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File 130428781532.gif - (3.55KB , 701x683 , 310.gif )
300694 No. 300694 ID: 543aa6

Santiago has run off, taking the lantern with him, leaving Nan in the darkness of the third floor hall, just outside the Sunset Room.

The heavy, ragged breathing and shuffling footsteps have gone quiet. All that remains is silence, and the placeless echo of Nan's vision of the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.
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No. 300697 ID: 8b9dd7

Feel around for the wall so you can reorientate yourself in case you need to run.
No. 300699 ID: 54d1d0


Preferably with the flailing oh god there are monsters everywhere run run what are you waiting for oh god damnit run goat run
No. 300702 ID: 7aedd2

This is going to be asked in a second anyway, so check your pockets/inventory
No. 300704 ID: 6930ef

Oh my goodness yes.
Find a wall, TAKE A MOMENT TO ORIENT YOURSELF. No point running away from where we want to go. Move quickly to the elevator door and SLAM THAT CALL BUTTON AS HARD AS YOU CAN JESUS.
No. 300705 ID: 9d07d9

Try to find a wall, then follow it.

Try not to make too much noise, lest you alert the Beast.
No. 300708 ID: 543aa6
File 130428922876.gif - (9.25KB , 701x683 , 312.gif )

Nan stands up and begins feeling along the wall. She rechecks her inventory, to find:
And a CHECK for services rendered at the Fun Family Arcade.

It appears her CROSS PENDANT is still missing.
No. 300712 ID: c1ff81

Im thinking you should ready the screwdriver, since its the closest thing you have to a weapon.
No. 300713 ID: 4a3736

Continue walking along the wall.

EQUIP SCREWDRIVER in case of hostiles.
No. 300714 ID: 543aa6
File 130428950565.gif - (4.32KB , 701x683 , 313.gif )

Nan continues along the wall, and finds something that feels like a button.
No. 300716 ID: 4a3736

Push butan

Receive scary
No. 300719 ID: 7aedd2

Don't push button yet. Feel AROUND the button. Is there a rectangular plate around it, like an elevator button? Metal? Plastic?
No. 300724 ID: 874bd8

Check to see what kind of button it is. THEN recieve scary. :D
No. 300727 ID: 543aa6
File 130429005101.gif - (12.19KB , 701x683 , 314.gif )

Nan presses the button.
The elevator doors open.

Kim screams, then sighs in relief, lowering her taser.
It's just Nan, after all.
No. 300728 ID: 7aedd2

Hug them both in relief.
No. 300729 ID: 4a3736

No. 300730 ID: e3f578

hug Kim
Fist bump Anderson
Tell them about Anne
No. 300731 ID: 9d07d9

Tell them what happened after you fell asleep.
No. 300732 ID: 874bd8

Wait, we might want to make sure it's actually them before we go clinging on to them. You never know in this place.
No. 300733 ID: 223552

Head in elevator

Hug everyone

Tell everyone Anna got mauled
No. 300735 ID: 6930ef

Hugs all around! Then ask what the hell happened. Where they went, if they know Anna's dead, so on.
No. 300736 ID: 7aedd2

You know what, take that rug on the floor. You'll never know when you'll need something with which to beat a fire out with, throw over a barbed wire fence, or to distract a monster with.
No. 300741 ID: 543aa6
File 130429101241.gif - (10.77KB , 701x683 , 315.gif )

Nan steps into the elevator and delivers the grim news about Anna's fate. Evidently Anderson and Kim were not aware, and Kim gasps in tragic realization.

Anderson seems angry. He says this is why they slept in shifts. Who was Anna staying up with?
No. 300743 ID: 6930ef

Oh, no. It was Pablo. Have you guys seen him?
No. 300744 ID: 7aedd2

God damn it Pablo...

Ask them what went on with them since you last saw them. Did they wake up together or did they have to find each other? And grab that rug. It's yours by blood right.
No. 300746 ID: 543aa6
File 130429154927.gif - (10.37KB , 701x683 , 316.gif )

Pablo. Pablo had the shift with Anna.

After they woke up Anna and Pablo for their shift, they took a short nap, then headed out to look for Santiago.

Kim groans. That means Pablo could be dead too.

Anderson says that's definitely one possibility.
No. 300747 ID: 7aedd2

So the two of them left the safehouse together and this is the first they've heard that things have gone wrong? How long has it been, for them?
No. 300760 ID: 6930ef

Also take the rug.
No. 300761 ID: 3416ec

Ask what the hell is going on. How did we suddenly wind up somewhere else? Is this whole place in some kind of space-time fractal?
No. 300767 ID: e3f578

I love talking about space-time shenanigans as much as anyone else, but unless we're professional physicists in that area, we should focus on surviving the weird space-time hotel of horror then understanding it.

Close the fucking doors and let's get to another floor.
No. 300771 ID: 7dda9a

suddenly I'm a lot less sure about pabalo...
No. 300777 ID: 543aa6
File 130429480266.gif - (8.75KB , 701x683 , 317.gif )

Nan asks if anyone understands what's going on, and how she suddenly wound up somewhere else.
Kim asks where exactly it was she wound up.

The lights come back on with a quiet hum.
No. 300778 ID: 9d07d9

What's is place look like?
No. 300780 ID: 7aedd2

I don't think we should mention Santiago.
I still think we should take the rug.
No. 300781 ID: 6930ef

Dangit Nan get off that rug. Take the ruuuug.
We had a weird nightmare. Pablo was in it. We woke up, then say the Pilgrim, then met Santiago. Now we're here. Ask what THEY did in the intervening time.
No. 300782 ID: 874bd8

Hang on, why exactly did they go out to look for Santiago? Methinks it's time everyone had a bit of a sitdown to discuss exactly what's been going on since our little side trip.
No. 300786 ID: 1854db

Vaguely describe your dream. Both of them, why not.
No. 300800 ID: 2563d4

Get the dickens back in the elevator and back to the saferoom already. Stop standing around yammering in places where the lights crap out randomly and the Things go.
No. 300809 ID: c05afd

Let's see if we can at least fine Anna's body again. I'm not actually sure if it's worse if we can or not.
No. 300812 ID: 1963d1

I get the feeling that if we go looking for the dead, we won't like what we end up finding. Anyway, Anna didn't have anything important on her, so no reason to wander around without purpose.
No. 300815 ID: 543aa6
File 130429993379.gif - (8.71KB , 701x683 , 318.gif )

Nan explains her dreams, which brought her to a strange place where she saw Pablo, then to the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.
Kim's face seems to darken at the discussion of Pablo's behavior, but comforts Nan. It was just a dream, after all.
Anderson says nothing.

Nan explains her ordeal after waking up, how she was chased and led around. Kim asks what part of that constitutes a "space-time" oddity, if she just moved around.

Finally, Nan suggests they take the elevator back to the safe room. Anderson replies that the safe room is on the third floor. Where they already are.
He studies Nan quietly, then asks if she's sure she's all right.
No. 300816 ID: 6930ef

We're alright, Anderson. Just more than a little unsettled. Ask where Henry is. Let's just get back to the safe room and take a deep breath, okay?
No. 300817 ID: cec06e

Don't let yourselves get lulled into a false sense of security just because the lights are on. Those things can go out at any time. Warn them about the Pilgrim.

Also, ask Anderson if in his time there was any trace of a former spanish monastery around the Hotel. Maybe it was only torn completely down right before construction on the hotel began.
No. 300818 ID: 7aedd2

Admit you have little knowledge of where you are or what's been going on. You've been asleep, after all. Did they FIND anything during their search for Santiago?
No. 300821 ID: cec06e


Be advised, I think Anderson doesn't trust us.
No. 300822 ID: e3f578

I think he thinks we're getting a tad hysterical. He's from around the early 20th century, he probably think all dames melt in the face of danger.
No. 300826 ID: a94d88



Ask Anderson what happened to Henry and why they decided to leave poor Nan alone in the saferoom ;_;
No. 300833 ID: 902e11

yay nanquest, dont give up weaver =3

is there any indicative you really are on the 3rd floor? door number maybe?

well, we should head to saferoom anyway.
No. 300835 ID: 7b2258

NANQUEST YES!!111!111!11one11!!1one!!eleven

Apologize and say you weren't aware because you were too busy being blindly running away from the Pilgrim and other various monsters.

>Santiago has run off, taking the lantern with him, leaving Nan in the darkness of the third floor hall, just outside the Sunset Room.

Whoops. :(
No. 300837 ID: 1854db

...yeah, we didn't really move around due to the 'dreams' this time did we? Did you tell them about getting sent into the burning room?
No. 300841 ID: 543aa6
File 130430626420.gif - (11.03KB , 701x683 , 319.gif )

Nan considers her situation. Perhaps she's a little confused. She was being chased by the Pilgrim, she must have just gotten turned around.

Anna was here, she's sure of it.
But now the hallway's empty.

Nan asks if there used to be a Spanish Mission here. Anderson says there was. When he was a boy, its ruins were here. Burnt to the ground some time ago. Cleared out years later, in preparation for the hotel.
No. 300842 ID: 9d07d9

We'd better not stand around here too long. Let's head back to the saferoom.
No. 300843 ID: 1854db

Ask why it got burnt down, on the way to the room.
No. 300844 ID: a94d88

nothin we dont already know, besides the burning down bit. Time to either head back to saferoom or check the floor for our friends.
No. 300857 ID: 3416ec

Return to the safehouse.
No. 300863 ID: e3f578

Ask Kim if anything cool or notable has happened since 2009 for possible minor small talk.
No. 300865 ID: 00d3d5

Point out where Anna died. Lament that you didn't grab her hat for evidence.

Also: Survival requires understanding. Lets research the FUCK out of this place.
No. 300868 ID: 419a2b

Become obsessively possessive about your possessions.

Write your name on all the tags.
No. 300881 ID: 7b2258

The door to 311 is slightly aja-*shot*

When stating the area where Anna died note aloud the fact that there is no blood on the walls.
No. 300882 ID: 543aa6
File 130431335191.gif - (11.28KB , 701x683 , 320.gif )

Nan asks why it was burnt down. Anderson says he doesn't know. It happened before he was born.

Nan returns to the SAFE ROOM.
No. 300883 ID: 7aedd2

If I had to guess, I'd say Pablo's been obsessing a bit.
No. 300884 ID: 9d07d9

What's with the lines on the wall? Those weren't there before, were they?

Move the bed, see what's behind it.
No. 300885 ID: 3416ec

Okay, so now Pablo is a Prime Suspect.

We STILL need to find a way out of this dang hotel, though.

In the meanwhile, examine the wording.
No. 300886 ID: bccf7b

Possible credence to Anna's idea?

Quick, check the tub! Hopefully Pablo isn't in there (maybe he saw what happened?)
No. 300888 ID: 7b2258

Check for unwanted visitors.
No. 300889 ID: 00d3d5

Thank you, mysterious failure. Your words mean so much when people are dying and going missing.

Nan: Go to the mirror. See if your mirror self is there. If she is, then drag her out and beat her until answers come out.
Other than that, ask if anybody has ideas on what to do next.
If not, then go to the front door and try to open it but do NOT step through. We need to see what the others see when it's open. If you encounter yourself or one of the others, grab them and take them with you. If it's Anna, then kiss her and make her promise not to die on you again.
No. 300894 ID: cec06e


Just as an aside, ask Anderson when he was born. It might ne nice to just know how old we all are (of course, if you want to leave it ambiguous then by all means ignore the shit out this. I've already contributed to a Weaver-quest today, and in doing so, my life is a tiny bit more complete)
No. 300896 ID: a94d88

Hug Anderson

Read note
No. 300911 ID: 8d486a

Ask when the note showed up. No hugging
No. 300912 ID: e1a3b1

Study the markings on the wall. Are those scratches clawmarks?
No. 300924 ID: 543aa6
File 130433567511.gif - (6.59KB , 701x683 , 321.gif )

There doesn't appear to be any more to the note. The markings on the room haven't changed from the last time -- faint ashy trails leading up the walls.

Nan checks the bathroom, but it's empty. No one else is here.
No. 300925 ID: a4c0ff


No. 300926 ID: 644ca1

Check the mirror!
No. 300927 ID: 7b2258

Check mirror.

Failing any strange activity, Return to Kim and Anderson and ask what they have been doing and what is their next move.
No. 300933 ID: 202e3b

Make sure bedroom door is closed and locked. I assume so, but it wasn't mentioned.

Okay, let's inventory our situation. We're missing Pablo, Anna's dead, Santiago's batshit crazy. Where's Henry again?
No. 300935 ID: 7b2258


Henry's been missing ever since Nan woke up to Anna being mutilated by Pilgrim.

Should we go find him? It's not like there's anything better to do.
No. 300936 ID: 202e3b


On one hand, I think that we can't afford to lose anyone else. On the other hand, our rescue missions haven't exactly gone swimmingly so far. But I'm not sure what else we can do at this point. And there's clearly a connection between Nan and Henry, since they've been sharing dreams and have similar (the same?) pendant.
No. 300937 ID: 202e3b


Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think we need to do a Pablo/Henry rescue mission. Mostly a Henry rescue mission, because based on the scrawled message and Nan's dream(?) of Pablo's whole "I'm sorry baby I won't kill you this time" episode, I've got a bad feeling about Pablo.
No. 300943 ID: d67fb6

Check mirror, if nothing happens then organize a search party of some kind. Make sure that the search party consists of everyone too, the last thing we need is to split up and have more people to find later.
No. 300953 ID: bccf7b

Oh crap... you're right. These rooms don't have phones, do they? We need to find a way to communicate with people in some manner.

... then again, didn't we first meet him on the 1st floor? Maybe when everyone got separated, he wandered back there. It'd at least be familiar.
No. 300963 ID: a94d88

check mirror, assuming we dont get warped to some parallel version of ourselves in the process; consult anderson on plan of action.
No. 300964 ID: 202e3b

If we're going to stage a rescue, we're going to need a few things:

1) A plan. This not only includes where we're going to look for Henry (and maybe Pablo), but also what we will do if we're split up and proper procedure for sticking together when the lights die.

2) Weapons. Nan lost the Rebar sword already. Looks like Kim has a taser, Anderson has his gun, but Nan's defenseless currently. The broken glass from the mirror could possibly be cobbled into a makeshift spear if we take down the shower rod or break some wood off the bed, if we can find some tape or something to bind them together.

3) Contingency plan on what to do if Santiago shows up acting psycho. Frankly, I'm inclined to say that Santiago is going to be more of a liability than he's worth. I know Nan isn't the "kill in cold blood" type, but this burgeoning attempt at a friendship at him seems like a poor idea. He can't be trusted, and I sincerely doubt he can be redeemed. No more handing him our limbs without having a backup plan for self-defense.
No. 300986 ID: 202e3b


I'd like us to readdress this point, too. Why were the two of them out looking for Santiago?
No. 300990 ID: 202e3b

One more alternate option and then I'll stop spamming the thread: there's still the "4:66" mystery. My immediate instinct is that's a room number. I know the hotel only has three floors, but I think the number's there for a reason. Is there a way onto the roof?
No. 300991 ID: c9f43c


>>300964 has a point. Try to remove the curtain-rod-thingie. It's probably hollow and light, but it's better than a screwdriver.
Them return to the room and move the bed to see where the ash trails stem from.
And don't look in the mirror, seriously. The last thing we need is another paranormal event that takes us on yet another flashback/dream.

Please try to leave comments only concerning our current situation. 4:66 theories go to the discussion thread.
No. 301003 ID: a94d88

It seems so far whenever we encounter a paranormal event, it is nan's insofar violent response to these events which trigger a flashback/dream/timetravel experience. So long as we dont do anything rash and Nan applies herself passively to such events, we should be fine.
No. 301004 ID: 1854db

Up the walls? Look at the ceiling.
No. 301016 ID: 5cf8d6


To clarify, I wasn't just bringing up the whole "4:66" thing simply for theoretical purposes. I bring it up now, specifically, because we're currently at a "what general goal should we pursue" point. As an alternative to a rescue mission, we could attempt to find a 4th floor (hey, this place isn't exactly full of Euclidean geometry) or roof and try to figure out if that's where we're supposed to be going. So it wasn't meant to be a "let's bring up every haywire theory" mention of 4:66, but rather a "Hey, instead of a rescue mission, here's another idea" mention.

That said, I still think finding Henry is probably the better priority. My guess is we'll run into Pablo and be unhappy with what we find.
No. 301017 ID: cec06e


Check inside the toilet tank. Maybe someone hid something useful in there.

What's wrong with a screwdriver as a weapon? Hobos and crackheads and the like use them all the time.
No. 301057 ID: 5cf8d6


Using the screwdriver would require getting uncomfortably close to things. It'd work as a backup, but I doubt we'd last long with it as our primary weapon of choice.

Where'd the totem go? Guess it disappeared when we did our sleep-traveling. Nan needs to start duct-taping her equipment to herself or something.
No. 301069 ID: 364017

Take down the SHOWER CURTAIN and use it as a makeshift CLUB.
No. 301071 ID: 6a5a08

Seconding taking the SHOWER CURTAIN ROD. Even if it can't be used as a club, I'm sure it'll have some use.

If you can't remove it, ask Anderson to help.
No. 301406 ID: 3a122e

One: take the curtain rod. You could use it as a weapon or combine it with a shard of mirror.
Two: take a shard of mirror. Be careful when holding it!
three: Take the rings on the curtain rod. Maybe you could wear them as bracelets.
four: Look behing you and wave at your reflection.
No. 301440 ID: 223552


then we'd just be arming our evil mirror self with weapons
No. 301460 ID: 364017

Tie some kind of cloth around one of your eyes. Then when it goes dark you can switch the cloth over to your other eye for INSTANT NIGHT-VISION.
No. 301463 ID: a94d88

Step 5: cannibalize all wooden furniture in the room then combine wood to form ARMOR OF ARMOIRE. This thing can stop a missle!
No. 301465 ID: 2fd111

Seconding Termina's suggestion. I [his?] order.
No. 301467 ID: 2fd111

Sorry to double post but I didn't mean to use red text like that. I'm kinda new to the posting thing, and didn't know it by default said suggestion at the top. Feel free to delete this if you wish but please don't ban me or anything.
No. 301478 ID: 3a122e

I'm a girl.
And don't worry about the red text.
No. 301551 ID: 920719

ask anderson for his watch, change the time to 6 minute past 5 (4:66), see if that does anything
No. 301612 ID: b8e7d5


He probably won't agree to that, and the whole 4:66 thing is probably just a "spooky Weaver effect".
No. 301625 ID: bccf7b

Floor 4. Hall 6. Room 6.

Are we already on the top floor?
No. 301892 ID: 543aa6
File 130472032066.gif - (8.81KB , 701x683 , 322.gif )

Nan looks at herself in the mirror.
No. 301894 ID: 9d07d9

Become overwhelmed with inexplicable urge to smash the rest of the mirror
No. 301895 ID: f7ae22

There is someone behind you. GO FOR THE LEGS.
No. 301896 ID: 544dd4

Okay, maybe get a drink from the faucet, calm your nerves?
No. 301897 ID: 67240c

Iiiiit's... probably just the broken mirror making things look all weird but uhhh, look behind you.
No. 301898 ID: 3416ec

Return to the main room. Ask Kim and Anderson if they've found any leads on a way to escape yet.
No. 301899 ID: 543aa6
File 130472091944.gif - (8.83KB , 701x683 , 323.gif )

Nan turns around, but no one is behind her.
No. 301900 ID: f7ae22

No. 301902 ID: 9d07d9

Step away, turn around to face mirror.
No. 301903 ID: 1854db

Oh that was just the shattered mirror shards giving a weird reflection, everything is completely fine.

Let's get moving, and try looking in some other rooms maybe.
No. 301906 ID: 00d3d5

Turn back around, reach into the mirror, pull that damn mirror-clone out, and beat it until answers leak out.
No. 301907 ID: 543aa6
File 130472128557.gif - (9.99KB , 701x683 , 324.gif )

Nan touches her head. There is a dull pain there.
No. 301910 ID: 3416ec


Throw something at that mirror! Again!
No. 301912 ID: 1854db

Find the shards of the mirror and put them back in.
No. 301913 ID: 3416ec



No. 301914 ID: ba573c

Get away from the mirror.
It is not safe. The bathroom is not a safe place.
No. 301916 ID: 2b3c4a


Reality is breaking down again. Get back to the others!
No. 301921 ID: 543aa6
File 130472188888.gif - (6.66KB , 701x683 , 325.gif )

Nan decides to exit the SAFEHOUSE BATHROOM.
No. 301924 ID: 543aa6
File 130472211574.gif - (11.22KB , 701x683 , 326.gif )

Nan re-enters the THIRD FLOOR SAFEHOUSE.
No. 301925 ID: 9d07d9

Check if the dull pain is still there when the mirror is out of sight.
No. 301926 ID: 3416ec

Tell Kim and Anderson to avoid the bathroom, seeing as the mirror is a portal to Hell and can warp your very being.
No. 301927 ID: 2b3c4a

Well, so much for the SAFE HOUSE.

In any case there's nobody here. And since the building appears to be well-lit again, you should go look elsewhere.
No. 301929 ID: e3f578

Announce to the group to never fuck with mirrors ever again.
No. 301931 ID: 1854db

Well... where can we go now? We could check out the rooms on the first floor that people used to be in. Or we could ask if either of them have any keys to any other rooms.
No. 301932 ID: 543aa6
File 130472275555.gif - (11.43KB , 701x683 , 327.gif )

Nan warns the others to be careful around the mirrors. She still feels a dull pain in her forehead.

Anderson asks if they all plan on just sitting here until they die. Kim says they have enough food and water here to last them for a while, and the room seems safe so far, so it might be best to just wait for rescue.
No. 301934 ID: 544dd4

Given that Anderson has been waiting her since the turn of the century I somehow doubt that's a plan likely to pay off.
No. 301935 ID: 9d07d9

That obviously isn't happening.
What we need to do is try to get to the roof. Perhaps from there we can find a way down, or maybe encounter more impossible reality-bending shit.
No. 301936 ID: 2b3c4a

Tell Kim the room is not safe and that looking for a better safe room would be prudent.

Good thinking. Ask them about keys to get options. it might also be wise to check the front entrance once more, since weird items tend to pop up there. Could be useful.
No. 301937 ID: 180ec2

Suggest that because of the supernatural nature of this hotel, rescue may be impossible. You ultimately will need to find a way to quell the evil that is holding you captive in order to escape.
No. 301938 ID: ba573c

I think rescue is ever going to COME.
I mean how do we know anyone else can even get IN? What if the Hotel is as good at keeping things out as it is at keeping them in?
And who's to say that if someone came, THEY wouldn't be trapped too?
No. We have to find a way out.
We WILL find a way out.
But first we have to figure out what in the fuck is going ON.
No. 301939 ID: 3416ec


Rescue ain't comin' if nobody notices you're gone missing in a hotel that defies all laws of time and space.
No. 301940 ID: 00d3d5

Point out that rescue is something like 120 years late by the time Kim arrived, and even if anybody had a clue that anybody was trapped in this building they sure as heck wouldn't be equipped to get you out of here.

Suggest that everybody march down to the front desk and demand to see the manager.

Also, next time you see Pilgrim ask him what happened to him, and to this place.
No. 301945 ID: e3f578

Ask Anderson if he has an idea. Anything at all, we don't really have any direction beyond basically exploring the hotel. We could look for the others I suppose but then what?
No. 301947 ID: 543aa6
File 130472352258.gif - (11.32KB , 701x683 , 328.gif )

Nan says rescue is not coming. Nothing here seems certain, but that's about as sure as she can be about anything.

Nan asks if anyone has keys. Most of the rooms appear locked or barred.
Kim says she has a key to something called the Anasazi Lounge. She found it in her room, when she first got here. Nan can have it -- Kim doesn't even know where the Lounge is.
No. 301948 ID: 180ec2

It's exploring time! Grab some potentially useful objects and run off for adventure!
No. 301949 ID: 3416ec

Welp, off to find the Anasazi Lounge I guess.
No. 301950 ID: 2b3c4a

Should we drag the others along for this?
I think it would be best to have Anderson and Kim find a safe place.
Nan can take care of herself.

So yes, let's go find the Anasazi Lounge!
No. 301951 ID: cc11d5

Check the assorted bottles.
No. 301952 ID: 07416a

Oh yay adventure.
No. 301953 ID: 00d3d5

Rip mirror-Nan out of the mirror and beat her until she starts bleeding answers.
No. 301954 ID: 544dd4

I think we need to stop splitting up. It seems to lead to "bad things".

Also, wasn't there a lounge or some kind of dining room where we fought and the room was on fire before we met ourselves?
No. 301955 ID: 874bd8

Make sure Mirror Nan isn't following you, then get the gang together and head to the Lounge, we might find another key or a survivor there.
No. 301956 ID: 543aa6
File 130472500990.gif - (11.24KB , 701x683 , 329.gif )

Nan takes the ANASAZI LOUNGE KEY from Kim.

Kim says Nan can go, but she's staying here where she's been safe for the past several days. Besides, she still has no idea where the lounge is.

Anderson says he doesn't want to leave either of them alone, but clearly he'll have to choose who to stay with.
No. 301958 ID: 00d3d5

He should stick with Kim, since they need to make sure the safe room stays safe.

Also, go grab mirror-Nan and beat answers out of her. This is the most rational course of action.
No. 301960 ID: e3f578

Tell Kim that this place was only safe because it had people here. If a monster barges in here she'd be cornered.
If Kim's not going to budge, have Anderson stay here. Then it'll qualify for being slightly safe. But advise that no place is really safe, probably better to be on the move with just three people.
No. 301961 ID: 874bd8

Leave Anderson with Kim, they both have weapons to defend themselves in case the Safe Room turns out to be...well, not so safe.

Also, check the mirror. We need to make sure our mirror self doesn't come out and kill them after we leave them.
No. 301964 ID: 3416ec

Anderson, stay with Kim.

Nan, grab a light source and advance.
No. 301966 ID: f5fe2f

Make out with mirror Nan.
No. 301968 ID: 1854db

Leave the mirror be. It being cracked isn't safe for us. If we find a whole one, maybe we can mess with it.

Tell him he can stay here.
No. 301971 ID: 2b3c4a

I still think we should advice them to find a new safe room. Maybe one which has a less dangerous bathroom mirror.
No. 301982 ID: 71da7d

And then we end up all alone again. Yay!

Obtain new weapon.
No. 302019 ID: aa6f62

Appeal to Kim's knowledge of horror movies.

Don't split up the team.

No. 302077 ID: 543aa6
File 130474084375.gif - (12.34KB , 701x683 , 330.gif )

Nan decides to head out on her own, as Kim seems set on staying here. Anderson offers her a LEAD PIPE as a weapon.

Scrounging through the drawers, she recovers a FLASHLIGHT.
No. 302078 ID: 1854db

Alright, that'll do nicely. Thank him, and let's move.
No. 302080 ID: 3416ec

Take the pipe and flashlight.

Turn on the flashlight and head on out.
No. 302081 ID: 9d07d9

Then let's set off!
I guess the most logical place for a lounge to be is the first floor.
No. 302085 ID: 543aa6

>>Éí 'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é

If no help is coming, they should all head out and try to find an exit together. Watch each others' backs, and above all leave no one behind. No one should be alone in this place.
No. 302087 ID: 543aa6
File 130474149056.gif - (5.90KB , 701x683 , 331.gif )

Nan takes the items and steps out into the THIRD FLOOR HALLWAY.

Where to?
No. 302089 ID: 9d07d9

Let's run this shit into the ground (floor).
No. 302095 ID: a94d88

might as well head to the ground floor reception desk, see if any new loot popped up or any notes from the 'management'
No. 302097 ID: 419a2b

What's with that cross on the door?
No. 302098 ID: 1854db

Have we visited the second floor yet? Or the third? Well, whichever one we aren't on currently, and isn't the ground floor, we should go check out. Also perhaps... check if there's a basement button on the elevator.
No. 302099 ID: 727294

Remember what Santy said? The hotel goes dark when they start to get angry. When you go against the hotel's wishes. It will do what it can to stop you.

... I guess we keep going until the lights go off.

And then, whatever we were doing then... we keep doing it.
No. 302100 ID: 3416ec

Second floor.

Also, can you craft the screwdriver and lead pipe together to form the IMPROVISED WARHAMMER?
No. 302103 ID: 543aa6
File 130474419690.gif - (8.83KB , 701x683 , 332.gif )

Nan heads for the Elevator.
Perhaps the ANASAZI LOUNGE is on the second floor.
No. 302104 ID: 2fd111

Head to the elevator. Also, if she does go to the elevator, she should use her REPAIR SKILLS to know that most elevator door's close door buttons are actually placebos, and test it to see if it does anything. If it is indeed a placebo button,look for the stairs(if there are any/are assessable). It is too dangerous to take the elevator if she can't close it quickly in an emergency.
No. 302105 ID: 5cf8d6

I disagree with the second floor, I say we check out the ground floor first.

Also, do we have any idea where stairs are? I'm not sure about trusting the elevator.
No. 302107 ID: 543aa6
File 130474466422.gif - (14.41KB , 701x683 , 333.gif )

The lights at the end of the hall have gone out.
No. 302108 ID: 5cf8d6


No. 302111 ID: 3416ec

Down the stairs.


No. 302113 ID: 874bd8

Check to make sure this Padre is legit, THEN haul ass downstairs if he is.
No. 302114 ID: 5cf8d6


Actually, yes, this is better. Run downstairs ASAP.
No. 302116 ID: 1854db

Oh, hi Padre. Stand there for a moment. Ask him what he wants. If he moves to attack then RUN down the stairs. Fuck the elevator, it'll take too long if we're being chased.
No. 302118 ID: b8b17a

Check room 312
No. 302122 ID: 5cf8d6


The probably-locked room that is closer to the darkness-shrouded figure? That... seems like a bad idea.
No. 302125 ID: 2fd111

If the stairs aren't right there, scramble into the elevator hit the second floor button then the close door button. Then pray it not a placebo button.
No. 302129 ID: 727294

Point the flashlight at the darkness. Look at the Padre and see what he is doing. Is he doing anything, Nan? If he makes a move for you, run for the stairs.
No. 302135 ID: 6a5a08

If it starts making a move, call out to Anderson and Kim to black the door as you run.
No. 302136 ID: 6a5a08

>meant block
How the hell did I mess up that much? a is nowhere near o.
No. 302162 ID: 543aa6
File 130475019389.gif - (17.00KB , 701x683 , 334.gif )

Nan shines her FLASHLIGHT.
The result is not entirely as expected.
No. 302163 ID: 874bd8

Go touch it. ouo
No. 302164 ID: 3416ec


No, do not touch the darkness creeping from its very being and RUN DOWN THE STAIRS NOW GO GO GO GO GO GOGOGOGO.
No. 302165 ID: 8c73c8

oh my gooooood, RUN.
No. 302166 ID: 874bd8

Ohhshit nvm. oAo For a sec I thought someone propped a dummy up in the hall, but yeah HAUL ASS FROM THE TOO REAL PADRE.
No. 302168 ID: 1854db

Say hi.
No. 302178 ID: 644ca1

We are not properly armed to fight padre, but if he just stands there then say hi. If not, RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!
No. 302180 ID: e252af

Search the cabinet under the bathroom sink, the drawers in the main room, and underneath the bed. You never know where useful items might be hidden--there could even be all-powerful DUCT TAPE for combining items with the SHOWER CURTAIN ROD to increase their effective length.
No. 302181 ID: 00d3d5

If he's not moving then say hello.
Otherwise run like hell.
No. 302182 ID: d4c788

Read the Lead Pipe
Hug Padre

I mean run. Run down the stairs do it now.
No. 302186 ID: 07416a

Say hello. AS LONG AS HE STAYS IN THE DARKNESS. Also, turn your flashlight off, you don't want to irritate him.
No. 302228 ID: 653ea0

Turn it off.
No. 302231 ID: 6a5a08

Also repeating that we should call to Kim and Anderson to barricade the door, while we run..
No. 302256 ID: 3a122e

Try to speak to him. If he advances towards us or seems as though he is going to hurt us, walk away slowly.
No. 302302 ID: 543aa6
File 130480418241.gif - (40.69KB , 701x683 , 335.gif )

Nan hesitates, and attempts to greet the Padre.

No. 302303 ID: e41ad5

No. 302305 ID: 753009

No. 302307 ID: 9d07d9

Menacingly strike wall with lead pipe in the same fashion that it did
No. 302308 ID: ba573c

Okay yeah fuck this.
To the elevator!
No. 302312 ID: 00d3d5

Run away shouting whatever catholic prayers you can remember. That should get us a dramatic scene where somebody (Maybe Anna's animate corpse?) is like 'He can't help you here' or something.
No. 302318 ID: 543aa6
File 130480582786.gif - (39.38KB , 701x683 , 336.gif )

Nan's modes of exit are quickly narrowed.

No. 302319 ID: 543aa6
File 130480584804.gif - (45.00KB , 701x683 , 337.gif )

Something appears to be blocking the stairs.

No. 302326 ID: 753009

Dual wield your pipe and screwdriver.

Time to throw down with the Padre.
No. 302328 ID: 1854db

We have no choice- run to the elevator.
No. 302330 ID: 07416a

Time to throw down indeed. Two hands on the bar if you want even a chance at parrying his attacks. Remember, hitting him is not as important as DON'T GET HIT.
No. 302331 ID: 7aedd2

Time to resort to the old standby...
Freak out at the gravity of the situation.
Then get to the elevator
No. 302338 ID: 6930ef
File 130480723619.png - (25.06KB , 400x400 , what-am-i-reading.png )

>Throw down
Pic related.

The elevator is your only choice. Run.
No. 302340 ID: 543aa6
File 130480726313.gif - (13.64KB , 701x683 , 338.gif )

Darkness covers the hall as the lights go out one by one.
Nan glances to the elevator, considering her options.

One light is left on.
No. 302341 ID: 1854db

Better get to that light.
No. 302343 ID: 7b195c

Go towards the light, Nan! Go towards the light!!
No. 302348 ID: 1963d1

You. Light. Now.
No. 302349 ID: f7ae22

I think it's time to say hi to our buddy Santiago again! Go to that light. Lights are pretty cool.
No. 302350 ID: 07416a

Don't panic. The hotel responds to fear and panic. Treat Padre like a predator, keep your eyes on him and back slowly towards the light. Don't run.
No. 302358 ID: 0bb126

B T dubs, wikip says that "the word Anasází is Navajo for "Ancient Ones" or "Ancient Enemy"."

Thought that might be worth considering.
No. 302360 ID: 3416ec

To the light! Go!
No. 302371 ID: b8b17a

To the elevator. The hotel is trying to guide us to the light, so lets not listen.
No. 302378 ID: 2fd111

I agree, don't panic. Running will only incite him to run. WALK backwards into the light.
No. 302379 ID: 223552

Last time we did something the hotel didn't like (breaking the mirror/clock) everything just got fucked up

It's probably best to head for the light now, ask questions later
No. 302389 ID: 5cf8d6


I'm pretty sure the light is coming from the elevator. Go to it, but calmly (though still quickly) and keep your eyes on Padre. Santiago may be on to something about not being afraid. Treat your enemy with respect but do not give him your fear.

I like the idea of repeating a Catholic prayer, as well, if you know one. Most people at least have "Our Father Who Art in Heaven" ingrained if nothing else. I'd suggest you do it in Spanish or the original Latin, but I'm guessing you don't know it.
No. 302393 ID: d4c788

No. 302414 ID: a94d88

stand tall and stand firm. demand to know how to get out of here.
No. 302440 ID: 543aa6
File 130483740777.gif - (10.09KB , 701x683 , 339.gif )

Nan backs away slowly.

The Padre begins to run.
No. 302441 ID: 1854db

Go on then and run.
No. 302442 ID: 8c73c8

No. 302443 ID: 00d3d5

Rush to the elevator and hit the ground floor button, then ready your pipe. If he gets there in time to stop the elevator from leaving then your goal is going to be getting that poker away from him as otherwise your chances against him are dicey at best.
No. 302444 ID: 3416ec

Sprint into the light!
No. 302446 ID: 3416ec


On second thought, sprint to the elevator.
No. 302487 ID: a94d88

Welp, balls up boys
No. 302496 ID: aa6f62

Hug the Padre! Appeal to his inner humanity! This is obviously the correct option, and will result in love and puppies for all.
No. 302523 ID: 543aa6
File 130489005986.gif - (69.89KB , 701x683 , 340.gif )

Nan flees to the elevator.

No. 302527 ID: 91449c

Damn these elevator doors! CLOSE!
No. 302541 ID: 543aa6
File 130489296187.gif - (155.85KB , 701x683 , 341.gif )

Nan slams the button for the GROUND FLOOR.

No. 302542 ID: dad664

Wave hello at the Centre of Time and Space.
No. 302543 ID: 63bd8a

Wonderful. First the Padre, now we're trapped in a moving elevator with THIS FUCKER.

Try to communicate carefully, I suppose. By waving, yes.
No. 302544 ID: 980ade

Oh hai there anomaly/demon/cool something. Amigo o enemigo?
No. 302548 ID: 3416ec

Poke the Spacial Anomaly with your Lead Pipe.
No. 302554 ID: 07416a

This hole, it was made for you. Dare you enter? Or will you continue to fear the unknown?
No. 302557 ID: 543aa6
File 130489494080.gif - (7.56KB , 701x683 , 342.gif )

On the wall of the elevator is a figure vaguely resembling a person.
It is marked directly on the surface, and its texture is worn, aged, unevenly speckled.

Whether it's been painted or otherwise imprinted is not clear.
No. 302559 ID: 9d07d9

Touch it with your lead pipe.
No. 302560 ID: 63bd8a

Is the elevator moving?

If so, refrain from touching this thing.
No. 302561 ID: e41ad5

Poke it.
No. 302563 ID: 980ade

Poke the hell out of it with your pipe.
No. 302564 ID: 07416a

Yes, test it with the lead pipe. If the lead pipe goes through... I advise you enter. The Lounge may have come to us.
No. 302565 ID: 3416ec

Poke it with your pipe.
No. 302566 ID: 543aa6
File 130489537910.gif - (7.57KB , 701x683 , 343.gif )

The elevator begins to move, descending slowly.

Nan pokes the strange mark with her LEAD PIPE, but it's just like poking the wall.

The elevator stalls for a second, then continues downward.
No. 302567 ID: bccf7b

Ask it a name.

It would appear this... is the elevator -- or perhaps its attendant.
No. 302568 ID: 8c73c8

... let's leave it alone for now. smashing it would probably result in EMERGENCY STOP
No. 302569 ID: 63bd8a

How odd. The hotel corridors are probably completely dark by now. No sense in leaving the elevator like that.
So I guess we can kill time with this thing...
And also find out if it's going to kill us.

Does the shape resemble anyone Nan knows?
No. 302570 ID: 223552

Elevator, huh?

Say 'hi' to ANNA
Or what's left of her.
No. 302571 ID: 63bd8a

Oh shit.
No. 302576 ID: 3416ec

Touch it with your hand.
No. 302580 ID: 8199c3

Dont touch it at all.
No. 302581 ID: 63bd8a

Yeah don't.
No. 302583 ID: 7b195c

If it's not bothering you, then don't touch it. If it STARTS getting violent or something, well, that's what the pipe is for.
No. 302586 ID: 91449c

Whistle some showtunes awkwardly.
No. 302587 ID: 874bd8

Best not to mess with it, just wait until we reach our destination and get ready in case the imprint decides to attack.
No. 302588 ID: 00d3d5

"... Anna? Is that you?"
No. 302612 ID: aa6f62

Seconded; Anna?
No. 302617 ID: 543aa6
File 130490451986.gif - (7.58KB , 701x683 , 344.gif )

Nan says hello, but there is no response of any kind.
She says Anna's name, but still, there is no response.

The elevator passes the SECOND FLOOR without incident, and chimes once.
No. 302618 ID: 223552


So, all for leaving creepy wall painting alone and going to greet the bright and cheery world oh Hotel Hell?
No. 302619 ID: 07416a

Hit the ground floor button again.
No. 302620 ID: 7aedd2

Don't turn your back on it. Keep looking at it. The moment you give it a chance, it's going to grow arms and reach for you.
No. 302623 ID: 3416ec

Use SCREWDRIVER to attempt to scrape off a sample of the... thing.

Failing that, examine it closely with the MAGNIFYING GLASS.
No. 302630 ID: 1854db

Don't fuck with it until we're at the ground floor, at least. Looking at it with the magnifying glass would be cool tho!
No. 302632 ID: 543aa6
File 130490831222.gif - (7.31KB , 701x683 , 345.gif )

Nan waits until the elevator reaches the ground floor. It chimes once.
The doors open.
The lights appear to be on out in the hall.

The marking is dark, its texture aged and mottled.
On closer inspection, it almost seems to be a mottled burn mark.
No. 302633 ID: 223884

Don't go in the hole. That hole could be made for you or another resident and we all know what happens at the end of The Enigma of Amigara Fault.
No. 302634 ID: 7aedd2

there aren't many things in this place that are GOOD for us, so i really think we should just leave this thing alone, cataloging it in the 'things we don't know enough about' file.
No. 302635 ID: 3416ec


Exeunt elevator.
No. 302639 ID: 13ef68

CAREFULLY leave the elevator, maybe just take a look around first before just stepping out into god knows what
No. 302642 ID: f7ae22

Try to break off a hunk of it and put it in your pocket.
No. 302646 ID: 223552

No dummy

Touching anything in this place with malicious intent is gonna fuck something up most likely

We could TRY to put a finger to the marking thingy though...
No. 302655 ID: 3392ab

Nah, you're just being paranoid.

Peel off some of the wall and add it to the inventory.
No. 302662 ID: cf84b9

>Nan: Hump the burn mark. What could happen? You've been sexually repressed for possibly days.
No. 302668 ID: a94d88

TOUCH IT, you know you want to
No. 302670 ID: 157f0a

Remember the last time we ran into silhouettes?

Yeah, they came off the wall and tried to eat us.

So no leave it alone.
No. 302671 ID: 543aa6
File 130491222033.gif - (7.68KB , 701x683 , 346.gif )

Nan reaches forward and tries to chip off a piece of the dark mark on the wall.

Something doesn't feel quite right.
No. 302672 ID: 180ec2

Touch it.
No. 302673 ID: 3416ec



Again, exeunt elevator.
No. 302674 ID: 13ef68

Okay Nan you've fiddled with the mark, now leave it alone before something worse happens
No. 302676 ID: 543aa6
File 130491241922.gif - (27.47KB , 701x683 , 347.gif )

Nan is...

No. 302678 ID: 3416ec


Whoa what.

We're at the top of the elevator shaft?

Ask Anna what she's doing.
No. 302680 ID: 727294

Anna! You're not dead! ... unless this is one of those weird, post-mortum soul things. Are you dead? Are you going to warn us about something?! It's going to be really vague, isn't it?
No. 302682 ID: 07416a

Something is happening. Don't interfere. Watch.
No. 302684 ID: 180ec2

Shout out to her.
No. 302685 ID: 543aa6
File 130491309987.gif - (27.62KB , 701x683 , 348.gif )

Below is a dirty, old elevator shaft. The elevator car sits at the bottom. But given the proportions, it doesn't feel like the same elevator.

Nan walks over and asks Anna what she's doing, but Anna is too busy with her work to respond.

A voice comes from below, distant and echoing. The source cannot be seen. The voice asks Anna if she's done yet.
Anna replies that she is almost done. She calls the voice "Mr. Bowerman".
No. 302686 ID: 46c430

...She's doing something to the elevator. STOP HER.
No. 302687 ID: 543aa6
File 130491330118.gif - (27.68KB , 701x683 , 349.gif )

Anna drops her SCREWDRIVER, and it tumbles down the elevator shaft below. She curses quietly, reaching out for it in vain. After a moment she sighs, rummaging through her toolbox.
Unable to find whatever she was looking for, Anna mutters that should be fine anyway.
No. 302688 ID: 3416ec


Give Anna your screwdriver.

Let's see where this goes.
No. 302689 ID: 223552

Offer her your screwdriver.
No. 302690 ID: e41ad5

Put your screwdriver where she can see it.
No. 302691 ID: 180ec2

While you do this, try to warn her.
No. 302692 ID: 8dd1ee

I have a feeling we're about to find out why Anna was brought to the hotel.

Give her your screwdriver, of course. Not much else to do.
No. 302693 ID: 7aedd2

I agree with this guy here. Obviously she can't directly see us so offering her ours won't do much, but maybe if we put the screwdriver down in front of her she'll notice it on her own
No. 302696 ID: 00d3d5

Grab her arm firmly.
Put the screwdriver in her hand.
Make sure she doesn't drop it while finishing her work.

Hug her when she is finished.
No. 302699 ID: 543aa6
File 130491452785.gif - (27.65KB , 701x683 , 350.gif )

Nan offers Anna the SCREWDRIVER. But as it does not seem to catch her attention, she places it in Anna's TOOLBOX.

Anna rummages past it, then picks it up, commenting that it appears she did have a spare, after all.

She goes back to work.
No. 302700 ID: 7aedd2

Whisper "I miss you" in her ear.

Cause, you know, I kinda do.
No. 302701 ID: 2fd111

As [most] everyone else said, put the screwdriver down right in front of her.
No. 302702 ID: 543aa6
File 130491463006.gif - (27.32KB , 701x683 , 351.gif )

Anna finishes her work a minute later, muttering that's as tight as it's going to get.

She packs up her tools and goes to the ladder, descending carefully.
She calls out that she's coming back down now.
No. 302703 ID: 8dd1ee

Affecting her environment seems to work. Nan's like a ghost right now, apparently.

Okay, is there some way you can scratch or smudge a message onto something in her line of sight?
No. 302704 ID: 223552

Do this.

Also take a closer look at that pipe there.
No. 302705 ID: 2fd111

Dammit! Weaver ninja'd me!
No. 302706 ID: 3416ec

Descend ladder after Anna.
No. 302707 ID: 13ef68

Try to follow her, unless we're constricted to this little area
No. 302708 ID: 2fd111

Follow her.
No. 302709 ID: 7aedd2

Pick your screwdriver back up before going after her. Cause you might need it.
No. 302711 ID: 543aa6
File 130491489457.gif - (5.75KB , 701x683 , 352.gif )

Nan follows after Anna, heading towards the ladder.

Nan is suddenly
somewhere else.

Nan is back in the HOTEL ELEVATOR.
No. 302714 ID: 3416ec



Alrighty, exit elevator.
No. 302715 ID: 8dd1ee

Well, fuck. Looks like we'll have to see the rest later.

Okay, peek out the elevator, then carefully step out.
No. 302718 ID: 7aedd2

See if you still have your screwdriver. Also shed a single tear while thinking fond thoughts of Anna, being glad you could do her one last favor and hoping she's in a better place now.
No. 302719 ID: 2fd111

What Z said.
No. 302722 ID: 00d3d5

OK! Our mission is now COLLECTING STUFF so we can do that to everybody that dies.

Go check the cubbyholes for more things to steal vital tools and clues.
Make a note to ask people what horrible event has them feeling terrible.
No. 302723 ID: d4f98d

Are we getting all Cryostatis up in here?
No. 302725 ID: f7ae22

I think checking the cubbyholes and then seeing if we can get into room 114 is a good plan.
No. 302742 ID: 535df1

Exit elevator. Hopefully we can find someone to interact with that won't try to kill us. I for one am wondering what Santiago is up to right now.
No. 302753 ID: 1854db

...I wonder how many of the 'residents' here fixed something in the hotel? I wonder how many used a screwdriver? It may be that Nan is carrying something very important.
No. 302755 ID: a94d88

In b4 we save a cow's life to get through a frozen refrigerator
No. 302762 ID: cf84b9


Do a hearty jig for having helped out Anna.
No. 302768 ID: 157f0a

INFORMATION ACQUIRED: How to fix elevator.

Now let's look for that Lounge.
No. 302813 ID: 57d710

still going?
No. 302822 ID: aca15f

Which reminds me. We were called to fix the wiring. I still think we should do that. What was wrong the last time, was the door busted or something?
Anyway, since we're on the ground floor, the wiring should be nearby. But first to the cubbyholes.
No. 302824 ID: 543aa6
File 130497873422.gif - (9.94KB , 701x683 , 353.gif )

Nan exits the elevator and steps onto the MAIN LANDING at the ground floor.
The lights are still on, for now.
No. 302825 ID: f7ae22

Check out the janitor's closet, maybe we can get a similar thing to happen with Pablo like it did with Anna and the elevator.
No. 302826 ID: 8c73c8

open janitor's closet.
No. 302827 ID: 00d3d5

Somebody forced the Janitor's door open and damaged the frame in the process. You're going to want to check that out, but for now check the cubbyholes and the front door.
No. 302830 ID: 9d07d9

Try to open the janitor's closet door without standing directly in front of it.
No. 302834 ID: 6930ef

Take a closer look at that painting before we check the Lobby. It's making me uncomfortable.
No. 302871 ID: cf84b9

Bash in the janitor's door with your pipe.

No. 302894 ID: 2fd111

Considering the door appears to have been broken open already,and despite the fact that I LOVE smashing things ,no good has come braking anything so far. So let's just open the door.
Also, I am almost positive that the Padre pryed the door open. The most effective way to do so would be with his fire poker. Now look at the mark on the wall. It is likely from curved part at the pointed end. If you don't follow yet, just bare with me and visuals him (it?) forcing the pointy end in between the door and frame with curved part closer to the frame. Now he prys the door open by pushing the curved end tword the wall. This would scrape at the wall with the curved part.
No. 302899 ID: 419a2b

poke your pipe through the hole if you can. looks like something's peeking.
No. 302926 ID: b8b17a

Examine the painting/picture on the wall, then unless its interesting, open the door to the closet.
No. 302997 ID: 6da278

No. 303019 ID: eba49f

Someone else has been in the janitors closet. Note the door-frame is broken around the lock.
No. 303067 ID: 3a8fa5

Inspect the door to the Janitor's Closet and the picture.
Also FUCK YEAH NanQuest!
No. 303068 ID: 874bd8

Careful if you ARE planning on storming the closet. We might end up finding a less than sane Pablo hiding in there, or worse, end up pissing off the hotel again.
No. 303327 ID: d8efd1

Open CLOSET and disregard high chance of MONSTERS.
No. 303465 ID: 543aa6
File 130515627308.gif - (6.91KB , 701x683 , 354.gif )

Nan examines the SEASIDE PAINTING.
It depicts some sort of very primitive looking building made of stone, or perhaps clay, standing on a cliff by the seaside. A strange tower, perhaps some kind of lighthouse, stands beside it with a great bonfire burning atop it.
The majority of the painting is dominated by a very bleak and very gray sea.
No. 303467 ID: 727294

... I wonder if there's a roof access somewhere in the hotel?
No. 303469 ID: 543aa6
File 130515728857.gif - (10.34KB , 701x683 , 355.gif )

Nan opens the janitor's closet door.

It appears to be more than just a closet.
It opens to a steep, narrow stairway. Somewhere at the other end of the darkness below is a faint, shimmering light.
No. 303470 ID: e41ad5


Use flashlight

Determine if darkness is normal
No. 303471 ID: 8c73c8

we'll come back to that. let's keep going where we were going before.
No. 303472 ID: 3416ec

Enter stairway.
No. 303473 ID: 00d3d5

Check the cubbyholes first.
No. 303486 ID: 1854db

Get down there.
No. 303489 ID: 0d7a83

Down ye go.
No. 303504 ID: 543aa6
File 130516162628.gif - (9.51KB , 701x683 , 356.gif )

Nan descends into the dim stairwell.
No. 303505 ID: 543aa6
File 130516165318.gif - (35.34KB , 701x683 , 357.gif )

Nan has entered the JANITOR'S CLOSET.
No. 303507 ID: 1854db

Shine your flashlight at the ceiling, that's where the wire leads.
No. 303508 ID: 00d3d5

I'm in favor of checking out the cubbyholes before doing anything else - doubly so since this has the whole "YOU ARE DOING THE THING WE COMPLAIN ABOUT PEOPLE IN HORROR MOVIES DOING" thing going on - but since I seem to be in the minority:
Is there anything you could take?
Can you safely open the furnace to look inside?
No. 303509 ID: 5cf8d6


Is all of that ash? Maybe cover your mouth with a hand or your overalls if you can stretch them up to avoid breathing it. Get your flashlight out and go inspect the furnace or whatever that is that is giving off light.
No. 303510 ID: e41ad5

No. 2 rule in horror films: ALWAYS LOOK UP
No. 303514 ID: f7ae22

Check out that stuff on the ground a bit more than halfway to the furnace.
No. 303515 ID: 3416ec


Return to the ground floor and examine the cubbyholes.
No. 303519 ID: 543aa6
File 130516283324.gif - (38.93KB , 701x683 , 358.gif )

Nan squints against the hazy darkness and shines her flashlight up into the thick smoke that lingers overhead. The weak beam of light barely fights back the choking black fog, but it's enough to see past the soot-caked water tanks and into the mess of criss-crossed pipes up above. Nan's eyes follow the electrical wire from the chandelier outside. It strings across the wall, high up, and comes down on the opposite wall, entering an electrical box near the furnace.
No. 303522 ID: 65838d

Check the furnace.
No. 303523 ID: 00d3d5

Inspect those cans on the ground in front of the second water tank.
Look inside the furnace.
No. 303524 ID: 65838d

Still do this.
No. 303529 ID: 5cf8d6

No way. Check the electrical box. Light is god here, we need to see if there's something we can do to prevent the hotel from screwing with the electricity.
No. 303535 ID: 3a122e

Investigate objects infront of the tank closest to the furnace.

After, look in the furnace. See if there's a way to open it.
No. 303540 ID: 0d538b

I have a bad feeling about going near the FURNACE.

You know, cuz the hotel controls the things in here...

No. 303543 ID: 4babcb

Is there something behind that second tank? It looks like there might be movement there.
No. 303549 ID: 5cf8d6


Oh god, you're right. Shine the flashlight behind the second tank, it looks like there's a growing shadow there.
No. 303551 ID: 874bd8

No. 303552 ID: 5c51ac

Open the electrical box, chacking behind you ever so often, and practice caution when opening the box or anything that's closed
No. 303558 ID: 543aa6
File 130517123076.gif - (36.96KB , 701x683 , 359.gif )

Nan inspects the laid out supplies.
Several tins of CANNED FOOD and some BOTTLED WATER are here. Looks like someone's stash.

Also present are a few CIGARETTES.
No. 303559 ID: 3a122e

Quick! There's a shadow behind the tank!
Use your flashlight on it!
No. 303562 ID: ae27b8

Pop a clean cigarette in your mouth.

You don't have to smoke it, just put it there to look more badass.
No. 303563 ID: 3416ec

"Hello? Anyone there? Mind if I borrow some of your canned goods?"
No. 303564 ID: 727294

Don't take the stash! Someone might need that to survive. Chivalry, yo.
I mean, unless you're hard up for sustenance. You're not, are you, Nan?
No. 303565 ID: 5c51ac

if Metal Gear Solid 3 has tought us anything, it's that cigarettes make small but moderately effective lights. take everything, light up, recieve light, deal with shadow.
No. 303568 ID: 543aa6
File 130517269006.gif - (24.71KB , 701x683 , 360.gif )

Nan shines her flashlight behind the tanks, and a familiar voice calls out in return as Henry steps into the light.
"Oh thank god, it IS you!" he says with a sigh of relief.

Henry wipes his brow, covered in sweat. He has a few minor injuries.
He says he can't believe Nan's still all right. He says was worried it was that skeleton-faced thing coming back.
No. 303569 ID: e10f55

punch him in the dick for being one
No. 303570 ID: 1854db

Coming... back? Pilgrim lives here?!

Quick find where the wires go! We have to fix it and get the hell out of here!
No. 303571 ID: 3416ec

Hug Henry.

Explain situation.
No. 303572 ID: b8b17a

Ask him how he ended up here. Suggest that an unlocked basement is probably not the safest place to hide. Take cigarettes and food supplies.
No. 303573 ID: ae27b8


What'd Henry do the first time it came around?
No. 303574 ID: 5c51ac

1. Ask about pilgrim
2. Arm Henry
3. Activate repair powers
4. ?????
5. Profit?
No. 303575 ID: 543aa6

Do not hug Henry. Shit is too weird to trust anyone, especially people hiding in the shadows of the spooky basement.
No. 303576 ID: 543aa6
File 130517372253.gif - (36.66KB , 701x683 , 361.gif )

Nan decides to hold off on Henry, even if she is relieved to see him. Now is not the time or place.

Nan recovers some food and water from the supply stash, and also takes some unopened packs of CIGARETTES.

Henry explains what's been going on:
He says when he woke up in the room, Pablo and Anna were already gone. He heard screams out in the hall, so he tried to wake Nan, but she was having some kind of nightmare. She tossed and turned, muttering something, and he couldn't wake her up, so he ran out to see for himself. Out in the hall, he found Anna, freshly killed, and tried to approach, when the skeleton-faced creature attacked him. He ran down the stairs to escape and came here, where the others had said there was food and water, to try and take hide here and wait out the danger. It was locked, so he smashed the door open with his CHAIR LEG CLUB and took shelter.
He hid when he heard someone coming in, thinking it might be that skull-faced thing, and now here we are.
No. 303578 ID: 874bd8

Ask Henry what the heck he's doing down here, then ask how long ago the Pilgrim left.
No. 303579 ID: 874bd8

Shit, nvm. Late. xux
No. 303580 ID: 5b2bc1

How long ago was that?
Are there any secret places/rooms around here?
No. 303581 ID: 1854db

Oh good, so this isn't Pilgrim's home. Ask him how he managed to get to this floor via the stairs- they're blocked off. And there's a painting of a lighthouse where they used to be.

Also seriously let's find where the wires lead.
No. 303582 ID: 3416ec


Inform Henry of your situation and the recent horrifying encounter with The Padre.
No. 303583 ID: 543aa6
File 130517444412.gif - (36.67KB , 701x683 , 363.gif )

Nan asks how long ago this was. Henry says he's not sure, less than an hour probably?

Nan asks how Henry took the stairs, if there are no stairs on the first floor. Henry says of course there are.

Henry says he has no idea if there are any hidden passages or secrets around here.
No. 303584 ID: 3416ec


Any way we can get this furnace going again?
No. 303585 ID: 5c51ac

we should repair some things, light up a smoke for +12 to all badassness rolls, eat/drink for +6 to sustenance, and then consult consult Henry for his wise guidance
No. 303586 ID: 544dd4

Let's go back up and check the front desk, this place is creepy, dark, and likely unhygienic.
No. 303587 ID: 0d7a83

Take a look at the electrical box.
No. 303588 ID: 1854db

Shine your flashlight to trace the wire again.
No. 303592 ID: ae27b8

Did we tell Henry about our encounter?
If so, then lets light a cig, grab a bite, and get to fixing the electricity
No. 303616 ID: b8b17a

Lets get out hands deep in some electric wiring.
No. 303621 ID: 8d486a

Seconded, but be quick about it. Hanging around so much smoke in such a small room can't be a good idea.
No. 303626 ID: 00d3d5

Are we going to check inside the furnace? Or are people against that?

Inform Henry that time and space do not work normally here, then tell him everything that's happened since you last saw him.
No. 303635 ID: 0d538b


Ask if HENRY has seen any OTHER PEOPLE since he left the SAFE ROOM.
No. 303646 ID: 202e3b

Ask Henry to hold flashlight as you work on electrical box.
No. 303647 ID: 727294

Mention to Henry that there is some TIME FUCKERY going on. It seems to act strangely when we separate. Because we've been gone WAY longer than an hour.

Anyway, check out the electrical box, and the furnace. Maybe there's a way we can keep the lights going or... something? We might as well look.
No. 303652 ID: 9f2fb7

Ask Henry to watch your behind while you check out the electrical box.
No. 303676 ID: a94d88

Confer with Henry about CROSS NECKLACE
No. 303732 ID: bdf35e

Use your woman powers and start cleaning that room. Jesus Christ, what kind of janitor calls a place that dirty his own? He ought to be ashamed of himself.
No. 303738 ID: 007068

Maybe Nan and Henry should get the hell out of there. This place seems like it's just begging for bad shit to go down.
No. 303740 ID: 6808f5

This might just be a graphical quirk on Weaver's end, but shine the flashlight on the rest of the ceiling. The black smoke hasn't shifted back since we turned off the flashlight.
No. 303751 ID: 3f475a

It's never "just" a graphic's quirk.

I agree. Shine what light you can on that shit.
No. 303786 ID: 46e520

Nan should check for any potential entrances/exits aside from the doorway she came in through. Is that a vent on the right side, next to the furnace?

If there aren't any other ways out, we should be quick here (or at least keep an eye out for more hiding places). Last thing we need is to be cornered in a creepy basement.
No. 303841 ID: cf84b9

Okay, it's time to search the place for hidden buttons. Take ten minutes to do this.
No. 303965 ID: 32c85b

Have Henry hold the flashlight while we check out the electric stuff. Suggest that he scan the ceiling (if we don't need him keeping the light on the electrical box).
No. 304113 ID: 1f80a2

Ask Henry where the stairs he used are. It may also be a good idea to ask more about Henry himself. We know he's a businessman, but what did he do before coming here? Where was his designation before all this happen? Look in more about him. In fact, ask the others the same questions as well. I bet knowing the answers to these questions and knowing more about your allies can help us figure out more about this place.
No. 304118 ID: 1f80a2

I dun' goofed. I meant "destination".
No. 304307 ID: aa6f62

No. 304424 ID: e04854

Well then, let's keep an eye out for secret passages.
Ask him if he's seen Pablo or knows where the lounge is.
(is it that one we first met padre in that was on fire? Padre was on fire as well, and we ran into the elevator to escape him and met Anna. Does this explain the burn mark?:/
And OHGOD. Anna's MY name D:)
... Why DID we try to reason with him?? He was obviously PISSED AS HELL that we set him on fire.
No. 304430 ID: e04854

If this is a religious thing, couldn't we use the events in a bible as a cheat sheet? There was a Spanish mission here, afterall, and so far the story reminds me of that one 'BURNING bush,(bonfire, oil lamps, the mission was burned down, Padre, beast in the courtyard...) the FATHER and son sacrifice a GOAT that god himself provides' story. I don't remember how it went though; just be wary of fire I guess.:/

Also, have Henry keep a lookout as you scour the room and examine the furnace.
No. 304940 ID: 1491be

Smoke that has not moved at all seems a bit strange, shine the light up to check it. Also ask Henry if he knows about the lounge, and if he still has his weapon.
No. 305143 ID: c6df01

Agreed. Check on the strangely immobile smoke. And be prepared to flee.
No. 305155 ID: 1491be

Might also be good to check out the fusebox and see if you can do anything to help with the lights. If they can be fixed and you have what is needed than do it, but if you don't than just note that it could be fixed and go to it later. Anything to help stop the hotel from screwing us when we least need it.
No. 305255 ID: b4d567

Does he know what's happened to anyone else, and if there's any way to rendevous with them?
No. 305281 ID: b4d567

Better idea- start telling Henry stuff about the future and things he should do once they get out of there.

Also ask if he has any idea who this Father figure Santiago mentioned is.
No. 305354 ID: edc63c

Shine that light over the whole ceiling. Something freaky's happening with that smoke.
No. 306095 ID: 482f1b

Examine everything! That always works!
No. 306922 ID: 8f8330

No. 307375 ID: 198b83

Be patient.

Also GTFO and drag Henry with you.
No. 308917 ID: e04854

I assume this delay means that a long cutscene is coming up. Personally, I love those, so whatever.
Also, I don't think there's anything up with the smoke; it'd be a pain to redraw it every panel so it looks like the smoke is moving, and Weaver didn't want to waste time on that.
No. 308957 ID: 679e7a


On the other hand, there may be something up with the smoke now, since everyone's been OMG WHAT'S WITH THE SMOKE. It's a cheap source of ideas, and the audience gets to feel clever...
No. 308990 ID: 9c538a

It looks more like soot covering the walls than smoke, as if the furnace had flared up sometime in the past. Do look at the electric box though. If there's anything you know, it's that faulty wiring makes faulty lighting. With luck, faulty magic wiring makes faulty magic lighting, and can accordingly fixing the wiring will fix the lighting, spooky action or not.
No. 309073 ID: 2cc5f0

Anna is dead. Kill yourself. It's over.
No. 309312 ID: 4115df

What would happen if weaver died? we'd never know... we'd just sit here waiting for them to update... forever. Commenting away year after year... sitting at our computers in desperate hope that weaver would return, never knowing what became of them because of the anonymousness of the internet.

Check the ceiling with the light =D wanna see if that causes more smoke to dissapear

(Not actually suggesting that weaver is dead but it's a creepy thought. Also Anonymousness is a word? I thought I just had bad grammar)
No. 309410 ID: 0bd0b0

AINT NEVA GONNA UPDATE. Anonymousness is a word according to my spellchecker, it is just silly.
No. 309412 ID: d7cb53

dude relax he's probably busy with other things/drawing ponies so just be patient and he'll get back to it whenever.

and this belongs in discussion if anything.
No. 309415 ID: bccf7b


Weaver is taking a break for a while. After a bit, he'll start updating again. He has said as much.
No. 309526 ID: 402e97


Weaver likes ponies?
That's amazing!
No. 310288 ID: e04854

Have a romantic dinner by the light of the furnace.
Also, you make me sick, Weaver. Sick with
Weaver, Weaver fever, OOOOOH~,
Weaver, Weaver fever, NOOOOO~,
Weaver, Weaver fever, OOOOH~,
We thought you'd update on time, time~
(DEAR GOD I'll stop now.)
But seriously, are either of them hungry? Have a snack, if Padre doesn't bust in or anything. They have to be finding you somehow...
No. 310493 ID: 2fd111

It just hit me ,assuming Kim's 'we're already dead thing', maybe what we witnessed in >>302702 was Anna just before she 'first' died.

Oh and get out of the with any supplies you can carry. Fashioning as makeshift bag would be nice too.
No. 310573 ID: e04854

Yes, I agree. Ask Henry to be a gentleman and let us borrow his shirt to use as a knapsack.
Also, on the note that Weaver likes ponies, is Weaver a girl? All of the heroines (Ruby, Nan) are female afterall.
No. 310575 ID: 543aa6

Keep it to the discussion thread you dolts.
No. 313313 ID: 99da04

Touch the burn marks like you did in the elevator
No. 315158 ID: a4f716

Shoop-da-woop the ceiling with your flashlight. You are making many discoveries. But watch out - the hotel may get ANGRY!!!
No. 315425 ID: dadcd9

Lick the walls.
No. 315960 ID: 795f4f

Is this dead?
No. 316134 ID: 2fd111

No. 318363 ID: a4f716


Czech inventory.

Inspect the area with your flashflight (this includes all ceiling areas). What seems to be of interest around here? Check around for any secret passages.

Now, scour the area for any objects that may be of use later in our quest. Any BLUDGEONY CANESHOVELs around here?

Finally, ask Henry for any interesting finds in this place. Ask him if he has anything of use.

In other words, check Henry's inventory.

By taking his clothes off.
No. 318780 ID: 60228c

You know we could just carry on, on our own. Make an alternate path or what not. Then, when weaver gets back, chalk it all up to hallucinogens.

just realized she described tgchan
No. 320169 ID: dadcd9

It seems very likely that this hotel is somehow sentient and out to get you. Therefore, get back at it by SMASHING AND BURNING EVERYTHING.
No. 327607 ID: a4f716

Shining the flashlight on the ceiling seems to be the only way to change anything or get information. Try that!

Ooh, I have another great idea. Later down the road if we see a mirror we should shine the flashlight on it and see if the light reflects or if the other side of the mirror gets the light.
No. 328210 ID: 08ee29

Check furnace then go to lobby and check hat-rack.
No. 340167 ID: 685167


There's already a chunk of the hotel busy being on fire. It doesn't seem too deterred by the whole thing.
No. 340793 ID: c1bebf

>Somewhere at the other end of the darkness below is a faint, shimmering light.

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night...
No. 340921 ID: 2fd111

Good catch.
No. 341226 ID: a4f716

>Exit the room with Henry. There's nothing more to see here.
No. 341301 ID: 1e3433

>Nan Quest is on the front page
>Just some fuckers messing around
lol i trold
No. 384379 ID: 543aa6
File 132842660672.gif - (37.08KB , 701x683 , 364.gif )

No. 384380 ID: 1b0f2f

OH god someone's trapped in the furnace!
No. 384381 ID: 365adf


Holy fuck, investigate!
No. 384382 ID: 1854db

Investigate the voice.
No. 384389 ID: 1a99f0

Welp, let's check it out. cautiously.
No. 384391 ID: 6ed374

recognize the voice at all?
No. 384415 ID: 3087d0


I wish to see a quest based on this.

Try to look for the source of the voice. Preferably from a safe distance.
No. 384426 ID: 86fe4d

go ahead. help the source of the voice which just so happens to come from a dark and markedly evil hole in the hotel full of horrorterrors from beyond. I'm sure nothing will go wrong.
No. 384442 ID: bccf7b


Is it in that boiler thingy? Have Henry look first!
No. 384443 ID: 543aa6
File 132847296276.gif - (24.82KB , 701x683 , 365.gif )

>"Help. Help me!"
Nan investigates the voice coming from the smoldering furnace.

>"Help me! Nan, get me out! I'm still alive! For the love of god, get me out!"

Kim is in the furnace.
No. 384444 ID: 26d11e

Well, pull her out. Is it locked or something?
No. 384445 ID: a9f1dc



No. 384446 ID: 86fe4d

oh, it's just her. that's kinda disappointing.

welp. help her, I guess.
No. 384447 ID: a9f1dc

No. 384449 ID: e79d6a


Any way to wedge the bars open?
No. 384451 ID: a2fa74

I'm pretty sure those grates are removable, but you might need a screwdriver.

Help her!
No. 384453 ID: 543aa6
File 132847384678.gif - (18.81KB , 701x683 , 366.gif )

Kim is badly burned.

Nan quickly kneels down, trying to pull off the rusty grate covering the immense furnace.

Nan turns to look at Henry. Henry stands frozen.
He swears he didn't put her in there.
He swears.
No. 384455 ID: ee3b18

Put your back and legs into it, Nan. It can't be that stuck!

Or... look for a latch or something.
No. 384457 ID: a9f1dc

Tell him it doesn't FUCKING matter how she got in there. All that matters now is GETTING HER OUT.
No. 384458 ID: e3f578

Ask her how in the hell did she even GET down there? She were three floors upstairs just moments ago with Anderson, refusing to leave the safety of the safe room!

That is, if she can speak.
Then call Henry dumb because you know he didn't put her down there. He couldn't have possibly done that. Stop being redundant Henry.
No. 384459 ID: 94ed3e

Ask Kim how long she's been in there and tell Henry to stop freaking out long enough to help you get her out.
No. 384460 ID: ec0bf5

This is a boiler room, is there something down here or in your pants you can use as a lever? Yell at him to help you pull and that you don't care that he didn't put her down here!
No. 384462 ID: 543aa6
File 132847485639.gif - (23.22KB , 701x683 , 367.gif )

Nan demands Henry help her. He does not move.
Nan pulls the grate open.

Within the walls of the room, something loud and metallic rattles. There is a strange noise.

Nan asks Kim how she got in there.
She says HE put her in there. She begs for help.
Kim struggles. She screams that her leg is still stuck.
No. 384463 ID: a9f1dc

No. 384464 ID: e79d6a

Grab her and pull! Ask her to wiggle her leg free!
No. 384465 ID: ee3b18

Lean in and shine the flashlight around to see how her leg is stuck. Maybe you can help!
No. 384467 ID: 543aa6
File 132847507604.gif - (26.21KB , 701x683 , 368.gif )

The entire room shudders as the furnace kicks on.
No. 384468 ID: 459534

Something seems..."off" here. Keep in mind that not everything is as it seems in this quest.

...maybe we shouldn't help her?
No. 384469 ID: 459534

Whoops! Uh...nevermind.
No. 384470 ID: e79d6a



Get away from the furnace!
No. 384471 ID: ec0bf5

Make a mildly concerned face at Henry.
No. 384472 ID: e3f578

Back the fuck off. Do we have a fire extinguisher in our inventory?
No. 384474 ID: 1b0f2f

Wait... Jump into the furnace!
No. 384477 ID: 543aa6
File 132847558645.gif - (22.65KB , 701x683 , 369.gif )


Kim screams in agony.
She claws at the furnace fixture, trying to drag herself out of the fire.

No. 384478 ID: 063c28

Grab her arm and drag her the fuck out already. What's wrong with you?
No. 384479 ID: e79d6a

Grab her hands, pull her out! We can still save her.
No. 384480 ID: 459534

Seconding this.
Either something bizarre will happen, or it won't. If it doesn't, we'll at least have a slim (and, possibly, suicidal) chance to still save Kim (depends on exactly how hot the fire is, I guess).
No. 384481 ID: ec0bf5

Oh yeah that's right people take time to burn. Her hand isn't on fire, pull on that. If we're lucky either whatever had her foot stuck is burnt up or her foot is burnt up and she can get out more easily. She's probably lighter.
No. 384482 ID: 86fe4d



teehee, I see what you did there.
No. 384485 ID: 543aa6
File 132847607916.gif - (36.78KB , 701x683 , 370.gif )

Nan and Kim grab each other by the wrist and pull.
She's stuck.
They pull harder.
No. 384486 ID: ec0bf5

Well, keep pulling. If we get an arm we get an arm but we can't just leave her!
No. 384487 ID: e79d6a


No. 384488 ID: 063c28

Order Henry to help you. Brace yourself against the frame of the furnace to pull with your whole body's strength.
No. 384489 ID: ee3b18

Saving her at this point is probably just going to make her take longer to die of burn infections, and even if she doesn't she'll be some hideous ghoul for the rest of her life.

Uh. Really the best thing you can do is let go.
No. 384490 ID: 82a03b

No. 384491 ID: 459534

Say, didn't Kim already have burn marks on her? Maybe this fire hurts, but won't kill people...

...kinda like hellfire. What was Kim's theory about the hotel again? That it was hell?
No. 384493 ID: 86fe4d

puke all over the place due to the revolting smell of burning flesh and hair.
No. 384496 ID: 543aa6
File 132847641755.gif - (36.74KB , 701x683 , 371.gif )

>"What's going on? I heard screaming!"
No. 384497 ID: a9f1dc


"You're on fire." point to the furnace.
No. 384498 ID: ee3b18

Well now you're going to look like a crazy person holding someone's hand as they burn in the furnace.

You crazy person.

But greet Kim with happiness and relief! A hug may be in order!
No. 384499 ID: 82a03b

Tell her to pull the wires from the electrical box. Now, pretty please.
No. 384500 ID: e79d6a


No. 384501 ID: 94ed3e

Tell Kim to help you pull this person out of the furnace.
No. 384502 ID: ec0bf5

Do we still have... otherkim's hand? Keep pulling and see if we can find out what is going on. Tell Kim that the hotel's being weird again and that she needs to help pull herself out of the fire.
No. 384504 ID: 543aa6
File 132847671532.gif - (15.61KB , 701x683 , 372.gif )

No. 384505 ID: 86fe4d

No. 384507 ID: ee3b18

Is the mostly-severed hand you're holding still stuck? Pull, woman.
No. 384509 ID: e79d6a

Pull out whatever is left!
No. 384511 ID: a2fa74

Pull it out!
No. 384512 ID: 543aa6
File 132847695530.gif - (14.00KB , 701x683 , 373.gif )

The hand is still pulling.
No. 384514 ID: 115d9f


No. 384515 ID: a9f1dc

No. 384516 ID: e79d6a

No. 384517 ID: 82a03b

Let go. It's trying to pull you in.
No. 384518 ID: ec0bf5

Wait a minute. If Henry really didn't put Kim in there then what DID he put in there? Because he sounded like he had put SOMETHING in and was surprised to see Kim in there instead. This was a bad idea ask possibly real Kim to help pull YOU out instead.
No. 384519 ID: 86fe4d

you're stronger than some four-eyed nerdette who is being roasted alive. pull, dammit.
No. 384521 ID: 459534

Quickly blurt out a synopsis of what's going on ("KIM YOU'RE IN THE FURNACE HELP") and then all three of you try to pull otherkim loose. If we can't get her out, consider going in after her (remember, things are topsy-turvy here). Afterwards we can discuss this bizarre event with Kim, with or without her doppleganger.

(I think it's a fair bet, though, that this means Henry or someone else will later toss Kim in the furnace. Unless we can use our foreknowledge to think of a way to free her beforehand, anyway.)
No. 384522 ID: 543aa6
File 132847735817.gif - (15.13KB , 701x683 , 374.gif )

Nan continues to pull, but the counter-pull is stronger.

Something is wrong.
No. 384523 ID: 2d996a

Ask the other two to help pull you out!
No. 384525 ID: 1b0f2f

Jump into the fire! It's the only way!
No. 384526 ID: e79d6a


"Pull me out pull me out PULL ME OUT"
No. 384527 ID: ec0bf5

Tell Henry that you believe him now and that he needs to help save you. Kim too.
No. 384528 ID: 86fe4d

consider asking for help. but do it only if you have to. you don't wanna seem weak to your compatriots.
No. 384530 ID: 82a03b

Scream. Tell them to break the electrical box.
No. 384531 ID: 459534


Something's been trying to trick you into the fire! Either do this:

Or, better, see if someone can slice off those extra arms! We could try to see who they belonged too later on.

Hey...waitaminute...wasn't this quest originally intended to play on the fact that suggesters always try to save everyone?

No. 384532 ID: 82a03b

No. 384534 ID: 1b0f2f

Dive dive! The delicious flames beckon! Your friends are all in there!


OK you're just insulting the artist now.
No. 384535 ID: 543aa6
File 132847810261.gif - (20.10KB , 701x683 , 375.gif )

Nan calls for help. Henry and Kim grab her by the shoulders and drag her away.
The grip on her arm is broken.
No. 384536 ID: 543aa6
File 132847817076.gif - (18.78KB , 701x683 , 376.gif )

The furnace shuts off.
No. 384537 ID: 86fe4d

NOW tinkle in the furnace. y'know, to show your displeasure.

alternatively, ask Henry what the fuck he did.

alternatively alternatively, get the fuck out of there.
No. 384539 ID: be0f5c

>Well no use staying in the place where you were almost murdered by ghost hands, Get outta there!
No. 384540 ID: ec0bf5

Thank them and ask Henry why he made such a specific denial of putting Kim in there.
No. 384542 ID: 459534

First things first--try to get everyone to a safe place pronto. This place obviously isn't safe. Afterward the three of you can try to figure out what all this means.
No. 384544 ID: 459534

Well, otherKim did blame him for putting her there. But then again, she did it after he denied it:
No. 384545 ID: 1b0f2f

Noooooo all is lost.
No. 384548 ID: fa347a

> Look into furnace. That definitely wasn't just her; there were multiple arms.
No. 384549 ID: 543aa6
File 132847952152.gif - (5.22KB , 701x683 , 377.gif )

The furnace dies, leaving nothing. Not even ashes.
The boiler room grows dark and cold.
No. 384550 ID: be0f5c

Turn on your flashlight!
No. 384551 ID: 86fe4d

traverse the darkness and get out of here stalker.
No. 384552 ID: 459534

Turn your flashlight on! Then everyone huddle together and try to leave without separating. Something's going on and we need to get to safety.
No. 384553 ID: fa347a

Turn flashlight on, and tell Kim what you saw in the furnace. She might have a theory.
No. 384554 ID: 459534

Also, since it's been a while, can everyone check their inventories?
No. 384574 ID: 1854db

DON'T turn your flashlight on. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness.
No. 384575 ID: 1b0f2f

No. 384585 ID: 063c28

Stay in physical contact. Flashlight NOW.
No. 384588 ID: 94bd1e

Return to lobby posthaste
No. 384602 ID: bccf7b


Is this just the hotel? That is Kim, yes?

Ask Now Kim if she saw anything happen with the furnace (or herself in it, for that matter).

Also, turn on your FLASHLIGHT. I have a feeling about this place....
No. 384613 ID: 874bd8

Turn on flashlight. Prepare to see Pilgrim and Padre holding your hands instead of your buddies.
No. 384643 ID: 27d278

How about whip out that FLASHLIGHT and get the fuck out first. Then can we talk business!...
No. 384697 ID: b128e9

still grabbing the two, press against the nearest wall and, taking the month long resident's advice, stay in the darkness and make no sounds while trying to make out whats going on.
No. 384729 ID: 48af27

wtf just happened? D:
No. 384770 ID: 527115


Oh yeah... I second your plan instead.
No. 384771 ID: 459534

Changing my vote to
as well. Forgot about Santiago's advice.
No. 384773 ID: 86fe4d


exactly why I said 'traverse the darkness'.
No. 384810 ID: bccf7b

Oh crap, forgot all about that stuff!

THIS. Carefully move about and let yourselves adjust to the darkness. And adjust in the direction of not here.
No. 384821 ID: 8b71f5

Nam check if you still have your screwdriver
No. 384910 ID: 447919

No. 384911 ID: f93445

I don't think we should get the flashlight, wait for your eyes to adjust while keeping in contact with Henry and Kim. I think Santiago my have been on to something.
No. 384924 ID: 58282f

Yeah, voting for darkness. We messed up with Santiago last time. He may be crazy, but he's got experience here.
No. 384959 ID: 543aa6
File 132859301195.gif - (37.97KB , 701x683 , 378.gif )

Nan leaves the flashlight off.
After staring at the fire, it takes a moment for her vision to readjust to the dim boiler room.
No. 384960 ID: 82a03b

Whisper. You need to move, to get back to a safe area- no lights, no noise. Careful, quiet.
No. 384962 ID: 1854db

I agree.
No. 384964 ID: 7b7f04

I don't believe we've been to the good old LOBBY in a while, why not check there for anything out of place?
No. 384967 ID: 543aa6
File 132859695512.gif - (36.65KB , 701x683 , 379.gif )

Nan leaves the boiler room with Kim and Henry.
No. 384968 ID: 543aa6
File 132859714246.gif - (36.60KB , 701x683 , 380.gif )

No. 384969 ID: ed57e8

No. 384970 ID: 1854db

Well I guess we're glad Nan's out of there.

>shadowy thing: drop down
No. 384975 ID: 306a45

And then...
No. 384977 ID: 6b54c0

Looks like Padre to me... We'd best get outta there and ask the others what the hell they just saw.
No. 384985 ID: 8e8664

>>shit pants

>>ready flashlight, watch back, grill henry on what actually happened
No. 384992 ID: b128e9

whisper to the others to keep quiet unless absolutely necessary and stay together. and cautiously keep an eye out for danger.
Remember the boiler room went dark, so that means there's likely a monster around that this place took favor in.
No. 385000 ID: 5d66e9

>Head to the hotel lobby, it seems like good a place as any to regroup.
No. 385046 ID: 1b0f2f

Boiler room: collapse now that your support pillar has become a guy.
No. 385088 ID: bc4843

holy shit weaver, it's been 9 months, what the hell man, you had a baby or something!? still, good to have you back
all 3 of you keep contact with eachother and a wall at all times.
No. 385130 ID: f93445

Calmly get the fuck out of there as fast and carefully as possible, while keep in contact with Kim and Henry.I'd say returning to the lobby is probably best too.
No. 385147 ID: 543aa6
File 132866644840.gif - (13.28KB , 701x683 , 381.gif )

Nan, Henry, and Kim arrive at the first-floor landing.

Anderson is here, keeping watch. He is armed.
Nan asks Henry if he saw what she did. He replies that he thought he saw Kim in the furnace, but now it's clear that's impossible.
On the other hand, he says plenty of what they've seen already should be impossible.
No. 385148 ID: 1127ff

Onwards to the lobby then- request the other two stick with us- strength in numbers and all, the big evil stalking monster NEVER attacks when the group is all together unless there is an opportunity to split them up!
No. 385149 ID: 459534

What does Kim think about what happened? Also, if we haven't already, ask Henry about the cross pendant. While we're down here we might want to check out Henry and Pablo's old rooms, too.
No. 385151 ID: 1854db

The lobby sounds like as good a place to go next as any.
No. 385153 ID: f93445

I think nan should come clean to Kim about this whole burned alive thing; remembering the time she saw her future self. Also The lobby seems like a good place to move now.
No. 385154 ID: 502b88

Seconding this.
No. 385161 ID: 94bd1e

Ask Anderson and Kim what they've been doing.
No. 385171 ID: 874bd8

Weird idea here, but maybe we should 'mark' eachother with something so we can tell the difference between the real us and the horrors the hotel is using to bait us. Probably pointless since the hotel might just copy the marks too but you never know.
No. 385172 ID: 10a503

Is the lobby the best choice? One (conceivable) entry/exit might not be wise when something could be following close behind. Would a shot from Anderson's revolver faze one of those creatures? Let alone the Padre or Pilgrim? For that matter, are we even sure that gun is loaded or is Anderson keeping it intimidation purposes?

Oh god so many questions, I love you Weaver
No. 385173 ID: 1127ff

Where? On the face? I mean, that seems to be the most open space we have and it is most notable- unless like they are turned the other way and you approach them and they turn dramatically and they don't have a mark but SHARP POINTY TEETH AND GLOWY EYES.
No. 385176 ID: 874bd8


A mark doesn't necessarily mean use markers or ink or anything, maybe tear up a sheet and make nifty little wristbands or something. Like I said though the hotel could probably just copy those too so they might be pointless.
No. 385177 ID: 459534

I like the idea of using some kind of marking or identifier.
No. 385178 ID: 10a503


How about a passcode? Or perhaps an item they could produce? Nan's flashlight, Anderson's gun, Kim could take off her glasses?
No. 385180 ID: b4adaa

What we should do is use a marking system where we add one each day. Example: if we were to use markers, we could do tallies and add a tally mark each day.
That way if we are dealing with future selves, they will have more marks when we see them. Although, if furnace Kim is the future of the current Kim next to us then that means that we won't have done that, because furnace Kim had no marks. Fuck, I don't know.
No. 385182 ID: 1b0f2f


Haha, yeah destroy Kim's glasses, then there's no way she'll ever be FutureKim stuck in the furnace!
No. 385188 ID: 543aa6
File 132867459965.gif - (10.19KB , 701x683 , 382.gif )

Nan tells Kim what she witnessed in the boiler room.

Kim is quiet for a moment, then asks what made Nan think it was her, and not the hotel itself.
She's right here. And it seems whatever was in that furnace wasn't trying to get out.
It was trying to pull her in.

Kim says it doesn't sound like an omen.
It sounds like a trap.
No. 385189 ID: 82a03b

Ask Kim if she thinks that Ruby should not try to save 'her' in that kind of situation.
No. 385192 ID: e3f578

You really don't know why you thought it was her. You just wanted to help and stop people from dying. You'd be damned if someone died because of your inaction. You like being lazy and slow to the draw, but that's when it's work.
Should we have pass phrases for future traps? Could those work or could these illusions learn those from our heads?

You call "Microwave Pizza"
No. 385193 ID: 528486

Tell Kim to remember it anyway... it could come in handy in the FUTURE.

Go to the lobby. It's where everything started, after all. It will be good to see how it's changed.
No. 385194 ID: 063c28

Point out that it sounded and looked just like her and that the hotel's obviously all about the whole "horribly killing everyone" thing, so it seemed perfectly plausible. You're glad she's okay, but you think it's important that we try to help eachother as much as possible.

Trying to save what, as far as you could tell, was her was the right thing to do.
No. 385196 ID: 1854db

Mention that it looked just like her, before the furnace started... Ask her if "For the love of god" means anything to her. It kept saying that.
No. 385197 ID: 1b0f2f


No. 385198 ID: 528486

*Whisper* to her that she should be careful around Henry in the future... the fact that he denied putting her in there was a little too pointed.
No. 385199 ID: 10a503

This might cause unrest in the group, but Henry's hesitation to help does lead one to suspect something.
No. 385200 ID: 459534

Seconding this.

Also, to test a theory of mine (don't we all have one?), ask Henry if he's ever had a girlfriend. I wonder if what Nan experienced when waking up next to him wasn't a glimpse into the past, like the time she met Pablo crying and he thought she was someone else.
No. 385201 ID: 459534

Same poster. Also consider outright asking Henry about his specific denial.
No. 385202 ID: 528486

>>385192 Pass phrase is a good idea. It'll also let us know that any instances of people we run into are at least from this point in time and onwards.
No. 385204 ID: 502b88

Hey, I've got some advice. Lighten up while you still can. Don't even try to understand, just find a place to make your stand.

And take it easy.
No. 385207 ID: 063c28

Do ask Henry directly about his suspiciously specific denial. It'd be a shame to stir up unrest in what really needs to be a unified group due to a misunderstanding.
No. 385212 ID: 86fe4d

some things are best not dwelled upon.
No. 385215 ID: 6efe2c

Sorry, got nothing...
No. 385217 ID: ee3b18

Nan! Now is not the time to talk about how you saw yourself from the future earlier.

Because in that case, you lived what you saw later. And then Kim may think she'll eventually be in the boiler.

So don't mention that.
No. 385223 ID: 365adf

Threaten to beat Henry with a rusty spatula if he ever even thinks of throwing Kim in the boiler.
No. 385226 ID: 4c0017

Ask if anybody's seen Pablo.
No. 385238 ID: 5d66e9

>Ask if anyone has thought of a plan of action on how to escape the hotel.
No. 385240 ID: 8b71f5

I guess we should check the second floor now and look for the Anazasi Lounge.
I don't think we would find anything useful in the Henry/Pablo old rooms,they are likely barred.
And let's use the stairs this time
No. 385242 ID: 7abd3e

quit confusing your precious gems, this is Opal, not Jade!
Seriously though, seconding idea of pass prase(s). Just keep in mind the person knowing it doesn't mean much, but if the person DOESN'T know it we MIGHT be onto something.

I still want to know why Henry insisted he didn't put Kim in the furnace, and don't really see any harm in asking him. Just treat it like an honest question and not an accusation - I don't think it's good to be too suspicious just because of an odd sentence, but if he knows/experienced something important it'd be nice to know it.
No. 385243 ID: 5d66e9

What if the "Kim" in the boiler wasn't referring to Henry, but to the Padre? After all...he WAS in the room with them.
No. 385247 ID: e3f578

If we go with Passcodes, don't let Henry hear it for now. He's too suspicious.
No. 385250 ID: 459534

I'm not sure I agree.
No. 385252 ID: 6b54c0

Clever girl.
If we go with passcodes, everyone in the group should know them. We can't be splitting up or ostracising someone now, not when our survival depends on us all working together.
No. 385257 ID: 2fd111

I say if we do pass codes we should go with 'The Magic Words Are Squeamish Ossifrage' or just 'Squeamish Ossifrage'. Kudos if if you get the reference but that's not why I chose this. I reason that if if someone/something's eavesdropping, if/when they/it pull a stunt like that again(specificly feighning danger), they say the whole phrase, while if they're real (or really in danger) they're more likely to forget under duress parts of the phrase. Also they/it are almost certainly going to find out the pass sooner or later (or now if eavesdropping) so I reason that if someone when asked for it under duress get angry or says something like 'Seriously?! Now of all times?!' or 'Just help me already!' they're more likely real. Only someone actually under duress would act like that. Don't bring up the reasoning in conversation. That would defeat the purpose.
No. 385260 ID: 459534

Interesting idea. I might get behind it, though I was kinda leaning towards something a few syllables long. That is, something short enough to be uttered in a single breath, in case we have to use it in emergencies. Your idea might be better, though, considering the hotel appears sentient and capable of actively mimicking us.

Oh! By the way! If we haven't already, we should ask Anderson what happened to the old Spanish Mission, in case he knows. As in, why was it reduced to ruins by his time?
No. 385261 ID: c22b27

Nan should tell Kim about meeting her future(and past) self
No. 385283 ID: 271626

I am agree with this. Explain too kim that she needs to be very careful, but try not to get kim worked up either.
No. 385296 ID: 283253

Well, honestly, I can't blame Henry. He was hidden alone in that room, mentioning that he was alone, when suddenly someone appears to be shoved into a furnace, with you being the only person there.
No. 385308 ID: 1081fc


Ask Anderson and Kim how long ago (from their perspective) Nan left them in 313 to find the Lounge. Even IF time didn't do freaky shit in this hotel, Nan still couldn't be completely sure how long had passed during her "spirit vision" of helping Anna with the elevator.

Also, maybe its time to mention your interactions with Santiago with everyone? If you think that's a bad idea then nevermind.
No. 385313 ID: 1b0f2f

How about a password that monsters would be really annoyed at saying? Like "The time is 4:33" or something.
No. 385325 ID: 74cac0

How about 466 as a password? It seems to show up when weird shit goes down anyways.
No. 385326 ID: 543aa6
File 132876913933.gif - (9.99KB , 701x683 , 383.gif )

Nan leads the group into the hotel lobby.
No. 385327 ID: 543aa6
File 132876918601.gif - (8.53KB , 701x683 , 384.gif )

Nan asks Henry about his specific denial.
He shakes his head and says that there's already enough suspicion going around. He was the only other person in the room, so he thought it was natural Nan would suspect him.

Nan explains her encounter with 'herself' earlier as a point of comparison, but Kim doesn't seem worried. She says omens are one thing, but as long as they're alive they have free will. She seems intent on believing it was the hotel trying to get Nan, and that it only looked like her as a means to an end.

In light of whatever just happened, Nan suggests passcodes. But she's not far into explaining her idea when Anderson interrupts.
He asks Nan if she hasn't been paying attention all along.

Look around.
This place knows who we are, where we are.

It's watching right now.

You want to talk trust, he's got a better plan.
Trust no one.
No. 385328 ID: 1b0f2f

Aha! You need to go down to the boiler room and tease the monsters in there to turn on the boiler. This will activate the electrical wire coming out of the boiler room and light the chandeleir. And then... uh...
No. 385335 ID: 1854db

That's... actually a pretty good plan.

Right. Nothing seems new here (or is the opened mail slot different?) so... maybe we can check more of the doors on this floor. There was one that's all chained up, maybe we can work on getting that open again?
No. 385338 ID: f1e9be

This place is trying to make us distrust each other. It sees us as a threat - and it definitely doesn't want us to co-operate with each other. We need to work together to get to the bottom of this so we can get out.
No. 385339 ID: f1e9be

also check the mail slot.
No. 385351 ID: 10a503

Inspect the light-devouring cubbyhole.
No. 385374 ID: 874bd8

Inspect dat mail slot.
No. 385386 ID: c4690a

Yes, lets extend our stay in this LIGHT-FILLED ROOM

Check everything.
No. 385388 ID: c4690a

Oh, and uh, check your inventory. It's been a while...
No. 385389 ID: c4690a

Oh, and uh, check your inventory. It's been a while...
No. 385399 ID: cf2a83

Examine the room. What is that on the counter? Bell? Registry? Telephone? What's in the cubby hole? Do any of those little doors open?
No. 385406 ID: 874bd8

Also, tell Anderson that you're sorry but you're just trying to survive and keep as many of the people here alive as possible.
No. 385430 ID: 86fe4d


try the door. it's not like you'd be spending a lot of effort.
No. 385434 ID: 4e448d

what is he suggesting? next time we see kim in trouble, not to help them?

fuck that. fuck that idea along with the hotel that necessitated it's conception.
No. 385435 ID: a083e4

Have Nan tell Anderson not to jump to conclusions, we're all friends here. Let's build bridges, not walls.
No. 385436 ID: 1b0f2f


That's it! Brilliant! Build a bridge out of the hotel!

No. 385438 ID: e3f578

We should take the hotel and push it somewhere else!
No. 385450 ID: 283253

Remember that the hotel becomes particularly aggressive either when Nan tries to leave, or breaks something. Breaking something seems to be an instant pass to dark hotel.

On another note, the painting in the hallway has disappeared and so have the flowers, and the stairs are back. So apparently the stairs can appear and disappear randomly. Could we get another perspective of the hallway(i.e. visible exits and turns, what is at the end of it, door or window),or even the entry hall for that matter, unless the unseen wall is completely featureless?
No. 385477 ID: 6faf95

Tell Anderson that if you hadn't trusted An and gotten in the elevator you probably wouldn't be having this conversation to begin with.
No. 385481 ID: a083e4

ask if anyone has seen pablo.
No. 385494 ID: ff0733

If attempting to leave makes the hotel angry, perhaps it wants us to go further inside? For that matter, being grouped up and/or static seems to anger it too. Doesn't matter if we have friends present, it just pulls teleportation schenanigans to get us from them. All signs point to the hotel wanting us to explore, to find something here. And our continued 'freedom' hinges on not pissing off the silent hill hotel.
No. 385656 ID: 9563e4

I guess this is the current thread? I just finished Ruby Quest a little while ago...

Suggestion: Try to find an original floor plan for this hotel. There had to have been one hanging around before everything went to hell and this turned into the Dolphin Hotel.
No. 385677 ID: 543aa6
File 132892707036.gif - (7.01KB , 701x683 , 385.gif )

Nan retrieves the decorative totem from its slot in the mailbox of room 117.
It seems like lost items have a habit of finding their way here.
No. 385681 ID: 74cac0

>Show the totem to everyone else, maybe they'll know what it is? Probably not, but its worth a shot.
No. 385690 ID: a083e4

Carefully inspect totem for writing, symbols, etc.
No. 385693 ID: a4f716

>Check inventory for something that you could possibly replace the totem with. Also, ask cohorts about this totem.

Seems like this could be a plausible idea. *shruuug*
No. 385694 ID: 99477c

Lost and found maybe?

Still, probably have to put that on some sort of ancient Hopi shrine or something... place like this was probably build on ancient Indian temple/burial grounds.
No. 385695 ID: bccf7b

Speaking of lost things showing up, where did that green necklace of ours go off to?

Ask the others if anything has gone missing and showed up elsewhere.
No. 385699 ID: ff0733

Think Pablo has it, last time we had it was when we wrecked the clock I think.

Think we should ask them if they misplaced or lost something, then ask what everyone found in the slots. And what they found in general, some items others picked up might be connected to others (our necklace and henrys for example)
No. 385700 ID: 7c4023

Room 117's mailbox, eh? If memory serves, that's the only specific mailbox that ever gets mentioned, and it's been brought up at least twice (all the other times we've found things in the mailboxes we were never told which mailboxes the items were in). Might be metagaming a bit here, but I suspect the author is trying to throw us a bone. Maybe room 117 is important? I think we ought to at least give it another quick examination and see if anything in it has changed (while watching out for the mirror, of course).
No. 385701 ID: 7c4023

Same poster here. Just occurred to me that, to give us another reason to go there, Pablo might have returned to 117 after vanishing. It's where we originally found him, after all, and he seemed to feel safe there. Not to mention he was able to survive there for quite a while. It makes sense that returning there would be his backup-plan in case something went wrong.
No. 385709 ID: f97d90

Before we leave, check the room. What's on the desk?
No. 385732 ID: 874bd8

Is this the same totem that was right beside the Safe Room? If 117 is a bust/trap then maybe we should see if the hall outside of the Safe Room has changed or if the totem was replaced with something else.
No. 385753 ID: 48af27

Definitely ask around about the totem. If no other better ideas, maybe rm 117 is worth a revisit.
No. 385771 ID: 7b7f04

Can you try and take the totem apart? Can it be disassembled at all?
No. 385781 ID: a2ad01

Don't think the totem has any real value... save that it's lead us to find that the hotel brings things that are lost to the front desk
No. 385796 ID: 876dbc

Let's check rooms 114 and 117 while we're down here.
No. 385800 ID: f320e8

Seconded. Let's finish examining the front desk room first though.
No. 385832 ID: a083e4

Check for Pablo in Room 117.
No. 385836 ID: ff0733

No. Breaking things makes bad things happen. We break a vase accidentally, lights go out. We break the clock intentionally, we get sent to mindfuckville.
No. 385837 ID: ff0733

Wait, we still have that magnifying glass from last time we were in the lobby!

No. 385842 ID: 582c62


it sure sounds like your typical run-off-the-mill Overlook Hotel Syndrome when you put it like that.
No. 385907 ID: a4f716

>Tell KIM to examine the TOTEM using her THIRD EYE.
No. 385948 ID: 543aa6
File 132902000707.gif - (13.04KB , 701x683 , 386.gif )

Henry is wearing the cross necklace.
As for the totem, no one appears to recognize it.

Turning it over, Nan finds something scratched into the base.
Nan uses the magnifying glass.
No. 385949 ID: 09a2fd

Pablo! We must locate and question him on the totem.
No. 385950 ID: e79d6a


The totem belongs to Pablo?

Is there anything inside it?
No. 385953 ID: 1854db

Let's bring it back to where we last saw the thing. The "safe" room.
No. 385954 ID: 543aa6
File 132902109811.gif - (12.17KB , 701x683 , 387.gif )

Anderson tells Nan that he and Kim are heading back to the third floor safe room. They only came out because Nan had been gone for a while and they wanted to make sure she was all right.

If she wants to come back she's welcome to, but he's going to stay with Kim to make sure she gets back all right. If Nan wants to keep exploring, that's her business.
Henry offers to stay with Nan.
No. 385956 ID: 543aa6
File 132902118723.gif - (15.71KB , 701x683 , 388.gif )

Nan decides on a long-overdue check of her inventory.

She is carrying:
Magnifying Glass
Check from Fun Family Arcade
Strange Totem
Lead Pipe
Key to Anasazi Lounge
No. 385957 ID: e3f578

All right, to 117
Just tell Anderson to keep a real good eye on her and warn Kim again, that if she does end up in the future-past in that furnace, to not get her foot caught. Then tell future-past Nan this totally happened before. Even if she did think it was just a trap.

Also for Anderson to not lose his humanity completely to cynicism.
Gotta be real careful. Can't be too much so in this place.
No. 385961 ID: 1b0f2f

Keep ahold of that check. It might just be your ticket out of here. I don't know how this hotel treats external third party financial obligations.
No. 385963 ID: 1854db

Let's get to the "safe" room.

I don't suppose Henry knows where the Lounge is, does he?
No. 385966 ID: 7c4023

Arm Henry with the LEAD PIPE and take him with you to check out 117, Pablo's room.

Don't forget to see if Henry knows anything about the CROSS PENDANT.
No. 385975 ID: 94bd1e

Look for the Anasazi Lounge
No. 385977 ID: 888577

Ask henry if he knows where the lounge is, and if he doesn't then head down to 117 to look for something that might let you know more about the totem.
No. 386001 ID: c83292

Let's just check out each room on this floor, then the next, etc... for as long as the lights stay on.
No. 386003 ID: 543aa6
File 132903764860.gif - (7.88KB , 701x683 , 390.gif )

Henry gives Kim and Anderson most of the supplies he gathered from the boiler room, and they head back to the safe room.

Nan and Henry head to Room 117.
Nan asks Henry if he knows where the Anasazi Lounge is, and he says it might be on the second floor, since he hasn't seen any entrances like that on the first and third.
Henry asks Nan what it is she's looking for in Room 117.
No. 386004 ID: 82a03b

Pablo. Traces of Pablo.
No. 386006 ID: c83292

Tell him it's where she first met Pablo, so he might have gone there when he got separated from the group. Also, the hotel took her away from there when she broke the clock, and she's wondering if there's a reason for that.
No. 386009 ID: 502b88

Tell him we're trying to find Pablo and figure this whole business with him out.
Also, ask Henry if he'll hold your hand. You know. For safety.
No. 386020 ID: 582c62

on the way, accidentally drop your overalls.
No. 386037 ID: bccf7b


Let's answer his question with our own, for I had a sudden thought: we're all from different time periods, right? So does the hotel look the same to everyone ... does it seem to "fit" when they were "outside"?

Because if so, then it means we see a different hotel.
No. 386042 ID: ebee6d

Huh... I don't expect it does, but it's definitely worth asking.
No. 386051 ID: ff0733

It probably exists on it's own timeline. Santiago got here a month ago, but is from the 60s, Anderson was here a week, but is from the 20s. Time here and time in reality seem completely unrelated.
No. 386056 ID: 876dbc

Explain to him that backtracking when you don't know what to do is a staple of adventure games.

(and we're to scared to go to the 2nd floor)
No. 386062 ID: 3bd256

Is the door handle of room 114 moving?
No. 386069 ID: a4f716

>Tell him you don't know.

Could this be a warning to turn back, guys?
No. 386076 ID: 933e57

tell him you're looking for those beans. It's been a while since you've eaten.
No. 386098 ID: 459534

We're looking for two things:

1. Clues
2. Pablo

I see no advantage in withholding either reason from Henry.

You might also want to mention that we're searching for clues in 117 because of potential leads we've picked up, however weak they might be.
No. 386099 ID: 3e1804

Mmm, how about Nan go back there for that one mouse? Seems to be extra friendly, maybe it's a particularly important mouse?
No. 386101 ID: a083e4

Walk in room. Find Pablo dead/sleeping.
No. 386104 ID: f1e9be

Go in. Say hi to mirror Henry while you're at it.
No. 386113 ID: 459534

We should be careful and cover the mirrors. Cover them, mind you, not destroy them! As earlier suggesters have noted, breaking things seems to tick off the hotel. Then again, covering mirrors might, too, if that foils the hotel's plans.
No. 386216 ID: 4e448d

am i missing something? what is this arcade we're carrying?
No. 386217 ID: 086b05

It's the check we got as payment for fixing the arcade. Way back at the beginning before we entered the hotel.
No. 386218 ID: 543aa6
File 132912049173.gif - (8.20KB , 701x683 , 391.gif )

Nan says she needs to find Pablo.
Even some trace of him.
No. 386219 ID: 543aa6
File 132912052767.gif - (11.54KB , 701x683 , 392.gif )

Nan and Henry open the door to Room 117.
No. 386220 ID: ed57e8

grab the thin under the vase if it's anything before going in.
No. 386221 ID: a9f1dc

Honestly, blood at this point is pretty meh

At least unless it grows eyes or something
No. 386224 ID: 82a03b

Trace officially find. Grope for the light switch. Shine the flashlight on your hand while you do.
No. 386225 ID: 1b0f2f

Welp, time to get licking.

You want to know if it's some trace of him, don't you?
No. 386226 ID: 1854db

Jesus christ, it's just like your dream.

Is that the bed? I think we should investigate the hole.
No. 386227 ID: ed57e8

look at the roof, the lights are broken.
No. 386231 ID: 82a03b

That is a very valid point. I don't suppose the maintenance closet has replacements either. Well, go in and drag whatever that is out into the hallway. Stay in the light from the hallway.
No. 386233 ID: 543aa6
File 132912192532.gif - (14.59KB , 701x683 , 393.gif )

No sign of Pablo. But Nan's seen this before.
A tall, flat canvas streaked red.

The light switch doesn't work. The lights are broken.
Not shattered.
No. 386234 ID: 1854db

Get in the hole you goat.
No. 386239 ID: 82a03b

No hole. Bring it out into the hallway.
No. 386244 ID: 09a2fd

Take a gander at the back of the canvas. Check out that hole on the wall too.
No. 386250 ID: 365adf

Get Henry to check hole and bathroom for scaries while you check the backside of this canvas.
No. 386252 ID: a94d88

have henry hold your hand, next time we inevitably get teleported to some other version of the hotel, at least we'll have a friend.
No. 386270 ID: 876dbc

What's behind the canvas?
No. 386272 ID: f1e9be

enter hole. have Henry ready to pull you out if anything happens
No. 386279 ID: 2b9918

Seconding checking out the hole. Use the flashlight.
No. 386283 ID: 4c0017

No. 386285 ID: 39fc8e

My suggestion goes to checking behind the canvas before exploring some strange dark hole
No. 386287 ID: 8b538b

make a mental note to compliment Pablo on his visionary sense of interior decoration when you see him.
No. 386288 ID: a4f716

Fifty says there's a person behind that canvas.

I'm also going to have to encourage the checking out of the hole with Henry ready to pull you out in an emergency.
No. 386289 ID: a083e4

i'm pretty sure pablo is hiding somewhere within this room.

check the hole, the bathroom, and the canvas.
No. 386302 ID: 2fd111

Nan, please examine the canvas thing from the OTHER side. You know, away from the mirror/ bathroom where things could easily jump out from.
No. 386328 ID: 2b6474

Turn the canvas around, then have Henry check the bathroom while you examine it.
No. 386339 ID: 543aa6
File 132917832488.gif - (13.21KB , 701x683 , 394.gif )

While Henry checks the bathroom, Nan pulls the large canvas out a little, checking behind it. But there's nothing but a blank wall and the wood-braced back of the canvas.

Henry says the bathroom is empty.
No. 386342 ID: 1b0f2f


Did you just get bloodRED PAINT all over your hand?
No. 386344 ID: ee3b18

No. 386345 ID: ff0733

Aw Nan, you got stuff all over your hand. Go wash it in the sink and ask Pablo to check the rathole.
No. 386346 ID: 459534

Either 1. touch something else to the canvas to see if it gets stained, too or 2. peek in that hole with the aid of a flashlight.

If you actually go in the hole, make sure you and Henry go together and stick close. You can't risk getting separated. Being alone in this hotel is a recipe for disaster.
No. 386348 ID: a4f716

Guys... that means it's fresh... :( Pablo is a splatter artist.

>Nan: From a safe distance, turn your flashlight on into the giant hole. Peer into the hole to determine your future.
No. 386354 ID: e3bf43

Guys, don't you remember what happened LAST time we tried to crawl into a space? SCISSORS
No. 386356 ID: e1d311

Wasn't there a theory the hotel doesn't like lightening parts up without questioning?
Not that we have much choice, but shining into the hole may lead to another black scene.

But hey, be optimistic! Pablo just found a bucket of red paint and likes to express his feelings like this... the hole got bigger because the helpful mouse grew... big... and Pablo is currently helping it to bring a really big can of beans here...

But you have to admit that nothing hurt us back there
No. 386358 ID: 543aa6
File 132918329121.gif - (5.12KB , 701x683 , 395.gif )

The tacky, red substance on the canvas comes off on Nan's hand.

It's paint.
No. 386359 ID: e1d311

Yay, so now only pablo has to come through the hole with his 2m-mice-friend and give a bean-party!
No. 386360 ID: 6a5a08

>scene around not shown
Equip lead pipe and spin around to examine the room. Be ready to parry something and make a break for it.
No. 386361 ID: 0453ba

In the painting dream, Pablo said something about making Nan live forever. Maybe he's just an artsy type, but maybe these painting actually have more going for them.

Try cutting the canvas, stay on alert for reality-changing shenanigans.
No. 386362 ID: 459534

Pablo being an artist is an interesting theory. We should definitely ask him about that the next time we see him.

But don't cut the canvas. Remember, damaging hotel property tends to tick the hotel off.

Next step should be to examine the hole.
No. 386363 ID: 543aa6
File 132918452720.gif - (13.08KB , 701x683 , 396.gif )

Nan shines the flashlight into the hole - from a safe distance.

It's a short tunnel, perhaps six feet deep, and narrows a bit near the end. It's unobstructed.
There appears to be a room on the far side. Nan can't make out much from here, save what could be wooden furniture. A bench, perhaps.
No. 386364 ID: e79d6a

Enter hole.
No. 386365 ID: ff0733

Fit through hole with GIRLISH FIGURE. Wait... No that sounds right.
No. 386366 ID: a083e4

No. 386367 ID: 459534

Both of you--carefully--crawl through the hole and into the other room.

Make sure whoever's in back always keeps a hand on the person in front when you're crawling through the hole. You'll be vulnerable while crawling, but hopefully this'll at least make you harder to separate.
No. 386368 ID: e1d311

I wouldn't be surprised if it leads into the bar-room with the nan-nan-encounter and we are starting the fire because of padre...
although that would be the other end of the hotel.
No. 386369 ID: 543aa6
File 132918553345.gif - (4.59KB , 701x683 , 397.gif )

Nan crouches down and crawls through the narrow tunnel.
Henry follows close behind, keeping one hand on Nan's ankle to maintain physical contact.
No. 386370 ID: 543aa6
File 132918555749.gif - (15.19KB , 701x683 , 398.gif )

Nan has entered the CHAPEL.
No. 386371 ID: a083e4

nan: use THIRD EYE to examine GLOBE.
No. 386372 ID: 48e382

Oh lord.

... what's on the podium?
No. 386373 ID: e1d311

Well, no monsters, but also no Pablo or beans...
Mind take a look through the windows of the doors?
Maybe from the distance first.
No. 386374 ID: 459534

If it wasn't obvious before it is now: There's major religious theme in this quest. Specifically a Catholic theme. Gives me some ideas for experiments if we ever run into the big three again (hopefully not anytime soon, of course).

I imagine this is a remnant of the old Spanish mission. That looks like a Bible on the podium, or perhaps some other liturgical book. Examine it to confirm. Also take a look at the plate/band/whatever it is on the bottom of the cross.

Oh, and is that sphere above the cross a window or something else?
No. 386375 ID: bfd08a

Examine cabinet on the left.
No. 386376 ID: a083e4

have nan look back down the hole to see if henry is still there. if so, report back to him.
No. 386377 ID: 459534

I think that's a confessional.

Oh! Forgot about Henry! He should be right behind us. Let's enter the room and help him out of the hole.
No. 386378 ID: 543aa6
File 132918645770.gif - (14.88KB , 701x683 , 399.gif )

Nan peeks through the tunnel behind her. Henry is still following, waiting for Nan to go through. Nan relays what she sees, which includes a podium, single pew, cross, and stained glass window.
Though there is clearly something wrong with the window.
Henry confirms, and suggests it's almost to be expected by now.
No. 386379 ID: a9f1dc

Rule one of Strange Religious Locations:

No. 386380 ID: ec0bf5

There's a book on that podium. Is it a pretty normal looking bible or is it something weird?
No. 386383 ID: 459534

Wait, are we stuck? They did say that the tunnel tapered near the end...
No. 386384 ID: a4f716

>Enter chapel. Examine the book on the podium. If it's the Bible, what book are they reading? See if verse 4:66 is there. Blink twice if you understand.
No. 386387 ID: bfd08a

...Is Nan religious?
No. 386391 ID: a4f716


Certainly not in her duties as an electrician. ZING!
No. 386392 ID: 459534

Good question. Makes me wonder if any of the other characters are religious.

Maybe that has something to do with why they're here?
No. 386393 ID: bfd08a

I think we should definitely keep that in mind. We can ask Henry now and the others later.
No. 386394 ID: cf84b9

>Ride crucifix like mechanical bull.
No. 386395 ID: 543aa6
File 132918799171.gif - (130.24KB , 701x683 , 400.gif )

Nan enters the Chapel to examine the book on the podium.

No. 386398 ID: 1b0f2f


No time to Santiago. Lift that chest off of Henry's arm!
No. 386399 ID: a083e4

santiago! take me with you!
No. 386400 ID: e3f578

His arm's probably not broken if that's an empty armoir. Maybe just a bruised bone. But it hurt like a bitch.

It looks empty, with some struggling and if the arm doesn't hurt too much, Henry could wiggle it back into the hole himself.
No. 386401 ID: ec0bf5

Tell him that that was mean, and lift the thing off of Henry's hand.
No. 386402 ID: 459534

Son of a...

I hope he didn't break Henry's arm! :<

So, do we go for diplomacy or violence? Santiago doesn't look willing to talk, but I'm not sure we could handle him in a straight-up fight...
No. 386403 ID: ed57e8

lift thing. if san starts being a dick about it tell him to fuck off.
No. 386404 ID: 459534

Same poster here.

On second thought, that armoir looked like it was aimed at Nan. We just happened to crawl out of the way in time.

Time to fight?
No. 386405 ID: bfd08a

I say we offer a greeting and gauge his reaction from there.

One hand covertly on the lead pipe, but don't draw it out quite yet.
No. 386406 ID: 543aa6
File 132918877766.gif - (12.55KB , 701x683 , 401.gif )

Listen to me, you little bitch

Obviously you didn't take the hint last time
So let me spell it out for you

You are ruining things here

The hotel can abide a guest or two, but if you attack it, as you have been doing, it will defend itself with violence
It will fight back
And it will win

And anyone can be caught in the crossfire

You can't fight this
You can't help anyone
No. 386407 ID: ff0733

Point the flashlight at his face. Should be pretty irritating at least, having bright lights aimed at your eyes sucks. Ask him why he looks so pissed.
No. 386408 ID: 459534

What have we done to attack the hotel?
No. 386409 ID: bfd08a

He's clearly already angry. Why do something just to piss him off more?
No. 386410 ID: a083e4

Politely ask about the injury on Santiago's forehead.
No. 386411 ID: 459534

I think he made it pretty obvious why he's pissed. This place is his Paradise. If he thinks we're a threat to it, then he'll do whatever he can to stop us.

Then again, he might be worried that we'll get ourselves hurt. Depends on how you read his statements.

Does Santiago have a soft-spot for us? Or is he just defending his precious hotel?
No. 386412 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, so far you seem to have just been trying to prevent everyone from getting killed. Ask him exactly what you're doing that's angering the hotel so you can stop.
No. 386413 ID: ff0733

Written before latest post. I suffer from chronic late post syndrome :(

Hmmm, don't see how to talk our way out of this, we were just checking on Pablo. Ask him what he means by attacking, playing somewhat stupid seems like the best idea. We are still pretty damn new after all.
No. 386414 ID: 459534

Ach! I shouldn't be making another post, but I have to point out that Santiago's line:

"The hotel can abide a guest or two"

Seems to imply that we aren't supposed to be here or, at least, that we aren't here by the hotel's wishes. Conversly, it implies that some of the characters are supposed to be here. Did something else bring us here? Are we here for a purpose? Maybe we just got caught up in this accidentally?

At any rate, this shows that the hotel isn't the all-controlling entity we may have believed it to be.
No. 386417 ID: 1b0f2f

Explain to him that you are not a guest. You are simply here to fix the wiring.
No. 386419 ID: 543aa6
File 132919041891.gif - (10.79KB , 701x683 , 402.gif )

If you insist on bringing light to the darkness, realize you won't always like what you find

Some things are better left in the dark, Nan
Some things should never be brought to light

If you continue to work against the hotel, it will retaliate in kind
And you will put us all in the line of fire

If I have to kill you myself to stop this war, I will
Don't think I will hesitate
For even one second
No. 386422 ID: a4f716


Actually, I really like this idea. Perhaps Santiago wight have something to say about this.
No. 386423 ID: a083e4

Kiss Santiago.
No. 386424 ID: a4f716

>>Tell Mr. Saint James that you're here to fix the wiring. You were sent to help the hotel. ALso, what war?
No. 386425 ID: a4f716

>Tell Mr. Saint James that you're here to fix the wiring. You were sent to help the hotel. Also, what war?
No. 386427 ID: ed57e8

then we will take the monsters out with us.
No. 386428 ID: ef4667


Goddamnit we don't want to fight the hotel! We want to flee.
We're not trying to force you to do anything we're just kindof blundering around here trying not to die.
And the hotel keeps yelling at us and throwing visions and sometimes it's like it's trying to tell us something and other times it's just crazy crazy crazy all the time
But the last while or so since we woke up that's seemed pretty normal I guess I mean except for the furnace thing but the lights haven't gone out or anything
And we've just kindof been wandering around exploring even though we don't really know what the hell we're doing
Oh god Santy we have no idea what we're doing
oh god
No. 386429 ID: ff0733

So, we aren't to look around and we can't leave. What does that leave us to do Santiago, sit in a room and wait for something to kill me?
No. 386430 ID: e3f578

Say fine though your getting confused about what IS an Attack and what isn't
Can you be friends with the hotel? Tell him you will be proud to shake it's metaphorical hand and have a fucking tea party with it. Santiago is free to join.
You have to take the path that will get us out of this place alive though. Don't tell Nan it's impossible. Everything is possible. If this place can exist in the world, a certain set of actions can get us back in the world. We just need to figure out what before we all die. No one knows for sure about outcomes, at minimum, there is a very near zero chance of escape. But there's still a chance. You can understand having no hope when there's near zero chance but you have to take it, because, as lazy as you are, you don't give up on living. Because you have to survive. We have to survive as living creatures, that is what we do. We survive until we die, and we all fight to survive the longest and delay death. The word fight in that sentence is debatable and replaceable with other verbs as well.
Your going to die on a deathbed next to your grandchildren and no fucking padre or pilgrim or SANTIAGO is going to change that.
No. 386431 ID: ec0bf5

Ask what it is that we are doing to upset the hotel. You know, so we don't do it again.
No. 386435 ID: bfd08a

Boop Santiago on the nose.
No. 386436 ID: 459534

Waitaminute, war? There's a war going on?

Between light and darkness, perhaps? Or something related? Makes me wonder... I mean, we know who the agents of the dark-force-thing are (i.e. the big three and the "uninvited"), but who are the agents of the light-force? Or...is Nan its agent?

And if the light-force has a thing for Catholicism...is it the Catholic God? Is Nan a Paladin? :V

Clearly it is our divine mission to cleanse the hotel of evil and save the souls within! Deus Vult! :I

Serously, though, there appears to be a war between light and darkness, and Nan may well be the agent of the light-force. Maybe it's responsible for bringing her here?
No. 386437 ID: ff0733

He's saying the problem is light, I assume both literally and as in 'to bring to light'.
You say this place is freedom Santiago, then turn around and say we can't do things, that you or the hotel won't let us. So what is this place Santiago, the prison you said it isn't, or freedom? Because I think I am free here, and I am going to use it to leave regardless of if you or the hotel tries to stop me!
No. 386438 ID: 459534

This (or a variation of it) must be said!
No. 386440 ID: 543aa6
File 132919218480.gif - (10.00KB , 701x683 , 403.gif )

Nan says she has not intentionally attacked the hotel in any way she was aware of. But she has fought, and she will continue to fight for her survival.

If this place is truly freedom, she says, she should have the freedom not to go quietly into the darkness.

Santiago growls, then roars. He spins around, throwing Nan at the pulpit.
No. 386442 ID: 2fd111

Damnit, much as I don't want to, we may have to fight Santiago. Ask him : "So is this a fight or what?"
No. 386443 ID: ed57e8

pull pipe, attack.
No. 386445 ID: a083e4

Throw the Bible at Santiago, see if it burns his flesh or not.
No. 386449 ID: 1b0f2f

No. 386450 ID: ef4667

A) Enrage the hotel at our misuse of a sacred object and cast everything into darkness, forcing Santy to flee,
B) Something metaphorical about holy books and light blinding the darkness in Santy,
C) Hit Santy in the eye with a fucking book.
No. 386451 ID: ff0733

But I wanted to see what verse it was open to. Unless it's a black bible.

Pipeon, apply directly to the forehead. Pipeon, apply directly to the forehead.
No. 386456 ID: 543aa6
File 132919377889.gif - (12.32KB , 701x683 , 404.gif )

Nan goes for her lead pipe, but he overpowers her. Grabs her wrist.

Santiago bares his teeth.

Disobedient child
Bad little girl
If you won't do as your told then you'll have to be punished
No. 386457 ID: 1854db

Kick him in the nuts!
No. 386458 ID: 2fd111

No. 386459 ID: d0a350

headbutt him quick!
No. 386460 ID: be706c

Headbutt him. Ya got horns for a reason.
No. 386462 ID: a9f1dc

No. 386463 ID: e3f578

Yell to him that he's not your father
You barely know him
He does not get to talk to you that way
No. 386464 ID: 459534

Call out for Henry and hope he's freed himself by now.

Also, I know our species isn't supposed to matter, but now would be the perfect time for a goat headbutt.

If all else fails, try breaking something to get the hotel involved.Then again, since it's sentient, it might just help Santiago.
No. 386465 ID: a083e4

make suggestive faces at santiago.
No. 386467 ID: 1b0f2f

Don't goats have to charge from a distance to headbutt someone?
No. 386468 ID: 1b0f2f

Oh also, read the book while you're up there Nan! Read the book!
No. 386469 ID: ff0733

'So, you don't believe in freedom, only in indulging yourself.'

Kick to the nads, hard to perform when your jewels get smashed.
No. 386470 ID: bc4f86

Guys, have you noticed that Santiago has gotten a lot beefier since we last saw him? And the whole "YOU CAN'T HELP ANYONE, NAN" Has been stated by both him and the Pilgrim. There's something fishy there.

Anyway, attempt to kick him back or force yourself away, if his intentions are violently sexual a ick to the groin would be good.
No. 386471 ID: ec0bf5