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File 124623245142.jpg - (92.80KB , 525x316 , cutestparty.jpg )
524 No. 524 ID: 82af0a

drawfag here, can we get more cutebold pictures and cutebold picture ideas? i just love cutebolds :3
Expand all images
No. 525 ID: 2065af

Cutebolds playing a tabletop RPG.
They are failing, cutely.
No. 530 ID: 1afd58
File 12462430812.png - (42.01KB , 600x400 , 1232334498899.png )

It's been done. Different artist seemingly however.
No. 531 ID: 2065af

A line of cutebolds avoiding looking at each other as they form a line outside a 'Nose Bar'.
No. 532 ID: 2065af

A cutebold that has gone through extensive rhinoplasty or alteration magic or something to have a grossly oversized nose.

She is posed flirtatiously.
No. 533 ID: efad81
File 124624831445.jpg - (60.47KB , 600x600 , cutebold at work.jpg )

I'll dump what I have done as well.
Here is a cutebold at work. i'm not sure what he's doing exactly.
No. 534 ID: efad81
File 124624837720.jpg - (54.02KB , 513x448 , cutebold skull.jpg )

No. 535 ID: efad81

Anatomical reference...
No. 536 ID: 1afd58

That is a dangerous way to use a rock, 'bold. Be aware of what else it could crush.
No. 537 ID: efad81
File 124624847067.jpg - (425.38KB , 800x800 , khorne favors the bold copy.jpg )

No. 538 ID: efad81
File 124624881797.jpg - (72.21KB , 800x800 , sexy bold.jpg )

Oh wait how did this get here I am not good with computer
No. 539 ID: 472d28
File 124624882236.jpg - (257.95KB , 800x826 , notallhumansareassholes.jpg )

No. 541 ID: 1e1932
File 124626130776.gif - (127.27KB , 800x600 , 1240723730521.gif )

No. 545 ID: 1afd58

Is that /x/-chan noserubbing a cutebold?

It is adorable regardless.
No. 546 ID: 472d28
File 124630636776.jpg - (857.51KB , 1500x1500 , cutebold-driblis_compilation.jpg )

No. 562 ID: 575b19

(Young?) Cutebolds play with a baby dragon.

optional; Mom dragon look on happily.
No. 566 ID: b497de
File 124639376573.png - (359.66KB , 750x690 , gamingbolds.png )

No. 567 ID: 4abe6f

So D'awwww my head exploded.
It's a good thing I have a very advanced brainstem.
No. 569 ID: b497de
File 124639861620.png - (638.03KB , 1000x830 , watchingthekidsplay.png )

No. 570 ID: bffa2a


Dawww alert. These truly are cutebold.
No. 571 ID: 4abe6f

They've even redeemed larping.
My god.

Can we get them amusingly trying one or several sports?
No. 572 ID: 575b19


Best lines ever.


Dude, they are playing pretend, not LARPing.
No. 573 ID: da4b33
File 124640499164.jpg - (375.91KB , 1000x1405 , Draquito-Cutebold came copy.jpg )

No. 574 ID: dd869d
File 124640712694.gif - (5.77KB , 515x550 , Boldfist.gif )

A cutebold forming a BOLDFIST with Wall-E.
No. 577 ID: fb5d8e
File 124641258760.jpg - (72.57KB , 900x600 , braids.jpg )

No. 580 ID: da4b33
File 124641804258.png - (50.91KB , 460x100 , Boldsprites.png )

Bold sprites for an upcoming online game.
No. 583 ID: c01408

wat gaem?
No. 585 ID: 575b19

Can I request Fullmetal Alchemist Cutebold with whatever you would call Edward Elric Cutebold?

tl;dr cyborg cutebold and cutebold robot.
No. 586 ID: da4b33

Something that's gonna be run over Gametable.
No. 606 ID: fb5e58
File 124656382675.jpg - (87.25KB , 554x452 , jibblet.jpg )

tribute to jibblet and driblis...

picture is before the dorf molested her... ;-;
No. 608 ID: 1afd58

>picture is before the dorf molested her... ;-;

Somehow I don't recall that being DriblisQuest canon
No. 609 ID: 4abe6f

A cutebold going mad with power due to his access to a button.
His finger is on the button, and he gives off evil laughter.
The button can be marked #rudyquest if you wish.
No. 610 ID: 1afd58
File 124659073197.png - (236.77KB , 800x1600 , buttan.png )

lol k
No. 611 ID: 1afd58

Just for some context.

[22:42] <Z>Cutebold with the finger on the button
[22:42]<R>needs to be drawn
[22:42]<A>Going in the request thread.
[22:43]<Z>It launches... a Hedgehog
[22:43]<R>From a hollow log
[22:43]<R>it just rolls out
[22:43]<R>and walks off.
No. 618 ID: fb5d8e

I just love how the cutebold is really excited about the hedgehog.
No. 620 ID: f373c2

Requesting an Exalted cutebold. Any variety is fine.
No. 621 ID: 299ff0


i was talking about the picture that was drawn next to it on the paintchat, unfortunatelly, i didnt capped it... sorry
No. 622 ID: 1afd58

Saw it later. It was right creepy.
No. 626 ID: 1afd58
File 124667561030.gif - (4.46KB , 329x390 , 1234270184480.gif )

I will post this because it is adorable.
No. 637 ID: d056a8
File 124669646770.gif - (7.41KB , 564x470 , 1242637296247.gif )

No. 638 ID: 0896c1
File 124675765433.jpg - (49.52KB , 254x429 , piggyback.jpg )

No. 644 ID: bde1b8

I find this picture strangely frightening.
No. 646 ID: 1afd58

It is because the goblin is just taking the kobold away to a private place to eat it.
No. 648 ID: 6f3d28

No. 652 ID: 57e50e


All right, Oral Sexin!

No. 673 ID: 227d44

This picture is funny to me.

It will be even funnier when the mother and baby dragons are killed for gold and experience, and the cutebolds are slaughtered quite handily.
No. 674 ID: 1afd58

why you do dis?
No. 996 ID: 7ba39a
File 124720584976.jpg - (66.52KB , 340x411 , cutebed.jpg )

No. 997 ID: 7ba39a
File 124720589256.jpg - (78.14KB , 483x358 , cuterape.jpg )

No. 998 ID: 7ba39a
File 124720591557.jpg - (75.05KB , 269x352 , halfcute.jpg )

No. 999 ID: 7ba39a
File 124720593586.jpg - (143.77KB , 453x448 , cutewarrior.jpg )

No. 1005 ID: 1afd58

What kind of self-respecting elf gets captured as a prisoner by a bunch of cutebolds?
No. 1009 ID: a3b36a

They just used a slip knot for tying her up. She doesn't have the heart to get out of the bindings just yet.
No. 1010 ID: 1afd58

Secretly she likes the attention and finds noserubbing adorable
No. 1038 ID: f5d993
File 124746036175.jpg - (80.62KB , 800x800 , sexybold2.jpg )

You can't just draw huge tits on a cutebold to make it erotic. It's also got to be one of the ones with the rounded dome like heads.. oh yeah...
No. 1063 ID: 1afd58

No. 1066 ID: f373c2

I think this "noserubbing = sex for cutebolds" joke is being taken too far. The original idea was that cutebolds were too naive to know what sex was, and rubbing their noses together was the closest thing they understood. Treating it like it's just their version of sex and functionally the same harms the joke.
No. 1067 ID: bdfa5c

How about some Flare/Cynder tied up by cutebolds for massive noserub rape?

Make them the dominant force damnit!

(Don't be the Flarefag.)
No. 1068 ID: 1afd58

Yes, it's a bit silly.

But that's how memes go.
No. 1074 ID: 8d41de
File 124751511524.png - (114.75KB , 553x632 , applesandoranges.png )

Fascinating theory, bro.
No. 1077 ID: 1afd58

She's trying so hard to look sexy for us.

How can you not be attracted to that?
No. 1317 ID: 926862

Bumpu and what's the thread limit on this chan?
No. 1344 ID: 0c12d0

drawfag is still here, waiting for moar cutebold ideas!
No. 1376 ID: 13a0af


Cutebold hanging from a tree like a cat.
No. 1381 ID: d75539

The maximum limit for replies per thread is 2000. Go nuts.

Also, possible to see some sailor 'bolds? I can see them trying to set out on some makeshift raft..
No. 1384 ID: 9a71e2

Bolds trying to hide as some really tall race by standing on each others shoulders.
No. 1386 ID: 422c30
File 124927960915.jpg - (36.30KB , 640x480 , 3dbold.jpg )

also, i made a 3dbold
No. 1389 ID: f373c2

Cutebold magicians summoning cute versions of other monsters.
No. 1390 ID: 6b26df

Animate it!
No. 1391 ID: 1afd58

It's cute!
No. 1395 ID: d0825b

cutebold necromancer summons the undead.

with d'aaawwww results!
No. 1407 ID: 4f736e

I have frequently wondered why cutebolds do not have tails. If drawfaggotry still abounds for cutebolds, possible bold tails need to be explored and the results posted.
No. 1415 ID: 29e736
File 124942533923.png - (106.60KB , 750x600 , Notenoughloomis.png )

It is a sad fact that all cutebolds have their beautiful Stegosaurus-like tail cut off shortly after birth due to a silly tribal superstition.

Thankfully, one tribe, the Kawaiinekochanjirflim broke this age old taboo and show off their tails to any tourist brave enough to d'aww at them.

Pic related - it's a cutebold showing a tourist around. Isn't she cute?
No. 1416 ID: bffa2a


This is what happens when you take steroids kids. Roid rage.
No. 1425 ID: 9a71e2

Cutebold paladin.
His armor and weapons are made from pots and pans, with a lid for a shield and a sharpened spoon for a sword.
He is either attacking a large demons ankles, or it has already fallen and he's beating it about the nose and yelling "STOP BEING SO MEAN" at it.
No. 1442 ID: 031d13


Noted, and will be working on these.
No. 1444 ID: b097c1
File 124962546062.jpg - (70.39KB , 596x800 , cutetail.jpg )

"...can i dress now?"
No. 1446 ID: bffa2a


No, we must explore further...
No. 1449 ID: d2949d


For all we know, that might be a trap.

No. 1451 ID: 197650

Only one way to find out~
No. 1456 ID: 9a71e2

Thieves' Tools?
No. 1459 ID: 031d13
File 124980154563.jpg - (86.22KB , 320x262 , AckbarStanding.jpg )


That's not funny.
No. 1460 ID: 031d13


I vote to make cutebold tails canon. This is just too adorable to leave out.
No. 1462 ID: 1afd58

But are cutebolds too adorable to raise those tails sometimes?
No. 1468 ID: bffa2a


You keep the argonian maid out of this.
No. 1470 ID: 9a71e2
File 124983899580.jpg - (37.14KB , 500x400 , numou_2.jpg )

I've figured it out.
Cutebolds are but the immature stage of these.
No. 1471 ID: 1afd58

That's the coloration I imagine on them anyway.
No. 1475 ID: 4f736e

Woo, tail successful!
Requesting a cutebold girl in a jester outfit doing a handstand and casting a spell that causes sparklies to appear. Illusion magic is fun.
...It's not so wrong to want to see a 'bold dancing around in those silly clothes, is it?
No. 1485 ID: 031d13


Listen, I'm a furry. Even with that, I'd say yes. They ARE too cute to lift the tails. I'm from the school that says 'too dense to know what sex is'.


Would make a good character for some writefaggotry... I will do this thing.
No. 1487 ID: 0b4707
File 124988227082.jpg - (71.33KB , 285x477 , cutejester.jpg )


little experiment in oC to see how could the outfit would look like...
No. 1488 ID: f373c2

Less cleavage, please.
No. 1489 ID: 82ec0c

No. 1490 ID: 4b96a7
File 124990400074.jpg - (37.54KB , 256x256 , SPARTA.jpg )

No. 1491 ID: bffa2a


Oh, hey all the colors are represented in that outfit. Pretty clever.
No. 1492 ID: 4f736e

That is beautiful. I mean it.
No. 1498 ID: 119488
File 124995129762.jpg - (22.50KB , 315x332 , midnapity.jpg )

No. 1504 ID: 4f736e

Does writefaggotry count as picture ideas? Because I've been meaning to offload something.
No. 1510 ID: c60fa1

No. 1511 ID: 4f736e

They were staring at him. They were staring, and Kelis knew why. It was only a couple of hours earlier when they'd decided that they'd let him tag along. "Hey," the elf had said with a laugh, "if he's willing to take a sword for us, why not?" They'd all joked. He'd laughed, too, just wanting to fit in. He turned to look at them again, and they looked away now. The dwarf was praying to his chosen deity and staring firmly at the ground. Kelis understood.

He looked over to the corpses of the orc warriors that had charged them. Of the dozen, he had apparently felled no less than eight by himself. He had known, of course, that he was capable of such things, but somehow, it just never quite sunk in; it seemed like a lie that he simply pretended to believe, but times like this, he had to face it straight-on. He remembered what he did, but it was more of a dream than a memory. Was it really him, the humble little kobold with a little spear? It had to be, for the first died when he'd climbed up its chest, claws digging into its thick skin, to bury that spear in its eye.

The second was attacking the halfling, he remembered that specifically: the halfling was the only one who had been honestly nice to him since the start. Had he really made that noise? It was somewhere between a hiss and a growl, and the thought of it coming from his throat seemed too unreal to contemplate. The second orc's throat had deep tears in it. He remembered now; his spear had proven too slow, stuck in the monster's belly, so he used his hand...

Kelis looked down. His hand was still covered in blood. They'd laughed, earlier, about how they weren't sure that kobolds even had fangs. He'd shown them, though. He'd shown them his. They certainly weren't laughing anymore.
No. 1516 ID: 033b20

I liked it.
No. 1517 ID: 9ded94

He seemed much too competent for a kobold, but I enjoyed it anyway.
No. 1519 ID: 4f736e

The point is that he's a berserker, possibly possessed by a demon, and goes into a fugue when he fights. Note how even he doesn't really believe it.
That is why it needs work.
No. 1523 ID: 9ded94
File 125017925445.png - (97.65KB , 512x512 , 1243571856902.png )

We need more of these two.

Especially of the writefaggotry kind.
No. 1597 ID: 64f8ae
File 125061999588.jpg - (40.45KB , 630x357 , chili cutebold.jpg )

No. 1598 ID: 5030e1
File 125062672375.png - (35.62KB , 500x2400 , HtDBolds.png )

For all your Cutebolding needs!
No. 1603 ID: 84e7ed


I can't draw a 2-by-4
No. 1608 ID: 34ae33
File 125065609018.jpg - (44.93KB , 400x409 , yudodiz.jpg )

No. 1609 ID: 8b22c3
File 12507060428.png - (9.84KB , 400x400 , cuzican.png )

No. 1613 ID: f42d52
File 125074674646.jpg - (157.30KB , 837x900 , cuteboldfriendly.jpg )

Would you like to be friends?
No. 1615 ID: bffa2a


You can't be friends with dwar- hmmm.

Requesting dwarf and cutebold children playing together because they don't care about the hatred yet.

Or a dwarf that was about to strike a bold down but suddenly realizes it's his old playmate who he had a childs crush on.
No. 1619 ID: 7d87d9

How about NO
No. 1620 ID: 3d4f7d
File 125090283823.jpg - (76.01KB , 600x558 , kobold-dorf-babies.jpg )

No. 1621 ID: bffa2a


Yes, thank you. So damn adorable. They are apparently playing super mario bros, all he lacks is the cap. There's gold in them bricks.
No. 1623 ID: c4e8c0

I lol'd heartily at the baby's beard. Thank you.
No. 1624 ID: d08f70
File 125090526724.png - (9.31KB , 500x500 , comeplaywithme.png )

Everybody knows even dorf babies are assholes.

((Sorry for the hasty scribble, tired.))
No. 1625 ID: 7d87d9

Now he's got the potential to be a master trapmaker.

Already killing his first thief!
No. 1675 ID: b14afa


Still wantin' my cutebold skilled in the dark arts.
No. 1679 ID: a91907

Are you sure guys that all this infuatuation towards cutebolds is not a preembrional form of furryfaggotry?
They're half dog if I'm correct :/
No. 1685 ID: 1afd58

My murrsona is a cutebold
No. 1686 ID: 9ded94

>They're half dog if I'm correct :/

So? That alone doesn't make them furry.

Honestly, this whole discussion has begun to sicken me, and I'd rather just separate myself entirely from both parties and enjoy whatever I like without concerning myself with what some other people might think about me.
No. 1687 ID: 4f736e

1485, you are too slow.
It was a fool's dance. Not to say that there was no skill involved; quite the opposite, really. The kobold girl had worked long to perfect it, an impressive task, given that almost all of it was improvised on the spot with every performance. She smiled as she gently whirled in a pirouette, knee raised and hands outstretched. As the friction of her soft boots ground her to a halt, she lazily fell over backwards, curling her body just so, transforming it into a somersault.

With her momentum, she shot up onto one hand, splaying her arms and legs in all four directions. As her free hand opened, an explosion of tiny sparks arose around her to emphasize her trick. Small bits of illusion magic were always incorporated into her act. She'd needed it, for an ordinary kobold wouldn't get far in such a judgmental world alone. It worked well enough; the dwarven royal clapped and hooted appreciatively at the spectacle.

With that, she brought her legs together over her, and her hands together on the ground. Slowly, her feet curved downward, touching the ground again to leave her body bridged, her belly in the air. Then, it was time for the finale. Pushing off with her hands, the launched her upper body forward, flipping forward onto her hands, her feet scissoring in the air, and landing on one foot, for a moment pretending to be going too fast, leaning far forward and shaking her left arm for 'balance' before reaching back with her right hand to grasp her foot.

When she stopped, she was in a graceful fool's bow, her left hand politely held out, her body pitched far forward, and her right foot and hand together above her. As she completed the gesture, shimmering dust popped out from colorful bubbles around her. Holding the pose, she looked up with a smile and said, "Though some may call my dance daring, I would prefer to call it... 'bold'." The noble laughed, far more than was called for, but even from a fair distance, the smell of booze on his breath was obvious. She'd normally have peppered the entire dance with such puns, but in this case, it wasn't necessary.

Applause went up from the noble and his entourage, and when it settled, she skipped forward, clapping with each step to the appearance of ethereal butterflies, and leaned forward onto his knee. "I do hope you'll pay me a visit when next you are around," she said, a hand going up to touch his flushed cheek. There was an almost imperceptible glow and warmth to her touch as she cast the spell: a simple bit of suggestion magic. "Aye, of course, of course!" he'd agreed loudly.

She'd already put on the best show in the little town, a trading stopover at best, but guaranteeing return customers had done more than keep her well off, it had saved her life before. With a smile, she lazily cartwheeled away, ending with a bow. "Then I wish you fare well, in whatever well you may fare," she joked with a humble tone, and skipped off, stopping only to scoop up the delightfully weighty coin purse she had earned.
No. 1693 ID: 4902ae

A cutebold version of any of the following:
King Of All Cosmos.
Any Belmont.
French Maid.
Dinosaur costume.
Kabuki Actor.
80s style nerd.
No. 1694 ID: bffa2a

>80s style nerd.

Lone bold with hands full of books, wool vest and thick rimmed glasses walk down the school hall afraid of being stuffed in the locker again. Orc jocks, elf preppy bitches and human yuppies all jeer at the pathetic creature... until the nerds get their revenge.

My god. It makes sense.
No. 1695 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125131618678.jpg - (17.40KB , 378x301 , hnngsu5.jpg )

No. 1696 ID: 299a35

And now to make everyone hate me:
Hipster gnomes.
No. 1697 ID: 57b584

Actually, that's about right.
No. 1699 ID: 299a35

All you see of them is the bad emo haircuts with a massive nose poking out the front.
They're terminally in and out of bands, but mostly work as purveyors of intoxicating substances.
Unfortunately, I can see it too.
No. 1700 ID: bffa2a


Metalhead dwarves. Leather pants, jackets, studded armbands and greasy long ZZ top beards flying as they bang their heads to Dragonforce. Drinking beer and forming horrible bands.

Dark elf goths hide away in their rooms and compose awful poetry about those damn surface elves being obnoxious preppies and only come out at night. Summoning demons and sitting in graveyards.

D&D is high school all over again.
No. 1976 ID: abb30a

I was bored and wrote a song thing. I'm new to cutebolds but I think I captured the general idea... Aside from being a bit too complex for a 'bold.

The life we live's a hard one but a good one, I would say.
It's short and filled with fighting and sometimes running away,
and building and nose-rubbing, and when time allows, with play,
and setting traps! It's all good; I'd not trade this life, today.

We can't forge steel so we have to trade
for things that are already made
or else we can go on a raid
on the goblins or the dorfs near the camp we've made.

Some call us cannon fodder and that may well just be true...
but our roving bands will do their best to steal from you.
Some call us, subhuman, not fit even for a stew,
but if you fall for one of our traps you might be split in two!

Oh, the life we live's a hard one but a good one, I would say.
It's short and filled with fighting and sometimes running away,
and building and nose-rubbing, and when time allows, with play,
and setting traps! It's all good; I'd not trade this life, today.

How are there so many of us? We don't really know.
IS nose-rubbing the answer? Few don't seem to think it so.
With 2 to 3 a litter, taking so few years to grow,
well we must be doing something right. That's what it goes to show!

No mining, but we can fish; carp won't beat us in the end!
When you're as small as we are, danger's just around the bend.
All we've got are rocks and knives but we will use them to defend
Our right to play with sticks and marbles, and to cuddle with a friend.

The life we live's a hard one but a good one, I would say.
It's short and filled with fighting and sometimes running away,
and building and nose-rubbing, and when time allows, with play,
and setting traps! It's all good; I'd not trade this life, today.

The timing of the lines DOES work, if you read it right...
No. 1981 ID: 43d730
File 125176114060.png - (36.75KB , 350x350 , 1236912509041.png )

No. 1997 ID: 1ddce6
File 125189255668.png - (32.69KB , 511x400 , excellent.png )

No. 2008 ID: 6a6bc6


Just bumpin' this request.

Because cutebold casters are awesome, and I can never get enough.

The other stuff in the thread is awesome as well, but you know...
No. 2048 ID: 031d13


Yeah, I know. Work's been kickin' my butt. Good job on the story though.
No. 2383 ID: f42e68
File 125337936867.jpg - (30.99KB , 438x354 , moar-kobolds.jpg )

Moar kobolds plz.
No. 2389 ID: 06e0b1
File 12534190463.jpg - (276.75KB , 556x882 , crawlboldling.jpg )

have a crawl bold, they die on me so fast ;-;
No. 2391 ID: 1b3493
File 125342906743.jpg - (23.64KB , 400x441 , kobold_morihardly.jpg )

This is Professor Morihardly. His crime syndicate is vast, meaning it contains at least two other people. He has stolen no less than four cakes.
No. 2393 ID: 1afd58

My crawlbolds don't get far either :( SO MANY DEAD DRIBLISES. DRIBLI. WHATEVER. :(
No. 2394 ID: 43d730

How about an english bobby cutebold to counter him?

I think it's Driblae.
No. 2395 ID: 06e0b1
File 12535124783.jpg - (105.42KB , 402x720 , showerbold.jpg )

No. 2396 ID: 06e0b1
File 125351253586.jpg - (94.70KB , 518x489 , showerbold2.jpg )

No. 2397 ID: 06e0b1
File 125351261929.jpg - (138.92KB , 390x804 , maidbold.jpg )

No. 2398 ID: 1afd58

They are all adorable of course <3
No. 2399 ID: bffa2a

Now I feel dirty...
No. 2403 ID: b39bd8


Sergals are such pervs.
No. 2416 ID: 3e3bbb
File 125365305223.jpg - (88.47KB , 755x465 , flowerbold.jpg )

No. 2417 ID: 3e3bbb
File 125365318788.jpg - (372.60KB , 1251x781 , randombolds.jpg )

No. 2418 ID: 3e3bbb
File 12536533187.jpg - (111.44KB , 688x641 , zzzbold.jpg )

No. 2424 ID: 35cea2
File 125366405527.gif - (55.87KB , 840x2211 , Daww.gif )

That's nice, but I still say that innocent > sexy.

Look at that guy, he's just gave the moon to his girl(?!)friend.

So cute.

No. 2427 ID: 7d87d9

Its the Pure Cutebolds.

No. 2428 ID: 35cea2


Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say.

With a growing community like this, you have to realize that we are a diverse group of people with wildly different preferences, and you have to accept that somebody is going to enjoy something you find repulsive and vice versa, and that's no reason to resort to insults.

Unless you were just trolling us, in which case 9/10
No. 2429 ID: 1afd58

Hey that was pretty trollish there. Typing in all caps and making personal attacks.

Next we'll start seeing greentext and >implying.

Can we not, please?
No. 2432 ID: 9ded94

I myself don't find cutebolds all that sexy, even the sexiest of their pictures. They're no more fapping material than a painting of a naked woman: it's casual nudity that is an important part of the art, instead of being crammed in there just so that some perverted neckbeard could fap to it.

Naked cutebolds are, therefore, quite okay, as long as they're done tastefully. The ones in this thread are quite tasteful.
No. 2433 ID: 9ded94

First time I visit Tgchan and I find as many as TWO images of our (well, mine at least) very favourite cutebold/d'awwblin pairing!

That's two more pictures I hoped I would find! Awesome! Need to visit this place more often.

Dare I ask for more?
No. 2441 ID: 9ded94
File 125373699114.jpg - (46.36KB , 723x497 , boldblin.jpg )

My shitty drawfaggotry contribution. It's not funny, it's not cute, and it's only 50% cutebold, but who cares.

I'm also requesting more of these two. I will not draw any: you'll have to do some yourself.
No. 2443 ID: 197650

>you can have an oppinion but your oppinion is wrong.
No. 2444 ID: bffa2a

Well, there's the green text. Feels like /tg/ already.
No. 2445 ID: 43d730

No one has tried to break it up and accidentally offended one or both parties yet.

Feel free to disapprove, it's not like I can stop you. Request whatever you like related to cutebolds here, and others will do the same.

Thank you for expressing your opinion. However, sweeping statements about what people will or will not fap to are going to end up incorrect (if only out of someone's spite). As above, request what you will.
No. 2455 ID: f98e0b

you can spell things but you spell them wrong.
No. 2463 ID: 2851e0
File 125392452790.png - (55.64KB , 866x613 , dorfkobold.png )

have a twofor
No. 2464 ID: 2851e0


oh god my name
No. 2486 ID: af9412

Technically they're both girls, but it's not even important.
No. 2490 ID: 94d69e
File 125416133162.png - (201.76KB , 525x525 , Interspecieserotica.png )

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
No. 2495 ID: bffa2a

And it's awwwwright.
No. 2496 ID: 1afd58

Oh... Oh God... who... who is...
No. 2499 ID: 2851e0
File 125420521596.png - (24.76KB , 410x531 , cutebold.png )

No. 2507 ID: 43d730

"And lo, for there came a rider on a badly drawn thing that kinda looked sorta like a horse.
And the Rider's name was Captain Failmore, and Gibberish followed with him."
-Chanonymous 256:34
No. 2508 ID: e0996c
File 125425365363.png - (21.19KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

Baby man baby man

No. 2509 ID: e0996c
File 125425372922.png - (46.13KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

Fight man versus tiny baby man

No. 2510 ID: e0996c
File 125425376678.png - (19.61KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

I feel ALIVE

No. 2511 ID: e0996c
File 125426290813.png - (14.38KB , 500x500 , 4.png )


No. 2512 ID: f98e0b

these are the best thing
No. 2513 ID: e0996c
File 125426757357.png - (16.04KB , 500x500 , 5.png )


No. 2516 ID: 74dd8b



No. 2519 ID: bc154a
File 125434504936.png - (12.74KB , 500x500 , 6.png )


No. 2520 ID: bc154a
File 125434510345.png - (14.01KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

A derp.

No. 2521 ID: bffa2a

These are really good. Cutebolds earning their name.
No. 2524 ID: 275677



Cutebolds kinda have trouble with the magic, no?

Oh, and a picture idea.

Cutebold Druid type.
No. 2525 ID: 69d845

I could suggest Cutebolds riding on my back....
No. 2527 ID: 43d730




All failing cutely.
No. 2545 ID: f78991
File 125444311080.png - (110.14KB , 1000x1200 , Pinupcompilation.png )

No. 2785 ID: 9c73f3
File 125752456522.jpg - (63.88KB , 800x800 , cutebold cabbage.jpg )

No. 2787 ID: 43d730

Cabbage Patch Kobolds.

How about a massive humanoid figure made of cutebolds standing on each others shoulders, with orcs and other bullies fleeing from it?
Massive nose optional.
No. 2822 ID: 04bd7e
File 125792309298.gif - (65.99KB , 640x480 , gnoll for a hat .gif )

No. 2844 ID: 85ad30

I don't want to start an argument, more possibly a discussion or consensus.

I'm a huge fan of the more doglike/canine Kobolds compared to the lizard/croc style ones...

The great thing about Cutebolds is that they do seem to be either if you want. To me they look more doglike which is fine for me as I like that, and to me fur is cuter than scales.

Anyone else agree/disagree/care.
No. 2845 ID: 85ad30
File 125821910233.jpg - (29.84KB , 525x458 , prinnydawbold.jpg )

Ooops forgot my pic...I'm not sure if it's a Cutebold dressed as a prinny for halloween, or some kind of Cutebold/Prinny crossbreed...I think I preffer the former. I just coloured it and added some little bits to someone elses normal Cutebold picture.
No. 2847 ID: 43d730

Needs officious d'awwblin Etna.
No. 2848 ID: 85ad30

Hahaha, that would be pretty cool. I'll see if I can find a decent d'awwblin picture to work with.

Or maybe even have a go from scratch. eeek.

I don't know why but at some point I got confused and started out using the term D'awbolds instead of Cutebolds...so it's supposed to be Cutebolds and D'awwblins?
No. 2849 ID: 43d730

Obviously it's the crossbreed.
No. 2851 ID: 43d730
File 12582276472.png - (19.79KB , 395x595 , excuseflatness.png )

Also excuse lack of hair.
It just doesn't look right on goblins.
No. 2874 ID: 271833


D'awwblins and cutebolds are prefectly fine things to not do the hair for.
No. 2875 ID: 5d5878

D'awwblins are like Twileks, just with ears instead of head-tails. Now, a half gobbo/half elf has hair for such a purpose.
No. 2881 ID: c0f3bf
File 125857405048.jpg - (42.86KB , 207x424 , Jeedai.jpg )

It came up.
No. 2905 ID: 88d217
File 125875371478.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x800 , cookie.jpg )

No. 3193 ID: f453bb
File 126267706063.jpg - (65.51KB , 780x868 , Viral_Brithimbis-DefendOurHome.jpg )

Anyone know where this one is from?
No. 3196 ID: 059c31
File 126283230643.jpg - (305.60KB , 900x1099 , Kobald.jpg )

SAS bold
No. 3198 ID: c89b56
File 126284013910.png - (886.17KB , 1200x1160 , 125972990165.png )

No. 3277 ID: f2bed6

I love you, all of you <3
So many bolds
No. 3343 ID: 0e6ee3

Does anyone have the 'bold after sneezing into elf cleavage?
No. 3351 ID: 1f9939
File 126551432433.jpg - (166.92KB , 403x702 , kobold_angry.jpg )

Got this off a drawthread. "A cutebold in a slightly overlarge British bobby uniform yelling in exasperated indignation."
No. 3439 ID: dcfeef
File 126858647737.jpg - (43.65KB , 416x600 , Great Spiral.jpg )

I drew it for a guy on /suptg/. I guess it was an important character in his Kobold Camp game (who later died).

Have some more 'bolds.
No. 3440 ID: dcfeef
File 126858674577.jpg - (149.42KB , 908x1000 , monster.jpg )

I ran an all-kobold, all-NPC class game last year.

It was one of the most fun games I've ever run.

was a heretic.
No. 3441 ID: c0f3bf
File 126871419860.png - (26.78KB , 550x400 , A Kobold\'s Tale.png )

No. 3489 ID: 717301
File 126983450575.jpg - (211.46KB , 1000x1000 , punishbold.jpg )

No. 3491 ID: 8e18cd


I like this
No. 3495 ID: f95872

Fun fact: DF kobolds, the original cutebolds, have a maximum empathy of 500. The human median is 1000. 500 is basically sociopath tier. And that's the maximum a kobold can ever reach.
No. 3497 ID: d40de6

This looks awesome!
No. 3501 ID: da696f

can i get some tf2 bolds?
No. 3505 ID: 1aba2c


I think Drawiqto(sic) did that, but I only remember seeing it on the old tgchan board.
No. 3508 ID: 17856e


Anyone know?
No. 3575 ID: d86d2c
File 127163644329.png - (41.07KB , 248x231 , kobold quest.png )

Keep in mind that Dwarf Fortress kobolds are the orange goblinoid variety with human-like heads and glowy yellow eyes.
No. 3581 ID: 9ded94

This whole cutebold thing has forever corrupted my image of 2e kobolds.

So, kobolds for me are, depending on the edition and setting, either cute little reptilian fellows with bones in their heads and dragon in their blood, or cute little puppy people with big black eyes andn flappy ears.

No matter what you do, I can see neither of them as villains anymore. If a kobold shows up in a game I'm in, I will always try and make friends with him. Most of the players usually agree with me, and our friendly actions tend to be pretty successful too, which only serve to encourage this particular view of mine.
No. 3584 ID: 1ac39d

empathy is ability to understand emotions in others. simply put a low empathy just means you don't understand what others are feeling. so they can't read the mood.
No. 3592 ID: 6550ad


Anyways Kobolds are like the weakest enemies you can find. So if any GM throws them at you, unless you're a low level character, it's going to feel like slaughtering little kids.

So it's easy to feel empathy for them, most of the times.
No. 3593 ID: 9ded94

On the other hand, they're only weak physically and stat-wise. But mentally they're supposed to be tricky trapping bastards.

So, arguably, if the DM just throws them at you for slaughter, he's doing kobolds wrong.
No. 3594 ID: 43d730

I remember a thread, mostly hyperbole, but there was a joke about why you never see epic kobold heroes.
It was concluded that the reason this was so was that all the epic kobolds were trapmakers favored by Tiamat and Kurtulmak; 30th level Experts that took Skill Focus: Craft: Trapmaking for every single one of their feats.
It was also decided that they could make Saw-style traps out of pocket lint and old tea bags.
No. 3596 ID: 3297aa

You've never heard of Tucker's kobolds, have you?
No. 3603 ID: 9ded94
File 127205452365.jpg - (216.97KB , 713x950 , commissionpaintbaitbybo.jpg )

No. 3634 ID: 281079
File 127251546973.jpg - (56.25KB , 342x576 , 1242458173037.jpg )

Does anyone have art of two cutebolds rubbing noses?

The nose rub gag has been around forever, but it's always with another race. I've never seen 'bold on 'bold action.
No. 3643 ID: 058671
File 127271294436.png - (331.13KB , 743x800 , Ikit=pimpbold.png )

SuperKroot over at /TG/ was friendly enough to draw this for me. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Pimpbold.
No. 3649 ID: 9d07d9
File 127299197944.jpg - (37.97KB , 352x617 , 1234407652431.jpg )

No. 3650 ID: ecf25b
File 127302863340.jpg - (48.62KB , 451x458 , 1234404836959.jpg )

No. 3652 ID: 1177ca
File 127309790623.png - (82.52KB , 700x520 , Cutebold_Wizard_by_LoinnirAilleacht.png )

No. 3703 ID: 8b0883


The age/size difference here is creepy as hell.

You know I love BG, but that girl got some problems.
No. 3704 ID: 05d41e

It's called pedophilia

He's also a man.
A man who wants to touch little boys and girls to be precises.
No. 3705 ID: 1ac39d

BG is like ZONE, no matter how many times you say it no one will believe they are the gender you say. also, it could simply be the bigger one is a half-bold.
No. 3708 ID: 476456

or maybe he just didnt think the whole thing through or something
No. 3737 ID: 1177ca
File 127434185233.png - (36.52KB , 377x657 , 1274341486244.png )

Have a marine.
No. 3948 ID: 1177ca
File 127680140214.png - (10.08KB , 400x400 , 1276755930975.png )

No. 3949 ID: 2a421d

okay... this is awesome and cute.
No. 3955 ID: d560d6
File 127706958348.gif - (98.22KB , 1024x768 , cutebold-last-stand.gif )

Cutebolds, eh? Have one I drew for a /tg/ request: cutebold OPERATORS defending against elves.
No. 4161 ID: 7d596c

Hail drawfag!

I just came over from /tg/ on 4chon - so, if you are taking requests - How about a grizzled veteran of the 3aboo and 4rry wars, trying to escape to safety of a new homeland. Maybe some awesome scars, and a look of: "You don't scare me, I've read FATAL" look in his eyes.

Cute, of course.
No. 4163 ID: 9d05d7
File 128132651111.jpg - (69.68KB , 1000x1000 , 1275797891762.jpg )

This has always reminded me of a certain kobold. You know who you are :vc
No. 4166 ID: 4c91d5
File 128148522063.gif - (153.10KB , 972x892 , 1281043374870.gif )

Does anyone have the pictures and/or possibly the writefaggotry for Imepe and Koji? I've only found a couple pics of this couple, but I'd like to see the rest of it, if the artist has any more like it.

I looking in google, /r/, /rs/, suptg archives, and the 4chan/tg/, but no one seems to have it. Do any of you?
No. 4167 ID: 1c2eae

A truthful depiction of every board user.
No. 4168 ID: 8bdb6a

Wasn't there a different version of this? Where it was just the elf looking awkward in bed without the bold there?
No. 4169 ID: 083780

Wait, there's a bold in the bed? Damn i missed that.
No. 4170 ID: 4ae7b5

He's feelen bad becasue he dissed his loving cutebold waifu in public to fit in with the crowd... and she has no clue.
No. 4172 ID: 1177ca

No, he's feeling bad because the way they reacted gave him himself doubts.
No. 4173 ID: b4b04d

He's pretty much just a coward.
No. 4199 ID: e63755

No, he's feeling bad because he saw one of bg's drawings. He will probably kill himself later.
No. 4234 ID: 72f534
File 128372881567.gif - (11.91KB , 771x616 , Doobie13.gif )

No. 4235 ID: 72f534
File 128372896311.gif - (8.96KB , 503x511 , comebacksoon.gif )

No. 4778 ID: 365adf

>236 posts and 92 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

This is not enough cutebolds.
No. 4840 ID: f626cb
File 128735982853.jpg - (56.80KB , 750x1064 , Cutebold_Man_by_40_Kun.jpg )

Did someone say "cutebolds"?
No. 5171 ID: 02bcdc
File 128919519181.png - (472.30KB , 1279x1103 , Herder_Bold_by_basketgardevoir.png )

Still not enough cutebolds.
No. 5840 ID: d7bfc7
File 129661136472.jpg - (74.98KB , 518x686 , 1295699577303.jpg )

No. 5842 ID: d92650
File 129666081815.png - (159.38KB , 744x726 , cutebold verminguy.png )

i draw this pic yesterday attemping to initiate a cutebold thread on tg with no success.
No. 5910 ID: 76891f

I must say, this is well done.
No. 5924 ID: bffa2a
File 129703252589.png - (273.68KB , 1000x874 , cutiekids.png )

No. 6148 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130046327958.gif - (11.92KB , 477x466 , 1300305167173.gif )

No. 6539 ID: 4d0492
File 130350252529.png - (204.76KB , 1280x720 , KQRUNStill.png )

No. 6563 ID: 07ede0


It's interesting, but seriously, if you're going to advertise, you can do it in your own thread...
No. 6566 ID: 557e92

What happened to that actual cutebold platformer that was probably being made in Gamemaker? There were a few videos released last year of running around platforming and swinging a scorpion on a stick.
I would throw a few bucks at that project.
No. 6567 ID: 43d730

The channel for it's still up, but the last movement is a month ago.
No. 7002 ID: 544dd4
File 130585840985.jpg - (30.03KB , 775x514 , 15zpidd.jpg )

No. 7003 ID: 544dd4
File 130585855069.jpg - (542.47KB , 1280x1024 , 1305852570562.jpg )

No. 7004 ID: 2563d4

Baddass bolds.
No. 7070 ID: 1578e2
File 130634681402.gif - (5.93KB , 413x568 , babycutebold.gif )

No. 7111 ID: 75c491


They took his cookies...

Now he's gonna take their lives!

Shoot Gunwell 2: The Snugglening

Coming to theatres this November
No. 7112 ID: 63401d
File 130652808806.jpg - (163.67KB , 1000x627 , 1303266536051.jpg )


No. 7155 ID: 1578e2
File 130702252183.png - (75.00KB , 783x308 , 1234513507453.png )

No. 7157 ID: 1854db

I desire more Inappropriate Dridis.
No. 7158 ID: 1854db

...Jridis, rather.
No. 7159 ID: 3b202e

Driblis is never appropriate
No. 7225 ID: a88151
File 130807946878.gif - (14.09KB , 906x380 , 1231303021026.gif )

Can't believe this wasn't already here.
No. 7759 ID: 9202a9

Some wrightfaggery http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3062562/
No. 7847 ID: 2be5ee
File 132581664916.png - (14.66KB , 514x387 , dribbleholder.png )

my input
No. 7862 ID: 88dfaf
File 132616065076.png - (31.77KB , 350x350 , dinner_time.png )

No. 7864 ID: becb83

... the thread didn't ask for sergals... cutebolds, it said cutebolds.
No. 7869 ID: 995f9d

One or several cutebolds staring at a rhinocerous with horror/disgust/admiration/arousal/etc. on their faces.
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