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File 129301006055.jpg - (191.48KB , 1336x971 , book.jpg )
5711 No. 5711 ID: c700ce

Since /tg/ clearly still frowns upon writefaggotry, you can have all my porn.


Ah, the great hot springs of the north! Great place for a vacation, very popular, and until recently occupied by some evil nasty hobgoblins. Thankfully, a party of adventurers showed up and kicked them away!

It was evening now. There were no more hobgoblins in sight, and Asherun the paladin felt like it would be the time to relax a little. It was so hot in here, even though it was winter outside: the earth itself heating up the springs to a highly favourable temperatures, blowing steam everywhere, and making her feel incredibly warm in her armor and clothes. Good deeds and smiting were done for the day, there was nothing left here to beat up, and it was time for personal relaxation and comfort.

And so, as quickly as she possibly could, the dragonborn got rid of her protection and clothing, letting the steam over to her naked skin, chose a pool, and slid into the warm waters. "Ohh," she went out loud. "Man..." It really was incredibly comfortable, her exhausted and beat-up flesh being caressed by the warmth, making her feel so relaxed. She let herself sink in neck-deep, sighing blissfully as her tense muscles yielded and unwinded...

Meanwhile, another shape was walking across the springs: quite a bit smaller, wearing a red ragged cloak and carrying expensive magical equipment. Uwe the wizard was taking a casual walk through the hot springs, his magical reserves almost exhausted in battle, taxing him physically as well, and making him feel like he could do for some break. Deep upon his thoughts, he almost stumbled upon the pieces of armor that he did not quite manage to see through the steam before it was almost too late.

Curiously, he bowed down to examine the pieces of metal, and the clothing next to them. He recognized these very well, and suddenly felt himself shiver and his heart beat faster, for he had an inkling of what this meant. Creeping around, he swiftly located the owner of these clothes, now relaxing in one of the pools nearby, and grinned widely as he began to strip down himself, leaving his own clothes and books and stuff to the same place the other had left them...

"Cannonball!" Ash was almost sleeping by this point, so relaxed she was, but the sudden exclamation broke it and brought her back to the world of the wakings: half a second later, her face was splashed with hot water as something else joined her in the spring. Startled, she looked into the pool, and saw the small head of a kobold pop into surface, grinning at her widely as he approached. "Did I surprise you?", Uwe asked, as he wrapped his arms around her neck and pressed his muzzle on her cheek.

"Mmh... maybe a little bit," Ash mused, as her own arms went around the smaller body and pulled him closer to her, pressing him against her neck and chest. He chuckled and did not resist, letting the warm waters and the large dragonborn body heat him up and make him relax... his tail swished casually in the waters, occasionally stroking against her stomach and tickling her. His muzzle went higher, his lips meeting hers, and she responded favourably, kissing him softly, tenderly, and long.

Her hands stroked around the kobold, feeling muscle under his skin, making him tremble under the touch... while one set of fingers set up higher to caress his head, the other slid all the lower, to the tip of his tail, petting it, before getting a bit higher to his bottom, groping and squeezing. He jumped and gasped in surprise, "Nnh," before letting her press him all the closer to her. Much to her additional delight, she also felt a new kind of warmth against her upper stomach... so small, but so very enticing and interesting. She giggled as the hand on his butt pushed him closer again, making him gasp.

But Uwe would not be left second in this game... as he felt himself sliding against her, a pleasurable wave hitting through him each time his intimate regions stroked against her flesh, his own hands went on lower, and found purchase upon her chest, groping, making her gasp. "O-okay... that's good..." He smirked, his muzzle pressing against her collarbone and licking, while his fingers went on stroking her, nibbling her, even pinching, which really made her jump. "Oh!"

Ash went on to raise the stakes even more, lifting herself from the spring slightly, exposing her chest to the air. Delightful for this new turn of events, Uwe moved his tongue over to them, suckling and nibbling and lapping a breast, quickly, heatedly. He felt his heart beat on faster as her lower hand began to move, leaving his rear, and instead squeezing on his front... he gasped as the fingers gently grasped around him underwater, stroking and petting, making him feel good and loved. "Ash..." He began to move his loins at the same pace the hand did move, pulling away from it slowly, only to push right back to the warm digits, all the while continuing to grope and lick her himself.

Ash gasped as she felt a new tingling between her legs, as his tail was now moving very purposefully, tickling her from some very noticeable places, tingling her just like his hands and tongue did on her chest. "Ohh..." His tail was incredibly dextrous and flexible, pushing on between her folds gently, probing in deeper, and making her moan loudly. Her own hand instinctively squeezed him and made him gasp. "W-want to finish this...?", he managed. "I can't last for t-too long anymore..."

She agreed, and nodded, preparing to rise up from the spring... but finding that she could not. "It's too hot in here," she gasped. "Too comfortable... don't want to get up... sorry." He exhaled, slowly got up to her mouth, and kissed her deep, and tenderly, his tongue pushing into her mouth, met with hers... she moaned into the kiss and hugged him tighter, his other hand leaving his length and returning to his back... When he broke it, he spoke again: "That's okay, I've got a spell for that..."

Ash just giggled as Uwe began his casting: she loved his magical shenanigans, and considered him being a wizard one of the greatest blessings the world ever had offered to her. The second greatest, possibly, right after how he himself had taken notice of her that one day so long ago and started all this. Magical energies tingled her skin as he mumbled, the insides of her nose as she breathed in heavily, tickling her... the casting only took some seconds, but considering her current state of being, how excited and anxious she was, it felt like it lasted forever.

Uwe had not used this spell often: the last time there had been use for it had been when they had explored the ancient sunken empire... he had many fond memories of that trip. He would probably have some more of this one, as he finished casting, and immediately dived. Taking a deep breath of hot water into his lungs, like it was air, he opened his eyes for a very clear and intimate view of his lover's shape. He moved closer again, caressing her sides and planting little kisses on her abdomen and lower stomach, feeling her tremble as he approached more dangerous waters... the only regret he had was that he could not hear her moan. Oh well, it was a price worth paying, he decided, as his hands slided on her hips and his muzzle pressed against her mound.

Ash led out a heavy gasp as she felt the little tongue lapping her nethers... he did not show her any mercy, licking and kissing her for a score of seconds, bringing her very close to the end, before moving higher up again. She immediately brought her hands to bear to press him tighter against her, one on his back and the other at his rump, squeezing, encouraging him closer... he wasted no time to slip inside, drawing another gasp from her as she was forced to accommodate his length rather quickly, then relaxed with a sigh. He, in the meantime, pulled back out, then inside once more, finding his own rhytm with her rather quickly and routinely.

Even with the water involved, there was not much friction, letting Uwe move around quite well, his body fitting in very snugly with hers. His tongue set out to work once more, as well, moving on her stomach with him like the current... he felt another shiver under him as he did so, her fingertips squeezing him just a bit harder, and, unable to hear her actual gasps and moans, savoured those little signs of her enjoyment like a thirsty man in the middle of the desert. He could have kept this up, and it would have taken them a very short time to finish, but he still had some more tricks up his sleeve (though his sleeves were elsewhere, along with the rest of his clothes): he began to mutter arcane words once more, feeling rather happy about the water muffling it.

She did not care that he could not hear her: there was no way Ash could have kept her mouth shut in this situation. She sighed, gasped, and gave an occasional loud moan, as he worked with her, squeezing him against her with her own hands in the meantime. He was going relaxedly and with no rush, cuddling and feeling and kissing her while moving in and out in a slow pace... they were in no rush, though, so she could not complain. It was nice, after all.

Then, one hand left her body, a simple movement that broke the illusion. It waved around the water, and she could barely feel that the water moved along with it, around them... very relaxedly first, but then with all the more strength, until there was no mistaking it. Another spell had been cast, and the warm waters were moving around her and caressing around like his hands had been just a moment ago, and like they continued to do now. Some of it even squeezed her backside! She knew this happened, because the kobold's real hands were at the moment at her sides and hips... she gave a loud gasp of surprise as a bit of the stuff prodded against her rear end, finding new ways to intrude into her, while some more splashed around to reach her chest.

She giggled at the magical affections of the warm water, the little laughter turning into yet another moan of pleasure as Uwe took the opportunity to pick up speed... and then she laughed again when some water purposefuly tickled the soles of her feet! This stuff really knew what it was doing. It was half by her own volition, half by the gentle pulls and encouragement of the semi-sentient liquid, that led into her sliding back down once more, neck-deep... immediately, the hot spring took the opportunity to grope her in its earnest, squeeze and rub her breasts and pinch the little nubs at their ends, drawing some more moans of pleasure from her. She was getting close, feeling the pressure inside her grow...

She had begun to rub and massage him, both his back and his butt, with quite a bit of strength now... she had to be close, and she was not the only one. Uwe was pounding her with all his strength now, almost feeling how she sucked him back inside her whenever he moved in, and feeling great longing at every movement outside. The problem was made worse by the hand on his backside, squeezing him and actively trying to keep him inside, as if she subconsciously thought that the movement and thrusting were not the sources of pleasure, simply wishing to be close to him. He could not blame her, of course, but nonetheless...

It was when a single finger found a place somewhere else, wriggling its way under his tail and trying to move ever further, that he was pushed over the edge: he screamed, loud enough for her to hear, underwater or not, as he came. His heart was trying to beat its way through his ribs and chest, pumping blood around his body to power him up in the moment of climax. His hands squeezed against her sides, almost burying his fingers into her, as the magical waves around him were outmatched by the waves of pleasure within... he felt her squeeze around him, clam on him like a vice, signalling her own peak and helping in its own way to squeeze every single bit out of his body.

She was screaming until her lungs were dry, as the climax hit. She felt him pulse and throb at the same rhytm with her, joining them in their pleasure, as he was simultaneously filling her with endless warmth... the waters around her subsided, the hands squeezing him relaxed, and she took a deep breath, sighing it all out as the afterglow began. He was still coming, she noted lazily. It lasted for a long time. When it at last ended, it was replaced with squirming, rather powerful considering his current state of weakness and exhaustion.

She let go, and he clawed up her body, hitting the surface and gasping breaths of deep air. Eyes wide, he breathed in and out for several seconds, before finally collapsing on top of her, her hands pulling him closer again. She felt him wrap his own arms around her neck and shoulders, sighing happily.

"The spell ran out...?", she asked lazily.

"Mm-hm...", he managed. There was a lazy nuzzling against her neck and cheeck: she thought there might have been a kiss, but he was too tired even for that. Fine with her.

"T-that was fun," Asherun finally whispered, weakly, but there was no response. Only heavy breathing. Uwe was asleep.

She merely kept on hugging him.
No. 5713 ID: bd1395

Did that thread get deleted then? Shame.

It's not as if this even has any coarse language in it.
No. 5715 ID: bffa2a

Everyone is catering to my dragonborn fixation. How am I supposed to get over it in these conditions.
No. 5716 ID: d080c2

By writing or drawing more of it and posting it here.
No. 5727 ID: 95efe1

honestly - that was pretty good. not like amazing literature good, but by the usual standrads of fapfiction you'll see here

pretty good. I for one, would like to read some more.
No. 5730 ID: c700ce

I have a couple other stories written from almost exactly one year ago. Would you like me to post them?
No. 5733 ID: bffa2a


Not the above guy but I'm intrested. Feel free to post more but since this board gets so little traffic any feedback will be minimal at best. It's a shame.
No. 5734 ID: c700ce

Well, here it would all be, in a single unattractive pile.


Such a beautiful sunset, Asherun mused. It painted the sky around and above, and the lake below, in bright orange, and gave the pine forests to her right a darker hue. Quite pretty indeed, and well-deserved after a long, hard day's work of beating up evildoers and working for good and justice and stuff like that.

The dragonborn had removed her armor, which she hopefully no longer required for the day, and was almost done cleaning it up from all the dirt and blood (some of it her own) that had accumulated there on the last twelve hours or so. However, the diligence and dutifulness of a paladin is greatly exaggerated, and as such she would find plenty of time in the day to enjoy things less deadly and serious - such as the sunset right here. What was the point of fighting for things if you never enjoyed them, after all?

Well, the camp was now up, there were no more goblins or evil sorcerers to kick, and her armor was clean once more. She could sit back and relax. Her chosen place was quite a bit away from the rest of the party and their camp, where her search for the best spot had been leading her. She allowed her eyes to lull half shut as she enjoyed the scenery and the gentle, warm summer breeze that blew on her skin and whatever light clothing she was still wearing...

...only to snap them back open when someone whispered right next to her ear: "It's not as pretty as you."

Gasping loudly, Asherun sat upright and grasped for her sword for a moment, before recognizing the voice, now laughing - the sound was in an innocent, fairly high-pitched, childish, slightly yipping tone. She frowned at the general direction of the laughter, but saw absolutely nothing: more magical shenanigans, she presumed. "Uwe, you scared me," she said, still breathing a bit faster from the surprise.

Something landed on her lap and put a slight pressure over her thighs and lower stomach. Her breathing became steady once more as she felt skin pressing against her, small hands enfolding her neck, and the blow of warm breath on her cheek, as Uwe the invisible kobold nuzzled her. "I thought paladins were fearless," he whispered, with more than a little bit amusement in his voice.

"Well... you did surprise me, at the very least." She gasped again as something warm, wet, and raspy trailed across the side of her neck, basking it with a faint layer of moisture and sending shivers up and down her spine. The dragonborn responded in kind by pressing her own head against it, feeling skin and scales and the occasional small horn, while her hands moved from her sides to embrace the small invisible creature closer against her: one of them found the back of his head and lay rest there, while the other landed on the nape of his neck and slowly, tenderly, stroked down across his back, all the way to the bottom, visiting the base of his tail, squeezing his rear a bit, and finally setting upon his thigh and pressing it closer on her. She found not a single speck of clothing over him, which was hardly a surprise by this point.

"Mmm..." He shivered and groaned in response to her touches, turning his own affections downwards, planting a series of quick, gentle kisses along her neck and the opening of her shirt, while his hands left their designated spots and faded somewhere outside her reach. His muzzle met clothing, and the lips and tongue disappeared as it was picked in between invisible jaws and tugged upwards. Two sets of fingers returned to meet her skin, somewhere around her waist, sliding up her smooth skin, taking the shirt along with them.

Giggling, she allowed herself to fall down on her back, on the soft grass, pulling her invisible lover along with her, before raising her hands and allowing her shirt to pass them and her head. "Ohh, Ash...", someone whispered from above her: she could feel a blush rising over her cheeks, for though she did not see his gaze, she knew where it was currently affixed. The piece of clothing they had just gotten rid of was floating several inches in air next to her, for a moment, before being casually tossed aside and discarded. With a low growl, Uwe lowered himself back over her, yielding a moan from her as his hands and tongue began to explore the newly revealed skin. "That feels nice..."

As one of Ash's own hands returned over his back to urge him upon his fondling and caressing, the other one hurriedly slid lower, grasping her shorts and pulling them off her increasingly heated loins. Now over her ankles, she casually kicked them away, without paying much attention at where they would go: as it turned out, they landed (with a bit of assistance from the wind) right over her and Uwe, who was at the moment preoccupied at suckling and lapping her as if he was but a hatchling, all the while continuing to grope her with both hands. He paid no attention to the cloth that was now covering half of his invisible form.

The dragonborn shivered as the tongue and greedy fingers, after a fair amount of time, finally let go of her chest and turned their attention further south. "Ahh..." They leisurely, almost painfully so, covered every single portion of her stomach and sides, tempting and torturing and tickling her. There was a set of toes brushing her inner thigh, aimlessly enough, soon to be joined with a tail as the kobold slowly trailed lower. Ash sighed as her lower abdomen was covered by the warmth and wetness, and trembled when the small fingers parted and went along her legs, coaxing them apart.

She had been fairly inactive until now, and although she was fairly tempted to allow that state to continue and let Uwe keep going a bit further, she did manage to gather up enough willpower to break out of it. The kobold yelled out in surprise as two large hands discovered his invisible body, pulled him away from his lover - her pants fell away from them and on to the ground - and threw him back on ground on his stomach, where she joined with him immediately afterwards. "My turn," Ash whispered to where she figured his ear would be, before bringing her tongue to bear and tasting the unseen skin and scales below her.

"Wha-... wh- ohh..." His vain struggling quickly ceased under her firm hand, unrelenting tongue, and warm lips, replaced by a powerful shiver as she continued upon her affections. His body was small and her mouth quite big, allowing her to cover very much ground in reasonably short time: she quickly moved over his shoulders, his back, lower back, and finally elicited a loud moan from her subject as she spent quite a bit more time with his rear end that would have been strictly necessary: it was a very cute butt, after all, even if she couldn't see it at the moment.

Her free hand - the other one was still pinning him down - trailed across his bottom and discovered his tail, swinging quite wildly through the air. Grabbing it, she brought its end over at her jaws, and gave it a quick sharp peck. "Oww..."

Ash felt no further resistance as she turned him around, on his back. Her hand trailed upwards, found his head and muzzle, and lips, to which she pressed her own: "Mmm..." They responded in kind, pushing against her, his small tongue prodding out and into her mouth and feeling her teeth... she felt small hands on her neck, urging her further to keep the contact, while her own hands once again continued wandering across the curves of the small unseen body below her, probing and investigating every nook and cranny - except for that one very special spot, which they intentionally missed.

Eventually her lips left his, and began to travel further south. He let out a low whimper as she explored his front the same way she had done to his back, letting her tongue feel what her eyes couldn't see, painting her mind's eye a very clear picture of every single inch of the hot and ripped and cute kobold that was pinned under her. Within mere seconds there was but one place left, a place she had intentionally and very logically saved for the last: both lovers trembled in excitement as she took a few experimental licks over his length, before taking it all to her mouth, with a suitable reaction from its owner: "A-ahh...!"

The dragonborn lapped him mercilessly, bobbing up and down his length without much hurry, circling her tongue around his girth, and letting her ears feed upon his heavy breathing and erratic moaning, which only served to stimulate her even further. Barely noting the small trickle of moisture pouring down her own thigh, she paid more attention to the small kobold hands pressing against the forehead, the thighs that were so desperately trying to clam her head between them, the hips pushing themselves rhythmically against her, trying to press her evening meal further into her throat. There was an occasional stray droplet of his life essence, each of which she eagerly swallowed, but the main prize still eluded her.

"Ahh...! Th-that's...", Uwe muttered, only serving to increase his sweetheart's endeavors over him. "I... I'll show y-you... Eh-y-ya-ya-yahaah—e'yayayaaaa..." His hands had left her head, but she barely noticed. "Ngh'aaaaa... ngh'aaa... h'yuh... h'yuh..." She thought that these were still the same pantings and moanings of a guy trying to hold himself back, and that was her folly: had she realized it sooner, she might have managed to disrupt his spellcasting, then finish him off. Instead, she suddenly found that her delicious snack, and the entire body under her hands, had vanished without a trace.

It took her a second to regain her composure and realize what had just happened - then another to fathom that she was currently lying on her stomach on the ground, naked and butt raised, with an invisible perverted kobold somewhere nearby. She quickly stood back up on her knees.

The sun had almost set. The wind seemed much colder than a moment ago, but she figured this was probably because her own body was so much hotter in comparison. Ash was panting, and her heart beat fast, for fairly obvious reasons: she looked around warily, sniffing air, trying to listen any movement around her, but all she heard was the rustling of wind against grass. She did not wish to let the kobold get a drop on he-

"Gotcha!", something called from the darkness.

"Eep!", she let out a tiny yelp as an invisible force tried to tackle her from behind. It was much too small to succeed in pushing her down, so it instead settled upon latching on to her, groping her stomach and bottom shamelessly, while another warm and wet organ set on to work on her back. Something else, hot and solid, was pressed against her rear, unnerving her greatly. The unseen one behind her let out a low chuckle, as the hand preoccupied with her stomach slowly slid lower, discovering all new parts to touch, hot and wet: "Uwe..." Ash trembled as it made contact with her nether regions, the palm rubbing her slowly and intimately, his thumb prodding and pushing her beside it, and four other fingers investigating even lower - a single especially bold one going very deep indeed.

She whimpered. "Mmm... You're so warm..." Uwe whispered, his voice full of honey. The grasp at her bottom eased, moving its palm and fingers up to her front, exploring her thigh and sending a pleasant tingle up the dragonborn's spine, before gliding upwards, over her stomach. And there it stopped, gently rubbing and massaging her skin and flesh, while the hand between her legs grew even more daring, another finger slipping deep within her, exploring her thoroughly. "Yess..." The tongue lapping her back had itself grown faster and more urgent, while another source of wetness was spreading across her inner thighs in large quantities.

Ash briefly wondered if she should break free of his grasp and regain control of the situation: certainly she was much bigger and stronger than Uwe, and more than capable of dominating him physically if she so wanted. Perhaps he sensed her intentions, for at exactly that moment the hitherto gentle fingers at her nethers chose to switch on a new gear, pulling out and quickly ramming themselves in with all the force they could muster: the dragonborn gasped deep, all thoughts of resistance purged from her. "It's good, isn't it...?", he asked from behind her.

Her fists dropped to the ground and closed, burying in soil and grasping dirt and grass, trying desperately to find more support from somewhere - all the while her loins began to move, in the same place his palms and fingers pleasuring her did, desperately humping the invisible force in front of her, urging a quiet growl from its owner. "Ohh..." She sighed blissfully as the hand further doubled its efforts over her, throwing her head back to face the sky, and moving her separated legs together instinctively, all the pleasure welling up inside her about to reach the breaking point. "I- I don't think I can l-last much longer..." And that was the honest truth of things.

She felt him press his whole body closer to her, the warmth of his chest and belly and hips feeling all the more, a long and flexible organ - his tail - wrapping itself around her, a low groan being heard from behind her at the sensation of the swollen heat between his legs making contact with her lower back - it was this final touch, so warm and so intimate, that finally managed to push her over the edge. The peak of pleasure she just reached spread quickly from her crotch to every inch of her body, locking out her lungs momentarily before allowing her to yell out her delight to all the world around her. It was not a particularly loud call, frequently cut out by her heavy, uneven breathing, but it spoke a clear message to the one whose ears it was meant to: the kobold chuckled in approval, but it was cut out by a tiny yelp of surprise as large dragonborn hands, dirty and soiled from the earth they were buried into only a moment before, moved on behind her and easily discovered his bottom, invisible or not, roughly squeezing it with both hands and pressing it against her. "Ohh...!"

They spent a good while there without doing anything, as Ash rode the aftershocks of her climax and waited for her breathing to stable, pushing Uwe's small body closer to her back... before giving in to her worn-out body, and letting herself to fall to the ground to her side, pulling her invisible lover along with her. One of her hands moved below her to meet the ground, while the other one grasped the smaller hand that was still lying on her stomach, closing around it affectionately. He didn't resist, allowing himself to be dragged along with her, his other hand still buried deep within her, feeding upon the beating and throbbing of its wet heat. Aside from heavy, raspy breathing, and an occasional growl or whimper, all was silent.

She let out a bit of a whine as the hand finally left her depths: it didn't return to meet her touch in quite a while, although she could hear some silent lapping, suckling noises from behind her, accompanied with an occasional "Mmm...", that made it clear what he was doing. The other hand also left her grasp momentarily: she gasped as she felt weight on her side, the feeling of a small body crawling over it and to her front, settling comfortably between her bust. Two sets of fingers - one of them still wet - found her shoulders and took support from there, while a familiar, and pleasant, warm wetness assaulted her lips as an invisible muzzle was pressed against it.

The kiss began as faint and gentle, but quickly grew in intensity as they both threw themselves fully into it: much to her amusement, Ash could taste a faint tinge of something else in his mouth, something sweet and familiar in its own right. She giggled, pressing her hand into thin air above her chest and finding his back, pushing it closer to her in a hug - and discovering another feeling over at her stomach, which prompted her other hand to investigate between the two bodies, finding his lower stomach and investigating lower along his invisible flesh. Uwe broke the kiss as she made contact, in a favour of a heated gasp of her name: "A-Ash...!"

"Maybe I should finish you off right now...", she mused dreamily, as her hand lazily rubbed him, trembling every bit of his unseen body that she could feel and urging another groan from his throat.

"P-please don't...", he begged, his voice but a hushed whisper. "I can-... I still have one more trick up my sleeve... I'm sure you'll love it."

"Oh...?" Feeling hot again, as well as intrigued, the dragonborn stopped the movement of her hand, staying it in its place between the two bodies, where it was warm. Apparently taking this as a sign of approval, the kobold hands left her body, and she could hear faint humming from above her, as he began to cast another spell. Moments later, she felt movement under her hand, as if he was getting up... but she could also still feel his stomach and chest against hers. Which were, incidentally, spreading across a much wider area, applying more weight and pressure against her. In other words, he was growing.

"Guess what I am now," the voice said. It was low and gruff, so very different from how Uwe had sounded until now. The body Ash was now touching had changed as well: she whimpered as her hands trailed across it, exploring for the first time the completely unfamiliar form above her, one she had never seen before or in the present, clothed or bare. If she had not been a paladin, she might have been the slightest bit afraid in her situation.

It was much larger and heavier, rivaling her own body in size. His horns were gone, replaced by warm, thick hair all over his head, continuing to cover the back of his neck and shoulders. His face had changed much more than just becoming larger: his muzzle was gone, replaced by a primate nose and proportionally large jaw. Feeling around his cheeks she discovered that he was grinning, and his teeth were as sharp as ever, with a couple tusks added in for flavour. And he actually had a beard now! Her other hand investigated his lower portions, discovering that not only was his tail gone, but also that his so wonderful ass was no longer fun sized, although it was still fun to grope - he shivered as she did so. The hand continued upon its trail, discovering his much more bulky thigh, almost like a tree trunk, before going even further and finding...

"Ohh, yess...!", she whispered raptly, as Uwe the invisible orc apparently decided her time was up, lowering his lips over to hers and kissing her passionately, a gesture to which she responded with equal fervor. It was a bigger mouth made for better smooching. Her body arched up to meet the two large, rough, clumsy objects that she assumed were his new hands, fondling and caressing her in a rather hamfisted manner, so different from the shrewd, nimble fingers that were usually unleashed upon her. They could cover much more ground in much smaller time, though. And grope her entire bust all at onc- "Ahh!"

He broke the kiss. "Sorry."

"N-no, it's fine...", she panted. "You just really surprised me with that. Keep going."

He did as was told, the warmth of his mouth returning back to her, only this time at her cheeks and neck instead of her muzzle. He planted quick kisses here and there, slowly moving downwards, while his hands also left their designated positions to trail lower across her body. She herself was feeling him intently, fumbling around skin and flesh beyond her vision, one wandering feverishly across his back, sides, and the nape of his neck, while the other one was, in contrast, affixed to a relatively small and very delicate portion of him, rubbing and stroking around it, guiding it along as its owner moved on lower still, finding a good spot atop her. "Okay, I'm..."

"Y-yeah... Go ahead." She positively squealed as he moved beyond the reach of her hand, slipping inside, filling her in the kind of ways he had never done before, and stretching her in a bizarre way for all the empty dark wilderness to see. He tried to be slow and gentle, but it didn't particularly work, him being what he was: she gasped loudly to his attempts. Once he was done, he settled down upon her once more, and they didn't move at all for quite a long time. They simply breathed, rather heavily, their stomachs moving against each other... eventually she moved her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist, and he took this as a signal that she was ready, slowly moving himself out of her, only to fill her again just as slow. Ash just closed her eyes and moaned lowly, gripping him tight with all four limbs of hers: it felt very good, she decided, even if it took some time getting used to.

Their first time together had, in retrospect, been rather mundane: sure, they had had a great deal of fun together, despite their general inexperience with these matters and all the physical issues still to be overcome, but it could never have been compared to any subsequent night together, by the sole reason that he didn't use any magic back then. The dragonborn didn't know why he had chosen to become a wizard, instead of a sorcerer as was more customary for his kind, and he had never told her, but it did give him a nigh endless supply of tricks and stunts in bedroom, ensuring that no two times they slept together would ever be the same.

Conjuring enticing, alluring scents and lights and sounds was the least of his tricks, and the one most commonly used. Or he could make the bed shake, float, or fly through the air. He could give his already nimble fingers truly unnatural grace and dexterity, or grant himself the strength and ferocity of something three times his size. Those little hands held the power of making her scream his name in pleasure without ever physically touching him. They had done it in the hot, soft desert sands, the cold and wet mountain snow, the depths of the dark ocean, without any ill effects. Among other things. Oh and, then those wands... she couldn't forget about the wands, yes...

Right now he was a large, invisible force, smoothly moving in and out of her, without rush, taking it slow for now... "Ohh, Uwe...", she whispered, her chest rising up to meet his, while one roughly picked up her rear and lifted it upwards, producing an erratic giggle from her, quickly cut by another gasp as he moved back inside her. He was picking up the pace now, intent on lifting her to until now unknown heights of pleasure, pumping back inside a little bit faster each time, giving an occasional growl of his own, each of which sending a shiver in her spine and made her feel all the more heated and needy. His hot breath across her face, musky and powerful and manly, did not help matters at all.

Ash, on her own part, contributed by burying her claws into his skin, to see if she could get him even closer to her, managing to yield a loud snarl from him as she did so. He, meanwhile, had reached the very top of his speed, pounding her with all the force and ferality this new form could hold, getting her to moan loudly with each thrust inside. "Oh, yes... yess...! That's g-good..." She felt invisible jaws closing in around a sliver of skin on her neck, biting her and forcing her to yelp, the sharp pain of love sending another wave of pleasure throughout her body, of very different frequency than the ones leaving her nether. They met somewhere in the middle and mingled.

Uwe reached the top first, this time: one of her hands had slid towards his rear, giving it another strategically placed grope, that had pushed him over the edge, seeing him to the mighty shout of his first release of the night. She laughed at him, hearing his cry and knowing that she had reached her goal - but her joy was only momentary, for it was only the barest fraction of a second later when he finally got her even, the hot bursts of his essence filling the dragonborn, in far larger volumes than ever before, and sending her to a fearsome roar of her own, one that shook the ground, and could have made even her great ancestors proud, unless perhaps because it was let out in such an embarrassing situation.

She clinged on to him with all her quickly draining might, each wave of pleasure coursing through her leaving her weaker and more in his mercy - had he managed to summon any more strength than that, that is, which he couldn't. His hand left her bottom and slid to her lower back, while they both crashed to the ground with a mighty thud as his other hand, apparently having supported them mid-air until now, joined the first one below her. They lay there for a long time together, in a complete silence, just panting, enjoying the afterglow and the touches of each other, and the cool air assaulting their skin. Minutes passed.

She barely registered as all that muscle and flesh above her and under her began to disappear again, as it shrank down, eventually ending up as nothing but a small bundle on her stomach. "Hey...", it said.


"Have I ever said... that I love you?" The cover of invisibility fell and blew away in the darkness, revealing Uwe the kobold for her eyes for the first time since she had left the camp, looking directly at her. He was tired, his eyes were half-closed, his tail swinging lazily on their side, and he was still breathing heavily... but he was also smiling. Ash stroked his forehead, and he closed his eyes fully and pushed his head against it affectionately to meet the touch.

"Yeah... Once or twice." She was grinning as well, as he crawled forwards on her body and pressed his muzzle against her in a kiss. All the passion and fervor had vanished, leaving it but a faint touch... a touch of the purest emotion and love. "So...", she asked, once he had pulled away from her. "What were you thinking for the next time...?"

He looked thoughtful. "Well... You know, the clouds...? Ever wanting to check out if they really are as soft as they look?"

She gave a tired giggle. "You're joking."


"That's impossible."

"Oh, you'll see..." He yawned, and said nothing more. She wrapped her arms around him, taking care on not to wake him up, and closed her eyes, once again cutting him out of her sight.

It did not matter, though: she would see him once again in the morning. And perhaps, later still, up in the clouds.


"What are you doing?", Asherun asked.

Uwe was spreading a largish piece of paper over the cabin floor. It had a single large magical circle, drawn in red colour, as well as several smaller circles and runes in blue and green. "Just watch," the kobold responded idly, while putting certain mundane and less mundane items over the runes and small circles across the paper. "If this works, it's going to be so awesome." To finish off, he clipped off one of his own fingernails, and carefully set it to the exact center of the paper. Then he began chanting.

He touched each circle with a single finger, and they flashed briefly and brightly as he did, the items laid upon them vanishing in tiny puffs of smoke. Ash wasn't sure, but she could swear that each time he did so, the shadows in the room became just the slightest bit more... firm. Especially right at the middle of the circle, where, if she squinted just right, she could see shapes of something that wasn't there. He seemed fairly excited, however, smiling as he touched and shaped the shadows, a poke here, another there... and it became flesh. Two new shining eyes were looking at her, as she looked at...


And not the one that had cast the spell, either. There was another Uwe, standing in the middle of that circle, identical to the very last bit to the original, unless his lack of clothing counted. "So...", one of them, the one that had cast the spell, spoke to the other. "Did it work?"

The other one felt himself keenly. His eyes darted around every inch of his body, his hands touching and feeling around. "Well...", he said. "I feel pretty real. Muscles ache a bit," he stretched himself intently for a couple seconds, "but otherwise feels fine. So yeah... I'd say it worked."


The kobold twins fist-bumped, while the very astonished dragonborn lady just sat on the bunk and looked at them both wide eyed. "Uwe, did you just...? What?" They both turned to look at her, smiling.

"Cool, isn't it?", one asked her. "Now I can do twice the stuff I could normally do!" And that was true: Ash could understand the advantages of such magic. He could be in two places at once, cast twice the spells he normally could, do twice the good in the span of a same day!

"Actually, I don't think I can cast any of those spells anymore." The other one looked at him, slightly worried. "What? You can't?"

The copy tapped his head. "All the magic's gone. I suppose I could memorize them again, but that would take a good night's rest, and we don't know how long this magic lasts. Spells-wise, it seems fairly pointless for now."

"We must research this further," the original agreed. "It won't be all that much use if you can't remember all the spells I had in my head at the time of..." he trailed off. Then, "But... you're still the same physically?"

"Yeah, the exact same."

Their minds clearly worked the exact same way as well, Ash thought, being copies of each other. And in times like these, her mind also did. Silence fell between them, as the two kobolds turned to look at her with a sly grin on the faces of both. She grinned back at them.

It had been a rough week, with barely no privacy left for the two lovers during the entire time. They had all fully concentrated upon thwarting the efforts of liches and mummies, and trying to repel massive armies of undead and stopping them from conquering a country. There had been very little time to rest, each member of their party had nearly died several times over, it had taken two full days to break the curse put over Gauvain the druid, and the day before yesterday had ended with each of them carrying Mummy Rot, which had really annoyed them. But now... now they were all in a merchant ship heading overseas, towards the next adventure. They finally had peace.

And so the two - three - of them found themselves stuck in a small, uncomfortable cabin, with a single small uncomfortable bed... but they finally had some time together, without wizards or undead or any other crap like that. Not to mention the opportunity to test out an entirely new spell he had researched through just now. One half of him had climbed up to the bed to join her, standing up so that he could reach over to nuzzle her cheek and neck, while his hands reached over her sides to hug her. She brought her arms to embrace him in turn, as his nuzzling switched to kissing, leaving small, faint pecks across her muzzle. "Mmm..."

Meanwhile, she observed the second half of her love, who had swiftly gotten rid of his clothing and joined the fun. While the first had moved on to kiss her in the mouth, deeply, sweetly, the notion to which she responded with equal ardor, the second chose to bring attention to her middle, his tongue lapping at her stomach and his hands grabbed the edges of her pants and struggled to move them down, revealing more of her to his greedy eyes and lips. "Nhh... Yes." She shivered as he moved on to her newly exposed thigh, and positively laughed when the first left her lips and dived beneath her shirt, groping and pawing and licking her shamelessly.

"Well aren't- aren't you in a rush..." Over a week had passed with no more than a quick kiss shared between the two. Over a week to build up stress and desire without a single opportunity to let it out. Ash could not blame Uwe(s) for being eager, for skipping past some minor stages and diving right in: indeed she was no better herself, throwing herself to lay in the bunk and quickly getting rid of that final piece of clothing constricting her - revealing the kobold hiding under it for her, his lips still preoccupied with her skin but his eyes looking straight at hers, alight with desire and mischief. The other tongue behind him had moved upwards from the thigh, briefly passing her lower stomach, before sliding back downwards, until it found the very specific and precious spot that made her whimper.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything much Ash herself could do, other than enjoy thoroughly the two Uwes pleasuring her in a perfect synergy. One large hand found the bottom of the above one, squeezing him roughly as he suckled and nursed upon her - the other one landing upon the head of the second to urge him on and press him against her, his feeding upon her greatly appreciated. And all the while, four smaller paws wandered upon her slender body, alternatively stroking and rubbing and fondling whatever they could grab on. "Hurry...", she pleaded him, afraid that she could not last much longer. "P-please."

Whatever few flaws the kobold had, they did not include not respecting the wishes of his lady. She shivered again as two sets of lips left their meal, already feeling their loss: half of him climbed higher to give her one last smooch, while the other one left her lap to her side and slid his hands under her, prompting her to switch positions and turn on her side. She did as was told, and he immediately hugged himself close to her once more, grabbing her behind with much enthusiasm and causing her to shrudder at the anticipation of what she knew would soon come. "Uwe..." The other kobold broke the kiss in favour of moving himself back down, settling upon her loins and pinning her between the two.

"All right," the one behind her began, a single index finger finally, after spending a long time around it for the purposes of groping, found the one place it was looking for, eagerly pressing upon it, causing its owner to shiver and gasp. Slowly, and carefully, the finger fitted itself deeper within, feeding upon the whimpers of pleasure he heard, before stopping right there. "Now, I'm just going to do this one little thing to make this much easier...", and he began to mutter the words of another spell.

About a second later, the other Uwe in front of her began: "Hey, wai-"

But it was too late: the spell was off. Ash felt two sets of identical "Whoa!", and jumped and squealed as she suddenly felt a thick layer of warm, slippery grease all over her. She reached to try and wipe some of the stuff off her face, before opening her eyes to witness the destruction that had been wrought: the entire small room was as if a fat bomb had exploded in there - and in a way, it had - covering everything into the same yellowish porridge that smelled strongly like pork. Someone behind her said "Oops," and two sets of eyes turned to look at Uwe. "You screwed up," the other Uwe said. "I mean, I did. Or something."

"Sorry," said the other one sheepishly. "I was going to do a compact version of it, you know, to make it easier to... yeah. But...", he sniggered. "...I accidentally the whole Grease."

She laughed as well: sure, it smelled fairly nasty, but nobody was hurt, and it actually felt rather nice upon her skin. The laughter ended with a powerful gasp, however, as she felt that one finger move once more, feeling her now lubricated walls, allowing her to grow accustomed upon the sensation well in advance before he would bring in bigger guns to bear. Three other hands set upon wandering her curves as well, gently massaging her hips and thighs and stomach, easing tension and helping her relax.

"Okay...", he whispered: she wasn't sure which half it was, for her eyes were closed now. It felt good. "You ready?" She muttered something in her approval, and whimpered silently as the finger slipped out of her. Two hands rubbed her bottom tenderly, his warm body met her back as he shifted positions, and she raised her upper leg slightly, in an instinctive response to feeling something new, hot and solid, pressing against her, seeking entrance.

She tried hard to not tense herself as it moved within, slowly and carefully entering her throughout the much less used pathway, making her eyes water of the amalgamation of pleasure and pain. He grunted lowly as he finally reached the end, nuzzling her back and still kneading her rear to make her feel better, all other action ceased from everybody to wait until the dragonborn would be ready once more. Nary a minute had passed when one of Ash's hands, having stroked the greasy back of the Uwe before her until now, moved on lower to find new places to grope, urging him forwards and expressing her desire to continue. He grinned and obeyed with much fervor, pushing forward and heartily settling within the much more commodious passage, urging a whimper from both himself and his partner.

"Nnh..." She grunted again as pressure slowly eased behind her, the kobold leisurely pulling back from her body, only to fill her once more with a blissful sigh. As he glided back within her tight, oiled passage, the other half of him responded by himself moving out, only to move back inside while the other made room for him. The two halves continued this was for some time, slowly and carefully, one of them always filling their lover, doing the best they could to make her feel good. She clenched her fists and brought them to her chest, slowly getting used to this all new sensation, enjoying more and more of their affections at every second. "So good..."

He hugged closer to the warm, soft, large body next to him, wrapping all his four arms tightly around her, gasping, groaning, slowly increasing their pace upon her body, speeding up the three-way lovemaking and making her moan loudly in pleasure. "Mmm... Yess, harder...!" In front of her, Uwe was whispering her name, while behind her... he was chanting. Ash trembled in a newfound anticipation as she heard the arcane muttering, knowing that soon there would be a spell coming. His spells were always fantastic.

He stopped muttering and brought his hand back upon her stomach, having left from there momentarily for casting. The dragonborn jumped as she felt a tiny tingle of static electricity leave his fingers and travel all the way across her body, shocking throughout her in a pleasurable current. "Oh...!" He brought his tongue to her back once again, only this time it was much warmer, heating her up delightfully like a hot bath concentrated upon a small part of her body... the mild shocking effect, after unleashing a constant lovely current upon her for several seconds, finally left his hand, and she sighed - until she discovered that it hadn't left at all, merely changing place, entering her again through a -very- different point, the jolt making her scream of surprise. Aside from shocking her entire body, it also continued throughout her loins to the other side, and picked up the other entry point to exit through:

"A-ahh!", Uwe shruddered, as the spell of his other half entered him as well, prompting him to make love to her all the harder to keep up, and yielding another shrill whine out of her as a reward. "I... I wish I could do spells too," he muttered silently, lapping her stomach with his more mundane tongue, slipping in and out of her warmth with all the force he could muster, moving with much less resistance than his counterpart and tus allowing him to apply more strength into his efforts. Pleasure mounting within her, Ash made one final mental note of paying this back to him sooner or later, before giving in to ecstacy and letting the boys bring her to a delicious climax. "Ohh... yes, yes... yes..."

"Yess... Yes...! Yes!" Her legs wrapped around the kobold in front of her to squeeze him, her hands embracing the one behind her, eyes blurred and watery, the dragonborn finally allowed her defenses, that had endured monsters and evil dragons and undead and demons, to drop fully and let inside the only one who could make her feel so good. She attempted to yell out his name as she reached her peak, but was cut out by the sudden wave of heavenly pleasure from her nether regions, emptying her lungs and making her gasp for air, before she could scream once more. The four kobold arms held her all the tighter, as tight as their small bodies possibly could, as her own large body had clamped upon them and brought them to their zenith with her own.

Both snarled and yipped as they came, their bodies having lost all sense of cooperation in favour of erratic, uneven thrusts upon her, lost in the carnal delight. She shruddered, their moment of climax adding up to her own pleasure, still at its very top and not showing any signs to low down. Seconds passed until they finally ceased their movements, settling upon being hilted within her and grasping her with all their might: she felt the beating of two small hearts against her stomach and back, still loud and fast but showing signs of toning down, as her own heart did. Her limbs let go of them; their hands eased up on their embrace, a little bit, while two tails instead wrapped themselves around her legs. Silence fell.

Minutes passed.

"C'mere, you...", she finally whispered, weakly, dreamily. Uwe obeyed, slowly and achingly separating their overly sensitive bodies, all three giving a low hiss as the two kobolds, that were one, withdrew from her. One hand embraced each side of him, as they crawled upwards to hold her, throwing their arms around her neck and both kissing her alternately, to which she responded as eagerly as her exhausted body would allow her - although the effects of Grease had gone, the porky taste upon their lips remained. She risked a quick separation of one hand from them, picking up the warm bedsheets and pulling them over the three, returning to hug them close to her as quickly as possible.

Minutes passed.

As one of Uwe's bodies faded away and disappeared, the effects of the spell over, the remaining one gave a sharp gasp of exhaustion. "What's wrong?", Ash asked him, silently, as both her hands came to hug him closer.

"Well...", he whispered wearily, "I remember everything... my other body did, but... I also got all his exhaustion moved into me. So I kinda... did you twice." He gave a short, fatigued laugh. "Takes its toll... but totally worth it..." He said nothing more, and she soon joined him in pleasant slumber.


17... 88... 74... 23...

"What'cha doing?", Dave asked.

The two percentile dice rolled across the table, as Linus the Dungeon Master rolled once more... fourty-one. "Oh, nothing," he said. "Just rolling some stuff for the next game. While I still remember."

It had been a nice session, involving much fighting and excitement and tension, and more than one dungeon crawl. And a private encounter Linus ran for two of the players right at the end, after most other players had gone - Dave had to stick around because one of the two, Shawn, would be the one giving him the ride home. In theory, the nature of the events that happened with him and the other player Nina, were secret and between closed doors, but all the players of course knew of what was going on, both out of game and in it. It had been going on for months. Speaking of which...

"Oh hey, did you hear?", he asked the DM. "I think Shawn and Nina are dating IRL now."

"No kidding?" The DM had his dice in hand again, ready for another roll.

"Oh yeah, it's totally confirmed. James saw them at the coffee shop together the other day." The dice rolled. "I think they make a cute couple."

"Mm-hm..." 77. He picked them up once more.

"That's quite a few rolls there, buddy. I'm betting the next session's going to be great?" No answer. The dice rolled.

"Hey, you coming or what?", came the shout from the door. That was Shawn. "Yeah, I'm coming!", Dave responded, turning to leave. Only to turn back when he heard something from behind him. Sniggering.

"What's up?" He turned back to look at the DM, who was trying to hold back laugh. "Oh, n-nothing...", was the response. "You just go. See you next week." Dave just shrugged and turned to leave, but not before taking one last look at the dice.

One. He wondered what that meant. Must've been good.

As he exited the building, he heard mad, cackling laughter from behind him. Lightning struck somewhere in the background.


'Twas the night of midwinter, the most magical night in the year bar none. Thick, white, utterly undisturbed snow covered all earth and trees and roofs of houses, illuminated by the moon and stars above, creating a spectacle to which other seasons could hardly be compared. 'Twas the night when Naughty and Nice were judged: the bearded priests of St. Nicholas were on the move, in their distinctive red jackets and caps, stopping upon the houses of the Nice and kind people, to give them blessings of their deity that would last throughout the coming year. 'Twas also, incidentally, the birthday of curiously many saints and prophets, for one reason or another.

Behold, the small northern town, high up in the hills. The numerous streetlights were creating a bastion of light in the middle of the infinite blackness of winter night, a vision of great beauty which any bird up in the air could hardly appreciate. The town currently housed a small group of very Nice people indeed: a party of adventurers that had only a few days ago been instrumental in driving back some very Naughty demons and their human servants, who could not respect the Yule spirit and were trying to put the entire northern kingdom under their heel.

The roaring fireplace kept the winter chill and darkness outside, creating light and warmth in the large, luxurious inn room, comforting the two figures huddled next to it, sitting on the soft bear hide rug. Being but a humble paladin, Asherun had initially refused such extravagant accommodations, but the rest of the party had convinced her that it would be poor form to refuse, and make everyone feel bad. And quite frankly, lying right there in the warmth with Uwe, she could hardly complain.

The small warm bundle at her lap stirred, and she wrapped her arms tighter around her roommate and her sweetheart, as he nuzzled his nose against her stomach and curled his tail around her leg. Both the dragonborn and the kobold were completely bare, only relying in each other's bodies for comfort. And the soft, thick blanket they were wrapped in. And the fireplace. ...Suffice to say, they felt very warm and cosy and placid indeed.

But as warm as it was, both of them were more than prepared to make it positively hot. Uwe murmured something incomprehensible with his arcane tongue, waving a single finger a bit in the air... and immediately at the next inhale, Ash's acute nose picked up a whole new scent, vaguely like hot chocolate and cinnamon - probably because of the season - along with something else, something that she couldn't quite recognize but extremely alluring, that instantly made her loins stir in excitement. "Mmm...", she closed her eyes and enjoyed the aroma, while one of her hands trailed lower across Uwe's skin: he quivered faintly against her as it reached its target and began to stroke him gently, faintly, slowly awakening his own body as he had awakened hers.

She gave a low chuckle as the kobold rose to the occasion, relaxedly pressing his hips against her as he stood firmer in her grip, his tail slowly swishing behind him, a languid groan escaping his lips. "Nnhh... Ohh...?" The dragonborn's other hand had sneaked up all the way down to his bottom, and picked him up higher for a kiss: he responded to it eagerly as her muzzle met his, wrapping his arms around her neck, parting his lips and reaching his tongue outside to meet hers. He tasted so sweet.

The contact lasted for several seconds, before he broke it in favour of casting another spell, one of his hands behind her joining in as it wove the air and prepared for arcane shenanigans. Ash instantly recognized this one: it was Web, one of his favourites, that had snared many an orc and goblin and even worse things to its gooey strands. She herself remembered many occasions when it had glued her to the surface of the bed, many times when she saw his sly grin as he approached, helpless to do anything about it but to enjoy the wild ride that always ensued. Well, not this time.

It was a quick spell, only taking a second for him to cast, but it was regardless too slow for her lightning reflexes. "Oh, no you won't," she whispered, as the hand that had so far been preoccupied with his pleasure suddenly left his nethers and caught his arm: he gave a surprised yelp as she turned him around and pressed him against the soft bear fur under them, herself settling atop him, gently but firmly pinning him between the two surfaces. He wriggled and squirmed under her grip, half-heartedly trying to get away, but even that ceased once she brought her mouth down upon him and gave his back a long, good lick, getting a shiver and a whimper in response.

The dragonborn was a good three times his size and five times his weight, to say nothing of her physical strength, granting her the undeniable right to establish her physical dominance over him whenever she so wished. The kobold of course had his spellcasting to compensate, the power to bend the very laws of reality under his will ("You're my love... but the multiverse is my bitch," to quote the archmage himself), not to mention making her one /very/ satisfied woman. In general, the specifics of their mating would usually boil down upon who got the first drop on whom. And this time, Ash noted pleasantly as she lapped upon his back, as her hand found a nice small cranny between the carpet and his stomach to slip into, as she pulled another yip of pleasure from him, she would be the indisputable victor. "Ash... Ohh...!"

Uwe could think of several spells to get him out of this situation, but he did not have very high confidence of being able to cast any of them in his cramped up conditions - and this assuming that he could even find the concentration and willpower, considering how very good it felt. "Mmm..." He could also, of course, simply plead her to stop, and she of course would obey: but that would give her even a more complete victory than simply allowing her to dominate and pleasure him like this, and he would not give her that satisfaction. As such he was reduced to being completely incapable of doing naught but moan his delight to her, clench his fists to the warm furred carpet under them, and buck his hips against the hand that was so tenderly rubbing him. His breathing quickened, his face went increasingly red, the pleasure was gathering up in his loins and about to overflow, and she was licking his face and squeezing his behind until all he could do was to scream...

...And Ash too whimpered, her own body reacting powerfully as he finally gave in under her affections, allowing her to have the victory she so desired. His cries of enjoyment were like nectar upon her ears, which she savoured with much appetite, all the while her lips and tongue were lapping upon the sweet surface of his skin... and her hand was busy milking a very different kind of treat, even more delicious, from his heated body, each powerful throb she felt granting her another short burst of his essence, continuing for seconds after his moaning had ceased, and his body was through the peak of its gratification. "Ohh, Ash..." He looked at her, utterly exhausted and blushing heavily, and she licked his nose affectionately. "That was good."

"I know," she whispered as she lay upon her back, and lifted him from the carpet and set him upon her chest, where he remained, the only distinct movement being his tail lazily swishing behind him, now quite silent. Her hand, drenched with his seed, raised upon her muzzle, allowing her to lick and suckle it all. He tasted salty, but also so very sweet. Meanwhile, her other hand moved on lower and dipped two fingers into herself, finally granting some attention to her own burning body. She was slow and lazy with her touching, not wishing to hurry anything: after all, they still had the whole night to share between themselves.

He was murmuring something again, the voice muffled by her warm skin in where he laid his head: she didn't know this particular spell, so she let him go through with it. She was always ready to try new things. She could still smell the lovely cinnamon from his earlier spell, and now it was joined in the air by a peculiar silvery cloud, leaving from his pointed finger, weaving at the air. It spread across the room, and the silver changed shape, providing them visions of the starry sky outside - and all the while Ash could feel how the bear hide under her became softer, warmer, threatening to swallow her into its depths...

She gasped and jumped as she suddenly noticed she wasn't at the inn anymore. Her fingers left her body, and Uwe fell from her chest to her lap, as she rose up to look around herself. "Wh- Wha-" There were no walls or ceiling around and above her anymore, only the bare sky full of stars. Below her, the floor and the carpet were replaced by something infinitely more soft and puffy than anything she had ever experienced before. "Where are we?" She turned to look at the kobold, who was grinning widely.

"Up above," was his very simple response. A gentle sky breeze assaulted the dragonborn's skin, and she instinctively brought her arms around her to cover herself, before noticing that it was actually quite warm and pleasant. She stopped caring of how in nine hells the cloud could support her weight, her body sinking several inches deep, covered by the warm fluff, yet kept from falling by some powerful unknown magic. Up here there was nothing to obstruct the stars from their view, letting them to shine their light upon the two unrestricted, keeping the darkness away. And over there, where his finger pointed, less than ten feet away from her present location, where the cloud ended and was replaced by a breathtaking sight of countless small lights in the middle of the darkness, the village they had been in only a minute before.

She gleefully grabbed his hand and pulled him against her chest into a tight hug: he laughed as she threw them both straight at the clouds, letting the soft surface envelop them into its comfortable warmth, getting to know and enjoy the gigantic bed they were set upon. "It's lovely," she whispered to him. "So beautiful..." He, in turn, crawled up her body and once again pressed his lips upon hers in a deep, long kiss, letting the contact linger for many seconds, before leaving her muzzle and beginning to pay more attention upon her cheeks, planting a series of small, quick smooches all over her face. "Lemme take you even higher...", he whispered honeyedly, sending a shiver up and down her spine, as he once again traced lower, upon her neck, her collarbone, her chest...

His hands joined the fray, finding a fair grip upon her breasts, kneading and pawing them with much fervor, while his tongue continued lashing the area between them, yielding a small whine from her and making her arch her back for him, urge him further upon his attention for her. She had noted a certain fascination in him concerning that spot, quite possibly because it was a part kobold women lacked entirely - although he himself just claimed they were like warm fleshy pillows to which he loved to cuddle. This time, though, there was a slight questioning tone in his touches, as if he was exploring it all over again despite knowing it very well already, groping her all over... and lifting his muzzle from her to take a closer look to them, his eyes narrowing. Eventually, his hands just stopped, and lay there for several seconds, gently stroking her.

His gaze met hers, his eyebrows raising in a questioning tone. She kept the eye contact, saying nothing, her face betraying no emotion aside from enjoyment... had he noticed something? But then, to her relief, he just shrugged and began to move on lower across her body.

Dismissing what he had just thought he saw as but imagination, tracing his fingers lower across her curves, gently touching and massaging the pure, firm muscle he felt under her scales, granting her lovely body all the attention he could. He was a small guy, and she was a big girl, so this was something he had to spend much time and effort to - and not a single moment wasted, he thought, as she once again whimpered upon his affections. "O-ohh..." He discovered a tiny bit of additional mass upon her lower stomach, barely noticeable, something that had not been there last week: it was the midwinter celebration with all its heavy food, he reasoned, that had led her in gaining some additional weight, and his tongue set upon exploring this new spot and making it his own as he had done to the rest of her ages ago. She reacted favourably.

As his nose went even further south, it was suddenly - but not unexpectedly - assaulted by a strong, pleasant aroma of purest desire, forcing a heavy, shruddering breath from his lungs - and in turn making her whine lowly as the faint blow of hot air hit her most sensitive regions. "Mmm..." He breathed in heavily, savouring the scent, her evident arousal making him tremble all over, awakening his own body from its slumber and quickly making it forget all about the attentions she had given him only minutes ago. As his hands remained upon her hips, gently rubbing, his muzzle trailed lower upon her, drawing a gasp from her lungs as his tongue gently brushed her swollen, sensitive mound, granting it some of the attention it had so waited for. The taste of her body made him tingle all the more, pleasantly stirring his loins.

He began slowly, with faint, barely noticeable brushes upon her body, teasing her all over with his small kobold tongue. She quivered as he very briefly visited her folds, planted a quick and nigh unnoticeable kiss upon her most sensitive spot, that small red love button, and then, much to her frustration, turned his attention upon eagerly lapping the delicious stray wetness from her hips and lower stomach and inner thighs. Soon enough, a large dragonborn palm came over to the top of his head, pushing him closer and urging him upon his attentions: "D-don't tease me..." He would indeed have liked to tantalize her some more, but she was impatient and strong, and so he settled upon suckling her deeper and with more ardour.

As his palms moved on to her rear, to press her closer against him (as if his weak hands could do anything her strength wasn't already doing), his tongue set upon its task with all the capacity. No longer delicate or faint, he licked her all over, quickly and strongly, listening to her gasps and moans of enjoyment and drinking every bit of her nectar, his prize for being so attentive to her. Drawn by its taste and smell, driven into lust by its strength, he quickly went deeper, yielding a powerful shrudder from her as he buried deep into her, straight to the source, feeding upon her quickly and without self-restraint, listening to her louder moaning, feeling her loins pressing against his muzzle just as he pressed against them, driving her closer and closer to her peak... then suddenly that one last bit of his consciousness, that hadn't yet been blurred by passion, briefly took over and pulled him away from her.

Immediately feeling the loss, Ash opened her eyes and looked down upon him, meeting his grinning gaze. "W-why'd you stop...?", she asked weakly. Much to her disappointment and frustration, he weakly crawled out from between her legs, and laid himself next to her, hugging her close. "Because I want to try something new...", he responded. "You like trying new things, don't you?"

She didn't respond. It was true, of course, but she wasn't quite as sure about it when she was about to reach the peak of her passion. Whining, she tried to bring a hand down between her legs, to stop herself from lowering down from the apex of pleasure she was just about to hit... only to have that hand gently grabbed and taken away by his. "What're you up to?", she groaned discontently, only to turn it into a quickened gasp as he brought up his tail for her to see, a simple gesture that told her everything about what he was now going to do. The long, flexible limb lowered back down upon her thigh, from which it travelled towards warmer climates, drawing another gasp from her as it brushed her. "You like trying new things, don't you?", he repeated his question, in a far more teasing tone.

"Y-yes...!", the dragonborn whispered heatedly, wantonly, and the blushing kobold smiled at her, the tip of his tail brushing her further, rapidly building her back up to the full excitement. She gave a loud, voluptuous sigh, as it finally, all too slowly, parted her lips and easily glided within her slick passage: it was somewhat more rough and rugged than what would usually venture down here, pleasantly raking her inner walls as it moved on deeper without an impediment, its path well lubricated by the irritatingly long foreplay. The tail began thin and narrow, but as it went on it quickly thickened, until it spread her as wonderfully as he normally did, if not more - but reached much deeper, and... "Ohh...!", she moaned as the tip, buried somewhere within her walls, suddenly twisted and turned to touch and prod her, investigate every single nook and cranny within her, explore places in her body none had ever tried before, nearly making her come right there and then when she learned all these delicious new things from her body.

"Nnhh...", Uwe grunted lowly, as she inadvertendly gripped his head tighter with her hand, as she applied all her concentration and willpower upon managing to endure through his tender attentions, to drag out the spoils of his victory for a few sweet moments more. She hugged him closer to her body,
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Never liked cute porn. But this is cute and I like it just fine. If this was an adventure story with love subplot and dash of this in the mix I would be all over it. Or it might be that it's dragonborn.
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This is really fantastic stuff.
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Also, even if it is contrary to the popular belief, it is still a popular belief, and is as such most often interpreted that way.

Also I just noticed the other post ended halfway through. How embarrassing, here's the rest:


"Nnhh...", Uwe grunted lowly, as she inadvertendly gripped his head tighter with her hand, as she applied all her concentration and willpower upon managing to endure through his tender attentions, to drag out the spoils of his victory for a few sweet moments more. She hugged him closer to her body, and he returned the notion: his eyes were closed, and he was smiling widely, as if dreaming some wonderful dream... His tail was now moving out of her, its tip still hooked to rake her walls pleasurably. She was so close now, "Ohhh...", so very close... and then, completely out of nowhere, the tail thrusted right back into her, with all the strength it could muster, and that was all it took.

And Ash threw her head back and screamed for all the skies to hear, as the initial powerful shockwave left her crotch and crashed over her body with great force, locking out all coherent thought, blurring her vision, and shutting her body tightly around his tail, arching her back against it, desperately trying to keep it inside her. It did move outside, despite her best efforts, but her disappointment was extremely short-lived when it suddenly rammed right back within, stimulating her pulsating walls all the more and making her see stars - others than the ones already on the night sky, that is. It continued acting upon this manner, each time it thrusted back inside prolonging her ecstasy, numbing her body out of pleasure, spreading the warm wetness she felt all over her lower stomach and inner thighs, and little by little taking her breath away, as she was trying to gasp Uwe's name over and over, until she nearly passed out. Only then it ended.

Her body spent, the pleasurable warmth of afterglow hitting in, she allowed herself to slump back on to the cloud. Her capability for breathing restored, the dragonborn instantly took advantage of this by drawing in great lungfuls of air, silently whimpering her pleasure. She hissed lowly as his tail withdrew from her overly sensitive body, and directed her exhausted, half-closed eyes upon her lover, who was smiling at her. He was sitting there next to her, eagerly licking and suckling off the fragrant liquid she had left upon his tail, his own arousal very visible but for now ignored. He didn't resist when she picked him up and lifted him upon her chest, and responded avidly when she kissed him deep. Much to her delight, she could taste herself upon his lips, and kept the contact in an attempt to try and suckle off a few drops of it for herself.

Her left hand lay upon his back, stroking him gently, while the right one slipped between their bodies, upon his stomach, and lower... he shivered warmly at the touch, giving a low nonsensical murmur as he was finally given attention, after several minutes of disregard. "Mmhh... hey, hold on... I have a surprise for you." Her hand did not leave its position as he turned around on his back, continuing on touching him while his own right hand reached out to the sky, towards the stars. There was one in particular, shining brightly, that was covered from her sight by his palm: he closed his fist around in the air, and when it left, the star was gone as well - as if he had just grabbed it from the sky. He picked up her left hand, idly resting upon his chest, slipping something in his fing- and that was when she realized what he was doing, and it stole her breath away as she squealed. "U-uwe...!"

He turned back on his stomach, but her right hand, stroking him until now, did not follow him this time, instead landing upon his bottom and remaining there in confusion: Ash had been rendered utterly catatonic, capable of doing nothing but blushing and looking at her finger, and the ring it now held. It was made out of gold, with a diamond studded in it, beautiful and most certainly very expensive: this being from Uwe, it also likely contained several powerful magic spells, but what currently concerned her was the symbolic meaning... "We've been through hells together...", he whispered at her - and it was true, in every meaning of the word: just a couple days ago, in fact, they had once again invaded Abyss and left it a burning wreck (that is, burning even more than before). "...so how about we tried out how heaven feels like?"

"Ohh, Uwe...", she stammered, finally getting her voice back. "I-it's bea-... it's beautiful, but... I mean... this was so sudden, I don't... don't know if-" She was regularly cut off by her uneven breathing, understandably nervous about the situation, while he was relatively calm, externally, not breathing hard or struggling to get a word out. But on the inside, she saw a veritable maelstorm of different emotions: there was love, of course, and hope, and happiness - but also great fear, possibly of her rejecting him. As seconds passed, the dragonborn gradually calmed down, but the kobold sitting on top of her began to look all the more tense. He was waiting for her response, but also afraid of it, so very afraid. A part of him was really, honestly, thinking that she would say no...

How could he think that she would reject him? How could he doubt her love for him so...? ...Or, for that matter, how could SHE doubt it?

She knew the answer now. She felt the taut muscles under his skin as she gently pulled him down for a hug. He relaxed a bit as she kissed him, not as deeply or as passionately as before, but gently, lovingly... and he responded in kind, and when she pulled back, he was beaming. "D-does that mean...?"

She smiled back at him. "Yeah...", she whispered. "Yeah, heaven sounds nice... let's give it a try." And with a happy, high-pitched cry, Uwe wrapped his arms tightly around her and buried his face to her neck. He laughed out of joy and relief, holding her as close to him as he could, like she would turn to smoke and disappear if he ever loosened his grasp even in the slightest, whispering "We're gonna get married!", over and over like it would fade away in a dream if he ever stopped saying it. Ash was somewhat more reserved with it, certainly smiling widely as she pulled him closer to her, but not literally jumping or screaming with joy. She was happy, of course, but she would have been even more so if there wasn't a particular heavyish weight on her heart, dormant until now, but brought to surface by this most recent development.

And of course, they had learned to know each other very well during these wonderful times together, and just as she feared, he immediately recognized her gloominess, pulling back from her. "Is something wrong?", he inquired, his tone and face full of worry and care. "Y-you do want this, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, yes...!", she hurried to reassure him of her intentions, the expression of mild doubt that was quickly spreading over his face far too much for her to take. "I-it's just that...", she tried to begin making her case, but hesitated. She had no idea how he would take it, whether he would make it all the sweeter or ruin the moment entirely - indeed, she herself wasn't at all sure whether it would be good or bad news. But he was not stupid, far from it, and would smell a rat within another week: she would much prefer him to hear the news from her mouth rather than figuring it out himself. This was, perhaps, the best opportunity she would get. And so, the dragonborn inhaled deeply, looked at him solemnly, and finally began: "Uwe, I... I have something important to tell you..."

He tried to laugh, but her serious face made it rather difficult. "Go right ahead, then," he prompted her, trying to sound merry about it but failing miserably. "I don't think anything could catch me off guard anym-" And then she told him, right at the middle of his sentence, just to get it over with.

And just as she had suspected, his boasting had been quite unfounded: there was one highly uncomfortable second as this new piece of information travelled from his ears to his brain, followed by an almost visible jolt as the shock opened his eyes wide and took away his breath. He managed a "What?" as he leapt away from her, landing upon the clouds, looking straight at her with seven different kinds of horror simultaneously at his face. "Are you joking...?" He tried to force a smile on his face, but as she remained serious, it died away. "Y-you're not joking... you're really going to... you're..." Ash had been expecting this initial reaction, of course, and tried not to feel too horrible about it: after all, she had had a more or less the same attitude when she had first found out.

Uwe was breathing hard and deep now, trying to digest the small but crucial piece of information she had just given him. "B-but that's..." It was just two words... two words that had struck to him like lightning from clear night sky. It was the last thing needed to make this night truly memorable, although he hadn't yet decided if it was in a good or bad way. Many seconds passed, and he finally managed to make an attempt to get a hold of himself: "Okay...", he breathed out in an assuring tone, gathering his thoughts, rising to his knees and putting his hand upon her stomach, carefully, as if afraid that she was about to explode. "All right... that's, um... improbable."

This was true: oh, certainly their relationship saw much fun, but they were always protected accordingly. "Y-yeah...", Ash managed. With the initial shock past his system, but the true ramifications of this only beginning to sink in, he sought for solace and warmth by climbing back upon his favourite spot, settling in between her chest and gently prodding her nose with his. He nearly told her that he would have been less afraid about trying the burning hells once again than going through with this, which did hold a certain degree of truth, although he was also getting increasingly excited - but in the end, refrained from going with that particular route, instead opting with: "This is just like a science project."

He managed his first smile since hearing the news. The dragonborn did not respond in kind, instead frowning at him. Said: "You know, comparing having a baby together into one of your..." she waved the air, struggling to find the correct word, "...test tube things and homunculi and whatnot... is quite possibly the single least romantic thing you've ever said to me." He chuckled, and apologised wordlessly by reaching in and nuzzling her cheek, a gesture to which she did respond favourably, closing her eyes and sighing as she gave in to his tender affections. One hand landed on his back, pushed him deeper to her cleavage: another found his behind and grasped, getting a quiet yelp out of him.

The kobold tried to kiss her, but got no chance to do so, before she had already pushed her lips to his, her right hand rubbing and massaging his bottom all the rougher: "Mmm...", he muttered to the kiss, and did not resist (as if he could have) as she rolled over, trapping him under her, against the soft clouds. "Mood swings?", he joked: the resulting burst of laughter from her was almost enough for him to flee her grasp, but she managed to grab him from his leg and pull him back under her. As a punishment, if it could have been called such, Ash brought her mouth to bear, lapping every bit of her lover's surface that she could reach, admiring his wiry build with her eyes and tongue, tasting the surface of his skin, leering the muscles under it, and listening his passionate moans.

Utterly incapable of opposing her even if he had wanted to do so, Uwe simply closed his eyes, allowing her to coat him all over with her warm moisture, grasping the clouds under him, letting his tail swish all over freely, enjoying her lewd touch. He felt two large hands grasping him, as if he was going anywhere, groping and fondling him and increasing to the pleasure. Much to his frustration, she deliberately missed his increasingly heated loins, the attention enough to build him back to the state of arousal he was in only a few minutes ago, but denying him any enjoyment beyond that point. "Ash...", he managed to breath her name, in between his gasps, anxious and wanton to the point of being reduced to beg for her to finish him. "Please..."

That single word set the dragonborn's own nethers alight, burning her with newfound desire: she barely resisted the temptation to indulge upon it herself, to quench those flames with her own palm and fingers, for she had more important matters to deal with first. She pulled back from him to gaze with full, lustful eyes at the wonderful sight presented for her, the panting, heavily blushing kobold, his chest rising and lowering in rhythm with his shruddering breath, his skin glistening with the dampness of her own tongue, accentuating his strong muscles - and most of all, the tragically disregarded part between his legs, begging for her attention and love, making her own body tingle all the more. Ash licked her lips, slowly closing in, breathing against his length, and making him shrudder in craving. He groaned as she finally landed down on it, sweeping over him in a long, slow lick, savouring its taste, giving them both a wonderful premonition of better things to come.

Letting out a blissful sigh, Uwe allowed his eyes lull shut as his hips weakly raised upwards to meet Ash's touch, her warm, wet lips and tongue enveloping him fully and sending pleasurable shrudders up and down his spine. "O-ohh...!" The rest of the whole world faded to the background, beyond his understanding and care, as he concentrated fully upon his lover feeding at him, eagerly suckling at its base and licking the scales around it, leisurely heading upwards and giving his whole length her full attention, before reaching his tip and lapping it like a candy, drawing a powerful shrudder from him and making her giggle as she lowered herself back down and started it all over. His hands found her head and urged her forward, his thighs pressed against her cheeks, while his head lay down against the soft cloud under it, wagging his tail involuntarily under him...

A strong hand lay upon his stomach, prompting him to yield under its touch and cease the motion of his hips as they gently pushed him down to the fluff under him, the magical surface embracing him as gently as she did. He felt himself pulse and burn under her, asking nor getting no respite from the dragonborn, each throb of his body sending a small, uncontrollable gush of him for her to taste, predicting for the apex of his pleasure that was quickly mounting inside him. "S-so close..." She did not slow down: on the contrary, he could feel her picking up the pace at every second, rocking up and down over him faster and faster, visibly eager to send him over the edge.

Her hand was upon him still, gently massaging his stomach and chest, helping him relax his tense muscles and adding in to the pleasure. He didn't know where her other hand was, nor did he care in the slightest - but he found a newfound interest on that particular subject when he suddenly felt a finger laid upon his nose... and on his very next inhale his nostrils were assaulted by an extremely powerful and appealing scent, straight from the heavens, full of pheromones, and together with the idea of where exactly that finger had been just a moment ago, it was the final straw that drove him in his glorious release. "A-ahh!" And he screamed his lungs empty to the stars, gripped her head tighter with his shruddering arms and thighs, and relinguished his life-giving warmth for her in short, heavy bursts, making his lover giggle to her meal, the recoil of each sending a powerful wave of pleasure crashing through his own body, making him gasp and repeatedly cutting off his cry, and later whimper, of joy.

Ash gleefully took in every single drop she could milk out of him, filling her maw with the fragrant liquid, welcoming the wonderful taste of his body on her tongue... she pressed her palm upon his chest to feel the beating of his heart, and relished the moans of pleasure he was making from between his lips, now closed around her finger, which he was eagerly suckling on. "Mmmh..." Her own unattended body was burning, a trickle of moisture quickly spreading over her thighs: truthfully, this particular climax she was giving him was rather reluctant for her, almost painful, and more than once she had had to stop herself from rising up from him unfinished, presenting herself for him and begging him to make love to her. For this time, the dragonborn had other plans for him: although she had enjoyed his taste greatly, she had not swallowed even once, having different plans for his essence.

"Hm...?" Uwe was so adorable, she thought, as he watched her approach with half-shut eyes, confused at what she was about, unaware and unsuspecting. He gave a very surprised yelp when her lips met him in a fierce, hot smooch, her tongue prodding out of her mouth and into his, generously sharing the taste she was still holding... She didn't try to grab him this time, giving him an opportunity to escape her intentions, perfectly aware and prepared to the possibility that here might be one kink he would not enjoy: but instead he had met the kiss with almost an equal ardor, pressing his own tongue to meet hers, tasting himself without prejudice. Many seconds passed before they pulled away from each other, and when they did, she observed him smacking his lips for a moment experimentally before swallowing, and shruddering. "D-don't do that again...", he told her.

"Hmm?" She was rather amused of his reaction. "Why is it that I like my own taste but you don't like yours?"

"I dunno... maybe it's a guy thing." He yawned, then pressed himself against her body once more. She responded with one hand, pulling him closer, but the other one went south, finally attending to the needs of her own body, long overdue. Ash moaned as she felt the contact, two digits sinking to her drenched, burning depths... She didn't hold back, start slow, or simply wait for the main event: the dragonborn was impatient and needy, having waited for too long, and realized that there would be no help coming for her this time, that this was something she had to do herself. Pleasure welled up within her once more as her palm rubbed over her slick surface, as her fingers repeatedly dipped inside her, as she was finally giving herself what she had just given to Uwe.

She didn't like to resort to her own hand, and thankfully didn't often have to, but her most recent stunt, fun as it was, had taken a heavy toll on the kobold. She had satisfied him, she hoped, as well as surprised him thoroughly and tried out something new: that had been worth it, certainly, but even so, as a result she had exhausted him and rendered him incapable to return the favour. She gently hugged him closer and whimpered silently as she indulged to herself, trying hard not to disturb his rest... Her crotch moved upwards, against the sky, her thighs and lower stomach were thoroughly soaked, her wet palm and fingers moved faster and harder and more heated as she neared up her climax... just a little bit further...

And then, all of sudden, she was prevented from finishing herself by an unseen force. A powerful but soft hand, shaped out of the same clouds she was resting upon, had grabbed her wrist and gently directed her hand away from herself. "Wh-?" The surface under and around her moved and changed shape, lifting her upwards and closing in around her to gently caress her burning body. Her blurred gaze saw a pair of starry eyes and a smile, a muzzle touching and rubbing hers, moving across her cheek and licking her: she was still rather too confused to realize what was going on, surprised by the unexpected things and frustrated of the release that had been denied from her.

"What's the matter?", Uwe murmured softly to her ear. His hands were upon her shoulders, rubbing and massaging her, while his tongue spent some time with her cheek before returning to her vision, a look of jest on his face. "You'd rather have your fingers than me? Shame on you." And then he kissed her, with infinitely more vigor than he should have had, and Ash whimpered as her brain finally began to realize what was going on, that he was there to satisfy her after all, and she responded with equal force. As his muzzle left hers, in favour of her jaw and her throat, basking them as well in faint moisture, she registered another faint wetness upon her cheek, like another tongue... "Mmm...?" but when her hand moved up to investigate, there was nothing there. The phantom lick was there, occasionally moving upon her nose and other cheek instead, well beyond her understanding but feeling very good regardless.

Meanwhile, his lips had found her collarbone, upon which they spent not much time before heading further south, on her bosom, and assaulting it with much passion. She giggled and moaned as he groped her, and gave a loud gasp as he kissed at a vulnerable nub of flesh, nibbling and suckling and nursing at her for quite long. "Ohh, yess..." The sensation made her blush and had her full attention, except for her eyes, which moved at his rear, and affixed themselves upon his tail, lashing left and right like a whip, a sure sign that he was excited: she brought a hand upon him to grope him, and he whimpered upon his meal in turn. The clouds stroking and petting her all around were growing more daring as well, more intimate, drawing another whimper out of her as one thick tendril tickled her inner thighs, and gently brushed her sensitive crotch, still burning and needy.

She felt a certain longing as his lips moved away from her, looking at her chest with a little bit of sadness in his eyes as he stroked her gently. "You know, I just realized...", he began, a sly smile spreading across his face, "that it's going to get more crowded around here soon..." And Ash laughed at the observation, quaking her entire body in mirth, while he poked her other breast playfully. "Good thing you've got two."

"W-what if I get twins?", she dared to ask, getting an exaggaratedly loud gasp from his lungs, a face of mock horror spreading over him. "No! That would be my doom!" He gave a much less feigned yelp as she, laughing still, shoved his body away from her, upon the clouds. Much to her enjoyment, his relative lack of attention did not detract the pressure she felt upon her chest, two sets of invisible fingers having moved to replace his hands, joining the tongue that was still lapping her face, making her gasp for breath. She saw naught but his tail down on the cloud, her own body having been lifted higher on a small bed made of the soft warm stuff, as he quickly scurried towards south, his head eventually poking up, back to her sight, between her legs. "No, seriously, if it's twins, I might-" he began in a conversational tone, but ceased as she grabbed his head and pulled him back atop her. He got the idea and nested himself comfortably upon her hips and between her legs, getting a small whine out of her when she felt him upon her threshold, ready to move inside.

Uwe had seen the sacrifice she had given for him, putting his own pleasure before her own: he wanted to pay it back for her, and he had the magic to do so. He had cast a spell upon himself, allowing him to postpone the exhaustion he was feeling, pulling it back momentarily for one more burst of energy. He only had five minutes, before it would return with interest, only five minutes to pay back the debt he felt he owed to her: as such he did not waste any time pushing into her, his movement a single fast, smooth motion, drawing a powerful gasp from both of them. Immediately her hands joined him there, one landing upon his bottom and urging him on, the other on the nape of his neck, pressing him against her stomach.

He shruddered and whimpered as he felt her burning around him, the powerful throbbing of her body against his, the nigh steaming wetness spreading all around and dampening his hips. It was his very favourite place in all the multiverse, there between her strong muscular thighs, nuzzling against and licking her warm stomach, his arms wrapped across her waist, feeling himself hilted deep within her... He loved it there, sometimes burying himself there for hours to an end, just enjoying the warmth and closeness with her, in times when they felt less lustful and only wanted to cuddle themselves into sleep. But this was not one of those times.

"Y-you're so warm...", he cooed at his lover, drawing a powerful whine from her, as he slowly glided out of her, finally beginning to make love to her. "So needy...", he moved back with a groan, feeling her body response to the movement extremely favourably, hearing her moan her pleasure for him. "It's all right now...", he moved back outside, "I'm here for you... Ahh...!", he thrust inward, her large hips rising forward to meet him: he felt no friction upon her ample, well lubricated body, only pleasurable sucking, feeling almost pulled inside her folds.

"Ohh... faster... please...", he heard her plead, barely getting words out of her panting, groaning mouth... he hurried to oblige, pulling out of her in a faster pace, and almost immediately pushing his hips back to meet hers in a single smooth motion, speeding up their mating, drawing another scream from her as he felt her climax nearing, her body getting all the more desperate upon him: he was not very far off the mark himself, despite having been drained out by her only minutes in the past, his magic granting him temporary strength and drawing him forward. "Mmm..." His tongue was lashing out to her, his chest lying against her stomach and dragging across it at his motions, as he tried to absorb as much of her heat to himself as possible, feeling increasingly stimulated as her inner walls throbbed against his length...

Ash, for her own part, could not do much except for enjoy the ride as he pounded her, gripping him between her soaked thighs and feeling his back and rear with her hands, listening to his yips of pleasure as she herself moaned loudly for him. "Yess...", she hissed, "It's good, so good, keep going..." He was going full speed now, each thrust making her feel all the hotter, each pumping motion launching a small warm burst of himself into her center, already well in the blessed condition, foretelling his greatest gift that she was so waiting for. "Ohh, Uwe...", the dragonborn whispered, her voice full of ecstasy, as her own peak was only seconds away, her mind shutting down as the pleasure mounted, her lungs and mouth calling out the words she was now saying almost involuntarily... "I love you... I love you so... Uwe...!"

This was all nothing new for the kobold, of course, but he blushed heavily nonetheless: as obvious as it was, it was always so very nice to hear those three lovely words, those which they didn't tell to each other at all often enough. Her words would have driven him into her even harder, if it was in any way possible, and if it had made any difference in the end anyway, with her already beyond the point of no return, and him swiftly approaching it. She could mouth no coherent sentences anymore, only animalistic, feral roars: her hands and thighs were squeezing him against her, her narrow passage gripping him like a vice, releasing truly awesome volumes of her nectar to lubricate his final assault, and to soak them both thoroughly just on principle.

And Uwe joined in her scream with his own, not as loud, but with none the less emotion involved. His body shruddered, his tail stiffened and straighted, and his hands grasped her sides as hard as he could to desperately find support from her, as he joined her at the top, trembling against her and throbbing within her, gushing into her and filling her with his warmth... He gasped for breath and moaned to her belly, feeling her warm hands massaging him, having begun to get down from his peak, still giving her his essence, albeit in far lesser amounts. "I... I love you too...", he managed finally, utterly drained: even the older exhaustion, delayed by the power of his magic, was now returning to him, draining all strength from his muscles, and leading him into clinging weakly to her.

With his last ounce of strength, he raised his arm and muttered words of power... and then he knew no more.

Ash jumped again from surprise, but far less than she had in the first time, being now more familiar with the trick. As she regained her composure, she found herself back at her inn room, lying on the bear hide, next to the fireplace, now burning with far less fire. Her lover, now her fiancé, had snuggled against her in between her legs, in deep slumber: she tried her best to not disturb him as she pulled the blanket to cover them both, and went to sleep herself.

Her final thought was that she should buy him a ring, as well.


"Shameless acts in public, for everyone to see...", St. Nicholas shook his head diapprovingly. "Dear dear, that's a few less presents for these two." And he put a couple negative points to the list for one particular dragonborn paladin and kobold wizard (both full of very positive mentions already). Roger the elf looked at him, his eyes narrowed.

"Sir, with all due respect, fifty thousand feet in the air hardly counts as 'public'..."

"Hmph!" Old Nick's great big bushy beard bristled, as he prepared to assert his authority over the cheeky elf. "Any flying wizard or a dragon could have seen them! Think of all the children of intelligent flying magical creatures, who might have been passing by, having their minds forever stained by those two Naughty persons...!"

"Then perhaps you might also want to add yourself a couple negatives for serious acts of voyeurism!"

He would have blushed heavily if his face wasn't covered by that blasted beard. "I was only checking if they were really doing such horrible, horrible-"

"We circled four times above them and you checked them out with your binoculars."

"I did not!"

"Yes you did, I saw you."

"You can't prove anything...!"

By the way, dear readers, if you have read this far... you are all Naughty people who get their kicks out of spying upon a happy couple. Santa has already given you all a huge minus for the rest year: less presents for the whole bunch of ya at Christmas -10. Shame on you.
No. 5772 ID: bffa2a

Also of popular belief is the fact that if you don't bring a red pen and mark every mistake down in art or writing so that you can tell artists how to get better then your opinion dosen't matter. In fact it's offensive and not at all wanted. Now we tiptoe around anything carefully since a simple compliment "I think this is good" will be frowned upon.

This belief brought to you by the furry community where this actually holds water. Now somehow believed to be true even outside it.

I also think this is pretty good stuff and santa only brought me socks the bastard.
No. 5775 ID: 4bdb13

What? Those were some damn nice socks, you ungrateful lout.
No. 5843 ID: 28e94e

This is excellent writing. I approve.
No. 5965 ID: eec6b7

I'm just going to bump this because I seriously don't think that other fanfic deserve so many posts and this one so little.
No. 6102 ID: 7a1eb1

I politely safe because I have a very, very barely related question and didn't want to start a new thread. Consider this me asking something but really not wanting to be a bother.

The anon from old /tg/ who wrote the stories of the xenofucking Rogue Trader (well, she fucked nids in both stories I read), have they ever shown up again? I was a big fan of both stories, which were very playfully erotic and witty in my opinion. I guess I'm just asking if there was any more, of if that person hangs out anywhere new so I can read what they write these days.
No. 6180 ID: bc7124

Not to my knowledge, no. Which is a shame because those stories were hot.

Polite sage as well.
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