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File 132821305560.jpg - (93.61KB , 644x960 , 407008_360972120580934_197009883643826_1452836_880.jpg )
7965 No. 7965 ID: 36ca65

Don't support WotC guys. I was banned from their official forums today for pointing out the poor quality of several of the their supplements for 4e in a thread about addressing the increasingly puerile content of the fluff in the books. My point was that if WotC truly wants bringing back older fans of previous editions which is their stated design goal of the new game that this would also need to be addressed because older gamers expect more for their money in this economy. Suddenly banned. Corporate Whores.

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No. 7966 ID: 9130c6

I'll bet you were really polite about it, too.
That said, hijacking thread. What does this board think of the whole D&D NEXT shebang?
I have a friend complaining that it's a moneygrab, another lamenting that 4E only got two measly years before stupidity set in, and a third that announced his intentions to troll the boards and try to get mentions of pun-pun and the peasant railgun put in, if not actually putting in the rules.
No. 7969 ID: f74c90

Reread our TOS and acceptable guidelines rules, OP. Reviewing all seven bans today, only one wasn't a timeout-level ban, which was the only one complaining about release quality, and was the only one to include vulgarities.
No. 7977 ID: 30df25
File 132836711479.png - (9.91KB , 200x150 , echo_chamber.png )

> Invited to a clubhouse
> Bang fist on table, call the hosts shitsucking whores
> Not allowed to come in the clubhouse next time
> WAAAAAHHH "I've been mistreated"

No sympathy here.
No. 7978 ID: 90e99d
File 132837552853.png - (33.72KB , 999x799 , AreYouFuckingKiddingMe.png )

>get banned for breach of forum rules
>"hey guys, stop supporting this business?"
Are you serious?
No. 7979 ID: 36ca65


Exact copy of post

To be honest I am already disappointed in much of what I am hearing of this edition mechanically but where WotC could still save themselves in my eyes is by writing books with good fluff I would want. However before they could do this they would need to address the decrease in the quality of writing we have seem since the release of 4e, both in terms of how well thought out pieces of fluff are (addressing Verisimilitude) and by writing it above a grade 6 reading comprehension level. I know this is a mass marketed product but given WotC seems to be dead set on bringing back older gamers who stopped keeping with contemporary D&D I don't see why they shouldn't at least improve it to a high school level of reading comprehension.

Now the request for adding at least 4 years onto the level of reading comprehension is very straight forward but I also feel that WotC would have a much better product with fluff worth reading if they actually put more thought into the fluff they write, not just how they write it. I am sure there are people out there don't care about verisimilitude, think it gets in the way of fun or think every setting will look like Eberron if magic's effects on society are taken to it's logical conclusion. Well I can tell you right now that those are not valid points not to do it because:

a) If they don't care then it works either way and the added effort on the part of the writers justifies the price tag of the book
b) The only people who think its not fun are the kind of people looking for "LOL SO RANDUMB" and will do what they want regardless
c) As the writers they can decided what magic can and cannot do and as long as they maintain consistency can influence the effects it can and cannot have on society as a whole

I mean it when I say justifying the price tag of the book. If WotC really expects to bring back older customers who have already likely bought this game once or more in this economy then they desperately need to make the quality of the books less puerile. Explain how societies cope with issues of raiding and how often various types of raids are, explain how long and short lived races living in the same societies effects politics and economics, explain how the distribution of healing magic allows populations growth to not be eclipsed by death rates in such a violent world and specifically on that matter explain through what magical infrastructure societies often depicted in a state of total war or at least constant threat can maintain such generous civil liberties for their citizens.

That all can be done, I am not making a statement about how it is unrealistic because there are tools in the game world (magic) to make it possible but its inexcusable to not know how its done just because the writers don't want to put in the effort. The more we know about how the world functions the better we can create plots that fit into that world and roleplay characters in it. With the societal or literal infrastructure depicted in a can be a target for villains or heroes can bring it to lands that don't have it. Now of course some areas will be harder to justify than others but if at least the important parts are explained it makes it easier to maintain verisimilitude and justify the costs of a dozen books to adult gamers who want more out of the product than "I hit the goblin with my sword because of institutionalized specism".
No. 7981 ID: 049dfa

I wouldn't have banned you for that garbage, but I would have called you a fag and deleted your post.

Fag. (I'm leaving the post there for context)
No. 8007 ID: 9c7334

That pic's from Facebook, isn't it?
The number pattern looks familiar.
No. 8010 ID: 36ca65


marine-claude b. uploaded it to her profile, that's where I got it. The mannequin was made from a full body cast of her.
No. 8073 ID: 8e8cb6
File 133011274761.jpg - (85.15KB , 553x700 , 1316805903848.jpg )

Doesn't everyone already know that WotC D&D is of poorer quality nowadays? No wonder they lost so much ground to Paizo.
No. 8077 ID: 275917

Then more from trying to be paizo.
I must admit I do not have high hopes for 5E.
No. 8092 ID: 4f5779

That chick has enormous tits.

Like, majestic misty mountains seen across the far expanse of ocean by sailors setting sights on their homeland after a long, terrible voyage.

Those breasts are

quite large.
No. 8095 ID: 36ca65
File 133047106455.jpg - (96.07KB , 426x640 , marie_claude_bourbonnais_7_yHsT7jd_sized.jpg )


i'll just leave this here
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