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File 143789796510.png - (11.94KB , 800x600 , HQ01.png )
658158 No. 658158 ID: f7c87c

A new day begins. I feel as if it's been years since I've budged, my body feels slow.

It's about time I do some cleaning around the house. I need to pay some special attention to that damned hall downstairs.
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No. 658159 ID: e114bc

Why is that? Bloodstains on the walls?
No. 658160 ID: c0fe75

Well, best attend to the Hall of the Damned, then. The ashes and brimstone won't clean themselves up, after all.
No. 658170 ID: f7c87c
File 143790127967.png - (12.25KB , 800x600 , HQ02.png )

Not quite. The hall is something a bit--- out of the ordinary.
Yeah, that's a marvelous idea and all, but I need cleaning supplies before I go down there. It might also be a good idea to get some other things done too, you know? Brushing my teeth, showering, and eating breakfast? I just woke up after all.
No. 658171 ID: ad936f

add or remove articles of clothing at your discretion.
No. 658174 ID: f0e552

determine whether you are a 3D or 2D being
No. 658179 ID: f7c87c
File 143790377459.png - (11.44KB , 800x600 , HQ03.png )

I am pretty sure I am a three-dimensional being. Do I seem like a two-dimensional one to you?
I will not be doing this in front of you. I lack the self-confidence to do so.


Is it the weird hour where you all are?
No. 658181 ID: 09610b

pull the cord, if nothing of substance happens examine south wall.
No. 658185 ID: 7dc3ab

Weird hour... More like weird 'every single second that passes by day to year to eternity'.
No. 658190 ID: c0fe75

You look like a two-dimensional drawing, to us. What do we appear to be, to you?

And "weird" is a matter of perspective. Speaking of perspective, examine the tesseract resting against the fourth wall. But don't touch it! It might move you in impossible directions, rending your body apart and scattering it across the spacetimes!

Alternatively, go do your usual morning routine, eat your favorite breakfast, and get ready for a rousing day of high-intensity housekeeping. And what makes the hall "out of the ordinary", anyway?
No. 658200 ID: a19cd5

just uh
just go get breakfast
No. 658202 ID: ab7529

>Is it the weird hour where you all are?
Yes. Totally.
No. 658210 ID: ad936f

Take a shower, brush your teeth. Do hygiene stuff dammit! You fuckin stink!
No. 658273 ID: 2eeb65

Tell us who you are
No. 658351 ID: 188a99
File 143795991054.png - (14.62KB , 800x600 , HQ04.png )

It activates the fan. What else would it do? Cause amateur writers to spontaneously become experts?
So your world is constantly in a state of weirdness? It seems our worlds are very similar.
>You look like a two-dimensional drawing, to us. What do we appear to be, to you?
You all look like handkerchief dolls. You've all got eerie-looking faces, and your necklaces show your ID numbers. Are you all in jail or something?
That explains some of the suggestions.
No. 658352 ID: 188a99
File 143796026055.png - (8.31KB , 800x600 , HQ05.png )

I'm not fond of your language, but I do appreciate that you're direct and to the point.

Half-an-hour later and the deed is done. Clean as a whistle.
My name is Andrew, and that is all you really need to know about me.
No. 658354 ID: ab7529

>Are you all in jail or something?
I suppose it's kind of like a prison. There's certainly enough porn. We're generally far politer and less internally violent, though.

Breakfast time.
No. 658361 ID: c0fe75

>Are you all in jail or something?
One could say that, in a certain sense, the mortal life is a sort of prison.

Go get something to eat, and in the meantime, why don't you explain what the deal is with the hall? Does it conform to non-euclidean geometry, or something?
No. 658380 ID: e114bc

What's with all the doors?
No. 658382 ID: 188a99
File 143796688923.png - (15.33KB , 800x600 , HQ06.png )

...Porn? That doesn't sound like any jail I know of.
I'll be having french toast for breakfast!

As for the hall, well, it's hard to explain. I'll just have to show it to you.
That's the upper hall. That one is fine, it's just got the bathroom, my bedroom, the storage, and the closet. It also has some baby pictures, which are left over from my grandparents.
No. 658413 ID: e114bc

What kind of fucked-up jail doesn't have access to porn? Inmates have needs too.
No. 658482 ID: 2eeb65

Eat your breakfast and let's go explore the hall!
No. 658495 ID: f0e552

Who else is in the pictures in the room you were just in?
No. 658523 ID: ad936f

Do you live by yourself? Did this house belong to your grandparents? Is one of those "oops, I accidentally inherited a haunted house" kind of things?
No. 658549 ID: 188a99
File 143802426082.png - (10.70KB , 800x600 , HQ07.png )

I'm making my way down to the hall right now.
Apparently the ones from my world. Inmates usually only get the bare essentials in prison here.
That would be my mother. She liked to be in pictures whenever she could. The same cannot be said for my father, he avoided camera's like the plague.
I do live by myself, and the house isn't *haunted* but it is an experiment. My grandparents were some crazy scientists.
No. 658561 ID: 5b7efa

How crazy are we talkng? Like just purely scientifically adventurous, or did they have a low sense of ethics and morality, or did they make multiple attempts to take over the world with doomsday machines and death rays?
No. 658562 ID: 188a99
File 143802777506.png - (9.98KB , 800x600 , HQ08.png )

I have made it to the hall. Before I can get to cleaning, I need to get to go deeper.
No. 658567 ID: 64cb53

Fanart up in /questdis/, drop me a line in the fanart thread re: making a favicon for your quest too.
you still look pretty tired, do some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.
No. 658591 ID: ab7529

>I do live by myself, and the house isn't *haunted* but it is an experiment
An experiment in what?
No. 658594 ID: ad936f

Take the can, check the mailbox, and proceed.
No. 658606 ID: e114bc

Lamp, cereal, fruit bowl, mailbox, can...? What's with this nook?
No. 658612 ID: 188a99
File 143803826715.png - (14.51KB , 800x600 , HQ09.png )

Sounds like a decent way to wake up.
After all that I feel thirsty.

My grandparents were trying to create a house with AI smart enough to be able to provide for the disabled. They got really into their research and ended up disappearing inside of it. All that was programmed was the Hall, but it's out of control.

This can of "Dr. Cavities" won't quite quench my thirst. Especially since it's empty. What a shame that is.
The mailbox won't budge. It seems to be one of those newer ones that can lock itself if it cannot identify it's owner.
No. 658691 ID: f0e552

In this uh, damned hall. Do we have food and drink in it? If not lets just bring some down, unless you plan on going right out of it.
No. 658875 ID: 188a99
File 143810823539.png - (11.90KB , 800x600 , HQ10.png )

I suppose I always can, but I must tell you that leaving changes the hall. Things may be different from the way they are now.
[Choice active: Leave hall?]
No. 658900 ID: 2eeb65

Yeah. It'll be interesting to see what changes when we return.
No. 658923 ID: 188a99
File 143811911942.png - (12.24KB , 800x600 , HQ11.png )

[Re-did the hall and art-style a bit, hopefully it's nicer to look at]
I've gone out to get a drink. I also made sure to bring a backpack, filled to the brim with food and beverages.

The changes in the hallway, although minor, are also weirder than normal. I haven't seen vandalism come out of this hallway before.
No. 658987 ID: f0e552

Hey, looks like the letterbox popped out some mail! Since this is your property now, lets read it.

Also I have a feeling we'll see more vandalism throughout the hall.
No. 658990 ID: e114bc

Does the lamp work now?
No. 659165 ID: 75196f
File 143819500312.png - (16.86KB , 800x600 , HQ12.png )

It's some kind of advertisement. It depicts a rabbit girl standing in the middle of a lab. She doesn't look too pleased.

I expected this to be more... mail-like.
Did it not before?
No. 659171 ID: e114bc

Well I mean maybe it stopped working or started working. You never know.

Let's continue.
No. 659179 ID: b8ceae

Doesn't look like an ad to me.
No. 659192 ID: 75196f
File 143820997243.png - (15.94KB , 800x600 , HQ13.png )

Ads here are more or less drawings with faint text over them. The text is usually the title of what it's trying to advertise.
I proceed through the door and end up... back where I started? No, that's not it, things are different here. There's a window now.
No. 659200 ID: e114bc

There's also something new in the mailbox, and... the ad has turned to dust? Or is that ash? Check the mailbox and look out the window.
No. 659223 ID: f0e552

Yes, what is that outside? is that a flower or something?
No. 659249 ID: c0fe75

Is the hall against one of the sides of the house? If it's in the middle, well... then I guess you've got some kind of crazy space-bending house there, or a fake window. I wonder whether you could open it up and climb through.
No. 659372 ID: f217f8
File 143828689232.png - (12.70KB , 800x600 , HQ14.png )

It's a drawing. Looks like a hummingbird and a flower.
This house is in the middle of scenic nowhere. But yes, this house does tend to bend space, and sometimes time as well.
No. 659375 ID: e114bc

Hummingbird, flower, and something on the bottom right? Can you get it?
No. 659386 ID: d6fb37

Prop both doors open, gaze into infinity.
No. 659439 ID: f0e552

Or at least into the rooms next to us.

Windows can usually be opened, can this one be opened? Also does this room that we can see into, is it similar to ours?

Finally, does this room appear every time you come in here? Are there any other rooms?
No. 659442 ID: 9949dc
File 143830623344.png - (15.09KB , 800x600 , HQ15.png )

I cannot reach it. The window is stuck, and there's no visible way to go around.
The object to the right is a marker.
The door you came from is locked. So it wouldn't be possible.
No. 659449 ID: e114bc

Well take whatever's in the mailbox and continue.
No. 659458 ID: f0e552

Oh dear, is it meant to lock like that? How often do you go in here?
No. 659460 ID: f0e552

In fact, I suggest we prop the doors open with something, you think the mailbox or lamp would suffice?
No. 659462 ID: 9949dc
File 143831234889.png - (17.04KB , 800x600 , HQ16.png )

I've obtained a flashlight. These things can be useful if they have batteries. Luckily this one does have batteries.
I haven't found a checkpoint yet, I suppose.
I regret to inform you that our mailbox has been broken by a freaking door. We can no longer receive mail, you monster. (Just kidding, you're fine.)
No. 659465 ID: e114bc

Don't let the thing in through the window. It's not a fairy!

So uh how are you planning to "clean" the hall anyway?
No. 659467 ID: f0e552

Ok, a few things, from importance: There's a monster in the window but you should be safe, and you're missing your backpack.

Also that door is very powerful, this totally means we can weaponize this.
No. 659468 ID: c0fe75

Don't look now, but there's something looking at you through the window. I think its name might be Xeh Xeh. Maybe you should offer it some of that blueberry jam where the mailbox used to be.

Also, have you looked inside that bag in the center, yet? It's changing its label a lot, so maybe it's some kind of otherworldly cry for attention.
No. 659485 ID: 9949dc
File 143832151748.png - (16.16KB , 800x600 , HQ17.png )

My backpack is definitely missing, which is quite strange; as for the monster in the window- Oh, that's not a monster, that's a shopkeep. His name is Malachite.
In my world, it's a custom for merchants to wear masks like that to ward off "spirits". They also name themselves after minerals.

"Hello, Andrew. What brings you to the hall?"
I'm here to clean it, starting with the furthest segment.
"Humm... sounds like a journey, meet me in the next loop. I may have a few things for you."
Malachite wanders off to the next hall segment, closing the door behind him.

(Also, weaponizing the door would be nigh impossible.)
No. 659492 ID: e114bc

Get a move on, I suppose. Nothing useful here.
No. 659510 ID: c0fe75

Wait, so what does cleaning the hall actually entail? It's beginning to sound like it's more than just a little bit of tidying up.
No. 659541 ID: 10ee57
File 143836804982.png - (13.18KB , 800x600 , HQ18.png )

Upon looking through the bag, I find a 100N coin. This could come in handy.
No. 659544 ID: 10ee57
File 143836842822.png - (54.92KB , 800x600 , HQ19.png )

I've moved on to the next segment.
"Welcome to *the* checkpoint! It may seem like there are many of them, but really this room gets recycled a lot. It's almost like the core is lazy."
Malachite shuffles around and drops a humungous bag onto the cave floor.
"You're probably wondering where your backpack went. Well, it's to the right of me! I'll be keeping it so it doesn't burden you. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'm going to make you pay for what you had previously packed, you can still get those for free when you need them. You need only pay for what *I* have added to the bag."
Fair enough.
No. 659545 ID: 10ee57
File 143836894690.png - (7.54KB , 645x600 , HQ20.png )

{Andrew ignores the question and moves on.}
No. 659552 ID: ad936f

what kind of world do you live in? Why does it have animal people, and spirits, and crazy shopkeeps, and space-bending AI, and whatever it is that we are?
No. 659563 ID: c75e66

Compliment Malachite's mask, it's quite fetching. Also buy things.
No. 659564 ID: e114bc

Have you always been underground?
Find out what he's selling.
No. 659618 ID: 2eeb65

Andrew, don't ignore our questions. You don't want to make us angry~
No. 659657 ID: eaed43
File 143842596967.png - (17.24KB , 800x600 , HQ21.png )

I, uh, live in my world? Everything here is normal to me, so if you're finding it strange then I can't imagine what your world looks like.
Machalite seems quite flattered by the compliment.
I ask to see his wares.
He has:

I don't find that to be very threatening. After all, none of you possess the ability to interact with this world beyond text.
No. 659684 ID: ab61e1

Well, you know this place better than us, Will you need a weapon to defend yourself?
What uses has the Garnet stone?
No. 659690 ID: a19cd5

I mean we can probably beam awful porn straight into your mind, but we proooobably wont do that.
No. 659691 ID: ad936f

Preorder the [Coming Soon], if you buy it before you know what it is it's more likely to be something cool. I'm pretty sure that's, like, a law of nature or something. Wait is all of that stuff free? It says it costs 0N. If it is free you should take everything. What are you anyway? Some kind cat guy or something, what's up with that?
No. 659736 ID: f0e552

"Does your shop change every time I see you? Like the hall does?"

Because I don't know about you, but who knows how important that garnet is, I'm kinda tempted to ask you to take it...
No. 659826 ID: 2eeb65

Is his bowtie for sale?
No. 659886 ID: 404108
File 143855040869.png - (19.60KB , 800x600 , HQ22.png )

Possibly not, I may know this place better than you, but I'm still in the blue when it comes to what's in this place.
The garnet stone is useless; it's kind of like a certain pendant in a chosen one's journey.
That's a new threat. Most likely will not have much of an effect on me, though. I get used to things quickly.
"It seems like one of your audience members needs this page to be explained, Andrew. Allow me to mark everything down."
Go ahead.
Hey, is that really necessary? That word right there?
The shop does indeed change. Last time I was here all Malachite had was soup.
Malachite isn't the kind of merchant to sell articles of clothing. Especially not what he's wearing. You'd have to go back up to the surface for that.
No. 659909 ID: 4afb4b

If video games have taught me anything, It's that when you are offered something useless, always take it because it has some hidden use. Take the Garnet Stone!

(No, the reference didn't sail over my head)
No. 659974 ID: e114bc

You should probably just buy the weapon.
No. 659990 ID: f0e552

Ask Malachite if he knows how tacky a sharp umbrella sounds. Ask him if it's as deadly as it sounds (not deadly) or if it's even proper weapon at all?
No. 660028 ID: ad936f

What do you have against swears Andrew? Bloody is barely even a swear unless you're British. Are you British Andrew? Does your world even have a Britain?
No. 660029 ID: ad936f

Also, buy the trash lid. It will have myriad uses within the hall. And ask the shopkeeper if there is any danger within the hall that would necessitate the use of a weapon. Actually, it may be unwise to bring a weapon into the hall, the hall might see it as hostile.
No. 660035 ID: 2eeb65

Buy Umbrella. It could make for both a good weapon and an improvised parachute, as well as some light shielding.

>Hey, is that really necessary? That word right there?
Maybe the preorder is literally bloody? As in, related to or covered in blood?
No. 660042 ID: e114bc

Do you have a problem with strong language?
No. 660164 ID: 2b99ce
File 143865198692.png - (19.23KB , 800x600 , HQ23.png )

Sheesh, there's a lot more of you than I remember.
I'm not fond of curse words, no.
"It'd be more useful as an over-sized toothpick rather than a weapon. You know how fragile they make umbrellas." Malachite quickly flicks his wrist, "Plus, weapons wouldn't be very useful here. After all, you're only in the early segments, nothing much happens until about the 250th segment."

With all of your suggestions, the current cost is 120N which is 20 more than I have. Figure out which one to get rid of, so Malachite can stop holding that pose, and I can get a move on.
No. 660169 ID: 46df9e

If the umbrella is that unnecessary and that expensive just forget it. Consider getting the trash can lid; it's pretty cheap, and you could find a use for it later.
No. 660176 ID: e114bc

Yeah may as well skip the umbrella.
No. 660180 ID: f0e552

Buy garnet stone only, it probably doesnt have any significant use, but it will seem valuable to uneducated creatures.
No. 660270 ID: 2eeb65

>I'm not fond of curse words, no.
Gee willikers, Andrew! That gosh darned umbrella is freakin' useless! Fiddlesticks!

Buy Trash Lid and Garnet Stn instead.
No. 660331 ID: d68157
File 143873487977.png - (58.16KB , 800x600 , HQ24.png )

I bought the Garnet Stone and Trash Lid. I have 75N remaining.
"That... took a while..."
Malachite has collapsed onto the ground. Next time we should make it a little quicker, like Malachite should show the prices first thing and show a description of each item.
"Duly noted..."
No. 660341 ID: f0e552

to Malachite:
"So, if you pull that mask off, will you die?"
No. 660506 ID: d68157
File 143881781804.png - (58.13KB , 800x600 , HQ25.png )

"Death by stones to be exact. Taking off my mask would violate the code of merchants."

I always found that code to be a bit strange. Step out of line at all and you're killed. Merchants have it rough.
No. 660532 ID: e114bc

Oh well. Bid him good day, we have cleaning to do.
No. 660535 ID: 2eeb65

Enter right door.
No. 660562 ID: ad936f

get going
No. 660617 ID: 958ffe

tickle his chin and move on
No. 660689 ID: 89beb1
File 143889633707.png - (18.09KB , 800x600 , HQ26.png )

Well, I'm not tickling Malachite's chin. That's just weird.
I've made it to the next Segment.
This is something I'd expect out of a deeper portion of the Hall.
No. 660696 ID: e114bc

What does space taste like?
No. 660705 ID: 2eeb65

Lick space.
No. 660755 ID: ad936f

attempt to eat space hotdog
No. 660768 ID: c0fe75

The white ones are lava.

Hop (on black tiles ONLY) over to the horizontally-oriented door and try to enter it.
No. 660793 ID: f0e552

I... I think we might fall if we try that
No. 660867 ID: 4998f9
File 143898405576.png - (18.25KB , 800x600 , HQ27.png )

Like a lack of air and imminent doom.
That's a gas giant. Trying to eat one of those would require me to be humungous.
I figure doing something silly might help my mood. Dodging white tiles, I end up at the door, which upon going through it, flips the world on its side.
Nah, it's safe. Just really weird.
No. 660876 ID: e114bc

Looks like an elevator or something opened up. Can you reach it from there? Or would going back through the door make the elevator go away again?
No. 661376 ID: acb6cd
File 143915966990.png - (18.49KB , 800x600 , HQ28.png )

It doesn't look much like an elevator. I'd say it's more like a vent opening.

Luckily the thing doesn't disappear when I go through the door again.

Should I enter it, or should I explore what's inside the horizontal door?
No. 661383 ID: f0e552

Go through the new opening to the left, but before you do.. Look behind the opening, since it seems this doorway is surrounded by space.
No. 661384 ID: f0e552

Go through the new opening to the left, but before you do.. Look behind the opening, since it seems this doorway is surrounded by space.
No. 661385 ID: fb29e0

Can you open the door where you came from?
No. 661551 ID: 5633fa
File 143925111755.png - (18.87KB , 800x600 , HQ29.png )

Yeah, I'm capable of opening the door I came from. It doesn't serve much of a purpose to me by this point, though as it just brings me to the checkpoint.
No. 661552 ID: 5633fa
File 143925141485.png - (19.57KB , 800x600 , HQ30.png )

There's an invisible wall.

I've entered the opening to come across a strange figure and some more vandalism. The vandalism appears to be lifted from a journal.

"I was home alone. I had spent many hours trying to drift off. I tried counting sheep, but it didn't help."
No. 661576 ID: e114bc

That's... a light switch? Why does it have 5 settings?

Say hi to the figure. Is there supposed to be anyone here like them?
No. 661583 ID: a2b302

don't take any chances. vulcan nerve pinch this strange figure.
No. 661593 ID: f0e552

Um, I don't think we know how to do that, on top of that, I don't think that's a good idea.

Instead, make yourself known. Clear your throat audibly.
No. 661785 ID: 14d98b
File 143934686809.png - (19.11KB , 800x600 , HQ31.png )

Vulcan nerve pinch? Does the Vulcan part have to do with your species? Are you Vulcans?
ID f0e552 is right, I don't know how to do that at all.
Not sure why the light-switch would have five settings unless it was for different colors. Actually, that might be it.

I clear my throat and greet the figure
Excuse me?
No. 661788 ID: e114bc

I don't like this ONE BIT. Get away from it.
No. 661794 ID: c0fe75

He looks awfully friendly. He must be trying to say "Hello!"

Stick your hand out, ready for a neighborly handshake.
No. 661835 ID: f0e552

Do we have protocol for this?

Who is this, anyway?
No. 661862 ID: ad936f

Grab his groin, he'll never expect it! Once you have his privates at your mercy you'll be in a much better position to negotiate, and if he turns out not to be hostile then you can play it off as just being friendly.
No. 661875 ID: b0d358
File 143941983777.png - (18.62KB , 800x600 , HQ32.png )

I'm not entirely sure how to react to this figure. I ask for its name, but I get the same breathing noise as earlier.
It begins to wander towards the vent.
"Caaafe--- cafe-- Hhhh"
No. 661876 ID: b0d358
File 143942003149.png - (11.33KB , 800x600 , HQ33.png )

What in the actual---
You know what? Nevermind.
No. 661879 ID: e114bc

Considering how slow it is, that vent is gonna be blocked soon. If you want to go that way, better do it now.
No. 661881 ID: c0fe75


I told you he was friendly! He's trying to show the way to the café, in case you're in the mood for a cuppa joe. It'd be rude not to take him up on the offer, so crawl on through that vent!

And certainly don't grab his crotch! That'd be rude too! And possibly illegal, in this spacetime!
No. 661887 ID: f0e552

Try repeating what words it says as a question. In this case, say "Cafe?" and point to the vent. Maybe this might get it's attention. While we're unsure if he's dangerous or not, it seems he might just want to show you what's in the vent. So I say we wait and see what happens. We can just come back later if we can't get in that vent.
No. 661889 ID: f0e552

Also, maybe this is a bit late. But didn't the last room we were in say 'Room 6'? At the most, that's room 4, if we're counting the checkpoint. Any rooms beyond that would be room 5! Maybe this damned hall teleports people around as well!
No. 661915 ID: 1a36fb

God dammit stop questioning us we're professionals we know exactly what we're doing.
No. 662089 ID: 574d5f
File 143951006260.png - (18.17KB , 800x600 , HQ34.png )

The figure had moved in before I could, and before I know it, it already made it to the other side. It's speedier than you thought, huh?

I don't think it's talking about any Cafe.

The figure quickly scurries over to a painting on the wall, and it begins pawing at paint droplets all the while breathing heavily, and making motions towards the lower portion of the piece.

Professionals at what, typing into small white boxes?
No. 662093 ID: e114bc

How do you know about the boxes!?

Oh hey a bag, rummage through it.
No. 662102 ID: f0e552

Well, we don't have permission, it could be that bunny man's stuff. Something bad might happen if we try to open it.

See if you can try to ask it what the drawing depicts.
No. 662370 ID: f0af55
File 143959235919.png - (16.79KB , 800x600 , HQ35.png )

I imagine that the figure owns this bag. Plus, even if the figure doesn't own it the owner can't be too far off from here. So it'd be a bad idea to rummage through it at all.

I ask about the drawing to which it replies:
"Hhhh- Name -hhhh... Mine."
I'm beginning to think that the mask is cutting off the air for the figure.
No. 662379 ID: f0e552

Ask if you can go into that door.

Also ask if it would like to have it's mask removed.
No. 662381 ID: c0fe75

Well, you best do the right thing and help her remove the mask! It must be horrible, being choked off by that thing.

Say, think there's a chance that, underneath that mask, she might be the person in that photo you found a while back? Maybe you should show it to her. You took it with you, right?
No. 662383 ID: c0fe75

Actually, wait--if she has a mask on, does that mean she's a merchant? If that's the case she probably doesn't want to remove it, restrictive or not, what with the whole death-by-stoning thing. Maybe you should see if she has anything for sale.
No. 663027 ID: f0af55
File 143975934207.png - (17.80KB , 800x600 , HQ36.png )

It refuses the offer.
It seemed to have perked up when you said that.
It turns to its bag for a while and sighs, losing any sort of energy it had recently gained.
"HHhh... merchhhandise... hhh... stolen... replaced... hhh... junk..."
It shrugs and turns back to me.
A merchant with nothing to sell. Hm.
No. 663028 ID: c0fe75


How sad! You should offer to try to recover their lost items. Do they know who took them, or which direction they went in? And maybe in the process could find a different, less restrictive mask for them.

Also, I assume they were trying to tell you their name is Cafe, earlier. You should tell them yours too, if you didn't when you first spoke to them in the other room.
No. 663416 ID: f0af55
File 143984288027.png - (18.17KB , 800x600 , HQ37.png )

The figure seems to be pleased with that.
"Hhhh... go.... door... find... it..."

Being as the figure appears to be a merchant, I think the name wouldn't be "Cafe". There's a specific pattern to the names of merchants here.
No. 663418 ID: e114bc

The other one was called Malachite, so I'm guessing they're named after gemstones. Or maybe colors? Like the color "cafe" or "coffee"? He was putting his hand on the brown in the painting so maybe it's that color.

Go on then.
No. 663433 ID: 2f491d

Well, let's go I suppose. Do you know what exactly are we looking for?
No. 663714 ID: 129866
File 143992907854.png - (6.79KB , 800x600 , HQ38.png )

I'd say you're close, but you need to make one of those a bit broader.

I've made it into a really long segment. This one looks to be where the figure had previously been.

As for what I'm looking for, it's ore. Usually, merchants need ore to be able to produce their own wares. I had to do something similar for Malachite when I met him.
No. 663778 ID: a40713
File 143995096871.png - (13.46KB , 800x600 , HQ39.png )

[Apologies for the long break today.]
At the far end of the segment, there's a valve and tambour door; the door has a body pinned to the ground. With the lack of movement from the body, one can assume that it was crushed to death.

The body must've been holding that marker before the moment.
No. 663784 ID: e114bc

Hmm. Maybe it's not gemstones, but minerals. What kind of ore did you need to give Malachite? Copper ore?

Try turning the wheel to open the door.
No. 663785 ID: ad936f

Turn the valve counter-clockwise. examine and pocket the marker. read all writing in the room, is there any on the ceiling? the floor?
No. 663808 ID: f0e552

What kind of tail is that... I hope our friend back there didn't kill this poor fellow.
No. 663819 ID: c0fe75

I... guess try turning the valve, and inspecting the body. Are merchants known to be potentially violent? If that valve is the only thing that opens or closes the tambour door, then that makes our new merchant friend seem... not so friendly. Of course, maybe the body isn't actually dead.
No. 663824 ID: a19cd5

poke it
No. 663948 ID: dfa416
File 144001995030.gif - (22.49KB , 800x600 , HQ40.gif )

The tambour door doesn't go up too far at all. It's enough room to crawl through on my hands and knees.

The body doesn't seem to react much to the door being lifted.
No. 663953 ID: a00540
File 144002172569.gif - (12.18KB , 800x600 , HQ41.gif )

Still no movement. It's as dead as can be.

I guess some kind of flickering fox tail. It seems to flicker in and out of existence.

I have not heard of a violent merchant before, no.
No. 663958 ID: e114bc

Well pull it out of there. It's in the way. Then search the body I guess.
No. 664146 ID: c0fe75

Is the hall a dangerous place? I'm not certain how much of a surprise this corpse is.
No. 664198 ID: af28ff
File 144010656919.png - (9.66KB , 800x600 , HQ42.png )

There are two journal pages on the body.

July 5th, 2015
"I keep seeing all kinds of oddities in this place. I saw a boy playing a reality-bending video game, a performer doing unmentionable things to a pineapple, some kind of imp scurrying around in a library, and a hairless cat that looked like it was ready to kill someone. -Ultra Love"

August 19th, 2015
"I didn't know there were traps in this place. I just saw a child, couldn't be older than six, get impaled by a spike trap. Maybe I should be a little more careful in this place from now on. -Ultra Love"

Seems this guy was on his own adventure. Was it the tambour door that killed him?
No. 664199 ID: af28ff
File 144010707626.png - (8.44KB , 800x600 , HQ43.png )

Apparently so. I've been through about two-hundred segments without you guys, and I have not seen any corpses or signs of danger until now.
No. 664203 ID: c0fe75


Rather than the tambour door, I'd say whatever caved in his sternum is what killed him. Since he was lying on his chest, I don't think the door is what did it. If you decide to proceed through the door, keep an eye open for anything that might be a trap.

I wonder if the merchant in the other room knows anything about this; or maybe connections between rooms aren't necessarily the same for each person, meaning that the merchant may have not even seen this corpse in the first place.
No. 664210 ID: ea7817

>a performer doing unmentionable things to a pineapple
I wonder if this trick involved a yo-yo.

Anyway, carefully inspect the hatch thing the corpse was, from a distance, if possible. By his/her notes, this place is far more dangerous than we know.
No. 664214 ID: ad936f

homestuck, prequel, kill six billion demons?, ???
No. 664352 ID: f8000c
File 144019033402.png - (8.26KB , 800x600 , HQ44.png )

It's pretty dusty, but nothing seems to be in it.
I crawled through, and now I'm covered in dust! I'll probably sneeze if I try to brush it off, but I cannot resist.

Yup. I sneezed.

Anyways, there's not much in this cramped space. There's just a container with some ore. The ore kind of reminds me of coffee.
No. 664379 ID: c0fe75


Clearly that guy underneath the tambour door must have been killed by a trap in this room, so I don't trust it one bit. There's a small black speck on the leftmost wall, high above you; is there some way you could inspect it or get a closer look at it? Seems like the most obvious first guess for a trap mechanism.

I'd also guess the ore container is booby-trapped in some way.

And then there's also an odd black void to the right of the room, so perhaps there's something dangerous out there, as well. (Maybe the rightmost wall is false or slides away somehow?)
No. 664383 ID: e114bc

Knock on the far wall. It looks hollow to me.
No. 664857 ID: 286b90
File 144044699803.png - (9.64KB , 800x600 , HQ45.png )

I'm still unsure about how dangerous the Hall really is though a little caution wouldn't hurt.

It's not hollow. It's just a solid wall.

Though, I'll admit that I did expect something stupid to happen after knocking on it.
No. 664862 ID: e114bc

Hmm, well... maybe we can get the ore, then... just check the case it's in to see if opening it will set off anything.
No. 664863 ID: 286b90
File 144044799138.png - (7.66KB , 800x600 , HQ46.png )

I decide to inspect the "black speck".
It appears to be a hole, just barely large enough for something like a bobby pin to fit through. Other than that, it doesn't look like it's capable of causing harm.
No. 664885 ID: 286b90
File 144045083746.png - (7.40KB , 800x600 , HQ47.png )

That was... a lot easier than I expected. The container opened up with little to no resistance, and nothing came lashing out at me. Though, something tells me that the way back might be a different story.
No. 664886 ID: e114bc

well you can stick the ore in the way of the gates so that if they try to close on you the ore will stop it.
No. 664918 ID: c0fe75

Yeah, this. Is the ore relatively hard? It'd make a good doorstop, in the case that the tambour door is trapped somehow. It's still confusing as to how that guy died, though.
No. 664939 ID: ad936f

peer through the doorway before going through
No. 665014 ID: b0b74f
File 144053134848.png - (7.18KB , 800x600 , HQ48.png )

I'm going to make a guess here and assume that this ore is about as strong as steel. It feels like it could be around there on Mohs scale.
It's just dusty from the looks of things, minus the marks I made crawling through, of course! I don't see anything out of the ordinary in there.
No. 665025 ID: b0b74f
File 144053494805.png - (19.86KB , 800x600 , HQ49.png )

I've crawled through the dusty path back into the previous room. I've already lost track of how many times I've sneezed going through that thing, though.

I quickly make my way back to the merchant (to save you some time)

"Hhhgrkrkl... Hhhhrghh... hhh..."
No. 665038 ID: c0fe75

Is the merchant okay? Judging from those sounds, their mask is cutting off their airflow even more than before...
No. 665071 ID: e114bc

Hand over the ore I suppose.
No. 665083 ID: ad936f

Are you wearing a turtleneck? Give her the ore. Check if she's alright.
No. 665192 ID: b0b74f
File 144062331575.png - (18.67KB , 800x600 , HQ50.png )

I gave it the ore, and it immediately went into snarfing the thing down. There are not even a speck left of that ore!
"Hhh, that was good. Thank you kindly, I really needed that." The merchant quickly licks off it's hands.
"I apologize for not giving my full name earlier. I am Cafetite, which is, coincidentally, the name of the mineral you fed me." Cafetite brushes their ears back and forth, "And if you're wondering why I sounded like I didn't have much air earlier, that's what a starving merchant sounds like. If you find any others like me, please offer them a mineral."
No. 665206 ID: e114bc

Whoa. Alright then. Anything in stock now that she's got some ore?
No. 665212 ID: c0fe75

Well, I'm glad that's sorted out, then. And I guess we can assume Malachite eats malachite, too.

Ask Cafetite about the corpse in the other room. Perhaps he was the thief who stole from them. And let's see if they have anything in stock now, too.
No. 665228 ID: ad936f

Ask coofeetits what's up with the painting. Ask what she has for sale.
No. 665250 ID: f0e552

>"No hard feelings, but I had a thought in the back of my mind where you were like a dangerous insane person. Thanks for letting me know that you were just hungry... Er, so what's for sale?"
No. 665264 ID: e114bc

Ask what's up with the corpse back in that hallway.
No. 665330 ID: 979117
File 144071870253.png - (54.25KB , 800x600 , HQ51.png )

"I apologize, but there still isn't much in stock yet. I've got some more scavaging to do before I can get all my goods back. Though, I at least have a single page worth."

"Corpse?" Cafetite tilts their head to the side, "That's new. I was convinced that the paintings couldn't kill anyone."
No. 665331 ID: c0fe75


All of those items look interesting, especially the implant. Can Cafetite give you any information about what they are/what they do?

Also, ask Cafetite about the paintings.
No. 665332 ID: e114bc

Wait, why does she think a painting killed the guy?
No. 665336 ID: f0e552

Hm. Can you explain what these items do? I mean, I think we know about the teddy bear, but you never know.
No. 665338 ID: f0e552

(but i want the teddy bear.)
No. 665364 ID: ad936f

get the teddy bear
No. 665685 ID: 84f1b5
File 144091300505.png - (54.88KB , 800x600 , HQ52.png )

"For the implants... I don't know! I'm a scavenging merchant, and I had just picked that up at a hospital. I think it was called 'MonoRoom' or something like that." Cafetite shrugs, "As for the teddy bear... it's just a teddy bear, and the monocular telescope can peer into certain walls. It's kinda freaky to use though, it always feels like something's getting closer as you use it."

"The door you went through contains multiple paintings, though you might not have noticed them the first time. I wouldn't recommend looking at them for long, they stare back." Cafetite shudders violently.

Paintings that stare back, huh? Sounds like something I've heard of before in a book.
No. 665691 ID: e114bc

MONOROOM!? I hope that's just a reference. Having these two quests linked somehow would be weird.

Oh did you pick up the marker from the corridor?

The telescope sounds useful but maybe also dangerous. Get it, use it carefully?
No. 665719 ID: f0e552

Ask Cafetite to appraise your garnet stone.

Buy the wall peering device thing for 75N and see if you can haggle the teddy bear in return for solving the merchant's hunger problem.
No. 665756 ID: c0fe75

Buy the telescope, then go in the other room and stare at paintings until something happens. Or stare at the painting in this room. Maybe try using the telescope to look at the paintings, too.
No. 665770 ID: 6803f5

Buy the bear, ignore the paintings, do your job and clean the hall.
No. 665891 ID: 84f1b5
File 144099394192.png - (48.96KB , 800x600 , HQ53.png )

I did not pick up the marker.

I've bought the monocular telescope.
Cafetite says that they can't give things away for free, even if they owe someone. Merchant code and all that.

Sorry, the bear isn't happening. The others wanted the telescope. Though I will go deeper into the Hall for sure.

These paintings are weird for sure, but they don't seem to be springing to life at all.
No. 665894 ID: e114bc

Well go pick up the marker because why not.

Don't look at the paintings.
No. 666020 ID: 84f1b5
File 144104999660.png - (35.33KB , 800x600 , HQ54.png )

I've picked up the marker and I also lowered the telescope; it's starting to make me feel all woozy. It's weird, I can see the paintings without the telescope right now...
No. 666024 ID: c0fe75

Draw a mustache on that worried-looking painting on the right.
No. 666026 ID: e114bc

We can sortof see an effect in place when you're using it, and it's still present. Like, colors at the corners of vision?

Anyway, we got the marker. Time to backtrack to the weird space room and go through the other door.
No. 666029 ID: ad936f

Actually, just graffiti all the paintings until something happens.
No. 666042 ID: 330ce5

All paintings within reach should be given a moustache.
No. 666426 ID: 84f1b5
File 144116605543.png - (25.72KB , 800x600 , HQ55.png )

With the glare that this painting is giving me, I can't help but expect only bad things to come out of such an action. I imagine that if it could speak it'd be swearing at me right now. I take a few steps back for good measure.
No. 666427 ID: a19cd5

Consume corpse
No. 666431 ID: c0fe75

I dunno, that painting looks nervous, rather than angry. Try waving at it and saying hi... or maybe it's upset about the corpse, so you could try to express condolences about it.

Say, going back to the very beginning, you said you felt as if it's been years since you've budged. Maybe that wasn't actually a simile--just how long were you asleep? Perhaps you're some kind of eternal construct created for the purpose of maintaining and "cleaning" the hall (whatever that means, considering you've been so coy about it). And what would happen if you just didn't bother cleaning it?

Oh, and how long does the hall go on for, anyway? I'm beginning to get the impression that it's kind of an endless expanse of rooms that grow stranger the "deeper" you go in.
No. 666432 ID: c0fe75

And say, the strange aura around the edges seems to be slowly fading away. I guess that has to do with what Cafetite says about the telescope--how it feels like something's slowly getting closer as you use it... so I assume that if you use it for longer, the aura will grow larger and bolder. I wonder what that's all about.
No. 666495 ID: ad936f

DO IT. Normally this is the the part where I would swear at you, but considering your aversion to such words I will not. See how considerate I am being? NOW DO IT! DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS! JUST DOO IIIT!
No. 666496 ID: e114bc

You should leave.
No. 666775 ID: 84f1b5
File 144124477792.png - (18.34KB , 800x600 , HQ56.png )

Wha- uhm, no thank you.

It doesn't seem to be reacting to me at all. It's just eyeing the marker.

I had only slept for fourteen hours or so. It's the average sleep cycle for me.

As tempting as the vandalism seems, Cafetite has made the paintings seem too dangerous to mess with.
No. 666782 ID: c0fe75

I feel bad for the painting now... it clearly doesn't want to be defaced. Just leave it alone, I guess, and head out to explore elsewhere, deeper into the hall.

Also, I guess the paintings killed the guy lying there, somehow, after he tried to vandalize them.
No. 666850 ID: f0e552

Wave the painting goodbye, when you decide to leave.
No. 667108 ID: 84f1b5
File 144133982330.png - (37.15KB , 800x600 , HQ57.png )

I give an awkward wave to the painting as I go back to the container room with my new "magic"(?) monocular telescope. One crawling session and a big sneeze later, I use the telescope once more to reveal the remainder of the segment. I feel dizzy from all of that.

The door in the new portion of the container room has patterns similar to that of the telescope.
No. 667122 ID: e114bc

...oh! When she said "peer into certain walls" I didn't think it meant this.

Go poke the door.
No. 667127 ID: c0fe75

Yeah, I didn't pick up on that either, but now I feel like it should've been obvious.


Examine the door cautiously. It seems a bit eldritch, so be prepared for sanity effects, if that's even a thing.
No. 667334 ID: 84f1b5
File 144143131460.png - (22.02KB , 800x600 , HQ58.png )

The door doesn't appear to have any sort of knob, and there's definitely no lever to turn either. The only thing of interest on this door is the large hole in the middle. It isn't big enough to fit the large end of the telescope in, but the smaller side may work. My finger also appears to be near the same size.

Best guess is that I have to insert one of those to open it; if not, Cafetite may have something that could help.
No. 667376 ID: ad936f

stick ur dick in it
No. 667387 ID: 11b2aa

Try carefully sticking the small end of the telescope, it might work. I mean, the painting and colors of the door and telescope are similar.

Just don't stand in front of the telescope.
No. 667397 ID: c0fe75

Seconded. I just hope we can get the telescope back.
No. 667873 ID: d56aa7
File 144158232531.gif - (7.68KB , 800x600 , HQ59.gif )

The telescope sinks into the hole and makes a loud clunk on the other side. The door splits into two, leaving behind a sticky residue in between the segments.

{Andrew shudders and ignores this suggestion.}
No. 667874 ID: d56aa7
File 144158238295.png - (26.79KB , 800x600 , HQ60.png )

Ugh, I think I tracked in some of that stuff. Hopefully, it washes off easily.
No. 667880 ID: c0fe75

Is that a painting or a window? Maybe you should view it through the telescope. Or try to communicate with the figure behind it, if it's a window.
No. 667881 ID: ad936f

Judging by the fact that his face is obscured by that grime the guy on the other side of that window is almost certainly hideously ugly, be prepared for the horrifying reveal. try giving him a look with the telescope.
No. 668222 ID: bfde77
File 144168361887.png - (24.40KB , 800x600 , HQ61.png )


It's a drawing, actually. It looks like it was done with a green block of charcoal. -Wait, do those even exist? - I make sure to scan over the drawing a few times, however, all I can gather is that it was a drawing of another merchant. It's mask looks to be a cylinder.

Knowing the number of merchants I've encountered since your appearance, dear audience, I imagine that the next merchant will appear sometime later. Possibly within thirty or so segments? I'm not entirely sure.
No. 668238 ID: e114bc

Perhaps so! We're a bit short on funds now though. Looks like the telescope is still around, grab it. Then we can move on.
No. 668552 ID: bfde77
File 144177597430.png - (12.88KB , 800x600 , HQ62.png )

I pocket the telescope. Don't ask how it fits into my pocket (that is, assuming pockets work differently in your world.) and I enter another segment. It's quite obvious that this is another weird one. The gravity feels a bit off, and the world (or lack thereof) is pitch black. I don't see any way of getting down to the next layer.
No. 668560 ID: e114bc

Can't you just sorta... drop down there?
No. 668742 ID: bfde77
File 144185756253.png - (14.63KB , 800x600 , HQ63.png )

It's possible... but I'm not sure if gravity will allow it here. In addition to that, it looks like a long drop. Is there something I'm not seeing?
No. 668758 ID: e114bc

Some kind of purple square showed up behind you on the edge.
No. 668929 ID: bfde77
File 144193995774.png - (14.70KB , 800x600 , HQ64.png )

Huh? Where is it? I... don't see anything at all. Are you capable of hidden objects?
No. 668931 ID: e114bc

It's to your right, just off the edge near the corner. Um, let me float near it. Feel around here I guess.
No. 669054 ID: ad936f

maybe? It's just barely visible.
No. 669450 ID: 2be160
File 144219008032.png - (15.31KB , 800x600 , HQ65.png )

Are you eve- well I'll be damned, you can. I was convinced that you couldn't move beyond that space in every segment.

I make haste to get over to this mysterious square. Within a few seconds I'm on top of it.
No. 669451 ID: 2be160
File 144219011165.png - (27.39KB , 800x600 , HQ66.png )

Wait- what's going on? Is this supposed to happen?!
No. 669452 ID: e114bc

There's another purple square down there, I figure it's a teleporter.
No. 669458 ID: ad936f

Don't worry, you might not die.
No. 669476 ID: 3663d3

options are trust it or be stuck here.
No. 669828 ID: 2be160
File 144237116407.png - (14.52KB , 800x600 , HQ67.png )

GAH! That was... that was something else.
I- uh- I'd prefer... never to do that again. Being shot into the air is not fun at all.

Yeah yeah, that was *very* reassuring, b-bud.
No. 669830 ID: e114bc

Oh, there were three. I'm guessing if you go into the one you just came out of, you'll wind up at the third. But I guess if you want to wuss out there's a door ahead of you.
No. 670026 ID: 2be160
File 144245774544.png - (13.13KB , 800x600 , HQ68.png )

I made my decision quite quickly. I went to the door to escape the chance of being flung into the sky once again.
No. 670027 ID: 2be160
File 144245798350.png - (13.54KB , 800x600 , HQ69.png )

Finally back to familiar territory. It seems more or less the same as when we left it, right?
No. 670067 ID: 330ce5

Check the envelope.
No. 670144 ID: 40d5a9

If you find a merchant, or someone else, ask who 'Ears' is.
No. 670852 ID: 2be160
File 144276827045.png - (12.92KB , 800x600 , HQ70.png )

Like before there are multiple letters.

"September 2nd, 2015
I hate cylinders now. -Ultra Love"

"September 20th, 2024
I've been in here for so long. By now nothing in this damned hall surprises me, not even the bat girl with red and blue eyes. Who cares if she can phase into a different world or not? I've seen weirder here. -Ultra Love"

"September 20th, 2024
Someone's been picking up my older letters. The letters had been opened, and most likely read, and that is reassuring. I now know that I'm not the only non-merchant in this place. I wonder how they reacted to the Diamond's victim? -Ultra Love"

Duly noted! However, it may be a while before then.
No. 671028 ID: ad936f

I guess that guy we found dead was killed by a merchant called diamond? Consider leaving a note of your own for ultra love.
No. 671035 ID: e114bc

Leave a message with the marker. Ask to explain what the Diamond is.
No. 671490 ID: 2be160
File 144289199875.png - (12.07KB , 800x600 , HQ71.png )

I quickly jot down a letter for this "Ultra Love" character. I add an extra question in hopes that he knows who "Ears" is.
No. 671835 ID: bc0098

Look if there is anything inside the bag. Maybe you could even carry it around, if you feel you need the space.

The flower drawn here is very similar to this one
No. 671862 ID: 2be160
File 144298323877.png - (11.83KB , 800x600 , HQ72.png )

More space is always a plus! You never know what you might need to carry, after all. I sling the bag over my shoulder and riffle through it to discover two novels. Unless the Hall has a long train segment, I don't see myself using them anytime soon.

That flower drawing over there? That showed up just a little bit after you guys came into my life; I'm not entirely sure what it means yet, but I'll give a wild guess and assume that it involves being watched (Likely by you). The one in Cafetite's room was a bit different though, the eye was rolling upwards. That one seemed more like it was hinting towards suffocation.

There's only one thing left on the shelf now... there used to be four objects.
No. 672427 ID: 2be160
File 144315414739.png - (16.73KB , 800x600 , HQ73.png )

There's nothing left in this segment to do. So I move to the next one and... yeah that isn't unnerving at all. An over-sized doll is perched on the counter, looming over the walking space like Godzilla. A cord is sticking out of it's rear and draped over the counter's edge.

The grin reminds me a lot of Malachite's mask if it were to avoid brushing it's teeth for severals days. Luckily it doesn't smell like that.
No. 672455 ID: e114bc

I don't want to go near that. If you're sure it's harmless you can go pull the cord, but if I were you I'd turn around and walk right back out that door.

If you revisit this room, it'll change, right?
No. 672518 ID: 330ce5

Pull the cord, let us hear this doll sing.
No. 672713 ID: 4aec7c

Assuming the graffiti refers to this doll, offer a hand but cautiously. Move to where you can make a quick escape into the next segment, then pull the cord.
No. 672728 ID: 82891e

sit in his lap and tell him what you want for Xmas
No. 672750 ID: 2be160
File 144323819089.png - (16.81KB , 800x600 , HQ74.png )

No. 672756 ID: 2be160
File 144323840736.png - (16.37KB , 800x600 , HQ75.png )

Revisiting the segment has a very small chance for it to change; even then there's a higher chance for a negative change rather than a positive one.

The cord is stuck. It cannot be pulled any further. I might have to mess around with the cord so the doll can work again.
No. 672836 ID: 5fa2f9

Make love to the doll.

No. 672839 ID: f0e552

No. Let's not do that.

Lets put that box next to you in its mouth to see if it's capable of moving or acting. But to not be rude, just ask it to do something if it doesn't want it in its mouth.
No. 672840 ID: f0e552

Also, i was referring to this chucklenut when saying "Let's not do that"
No. 672871 ID: ab405c

Try talking or making signals to the doll. I mean, someone wrote "my voice is gone", and that might be the doll's voice.
No. 672995 ID: 2be160
File 144331405451.png - (16.39KB , 800x600 , HQ76.png )

I would prefer not to engage in any sexual actions what-so-ever. No matter the recipient.

I empty out most of the contents from the box and rub it against the doll's mouth. It is immediately apparent that the doll's mouth is stitched on. It's just a doll, and nothing more. It doesn't even have muscles, so it wouldn't be able to move unless it was a sponge or insect.

I doubt that the Hall would be capable of animating this thing, even if it does seem to jump dimensions.
No. 673000 ID: e114bc

Well... okay. Move the doll and look for a zipper or something so you can check on what that pull cord is attached to.
No. 673024 ID: 330ce5

Try and fix the doll.
No. 673547 ID: 2be160
File 144349693210.png - (15.08KB , 800x600 , HQ77.png )

There's a zipper on its lower back. After tinkering with it for an hour or so, I finally got the cord to move back in. The doll lets out a series of numbers as the cord is sucked into it's back.
"Two, Three-three-three-three, four, one. Two, Three-three-three, four, one."

I also found 50N in it's back zipper and stored the box in my bag. Let's not spend all the Nicks (N) in one place.
No. 673602 ID: 1b60c0

Jot down numbers, hug doll, leave.
No. 673663 ID: f0e552

Wow, you spent an hour? That's dedication right there. Also an affinity for mechanisms you've just discovered, Neato!

No. 673687 ID: bf4a8a

Write down the numbers, they might come in handy.
No. 673734 ID: ac8dcb

those gears. Are those some kind of warning or they are actual gears? They seem to be stuck with something
No. 673836 ID: 2be160
File 144358167139.png - (33.92KB , 800x600 , HQ78.png )

I do not have the necessary materials to jot the numbers down.

It was a drawing on the wall. It was probably a hint towards the doll's state.

I tend to spend a lot of time trying to fix things. It doesn't always work, though; that's probably why my microwave is still busted. Magnificent microwave...

Wandering into the next segment presents me with some slightly familiar visuals. Space is nice, but the walls of bodies not so much.
No. 673840 ID: e114bc

Well, we know the combination.

"Two, Three-three-three-three, four, one. Two, Three-three-three, four, one."

How the hell do you input it though?
No. 673842 ID: 4aec7c

Everyone repeat it! 2333341233341!
No. 673843 ID: 4aec7c

As for how to input it... wait, they're actually standing, not hanging! They might still be alive! Try initiating conversation with #2 first, offer to help them down!
No. 674244 ID: f0254d
File 144375354880.png - (34.82KB , 800x600 , HQ79.png )

I see two methods to input this. For the first choice, I will need a sharp object. The second will require me to knock over the stools.

There is no response. It just flinches when I speak. Now all four of them are shivering in fear.
No. 674346 ID: d1fe41

Okay who made this place again? Seriously what the fuck is up with the walls of tortured souls, this is like something out of The Divine Comedy.

Is that Naut in the left wall there?
No. 674353 ID: a107fd

Remove hood from #3.
No. 674377 ID: 2349a1

Maybe you could, you know, rescue those guys? Maybe you should get some info on who they are first though.
No. 674447 ID: bc0098

One of the pictures moved. The one above the cross-eyed face on the wall closest of you. Check it out.

Do you have any item in your inventory that could cut the ropes, in theory. I don't see an elegant way to input 3 four times.
No. 674518 ID: 4aec7c

If we have anything sharp, we should try freeing them first. Let's not be so hasty to murder strangers.
No. 674618 ID: 47c9d9

The thing that moved kind of looks like a knife. Check it out.
No. 674865 ID: 41f58b
File 144401193996.png - (37.27KB , 800x600 , HQ80.png )

My grandparents. However, the longer I spend in this room the more I begin to doubt that.

If the plan is to save them, I wouldn't want to risk possibly tightening the noose around their neck. It's already on tight enough as it is.

It took me a while to reach it, but now I got myself a knife. This thing could leave some pretty nasty cuts.
No. 674884 ID: e114bc

You should be able to reach the rope behind them and cut it. However, before you do that, something else has changed in the room. A piece of paper where that diving helmet used to be, on the other wall.
No. 674956 ID: 186f79

Their are three odd faces and a note on/in the left wall.
No. 675011 ID: 4aec7c

That note looks too high to reach. Let's try getting them down first, starting with #2. Can we reach the rope above with the knife?
No. 675060 ID: a107fd

If you're going to cut them down, keep it simple and cut the loop around the neck, or remove whatever is restraining their arms and let them work it out themselves from there.
No. 675139 ID: ec43bc

Let's not cut them down yet, that could be a trap. Cut the bag off of one of their faces first. They could be otherworldly horrors. Or they may be normal and gagged, which may be the reason why they won't respond. If that's the case, you may be able to get more info out of them before proceeding.
No. 675225 ID: 41f58b
File 144419332540.png - (35.39KB , 800x600 , HQ81.png )

The note is too high up. I'd use a stool, but...
I can make out a bit of what's on the note (besides that large "NO"): "He was like a broken record-" there's nothing that I can see beyond that.

I cut the rope around #2 and they just lean over to the left (my left, that is), and quietly weep. Should I go in the code's order first, or try to talk with #2 before that?
No. 675226 ID: 5ad4a7

Why not get a look at its face first?
No. 675782 ID: a107fd

Get them all down safely, attempt to enter code by yanking on severed ropes.
No. 675793 ID: 778fc5

Is he better now? Maybe you could try to talk to him again. Asking who he is.
No. 675810 ID: 41f58b
File 144449891496.png - (37.77KB , 800x600 , HQ82.png )

Still no response, but his crying stopped, so there's that.

Number two shifts over to the right when I try to get a peek at his face. Maybe it isn't such a good idea to mess with them this much.

Done and done, though one of them wasn't nearly as graceful as his neighbors. Poor sod.

These guys are total weirdos, right?
No. 675816 ID: 5ad4a7

Grab the empty stool and use it to take a better look at the note.

I suspect these guys might be mindless props, just meant to make you feel bad about using them as pincushions.
No. 676539 ID: 540767

Try "typing" the code the doll said by tugging the ropes.
No. 677407 ID: 79288d
File 144514743166.png - (37.52KB , 800x600 , HQ83.png )

I already did that.

I moved one of the guys out of the way so I could fit this stool here.
"He was like a broken record; repeating his favorite number over and over."
Well, looks like it was some kind of hint that *would've* helped earlier. Luckily, I got it right the first time.
No. 677413 ID: 5ad4a7

The puzzle gave up and the door's opening.
Plus something's happening to the guy that fell over I think you should get through that door immediately.
No. 677463 ID: 64ee5b

Something is happening to ALL guys. This can't be good.
No. 677511 ID: f726da


the door opened and the heads are mutating, that can't be good

go through the door that just opened and grab that envelope
No. 678379 ID: 6d5102

I don't know, but maybe number 2 is not mutating? If so, you may be able to help him. Also. Stay away from the ones mutating for now, See if the chase you.
No. 679613 ID: 3641d4

Save the other 3 and offer to take them with you. Maybe they can be of help in the next room.
No. 679627 ID: 370962

Get the fuuuuuck out of there.
No. 679750 ID: 203cc6
File 144600172208.png - (39.46KB , 800x600 , HQ84.png )

It doesn't really seem that bad; they're just making watery noises. Regardless, I make a beeline for (by that I mean I briskly jogged over to) the door and enter the next segment.
Please watch your language. (I don't know if any of you are children or not, so I'm going to pretend that there's at least one so I have an excuse to call out swears.)
No. 679751 ID: 203cc6
File 144600191440.png - (13.35KB , 800x600 , HQ85.png )

And just as I entered this segment the door began to close. I got a good look at some plant-like creatures coming out of those hanging guys. Good thing we got this stone wall between us and them, right? Who needs sleep?! Now... where was I again?
No. 679811 ID: f8b4f5


Looks like some money on the table, and a...



Yeah I have no idea what that is. And the other thing might be the top half of a pie?
No. 679812 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey pick up the letter.

Also what the heck is that on the counter?
No. 679814 ID: f56624

This is an 18+ site, says so right on the front page. If there are any kiddos, they'll be banned pretty soon after their discovery.
Man, that'll be the last time we act charitable like that to puzzle mechanics I guess, eh?
Grab mail and money(?) bag, pet dog-faced tube
No. 679819 ID: f0e552

I'm pretty sure the author would just prefer we don't swear... It was Anthony who probably added the children bit.
No. 679849 ID: 53fdb8

I'm gonna need you to poke that giant lobotamized bunny marshmallow. Also get letter and pilfer sack of N (which looks suspiciously like it was stolen from an old-timey bank).
No. 679854 ID: baf4c0


Sincerest apologies Andrew, seeing their heads start to distort shocked me. I will not let things like that get the better of me next time.

Can you open that face-tube?
No. 679868 ID: cd90cb

Eat whatever that is by the bag.
No. 680580 ID: 15a025

Feed the dog thing your mail.
No. 680581 ID: bc0098

Watch out, that dogs face is contagious. You might be already infected.
No. 680587 ID: 7bd99d

First, read the mail.
Second, check what is in the bag.
Third verify what is that thing near the bag that looks like a crappy pie crust
Fourth, use some object to poke the giant marshmallow/bowl thing with the dog face.

And on two side notes:

only now i noticed the small drawing of a bunny wearing glasses near the "ears was here" message. Maybe this Ears person is the bunny you saw all the way back in this >>659165 scene?

And your expression is adorable.
No. 680588 ID: 7bd99d

First, read the mail.
Second, check what is in the bag.
Third verify what is that thing near the bag that looks like a crappy pie crust
Fourth, use some object to poke the giant marshmallow/bowl thing with the dog face.

And on two side notes:

only now i noticed the small drawing of a bunny wearing glasses near the "ears was here" message. Maybe this Ears person is the bunny you saw all the way back in this >>659165 scene?

And your expression is adorable.
No. 680589 ID: 7bd99d

Shit. i accidentally posted the same thing twice. Ignore the second post.
No. 684460 ID: dc651b
File 144773333977.png - (12.45KB , 800x600 , HQ86.png )

It's got nothing to do with me at all. It's just Andrew being Andrew. He's not fond of cursing and isn't aware of the site his adventure is hosted on, he just knows of the boxes and text. (That's because this was originally going to be hosted on MSPA forums.)

"November ??th, 2024,
Hello... Andrew, was it? I got your letter, but your handwriting was almost illegible. I suppose I'll leave something for you at the least... if you ever come across anyone with a sack on their head DO NOT interact with them. It angers the seeds inside of the sack. -Ultra Love"
Gee, that would've been nice to know earlier. Luckily, I didn't lose a limb to those things.

After pocketing the letter, I made sure to check that bag. Inside the bag was 50N. Guess I got my allowance.

As for this "dog-faced tube" it looks more like a discarded mask than anything else. However, there's no possible way to fit one's head inside. I wouldn't question it much, it's pretty insignificant.

Adorable you say? Well, uhm, if you say so.

You mean the rice? There's no fun in eating uncooked rice... so no thank you!
No. 684588 ID: f17e50

Maybe you can still take it with you?
Also Let's check your inventory and see what we have so far.
No. 684851 ID: 20d4df

>November ??th
Odd. She numbered her older letters.
You need to practice your handwriting skills, or at least write slower and more carefully. But that's for later, now you proceed to the next room.
No. 685285 ID: 15a025

Write another letter and then go through the next door.
No. 687780 ID: 38cdc4
File 144963172562.png - (15.56KB , 800x600 , HQ87.png )

Maybe they've been stuck in this area for a long period of time. It can be hard to tell sometimes.

The Mask? I don't see much need for it... but if you really want to carry that along. Being as a Trash Lid can fit in my pockets, I'm sure a Wide Mask can fit in this bag. As for what's in our inventory: a Knife, some Books, the Bag, the Telescope, the Garnet Stone, and a Trash Lid. Don't you love hoarding junk?

I took the time to actually write this letter neatly. It still showcases my poor penmanship, but oh well. Hopefully, it's easier to read this time.

I've safely crossed the door, no getting crushed, no killer plant creatures either, which is nice. The room I entered, while not having many interesting sights and sounds, is still a treat. It's nice to fall into a non-stock segment.
No. 687836 ID: d14b7d

Is that... someone below the Table? I would recommend checking on him first, but be careful, and then See what's inside the bag.
No. 687855 ID: f0e552

This graffiti is pretty same to what we saw earlier.. But it's still graffiti, make a note to clean this later.
No. 687890 ID: 0461fb

What's that hiding under the table?
No. 687924 ID: 15a025

I'm willing to say the thing under the table is actually another merchant and that bag contains his wares. Ask if he needs any help?
No. 689598 ID: 4231d8
File 145057802239.png - (16.19KB , 800x600 , HQ88.png )


Interacting with the stranger caused them to jolt up and hit their head on the underside of the table. And what's not to love from a panicked person than a horrified glare? 'Cause that's exactly what they gave me before turning back to hold their head.

While they were doing that I tried to make small talk, and well, that went better than expected. So now I'm just here with this stranger (who's name is apparently "Cinnamon") in this segment. If you'd like to know more about them, just tell me what to ask them!
No. 689599 ID: 4231d8
File 145057883185.png - (15.75KB , 800x600 , HQ89.png )

Where would I write this note, exactly? Cannot do it on the walls without becoming a part of the problem myself.
No. 689604 ID: 15a025

Ask if he needs any help and if he has anything for sale?
No. 689641 ID: f0e552

no mask = nothing to sell
also not a rock name. This is abnormal, right? Aren't there only meant to be shopkeepers down here right?
No. 691246 ID: 2d99eb

was he the one who drew the grafity pr any of the things in the wall?
No. 698860 ID: a23e8f
File 145456519585.png - (16.61KB , 800x600 , HQ90.png )

First off, Cinnamon appears to be female. Flat-chested, but female nonetheless. Second, she is not a merchant.

Non-merchants are unusual, yes. Though, they aren't quite unicorn-status yet.

Cinnamon shakes her head.
"Nope. I didn't do that." Took me until now to notice her cockney accent, "It was like this when I came in. Though, more has been added since I passed out."
No. 698873 ID: f0e552

Do you know which ones were added?

Why did you even pass out here anyway? this place is cray cray.
No. 698909 ID: 3641d4

Invite them to join our adventures!
No. 699008 ID: 5024e4

The bag is hers?
No. 699085 ID: f97c4b

Invite her to join you in your adventures. Or maybe to hang out back home after you are done or go back to relax/sleep/eat, whatever happens first.
No. 699096 ID: a23e8f
File 145464783667.png - (12.87KB , 800x600 , HQ91.png )

"I'm not sure, I think they're the ones behind me." Cinnamon brushes the dust off of her shoulders before answering the next question, "I'm not sure what caused me to pass out really..." After finishing Cinnamon paces around a bit and scratches her head. "It's weird, I could've sworn that I knew why I passed out a few seconds ago; how'd it slip away from me so quickly?"

"No. I've been traveling light. All I carry is a pocket knife and some batteries."

Cinnamon gives me a shrug, "Sure, I guess. I have nothing else to do."

Cinnamon tags along.
No. 699139 ID: f0e552

adventure ho! to the next room that probably changed
No. 699233 ID: 6774d5

I guess we can inspect if the bag contains something?
No. 699433 ID: 244bc1
File 145474243863.png - (14.87KB , 800x600 , HQ92.png )

Cinnamon prevents me from doing so, "You shouldn't be rummaging through other people's stuff, buddy. What if the owner is nearby? They probably wouldn't feel good about that."

I guess that's the only option.

And lookie you're right. The room changed, now it's time to figure out what to poke at.

"What do?" as some may say
No. 699469 ID: 11059b

Grab cash, inspect letter.
No. 699473 ID: c4591b

>inspect letter
>inspect money bag
>inspect that thing that looks like a pie crust
>inspect blue stuff

In this order. Also if things get a bit boring, try to strike a conversation with cinnamon, ask about what she was doing there before and stuff like that.
No. 700393 ID: 244bc1
File 145499990167.png - (13.16KB , 800x600 , HQ93.png )

Sorry for not updating for two days, got caught up in GTA5.

The letter contains a piece of paper... which has a big middle finger painted on it. Charming.

The bag of money contains 60N. I now have 185N.

It's actually rice. I suppose it'd be nice to have around should I get hungry, but I need a rice cooker first.

The blue liquid is thick, sticky, and smells of moldy cheese. It's rather repulsive. Cinnamon approaches me and asks, "So how long have you even been in this... place? And, do you know anything about it?"
No. 700394 ID: f0e552

how much do we know? Well we're here to clean it, and there are some weird fantastical things about this place, our parents made it, and there are shopkeepers in it, what else is there?
No. 700424 ID: 3641d4

Leave a note asking if that was ears who left that note and if so why?
No. 700460 ID: 3f24bd

Explain to her (and us) what you know about this place. I mean, its not like there is much to do on this situation.
No. 700525 ID: 6ea609

Bud, we're /quest/. If we couldn't wait two days for someone to update, then Weaver would be out of a fanbase.
First off, you don't HAVE to cook rice to eat it. It's just better that way.
Second, you haven't really been entirely exact on how many times you really have been here. Is this a regular thing- to go spelunking in the HALL?
Divulge to Cinnamon, and by extension, us. I'm sure that even if she is some horrific skinwalker, some basic knowledge about the HAll wouldn't aid her too horribly.
No. 700655 ID: 244bc1
File 145508584457.png - (13.86KB , 800x600 , HQ94.png )

I begin to explain the HALL to Cinnamon (and by extension, you guys, I suppose). I make sure to tell her about how my grandparents had made it, and what its use was. With a few steps back, Cinnamon asks how long I've been in here. I respond with "A year or two, I'm not sure." Things just blend together here.

I'd much rather eat cooked rice...

It's been regular enough for me to forget the number of times I've been down here. I'd leave a rough estimate on thirty times a month.

If Cinnamon was some sort of skinwalker, I'd probably run faster than most rabbits. (And those guys are fast)
No. 700658 ID: f0e552

so like, why are you here cinnamon?
No. 700685 ID: 11059b

Wait, what?! Is that a third arm on your right?!?
No. 700695 ID: fd8637

That's the strap to his bag.
No. 700697 ID: 3641d4

yeah, why is cinnamon here?
No. 700716 ID: 11059b

Ah, i see it now!
No. 700909 ID: 7418c1

Ask about cinnamon too. What is she doing here, and some other stuff about her.

Then go eat a snack.
No. 700945 ID: 244bc1
File 145516989098.png - (7.60KB , 800x600 , HQ95.png )

"About all I can remember is falling down a well. I believe I was being chased by some gangsters."
Gangsters? How many of them?
"...probably six of them. Believe they were only armed with things like crowbars, baseball bats, and daggers."
And why were they chasing you?
"...I don't remember"

Had things played out differently, this could've been the protagonist...
"I don't think I could've handled being a protagonist; I can barely handle just being around the audience at this point. I heard they get a bit..." Cinnamon gives you an awkward glance.
No. 700946 ID: f0e552

it's okay, we're more resourceful this way.

do you know who ears is?
No. 701005 ID: 9f563b

What kind of skills do you have, Cinnamon?
No. 701111 ID: f06a79

>Had things played out differently, this could've been the protagonist...
>"I don't think I could've handled being a protagonist..."
Does that mean you're aware of the narrator, too? That's pretty meta. Nonetheless, we should get going and find out who Ears is.
Monster encounter optional
No. 701177 ID: 244bc1
File 145525654322.png - (54.86KB , 800x600 , HQ96.png )

"Uh, I can... make fire..."
That's not unsettling at all.

Cinnamon doesn't know who Ears is, but she suspects that they might've been one of the gangsters chasing her as it sounds familiar.

We've entered the new segment, and we're greeted with Cafetite doing... something. Just what *are* you doing?
"Nothing. Just playing with... dolls. You know, like children do."
"For a child, you sound like you're in your twenties." Cinnamon cocks her head to the side while saying this.
I've got a basic idea of why Cafetite could be like this, but I don't feel like saying it out loud to them...

Do you have anything for sale, Cafetite? "Yes, but it's nothing too interesting. Just some matches (5N), a bottle of water (2N), and a sandwich (10N)" Cafetite jokingly adds that she's become a general storekeeper, selling cheap essentials and nothing else.
No. 701181 ID: f0e552

buy food and drink if you feel hungry or thirsty and we happen to be running out of food or drink, trust in the merchant to handle comestibles.

buy matches, you never know when we would need fire
No. 701253 ID: 6c71de

Do you or Cinnamon are hungry? If so, maybe getting something to eat could be useful... How many matches does he have and how many does he sell for that price?
No. 701256 ID: 15a025

>I've got a basic idea of why Cafetite could be like this, but I don't feel like saying it out loud to them...
Am I missing something here? It's been awhile...
No. 702239 ID: 244bc1
File 145559199392.png - (11.44KB , 800x600 , HQ97.png )

Hm? No, you haven't missed much. I'm just making assumptions here.

I turn to Cinnamon to ask if she wants anything to eat, she looks at Cafetite before finally looking back at me. "Do you have any money on you for that?" Cinnamon asks. I have plenty of it, I reply. Cinnamon requests a sandwich and a bottle of water. Before Cafetite gives the total cost, I add a box of matches to the list.

In total, it costs 17N. We now have 108 N remaining. "Pleasure doing business!" Cafetite happily barks. I've stored the matches in my bag and gave the sandwich and water to Cinnamon. We can rest here if we really need to, possibly even get to know each other.
No. 702242 ID: 244bc1

Made a mistake, should end up being 168N remaining. I haven't updated the Money.txt file in a while, it seems. Forgive me.
No. 702264 ID: 4aec7c

Let's start off with asking what Cinnamon's experienced so far in the Hall, assuming where we found her wasn't her first room.
No. 702266 ID: 4aec7c

--Wait, if she doesn't remember why she was asleep or knocked out, she could have had a concussion. Perhaps check her head for injuries, inspect her eyes?
No. 702269 ID: 3ac2a4

Try asking about what she was doing before being chased by mobsters, or about her experiences with the hall (like >>702264 said).

Assuming that both of you are comfortable enough with each other, you could ask her about more personal stuff (without going on the 'deep end', unless you want to), like hobbies, music, etc.
No. 702610 ID: 92f929
File 145569192639.png - (54.55KB , 800x600 , HQ98.png )

Cinnamon's first room was where we found her, she has only one bruise, and that was from when I startled her. Now I just feel responsible.

"Well... I was being chased by the Sugar Dusters. A fearsome gang known for their firepower. Namely, I was being chased by Konoe; I tell you, that poodle is a scary one. If she kicks you, you may have a broken pelvis... or if you're lucky, just a broken toe."

We begin to chat about more personal things, like favorite music genres and the like. I've made a list of some of Cinnamon's likes and dislikes here:

Pop (Music genre)
Dr. Caveties
Sugary consumables in general

And that's it apparently.
No. 702619 ID: f0e552

Well then, wasn't that productive? Only one way to go!

Make mental note to not mention who you're voting for in the next election
No. 702647 ID: 5f4a4a

That was interesting. So, whats the plan now? Rest, advance more or advance until you find a safe room then rest?

Also make a mental note to avoid political talk, and to avoid the sugar dusters. Breaking your pelvis would be really painful (especially depending on where the crazy poodle kicks you).
No. 702854 ID: 92f929
File 145576895885.png - (13.92KB , 800x600 , HQ99.png )

We entered a new room. It's rather cramped; not a lot of moving room here at all. Inside this fresh enclosure we have a lever, some graffiti, and a large metal door; this looks simple enough. Cinnamon approaches me to ask something, "What was with that woman? Why was she wearing a mask on her head?" I let her know about how merchants here are stoned to death if they take off their mask. She seems frightened. There's really no way to paint that in a good light.

Given your buddy's suggestion, it seems we move forward.
No. 702955 ID: f0e552

oh hey, it's one of those things, do we still have that telescope? lets use it!
No. 703008 ID: f545ba

first we should use the telescope to see if there is anything hidden here, especially in what appears to be a simple graffiti.
No. 703009 ID: 3641d4

Spooky telescope time?
No. 703142 ID: af1cc4

Nothing much I can add to this, except that you should warn her about the telescope portals in advance
No. 704344 ID: 860bab
File 145611025131.png - (28.72KB , 800x600 , HQ100.png )

Cinnamon, I'm going to be using this telescope to search for hidden objects in this room. Don't be too startled if something weird happens.
"Wha- are you high or something? I don't think a telescope is going to let you see hidden objects Lens of Truth-style..."
I scan the room while ignoring what she said; clearly she hasn't been here for very long. With the telescope, I can see a ladder and a platform that is above us.
No. 704380 ID: f0e552

but nothing's on the platform? Go up and see if anything changes when you look at it directly
No. 704448 ID: 412ad8

Before (or after?) you go up the ladder, show cinnamon the telescope (or make her look through it).

Unless the ladder and platform became visible without the telescope after you used it.
No. 704456 ID: db963f

I wonder what would be her reaction if we try to climb on the ladder while she isn't able to see it...

anyway, I think you should leave her try the telescope and see by herself.
No. 706205 ID: 860bab
File 145672773125.png - (26.58KB , 800x600 , HQ101.png )

It was probably due to the fact that I couldn't see anything up there myself. I imagine you can only see the things that I can... if not, perhaps that applies to the telescopes effect?

I give Cinnamon a chance to see what the telescope can do. She looks stupefied right now, and honestly? It's kind of amusing. I climb up the ladder as she continues to look around. "Hey wait, if you don't have the telescope, wouldn't you be unable to see what's up there?" The effect lasts for a while even when the telescope is put down, added, it seems to cause dizziness through continued use. Probably not good to keep using it like that. "O-oh. Okay"

There's a weird device, a letter, and a vent.

I'm back, and not nearly as sick as I used to be! Thank god...
No. 706241 ID: 6fe2af

Read the letter first, then inspect the machine or the vent. But be careful.
No. 706792 ID: 70281f
File 145690091045.png - (24.48KB , 800x600 , HQ102.png )

The letter talks about stasis... the letter is illegibal and is signed by Malachite. I may have to talk to him about it when I see him next.

The device is rather peculiar, showing several options... most of which are in Polish. I don't know any Polish, unfortunately, so it's practically all gibberish to me. Two options stand out to me, at least: Lift and Power.
No. 706841 ID: 70db1e

Alright... Can you check on the vent and see if there is anything in there?

Also Is Cinnamon ever going to come up, or is she just going to stand there?
No. 707160 ID: 611afc
File 145707347943.png - (5.86KB , 800x600 , HQ103.png )

Cinnamon said she was going to check something out on the bottom, if you want to, you can try to interact with her (though, I'm not sure if the audience is capable of that). Anyways, she probably found something that I missed downstairs. As for the vent, it's too dark to see anything in there. I give it a sniff to see if any weird gases are coming through... luckily, no. There's just the smell of wet metal. Wonder why that is.
No. 707241 ID: 057fdb

Ask what cinnamon found, and then lets get a better look on the machine. I wanna see how the control panel looks.
No. 707583 ID: 884049

Does the Device seem to be turn ON and running? If you are going to push something, Warn Cinnamon, just in case.
No. 707793 ID: 611afc
File 145744862513.png - (8.83KB , 800x600 , HQ104.png )

Cinnamon says that she wanted to figure out what the lever downstairs does. I personally believe that it won't do much at all.

Well, here you go, this should give you a better look at the device, right? Some of the text scrambled though... Huh.

The device is already on.
No. 707803 ID: cd90cb

Try clicking or opening the one that says lift.
No. 707859 ID: 6cac38

Yes, I think we Should See what "lift" does.
No. 707860 ID: 15a025

Wonder what the one that looks like "Noo" does?
No. 707899 ID: 611afc
File 145750500607.png - (24.04KB , 800x600 , HQ105.png )

A loud mechanical noise sounds off on the lower layer and text displays on the device saying "Visible= True". The sound is interrupted by a loud crunching noise. Given that Cinnamon isn't screaming or anything, I assume that it's probably just a rock getting stuck in the gears or something. That is if this lift uses gears...

It displays the following: "Tryb nocny nieaktywny". Other than that, I don't think it's done much of anything.
No. 707958 ID: 6cac38

I Think that maybe the Effect of the telescope is starting to worn off...

Ask Cinnamon if she has seen anything. And if it seems that the effect will worn off eventually, ask her to give you the telescope.
No. 708168 ID: 0d2414

There is the horrible possibility that the reason Cinnamon isn't screaming right now is because she can't scream.

But that's probably not the case
No. 708787 ID: 913d2f
File 145786650128.png - (31.70KB , 800x600 , HQ106.png )

First post from my new computer, had to get all my files back.
One of you seems slightly worried about Cinnamon. I'll go down to check on her then, we may need her later. You never know in this place.

I climb down the ladder and greet Cinnamon, who in turn, greets me with a machete. Apparently she found it in a small closet in the wall. "I could show you the closet if you don't believe me, kid." Cinnamon utters before gazing at the machete. I can't really tell you why she's doing that. It doesn't look to be of high quality, all it bears is an icon of some sort. While she gawks at the blade, I ask her to return the telescope, which she does almost immediately. Anything you guys would like to add?
No. 708819 ID: c0be92

Tell her to show you the closet, but to put down the machete first.
No. 708992 ID: 89ae9f
File 145792431078.png - (7.95KB , 800x600 , HQ107.png )

"O-oh. Right, sorry. I'm just a little on edge. There is not one thing here that I am familiar with." Cinnamon puts the machete down and walks over to where the closet was. "It's right here. Not much in it, though."

The closet is on the wall you guys are peeking from. There's a doll, and some more weird liquid.
No. 709005 ID: a48975

Tell her to stay calm (or cheer up maybe), and that things are going to be fine.

Now go take a closer look on the doll and the goo. Check if the goo is dangerous or not, before inspecting any of the two.
No. 709374 ID: 89ae9f
File 145801877206.png - (13.64KB , 800x600 , HQ108.png )

Cinnamon holds her hand on her forehead and shakes her head, "Easier said than done, I'm afraid"

I swipe one of the books on the goo to make sure it's safe. The books don't melt or combust, so it should be safe.
The goo is very sticky... kinda like slime from that one kid's channel. What was the name of that thing again...? ...Hm, I've forgotten.

"Eeuggh, why are you touching that?!" Cinnamon whispers with disgust. Truthfully, I'm asking the same question...

The doll doesn't seem out of the ordinary, minus its weight.
No. 709448 ID: 6dae3c

Hm. I'd love to say something to try to cheer/comfort cinnamon, but i can't really think of anything right now.

Ignore the goo for now, but open/try to check inside the doll. Its obvious that there is something in there, but be careful.

Also Remember to try to find more info on that mark on the machete.
No. 709836 ID: 89ae9f
File 145818695705.png - (22.70KB , 800x600 , HQ109.png )

For now, I told her to take deep breaths and try to think of something that makes her happy. We'll see how well that works in the long run, at least.

I ask Cinnamon to cut open the doll for me, as she's the one with the machete. She hesitates to do so, but soon there's a big gash on the doll. Oddly enough, the doll is leaking the same liquid that we saw... There's some kind of card that was inside of this thing.

Duly noted.
No. 709869 ID: 6878cb

Check out that card, it might work on that machine.
No. 709881 ID: ddb4f6

It was just that card that was inside the doll? Alright I would say that you should keep an eye on the doll, if something moves.

Check the card.
No. 709985 ID: c69818

Well, I guess we just take the card. Perhaps it would be best that we don't touch the goo? I mean, if it's blood, it's not human blood, so that's likely an indicator that we're safe here; if it were caustic, you'd definitely be able to feel it burning your skin right about now. Still, I wouldn't recommend ingestion.
Actually, I'd actually want to rub off what little you do have on you, just to be safe.
No. 711325 ID: 736774
File 145887162666.png - (15.00KB , 800x600 , HQ110.png )

I just wipe the goo on the doll. That's where it belongs, sorta; though, it's supposed to be on the inside, not the outside.

The card has multiple holes in it and a connector of some sort. Cinnamon doesn't know what to do with this thing, and nor do I. How would I put this card on that device? I don't think cards can attach to a screen at all.

At the very least, we got a new item. It *may or may not* come in handy later.
No. 711343 ID: 02422f

Looks like morse code to me.

"-.. .. .- --. -. --- ..." decodes to "DIAGNOS".
No. 711358 ID: 79a07e

Yeah, seems like an SD card with Morse code on it. DIAGNOS...diagnostics? Hm. Keep an eye out for SD card slots (they're generally really small), and make sure that thing is stored safely. This little sucker might be the equivalent of a digital skeleton key.
No. 711688 ID: 60d847

go back up to the terminal and tap it in the morse pattern that was on the card
No. 711841 ID: e4347a
File 145914517402.png - (22.32KB , 800x600 , HQ111.png )

First off, there's an extra dot underneath my thumb.
Second off, there was no SD card port... at least, not on the front.

I've gone up to the device again, but I don't recall there even being a keyboard to input the morse code at all. It's simply a touchscreen.


Huh... any ideas?
No. 711990 ID: 60d847

punch it in the morse code pattern instead. percussive maintenance always works
No. 712208 ID: 6e0d04

Well, I don't have ideas about that But... What Is Cinnamon doing Down below? Playing with the machete she found?
No. 712631 ID: e4347a
File 145939510077.png - (9.01KB , 800x600 , HQ112.png )

Remarkably, that worked. A window popped up saying "Attach DIAGNOSTICS card to extended card-drive" just as something came out of the device. Should I put the doll's card onto it?

Hm? I suppose it'd be worth knowing; I call to Cinnamon, asking what she is doing. She said that there's something in the door's "hinge" so she's trying to figure out what it is.
No. 713717 ID: 111a07

Find out what's in the door. Could be useful to us
No. 713734 ID: b66b01

I'd also say find out what she found. Maybe ask her for a description of it.
No. 713854 ID: 4aec7c

Go ahead and insert the card... cautiously.
No. 713969 ID: 8cc125
File 145983329522.png - (21.66KB , 800x600 , HQ113.png )

The card has been put in the card-drive... a window pops up, "Diagnosing". Soon it comes up with two lines of text, "Unknown object is blocking tambour door." and "Unknown object removed... proceeding to open the door." I think Cinnamon finally figured out what it was in the door.

Cinnamon responds: "It's some kind of rock, probably off a beach or something."

Sounds promising.
No. 714217 ID: 8d4b9d

Well, Does the Device tells you how much progress has been done?

Perhaps you should check on the vent one last time, just to see if anything changed.
No. 714602 ID: eadd45

Make sure to tell her to be careful, warn her that this place has seemingly no rules and that you never know when a boring rock might bite her.
No. 716600 ID: eef9d7
File 146068743841.png - (21.71KB , 800x600 , HQ114.png )

The device had finished its task almost immediately. There was barely any
time to wait it was so fast. Something like that would be marvelous in
the world of home computers... Anyways,

You guys seem to have some sneaking suspicion that there's something in
these vents. I'll check on it once more for you, but I doubt anything else
will come of it.


There's some noise for sure, but it sounds like a mouse. Mice are common
in the HALL, and often times they're attracted to rotting fruits. Someone
must've left a pear in there or something. I'm not too concerned about it.

Cinnamon shoots me a concerned glance, potential dangers don't seem to
sit well with her. She probably needs some adjustments to this place,
I know I needed a few when I ended up here. It's always hell when you
enter for the first time, I don't think anyone's ever been dropped into
heaven here.
No. 716615 ID: 5ad4a7

Go see what's beyond the door then.
No. 716962 ID: 6a09f5

>rotting fruits
I really do wonder what the goop leaking from that doll was.

Welp, there doesn't seem to be a better choice than grouping up with Cinnamon and going through that freshly opened door
No. 718319 ID: f9c17a
File 146130484491.png - (68.44KB , 800x600 , HQ115.png )

It's not quite open just yet, but I'll skip that step for you as it's pretty quick.
After the door starts to open up, I make my way to the lower portion of the segment to regroup with Cinnamon and we make our way to the next segment.

This new segment has a set of stairs (on the far side of the room), one large window and some strange looking space on the outside. It looks like several bits of metal connected together in some sort of ball-joint fashion. Aside from the room's decor, Malachite also happens to be here. He's napping from the looks of things, probably near REM even. Cinnamon, of course, hasn't met Malachite, though. It's probably a good idea to introduce them to each other.

"Who is this creep?"
That'd be Malachite.
"Wha-Oh, hey Andrew. I see you've got a new friend, and one that isn't drowsy." (Thank god the guy woke up so quickly)
Yeah, this is Cinnamon, I found her a few segments ago.

The two begin to converse at that point... I didn't really pay much attention to that conversation at all, to be honest. I stared off into the strange metal structure outside. The whole thing felt colossus, as if it could house several galaxies inside of itself. This isn't something I've seen before at all, and it's piqued my interest. Just what is that?
No. 718361 ID: 8d973d

What if each one of those balls is a room/set of rooms (inside some sort of hammerspace dimension)?
No. 718372 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah that's probably the structure of the Hall.
No. 718541 ID: 901e9a

Woah, is that the Hall?
That's pretty fu- I mean, frickin', hypnotic.
No. 718635 ID: 46e920

Or it could be just some kind of random thing that The hall decided to throw at us, This wouldn't be the first time.

So, How is Malachite doing?
No. 718911 ID: f9c17a
File 146155155373.png - (67.14KB , 800x600 , HQ116.png )

It's possible... but you never know in this place. It could be anything from a living being to a trippy sculpture.

I appreciate that you caught yourself on that.

Malachite looks up and says: "Well, aside from normal travel and harvest, I met a traveler. I didn't catch their name, but I knew that they were a writer. If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect that they had to write to keep their blood flowing. Needless to say, they were an odd, tired person."

Tired... huh.

"Say, Cinnamon, do you know much about REM?" Cinnamon turns to Malachite looking like she heard an explosion, "Well, I know that it involves Rapid Eye Movement, and it's what causes dreams or something like that, but beyond that, I don't know much else." Malachite shakes his head.

...What is with you right now?
No. 718916 ID: 1cb073

I'm sure you plan on doing this, but ask (politely/in a way that won't get you in his bad side) whats going on with malachite.

I want to say "lets go help him!" but i guess we need to know whats going on first.

Check if he has any new stuff for sale (or restock on utilities).
No. 718919 ID: f9c17a
File 146155458942.png - (45.38KB , 800x600 , HQ117.png )

Whoops I forgot to put 1/2 in subject...

As I thought about what Malachite had asked Cinnamon, I remembered something: He had asked me this before, at least one thousand segments ago. Why is he bringing up REM again?

Probably best, but I don't think Malachite even has much of a bad side. I confront him about this REM talk, hoping for some answers. "It's nothing you should worry too much about yet. You're still on the first branch of the HALL. However, once you go down those stairs, you'll more than likely remember what it really is." Cryptic as ever, I see... Ugh.

As for his stock, Malachite has nothing on him. "When I'm traveling I can't exactly keep my bad out, I can only bring it out in Checkpoints. It's just something us Merchants are forced to do." Cinnamon looks over after he finishes saying this and raises an eyebrow, "Next you're going to tell me you have to wear that mask, aren't you?" Malachite chuckles a bit, "Well, you're right, I have to wear this mask lest I be stoned to death."

And with that Cinnamon's eyes widen, and she turns to the window. Seems that she's not a fan of violence.
No. 719171 ID: eeb820

So wait, You never explored the hall in deep? Anyway, what is that thing that's behind Malachite?

Also... Can Cinnamon See us as you do? If so, Hi Cinnamon!
No. 720362 ID: 31fcff
File 146215342141.png - (13.14KB , 800x600 , HQ118.png )

I haven't been able to get too far in the HALL, no. Various things have been preventing me from doing so. Things like a lack of sleep and the fact that the damn thing is always changing. It's like a weird maze at times if you take too long and you'll get a different result or if you go back and forth something will be slightly different, but I digress. The machine behind Malachite looks like some sort of scanner, but I'm not entirely sure. I ask Malachite what it does to which he responds: "That's what I was trying to figure out, this machine wasn't here before... and I know each segment on this level like the back of my hand. I believe it's supposed to be a map?" Malachite turns to look at the machine again, "The hard part is figuring out how to activate it. I've tried pressing both of the buttons, but none of them do anything". He slouches down and sighs as if he's been at this for hours. Perhaps you have to put your handprint on the machine? Malachite chuckles, "I've tried that too, but it didn't work either." Huh...

Cinnamon *can* see and hear you. In fact, that's probably how she knew I was the "protagonist" now that I think about it. Though, for some reason, she doesn't seem comfortable with you guys at all... odd.
No. 720364 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey what's that on the wall?
No. 720407 ID: 95e6c0

Perhaps this is her first encounter with us. Say, had you ever noticed us yourself before you started coming to the Hall?
No. 720644 ID: 79ed6f

Oh... Ok... If she feels uncomfortable with me nearby... I will just stand aside... I'm sorry to have bothered Cinnamon...

Also, There seems to be some kind of a note Behind you.
No. 721945 ID: 5ae0cb
File 146276367526.png - (66.63KB , 800x600 , HQ119.png )

Perhaps she hasn't had any experience with the audience or perhaps, she only has had poor experiences a different audience group.
As for your question, "95e6c0", I did notice you guys earlier. Though, your presence was marginally weaker then.

There's a note on the wall behind us. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a notice. "Some of you may have noticed there's a new machine in the connectors. Do not be alarmed, we have added it to allow a means of 'researching seen objects'. If you're ever confused about new additions you've come across, or should you have missed something before (and have finally found it) you can bring up a 'page' on the object. However, as of yet, the machine only covers 'discovered minerals'. We will be adding more features as we go on. Take care." The author of this notice goes unlisted...

So we can use this machine to look things up, sort of like a Wikipedia page. Might come in handy as time goes on. Cinnamon puts her hands on her hips and pouts. "Doesn't give us anything good to start with, though."
No. 721983 ID: b66b01

Maybe try holding the Garnet Stone near it. I dunno if it'll react to the garnet. Maybe the top grid-y part scans things? Or is that where info appear...?
No. 722336 ID: 67e414

Scan everything you've got, then.
No. 722448 ID: 15a025

Agreed, we might have something with identifiable minerals in it.
No. 723197 ID: ad81d9

Well, Malachite, looks like we found out what this thing is supposed to be, what are you going to do now? Also, any idea on who left this note here?
No. 723318 ID: 385078

Scan yourself
No. 724367 ID: 7947df
File 146363617110.png - (71.45KB , 800x600 , HQ120.png )

Judging by what the other members of the audience want, I'll be scanning things. And no, I have no idea who could've written that note.

The Trash Lid, Knife, and Telescope come up as "Mixed components". The description and usage of each item is a jumbled mess of characters. However, the Garnet Stone has a proper page for it. The page not only shows its name, but where it stands on "Moh's Scale", and what the stone can be used for. Interesting... never knew a Garnet could restore energy.

It comes up with an error message: "Error 4-0xFFF0BDDB". "Time to contact the useless tech support..." Malachite cackles
No. 724417 ID: b66b01

Maybe it works like a battery for a machine or something.

Just in case though, try rubbing it like a genie lamp!
No. 724572 ID: 75cd0f

>restore energy
Might want to hold on to that, bud, could be very useful
Holy crap, is he going to learn how to use eldritch magics?

Anyone have any theories about MoH scale means? Perhaps Magic of Hall?
No. 724587 ID: b66b01

Mohs scale is to measure a mineral's hardness.
No. 724670 ID: cd90cb

Let's summon a genie!
No. 726281 ID: 74e34e
File 146433425280.png - (88.63KB , 800x600 , HQ121.png )

Ignore the fact that the bag phased out of existence for a couple updates. I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Unfortunately, it does not summon a genie. Only disappointment. Malachite gives me a strange look for trying to do that.

Given the description, yeah, it sounds very useful... if only we knew how to "use" it.
No. 726289 ID: b66b01

Do you still have your telescope? Seems like one of the bubbles outside has a window too and seems like there's something in it.

Turn around and check it!
No. 726330 ID: 15a025

Think there's someone in one of the bubbles out there waving to us. Let's wave back to them.
No. 727839 ID: 4b1e09
File 146508740950.png - (75.07KB , 800x600 , HQ122.png )

Unfortunately, the telescope doesn't zoom in very far. Aside from being able to peer through some illusions, it's about as useful as a toy telescope when it comes to looking at things from a distance. Darn.

I give the distant man (or woman, heck if I know) a wave. Not entirely sure if they saw it, as they just walked away. A turn back to the room I reside in and give a good look at the telescope. This thing would be marginally more useful if it didn't *just* pull a Lens of Truth and instead could also work as a normal telescope. Then again, distance isn't a common thing here from what I've seen so far. Hmm.

As I continue to stare at the telescope I sense someone is coming closer to me. "So is there anything else worth looking at here?"
No. 727847 ID: 7d01b5

Maybe give a quick check with the telescope, while it's out, of that emblem above the door. If nothing happens, then yeah, I'd say we can move on.

Also maybe do an inventory check. I usually ctrl+F for the word "inventory" when I want to figure out what we're carrying. Last time we got an update on that with that word was when we met Cinnamon.
No. 728222 ID: a07b9c

Well, If we are to move on, Ask malachite what is he going to do now if he does know who left the note or the machine here... Also is he alright? He seemed like he was tired in >>726281
No. 729595 ID: 447408
File 146588963331.png - (90.05KB , 800x600 , HQ123.png )

That sounds like a decent idea. The emblem is very similar to that of the one on the telescope, so I imagine that something will come of this. I take a deep breath before I look at it with the telescope. The emblem is surrounded by several hearts... huh. That's familiar.

As for my inventory...
I am currently carrying: Knife, Books, Bag, Telescope, Garnet Stone, Trash Lid, Wide Mask

Malachite gets up and meanders over to myself and Cinnamon. "Well, I'll probably tag along for a bit longer, but don't expect this to be a regular thing," He says while, of course, chortling loudly. "Nothing is a regular thing with you..." I mutter under my breath. I ask him if he knows anything about the person behind the note, "Well, not really, but I most certainly can guess."

With the conversation ended in an awkward silence, I turned my attention back to the hearts. What I hadn't noticed before was the characters on both sides of each heart... A and S. On top of that, there was one half a heart with only A on it. The whole thing is strange. "You gotta vocalize everything, don't you?" Cinnamon has been listening to everything I just said, apparently... "Of course I did, you aren't really quiet at all." Cinnamon shifts her hips from side to side, trying to find a comfortable position to stand in, "Now, you mentioned hearts and letters, right? I'll assume you found that with your telescope. However, the important question is who left those there?" I respond with "That's what I was wondering". She stares up at the ceiling for a bit and looks down with a big grin on her face, "That 'A' wouldn't be for 'Andrew' would it?" I... don't think so. I've never been in any kind of relationship before.

Looks like that was shocking to Cinnamon.
No. 729619 ID: 500d88

Well, taking all info we have so far, the possibilities are:

A. You have amnesia/lost a few memories, and don't recall a past relationship. VERY unlikely. so far you seem to be a mentally healthy individual, even on this crazy world.

B. Someone has a crush on you/you have a secret admirer who might possibly know that you were going to be/go through here

C. Its someone else. i also think its a bit unlikely, with you being the protagonist and all that.

Personally i think you should say something like "Who knows, maybe i have a secret admirer." to cinnamon. Lighten up the mood a bit.

I wonder if she is shocked that you never been in a relationship, or shocked about something else related.
No. 729621 ID: 500d88

Just a minor fix: By "even on this crazy world" i actually meant "even if you live on this crazy world".

Plenty of people would have gone mad if they lived on a crazy place like the hall.
No. 729657 ID: db15cb

The person across the way left in >>727839 but I guess they're back in >>729595? Is this intentional or a mistake?
No. 729663 ID: 2f42da

I guess that's everything for this room... onward! (cautiously)
No. 729664 ID: 2f42da

--Actually, odd question, but was Malachite always a Hall merchant?
No. 729672 ID: e08e65

>Huh... that's familiar
Hey, bud, how much DO you remember? What do you mean by familiar?
No. 729918 ID: a78a0a

I don't suppose, assuming that the 'A' really is for 'Andrew', that the 'S' just might belong to... whoever that is way off in the distance that you (or we, for that matter) can hardly see?
No. 731422 ID: 447408
File 146658249904.png - (85.22KB , 800x600 , HQ124.png )

I'm certain it has nothing to do with me. As for it seeming familiar... I recall seeing something similar before. A while before you guys came... I think then it was C & M. I recall that the area around that marking was decrepit, and was surrounded by cut marks and rotten food. Cinnamon shuffles forwards a bit, "'C and M', huh? I think I know something of that. I believe I know the two who wrote that." Judging by her expression, she didn't get along with them very well... "Certainly not, there were several difficulties I had with them". I give Cinnamon a confused glance and turn back to the stairs. You're an odd one, ma' am.

I remember quite a bit, minus the usual loss of childhood memories, and I really do not remember any kind of relationship in my life. Well, okay, minus a couple middle school dates... but you know how it is in middle school. Peer pressure gets to you.

Yes. Most Merchants were born in this HALL, and they proceed to live the rest of their lives in this place. Sounds rather miserable, really.

Hmmm... I think that's about everything now...
No. 731423 ID: 447408
File 146658268030.png - (27.96KB , 800x600 , HQ125.png )

With nothing else to do, I descend down the stairs with Cinnamon. Malachite said he had business with this room. I shrug and motion Cinnamon to join me.


As I go deeper into the HALL, the steps are enveloped by darkness, never to be seen again. Soon enough, Cinnamon and I join those very steps.

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