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File 129494301297.jpg - (83.64KB , 500x547 , 1290744028310.jpg )
5799 No. 5799 ID: 08b764

Hi folks! Is it okay to write and post erotic fiction on this board? I just want to ask so I don't break any rules.
No. 5800 ID: e790dd

I should assume so. I posted one a while back and it's still there, several threads down from this one.

What is your story about?
No. 5801 ID: 08b764

I wrote the one about the ogress on 4chan's /tg/ a little while ago. I just wanted to start on a new one and was wondering where it would be safe to post it. Thank you for the information!
No. 5807 ID: 4812df

yeah it's fine
No. 5809 ID: 20fc85

Fapfiction is alright here... considering there's another just a few threads below you...
No. 6292 ID: 6cb915

Maybe I'll start posting over here.
No. 6293 ID: 6cb915

Note to self, there is an XS here already.
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