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File 125509443666.gif - (4.18KB , 400x400 , 125506037227.gif )
4297 No. 4297 ID: 9ded94

Taking the initiative. It's not like there isn't going to be one in here soon anyway.
Expand all images
No. 4298 ID: 43d730

Five internets on the hotel thing being a dream or ten on just being unprovable.
No. 4321 ID: f21281

What if it's limbo?
No. 4322 ID: 43d730

Then I lose my stake.
And the quest goes a funky direction.
No. 4323 ID: f21281

After death, there is only blown fuses and scorched wiring.
No. 4326 ID: 76e04d

Relax said the nightman, we are programed to receive... you can check out any time you like... but you can't never leave...
No. 4361 ID: 047739

So when is this thing starting up again?
No. 4365 ID: 76e04d


Also, I too would enjoy a general hint as to when the esteemed Weaver could show his/her next quest update (Nan or Mustachio, either way=win!)
No. 4383 ID: f21281

Something tells me Nan will update every Thursday.
No. 4443 ID: f98b1d

We need to do some experiments on that doorway between the lobby(ies). Throw some stuff through it.
No. 4514 ID: 9ded94
File 125535763510.gif - (15.95KB , 701x683 , 1231758369131.gif )

What I want to know if this is the same Nan whose head was discovered from the wired cabinet in Metal Glen.

Because if it is, it gives this Quest rather a depressing twist.
No. 4525 ID: 76e04d

Being horrifically mutilated, nay even beheaded means nothing...
remember who got shoved through a fan..
he came back, kinda.
No. 4546 ID: f21281

The goat thang in RubyQuest has bigger horns than Nan. Usually indicates male. So probably not Nan.

That or Nan's in Purgatory.
No. 4550 ID: 76e04d

Hmm, good point. I was simply assuming they had grown in the intern.
No. 4557 ID: 119b5c

I'm not missing out on another weaver story.

I'm thinking this.
No. 4597 ID: fd6933

That head could also belong to Gruff, Iggy, Sven, or Chevre. Animal Crossing is a pretty big place. Not big enough for you to ever escape the secrets it burdens you with, nor the terrible knowledge of how thin a veneer the waking world is and what it is stretched over, but, y'know, pretty big.

Nan should just climb out a window.
No. 4598 ID: 76e04d
File 125541514041.jpg - (142.69KB , 500x750 , Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing.jpg )

Indeed, pic related?
No. 4599 ID: 4ee19c

I hope this goes for a very Twilight zone vibe,also hotel California references

please let there be mirrors on the ceiling
No. 4600 ID: 76e04d

Just remember the steely knives can't kill the beast...
No. 4602 ID: fd6933

Awesome, I haven't seen that poster before. I was aiming for generic Lovecraftian prose there, but yeah, what's the deal with people turning AC into a horror setting? And is Cjopaze a Gyroid or what?
No. 4611 ID: 276781

>Nan should just climb out a window
...Only to find that she's suddenly climbing -in- the window, into the hotel.

Try again!
No. 4620 ID: 76e04d

Actually, I hear The Barbed Wheel from a far earlier work of Weaver's called the World Eater Campaign (GURPS I think.)

But I can't confirm that, I do know that the World Eater campaign existed, (a thread can be found in the /tg/ archive, but more than that... I don't know.)

The reason AC makes for effective horror is because it's familiar, innocent, and ultimately rather childish. The most intense terrors are ultimately those that revert us to the simplicity of a child's terror.

Animal Crossing (like any good children's setting) does half the work for you by peeling back those defensive layers of mental callous' to reveal the vulnerable sensitivities of a child's imagination.

Primal fears are more effective than learned ones, and this is the reason Slender Man (hehe almost typed Slender Nan) will always be scarier than say, Global Economic Collapse.
No. 4624 ID: 8ce2bf

It's fanart for http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Animal%20Crossing/index.html which is an amazing Animal Crossing horror.
No. 4644 ID: 76e04d

I just spend the last hour reading that... I am now even more weird-ed out. It wasn't as... shocking as Weaver.

but now I just have those ideas and plots roiling uncomfortably at the base of my skull, like a witch's brew on low simmer.
No. 4681 ID: f21281

...and suddenly, everything about RQ suddenly makes sense.
No. 4683 ID: e1347e
File 125549316695.jpg - (83.27KB , 400x573 , 1254074828963.jpg )

Oh wow, how much of the stuff in there was not in the real game.
No. 4686 ID: 4553b2

Two or three chapters. The rest all was.
No. 4747 ID: 73ad2b

Everything that looks like an in-game screenshot usually is.
No. 4748 ID: dda9dd
File 125558371333.jpg - (204.70KB , 800x587 , 646315571_di3Ge-L.jpg )

Apparently, one of the Penney Arcade guest comics recently wandered along similar, unsettling paths.

I'll see if I can dig it up... ah here it is.
No. 4757 ID: d6a754

If I recall correctly that was the head of one Dr. S(ven).
No. 4761 ID: 9ded94

There was a Dr. S?
No. 4767 ID: 27fd4d

Yeah, but I thought it was Dr. S(hrunk)...
No. 4910 ID: bf1e7e


You're making it up.

Dr S. was a reference to Dr. Shrunk.
No. 5027 ID: 955848
File 125619814161.gif - (31.75KB , 766x1291 , crossingpals9.gif )

I hope that thing coming down the hall isn't a troll, because trolls fear billy goats, which are boy goats.
No. 5028 ID: 2dd482

god crossing pals is so awesome
No. 5029 ID: cd0725

I lol'd like a nigger
No. 5030 ID: 12fc66
File 125620890224.gif - (13.33KB , 701x683 , 120b.gif )

I'm posting the original 120 panel here, which Weaver replaced with bare Nanass, just because I think Nan looks cute in boyshorts.
Take that, Weaver!
No. 5032 ID: 6faa8c

Odd realization:
The OHGODWHATTHEFUCK thing that showed up after the mirror was broken had no blood.
No. 5038 ID: 27fd4d

...Maybe the pizza the guy at the arcade gave us had something a little more sinister than sauce under the cheese.
No. 5039 ID: 12f282

Nan's boyfriend murdered her in a fit of rage by throwing their alarm clock in the tub while she was bathing.
What we are seeing is a scrambled mess of Nan's memories before she dies.
No. 5042 ID: dda9dd

Wow.. wait why did e' replace it? Is Weaver getting more intentional with the fan-service.

Also...>>314832 how do you figure this? Could we get a still frame of the monstrosity?
No. 5043 ID: 6faa8c

Remember the first horror incident in Rubyquest? BLOOD FUCKING EVERYWHERE, and it looked very similar: mangled and grotesque.
No. 5044 ID: f21281

To be fair, there isn't any anti-nudity rule for /quest/~
No. 5045 ID: 43d730

>You are a breast.
>You're inside some kind of cuppish thing, and it's dark.
No. 5046 ID: c1b520

*funds it*
No. 5049 ID: 43d730

Work your way up with your partner all the way from A to DD!
Experiment with hormones, milk, and squeezing!
No. 5050 ID: afbe56

Lookit how the tail interacts with the boyshorts. Makes sense to me.
No. 5051 ID: 73ad2b

Nan can
No. 5054 ID: 632862
File 125626851787.png - (8.71KB , 800x600 , Monster.png )

Still frame of monstrosity, you say? Okay, I will provide it.
No. 5055 ID: 6faa8c

No fresh blood, as I thought.
No. 5056 ID: dda9dd

Why does the skinless monstrosity appear to be rather well hung?
No. 5057 ID: 2dd482

well it's obviously a reflection of Nan's inappropriate sexual desires.
No. 5079 ID: 9ded94


No. 5080 ID: 9ded94

Anyone noticed Nan's wearing different clothes now?
No. 5122 ID: dda9dd

I was more concerned with the Ia ia Ftagn -memory error- that seems to be going on.

On one had I could feel the "wake-up it was all a dream" coming because of clock in the elevator.

On the other hand, we now seem to be spontaneously remembering relationships and events we may/may not have ever experienced (boyfreind ect.)
No. 5137 ID: 632862

The dark things in the Hotel don't kill Nan. They just want to fuck with her head.

What are her real memories, and what are fake? Did she have a boyfriend before entering the Hotel, and just forgot? She didn't mention either way beforehand. Was anything real? Who is Nan?

We don't know anything.
No. 6244 ID: 9d07d9
File 125841470817.jpg - (46.28KB , 320x240 , nan gives away porn.jpg )

No. 6249 ID: dda9dd

No. 9246 ID: 0e252b

More Nan please?
No. 9255 ID: 3416ec

Seconding the request for more Nan Quest in the near future.

'cause its good stuff.
No. 9256 ID: 9ded94

Goddamn you people. Seeing this thread up made me think I had missed another one.

But yeah, thirding.
No. 9259 ID: 34470e

Fourthing. We need moar nanbutt!
No. 9271 ID: e45568

Fifthing the shit out of that idea

if not Nan, Nanporn will suffice.
No. 9273 ID: 1831fc

This is a good quest.

I hope to see it up again soon.
No. 9276 ID: 8dc9d5

Yeah, NanQuest is great.
I would definitely like to see some more of it.
No. 9277 ID: 689e9b

can someone at least get weaver to post an update schedule, or something?

also, sixth(?)ing
No. 9284 ID: c16184

How about just letting Weaver do what he feels like and enjoying what's currently on offer
No. 9285 ID: c50a92

Hate to nag, but I'll have to ninth that request.

Dive should still take priority, what with the whole "parallel with Knight Blades" thing, but I would definitely like to see some more Nan in the future.
No. 9288 ID: 0e252b

XD Oh wow, "More Nan Please?" here.

I agree with both of these people; I LOVE DiveQuest and Knight Blades both rather a lot. They're fantastic stories, and I'd not want them to be set aside just for more of this.

I am simply letting it be known that I do want more of this in the future, because this is awesome. : D Thanks Weaver!
No. 9291 ID: 6faa8c

Also gonna say I <3 Nan.
No. 9294 ID: e3f578

Nan hips are the best hips
No. 9370 ID: 1963d1

Yeah, when is this starting up again?
It's been a long time.
No. 9387 ID: 3416ec


It starts up when someone bribes Weaver to do it.
No. 9407 ID: 1963d1

Well when is THAT happening?
No. 9408 ID: af3e6d

When you feel like ponying up the cash.
No. 9415 ID: 08a008

Or the steamy, passionate lovemaking.

Weaver is a demanding girl.
No. 9426 ID: 3416ec

I've got... let's see... $23.44.

Is that enough?
No. 9427 ID: 34470e

I have over $105.
No. 9461 ID: f08146

reaver and weaver live in the same apartment, yes? someone get me the address and ill buy a pizza for them
No. 9463 ID: 3416ec


I think that's only a mysterious myth. Not a legendary legend.
No. 9465 ID: 8f8ead


Reaver is Dutch and Weaver is Murrican
No. 9468 ID: 689e9b

well shit then. someone find me weavers adress and ill buy her a pizza as a bribe then >_>
No. 9469 ID: 8e18cd


> her

No. 9472 ID: 8ce2bf
File 126411700732.jpg - (126.74KB , 800x507 , PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE.jpg )

Excuse me sir I have photographic evidence of Weaver's female nature.
No. 9473 ID: 445c48

This doesn't exactly prove anything!
No. 9474 ID: 8ecfd4

Well it might prove that Reaver us a furry and we know he likes to jizz in the turkey.

But while I would love to see more Nan quest I do think that Divequest should come first. I want to see how that one plays out between Mushio and Ridder. I don't think it will have a happy end.
No. 9475 ID: 2d8f04

Reaver is weaver's fursona.
No. 9477 ID: 9d07d9


Thing is, no one except Weaver and Reaver (and maybe not even them) have any idea how close to finishing Dive Quest and Knight Blades are. But what's to stop Weaver from updating Nan Quest before the next chapter of Dive?

personally I'd like to see the next chapter of Dive before he picks up Nan again
No. 9483 ID: 655d51

I'm honestly surprised none of you recognize the girl in the picture, or recognize Weaver's art style. Reaver is a bit harder, but still entirely possible to figure out given the clues that have been dropped (or at least make an educated guess)
No. 13255 ID: c50a92
File 126982754342.png - (7.31KB , 287x298 , scarednan.png )

No. 13256 ID: 1ac39d

i am flipping the fuck out!
No. 13264 ID: 73d42c

Okay, just posting my thoughts in a place I can find them later.

1.) It was 6:30 AM when Nan first woke up. There was a clock next to her bedside at that time.
2.) Nan did one job, then waited 5 minutes before rewiring the outlet in the hotel.
3.) Nan then found a clock in the elevator, reading 4:66 PM.
4.) Nan wakes up back in her bed, with Henry(?). Her alarm clock is displaying "weird numbers." Henry informs her that it is 10:30.
5.) Nan is back in the hotel, still with the clock reading 4:66 AM.

Actually, now that I think about it, 4:66 doesn't make any sense as a time.
No. 13266 ID: e3f578

Any significant symbolism on 4:66 then, with or without colons?
No. 13268 ID: 7630d5
File 126983643580.gif - (9.38KB , 695x577 , nan_eating_naan.gif )

theres also the whole "60 minutes in an hour" thing... anyways, anon44 did this :V
No. 13269 ID: 348fbd

I was trying to see if I could start at the beginning of the day and could the time, to see if the clock stopped at roughly the time Nan finished the outlet. I guess I misread the 4:66 for an actual meaningful time, though.

Still, following the clock is interesting. I'm wondering if the one Nan is holding is supposed to be the one in her bedroom.

We have a working (red light) clock in Nan's bedroom at the start.
We get the 4:66 (red light) clock in the elevator.
Nan sees a "weird numbers" (not shown) clock in her bedroom a second time.
The clock in her possession has always shown 4:66, which are certainly some odd numbers for a clock.

466 upside down is 99h. Neither 6 nor 4 works very well sideways, though.
No. 13275 ID: bc1727
File 126984328038.jpg - (138.67KB , 471x867 , nan.jpg )

Nan fan art. Because goats nom shirts!
No. 13279 ID: 3416ec


To be fair, goats nom a lot of things.
No. 13280 ID: 34470e

Random Experimentation ahead


4+6+6=16, 1+6=7

46+66= 112 | Is there something in room 112? We need to enter there.

4=d, 6=f -- dff

four six six - 6-15-21-18, 19-8-24, 19-8-24 -- 60-51-51 -- 162 | Maybe something will be revealed on update 162
No. 13281 ID: 632862

Stop that. You can find any pattern you want using very few numbers.
No. 13282 ID: 34470e

61070, 61170, 61244, 61206 - 61211, 61097, 61271 - 61211, 61097, 61271
14,15,17,15 - 11,23,17 - 11,23,17
noqo kwq kwq
No. 13283 ID: 34470e

61070, 61170, 61244, 61206 - 61211, 61097, 61271 - 61211, 61097, 61271

Boredom is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
No. 13299 ID: 860bd9

dont understand the clock or the "hour" by itself. unless 4:66 is a bible passage, we should simpl use it as a indication that shit is cthulean.
No. 13300 ID: 860bd9

salm 66:4
>"I also will choose<Dic> their delusions<Dic>, and will bring<Dic> their fears<Dic> upon them; because when I called<Dic>, none did answer<Dic>; when I spake<Dic>, they did not hear<Dic>: but they did<Dic> evil<Dic> before mine eyes<Dic>, and chose<Dic> that in which I delighted<Dic> not." "delusions: or, devices; "

see? nothing makes sense eit

god dammit
No. 13306 ID: 362f0c

Actually that verse is:

Isaiah 66:4
>I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

Still good find... I just... please spellcheck and work on the grammar. This isn't a chatroom you have the time.
No. 13326 ID: 860bd9

i actualy had trouble getting a quote in english. this was supposely translated from latin somewhat directly.
No. 13331 ID: 7d3870

Well if google is any indication, 99h means that the cause of all this madness is "Microsoft Portable Xbox Microsoft Portable Xbox"
No. 13332 ID: a7a85a


Heheh, cute. :3
No. 13342 ID: 2c4b6b

Well, if you convert those 66 minutes into 1 hour and 6 minutes, 4:66 would actually be 5:06. The hotel only looks to have three floors, so it can't be room 506 (unless it's bigger on the inside), but maybe it means something else. Or maybe it's just completely random.
No. 13345 ID: 7d3870

You know, if the clock is PM, and you 24-hour-clock that shit, 4:66 becomes 16:66.
Then again I like to think that it wouldn't be something as painfully overdone as 'Oooo, it has the numbers 666 in it, it must be evil'.
No. 13875 ID: d6cb21

I wish Weaver would get back on NanQuest.
And am I the only onw seeing Silent Hill connections everywhere?
No. 13942 ID: ce3dbc

Which silent hill arer you talking about? If its a particular one, speak up. We need all the into we can get.
No. 14441 ID: 1fea9a

Seeing as how we have food now, lets NOT open the can until we need it. After all, Nan just ate a little while ago.
No. 14491 ID: 944c5f

I never considered starvation a factor we had to deal with. >.> <.< I don't see a reason to open the can yet, UNLESS THERE LIES AN ITEM! Yeah, I doubt that too. (With this can at least.)
No. 14607 ID: 88fc9a

Maybe it will be full of lightbulbs.
No. 14626 ID: 67c611

My friend and I spent a good two hours looking for a lightbulb before we came across a can we had overlooked. So we look around for a can opener and get ready to open it. I say "I swear to god if that has lightbulbs in it....". We open the thing and, lightbulbs. It fucked with us so badly we had to stop playing for a while.
No. 14639 ID: d6cb21

A lightbulb? I wouldnt be surprised if there was a lightbulb inside the can. And if there IS a lightbulb in the can, then that would point towards the Silent Hill theory.
No. 14658 ID: 88fc9a

It was intended as a deadpan joke, you know...
But you've got to love the Silent Hill games.
No. 14920 ID: c50a92
File 127241770724.gif - (29.81KB , 1402x683 , padre2.gif )

No. 14921 ID: e3f578

Huh! It's the Pilgrim!
No. 14922 ID: e3f578

No wait, its the filename. Goddamn hat. I should figure out what exactly a Padre is.
No. 14924 ID: a56bd0

Padre means 'father' it's Spanish and generally used to address Catholic (and sometimes other denominations) priests.
No. 14925 ID: d6cb21

I'm wondering, if we find the clock again, Lets keep it. If breaking the clock sends us back in time, then we should use it if we need to undo something. Time travel puzzels ahoy!
No. 14934 ID: d6cb21

If its us in that elevator, I am going to freak the hell out.
No. 14935 ID: 1ac39d

serious question for Weaver:
why are you s good at blowing people's minds?
No. 14936 ID: d6cb21

Because he CAN READ THEM
No. 14937 ID: 705b6e

Anyone else reminded of the movie Triangle from this quest?

I get the feeling that there is only 1 ending for this quest, and it is an endlessly repeating bad end full of death, ignorance, and trauma no matter what.
No. 14938 ID: 1ac39d

if that's the case then we need to figure out how to get NAN spiral powers so she can break out.
No. 14940 ID: 2cff42

Let's see if we can guess what's going on:
There was an electrical fire that killed those that are now the dark figures. Nan was involved and may possibly be also dead (just a hunch) and is now being haunted/tormented.
No. 14944 ID: c50a92

I'm still amazed he managed to get us to put a cloth on Nan's face so current-Nan would match the past-future-Nan-doppelganger from the beginning of the thread.
No. 14945 ID: 1ac39d

i think the only thing with a more confusing timeline is homestuck. but it's impossibly hard to beat that in time line confusion.
No. 14948 ID: 9ded94

If this was back in /tg/, people would scream railroading.

But it's not /tg/ so I'm just calling Weaver a Magnificent Bastard.
No. 14961 ID: a85626


>> Nan hurries after the shambling figure ahead,


>> We totally shoulda teamed up with ourselves

Something tells me this would not have ended well.
No. 14962 ID: e3f578

You don't know that. Experimentation is the foundation of a good time.
No. 14967 ID: 12b099

You know, we might have already been teamed up with ourselves.
No. 14969 ID: d6cb21

True, how do we know weather or not the us from the future is influncing the us of now in oder to get us to survive so that later on we can go back in time again to influence our past self to save ourself.....

Time travel logic makes my brain hurt.
No. 14997 ID: 5eedac

i'm pretty sure that was the Dr. S mentioned in Filbert's notes. In animal crossing, there's a goat named Sven.

Sven's not female. I don't think that's Nan.
No. 14998 ID: 5eedac

Going by this logic though the missing subject in RubyQuest was a pig. Which could be Lucy.

If we meet a Lucy, it'd be time to enable Todd-Bertuzzi-flip-the-fuck-out mode.
No. 15002 ID: ff8863
File 127257224065.png - (12.65KB , 701x683 , pablonanhenrynodaddy.png )

Remember Nan Quest viewers: only through teamwork can we overcome any obstacle!
No. 15003 ID: 1ac39d

......... daum.
No. 15004 ID: 5eedac
File 127258946282.gif - (1.99MB , 300x225 , bananaguy.gif )

No. 15005 ID: 3416ec


No. 15006 ID: 3416ec


Also, why you do this.
No. 15008 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 15009 ID: 9d07d9


henrybutt oh no
No. 15011 ID: 3297aa

No. 15012 ID: 3297aa

Wait a minute.
Is it just me, or does the hat on that rack look a lot like the Padre's?
No. 15021 ID: f98e0b

Hey, yeah. There's a cross there too.
No. 15073 ID: d6cb21

Mayhap the monsters are the former guests at the hotel, who got stuck there when they all died for some reason. And the ones that are more deadly are the ones that had a stronger will, or had something to do with what caused this mess.

Just a thought.
No. 15182 ID: 1fea9a

Yo Weaver, planning on continueing any time soon?
No. 15237 ID: 77f7e5

I'm interested as well.
No. 15256 ID: 3416ec


Whenever she feels like it.
No. 15262 ID: a594b9

HE. Weaver is male.
No. 15263 ID: 1ac39d

you sure?
weaver has kinda gotten the same thing as ZONE and conflicting reports of gender keep showing up.
No. 15264 ID: 60be74

Weaver is a proud nubile woman and you'd best be rememberin' that.
No. 15266 ID: 3441fa

Men do not get Dainty Leg Syndrome.
No. 15269 ID: 9d07d9

Weaver is a little brown girl with purple hair who happens to have a very masculine voice.
No. 15284 ID: 1963d1

>masculine voice
How u kno dis?
No. 15287 ID: 1d1077

(Update 79, if I've interboard-link FAILed)
I'm guessing those are the Padre's clothes there (hat, cloak, crucifix)? I was half-expecting the Padre to help us, and end up being future-Nan, or future-some-other-character.
No. 15289 ID: a594b9

I think you mean:
No. 15293 ID: eb6d46

That'll be it. And silly me for missing that 'Padre' in
is unusually helpful.
No. 15831 ID: 5448f9
File 127424813790.png - (270.19KB , 1023x760 , woichimanya.png )

It hardly looks like Nan, and I couldn't be assed to dig out my AC manual
No. 15872 ID: bb43fd

No. 15874 ID: 5448f9


Fuck I knew the color was off

oh well
No. 15876 ID: 2eac65

It's still a very pretty picture.
No. 16057 ID: 5448f9

Why thank you

I drew it just for you guys. :J
No. 16303 ID: 19f4db

Sorry to bump, but has it been said if this was dropped or not? I know Weaver's very busy, but i hate the lack of knowing.
No. 16308 ID: a594b9

It's not dropped. Weaver's just kinda busy and is doing that... Andellousia quest thing right now.
No. 16314 ID: f95872

Incidentally, that name always fucking bugs me. It's like he tried to spell "Andalucia" and failed.
No. 16315 ID: cef587

Actually it's from a playing of the word "Andalou", from Un Chein Andalou.
No. 16316 ID: f95872

Translated into Spanish, that's "una Perra de Andalucia". It's the same thing, just different language. Even the English bastardization of the word just swaps the c for an s (thus, Andalusia) which at least is phonetically identical, and thus less grating.

Also, I suspect that very few people have watched the film, which would cause any references to go over folks' heads.
No. 16322 ID: cef587

Nah, you're reading way too far into it. It's just supposed to sound neat, not be a reference. That's just the etymology of the name, for what little it's worth.
Besides, isn't this a Nan thread?
No. 16386 ID: 19f4db

Ahh, thanks, thats great to hear. I'm surprised by how much Weaver's done since he(she?) finished RubyQuest. I was there for the original threads, but haven't been keeping up with the mass influx of quests that spawned from the craziness, though I do idle in the IRC all day.
No. 16503 ID: 0f9dad

I got that once, it wasn't fun.
No. 16655 ID: 1a99f0

so i just realized how little we know here. The first time Nan woke up she seemed to be living alone and then when she met henry she acted like it was the first time. Then all of a sudden he's her boyfriend and she has an ass.

Then when Nan woke up after smashing the clock she only knew to spin around because she'd already seen that situation before, so it had to have played out chronologically the same way we saw it. That still leaves the question of why she got her old clothes back though. Maybe she got some of her old inventory back as well. We'll need to do an inventory check as soon as we get a chance. And try to get an evaluation on the henry situation. See if she has minor amnesia or if the second bedroom scene a hallucination or something.
No. 16657 ID: 1a99f0

Cedar Glen...do we know why metal glen was named as such? Why is the apartment complex named as such? Are they in the same general area? Do these stories take place at a similar time? It's possible that the same evil force could be at work here. Maybe we should ask Nan if the town is on the coast. Or if she remembers hearing anything about a trio coming out of a facility for the blind recently. Or anything about a facility for the blind. Nobody actually directly asked Nan if she knew anything about Metal Glen.
No. 16658 ID: 1a99f0

okay so Henry didn't recognize Nan either. Just realized that DOES affect the situation. Essentially something weird has to be going on with that. It can't just be a weird time lapse since "That's not how they met!" Some parts of this might actually not be real, or could be a dream or hallucination. When she saw the cross necklace she seemed to recognize it but didn't know where from. But then it was a gift from Henry. Perhaps two dimensions are even intersecting or something. NEED MORE INFO!
No. 16667 ID: 1a99f0

well we're up to over 100 at the end of one hall of floor one. both 466 and 506 are possible rooms. 99h might mean something as well.
No. 16669 ID: 1a99f0

What the hell is real around here? I would say that the second visit to Nan's bedroom was a dream or hallucination if she hadn't gotten some new clothes out of it. Which could mean that the whole scene where she's wearing those clothes is somehow not real, except she carried over the fire axe. Which could mean that this part isn't real either, but Nan is back to her normal clothes now and events have been coinciding properly with the whole time warp thing. Assuming that was real I would then say that the first part where Henry and Nan don't seem to recognize each other wasn't real, except that the inventory carried over through the next part and presumably after the clock was broken as well. It could be that all of the events are real and the hotel is just capable of bending the minds of those inside. Or that everything that has happened since entering the hotel has been a hallucination to some degree or another, with a little bit of reality in each one. Maybe we just need to do a couple more cycles to start being able to piece things together.
No. 16816 ID: 1a99f0

so i got this new idea, k? basically, everyone we met inside the hotel is already dead. Pablo, Anna, the Padre, probably Henry, maybe even Nan at this point. So when we first see Henry and Pablo (for Pablo it was when Nan was doing the wiring work) they were ghosts. That's why Pablo disappeared, and why Henry had that thing going on with his reflection. Then the second bedroom scene was a hallucination caused by Henry projecting his memories into Nan's. Nan (probably not dead) then gets trapped in this limbo hotel with these tormented spirits. This explains the conflicting reports of Henry and Nan's relationship status, and why Pablo didn't mention coming out of the shower and running into Nan. This also means that the dead rat and the helpful rat with the bean can could be the same rat.
No. 16860 ID: 1a99f0

Next chapter needs some Nan and Henry sexies, or some Nan and Anna sexies, that's cool with me, too.
No. 17457 ID: 8cb3d6
File 127632083231.png - (14.06KB , 701x683 , PadreAnna.png )

Interesting thoughts, fellow viewer. Although personally, I don't think there's enough information to determine any sort of underlying reason behind all the madness. Once again, great theories.


Ever since this as been brought up, I've been wondering if Padre is actually someone dressed up like a monster, for whatever reason. This person may be just a normal person, or someone with incredible abilities beyond a mortal, but still dressing as Padre noneoftheless.


Remember when we're introduced with Anna? That weird smoke/blackness at the top-right? This lead me to believe that Anna is secretly Padre. Yes, it's a stretch, but something about that bunny doesn't seem right.

Also, kudos to the person(s) who fleshed out the Nan Quest page at the wiki. Awesome!.....Though I personally think Pablo is a bat. It's them ears. They feel bat-like. Well, my opinion.
No. 17466 ID: 3297aa

I seem to remember Weaver confirming Pablo's bathood at some point. May have been in IRC.
No. 17516 ID: 8cb3d6

Oh boy I hope you're right.
No. 18641 ID: a145b3
File 127776048495.png - (154.87KB , 688x676 , naneralls.png )

Hey, it's me, the guy who drew Nan in those pants

Here's something for the people that still care.
No. 18642 ID: a145b3
File 127776056973.png - (132.20KB , 688x676 , nanked.png )

Aaaaand another version.
No. 18644 ID: 1a99f0

I care. Keep being awesome.
No. 18646 ID: a145b3
File 127776319417.png - (301.00KB , 1000x1000 , rubynan.png )


Okay, okay.
Here's another.
No. 18647 ID: 05c9fd
File 127776361794.jpg - (290.21KB , 900x1024 , bison-cfe.jpg )

No. 18650 ID: 8ce2bf

but but but nan ain't got no panties
No. 18651 ID: 2eac65

All lovely pictures.

It's kind of weird seeing Ruby/Nan Quest characters in color, though. Most of the time they're only black and white.
No. 18652 ID: 67c611

nice work
No. 18653 ID: a145b3

Working on another at the moment because I'm that badass
No. 18658 ID: a145b3
File 127776536117.png - (186.36KB , 674x992 , nanrubs.png )

Ehh, this one's kinda suck, but I hope someone can like it.

I'll draw more maybe if people want me too.
No. 18659 ID: 1a99f0

Why would anyone not want you to draw more?
No. 18660 ID: a145b3


I'm out of ideas, but I'm up for a few requests.
No. 18661 ID: 1177ca

Do something nice about Ruby and Tom. Still not had enough of those two.

Something cute.
No. 18662 ID: a145b3

Idunno, this IS a NANquest thread after all, but I'll definitely consider it.
No. 18664 ID: 2eac65

Delicious bunny paws.

How would Ruby and Nan end up meeting? Maybe a support group for occult horror survivors.
No. 18669 ID: e3f578

Ruby leads a supernatural squad with a goal to stop the world's horrors from hurting people, Nan joins once Ruby manages to bust in at the last minute.
No. 18671 ID: d560d6

Generic quest fanart thread is over here for non-Nan-ness:
No. 18674 ID: a145b3
File 127777295072.png - (328.01KB , 917x904 , henry.png )

No. 18675 ID: 8ce2bf

Oh my~
No. 18676 ID: 0b2a05

Ahahaha oh my god

The mirror is the best part, but not by much
No. 18685 ID: 67c611

Oh fuck yes you sick bastard. Give me a hug.
No. 18689 ID: a145b3
File 127777861885.png - (85.26KB , 445x743 , nanbutt.png )

How about Nan's ass instead?
No. 18690 ID: 0b2a05

This is also acceptable!
No. 18693 ID: 35cea2


Gog dam her ass is like %70 of her body.
No. 18694 ID: 2a421d

Why am I reminded of Kurhal at this moment?
No. 18697 ID: a145b3

>implying this is a bad thing
No. 18701 ID: a145b3


well it's there
No. 18704 ID: 1a99f0

well, she's pretty round.
and soft.
and so inviting...
No. 18716 ID: a145b3

thus is nan
No. 18719 ID: b4b04d

Whoever's doing these, they're awesome and you're awesome.

All this has sort of made me want to go back to updating more Nan.
By which I mean all the discussion, of course.
No. 18721 ID: a145b3

Thanks, I'm glad you like them. C:
No. 18722 ID: e3f578

No. 18724 ID: a145b3
File 127778907112.png - (164.04KB , 308x270 , omgbecky.png )



god becky
No. 18725 ID: 2eac65

Her butt is three times the size of her chest. That's a little too much!

We should've known her lazy attitude would get to her eventually. Someone should help her work off those extra pounds.
No. 18728 ID: a145b3

I think trying to survive in the hotel from hell should give her a workout.
No. 18735 ID: 2fa60a

You're right, her breasts are definitely not big enough.
No. 18763 ID: a145b3
File 127784950685.png - (129.09KB , 684x924 , nanupper.png )

No. 18767 ID: 4f6e37

I think she's inflating more and more with every image...
No. 18768 ID: a145b3

Nah, that's just me being inconsistent.
No. 18769 ID: d560d6

No. 18773 ID: 2eac65

At this rate, the only way she'll get back in shape is if she was hancuffed to a treadmill.
No. 18774 ID: a145b3

Also, if anyone has any Nan-related stuff they'd like to see drawn, just kinda

say it and I'll try to later
No. 18775 ID: e3f578

She's so fat, her kneecaps would blend in with the rest of her flesh if they weren't so goddamn shiny. ARE THOSE KANKLES? Goddamn, that fatness qualifies as being somebody's middle-aged aunt level.

Goddamn, Bill Clinton would wreck that.
No. 18776 ID: a594b9

I want to see nan doing her job. Electrician work.
No. 18778 ID: a145b3
File 127785505169.png - (239.24KB , 684x924 , clinton.png )

No. 18829 ID: a145b3
File 127793197431.png - (105.71KB , 506x808 , showtunes.png )

Nan occasionally enjoys humming showtunes.
No. 18830 ID: b7fdd4

No. 18832 ID: 1a99f0

hey look, she dropped the weight.
No. 18833 ID: e3f578
File 127793469985.jpg - (16.93KB , 400x249 , Bill_clinton.jpg )

No. 18839 ID: a145b3
File 127794172489.png - (234.18KB , 905x798 , billnan.png )

Bill strikes
No. 18841 ID: de38a3

I did not have sexual relations with that goat.
No. 18842 ID: a145b3

oh shit
looking at that picture while listening to this:

oh shit
No. 18843 ID: 1a99f0

sure, Bill, we believe you...
No. 18874 ID: d15937

"99h" is programming shorthand for "99 in base 16". That's 153 in normal numbers, or ™ in ASCII.

...I may be overthinking this.
No. 18905 ID: a145b3
File 127804382672.png - (115.91KB , 1000x1000 , streetfighteralphatwo.png )

Okay I can do like maybe a few more really good ones before my drawing skill dwindles they all just turn into incoherent scribbles.

There was an earlier request for her actually doing her job, so I'll work on that one next.

In the meantime, have this picture of Nan playing a SNES.
No. 18906 ID: 1a99f0

awesome work.
shouldn't practicing make you better?
No. 18907 ID: a145b3

To be fair, it should but depending on what I draw, it can be counterproductive at times.


I tried a couple of trick on this one I'm pretty proud of, so practice is good.

Really, I'm just doing all this cause I like Nan . :U
No. 18909 ID: 05c9fd

>shouldn't practicing make you better?
Only until you burn out from staring at the screen for so long and maybe from the exertion itself.
No. 18910 ID: 8ce2bf

streetfighteralphatwo.png more like supermarioworldghosthouse.png
No. 18912 ID: 1a99f0

okay well sleep is good.
No. 18913 ID: a145b3

No. 18956 ID: dcf697


Does anyone have any idea what color Henry would be?
I'm thinking like a kind of beige or brown combination.
No. 18957 ID: dcf697
File 127813243639.png - (209.78KB , 770x762 , henrynan.png )

No. 18958 ID: 7324e7

No. 18959 ID: 8ce2bf

That sure is some Henrybutt.
No. 18961 ID: 1e9d01

No. 18965 ID: 2eac65

Henry looks girlier than Nan there. Especially with the prominent chest fur.
No. 18970 ID: dcf697

>Henry looks girlier than Nan there.

I...don't find this to be a problem.
No. 18973 ID: dcf697
File 127813797414.png - (166.72KB , 880x764 , gonnamissE3.png )

problem solved
No. 18974 ID: 8ce2bf

a++ service would order electric nan again
No. 18975 ID: 823f5d

>electric nan

The toy sensation of this Christmas season?
No. 18976 ID: 3416ec


Poor Padre is gonna miss the World Cup.
No. 18977 ID: 2eac65

No, I'm not complaining. It's still delicious. I was just commenting.
No. 18979 ID: dcf697
File 127814714083.png - (218.54KB , 1000x1000 , pablohen.png )

Pablo and Henry. Someone may like this.
No. 18980 ID: dcf697
File 127814717726.png - (164.00KB , 735x865 , rubyleznan.png )

More RubyxNan.
No. 18986 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 18991 ID: a7a85a


Cute and stylish.
No. 19010 ID: de38a3

Draw Nan and Henry having consensual heterosexual sex in the missionary position.
No. 19012 ID: f21281

You sick, disgusting bastard.
No. 19015 ID: 03640a

Now that's just uncalled for.
No. 19018 ID: 1a99f0

dude keep your sick fetishes to yourself
No. 19036 ID: dcf697

You know, it's kind of loses it's charm if it's just flat out sex

But the reason I'm not going to do it is because you didn't say please. >:U
No. 19038 ID: 0f5309

pretty please yattermang. i would be ever so grateful.
No. 19040 ID: dcf697

>implying I wasn't going to end up drawing it eventually

Ruby and Nan is my favorite OTP, but I GUESS I can draw some more Henry
No. 19042 ID: 1177ca

I wouldn't mind some sweet Ruby/Tom loving, either.

Pretty please? Whenever you have the time: no rush.
No. 19044 ID: b4b04d

We've already seen what happens if Nan and Ruby were to meet up: >>314827
No. 19046 ID: 2eac65

You mentioning that reminded me of this:
/r/ Nan in bed taking pictures of herself.
No. 19050 ID: f21281

/r/ nan in bed taking pictures of herself as if it was the actual picture she took of herself while in bed
No. 19051 ID: dcf697
File 127821064839.png - (196.73KB , 344x353 , pat.png )


Okay I'll probably do like 2 tonight, so which should I work on first?
No. 19052 ID: aa4289

rolled 1 = 1

i'll help
1= nan/henry
2= nan alone
No. 19060 ID: 8ce2bf

There can never be enough Henry.
No. 19061 ID: dcf697

Too bad I'm the only one drawing him. >BU
No. 19062 ID: 8ce2bf

Truly one of the worst problems today's world is facing.
No. 19088 ID: dcf697
File 127823199624.png - (198.79KB , 1000x1000 , nanexhenrey.png )

No. 19089 ID: dcf697
File 127823202369.png - (107.08KB , 802x654 , frail.png )

failed version:
No. 19090 ID: dcf697
File 127823451497.png - (101.89KB , 724x546 , nanny.png )

I'm exhausted, but I managed to draw it.
No. 19094 ID: 2eac65

This is fantastic.

This is... not quite so fantastic. Nan's arms and shoulders are too big, and Henry's got a weird sort of expression you'd expect from an overly polite con artist.

Honestly, I like this one better.
No. 19095 ID: dcf697

Ack, KNEW something was wrong with that one.
Oh well, that's the price for choosing a weird perspective I guess.

At any rate, I'm ultimately glad you like them.
No. 19096 ID: dcf697
File 127823864711.png - (235.33KB , 1000x1000 , simplerepairwoman.png )

SLIGHTLY better version...?
No. 19111 ID: c4c313


Ay chihuahua!
No. 19148 ID: 3b3f66

Does this update anymore or is Weaver done?
No. 19152 ID: 8d16ab

Part 3 showed up five months after Part 2 ended. I think it's safe to say that an extended absence isn't indicative of quest death, at least in this case.
No. 19348 ID: dcf697

Sorry I have not drawn any fanart, I got kinda burnt out.
I'll try to have something new for you tomorrow, maybe.
No. 19366 ID: 3416ec


No worries.
No. 19367 ID: 407b5b

Yeah it's cool, and feel free to fanart any other quests that catch your fancy. Weaver's awesome, but his updates schedule is always sketchy at best.
No. 19374 ID: dcf697

By burnt out, I just meant drawing in general. I think I stated earlier that constant drawing is a kind of easy way for me to put myself in a block.

Give it a few days, and I'll maybe have some more Nan.
No. 19469 ID: dcf697
File 127867490377.png - (208.08KB , 626x938 , agol.png )

whoa how did I forget about this
No. 19503 ID: 05c9fd
File 127870162985.jpg - (180.08KB , 700x1000 , heat nan.jpg )

The shape of her sunglasses reminds me of someone.
No. 19507 ID: dcf697
File 127870752325.png - (2.87KB , 256x224 , hm3.png )

No. 19661 ID: a7a85a
File 127890105760.gif - (11.98KB , 256x224 , uhoh.gif )

No. 19663 ID: f4963f
File 127890142290.png - (34.28KB , 256x224 , Megaman_FFFFFF.png )

Wait. Shit.
No. 19676 ID: dcf697

No. 20095 ID: db60d0

Nan is an AC character.
Nobody else is.
Conclusion: She still hasn't woken up. Once she does, she'll be in her locker, ready to push the red button and turn on the lights...
No. 20096 ID: dcf697

Depends, will Ruby be there?
Delicious Nan and Ruby collaboration?
No. 20097 ID: db60d0

Yes. This will be attempt number three of the total thirteen that occurred.
No. 20098 ID: dcf697

Delicious Nan.
Delicious Ruby.

No. 20099 ID: db60d0

Deep fried.
With Buffalo-style sauce.
No. 20100 ID: dcf697

Now that's just fuckin' sexy.
No. 20101 ID: db60d0

I was actually thinking tasty. I've already been /s/atisfied if you know what I'm saying.
No. 20104 ID: 541ce9
File 127927844868.png - (119.83KB , 536x831 , nananananananan.png )

herpus derpus
No. 20105 ID: dcf697
File 12792785892.jpg - (18.67KB , 240x225 , fukken_saved.jpg )

No. 20211 ID: 5116bc
File 127934084348.jpg - (52.59KB , 600x600 , 1231740622913.jpg )

I am awfully confused. This is current yes? ongoing? The dates I'm seeing from investigation say that Weavers last NanQuest thread was months ago, and that the first post from this thread is months in the future...

Could someone help clarify the situation for me? Does this board take place in the 4th dimension?

Posting with Ruby in an attempt to stay on topic.
No. 20213 ID: dcf697

No. 20215 ID: 4ae7b5

Hell, he 'just' got back to updating Dive Quest after a hiatus, and that quest is practically as old as this site.

Also, that particular pic always makes me think of those old Winnie the Pooh cartoon.
No. 20234 ID: ad5250

>first post from this thread is months in the future

Are you sure you don't mistake the day and the month in the date of the post?
No. 20235 ID: 2eac65

This thread was started in 2009.
No. 20238 ID: f95872

>last NanQuest thread was months ago
It is not unusual for Weaver to go months between update cycles. He'll get around to it when he gets around to it.

>and that the first post from this thread is months in the future...
Note the year.
No. 20250 ID: 5116bc


Yikes, Thanks fellows. Really looking to future NanQuests.
No. 20420 ID: dcf697
File 127953417813.png - (197.68KB , 576x964 , nanquiver.png )

Some more.
No. 20423 ID: dcf697
File 127953583224.png - (121.99KB , 668x842 , nanunderpants.png )

And another.
No. 20425 ID: b4b04d

Man you guys must really want me to continue this
No. 20426 ID: 541ce9

not really, I'm in it for the nan porn
No. 20427 ID: dcf697

nan's a cute-ass goat okay
No. 20428 ID: 3c803c

If you make more Nanporn I'll update again.
No. 20429 ID: 55c4cf


very much
No. 20430 ID: dcf697

Include small bits of fanservice that don't derail the plot or destroy and sort of character development, and we'll call it a deal.

Not that I'd need coercing to draw more nansmut, but it's fun to pretend I can make a deal.
No. 20450 ID: b4b04d

That's not me.
No. 20458 ID: dcf697

If I draw more nanstuff will you update again anyway? :U
No. 20496 ID: 4f1ba8

I do hope you update someday. I want to see how Anna fits into the whole incident, and if we can trust her. Because I don't. She's a bunny. Bunnies have been nothing but trouble in every one of your stories. T.T
No. 20502 ID: 3416ec


Shouldn't that be "Nanderpants?"
No. 20504 ID: 05c9fd

No. 20515 ID: 5116bc


I know at least I would like you to continue. I'm a huge fan of your work in both Nan and RubyQuest.
No. 20517 ID: a6e87d

way to miss Dive numnuts.
No. 20522 ID: 4ae7b5

He's also doing Andelosia...
No. 20523 ID: b4b04d

It is possible he just doesn't like those two quests.
No. 20524 ID: c4c313

I'm a huge fan of your work in both Nan and RubyQuest.




...just kidding :o)
No. 20542 ID: 72cd24


Eh, I actually feel that way. Except for the kidding part.
No. 20570 ID: d3ac24


I've been meaning to read through DiveQuest, I am intrigued by it but just don't have the freedom that I did when I went through Ruby.

And I haven't even heard of the other one D:
No. 20571 ID: f05b95

We have a neat wiki with quests sorted by author. Quite difficult to miss a quest thanks to that.
No. 20574 ID: e973f4

Except that a certain SOMEONE WHOSE NAME BEGINS WITH "T" AND ENDS IN "O" has been really lazy with the wiki runs as of late so there are a whole bunch of recent quests with no articles with which to find archive links. >:C
No. 20594 ID: 1bc8fd

I wish there was some sort of more reliable idea of if this is ongoing or not.

By which I mean; I've migrated here from /tg/ and I'd like to see a thread. I feel like I'll just end up missing one if I don't check all the time now... and I don't have the opportunity to check all the time.
No. 20595 ID: 8ce2bf

If you idle in the IRC and set NanQuest as a hotword you would have the best chance at being here for a session.
No. 20751 ID: 98a8ee

more nan please.
No. 20766 ID: dcf697
File 128013387596.png - (152.70KB , 628x850 , roobymaid.png )

Haven't drawn any Nan, but will a Ruby suffice?
No. 20777 ID: e3f578
File 128016017535.jpg - (257.57KB , 760x506 , PresidentBillClintonMay282003Disk2074.jpg )

No. 20778 ID: dcf697
File 128016110017.png - (18.93KB , 881x883 , billstop.png )

No. 20783 ID: 55c4cf
File 128017064890.jpg - (6.28KB , 260x190 , s-BILL-CLINTON-large.jpg )

No. 20798 ID: e3f578
File 12801984409.jpg - (227.72KB , 800x570 , vE7KEoNScWkkjRY.jpg )

Man, what did I do?
No. 20812 ID: d6a592

Man, whatever law made it illegal for me to go around smacking fat asses, we should repeal that
No. 20817 ID: dcf697

Are we talking about smacking fat people

or smacking fat booties?
No. 20818 ID: 1177ca

Or donkeys?
No. 20858 ID: a7a85a
File 128027085036.png - (150.51KB , 476x350 , conveyance.png )

No. 21131 ID: 98a8ee
File 128067455072.png - (152.42KB , 368x381 , 9o6.png )

Give me my new nanQuest.
No. 21296 ID: dcf697

I have not drawn any nan whatever for quite some time.

Guys, hit me up with some request or something.
No. 21297 ID: c1c607

Nan punching a Touhou.
No. 21305 ID: 620bfb

A Touhou punching Nan.
No. 21306 ID: 87bb9c

a cross-counter between a touhou and nan
No. 21308 ID: 8beedd

And Touhou wins. (only if its not Reimu)
No. 21309 ID: dcf697


i don't know a single thing about toohoo
No. 21311 ID: 70d9eb

Bill Clinton raping Henry while Nan watches.
No. 21313 ID: 620bfb

In a very confused, disgusted, and slightly aroused way.
No. 21314 ID: c71597

Just have Nan beat up a small asian girl.
No. 21315 ID: dcf697
File 128095645472.png - (165.09KB , 668x842 , nannotnotnot.png )

No. 21321 ID: d560d6
File 128096460162.png - (20.04KB , 640x480 , yes-ona-i-fear-it-is.png )

No. 21339 ID: db60d0

Have Nan beating up a Toho then.

>John punches Gamera.
No. 21386 ID: dcf697
File 128108831720.png - (263.62KB , 1000x1000 , nansim.png )

Here's a thing in the meantime.
It's sucky but, hey, I tried. Kinda.

I'll draw those requests soon, guys.
No. 21387 ID: dcf697
File 128108835854.png - (97.31KB , 689x1113 , base.png )

Here's the base without all the BS
No. 21396 ID: 1e1932
File 128111433460.jpg - (4.41KB , 165x204 , 1271219085652.jpg )


My penis is so confused...
No. 21401 ID: b4b04d

damn man you should have drawn the nan strip poker set instead of me
No. 21404 ID: 1963d1

Who's to say he can't draw another one?
No. 21414 ID: dcf697

Who's to say I have the ideas to create another? :U

I still have to draw Nan laying the smackdown to an asian chick and Mothra
No. 21415 ID: 4ae7b5

Combine the two and make it an asian mothgirl... saves time.
No. 21426 ID: b4b04d

In all fairness strip poker doesn't really take a lot of ideas. They just get progressively nakeder and then either it's over or they go further
No. 21428 ID: dcf697

Oh, I thought he meant another lame mockup screen thingy.

I'm focused on how to draw tohotouhous and how they would respond to being punched
No. 21438 ID: a41aaf

>I'm focused on how to draw tohotouhous and how they would respond to being punched
No. 21447 ID: dcf697
File 128120154745.png - (80.61KB , 143x250 , gool.png )

Thanks for the oddly relevant help bro
No. 21745 ID: 1e2cb2
File 128172803073.jpg - (8.10KB , 140x140 , Bentusi-Interior.jpg )

We are the Bentusi, and we remember. We recall a line from the poem before.

" And as she danced in field and glen
The world sang joy about her. "

The glen was also the name of the place she (Ruby) was taken to. But what if the glen is not just a physical place, but a state of mind? Both were in darkness at first (Ruby in the box, Nan in her room). Both have lost their temporary innocence (Metal Glen, freaky hotel). Both have been thrust from the glen of innocence into the darkness of some new place (Blood everywhere in the glen, the shadowy figures in the hotel).

We also give you this, though we are not sure it has meaning in this tale.

"All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name." Psalm 66:4. It may not be related. But who knows?

We enjoy your songs weaver. They shall not be lost to the void while we remain.
No. 21816 ID: a07aad

On a side note, I tried to read Ruby quest again to try and find anything related to Nan there ("secret hints" or sumthin'), but it seems the whole archive is giving a 404 error...
No. 21837 ID: d560d6

Use "oldsuptg" instead of "suptg". It's an effect of the purging.
No. 22431 ID: 602d5d

hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood yattermang

I've been busy with back-to-school stuff, but now that that's over with, I'll get back to drawing Nan/Ruby stuff

Oh and, I probably won't draw that Nan punching a tohotouhou just because

No. 22432 ID: 97cb33

haha, that's okay.
No. 22435 ID: d3dfb8

Dude. I fucking love homeworld.
No. 22445 ID: d6a592

if you enjoyed TITS you might also enjoy: BUTTS
No. 22725 ID: 602d5d
File 12838320309.png - (42.05KB , 1361x1675 , rubyexnan.png )

i'll just drop this here
No. 22726 ID: 86b8dc

I like the subtle blood splatter on Ruby's feet.
No. 22818 ID: 602d5d
File 128400737558.png - (204.90KB , 1142x1198 , mirrorh.png )

Henry's evil reflection joined the party!
No. 22819 ID: 602d5d
File 128400741564.png - (21.79KB , 735x837 , nanexmirror.png )

No. 22820 ID: 0b2a05

This is very much a positive plot twist!
No. 22825 ID: e3f578
File 128401362822.jpg - (20.31KB , 460x288 , bill-clinton-460_786386c.jpg )

No. 22904 ID: 754124

Its face reminds me a lot of the rat creatures in Bone in this picture.
No. 23121 ID: a119c4

I have a theory that everything that happened BEFORE she got to the hotel.. may not have actually happened.

For some reason, I just feel this weird similarity between the arcade manager and the forgotten horror beast-thing that appeared in Henry's darkened room.

Plus, you'd think Nan would have heard rumors about this strange hotel that people go to but don't seem to actually come back from.

I also have a theory that Padre didn't attack Nan and Pablo in the hallway because, for some reason, it doesn't want to cause a paradox.
No. 23128 ID: 602d5d
File 128441160015.jpg - (35.25KB , 94x116 , Mullet_man.jpg )

If Padre doesn't want to cause a paradox, then Nan's safety is guaranteed.

And if you're right with the whole "events before the hotel" idea, due to some crazy time fuckery, Padre could be Nan
No. 23134 ID: eef1b5


No. 23138 ID: 7c61f7


Nan back bye the way
No. 23139 ID: e3f578

When I noticed I did a YEEESSSSS hand pull thing. Here lemme do it again, YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS
No. 23146 ID: 602d5d

No. 23152 ID: 3e7f27

Personally the "bicycle+pizza" commonality strikes me as super-odd, compared to the relatively weak commonalities among the other characters. Some spice that interacts badly with exertion? Something in the groundwater, maybe? The arcade guy giving us pizza always was kind of weird...
No. 23155 ID: 05dd93

Wait what? The implication was she was distracted while biking and got hit by a car.
No. 23156 ID: e3f578

The guy only gave us Pizza so Weaver could set up this whole death thing Kim is obsessed with. Honestly, get Genre Savvy bro. Some shit happens only for set-ups for Red Herrings and character establishment... if it is a Red Herring, which it likely is.
No. 23159 ID: 602d5d

Red herrings?
I thought Nan told him to...
No. 23160 ID: 602d5d
File 128444002859.jpg - (11.46KB , 320x240 , horatio.jpg )

...hold the anchovies.
No. 23166 ID: 3e7f27

Okay somehow I was remembering Kim having claimed to be riding a bike and eating pizza too. Which is apparently not the case. Nevermind. ._.
No. 23168 ID: 8c0848

There's still something fishy going on. I think you're just trawling.
No. 23170 ID: d6a592

Whoever posted that picture w/ the ithilid head: things don't need to have tentacles to be scary. Dumbass.
No. 23171 ID: f82d85

It's a direct reference to something. I doubt a child would find that scary.
No. 23172 ID: cf4942

Nah, Nan's safety was guaranteed right up until everything Past-Nan had seen (herself on the otherside of the door, something chasing her) had come to pass, which now has.

However, if there are future timetravel shenanagins/double-mobius-reacharounds, it may become a problem again.

I do get the feeling that creating a paradox in one of Weaver's games would be... bad.
No. 23173 ID: cf4942

/same poster
No. 23177 ID: 1e1932

What I'm wondering is why all these people were chosen to be brought to this other-dimension-type thing when the hotel has supposedly served a huge number of people over the course of its hundred years of service, who came and went without incident.

Perhaps everybody has something in common that links them together somehow?
No. 23178 ID: 602d5d

This kind of reminds me of Devil Survivor.
Like, Nan sees the way she's going to die before it happens, allowing her to make plans on how to avoid her death.
No. 23182 ID: 50727d

Reposting from the current thread:

Uhh... do you guys remember when Nan tried to open the window only to find out it was blocked with bricks?
Could that mean that when that happened, the hotel was still under construction?? Like if Nan went through a time loop or something?
No. 23184 ID: 602d5d


As far as we know, the encounter with Padre in the the fiery kitchen (it was a kitchen, right?) could be a moment from the future, like our choices up to that point would cause that encounter to happen.

As long as we have some sort of way of knowing what bad events are in the past, and what are in the future, we can be sure not to alter the past ones to avoid nasty time paradoxes, and plan ways to avoid the the future ones.

This is all assuming we'll have another blackout and end up in some random spot in time.
No. 23185 ID: d97d76
File 128450512288.png - (25.04KB , 473x733 , HEEERE\'S SCOTTY.png )

Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!
No. 23186 ID: 602d5d


No. 23195 ID: 50727d

you just blew my fucking mind...
No. 23200 ID: 1a99f0

i'm fairly sure we've been in the present so far. well, as much as we can be around here. Other Nan should still be going about as she did previously until the clock is broken. Too bad the clock got broken, anyway. Also too bad we couldn't get it back without tearing the universe asunder. You know what? Time really sucks. It causes nothing but problems.
No. 23207 ID: 3d2824

The hotel was built on top of a spanish mission.

Padre seems to wear the garb of a spanish missionary/priest, I think? Hrm.

Guess: Something horrible cult thing actually went on at the mission, maybe?

... Come to think of it.. do we know 'when' Pablo is from?
No. 23208 ID: 22038c

In before the precautions we take to prevent this inadvertently cause it, ala time paradox story cliches
No. 23211 ID: c37cd8
File 128453756060.jpg - (44.27KB , 300x265 , male-lamancha.jpg )

This is what I imagine Henry to be... A LaMancha goat (they have very small ears).
No. 23213 ID: 139b1a

im thinking 4:66 is really a reference to the bible.

we may be in some sort of epic struggle between a missionary priest, a beast and a indian?
No. 23215 ID: d560d6

My, we are quick to trust Anderson, concealer of evil cigars, sole checker of the bathroom, master of timekeeping.
No. 23217 ID: 3e7f27

>The hotel was built on top of a spanish mission.
So, probably a Californian town, since this is all taking place in the US.

I'm beginning to wonder if Hotel California really is this game's Metal Glen.
No. 23224 ID: 9d07d9

So Anderson, Anna, and Henry didn't think it was unusual that Kim had a taser, a device that wouldn't be invented for decades after their time? It's a wonder they've only just figured out they're all from different years.
No. 23229 ID: 44d67c

Science Fiction existed even as far back as Anderson's time. They probably just think they're future gizmos. And Kim didn't share her inventory with anyone until now.
Man we should totally make up all these crazy stories about the future to tell them.
No. 23231 ID: 602d5d

Why would an average college student own a taser?
No. 23232 ID: 275a1c

Why not?
No. 23233 ID: e3f578

It also turns out Weaver not only wrote the Metal Glen, but also is the head singer of The Eagles.
No. 23237 ID: f03d2b

Excuse my newfellowship, but do we have any idea when Weaver might continue? Or do we just sit and wait?
No. 23245 ID: 0b2a05

Weaver does a loootta stuff, switches between alot. It'll come when it'll come I guess is the best answer.
No. 23246 ID: 05dd93
File 128462706924.gif - (11.20KB , 701x683 , mirror.gif )

Give it another day or two. I'm unashamedly distracted by Vindictus's open beta.

Here's something to tide you over.
No. 23247 ID: 05dd93
File 128462808393.gif - (10.79KB , 701x683 , mirror2.gif )

I may have gotten
No. 23248 ID: 05dd93
File 128462809473.gif - (11.89KB , 701x683 , mirror3.gif )

A bit carried away
No. 23264 ID: 6547ec
File 128464944070.png - (13.29KB , 445x407 , Hehasnopenis.png )

Obvious conclusion.
No. 23268 ID: e3f578

Quite frankly I don't see what's so impressive.
No. 23282 ID: f03d2b

I'm 12 and what is this?
No. 23285 ID: 1e1932

I hope you're a grower, man.
No. 23286 ID: 602d5d


No. 23287 ID: 9d07d9


No. 23307 ID: 602d5d
File 128469529512.png - (30.87KB , 1271x1230 , mirrornan.png )

Mirror Nan is MY OC DO NOT STEAL
No. 23308 ID: 602d5d
File 128469533530.png - (27.62KB , 928x1072 , bestend.png )

No. 23314 ID: e3f578

Why in the hell does Henry have woman hips?
No. 23319 ID: 9d07d9


b/c it is hot that way
No. 23322 ID: ea2a3c


Everyone has woman hips in Yattermangquest
No. 23326 ID: 5a2e05

I am okay with this.
No. 23387 ID: 8a6625
File 128494763895.jpg - (35.08KB , 503x428 , 1279943446417.jpg )

why no happen yet?

pic potentially related
No. 23458 ID: 602d5d

because I am lazy and inconsistent
No. 23467 ID: 1963d1

Speaking of which......

You should know what to do by now.
No. 23538 ID: f03d2b

Did I miss something? What makes Nan guilty of sloth?
No. 23539 ID: 3416ec


Nan not waking up early in the morning?
No. 23542 ID: 939372

And not doing her electrician jobs until they pile up in her mailbox.
No. 23547 ID: f1e847

Dear god it's like Red all over again. If he fucking smiles, I am going to freak out.
No. 23550 ID: a362cc

Why would anyone ever want to leave? We should calm down.

~Relax, said the madman, we are, programed to receive...

/Maybe this IS losely based off of hotel california...
No. 23552 ID: 05dd93

>~Relax, said the madman, we are, programed to receive...
Pretty sure that's "night man". The guy who works the reception at night.

>Dear god it's like Red all over again. If he fucking smiles, I am going to freak out.
He's actually smiled a couple of times already. Or did you mean in that way?
No. 23555 ID: 4db293

I'd say these were better examples
>>/quest/230467 ’this could be heaven or this could be hell’
>>/quest/233416 And she said ’we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’
No. 23588 ID: 644ca1

Someone mentioned Hotel California in thread one, since then evidence has just been piling up. The Beast, that you can never leave, and all the stuff that has been mentioned lately. It is obvious that Hotel California is to Nan Quest what The Metal Glenn was to Ruby Quest... except I don't think Weaver is a member of the Eagles. I know I am not the first to mention this but, whatever.

Anyone who have an idea how this could help us? Only thing I can think of is that "steely knifes" won't work on the Beast.
No. 23593 ID: e3f578

>I don't think Weaver is a member of the Eagles

Nonsense, we know nothing of Weaver (Beyond joke purple tan girl and vague references to classes and shit). I like making my own image of him. This one features him being the tortured soul of an Eagles Member, screaming to get his writing online because everybody just loves his music shit so much he can't change to his writing shit. He also took some animation classes on the side while his other eight hands, generated from a mutant genome undeveloped until puberty and accented with some nuclear waste, did all the other things he was doing.

Now the true question is, who is the most tortured soul of The Eagles?
No. 23594 ID: e3f578

Glenn Frey

Holy fucking shit we found our Weaver
No. 23597 ID: 2563d4

\m/ I bet he was totally metal, too. \m/
No. 23671 ID: a7a85a
File 128558284877.png - (351.42KB , 702x592 , anderson_anna.png )

I want to give this a background and color. Not sure when I can, but I hope you like it so far. Anderson and Anna.
No. 23679 ID: 922689

Jeeebas, man, this looks fantastic.
No. 23680 ID: e31d52

Especially Anna.

Man, I want to see you do everyone now.
No. 23685 ID: 2563d4

This is awesome and you absolutely have to complete the set.
No. 23693 ID: 1963d1

So Anderson's a gorilla!

No. 23706 ID: fb7ba5

omg do more pls
No. 23711 ID: e3f578

I always thought he was a bear or doggie
No. 23718 ID: 48235a
File 128564945419.png - (20.94KB , 666x994 , nanslut.png )

No. 23723 ID: a594b9

Excuse me sir but the proper term for a woman that gives out sexual favors in exchange for money is whore, not slut. Sluts give it away for free.
No. 23740 ID: d50231

Finally caught up on NanQuest today. This post is rapidly growing into a wall of text, but it can’t be helped.

If you’re not Weaver, feel free to skip this part and proceed further down.
Put shortly, so far so good. Sure is RubyQuest in here, and in some aspects it’s certainly a step up from RQ.
The vase trick was a bit obvious. Characters don’t usually go tripping on random background elements, and it tipped me off as being important. And sure enough, the vase was broken only to appear perfectly repaired shortly after.
Still, I really liked how you built up the creepy atmosphere with perfectly ordinary and non-threatening things (like the vase, the hole in the counter note, the alarm clock) with only sparse use of WTF elements (the ratbell, specifically).
But what in the world made you give us "but where is EAST?" puzzle? Seriously, would it matter what outlet Nan would fix? That kind of common sense question requiring the players’ attention really made me raise an eyebrow.
Moving along, it impressed me how you stuffed the whole time loop into one chapter. That sure requires some planning. And though it was clear Nan would have to cover her face with a napkin to tie in to a previously posted image, you gave out the information in a way that the choice to use napkins became obvious, and it did feel like the players made the choice. Nice.
Time loops and time travel are a tricky theme in storytelling, let alone its interactive variety, and I’m really looking forward to see how you pull it off.

Now to the double Henry question. It seems we have the businessman-Henry from 1936 and the boyfriend-Henry, who do not share memories, only hints thereof.
It is possible that the second bedroom scene (which I dubbed "underwear" arc, spanning from Nan waking up with boyfriend-Henry to Nan smashing the clock with the axe and disappearing) was a hallucination/dream, but that just sounds like a rather lame cop out. Besides, it was already pointed out that the fire axe somehow remained.
I’m going to assume that the "overalls" arc (ch1, most of ch2, and whole ch4,) happens before the "underwear" one chronologically and they just interweave in the hotel. What I think is that BEST END is Nan escaping with Henry and them living together afterwards. Then she somehow ends up caught in the hotel again and meets herself from the past.
The "underwear-Nan is future-Nan" is further supported by the fact that Pablo is only seen in that arc, and none of the "overalls" arc characters seem to have met Pablo, unless I’m missing something.

As much as this might be just looking too much into things, I tend to agree with 5Copper on the Bible reference thing. This thought found its way into my head even before I read the discussion thread. The numbers flashed after the clock were destroyed, which leads me to believe the numbers itself are important and not really the device.
And given that Weaver looked up that Murdoc guy, not to forget wrote a frickin' poem for RQ, I wouldn’t put it past him to plop some Bible references this time. The cross pendants and door marks are already here anyway.

Weaver feedback: good stuff.
Nan got tangled up in the hotel nightmare twice in her life, hence the sudden change to her bedroom in chapter 2.
4:66 might as well be a Bible reference.

Also, it’s dark outside, and while going to the kitchen I found myself (slightly) scared of the darkness ahead and hurried to turn the lights on. That’s a sign of quality material. Either that or I’m just really impressionable.
No. 23765 ID: 48235a

We all know by know this quest is like totally based on Hotel California

which make it totally badass

which means I'll have to do a comic adaptation of all this
No. 23773 ID: e3f578

If there end up being a total of 9 canvases I reckon they're all meant for each person when they die. Must be some sort of soul capture thing.

Delete-paste from thread because I am dumb realizing this is for discussion
No. 23775 ID: f03d2b

I was thinking the same thing. But that means we're already dead. Balls.
No. 23776 ID: d6c9ed

*sniff* This quest. The discussion. It's the fascination of RubyQuest all over again. Manly tears are shed.
No. 23779 ID: e3f578

yeah sorry, uh, i shouldn't post tired and frustrated. Now I even realize no one has done that yet. I was thinking of a while ago dammit.
I don't know what inter-board bullshit is though. Something bad I guess. man all i know is that back then you still got a different feeling and now it's different. nostalgia drowning?
No. 23781 ID: e3f578

ooooooh okay. Yeah I guess that post woulda brought that into this. Aww geeze. It's just nostalgia vision. Good thing I deleted it then
No. 23783 ID: 19dce0

we're already dead in this time. This pablo has been through more than we have. we just hopped forward.
No. 23786 ID: e3f578

anna no D':
No. 23787 ID: f03d2b

Jesus fucking christ
No. 23788 ID: f03d2b

Maybe it's putting her back together? Weaver just said that it's doing something with its hands.
No. 23795 ID: bc3b7a

Something's been bothering me.

We found Henry in the safe room.

Then Pablo came up to the safe room after we smashed the clock and vanished.


We also found Henry slumped unconscious in the hallway *before* we smashed the clock. And took him into Pablo's room.

That Henry *can't* be the one that met us in the safe room, I don't think. The times don't quite match up right. (We clearly get to the safe room 'before' we smash the clock, unless the elevator is REALLY fucking slow).

But.. Pablo didn't seem surprised to see Henry there. Not at all.

No. 23796 ID: c49f76

Anna is (presumably) dead. She was not on the canvas. I'd venture Nan's not dead yet.
Nan was among the "paintings" though, as was Kim. Maybe Kim fell asleep accidentally, and something just wakes up in everyone when they fall unconscious?
No. 23797 ID: c49f76

I don't think I follow. Why exactly should Pablo be surprised too see Henry?

The saferoom we found Henry in is 114. Pablo picked us up in room 117, and at that time 114 was chained (hello Silent Hill!). While these are different acrs/continuities/whatever, I don't see why Pablo couldn't have met any of the Henries before. He might not know there are multiples of him. Hell, we can't even be sure if that wasn't some trick of mind.

Still, these "dreams" are sure puzzling. Like some sort if weird twisted Twin Peaks.
No. 23801 ID: bc3b7a
File 128577704099.gif - (12.12KB , 701x683 , 127165678613.gif )

No, I mean:

.. God damnit, I hate trying to talk about time travel. Okay. Nan before clock-smash is Nan A, Nan after clock smash is Nan B.

I'm also going to use this picture to talk about the point in time I mean. Part of the text is "Nan confirms what she's suspected: the man is Henry. He's still alive, and doesn't beat any visible wounds as far as she can tell."

When Anna took us/Nan B to the saferoom, Henry was *THERE*. In the saferoom. With Anna and everyone else.

Due to the time shenanagins, this is before we/Nan A found Henry slumped unconcious in the hallway with Pablo, since Nan B was running from Padre (and Nan A was running from Nan B, not realizing it was simply Nan B) when Nan B went into the elveator. (I also recall us seeing a.. *monstrous* figure in the elevator when we ran past before the timejump. Not Anna).

So we Nan B met Henry in the saferoom on the third floor. Okay, no problems here: There's still time for him to somehow get out and become unconcious where Nan A and Pablo find him.

Except now Pablo's in the room with us, and has made it clear that Nan A already smashed the clock. Which manes Pablo found Henry, *outside* the saferoom on the third floor, with Nan A. But Henry's been with Nan B in the saferoom the entire time. And Pablo doesn't seem surprised to see Henry in the room on the third floor, when he'd seen Henry not long before on the first floor, with Nan A.

... Unless I'm getting confused, but I'm pretty sure it was Henry we found in the hallway. *double-checks*
No. 23806 ID: c49f76

... okay. If that's the same Pablo, something doesn't click indeed.

I'm not sure it plays any significant part, but in these things every detail counts.
When we first walked beside the elevator (before shit went down), there were stairs up. Later, we got trapped and met Henry (Nan B in your terms, overalls-Nan), stairs were still there.
One broken mirror and shambling monster later, we wake up as Nan A (underwear-Nan). The stairs are gone and replaced by a painting (?), so it might be a different hotel and the question you brought up might have some semi-logical answer.
Ironically, after we smash the clock (reverting to Nan B), encounter Padre, run away from the diner/cafeteria and meet Anna, we are not showed if there's a painting or stairs there. This bit in information, quite important I'd say, is missing.
No. 23809 ID: bc3b7a
File 128578012438.jpg - (6.73KB , 326x155 , ratskull.jpg )

I just realized something else! (Thank you, discworld novel covers, giving me a mental image of what one looks like)

I think the skull of our robed figure..

Is a rat's skull.

And the rats have showed up in more than a few places..

This leads me to consider something.

Assume this figure cutting up.. whoever IS The Pilgrim.

The Pilgrim also 'tore apart'.. someone, whose name I can't remember. But.

In either case, were they seen doing the attacking, or just.. dismembering the corpse (for some reason) afterwards?

If it IS a rat's skull, I'm not sure it's necessarily hostile, given how the rats have acted. Of course, assuming it's friendly may be a mistake, too.
No. 23811 ID: c49f76
File 128578141611.jpg - (4.07KB , 232x217 , cowskull.jpg )

I would like to think so, my friend. However, the shape resembles a cow/buffalo skull to me.

Also, is the rope in its "neck" a part of a monk's outfit? Looks like he was hung at some point.
No. 23813 ID: bc3b7a

Oooh, your right, that is a better fit. Cow/Bufallo skull it is.

.. Well, there goes that theory!
No. 23815 ID: f35afd

Yeah, that's a horse skull, not a rat's skull. Unless it's drawn horribly, horribly wrong.

*eyes on side instead of forward facing
*position of nose
*Many small incisors instead of 4 large ones
No. 23819 ID: a7a85a
File 128578615037.png - (346.95KB , 1600x800 , horse_skull.png )

I have to agree on horse skull.
No. 23824 ID: 2563d4

Best of all the animals.
No. 23831 ID: c49f76

On an unrelated note: as someone of non-English-speaking origin, I have to ask. What's the joke about "Nan used to play these a lot when she was just a kid"? I don't get it.

On a related note, Hotel California has been stuck in my head for the whole day. I forgot how much I like that song.
No. 23833 ID: 8dd1ee

A 'kid' is another word for a juvenile goat. Nan is, of course, a goat.

Which is just fucking hilarious.

And, yeah, Hotel California's been following me around since NanQuest started updating regularly again. I mean, it's been on the local radio stations three times today, two of which were within the space of fifteen minutes.
No. 23834 ID: c49f76

Ah, that explains the reaction image.
No. 23838 ID: 48235a
File 128579943756.png - (16.31KB , 745x737 , thetrupilgrim.png )

I think we can take him.
No. 23844 ID: 668fc4


So what I presume is "The Pilgrim" wants to kill us.

.. and we know that The Padre, the Beast, and The Pilgrim are *not* allies, and may be working towards different ends.

And the Padre, when he caught us in the hallway, left us more-or-less alone....
No. 23845 ID: f03d2b

Could this fellow be Santiago? He had a blade when we last encountered him, and he certainly seems batshit insane enough.
No. 23846 ID: 3e18de


Wrong skull shape. Santiago has a more pointed face.
No. 23848 ID: f03d2b

Just got off work and have a bit of a cold, so please excuse any retardation on my part, but how do we know what the Pilgrim's skull(not the skull he's wearing) looks like?
No. 23849 ID: c14916

So on the topic of Hotel California: here we go!
>On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
>Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
>Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering light
>My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
>I had to stop for the night
>There she stood in the doorway;
>I heard the mission bell
Pretty much all of this can be ignored for now, it may be pertinent later on.
>And I was thinking to myself,
>'This could be Heaven or this could be Hell'
Pretty quickly Nan figured out she was not in a normal Hotel, this was most definitely going through her head.
>Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
Could be Anna?
>There were voices down the corridor,
>I thought I heard them say...'
May be irrelevant, time will tell with this one, but could be Henry?

>Welcome to the Hotel California
>Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
>Such a lovely face
Looks nice from the outside.
>Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Almost no guests, basically every room is vacant.
>Any time of year (Any time of year)
>You can find it here
It apparently exists in many times, this line is pretty easy to link to NanQuest.

>Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends
Nan may be going insane.
>She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends
Maybe we should not be trussting the menfolk so quickly? This line alludes to that.
>How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Unknown, at some point there will probably be a courtyard chase scene, this line will likely go with that.
>Some dance to remember, some dance to forget
It is heavily implied that everyone has some sort of dark past.
No. 23850 ID: c14916

>So I called up the Captain,
>'Please bring me my wine'
Unknown, should be clearer later.
>He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine'
This is odd, because 1969 is particularly close to 1966, which is Pablo's time.
>And still those voices are calling from far away,
Anna felt like something had called her. She left for that reason alone.
>Wake you up in the middle of the night
>Just to hear them say...
The monsters like to attack in the dark, and we have now had two nightmare/dream sequences.

>Welcome to the Hotel California
>Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
>Such a lovely face
>They livin' it up at the Hotel California
>What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
>Bring your alibis
This chorus, imagine it being sung by Santiago. It makes sense in every single way, just think about it. Especially the 'such a lovely face' line, what with him being a rapist and all.

>Mirrors on the ceiling,
>The pink champagne on ice
Unknown. The chandelier in the room we first met the Padre maybe?
>And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
Anna obviously, she thinks we are all here by our own admission.
>And in the master's chambers,
>They gathered for the feast
Unknown, let's wait this one out.
>They stab it with their steely knives,
>But they just can't kill the beast
Obvious, she tried to hurt that thing, which is either the beast or the Pilgrim. Even if it is the Pilgrim, we already know that Anderson thinks the Beast can not be killed under any circumstance.
No. 23851 ID: c14916

>Last thing I remember, I was
>Running for the door
>I had to find the passage back
>To the place I was before
These four lines refer to the time she ran through the door and ended up seeing her self back in time. Considering the timefuckery, 'last thing I remember' is fitting.
>'Relax,' said the night man,
>'We are programmed to receive.
Santiago, a literal 'night man' He wants us to stay here, and relax about it.
>You can check-out any time you like,
>But you can never leave!'
This doesn't need explaining.

I think it should be pretty apparent that the Hotel California connection is intentional. We should probably consider it the 'theme-song' for Nan Quest.
No. 23852 ID: c14916

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgLfoQfmSQ4 Just in case anyone wants to listen to it. I may be wrong on some points, but I still believe that weaver did this on purpose. Especially considering all of the overt Spanish references and the whole thing about the mission, which basically means this *has* to be taking place in California.
No. 23853 ID: e3f578

Ummm sorry I said "metagame the fuck outta this." I forgot that getting immersed is the point of games and metagaming is like... the anti-thesis to storytelling. I'd like to blame tvtropes but uhhhh... I'm just an idiot trying to be a smart person.
No. 23855 ID: 86ae0f

Anyone else notice the similarities between Anna's wounds and the wounds on the goat skull from Ruby Quest?
No. 23856 ID: c14916

Except I don't think Anna is any kind of goat. I thought she was a rabbit or something at first, but might be a dog? I haven't seen any horns on her.
No. 23860 ID: 8dd1ee

See the OP's image? Those pointy things on top are horns. Plus, Weaver made a 'kid' pun a while back.

Oh, and her name is 'Nan' as in, a nanny goat.

...and there's that one comic Weaver made (>>314827) where the goat was named Nan.

She's a goat.
No. 23861 ID: 3392ab

No. 23864 ID: c14916

No. 23865 ID: 3c3565

The song is originally about Californian celebrity culture of drugs, overindulgence, facetious appearances, etc.
Lines like "Tiffany-Twisted" and "Mercedes-Bends" are more about the obsession of material (and brand-name) wealth than about insanity.

I won't deny being inspired by the song in some ways (and certainly, motivated by it when I want to update) but a general thematic, suggestive, and musical influence goes much further here than a literal interpretation or a line-for-line draw.

>And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
This is about the closest to a literal link as you'll get, and Anna's adoption of this philosophy is a reference to this line.
I'll give you that much.
No. 23866 ID: 8dd1ee

Oh, wow, it took me five minutes to figure out what the fuck you two were talking about.

Yeah, disregard that. I suck cocks.
No. 23870 ID: c14916

Well even if unintentional, bunch of the other lines are eerie how well they fit to the story, especially 'Running for the door / I had to find the passage back / To the place I was before' and 'But they just can't kill the beast'

But thanks for responding to my humble musings :3

(Also while you're here, where would I go to read all of your 'Crossing Pals' comics? I am curious about them.)
No. 23871 ID: f26953

Well, at least Anna isn't getting raped by Santiago anymore. Unless he's even more fucked up than we've seen.
She got the punishment she was longing for. I just hope we won't have to encounter some horrible monster-Anna in the future.

Also, two things about the Pilgrim.
Firstly, he doesn't seem to give a shit about lights vs darkness thing.
Secondly, if its goal is to kill every guest, which I think it is, it could just backstab and drag them somewhere one by one. It seems to work in a more subtle way. For one, the victim must willingly choose death over life.

That is a possible explanation to why the survivors are gone. The Pilgrim appeared, the team fled, but Anna stayed behind on her own will. I don't believe she was trapped and the rest just left her to die there. And if they did, we should reconsider our alliances. Favor rats more, maybe.

Something stops the Pilgrim from outright charging Nan and flaying the shit out of her. It might be that Nan doesn't want to die yet. It might be that the pendant protects her. It might as well be that the Pilgrim is so confident in his control of the situation that it is taking its time.
No. 23872 ID: c14916

Well even if unintentional, bunch of the other lines are eerie how well they fit to the story, especially 'Running for the door / I had to find the passage back / To the place I was before' and 'But they just can't kill the beast'

But thanks for responding to my humble musings :3

(Also while you're here, where would I go to read all of your 'Crossing Pals' comics? I am curious about them.)
No. 23873 ID: e3f578

I'm sad that we don't get to hear what she had done in the past and that she was kinda awesome and she died. I hope we get to go back through time or get to talk to her spirit or something. Maybe we can save her still? Somehow?

I just realized that this shit is 10x more frightening than Ruby Quest
No. 23874 ID: 3c3565
File 128583221371.gif - (12.06KB , 701x683 , alt1.gif )

Some things I wanted to address in sort of an open statement.
I realize a lot of people are frustrated with the quest because they feel powerless, and not just in a "Nan is not Duke Nukem" sort of a way. Some people have said it feels like their actions are impotent, that nothing they attempt will change the flow of the story. (I have heard this complaint before).
It is a valid concern. So I wanted to address my stance on it.

I wanted to start with a statement that this is sort of the close of the "Intro" phase of the quest. Up until now there has been a lot of scene-setting, introductions, imagery, and a lot of jumping around narratively. Most encounters with danger have been mere brushes. Hopefully that gives some insight on the pacing and structure thus far. Things are kicking into high gear now.

As for the speech itself, let me first say this: I know that the quest and its continuity and interrelation is a little hard to understand. It will continue to be that way. I'm sure some things will become clearer and some connections will be formed, but it will take work, and it will take time. This is not something that's going to just be handed out in easy to read, signed notes.

I know also that sometimes you're not entirely sure what effect a given action will have. This is normal. It's meant in many ways to be unpredictable and though I know the correlation in action isn't always very clear, there are definite patterns and motifs that will become apparent and over time I feel that the players and the characters will learn to pick up on these and more reliably 'navigate' their objectives. But again, this may take time. It will not be immediately apparent.

But lastly, I also want to stress that Nan is just one person, and she's the only one you can control. Nan can do her best, but you have to realize that as with Anna, Nan may not be able to save everyone. Sometimes a simple mistake can have grave consequences. I'm not going to throw in a bad end for Nan because of a minor detail you couldn't possibly have known (at least not an inescapable bad end) but Nan won't always be able to keep things "perfect" which is what everyone always strives for in quests.

DiveQuest for example is light. It's easy to stay 'perfect' in that mistakes are easily patched, and the mood is kept generally upbeat and tongue-in-cheek. I try to keep super-serious deaths and injuries down. I try to keep the tone mostly happy, sometimes almost farcical.
But this isn't DiveQuest. People can be hurt, and there won't always be a magic solution to put them back together.

I really want to elaborate on Anna's death.
I really do, because it's sort of a lynchpin of this point.
People have complained about how it was bound to happen, and there's nothing we could have done. And it's so right and so wrong at the same time, on a fundamental level. But I can't explain why or how without giving away the game.
Could things have happened differently? Yes.
Could you have said "Nan wake up and save Anna right now"? No.
Did Anna die simply because of something as arbitrary as not choosing the right organization of guard shifts? No.

You do have agency -- as Nan. And she has agency here, over her world, her surroundings, and the people around her. But she is still only one person, and can't do everything.

I will say this though: Now that the 'intro' phase is over, there will be much less "arbitrary" warping and correlation. I know perhaps the most frustrating part is doing one thing and suddenly "oh hey now you're over here", so at least you can take some relief in knowing that trick won't really be played anywhere even remotely near as much. And if it is played at all I'll be sure to give more reason/warning.

As one final point, one thing I wanted to bring up just because I am a troll and love seeing you guys squirm:
You are completely off-base with one of your most basic assessments about NanQuest.
But I won't say what~

To make up for that long rant, here, have the original panel for 272.
No. 23875 ID: e31d52

>I will say this though: Now that the 'intro' phase is over, there will be much less "arbitrary" warping and correlation. I know perhaps the most frustrating part is doing one thing and suddenly "oh hey now you're over here", so at least you can take some relief in knowing that trick won't really be played anywhere even remotely near as much. And if it is played at all I'll be sure to give more reason/warning.

Thank you.

That's really all I need to say. :V
No. 23876 ID: e31d52

A stunning realization: Nan is the Pathologic of quests.
No. 23877 ID: e3f578

Oh god I'm squirming. There is a fucking twitch just maddening my face into oblivion. It's as if some sort of hot, iron clad marking has besieged my face and the decided to then get funky with a lemon all over my face.

Jesus christ it hurts it hurts it hurts.
No. 23878 ID: e31d52

nan nan nan nan nan nan nan
nan nan nan nan nan nan nan

it feels good
No. 23880 ID: c14916

>'You are completely off-base with one of your most basic assessments about NanQuest. But I won't say what~ '

I'm gonna have to guess we're wrong in assuming that this has anything at ALL to do with RubyQuest. Unless... IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RUBYQUEST. WEAVER YOU TROLL. Aughhhhh. Imagine if, like, RubyQuest happened 40 years ago and one of the characters is Ruby's descendent or is her and AUGHH AUGH AUGHH AUGHHHHHH

Why do I love you so much weaver? I should hate you D:<

I have one honest question though. I usually defend people when accused of railroading, but uhhh. How could you have known that someone would suggest nan puts a napkin over her mouth? I would have been okay if you just put 'nan put napkin over her mouth and then..' but someone actually suggested it. Considering we saw future!Nan with the napkin over her mouth... How? Was this a case of railroading? Really freaking lucky suggestion? Are you psychic?
No. 23885 ID: a7a85a
File 12858430572.gif - (487.94KB , 559x516 , rest_in_peace_anna.gif )

Rest in peace, sweet Anna.
We will miss your savvy expressions and can-do attitude.
No. 23886 ID: c14916

At first I was like :D

but then I D:
No. 23887 ID: 3be5cf

Jesus, fuck, I didn't notice it was a gif. Until I clicked it.
No. 23890 ID: 19dce0

>Are you psychic
I'll answer this one for him: Yes.

He knows the playerbase is intelligent/not completely retarded, and has enough of us that weaver can anticipate basically any action that saves Nan. So, all he had to do to make us try to protect ourselves from the smoke was provide something we could put over our face. Say, some napkins. The obvious alternative, using cloth/clothing, isn't as convenient for Nan since she lacks sleeves.

So how did he ensure someone would suggest using the napkin? Put us in a restaurant on fire. Napkins abound, smoke abounds, breathing is at a premium. Anyone in that situation who could think clearly would grab a napkin for their mouth.
No. 23891 ID: f21cfe

> I wanted to start with a statement that this is sort of the close of the "Intro" phase of the quest. Things are kicking into high gear now.
Hell yeah!

Also, I'm not bashing you for skipping around the place (though it has been abundant) or lack of answers. It's sort of part of the genre: it's up to us to read between the lines, draw connections and solve puzzles.
That said, it does make me happier that the flow of the narrative is becoming more coherent.

How could you have known that someone would suggest nan puts a napkin over her mouth? I would have been okay if you just put 'nan put napkin over her mouth and then..' but someone actually suggested it. Considering we saw future!Nan with the napkin over her mouth... How?
It's not that mysterious, really. It's just a matter of carefully putting bits of information. Give players a problem, and hint at an acceptable/rational solution, and then impose a time limit ("you have to think fast or Nan will choke").

Now let's think about it, people. What fundamental assumptions we set off of?
In no particular order, off the top of my head:
- there has been time travel/time loops
- we are alive
- there is no escape but through the courtyard
- other survivors are our allies and are trustworthy

Keep 'em coming. What do we draw conclusions from?
No. 23894 ID: f03d2b

We assume that NanQuest is drawing from Hotel California...in reality, Hotel California drew from NanQuest!
No. 23898 ID: f03d2b

>For one, the victim must willingly choose death over life.
Maybe this is how we were supposed to save Anna. We were supposed to convince her that she didn't deserve this punishment for whatever she did, that she deserved to live. One contention with this idea, though, is that Weaver generally seems to steer away from long talky scenes.

As for basic assumptions
Nan being alive is definitely not assumed, and I don't think the other tenants being trustworthy is assumed either. I dunno about the courtyard one, though.

Its connection to RubyQuest seems up in the air as well, so I don't think that counts.

The only legit possibilities I can think of are a)time travel shenanigans as a whole and b)any given assumption about the time travel shenanigans. But I am not a clever man(.jpg), so there's probably more that we're assuming.
No. 23899 ID: 263f45

I'm going to assume our incorrect assumption is that this has anything to do with Hotel California.
No. 23900 ID: f03d2b

No. 23902 ID: f03d2b

On second thought, Anna seemed pretty sincere that she intended to get out of there and seek atonement on her own terms.
No. 23904 ID: a5463d

>Did Anna die simply because of something as arbitrary as not choosing the right organization of guard shifts? No.
i guessed she died because it was needed to set the mood.

inb4 noone tooked the bed because it gives nightmares and nan will soon wake up wiht everyone safe in the hotel

the other option was panties or choke to death. this isnt rocket science yet.

maybe she was lying to herself.

i think that the wrong assumption is that nanquest isnt nanquest
No. 23905 ID: 2563d4

Alright, brutal honestly go.

I think you've really badly undermined it with the reality-skipping. It's not just feeling a lack of control (although that's a big part of it); it also feels almost more like a cheesy The Outer Limits episode, where we're going to reach the end, finally escaping the hotel with a survivor or two in tow, and the whole thing will turn out to have been a dying hallucination from choking on expired seafood pizza and the paramedics happen to be a gazelle and a bat. And then Nan wakes up and she's back in a bed in the hotel or something, dramatic chord, roll credits. Ironically enough, I find it gives the impression that if Nan got herself cut up by Horsebones, she'd just time-skip again and it'd have been another hallucination or such---whereas Ruby seemed quite a bit more mortal even though the converse was true. I really hope toning this down can undo some of the damage.

The antagonistic forces in Nan are kind of plain monsters that attack directly, and that makes them less interesting and terrifying. The dummy in RQ was far more effective for its continual background presence; Filbert and Red were better proper psychos than an equine reaper whose response to dialogue is pretty much "die" in more words. Stitches was a great tragic antagonist, and that meant he could wander about a bit being unnerving without players thinking in pure game mechanics of whether they could just kill him and end the threat. I'm just not feeling the oppressive horror of the Glen even for all the shadow-tentacles.

There's probably some mental crosstalk that right now your art style is still more strongly correlated with the zany hijinks of Dive. Hopefully that will pass.

And, frankly, in my case at least, a lot of it is the readers. I know Ruby got the hell discussed out of it, but thankfully most of that is very skimmable when reading it from archives. Here it feels like trying to watch a horror film only the cinema is full of people who catch a glimpse of the corner of a number 5 in one frame and suddenly start loudly spewing whole theories about how it's deep symbolism about Eristic principles and that Nan is clearly a metaphor for a large quantity of flax. And the whole Scott Pilgrim and Bill Clinton thing, especially showing up in the actual thread, takes the whole undermined horror and decides to go blasting at what few foundations remain---I know the intent isn't mean but the effect is MST3K-style heckling during the all the tense parts. Seriously, guys, you can have your fun in /dis/, but in-quest cut it the fuck out.
No. 23909 ID: f03d2b

I think it's way too early to just call "fail" on the antagonists. We don't know anything about them yet. Remember, Stitches was just a dumb creepy zombie when we first met him. It was only later that the "tragic" light was cast upon him.

And this goes for ALL of the characters, really.
No. 23912 ID: 2563d4

When it comes to looking at it in retrospect, Nan Quest will probably all seem very clever, and people will kick themselves over all the "obvious" foreshadowing of things we then screwed up at and such.

But I dunno. Something has gone wrong with the tone of this and it's got into a feedback loop with the suggestions, that means we're getting "throw a television" rather than "flee for Z-hatch". (Including myself, which is why I've stopped suggesting again.)
No. 23913 ID: f03d2b
File 12858735539.gif - (10.40KB , 701x683 , meanlefthook.gif )

We had to "flee for z hatch" because that's all there was.

And in this particular scene, the only exit is behind Horsebones. Nan is going to have to do SOMETHING if she wants to live, and it isn't "cower like babby at sight of horror." It's motherfucking pic related.

I'm not saying your opinions are bad and you should feel bad. I just think you're being too critical, and it's making it hard for you to enjoy this certifiably awesome story. Which is dildos, sir. Absolute dildos.
No. 23914 ID: 0b2a05

Maybe the assumption is that NAN is innocent, we don't know about her past.

Or maybe that the hotel is in any way evil.
No. 23915 ID: f03d2b

Addendum: please don't hurt me tgchan, but I think the difference in reader suggestions is partly because this isn't /tg/.

There were a lot of people following RubyQuest who were just in it for the ride, and weren't so interested in sussing out mysteries and symbolism and such. The "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT" "AAAAAAH!" "FFFFF-" etc posts, as silly as they might seem, really helped to reinforce the atmosphere.

But tgchan, as far as I can tell, is mostly made up of the sleuthin' types.

To put it another way: the people here are more interested in NanQuest than they are in Nan.
No. 23917 ID: e31d52

I'll be honest, Weaver, that big text wall alleviated a lot of concerns. However, I just feel the need to put this down here, get it off my chest.

Like many others have said here, there's a sort of lack of permanence, a lack of a... a point. Yes, I know, we're supposed to escape, but there aren't any signposts to follow, there aren't any smaller objectives to fulfill in the middle aside from "stay alive on no look darkness/madman/ect". It's like you're pulling us along by the hand. You said awnsers aren't going to be given on a silver platter? That's fine. But give us something to DO, beside wander from room to room, occasionally fleeing from something. Give us smaller objectives, so that we can complete them and feel like we have made a difference. Because without them, it feels... I don't want to say railroady, but it feels like I'm waiting for it to get good.

That shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't be waiting for some indeterminate point in time for the quest to suddenly kick up in quality or salience, because it's not like you.

Yes, we're in the 'intro', but that's the bit that sets the tone for the whole quest! If all it is is wandering from room to room hoping to randomly find a way out, with no way to solidly speculate, with no feeling of accomplishment the whole way... Then what's the point?

I don't want accomplishments just handed to me. I want the chance for them, to do something beyond running away from or killing some nameless horror who just popped out of nowhere and killed our best friend.

Who knows, maybe that'll change. But until it does, it doesn't feel like there's much of a point in suggesting, because we are going to get away, we are going to survive, and all it takes is one or two suggestions, and someone else can do that.
No. 23920 ID: d677cc

>it feels like I'm waiting for it to get good.
Why can't I phrase my own thoughts this well? This is basically what I was trying (and failing) to come up with in the discussion last night. Even more so than the "it's like we're at the end of the intro" comments, really. I just don't feel that into the quest, and it's probably because of the apparent disconnect I mentioned between our actions and the things that are happening to us outside of short-term, obvious things.

I'm still reading the quest, obviously, but I definitely have this anticipatory feeling that's kinda clouding everything else.
No. 23922 ID: f03d2b

>Yes, we're in the 'intro', but that's the bit that sets the tone for the whole quest!
We're in a bigger environment this time around, with more characters in play. It's not like RubyQuest where Weaver could get away with "You wake up in a box. What do?"

By my interpretation of Weaver's words, after this jaunt with Horsebones concludes we'll either be at a point analogous to Ruby waking up in the locker or to Ruby waking up in the dummy room.
No. 23925 ID: 1963d1

Sure is walls of text in here.

Am I the only one who might be just a tad bit dissapointed if it turned out NanQuest and RubyQuest are related? I don't know, maybe it's because the latter got a satisfying ending and somesuch. Then again, I'm not about to argue if that is the direction Weaver's taking it in.

Also, point of discussion: If Anna's head was not removed in the original panel 272, does that mean she's dead or just really fucked up?
No. 23927 ID: f03d2b
File 128587738420.gif - (12.52KB , 701x683 , supnan.gif )

I'm...I'm going to go ahead and assume that she is very dead.
No. 23928 ID: 3c3565
File 128587915960.gif - (7.30KB , 800x600 , hoodconcept.gif )

>I think you've really badly undermined it with the reality-skipping.
This concern (and some of the others you touched on) are pretty much entirety of the reason why I posted the that long explanation.
And like someone said I think you're jumping in a little early to judge some of the overarching elements.

>those posts takes the whole undermined horror and decides to go blasting at what few foundations remain---I know the intent isn't mean but the effect is MST3K-style heckling during the all the tense parts.
I agree with this in full.

>Because without [tangible progress], it feels... I don't want to say railroady, but it feels like I'm waiting for it to get good.
This is largely the source of my comments about the quest so far being sort of the 'intro'.
Ruby had a fair amount of jumping around early on too, but it wasn't in quite the same way. Still though, players made the complaint at the time -- it was only later that the coherency and purpose became as clear.

>I shouldn't be waiting for some indeterminate point in time for the quest to suddenly kick up in quality or salience, because it's not like you.
Not that I expect any sympathy for it, because so many people are instead envious of my reputation, but "living up to RubyQuest" with a spiritual sequel is incredibly fucking stressful and difficult. I'm doing my best but RQ was so well received that I know everyone has astronomically-high expectations for this quest and the slightest slip-up or fumble, the smallest use of cliche or unoriginal storytelling will get me called out, and loudly. Every single post has to be a masterpiece, every sentence will be picked apart, every frame or animation will be judged. And the end result of something I spend an hour or two on making can just be "eh. I liked X in RubyQuest better" or "X was scarier than this in RubyQuest".
There is so much pressure to perform here, and expectations are so high I feel I have no room for error at all.

Living in the shadow of RubyQuest sucks.
No. 23929 ID: 3c3565

Oh, one more thing I was going to mention:
That is also probably why NQ updates are so few and far in between and why there are long breaks between every chapter.
It's disappointing to work really hard on something only for the response to be a lukewarm "oh" because it didn't live up to the progressively-increased standards that have grown since RubyQuest, and it's stressful and disheartening to have every update dissected to see if the surface quality is "like me".

Again, I know that with the success I enjoyed with RQ I can't expect much sympathy on the subject, but the pressure of living up to that success is always hanging over my head.
No. 23930 ID: d97d76

I just want to say that despite all the "OH THERE ARE NAPKINS HERE" and "OH YOU ARE JUST ABOUT BLACKING OUT FROM ALL THE SMOKE" hints he was throwing at us, I was apparently somehow the first one to catch on and give the requisite "USE THE GODDAMN NAPKINS" response and that is kind of sad because I am slooow.

So yeah basically I think we need to make an effort to consider more factors before spamming "KILL IT WITH A TV; THIS WILL SURELY WORK"
No. 23933 ID: f21cfe

> The "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT" "AAAAAAH!" "FFFFF-" etc posts, as silly as they might seem, really helped to reinforce the atmosphere.
They sure did, and keep doing that. Scroll back to when Nan opened the door from the diner/cafeteria. Everyone was like that. I "FFFF-"ed too, when I was reading that part.

Yeah, the horrors in RQ seem less tangible in comparison SO FAR, but come one, give it time.

>But until it does, it doesn't feel like there's much of a point in suggesting, because we are going to get away, we are going to survive, and all it takes is one or two suggestions, and someone else can do that.
You casually mentioned something I can kind of relate to. I don't know what's going on, but I can't shrug off the feeling that Nan's wearing Plot Armor. I try really hard to drive out that thought when suggesting, because I don't want Weaver to kill Nan just to demonstrate that such a thing can happen.

ITT everyone compares RubyQuest to NanQuest. Oh well, that's what you get when you say "spiritual successor".
No. 23934 ID: a594b9

Hey guys. I think I know why Anna died.

We didn't ask her at all about the voice she heard, or check the elevator, or everything. She was pulled out of the room by an outside force, and instead of eliminating that threat or shielding Anna from it somehow we just... talked to Santiago and Henry.
No. 23935 ID: e3f578

Argghhh Anna is dead lets leave it analyzing it ain't gonna save anybody. They're characters, they may be cool and we do really want to save the cool people but it is also cool for them to die. If Anderson dies it's likely going to be badass plus I'm feeling sad Anna died and that's good.

Also, Weaver and other guys, dudes, I'm so sorry about the Clinton thing in thread. I didn't mean to detract horror :(
No. 23936 ID: a7a85a


Despite being just as fond of Ruby Quest as any of your fans, I for one am enjoying Nan Quest for Nan Quest. I shelved all my expectations in either direction from the start, and I think it's a small but important part of what's helping me enjoy the hell out of this quest.

If it's any help there are a few of us that are not A, B-ing this.
No. 23937 ID: 1963d1

It must be tough to follow up on what many consider to be a magnum opus...
That's not to say you should get discouraged or anything. At this point I'm enjoying NanQuest at least as much as RubyQuest and that's gotta be my all time fav.

Do you think Anna's death could have had something to do with our response to Santiago? This is just a guess, but remember how we *kind of* agreed with him about the hotel being a place without sin? Possibly, because we rejected her ideals, that killed Anna off. Maybe if we had told him we WERE being punished or that we DID have a sin, then somebody else would have died.
No. 23938 ID: f21cfe

Hey, I sympathize with you, for what it's worth. It's all true: people are comparing not to RQ in fact, but to the memory of how awesome RQ was. It's a commonplace effect, when a piece of fiction gains a fanbase, the praise grows larger as time passes. I'm quite convinced we wouldn't be as excited about RQ if it didn't happen then and happened now. Back then it had the originality factor, now there's a whole imageboard full of them, inspired by only a couple.

And if someone is envious of your reputation, or anyone's, for that matter, it's stupid and they should feel stupid. Anyone willing to invest time, imagination and effort can wear this wreath of laurels, and if they're too lazy, well, fuck 'em.

Incidentally, the wili seems fairly outdated. Is the NQ article abandoned for good or is there just not enough available editors?

inb4 "do it yourself faggot"
No. 23939 ID: 2563d4

Well, RubyQuest is kind of a good touchstone for horror quests. I could probably write the comparisons in terms of another good, serious horror quest if I could think of one.

And, sure, early days, we've not seen the depths of things or had much chance to see how bits fit together yaddayadda---but right now this seems to be causing mood/tone problems. Unfortunately I don't really know how to fix that other than getting people to keep the silly larks in /dis/.
No. 23940 ID: 3c3565

Strangely enough I'm not really a fan of the NQ wiki article because it's basically just a step-by-step of every update in a thread. No real summaries, just "this happened then this happened then this happened" and nothing is really pieced together. It just reads so differently from every other wiki article.
No. 23941 ID: 6550ad

I have my own opinion of why there's this feeling of discontent about Nan Quest.

And it's the updated rate. While Rubyquest lasted like two months with weekly, complete sessions, Nan's schedule is completely arbitrary and has to share its time with Dive, Andellousia, and other one-shots Weaver might come up with.

Rubyquest was fast and to the point. We feared for the Ruby and Tom and were waiting for the next Thursday (heh) to see what would happen next.

While with Nan, it's been almost a year, and according to your own words, Weaver, we're still at the intro.

I'm not accusing you of slacking, and I know how hard is to keep such an infernal pace like RQ had. But I just say that after all this time, the anticipation for updates dilutes, there's more idle time for put every crazy theory you might come up with, compare with the old glory, all that...

Anyways, disregarding if I'm right or not, Nan Quest would obviously benefit of a more stable updating pace.
No. 23942 ID: e31d52

I *am* judging Nanquest on its own. The reason I offer what I say if because you asked for feedback at this point in time.

When I say 'signposts' I mean small, achievable goals that help towards the main one. Similar to, say, (fuck fuck don't compare to ruby) uh, rescuing Tom (FUCK) or, to dig into an even thinner microcosm of a story, recovering from THE GODDAMN SPEAR TRAP in Dive: These are little things that make us feel like we have impact and power, make us feel important, needed. They throw us bones.

I'm not saying that Nan is doomed to failure or even if this is how it's gonna be throughout: I'm saying it's not the best way to start. I'm certain in a few months I'll be losing just as much sleep as before we reached the Hotel.

>it was only later that the coherency and purpose became as clear.

I'd actually say this isn't so. In fact, with Rubyquest, the opposite is true, that we slowly shed those smaller objectives as time went on and the facility began to simply fall apart. That loss of universe-wide sanity was incredible, and was confusing in a good way.

In Nan, we're thrust into it from the start, and supposedly, the opposite of what occured in Ruby will happen, that is, things will become more clear, more salient, more stable over time, until that glorious moment when we walk out of the Hotel in 1960.

You'd totally do it, too. I know you would.
No. 23944 ID: c14916

Well we could stay with Henry then :3
He has a sexy butt, I think we should try to stay with him~
No. 23945 ID: f03d2b
File 128588245165.jpg - (36.11KB , 400x368 , Anonymous and Nan at the WQAs.jpg )

>Not that I expect any sympathy for it
I'm honestly surprised at the lack of sympathy for it. I thought that the people here would have the two brain cells necessary to realize that saying "It's not as good as RubyQuest", "You're better than this, Weaver", etc. is unappreciative and insulting as fuck.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not choking on Weaver's cock over here -- I have my own opinions about both him and his quests, not all of which are positive.

I know it's not a perfect analogy, but you guys are kind of pulling a Kanye right now.
No. 23946 ID: 2563d4

>inb4 "do it yourself faggot"

To be fair, that is pretty much how wikis work.

>basically just a step-by-step of every update in a thread

There are a few others like that that need some better aggressive editing and summarising. At least Nan has chapter abstracts, though.
No. 23947 ID: 3c3565

I already addressed like all these points, and I feel like it was largely ignored.
I don't know what more you want me to say.
No. 23948 ID: 17b5c0

I understand, Weaver. I've understood all along. And I applaud and love you for what you've done and what you continue to do. -Z
No. 23949 ID: f21cfe

Ohoho, I know from experience (hence me inb4'ing). I used to be a chief editor on one wiki for an obscure indie sci-fi arcade space MMO, and I had to incessantly poke the playerbase to stop whining about outdated wiki, get off their asses and correct it themselves.
The wiki died eventually, having lost its remaining faithful contributors.

Also, Weaver's updating, but it's 4:66 1:46 AM here. Decisions, decisions.
No. 23950 ID: f03d2b

Disagree. As the quest progressed, we learned what was going on in the facility and how things started(coherency), and we went from "well we should probably go to the next room" to "GET TO DA CHOPPAH RUBY! THIS PLACE IS DEMONS!"
No. 23951 ID: ce69d7

I love RubyQuest. It and NanQuest are the biggest inspirations for making my own quest. I have to say though that I like NanQuest more than RubyQuest. Not to knock its predecessor, as it will always be a classic, but NanQuest feels much more organized, and I get the impression that even though the pace is slower due to spaced out updates, the participants will be able to do more with it and get more out of it. NanQuest certainly feels like extra care is being taken with the story elements than with RubyQuest, as Weaver said.

Try not to let the shadow of RubyQuest get you down, Weaver. Almost every author suffers when working on their second novel, especially if the first was a bestseller. A lot of authors never finish their second book due to the pressure. Just remember that even though there are a number of naysayers there are also many people cheering you on and appreciating the effort you've taken to give us this spiritual sequel. You're doing great so far. Keep it up!
No. 23952 ID: 2ed296


I completely agree. As much as I loved RQ, I figured that Nan Quest is Nan Quest, and not Ruby Quest.

I'll enjoy it for what it is. :3
No. 23953 ID: 2563d4

Constructive criticizers. If I wanted to go all "it suuucks", I know where the anon thread in /meep/ is.
No. 23956 ID: f03d2b

Calling NanQuest's antagonists categorically inferior to RubyQuest's, especially when we've barely met NQ's and don't even know anything about them yet, is not constructive and is arguably much worse than just saying "it suuuucks."
No. 23960 ID: 2563d4

Weaver has already replied that point himself. You do not need to leap to his defence.
No. 23962 ID: a41aaf

I'm enjoying NanQuest, but (especially recently) it feels a little like the goal of 'escape from the hotel' is getting lost in Random Encounters. There's been plenty of 'character has disappeared, we must find them' or 'horrible skull guy, run for your life' moments, but while these were all things that happened in the process of Escape, they feel a bit separated from that process.
GAH, this is hard to articulate. I guess sort of what I'm trying to say is: while each encounter follows logically from the previous, they feel disconnected from the ultimate goal rather than part of a path to that goal.
Maybe this will be alleviated when we can start placing our subjective time line into an objective timeline, and I'm just being incredibly impatient.
No. 23964 ID: 3c3565

I think it's a little reactionary to say that making any positive comment on a point is "leaping to my defense" when the reverse is certainly not true for people who voice a repeated complaint.
I think it's not any more fair to try to dismiss "weaver fanboys" than it is to dismiss "naysayers".
No. 23967 ID: 1963d1

Although, you've probably got equal amounts of both...
No. 23969 ID: f03d2b

Crazy dude with a blade stops chasing us, and out of nowhere a crazy dude with a blade comes to our rescue.

Just sayin'.
No. 23970 ID: f21cfe

Good point, actually. We should be careful.

Gah, timezone difference is getting the better of me. Off to sleep.
No. 23971 ID: 1963d1

Why, you don't mean to imply that the crazed maniac we encountered when he dragged us into a dark stairwell and (possibly) propositioned us for sex at knifepoint could be a VILLAIN, do you?
No. 23973 ID: 70d9eb

Hey now man, Santiago hasn't tried to kill us, he's just a little on edge. I mean, he's been here for like a month.
No. 23976 ID: 938b64

Dumbasses. I wasnt suggesting that the goat skull was Anna, i was suggesting a connection because their wounds were the same. Murders use the same tactics a lot of the time, y'know.
No. 23977 ID: c14916

I just noticed that weaver likes to make insane/unhinged characters foxes. I wonder why?
No. 23978 ID: dad664

Considering that nearly everything minuscule appearing in Weavers quests ends up being important: The years each guest entered the Hotel in chronological format.

No. 23979 ID: 8dd1ee
File 128589850573.gif - (14.55KB , 488x1401 , 1230385538382.gif )

I think it's the teeth

They just have the best manic grins.
No. 23980 ID: e3f578

probably because foxes are adorable/awesome and insane characters are awesome. It's like peanut butter and jelly.

Man, lots of years in the sixes.Nan and Anderson are the only anomalies.
No. 23981 ID: 8b9dd7

Honestly, I'd just like to see you continue, the whole "Rubyquest is better then X" Doesn't seem as important as seeing you continue on.

Even if people generally decry it as less awesome, by most standards it'll still be much more awesome then everything else.
No. 23982 ID: 2563d4

>The tune is strangely beautiful yet discordant.

Music to taunt goatgirls by. (Think it was Reka who linked this on IRC.)
No. 23983 ID: c14916

I think you mean Nanderson

No. 23984 ID: 8dd1ee

Here's the same list, with a bit more detail:

July, 1912.......Anderson
May, 1936........Anna
June, 1946.......Henry
???, 1966........Pablo
???, 1986........Santiago
December, 2009...Nan
August, 2016.....Kim

We should ask Santiago and Pablo what month it is for them; so far, at least, everyone "arrived" at a different month, which, if this remains true, would mean that there are 4 other survivors out there somewhere. (Not counting Alan)
No. 23985 ID: e3f578

If Pablo's month is April than that would explain 4:66 and a more solid connection between him and what's going on.
No. 23986 ID: a7a85a
File 128590074788.png - (273.63KB , 559x516 , anna_predicts_good_end.png )

Okay, I think I've squeezed all I can get out of my goofy little scare gif. But the two reactions made it totally worth it. Especially >>333687

Here they are separately.
No. 23987 ID: a7a85a
File 128590085494.png - (302.52KB , 559x516 , he_is_right_behind_me_isnt_he.png )

No. 23988 ID: 8dd1ee

July, 1912 - Anderson
May, 1936 - Anna
June, 1946 - Henry
???, 1966 - Pablo
*December, 1986 - Santiago
December, 2009 - Nan
August, 2016 - Kim

Well, shit, there goes my little "each character has a month" theory.
No. 23989 ID: 7d8185

ah, but notice most have something6 as their year. Anderson and Nan are oddballs in that. why so many with those numbers?
No. 23990 ID: 8dd1ee

Really, it's hard to tell. Nan is the repairgoat protagonist, and Anderson is the cigar-smoking US marshal and general badass. We'll probably see some sort of connection in time, unless this turns out to be a red herring.

Also, we still need to find out Pablo's month. If it's April, then, like Dirtbag said, it'll give 4:66 more meaning, and will raise a few questions about Pablo himself.
No. 23993 ID: 620bfb

I don't actually care about or pay attention to any of this whole picking-everything-apart thing, I just think Weaver should just keep being awesome. It's working so far.
No. 23994 ID: f03d2b

So is this why Santiago told us to look in a mirror? Do we look like him, when the lights are out?
No. 23995 ID: fd6d7e


That and, I think it's being subtly implied that Nan is somehow responsible for this entire nightmare and everyone's suffering. She just hasn't been around long enough to get sent back to the past, do it, and then get killed by Pablo. I'm still betting that the only hope to escape her fate, or at least save as many as possible, is to fix the hotel wiring, because not only is that what she does best, and not only is this whole thing about the lights going out, but if anything she could do would result in a situation so horrifying like what she's seen so far, it would be faulty wiring that she failed to fix.
No. 23996 ID: a594b9
File 128590611455.gif - (7.30KB , 701x683 , Annavator.gif )

Check out what Anna looked like when the elevator opened the first time.
No. 23997 ID: f03d2b

Fuuuuck. I am dying to point out the hypocrisy of Santiago ranting about freedom when he's letting the darkness take over him, but I do not think he would take that very well.
No. 23998 ID: c14916

No. 23999 ID: 3416ec


I contend that the horrible dripping black madness in the elevator is not Anna.
No. 24000 ID: 3d2824

A thought just occurred to me. (Although, given my previous track record.. heh.)

We're assuming timey-wimey shenanigans.

Why? 'Cause we've had Nan see herself.


There've been other things that haven't made sense. Things in the hallway shifting. Broken Lamp is no longer broken. Stairways are gone when we're running from padre. The 'two' henries (We help Pablo save one, we meet another in the safe room with everyone else, supposedly at about the same time we help pablo save one, then dissapear. And Pablo does not seem perturbed by the two Henries...). Weird memories of things we're not sure actually happened.

.. What if.. what if there hasn't been any time travel at all?

What if this hotel is some sort of bizzare convergence of parallel dimensions? With 'things' leaking in from the outsi oh god this sounds like the Dark Tower doesn't it.

But. That could explain a lot of things: The mirrors, the hazy memories (we're picking up the memories of 'other nans', perhaps.) When we smashed the maybe, we didn't necessarily time hop. Perhaps we sidestepped. That's why Pablo wasn't surprised by Henry being in the safe room: in that 'universe', We'd met Pablo, and *only* Pablo. Pablo hadn't helped us save Henry: Henry was in the safe room. But the Nan from *that* timeline also smashed her clock and sidestepped, so he still saw her vanish.

This could also explain why we saw a monstrosity in the elevator when running from Padre the first time, but saw Anna the second time: Because we weren't in the same 'world'.

This is all just supposition, and given how good a job I've done figuring stuff out BEFORE (Oooh it's a Rat's skull!.. WRONG), this could be horribly off base. But, I don't think I saw the idea suggested yet, and it could also fit.
No. 24001 ID: 3be5cf

While I do not want to trash your theory, I have to point out that we did not simply had a "Nan saw herself" event, but a "time loop", with her doing exactly what she'd be doing in the future.

The thing with the lamp broken / not broken is, I'd say another indicator for time shenanigans (since it's the same lamp, but in different states of existence)

Parallel dimensions could involve the shifting of position or appearance of furniture and things (e.g. it's still a lamp, but once 60s style and once a gas lantern or whatever (this example does not really make
sense, I just realized)).
No. 24003 ID: 8a6625

okay okay....true, rubyquest was better, but god fucking dammit Nan quest is freakin awesome too. personally I think weaver should lay back and do whatever the fuck he likes with this quest. the moment X HAS to be better than Y, X usually becomes clishee. so weaver, if your reading this, it doesn't have to be the best, it just has to be what it is, and then it shall be awesome.
No. 24004 ID: 8a6625

I hope I make sence, I just might be a biiiit too drunk to post.

but if it does make sence, fuck year I mean it
No. 24005 ID: c14916

You mean to say that if he tries too hard to make it better than RubyQuest, it will fall flat. If he just does what he thinks is right, it will be awesome, for different reasons than RubyQuest. The two will both be great, for entirely different things.
No. 24006 ID: a41aaf

Technically, if you use Many Worlds rather than Copenhagen, then time travel and 'parallel dimension jumping' are functionally equivalent.
No. 24007 ID: 14e3f8

Hey. Quiet reader here, but I would like to chime and say...

Honestly, I find the idea of this being negatively compared to Rubyquest a bit surprising.

If anything, it seems better than Rubyquest in a lot of ways. The setting and cast are immediately more complex, and I'm really looking forward to seeing things play out.

It does feel a bit hard to contribute with all the crazy theorycraft going on in the thread. I'm not really interested in analyzing all this myself; it's all well and good to want to solve the mystery, but we're still in the introduction...it seems a little soon to go off on big bouts of analysis and hypothesizing.

Maybe a more brisk updating pace would help? I just know I'm glad when I see another thread go up, Weaver does horror really quite well. I hope he keeps going with this, doesn't let the pressure get to him. I'm sure this'll be great.

Just...not the same as Rubyquest. It is a spiritual successor, after all! :P
No. 24009 ID: c14916

Honestly I never found DiveQuest or that other one (forget the name) to be interesting. I mean, the main attractor for RubyQuest is just the whole 'you are here, you need to not be' feeling. There is no explanation, there is no '-verse' there is no real given story to give the next chapter more meaning. I think it's better when Weaver does individual quests that are disconnected from other ones.

But I am just one voice, and one opinion. And mine is not right, or wrong. I'm not going to try to tell Weaver to stop making DiveQuest, I know there are fans of it, c’est la vie.
No. 24010 ID: b8229a
File 128592944192.jpg - (364.11KB , 908x1204 , Happy_couples_always_smile.jpg )

Eh, I can see the attraction of going off into the weeds with Santiago, but it probably wouldn't be sustainable in the long term... sooner or later he'd probably decide that something a bit more exciting between you would be more fun, and then whoops, you're fighting to the death with your only ally.

Then again, there are probably worse ways to go.
No. 24011 ID: dc9f15


This is pretty much my disposition too. I never could get into Dive Quest, but I loved Ruby Quest, and I'm really enoying Nan quest so far.
No. 24012 ID: ae2225

The whole sequence with Santiago... I can't help but feel that the room was dark all the time. And that Santiago already did not have eyes when Nan entered through the window.

Santiago whole behaviour was, well, caused by him already being a part of the darkness/hotel. As he stated himself. I see him as part of the environment now, not a guest (kinda a semi-independant plot device inside the hotel).

Whenever there's no apparent light source, the hotel probably wants to lure us somewhere.

Santiago's "unlimited freedom" philosophy... Somehow I think there's a flaw in that. He's still dependant on staying in the hotel. In a way, he is controlled and not free at all.

Anyway, I think following Santiago any further will lead to a terrible, painful, deadly death. Just a feeling.
No. 24013 ID: 2563d4

I think he's one of the few truly helpful characters so far and that following his lead here is preferable to playing hide-and-seek in the darkness with another beast-thing.

Unstable and dangerous as a bottle of nitroglycerine doesn't necessarily mean intrinsically evil.
No. 24014 ID: e31d52

I remember when I compared Nan and Ruby to two vidya (Ruby was Silent Hill and Nan was Resident Evil) he stated he preferred to think of Nan as SH.

And now I get why. I think I understand what the hotel is... or at least, a part of it. You see, Silent Hill doesn't punish people. It gives them what they truly desire. That's what is so terrifying about it. Everyone feels guilty for something, in their heart of hearts, except for a very slim few.

So the Hotel takes people who are, for some reason or another, unsatisfied. For instance, take Anderson, who says he's never met an innocent man. He probably joined the force wide-eyed and idealistic, wanting to stop the bad guys and protect people. But eventually, he realized he was just protecting assholes from worse assholes, on the large, and his satisfaction of his job steadily went downhill. The Hotel sensed this, and drew him in.

I think this is a better argument than IT'S EAAAATING YOUUUUU, but I'm really uncertain whether it's any closer.
No. 24015 ID: 3d2824

I think Santiago's 'freedom' philosophy may be something he adopted to cling to the last remaining shreds of his sanity, something he invented to make it feel like he had SOME degree of control over what's going on. So he chooses to believe he's not trapped: he *wants* to be here.

Or, you know, he's just bugnuts psychopathic, that's probably a good hunch too...

Aye, I was thinking about that. I wish we'd gotten more details of the hallway before Nan went into the elevator...
But if some of the timelines were 'off' from each other, side-stepping might still have that effect. And it still makes me wonder why we saw a monstrosity the first time.. but it also could have just been the hotel screwing with us. My theory's not really sound yet by any means-we'd probably need a hell of a lot more info to make a positive claim either way, I just wanted to toss the idea out there. =)
No. 24016 ID: c14916

Your theory makes... a lot of sense actually.

I like it. +1
No. 24017 ID: df26fb

well, i havent compared NQ with any other quest in particular. i usually save that for sequels and related quests.

NQ has had a slow update but id say its pretty good on its own. i would not rush the work of a artist, if weaver does not feel like doing NQ then she should not do it, bar we get crappy updates or the NQ equivalent of "rocks fall, everyone dies, stop bugging me for RQ2." the onlt real complain i have on NQ is that the enemies are indeed in black and white, except for redsantiago wich seems to be pretty much insane.

lastly id say for everyone to NOT compare a whole work with a incomplete work. let quests, enjoy the updates and discuss it fairly and nicely.

now for actual discussion!

im beginning to think nan has control over what happens to her based on what she belives. of santiago is really a indication of something, it could be possible to lose our fear and survive better here. im also beginning to think that the events happens due to the mood of the characters.

>Santiago's "unlimited freedom" philosophy... Somehow I think there's a flaw in that. He's still dependant on staying in the hotel. In a way, he is controlled and not free at all

thats... a good point. would he try to escape the hotel if we point it out to him?

>I just noticed that weaver likes to make insane/unhinged characters foxes. I wonder why?

isnt NQ and RQ characters based off animal farm or some other little game like that?

>Santiago's 'freedom' philosophy may be something he adopted to cling to the last remaining shreds of his sanity

its likely he was already not that fine when he got in the hotel, or the adaptation time would have killed him. its likely he was a runaway criminal and got caught here, upon realizing what this place is, he finaly snapped.
No. 24018 ID: acf168

> thats... a good point. would he try to escape the hotel if we point it out to him?
I would strongly advise against telling a mentally unstable person with a knife and no moral compass that his existantial theory is wrong.
Santy would probably try to defend his point logically, and failing that, vent out his fear and frustration on Nan.
Whatever we talk about, Nan should only say something that fits into his outlook. We got lucky with the hand, but that does not mean Santy's going to heed our words.
I, for one, do not intend to put him on my "Try to save these people" list.
No. 24019 ID: acf168

I wish it was like Cube, where all teammates had different professional skills that allowed them to survive the traps. Then we could pinpoint possible ways to "fix" the hotel. But this doesn't seem to be NanQuest's premise.

Still, it's a good idea to try to get into the janitor's room. Take a look, at least. Maybe Nan being an electrician matters at some point.
No. 24020 ID: 1963d1

>isnt NQ and RQ characters based off animal farm or some other little game like that?

Animal Crossing actually. At least in RQ. I'm noticing less correlations with NQ, but whatever. Besides, Weaver has stated that what animal they are doesn't really matter anyway.
No. 24021 ID: f52552

It's all her fault.
See, when you don't fix older electrical systems like that, you get spanish ghosts, time/space distortions, and blood everywhere.
It's science.
No. 24022 ID: 2563d4


I've put the hotel entry dates in the wiki, since posts in a busy discussion thread get buried easily and a pain to re-find. And they've got citation links so we can get back to the updates where people are spinning their tales easily.
No. 24023 ID: e31d52

>im also beginning to think that the events happens due to the mood of the characters.

>Anna wanted to die.
>So she did.

>Anderson wants to have monster to kill and people to protect.
>So he does.

>Henry wants cute girls to seduce and flirt with.
>So he meets them.

>Nan wanted excitement, a break from the norm.
>So she has it.

>Santiago wanted freedom.
>So he has it.
No. 24028 ID: c14916

That's... wow.
No. 24040 ID: 1ce613

I now suggest we wish really hard for a machine gun and a shovel. And maybe a friendly dorf.
No. 24041 ID: 099247
File 128598590324.gif - (5.83KB , 650x450 , Kanaya wat.gif )

>oh hey i wonder how that NanQuest discussion is going
>people throwing stones at weaver
>weaver is a nervous wreck

Ya'll jus' wanna chill the fuck out a sec? Weaver my man you're doing grand, there's a silent minority out there that's enjoying this greatly, keep the ol' chin up, aye skipper?

That sounds pretty fucking solid, there may be more to what Santiago said than meets the eye.

Here's some stats; Name, year they came in from, how long they've been here. I personally don't think the months have much to do with it, but Weaver sure is a fan of Chekhovs Gun so i'm probably already missing something out.

Anderson 1912, two weeks
<Alan> 1926?, week and a half
Anna 1936, one night
Henry 1946, an hour?
<Alan> 1956?, week and a half
Pablo 1966, week and a half
<Alan> 1976?, week and a half
Santiago 1986, a month
Nan 2009?, an hour?
Kim 2016, a week
<Alan> 2026, a week and a half

As you can plainly see, im desperately trying to fit Alan into this pattern of the hotel snatching up people 10 years in difference from each other.
Of course, Nan doesn't fit into this pattern which is a little worry, neither does Anderson.

Anderson said he met Pablo a week and a half ago and around that time Alan was butchered. So Alan either appeared at the same time as Anderson, and Anderson did not spot him, or at the same time as Pablo. Or even further still, maybe Alan came in way before Anderson, maybe a week and a half before?

Another theory i'd like to suggest is that the Pilgrim and Padre are not native people to this place. I'm pretty sure when Pilgrim was rambling about wanting to release himself he was in fact talking about getting out of the hotel. If this is true then it's no stretch to assume Padre is in the same position. Hell, even Santiago was talking about letting the darkness consume him, maybe Padre and Pilgrim did this a long time ago?

Oh look at that, that would explain the gaps in the years no? Let's have another look:

Anderson 1912, two weeks
<Pilgrim> 1926, a fucking long time
Anna 1936, one night
Henry 1946, an hour?
<Padre> 1956, quite a while
Pablo 1966, week and a half
Alan 1976?, week and a half
Santiago 1986, a month
Nan 2009?, an hour?
Kim 2016, a week

GOD DAMN IT NAN AND ANDERSON, YOU'RE STILL RUINING EVERYTHING. I need to think about this shit more. Peace, bros.
No. 24042 ID: fd6d7e


Weaver is a nervous wreck, what? How? People throwing stones? All I see here is exhuberant praise and frantic efforts to keep one step ahead (which just give Weaver more fuel to be one step ahead of us). The only thing I would be regretting is the not ending every year in 6, assuming Weaver didn't get the idea to do that long before we started harping on it. But more likely Weaver does not regret that, because the numbers and times fit some mysterious pattern that the rest of us simply have yet to see.

Could it be that what Weaver is planning for this quest is so horrible and betrays the hopes and dreams of every one of us, and is simply stressing from the guilt it brings?
No. 24043 ID: c14916

This is assuming all the years and dates and weeks and stuff aren't all SCARLET FISH.
No. 24047 ID: a594b9

...maybe Anderson came to the hotel earlier than it expected, and Nan sat on the work order so long that it delayed her entry?

Oh by the way, I suspect that the hotel throws people FORWARDS in time most often. Everyone did enter at the proper year... the issue here is that the hotel has to throw people forwards in time so that they don't meet the maintenance staff or find themselves in an occupied room. Most likely the hotel gets pissed and sends shadowmen after us when we do something that leaves physical evidence behind that the people running the hotel find.

The hotel isn't empty of staff. They're there... we just can't meet them. The hotel won't let us.
No. 24048 ID: 9406d6

It was me (jerk).
No. 24060 ID: 8a6625

yeah that! exactly!
-considerably less drunk tonight-
No. 24061 ID: 71ce86

> im also beginning to think that the events happens due to the mood of the characters.
>Nan wanted excitement, a break from the norm.
>So she has it.

Now Nan wants to escape.
But she can't.
No. 24065 ID: e31d52

The issue of these places is that they take their 'wishes' not from the conscious mind, but instead, from deep within the subconscious.

In other words, Nan may be thinking, to us and to the world at large, 'holy shit this is terrifying oh god' her subconscious is going 'This is kinda cool'.

Until she really and truly wants out, she's stuck there. The most obvious example of what this sort of revelation looks like is in SH2, during the last encounter with Pyramid Head.
No. 24067 ID: 8b9dd7

Not to detract from the current thought process. A thought on the pilgram, he says that Nan has to die for him to escape..

Does anyone believe he is a time warped Nan? Who knows she can only escape if her past self was killed?
No. 24071 ID: c14916

Possible, but Nan only got here recently, we have reason to believe the Pilgrim's been around for *years*.

The name 'Pilgrim' does suggest that he was once a guest, however. As a Pilgrim is someone who has left their home for something new...
No. 24073 ID: 17beed

That is if you're not counting the possibility that the monsters were once human themselves.

Hear me out on this one, I think that the people choose whether or not they want to be monsters.

If we ever can talk to the monsters, a good question would to ask what month they came from.
No. 24080 ID: 9d2107

nan wants to escape with everyone.
she wont suceed because not everyone wants to leave.

im more eagerly to belive he may be a actual ~1900 pilgrim that wanted to understand this place and now becamed a part of it because he wanted it. also the pilgrim is a horse, not a goat.

padre would make sense, he wanted to convert everyone and this place would keep him occupied with new people.
No. 24081 ID: 9d2107

i also just noticed this somewhat matches the isaias 66:4 on the clock :>>323106
No. 24092 ID: 2563d4

>Guess we'll see you inside, Lor.

Ouch, man. Ouch.
No. 24097 ID: f03d2b

So is Padre the creator of this place or is he its first guest?

Assuming, of course, that the hotel didn't exist in a different incarnation prior to the Spanish mission.
No. 24099 ID: 2563d4

If this Mission building worked as a proto-Hotel, I want to know what happened to Padre and Pilgim and anyone else from its time while it was being demolished and replaced with the hotel we know. From Anderson's description ("it just recently went up") it doesn't sound like an in-place refurbishment.
No. 24100 ID: 8b9dd7


The pilgrim has a Horse Face, but we are not sure yet whether it is an actual face, or a mask.
No. 24102 ID: 2563d4

Lorenzo's ears look plausibly equine. There's no way that skull would actually fit in his round head, but I put that down to art style.
No. 24103 ID: f03d2b

That part is really gnawing at me as well.
No. 24104 ID: f03d2b

I think we really screwed up with Santiago. Which is a shame, since I think up until the lamp we were doing excellently.
No. 24121 ID: 1ef7bb
File 128607490116.png - (77.91KB , 444x590 , SantyWantsYouToWantIt.png )

No. 24138 ID: c5628c

Do you think that these "jumps" in time can be triggered?
No. 24141 ID: 939372
File 128608860149.gif - (1.62KB , 701x683 , 1.gif )

Since as far as I can tell it hasn't been mentioned yet, I thought it'd be worth pointing out: even though the quest began at 6:30 AM, the clock said 4:66 back then too. From Page 1.

I've got a theory about what we're seeing here, but I'm not sure it matches everything we've seen so far - there's a lot of hints hanging around, even in inconspicuous stuff, and I'm pretty sure I'm not remembering all of them.
No. 24142 ID: 099247
File 128608968349.gif - (4.64KB , 495x286 , santiago copy.gif )

Here, now lessee..

Looks like I was right about Padre and Pilgrim both being people at one stage.

We now have a start date for all this craziness. Pretty confident in saying the construction of the hotel disturbed whatever the fuck padre had set up or simply switched it on, I say Padre because Lorenzo is a pretty chill dude when he's not all sacrificial knife all up in Nans shit. Plus all the guy wants is to be released, I think it's relatively safe to say he's just a victim.

Well, yeah, piss off the hotel and cause waves. Turn up a light in a dark room? Yeah that's going to piss the hotel off. I suggest we take a 'don't touch anything' approach for the future.
No. 24143 ID: 939372

Padre or Father, yeah.

Doesn't explain what that sequence was with Pablo trying to immortalize Nan, though.
No. 24144 ID: 939372

Actually, come to think of it, "Father" may just be what Santiago calls "Padre". Curse my forgetfulness with respect to languages!
No. 24145 ID: 099247

Pablo is a fucking wild-card who tends to disappear a lot on us. It's too early to call him out on VILLAINOUS INTENTIONS but we should be a little suspect of him. We should attempt to talk to him a bit more at some point about what he's seen since he's been here.
No. 24147 ID: a594b9

That is unreadable. Besides, if it was really 4:66 on that clock, Nan would've said so. How else would she know what time it was?
No. 24149 ID: e7f44c

>I think what's going on is that touching an item from a given time period takes you to that time period.
An interesting point, but we've interacted with all kinds of stuff, including the oil lantern we got from Anderson when we went looking for Anna. Nothing happened though. I can't think of anything that would trigger the flashback/time travel.

My take is that the Mission was destroyed altogether, possible burying Padre, Lorenzo/Pilgrim and a bunch of other people inside. It wasn't done to free up space for the hotel: the Mission flashback was at 1828, and the hotel "just recently went up" in 1912.

Also, another coin the >>333823 / >>333865 piggy bank:
>And yet he wishes he could stay in this lovely place, so long that he too could lose track of the years.
No. 24150 ID: e7f44c

Oh, forgot to add: Padre was most likely looking after this place from the start, and is not a guest.
No. 24156 ID: a7a85a
File 128610456651.png - (152.31KB , 346x430 , santiago1.png )

First stab at Santiago. Somehow turned out more furry then I originally intended. I'm gonna try again.
No. 24157 ID: ae2225

It's the big, floppy ears. And the short snout.

But anyway, great to see you're continuing!
No. 24163 ID: f03d2b

Maybe Pablo is Padre.
No. 24164 ID: 3eba7e

the lantern looked like some sort of artifact. it could be because it was part of the old mission that it now bears powers.

i am also led to belive that because of what santiago said, we experienced a random point in time instead of a specific hallucination. now for a mindfuck, was it a consensus that we wanted information provided by the "flashback"? we saw the mission, we almost talked to padre, we now know that the villains once were humans...

im pretty sure this isnt true, but we should ask anyway.
No. 24165 ID: 101ec5

ho god do more I want to see more
No. 24239 ID: 86b6fc

I've been noticing an awful lot of broken mirrors in this hotel. We broke one in Henry's room, there was one in the "safe room", and one in Santiago's room. When Henry looked in the mirror his reflection turned sinister, and shortly after we saw our first monster. And Santiago told us that if we wanted something to be afraid of, we should look in a mirror. Santiago also told us that the lights go off when we defy the hotel; breaking the mirror made the lights go off.

I'm not sure what this all means, though it seems to mesh well with other theories; but the highest-priority question is what we should do the next time we find a mirror. Breaking it is dangerous; looking in it is dangerous, but might give us some important information. Alternatively, it might be a "physical" obstacle we have to avoid.
No. 24240 ID: 86b6fc

Also I just want to say that Nan 4 was my first time following a live quest and it was freaking awesome. So yeah.
No. 24241 ID: 2563d4

>Santiago's room
Torn paintings, actually:

The saferoom's bathroom mirror actually looks intact.
No. 24242 ID: 86b6fc

My bad on Santiago's room, but the "safe room" mirror is definitely broken; when we woke up, we checked the bathroom. Only the non-broken part is visible through the door.
No. 24245 ID: 8b9dd7

Related to the above, there ie indeed alot of torn paintings as well.
No. 24358 ID: f03d2b

I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next chapter. Now that we're really in the thick of things, I neeeed moar.
No. 24360 ID: 90b7cf

im guessing its scenic? the paitings could determine a timeline even within the hotel.

im wondering if someone lives on them like the mirror dude.
No. 24389 ID: a7a85a


>ID: dad664


664 ... 4:66

No. 24419 ID: fd6d7e


No. 24514 ID: a7a85a
File 128643492476.png - (178.92KB , 357x553 , nan_freaks_out_again.png )

Weaver's body language rocks. It's fun to base drawings off of. And you can never freak out enough, Nan. Never.
No. 24515 ID: 3416ec


Keep arting, Sir Ten. You are quite good at it.
No. 24516 ID: 099247

It looks like she's mimicking her reaction to a telesales man.
No. 24517 ID: 50bd2b

I, for one, am loving this quest at any pace. I wish you did not have to worry about the whole RQ thing. Shine on Weaver. Shine on.
No. 24518 ID: a7a85a


Thanks! I'm glad people seem to like my Nan fan art. I'll keep at it.

She kinda does. XD


Me too. Although I love Nan Quest I'm happy to see him updating Dive too. Good stuff.
No. 24519 ID: 438218

Looks kind of neat, really. Although I wish you'd put more emphasis on DOSE HIPS.

Also, nice touch with the braid there. I just realized I can't imagine what hairdo would any of Weaver's characters have (except for Muschio, but that's kind of obvious).
No. 24532 ID: 1963d1

It's good, but to me it doesn't look that much like a "freaked out" Nan. She looks mildly annoyed at most.
No. 24533 ID: e31d52

A peice of advice: Shrink the pupils to show fear.
No. 24536 ID: fd6d7e


Right hand should actually be pulling at the cheek. People do that instinctively when they are freaking out at the gravity of the situation. Also the mouth doesn't open as wide sideways when terrified. ALSO NAN IS A FATTY WHAT ARE YOU DOING
No. 24537 ID: e3f578

Is Nan having long braids and hot pants canon but invisible due to Weaver's simple style? Because I think that should be canon.
No. 24542 ID: 3c3565

Hair is open for debate but no, she does not wear hot pants. She wears overalls or boyshorts.
No. 24554 ID: a7a85a

Actually she's wearing sporty girl underwear. But I'll change it to boy shorts in future drawings.
No. 24581 ID: a41aaf

Those aren't the same thing?
No. 24601 ID: 8a40c2
File 128657714883.jpg - (21.20KB , 300x366 , boy-shorts.jpg )

Boy shorts are a kind of panty. Hot pants are outerwear.
No. 24783 ID: 614361

So, first time posting in a discussion thread.

Stumbled onto all the flashes of RQ, and read them in one night. Scared the piss out of me, and made me fear the dark around me.

Coming onto this, it felt the same way as RubyQuest did, but only in the sense of existential dread that slowly creeps in, like a chill through a cracked window.

Weaver, i've shared your stories with many a friend, and they've all replied that they're amazing. Keep up the good work, don't let us hold you to a schedule, and keep shocking the hell out of us.

I was just growing attached to Anna, too.
No. 24787 ID: 510612

You should look up Surprise Sex Quest - by far Weaver's most ambitious and successful work to date.
No. 24792 ID: 3416ec


Welcome aboard, Geek-chan.
No. 24797 ID: 754124

You have the most terribly generic name I have ever seen.
No. 24816 ID: 9e5b05

Hey, it is no more terribly generic the the fact that every other person picked the name 'Anonymous', now is it? I mean, really!
No. 24828 ID: a09a03

There's no need to be so rude.
No. 24832 ID: 754124

"Anonymous" is non-specific, but not generic.

Just sayin'
No. 24833 ID: 48235a

Is this really important/necessary?

and it's not like Cruxador is a better name anyway
No. 24836 ID: e3f578

It certainly does, Lawyer Dog. A name is the first impression of a user online. You are quaint in the verse of law and doggies, yattermang is a mang that yatts a lot, and Cruxador is a Matador with several Horcruxes keeping him immortal since his cowboy days

I am a Dirtbag idiot
No. 24841 ID: a35ff5

And I am a tobacco product that falls down a lot.
No. 24843 ID: e3f578

Or smushed

See, does this make sense? Now I've changed my name so I'm an inconsiderate annoying Douchebag who is normally associated with Harley riders while wearing a bag.
No. 24844 ID: 4f6e37

Such a lovely welcoming party Geek-Chan has
No. 24845 ID: f35afd

I am a quest that bites.
No. 24847 ID: 754124

This name predates the word "horcrux", and possible all of Harry Potter. It pertains to the cross, and uses romantic syntax. It could be considered a form of "Crusader" or "Cruzador". It does basically the same thing, but from a different language. Also, the period of time between now and the days in which I interacted more heavily with horses and cows fits easily within a normal lifespan, no magic has thus far been required for my continued existence.
No. 24852 ID: cd44d9


I think the point of what he was saying was not what you intended of the word, but what other people read into it. I, for example, thought it was something to do with "crux" as in "the crux of the situation". Hence, first impressions given by a name.

Don't know what my name makes people think of. And I certainly ain't revealing where it actually comes from!
No. 24854 ID: f52552

I prefer to think that he carries around an oversized holy symbol like that one guy from Trigun and beats people over the head with it.
No. 24855 ID: f03d2b

I think the real point is that Cruxador is a total dick.

Also, everyone stop posting in this thread because seeing all these replies gave me false hope that NanQuest was updating again.

And I know you're reading this Weaver. Stop spending your time providing free entertainment for other people and go back to spending your time providing free entertainment for me.
No. 24861 ID: 2563d4

>NanQuest discussion
>Bitching about names
>NanQuest discussion
>Bitching about names
No. 24872 ID: 48235a
File 128686238143.png - (37.65KB , 1000x1000 , nansad.png )

All this arguing is making Nan sad!
No. 25028 ID: 8a6625

I wonder what kind of impression my name gives off

-hugs nan-
No. 25530 ID: fd6d7e
File 128790621754.gif - (762.14KB , 152x152 , batshit1.gif )

I found a good real life example of freaking out at the gravity of the situation.
No. 25536 ID: a7a85a


Huh. I wonder why people pull their cheeks anyway? A really mild, naturally occurring equivalent of slapping yourself to help get your shit together?

If you watch as many horror movies as I do you might notice that the girls in the old school movies only lift their hand and curl in front of their face. (Don't want to mess up their screen time makeup?) I think that stuck in my mind and that's why I did that.

But yeah, Nan is clearly pulling her cheek in the Weaver drawing. I'll try for that if I draw her freaking out again.
No. 25807 ID: 38d9a0

Well, in the name of discussion, I've found another possible meaning of 4:66. I googled "Verse 4:66 and came up with a passage from the Holy Quran, apparently some Arabian book:

"And if We had decreed upon them, "Kill yourselves" or "Leave your homes," they would not have done it, except for a few of them. But if they had done what they were instructed, it would have been better for them and a firmer position [for them in faith]."

Make of that what you will.
No. 25827 ID: e2876e

>the Holy Quran
>apparently some Arabian book
No. 25872 ID: 38d9a0

Here: http://corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp?chapter=4&verse=66
It's translated seven ways. Probably not what Weaver's using (If he is using anything) but could stretchingly relate.
No. 25876 ID: 49b733

The hotel was built on the grounds of a Spanish mission. I don't think they'd be reading the Quran there.
No. 25881 ID: 725496

I was more expressing incredulity at you referring to the Holy Quran as "some Arabian book"
No. 25904 ID: f03d2b

So Nan's supposed to off herself? :(
No. 25915 ID: 38d9a0

Sorry if I offended anyone with that. I'm not exactly an expert on religious text, so I didn't know what it was. (The word Holy SHOULD have clued me in, but meh.)

>>335704 Hey, it's a pretty warped place. For all we know, killing herself could wake her up. I doubt it, though.

I have a slight theory, however. Her 'vision' showed Lorenzo going to get the Padre's Blessing. Perhaps that blessing was never obtained? I think, as it seems the Pilgrim is (somewhat) coherent, we should ask if it's Lorenzo, and see what it(he?) does. Maybe getting him that blessing is the key.
No. 25916 ID: 3df3c1

Might be the case.
It also might be the case that he got Padre's blessing and it was why he ended up becoming a bloody monster.
It also might be the case that it has nothing to do with a vague, obscure "blessing" and that what the residents have become depended on their inner motivations and desires.

I'm leaning towards the last one, to be honest.
No. 25917 ID: 3f8b4c

My question is... what is the beast?. The Padre/Pilgrims have an obvious relation.

Once we find it, steal knifes? Not a good idea...
No. 25925 ID: a5fa17
File 128847680773.jpg - (167.64KB , 699x527 , gkjhgkjh.jpg )

I read that as "steal kittens."
At any rate, I'm not sure if knives would do much damage to the Beast (but you never know!).

Happy Halloween, you nutty kids!
No. 25948 ID: 701a19

I'm pretty sure that even if they stab it with their stealed knives they just can't kill the beast.
No. 26991 ID: ddaa88

For what it's worth, Spain had a hell of a lot to do with Islam when the Islamic Moors conquered the Iberian peninsula around 711 AD
No. 27580 ID: f9f44f

First off, you win. That's all there is to it. Hell yes.

Second, keep rocking Weaver, it really makes me sad that my college blocks all of the Chans, since tg is totally awesome.
No. 27608 ID: 14dc37
File 129082946929.png - (82.96KB , 394x343 , aufvh.png )

Daww, you guys are pretty adorable.

Also, I can't wait until nanquest updates again, I miss it so much... ;(
No. 27680 ID: e9ab30

Cool Ruby costume.

Who's your friend supposed to be?
No. 27688 ID: 99446b

Nan, maybe?
No. 27691 ID: bf88fc

Dear god, not the duck lips... I don't care if you're doing that 'ironicly', that's just a terrible expression.
No. 28182 ID: 039199
File 129200547532.jpg - (20.20KB , 400x300 , badclock.jpg )

seemed relevant...
No. 28445 ID: 55c4cf
File 129250597081.png - (48.38KB , 444x444 , spd006.png )

No. 28980 ID: 055d7b

Is there any ETA on part five?..
No. 28981 ID: 585f92

Well, I haven't read every single post here, but I have an idea of what the running theories are.

I personally lean more towards the parallel dimensions one. I'm not sure if we can narrow it down to two, but it seems like a good starting point. We can go between "Nighties Nan" and "Overalls Nan", since her clothes change when everything changes around her. There hasn't been any reason to assume that there are more than two dimensions going on here, since Nan only saw herself once.

Well, down to the grit. There's a lot of contradictions and parallels I've caught that I'm not sure anybody else noticed. Here are a few.

1. Henry's story. In >>230557 Henry says that "He drew a bath, relaxed in it, and just as he closed his eyes he heard someone in his room -- Nan."
Most people probably assumed that to be the reason that he was naked. -BUT- Nan never entered Henry's room, even though he said she heard her in there. Henry's story actually lines up with Pablo's. So I say we don't trust Henry too much, considering his obvious lie.

2. I'm not sure about this one, it was just a little something I noticed. In chapter three, we attacked the thing holding the fire extinguisher.( >>171111 )
When we did that, we managed to sever two of its fingers. I found it specific and kept it in mind. Then, in chapter four ( >>235683 ) we saw this silhouette on the canvas... with two fingers missing from its right hand. It looks like they were severed.
One of the posts in the thread mentioned that the silhouette is probably Alan, considered he was "Carved apart by the pilgrim". He looks pretty carved to me. With this, I'm not sure if we can assume that his two severed fingers were done by us or the pilgrim.
All of this made me ponder a bit, branching off from the two world theory. There were a few posts where people mentioned that people turn into monsters int he darkness, which made me think. I believe that it isn't that they turn into a monster, but that they appear as one. Since there are two dimensions, there are two of everybody.
This makes me believe that when you see somebody from the other dimension, they appear as monsters. Alan may have been carved apart in one dimension, but he may still be around in the other. If the thing that grabbed the fire extinguisher was Alan from the dimension with "Nighties Nan"...
Now, regarding the room with the canvas and the thing in the middle. Aside from Nan, there are six canvases. I counted the people mentioned aside from Nan (Kim, Anderson, Henry, Pablo, Anna, Pablo, Santiago). I got 7, but there are 6 spots. It feels like it should match up... but it doesn't. My guess is that Santiago already surrendered to the hotel, so he doesn't have a canvas.
These canvases, as I imagine, are for the dead. Alan died in one dimension, yet he is still here as a monster. It also looks like he's being ordered around by the thing in the center, which I'm assuming is whatever is controlling the hotel. Maybe there's only 6 canvases because one of the 7 is controlling the hotel...? Probably wrong there.

3.Not so much of a parallel as an o