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File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

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Current Lagotrope specific ITQ thread:
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No. 127854 ID: b52c39
File 155044283061.png - (222.50KB , 1000x1000 , ITQ2.png )

A dame! Like Eth!
No. 127856 ID: eeb7d9

AWW that is so cute! And dangerous. But wait, you want to, like go to war, fight things and such? Or more of a personal bodyguard?

Reno, i have a question for you too: What role would the sibling of the king/queen perform? I would guess that the elder one would be the ruler, so what does the other one do?
No. 127858 ID: b52c39
File 155044749456.png - (1.00MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ3.png )

I'm fair certain she wishes to roam about the countryside and go on quests.

And circumstances differ. The elder sibling is always the heir to the throne; the younger will sometimes be made an earl or duke, or if they wish to pursue the arcane, the royal battlemage. Some marry out of the royal family. My younger sibling, however, is a special case; she's a bastard, much as I dislike thinking of her under that term. She lays claim to far fewer titles than, say, my cousin would. Had I one. Royal bastards are usually given to their base parent, who is then paid to keep quiet about them; Yet my father wanted another child after my Lady Mother died, and kept Dana. I do not know what will happen to her.
No. 127860 ID: a2cac9

considering the circumstances, probably something similar to you.
No. 127861 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if she wants to be a dame, might as well let her. Maybe she can become a general someday. War is a productive activity that gives plenty of rewards and recognition, if one is willing to face the risks.
No. 127868 ID: 8d26c4
File 155048321831.jpg - (93.16KB , 640x720 , ITQ_Kitty20190217.jpg )

>Hey Kitty, doesn't it bother you a little to be compared to dog in a trenchcoat?
>I mean, if Spike is just faking it, that's a pretty subtle but stinging burn.

Kitty: No, no. Sam is quite top tier. Sam & Max are perhaps the greatest (co-op) funny animal duo ever, and to be compared to the sane one of the two is actually a high compliment.
No. 127870 ID: bcc41d

Speaking of inheritance rights, who has a claim on the throne - or claim on the kingdom, royal vizier / prime minister / grand general style - besides you? Someone presumably treason'd you but good with those lizards, and whoever's left standing with a decent claim may very likely be the culprit.
No. 127872 ID: 6fb3de
File 155050874183.png - (1.91MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ3.png )

There are some cousins. Proooobably dead now.
No. 127879 ID: bb78f2

Reno, who was your mother politically before she married your father and had you? Was she a commoner, a duchess, a different type of noble, or princess to another kingdom that your current one is allied to (I imagine from the marriage)?
No. 127881 ID: 080aaf

To Slime Matron from Audit Quest: What happened to your old dungeon's master? Is he still kicking?
No. 127897 ID: 6fb3de
File 155057054657.png - (2.37MB , 3200x3200 , ITQ4.png )

Mother was a distant relative of the royal family, a mountain-lion duchess from near the northern border. I never knew her, of course. But I still wear her diadem!
No. 128332 ID: bfa316

Your mom had quite a set of chompers on her.

Since Dana is a bastard, does that mean not all felines are part of the nobility?
No. 128353 ID: b146ba

All felines nobility? Isn't nobility the only part of the nobility?
No. 129074 ID: bcc41d

To Dionaea from Age of Shadows.

What was your last big rampage like?
No. 129079 ID: 688dd6
File 155495647633.png - (6.53KB , 700x800 , -007-timeperception.png )

My last big rampage? Shit, I dunno. When I get banished, I keep my memories and all, but it gets... pretty difficult, to tell what happened when. You don't have any senses anymore because you have no corporeal form. Everything you've ever experienced is just all there in one big jumble and you have a lot of time to think. Nothing but time, but you can't feel time anymore.

You can know, like, academically, this moment came before that moment, this event was on this day of this season of this year, but you have to build that timeline yourself. They're all jigsaw pieces and you have to figure out how to fit them together because you remember how they interlock but the complete picture, it isn't there anymore, it fell apart. Does that make sense?

It doesn't come back when you reincarnate. Your new memories are in order, but the lives you led before, they stay timeless. And then when you get banished again, any effort you put into assembling them, it's all back to square one. Me, I've been around a long time... I guess I stopped bothering. It feels like -- I guess it's a little ironic to say this -- it feels like it's not worth the time. It would take way too long to put all those centuries back together again. So I couldn't really tell you what order I did it in.

Damn, that's a shitty answer. I'm sorry. I really couldn't tell you. It was probably a long time ago. Mortals are too smart and capable and organized now.
No. 129086 ID: e90e32

Easy fix. Which was the most memorable rampage?
No. 129087 ID: 688dd6
File 155502124458.png - (7.02KB , 700x800 , -008-ponder.png )

Ah, well...

A long, long time ago, I was brought into existence by the fears of the mortal mind. My memories of that time are vivid and stormy, hard to parse. I was more animal than person, you see. I was invincible. Unstoppable. A wild force of nature with a singular purpose. I existed to hunt. Back then, they didn't know how to use magic, and they didn't have any deities, or concepts of 'good' and 'evil.' They didn't know what I was or how to stop me. They could scare me off, with light, but they couldn't defeat me. I think about those times a lot, whenever I get banished.

Their ancestors had been hunted by predators for a long time, and it had burned that fear into the makeup of their soul, even when they had the tools to defend themselves from carnivorous beasts. They still feared the unknown, the invisible, the darkness. They feared a stalking beast they couldn't spear, and they all believed in it so strongly they created one: Me.

A beast like that doesn't slaughter indiscriminately, though. I treasured the hunt and all its intimacy, since I fed for pleasure, not survival. Up until the-- well, the mortals that would become the elves learned to harness magic, and use it to defend themselves. The first time I was banished it came as quite a shock to me. Dozens of them came together to defend my quarry.

When I was reborn that first time, the sense of weakness I felt was maddening. I sought souls like I was rabid, killing and consuming indiscriminately in pursuit of the power I'd lost. I didn't get that far, though; each time I was banished magic and religion spread like wildfire in the time I was absent, making it harder and harder for me to hunt on my return.

Then, finally, I found myself summoned to a city whose people did not believe in gods. They had no experience with magic, and they lived under near-perpetual darkness. I was boiling fury incarnate by that point. I tore my way through the entire city in a frenzied rage. They had no idea what was happening. It was very difficult for them to escape. I killed what I saw by then as my tormentors until I could find nothing more that moved.

It was... well, rapturous, and I stayed to savor it. I slumbered and lurked in that ruined city for a long time, killing anyone who came to find out what happened, and taking in the ashes of their civilization. Learning their tongue and their ways, trying to understand what had gone wrong. That's about when I learned to talk and think in words and images. I used it to taunt those who found their way into my domain. Sometimes I talked to them for a long time before I killed them.

Eventually enough people with the means to harm me came to reclaim the city that they managed to banish me again. When I came back that time, though, I was more... sapient. I was clever. I was patient. It took a long time to develop my sense of self, but that was the first big step towards becoming me, and not just the embodiment of pervasive mortal superstitions.

Does that answer your question? I didn't think I could really tell you what it was like unless you understood the context for it, and why it was so memorable. Hopefully I didn't bore you.
No. 129444 ID: 891b91

To Officer Nibbles and Officer Freeze from The Herd: What is the weirdest experience you've had in your law enforcement career?
No. 129457 ID: 891b91

To Kyzil from Arthocob Date Quest: Be honest, while you most likely aren't into Ganymede at all, do you ever wish you could bag a guy as loyal and devoted (if somewhat clingy) as he is?
No. 129458 ID: ba56e6

Emils: What is the best magical girl story you've read?
No. 129474 ID: 15a025
File 155841145875.png - (4.44KB , 800x600 , ITQ.png )

>To Officer Nibbles and Officer Freeze from The Herd: What is the weirdest experience you've had in your law enforcement career?
Officer Nibbles: "Trying to arrest anyone bigger than me before I got enchanted handcuffs."

Officer Freeze: "Really?"

Officer Nibbles: "Well, no not really. Have you tried handcuffing someone five times your size though?"

Officer Freeze: "No, I guess not."

Officer Nibbles: "I'd say my weirdest experience on the force was a drug bust at a mouse trap factory of all places. More ironically, the guy was infatuated with mice. He wanted to buy the place and shut it down too, but it had been abandoned already for years."

Officer Freeze: "I think that tops my weirdest experience then."

Officer Nibbles: "Share it anyway."

Officer Freeze: "Around Christmas time someone thought I was 'the coke bear' and wanted their fix. It was an easy arrest, but more than one person's done that now."
No. 129477 ID: 11f77a
File 155845942982.png - (98.82KB , 557x496 , ITQ 1.png )

>To Kyzil from Arthocob Date Quest: Be honest, while you most likely aren't into Ganymede at all, do you ever wish you could bag a guy as loyal and devoted (if somewhat clingy) as he is?

Kyzil: Teegee, I get a LOT of guys willing to throw themselves in front of me as rugs.

Kyzil: Sure, I have my fun with such loyal cohorts and I bag a couple devoted locker-heads--but desire should be taken advantage of instantly since it's a feeling that only lasts in the moment.

Kyzil: Some people can't understand that.

Kyzil: I'm surprised with Eudora how she hasn't taken advantage of the squirt. I mean, come on!

Kyzil: Have some fun with the sod and just move on.
No. 129542 ID: caf1de

so the question has been asked about boat-o-cross and flappy bird but would any of you play getting over it and how well would you do
No. 129652 ID: b1b4f3

Sophie: Can you produce silk? If so, what do you use it for?
No. 130732 ID: b1b4f3

To everyone:
What is your favorite beverage?
No. 130757 ID: e5e15e

To Anyone.

Who do you consider to be your most dangerous enemy?

Where do you want to go at least once in your life?

Do you have any religious or deeply held cultural beliefs?

What do you regret doing most?
No. 130938 ID: 891b91

To Ganymede from Arthocob Date Quest: How does your species reproduce? What are the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction?
No. 130947 ID: 509e5e
File 156837263829.png - (226.24KB , 750x501 , Asher ITQ 1.png )

>What is your favorite beverage?
About a year ago Fingers ‘found’ a box of something called tea and brought it back to the dorm. It only lasted a couple of weeks between us all, but I really liked the kind in the green bags. It was spicy, but in a cool way.
No. 130971 ID: 11f77a
File 156860798489.png - (212.33KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_1.png )

>How does your species reproduce? What are the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction?
Ganymede: I wish we didn’t have to stay inside during gym class…

Eudora: It’s raining out. Sssh!

Narrator: Here we get to see the intricacies and quirks of Arthocob reproduction. Nil and Neb are experiencing drastic changes in their bodies as they grow into adulthood. They may grow longer antennae, bulk up in chitin; their voices are noticeably serenading, and soon they and all their friends will have a tremendous urge to graze en masse.
No. 130972 ID: 11f77a
File 156860807646.png - (436.07KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_2.png )

Ganymede: Hey, they kind of look like us! I’d say Nil is one lucky guy.

Eudora: SSH!

Narrator: Many off-world males have sex glands and tissue on the outside. This is to prevent overheating of the spermatozoon and to attract their female counterparts for copulation.

Narrator: However, Nil’s male organs are internal and stored in the pelvis with the testes and seminal vesicles. When Neb becomes excited his penile tissue is filled with blood and can be pushed through a flap of loose cartilage.
No. 130975 ID: 11f77a
File 156860831645.png - (209.98KB , 557x496 , ITQ 2_3.png )


Narrator: After several months carrying the fertilized egg it’s time for Neb to give birth and experience the miracle of life. The egg shall manifest into a cocoon and will be important throughout the child’s life as its nest and quasi-metamorphic recovery station.

Neb: A̶͉͔͔̭̜̘͈̽ͤ̏̋͠A̴̬̞̭̗͓ͦ̔̀̀ͥ̚U̵͚͓̔̑ͩ̽ͤ͟G̢͍̝̅̇͛H̷͖̊̎̅̀̊̅̿̈́̒́!̟̯̼͕̞͙͒̒̏͟ͅ ̓͊̾͑͗҉͚G͓̖̺̬̼͚̬̠͂̾̊̂̐͞͡E̺̘̪̯̭̭̫̭̣̐̂͌̍̑̄ͣͦ̿̀T̰̩̟̘͓̄̋̒ͪ́̌̚͡ ̵̷̩̘͕̰̣̣͙̟͚ͤ̎ͯͯͦͪ̉ͨI͗͌͏̪̺̗̼T̴͈̺̬͔̼̓ͥ̃̈͑͒͛ ̷̪̥͉̞͇̠̹̻͚̆̑͂Ơ̷̤̹̝͉̱̌͛ͩ͋̆̂U̡͓̮̣̪̯̯ͦͯ̐͜͡T̪̐̄ͮ̌͑̀̕ ̷͓̃̐̈́̐̀̔̈̔͠Ŏͮ̕҉̪̜̭̞̘͙̼͎F̨̨͎̖̯̃̄̔ͧͣ͛́̃̽ ̈́ͥͧ͝҉̷̭M̔̾̇̋ͩ̿̓̊̂͏̮̜̕Ę̞̣̞̤͙̘̭̗͕̓ͮ͐͂͂̔͘!̸̱̳̗ͮ͌ͩͬͦ͘

Neb: F̥̩̱̠͆͊̅̿R͍̯̝̜͎͍ͩͪͪ̃O̶̥ͤM͓̣̞͓̩̻̰̳̋̔̌ͭ̊̒ ́̇̈́̾̾̅͐҉̲̮̩̪̼̥ͅḨ͕͖̖̟̻̙̖̜̖̋̃E̡̤ͨͣ̐̒̔͟L̴̜̲͓̘̮̺̟̱̩̀͊͒ͥ̊̓̓́̚L̻͖͉̩̱̙̊̾̇̌͌͆̚!̎҉̭͕̣̜̘̣ ̵̖͔̐̊́̿ͮI̸͈ͧ̍̋̊ͯT̛͙̹̰̱ͬͫ͗̔͑̚͘͢'̵̸͎̰̦̖̖̰̫ͤ̐͆̎̌̇͢S̬̦̫̮͓̥̽̅͠͠ ́́̿̊ͤ̓͒͗͏͕̖̹̠̪́F͕͕̙̜͐͊ͅR̵̆͒҉̯͕Ȯ̜͇̰̺̱̼̘̅͌ͮ̑́M̨̧͉͕̫̯̾̅̒̈́̈ͯ̊ ̀ͨ͋̉̎̄̊͗͏͈̦Ȟ̶̱͕̬͇̩ͬ̎͞E̖̳̟͖͇̩̎ͩ̇̀̆̏͗̐L̨̦̺̘̦̯͓̞͊͛ͥ̿̋̈ͤͥ͘͜L̄ͩ͑̒͂͛́̕͡҉͕̪͇̦̤̟̜̼̮!͍͈̓́ͩ̈ͯ́ͬ͞

Gemlik: Lol, you wanna do that to Eudora.
No. 130977 ID: ad51b8

I'm not going to lie, I forget ganymede's name for a moment and thought that it was neb for some reason so I took the "I'm in hell" scream as his internal screaming of having the same name as one of the "actors" in the film while sitting next to his crush and everyone in the class giving him shit for it.
No. 131086 ID: e7c7d3

Fingers from The God Damned: What do you like to do for fun?
No. 131087 ID: 0fae41

Asher, educate us about the tribes!
No. 131178 ID: b1b4f3

To anyone/everyone: what do you look for in an ideal mate?
No. 131200 ID: e5e15e
File 157128238028.png - (688.31KB , 1000x1000 , Asher ITQ 2.png )

>Asher, educate us about the tribes!
I’m not a Diamond, but I’ll try.

There are five laprine tribes who live in Silverlock. Oh, and the Prophet is a laprine too, but like, there’s only one a’ her. The proper names are Preceptor, Monger, Artisan, Martinet, and Toiler. Well, actually, I don’t think Monger is their proper name, but it’s what everyone calls ‘em. Even Diamonds, and they use proper names for everythin'.

1. Preceptors are our teachers. People call ‘em Diamonds ‘cause they all got those jewels in their heads. Not to their faces though. Their job is to teach the rest of us about Nine Eyes and how to act right and give us stuff to do so we don’t starve or nothin’. We also ain’t supposed to call her Nine Eyes around them, cause her name is sah-cred and givin’ her a false name is sah, uh... sah-cri-li-gus. Or call her a her, ‘cause she’s also a he and both and neither. They got a lot of rules about everythin', but especially about her. Anyway most everyone calls her Nine Eyes anyone, except Diamonds who use different titles of hers every time. Don’t know how they remember them all to be honest. Anyway, they’re all smart and like talkin' your ears off.

2. Martinets. Well, I’ve heard ‘em called marties before, but usually we call ‘em sticklers, cause they’re real sticky about rules whenever we’re around. Or maybe we call ‘em that cause of how their furs all prickly. I dunno. They’re our protectors from the outside devils or barbarians and any dangerous people that are born inside too. They’re always around and watchin’ and snickerin’ but I avoid ‘em so I don’t know that much about ‘em.

3. Toilers, that’s us. They call us lankies a lot, or lanks. No clue why. We’re stronger than other laprines so it’s our privilege to do a lot of the heavy and dangerous work to keep our community runnin' smooth. We’re not really as interestin’ as everyone else, but we got our place.

4. Artisans do all the skilled work in Silverlock. If a toiler’s diggin' a new cave a tat is tellin’ her how to do it so she don’t make a cave in. Stickler needs to get stitched up, a tat is holdin’ the needle. Sewin’, cookin’, engineerin’, doctorin’ and all that smarts stuff. Oh, we call ‘em tat’s cause they got them tattoos all over themselves. They won’t tell anyone where they come from, and whenever I’ve asked one they got real touchy. They’re not too bad to us, but they’re real strange sometimes.

5. Mongers are kinda weird, cause they’re not only allowed to leave Silverlock, it’s basically their whole job. There’s supposed to only be a few around because the rest are off tradin' the stuff we dig up and bringin' back the stuff we need from beyond the borderlands. Really most of them hole up in their manor and act like they’re better than everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever said three words to one.

I don’t know much about the others, cause I’ve never seen The Prophet and the other kinds ain’t allowed in Silverlock.

6. I heard once all the Nine Eye statues all around are based off The Prophet, so she probably looks like that, I figure.

7. One of em has that long head hair like the Diamonds do, and real long tails, I think.

8. The last laprine tribe has real big ears apparently.

That’s… about it. Hope that made sense.
No. 131201 ID: 35e458

So the tribes became a caste system. Pretty sucky situation.
No. 131298 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think bitequest will see this but:
Zorsus Blacksoul: Where did your last name of Blacksoul come from? Did you pick an entire new name when you became a Wizard? If so, why pick that one?
No. 131304 ID: a0ff25

Been awhile since this question got asked.

To all characters: What is your favorite song? And why?
No. 131320 ID: 12b116
File 157231020448.jpg - (331.18KB , 1982x1659 , Blacksoul01.jpg )

Wizards do "name ourselves" after Ascending. We also forget our life before then. At this point, I could not tell you why this was the name I chose for myself. From my perspective, it has simply always been my name.
No. 131324 ID: 4f51b2

Wow he actually answered you.
Any place where I can see more of your art (sorry if I'm being annoying).
No. 131325 ID: e5e15e
File 157239940904.png - (966.88KB , 1000x1000 , Fingers ITQ 1.png )

>Fingers from The God Damned: What do you like to do for fun?
Explorin’ the tunnels that run through the mountain. There’s miles and miles of ‘em, and you can find bones n’ weird rocks n’ blooms all over. Don’t usually have time for that though, what with work and all, so I mess with the rockeaters a bit. The younger ones are fun to play with as long as none of their bosses are around.

I used to go climbin’, but Ma’am banned me from it since I fell and fucked up my eye.
No. 131330 ID: b1b4f3

MEZZ-9293: What terrible experiences have you had grabbing wild animals?
No. 131331 ID: 0580fb

That's a pretty good shot for someone with no depth perception!

... and is that rockeater grinning? Takes a bit to hurt the fellas, eh?
No. 131333 ID: 864e49

I never thought I'd see that name again.

Rockeaters looking kinda hot.

Are they sentient?
No. 131475 ID: e5e15e
File 157429261415.png - (501.31KB , 800x749 , Ikthiss ITQ 1.png )

>Rockeaters looking kinda hot. Are they sentient?
I’m not a rockeater, I’m a slissa! A bunch of the lanky kids just got it in their heads to call us that cause they’re idiots. And of course we’re sentient, who do you think does all the tunnel planning and test digs in this death-trap? The lappies were crushing themselves every few years before we came.

>That's a pretty good shot for someone with no depth perception! ... and is that rockeater grinning? Takes a bit to hurt the fellas, eh?
He hit my horn mostly. Plus he wasn’t throwing it all that hard or he’d have brained me with the stupid muscles lankys have. I was grinning cause the fact he came after me means he found out I put him on Thysin’s crew for a week and he hates that asshole. After a week of listening to that asshole micromanaging everything he’ll be begging to work on my crew again.
No. 131477 ID: ad51b8

any reason you want him on your crew instead of another crew? Good worker, fun to chat with, easy on the eyes, what?
No. 131485 ID: b1b4f3

Have there been any slissa-laprine couples?
No. 131515 ID: 2c0ed8

I recently began reading Asteroid Quest and can't stop thinking about it and when we might get some continuation on Polo and Rokoa's adventures. It's literally killing me inside.
No. 131521 ID: 416221

Totally feel and agree with you brother, but you’re gonna want the Asteroid Quest dis-thread. This thread is for asking quest characters questions directly.
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