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File 132503085313.jpg - (204.67KB , 1325x602 , Tyranid_hive_brood_by_LordHannu.jpg )
7816 No. 7816 ID: 141b84

So, I want to start playing 40k. Specifically, I want to start up a tyranid army. Incidentally, my tabletop wargaming experience is 0. I realize that this will require a sizable investment, but I believe I'm patient enough to cope. My reason for posting is to ask actual players for advice. So, I'm all ears(eyes). Relay your words of wisdom or tell me how I'm an idiot. Cheers!
No. 7817 ID: 8fe206

From what I've heard you choose one of the 'good' armies. Also one of the most flexible. You can play as swarm, balanced, elite, what have you. The only downside for Tyranids is that monstrous creatures suck compared to vehicles, and that's what you get instead of vehicles.
No. 7819 ID: 199718

Consider looking for a starter army on eBay. You can save loads that way.

I don't play Tyranids myself, but it seems to be a difficult yet fun army to play. The lack of vehicles and troop special weapons is something you will probably curse. Termagaunts with Devourer guns can be incredibly lethal. Lictors can turn battles, but depends on getting that deep strike roll right. Genestealers are good on paper, but enemies tend to focus fire on them because they're such a pure offensive unit. A lot of tyranids will lose melee battles in surprising circumstances. Especially when assaulting things that use terrain cover as their initiative is suddenly down to 1 - unless they count as having offensive grenades, which I remember as being rather rare.
No. 7829 ID: 049dfa

find some Carnifexes or Trygons for cheap on eBay or something. You will basically be required to convert them into Tervigons, they're pretty much a must have unit and don't have an official model. They're a Toughness 6, Wound 6 3+ save monstrous creature that can be taken as a Troop slot (scoring unit) and can produce 3D6 FREE Termigants every turn until a double is rolled. They can also be fielded as HQs. I pretty much never field my Nids anymore without two of them in my Troop slots
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