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File 156777663042.png - (1.09MB , 1000x1000 , GD Panel 1.png )
944457 No. 944457 ID: 4075a1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

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No. 1072624 ID: a1a7f4
File 169507412934.jpg - (417.80KB , 1000x1000 , 192.jpg )

First, I must let my walls down. Losing composure in front of the Ambassador would not have been acceptable of course, but now we are alone. Acting as my ‘unguarded’ self in front of Silver is something I’ve had a lot of practice doing. Now, should I go with a slightly quivering lip or-

“Amazing. I’m being blessed with a social call.” Oh god, she’s starting already. “Did Martinet Gatezi go behind my back to do the requisite cajoling into visiting your mentor? Gatezi, remind me to give you a commendation for taking on such an onerous extra duty in your free time.”

“What? No- I mean, I am afraid not, Palin, I-” Mistake. I haven’t attuned the right mindset yet.

“Oh, are we back to a first name basis, Keeper Brass.” She gives a light snort. “So, what brings you from your cavern of tomes and dust, Caevaexerin?”

“It’s not dusty, it’s cleaned… nevermind.” Recalibrate. Get back on topic. “I have distressing news to inform you of, but first my martinets need assistance. They’ve been, well, affixed to the walls of my dwelling.”

“Injuries?” Gatezi asks in a clipped tone from behind me as Silver’s eyes narrow.

“I don’t think so, but they were still unconscious when I left. I came here immediately.”

“Were you followed?”

“No. The perpetrator left quickly so I-” Gatezi begins striding through the room before I finish my sentence and Silver lets out a long, deep sigh.
No. 1072627 ID: a1a7f4
File 169507430996.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1000 , 193.png )

“Who did it? What were they after?” Gatezi asks as they pull a step stool and a dampened rag from a small closet and quickly use them to wet the etched eye above the door lintel. I can hear the swivel of the eyeball as their hand passes over it.

“Oh, I believe it was a toiler from… the mines.” I suppress a wince and Silver clicks her tongue. I continue regardless. “They had a message from the Mongers and… I don’t believe that is necessary, Martinet!”

Gatezi doesn’t even deign to glance in my direction as they bar the door.

“You’re wasting your breath. We are at Gatezi’s mercy until we are secure, I’m afraid.” Silver takes another sip from her glass. “Ward Four?”

“I sent her to my study. She knows where the panic room is inside, so she can hide there. However, I was hoping to return with your martinets now and help-“ I begin.

“Preceptor safety is paramount.” Gatezi interjects already next to the bookshelf. They tap their knuckles against it in a staccato pattern. Aonaz or some other guard must be behind it as a second later a grinding sound comes from it and the shelf begins sliding out of the way. “Once you’re properly defended, we will go recover your ward and guards.”

Silver stands up and gestures to me. “Help me straighten up before she finishes. If they have their way the office will still be a complete mess when we leave. You can explain the message while we clean.”

I personally wouldn’t call a table of glassware in an otherwise pristine office a mess, but I learned as a child that Silver’s aesthetic standards are the only ones that matter when she’s in the room. The snippiness I receive during her rare visits to my library are-
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1072628 ID: a1a7f4
File 169507434635.png - (482.65KB , 670x670 , 194.png )

>As for what to say, who to rat out.... the miners look like they could be most easily duped into hurting someone we don't like at a critical moment, since you are the only person in power who has ever shown them a modicum of sympathy. Of course, Four and your Martinets already saw Chast doing his mumbo jumbo and offering his terms. We will have to convince them that he and the miners are being used by the Mongers if we don't want to have their rebellion stamped out immediately. It would probably be best to present our evidence that the Mongers are up to no good, as they have enough forces that Silver will probably decide to employ caution rather than an all out assault.
I don’t have any evidence, but it’ll be trivial to lead Silver to think they were behind it. There’s more than enough bad blood that she’ll take it for granted. I explain the situation, that the Mongers have duped the toilers into delivering threats and I fear infected them with magic.

I might have attempted to keep the magic a secret, but my martinets would inform everyone once they are rescued regardless. Silver stays quiet as I lay it out, along with my insistence we find a peaceful solution before life is lost.

Behind the bookshelf a tunnel stretches into the bowels of the mountain. Once it’s open Gatezi wastes no time hurrying us along into it. However, at the last second Silver stops on the threshold.

“Caevaexerin. Do you think I am a fool?”
No. 1072643 ID: 918cdb

Use a preocuppied but understanding tone: "You... think armed conflict can't be avoided?"

If she means something else, something aimed at you, well... get angry. You are just a young little preceptor trying to help and she blames you instead. Play that up.

And uh... did you cast an Eye on Gazeti at some point? Casting a distracting illussion on our present company may be warranted soon, I feel.
No. 1072649 ID: 8f9bc4

Does she know you were dreading having to manage her insipid scheme? That's about the only thing related to Silver which you totally didn't act on, while some random monster conveniently removed your loose end's entire hand.

Does she know it's you who uh... totally didn't do any of that stuff?

Otherwise you've been nothing but genuine to her. Does she not believe your Martinets have been fused to the wall? That's what you wanted her help with, right? Does she think you're hiding the fact that the toilers are revolting, due to overzealous labor extraction on part of the mongers? Because I think she can see that from all the collapsed mines. She doesn't know you have an eye on her, does she?

File 168342645716.png - (196.20KB , 600x600 , Title Card.png )
1062859 No. 1062859 ID: 8be3de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

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No. 1072069 ID: 4aaad5

Making a quick ammendment to my suggestion
Summon goose to HELP you eat the monster. Theres no way youre going to finish all that without getting a stomach ache. Goose will help tho.
No. 1072070 ID: 4481aa


All your opponent did was bring your breakfast to you.
No. 1072094 ID: 06cb78


I'd assume our duelist is testing the waters a bit here with such a simple foe. While others suggest the obvious choice to handle such a threat, suppose for a moment, that that is precisely what they want you to do.They most likely felt the same effect when they arrived and are sending this elemental to burn your spells and gauge your ability or render you immobile. It would certainly make the upcoming battle between you two much easier on them.

I would suggest surf heated with your fire breath to be the most practical to break up the elemental since it is composed of grease and sufficiently heated water dissolves grease and should swiftly dispatch this foe.

But I also agree with the others who have suggested the summoning of the goose,but that would release a far greater plague upon this world and the only way to remove it is to summon another, I'm not sure this place could take two. use only as a last resort.

Cyrus and his crew most likely will be escaping as you handle this elemental. Cyrus does not appear nor is the type that will stick around and help, more to leave it up to you and you should not expect his assistance unless he has no choice.

But.... You may be able to force his hand if you snatch that map of the royal treasury that's still on the table. Not sure how it was acquired but it is most likely very integral to the plan and without it it most likely couldn't succeed without it. You could use it to force their assistance with this fight and possibly the one upcoming in exchange for not burning it or destroying it. No honor amongst thieves after all, just be mindful and careful of Picky.
No. 1072109 ID: 918cdb

Summon geese nutz!

Ha, gottem!
No. 1072608 ID: f2320a

ITS BREAKFAST TIME summon your inner starved child then very fat preteen as puperty hit, as its TIME TO FEAST

File 169004761385.png - (112.18KB , 800x800 , MSI 1.png )
1068625 No. 1068625 ID: 817509 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to Magical Solutions INC.!

Magical solutions to every problem! Let our team of experts conjure up a cure for what ails you! Curse your enemies! Curse your friends! Uncurse yourself!

Do you need an enchanted hat? We've got you covered!

Do you need to be invisible? We'll see to it!

Magical Solutions INC.!!!
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No. 1072221 ID: 2a82d3

>who to worship
The elderich may know how to build regular golems, but the fertility goddess WILL know what good boobs feel like. I bet her worship involves wild parties too, so company morale will be less of an issue even if the cleanups will be.

>Zelda feels bad for all the souls stuck on the banks of the river for all eternity because they can't pay the fare.
We can spare the budget. Have her fraternize with them too, in case we find anyone with expertise we'll need in the future. Then we have a favor, even if we need to spare any lawyers or auditors for whatever possible underworld bureaucracy awaits them.

There's also the recent Golem War going on. In fact, as deaths in war are often very unexpected, its' victims are more likely to not have the fare. They're bound to know something about we can use to our advantage, either to haggle or better inform the expedition. Especially if there's secrets. Or treasure. Or treasurible secrets.
No. 1072227 ID: 5c2013

oh both of them seem to have one half of what we need if only we could merge the two of them together then they would be perfect for us wait a moment cat wizard I remember an old ritual to merge to gods together it was mostly used by old gods when they can't solve there bickering but it should work for us to get the best of both worlds and it only cost us 10 gold to do what do you say boss
No. 1072287 ID: fa0a56

I say we go with Milmar as the other guy seems like a risky business partner (what with drowning his previous worshippers). Also I bet we could get Milmar to go along with a whole line of animated golem "marital aids" so long as we sold it to her as a sex positivity thing and that could open up future revenue streams to balance out those wikdlife donations she wants.
No. 1072354 ID: d9ed37

Actually, we should give them 26 gold. They're gonna need to be ferry'd back over when they leave.
No. 1072404 ID: f2320a

Do we even need clay we could have milky godess curse/bless transmute her into a milk dragon probably

File 167848143998.png - (201.89KB , 700x600 , 1.png )
1058116 No. 1058116 ID: f581d4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Chapter One: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897839.html
Previous Chapter (2.5): https://questden.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/969223.html
Wiki and Cast Page: https://questden.org/wiki/Hearts_Goetia
82 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1071060 ID: f581d4
File 169319795341.png - (198.01KB , 700x600 , 34.png )

Over your shoulder, Grayson groans.

“Brooks…” he sighs, burying his face in his hands. The other boys gather around.

“Nice,” says Max.

You move to the next photo.
No. 1071061 ID: f581d4
File 169319796757.png - (188.72KB , 700x600 , 35.png )

“Oh, that’s from–” Grayson begins.

“Spring break bash,” Hunter C. says. “I know those girls. That’s Faith. And the one with her hair in the high-pony is Kaci. She’s on the lax team and she’s strong as shit–you saw her do the keg stand, right Max?”

You look through several photos of the same setting and the same people in the same clothes. The photos become more blurry, showing the progression of the night.

“Does Brooks’s phone automatically upload to his computer or something?” Grayson mutters. “Why keep these?”

> Ask about the girls.
> Search another folder.
> Something else?
No. 1071064 ID: cbf086

Ask about the girls while searching another folder
No. 1071081 ID: 5d66e3

check for any signs of demonic influence in the pictures. anyone drawing weird sigils as the night goes on? who was your foolish human last seen with before he disappeared? and is the phone trackable?
No. 1072044 ID: f760d4

take another look at that first photo. yknow just to be thorough

File 168772750060.png - (106.39KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1066570 No. 1066570 ID: 681cb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Kobolds of the desert, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!
Dragons beware, when you screw the Kobolds, they multiply!

This quest will contain unions, so NSFW! (Not to mention being super lewd)
115 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1071557 ID: 9f13c1

Actually I guess his bio only says he's "camp gay" which could refer to sexual orientation but might just describe his affectations.
No. 1071598 ID: 8f9bc4

Resist! Resiiiiist!
No. 1071601 ID: a758c7

raise more kobolds for the revolution, get pregnant for progress!
No. 1071698 ID: 2a82d3

You are not lubed up enough to take him yet and he is not wasted enough to dominate or consider having kobolds for kids. Stall until your coworker returns with the slime.

Having, and making, more kobold sympathizers among the other races doesn't sound half bad and could work for us in the long-term, but it's no explosion of kobolds.

>If you’re going to peg the prince, you need to become a goddess of sex! But how do you even start with that? Other than having more sex, that is…
You could start with a cucumber or eggplant. A good test is learn how to apply pressure without piercing the skin. Also good for stretching the internals down below, if you can't acquire a proper dildo.

For seduction or no, it's a good idea to start paying attention to the people above you. Learn the social structures and machinations on which your society runs, and learn what different folks are into along the way.

Screwing your way up the racial hierarchy is good practice for the prize at the top, as well.
No. 1071846 ID: f2320a

Yeah no rhino kids with that huge dick kobold free to impregnate all the kobolds we can overthrow them

File 167477494606.png - (244.35KB , 768x768 , ModernMammalsQuest.png )
1054741 No. 1054741 ID: 5ff2e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

In the near future of our world(but outside your own lifetime), new breeds of strange humanoid creatures have been manufactured by our leading scientists and are integrated into modern society. Follow someone as they navigate College life as a non-human, or as they are collectively known as by the general public: furries.

Updates bi-weekly; that is to say two times in one week. Potentially NSFW. Depictions of sex and gore are dependent on which character you select, except for Gary's story. Even I do not know what it entails.
52 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1071631 ID: 5ff2e7
File 169386498323.png - (134.01KB , 800x600 , MMQ-P13.png )

Luna glares at Charlie and growls, sick and tired of her disgusting attempts to degeneracy. "Don't mind her. She's just a friggin degenerate." Now the genet feels embarrassed for considering joining in the sexual deviance. Especially towards Luna who would have hated it.

Luna quickly grabs the genet by the shoulders and guides her away. Not exactly gently, but gentle enough. "But, uhh, hey, we can hang out sometime later. Get to properly introduce ourselves." This seems like a date. Just feels datey. "It's not a date," she quickly adds without a hint of panic. "This is just what college is for, you know. Getting to know people." All this and the genet hasn't even said a word.

Better she says it late than not at all. "Th-thank you… for collecting my things." She shuffles around awkwardly when Luna releases her and they stare silently at each other. "I'll be… nearby." It's quiet for a few more seconds until she remembers her coworker. "You'rereallyhot,okaybye," she dashes across the yard back to the building where her coworker is situated, most probably having a mental breakdown.
No. 1071632 ID: 5ff2e7
File 169386500673.png - (127.34KB , 800x600 , MMQ-P14.png )

"Ah crap. Oh shit. Oh fuck!"
No. 1071690 ID: e5709d

Why did you not aim for center mass?! You're supposed to tag her, not earn headshot points!
No. 1071692 ID: 918cdb

Well, sniper boy, the situation's gone FUBAR. You wanna keep your perfect record?

You go down there, pluck the protagonist pin out of the wrong character and put it on the right one yourself.
No. 1071708 ID: 8f9bc4

Switching the pins won't matter. You still missed the shot! Why did you miss the shot?!

File 168814698630.png - (649.82KB , 900x675 , Fantastical jouney thumbnail.png )
1066863 No. 1066863 ID: 770f88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

An Open-Word Style (W.I.P) journey! (SFW)
Uses some DnD systems.
Rules stated inside the quest or thread takes priority over old material.
206 posts and 157 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1071184 ID: 2f7f6e

E. you're Nom-Nom
Y. exploding sounds fun
No. 1071189 ID: 8a6a52

You are a Girl, but tell them you can be whatever they want you to be, just this once. Then flash them and show that, since you are a mushroom, there really isn't anything there. Fiber would then probably explain that since you two are mushrooms, you are technically hermaphrodites and that a biological sex doesn't really work well to describe your situation.


Also, you know some intermediate mechanical engineering now, it seems. You also know fireball. You could totally make a steam and/or combustion engine.
No. 1071190 ID: 8a6a52

Also, even if you didn't have cooties, you have been around your sister long enough you have to have contracted them by now.

It is definitely terminal.
No. 1071191 ID: 8f9bc4

A. you wouldn't let your sister be a girl all by herself.
N. you already have splotches all over your body and you haven't exploded not even once!
Must be just kobold girls.
Wait this is about making an egg, isn't it? Aren't kobold girls the ones who make the eggs?
No. 1071219 ID: 5c2013

your A girl and I don't know if you have cooties

File 165776576711.png - (213.99KB , 1000x1000 , 138.png )
1038059 No. 1038059 ID: 629f2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.

THREAD 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010078.html
THREAD 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1019132.html
THREAD 3B: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1038066.html
WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity


And again, you see it all play out, reliving the mistakes exactly as you’d made them on that day. The performance of a tragedy...
233 posts and 81 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1071055 ID: 22eda9

I'd say Split, but have at least one person (if not a whole pair) keep an eye on the stairwell. It's important to know if someone comes up after everyone else, regardless of if it's 'Bec or Sheppard.

It might also be good to agree on some kind of sound or signal to identify "I am here" or "Sheppard is here." while (almost) everyone's still grouped together.
No. 1071056 ID: e51896

A, stick together.

If the decision is to split up, stick with Albert so that you can cancel his noise, and go East with him. Roger and Enid can go south. Not north because there is another stairway there, and we don't want to get ambush. Tell them to meet back here in like, around 10 updates time.

If we leave, go south together.

3. Since we had Clive choose, lets also give him a rest to recover more fear, and get an update on everything now that we're somewhere safer(?) and update them on stuff. Maybe Albert and Roger discovered something.

I want to point out to them the loading area on the map, and how there is a big opening over there which MIGHT be an alternate exit if we can't exit through the east. I'm thinking it's a large garage door for vehicles to exit and enter. The question would be how we could open it. Also, we should tell them about how we found another dead body in the lockers of the storage room. Makes me wonder why they were hiding, and from what. but whatever threat that was in here, it was something that people were not only running from, but hiding from too. Albert might have some better conclusions over this.


2. Listen for any noises from up here. If Bec is anywhere, we might hear her since Shepherd isn't up here yet.

lastly, a thought, if there were noises down east of the break room like Albert claims there was, and we heard someone enter from the north of the turbine room just now, then that could mean that someone MAY have entered the plant if that wasn't Bec making a racket in the east.
No. 1071062 ID: 3be852

Stick together and rest. We just spend like ten billion updates trying to get most of us back together, this eliminates most uncertainty with the tappy tap tap cane and oh no is it a shotgun man or a spiky haired asshole.

Plus if we’re all together we get to utilize all the benefits of people, for example Clive is silent and Enid is a diabolical mastermind who forces us to obey, which is great for Albert and his stubbornness. Stack the buffs!

Tell Albert about the body and use his big brain for something other than insults.
No. 1071076 ID: f8083d

Stick together and start exploring, hugging the north wall.
No. 1071124 ID: 918cdb

Don't you know, you never split the party,
Enid at the back, keep the runners hale and hearty,
Albert right in the middle, where he can give insights,
And you shouldn't have let Becky out of sight.

Staying together and resting for a while in order to catch up with each other would be the best idea.

Afterwards, we should move east, since that's the direction with the direction that has the most rooms.

File 169058479707.png - (288.84KB , 1280x1024 , AF00.png )
1069176 No. 1069176 ID: 462d8c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

44 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1070063 ID: 481cd1

Why do the two worlds have separate currencies anyway? Seems inconvenient for all involved tbh
No. 1070077 ID: 8f9bc4

Can I un-vote for fairy ring? An anti-vote? It sounds like a reeeeeeeally bad idea, especially as unprepared as you are.

As for the cash, you already spent what you could of it on rent and stuff. So it's effectively about as much worth as kindling to you at the moment.

Mental note: avoid big heists until you have some place to stash the loot.
No. 1070372 ID: f8083d

A) Go to Lokkport, see if any tourist trap shops sells expensive collector stuff you could resell on the internet. Laundering!
No. 1070506 ID: 34713f

Yeah, Lokkport seems like the safest option; if nothing magical turns up in your search, you can always fall back on buying some expensive assets you can convert back into laundered money (of any denomination) elsewhere.
No. 1070507 ID: a7a180

Go to the fairy ring, frolic with fey!

File 168527138829.jpg - (710.94KB , 2200x1467 , Jacks_Candle_thread_2.jpg )
1064679 No. 1064679 ID: f57349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Three weeks ago the ground began to shake. Gently, at first, like some drunken giant's wheezing snore.

Whenever winds came from the north, a nameless numb despair gripped the peoples' hearts, but bedrock slept soundly.

On other days the quaking slowly escalated. Cookpot-sized sinkholes were met with eager curiosity. When they started swallowing whole wagons, that turned to terror.

Prominent families sent trusted representatives to the town's sturdiest and most central building, hoping to plan a coordinated response to the crisis.

1) Who are you? Core of character creation is an adjective, a noun, and a verb.

Noun options:
Arkus (leader)
Delve (explorer)
Jack (rogue)
Glaive (fighter)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
54 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1068139 ID: 97a765

rolled 17, 3, 8, 17, 3, 14, 19, 16, 18, 10, 6, 5, 5, 9, 20, 19, 5, 17, 11, 9 = 231

>how many midnight stones were collected before the phase glove expired
Well, as many as I have time for probably. I'll use one to recharge my phase glove. Can we quickly find any buyers?

The slugman's stalk eyes open wider and droop closer to the watch's display as it emits one chirping ping after another.

>"...Hey Vorkruns? What's that timer for?"
"Oh no. Ohhh no no no no no...not now! I need one of you to lower me into the tunnel immediately! Ah, please. I have to leave!" Sepurcius scoots down to the elevator as fast as his snail foot can carry him. Gonna spend speed effort on this, whatever it takes.
No. 1068147 ID: 965bce

rolled 10, 3, 15, 12, 2, 13, 17, 11, 19, 9, 19, 9, 8, 8, 7, 18, 5, 8, 10, 10 = 213

>Who's carrying which cyphers at the end of the day
Alaiya is still carrying her level 3 Pressure Detonator, and has replaced her spent infiltrator with the level 5 Strength booster. Saharnya is carrying the level 6 Flash Detonator and the level 8 Metal Death. When he returned from the tunnels, Sepurcius was carrying the level 9 Reality Spike and level 4 Acidic Resonator and at least one midnight stone (but he might have chosen to swap around cyphers or pick up another since). The remaining embarrassment of riches includes the level 2 Sheen, level 5 Explosive Poison, level 5 Sonic Hole and level 6 Heat Nodule.

Saharnya seems interested in selling whatever's left over for iotum, which seems reasonable. Maybe wait until the nano's done attempting to recharge his phase glove- whether or not he succeeds determines if he has an open cypher slot or not.

>-Most of the papers in the master jeweler's wall safe are missing. There are some odd abrasions around the hinge, but it was definitely not opened since the last time those papers were seen, nor has the transdimensional dye marker been triggered. Anything with a wax seal or multiple sheets fastened together is still there.
Perhaps something flattened the sheets enough that they could slip out through the seams? But whatever method was used couldn't similarly compress wax or bindings. Did the guards notice anything?

>-Point source of that poison is less than ten miles outside town. Could cross-reference recent weather and medical records, triangulate the spot to within a few hundred yards, assuming it's stationary.
Seems worth doing! Can't work to track down the machines with a rampaging slug-beast in the tunnels today anyways.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1068191 ID: e5709d

rolled 4, 3, 4 + 3 = 14

Last night:
"Zzz... arf arf arf... zzz... arf arf awfo... awo... meow... zzz... meow... nya... meow... nya..."
No. 1070154 ID: f57349

> Did the guards notice anything?
>rolled 10, 3
Butler can say with confidence that none of the conventional workers had apparent means, nor significant opportunity. Living-wallpaper guard seems to have wandered off at some point.
>rolled 15
The stuff is insidious, and data is spotty in part because one of the main symptoms is 'unresponsiveness.' By the time Alaiya has it narrowed down to a particular outlying farm, there aren't many hours of daylight left.

>as many [midnight stones were collected] as I have time for
Sixteen, then.
>I'll use one to recharge my phase glove.
>rolled 17
The stone is successfully activated, but wisps of void matter writhe out of control.
>rolled 3
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1070214 ID: e5709d

rolled 7, 18, 11, 9, 13, 17, 15, 6, 13, 1, 8, 16, 3, 16, 14, 3, 6, 4, 6, 16 = 202

Saharnya first greets her cousin - at least, she thinks this is one of her cousins. They haven't seen each other since she left the farm, but everyone in the clowder was on good terms with one another. It's all one big fuzzy blur.

Saharnya's course of action is to negotiate with the trade delegation, using her familial connection with Eliznyabeth and Alaiya's assistance, for the rental of the chainpods and the delegation's mercenaries, in exchange for a major share of any resources they might find on the expeditions. A 60-40 split seems appropriate.

[Persuasion: Intellect, 1 Eff-
*glass shattering*
Saharnya is mildly horrified that Reiko showed up after half a year of being banished - suspended, as Reiko describes it - from House Youngmason. For the fourth or fifth time. Annoyance floods her synapses; Reiko is too valuable as an engineer to shoo away, but too weird and erratic to tolerate. Once again, Reiko tries to insert herself into her life as if nothing happened, and Saharnya knows that the moment Azure finds out she'll welcome Reiko back into the fold and all the peace and quiet she's had risking her life for the nobility for six months will be gone once again.
But Saharnya grips her shiny mattock and grins. She can pull rank over Reiko now.

File 166139987844.png - (2.10MB , 1662x1172 , Work tagline.png )
1041764 No. 1041764 ID: b7732e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This is a short fan quest taking place way before the events of The God Damned by Whistler and Graphygraphie https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/944457.html. Fret not, as reading it is not necessary to understand this tale. Take it as an aperitif for a much grander one.

A day in the life of people who just want to get through the end of it.
48 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1065691 ID: 85f241
File 168655183897.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1280 , Trezi 25.png )

>You should have an education session to teach the kids why training outside their class is forbidden.

That is a sensible idea, perhaps Jaired’s training officers will be more lenient with him if the Martinet who caught him red-handed is willing to lecture him on the matter herself, though she is certainly not relishing that extra load of work. Perhaps she won’t be having tea with Tarana after all.

“Excuse me, Martinet Trezi?”

“Mm? Yes, Chug?”

“B-back in the tunnel, why did you decide to carry the boy yourself?”

“I thought I told you, I had been the one charged bringing him back, and a good workout never hurt nobody.”

>You do have a good reason to do this… right?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1065692 ID: 85f241
File 168655209414.png - (1.21MB , 1280x1280 , CChalker 1.png )

“Goodbye, Chalker, have a good day at work!”, Missy beams as she waves goodbye.

“Hmyeah, thanks, Missy. Break a leg,” the grumpy Toiler emerging from the dormitories’ threshold replies.

“That’s rude. There are better ways to get a day off, silly,” she replies, missing the point yet again, before turning her back towards the street and goes on her merry way.

Or, at least, that’s what befell earlier today, when Chalker begrudgingly got up from his hammock, ate his breakfast and went on to face the new day, pickaxe in hand.

It is now 9:15 AM and Chalker’s first work shift is already well underway.

There are three places where he is supposed to work on this fine day, each of equal and vital importance, each bound to improve the infrastructure of the city and provide a fulfilling sense of purpose for those working in them: The Quarry, where he will be helping to extract and shape new building blocks for his neighborhood; the Mongers’ Caves, where he will help bring out and transport the coming and going merchandise; and the New Tunnel, which he is taking part in digging.

Which one was he meant to go to first?

>The Quarry

>The Mongers’ Cave

>The New Tunnel
No. 1065717 ID: d3bf48

B. As fun as it would be to diggy diggy hole, coinage is funner. To the Mongers’ Cave!
No. 1066210 ID: 629f2e

I agree with Donut right above, The Mongers' Cave sounds the most interesting. We've dealt with Martinets, Artisans, Toilers, and young children. Let's meet us some money people now!
No. 1070053 ID: 8fae7e

Missy is obviously in the top 5% of Toilers.

Mongers' Cave sound like it'll be the most mentally taxing, so best to get it out of the way early.

File 169039311458.png - (39.86KB , 1280x1280 , RBE_Title.png )
1068994 No. 1068994 ID: 2f7f6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A Papa’s Pizzeria-like sandbox quest.
26 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1069750 ID: 435f13

A burger
No. 1069754 ID: e5709d

A blooming donut.
And your next customer is a Neumono from another dimension who doesn't realize she entered the twilight zone and came out into a world where humanity @#$%ed up and is still stuck on Terra and still blissfully alone in the universe.
No. 1069952 ID: 48c015

Whatever the suggestor above me is smoking.
No. 1069956 ID: 273c18

A whole ass cake.
No. 1069959 ID: 635e12

A turducken

File 166970089031.png - (12.27KB , 600x600 , begin.png )
1050471 No. 1050471 ID: de253f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

There's a little black spot on the sun today
It's the same old thing as yesterday
90 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1069480 ID: 462d8c

Just return to Amanda's house
No. 1069496 ID: 073609

Might as well head back home. From the map earlier their really didn’t seem like their was much to do in town excepts maybe go to the park but that’s in the opposite direction from Amanda’s place and you probably shouldn’t risk losing or breaking to case you just got. I mean you probably have enough problems with the whole “can’t remember shit” and the “ you apparently almost died”. Probably should add people have a hard time trusting you since you fucked up a simple delivery mission after have to be taught how to open a door on top of all that.
No. 1069516 ID: 44def3

Okay so that explains why Amanda can see, that's one of her "odd characteristics".

Anyway time to deliver errand #1. Things are going great! I mean, apparently you were nearly non-functional before Amanda saved you. That's pretty cool.
No. 1069574 ID: 8f9bc4

Be sure to thank Amanda for introducing you to Werner. Her sight makes much more sense, now that you've spoken with a man without a mouth.
No. 1069954 ID: 48c015

Let's not tempt fate. We have much else to do, so we should go back to Amanda, we can fun stuff tomorrow.

File 169077010730.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , Dream quest title.png )
1069408 No. 1069408 ID: 770f88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Dream Quest.
NSFW Dependent on the dream.

An Short Multi Story Quest based off actual dreams I've had.
24 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1069795 ID: 770f88
File 169126761960.png - (14.37KB , 500x500 , lu luv sharp thingsssssssss.png )

>> Z but with more intersex porno

[Secrect Sexy Route Unlocked?]

But then why do you have this heavy feeling in your chest? I mean- you wouldn’t be against an giant anthropomorphic bee stinging you sexually~ and you’ve been thinking that maybe you like sharp things and ummm.. No! Focus Derklord! ShotGun! Pew Pew!
But this may be a way to come to accept what happened in your DRAMATIC BACKSTORY .

[Suggest an Item or thing] eg. Shotgun, Some Flowers.

[Suggest an action or purpose.] Eg. To rain hell towards the hornets, To Propose to the Hornets.
[Do Nothing.]

[Get Neked?] (Sexy Route?)
No. 1069798 ID: 2f60f8

Item: a phone

Purpose: call an exterminator to rid yourself of those nasty hornets!
No. 1069814 ID: 462d8c

A: Start blastin'! Unfortunately, being a nightmare the shotgun probably ends up shooting incomplete homework or some other anxiety inducing thing
No. 1069815 ID: a758c7

C get nekkid
No. 1069825 ID: 8f9bc4


File 161553889829.png - (2.85KB , 400x400 , 1_1.png )
990779 No. 990779 ID: 7f716e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

"The White flavor's okay,.... Mhmmm but don't...... you don't wanna know what...."

129 posts and 71 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1069678 ID: 9f13c1

No. 1069689 ID: e5709d

No. 1069690 ID: b57fea

Cast Muscle Spasm on him, that'll stop him dead in his tracks!
No. 1069691 ID: de211d

Slurpee avalanche!
(But then it immediatly melts because we're in He'll, and you cant get your prize that easily, but at least it helped against our enemy.)
No. 1069698 ID: 8f9bc4

Astral Dunk

File 168985972764.png - (5.19KB , 480x300 , 000.png )
1068283 No. 1068283 ID: 1bc2cb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

The effects of suggestions in this quest may not always be immediately obvious.

No promises.
66 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1068758 ID: 51f2a2
File 169012523286.png - (8.31KB , 480x300 , 032.png )

The Western Territories, officially the Federation of the Western Territories, is a country on the continent of Solomonia[1]. It comprises the entirety of the Western Peninsula[2] and the adjoining islands. Its sole land border, which is disputed[3], is with the Solomonian Union[4] to the east, across a mountainous desert region known as the Divide[5]. Formed in the aftermath of the Great War[6] by the colonies of several Borean[7] nations which were annexed during the conflict, it has developed a reputation for mystery and isolation, especially in the aftermath of its Civil War[8].
No. 1068759 ID: 51f2a2
File 169012524530.png - (7.78KB , 480x300 , 033.png )

The computing industry[1] in the Western Territories[2] has developed largely independent of and parallel to that of the rest of the world, due to that country's isolation during the last half-century. Examples of Western-produced computers outside of the peninsula are rare. Known manufacturers include WMT, Sharpen, Intelligent, Aster and Holt. (Know more about this topic? Please contact us[3] so we can improve this
No. 1068760 ID: 17c2ee

Wow golly gosh what a coincidence, Aster. Might as well look for more info on them, they're the first possibility alphabetically speaking.
No. 1068770 ID: 7c0da2

Try to follow the "computing industry[1]" link.
No. 1069283 ID: 48c015

Let's reeducate ourselves a bit about the Great War, the Western Territories Civil War, and the Boreans.

File 168868657044.png - (54.60KB , 600x600 , HD Title.png )
1067217 No. 1067217 ID: e9ee7a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

68 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1068983 ID: 9e3b5f

>>1068567 Whatever you do, do NOT step on two more houses and get fairies living in your nipples.
No. 1069003 ID: d3bf48

I’m on the Fairy’s side. I am unbiased.
No. 1069006 ID: e5709d

Especially since your dragon form doesn't have boobs and you're not sure if they'd die first or merge and steal your awesomeness.
No. 1069231 ID: e13cf9

A fairy bargain? that's quite a pickle
Maybe visit the lake, i don't think she'll like having her new house flooded, it's not breaking the bargain if she's the one that leaves right?
No. 1069238 ID: 1704f7

Can the fairy be a futa herself?

File 159971026806.png - (32.87KB , 512x512 , panel1.png )
975978 No. 975978 ID: ce5cbd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

292 posts and 139 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1069153 ID: eb7ce4

we could, but im pretty sure it got abandoned since worker couldnt use it

Also, we should question her on why she's still tied up and wearing the wedding dress :3
No. 1069165 ID: f14228

Go for a hug and another wild story - the time traveller's tale.

"Hi again, dear! Still looking good!"

On the topic of looks, assure her that look, you were trying to properly do the marriage proposal thing, but Riede didn't seem keen, so the whole affair must go through later, whoops haha - hm, come to think of it, did it need to be approved by one of the elders of the house? Gah, you can't remember their name. July? Ule? Someone like that. She should rest assured you'll have a spare certificate on hand for the time when it comes, just like you had the dress. Speaking of, is the fit okay? You do hope you got her measurements right, at least.

That said, you get the disapppintment at being left behind at the not-so-literal alter - utterly scandalous - and will work hard to make up for it and honor her and her house, once the world is no longer under threat of their COSMIC ULTRA NUKE that...

... oh right, she still doesn't know what the actual The Plan(tm) is? Or was the story she didn't care and was just in it for the gravity magic, like Rean? Man, that woman - her brother is decidedly more pleasant. Right?

Take a step back, apologize for rambling and say that given the MANY time shenanigans that've been going on the last few months of subjective time, you get the order of events confused a lot: you just knew you couldn't tell her anything in that first encounter - but that's really not your fault, because she told you - nagged, really - that you didn't!

Anyway, it's important she pay attention, because she'll tell you some of this later, before you get here. Admittedly, she also said you could've explained things better and that she was too upset about something at the time to really pay attention when you informed past-her, so um, let's reset, like a proper time mage should.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1069175 ID: 7c0da2

I think Worker still had it in the sewers here >>1037224.
No. 1069196 ID: 53560f

Get on your hands and knees and BEG Riede to officiate the marriage papers!
It’s the only way we can possibly hope to beat Yand.

Yand’s teammates must really hate her if they didn’t even bother untying her
No. 1069210 ID: eb162f

Gonna be hard to get married after your papers got burned. But hey, maybe something happened between her and her masters or whatever that can be of help. It would certainly be a good idea to first find out about her circumstances and then adapt to the situation.

In general you should act all lovingly towards "your dear"; be worried, tell her that you're sorry about what happened the last time, but that she shouldn't get any wrong impressions - the marriage wasn't official yet, so if she wants to call it off... Btw, she won't hurt you if you untie her, will she?

File 167798745891.png - (204.21KB , 1024x576 , HWC06_001.png )
1057440 No. 1057440 ID: a4d2ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

This mall is one of the few places where he's allowed to come. In part, because of the high ceiling clearance. In part... it sees alot of movement. I guess they want him to be seen as... normal.

And yet, plenty stores dont let him inside anyway.
106 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1068736 ID: fb3ac9
File 169008570193.png - (421.56KB , 1024x576 , HWC06_052.png )

I shoot a last message to Dispatch. O'Hara is one of the good guys, even if he's not entirely straight. We can trust him with a favor, I wouls just rather not ask him favors. I'm afraid I cant say much more, I wouldnt like any of this on record.

You cant bottle bad thought. It just grow. Wound need air to get better.

> "Easy for YOU to say! You, after all this gets to go home to rest and eat and and be safe under all that metal! I cant even get my guard down in my own home!!"

I understand. She is lashing out. Andrews seems understanding. Or she is just not letting him answer.
No. 1068737 ID: fb3ac9
File 169008573483.png - (357.70KB , 1024x576 , HWC06_053.png )

> "I cant even be safe in my own place. Do I still even have a place? Should I go back after--"

At this point, Freya poured her heart. Yeah, she knew Locke. Apparently they met three months ago when Locke moved into the city with Falcone, and was about to leave in a few weeks. Things between the two seemed to be going nicely. When trying to talk about what happened the last time they met, she just broke into tears.
No. 1068738 ID: fb3ac9
File 169008582662.png - (264.79KB , 1024x576 , HWC06_054.png )

Between her yelling, her soft cries on my shoulder, and the scent of rewarmed coffee, the rescuers have no trouble finding us. Which bring us a problem... now what?

"Whatever you guys decide, I got your back."

It didnt dawn on me at the time, but... Freya is traumatized, Locke is unavailable -- permanently --, and Falcone got caught by Kirk and Kat, but they just locks and shuts up whenever someone asks them something uncomfortable. Me, Andrews and Dispatch have the most information on the situation, and whatever story we ended up making held a disproportionate amount of weight on the things that followed. In most possibilities, either Freya or Falcone would end in a bad spot.

So what did we end up telling them?
No. 1068739 ID: 273c18

A full and unbiased report, obviously. The authorities can gather further evidence, and the situation is fragile enough that they're going to want to do a thorough investigation.

A corrupt handler brought to justice by the soldier he was paired with? That's fine, the public will appreciate that story. It will be seen as that soldiers can be trusted more than their handlers.
No. 1068825 ID: f8083d

I suspect Locke confronted whoever is threatening Freya and got done in, setting off Falcone.

File 168720394357.png - (6.83KB , 605x583 , AnnaQuestCH3P1.png )
1066261 No. 1066261 ID: d36bc1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Oh, Hi! Been a while, hasn't it?

It's Onfim again! And i'm very exited! Why? Because i'm getting a gift from Mister Jackson!

I don't know why it was enclosed in a box, but i only have to press a button to open it! Hell Yeah!
18 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 1066696 ID: d36bc1
File 168788196493.png - (4.88KB , 605x583 , AnnaQuestCH3P11.png )

>>Sure, knock yourself out.

Schlatt: Okay. I don't know who my mother is, or was. And i wish i knew! Because my dad beat the shit outta me! Every night i was hoping that he would not drink for ONE, FUCKING, DAY. HE IS THE REASON I HAVE NIGHT TERRORS. AND I FUCKING HATED HIM FOR IT.....*sigh* just wanted to get that off my chest........so what was your dad like?
No. 1066697 ID: 8f9bc4

He'd often sit me down and have a long talk about how he was right, relentlessly arguing with me and breaking me down for hours because he couldn't believe he was ever wrong. He was the best father, in his head.

So, Socrates basically. Not too bad, all things considered. Must suck to have night terrors. Those are the ones you can't even remember, right?
No. 1066726 ID: d36bc1
File 168792004759.png - (5.37KB , 605x583 , AnnaQuestCH3P12.png )

>>He'd often sit me down and have a long talk about how he was right, relentlessly arguing with me and breaking me down for hours because he couldn't believe he was ever wrong. He was the best father, in his head. So, Socrates basically. Not too bad, all things considered. Must suck to have night terrors. Those are the ones you can't even remember, right?

Schlatt: augh.. yeah. Some nights i lay my head on my pillow for hours (or at least it feels like hours) until my eyes get too tired and i fall asleep. Anyways, no offence but you look like some middle-aged dad with no money. Do you have a kid or something?
No. 1066729 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1068726 ID: 48c015

Yes, 37 children, why?

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