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File 130361379106.png - (839.99KB , 982x848 , fruitexamples.png )
6572 No. 6572 ID: fa517c

Plants for a fantasy setting, NOT plant type monsters.
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No. 6573 ID: fa517c

Grab Grass:
This grass can be found growing in patches among other grasses, it has flat straight blades that are extremely hard to tear and usually require something sharp to cut, It comes in a variety of colors to match its neighbors and usually grows to about a meter tall.
Each blade curls around anything touching it, a full size patch can easily trap people and horses. When grabbed it is important not to panic, thrashing and and tearing at the plant will only result in more blades taking hold, and while each individual blade is not very strong, enough of them can completely immobilize even the strongest of men.
However when kept cut down it makes for very effective pest control trapping insects, small rodents and birds. Due to the difficulty in obtaining it and its low spread rate, it is rarely seen outside the most extravagant gardens.
No. 6574 ID: fa517c

Blood Grass:
This grass is quite flammable even when green and burns very hot, it is not uncommon to see hillsides of Blood Grass on fire, and It is prized by travelers who use it as waterproof tinder.
It's name comes from both its color and it's unique property of catching fire when coming into contact with blood.
After burning to the ground, it grows back to full height within a week, while it takes up to a month to grow back if cut.
No. 6576 ID: fa517c
File 130361429238.jpg - (33.86KB , 600x401 , Dew Berries.jpg )

Dew Berries:
A very moist and sweet fruit that is a size of a average cantaloupe.It has many uses like dyes,potion making,and bathing.
No. 6577 ID: fa517c

This stringy root vegetable was in antiquity known as Molesbane, as it was believed that any burrowing animal which happened across a patch would be strangled by its wormlike, branching structures. It derives its modern name from the many uses to which persons of ill repute put it, though many adventurers and city guards put it to much the same uses; it creates a smokeless flame when dipped in oil and lit, it makes a nutritious snack during long stakeouts, the juice it releases when pulverized is an effective greasing agent on its own and a deadly poison in alcohol, and if all else fails several strands can be twisted together into a stout club. Some farmers still vainly use it for pest control, which works only in that when someone digs it up and steals it, they usually scare away the resident rodents.
No. 6578 ID: fa517c

Hot Berries:
A vine which produces cherry-like berries in clusters of three or four. The berries themselves have a hot yet sweet taste, similar to an overload of cinnamon. If ground into a paste with the plant's leaves, the berries become a highly effective (and extremely painful) medicinal unguent, preventing all but the most virulent infections from attacking a wound and reducing average healing time by several days. The infamous alchemist, Pyrosthenes, is known to have performed experiments involving the paste, mixing it with the substance found in lightning bug tails and coating arrows with it. Fortunately for his assistants, the additional ingredient did not produce the desired pyrotechnic display.
No. 6579 ID: fa517c

Mana Shards:
A small very hardy plant that can grow in the most unforgiving soil, unfortunately only one in a thousand seeds will actually grow into a adult plant. The most noteable feature of the plant is a single glowing crystal growing from the plant. This crystal is highly valuable in the production of flameless torches and for beautiful jewelry for royals.

the plant takes the small rocks and other impurities in the soil and pushes them together into a single crystal much like a mollusk makes a pearl.

The plant itself can be ground into a blue glowing paint. As its nectar is what causes the glow in the crystals.

the plant and crystal can normally be sold for a good amount of money, depending on the size of the crystal and plant. But many adventurers like to keep them as trophies.
No. 6580 ID: fa517c

Fortune Berries:
Actually 2 different bush plants, the Chomi Plant and the Diarrhea Plant that look almost exactly the same, down to the berries and their taste. Unfortunately As the names suggests the diarrhea plant's berries are the last thing u will want to eat. However the Chomi berries are so good for you that they can help fight off many weak poisons, and energize the body, to bad it cant fight the effects of the Diarrhea Berries.
No. 6581 ID: fa517c

Peregrine Bush:
A roughly one meter tall bush with large red-golden leaves covering it completely. You can not see them under all the leaves, but it has long and sharp thorns on all branches.
They usually grow in small groups in woods.
Most of the year they behave just like any other bush, but once every year, at the start of autumn, they uproot themselves and walk on their roots to a certain forest in giant groups of several hundred individual bushes and back to their original place a month later. They aren't aggressive in any way, but since they also just ignore everything in their path and just walk the same way every year, many critters and people have been severely hurt, or even killed when they got between the thorny bushes and their goal.

Sometimes Peregrine Bushes use their mobility to avoid dangers, or to find better rooting places outside of the migrating season, but usually they rely on their thorns for protection.

It is possible for a experienced gardener to force the bushes to stay in their uprooted state and keep them as a kind of pet. Bushes like this aquire a more and more animal like behavior the longer they are kept in this state.

In many regions the roots of Peregrine Bushes are brewed into a strong whiskey.
No. 6582 ID: fa517c

Rope Vine:
A very thick type of vine that crawls up the sides of the tallest trees. The vine goes straight up in one large stalk never splitting, meaning it will be a single, strong, vine that can easily hold the weight of a human plus his gear. On top of that as it drys it becomes even harder and turns brown, almost looking like real rope.

Unfortunately they work so well that farmers will actually rip out rope vine and sell it, leaving none in the wild for adventurers to find for free. They are a rare find but also a great little free supplies.
No. 6583 ID: fa517c

Blimp Trees:
A large bulbous tree with a very thin elasticity trunk. The top of the tree as a single large gourde full of methane. The tree can not actually float away but the methane takes a lot of weight off the thin trunk. The tree has small fruit that look like pie pods growing at the top of the tree, but it is poisonous. It is harvested for its methane.

Oh >>316576 and down is copy paste, forgot to put the disclaimers in.
No. 6642 ID: b4e796
File 130394267765.jpg - (340.61KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-1.jpg )

Not sure if this is thread is supposed to be your online idea file or it's open to contribution. If the former case pardon me for barging in, but I thought you might find this useful.

No. 6643 ID: b4e796
File 130394271296.jpg - (346.00KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-2.jpg )

No. 6644 ID: b4e796
File 130394273570.jpg - (371.83KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-3.jpg )

No. 6645 ID: b4e796
File 130394275816.jpg - (351.10KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-4.jpg )

No. 6646 ID: b4e796
File 130394277632.jpg - (341.51KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-5.jpg )

No. 6647 ID: b4e796
File 130394279647.jpg - (335.54KB , 940x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-6.jpg )

No. 6648 ID: b4e796
File 130394292110.jpg - (331.97KB , 925x1288 , Arcane Botanica 357-7.jpg )


I've got another Dragon article about fantasy plants, although more about their alchemical applications. It's got some okay ideas though.
No. 6650 ID: fa517c

By all means please contribute, I wanted this to be a somewhere the community could share their home brew plants.
No. 6654 ID: b4e796
File 130399490548.jpg - (403.47KB , 1017x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-1.jpg )

Well then, here go a few more pages.
No. 6655 ID: b4e796
File 130399492516.jpg - (472.89KB , 1001x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-2.jpg )

No. 6656 ID: b4e796
File 130399494320.jpg - (466.06KB , 1012x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-3.jpg )

No. 6657 ID: b4e796
File 130399496042.jpg - (448.07KB , 1012x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-4.jpg )

No. 6658 ID: b4e796
File 130399500001.jpg - (410.63KB , 1011x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-5.jpg )

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