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File 132733267163.jpg - (100.52KB , 992x559 , Metropolis_Pt4_by_AndreeWallin-992x559.jpg )
7927 No. 7927 ID: a27d11


Looking for anyone who's interested in playing a play-by-post here, in this thread, in the WH50K setting, The Ship (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_ship_moves, previous threads listed, please read some if not familiar with setting).

We'll be using the Simple D6 v2 rulesystem (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Simple_D6_-_Second_Edition). The two hp/def we'll use are regular Health, and Corruption/Purity (Please don't alter your base Corruption/Purity unless you have a *really good* backstory reason).

Go ahead and post your character here with a single paragraph of backstory. If you have exceptionally high values in a single stat (3 Def, 9 Health, etc.), please provide a decent character explanation why (9 Health B/c he's a Ogryn, 3 Def b/c he's in Power Armor and he's an Inquisitorial henchman, etc.).

Don't forget that this is a WH setting, so Skills like Melta, Purge the Wicked, and Qualities like Inquisitorial or Space Marine are perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Setting: You characters are part of a Imperial Guard Platoon/Inquisitorial Henchman Band/Space Marine detatchment (Depends on what characters I get) sent by order of the Governing Subset of Sector 3463 Sub-Level 25 Deck 206 Section Alpha to investigate and repair damage to one of The Captain's Rivets, one of the (supposed) million three-mile long rivets found in various vital areas of The Ship.

Contact was lost with the Sector two decades ago, and five years ago a sensor-spirit alerted the local Techpriests to the fact that the Rivet had been removed from it's holding.

Given that Rivet 020.446.718 was the main support holding Habitat Sphere 67.25.206.A suspended in space(Think a small dyson sphere for a ~100 mi diameter sun, and the interior surface is a habitable zone filled with people and plant life), the Techpriests are seeking for retrieval of the rivet as stress sensors for the emergency restraining bolts that surrounded the Rivet have begun to crack and warp.

You have been recruited (pic related, it's the interior of a former Hab Sphere for a dead sun, now a prosperous trade Hive) and are en route to the housing for the Rivet to investigate why it was removed, or who removed it.

The Ship is All.
The Ship Moves.
No. 7935 ID: 0a1dbb

quick question, are we gonnna run into tyranid or necrons in this?
No. 7936 ID: 9123ea

I would be all over this if i didn't have exams.

If this gets going, I call dibs on a female Skitarii NCO.

Considering the restoration of the holy rivet would be a major interest of the AdMech, it would make sense if they would support the effort, and also try to keep influence over the operation (i'm pretty sure there is as much bickering and infighting, even among the loyalists, as in 40k).
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