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File 124946044194.png - (1.98MB , 1488x1131 , Paladin.png )
1418 No. 1418 ID: 033b20

So /tg/ my groups Paladin driver messed up his Tech Use skill and drove off of a cliff.
My question is, should I make it fall?
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No. 1419 ID: 2dd482

how do you drive something off a cliff with a TECH USE roll? That's Drive (ground vehicle).
No. 1420 ID: 033b20

D&D 4e has no skills that even come close to applying and with no skill points just "trained skills", I added just Skill Tech Use rather than several Skills.
No. 1424 ID: d28736

What system are you using?
No. 1428 ID: 033b20

No. 3912 ID: dcad41

Well, I think we found your problem.
No. 3913 ID: bde1b8

You're using 4E in a modern day setting? That must have taken a ton of edits.
No. 3915 ID: f95872

Or no edits at all, just make custom stats for tanks and guns and shit. Characters function exactly as normal, except maybe give a tech skill.
No. 3916 ID: d8fe4d

How big off a cliff was it?

1 or less = Crew shaken
2 = Crew stunned
3 = Damaged- Weapon destroyed
4 = Damaged – Immobilized
5 = Destroyed – Wrecked
6 = Destroyed – Explodes
No. 4206 ID: 962221

I admit, I loled...just a little though
No. 6400 ID: 8f9461
File 130301932633.jpg - (123.22KB , 1024x511 , 1302406485499.jpg )

I'm doing the same thing with my group, to an extent. I just redid all the vehicles from d20 modern into a mount format like in AV1.

I made firearms, ammunition, and fuel super rare.

And this is all in Dark Sun. Brilliant, no?
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