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File 166054629737.png - (1.08MB , 1075x1121 , 1.png )
1040912 No. 1040912 ID: fd2dfa

This is a test game. A test for a very simplified system that I want to see if it works or not. It may be subject to change mid-game if it’s not working as intended. Expect violence.
Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business

The world’s in a period of great upheaval. Centuries old rule is being challenged. Old magic and primal forces rage across the land. Old and terrible gods set their eyes upon creation. It is a time of great story and great heroes.

But this isn’t one of them.
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No. 1040913 ID: fd2dfa
File 166054632891.png - (722.27KB , 1375x1027 , 2.png )

“We’re outta coin.”
“Whuzza wha?
“Nu…numanargapua? No…no-no mahney?”
“No money. No money, no ale.”
“Nu Mahaney. Nu girls?”
“Oh pogadua...”
“We need a new job soon.”
No. 1040914 ID: fd2dfa
File 166054636550.png - (565.79KB , 2037x837 , 3.png )

“YOU! Need a new job. I~ am gunna stay rrrrright here and do this uh…thing!”
“What thing?”
“My thing! I-thing-of thing? NO! On my work doing to…uh(Bin nusha sa kriot?)…finish!”
“The thing can come with us then. Keeper says we’re paid only til tomorrow, then he’s booting us out.”
“Relax Balboran ya twiggy bastard. S’already gotta job lined up.”
“Oh yeah? With who?”
“Wisssthe new lad! New job came wif’im!”
“You hired someone else just cause they were already on the job?!”
“Ya ya issfine. They comin’ over now. OI! YOU-


No. 1040917 ID: 90c451

Mara Noiten, child of Kaz Noiten and Lyla Noiten.
Pure-Blooded Human, though your albinism has people asking if you're a vampire.
No. 1040918 ID: fec07f

Works for me
No. 1040919 ID: 899c9f

Jiang Qi
Tsang Naji
No. 1040927 ID: e5709d

No. 1040934 ID: ae4094

No. 1040953 ID: 2a03c8

No. 1040977 ID: cdbcf8

Name: Arabella Risus
Race: Grafla
Sex: Female

Big girl. Hmmmmmmmm.
No. 1040993 ID: f08d27

No. 1041007 ID: e51896

No. 1041191 ID: fd2dfa
File 166080092445.png - (1.26MB , 1684x2177 , 4.png )

:kema:"Oi Janny! Or Jimmy! Or Janky! Sumthin' like that. Wo'ever yer name is! Over 'ere"


:kema:"Yeah yoo! Wot uh...wot're ya agin?"



:jonr:"Tar a na dagga!"

:kema:"...right. Never seen wunna ya a'fore. Wot ya doin' in this shite-hole?"

[What is Jiang Qi's story? What lead a Tsang Naji to a shithole on the other side of the known world?]
No. 1041193 ID: 899c9f

Well uh, you know, sometimes you piss off the wrong uncle during the wrong bicentennial day parade by breaking wind as you bow to the local ruler. Court politics are so dull anyway! (Qi is a lazy, lazy fox. As you can see, she would rather be engaging in hedonism than learning etiquette.)
No. 1041223 ID: b1542c

Well to start with we were a younger member of a moderatly successful merchant family. Only thing that really stands out about that is that it was really boring. As for traveling we're not sure how it started cause we were REALLY drunk for that bit. After waking up on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean we managed to flag down a passing ship before we died of exposure have just sort of been wanderimg ever simce because it's more interesting than anything back home.
No. 1041228 ID: a7143e

I was training to be a war maiden, defending the castle when the men were away. But I learned I had to defend it to the death. And I'm allergic to dying. It hurts. I thought that would be a good enough reason for my family to let me, you know, NOT be a war maiden? They didn't. So I ran. I kept running until I was sure the assassins gave up chasing me. Which is here. I think.

Hey did that shadow move?
No. 1041230 ID: e5709d

Jiang Qi was born for the sole purpose of an arranged marriage. In a particularly disturbing chain of events, not only was Qi a wedlock child of an infamous rebel warrior, but her fiancée was secretly female. They ran away from the chaos. The relationship is going surprisingly well, and the locals are suckers for fluffy god-posers, but now they need money to fund their lavish lifestyles.
No. 1041231 ID: 90c451

Why are we here? Because, quite frankly, Eastaland fucking sucks. I mean, half the people there acted as if I was larger than life, the other half wanted to kill me. Honestly, most of the time those weren't mutually exclusive. I'd much rather be in some backwater where nobody knows what I am let alone my entire family lineage. Also, the food's good. Anyway, I figure in a place nobody knows me I can stop worrying about calculating every action I make so I'm not killed and I can finally start relaxing and doing fun stuff instead.
No. 1041248 ID: f2320a

okay thats hilarious so it has my support could combine it with the drunk row boat thing
No. 1041419 ID: fd2dfa
File 166103623352.png - (303.10KB , 1205x743 , 5.png )

"Rrrr...you know family. Sometimes you anger the wrong uncle his bicentennial day parade by getting drunk and doing...things that embarrass him in front of the Celesital Emperor. Court politics have all these stupid little rules. I mean, why do merchant families even have to attend right?."

"I mean we're like the lowest class, but we have to attend cause my dad's dad's brother's cousin's daughter's brother-in-law is funding the construction of some dinky Summer Palace, and suddenly everyone in the family has to pack up and travel across the empire for some stupid celebration nobody has ever heard of. Can anyone blame me if I get bored and they leave all that free food and wine just lying there?"
:jonr:"Dagga nar zertakkaxerak?"

"As for getting here, remeber I was REALLY drunk. So I just know what I'm told. After waking up on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean, we managed to flag down a passing ship before we died of exposure, and have been wandering. And if we ever go back, our family would kill us."

:kema:"Who is we?"

"My and my...friend?"


>Jiang Qi's default class is "Merchant"
No. 1041422 ID: fd2dfa
File 166103636938.png - (1.35MB , 4591x1676 , 6.png )

In this system, Each character has 5 stats.
Health: Self-explanatory
Action point-How many actions a character can perform a turn(Example “Run to enemy and slap his face” counts as 2 separate actions)
Combat - Ability to kill things. Or break things with your meat-hands. Or lift things with your gross bulk. General actions that involve getting up close to something and committing violence to it.
Tactical - Ability to control the battlefield and and general know-how. Breaking locks, spotting traps, setting up ambushes, learning how not to be seen, etc. Archers and rogues use this as a modifier instead of combat unless the enemy is on top of them. Fighters use this to counter attack during an enemy turn.
Esoteric – Ability to not be a meathead. High score implies knowledge of things normal people don’t have. Scholars, wizards and others who try to avoid direct confrontation use this for fighting, but for things like patching wounds, using magic, or setting off traps to catch un unwary foe.

Kellmayn - Daoine Sharpshooter
Health - 3 (Healthy)
Action points - 3 (Quick)
Combat - 2 (Weak)
Tactical - 7 (Strategist)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)
Special Ability "Watch this!"
Condition - Nobody engages Kellmayn for 2 turns, and Kellmayn doesn’t fire once.
Her next shot will be an impossible ricochet that instantly kills 1 enemy, except monstrous creatures.

Joanir - Utaqi Freeblade
Health - 5 (Robust)
Action points - 2 (Average)
Combat - 8 (Brick of Meat)
Tactical - 0 (What's a map?)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)
Special Ability "Pulped"
Condition - Enemy hp is below his.
An overhand swing to instantly kill an enemy. Consumes all actions.

Viyasda - Avaqut Vagabond
Health - 2 (Average)
Action points - 4 (Nimble)
Combat - 1 (Pathetic)
Tactical - 8 (Strategist)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)
Special Ability "Surprise!"
Condition - Face the enemy back without them noticing the previous turn.
Viyasda kills 1 enemy this battle regardless of hp. Subsequent backstabs are guaranteed criticals(double damage)

Norberg - Daoine Monk
Health - 4 (Hardy)
Action points - 2 (Average)
Combat - 5 (Strong)
Tactical - 4 (Meh)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)
Special Ability "Block you!"
Condition - HP is reduced to 1.
Norberg loses his temper and beats his enemy to death with his shield. The shield is destroyed dropping his tactical to 0 and raising combat to 8. Finding a large, bulky item later will count as a shield and reset his stats.

Balboran - Daoine Healer
Health - 2 (Sickly)
Action points - 2 (Average)
Combat - 1 (Pathetic)
Tactical - 2 (Knows which end of a sword is pointy)
Esoteric - 8 (Genius)
Special Ability "Mister Feelgood"
Condition - Ally is down to 0 hp.
Gives them a kick-in-the-pants concoction to double their hp for the fight, but after 3 turns, the character's health drops to 1 hp.

Jiang Qi - Tsang Naji Merchant
Health - 2 (Sickly)
Action points - 2 (Average)
Combat - 0 (Ha ha! I'm in danger!)
Tactical - 3 (Might win a game of checkers)
Esoteric - 8 (Genius)

>Confirm or reroll Jiang Qi's class and stats?
>Pick 3 companions!
No. 1041423 ID: 899c9f

Well, this mindset will certainly integrate... interestingly with a magical class! I'l vote for a reroll but if not I guess this is fine since not many of the companions can fill this role and we don't know the system yet.
Joanir, Balboran, and either Vyasda or Kellmayn.
No. 1041441 ID: fec07f

I say keep juat because an impulsive magic user seems potentially amusing.

As for companions I vote the monk as he'd complement our weknesses pretty well and seems like he'd be an amusing straight man to our chaos
No. 1041443 ID: 1afdda

Your "straight man" is currently sleeping under the table with a bucket on his head
No. 1041444 ID: e5709d

Hire([Balboran, Joanir, Kellmayn]);
No. 1041474 ID: 90c451

Balboran and Norberg I feel need to be taken together because their abilities combo so damn well. Otherwise we're in need for pure killing potential so either Joanir or Viyasda for having instant kill abilities that don't need you to waste a few turns to kill a single enemy.
As for Jian Qi? Don't reroll, I think our stats will provide some interesting challenges and while the stats aren't ideal, they're funny as hell.
No. 1041525 ID: 021192

Balboran also syncs well with Joanir. If 10 is a lot, he'd basically 1 shot enemies for 3 turns. Really eitger one will do.

Also I want Viya along, and reroll Jiang Qi
No. 1044253 ID: fd2dfa
File 166365379885.png - (953.26KB , 2185x1474 , 7.png )

Re-roll Jiang-Qi:

Alternative classes
Tsang Naji Nu Washu Ya (Rogue class)
Health - 3 (Average)
Action points - 3 (Quick)
Combat - 1 (Pathetic)
Tactical - 8 (Strategist)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)

Tsang Naji Nu Washu Ya (Fighter class)
Health - 3 (Healthy)
Action points - 2 (Average)
Combat - 7 (Like a Rock)
Tactical - 3 (Might win a game of checkers)
Esoteric - 0 (As bright as a wet match)

Custom Class (Assign 15 points)
Health -
Action points - (4 maximum)
Combat -
Tactical -
Esoteric -
No. 1044255 ID: e5709d

Occult Vestal
Health - 5
Action Points - 2
Combat - 3
Tactical - 0
Esoteric - 5
Born with innate mystical talents, abandoned to a Holy Order at birth, and, well, definitely female, Vestals are harshly trained in the ways of Faith and War. Between hours of mandatory prayer and study, they are occasionally called upon by veterans for 'field trips' into harrowing adventures, preparing for the Holy Wars ahead with training as healers and defenders. However, their rigid education and its mindless adherence to faith leaves them vulnerable to creative attacks and simple cons.
This particular war-priestess has been trained by... 'unorthodox' members. Such parasites would be purged from the clergy at the mere insinuation of their true alliances. Nevertheless, you have found your hidden patrons to be far more welcoming than the cold, aloof gods you claim to worship. Your abilities are slightly changed but mechanically similar to that of a standard Vestal.
Special Ability: Infernal Caress
Condition: Party's total HP is currently half its total max HP.
Heal all characters to full health, including any who have been defeated but have not surrendered. However, the party's maximum health will be halved at the end of the battle in the form of Burn. Short rest to recharge ability, long rest to recover Burn.
No. 1044276 ID: a5afa0

Okay, let’s go with fighter and these companions.
No. 1044287 ID: fdc2fc

While a fighty healer sounds interesting, that skill sounds like a big tradeoff.

I'm leaning more towards fighter
No. 1044289 ID: 2a82d3

Being a Merchant doesn't seem that bad to me. It's the closest job we have to an offensive spell-wielder, since Esoteric is the attack stat for it. It likely involves finding weird potions or items to throw at people in combat.

For team comp, I say throw subtlety to the wind and stack meat shields. Norburg softens the guy up by counter tanking, Joanir cleans up by his strength or special, and Bolboran corrects for any oversights or screwups on the way.
No. 1044484 ID: 2e57e6

Thought about it changing my vote to
No. 1044519 ID: e5709d

Well, if we're choosing between fighter and merchant, I'd rather the merchant.
No. 1044792 ID: 0c5c34
File 166417313628.png - (906.50KB , 2259x1817 , 8.png )

>Merchant class chosen
:kema:"Can ye stop starin' at me an' just tell me about this job?"

"Oh right! Yes! I was approached not too long ago by..."

>A guild member. He's pulling together a company of sellswords to help South Sauderland fight off a Jassanid invasion. Last I heard the two sides are stalemated in the Grundcass pass, and we're going to be part of a plan to break it wide open for the Sauderlanders.

>A Queydan Broker. They're helping a local lord pull together a caravan to resupply one of those colonies out in the wastes. Apparently it's been so long since they have sent anyone, the lord expects them to be undersiege, and the weapons and food his caravan is carrying is going to go for a huge markup. We're going to join an escort.
No. 1044793 ID: a7a180

A Queydan Broker! There's nothing like selling an army's own supplies back to it for a huge profit!
No. 1044804 ID: e5709d

Queydan Broker
One involves war mercenary work, the other involves standard adventuring and merchant work. You're geared up for the latter.
No. 1044826 ID: 708905

War profiteering HO!
No. 1044875 ID: eb207d

Queydan Broker

Ahhh, gods bless the Military Industrial(sort-of) Complex(not really yet but close enough)
No. 1046854 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606785104.png - (0.97MB , 2216x1576 , 9.png )

It's easier to sway the sellswords than you thought. Maybe they are that desperate for money. Or maybe they just don't know what the Wastes are like.

In days you are tranported to the ever growing train of supplies, guards, mercenaries, travelers, and other hangers-on that tend to form anytime someone tries to make any expedition east.

The mercenaries are settling in. Norberg, Joanir, and Balboran find a spot near the front to rest their feet while Kellmayn volunteers as scout. Visyada...she disappeared. You only hope it's not to steal something. It would make getting paid later much harder.

"You look like a competent lot" Lord Mohwin remarks as he hands you a bag of coin! Yes! Advance pay!

>Earned coin!

You could leave early now and just pocket this-oh wait, these are worthless printed scrip. Only good to trade with him, the cheap bastard.

>Lost coin!
>Earned 10 Scrip!

>Check the caravan store
No. 1046875 ID: e5709d

>Spend Scrip?
Why do you even need to ask? Hopefully they have a health potion or something...
No. 1046876 ID: a7a180

Hold on now, the rest of your payment better not be this useless paper stuff. You’d rather have useful supplies as an advance. Time to put those merchant skills to work.
No. 1046947 ID: f2320a

Scrip as payment..... money you can only use with one person who decides the price......its just money back into the merchants pocket scummy or very cheap of them if it does not act as exactly the same amount of coin but even then.... scrip that can just be churned out by one unbacked source
No. 1050649 ID: 7a1a17
File 166988227908.png - (1.02MB , 2197x1941 , 10.png )

You approach the caravan store, facing a Queydan merchant. At least this way you know there will be no price gouging. Greedy as they are, they take a vow of propriety

>Trinket of the Swordsaint: A metal sliver said to have chipped off the blade of a Martyr(Name unknown). The wearer gets to add +1 to their combat rolls once per battle.
(2 scrip)
>Trinket of the Trueshot: An arrowhead said to have been taken from the heart of a Jotna. The wearer gets to add +1 to their tactical roll once per battle.
(2 scrip)
>Trinket of the Proselytizer: a small vial of ink said to have been used to write the First Tome. The wearer gets to add +1 to their esoteric roll once per battle.
(2 scrip)
>Wasterweed: a wrapping of aromatic leaves and grass that can dull pain...or suffer mild hallucinogens. The first damage blow is ignored once per battle
(6 scrip)
>Statuette of Saint Beyart: A model of the Saint renowned for their victory at Gavrona Pass using strength and skill. Once per battle, the user swaps their combat and tactical scores are swapped.
(4 scrip)
>Scroll of Brevity: A small scroll carrying a blessing to retain wit in a situation that drains the mind. Once per battle, the user swaps their tactical and esoteric scores are swapped.
(4 scrip)
>War Vial: A potion that is taken in drops meant to enhance intelligence and strength. Continued use leads to muscle degeneration and mental retardation to take sparingly. Once per battle, the user swaps their tactical and esoteric scores are swapped.
(4 scrip)
>Combat potion: A common elixer meant to heal wounds and cure disease. Actually no the real stuff is expensive. This is a watered down variant that just makes pain feel tickly instead. Recover half the party's total health.
(1 scrip per bottle)
No. 1050650 ID: e5709d

War Vial
Trinket of the Trueshot
2 Combat Potions
No. 1054789 ID: 7a1a17
File 167481147834.png - (1.26MB , 2198x1541 , 11.png )

>Items purchased! The journey begins!
You make good progress. But you aren't alone. Then again you're never alone out here. The Wastes are home to all sorts of things and chances are any stretch you travel on is claimed by a bandit, or monster, or monster bandit.

By the third day, the road turns through a perilous cliffside. Perfect place for an ambush. Kellmayn agrees. She sees signs of tampering on the road, and the rocks look unsteady, as though all it would take is a shot from a bow or lancer to cut off your retreat. The higher ups convene to decide what to do...after an hour of bickering they decide to leave the decision to you:

>Frontal assault. If they are gonna spring a trap, might as well set it off and have them face sellswords instead of merchants. (Combat Skill Test will be involved)
>Ambush the ambushers. There are ways around. Hard to see, harder to travel. But they are there. You could use them, get behind the ambush and drop a surprise attack on the would be attackers(Tactical Skill Test involved)
>Find another path. The Wastes are a winding maze of paths, some worn with time, others never existing in official capacity, but regularly used by smugglers. Surely there's something nearby...(Esoteric Skill Test involed)
No. 1054791 ID: e5709d

Tactical Approach. Don't waste your initiative charging into a trap.
No. 1054796 ID: dbe364

Find a way around. That is the stat we chose after all.
No. 1054806 ID: 90c451

Working around this steep cliff-face is gonna be hard and unmanageable, it would be better if we could make use of our knowledge as a merchant to find any smuggling routes.
Try looking for another way around.
No. 1054903 ID: f8083d

Time to ambush the ambush.
No. 1056419 ID: eb207d

Sounds like it's time for some good ol' fashioned pathfinding! Here's to hoping whatever we find keeps us in the green.

Or uh... scrip, I guess.
No. 1056984 ID: 7a1a17
File 167739694199.png - (486.82KB , 1000x1000 , 12.png )

You choose to find an alternative path. At least one around the ambushers and drop something heavy on them. Such as yourselves. The cliffsides are treacherous, but Joanir seems to know where he's going. At least you think he does. Trying to ask about where you're going and all he says is

:jonr:"Aduquay nar gadah!"

You assume that means "Trust me" or something. After you pass the same rock for the third time however, Viyasda takes over as guide, her nimble frame letting her navigate the terrain easier than your mountain-bunny.

>Test success. In future the test will actually have a number requirement so make sure the squad's numbers reach that difficulty. If the combined score is less, it requires a 1d10 roll. If the roll is higher than the difference between the required countand the total, it still succeeds.
No. 1056985 ID: 7a1a17
File 167739695083.png - (194.68KB , 1000x1000 , 13.png )

Viyasda finds your ambushers. A small warband of Kholutan tribals. Weird enough that they're this far west. Weirder still is that there's only the four-
No. 1056986 ID: 7a1a17
File 167739697530.png - (1.24MB , 2202x2293 , 14.png )

-scratch that three. Joanir gives a warcry as he jumps down

:jonr:"NOK GAHOOOO!"

And takes one out of the fight in a spray of bone and gore! But that means they now know you're here. That's bad. But you're behind them, so their one archer is not so far off! Which is good! But there's still a spear and sword fighter and they seem pissed. That's bad...

>You face 2 Kholutan Fighters
Health - 4
Action points - 2
Combat - 5
Tactical - 4
Esoteric - 0

>You face 1 Kholutan Archer
Health - 3
Action points - 3
Combat - 2
Tactical - 7
Esoteric - 0

>>Describe what you want each character to do (Movement counts as one action point. Combat another for example)
No. 1056989 ID: 7a1a17
File 167739749797.png - (1.19MB , 3229x1676 , qr.png )

>Quick reference for the party
No. 1056990 ID: a7a180

Jiang, throw some magic or at least an insult at the archer.
Joanir will keep doing what he's doing.
Viyasda, throw a knife or something at one of the fighters then circle around them and hide.
Balboran, stay back, focus on not getting hit.
No. 1057003 ID: e5709d

Well, that's an acceptable way to sacrifice initiative...

Jiang Qi, taunt the enemy and defend.
Joanir, rush and tackle the archer.
Viyasda, run away screaming, then hide and reposition behind any target.
Balboan, prepare healing tools and defend.
No. 1059770 ID: fd2dfa
File 168006878323.png - (1.20MB , 1920x1080 , 15.png )

Jiang Qi is being very distracting and throws something at the archer. It bounces off his head with dealing 1 damage, and he's now pissed! The swordsman ducks Jiang Qi's trinket-projectile!
Joanir closes the distance with the archer, but the spearman is not having it!
Viyasda...is nowhere to be seen.
Balboran sighs and uncorks a numbing vapor from behind a rock.
No. 1059771 ID: fd2dfa
File 168006878953.png - (1.24MB , 1600x1200 , 16.png )

Jiang Qi continues to be distracting. The archer charges forward and takes aim!
Joanir is in striking distance of the archer. He is tackled by the spearman, but it's rather clumsy.
:jonr:"Adaro! Dagga li! Daggadaggadagga!"
In his struggle, he grazes the archer, knocking him off balance. The short grazes Jiang Qi, but her layered clothes protect her from the arrowhead. (Esoteric save)
>Joanir is bogged down (1 action left)
Viyasda suddenly reappears behind the swordsman, and gives him a surprise (instant death) (2 Actions left)
>Kholutan swordsman is dead

Balboran is trying to control his anxiety. (1 action left)

Consider this a freebie, and an example of the sort of stuff you can do. The turn is not yet over!
No. 1059788 ID: e5709d

Balboran, scream wildly to distract enemies who don't know you're an anxious git.
Joanir, smash the spearman.
Viyasda, use the corpse as a meatshield and throw your knives at the archer.
No. 1059792 ID: a7a180

Joanir, attack spearman, Viyasda, attack archer then disengage again, Balboran if you're done with that bottle huck it at the spearman.
No. 1060241 ID: 7a1a17
File 2341.webm - (8.33MB )

Joanir gives the spearman the biggest beef stew ever.

:jonr:"Smell it. Smell my stinky poo-gas haha."

Everyone points and laughs at the spearman and destroys the spearman's self esteem
No. 1060621 ID: fd2dfa
File 168067600116.png - (602.74KB , 1920x1080 , 17.png )

Balboran makes a very noisy distraction, and the enemy archer looses reflexively in his direction.

Joanir uses "Pulped"! Spearman is dead!

Viyasda, disables the archer (-1) with a throwing stake, and does her thing. Viyasda is once again invisible to the enemy!

Enemy Turn!
Archer's shot goes wide thanks to Viyasda's stake.

Archer's support are all dead

Kholutan archer says something in his language. It is hard to tell, but he throws his bow down. He is surrendering!

>Accept his surrender (+1 Prisoner)
>No mercy! (Extra loot)
No. 1060624 ID: 9ca06e

Accept surrender. It encourages further enemies to surrender as well.
No. 1060635 ID: a7a180

Take one prisoner(s)!
No. 1060665 ID: e5709d

Take them alive. Your patron can find a translator to interrogate the prisoner for intel.
No. 1060823 ID: fd2dfa
File 168081138351.png - (1.48MB , 1920x1600 , 18.png )

The archer is bound, and his injuries looked at. Unfortunately no one in the caravan can speak to him.
:jonr:"Hul tuur nasso quouy?"

"Su jir xigre! Gin dei ningi alguzraha!"

:jonr:"Heh. Tiik kotze gogitsuy..."

:kema:"Well that's funny...thought Joanir only knew his own weird Uta-speak."

"How do you know that's not his native tongue?"

:norb:"E's not spittin all over the lil bugger."

Correction. Joanir can communicate with him. But no one can communicate with Joanir. After several attempts to find a common tongue, all you have been able to establish is that he is called Tonyok.

>Gained Kholuan captive
>Gained 3 sets of kholutan leather armor
No. 1060824 ID: fd2dfa
File 168081138843.png - (266.93KB , 1920x1600 , 19.png )

With the ambush dealt with, the caravan moves forward. You see signs of other possible ambush points, but no further brigands assault you. Kellmayn says that they saw what you did to the first group and decided the caravan was too well guarded to be worth assaulting. Or maybe they will wait for a more opportune moment.

The caravan makes good progress today. And the next day. And the day after. Then, the weather turns bad, as it does in the wastes. While the caravan is equipped to deal with harsh weather or the sheer darkness of a wasteland evening, it can't do both. The caravan needs to take shelter, and soon. Your band is sent out to scout an appropriate location. Two are found

:balbo:"The caves are a bad choice. Who knows what sort of thing calls those places home?"

:kema:"Oh and that fort is any better ya daft bastard? You think if it was that safe, it'd be abandoned?"

:balbo:"We're sheltering from the weather, not invading some beasty's home."

:kema:"Until whatever busted it up decides ta come back!"

They argue for several more minutes until the wind picks up and it becomes impossible to hear them over the gale. At this rate you'll have time to reach only one of the two locations.
>Investigate the fort
>Investigate the caves
No. 1060826 ID: f8083d

Investigate the caves: If there's something to kill there, they'll be in less defensive a position than the fort.
No. 1060835 ID: 4e0f30

Choose the fort: creature comforts, and some fortification is better than no fortification. Beware unexpected angles of attack, unless the damage to the fort is very obvious.
No. 1061134 ID: 8608ea

Tiebreaker vote: the fort!
No. 1061141 ID: e5709d

While the prospect of ores and minerals is enticing, the worst that can happen with fortresses is traps/ambushes. Caves don't have to care for any form of safety for any of their inhabitants, which means they can be even more dangerous than a deathtrap-loaded outpost.

Go with the fortress. Re-fortify a few rooms with materials to claim them, then rest up.
No. 1061350 ID: fd2dfa
File 168144318446.png - (462.51KB , 1920x1600 , 20.png )

You provide the voice of command for this ragtag group and declare you'll shack up in the fort and wait out the storm. There is some grumbling, but as the most outspoken of the bunch(or maybe cause you're the only Tsang Naji most of them had ever seen) they follow you.

The fort has a few holes an snooping beast could traverse through, but there is enough fallen stone and debris for a patch job so the only possible entry point you'll need to watch is the portcullis. The bailey is quickly cleared, sites marked for places to store the wagons and animals, and places for the people can rest. However, there are some uh...foreboding sections of the castle that need investigating before the caravan arrives. Time is short, and they need to be cleared!

Your band and the other hired mercenaries quickly draw lots to decide who explores what. You drew-

>The dungeon: It's a deep, dark, hole. Of course that's someplace a monster or two would lurk. But better to clear it out now(or seal it up) than have something nasty crawl up later! Maybe even find a few shinies on the way.
>The messhall: Opposite to the barraks, its large, filled with winding halls, and full of collapsed sections. Meaning lots of hiding places for bad things...or stashed loot.
>The armory: This is the wasteland. This place could have been here for a hundred years or just one. Hard to say what may be in here, or if it had all rusted away; but better safe than sorry!
No. 1061353 ID: a7a180

The armory. Of course we drew the 'lucky' straw!
No. 1061364 ID: e5709d

Armory. Few beasts can hold a weapon, so any 'neutral' assets nearby can easily default to your side.
No. 1062684 ID: 7a1a17
File 168318565107.png - (320.85KB , 1920x1200 , 21.png )

You opt to explore the armory. Years of neglect have rusted the locks however so the heavy doors need a little elbow grease...
No. 1062685 ID: 7a1a17
File 168318566726.png - (364.38KB , 1920x1200 , 22.png )

[Combat check passed]
...which Joanir accomplishes! As the splinters of wood and corroded iron fly overhead, you make your way inside...
No. 1062686 ID: 7a1a17
File 168318568431.png - (306.08KB , 1920x1600 , 23.png )

It seems devoid of all life, but there are plenty of high grade weapons and armor sitting in their stands, coated in some waxy substance that managed to preserve the metal from the elements and whatever else that caused the castle around them to crumble. Your party quickly clears out anything usable and distributes them across the group.

>+1 to all combat stats
No. 1062687 ID: 7a1a17
File 168318570349.png - (853.89KB , 1920x1200 , 24.png )

The rest of the party returns empty handed, but thankfully that means the place is secure. At least you hope it is. The caravan arrives before you can make absolutely sure however, the doors are barricaded, and the storm-tents set up as the people all find places to rest until the storm passes.

Perhaps your luck ran out with that armory run because this time you drew the short straw. First watch is with your ragtag band. It's wet, boring, and miserable. There has to be something you can do...

>Attempt to decipher Joanir's language(or get him to speak the trade-tongue)
>Dialogue with Balboran. Surely you identify most with the least um...killy of the merc band!
>Establish commmunication with the prisoner. First step in any diplomacy/interrogation is getting both sides to understand each other.
No. 1062690 ID: 8f084a

Joanir and the captive speak the same language right? Turn the interrigation into a language lesson, work on both goals at once!
No. 1062693 ID: f8083d

Try to learn parts of Joanir's language. A seldom-spoken language can be an asset.
No. 1062694 ID: e5709d

Try to talk to the prisoner. Anything they have locked in their head could be the difference between life and death in their tribe's territory.
No. 1062695 ID: b46cb2

Chat with Balboran. No smoking on watch, but did he bring anything to soothe aching muscles after a long day on duty?
No. 1063781 ID: 7a1a17
File 168404765234.png - (1.24MB , 2146x1821 , 25.png )

You decide to try and establish some way to communicate with Tonyok. At first you try sign language, but it doesn't really work with the Kholutan being unable to use his hands. Next you attempt to establish a common tongue, but the results are mixed.

However your efforts are not a total loss. Attempting to establish commonality has helped you get a smattering of both Joanir and Tonyok's languages. You don't get much, but you are able to get a few words between the two.

Additionally you learn Tonyok keeps repeating three words that you now understand as 'Great', 'burn/fire', 'man'
No. 1063782 ID: 7a1a17
File 168404766271.png - (817.52KB , 1920x1200 , 26.png )

"Rrrrr, what does that even mean? Great fire man?"

:balbo:"Wasteland is full of terrible things. Perhaps a wizard? A shaman perhaps? Or maybe a burning monster?"

"I came through the wasteland when I escaped, how did I see none of that?"

:balbo:"Did you go through Avani routes?"


:balbo:"Well that's why. Avani know how to travel the wastes without running into anythin'. Don't ask me how, but they just know when it's safe and when it isn't. Charge an arm and a leg for the service though. How...did you afford that sort of passage?"

"Oh, I didn't. I snuck along."


"Say Balboran. Do you have anything to treat sore muscle? It was a long trip."

:balbo:"I have the ingredients, but it would take a while. I have some for numbing the pain-"

"That sounds good! Do that!"

:balbo:"...but you also lose use of the limb."

"Noooo. Anything that lets me keep use of my legs?"

:balbo:"Nothing that will numb it. Dull maybe, but it still takes time, and honestly by then our shift will be over and you can sleep. It may be better, and cheaper, to just wait it out. Dunno when we'll need the poultice for real injuries."

No. 1063783 ID: 7a1a17
File 168404767990.png - (741.64KB , 1920x1200 , 27.png )

Your most interesting conversation is intercut with Joanir prodding what you thought was just some stupid rock. Viyasda only encouraged him by kicking it.

This would have continued had the 'stupid rock' not suddenly collapsed and made a hole to a lower chamber!
No. 1063784 ID: 7a1a17
File 168404769180.png - (393.15KB , 1572x1200 , 28.png )

You quickly descend, without the theatrics, to see if either are hurt. Thankfully the pair seem more dazed than injured, so you start slapping Joanir for being so stupid.

:jonr:"Owa! Owa! Ba nar degin?!"

:balbo:"Where the hell even are we? Is this the dungeon?"

:viya:"No. Seem deeper I think. Dunna have that smell of sad and shit like a proper dungeon."

:balbo:"It may be an abandoned section of a previous structure the fort builders had paved over. Ruins do get buried fast in the wastelands after all."

You stop punishing Joanir to look up. You appear to be in a dark chamber, the dim light of the surface feels like a blazing torch illuminating this sort of dark. At the edges you see a glint of metal.

:balbo:"This isn't natural. These things are...weapons? Not ore. The metal is shaped. And it's piled against the wall..."
No. 1063785 ID: 7a1a17
File 168404770538.png - (479.44KB , 1572x1200 , 29.png )

:viya:"Shit this is Gormoamhi hunting shrine."



No. 1063891 ID: e5709d

Everyone fall back! Get back up the stairs, fight there!
No. 1063899 ID: 9e7305

The rogue needs to disappear! Joanir, chaaarge!
No. 1064656 ID: 7a1a17
File 168517406657.png - (677.55KB , 1578x1093 , 30.png )

Unfortunately you can't leave. The ruckus you make however will no doubt get everyone else's attention so...maybe they'll arrive before you're in real danger?

Oh who are you kidding, if you don't move you're gonna die! Viyasda has the right idea and drops a smoke bomb! Your party disappears into the murk!
No. 1064657 ID: 7a1a17
File 168517408007.png - (1.11MB , 2267x1661 , 31.png )

The smokescreen provides cover to escape the wild swings of the lead huntress. Her entourage enter the light as they attempt to spot you in amdist the smoke, revealing themselves!

>You face 3 Gormoamhi Huntresses
Health - 5
Action points - 3
Combat - 5
Tactical - 8
Esoteric - 2

No. 1064658 ID: e5709d

Balboran and Jiang Qi: Throw rocks and run away. Lure the enemy party out of formation, use the smoke as cover, and remember to dart randomly.
Joanir: If the rocks manage to deal damage, execute a single foe.
Viyasda: And all this chaos gives you enough time to stab one and slink back into the shadows.
No. 1065373 ID: fd2dfa
File 168627214723.png - (698.24KB , 1440x1400 , 32.png )

The rocks do not damage the tough Gormoamhi hide, but they do distract. The Huntresses are looking for the throwers, and Joanir goes in!

Hit! It's not lethal, but it disorients a huntress! (-1)

Viyasda drops down and delivers a backstab! The Huntress doesn't even scream as her body crumples. (instant death)
No. 1065374 ID: fd2dfa
File 168627215233.png - (393.03KB , 1280x1024 , 33.png )

The remaining huntress hurls her spear at Joanir, the most obvious target!

Joanir grunts as he takes the spear to his gut!(-1)

The wounded Huntress (4/5) is stunned.(-2 action) She recovers
and reaches for her fallen weapon to rejoin the fray!

(Joanir) = (4/5)
(Viyasda) = (2/2)
(Jiang-Qi) = (2/2)
(Balboran) = (2/2)
>Turn 2
No. 1065471 ID: e5709d

Balboran: Grab the weapon before the huntress can grab it and skedaddle
Viyasda: Dash in before the huntress can grab her weapon and backstab her while she's distracted by Balboran
Joanir: Finish off the backstabbed huntress
Jiang Qi: Flash the remaining huntress to distract her and run off!
No. 1065472 ID: e5709d

Oh right the war vial
Jiang Qi, use the War Vial, then attack
No. 1067119 ID: 7a1a17
File 168852744499.png - (643.27KB , 1280x1024 , 34.png )

Balboran takes the fallen weapon and runs as fast as he can while Joanir and Viyasda take care of the downed Gormoamhi.

Jianq Qi consumes the War Vial then flashes the remaining Huntress. The Huntress is confused.

>1 Very uncomfortable Huntress remains

No. 1067121 ID: a7a180

Bend down and pull up your skirt to reveal your thigh holster, and throw the dagger from it.
No. 1067139 ID: f8083d

Balboran: Let's try to get the last one alive. Put that spear to good use and sweep the leg!
No. 1067146 ID: 708905

Just wanted to say that Balboran in this pic had me literally laughing out loud
No. 1067156 ID: e5709d

Use your combined Combat to capture her alive.
No. 1069027 ID: 7a1a17
File 169040975999.png - (600.02KB , 1280x1024 , 35.png )

By your powers combined, you are Captain-wait no.

You restrain the Gormoamhi. She flails and strikes out, but the dog-pile(no pun intended) keeps her immobilized. When she's finally worn out, you bind the huntress.


>Gained 1 Gormoamhi prisoner
>Gained 12 Gormoamhi throwing spears

>Explore the dungeon further(Esoteric test)
>Get the hell out, it's not safe!(Skip test, progress!)
No. 1069041 ID: e5709d

Important question: has the war vial worn off yet? We'll go into the caves if it has.
No. 1069043 ID: a7a180

Explore further. We are terrific at esoteric!
No. 1069046 ID: 7a1a17

>Important question: has the war vial worn off yet?
Yes. The battle's over. So stats are reset
No. 1071476 ID: fd2dfa
File 169369698311.png - (214.17KB , 1600x1200 , 36.png )

The camp is roused by all the noise, and you make sure that prisoner is tied up real secure! Last thing the caravan needs is fighting an entire nest of those things.

The rest of you in the meantime head into the caves. If only for safety's sake. Surprisingly you don't find much. Normally Gormoamhi have their little hidey-roads they litter with stuff they thing is trash. And most of it is trash but you can get lucky...
No. 1071477 ID: fd2dfa
File 169369698596.png - (237.32KB , 1600x1200 , 37.png )

[Esoteric check passed]
And it looks like you found a Gormoamhi youth! More than that, it's a male! Hard to say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The Gormoamhi don't let the young ones leave the nest, and the males are never allowed to stay on their own. He darks back into hiding when you make eye contact, but freezes up when you round the corner.

Gained second Gormoamhi prisoner.

You're not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing.
No. 1071478 ID: fd2dfa
File 169369699406.png - (1.63MB , 2545x1533 , 38.png )

The next day the caravan breaks camp and leaves, storm be damned. Progress is good, and you are expected to reach your destination by midday.

Then you see smoke on the horizon, the black clouds disappearing into the gray murky sky. Scouts move ahead, and you find out just why the colony hasn't been sending any runners. It is indeed undersiege, but the besieger is something beyond your worst expectations.

It's a godsdamned Fire Jotna. And it's dropping an army of Ash Valkyn into the colony!

>There's no way you're breaking the siege with what you have. You'll need to go around that army.

>Go through the cistern. The Valkyn don't seem to be watching it.
>Breach the southern gate. It will be lightly defended as the Valkyn stay close to the Jotna.
>Search for a secret entrance in the crypt. There's always a secret entrance.
No. 1071481 ID: e5709d

Just keep your caravan in motion and give the prisoners permission to do the dirty to relieve tension.

Hm. What do you know about the Fire Jotna's logistical needs? If they require a specific diet you might stand a chance to simply cut their supply lines and starve the titan out.
It's strange. The Jotna could clearly purge this fortress with a single stomp. Who is holding them back and why?
Use the crypt. You may as well help yourself to a little bonus, seeing as your employers forgot to mention the 200-ft tall lava elemental spewing fire succubae everywhere.
No. 1071482 ID: a7a180

Go for the cistern. Staying close to water is a good idea when a fire titan is near.
No. 1071549 ID: 53b46b

Seems logical +1
No. 1071552 ID: f8083d

Yes, cistern will be the best option here.
No. 1074551 ID: fd2dfa
File 169708920495.png - (502.49KB , 1527x981 , 39.png )

You opt for the cistern. Given the state of the siege, no one else opts for the other options. The water is surprisingly clean, so you aren't wading through reeking filth. Just tepid rain water, which itself is still unpleasant for its own reasons. The grate comes apart in Joanir's hands, and you slide into the slimy tunnel one by one.
No. 1074552 ID: fd2dfa
File 169708920618.png - (852.32KB , 1725x1529 , 40.png )

:kema:"The hells is THIS?!"

The cistern lead into what looks like a maze of tunnels, floors and staircases. And that's not including the tunnel bored into the side of the closest wall.

:kema:"There's a whole godsdamned city down 'ere!"

:jonr:"Oh hir galu bat. Zein bitxia."

[Esoteric Test Passed]
:balbo:"These are the wastes. Entire civilizations are lost to the muck. And the most solid foundations for a new township is on top of the ruins of an old one."

"Well where are we supposed to go then?"

[Tactical Test Passed]
:Viya:"Split up. Tunnel leads down, but possibly enemy sappers. If so, it is the fastest way into the city. Otherwise, we try our luck with the maze. Split ensures at least on group makes it to the city before the siege is over."

Sound idea. The bunnies(not sure if you're allowed to call them that) are arguing with each other again. You may know western languages, but not at their speed! It sounds like gibberish. Looks like you're the deciding vote again. But which side will you go down?

>The dug out tunnel that looks suspiciously well lit
>The dark stone passage that is ominous and dark.
No. 1074553 ID: a7a180

Given it's a siege, we'd best try to navigate around the sappers. Go for the maze.
No. 1077752 ID: fd2dfa
File 170055371525.png - (364.25KB , 1180x1200 , 41.png )

After more arguing, some of which was actual words instead of angry daoine noise you could not follow, it was decided you'd brave the maze. Which itself was a challenge of patience and Balboran's tolerance for his partners' antics.

[Esoteric Test passed]
As Balboran had said, this place feels like it may have once been a palace or a fortress. A shame that it is now made to move literal shit out of the city above. Between you and Balby(He asked you never to call him that again), you manage to destermine the route out of this twisting collection of aging tunnels, crumbling hallways, and passages filled with algae, muck, and things you don't want to name. You find your way...
No. 1077753 ID: fd2dfa
File 170055372288.png - (175.39KB , 1000x1000 , 42.png )

...to what looks to be an altar. The bloodstains and Valkyn bodies, a fight had erupted here recently, possibly in the last couple of days. Among the non-plantperson corpses, you find a large tome, embossed in silver and odd lettering.
[Esoteric Test Passed]
While you can't make out the language, you recognize this as one of a collection of tomes from an ancient era, the ones that told how to split the veil between this world and another. And how to bring visitors from that side to this one
[Tactical Test Passed]
Given the state of the bodies and how the blood seems to converge at the nexus point of the summoning altar, you opt to not take the book.

Also there is a crystal the visitor left behind. Likely a token of thanks for feeding it.

[Esoteric Test Passed]
It's not. But it's valuable nonetheless and harmless on its own so you all agree to take it

[Otherworldly crystal formation obtained!]

There's a passage that leads further up. The light implies you may be near the surface. As you approach the mouth, you hear the sounds of battle...
No. 1077754 ID: fd2dfa
File 170055373149.png - (728.70KB , 3000x2000 , 43.png )

It seems a warband of Valkyn had used this passage to infiltrate the inner city already, and its surprised defenders are fighting to keep them hemmed in! With your help, you might just turn this stalemate around!

> 4 2 Avaqut Gatars
Health - 6
Action points - 2
Combat - 7
Tactical - 4
Esoteric - 1

>1 Human hand-canonneer.
Health - 3
Action points - 2
Combat - 2
Tactical - 7
Esoteric - 1

>6 Valkyn Raiders
Health - 9
Action points - 3
Combat - 7
Tactical - 7
Esoteric - 2

[Party stats >>1041422 ]
No. 1077756 ID: a7a180

Balboran, the hand cannoneer is a valuable asset. Give him the special brew if he karks it.
Viyasda, get in the opening shot while their backs are to us.
Norberg, assist the gatar against the wounded valkyr before we lose another one.
Jiang Qi, these valkyr may be fire resistant but some weedkiller to the eye slots should still sting!
No. 1077757 ID: eb0a9c

Jiang Qi and Balboran should carefully apply the War Vial, then charge in to flank.
Viyasda, the one in the doorway has their back turned. End them. Then throw a smoke next to the two allies so you can all disengage from the polearm and retreat to safe distance.
Everyone else, swarm and flank the nearby enemy engaging the lone ally.
No. 1077759 ID: 708905

Seems solid +1 to rhis plan
No. 1082176 ID: fd2dfa
File 170667526994.png - (2.72MB , 3000x2000 , 44.png )

Viyasda moves for the closest Valkyn to her. She dispatches her target with a slash at the legs, and then a downward stab as her victim crumples.(instant death)

Viyasda then deploys smoke! The room is washed in grey mist.

Joanir assist the beleaguered Gatar with a solid blow to the back of the Valkyn's head. (-1). The Gatar uses the dirtraction to land his own blow (-1)

The hand-canoneer gets a shot off. Skill use: grape-shotte!
The Valkyn's chest explodes in a colored mist as it collapses to the floor!(instant death)
No. 1082177 ID: fd2dfa
File 170667527735.png - (1.26MB , 2927x3681 , 45.png )

Valkyns hear the commotion and return to see their sister's corpse! They strike at Viyasda! (FAIL) The plant-raider strikes air as Viyasda disappears into her smokescreen. A frenzied Gatar fills the gap, ramming his sword into the Valkyn's armor!(-1)

The confusion traps the Valkyn raiders behind their injured sister

>4 Raiders remain
>2 Are open to attack
(8/9), (7/9)

No. 1082179 ID: a7a180

Keep them pinned in the door frame! Dealing with fewer at a time is safer.
No. 1082183 ID: 945e38

Can't let them enter. We need our best tank at this chokepoint.
No. 1087266 ID: 7a1a17
File 171158042683.gif - (361.52KB , 2000x2000 , pause.gif )

Okay here we go
BBB Errata:
Blitzed Bunnies will now roll dice for tests so there's less confusion about what to do. Or maybe there will be more. But when in doubt, roll dice and something should happen.

Stat dice:
In and out of combat, everything still relies on character stats. It's just different now. Everything is done with d10
When a character is performing any test/attack/action that uses their stats, you need to roll. The difficulty determines how many dice you roll, and what 'success target' you need. The wider the gap in your favor, the more dice you roll. Conversely, the higher their stat is to yours, you still get more dice...but your success target is higher.

Joanir is about to smack this plant girl in the face. Her Combat stat is 7, his base is 8, but with the bonus gained from the armory way back when, it is now 9. That means he gets 2 bonus dice atop his baseline 1. And as he holds advantage, that means his success target is also lowered from the baseline 5.
No. 1087267 ID: 7a1a17
File 171158049481.png - (1.11MB , 2000x2000 , 46.png )

rolled 3, 9, 3 = 15

Let's put that in action. Joanir swings his club. 3 d10 with a target of 3 or higher...
No. 1087269 ID: 7a1a17
File 171158085201.png - (0.96MB , 2000x2000 , 47.png )

rolled 2, 5, 10 = 17

3 Successes! However he only needed 1 so it's a hit. The extra successes are simply bonus damage! The Valkyn is reeling! The one behind now has an opening!

Because of the difference in power, the second Valkyn has disadvantage. That means it'll get 3 dice to attack Joanir, but now it needs 7 or higher to hit, and worse! It needs 2 successes! The second Valkyn swings its charcoal-sword thing!
No. 1087270 ID: 7a1a17
File 171158118734.png - (937.33KB , 2000x2000 , 48.png )


And had the Valkyn scored 1 more success that would have accomplished some major hurt on the Utaqi. But Joanir's combat stat prevails, and takes it on his weapon!

Extra notes:
-Baseline is 5 for success if the stats evenly match
-Items can be used to give bonus dice in the future
-If you score more than the needed number of successes, you can bank Critical Success(10)s, but not regular successes, and use them later to trigger character abilities, or replace failed rolls in the future. This should help compensate for unlucky rolls and keep ability spam down.

Okay. This was a free combat round to demostrate the new system. So enemies and allies don't take action.


There are now 3 Valkyn in play!
(9/9), (5/9), (7/9)

No. 1087315 ID: a7a180

We should probably get Joanir some reinforcements. Hold the doorway while the gunner reloads.
No. 1087602 ID: 1e0c72
File 171200061392.png - (644.60KB , 2000x2000 , 4124.png )

The jotna ponders its existence and how flammable the planet is.

(For real though, I need more specific action and some dice)
No. 1087604 ID: eb0a9c

Joanir - Keep wailing on the isolated target, disengage if one flanks
Viyasda - Vanish again, prepare to backstab whichever Valkyn looks like the leader
Norberg - Spend a turn defending the gunner
Jiang Qi - Finish the downed Valkyn off
Balboran - Check for survivors, heal them if you can
No. 1087611 ID: a7a180

For real though, you still haven't given us a list of specific actions. Telling everyone to 'attack' over and over is redundant.
No. 1089418 ID: 868f55

(I'll give you that. But I was looking for more specifics. Actions are context sensitive. Like an action for two characters can be something like "Balboran and Jiang Qi pick up the carpet and use it to catch a charging valkyn". That's a tactical decision, and I'd roll the combined tactical score.

Or maybe Jiang Qi throws out a firecracker to distract the Valkyn and blind them. That's an esoteric roll. If you think a character can do it, then you can use it.)
No. 1089504 ID: eb0a9c

Joanir pommels the Valkyn's midsection from below, and follows up with a heaving throw using his mace as a lever.
Viyasda vanishes, clinging to the ceiling so she can assassinate whichever Valkyn splits up next.
Norberg protects the mercenaries from any surprise attacks, giving them a moment to catch their breath and reload
Balboran checks the bodies of the other dead mercenaries. If they can't be revived, he'll scavenge their weapons and try to come up with something.
Jiang Qi throws that firecracker (if in Esoteric Stance) or and stabs any downed Valkyn in a fatal area while everyone is distracted (If in Battle stance). Has she taken the war vial yet?

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