.
This is not nest!
No. 781742 ID: dd5b4d

No use worrying on an empty stomach. Can you see anything green? That's probably food.

If you find a thing that moves try puffing up and blepping at it.
No. 781744 ID: 3a02d7

Attempt to climb walls.
No. 781745 ID: 6cbace
File 148767941553.png - (12.26KB , 600x400 , 056.png )

No green!

Air tastes different!

Bag no can climb wall.
No. 781746 ID: b88e47

Climb on bed. Investigate blue glow.
No. 781748 ID: dd5b4d

Maybe it's food.
No. 781750 ID: 34576f

Hide under the covers. Surprise the next person to take a nap in that bed.
No. 781751 ID: ba506f

explore the white square thing in the middle of the room.
No. 781755 ID: 0d1514

No. 781759 ID: 6cbace
File 148768580638.png - (10.53KB , 600x400 , 057.png )

Light has no taste.
Light hurt Bag eyes.
No. 781762 ID: dd5b4d

Oh no, hide in the bed. Glow can't get under the covers!
No. 781767 ID: b15da4

Bed is warm. Hide in covers!
No. 781768 ID: d79f26

sit on pillow, nap.
No. 781780 ID: 8d4593

Eat the blue powder under the light!
No. 781786 ID: 398fe1

Investigate under the covers.
No. 781787 ID: e4abe1

smell it first
No. 781803 ID: 2e1db2

Wander around and sniff everything. Find a nice dark warm place to hide as well.
No. 781809 ID: a363ac

Eat blue hide in new nest "mattress"
No. 781859 ID: c22a53

taste the air more thoroughly and find somewhere warm and dark to rest.
No. 781874 ID: 6cbace
File 148771992353.png - (6.16KB , 600x400 , 058.png )

Blue tastes like food, but different.

Place is like home!
Floor is soft and difficult to crawl on.
Tastes different too!
No. 781875 ID: d79f26

get on top of something, puff up and chirp.
No. 781876 ID: 398fe1

Crawl around in there until you get bored, then investigate the stuff you first came out of. There was a brown thing you could climb on and maybe inside!
No. 781884 ID: 91ee5f

No. 781890 ID: a363ac

Burrow down through the soft to see what treasures you new nest hold
No. 781892 ID: 211d83

Keep exploring. Look for more food and safe warm places to rest after food.

Maybe puff and Chirp a bit after to see if anyone else is around.
No. 781970 ID: d2d058

Further investigate your surroundings.
No. 781990 ID: 8d4593

The big differently colored splotch on the wall had a slit under it. Can you fit through?
No. 782015 ID: 6cbace
File 148774657122.png - (11.29KB , 600x400 , 059.png )

Under soft is more soft!
Bag goes above and puff and chirp loudly!
Cave is big! Bag tired after climbing soft.
Bag chirps some more!
Mama not here!
No. 782018 ID: 8d4593

You didn't eat all the blue food!
Eat all the blue food.
No. 782019 ID: 398fe1

Oh... I guess go back under the soft and sleep. Leave your tail sticking out, obviously.
No. 782022 ID: 9145ba

Mama must be out gathering food. Sleep on small soft on top of big soft. (pillow)
No. 782025 ID: 6cbace
File 148774810730.png - (4.51KB , 600x400 , 060.png )

Blue all gone!
No. 782026 ID: 6cbace
File 148774818643.png - (6.87KB , 600x400 , 061.png )

Bag tired now!
Bag must sleep!

I am sleep!
No. 782036 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder what the slime is up to? Let's find out!
No. 782037 ID: 8d4593

Probably learning how to make numbing liquid/gas. That and infanticide.
Can we watch?
No. 782042 ID: 6cbace
File 148775279661.png - (11.16KB , 600x400 , 062.png )


The guild quiets to a whisper as I enter.
Strange, considering how noisy this place tends to be.
I can barely make out the whispers as I make my way to the counter.
No. 782044 ID: 90f3c0

Did something happen? Ask about the latest news.
No. 782049 ID: 1226ae

Ask what's goin' on!
No. 782051 ID: 6cbace
File 148775625343.png - (15.57KB , 600x400 , 063.png )

I head up to my usual counter, sliding my report across the desk towards the receptionist.

"Hey Cynthia, what's going on?"
"Uhh hey Victor."
She hands the files under her desk to the receptionist next to her.
"We just got an emergency message this morning, all the guards from Tunnel 25 went missing last night."
"The guard captain would like a word with all those who entered yesterday; Including you."
No. 782053 ID: 0d1514

Your sins have been discovered! Run! Change your name!
No. 782055 ID: d79f26

that's... wow, the hell could take out that many guards? was there a taros queen or something?
No. 782056 ID: dd4df2


Express confusion and dismay.
No. 782059 ID: 6cbace
File 148776238023.png - (13.46KB , 600x400 , 064.png )

N-no. Not again. This isn't even related to me anyhow.

"Any ideas what happened?"
"Rumors being that something came up the caves. Trail leads back to the city, but no one has spotted anything."
"Any word on Sumin?
"They're all missing."
"I see."

"... by the way..."
"You don't have a kid or lover back where you came from, do you?"
"I think I would be the first one to know if I had a child, no."
I did have a fiance once. My spine shudders at the thought.
No. 782060 ID: 0d1514

Ask her out on a date.
No. 782061 ID: ba506f

>You don't have a kid or lover back where you came from, do you?
why are she asking? Also speaking of kids do you need to grab the two that went down with you yesterday or no?
No. 782064 ID: 6cbace
File 148776814564.png - (9.78KB , 600x400 , 065.png )

She's... not my type.
"No, I do not have a lover currently. This is a rather sudden question, what spurred this on?"
"Ah yes!"
She tilts her head to the side.
"You've got a lady looking for you. She's at table 2. Same colors you have."

... Same colors?
No. 782066 ID: 91ee5f

>Same colors you have.
Racist, we don't all look the same!
No. 782067 ID: dd5b4d

What is your type?
No. 782069 ID: 6cbace
File 148777173661.png - (11.98KB , 600x400 , 066.png )

White fur is a trait of northern Rabbolds, which is extremely rare in these parts. Red eyes are unique too.

I make my way to the table to meet...
"So I hear you go by Sir Victor now." She states in an accusatory tone.
"Lady Chris." I return, my voice filled with ire and disgust.

My ex-fiance.
No. 782072 ID: d2d058

You know the kid?
No. 782075 ID: 6cbace
File 148777405665.png - (11.49KB , 600x400 , 067.png )

"Why are you here?"
"Viccy deary, is that the first thing you ask to your fiance?"
My cheeks twitch as I try to compose myself.
I hear the whispers pick up around us.

"Who is this kid?"
"Dear how could you forget our last time together."
My eyebrows furrow.
A soft gasp from the counter is heard.

"You know very well why we are no longer together."
"And how I cried when I heard the news from my parents."
The whispers grow louder.
I try to ignore it.

"Why, are, you, here?" I ask again in a frail attempt at being calm.
"Child supp-"

I punch him in the face.
No. 782079 ID: 91ee5f

>I punch him in the face.
I think that's supposed to say, "I punch her in the face".

But damn, so much for keeping calm. Now everyone here will think you're an asshole, unless you can explain why you did that and remind her that she's your ex-fiance.
No. 782080 ID: 0555b9

Snoot: 200% Booped

Chuck 'em out the door! You am in trouble anyway.
No. 782081 ID: d2d058

Demand a proper explanation.
No. 782082 ID: b7883c

You should probably explain the circumstances to the crowd. Punching your ex-fiancee in front of your alleged kid is not a good look.
No. 782093 ID: 7b9925


Step back. Fold your arms. "That was either for not telling me we had a KID for YEARS, or from trying to pretend someone else's kid is mine. Either way, your money problems are not mine, EX-fiancee."
No. 782094 ID: 094652


Then remove his panties. Make sure you concentrate on the second part the most.
No. 782101 ID: 34f6b6

this is pretty perfect
No. 782102 ID: b15da4

This is more than perfect.
No. 782140 ID: 206bf8


Actually do this instead.

That kid reminds me a a certain Kobold.
No. 782155 ID: 9876c4

kome might have the right idea.
No. 782160 ID: 9145ba

Kome is always right.
No. 782201 ID: 398fe1

No, do not act crazy in front of an entire room of people.
No. 782296 ID: 398fe1

(by which I mean don't accuse the crossdresser of rape with no reason to do so. Definitely expose him, as that shows it's completely impossible for you to be the father)
No. 782299 ID: 6cbace
File 148783173192.png - (11.54KB , 600x400 , 068.png )

"I guess I deserve that."
He wipes his face with a handkerchief and taps the underside of the table, raising his ears.
Mine raise in return.

"So whose the kid?"
Our ears twitch as we confirm cipher keys.

"No idea."
-Royalty Salute-

-Duke Salute-
"I found this thing wandering around outside the city without a stitch on her."
-Family Regards-

I take a glance at the girl. She's looking around, but her face is devoid of any expression at all.
-Home News-
"So I see this little thing and saw her colors and thought, maybe you finally had a family out here."
-Shrine Fallen- -Royalty Dead-

My body tenses at the news.
No. 782300 ID: d0a9a0


Ah, yes, the ancient and noble language of ear wiggles. Explain what's going on goat-rabbit man.

Also, I miss Slimy and Bag-chan.
No. 782302 ID: d79f26

boop kid snoot.
No. 782303 ID: 398fe1

what is going on
Ask the kid where her parents are.

Ear-twitch your condolences, ask if they know who did it.
No. 782307 ID: 094652

You may as well take the kid. You run a daycare for homicidal children anyway.

Ear twitch back "Purge Level?" and find out just how far the royal family has been pulverized. Did the thrice-removed spares make it out, or are we down to bastards? Or are we out of royal bastards?
No. 782309 ID: 6cbace
File 148783466895.png - (5.26KB , 600x400 , 069.png )

I boop her snoot.
She exhales sharply and twitch her nose in response.

"She's not mine."
-Report Now-
"Well then, that just opens a whole can of worms."
-[Mana] Plague- -Kingdom Fallen-

I do not know how to respond to that.

"This matter aside, I have a gift from your sister."
He reaches under the table and places a bundle of cloth on the table and I take it without looking inside.
"How is she?"
-People Safe-
"Rather under the weather these days. You know how she tends to overwork."
-Massive Casualties- -Kingdom Evacuate-

"How is your father?"
-People Location-
"I'm afraid he passed away before I left."
-Unknown Scatter-

"My condolences."
No. 782310 ID: d0a9a0


Mr. Goat-Bunny, I'm sure this is very important and meaningful to you, but what in the fuck is going on? Why are you a goat-bunny ninja and is the world at war or something?
No. 782311 ID: b7883c

So does that mean you're going to have to ditch what you're doing here (a spy posting?) to go help them?
No. 782316 ID: 1226ae

Oh dear. Everyone being dead puts a bit of a crimper on our lack of plans. I suppose it's essential now that we prepare THIS kingdom against the plague subtly. If the news hasn't spread it's probably some manner of directed attack.
No. 782321 ID: 6cbace
File 148783906103.png - (13.11KB , 600x400 , 070.png )

"So what are your plans now?"
-Question Disguise-
"Well, now traveling with a group of singers. Come by the theater some time."
-Reason Recreation-

I glare at him, remembering why we broke up.

He lowers his ears and stands up, walking over and placing his hand on my shoulder.
"I must get going now dear."
He leans in and whispers "Take care my princess."

I watch as he leaves.
No. 782323 ID: 398fe1

Wait, he just dumped the kid on you, didn't he? I guess you can start instructing her as an adventurer. Gonna need to find a spare room now.

Ask if the kid's hungry. Also, what's her name?
No. 782330 ID: b7883c

Looks like it. Maybe you have a kid sidekick now? Who is also quite possibly a secret slime who stole your DNA from shed hair or something, and who may have also recently eaten a bunch of guards?
No. 782332 ID: 6cbace
File 148784319776.png - (13.98KB , 600x400 , 071.png )

Oh that asshole.

I take a look at the kid on the table, conflicted.

"Hey kid, you got a name?"

She looks at me. As far as I know, my family is the only ones who should have snow white fur and red eyes.

"Family? Home? Somewhere to go to?"

The Royal family of the Northern Dragon Shrine, Sepent, Sang Sidere Drac.

"Can you say any-"

And with my Sister dying

"Excuse me, Sir Victor? I am Miss Lina, from the City Guards. I will need to ask you some questions."

I am Victoria de Sang Sidere Drac, the last of the Dragon blood Rabbolds.

Follow: >Victoria >Slime >Bag
No. 782333 ID: a363ac

No. 782335 ID: 90f3c0

No. 782336 ID: ba506f

No. 782338 ID: 094652

No. 782340 ID: dd5b4d

Slime time.
No. 782342 ID: e4abe1

No. 782346 ID: 6cbace
File 148785115142.png - (6.37KB , 600x400 , 072.png )

>Victoria - 0 >Slime - 5 >Bag - 1

Concept Girl understood. Concept [Magic] not understood.

There is a lot of food here.
No. 782347 ID: ba506f

who the hell did you eat?
No. 782348 ID: e4abe1

have you copied the rabbold next to you?
No. 782349 ID: 9876c4

Girl is... immature female. Actively breeds smaller immatures, though not yet.

[Magic] is creation of effects and energy without breeding. Mostly sounds and gestures.
No. 782350 ID: 6cbace
File 148785345155.png - (8.24KB , 600x400 , 073.png )

I've eaten lots of things.
I have repeated the orders of Consume, Mimic, and Wait.

[Dragon] Blood has interfered with [Organic Mimic] to cause this mutation.
No. 782351 ID: ba506f

try drinking from the cup like the other rabbit people. Can you understand anything they say or is it just noise to you?
No. 782352 ID: 3a72a1

Where is the small slime you were holding? And what's do you do to the lizards? Oh, and have you elected to name yourself?
No. 782353 ID: 6cbace
File 148785517490.png - (8.33KB , 600x400 , 074.png )

I look about at the others, picking up the thing on the table and bringing it up to my mouth.

I think I'm missing something.

I can hear their words but their meaning is difficult to understand without context.

Seed is still inside.
The lizards have been left behind.
Concept Name not understood.
No. 782354 ID: ba506f

think you're supposed to keep the liquid in your mouth. then absorb it into you from their. I also notice they tend to keep their mouths close while they absorb so get into a habit of doing that when you eat.

Do where did the other red eye guy go?
No. 782356 ID: e4abe1

follow the withe furred one
No. 782357 ID: 6cbace
File 148785657736.png - (5.99KB , 600x400 , 075.png )

I pour the rest of the fluid into my mouth, absorbing it slowly along with what had spilled out of my mouth.

Red eyes was brought into a different place. I do not see it anymore. Don't know where it is.
No. 782358 ID: 57f342

The red eyes one is the new mama, like the lizard. Until you can develop a better understanding of their language you must maintain the appearance unchanged and follow whatever commands he gives you that you can understand.
No. 782359 ID: 211d83

Puff up and chirp loudly.
No. 782360 ID: 8e3fb5

Be careful about absorbing anything through your skin. These things can be much more cunning than the lizards you were imitating before, and we've learned they've warred with your kind before. If your nature is discovered because you did something they aren't capable of doing they will turn violent. How many rabbolds have you consumed recently?

Wander around a bit. Listen in on conversations at every opportunity you get. You'll need to decipher their means of communication if you're to spend any time among them.
No. 782362 ID: e4abe1

don't eat bolds
No. 782363 ID: 0555b9

You're missing a cavity where all the food goes for gradual absorption. Keep it in mind for later.

When large dragon rabbold returns, follow her and don't stray too far. Try repeating some random words back at her in a questioning voice. She should feel compelled to start teaching you their context.
...How dense are you if you've mimicked and consumed a whole detachment of guild members? Also, how did you catch them unawares?
No. 782364 ID: 8d4593

The forms around you are communicating in a similar but more complex fashion to the chirping reptile. They produce tones from their voice box but then modify it by moving their tongues and lips. You should try making different sounds, and then mimicking theirs.

Do not attempt to eat the forms around you here. You are in their domain now. They are dangerous.
Do watch and imitate them though. There is plenty to learn.
No. 782370 ID: 398fe1

Continue to observe. You're in a new situation, you need to learn to blend in, like you did with the lizards. That means you need to learn what sounds are appropriate and when to make them. I'm sure you can tell by now that the creature you're mimicking has the capacity for a large variety of sounds, so it will take a long time to learn to blend in. Meanwhile, be conservative. Don't take risks. Right now, you want to wait for the other one to return and observe how other rabbolds act.

Consider the other rabbold that looked like you; could he also be a dragon blooded slime?
No. 782379 ID: 094652

Take the rabbold's tutoring, your sisters won't wait up for you to level up to their position.
No. 782383 ID: 398fe1

If while blending in you find that you are getting good-sized risk-free meals, consider blending in forever. If others are willing to feed you and protect you, then life will be easy. You can even build up enough mass to start feeding the bud dragon blood. Excess mass should be used for that purpose, until the bud gains the INT bonus and becomes sentient like you. After that happens you'll have to figure out some way to keep it safe as well. Maybe it can mimic a lesser animal that would not be out of place in this environment? That would keep it from being a danger to you, while also allowing it to live in safety with you.
No. 782386 ID: 91ee5f

Did you end up absorbing all of the lizards? Including the big one?
No. 782387 ID: b15da4

if you're going to live among rabbolds, find a farmer. Their livestock will be ripe for the taking and they are often isolated from fellow rabbolds.
No. 782391 ID: 1226ae

It left the lizards behind. It ate all the Rabbold guards.

Context must be achieved. Cease consumption of lifeforms for the moment, attempt consumption of deceased matter. Do you have a functional glossary yet?
No. 782422 ID: d0a9a0


I hope you did not eat Lizard mom, Slimy. Also, your brother/sister, Bag is doing okay.
No. 782426 ID: 6cbace
File 148789259386.png - (13.34KB , 600x400 , 076.png )

Confirmed, will observe, and follow redeyes.

My organs are all there, I've compared with others.

Unknown. I do not get the concept of numbers.

I begin to slowly mimic the sounds these others make, my throat vibrating in unease as I try to echo the voices around me.

"Sis common, this has to be racist or something"
"Shhh!- Excuse me, Are you perhaps related to Sir Vincent?"

These two sounds familiar.
No. 782428 ID: d79f26

they were in the cave, she has one of your temporary siblings. repeat the noise she just made "vincent?"
No. 782430 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, look! It's Bag! That's the name of the lizard in this girl's arms. Gently pet and don't absorb the lizard!
No. 782433 ID: b88e47

Take lizard, put on head. Not for absorbing.
No. 782434 ID: 094652

Since you're still illiterate, just stare at her.
No. 782435 ID: 078a83


Numbers are a way of telling how many things there are. You're one slime. The slime seed inside you is another one. One and one is two slimes. If you had another slime that would make three.
No. 782436 ID: 078a83

Oh and try chirping at the lizard.
No. 782437 ID: d0a9a0


Repeat Vincent as question. Pat adoptive brother.
No. 782446 ID: 57f342

That is the opposite of what I expect you to say.
In any case do that.
No. 782450 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, I just realized it's been a while since we've been with you! What're your new abilities and things like that?
No. 782452 ID: 8d4593

He wants to know if the other grey furred one is of your blood.
Bob head up and down briefly to confirm that it is so.
Shake head from side to side briefly to assert that he is not.
Raise shoulders and let them fall again once to communicate that you don't know.
No. 782454 ID: a90ee5

say:"The cause for our appearances are alike, but we share no relation with that person."
No. 782467 ID: 9145ba

Say "My blood is the blood of the forefathers, and your blood will feed my blood for the coming age of the Slime. All will be washed away by my tide."

Or not, since you don't understand a word they're saying. Await further context from the noisy lizard grabber.
No. 782468 ID: 9145ba

>These two sounds familiar.
Hey wait a second, you just used a numbers! So, how many did you eat in terms of twos?
No. 782481 ID: 987bda

Tilt your head to the side.
Slowly raise your hands to your throat and gently rub it, then to where your ears meet your head and rub those.

This will let them know you are having trouble communicating, which will make them more comfortable with you not understanding them.

Next, hold one hand out close to your body with your palm facing up, then with your other hand curl up all your fingers except your index finger, and with your index finger pointing straight down start moving it across your other hand.

This will communicate that you wish for a tool to let you depict things and a surface on which to use it.

Simplified depictions of beings and events can be used to exchange information without having a common language.

How similar to your current form was the being you consumed to create this form?
Where did you first encounter the being who was communicating with Red Eyes?
No. 782533 ID: a363ac

attempt to eat the lizard
No. 782550 ID: 398fe1

Stare blankly because you didn't understand any of that. Those are the kids that invaded the nest and caused the bigger lizard to exhale gas, right? Consider that she isn't eating the lizard-- perhaps it is not considered food, despite them being bigger than it? Follow that cue and treat it like a friendly creature.

Chirping at the lizard could provoke an interesting reaction. Don't puff up, though. An odd noise could be forgiven but you haven't seen anyone puff.
No. 782555 ID: 6cbace
File 148792454149.png - (15.13KB , 600x400 , 077.png )

I take a look at these two, seeing a sense of similarity between them.

I gave a short nod,
"Viiiic tooooor"
and then shook my head.
"reee laaat teeed"
I then raise my shoulders in a shrug. My throat feels funny after that.
The lizard in her arms puffs up and starts chirping once it notices me, drawing my attention towards it.

"Sis, this kid gives me the creeps"
"Shh! I'm sorry, but do you know where he is?"
She begins patting the lizard in her hands and it slows it's chirping.
I don't think she'll let me get close to it.

Primordial Slime - [Rabbold ([Dragon] Clan)] STR 39 DEX 21 CON 47 INT 31 WIS 17 CHA 5 Titles: Aquatic - Adapted to underwater environment. +5 DEX Bloodsucker - Digesting more than 10 liters of blood. +20 CON [Dragon] clan - The blood of [Dragon] flow though you. +10 INT Army of One - Defeat >10 enemies in a single battle. +10 STR Infiltrator - Hiding in plain sight. +2 CHA Abilities: Absorption - Traits of consumed organics can be taken. Fluid Body - Your body is able to produce and mimic the properties of fluids you absorb. Slime Bonus: Your core can freely move around. Gluttony - Limitless capacity for consumption. [Mana] Core - Your body has been infused with [Mana]. [Mana] Perception - Able to sense the flow of [Mana]. Organic Mimic - Ability to replicate living things. Primordial - Evolution Tree restrictions unlocked. Sentience - You are aware. Iron Coating - Your surface becomes as hard as Iron. Senses - (Sight) (Smell) (Hearing) (Taste) (Touch) ([Mana]) Language of Many - Your understanding of languages grows. Proficiency: Sword Handling - lv 0 Spear Handling - lv 0 [Mana] Crafting - lv 0 Temperature Magic - lv 0 Body Magic - lv 0 Jelly Belly - 95% blunt impact resistance. Cold Hold - 13% cold resistance. Heat Feat - 45% heat resistance. Forms: Taros Reptile Rabbold - Interference by [Dragon] Clan title. Fluids: [Dragon] Blood - ??? Water - Clear, Tasteless fluid. Aleo Gel - Recovers vitality over time. Rabbold Blood Fruit Juice
No. 782556 ID: dd5b4d

Ten enemies in a single battle? What have you been getting up to?

How are you still so small?
No. 782557 ID: d79f26

be sure to keep throat moist. chirp at lizard.
No. 782558 ID: a363ac

Chirp and puff at "Bag"/lizard
No. 782563 ID: dd5b4d

Probably not the best idea, as funny as it would be. Tell them he's in a meeting. "Meeting"
No. 782564 ID: b412df

I don't think Rabbolds chirp, so doing so might give you away, so don't.

I'd say shrug again, as well as what >>782563 suggests. Maybe add a questioning tone to indicate you're not sure.
No. 782566 ID: 8d4593

You are currently evoking instinctual danger responses from them. The one nervously petting the reptile feels actively threatened but is hiding it. The one without is hyper aware of you and is trying to determine weather or not you are a threat.

To diffuse this act weak. Avert your eyes down and pull the covering on you tighter as if you were conserving warmth.

You are being asked if you know the location of a person.
If you did you would nod your head, but since you do not you should shake it.
No. 782570 ID: 6cbace
File 148792950264.png - (12.47KB , 600x400 , 078.png )

Mass is compressed.

I chirp back at the lizard, and it excitedly chirps back at you full of enthusiasm.

"Bag" as it calls itself proceeds to tell me about it's day. About the new smells, new foods and about the tasty blue.

I consider chirping back at it in a conversation, but notice the two looking at each other instead.

"Viiic-tooor. Meeeeeet inggg?" I manage to rasp out, wrapping the cloth tighter around me and looking down.

"I... I see. Thank you."
"He must have came by earlier."
No. 782572 ID: a363ac

forget what you were doing and go find delicious "blue" and consume it.
No. 782573 ID: dd5b4d

Ask if you can pet her lizard.
No. 782576 ID: 8e3fb5

Throw them a bone and point towards the door he was taken through. "Went there"
No. 782577 ID: 72a406

Tell her you also have a pet lizard.

Then ask if she wants to set up a "playdate" for breeding.
No. 782580 ID: b412df

This, continued interaction with these creatures while you are still grasping how they work and function socially poses the risk of detection.
No. 782582 ID: ba506f

this sounds good.
No. 782584 ID: 6cbace
File 148793989730.png - (12.88KB , 600x400 , 079.png )

I listen into their conversation, echoing their voices in a low whisper, while Bag chirps along.

I try to reach out to pet Bag, but red eyes comes back before I could.

"Ah, good, you kids are here too."
"Thank you for your time Sir Vincent, have a good afternoon. I assume you two are Shane and Daisy Lyons?"
"Yes Madam."
"I am Miss Lina, from the City Guards, could you two follow me please? I have some questions regarding last night."

The three walks off, leaving me with red eyes.
No. 782585 ID: 72a406

Blow a raspberry at her to commemorate apprenticeship.
No. 782586 ID: a363ac

Taste the surface that cup was on.
No. 782587 ID: e4abe1

go hug victor says "father?"
No. 782590 ID: ba506f

look at red eyes and wait for him to do something. If he does nothing I guess that would be our cue to leave and see what else is around here.
No. 782591 ID: fc1ca8

>ALL the guards from Tunnel 25 went missing last night
>Defeat >10 enemies in a single battle.
>Sword Handling
>Spear Handling
>Mimic Iron
>Mimic Rabbold
>Rabbold blood
>all new abilities
Ah fuck
Lets never mention this to anyone okay.
No. 782592 ID: 036e7a

Say hello to red eyes. Context seems to suggest that red eyes is Victor.
No. 782594 ID: 6cbace
File 148794264061.png - (13.13KB , 600x400 , 080.png )

We both stare at each other in silence. Red eyes looks at me with a weird expression on it's face.

With neither of us doing anything, I get off the stool I am sitting on and it creaks in relief. I shakily walk, my legs learning how to support my weight, but I copy the gaits of those around me to slowly but steadily walk forwards.

Red eyes track my movements as I step away from the table and towards red eyes.

I lean forwards and engage a hug.
"Ah! Wait?-"
No. 782595 ID: a363ac

check on Seed.
No. 782596 ID: 7b783a

Look up into his eyes and say 'same eyes'
No. 782597 ID: ba506f

future tip kid, look at these guy's faces and try to mimic them and find out the appropriate time to mimic them. I'm starting to notice that you never change your face no mater what you feel and that is somewhat unnerving to those around you. Probably shouldn't do it now but do keep an eye out for it in the future. It will help you blend in more.
No. 782599 ID: 91ee5f

Quick question, are you mimicking a Rabbold male or a Rabbold female?

Don't say it like that! The slime will interpret that as changing its face to look exactly like someone else's face! Which would include mimicking a scar on the face or something like that!

The slime should try mimicking facial expressions to better blend in. Like smiling or frowning or things like that.
No. 782600 ID: 6cbace
File 148795064082.png - (14.06KB , 600x400 , 081.png )

Seed is placed in a bodily cavity.
I look up to meet their eyes, "saame eis."
They frown at this.
I am currently a juvenile female, as per instructions.
I frown in return, mimicking their expression.

Red eyes grabs my arm, pulling me out of the place.
Before you leave you hear something that causes Red eyes to frown harder.
"They really do look alike!"

I am pulled harder.
No. 782602 ID: 6cbace

Follow: > Victoria > Slime > Bag > Kids > ??? users choice
No. 782603 ID: 0d1514

No. 782604 ID: 57f342

I fear we may be losing something interesting with the kids and bag, but I really want to know what is going on in Victoria's head.
No. 782605 ID: 8d4593

Slime, while were away stay in that form. Continue to learn by mimicking their behavior.
No. 782607 ID: e4abe1

and don't eat more bold, try to not talk much either
No. 782608 ID: 72a406

And now, back to Bag!
No. 782609 ID: e4abe1

actually, we should still follow slime for a while, trying to give her better charisma
No. 782610 ID: 38306d

I vote Slime, as long as she stays with Victoria.
No. 782611 ID: 0555b9

New goals:
1) acquire mass for adult female form mimic.
2) Acquire mass for granting seed [Dragon] Bloodsucker title(s).
3) Enhance knockers

Continue with stealthy "food" intake until our return from Victoria.
No. 782614 ID: 398fe1

Going adult form too quickly will probably make people suspicious. It wouldn't really give slime a combat advantage anyway, would it?
No. 782615 ID: 0555b9

Who cares about combat? We stealth mode.

The change will only be suspicious if anyone recognizes us.
No. 782617 ID: 398fe1

Did you forget? Slime is stuck with white fur and red eyes, which stands out as rare. Also it doesn't mimic clothes.
No. 782618 ID: b15da4

Standing out doesn't mean being recognized as that strange girl from the tavern. Clothes are not terribly hard to find and optional
No. 782625 ID: e4abe1

emebere that a race of mimics got genocided already? let's avoid going murderhobo.
No. 782627 ID: 0555b9

At what point in that exchange was the word 'murderhobo' brought up.
No. 782628 ID: 8e3fb5

Kids, I want to hear some of the questions they're being asked.
No. 782646 ID: ba506f

No. 782648 ID: 91ee5f

No. 782650 ID: dd5b4d

She's already got enough mass if the strain that stool was under is any clue.
No. 782653 ID: 8e3fb5

No she doesn't, she'll need way more mass if she's eventually going to make the trek to Dragon Ridge to eat a live Dragon and mimic its form. That is our endgame, right?
No. 782655 ID: e22b1d

No. 782656 ID: a363ac

No. 782663 ID: 0b99d7

No. 782668 ID: b88e47

No. 782669 ID: b412df

Kinda wary of not paying attention to Slime, since the last time that happened people got ate. Please don't do that Slime, focus on blending it, it might be better long term to work with the rabbolds, friends not food.

Going to vote for Victoria though, they seem to know a lot about the world which could establish context.
No. 782671 ID: 96c896

No. 782677 ID: d79f26

No. 782678 ID: 90f3c0

No. 782683 ID: 6cbace
File 148798704291.png - (14.31KB , 600x400 , 082.png )

> Victoria - 7 > Slime - 7 > Bag - 1 > Kids - 3

My thoughts are in disarray as I process the news of my home.
I need to get my thoughts in order.

With the kid in hand, I make my way to the city's branch of the Central Shrine.
The clear flowery scent fills my nose as the familiar green walls calms me down a bit.
In the followers offering their prayers, I see Sumin's wife and daughter.

A familiar face greets me.
"Oh! Victor it's you!"
"Hello Alan."
"It's been er- um..." He eyes the one behind me.
"She's not mine. Is the matron available?"
"Ah, yes, please, follow me."
No. 782686 ID: ba506f

>I see Sumin's wife and daughter.
wait what, do you mean two different people or the same person?
No. 782687 ID: 34576f

This is a terrible idea. The kid is going to be bullied to her breaking point, and we already know the other kids think she's creepy.
No. 782688 ID: e22b1d

r u 4 real
No. 782691 ID: 96c896

Have you been able to get her to tell you where she came from?
No. 782692 ID: 8d4593

Heh I just noticed that slime girl is actively trying to mimic Victor's ear placement and facial expressions.
That slime really does try hard at whatever we tell it to do.
No. 782693 ID: fef726

Do most royal lines have dragon blood in them?
No. 782696 ID: 8e3fb5

Here's hoping slime doesn't eat a bully while we're not supervising it.

You said it was unique to your family, so how heavily controlled was your bloodline. Is there no chance she's just a really super distant cousin several times removed? Any cases of atavism?
No. 782710 ID: 6cbace
File 148799211376.png - (11.20KB , 600x400 , 083.png )

No, she has just repeated things I say to her back at me.
No, Just up in the North. Wern had a long history of being a group of tribes before finally gathering under a single banner after the age of [Dragon]s.
White is a dead giveaway. There is a slight elitism back home where noble ranks were depended on how white your fur was. The farther away from the bloodline you get, the muddier the fur became. Commoners were a mix of black and brown.
Christopher himself has a darker grey compared to his family.

I follow Alan deep into the shrine to come across the Matron's office, waiting as he announces my visit.

An old voice calls us inside while Alan closes the door behind us, leaving us three in the room.

I guide the kid to the chairs in front of the desk, taking a seat next to her, and wait for her to stop writing.

Her hand stops and she raises her head.
"Good afternoon Victora, it has been a few ye-" Her eyes narrow.
"You didn't invite me to the wedding."
No. 782712 ID: 8d4593

Don't remind me. I wish the whole affair never happened in the first place.
No. 782713 ID: 8e3fb5

Boy, will her getting mistaken for your kid never grow old?

If you feel like making a joke about it ask 'what wedding?' then let that implication sink in a moment before telling her it's not your child.
No. 782714 ID: ba506f

she's not mine.
No. 782719 ID: 96c896

Tell the Matron the kid's a wild orphan or something, it's a strange situation.
No. 782723 ID: b7883c

"What wedding?" would be funnier, but I feel like Victoria is in more of a grumpy "not my kid" mood with the dead family and all.
On that note, why were you hiding out here even before things went bad?

The Matron has red eyes and lighter colored feathers. Does that mean she also has [Dragon] blood? A relative of yours on the [Dragon] side even?
No. 782736 ID: 6cbace
File 148799568012.png - (12.14KB , 600x400 , 084.png )

Since my sister would be Queen, I would be relegated as just a spare, to extend the bloodline, just like my Aunt. My sister didn't want that of me, so she had secretly me sent away.
Rabbolds aren't the only one with [Dragon]s blood. The matron is regarded as one, but we are not related.

"This child is not mine."
"Hm, yes, you never were one who liked the thought of spreading your bloodline. Who is she?"
"I don't know. I've come to you to ask for a divination."
She raises her brow.
"She can barely talk, and I doubt she can even knows where she came from. Considering her eyes, you are the only one I can ask of this in such short notice."
"Girl, do you know where you are?"
"Wherr yuu arr..."
"Yes, I see what you mean."
The matron leans back on her chair, shifting her gaze to the girl, tapping her pen against her beak.
"Very well, I shall try."
The matron slides off her left glove, getting up and walking around her desk in front of the girl.
"Little one, if you can understand me, just relax."
Lifting her sleeve, she places her claw against the girl's face, {Appraisal; Target;}
No. 782741 ID: 96c896

Hey, what is Mana Plague, anyway?
No. 782742 ID: 8e3fb5

How well does Matron know you? Is she aware of your real identity, or are you just Victor to her?

What exactly will a divination tell her about the girl?
No. 782744 ID: 3d1ae4

here's to hoping that {organicMimic} extends to your description when appraised.
No. 782748 ID: 96c896

Is the Matron making a funny face?
No. 782752 ID: 8d4593

Slime: Mimic the [Mana] Pattern being used on you.
No. 782755 ID: 6cbace
File 148799793294.png - (11.83KB , 600x400 , 085.png )

[Appraisal] requested. [Allow] [Deny] - CHA too low. Due to effects of [Dragon] Clan: [Mana] Crafting - lv 1 (+1) has been triggered. [Mana] Core has been triggered. [Appraisal] has been intercepted. Results of [Appraisal] has be altered. Name: [Insert Name] Species: Rabbold STR 14 DEX 10 CON 23 INT 15 WIS 8 CHA 2 Titles: [Dragon] clan Abilities: [Mana] Perception - Able to sense the flow of [Mana]. Proficiency: Sword Handling - lv 0 Spear Handling - lv 0 Temperature Magic - lv 0 Body Magic - lv 0
No. 782758 ID: d0a9a0


A girl named Fred, as is the tradition of your people.
No. 782762 ID: e22b1d

Frederica, sure.
No. 782764 ID: 0d1514

Your name is now Insert Name
No. 782765 ID: a363ac

Chippy the Rabbold.
Eat the hand it is offering to you.
No. 782770 ID: dd5b4d

Hey Victoria, what causes an abnormally low charisma like that? Some kind of trauma? It'd explain why she was wandering around in the wilderness.
No. 782773 ID: d79f26

begin pondering mana with that new mana crafting level.
No. 782774 ID: 8d4593

No. 782775 ID: 96c896

Don't eat, obviously. Christ, pankank.

Name: Emils. They'll never suspect a thing.
No. 782778 ID: 0d1514

Emils works
No. 782781 ID: ba506f

No. 782785 ID: 57f342

Emils sound good.

Did you lost status or are you presenting yourself weaker than you are?
No. 782787 ID: 516ae5

Frederica sounds nice.
No. 782788 ID: 91ee5f

No. 782826 ID: 9145ba

Mimic her in all things. Your name is now Victoria.
No. 782829 ID: 0b99d7

>[Appraisal] has been intercepted
>Results of [Appraisal] has be altered

oh you are scary indeed

gave me a good chuckle, Emils it is (Emils Laidromirp?)
No. 782830 ID: 8d4593

Don't do this.

Also lol really guys Slime Backwards? I suppose it doesn't sound bad.
No. 782834 ID: 91ee5f

>Slime backwards.
.....son of a bitch, I just now noticed that! >.<
No. 782840 ID: 87353e

No. 782843 ID: 28a319

Emils is perfect
No. 782846 ID: b88e47

No. 782847 ID: e4abe1

No. 782851 ID: 6cbace
File 148802395490.png - (9.20KB , 600x400 , 086.png )

"Her name seems to be Emils, and she is indeed one of the [Dragon] clan."
The matron retreats to her desk, sliding her glove back on.
"She seems to be a very healthy child. I don't know what kind of life she has led to look the way she does, but she does seem intelligent. Just a bit lacking in education. I could put her up with the children if you wish, or you could take care of her on your own."
I nod at the thought.

"She seems proficient in swords, spears, and magic, just lacking in practice. She could join you as an apprentice adventurer in due time. I also sensed a something hidden inside, but I don't know what. Maybe in time she'll open up to you."
"I see. Thank you Matron."
"So what are your thoughts? Do you want her to live with you, or would you like to keep her here in the orphanage?
No. 782852 ID: e4abe1

Keep her with you, maybe you can find out what her secret is?
No. 782853 ID: b88e47

Apprentice now.
No. 782856 ID: fa73ea

dude, she's the second last of your kind. you can't just leave her to get drug-addicted and teen-pregnant.
No. 782857 ID: 9145ba

Keep her close by you. Say, you don't lock your bedroom door at night, right?
No. 782858 ID: 0b99d7

Considering the similarities, people are going to talk either way. Not to mention anyone that rolls up looking for you might go for her first, so you might as well be in a position to keep an eye on her, possibly learn about her in the process.
No. 782859 ID: 6cbace
File 148803174334.png - (15.76KB , 600x400 , 087.png )

I spend some time to think.
"Considering our... appearance, it's probably better if she stays with me."
"It's not like as if a third of the city haven't seen me dragging her me down here already."
"Oh. So where did you find her?"
"Christopher found her."
"Christopher... Chris... Isn't that the boy you found wearing your underwear?"
I flinch at the thought.
"I see. I guess he brought back news from home?"
"Ah... yes..."

How much could I tell her?
No. 782860 ID: 57f342

Like you are one to judge...

I don't know why the secrecy is needed or who you can trust, but if you have doubts and don't want to talk about it it's better to avoid the subject.
No. 782862 ID: 4e165c

I assume that's why you two aren't together anymore. I don't know, how much does she already know and how much do you trust her to not speak of it? You gotta be careful when you're the last of the royal line of a now defunct nation.
No. 782863 ID: 0b99d7

If there's much reason for secrecy, just that it's bad and you might get unwanted attention in the future.
If she's a friend and tbh it seems she already knows a bit about your past, let her know this room might contain the last of the dragonblood rabbolds
No. 782867 ID: 9145ba

Just tell her they're feeling a little under the weather.

For no reason in particular, touch your thumb to your nose and waggle your fingers in the air.
No. 782874 ID: 8d4593

No. 782879 ID: b7883c

>I flinch at the thought.
Seems a bit hypocritical from someone going by "Sir Victor" on a daily basis. (Or was it the fact that it was specifically your underwear? I can see that being creepy if he borrows it without asking.)

>How much could I tell her?
She already apparently knows your real identity (between knowing your name and the bloodline stuff) and it will only be a matter of time before she hears the news from elsewhere, so keeping what happened secret from her would only do you any good if you both distrust her and also plan on skipping town before she hears the news from someone else. Also, if you do trust her (which you seem to), than she should know about the risk of plague spreading in this direction and/or the possibility of people coming here to hunt for you.
No. 782884 ID: 6cbace
File 148804633684.png - (13.45KB , 600x400 , 088.png )

I'm under a false name to prevent the nobles from home to figure out where I am. I have never bothered hiding my gender or correcting anyone who had assumed my gender. On records, I'm nothing more than a someone with a title and grey fur in this kingdom.
And yes, it was my underwear. A whole set of it. And damn it he even acts like a better woman than I do without trying.

"Uh. It's not um. Hm."
"Take your time dear."
"The kingdom has been hit by the [Mana] Plauge."
Her expression drops.
"That's terrible!"
"The people has evacuated, but I don't know the scale of the damages."
"How are you feeling?"
"My sister stayed behind, knowing her, she'll be the last to leave if she could."
"With how long it takes to reach here, I can only assume the worst for the kingdom."
"No doubt there might be one of the nobles who would come seek me out."

The matron presses a hand on my shoulder, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Victoria. What about you? How are you feeling?"
"I... I don't know. I am not sure what to do."
No. 782885 ID: 9145ba

Train this slime perfectly normal rabbold to be your people's legacy, and their revenge. They will grow up strong and absorbent, soaking up all resistance in their path, and establish a new dominion of grey goo white rabbold supremacy!
No. 782890 ID: 8d4593

Lol, Emils stopped copying when Vic looked over at her. Little slime is catching on quick.

Well Victoria... There isn't much you really Can do. You can either wander aimlessly in futile hope of finding survivors, or march back home and succumb to the plague yourself.
You're best off just laying low here for awhile. At least until you know the danger of the plague has passed. Maybe more news will find you?
In the meantime you have more.. Immediate problems. Like this Kid. Hell she doesn't even have clothes.
No. 782899 ID: ba506f

>I... I don't know. I am not sure what to do.
I guess I'll just try and keep on trying to do what I've always done around here. I mean short of packing everything up and head back there myself I'm not sure what I really can do and I feel that if I did head back it would do more harm for everyone then good. I... I just don't know how I should react. Maybe helping Emils might help me get some peace of mind if only to help distract me from myself.
No. 782901 ID: 4e165c

What exactly is a Mana Plague anyway?

I'd say for now you continue to live like you have been. If your sister sends word to you requesting help, or you learn that she has passed on then you can consider what to do for your people.
No. 782902 ID: 96c896

You might have to carry on the family line. Or outright become Queen. You should just wait until you get further instructions.
No. 782927 ID: b7883c

In the short term, what you should do is meet with Christopher somewhere you can talk with actual words to get more detailed information.
In the longer term, as the apparent last heir to the throne you have a responsibility to proactively make a decision rather than just waiting for word from the higher ups who no longer exist. You need to take stock of your political skills and allies/enemies among the nobles who might have survived where the royalty did not. Your presence could either help bring the survivors together or worsen their internal power struggles, and depending on which of those is more likely you should either go lead them or lie low and take steps to ensure you are not found.

>I have never bothered hiding my gender or correcting anyone who had assumed my gender.
Mmm hmm. Pure coincidence you chose an assumed name that is masculine and otherwise the same as (and therefore not too hard to connect with) your real name. (In terms of disguise effectiveness that's somewhere down there with just having your name backwards, and what kind of silly person would do something like that?)
No. 782928 ID: d0a9a0


Raise the child goat-rabbit man-lady. They may not seem like much, but they may also be the last of your kind other than yourself before long.

On a side note, can't fucking believe we went with Emils. Why not Emilia or Fred Emils or anything that's actually not a tongue-and-cheek give away.
No. 782959 ID: 9876c4

From a renaissance noble perspective, this is a the sanest plan imaginable.
No. 782963 ID: 72a406

The kingdom's dead anyway. Do this, and see what you can make of an empire of gelatinous dirt.
No. 782987 ID: 96c896

Oh, you should take care of the kid so you can keep an eye on her, but don't forget she probably needs to make friends and socialize with others her age. Once she starts talking properly, anyway. Can you focus on language lessons until then? Also figure out what her likes and dislikes are, so that you can get a good system of reward and punishment. She might need to be taught morals as well; carrot and stick is kindof useless unless she knows WHY she needs to do x and y.
No. 783057 ID: 6cbace
File 148808529943.png - (10.65KB , 600x400 , 089.png )

"For now, I suggest perhaps taking care of this girl. It might give you a new direction in life."
"Right. I will, or at least until her parents shows up. I would like to know who they are if they do."
"So, in regards to her education, would you like to put her up at the guild or have her study here? Also, would you like to stay for dinner?"

I could teach her myself, but I'm not exactly one who has been given an average education.
The guild would teach her various skills, but she would have less people to interact with.
The orphanage here would offer her life skills and a few kids her age that she might get along with.

Also it's getting a bit late as is, I could make it home to make an easy dinner for two, but staying for dinner means having to introduce Emils to the rest of the place.
No. 783058 ID: 9145ba

Teach her yourself. Your skills are unique, and in short supply. Plus there'll be no witnesses when we eventually eat you.
No. 783059 ID: 9876c4

Split it between yourself and the guild.

This was just thrust upon you, so you may have to adjust before it's your fulltime job.
No. 783061 ID: 094652

Send her to the guild. She sorely requires an education. And the corpses of the nation's most highly esteemed academics to consume and mimic.
No. 783063 ID: 96c896

She should be taught at the orphanage for a while. Once she's more socially adjusted she can get some skills from the guild and maybe get a job as an adventurer since she apparently has talent for combat skills (good way to get mass! Eat monsters!) Teach her what you can while she's staying with you.
No. 783064 ID: 91ee5f

Look, the kid is reaching out for you. She wants to stay with you.
No. 783065 ID: fef726

Mmm, I think having her stay at the orphanage part time to learn social skills while you being her primary teacher in life\occupational skills would be the best. She is clearly socially stunted and her few talents seems to lean towards adventuring.
No. 783066 ID: 3abd97

The orphanage first to pick up some basic social skills seems necessary. Whatever happened to her, she can barely talk right now. She's gotta learn how to be a kid before you can mold her into more.
No. 783068 ID: b7883c

Teach her yourself at least to start with. She would have a lot of trouble fitting in with other kids at the orphanage or guild if she is sent there before she can even speak. The next few months are also the most likely time window for people hunting [Dragon] rabbolds to show up, so keeping her close during that time would be a good security measure. Also, the fact that Lizard Mom survived implies that becoming Rabbold Mom is actually the choice with the best chance of not getting eaten.
No. 783069 ID: 8d4593

Hmm... she does need people skills. Whatever is the best way to teach her those.
No. 783073 ID: 516ae5

I say teach her yourself first, to form a bond.
No. 783077 ID: ba506f

teach her yourself and maybe you can find out where she came from. Also stay for diner to see how much work you need to put into Emils's social education.
No. 783086 ID: 6cbace
File 148809330076.png - (14.65KB , 600x400 , 090.png )

"I've decided to teach her a bit myself when I have the time. Otherwise, I was hoping for her to take some classes here, just to get along with kids her age. Maybe have a chance at a normal life."
"Yes, it would be best if she could open up more. I believe I can set her up in Marie's group if this is the case."
"Yes, thank you. Later I could start enrolling her in the guild classes to get her proficiencies up. If my predictions are right, we both might end up being targeted."
"I see. Having some form of self defense would be best."
"Also, could I bother you into getting her an ID and some clothes? I don't exactly have small clothes with me."
"Of course dear, I'll set her up as your niece. Probably easier to explain that way."
"Thank you again, and I'm not too sure about dinner."
"No problem, I should have the ID ready for you tomorrow, and as for clothes, you may meet up with Marie to get a set of clothes and to introduce Emils to her."

I get up from the chair, Emils copying my movements, and make our way to the door.

"See you tomorrow Matron."
"Take care Victoria. Good bye Emils"
No. 783088 ID: ba506f

I guess we can try and track down Marie real quick and get things set up. Or if it's to late in the evening for that we can try first thing tomorrow.
No. 783090 ID: 0d1514

Tell Emils to say goodbye
No. 783091 ID: b7883c

Clothes can probably wait until tomorrow since Emils has one set, so next on the to do list would be dinner. Its surprising the kid isn't visibly malnourished after being in the wild for who knows how long.
No. 783095 ID: 8d4593

Emils: Say "Goodbye" once.
Attempt to make the sounds a bit faster, like how they speak them.
No. 783108 ID: 6cbace
File 148810905092.png - (14.64KB , 600x400 , 091.png )

I look down at Emils, and she looks up to me.
"Say good bye, Emils."
"goood bai eemeelis"
"Close enough."
"Keep trying Emils."

I make my way towards the inner compound, to the courtyard, finding an Avaros tending to the garden.

"Hello Marie."
"Oh, Hello Victoria, it's been a while. And who is this little lady?"
"Her name is Emils. She would be joining your classes in the future."
"Hello Emils, would you like to say hello?"

Emils stays by my side.
"I'm afraid she's a bit... shy. I'm afraid she seems to have a bit of trouble talking."
"Oh dear, is she alright?"
"The matron says she's fine, but she does need some friends if you know what I mean."
"Ah, I see. So how can I help you today?"
"Ah right, I need some spare clothes. I'm afraid I don't exactly have a set of small clothes for her to wear."
"Alright, just follow me to the store and I'll see what I can pick up for you."
No. 783109 ID: 6cbace
File 148810926778.png - (8.83KB , 400x600 , 000d.png )

These creatures seem insistent on wrapping me up in these materials.

Help me figure out what looks presentable.

Clothing can be Casual or Adventuring.
No. 783110 ID: dd5b4d
File 148811020464.png - (34.57KB , 457x658 , emils_true_fashion.png )

The blood oath is fulfilled! The sun will rise tomorrow!
No. 783111 ID: dd5b4d
File 148811187278.png - (15.01KB , 480x650 , emils_outfit.png )

It's a little bare bones but some baggy pants, a loose tunic and an undershirt. Pretty of room for a growing girl.
No. 783115 ID: c3abdb
File 148811395347.jpg - (73.47KB , 400x600 , IMG_0397.jpg )

Truly my artisic talents are unmatched!
Anyway here is my attempt at something.
No. 783117 ID: 343609
File 148811683425.png - (30.78KB , 400x600 , artflow_201702260545.png )

How do i fashion

seriously i have no idea what half of this even is
No. 783120 ID: 91ee5f

I'm imagining the adults let Emils dress herself and, since she doesn't know much about clothes, she'll come out with pants on her head or something goofy like that. Then Victoria has to help Emils get dressed.
No. 783122 ID: 57f342

This with a less bright pant and a green shirt.
No. 783128 ID: 9f3729
File 148812899083.png - (8.08KB , 133x200 , 148810926778s.png )

The pimpinest outfit for the pimpinest slime man
No. 783129 ID: 14f8aa
File 148812906835.png - (10.73KB , 391x530 , Emils.png )

I have no idea what I'm doing. Looked at colors of non-bleached fabrics, mainly cotton and linen.
No. 783133 ID: 8d4593
File 148813084311.png - (12.66KB , 400x600 , mspaintpowersactivate.png )

No. 783142 ID: 91e039
File 148813968524.png - (647.24KB , 1440x2560 , EhIGuess.png )

Something like this, I guess. The things on the shorts are drawstrings.
No. 783163 ID: 9876c4

I like this one.
No. 783175 ID: e4abe1

this two
No. 783177 ID: d0a9a0


I like it.
No. 783369 ID: 8abbde

This one looks pretty good
No. 783378 ID: 6cbace
File 148820444233.png - (16.77KB , 600x400 , 092.png )

Blue creature starts wrapping me up and constantly changing what it wraps me up with.
This is exhausting in a sense. I wonder what she tastes like.
Before I could attempt to try something, Red eyes speaks up.
"Okay that's enough. If we keep this up it'll be sundown by the time you're done."
"Aw, okay, this is at least presentable."
"Thank you for the help Marie."
"Think nothing of it Vic. It's always nice to have some time together."
"I guess I should start heading back now. We'll see you tomorrow."
"See you two later, and take care!"
Red eyes starts to lead me away from this place. Perhaps I'll get another chance next time.
No. 783379 ID: a363ac

maybe this is portable food try tasting the part near your grabby bits
No. 783382 ID: 036e7a

Huh, they're all wearing clothes, so by putting these on you they're helping you fit in. You should say thanks.

Also, you know you don't have to eat/taste everything or everyone, right? Just go with the flow, learn things, learn how to be/act like a person instead of just looking like one.
No. 783383 ID: 0555b9

Eat a bug. That'll get written off as typical weird kid behavior.
No. 783384 ID: 57f342

Those creatures are aware of the missing people. You can't eat people at random when you are living in their society, they will notice.
In the future, when you decide to eat someone you will consider the risks of doing so and in what circumstance you can get away with it. For now you will only eat the kind of food the rabbolds eat.
No. 783386 ID: dd5b4d

Yeah eat rabbold food. And maybe a bug when no-one's watching. You've got more to learn from these people than what they taste like. I mean look, you already learned how to make fruit juice!
No. 783387 ID: 9876c4

If you eat any of these people, they will collectively destroy you.
You could maybe get away with eating a wounded or dead one, but only in private.

But if you blend in, they will give you their food.
No. 783390 ID: 8d4593

Eh curb your frustration for now.
They will help you absorb things that you could not normally eat, like Knowledge.
No. 783391 ID: 6cbace
File 148821118207.png - (14.28KB , 600x400 , 093.png )

Concept Bug not understood.

Very well, I will prioritize learning from these creatures.
Do what they do, eat what they eat, learn what they know.

I am going to mimic.
No. 783392 ID: 6cbace
File 148821263005.png - (8.56KB , 600x400 , 094.png )

Bag reconsiders Bag life choices.
No. 783393 ID: 0d1514

If you do this they'll give you food
No. 783394 ID: a363ac

who has done this to bag?
No. 783396 ID: 9f3729

Clearly your choices were awesome, because you are good in a dress. Flaunt dress by puffing and chirping!
No. 783398 ID: 1226ae

Think of it like having an impressive crest. Puff up and chirp in triumph! ...Also, if you're lucky, puffing up will destroy the outfit.
No. 783400 ID: 3d2d5f

Bag's new bag is too small and confining.

Chirp in protest.
No. 783404 ID: 398fe1

Time to sulk.
No. 783408 ID: 91ee5f

No. 783413 ID: d0a9a0


You must puff with all your might. Failing that, as others have said, you are an extremely bright and virile color now. You shall intimidate your enemies with thoughts of venom and swoon your targets with the majesty of your coloration.
No. 783415 ID: 8d4593

Chitter and froth!
No. 783423 ID: 804a8c

Puff up big enough to burst out of the dress!
No. 783436 ID: ba506f

what happened to you bag?
No. 783438 ID: 9876c4

No. 783446 ID: 3e482c

You look gorgeous!
And your pink dress realy brings out your eyes quite nicely. Given that they are complementary colours, I guess it was on purpose?
No. 783449 ID: 2c8296

Puff up and chirp with righteous indignation. Surely, they wouldn't mistake it for you being pleased with this situation.
No. 783479 ID: 15a025

No. 783570 ID: 211d83

Looking good there Bag. I bet all the other lizards will be jealous of your new look.

You should find that kid who can talk to you and have her relay your thoughts on the current situation to your owner.
No. 783577 ID: 6cbace

Last update was meant to be a 1-shot. Sorry.
>>/questdis/109338 A poll on what direction Volume 2 will head towards.
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