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File 130328029128.jpg - (1.95MB , 1600x1600 , ef6afd64590706a87a4cd0a1812ff1e7.jpg )
6431 No. 6431 ID: 6cb915

It's pretty much a rehash of the usual OGL content of the Expanded Psionics Handbook. the Psions get a few nifty powers to toy with but otherwise are just wizards with spellpoints, and Wilders get a hell of a lot more out of their surges than they used to, and Psychic Warriors are pretty much the same, with a sort of Ranger style combat specialization....

And then you have the Soulknife. The class got completely rebuilt, almost entirely from the ground up. Fighter will have a better AC unless the Soulknife burns a feat and spends some bladeskills, generally speaking, but the damage potential is fairly high. Not fighter high, but easily keeping up with cavaliers, rangers, and barbarians. They also have two good saves - but not their fort save, which makes them an interesting contrast to the other combat monsters around. The Psionic Weapon feats also grant a minor addition to general damage, so that they have a use beyond 'spend your focus and do a coupe of d6 damage extra).

I was impressed by them, and they are pretty customizable. Thought, opinions, flames, hatred, settign fire to puppies, likes? I'm not posting their art, because their artists were pathetic. There's a point at where 'cheap' is not worth the savings.
No. 6635 ID: 8f9461

This is somewhat related...

I've always been disappointed that 4e never had the soul knife. I was wondering if there were any way to convert/create the soul knife for 4e.

Fricking hate the monk mechanics so inb4 reflavor.
No. 6638 ID: c36069

From what I understand they would be a standard character except they would use the alternative 'inherent bonus; system for their weapon boosts, stat boosts, etc, making them the equivalent of a low magic style character in a normal magic world. I don't know for certain but I think it would be in the DMG 2 or 3, under alternate world systems.

I'm not a 4e player, mind you, and I don't like the system, but it is good enough. Other than the 'inhrent bonus option' applied to a melee striker template of some sot, it's just prohibative to develop the slew of powers unless you pulled the thing they're dong with vampires and werewolves - no power selection, just a straight progression of abilities.
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