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File 129384951558.png - (131.01KB , 816x637 , ivan.png )
5752 No. 5752 ID: 2563d4


Since people have been playing it and we have this nifty board for sharing tales and all.
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No. 5753 ID: 2563d4
File 129385034999.png - (139.78KB , 816x637 , pseudotesticle.png )

...this game generates unusual items.

Also, anyone figured out how to move diagonally without a numpad? I miss my HJKLYUBN.
No. 5757 ID: 9b6c31
File 129392370570.png - (113.72KB , 783x573 , FUCK_YES_ROSE_QUARTZ.png )

Fuck yes Roze Quartz!
No. 5759 ID: 9b6c31
File 129392384093.png - (110.15KB , 791x584 , beating_a_zombie.png )

I am planning to become master of armed combat.
No. 5786 ID: f44349
File 129464878810.jpg - (72.60KB , 816x624 , IVANwat.jpg )

Oh god what.
No. 5787 ID: 283fa9

Does that skill carry over tot he severed LEFT arm of a zombie?

The game KNOWSSS...
No. 5835 ID: d78f9d
File 12964332288.jpg - (278.59KB , 1200x900 , IVANX.jpg )

Kind of a coincidence that I started playing IVAN again recently myself. When I went in search of the game again I ran across what I understand is the "most recent" version of the game updated and modded some by a fan.

Hit up http://sourceforge.net/projects/ivanx/ for it. It has a bunch of new stuff added (can't remember what atm) and even a simple minecraft like 3d mode (actually looks more like the old windows "maze" screensaver).
No. 5836 ID: d78f9d

oops, forgot to mention that the SS I posted is of an optional Isometric view that is available. I'm not sure how to get rid of the weapons showing on the bottom of the screen though.

IVANX has an option for an alternate movement set, not sure if its what you are looking for or not though.

(sorry for double post, I don't know how to edit here, or if I even can)
No. 5838 ID: 624db8

Okay: What the heck is this? It looks intriguing.

Some sort of Uber-nethack?
No. 5839 ID: fd61dd

It's a fair bit like nethack, except that IVAN is brutal.

So. Unbelievably. Brutal.
No. 5841 ID: 28e94e

It's a bit like Nethack, but it's more fun and has better graphics.
No. 5845 ID: aad253

Fuuuuu damn you all for getting me hooked on this.

Something I haven't been able to figure out, though: Is there a way to *purposefully* hack off a limb? Like, say I'm in really good with Silva or.. what's-his-face, the fire/metal/machine god, and I feel like I want an arm made of purple light crystal or metoeric steel. Can I just cut my arm off, or do I have to somehow entice a monster to do it for me? With my leg, I know I could just repeatedly set and walk into beartraps, but for an arm, it seems.. trickier.
No. 5846 ID: 28e94e

Contract leprosy, your arms are usually the first parts to fall off.
No. 6054 ID: cb45f0

Iter Vehemens Ad Necem, the Violent Road to Death
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