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File 131731935756.png - (67.13KB , 743x600 , Risk_Game_Graph_svg.png )
7651 No. 7651 ID: 30df25

Every time a thread starts on 4chan/tg/ about Risk, it gets deleted. goddamnit.

I know there's a good game in Risk, somewhere. What can be done to improve the game without turning it into something else?
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No. 7652 ID: 35e1a0

RPS triangle of strength.
No. 7656 ID: 2563d4

Straight-up RPS gameplay has never been fun.
No. 7658 ID: 30df25
File 131743045138.gif - (8.59KB , 200x200 , Elements2.gif )

I think >>317652 means gameplay where each force has a strength and a weakness in a cycle. I.E.: infantry are defeated by cavalry, cavalry are defeated by pikemen, pikemen are defeated by infantry.

How would that be implemented? I see three ways off the top of my head:
- three different types of units; when you reinforce at the start of your turn, you can pick up units from any of the three types and place them, but units cannot change once they'r eon the board. Having a force that is mostly pikemen attack a province occupied by mostly cavalry would give an advantage, for instance.
- Both players choose a hidden strategy card before combat, and reveal simultaneously just before rolling dice.

Dunno how an advantage would be implemented mechanically, though.
No. 7659 ID: bd4f34

+1 to the Attack/Defense roll?

I haven't played risk in a long time, so that may not be enough...
No. 7669 ID: 30df25

I remember now: a Risk variant where you could have remarkable officers in some provinces. The officers would be tokens in your provinces. If a province with a remarkable officer is involved in attack or defence, the player can roll a d8 in place of one of the d6s. Officers can move on a successful attack from that province, or can be moved to an adjacent province during reinforce. If a province with an officer is conquered, the officer is lost.
No. 7686 ID: 0ef5d9

This is essentially how Lord of the Rings risk works, except there are also fortresses which only offer a d8 on defense. It makes things slightly more interesting without going to the completely batshit Risk 2042 rules.
No. 7687 ID: de7eea

Since my family has two risk sets for some reason, we tried various forms of interplanetary risk using both game boards.
We never got to test any of the versions much because risk takes so incredibly long to play...
No. 7692 ID: 30df25
File 131844196481.jpg - (22.41KB , 400x267 , zzzzz.jpg )

> risk takes so incredibly long to play

I've heard this a few times. Sounds like something we can improve; a way to keep the endgame away from turning into a mired slugfest you just have to endure.

I also hope we can find a way to avoid the "that was your last army, now go away while the rest of us finish the game" because that straight-up sucks for anyone who isn't the last two players.
No. 7700 ID: 2d6d07

Also in that one future-oriented Risk game (2210?), where there were land, sea, and nuclear officers, who granted situational die upgrades (to d8). You could stack them.
No. 7744 ID: 2a2790

I once had an idea about using a seperate hex grid to fight the battles on. I was about to start testing it out when I stumbled upon the Hearts of Iron series and immediately lost intrest in the project.
No. 7751 ID: 30df25
File 132140556272.jpg - (66.18KB , 500x375 , pic148987_md.jpg )

Were you thinking of the battle sub-maps from Avalon Hill's "Titan"? Because if you were, you have good taste, sir and/or miss.
No. 7753 ID: 01303b

>Because if you were, you have good taste, sir and/or miss.
>sir and/or miss
Que? o.0
No. 7758 ID: 869052

Normally, it's miss.

But in the bedroom, you say SIR.
No. 7761 ID: d33148

No. 7762 ID: 1444d5

>Paranoia Risk
>nothing to do with Friend Computer
I am greatly disappointed.
No. 7782 ID: 30df25

soooo.... I just heard an interview with someone at Hasbro that said there actually IS an improvement to Risk. Something where you have to write on your board with permanent marker or glue stickers? And there are some cards you tear up before you play your first game? WHAT?
No. 7790 ID: 2563d4

Blank White Mornington Risk?
No. 7792 ID: 30df25
File 132328144284.jpg - (2.57MB , 2500x2298 , game_four.jpg )

"Risk Legacy." Each time you play, you will change the board and cards. Permanently. Future games with this set start with the changes. There's also "unlockables" to add new cards/pieces/rules to the game when events happen during normal play.
No. 7794 ID: 2563d4

Planned obsolescence for boardgames. Dear god.
No. 7802 ID: 9c7334

Do you guys play anything like TripleA or is that considered too complicated to fall under "Risk"?
No. 7825 ID: 30df25

> TripleA is programed in Java and can run on any platform that supports Java (including Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X).

- Axis & Allies is better than Risk, you're slumming it here.
- TripleA is a videogame of a boardgame that is an improvement on an improvement on Risk. You are super slumming it in this thread, mi amigo.
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