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File 159358910114.png - (876.77KB , 1000x1000 , lasttracediscussionheader.png )
133296 No. 133296 ID: e24163

A place for theories, fanart and critique.

Please let me know what you think about this quest of mine - feedback is greatly appreciated!

I will also answer meta questions that cannot be answered in-universe, so feel free to ask if there's something on your mind. Questions that can be answered in-universe will be politely declined, to prevent spoilers.
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No. 133297 ID: e24163
File 159358975126.png - (102.30KB , 800x800 , Arginespritebase.png )

An old sprite of Argine. She still has her old ear design here, before I got advice and feedback from friends that the way I was drawing her ears were completely impractical. Whoops!
No. 133298 ID: 9f00f4

Where have I seen Nickel's species before? It looks familiar!
No. 133302 ID: ac70ae

I think she's partially based on the skut from Brom's Enemy Quest, going by her tri-eyes. Her ears resemble either Penny's from Dead Dust or a neumono's and her outfit is one of the options for Penny that failed the vote. Her tail, I don't know where it's from.
No. 133303 ID: e24163

All correct! Though, I won't give too much away this early on into the game. I'm glad folks are picking up my references, though!
No. 133307 ID: e19a40

As a SAI, will we be able to hack computers? If we can, what interface options do we have?
This ability could mean we are able to interfere with potential spying devices introduced in Argine's body.
No. 133348 ID: e7c7d3

Sounds like Nickel's partner has no eyes, also is apparently from the same batch as Nickel. My guess is that there's going to be a bit of Omen in her. Also possibly that one species from that one older quest. Lapek I think they're called? I'll reserve judgement on that front though, especially since I can't remember names
No. 133350 ID: ac70ae

>Also possibly that one species from that one older quest. Lapek I think they're called?
Lazureks from Journey by Lucid. They had no eyes and big ears and used sonar to "see."
No. 133351 ID: ac70ae

Does Nanoweaver look like a cross between a Chupian and a Belenosian to anybody else?
No. 133356 ID: e7c7d3

Thanks! I knew it started with an L
No. 133359 ID: 2aa5f0

So how do we, the SAI, hack doors or interact with things in quest? Do we need to green text what we want to do like
>open door

do we need to put it in brackets as in
{hack computer}
[lock hatch]
(download entire kid's bop album to Commander Ozone's phone)

or do we just type open door and disable security normally?
No. 133360 ID: b58f66

For the current prompt, it was really just meant to be the readers trying to guess who locked it, and the story would take care of the rest.
No. 133361 ID: 2aa5f0

can we still replace Ozone's music library with kids bop versions of all their songs just to spit her if we get the chance? Give her a real reason to hate us.
No. 133434 ID: dea6dc

Hey folks, I'd like to ask for your feedback on the current stealth section - which I will most likely be concluding in the next update.

Perhaps it's a bit transparent of me to talk about it, but this quest is very much a means for me to improve in all aspects, in both art and writing/pacing. Though, I would like to know what the general preference is for how I handle the 'hostile territory exploration' aspect in future. While the current section is only four, five update's worth, I am unsure if this is 'too quick' or even too slow pacing-wise for everyone's tastes, so I would like to know your thoughts on that. Things are intentionally a bit quicker due to this being the prelude thread building up to the main threads, but it is still an important opportunity for me to iron out any potential issues before later.

Compared to other quests like Unnatural Selection, I don't believe I'm updating fast enough to really capitalise on the 'game-like' feeling with each action to maintain a decent pace in such a section. To remedy this, I could simply change it to be *just* the 'map', having actual pictures to highlight specific moments or new areas. If I were to go with this method, I would probably improve the visual quality of the UI elements to compensate. Alternatively, I could stick with the current style, but try to incorporate more 'moves' into it. I'm not as sure about this one, but hearing your preferences and suggestions would help me determine a solution.

This feedback will primarily be applied to the sector exploration - I'll ask about system feedback in future as necessary, so that I can craft a system that's mutually satisfying for both me and the readers/players. Thanks for participating in the quest so far, everyone!
No. 133435 ID: b1b4f3

Sticking to just the map would definitely solidify it as a game-like section.
I feel like this encounter went a bit slow. The protag stood there and waited for two full updates, which was too long without an action. "waiting" should produce a faster update with less text IMO.
No. 133436 ID: dea6dc

Thanks for the feedback!

It can be pretty hard to gauge the speed of encounters when writing quests, since updates can take a variable time to happen. Sorta like playing chess over mail. I'll keep the suggestion to make 'wait' updates simply a position update in mind - that'll speed some of the busywork up.
No. 133562 ID: 894f15

Hello again folks! Probably should have posted this earlier, but Last Trace's normal updates are temporarily suspended as I work on panels for the upcoming beach day. In addition to that, due to real life resuming, my update speeds will take a bit of a hit, but I'll still try to continue updating as usual. Thank you for your patience, everyone! I'm glad I have a good readership behind me.
No. 133564 ID: 9d9214

good luck. See ya on beach day.
No. 133848 ID: cfc80f

Regarding the AP-reactive concept I put in the thread proper, it's only more complex mechanically in the initial setup of acquiring materials and the means to get them into the right shape. Once things are in place it's just a matter of production and assembly. Might be a somewhat longer-term goal to do so, I'll grant, since at the very least it would require premade jackets and tips, plus a way to smelt the core metals and cast the alloy to size. And then, of course, measuring out propellant charges and seating the rounds into their casings. But that's something that could be done in downtime conditions instead of taxing Argine's poor brain with active precision field manipulations in the middle of combat. And depending on availability, the process could be streamlined through more advanced automated production facilities.
No. 133856 ID: a5addd

Hey folks, saw a suggestion early on that gave me... ideas. So here's a fanfic, courtesy of me.
Sensory Input - NSFW. Featuring best girl, Diagram. Hope you don't mind, Cross.
No. 133857 ID: f56a2b

This is pretty good.
No. 133868 ID: 894f15


Thanks for the story! Although I don't intend for Last Trace to have any NSFW content in the future, it makes me happy that people like my characters enough to write stories and draw art about them , regardless!
No. 133936 ID: bded1a
File 160250595095.png - (632.48KB , 1000x1000 , judiphoto.png )

Here's the undoctored image for the photograph in the 60th image. Before I started questing, I didn't know how to shade at all - I've gotten at least some mild proficiency with it now, even if I have little clue where to put lighting at times.
No. 134403 ID: a092dd
File 160655877770.png - (20.02KB , 1000x1000 , preludethreadcelebration.png )

And that there's a finished thread! It's been a hectic year, but I'm glad to have finished the Prelude before November like I asked myself to. The first chapter (episode? Dunno.) will happen soon, sometime during December after I take a break.

For now, I'll reflect on the experience while it's fresh. Starting this quest has been quite the journey, and I'd like to thank the people who had helped me out along the way! (Full credits will happen eventually after I finish the quest, and you bet I'm going to make that detailed.)

Prelude Credits:
AceOfSpades (Lead Editor, military consultant)

Testpattern (Map assistance and design tips)
Teegee (Panel & Character assistance and general advice)
Arhra (Symbol Design Advice and Feedback)
Salf (Detailed Critique and Story Feedback)
LonelyWorld/Alphalurker (Character Design assistance)

...And you, the suggesters and readers, for being here to witness everything unfold!

Overall, this prelude was in part also to get me acclimated to a preferable artstyle that balances style and effort relative to panel speed, as well as learning the intricacies of forum-based storytelling. I definitely had a few slip-ups now and again, including some panel art errors or rushed anatomy, but overall I feel like I did a good job for my first ever thread on this site. While I don't know how long it'll take me to finish future threads, I'll say that I've got plenty in store for readers ahead and the drive to hopefully see it through to the end. I hope you'll all be around with me as I gradually reveal the secrets of the setting I've created!

From this point onwards however, future readers reading this discussion thread may wish to be wary of spoilers from both discussions and my own thread-based reflections.

Feel free to ask me some questions, though I think once everything's over, I may go and make an ITQ-styled questionnaire in this thread where people can ask the Last Trace cast non-spoiler questions and they'll elaborate. For now though, it's too early to say much more.
No. 134405 ID: e51896

So Argine doesnt get a blanket or pillow for her bed? Poor girl. I wonder if they were taken away because she tried to use them to escape before.

(Unless that is her blanket on the floor and not a rug)
No. 134406 ID: d63ea8

Fantastic job Cross!
No. 134533 ID: a721f3

Heyo, since Pastebin is unlisting a lot of NSFW pastes, I'm going to leave an AO3 link for the fanfic I wrote before. The board doesn't let me post txt files, which is a shame.
NSFW as usual.

No. 134943 ID: 5e21b8

Hello Readers,
In the coming months, life's picking back up again for me. While I was able to thankfully put out a nice big update recently, regular updates are going to be slowing down as commitments fill my usual schedule. Mind you, I'll try to sneak in an update or two over time! Thank you for understanding.
No. 135809 ID: 5bf1bd

Hey folks, thanks for sticking around with me throughout this year! It's been a pretty long journey to getting Chapter 1 completed, and I'm glad to have gotten it done. I'm still hoping to improve my speed and regularity of updates, but that'll come with experience. The next thread's going to be a bit of a departure from the main threads, but I promise it'll be short enough that it won't detract from Argine's little quest for freedom.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all stick with me in future!
No. 135815 ID: 96c896

It's great so far! Keep it up!
No. 135910 ID: 5bf1bd

Phew! Now that's a short interlude over. Hope you folks enjoyed it, we'll be returning to our scheduled programming quite soon. As usual, please feel free to theorize about the future events of the quest in here!

I'll probably hold back from elaborating on things in this discussion thread until the conclusion of the quest which I intend to see through. I feel like part of the fun of Last Trace is picking up on the multilayered references in the story, and the traces of important tidbits here and there.

Hope you folks keep on keepin' on!
No. 135918 ID: 15a025

That was an interesting intermission. Looking forward to how things will play out.
No. 136293 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163323407884.png - (622.93KB , 1024x1024 , servericon1.png )

Hey folks, just letting you all know that I now have a proper Discord Server and Website set up where you can see other content I create, such as short stories or art.
Do check it out!

No. 136721 ID: 73aaab
File 163991248912.png - (615.06KB , 2736x1824 , arginemodelsheet.png )

Hey hey, folks! It’s been a year since Last Trace started, but we’ve finally arrived at one of the most iconic features of many quests - an opportunity to design an outfit for the protagonist.

Last Trace will be having a total of at least four different Paper Dolls, with outfits themed after the bosses that Argine’s beaten so far.
The first theme is of course - the Stealth outfit.
Outfit submissions are open til the end of the thread, though late submissions are still welcome!
No. 136730 ID: 3328c7

Full-blown Burka but with night-googles and black military boots for running underneath.
No. 136738 ID: 9a2966

Someone give this soldier a shirt, at least.
No. 136742 ID: e646d8
File 164020107078.png - (101.75KB , 2736x1824 , LightRefractor.png )

Behold! The Light Refractor!

>It's OP

Yes. So?


No. 136743 ID: e646d8
File 164020118303.png - (481.49KB , 2736x1824 , stealth.png )

Here, have this shitty GIMP-less, photoshop-less hackjob.
I call it the Sam Fisher ripoff Tacticool Wraith

Role: First strike/Low light/Low acoustics/Ops where combat is to be avoided
+Low acoustic profile
+Very dark color scheme for dark areas
+Highly mobile
-Lightly armored

It is said that special forces always like to have speed, surprise, + force of assault. This outfit is built to help give the wearer the first two of those. Every piece is muffled but flexes well, so that the user has the best shot to hit hostiles while they are off-guard. This does limit armor, but ideally the hostiles would be defeated before they are aware that there's somebody to shoot at.

Pictured accessories:
-Undersuit: Makes the user's exposed surface area dark, except the facial area close to the eyes. Usually this is muffled clothes with a tight fit (balaclavas are popular), though some favor dye. Both are provided to the user.
-Wraith vest/legwear (pictured pocketless): Lightly armored. May have pockets to store ammo/gadgets/other items. Some users prefer pouches, backpacks, or some combo thereof. Customized to accomodate user.
-Helmet w/ FLIR: Lightly armored, though primarily deflective. Helps muffle combat rolls. FLIR gives high visibility with low light. FLIR is slightly away from the eyes to allow full peripheral sight to be used. FLIR may be rotated up mid-op for higher visibility of lit areas, or removed if light is expected for the whole op. If ears are allowed through, they are usually dyed.
-Pads: Reduces impact while the user crouches or lies flat. Muffles melee hits.
Pistol holster(s), Blade sheath(es): Sewed to legwear. Some users prefer dual pistols or blades, legwear is customized to accomodate.
-Tacbelt: Extra storage for ammo/gadgets/other items. Used if the user has to rappel.
-High-grip gloves: Useful if the user has to climb over surfaces or freeclimb. Muffles melee hits.

Should be pictured:
-Stealth boots: Boots + those feet = how do I art that? Though they have slightly less durability, they highly muffle the user's footfalls across all surfaces. Muffles melee hits.

Extra accessories that could be added:
-Shoulder pads: Muffles combat rolls.
-Helmet radio: Allows for more quiet comms compared to a regular radio.
-Rifle holster (back): Useful for if the user has to climb with a rifle.
-Torso/arm/leg pouches: Extra storage for ammo/gadgets/other items.
-Backpack: Extra storage for ammo/gadgets/other items.

Accessories provided based off of climate/hazards:
-Overcoat/Thermal legwear
-Gas mask
No. 137402 ID: 73aaab

Phew! After a long while, Chapter 2 of Last Trace is finally complete!

I feel like I've improved a lot as an artist, but obviously, there's still far more to do coming up in the future.

As for the costume contest, the first Last Trace fan-designed outfit has been chosen! Using a combination of elements from the currently-submitted outfits, Argine'll be clad in some nice new digs starting next main thread.

Hope everyone sticks around in future for more Last Trace!
No. 137403 ID: 9a2966

Congrats, and best of luck with the next chapter!
No. 137989 ID: 15c72a

I just realized Argine's guns have been basically useless in every fight so far. Technically in the first fight she got to deal damage with them, but only because she activated her parasignia and it overpowered Judicium's ability.
In the second fight they barely did anything either- I think technically we did a nicked Nickel in the first room with a shotgun at range, but then later she just dodged it.
No. 137990 ID: 4cab59

I, uh, think that the players are absolutely reasonably salty that the author screwed them over in the latest update...
No. 137991 ID: c9ba3b

In the one hand, I’d say of course the super soldiers are really hard to shoot with bullets, but then again, that hasn’t exactly been the case for our super soldier…
No. 137992 ID: e1555e

Good, it means they care.

To be honest I was afraid we were bound to lose eventually. Winning six duels in a row makes for a boring story, doesn't it?
No. 137993 ID: d2bcf3

Losing cause you fucked up is one thing. Losing because of author fiat is another.
No. 137994 ID: 9a2966

I think people too often reach for the words 'author fiat' when something doesn't go the protagonist's way. For one, that happens in a good story, and for two, the accusation tends to be unfairly snippy and mainly, I feel, pushed by dashed expectations.

Though... if you truly believe that this was author fiat, then okay. Did you like where the story went with it and want to see where it goes regardless? Then isn't it fine? If the story is interesting, then accept that and move on to the next decision point in this slightly interactive visual noval.

For the record, I do not believe in a fiat. It's not as if our suggestions are pointless and not responded to, far from - our suggestions are taken, they just don't always work out! Standing still in this situation was simply what would lead to Argine getting surprised and punished, and enough suggestors did suggest that somewhat reasonable course of action. It wasn't a bad move, but our opponent wasn't a bad opponent either - they were a trained badass specced for blindfights and close combat.

Being unable to suggest a course of action as Argine was grabbed is something, but I don't believe it done in ill will - Argine's always had these moments of slowdown with us while we chat, and in this moment she's reacting in a panic while getting grabbed, so she doesn't have time to process. There did also seem to be something else going on - some other voices/responses interfering and answering in our place. So, y'know, maybe pay attention to that? Something to look into. Purge our SAI of those useless assholes, maybe.

Ultimately Argine is no Mary Sue (nor is Astrolysis, we got some good dings on her) and we didn't quite play to her strengths, while falling into one of Astrolysis' instead - blind fighting - so the fight went to a win for the combat-specced monster. I'm dismayed, but not disappointed.

Do note that the blind rush approach - what I advocated, on the presumption Astrolysis at least would be the equivalent of buried or flashbanged - might've spelled doom as well and I would've accepted that, since it was a risk taken based on sunk cost, but there very much seems to have been a way out from the sounds of it. Argine herself hinted that simply getting some distance - getting free of the smoke cloud - could've worked out.
No. 138012 ID: 398700

aye. Our biggest mistake was not taking her up on her offer, which was a choice we made that only served to firm up her resolve to win when we started attacking her core philosophies.

second, we've been told a few times that our protagonist isn't actually the strongest of her kin by a long shot. We knew going in this would be a tough battle, and made a few missteps before this final mistake.

We didn't really have any good options here, if we were to start moving about in the debris and chaos we'd have revealed ourselves based on what we expect of her sensory abilities, and staying still proved a worse move if only because it made us easier to surprise and pin down.
No. 138013 ID: 398700

this though I think is a more fair criticism, our guns haven't exactly been a reliable tactic for us
No. 138016 ID: 67061a

Seems it was more how it was handled.
Without a doubt, there are people who will be mad if stuff goes south, but it appear the bigger issue appears to be, perhaps unintentionally, a denial of agency for the suggestors.

Particularly, there was a line that felt quite railroaded.
>But what help can we provide? We are but advisors. We cannot pry those fingers off her neck.

Should suggestions have been provided and failed? Probably would have gone with far less of a fuss.
Should it have been made clear there was a reason suggestions failed to be heard? Still would have felt railroad-y, but nowhere close to what it was. Plus, gives a sidequest to figure out what occurred.

However, as it is, that line feels like, "Ha, no, you don't get a shot, I'm deciding you're useless."

Speculating on why it was handled the way it was would be attempting to mind read Cross. Doing so could place malice where there was absolutely none.
Still, regardless of intent, it doesn't change how it looks.

Full disclosure, made suggestions, so may be biased.
No. 138019 ID: 9a2966

Imagine how boring this quest would be if Argine could do an Indiana Jones on every Sector Boss (and yes, I know that's not what you suggest here - I'm putting a fine point to it). Suggestors might not always go for the guns as the go-to move either - fancy snowflake ideas are often more fun to write. I was chomping at the bit to actually get to use Plug in that fight - which did come in handy for first blood move.

We've also fought one champ with a defensive theme (and super-guns DID work there in the end!), one sneaky sneak (who we did clip) and one melee champ with access to an armory and a strong reason to have worked on their anti-firearms measures, so there is that.

>there was a line that felt quite railroaded
Ah. I never saw that as a dig at us as advisors, but as some other splinter aspect of the SAI (or the unborn SAI absorbed last thread) butting in and answering for us, while pursuing the (totally in that situation useless) question of what CAN we really do for her, if push comes to shove?

In-setting all we are is uploaded instinct and advice - bits of skills and memories put into coherent trains of thought - so it SEEMS true that we cannot help Argine physically once the chips are down.

(Unlike a certain someone who got to have a form of their own.)

What's also true is that she wasn't quite out of the game yet when she got grabbed, so maybe we can encourage her not to lose her cool if she's caught in a jam next time... and maybe try to figure out whether there was something up with those particular bits of unhelpful advice. Perhaps Nanoweaver or Diagram might be able to help?
No. 138026 ID: 15c72a

I thought it was fairly obvious that Cross had her lose without any suggestions because he thought we had no chance of winning and this way would allow for a more dramatic scene paired with the loss.

But also, you know, we would've *had* a chance if Argine had done anything intelligent during the entire fight. I dunno if she's actually a terrible soldier with no combat sense or killing instinct or what, but it's clear she's not capable of defending herself in a non-straightforward fight (one she can't bruteforce her way through) without a majority vote that has an explicit (and hopefully consistent) plan for how to win.

Maybe she's supposed to be bad at using her gadgets due to her aggressive, impatient personality? I dunno.
No. 138027 ID: 15c72a

>what CAN we really do for her, if push comes to shove?
In that situation we could have given her advice on how to escape the grapple. I'm not sure if the blink was off cooldown or not (the biggest problem with that gadget imo is that we don't know when it's available) but that would've been a perfect time to use it. Also, Plug can be manifested faster than her weapons, and gadgets are instant pretty sure. She could have used the explosive knives to push Astrolysis off.

Those two last things were things that someone brought up in the thread, and I guess you didn't see them, so I'm posting them here too.
No. 138028 ID: 15c72a

Lastly, if we had seen Astrolysis coming, we could've advised for Argine to do something, like have Plug in her hand to fend her off? You know, instead of sitting there unarmed and flatfooted while Astrolysis just walks up and grabs her head. Could have also used that reaction-speed card.

If the map were up, we could've told her to get a little more distance-- I figured she got blown completely out of the room from the recoil and had no idea where she was. Instead, she was just... standing like five feet away from where Astrolysis was, apparently? Like, no, it's not redundant to be near a doorway. THERE ARE MULTIPLE DOORWAYS.
No. 138032 ID: 9a2966

I can only say I did not see this as obvious. And Argine can be impatient for sure, but her own stated instinct may have been spot on in how she should have dealt with the dust cloud - just GTFO:

>Are... are you sure about this? Shouldn't I be trying to get away as soon as possible?

Note that I wasn't actually asking that, I was referencing and pondering the statement a not-actually-a-suggestor responded with as Argine struggled and cried for help.

Re: the lack of reaction advice opportunity, I'll re-paste my comment from earlier:
>Being unable to suggest a course of action as Argine was grabbed is something, but I don't believe it done in ill will - Argine's always had these moments of slowdown with us while we chat, and in this moment she's reacting in a panic while getting grabbed, so she doesn't have time to process. There did also seem to be something else going on - some other voices/responses interfering and answering in our place. So, y'know, maybe pay attention to that? Something to look into. Purge our SAI of those useless assholes, maybe.

I feel you have a somewhat different picture of the situation than I do. Astrolysis for sure didn't just walk up or start literally five feet away - it's implied she supersoldier power launched herself from wherever she was at after the blast (presumably after recovering her wits and 'looking' around to find Argine), or else Argine would for sure have heard approaching movement and reacted earlier. Her launching herself was the explicit counter to the wait-and-see strategy and it makes sense to me she'd have such moves as a blindfighty melee supersoldier.

She also had that queer invisibility pseudosignia, but I don't know if that would've masked sound or herself.

Anyway, unless Cross comes out and says 'Yep, I just called it', I'll believe they let us have a honest go at it and that we just didn't make the right calls to clear the bar of that fight. I'll also maintain there might be something else going on that sabotaged any last-second reaction saves, and that this could be worth investigating during the next downtime. We did get that unborn SAI thing last thread and who knows what effect that's had.
No. 138038 ID: 398700

Cross is a fairly competent writer, and cares a lot about the presentation of his story. I think he'll have more than justified reasoning here, as looking back on the leadup to the fight and the fight itself it feels like we set ourselves up for some failure trying to "play the story" a bit more than playing the scenario.
No. 138048 ID: 12b116

Honestly if I was running the quest i would have done the same thing. After suggestors trying the same thing twice and suggesting the same thing a third time it's obvious nobody had a clue about how to actually outsmart Astrolysis.
>shoot her
Doesn't work. But you can figure out how
>ok do it again
It still doesn't work
>ok but do it AGAIN but more
Like how many times do you want the quest runner to tell you to try something else before realizing nobody's getting the hint?
No. 138057 ID: 15c72a

I only remember two instances of shooting. One with the rifle, and a second one with the blunderbuss.
No. 138059 ID: 9a2966

There were a couple of incidental pistol potshots during the taunting. Not really the main thrust of those suggestions, I believe.
No. 138070 ID: 15c72a

Hmmm... okay this is an important question for the author.

Are there distinct combat mechanics, and are they HP-based? The spar between Argine and Astrolysis had a three hit system, and to be honest it almost feels like that's still present.
No. 138204 ID: 73aaab

Hey, just a heads up but I AM taking into consideration everyone's feedback here. It's hard for me to say anything at the moment because I don't want my systems to be too transparent/metagamey, but I've already been making some adjustments to upcoming gameplay to account for people's feedback. I do acknowledge that I could have handled the conclusion to Astro's fight better (particularly with the clarity of some of the text), but that's the beauty of Quest Storytelling, right? Having to roll with the punches, good and bad.

There's a few really notable points people have made here that's more or less what I was intending, but I'm not sure if it's a smart choice for me to outright just step in and confirm individually, 'yes this is exactly what I intended', given that I don't want to come off as too meddlesome within my own story. Argine's in a rough spot as well - we don't have the whole picture in-universe, so there's some level of opacity.
And remember - just because someone is saying something in this world, doesn't mean it's true by default - it's also important to consider the contexts of why a character said something or another. Plenty of perspectives, all of whom have their own info.

I will however, clarify this little gameplay bit.

I'm currently not using a finite HP system, or 'three hits' system in Last Trace. In my experience reading and experiencing other quests, I've always found more 'hard statistical' quests to be a bit fudgey, as the quest medium can be played like a Play by Post game, it would be too slow if I was calculating every little thing and trying to measure the efficacy of specific attacks in raw numeric values.
I wouldn't say the Three Hits system is some concrete rule either, but the truth is that much like in other games, different enemies have different levels of resilience, both in terms of stamina and defense. I think the upcoming bosses will be a bit different to the ones we've faced so far, so it certainly won't be as clear cut.
No. 138205 ID: 73aaab

Oh, and as a quick side note - I'm really glad that everyone here feels passionate enough about Argine's story that they're voicing their thoughts in this disthread!

It's always been one of my favourite aspects, to see the players theorize and plan things out involving the future of stories, so I'm very grateful for the support I've been getting from my readers. Without some of you anons, I don't think I would have stuck it out this long. Even now I'm still working on a panel for LT a day, so I hope everyone sticks around for when I eventually get to the conclusion of the story!
No. 138217 ID: 9a2966

Glad to hear you're feeling encouraged by our speculative blather. Last Trace is a fun and interesting read so I hope it'll keep giving you joy to keep at it - and thanks for the answers!
No. 138909 ID: 1015ea
File 167274598277.png - (707.55KB , 1200x1102 , 365pluspanelsedit.png )

Hey everyone, just leaving a message here in case someone's not on the other places I keep news about Last Trace on.

It's the new year, and boy what a year the previous one was! I really pushed my own limits, drawing over 365 assorted panels during that year and massively improving my own art. And that's not even counting the crapton of writing I did for Last Trace as well, which I didn't even keep track of.

This new year, I'll be focusing on my other passions, particularly game development, but I have zero intent of neglecting Last Trace. For now though, I am definitely taking a break from the hectic nature of my previous updates to recuperate and recharge my batteries, but I'll have the next thread up sometime in February.
Though my initial goals have been met, but some new goals aren't really suitable for it... at the rate I'm going at, this may as well be the longest (written) completed quest in Questden history by the time I'm done with it.

While it's a bit of a shame things seem quiet around here, which is understandable considering LT's length, I'm grateful for the readers who do support me and participate or lurk in the quest itself.
I don't know what I'll have by the end of this, but I know that I don't want to join the graveyard like so many other creators who have come before me.

Let's make 2023 a good one, folks.
No. 138910 ID: 30b9f6

It's certainly a phenomenal effort you've put into Last Trace. I'm happy to be enjoying, supporting and participating in the threads, even if I don't always get around to posting for every update.

Best of luck with 2023! Don't burn out on gamedev, that notorious timesink!
No. 139001 ID: b90810
File 167405143678.png - (552.85KB , 1380x1380 , Time to square up.png )

We love you, Cross the Line, thank you for your lineness!
No. 139002 ID: b90810
File 167405146575.png - (478.20KB , 880x1280 , Time to square up 2.png )

No. 139082 ID: 1371b2

I just binged this story over the last few days and hooo what a ride.
I will also say that my one regret with these stories is they remind me I am very bad at modern military thinking.

A part of me wonders at the idea of having Nickel and Astro work together as a team to shoot the WallFlower- it seems to me that it’s the most meaningful way to fire that gun, since it’s I’ll suited for Argine…
Though I wonder if she could use those silk gauntlets to like…
One hand on the trigger, the other like…Half bracing the thing so it doesn’t recoil right into her, half trying to hold it from the butt of that thing. It’s be awkward-I can tell that much, but the thing fires a big fat beam of doom, and has those old-timely Blunderbluss muzzles-precision aiming was never in the cards with the Wallflower.
No. 139323 ID: fd463a

Heh. No idea if you'll even see this, but don't sweat the modern military thinking too much. Firstly, modern military thinking is often about squad tactics and combined-arms fire support - neither of which apply very well to 1 on 1 duels. Secondly, we're dealing with supersoldiers, future-tech weapons and gadgets, and a few things that may as well be effin' magic (the cards and parasignias). Modern tactics do not deal with these things (even if certain principles are still valid). If you've got an improvised MacGyver tactic, post it, it's not like additional ideas would be bad.
No. 139899 ID: 58e9c7
File 168748269049.png - (1.20MB , 1984x1432 , thirdAnniversary.png )

I normally post the anniversary pics in my server, but I feel that I should post 'em here too.

It's funny seeing that Last Trace is in its third year running considering the average lifespan of quests, but hey, I'm persistent. Thanks for supporting the story, everyone!
No. 139900 ID: 58e9c7
File 168748273444.png - (1.41MB , 1280x1822 , Birthdayand2ndAnniversaryPicture.png )

And here's the 2nd Anniversary pic from last year.
No. 139906 ID: 48c015

What a wonderful ride this has been, and to think it is not even over is positively amazing!

Happy annyversary, Crosstheline, here is to more boss fights and digitigrade stilettos.
No. 139922 ID: dd90a8

Congratulations! It’s been a fun ride so far.
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