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File 129693836591.jpg - (40.35KB , 248x300 , Arcanum_cover_copy.jpg )
5899 No. 5899 ID: 8817be

-and I'm trying to decide on the system.

None of my players have played Arcanum, and I do like some of the small plot twists. I do intend to tweak some things, and extend the 'endgame'.

The current choices are:
1) 4th ed. D&D.

If I go this route, I'll make some changes to the setting, of course-perhaps some variant of easily made golem, as opposed to steam engines, and no magic/technology interaction. I'm leaning towards this because I have some familiarity with 3rd edition D&D.

This allows me much more flexibility, and to tailor the game towards the 'actual' arcanum setting more.
The problem is I have never played, let alone RUN, a gurps game. I have no idea how difficult it would be to come up with encounters for the players, to make enemy characters, and I haven't a *clue* what books I'd need to try to purchase or, uh, acquire otherwise.

3) Say "Eh, fuck it, I've always been curious about Paranoia."
No. 5900 ID: 8817be

And to clarify, I'm asking for opinions/advice/etc, since I realized I didn't mention that at all.
No. 5901 ID: 4812df

GURPS is designed to be an easy-to-pick up system. I'd go for it.

Plus 4e is a pretty different beast from 3e.
No. 5903 ID: bffa2a

For GURPS you would need the basic set and gurps magic unless you enjoy spending a hour creating a whole table of new spells yourself. I also recommend martial arts but that's only because it's a rather fun book and not because anything more is needed. Most accusations of it being slow come from people not knowing the rules from heart so make sure you've got at least combat down to pat so it'll go smoothly. Lot's of optional rules there but start with the basics and bring them to play slowly after the play starts to go smoothly.

Creating enemies and things should be quick. I recommend downloading gurps pdf's and taking a look at what you want beforehand so you know what you'll get.

Since 4ed is a bit different as mentioned and GURPS is very versatile once learned I recommend it.
No. 5919 ID: 2ee9f4

Of all systems mentioned here, I'm only familiar with 3e (3.5e, to be exact), and I don't quite understand why you intend to dump magic/technology interaction if you decide to settle with D&D.

To me, things like mages breaking clockwork stopwatches or inventors being immune to magic healing were one of the most unique features that made me love that setting. I recommend that you don't get rid of that.

It depends on how much homebrew elements you want to bring into your game, but I personally don't see any insurmountable problems with emulating the magic/technology interaction. Of course, it also hugely depends on how much time you're willing to put into worldcrafting and prep work.

Whichever system you pick up, it would require tweaking. It would suck balls to sort out all the minutae and be left with no party willing to play, so make sure you have one.
No. 5925 ID: 259738

4e DnD is going to be hard to work with. I would recommend GURPS of the three you mentioned. Paranoia and 4e just aren't going to work out without a LOT of tweaking.
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