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File 132628955118.jpg - (52.56KB , 265x370 , 9xh27x1cck_en.jpg )
7871 No. 7871 ID: 448d82

You know what time it is?
Time for a magic: the gathering thread!

Figure there must be a few magic players here.

So, bout dat new planeswalker, quite spiffy eh?
Good day for token lovers in anycase.

And why yes, this is a huge spoiler, but then, all I have to say is, you would have found out about him before getting him anyway!
No. 7881 ID: bdb3f8

They can make his ultimate only six because people will never be able to wait long enough to use it when +1/+0 to everything forever is available.
No. 7883 ID: 448d82

He almost doesn't need the ulimate.

The first two can cuase so much damage by themselves!

Still, cardsteal is something I always find hilarious.

Falkenrath Nobles would be my choice, but really, combos with all the vamps.

Don't even need to splash white for him, throw a manalith or something like that in.
No. 7958 ID: 31afe3

I've been looking for some help with my casual deck, any takers?
No. 7971 ID: 502b88

I still dislike planeswalkers (the card type, and most of the new ones introduced along with it) and the mythic rarity in general.

Hey, I'll help in any way I can.
No. 7972 ID: 31afe3

4 Kazandu Blademaster
2 Kabira Evangel
4 Makindi Shieldmate
3 Ondu Cleric
4 Hada Freeblade
4 Talus Paladin
20 Plains
4 Bone Saw
2 Mask of Avacyn
4 Adaptive Automaton
4 Join the Ranks
4 Sylvok Lifestaff
1 Umezawa's Jitte

Looking for better equipment and Allies.
No. 7985 ID: 7abd3e

auuugh, that's basically a white rush deck :|
Personally, if I was you and wanted to make the deck especially mean, I'd drop most/all the artifacts, pick a second (or third color if you think you can get a reliable mana base for it), grab some mana-fix lands, and focus on low-mana allies.
Alternatively if you want other ideas for all-white.. Mask of Avacyn is pretty expensive, I'd suggest lightning greaves instead I think, or drop it entirely. Spidersilk Net might be nice if you're threatened by fliers. I'm not good with equipment though so there are probably better ideas here. I want to suggest a couple cards like Parralax Wave, Otherworldy Journey, or Momentary Blink(especially this for your Ondu Clerics) - you have no control currently and cards like that can do wonders at critical times, and have good synergy with your deck. Likewise a couple disenchants may save you from opponents' combos, or if you don't like risking dead cards Leonin Relic-Warder, although these are definitely more side-board ideas than main-deck.
No. 8224 ID: a18021


I'd drop all but 4-6 Equipments and throw out Makindi Shieldmate as well as Ondu Cleric since they don't help your rush strategie.

Good equipment (that's also cheap to buy) would be Bonesplitter. In a rush type deck it's a lot better than Sylvok Lifestaff, Bone Saw and Mask of Avacyn. If you keep your deck mono white you could of course also play Honor of the Pure instead of any equipment.

Since there aren't any more allies in white you'd have to splash another color if you would want to keep the ally theme. After looking at all of them I guess green would be the best choice with Graypelt Hunter, Oran-Rief Survivalist and Turntimber Ranger.

Since all of your good creatures are not only allies but also humans, you could also add some creatures like Champion of the Parish or Mentor of the Meek instead of splashing.

You can also add some control cards like Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere or Bonds of Faith (since, again, most of your creatures are human).

Also I'd play 22 Lands, but if 20 work fine for you, maybe that's the right number.
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