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File 134812039288.gif - (7.93KB , 701x683 , 472.gif )
456185 No. 456185 ID: 629257

"It is you, isn't it?
Come on, Nan. It's time.

Don't you hear the bells?"
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No. 456186 ID: f2c20c

Ask what's going on.
No. 456187 ID: 629257
File 134812097911.gif - (8.29KB , 701x683 , 473.gif )

Nan asks what's going on.

Lorenzo says it's time for Mass.
He says that the Padre has called everyone together. The entire extended congregation, and everyone from in town.

That he says there is danger on the horizon, and that this may be the most important sermon he has ever given.
No. 456189 ID: dcd676

Follow him, but be on guard.
No. 456190 ID: f2c20c

Tell him what Padre's favorite verse is.
No. 456191 ID: 1f8505


Go with him and attend mass.
No. 456193 ID: 9c8e90

Go to Mass. Observe other attendees.
No. 456194 ID: 7f4886

We're not gonna get there and then it turns out everyone we've met so far shows up, are we?
Because I think that's about the time I throw up my hands and go "WELP"
Just lay down in front of Padre and let come what may.
No. 456195 ID: 421526

Ask him what the sermon's about
No. 456196 ID: 4bdb93

Go to mass. I don't see anything productive being done at this point without following along because it's already been established that Lorenzo knows nothing and is determined to stick around with the Padre. Best see what's going on.

Plus it'll be our first look at him in the past, won't it?
No. 456197 ID: 629257
File 134812176264.gif - (9.39KB , 701x683 , 474.gif )

Nan asks what the sermon will be about.
Lorenzo says he doesn't know. But it feels like this is it.

What he's been waiting for all this time.
Maybe why he came here in the first place.

God works in mysterious ways.
No. 456198 ID: 1f8505


Make a note of any and all exits.
No. 456199 ID: f2c20c

Wait, what are you wearing, Nan?

Tell him you are fairly sure that Padre is planning to purify everyone by fire.
No. 456200 ID: 421526

Ask him if he's heard of the bible verse from earlier? "The lord kills and makes alive, he bringeth down to hell and he bringeth back again"
No. 456201 ID: 2fd111


"Never assume an act is of Gods will alone. There are other wills in the world that try to mimic his word, and lead them astray. A Shepard is not God over his sheep, for he himself can still and be lead astray, and his flock with him."
No. 456202 ID: 1e7d43

Attend Mass with Lorenzo, and stick close to him. While you're at it, try to convey your unease to him. He probably won't listen to any outright warnings, but if he recognizes that you feel worried about something it might help pit him on his guard.

I wonder if that will matter, though. Think we can change any of these events, fellas?
No. 456213 ID: 1b6c0e


Well,there's two ways to look at it.
A. We try to break time, render it asunder and recast it in our image. Or rather, we try to fix things and hope it doesn't break more things, which is certainly plausible. This seems inevitable, though, if people are allowed to go home to their respective time periods.

B. We observe, disturb nothing, and learn all we can to apply in the present, as much of a present as we have anyways.

Personally, I want to see if we can find anything that we can identify as existing in the present (if we haint already, it's been awhile...). We might be able to make a small change to that, to see if they past can be altered, so we could be more prepared next time we come, if there is a next time.
No. 456226 ID: 629257

through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. one chants out between two worlds:

No. 456227 ID: 6a1ec2

Uh, don't attend Mass? Father Lorenzo is going to kill everyone in the building and set it on fire? God is a motherfucking badass who is on the edge of plunging everyone into a hellish nightmare just because he feels like it? Why is no one saying run the fuck away?
No. 456228 ID: 629257
File 134812896958.gif - (16.75KB , 701x683 , 475.gif )

It's cold, he says.
It's getting colder every day.

Nan warns Lorenzo to be careful, that things may not be as they seem.

He says he understands. Part of him wants to leave now. But he can't. Not yet.

He remarks that you're always showing up out of nowhere. Always watching him. He says it's you, Nan. It always has been.
No. 456233 ID: 629257


for the love of god.
No. 456234 ID: f2c20c

Say that, to be honest, you would be relieved if you never saw him again after tonight.
No. 456250 ID: feea89


Oh crap oh crap oh crap

Raising a panic will be counterproductive, and it would be useful to see what exactly the Padre has in store, but boy, i do NOT want to go in there.

Ask Lorenzo what exactly he means by that.
No. 456251 ID: 011678

you are surrounded by people who look oddly identical, with a guy who seems to have been brainwashed and are dressed like a nun.

No. 456253 ID: 567cc3

Warn Lorenzo to make sure that the doors to the Chapel do not close under any circumstance. If he seems unsure about this, just look at him and say, "Please."
No. 456254 ID: 1e7d43

Lorenzo's talking about us for once? Huh. He makes it sound like you've been appearing to him for quite a while. Maybe he thinks you're his guardian angel or something. If you can get a word in edgewise, try to ask who--or what--he thinks you are.
No. 456255 ID: 567cc3

Furnace beneath the Chapel built by the father. The Father is cold perpetually. Chapel eventually burns down. The Father is going to set the entire place on fire with everyone inside it. To warm himself. To eliminate the vermin.

The "Beast" is all of the souls of the collected townspeople (non-congregation) who failed to escape in the panic?
No. 456258 ID: 629257

i mean, just the name. i don't ever wanna go there.
No. 456264 ID: 9c8e90

Okay, I think we *have* to go in. But please, at least sit next to the door. Wedge it, anything. This is going to be bad times.

Ask Lorenzo what he means.
No. 456265 ID: c187e2

Tell Lorenzo that it doesn't have to go like this, that he could leave and live a fuller and more helpful life elsewhere.

[if he says anything along the lines of "but I will stay", smile weakly in spite of yourself and quietly say "I know you will.]
No. 456273 ID: bbc659

Ask what he means by that. Be on-guard to run if you need to.
No. 456274 ID: 011678

the time for discusion and rational arguments seems to have passed, knee him in the crotch to incapasitete him, throw him over a shoulder and run like hell, if that isnt a option, grab a rock and smash the fathers head in.
your walking towards your potential doom (while dressed as a nun) this is no time to be subtle, if they grab you fight as dirty as possible, but dont go into that church!
No. 456278 ID: 4bdb93

You think this might be thing in the Padre's journal where he burns everyone alive?

Maybe you shouldn't go to mass after all....

Ask Lorenzo the date to confirm?
No. 456279 ID: e3f578

Tell Lorenzo he's being overdramatic in this case. No disrespect, but rarely are men touched directly by God these days, that waned out in the middle ages, I mean really, he didn't really interact with pretty much anyone after that, JC was his magnum opus in the Christian faith I believe and then poof not much after that. You take responsibility for your own salvation, God will not have a part in it.
JC's teachings often asked for people to command themselves to do good, and he would do good to follow his suspicions and try to protect some of the congregation.
But tell him that your just someone trapped in the mission from the future, it got converted into a hotel or inn and it's because of the padre it happened for some reason, and he's killed at least two trapped beings there. Maybe let's just out the whole truth here.
No. 456305 ID: 2a7cf9

Grab onto his hand and don't let go.
No. 456322 ID: f2c20c

You think Lorenzo is implying we were sent by God? We should outright say that we're not an angel, or a demon for that matter. If he asks, we should just say... that we don't know why we're here. We're just trying to fix things.
No. 456325 ID: 2fd111

I think you might be right about him thinking we're an angel or something, and that sounds link a good course of action.

Do this for emphasis; to make it clear you're coming to him for support, where he would expect the other way around. Convey your fear Nan, make him know that you don't 'think' there is something very wrong here, you KNOW there is something VERY wrong here. Something bigger than the Father Valesco, but not of this world. There may very well be the influence of the Devil afoot. Even if it not be the Devil, or those fallen to his will, whatever this is, it CANNOT be of God's will.

And I can't tell you how important it is that you make it clear it CANNOT be of God's will. Even if he doesn't believe you now, you NEED to sow that seed of doubt. We NEED him know. We NEED his help.
No. 456365 ID: c76511

Freak out and faint.
No. 456368 ID: a4f716

Shine a flashlight on Lorenzo.
No. 456398 ID: b1e5db

Nun Nan is a cute Nan.

"All rise and baaaaaaaask in the light and glory of our Lord."


Since Lorenzo may be thinking that Nan is a literial God-send...

Command: Ask Lorenzo what today's date is. IF today is the day where The Padre burns everyone, then tell Lorenzo that he is right: you ARE watching him. You feel that he is in terrible danger today. You see visions of fire. Try to make it seem like you're getting visions RATHER than telling him flat-out that you're from the future.
No. 456410 ID: dcd676

Second this. All of it, not just the fact that nun Nan is cute Nan.

Although she is.
No. 456421 ID: 629257

"we've met before, haven't we?"
No. 456440 ID: 629257
File 134823819638.gif - (11.20KB , 701x683 , 476.gif )

Nan asks Lorenzo: What do you mean by that?

He says you've been watching him. And every few weeks, appearing to him. Somehow you're the answer to all this. He's come to look forward to these brief visits.
You're here now. Something's going to happen today, isn't it?

Nan nods.
Visions of fire. Father Velasco. Suffering.
She asks him not to go. This can't be God's way.

Lorenzo stops, and the procession around them does too. He turns to Nan. He speaks softly.
He says he has this strange feeling
that this is the last time.
Like he'll never see you again.

He places his hands around hers.
Please, Nan.
Please listen to me.
No. 456441 ID: 629257
File 134823831711.gif - (19.92KB , 701x683 , 477.gif )

Don't be afraid.
No. 456443 ID: 5d5628

Be afraid, Nan.
No. 456444 ID: d7e309

don't be afraid, Nan
No. 456445 ID: 48540d

No. 456446 ID: b7169d

Don't panic nan
No. 456447 ID: 067a04

Be sort of afraid.

And run!
No. 456449 ID: f77026

be really afraid.
No. 456452 ID: d8c4f5

Hug him close so he can speak quietly to you.
No. 456453 ID: 2fd111

Yes Nan, don't be afraid, for fear is the mind killer.
No. 456454 ID: 58396a

Well, now we know which of them died. Namely the entire congregation.
No. 456457 ID: 901a96

Is it time for a freak out? I think it is time for a freak out.
No. 456459 ID: 103381

More like a conFLAGRATION am I right?

Well, like so often with NanQuest, I am just completely up in wtf-ville, so I'll go with the time-tested strategy of hug note read Lorenzo.
No. 456460 ID: 970224

Yeah, don't be afraid, but still, get the fuck out there.
No. 456463 ID: 085efe

Don't be afraid
No. 456476 ID: c969d0

Be conflicted. Attempt to not be afraid. And, if you can, tell him that even if he won't see you again, he will hear from you again.
No. 456487 ID: 1fbf7f

Scoot your hooves as you never have before.
No. 456489 ID: 1e7d43


No, seriously. These fellas don't look hostile. I honestly think they're trying to communicate or something.

If you've got a flashlight, shine it on them. Maybe it'll trigger another vision. Otherwise just sit still and stay calm. Try talking to him or, better yet, just be quiet. Listen. See if *they* try to tell *you* something.
No. 456491 ID: aeca3a


This got 2spooky 2 fast. Listen to what he has to say.
No. 456492 ID: 886a4d

Don't be afraid
No. 456494 ID: dec42e

As soon as it's over, I think we should find Anderson and ask the everloving shit out of him - that is, what exactly he knows about the church's history? Was there any fire? Seeing that he knew about the spanish mission, maybe he'd knew something else...

As for now - keep your distance, and beware. Maybe these 'things' want to attack nan, or maybe they want to tell something. Or maybe the vision is at it's end, and we'll find ourselves back in the hotel.
No. 456495 ID: a4f716

Hug Lorenzo.
No. 456502 ID: feea89
File 134825590270.jpg - (32.62KB , 211x211 , nope-avi-entry-cover.jpg )

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

I have no sane idea what to do right now.

So I vote: freeze with panic.
No. 456504 ID: 3197bc

Don't be afraid.
No. 456506 ID: 2fd111

Hug Lorenzo.
No. 456510 ID: 6a1ec2

Schlick furiously!
No. 456518 ID: e3f578

Don't be afraid at the gravity of the situation.
In fact, be so unafraid of gravity that you can fucking fly.
No. 456519 ID: 9c8e90

Don't run, don't panic. Overcome your fear. Hug Lorenzo, or at least squeeze his hands. Lorenzo is one of the good guys.
No. 456531 ID: 959fd4

seriously don't be afraid
Lorenzo seems cool and he's probably always been a creepy dark thing even when you're having visions
so just wait and see if he actually plans to hurt you
No. 456538 ID: 7c5667

Remember what he said about not being afraid, remember that the Priest is here and where you were before, Focus on remembering that the Shadows might be his victims....but also be aware that this 'might' be a trick, but if it isn't, then it adds up.
No. 456539 ID: fc73b2

Don't be afraid. Stay and watch what happens. At first sign of trouble, try to leave, calmly.
No. 456540 ID: fc73b2


What does twin peaks have to do with anything?
No. 456541 ID: 7497bc

Do not be afraid and whatever you do do not panic
No. 456550 ID: 0051d7

Don't move, but be prepared to defend yourself.
Try to ask Lorenzo something, anything that comes to mind.
No. 456554 ID: f2c20c

Attempt to remain calm. These are probably the same people you've been speaking to. They just look different (or maybe they've ALWAYS looked like this?).
No. 456559 ID: 77adce

Pray? O_O I don't even know!
No. 456560 ID: 77adce

Also, while I'm here - guys. Lorenzo is totally the Pilgrim. Why is no one realizing this yet?! The Padre does something that transforms him and I think we're about to see just what it is. So, yeah, actually - Nan, you should run as fast as your hooves can carry you.
No. 456564 ID: f2c20c

You are like two threads late.
No. 456588 ID: 2fd111

Seriously, check the discussion thread, we concluded that (and a fuckload more) ages ago
No. 456589 ID: cb5078

KEEP CALM AND LOOK STRAIGHT AT HIM. Do not make a step back or show fear, that'll insult him.
No. 456595 ID: d79ace

lornz pls

Ask him what's going on
No. 456628 ID: 2073cc

Okay, as I am seeing what is in front of you, turn around. For all I know, they are a distraction, and the real threat is sneaking behind you.

Turn around now. Then groin kick the way out.
No. 456635 ID: 6a5a08

Keep calm and call batman.
Mostly the first part though.
No. 456673 ID: b1e5db

Looks like you're having another one of those visions, Nan! Man, being a semi-prophet sure is tough on your mental health!

In all seriousness, I have no idea what she should make of this vision.
No. 456675 ID: 6a1ec2


That's it! Nan is a prophet, not a time traveller! In the time of Spanish colonial missions. She only thinks she's an electrician in modern times, because she's such a good prophet that her visions of the future have beguiled even her!
No. 456706 ID: 4bdb93


Doubtful, and running under that assumption could be dangerous. Because Lorenzo acts as if when Nan is in the future (or as you would say, having /visions/ of it) she is completely gone from the mission.
Again, running under this assumption could be incredibly dangerous to Nan once she's back at the hotel because that's when shit gets real and there aren't takebacks.

For now I say to keep calm and hope things change back to normal soon so you can figure out more of what's up.
No. 456716 ID: c7dc56

Be reasonable startled, and calmly run like hell away.
No. 456792 ID: 480687

Stay calm. It is natural to be startled, but try to remain calm.

This isn't the first time we've gotten advice to not be afraid. Perhaps we should do our best to try to heed it.
No. 456841 ID: 5f500b

Do you really need to panic here?
I mean, you should have gotten used to this already... it's not like this is the first time something like this is happening... well, probably even the first time where the black ghosts are kind of friendly.
No. 457173 ID: f4feaa

No. 457254 ID: a4f716

No. 457286 ID: c04718

Make sure you have something to defend yourself with, but don't freak out yet. It could just be some wacky vision.
No. 457320 ID: ef2ec9

No. 457343 ID: 2fcbab

Get a grip on yourself and reality. Rub your eyes and wake up.
No. 457350 ID: ef2ec9

Actually this could go either way.

>Listen to Lorenzo, swallow your fear despite the horrors before you.

>Shove Lorenzo away, breaking his grip on you, and run away.
No. 457367 ID: 45e5cd

Maybe he just wants a hug y'know?
No. 457408 ID: 6a59be

This is it friends.

FIGHT or Flight.

Mind you, the FIGHT need not be violent, and it need not be fought alone. These Husks of things long dead and past, they are victims too.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.

Alternatively, kick the shit out of it.

Or run, and try to give yourself more time to figure this out.

I really, REALLY don't think thats the right path though.

Weaver, we await your judgement.
No. 457429 ID: 734c82

Well, he seems like the friendliest creepy thing we've seen. I think that means we shouldn't be afraid.
No. 457443 ID: b6edd6

The enemy of my enemy may or may not be a berserk murder-zombie.

I don't think we should immediately flee, but we should definitely avoid getting within arm's reach of him.
No. 457450 ID: 421526

Maybe a naive idea but can you actually communicate with the shadow creatures? I mean yeah they're spooky but as far as I remember they don't seem exactly hostile, aside from the padre, pilgrim, and beast. Keep your guard up, but don't run or attack without good reason
No. 457476 ID: 9718f3

Fear is dumb.
No. 457492 ID: fbe234

So is plutonium, miss Pauline.
No. 457795 ID: 629257
File 134855405075.gif - (1.43KB , 701x683 , 478.gif )

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
No. 457796 ID: 629257
File 134855412554.gif - (9.16KB , 701x683 , 479.gif )


Pablo is here.
Nan is being carried along.
Underfoot, black stone, ash and dust.
No. 457797 ID: 629257
File 134855419359.gif - (12.33KB , 701x683 , 480.gif )

Pablo says he doesn't know what happened back there.
He thinks Nan saved his life.

He apologizes for carrying her away in her state, but it was too dangerous in that room, and he couldn't just leave her.
No. 457798 ID: dcd676

Calm yourself, stand up, dust yourself off if you need to, thank him, and ask where the hell he's been and what he's been doing.

Seriously, now's the time for some answers.
No. 457799 ID: f2c20c

We are seeing the hotel's true nature I think. Ask him if he sees the burnt rubble and stuff.
No. 457800 ID: 886a4d

I think we are in the mission / old church. You know the one that burned down.
No. 457801 ID: 0051d7

Ask him where we're going.
No. 457805 ID: cfd7b3

Ask him if he saw those...things behind him when they met up, and you pulled him in.
No. 457807 ID: cfd2bf

ask him what he saw behind us before, and Nan should tell him what she saw behind him. just to make sure were all on the same base as to who is being followed by burned, dark, corpse-like things of indeterminate alliances.

then she should ask him what he saw/what happened after she passed out to see if he gained any extra knowledge or insight (if he also got a vision/time-travel/reenactment depending on theory's) while we were passed out.

Then ask about our current location and what he has been doing before.
No. 457808 ID: 2fd111

This, in a timely manner, while getting a move on.
No. 457809 ID: cfd2bf

while walking back to a safe location perhaps?
No. 457811 ID: 2fd111

No. 457821 ID: 71958f

Thank Pablo, but don't forget to ask about Anna or the totem or how he got here among other things.

While trying to find somewhere safe of course.
No. 457823 ID: 781274

This is probably just paranoia. . . But the doorway on the right, not far right, has a blacked-out area that could fit the Padre's hat. I say sit still another time. Run through the north door! Not left, I don't trust left.
No. 457825 ID: feea89


Backing this, while also requesting a quick GTFO to a safer location.

Asking about Anna/the Totem might be a better idea when others are around.
No. 457860 ID: ef2ec9

Take Pablo and find the others.
No. 458104 ID: 629257
File 134864350165.gif - (10.08KB , 701x683 , 481.gif )

Nan asks where they are. Pablo says this is the second floor.

Nan hasn't been on the second floor before, has she? It's dark here. Rubble and ruin. Not much worth staying for, he says.

Pablo says they need to get somewhere less open before they settle everything that's happened, and asks Nan where they should go now. He's not sure if the safehouse is truly safe anymore.

Where to?
No. 458106 ID: dcd676

First thing's first: find the elevator. If we can't even use that, we won't be able to get anywhere anyway.
No. 458112 ID: f2c20c

Aren't there stairs too?

Wait, that gives me an idea. Use the elevator as the safehouse.
No. 458114 ID: 629257

i say back to the safehouse; even if it's no longer a place of refuge, you should see if anyone is there, and if they're all right.
No. 458117 ID: 77adce

You should still talk to Pablo about finding the others. And ask him about the totem that is apparently his.
No. 458120 ID: feea89


So if there's nothing of worth here...
...why was he here?

But this line of questioning can wait, as can the matter of Anna and the totem. I also vote for the safehouse, if for no other reason than being reasonably sure that the others might be there.
No. 458123 ID: 1d5849

Check out the safehouse anyway. Fully safe or not, it's the best place to find other people.
No. 458127 ID: f63d91

Do you have anything in your inventory which lights up?
No. 458128 ID: 567cc3

Is the Anasazi Lounge on the second floor? We still have the key to it, and a locked door is better than no door.
No. 458135 ID: ed4c54

The safehouse may not be safe, but then again, nor is anywhere else in this building. Going there at least let's us check up on the others, and we could talk to Pablo in the elevator?

HOWEVER we could also go to the Anasazi Lounge since we have a key and because it'll probably be really difficult to get to the second floor again.

One or the other, I can't really decide.
No. 458141 ID: 4bdb93

I say we investigate the Anasazi lounge. One, who knows when we'll get another opportunity to be on the second floor, and two, if it's really not truly safe anywhere then what can it hurt to be slightly more unsafe here for now?
No. 458146 ID: 023519

Check out the Anasazi lounge. We have a key after all.
No. 458164 ID: ef2ec9

When Nan and Anna met, Anna originally said they were going to the second floor, and then states that Nan must have misheard her when they reach the third floor to go to the safehouse. Perhaps Anna was hiding something about the second floor?
No. 458167 ID: 2a7cf9

Why not ask Pablo about Anna, by the way? No one else has mentioned her at all since that little quantum leap thing you did for her.
No. 458423 ID: 2073cc

I bet the Anasazi Lounge has something to do with Anna. Maybe you should check it out?
No. 458431 ID: 5b3050

Check out the safehouse and see if anyone's in it.
No. 458433 ID: 781274

Lets go to Anasazi Lounge. The safehouse is not that safe. Does Pablo have the axe/hammer . . . Weapon?
No. 458436 ID: a4f716

Ask Pablo why he thinks the safehouse isn't safe
No. 458445 ID: 629257
File 134880184311.gif - (10.80KB , 701x683 , 482.gif )

Nan considers heading to the Anasazi lounge. Pablo says he believes the lounge is somewhere here on the second floor. He recalls passing it as some point, but found it locked.
Though she still has the key, Nan decides they should head to the safehouse first. Even if it's not safe, it's the safest place they know, and the most likely place for the others to head to regroup, given how scattered they are now.

Pablo and Nan arrive at the SECOND FLOOR STAIRWELL.
No. 458447 ID: f2c20c

Ask Pablo if he's ever gone down these things. If yes, then I suppose it may as well be safe enough to descend. We could also poke at it with the pipe.
No. 458464 ID: ef2ec9

No. 458465 ID: f4feaa

Suddenly, BAM! Switchblade Santiago out of nowhere.
No. 458466 ID: f4feaa

In all seriousness the only obvious option at this point is to go back to the safe room. Depending on how long it will take to get there, perhaps Nan and Pablo can discuss a few things such as the deal with Anna and the strange totem thing.
No. 458473 ID: 781274

We have the key, but what is in Nan's/Pablo's inventory. Nan's should use her showtune powers to see the true path and go to the Anasazi lounge. Not that unsafe safehouse.
No. 458493 ID: 2fd111

Climb the stairs to the third floor, look around, then go back down and pick up the pace headed back to the safe house. Ask him to tell you if/when you pass by the way to the lounge, assuming it's not on the way.
No. 458527 ID: 1d5849

What happened to the elevator?
No. 458581 ID: 023519

Walk and talk. You two have some catching up to do.
No. 458803 ID: 15fdc6

I told you bro. I told you about stairs.
No. 459292 ID: aa490e

Third floor.
No. 459294 ID: 86503f

for some reason I don't think the safehouse is a good idea either... If we aren't trusting each other any more, for all we know, the others could be fakes now too...
No. 459362 ID: a4f716


Also, if PABLO is telling us that the safehouse isn't safe... it probably isn't safe.

Let's instead go to... Pablo's room?
No. 459367 ID: aa490e

No. 459510 ID: cfd7b3


YES QUITE. Go to Pablo's room and.. thoroughly examine him for anything unusual. Thoroughly. Very very thoroughly. Without clothes.
No. 459511 ID: 629257
File 134916542308.gif - (9.04KB , 701x683 , 483.gif )

Pablo and Nan ascend to the THIRD FLOOR STAIRWELL, on the way back to the SAFEHOUSE in room 313.

What happened back there, Nan asks.
Pablo is quiet for a moment.
He looks back at Nan with a forlorn expression.
"Anna's dead, isn't she?"
No. 459512 ID: f2c20c

Yes. Pilgrim got her.
No. 459513 ID: bd4aae

Catch up with Pablo.
No. 459514 ID: 1f8505


Let him down gently, Nan.
No. 459518 ID: dcd676

Ask him how he knows, then tell him what you saw.
No. 459522 ID: feea89

Backing this. I'm still not 100% convinced he's in the clear.
No. 459535 ID: 1e7d43

These two, combined. It's important to keep learning as much as we can, but we mustn't forget that we're getting our info from *people*, not databanks. They can't always just spew forth whatever info we ask for: They have wants and needs that must be addressed. Emotions that must be considered.

Pablo is obviously upset about this. As badly as we need his info, we ought to first tend to him as a person and help him accept Ana's death in a healthy way.
No. 459556 ID: bbafd1

Tell him you don't know for sure. You can't trust what you see here.

It's a good idea to stay as positive as possible right now -- grim as things are.
No. 459575 ID: ef2ec9

Pablo knows about Nan's visions into the past. Tell him about the most recent vision.
No. 459744 ID: f6e771

yep lol
No. 459762 ID: 2fd111

Gonna have to agree we this. Tread lightly, something's off.
No. 459768 ID: 77adce

Ask him why he thinks she must be before volunteering any information. Knowing why he assumes that will help us know what other freaky stuff the hotel is trying to do to everyone's minds.
No. 459835 ID: 0d765e

Well, time's kind of wonky around here, so it's possible that she's still alive in some congruent timeline, but... yeah.
Last time we saw her she was missing most of her face.
So probably dead.
No. 459846 ID: 73bcc2

Carefully Nan needs to turn to him and say
No. 459879 ID: 023519
File 134927981511.jpg - (39.76KB , 320x310 , LetHimDownEasy.jpg )

No. 459903 ID: 6a1ec2


No. 459955 ID: fc73b2

Give him the bad news in the form of a showtune.
No. 460009 ID: 6a5a08

Hug Pablo.
No. 460017 ID: 2fd111

Welp, Batman has spoken.
No. 460030 ID: dc7d9e

I thought the last time we saw Ana, we were helping her repair an elevator or something in another time line.

It is entirely possible that our mission is to repair everyone's time line and prevent them from making the mistakes that lead them to the hotel in the first place. Some of the parties here have hinted at guilt, after all...
No. 460091 ID: 629257
File 134932122494.gif - (10.63KB , 701x683 , 484.gif )

Why do you say that? Nan asks.

Pablo throws himself against the wall, nearly choking. Then it's true.
He blurts it all out, on the verge of tears.
They were in shifts that night. Anderson and Kim first. Then him and Anna. They were woken up on time. Anderson and Kim went to sleep. Everything was fine for a few hours.

Then they heard voices in the corridor. Whispering at first. It sounded like something calling. They went out to look, but couldn't find anything. They went as far as the elevator. Anna wanted to go on. She said that's where the voices were coming from. But Pablo didn't. He wanted to head back. He turned around to lead her, but then he heard the chime. The doors closed. Anna was inside.
Then the lights went out.

He came back to the room. Tried to get help.
But everyone was gone. It was just you, Nan. And he couldn't wake you. It was like you were in some sort of coma.
No. 460092 ID: 629257
File 134932136964.gif - (10.17KB , 701x683 , 485.gif )

Then there was a scream.

Good God, that scream.

He ran out into the hotel to try and find someone, anyone. He tried to follow the elevator down via the stairs. But he got lost in the darkness.

And now she's dead. That.. thing must have got her.
He says he's sorry.
Pablo says this is his fault. It's his fault Anna is dead. He did this.

God forgive him.
He's so sorry.
No. 460096 ID: 6a1ec2

Tell Pablo about your vision, where you saw yourself killed and strung up on the wall. Tell him because he needs to know that what you see here is not always (or ever) what it seems. What you saw may have been Anna getting killed. But you saw Kim get killed, and then she was fine later.

Tell Paulo not to blame himself. He turned around. He tried to help. He only looked away for a second. Whatever closed the door between him and Anna, that is who is at fault. She might be dead, but he is no murderer.
No. 460097 ID: e3f578

What, it's not his fault. Lack of action is NOT fault. She's the one the left the room, and left her post. He came back to check up on us in case we were in danger.
Ask him if he'd blame himself if, instead of Anna dying, someone from the saferoom got killed when both of them left instead. Honestly, what control did he really have of the situation.
I kinda want to tell him about the dream
I just think we should get things straight now. And ask maybe what his whole past deal is. No bullshitting around, no blame, no hate. No need to hide it or anything. You're not Anderson. You're not a cop.
No. 460113 ID: 023519

It's not his fault. Reassure him and make sure he knows that he's blameless in this.

Talk about when he first saw you, reminisce about old times to calm him down.
No. 460114 ID: 1e7d43

I know we joke about it all the time but, really, this guy needs a hug. :(

Hug Pablo. Try to find something comforting to say, too.
No. 460117 ID: e5e647

hug pablo

forgive pablo
No. 460125 ID: 2fd111

Hold on, probably not the best time, but I'm have a massive case of deja vu here. Tell him that you remember having a dream, or fuck if you know what it is at this point, where you said something very similar and made nearly the same face, acting just the same. (negelct to mention the blood) If that was one of visions you've been having, this moment might not have been preventable, and by extension neither would that person's death (we don't KNOW it was Anna), therefore it is in no way his fault, but an inevitability. (might not be sound reasoning, but it might calm him down.)
No. 460127 ID: f2c20c

Tell him that God will forgive him. It's alright.
No. 460146 ID: 07986b

Normally, I'd advise against such brash displays of affection, but I have the distinct feeling that that vision thing was sent to us by something that doesn't wish us to cooperate.
He does seem really broken up. It COULD be all an act, but I doubt killing Nan right now would do him any good.
So yes. Go for a hug.
No. 460171 ID: 781274

Hug him.
No. 460172 ID: 629257


>>That.. thing must have got her.

what "thing"?
No. 460174 ID: cfd7b3

No. 460194 ID: 73bcc2

eat his face

No. 460195 ID: 73bcc2

Softly offer to...I don't know, do something friendly
No. 460197 ID: b1e94f

Oh man if he is this torn up about Ana, who he probably doesn't know very well, gotta wonder how he'll react to the death of someone he's actually attached to, like Nan maybe? Nothing like he'll react in the dream, right...?

Ah fuck it, let's just hug the poor guy.
No. 460212 ID: 7a2657

Hugs are in order
No. 460213 ID: a64f28

It's not his fault, he's not to blame, if in God's plan he made the Devil so much stronger than a man.

But seriously, he didn't kill Anna. He did what he could, it's a shitty situation for all of them, and he tried his hardest to save her, but in the end the hotel and the things that lurk its corridors got to her. Nobody could stop them on their own. He did what he could. He can't blame himself. For fuck's sake, hug him.
No. 460215 ID: 58396a


When Anna was found dead, the pilgrim was there, and she wasn't in the elevator. When we saw her in the weird dream with the screwdriver, she was working on it.

Is this like Kim? Was she lured there, perhaps? Is she not actually dead? We must ask Pablo if he saw anyone else: Kim, Anderson, Santiago...even the things here.
No. 460298 ID: 629257
File 134938273601.gif - (10.92KB , 701x683 , 486.gif )

What "thing", Pablo?
That thing. That thing with the skeleton face. That horrible thing. It shouldn't be here. It doesn't deserve to live.

It's his fault.

Nan tries to console Pablo with physical contact, but as she reaches to touch him he pulls away.
No! You'll only get hurt, Nan. They're dead.
They're dead because of him.
He did this. Her life was in his hands.
He'll have to answer for this.
No. 460300 ID: 629257
File 134938276494.gif - (16.04KB , 701x683 , 487.gif )

He must answer for his sins.
No. 460301 ID: 77adce

Cue the lights going out. :/

Take a step back and try to calm him down with words alone. Touching him is gonna get you nowhere.
No. 460302 ID: 77adce

No. 460304 ID: e3f578

What sins Pablo? Besides Anna, what sins for god's sake?
Get him the fuck away from the corner.
If he's not going to tell you, then tell him to shut the fuck up and stop acting like a fucking baby. He wants to make up for his sins, tell him to redeem himself and to stop punish himself. And that he should not fucking go kill himself by shadow monster back there out of some sick desire for punishment, that doesn't help anybody. That's just stupid.
No. 460305 ID: 1f8505


Grab Pablo and run like hell.
No. 460306 ID: dcd676

Okay, okay, don't panic. Point to whatever that is behind Pablo.
Back up slowly, look for viable exits.
Wield flashlight, shine it on... that.
Prepare to run.
No. 460308 ID: 6a1ec2

That... would be the Beast.
No. 460317 ID: 428949

Slap Pablo.
Dying doesn't solve anything, you crouton! It just means you're dead!
If you want to make up for something, then help the people who are still alive!
If you meet Anna again, do you want to tell her you gave up? Give your life meaning!
No. 460320 ID: cfd7b3

Seconding slapping him to snap him out of it, and grabbing him and running the heck out of there. If you just grab him he might refuse to run. Tell him you are NOT going to lose him to the darkness, losing Anna was MORE than enough.
No. 460326 ID: 718b29

Thirding slapping Pablo and grabbing him while he's stunned so he won't pull away again.
No. 460331 ID: 6a5a08

Tell him to answer by helping save the others, then drag him away.
No. 460334 ID: 58396a


Well, this... explains a lot.

Short of getting him to stop thinking this, I'm pretty sure he just got the Hotel's attention.
No. 460336 ID: 718b29

This has actually happened before, when we hit Pablo with our lead pipe, he began to apologize and tear up and the shadow monsters appeared behind him.

Just saying if we absolutely can't get him away, bring him to his senses, etc. then we can use the "flashlight method" again, since it worked last time.
No. 460343 ID: 58396a


Oh crap, you're right! What if Pablo is teh demons?!
No. 460359 ID: a4f716

No it's okay, remember those things are frie-

oh hey teeth on forehead

yeah that's beast TO THE SAFEROOM
No. 460378 ID: f2c20c

Yell at him. NO. He isn't responsible. Anna thought she deserved to die, so she did! The hotel knows when you're ready to die, and sends someone to collect you. Now he's doing it too, and you won't be able to save him from the Beast! Tell him to snap out of it!
No. 460421 ID: 781274

Pablo must live at all cost. He will act irrational and may go all suicidal and give himself to the beast. Get between Pablo and the beast. No suicide today, and tell the beast he cannot have your boy friend.
No. 460437 ID: 2fd111

Here we go again! GRAB HIS WRIST AND RUNNNN! Ask him to guide you to where the lounge is. If he resists in any way don't hesitate to punch him as hard as you can and drag him if you have to.
No. 460483 ID: 023519

Seconding a slap to wake up Pablo. Sometimes you have to be rough.
No. 460514 ID: 8b40da

calmly and serenely tell Pablo to...oh my fucking God...RUN NAN RUN!!!!!!
No. 460541 ID: c969d0

Grab Pablo, move. If you refuses to let you grab him, just run. Tell him to run as well, if he won't let you grab him. Movement is necessary. Priority one: don't be here right now. Priority 2: make other people safe as well.
No. 460562 ID: a64f28

Pablo is fixated on himself right now. He's convinced he needs to pay for his own sins, for how he failed to protect Anna, so much so that he can't see the obvious parallel.

He failed to protect Anna, to convince her to turn from a path that led to death and damnation. Don't let Nan fail in her duty to do the same for him. He will have to answer for what he's done, but there is still a chance for absolution and forgiveness. The Lord is loving.
No. 460582 ID: d3a34e

We can't defeat the beast, go without us catching it. Pablo called it by talking about sin, maybe we can get it to go away

Ask him if he wants to confess and redeem himself.

Several points looking back at past memories
* Padre left when Pablo said he was not afraid to die - perhaps he can only attack if someone is feeling fear, or represent fear. Padre also is a shepherd to his flock - he seems to appear when we interact with the burned shadow things.
* Pablo might be responsible or feels he is reponsible for summoning the Pilgrim or enraging it - if it subsequently attacked Alan and Anna, that would match up with his guilt and talking about 'they'.
* The Beast seems associated with sin, maybe we have to absolve Pablo for it to disappear. Anderson thinks you should just keep running from it and never stop - running from your sins?
* The dream Nan had about the paintings could point to 2 dead at that point (Nan and Alan), so perhaps when we were sent back in time, in fact a copy was created which we followed, and the Pilgrim got the original, explaining Pablo's guilt/
* We need to show Pablo his totem and ask him about it
No. 460671 ID: 2ebc5f

Tell him that everyone meets the judgement correct to them in time, and that seeking it out is pointless. He needs to live for those who have died, and keep on living to protect those who are still alive. He needs to keep himself together so that everything can work out.

No one can do this alone. You need to work together, to redeem yourselves.

Maybe make an excuse, get you both away calmly? Unless it moves. Then run.
No. 460692 ID: 52ff3d

Take the Santiago route! It's worked for him, right?
No. 460710 ID: 2fd111

Ok, I'm gonna void my choice of 'grab him and run' untill further notice (by which I mean further threat) in favor of these. If wanting death to come really will bring it upon you, then Pablo is done for. Goddamnit, I, for one, am not letting that happen! We are not losing Pablo too! EVERYONE! Pablo needs us now more anyone ever need Nan's help! We need to brainstorm, and figure out exactly why he would even consider death a reasonable response to his actions, and refute that specificly. Refuting his opinion in general may spell his doom. If we do not, this may be the end of Pablo. Come on people, let's think!
No. 460726 ID: 763d62

Don't go in the Saferoom! It's a dead end and we would have no where else to go if the Beast got inside!

Out the window! If it's in here, it's not in the courtyard! And Grab Pablo, he may be calling it some how, but now's not the time to leave others to their deaths.
No. 460744 ID: 629257

if you're in the woods with a friend, and the two of you get chased by a bear, you don't have to be faster than the bear; you just have to be faster than your friend.
No. 460804 ID: d3a34e

Ignore the beast.

Tell Pablo that he has saved your life three times and Henry's life once. That no matter what guilt he has, whatever he thinks of himself, what he's done or hasn't done, that is the truth.

Then say that you want to help him, show the totem and say there's things you've wanted to ask him about, but they can wait. If he has sins, real or imaginary, then he can confess them and be absolved.
No. 460882 ID: 1c1314

Grab Pablos hand and run. Fast. Tell him if he wants redemption he should at least help the rest of the people trapped in the hotel, getting himself killed wont help anybody.
No. 461034 ID: b1e5db

I think Pablo has to stop this downer mood he has. It may be just me, but I think ramblings like those are what attract these creatures.

Don't tell Pablo that though, or he'll probably try to get himself killed on purpose.

>Grab Pablos hands and tell him to be quiet. No more rambling, no more sobbing. If he doesn't trust himself to save anyone, then remind him that he saved YOU.
No. 461244 ID: f9421b

Obviously the "I need to atone" is what summons this thing and is why people die.

Weaver said we had the ability to stop Anne from dying.

We need to convince Pablo RIGHT NOW that he just saved our life, and we NEED him if we're going to survive. He knows about the past, maybe different things, and we can all work together, and SAVE EVERYONE.
No. 461422 ID: 79ed47


No. 461463 ID: cfd7b3


And then hot, desperate, terrified makeouts.
No. 461471 ID: 86e91d


Stand infront the Beast and yell you are not afraid
No. 461515 ID: 2fd111

Stand firm don't move an inch, if fear is wants it's not gonna get it from Nan damnit!

Pablo! You knew her! You know she's not stupid enough to let something like that happen to her! You know that can only mean sne wanted to die! Remember her! How different she was acting! Something happened to her! Something other than you! You didn't do anything! Even if you went with her ,you would just be dead too! I put a put a piece of rebar through that thing's skull! *stomp your foot* There was nothing you could do! But there is something you can do now! We need you Pablo!
I NEED YOU PABLO! *(optional) kiss him or punch him*
No. 461520 ID: a11f99

Tell him that he has nothing to atone for! It wasn't his fault, it was Anna's for wandering off alone in the first place! Hell, tell him that it was OUR fault, whatever it takes to snap him out of this.
No. 461564 ID: 629257

(As an aside, please keep posts like this to the discussion thread.)
No. 461575 ID: 629257
File 134984984086.gif - (9.68KB , 701x683 , 488.gif )

Nan slaps Pablo in the face, grabs his hand, and runs to flee down the hall.

She yells back to him, frantic.
It wasn't your fault. We'll work it all out later, but right now, we need to GO, and we need you alive.
If you die now, you'll only make it worse for everyone.

Nan looks back.
The enormous black shape is pursuing close, drawing darkness with it.
No. 461578 ID: f2c20c

313 is the safehouse. Shove him in there then lure the Beast away.
No. 461579 ID: 629257
File 134985047391.gif - (9.37KB , 701x683 , 489.gif )

No. 461580 ID: f2c20c

Do not get shot.
No. 461582 ID: d0cd35

No. 461584 ID: 77adce

Pretty obvious.
Get down.
No. 461594 ID: e487f5


No. 461598 ID: 9d5618

GRAB PABLO and then get down
make sure he gets down too
No. 461605 ID: cfd7b3

Yeah, definitely wouldn't want to make that mistake now. Make sure neither you nor Pabs get shot, in other words TAKE HIM DOWN WITH YOU.
No. 461624 ID: 1d5849

How much do you think a simple pistol will hurt the Beast? It doesn't.

But this isn't just a gun with an iron bullet in it. It carries within it Anderson's indomitable will, the utter lack of regret in all the things he has done through his life, the antithesis to everything the Beast and its ilk represent. He is the last to ever fall to their siren song of remorse, of absolution.

He has no regrets.

That gun is going to pack a huge fucking punch. Throw both yourself and Pablo down to make sure you're not caught within its range.
No. 461625 ID: a4f716



Nan: Dodge roll, and bring Pablo down with you.
No. 461643 ID: 58396a

Dive, Nan-sub, DIVE!!!
No. 461644 ID: d1a7b9

nooooo! Its not gona work! just get da faq outa dur!!
No. 461655 ID: 07986b

Why would you shoot a terrible amorphous black mass?

Clearly he has turned on us and is gunning for Pedr- I mean Pablo.
No. 461658 ID: 43393a

Try and pull Pablo out of it's grip and get down.
No. 461676 ID: 1f8505

Perform a Slo-Mo dodge of the bullet a la Max Payne.
No. 461678 ID: 054879

We don't know who Anderson is aiming for, ladies and gents! Remember he was pretty displeased with Pablo the last time he was brought up.
Best be safe and yank him down with you.
No. 461680 ID: ae6a94

I'm not convinced a few bullets will stop the beast -- quickly swerve to the other side of the hall (with Pablo) and keep running.
No. 461683 ID: fc73b2

Get down
No. 461698 ID: 27dfd4

obligatory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3quTc2-GyM
No. 461752 ID: 45e5cd

You heard the man, get down, get dirty
Time to boogie
No. 461780 ID: 1b307d

No. 461803 ID: 781274

Pablo down first then you Nan. Protect cry baby Pablo.
No. 461807 ID: 1e7d43


Maybe go even farther and sling Pablo behind Anderson. Seriously. The darkness seems really intent on taking Pablo right now, and we need to make doubly-sure that he's safe.

Oh, and keep your trigger finger on that flashlight, just in case a bullet doesn't do the job.
No. 461831 ID: 974793

Nan! In the name of weaver, don't let go of Pablo! Duck, roll/slide and LIVE!
No. 461952 ID: 823206

Stay up!
No. 462101 ID: 629257
File 135003411061.gif - (11.86KB , 701x683 , 490.gif )

Nan grabs Pablo and dives.
Blackness swells up, cold breath behind them.
No. 462109 ID: 629257
File 135003516340.gif - (28.14KB , 701x683 , 491.gif )

Thunder roars.
No. 462114 ID: 1d5849

Told ya.

That bullet held Anderson's will. It's like a thunder.

Crawl away from the thing, as quickly as you can, with Pablo along with you. It's probably still alive and pissed, but it's not safe to get up yet because Anderson is firing up another.
No. 462129 ID: feea89

Seconding this. We're in direct line of fire from Anderson, so legging it isn't the best idea, but neither is staying with the (suspected) Beast for dinner.
No. 462153 ID: dcd676

It can bleed. ...huh.
Anyway, seconding idea to crawl your asses out of their. Fast as you can manage.
No. 462184 ID: 011678

Shoot it with your steely gun, but you just cant kill the beast.
No. 462200 ID: 1e7d43

Slip your flashlight out and shine it on the Beast's wound, Nan! Or just the Beast itself, really. Every little bit helps.

If you manage to make it flinch (or if it's flinching right now. I can't quite tell. :/ ) IMMEDIATELY hoist Pablo back up and make a mad dash for freedom!
No. 462239 ID: 084ae4

Hopefully those bullets are made of silver.
No. 462257 ID: 9b2233

Keep moving! That shot will slow the beast down, without a doubt, but there's no guarantee that the thing won't keep coming toward you.
No. 462296 ID: 823206

Drink it's blood and become The Beast!
No. 462308 ID: 0313a4

Crawl! Crawl like the wind!
No. 462330 ID: 42d722

Keep going! We're not out of the woods yet!
No. 462361 ID: 781274

Something just seems off. . .
I would get out of there.
Tell 4eyes to open the window (if it's the one Nan used to run and then hide from the pilgrim) then get out on the landing. Don't let Pablo do anything stupid. Have Anderson cover you.
No. 462610 ID: 53688c

You idiots, remember what Santiago said? The Padre, Pilgrim, and Beast are all against each other. The Padre is trying to sacrifice us to the fire, removing us from existence. The Pilgrim is Lorenzo, and he wants us to stay with him forever in death, so he doesn't want the Padre to incinerate us. Therefore, the Beast, opposing both of them, wants to protect us! It's only trying to keep us away from everyone else because it thinks they're threats to us, which makes sense given their respective states of mind. Notice how it showed up almost immediately after Santiago attacked us? It was trying to save us from Pablo too, just now.
No. 462748 ID: cfd7b3

Oh, okay. So that's why it's chasing after us with bared fangs. Right.

Anyway, yes, tell Pablo everything is going to be okay and crawl away with him. Possibly kick him in the butt if you have to to get him moving.
No. 462788 ID: 4c5b1b

Get up and get behind Anderson. If he keeps shooting crawl as fast as you can.
No. 463099 ID: 22ad4f

By that logic, couldn't the beast still be in opposition to both of their goals if it just wants to eat us? Can't burn or preserve in death someone who's been swallowed whole, or not-so-whole. Pretty much it just seems like a race to see who can kill everyone first in their own special way. Safest to assume that's the case for now, since we have no reason to believe otherwise.
No. 463266 ID: 68bbc5

Well, at any rate, the three avoid each other, so staying close to the wounded Beast, friendly or not, seems to be the best way to avoid the other two. We haven't actually seen the Beast kill anyone, and being heavily injured isn't going to do it any favors. The best course of action right now would be to keep the Beast incapacitated, without killing it. Best case: the Beast can't hurt us, and the others avoid us. Worst case: at least one of the others show up, whereupon we might be able to get them to fight each other instead of us. It's win-win, as long as the Beast doesn't die.
No. 463354 ID: 86e91d

No. 463441 ID: 2e2e63

Tell Anderson to shoot it in the eyes. If we learned anything from video games is that things with large eyes don't like having things in them.
No. 463442 ID: 06f007

Is that a quote? May I have the original source?
No. 463545 ID: 1b355f

Just because the monsters are against each other, does not mean that that any of them are for Nan and co. We know that the Pilgrim has a specific reason for wanting the gang dead (though we may not fully understand it yet). Padre, the Pilgrim and the Beast might all be competing for the opportunity to kill the guests in the hotel.
My advice is to try to stay away from all three of them.
No. 463554 ID: 1b355f

Though physical attack might slow the Beast, I have a feeling that such an unearthly creature would not be able to be taken down by brute force. Going with the hypothesis that the Beast is some sort of twisted mass of souls that the Father burned, I can think of two things that might provoke some sort of reaction:
1) Shout "For the love of god!" Padre might have recited his mantra as he burned his victims (remember, not!Kim said it a couple of times when she was pulling Nan into the furnace).
2) Brandish fire at it. If the Beast is residue of the people in the furnace, it might still fear fire.
If these do provoke a reaction, there is a chance that it might only make the Beast angrier, rather than scare it away.
That being said, I would suggest lighting a fire. If it makes the Beast angrier, it at least has something to distract it for a moment (putting out the flame). Last I checked, Nan still had matches in her inventory.
No. 463562 ID: 1b355f

Assuming Nan and Pablo make it back into the safe room, I suggest taking out that journal, and reading through it.
No. 463800 ID: 023519

Oddly enough... I feel like shouting "Run, for the love of god!" will work. Nobody will think it's strange if nothing happens, but it might provoke a reaction.

Hopefully a good reaction.
No. 463801 ID: e68f23

do we really want to risk making it angrier?
but we did just shoot the thing, so go ahead and make fire if you have more than enough time.
No. 463850 ID: 1b355f

If Nan and Pablo don't somehow magic their way out of the Beast's path, they're gone anyway. Might as well try somehting different; I still think it's the safest bet.
No. 464282 ID: 974793

Unless by some wierd coincidence(in MY nanquest?), The beasts scream or the gun, described as thunder:

"Entry number 104
May the 24th

Very cold now. Even the sun does
little to dispel this chill. Thunder
roars almost nightly.

Very cold now.

May the light of God warm us. ..."

In the journal. I dunno, but I think this is relevant...
No. 464288 ID: feea89


/questdis/ is thataway: >>/questdis/4297
No. 464307 ID: 974793

...Sorry. Noticed it after I posted.
Anyway, I don't mind giving the best a couple more shots while we run away...
No. 464404 ID: 629257
File 135061652021.gif - (14.28KB , 701x683 , 492.gif )

Nan scrambles to her feet with Pablo in tow, heading for the safehouse. Kim holds the door for them.

Behind them, the great black figure crashes heavily to the floor, collapsing in the shadows.
Heavy, ragged breath fills the air, echoing and rattling through the hall.

Anderson steps past them with a purposeful stride, pistol held at arm's length.
No. 464416 ID: 267691

Might not want to get too close, Anderson. D:
No. 464417 ID: f2c20c

I am honestly not sure if he should kill it. We don't know what it really is.
No. 464420 ID: bf54a8

"anderson wait, the monsters, they all stay away from each other, if it lives, the it might keep the others away"
No. 464421 ID: 6a5a08

Caution Anderson against killing it. The Padre looks like the villain here, everything else seems to be a victim of his, twisted in some way. It's likely they also oppose him.
No. 464423 ID: a4f716

Question it?
No. 464429 ID: 1b355f

I second that; question it.
Who are you?
What are you trying to do/why are you trying to kill us?
Where did you come from?
No. 464430 ID: e9c3eb

Push Pablo in, push Kim in, grab Anderson and pull him in then question everything. Also I don't think this thing can talk, but if so ask it what it is.
No. 464433 ID: 42d722

Get everybody in the safe room.
Tell Anderson to come along, it's incapacitated, don't waste the bullets.
Sort things out once everyone's in the room.
No. 464436 ID: 068b21

Something is very fucking wrong here. In the past, Anderson told us that the only thing one could do if they ran into the beast is run, and to keep running.
If it can be stopped by the bullets in his gun, why hasn't he already done so?
Either that's not actually the beast or...

That's not really Anderson.
No. 464437 ID: 886a4d

The beast isn't shadows... its smoke. And where there is smoke there is fire. I have a feeling if he gets too close he is going to get burned.
No. 464465 ID: e68f23

"Anderson, this place feeds on Sins, do you really want to feed it more" or something to that effect.
No. 464467 ID: 796e43

Remember when Pablo said that the safehouse wasn't safe anymore? He doesn't really have a reason to think so, but then again, he might know more than he is letting on.

Perhaps this is another trap, like the one with Kim in the furnace. Especially since Anderson seems to be acting out of character here (though I suppose that could also be because he wasn't expecting to actually hurt it, just buy time).

Either way, don't go into the safehouse just yet.
No. 464473 ID: 023519

Agreeing with this.

I don't want to raise suspicion among the group, but we should definitely make sure that Anderson knows what he's doing.
No. 464549 ID: 86e91d

Nothing to see here, let Anderson take care of the Beasy
No. 464569 ID: 823206

I think we should kill it, you guys.
No. 464600 ID: 75ea84


I agree, this doesn't add up, should we try stopping Mr.Anderson?
No. 464623 ID: 802e50

Somethings wrong. Don't let Anderson kill the beast would be my automatic response.
Mostly because we can't see his face right now. And I'm really not sure its Anderson.

Push Pablo forward towards Kim. Try to reason with Anderson, or if there's not time just try to drag him with you.
Also maybe flashlight on Anderson, rather than Beast.
I don't know, something just seems wrong here.
No. 464677 ID: 1e7d43

Shine your flashlight on the wounded Beast before Anderson can shoot it! Your flashlight reveals things and banishes illusion and falsehood.

...oooh. Like shining a light on shadows. Neat!
No. 464680 ID: 6a1ec2

I'm going to regret this.

For once, in the entire quest, I suggest you shine your flashlight on the shadows.
No. 464724 ID: bbafd1

My vote is for not killing the beast before knowing what it is.

Pull Anderson as you try to get away. Be ready to escape with Pablo if it winds up not being Anderson after all.
No. 464957 ID: 7bfbd4

Don't kill this thing. Use your flashlight. Just do it.
No. 464959 ID: 6437d1

I suggest we kill it, nothing in this god-forsaken place has done anything besides try to kill us, and if we get the chance to stun, or better yet, kill one of the many threats to our lives, all the better!
No. 464960 ID: 567cc3

Keep Anderson from killing the Beast. Flashlight it.
No. 464986 ID: be66af

Drag Pablo to the Saferoom. I get the odd feeling trying to kill the Beast will not end well. Try and get Anderson to stop and come with us before he gets himself killed.
"Anderson, we NEED to GO."
No. 465015 ID: b14baf

Stop the mass speculation. No reason to think you can tame or in any other way control the Beast. Best we might be able to do is let Anderson kill it. Even that's iffy, but damnit if he won't try.
No. 465023 ID: f6a48e

I have a pretty good feeling we're honestly fucked no matter what we try; kind of a recurring thing to be honest
No. 465043 ID: 53688c

DO NOT let Anderson kill the Beast.
It's the biggest enigma we've got right now, mass speculation aside, since we already know the history and motivations behind the other two.
We need to shed some light on the situation. Get that flashlight on it.
No. 465142 ID: 1b355f

Push Pablo towards Kim and into the room. Brandish flashlight or lit match at Anderson and Beast while asking what they are trying to accomplish.
No. 465143 ID: 1b355f

If we straight-up kill the Beast we loose a first-hand source of information, which we really need in order to figure out how to escape.
No. 465325 ID: 8c9e7d

I vote against trying to interfere with whatever Anderson is doing. He is distrustful and it would be very bad if he came to believe Nan is working against him. Every current enemy in the hotel can be reliably evaded, but Anderson has a gun and the trust of the group.
No. 465475 ID: c969d0

Anderson, how many bullets do you have? Do not waste any on something that is no longer a threat to us.
No. 465641 ID: f0ec70

Ask Anderson what he's going to do. If he acts aggressive/negative, shine a light on the monster.
No. 465752 ID: cfd7b3

Tell Anderson, "Remember, always double-tap!"
No. 465760 ID: 781274

Take care of Pablo and 4-eyes. Get to window and tell action man to get a move on.
No. 466031 ID: 629257
File 135114664182.gif - (12.05KB , 701x683 , 493.gif )

Pablo reaches the door with Nan's assistance and Kim helps drag him inside.
Anderson cocks his gun.

Nan takes a step and tells him not to kill the thing.

He asks why. He says this is our best chance. Maybe our only chance.
Can't you see what this thing is? It's a monster. It's not like taking a prisoner for interrogation.
No. 466037 ID: f2c20c

Tell him that you all look like monsters in the right light. This might just be a really big dog or something. How can we be sure it deserves to die?

He just needs to wait a minute, you'll try shining the flashlight on it. See if you can find out something. He should still keep his gun trained on it, of course, because it definitely IS dangerous.
No. 466041 ID: e3f578

He's wasting bullets. We don't know what that thing is, we don't know if it kills for sure, or what it wants. All we can think about is what we assume. Save the bullets for the Padre and Pilgrim. They're the real threats so far, this is just a large mass, you're gonna need a bigger gun to rightfully kill it.
No. 466046 ID: 6a1ec2

Flashlight! Also there's a cross on your door. SAFEHOUSE ISN'T SAFE

Pablo is probably already dead.

OK ok ok.


No. 466051 ID: 008d86

Guys just let him try to kill it. If that works then holy shit the things can be killed, big morale boost right there. If not, then we can try to interogate or learn.
No. 466053 ID: 42d722

The safehouse has always had the cross on the door.

In any case arguing with Anderson isn't going to get us anywhere, let's check up on Pablo and Kim.
No. 466081 ID: 59f9be

If the beast is supposed to be a collection of souls or something, then wouldn't the worst idea be to harm it? If anything, it could be the remainder of what good is left in the hotel. Sure, it might be confused/corrupted temporarily, attacking the closest thing with the largest source of powerful moral (or whatever Nan has), but it still houses who knows how many spirits, wishing only to pass over to the other side. "Killing" the beast can only be bad; that would trap or destroy the souls, leaving the hotel in unending turmoil.

Or something like that...flashlight the thing...after you take care of Anderson. Tell him that useless violence is never the answer or something. I second the "your bullets are more valuable in someone else" thing to tell him, otherwise, I got nothin
No. 466083 ID: 629257

"let's question the monster and ask what it wants!"


No. 466114 ID: 6a5a08

Tell him you don't need to interrogate it to interrogate it, shining light on the shadows gives you visions. This is one of the Big Three, it might hold a key to destroying the other two or getting out.
Also there's a cross on the door to the safehouse, the cross is a symbol of the Padre. We can't stay here anymore.
No. 466123 ID: dd2f7f

Flashlight it. Even if it knocks us unconscious, the others will drag it in, and we really need the info on the beast. The others backstories are pretty established.

For all we know killing a monster turns you into one of them.
No. 466127 ID: 86e91d

he makes a good point, let him take the shoot
No. 466157 ID: 39f7c2

I say let him take the shot.

And tell him that, just so he knows where to shoot, you'll shine a light on the beast for him. Don't want to waste ammo, right?
No. 466162 ID: c969d0

How many bullets do you have, Anderson? Are you positive that shooting a wounded creature that you aren't even sure you can kill at all is the best expenditure of a very limited resource?

And a second question: Have the uninvited things ever actually hurt anyone? As far as I know, its only ever been one of the big three, and the beast might just be a really huge uninvited. Caution is advised. Extermination is not.
No. 466205 ID: 320371

"Anderson, when you say this thing is, "Not a prisoner... etc." we know there is some part of your past where you may have mishandled a person during such an interrogation or failed to transport a prisoner resulting in their death. I know you feel guilty about that and that is the reason why we are all here, all of us killed someone and this hotel is our punishment. Anna failed to properly repair an elevator and probably caused an accident and the hotel got her.

This... "thing" was coming for Pablo. Pablo is blaming himself for Anna's death and probably has some dark history himself. You've already blown this thing's brains out, it isn't going anywhere and if it does, it means we have not wasted a bullet by letting it go. It emits a darkness and in the darkness I've seen people for what they are, we are all monsters in some way."

In all honesty I would be thoroughly entertained if we convince him to back off and he gets skewered for his mercy. Because if he gets skewered then we know for certain that the hotel is a force of malevolence than justice and can behave appropriately later.
No. 466331 ID: 781274

Tell him that not all is what it seems. That thing my be one more victim of the hotel. Give the Gandalf speech about not knowing the part somthing has to play, be it ill or not, is to be seen. Let it go. . . Just let it go.
No. 466332 ID: 1b355f

Let Anderson keep his gun aimed at the Beast and proceed to question it on its motives and shine a match at it.
No. 466381 ID: 629257
File 135124485532.gif - (12.09KB , 701x683 , 494.gif )

Nan won't tell Anderson not to fire, but she wants a moment first, at the least.

Anderson says this is not a human being. It is a creature. You can't talk to it. It doesn't speak. It doesn't think.
He appreciates that she won't try to stop him. Kim would have.

He'll let Nan shine her flashlight if she wants, but he's going to count to ten, and then put two bullets in its brain.
And if it so much as flinches under the light, he's going to put two bullets in its brain.

Nan says things are not always as they seem here.
Anderson says things are exactly as they seem.
No. 466384 ID: 629257
File 135124521022.gif - (7.84KB , 701x683 , 495.gif )

"Ain't you a little old to be afraid of shadows?
You ought to know by now.

There's nothing there in the dark
that wasn't there in the light."
No. 466385 ID: 1e7d43

Son of a...

Shine your flashlight on *both* the beast and Anderson. At the same time, of course. They're already lined up for you.
No. 466386 ID: dcd676

No. 466400 ID: c969d0

yeah, but there might be something there in the light that isn't in the dark. Or do you not yet grasp that physics does not work the same way here? We currently live in the world of 'Hotel Gives-No-Shits', adjacent to magical-fairlyland asylum for the criminally insane. There is at least ONE thing going on here that is fundamentally evil, and it is probably not going to die just by shooting it, so we should probably get some experience solving our problems in other ways whenever possible so we don't freeze up when it doesn't work. You want to waste ammo on a wounded beast that might not even be able to hurt us anymore, fine. It IS your ammo. But tell me, anderson, has the number of uninvited things changed at all since you got here? I know you've killed some of them, but has it actually changed anything? Because there still seem to be a lot of them, and I'm betting there are more monsters than you have bullets right now, and if you are hell-bent on killing that thing you might want to use a more re-usable weapon.

((I'm probably going to stop commenting on the ammo thing now. I'm not sure drawing attention to it in the same way we drew attention to his cigar is a good idea, I just think reminding him that its a limited resource would be a good way to snap him out of it, if that is what we actually want to do. after all, stopping him from doing this might be just as much a pitfall and letting him kill the damn thing. Or it might have no bearing at all outside of how he feels about nan.))
No. 466423 ID: e3f578

Anderson, you need a bigger gun for god's sake. Don't waste a fucking bullet on an animalistic enemy, go for a smart threat. We don't have an array of bullets that we can just use to kill every spook in here.

And tell him to stop reading penny dreadfuls, that's gotta be a line straight from 'em. So goddamn dramatic I fucking swear he's not a cop but a stage actor.
No. 466458 ID: 59b37e

no anderson


Shine flashlight on Anderson too.
No. 466469 ID: ee3edf

Shine the flashlight on it but at least catch anderson in the beam as well.
No. 466470 ID: 86e91d

Flashlight both of them
No. 466492 ID: 2fd111

gonna regret this later for sure, but it's time to use the flashlight
No. 466544 ID: 629257
File 135129955654.gif - (11.97KB , 701x683 , 496.gif )

Anderson begins counting.
Nan sweeps the flashlight onto him.

Nothing seems to happen.
No. 466546 ID: 629257
File 135129966116.gif - (10.79KB , 701x683 , 497.gif )

Nan sweeps the flashlight's beam over the dark shape, and once more the world goes white around her.
No. 466548 ID: 0c8a2b


Gosh, Nan... I thought we learned by now...?

Well, brace yourself and remember to say "hello" to Lorenzo.
No. 466555 ID: 823206

When we meet Lorenzo, I vote we go cruisin' in a Benz-o.
No. 466595 ID: fc73b2

Get ready to run.
No. 466643 ID: 421526

beat the Padre outta shape
No. 466710 ID: fa1344

Idea: We can influence the past through the flashlight, right? We might be able to pacify Lorenzo or the Beast in the past, before they become hostile to us. It would give us a powerful ally in the present. Particularly Lorenzo, since we already know him pretty well. Don't run from him when we show up, no matter what he looks like. We'll definitely need the Pilgrim's help to beat the Padre in the present, and the key to that is to help him in the past.
No. 466786 ID: c96fc5

with Halloween coming up there oughtta be a nice update sooner or later. Finally updated on this.

Toodles, Weaver.
No. 467397 ID: 629257
File 135159054222.gif - (6.86KB , 701x683 , 498.gif )

Nan is awakened by church bells.
No. 467398 ID: f2c20c

Get up and look out the window.
No. 467428 ID: 887611

Are you back in the Mission? See if you can find your way to the church - it sounded like something important was about to happen.
No. 467430 ID: d85795

There may be something significant about the bells. Haven't they been the first thing she noticed every time she "time travels" to here?

Nan: find source of bells.
No. 467443 ID: bd6add

Get up and look through the window. See if there's a clock or anything around.
No. 467446 ID: 8fca75

Go out and follow the congregation. Try to find the padre.
No. 467486 ID: ece565

Nan: Get up and look through the left window!
No. 467487 ID: 6a1ec2

Inspect strange cross-shaped slots.
No. 467523 ID: 80ca93

Y'know, if we live through this, after it's all over, maybe Nan should make a point to go to church more.

Or less.

I'm pretty sure it should be one of the two.
No. 467529 ID: a4f716

Nan awakes to find herself as No. XV, Xann.

>Inspect Organization XIII insignia along walls.
No. 467535 ID: 3b8cf9

step 1: find bell
step 2: Ring bell a bunch of times
step 3: get million Nan's
step 4: ask them for spoilers
step 5: ???
step 6: PROPHET! (like a religious prophet, because you know whats gonna happen)
No. 467564 ID: 84df65

Get out of bed and CAUTIOUSLY look out the nearby window.

You never know what's going to happen.
No. 467566 ID: a4f716

>Check alarm church-bell for any "466"'s
No. 467581 ID: aa490e

Look around, and then go eat taco bell.
No. 467585 ID: 68bbc5

Look around first, make sure there are no immediate priorities sitting in the room with us. If it's all clear, check the window. And above all, DON'T PANIC, no matter what we see or hear.
It's imperative we positively affect the past if we want to maintain a fighting chance in the present.
No. 467618 ID: 421526

examine room and look out windows
No. 467637 ID: 1e7d43

You appear to be in a monk's/nun's cell. Get out of bed and pray the appropriate hour like a good Religious. Unless you've overslept, that should be "Prime" or "Terce".


No. 467643 ID: 629257
File 135167760330.gif - (13.34KB , 701x683 , 499.gif )

Nan looks out the window. Beyond, there is a familiar TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.
No. 467648 ID: 84df65

Examine the room, then try to find an exit. Be on guard for anything that might happen...
No. 467680 ID: 1b355f

Do you notice any distinctive smells, like fire or burnt flesh? If so, follow your nose.
No. 467691 ID: e48cae

I say you climb out the window. You'll never know what might be behind a door.
No. 467727 ID: cfd7b3

Climb out the window and try ringing that bell.
No. 467732 ID: 53688c

The bell is significant. Climb out the window and investigate it.
No. 467745 ID: 796e43

Well first before you jump out there at least take a good look around the room you are in right now. We don't want to miss anything.
No. 467777 ID: b4710e

this is a suggestion for the future

the next time we meet up with Kim, we should ask her what the future is like
No. 467806 ID: 1e7d43

>climb out the window
>climb out the window

Shouldn't we...er...look for a door first? I mean, unless you're just dead-set on suicide... :/
No. 467809 ID: f2c20c

Yes. Use the door. Jeez.
No. 467831 ID: a977c7

Inspect the room. Is there anything in it?
No. 467832 ID: 150e9a

Dem Quads

OT: Try to walk through gate.
No. 467833 ID: 99d878

Examine the room
No. 467855 ID: 5e2e14

Fine, go through the door. Find out if Mass is still going on and try to take a peek.
No. 467879 ID: 1f3547

Look around the room. Why not.
No. 467915 ID: cfd7b3

The door is clearly EVIL don't TRUST IT!!!

I just figure window seemed like a good idea because it would take us DIRECTLY to the bell, whereas the door would take us directly to the unknown. But I'm curious to see what happens either way.
No. 467957 ID: 436013

Try looking under the bed, maybe something cool is there
No. 467986 ID: 68bbc5

Doors = distractions and people intercepting us.

The window leads directly to where we want to go.
We have limited time. Take the window.
No. 468073 ID: 5e77cc

Take the window. Be careful, don't fall and hurt yourself. Head towards where Padre's (office?) is. Let's figure out what he's planning, and see if we can stop it. Or at least take him out. Nan can always impale him with her horns.
No. 468079 ID: 1fe58f

I don't think we can change the past. We haven't been able to do alter anything in our past encounters, and I don't think that that's about to change.
These are visions; Nan's not really there. I vote we check out the room then head out the door or wherever it seems Nan will come in contact with more people and be able to learn more about the past.
No. 468111 ID: 629257
File 135186961242.gif - (15.68KB , 701x683 , 500.gif )

Nan climbs out the window and enters the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.
She approaches a young nun, who is ringing the bell.

The nun scoffs at Nan and shakes her head, asking her what she's doing out and about without being properly dressed.
No. 468117 ID: f2c20c

Ummm... say you didn't think you had the time. You need to check something. Ask if Padre has summoned the entire town on this day.

Look out the gate- are people coming? There might be another you in that crowd, if so.
No. 468118 ID: e3f578

You're not a Nun. You're a Nan, that's completely different. Get your facts straight, old maid.
And you're dressed like this because you're a foreigner. You don't even belong here, you just kinda strolled in here with Lorenzo and have been visiting him every once in a while. So, there.

Resist urge to pet the adorable Nun.
No. 468124 ID: 1e7d43

Make her feel guilty. You just got here from a distant land and yo were so eager to make the journey that you forgot to bring proper clothes.

Ask why she's ringing the bell. If it's for Mass, ask if she'd kindly lead you to the sanctuary since you don't know your way around.
No. 468142 ID: 68bbc5

We changed Kim's past on the elevator.
No. 468148 ID: 781274

Is Nan cold. If she is not ask to see if the nun is cold. Call the nun Mag, no I don't have a reason for that, but you have to call her somthing. If its not cold get everybody out before the cold comes or if not. . . Well I don't know it might be usefully. . . Somehow.
No. 468162 ID: 6951eb

Seconding calling her a random name, it's better than outright asking for it. Maybe she'll correct Nan.
No. 468175 ID: 49d9ab

No. 468268 ID: 1948a0

Silently hope she doesn't have a third eye in her forehead from some unrelated adventure...
No. 468277 ID: 31854b

I think that was Anna, but your point stands.
No. 468282 ID: cfd7b3

Say simply that you fell asleep and now you've lost track of the time. What specifically is she ringing the bells for..?
No. 468329 ID: 629257
File 135196496168.gif - (15.75KB , 701x683 , 501.gif )

Nan says she lost track of time and asks Mag why she is ringing the bells.

The nun shakes her head and clicks her tongue disapprovingly.
Sister Nancy, surely you're not trying to shirk your duties again.
You're not out here looking for that young pilgrim are you? You're shameless. She's seen the way you watch him.

She ought to be careful, Mag says.
She is sworn to chastity and devotion to the Lord. She shouldn't be looking after that young man like she were some schoolgirl.

Even if he IS awfully cute.
No. 468334 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what she means by watching him. How often has she seen you do that? I thought we've only spoken to him a few times.
No. 468337 ID: 0c2247

"Nevermind then, there are more important things to discuss.
I came across some of Padre's notes. He wrote of having grown to resent his flock, and expressed... disturbing desires. I fear he may be straying from the path.
Would you help me make sure he doesn't falter?"
No. 468339 ID: e916f1

She seems to think you're someone else. I don't suppose your family has lived near this location for a long time?
No. 468347 ID: e3f578

This is the first time we even met! And you're name in Nan, not Nancy, jeese.
No. 468355 ID: 6a5a08

This. We can blame our cluelessness on shock.
No. 468381 ID: 3b7cb9

We're still allowed to mother him, Sister. For are we not all God's children?
No. 468429 ID: 629257

i'm for playing along. "THAT'S NOT MY NAME AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT" is likely to be met with incredulity or worse. and any doubts expressed about the padre will probably be dismissed out of hand. perhaps it's best taken up with the man himself. i vote to ask where you can find the good father.
No. 468433 ID: 37391c

You think he's cute now, you should see him without flesh lol I vote you play along as well seeing as its your best bet for information. Ask her questions about the Padre, if he's been acting strangely lately
No. 468502 ID: 39f7c2


Seconding this. Chock your tardiness up to shock and worry.
No. 468531 ID: 86e91d

Ask where Father Velasco is
No. 468559 ID: e9c3eb


No. 468682 ID: bd6add

Wait a second, how do we know the nun's name is Mag?
No. 468738 ID: fc73b2



No fucking shit, this was established ages ago.
No. 468799 ID: fd8bcd

There's a theory someone else had that Nan lived (future). Her showing up out of nowhere doesn't necessarily mean she's teleporting. Nan referred to the Sister by name, which suggests she knows who she is and exactly what is going on.

Rather than having to ask for the date, does Nan already know what day it is? Does she feel like she's dreaming or like she's awake?
No. 468800 ID: 77adce

Just go along with whatever the nun says for the moment. At least a habit would make a good disguise - you'd blend right in and cause less commotion.
No. 468807 ID: 0d0a09


*There's a theory someone else had that Nan lived in the past and saw visions of the hotel (future).
No. 468811 ID: 2460d2

>Tell Maggie to learn some manners, not be so blunt, and mind her own business! HRMPH!

A goat like you shouldn't take that crap from her.
No. 468846 ID: b1f99d

Say you weren't looking at Lorenzo "like that", you feel like you recognize him from somewhere, but can't remember quite where. Ask Mag what she knows about him and where he got that scar. (Then ask where he can be found)

If Mag gets suspicious, just say you had a "spell" and you're feeling better now, but you're still a little disoriented and talking about what's going on at the church/mission helps.

If Mag's willing to answer more questions ask a) if there is a horse around and how to find him./her (that skull had to come from somewhere) and b)where the Padre is.
No. 469074 ID: b1f99d

Ask the date.
If it's May 15th (which I think it is), Don't worry about finding the Padre. He'll find you. If I counted correctly, and the Padre was a man of routine and wrote in his journal every day, then journal entry 466 ("NAN - I wont let you leave") was written today. Proceed with caution and ask questions now because we might not have a chance later.
(If it isn't May 15th I would guess that we will eventually visit on that date during some future flashback)
No. 469161 ID: e88eb9

I have a feeling there may be indigenous corpses buried under the hotel...
I thought that this would make a good joke but it might work? or not?
No. 469324 ID: 948e70

Huh question carefully. Also...chances of three way desire triangle on Nan with Lorenzo/the Padre? Maybe they are both seeing her as a sign, unless Padre is pulling a Frollo.

At the very least, there's something really significant about her seeing this nun stuff. It makes me wonder if that necklace will pop up again soon. Hell maybe Henry or Pablo was the Padre in a past life xD. Ooor Pablo was a native hence the statue...wonder if Mag is going to pop up more later.

Also ask for the date maybe?
No. 469325 ID: 948e70

Oh right also is anyone else thinking these visions are getting a bit out of order? Maybe we would have gotten this one if we had shined the light on the beast in the chapel...
No. 469407 ID: 629257
File 135231095107.gif - (15.56KB , 701x683 , 502.gif )

Of course Nan knows Sister Maggie's name. They've only been sharing quarters together for the whole year.

Nan shakes off the cobwebs a bit and dismisses her confusion. She tells Mag that she should know better than to suspect Nan of lusty interests. She just had matters to discuss with the pilgrim.
Mag nods with a knowing smile and elbows Nan.
No. 469409 ID: 629257
File 135231105984.gif - (15.57KB , 701x683 , 503.gif )

Joking aside, Sister Maggie says Nan should probably get properly dressed before morning Mass. If the Father were to see her walking around in pants...

Nan asks where the Padre is, anyway, and Mag says she last saw him in the tower over the Chapel.
No. 469412 ID: 629257
File 135231148909.gif - (15.53KB , 701x683 , 504.gif )

Finally, on a whim, Nan asks if the natives had a burial ground here before the Mission was built.

Mag recoils at first, at what she describes as a horrible thought, but then stops to ponder. She tells Nan that there was no cemetery, but she does seem to recall that Father Bowerman, the priest before Velasco, who was present for the founding of the Mission, had mentioned some kind of old foundation they had used to help construction. It was before Nan's time here, of course. But if she wants to know more, Father Velasco might have some documents on it in his study, if he'll permit it. Of course, Mag says, given how well you get on with the Natives, maybe you could just ask one of them about the history of the area.
No. 469415 ID: f2c20c

...how long have you been a nun, Nan? What did you do before you came here?

Let's go throw on a habit, then ask one of the churchgoers about the foundation, if there's one around. If not, don't wait around; go to the study. Last time we saw the Padre around here we immediately got thrown back into the hotel, so avoiding him should buy us some time.
No. 469420 ID: 629257

ah yes, good old father bowerman. whatever happened to that guy, anyway?
No. 469430 ID: e3f578

Is Maggie a mouse?
No. 469447 ID: 77adce

Well get gussied up and go speak to natives. Save the Padre for a last ditch effort in case nothing good turns up among people who are actually not terrifying.
No. 469477 ID: cfd7b3

Agreed. Nun it up and go look for natives, preferably past Pablo, if he's here. I have no doubt he'd tell us what we need to know.

in b4 he was apologizing for something that will eventually happen in these flashbacks instead of something that happened in the hotel
No. 469486 ID: 948e70


This, but ask for the date too still. Also I have to wonder if this is an authentic flashback or if the hotel is messing with us.

Another thing to ponder at random: The Pilgrim and Padre are at odds with one another, but The Pilgrim has been shown definitely stating that he wants to kill/cause harm to Nan, which is presumably to foil whatever the Padre wants.

I wonder what the Padre's relationship to this past nun/Lorenzo is then (besides the obvious sacrifice option)

This also appears to be the first time Nan's mind is actually getting memory fogged, discounting the vision/thing with Henry and her.

Oh, and Maggie appears to be a rabbit, based on the ears.
No. 469597 ID: 2460d2

>Return to the room you were in when you first got here. That was probably "your" room, so your nun outfit is likely inside.
No. 469611 ID: 86e91d

I think Father is gonna be angry with or without nun suit . So go speak with the natives
No. 469623 ID: 629257
File 135237270146.gif - (8.52KB , 701x683 , 505.gif )

According to Sister Maggie, Father Bowerman passed peacefully in his sleep one summer night. He was old and lived a happy and full life serving the church.

As Nan prepares to leave for her room and habit, Sister Maggie stops her.
Her tone is softened.

Sister Nancy, before you go, please tell me
You know me well enough that though I would never give in to sin and vice, I care deeply for Franc- for Father Velasco. I know that he is in need of us and of our support now more than ever. But my mother has taken ill and may pass, and I should like to be there for her.
Sister Nancy, she pleads for advice,
What should I do?
No. 469624 ID: f2c20c

Tell her that helping stabilize Velasco may be the most important thing she could ever do.
No. 469625 ID: b7169d

Family is important to god, and she should be at her bedside.
No. 469629 ID: e3f578

You'll handle Velasco.Just go and help your mother while you have the chance, this could be the last time you see her.
Not to be a debbie downer or anything.
No. 469636 ID: cfd7b3

Above all, family is the most important thing. Please, go to your mother for your sake as well as hers.
No. 469649 ID: b1f99d

GO - but keep in touch.
(a paper trail might be useful to us in the future)
No. 469657 ID: b1f99d

Actually, before you go, ask about Lorenzo.
No. 469668 ID: 86e91d

Tell her you will personally take care of Father and she can visit her mother
No. 469695 ID: ece565

Nan: Tell her to go to her mother
No. 469696 ID: efd3b7

Cue "evil" jumpscare transition right about...
No. 469699 ID: 37717c

Anyone get the feeling this is about to happen again?
No. 469847 ID: 781274

Go to your mother. The roads are full of dangers for a woman alone. Tell her this and that she should take Lorenzo with her to remove temptations from your path and gard herself. Nan can take care of the father. Kill two birds with one stone.
No. 469921 ID: 948e70

Possibly this, though I feel we won't be altering the timeline that easily.

Try asking her what she feels like she should do, or even better, ask her to discuss it with Velesco when you go to question him instead. After all, safety in numbers.
No. 470036 ID: d85795

Now it's stuck in my head

No. 470080 ID: 04ad3b

she seems to be on something more than speaking terms with him. maybe it would be better to ask her to stay? if she knows him that well, she could be a useful asset if we're actually trying to change the past here. then again, if she stays, she might just end up dead with everyone else....
No. 470351 ID: 629257
File 135253910394.gif - (8.83KB , 701x683 , 506.gif )

Nan advises Sister Maggie to be with her mother.

She thanks Nan quietly and nods her head.
She has her responsibilities to the church and to God, but she must also honor her responsibilities to her mother. She will leave and return when she is able.

Father Velasco will surely understand her situation, but he will no doubt eagerly await her return.

Thank you, Nan. Your advice has been valuable to me.
No. 470354 ID: 629257
File 135253926065.gif - (8.93KB , 701x683 , 507.gif )

"Thank you."
No. 470358 ID: 1d5849

"Uh. You're welcome."
No. 470365 ID: 933996

What's, uh. What's that mark over the sister's left eye? And why did it appear after we made a decision on what she should do?

Oh lawd I hope something bad didn't just happen.
No. 470372 ID: f2c20c

Eyebrow. Also, I think we just saved her by changing her fate.
No. 470377 ID: 3b8cf9

Souls Absolved : 1.
No. 470458 ID: 77adce

Not much else you can do with someone who's not there...

Back to looking for natives to talk to?
No. 470459 ID: 933996

I dunno if that's an eyebrow. It isn't there in the prior image, and it's peculiarly placed for one. Here's hoping.
No. 470460 ID: 948e70

I think this vision may be wrapping up...but if it hasn't (or if it starts off in the same place next time) we should definitely consult the natives!
No. 470504 ID: ccc004


I bet we just condemned her, instead.

>Nun goes to visit her mother
>Comes back
>An enraged, demonic padre tears her spine out and impales her with it
No. 470507 ID: 3805b8

Well hey, if this flashback thing is wrapping up, at least it is ending in light and not in darkness like it usually is. Perhaps we did something right this time?
No. 470734 ID: fa1344


It would be hilarious if it turned out the entire Beast was just this one nun.
No. 470759 ID: 36237a

Yes. Hilarious.
Nan: Open Eyes.
No. 471091 ID: be594e

Just caught up on all this. You guys finally made the right decision and saved someone (note the light rather than the darkness. Light = good).

Remember! Pilgrim is not bad, Pilgrim is GOOD. But Pilgrim is trapped because Nun-Nan allowed him to be BURNED ALIVE IN THE CHURCH!!
Take Pilgrim's advice. Don't be afraid!

If we aren't leaving this past-time sequence, GO FIND PADRE'S STUDY!! There will likely be proof of his insanity there for you to persuade Lorenzo not to allow himself to be burned to death. Like...maybe...his journal??
No. 471103 ID: 440525

Cool, just like silent hill. Testing your good intentions and seeing into your heart.
No. 471273 ID: d6ae01

Posts moved to discussion thread. Use the discussion thread for discussion.
No. 471302 ID: 2460d2

>Take the job of comforting, or at least talking, to the Father for a few minutes. Don't forget your uniform! (That is, if you are not leaving this past sequence.)


Yep, the name of the game is social interaction. Rather than figuring out what gear goes where, Nan has to talk, console, protect, argue, agree, or do whatever the players wish her to do with the various people she meets.
No. 471419 ID: 8ca92a

It makes sense, in a really warped way.
No. 471477 ID: 629257
File 135285142495.gif - (4.18KB , 701x683 , 508.gif )

In a rush of darkness, Nan can feel herself being spirited away from the courtyard, and memories seem to emerge from shadow, only to dip again into the blackness.
No. 471478 ID: 629257
File 135285148987.gif - (5.04KB , 701x683 , 509.gif )

Nan finds herself in the SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY, in front of Room 211.

There is muffled crying coming from inside.
No. 471479 ID: f2c20c

Knock on the door, and say it's Nan, then ask who's in there.
No. 471480 ID: cef479

Does the crying sound like a guy or a girl? Because if it's a boy there's a good chance it's Pablo.
No. 471482 ID: 36237a

Peek through the keyhole.
No. 471490 ID: 629257

don't knock first. break it down if necessary. be ready to fight.
No. 471501 ID: 0c8a2b


Walk in like the boss who totally owns this place. Ready your COMFORT ARMS.

Kim is probably sad and alone.
No. 471509 ID: 6951eb

wasn't the entire second floor entirely burned/ruined, or at least partially?
we should take a look around before anything else
No. 471517 ID: 6c3b85

Attempt entry. If locked, knock on door.
No. 471598 ID: a9ce71

Knock on the door. Say "Housekeeping" and knock again. If no response, come in anyways.
No. 471609 ID: be594e

Try to enter to the room. If you can't, knock and ask who is in there, and if they're alright.
No. 471612 ID: cfd7b3

DEFINITELY peer through the keyhole before you make yourself known. Then if you do not feel threatened by what you see, call out to whoever is crying and ask what is the matter.
No. 471622 ID: 781274

Rush in and screw caution. Oh,
No. 471669 ID: 2460d2

>Place your ear against the door and hear what's inside. Be sure what's going on before knocking, or you might scare the person inside the room.
No. 471675 ID: 86e91d

Slam the door open and enter
No. 471676 ID: 948e70


GUYS THIS. Remember the 2nd floor is a burning wreck, so this is most likely a vision or illusion.

>Knock on the door and possibly call out
No. 471710 ID: 3805b8

Yeah take a look around first.

Then, don't burst in, at least knock, before entering.

It's inevitable were gonna try going in considering all of these commands, but let's at least do a little something before we do so hmm?
No. 471738 ID: 436013

Open the door
but if it's scary close it quickly and count to ten
No. 471740 ID: a4f716

>Walk in, Cosmo Kramer style.
No. 471763 ID: 629257
File 135294236935.gif - (8.75KB , 701x683 , 510.gif )

Nan looks through the keyhole.
No. 471764 ID: 46e989

Well, fuck.
Time for action.
Barge in!
No. 471774 ID: cef479


Kick the door in screaming "HEEEEEEERE'S NANNY".
No. 471778 ID: be594e

Get in there and save Pablo's family from Pablo!
No. 471785 ID: e3f578

Looks like Kim and a tiny Lorenzo in there.
Well what are you doing, equip an item in your inventory and barge in!
No. 471788 ID: 629257

i'm sure it's fine.
No. 471790 ID: a5c529

Aw crap get in there and stop him!
No. 471792 ID: 802e50

No. 471809 ID: 781274

Open the door if you can. Don't jump to conclusions the person with the axe my not be the at fault (though he most likely is). For example it could be a hostage situation. Yell "freeze it's the police" when you go in.
No. 471835 ID: b96eff

Barge in and be distracting, but not close enough to be axed immediately. Try to assess the situation as best as you can.
No. 471843 ID: a42046

Knock on the door.
No. 471852 ID: cfd7b3

Don't barge in! Results could be bad, and people could get hurt/killed. Try knocking on the door instead. Most likely, everyone will stop what they're doing.
No. 471895 ID: 4c0017

wheres johnny

oh there he is
No. 471897 ID: 5d8a00

Whistle showtunes in a creepy manner outside the door.
No. 471900 ID: c969d0

can you move your head some so you can see in at an angle and see the face of the guy with the axe? That could make all the difference.
No. 471903 ID: 39f7c2


Knocking on the door is the smartest idea here. This situation looks... delicate.
No. 471943 ID: 7b3827

Oh my god my suggestion was picked
Throw open door! Preferably yelling "WHAT THE HELL, PABLO"
No. 471950 ID: 6cc859

Knock on the door. Don't pretend to be the police or anyone else.
No. 471951 ID: 86e91d

I think the guy holding the axe is not in a talkative mood , I insist

No. 471962 ID: b1f99d

It seems that we did best when we really tried to play along with the role; so here is my suggestion:
- Knock on the door and say "HOUSEKEEPING" (after all, Nan is a repair-person)
- While you knock on the door please, TAKE A LOOK AROUND. There's nothing to loose by doing that, and it may help give the unfolding situation some context.
No. 471963 ID: 6a5a08

This seems like the most not-terrible option.

When there's a madman in a room carrying a better weapon than you and who is likely stronger than you, you do not simply barge in. You have to get the upper hand or you're fucked.
No. 472008 ID: 823206

No. 472044 ID: b96eff

I am this person.
I wish to change my vote to towards this person.
No. 472045 ID: b96eff

>I wish to change my vote for this person's idea.
No. 472089 ID: 948e70

This, minus the what the hell Pablo. Since this most likely a vision anyhow, we won't lose anything but a chance to potentially interfere with the murder of minors in the past...or making a terrible misunderstanding more terrible. But hey, greater risks, greater rewards.

Here's hoping that we don't get zoned back to the burned out husk of a room right as we take action.
No. 472090 ID: 629257
File 135304761250.gif - (9.73KB , 701x683 , 511.gif )

Nan kicks down the door to Room 211.
No. 472091 ID: 629257
File 135304769051.gif - (13.48KB , 701x683 , 512.gif )

Nan's family turns to face her.
Her children, Little Holley and June are crying.
Her husband is brandishing an axe.
No. 472093 ID: bf54a8

i... what
No. 472100 ID: 6c3b85

... Tell the girls to get behind you, Nan.
No. 472103 ID: 5145b0



No. Fuck it. Just walk out. Don't even bother.
No. 472104 ID: ecfcdc

Make sure they're okay.
No. 472107 ID: 2073cc

Nut shot your husband to disable the threat to your children, take the axe from him, and demand an explanation. Nothing else but this.
No. 472110 ID: e6a70c

... Whatever. Rolling with it.

No. 472116 ID: 1d5849

"Could someone PLEASE tell me what is going on? I've had an absolutely terrible day at work down in the factory and seeing my husband brandish an axe to my crying children, for whatever reason there is, sure confuses me."
No. 472119 ID: 2fd111


Walk out.
Slowly close the door.
Don't break eye contact.
No. 472120 ID: 46e989

Yell "STOP", full lungs. Demand explanation.
No. 472121 ID: 491319

ask husband what's going on, motion kids over to you

make mental note to later investigate what appears to be a picture of the terra cotta courtyard on the back wall

optional: tell Holley she is your favorite child
No. 472124 ID: be594e

Nan's family is rabbits?

Um... Well the husband looks upset also, not like he's about to kill them. Ask husband what he's doing with that axe, and what is going on?
No. 472127 ID: 629257

you talk-so-much dolts. there is a time for asking dopey questions and there is a time for

maybe focus on making sure he can't hurt anyone before you start politely requesting explanations. if you have to kill the man to save the kids, do not hesitate. at the very least get his weapon away from him. like, now.
No. 472129 ID: 436013

Just get out of there, I don't even
No. 472132 ID: 90a93c

Regret marrying this idiot and scold him for scaring the children.
No. 472133 ID: f2c20c

It's going to be so embarrassing when it turns out he's just telling a spooky ghost story.
No. 472141 ID: 948e70


>Awww yeah do this or a headbutt!

After all WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG. I mean besides you getting another mind screw thing and sent back to the burned out hotel husk.

Or it turning out that you just incapacitated Henry/Pablo/Captain Anderson while he's getting ready to shoot the monster...Or we get an axe to Nan's head.

Also remember the room #211, it might be relevant later.
No. 472142 ID: 02bd5c

Get the weapon away from him. Seriously, this is no time for talking.
No. 472145 ID: 440525

Yeah defiantly get the weapon from him.
No. 472153 ID: cedf82

i.. think the husband is trying to protect the kids from something. maybe from you.
No. 472155 ID: b6edd6

Seconded, the husband looks scared rather than aggressive. Only try to advance towards him if he starts making a move first.
No. 472157 ID: 735f4f

Apologize for smashing the door and you were worried for there safety. But keep a close eye on the guy with the axe.
No. 472179 ID: 7cd42a

Ask for an explanation and step in front of your kids. Protect them!
No. 472183 ID: 29654e

No. 472187 ID: a4f716

Tell your husband this is no way to entertain the kids.

Also tell June she's your favorite. Hell, both of them are better than that blind bitch that you sent off to blind camp at the Glen.
No. 472222 ID: ffd73c

Speak calmly but with authority. Tell your children to get back from the axe. Before your husband can get angry or start with denials, immediately ask him what he is doing with that axe. Specifically, why is he holding such a dangerous object near your little girls. That is dangerous. Also, ask why they are are so upset.
No. 472223 ID: 6951eb

get his axe off his hands, push him away from the kids and ask him what the fuck is he doing.
No. 472234 ID: b68851

>Just turn around and walk away
No. 472247 ID: bf857e

Let's go on a limb and say that maybe Kim's right and we all died at one point.

Be very careful, Nan, and address this situation calmly. Ask what's going on, and if anything goes wrong, use the lamp there as a weapon.
No. 472251 ID: 7b3827

Seconding this.
Also, I'm getting the feeling that maybe Nan isn't just one person. Assuming that the repair-goat Nan we met at the beginning is the "true" Nan, I think that these visions she's been having are from past lives. Nan was a nun, and a mother, and is now a repair-goat. The other people we've been meeting probably have something similar going on if that's the case, but I don't really have much evidence for that yet. Let's see how this goes.
No. 472254 ID: 99cf85

See, I think she's actually remembering other peoples memories, learning what happened to the others.

Also, Nan ascertain what the FUCK is going on
No. 472270 ID: 823206

No. 472271 ID: 823206

No. 472284 ID: 34e552

Dafuuuuuuuq Nan. I didn't know you were a married woman! After all these times I've supported you with Santiago! D:<

>Back to story, just tell the husband not to do anything to their kids and ask whats going on.
...oddly though, the husband looks kinda malnourished, maybe he's trying to eat the kids.
No. 472310 ID: a9de0c

Check your finger for a ring and ask your husband (also, what's his name? - try to find out) to a) kindly put down the ax, and, b) what the immediate danger is.
No. 472342 ID: 629257
File 135313347046.gif - (13.71KB , 701x683 , 513.gif )

Nan bursts into the room and confronts her husband.
She calmly but firmly instructs her children to come to her and step away, but her husband stands between them and stops them.

He says the girls shouldn't move a fucking inch.
And he says he's not giving them up.
He knows what's going on.
He says he knows you're all against him. That you always have been. Laughing behind his back.

But he says Nan is a stupid bitch if she thinks she'll have the last laugh.
Not this time.
No. 472349 ID: bf54a8

axes only work if they can get a swing going, get in close and grab the handle closer to the head.
No. 472353 ID: 9d5618

diplomacize first
remember Weaver said these are social puzzles

tell the husband that is not true, you would never laugh at him behind his back, you love him
ask him what exactly is going on here, why does he have the axe, surely not to protect himself against Nan with her girlish figure

if it look like he's not going to calm his shit, then make a grab the axe
No. 472366 ID: 061a93

Point out that he's been putting on weight.
No. 472378 ID: 491319

what's in your inventory?
No. 472379 ID: db2304

Do you think the kids have been laughing at you? They're kids.
If you want to swing an axe around, you can do it at us.
If you have something to say, you can say it to Nan.
Nan will never laugh at you.
But if you try to hurt those children, we will end you.
No. 472402 ID: fa63cb

"Let the girls go, take me instead"
No. 472419 ID: ffd73c

Ladies and gents, we have a paranoid and potentially delusional man on the edge. First, tell him that alright, if he is angry with her, then they should talk. Use this as an excuse to tell the girls to go to the bathroom so you two can chat privately. If he tries to stop them, he will have to turn around. Bringing back the axe in particular will take him a moment, especially while turning. You are more nimble and can grab it first, at least buying the girls enough time to hide in the restroom or to run past to the front door.

Hopefully we can talk him down so that it doesn't come to that.

After telling the girls to go to the bathroom, try to immediately get your husband's attention back on you. You need him focused on you and not the girls. Ask him where he has gotten the idea that you are laughing at him. It simply is not true. You married him because you feel nothing but love and respect for him. Remember how wonderful it was, when you were courting, when you finally said your vows? Remember how happy you have been?

A key factor is that we do not bring up the girls' opinions towards their father. That will only direct his attention towards them and it will risk their lives. We need him focused on Nan, as she is the only one with a way to run. Luring him out of the room can give the girls a chance to run if it comes to that. The alternative is clocking him over the head with a lamp if necessary, but I would bank more on being more nimble than him. Hopefully he isn't so far gone that he can't be talked down.
No. 472421 ID: 86e91d

I'm lost

Tell him you had to do (whatever Nan did) it for everyone's sake . You are sorry though, it hadn't to go this way
No. 472423 ID: be594e

I wholeheartedly second this. He still doesn't seem like he really means to hurt the kids unless you try to take them from him. So stay calm and don't make him feel threatened.

Also, can we get a real quick mental check of what's in our inventory right now? Maybe we have something to calm him down?
No. 472436 ID: 2460d2

>Tell him to let the girls go so you two can settle this one-on-one, be it talking or fighting.

It may be risky, but it could give the girls a chance to flee without provoking him. Be gentle about it though. Don't make it seem like you're taking the girls away from him forever, or that'll make him think that his "everyone against him" theory is more plausable. Even though these scenarios could be illusions, it may still have an impact on the Hotel. (Maybe it'll change the state of room 211 when the scene is over?) Therefore, handling this scene delicately could turn out to be pretty important.
No. 472437 ID: 1f8505

Tackle him and grab the axe away.
No. 472438 ID: 436013

Laugh in his fucking face
No. 472439 ID: f2c20c

He's only got one hand on the axe. Rush him before he can wield it properly.
No. 472440 ID: 629257




hit that dude on his head with the lamp
No. 472441 ID: e3f578

I forget what our current inventory is.
Just call him an immoral douschebag and club or slice him with the item with the greatest damage output in your inventory or that's easily reachable very quickly.

Now, this may be where he tries attacking you and you weapons meet in a stalemate until one of you overpowers the other. This is when you kick 'em in the balls.
No. 472442 ID: b96eff


This this this. These threads are all about being wise, not being an action hero. That's for our partners to handle.
No. 472443 ID: 2fd111

If we're going for diplomacy, this is how we should go about it.
No. 472445 ID: 1f8505


There's nothing to be diplomatic about here. He's ready to act, and we must act faster.
No. 472446 ID: 629257

>These threads are all about being wise, not being an action hero.
I advise you read the /questdis/ thread here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/4297.html#63838
Also, "this!" is still a bad post.
No. 472449 ID: 7b7f04

Hurl the lap to your left at him and shout for the children to flee. Confront him if he gives chase, if not, then flee with them.
No. 472450 ID: d9d428

Don't waste any more time. He can't wield that shit with one hand, rush this motherfucker down and most importantly, try to put some distance between him and the kids.
No. 472453 ID: 7b984f

Maybe this sounds silly, but try flashing the flashlight in his face to blind him, or throw a cloth or something like that over his head. I think that either blinding him or making sure he can't see would make it easier for everyone to escape.
No. 472455 ID: 300b12

Charging him probably isn't a good idea. Keep edging towards the dresser, keeping him focused on you. When you get there throw the lamp in his face.

Hopefully you'll catch him offguard and knock him out, even if he defends his face you'll still be able to rush in and take him
No. 472457 ID: 29654e

Alright, so given the available information, TAKE THAT FUCKER DOWN.
Do anything to make sure the kids don't get hurt, even if it means risking your own life.
No. 472458 ID: 491319

do you have any weapons in your inventory

if not, try and knock him out with the lamp while avoiding the kids
No. 472463 ID: cef479

Guys guys. We're forgetting the most obvious solution. AIM FOR HIS BALLS. It's a cheap move but it might give us the chance to take the axe away while he's making sure his nads are intact.
No. 472464 ID: 6951eb

making sure the children are safe is more important than calming him down at the moment.

ask him what makes him think that? why would you be married to him if that was true? if all the questions just end up irritating him, then his anger will be focused on you rather than the kids and you'll be able to lure him out of the room and away from the girls.

oh and take the lamp, you might need to use it
No. 472490 ID: ecfcdc

Charge right the fuck in there and grab that axe and get it away from him.
No. 472495 ID: 3b8cf9

toss lamp into man, miss and hit mirror, que new transportation.

but in all seriousness, throw LAMP at AXE-MAN then KICK him in the JUBBLIES while he is dodging/blocking.
No. 472501 ID: 450660


Hmm.. yup. We be trippin'.

That painting isn't there anymore. Or wasn't. How good is your self-convincing-fu?
No. 472570 ID: 948e70


Agreed I think, time to be a diplomancer!

Also hum a show tune if you think that will help.
No. 472607 ID: 491319

angry dude's got an axe cursing at nan in front of two small kids and you wanna be diplomatic

nah dude


knock him out if you want to be merciful but this is clearly no time to try and talk things out. if these suggestions keep pushing the no action route we're never gonna get anywhere [and i'd bet those two kids'll get hurt if we stall any more]
No. 472626 ID: d89abb

does nan know why he's acting like this?
No. 472628 ID: 6c3b85

Okay, While rushing Axeman, Yell at the kids to go to the bathroom. That'll get them out of the fight and they hopefully won't have to see any gore. While I kinda think he's in a position to block you if you go for the balls, I do endorse cheap shots.. We want to knock him off balance and take that axe away from him so we can use it to knock the crazy out of his head. Again, preferably with the kids not watching.
No. 472634 ID: a9de0c

The one instance in which we seemed to have any measure of success (probably) was when we told Sister Mags to leave. I believe that we should do the same here; see if you can convince the husband to let the kids step outside the hotel while the parents talk it out.
No. 472642 ID: ac36d0

Because Weaver wanted him to. Weaver also wants action. We'd better give him action if we don't want slaughtered children.

Let's analyse this situation.
The children are crying, scared, and Nan's 'husband' refuses to let them go.
He has an axe.

>He says the girls shouldn't move a fucking inch.
Clearly he doesn't show much care to the children when he's threatening them.

>And he says he's not giving them up.
To his insane eyes, they're simply property.

>But he says Nan is a stupid bitch if she thinks she'll have the last laugh.
>Not this time.
This seems more like a competition -- or personal revenge -- to him, rather than a fight to protect his children.

Diplomacy doesn't seem to be the way to go. Equip flashlight as weapon. Charge in and aim for the head.
No. 472655 ID: 2460d2


For the record, I wasn't suggesting Nan doesn't fight. I was suggesting a way for the kids to get away first. That's why I tacked this bit at the end: "be it talking or fighting." (I know you may not be referring to me. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I get misunderstood by others.)

I just want to make sure the kids don't get caught in the crossfire before the fight starts. Nan ending up traumatized is something we should avoid since the creatures of the Hotel detect guilt. I mean, sure an axe has two hands, but the husband is much closer to the kids. He doesn't care about the kids, so what's to stop him from taking one as a meat shield the moment Nan tries to make a move?

As for what Nan should do to counter, maybe a quick tackle/headbutt to the gut would do the trick. An axe requires two hands and an overhead swing is slow. By the time he realizes he should have used his fists first, it may be too late for him. Use those rock-hard horns, Nan!
No. 472678 ID: 4aa13b


Nan, you're a goat. You're a goat and you have horns. Just headbutt him in the chin and settle this quickly and efficiently.

Also when the hell did you ever have a husband and kids? Are you sure this isn't an illusion of some sort?
No. 472680 ID: 85e688

No. 472684 ID: 781274

Tell him that he is right and that you and him need to talk. Tell him that your sorry and you need to make it up to him. Tell him that it needs to be just you and him. Offer to move closer and switch places with the kids as they will only make it harder to talk. Ask if he still loves you and say that your sorry (a second time) and be ready to stop an axe o' death.
No. 472699 ID: a42046

"We can still talk about this. It doesn't have to go this way."
No. 472707 ID: 948e70

I've got the feeling that if a charge happens, we'll just end up falling through a hole in the now suddenly charred room floor.
No. 472710 ID: 8d167c

You still have your flashlight? Chuck it at his head.
No. 472716 ID: ffd73c

After looking at the discussion thread, I'll withdraw the suggestion for diplomacy and shall switch over to the angry mama bear camp. Take the lamp, throw it at his head while shouting at the girls to flee. This should make it difficult for him to focus his attention on either dodging, stopping the girls, or being angry with Nan. If we're lucky, this will slow him down enough to take a lamp to the face and disorient him, or at least make him focus a few precious seconds dodging the lamp and reassessing his options. Either way, we should have a few precious seconds to allow us to get in a savage attack to the genitals so that while that fucker is reeling so you can yank the axe away.

Heck, let's go all out with protective motherly rage and adrenaline, and while we're turning his outie into an innie with our feet, let's scream something snappy like, "GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTERS, YOU PRICK!"
No. 472769 ID: e62559

Walk away.
Let them die.
There's nothing you can do.

I think it's a trap. Don't bite.
No. 472777 ID: 81a3ce

the girls are probably gonna turn into eldritch abominations the minute we try to touch them....
No. 472780 ID: 53688c

Beat your husband with your flashlight and your horns if need be, but DO NOT touch that lamp.
Destroying any source of light is a bad, bad idea.
No. 472789 ID: 86e91d

Rush at him and go for a kick in the knee , It worked for Santiago

just don't get your head chopped off in the proccess
No. 472802 ID: 31854b


No. 472808 ID: 802e50

Those circles on the ceiling appear to be lights. If the power goes out for whatever reason, the lamp will be gone too.
I say make use of what we have and bash his stupid face in. Make sure to call him fat and laugh.
No. 472836 ID: a4f716

Tell your husband that Bowerman wants us apart and that he's just playing straight into his hands.
No. 472914 ID: a42046

Ammendum to my vote: use that as a distraction while yo slowly reach for something to throw at him before beating him to death like a rabid animal.
No. 473008 ID: a77bab

So, is someone actually not loosing the overview? It's kind of random between
-kill him
-try to persuade him.
I just hope this will result in her getting confused right now...
I'm for provoking him to attack you and loose his grip on the children, so they can flee while you two fight... some basic stuff like "then come at me directly" or something like this. Anything you can use to counter a blow? otherwise close-combat and quick-moves are preferable as swinging needs a little space and time.
No. 473015 ID: ac36d0

He's actually got a decent plan here.
No. 473023 ID: b8a92e

*I meant "I hope this WON'T result in her getting confused"

also, yes that was me despite different IDs...
No. 473024 ID: b1f99d

In light of some of the recent posts I'd like to amend my suggestion. First, try to get the husband to agree to let the children wait outside the hotel while the adults talk. If that does not work, engage the husband in physical combat (use caution, maybe throw something) while yelling "Girls, get out of the hotel!"
No. 473026 ID: b1f99d

...And in light of what Weaver just posted on the discussion thread, I'm changing my suggestion once more. Nan's in new clothes, so I doubt she has access to inventory (it also indicates this is a vision). Make very brief eye contact with the older child to try to communicate that things will be ok. Then grab for the ax, not to take it, but enough to keep the husband from swinging it. While you are close, headbutt the husband in the stomach/groin area. Most importantly, as you are attacking, yell to the children "GET OUT OF THE HOTEL".
(really sorry)
No. 473052 ID: b96eff

Well shit, I'm stupid. In that case...

Everytime we're in a different time period or something, Our inventory changes to who knows what. I personally think we don't have a lead pipe on us or anything she could use to fight. Maybe she does. I would like a inventory check.

If what we have isn't anything good, or we just don't have time to check, grab the lamp next to us before proceeding to fight. It's decent sized, it's blunt, it's better than out fists at least.
No. 473154 ID: 68bbc5

There is no part of using the lamp as a weapon that is a good idea.

Perform a very quick inventory check and use whatever we happen to be carrying and/or our horns.
No. 473164 ID: 629257
File 135339822675.gif - (13.56KB , 701x683 , 514.gif )

Nan says it doesn't have to go down this way. That it could still be different.
He laughs. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Well this time it's not going your way. This time he's in charge.

Nan says fine.
You caught her.
She laughs.
She laughs right at him.
It's no wonder he's clutching at the kids instead of coming at her directly.
This is about her.
She's the one he wants.
And he can't even face up to that?

He doesn't seem to like that.
No. 473165 ID: 629257
File 135339825561.gif - (10.52KB , 701x683 , 515.gif )

Nan hurls the lamp at his face, taking the brief moment of distraction to ensure her children are safe.
No. 473166 ID: 629257
File 135339830841.gif - (11.01KB , 701x683 , 516.gif )

Nan yells at her children to run.
Don't stop running until you've left this place behind.

As they run out of the room, Nan charges her husband. He's bleeding, and full of rage.
No. 473167 ID: f2c20c

Kick him in the jimmy!
No. 473168 ID: 1f8505


Elbow him in the face!
No. 473170 ID: 629257

get the axe.
No. 473171 ID: 42d722

Knock him down, get the axe.
No. 473172 ID: cfd7b3

Wrench that axe away from the psycho while he's distracted by the blinding pain, and while you're at it make sure there's nothing around that he can counter-attack with. If you see something, make sure you get to it first! Try cornering him into the bathroom if you can.
No. 473173 ID: 2f4b71

Leave and close the door.
No. 473176 ID: 781274

Back away and see what happens. Now the kids are safe see if you can save your husband from himself.
No. 473177 ID: 86e91d

gouge his eyes out

.. or kick him in the groin
No. 473181 ID: 491319

initiate mama bear mode and incapacitate him, get the axe away
No. 473184 ID: 011678

Grab the axe then kick him in the crotch/ throw him over your shoulder, either should get him to drop it.
once he has, run from the room slamming the door and wedging it shut with the axe, then call the police.
No. 473189 ID: 8121ca


No. 473220 ID: 654f12

Don't fight fair. Don't be nice, or kind. Be mean. Be cruel. Fight dirty. Take every advantage, every weakness, and use it against him. Bite him. Claw his eyes. Steal his axe. Pull his hair. Knee his groin. Attack the parts that are easily wounded, and then the parts that are already wounded, and then the parts he can't guard. Don't ever stop fighting. Don't ever let up. Don't give him time to think, or or fight, or breath. Think about what you're fighting for, and why you have to win, why you have to win, and never, ever stop.
No. 473229 ID: 2460d2

>Cripple your husband.

With the kids safe and glass in his eyes, beat him up to the point where he'll be too worn out and damaged to fight back. Do NOT kill him.

Since you are charging, go for either a quick cross against the jaw or headbutt his gut. Don't give him a chance to get the axe again.

Finally, watch out if he goes even more crazy and decides to use the lamp shards on his face as a weapon.
No. 473233 ID: 948e70

Well that escalated quickly. Wonder when we're going to get the scare shock reality snap back?

>Kick groin, get axe away from him
No. 473234 ID: a42046


by which I mean get the ace away from him and break his hands. And then tear him apart if it seems appropriate (it usually is)
No. 473267 ID: 3e1ac3

Run after your daughters to make sure they are okay and don't get lost while trying to close the door on your husband's face before he can see clearly again.
No. 473299 ID: c969d0

get the axe away from him. To disable him, a kick in the groin will suffice for a moment, then break a rib or four. Have you ever tried doing anything that requires you to breathe with a broken rib? It really fucking hurts and is difficult to do. He won't be able to give chase, while you run and find SOMEONE to help you.
No. 473308 ID: b1f99d

Simultaneously grab axe away while punching, kicking, or headbutting him in the groin. Raise the axe, prepared to strike if he makes any moves and demand answers. Now.
(It's using violence AND negotiating!)
No. 473311 ID: b96eff

Take Axe. Tell him you're still willing to work it out. If not, threaten him you'l MAKE him talk it out. We're better than that, but he doesn't need to know. We need answers, we always need answers.
No. 473323 ID: 62f448

No. Fuck no. No more talking.

Incapacitate him if you are able, if you cannot reasonably do that, you will have to kill him.
No. 473350 ID: be594e

Grab the axe, follow the kids out, and slam the door in the guy's face!
No. 473353 ID: ac36d0

He's in a blind, murderous rage and you people want to talk to him still? She already tried that, and it failed. I think negotiation time is over.
No. 473440 ID: 629257
File 135350935512.gif - (12.58KB , 701x683 , 517.gif )

As Holley and June flee out the door, Nan lunges at her husband just in time to grab for the axe.

They struggle. Nan fights dirty. She gets violent. She turns the pain of the abuse she's suffered back on her tormentor.

Her husband, unable to grab the axe back, is pushed back over to the bed. His powerful hands find Nan's throat and he begins to strangle her as she attacks him.
No. 473442 ID: e3f578

Kick in crotch
Put your thumbs in his eyeballs.
No. 473448 ID: 948e70

Uhoh, this is going to get bad. I'd vote for
> Knee in groin while pushing axe handle into gut, then try to make a break for it.

I feel like killing him will end badly, considering the overall themes we've been seeing in this story.

I wonder if this flashback/forward is really Nan, or her taking the place of someone else who was in the room. Well that or the hotel is just fucking with her again!
No. 473452 ID: 86e91d

The lamp came back from the death, it shall judge those who are good and bad

Smash the axe in his face, I mean the butt side of the axe
No. 473453 ID: 1f8505


Use sharp end of axe on husband.
No. 473476 ID: 8d7792

possibly made a bad decision here, as it seems like the picture of the courtyard has changed to show fire...
Definatley avoid killing him, drag him to the door if you can, try and scream for help.
No. 473493 ID: 436013

Strangle the bastard
No. 473504 ID: 491319

I could be wrong but I think that's blood from the fight, not fire on the painting

try to get away from him. I would say knock him out but seeing as he's already got his hands around your throat...
No. 473507 ID: 6cc859

Blunt end. Smack him in the head with the flat or back of the axe head.
No. 473521 ID: ffd73c

What we need is to get him to let go, to disable, but not kill, our opponent. Aim for the inner elbows with the axe blade. We don't have the strength to hack them off, but those are delicate areas and will cause him a great amount of pain. It will be unlikely that he can keep strangling Nan's throat if his arms hurt too much to use. Injured arms will also make it difficult for him to attempt any other form of attack. Also, attacking the genitals is also an excellent distraction, and that can be done with the knee or the foot, thus keeping the hands free to wield the axe. Once he is disabled, then Nan can run without fear of him chasing her, or worse, taking a cue from what she did earlier and throwing something at her while her back is turned.
No. 473526 ID: a42046

If we decide to kill him, I suggest Nan screams "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE HERE YOU FUCK" while she kills him.

It will be cathartic for her and shit.

Oh, and attack the weak points, groin eyes neck etc
No. 473529 ID: 5a34d5

Use the hand not on the axe single out one finger and snap it. If you are going to blackout before then use the axe. Try not to kill the abusive @#%&*%.
No. 473680 ID: 14e3f8

Suggestion: beat him, ideally until he stops strangling you.
No. 473706 ID: 7b7f04

Use the second lamp-- I mean, go for the eyes!
No. 473729 ID: be594e

I told you violence wasn't the answer, now look what you've done!!

Use the BLUNT side of the axe to knock him unconscious!
No. 473731 ID: cef479


Neither was yapping at the psychopath.

Smack that motherfucker with the blunt end of the axe until he's out and run for it.
No. 473740 ID: bf857e

I go with using the second lamp, but only once you break away.

Meantime, try and get his hands off your throat.
No. 473781 ID: 53688c

Beat him senseless, but make absolutely sure not to kill him. We still don't know his motives, or what he thinks is going on.
He's most likely being manipulated by the Hotel, and every person dead is still a loss for us.
No. 473899 ID: 629257
File 135366823892.gif - (11.81KB , 701x683 , 518.gif )

Nan bludgeons her husband repeatedly with the axe handle.

She breaks his nose.
When that fails to loosen his choking grasp, she breaks his jaw.

Finally he goes limp under her.
No. 473900 ID: 629257
File 135366839401.gif - (10.88KB , 701x683 , 519.gif )

Some part of her wants to take his life.
It takes all her willpower to stop there, but she does.

Still. He won't hurt anyone. Not ever again.
No. 473901 ID: 1d5849

Well done!

Might want to go and make sure your children are okay.
No. 473902 ID: 629257
File 135366935838.gif - (9.27KB , 701x683 , 520.gif )

There's another torrent of shadows around Nan.
No. 473903 ID: 629257
File 135366947453.gif - (12.04KB , 701x683 , 521.gif )

No. 473904 ID: 46e989

>Colour picture
>Shit just got real.jpg

That cloaked figure doesn't look too inviting. Be careful, and try to determine who's that person.
No. 473906 ID: 781274

Hello. . . father?

Dun dun dun!
No. 473907 ID: bf54a8

cautiously say hello
No. 473912 ID: 011678

wouldnt it be ironic if helping these people and peacfully/nonleathely resolving the conflicts is somehow making the situation at the hotel worse.
anyway, rember who you are right now, then address the figure before you.
No. 473916 ID: 948e70

>Turn around and go back the other way!

Barring that, let's get some Nan thoughts/observations about the area she is in and what she was doing. Oh and maybe also the DARK FOREBODING CLOAKED FIGURE.
No. 473923 ID: c969d0

Nan: status report, before we tell you to do something stupid. who are you, what are you, where are you, who is that, why are you wearing a cloak? answer any of these you can.
No. 473998 ID: 86e91d

Approach silently
No. 474031 ID: 629257
File 135371284141.gif - (11.91KB , 701x683 , 522.gif )

Nan finds herself in a stone chamber high above a cliff, which overlooks a gray and gloomy sea.

She approaches the dark figure, standing by the great fire.

The hooded figure turns slightly, staring out to the horizon.
"Do you hear it? Thunder from across the sea.
We have done well.
The dawn is almost upon us."
No. 474034 ID: 1d5849

"Good, because the weather doesn't look too fine right now... but always the darkest before dawn, I guess?"

"Remind me what we were doing again?"
No. 474038 ID: 86e91d

"Yes "
"Certainly we did "
" (( anything to fill the conversation )) "

Let him continue his speech otherwise
No. 474050 ID: 1e9d01

Tell him you tried your best. You think you're getting a hang of it, now.
No. 474052 ID: 1ffc7d

Ask for a name. Be sure to apologize for the awkwardness of it and explain that you're a bit disoriented. Don't want to insult him/her, yanno. And try to get a look at his/her face while you're at it.
No. 474053 ID: 0288c0

"Pero yo no oigo nada, padre..."
No. 474060 ID: 1732a4

No. 474064 ID: 629257

get closer.
No. 474078 ID: 3b8cf9

dammit Cultist Nan, stop killing everyone.
No. 474084 ID: 781274

Hell why not.

Walk up behind him and say "yes it is almost here, but there's one more thing need to bring the light".

Then push the hooded person into the fire.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahakakakahahaha. . .Ha
No. 474101 ID: 35037c

Ask the child if he is content with his path.
No. 474104 ID: 44cc74


why is thunder good? it usually means a storm is brewing.
No. 474118 ID: be594e

Um... Not much to go on here. (in color now!) Ask about the thunder? I dunno.
No. 474119 ID: 2fd111

Yes, continue the conversation, but don't contribute anything to it. Let them speak, they sound like they've got something to say.
No. 474154 ID: 629257
File 135376554516.gif - (8.11KB , 800x600 , 523.gif )

Nan gets closer and tells the cloaked figure she doesn't quite know what he's talking about.

The man turns, a solemn expression on his scarred and unfamiliar face.
"Coming to this place. Building our home of light here.
Preparing for the dawn.
They don't understand. Not the way I do. It had to be here. It's perfect.

It's getting colder every day. No one else feels it. But even in the summer sun, my skin freezes."

The fire crackles in the great stone basin. He stares into it, lost in thought.

"Are you afraid, child?"
No. 474156 ID: 1e9d01


...is that Lorenzo?
No. 474158 ID: a4f716

>"Francis, you're drunk. Go home."
No. 474160 ID: e3f578

Perhaps you're ill? I understand your conviction to this cause of your and its supposed greatness, but it couldn't hurt to contact a doctor. Come on, for me? Little ol' Sister Nan?
No. 474161 ID: 450660

>Everything is freeezing, building a house of light, cleansed by fire.

Hello, Padre.
No. 474164 ID: 1ffc7d

"No, Father Velasco. Not afraid, but...confused. It seems to me that I appeared here mere seconds ago, and I know not how or why. This whole affair confuses me. Speak to me, Father. Help me understand."
No. 474165 ID: daa63c

"...are you?"
No. 474170 ID: a4f716

>"I'll make you warm, Frank!" Then give him a hug.

Srsly tho. Say "Yes, Francis. You're frightening me. You've changed, and I'm fairly certain it isn't for the better." Give him a hug. "Let's go back to the way things were."

Possibly, "Back when you weren't a psychotic potato-sack monster."
No. 474171 ID: a4f716

Also, "Who are you trying to save, Francis? Lost souls, as you were called, or yourself?"

This is our chance to get inside the Padre's head.
No. 474183 ID: 35037c

I like this one.
No. 474189 ID: 86e91d

Tell him his plan won't work as he means , You have seen it in visions. His soul will be damned for such abomination
No. 474190 ID: ec2e47

I am somewhat tempted to just shove him off the cliff here and now, but I doubt that would actually put an end to him.
No. 474195 ID: 802e50

"I'm not frightened for myself father.... But for them. What will the coming dawn bring for them?"

Being afraid is bad, but I think this may help the sympathy game? We gotta do something to help the natives or whatever. Man I dunno.
No. 474237 ID: 1e9d01

Oh, if this is Padre, then... say that you are afraid for him.
No. 474246 ID: 781274

Belief that one has reached perfection is often the sign of a delusional mind.
No. 474250 ID: c785e1

If no one else feels it, isn't it possible that you're the one who's wrong?
No. 474254 ID: c460ad

"I am not afraid."
No. 474259 ID: 436013

"Sure man, whatever"
No. 474260 ID: 0288c0

It's you who should be afraid, Frank.

Considering that nasty scar of yours, it looks almost like someone broke a lamp on your face and then repeatedly hit you with an ax handle till they broke your nose.
No. 474261 ID: 948e70

>Tell him you are not afraid, then ask what he understands that *they* do not. Oh and if possible ask how exactly did Nan help.

Also...HI FATHER HOW ARE YOU. YOU SEEM ALOT LESS BAG HEADED TODAY. Also also...what was Nan helping with?
No. 474262 ID: 948e70

...I wonder if past Nan threw him into the fire instead of the expected him throwing Nan into the fire, and ended up starting all this.

A bit like Ruby and Stiches :D
No. 474263 ID: cfd7b3

"I am indeed afraid but it is not without merit. No good will come of this, however pure your intentions. I have... been having visions. Terrible, terrible visions of pain and slaughter. Surely that is not what you intend to happen."
No. 474282 ID: ed51d9

oh god Padre is the only one of them that actually had a light in his room. Padre is on the light's side, the friendly rats live in the darkness of the walls.

That's why the light upsets the hotel, we're shining light in the faces of burned spirits.

Burn him before he kills everyone else!
No. 474285 ID: bd6add

The main theme, as reiterated by many characters, is not being afraid of the dark. Nan isn't afraid.
No. 474327 ID: 629257
File 135382385779.gif - (8.08KB , 800x600 , 524.gif )

Nan says she is unafraid.
"That is good. There are worse things than dying."

But she is confused. She has foreseen terrible things. Wholesale slaughter. Surely that is not what he intends.
"It is what I intend with every fiber of my being. I can see that path as clear as day."

If you do this, she tells him, your soul could be forfeit.
"And that is why I need your help. As an outsider who has come to live among us, your role is the most important of all. When the time is at last right, just before the breaking of dawn, I can reveal the part you have yet to play."

Nan shakes her head. Father Velasco, what's happened to you?
No. 474328 ID: 629257
File 135382398071.gif - (8.09KB , 800x600 , 525.gif )

A look of quiet concern crosses the man's face.
No. 474330 ID: 629257
File 135382408633.gif - (8.08KB , 800x600 , 526.gif )

"...Who do you think I am?"
No. 474333 ID: e3f578

Sorry, we've never seen the Father's face. This shit gets confusing. Where'd you get the other scars Lorenzo? And you haven't been eating well at all! Look at your cheeks! You're barely recognizable. Let's make you some nice warm soup.
No. 474335 ID: 3b8cf9

"Just a name from my Dreams, they have been relentless as of late" or something like that, we need to pretend that the name mismatch was due to tiredness.
No. 474336 ID: 35037c

Say that.
No. 474337 ID: 436013

Go existential on him
"Of course I do, but do you?"
No. 474338 ID: ec2e47

Alright, this guy is clearly psycho already and seems to have a specific ritual in mind which we almost certainly don't want completed.
Slowly walk closer to him while talking, then kick the bastard off the cliff in mid-sentence.
No. 474339 ID: 436013

Man I really screwed that up and it's no longer funny

Just quietly answer "sorry"
No. 474360 ID: 86e91d

Tell Lorenzo you are sorry, also apporach to him as you are talking to push him off the ledge
No. 474386 ID: 4bc724

"You are Father Bowerman of course".
No. 474405 ID: 781274

"Bob" say it sarcastically
No. 474413 ID: 1ffc7d

"...I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything anymore, truth be told. I don't know who you are, I don't know who *I* am, I don't even know *where* I am. A mission, a hotel, my house...I can't even be sure of what's real."

Sigh in exasperation/resignation.

[Dim stagelights]
No. 474453 ID: a4f716

Grin goatishly and say "I dunno, who are you?"
No. 474457 ID: 2460d2

>"... I'm sorry. It's the dreams. You're reminding me more of him everyday. You almost look like him now."

I know it's a bit of a shot in the dark since we don't know what Father Velasco looks like, but it could be worth a shot.

I'm not so sure about pushing him off the cliff or into the fire. What if that's what leads him to having a bag face in the first place? It could be possible that Lorenzo inherits the title of The Padre from Father Velasco...

Then again, what if it's supposed to happen? If this is really Nan's ancestor and she's in danger, then present Nan may cease to exist. Argh, it's all so confusing! To push or not to push... it'd take only one good shove... but what if it...
No. 474459 ID: b6edd6

It could cause the hotel, but really, any course of action could potentially cause the hotel. McCultist has outright said he conpletely intends disaster, so breaking his plan will almost certainly be a good thing if we can manage to do so. Unless this is some sort of convoluted trick, McCultist also seems to think that we will help him with his ritual and has already given us a specific parameter (waiting until dawn) which we can break away from by acting now.

In short, shoving him will quite possibly end badly, but waiting will also quite possibly end badly and seems to be closer to what the madman intends.
No. 474550 ID: 07986b

If this is really Nan's ancestor and she's in danger, then present Nan may cease to exist.

That makes no sense. If Nan were to stop existing, she would not be able to make herself stop existing. It's a Time Paradox and thus impossible. If this guy IS Nan's ancestor, she can't possibly kill him. Something will stop her. Unless he's already fathered her of course.

Likewise, if this really is the past, then we can do nothing about the hotel being created. The hotel MUST exists, since Nan has BEEN there. THerefore, whatever action she takes will be the one that either causes or allows the hotel to become the fucked-up place we know and love today.

So I guess let's just talk to this grisly chap.
No. 474575 ID: 6348a6

Yeah, Im pretty sure that our hooded friend here is Lorenzo. His face may be shaped differently, but he may not be taking care of himself like he should, as for clothing, the hood matches, they both have those little nub things on the side.

Common topic matches too:
"It's cold, he says.
It's getting colder every day." (from the earlier vision)

"It's getting colder every day. No one else feels it. But even in the summer sun, my skin freezes." {just recently in this vision)

This last panel, a red flag's been thrown for him, he's wondering what is up and could attack. Verbally or physically, I do not know though.
Nan, be careful with your next few lines, this could be a crucial point for you.
No. 474613 ID: 948e70


This could be true, but...I wonder if this is even the same part of the timeline as Lorenzo. I'm getting a history repeats itself vibe.

Anyhow, I deleted my early post because on thinking about it I think that:

>Tell him to his face that you don't want to help with his plan any longer, and that you do NOT agree with killing a bunch of people!

Is a good idea. I think we need to put the foot down and catch him off guard!

...Also FREAK OUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH should still totally be an option!
No. 474658 ID: b1f99d

Say that you have been getting visions and they are somewhat disorienting. Ask him to help you orient yourself in this reality (i.e. a quick summary of who he is and what's going on).
Hopefully, the truth in these questions will convince him to help her. Also, are we just assuming the cloaked person is a man or does this person have a distinctly masculine voice or face that can actually verify this?
No. 474661 ID: b1f99d

If things begin to get hairy, push him into the fire.
No. 474665 ID: b1c843

Not the fire. Fire is in the domain of whatever is causing this. Gravity, not so much.
No. 474674 ID: be594e

Man, that beast contained a LOT of people. This guy is probably NO ONE we know from previously (this guy is another person forming the beast). I dunno what to do here though... Try to brush off you calling him a weird name, say you were just a little confused because you had a strange dream, and to nevermind it. Continue to try to glean information from this person. Check inventory.
No. 474761 ID: 77adce

Tell him you called him friend and try to leave it at that.
No. 474781 ID: e3f578

All right, I'm just going to come out and straight up ask it even if the man is obviously insane.
What about "Thou shall not kill"? Seriously. Come on, we're all good Christians here, we don't kill. Big ten rules bro. Give us your big justification for defying that rule, go ahead, come up with a good argument big skullface boy. I'm waiting.
No. 474891 ID: 629257
File 135403865877.gif - (9.29KB , 800x600 , 527.gif )

Nan says she is confused, and may have used the wrong name.
"My name is unimportant. It is my deeds that will be remembered."
Nan isn't exactly a devout practitioner, but doesn't the Bible say 'thou shalt not kill'?
"I'm afraid I don't know that story."

All right, she says.
Then who are you?

"I am the not the first. I am not the last.
I face the darkness. I walk in death. I welcome it. And in death I will find salvation.

I am he who wears the crown. I am he who sparks the cleansing flame. I am the herald of the dawn.

I am the lightbringer."
No. 474903 ID: 86e91d

If he's the one who caused all this, and if he's standing next to a deadly void , and if we can try to push him off, We might do something good

Get closer to him , saying that you will help him in his intentions, but push him off when you get the chance
No. 474910 ID: b6edd6

Ask him to explain how death can be his salvation. If he doesn't need a particular kind of death then killing him will likely be counterproductive.
No. 474920 ID: 6a5a08

Okay, so his name is Lucy.
No. 474926 ID: ddb128

I'm for mindless violence as much as the next guy, but maybe we shouldn't kick this guy off a cliff yet. See what his plan is, then do the exact opposite of what he needs. who knows, maybe the plan involves his death?
No. 474961 ID: 450660


So we just went from zero to batshit.

Nan, it is your destiny (probably -- actually likely not). I think we need to stop this guy before he murders the entire congregation, village, etc.

Which are your people. Kind of.
No. 474981 ID: cfd7b3

Tell him if he is the Light Bringer than you are the Night Surgeon.
No. 474983 ID: 4a6f01

Tell him that you are a lightbringer too. After all, that's your job as an electrician and you've never tired of pointing your flashlight wherever you could at the hotel.
No. 474984 ID: b59bfb

I vote we push him off the edge.
No. 474992 ID: fc73b2


"And who am I?"
No. 475022 ID: b1f99d

"Who am I? What role do I play?"
No. 475027 ID: c460ad

Oh shit this guy is definitely Satan. I know it probably won't work, but push him off the cliff. If nothing else, it might tell us something about what we're dealing with.
No. 475030 ID: 2460d2

>"... and what role do I play?"

Be careful, folks. We should keep in mind that even Lucifer was once an angel.
No. 475034 ID: f2c20c

I'm not sure how comfortable I am with killing this guy unless we know he's planning on slaughtering people. He might be planning on sacrificing animals.
No. 475082 ID: 517bd0

I...really fucking hate this guy. I hate characters like these, the're always full of shit and just listening to the same tripe coming out of their holier-than-thou mouths makes me sick. Tell this dude he's full of crap and he should shove his metaphysical ying-yang. He knows were.
No. 475124 ID: 2073cc

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but maybe you should try putting out the fire with your cloak.

If light is evil, and darkness is good, then putting out the fire will bring darkness into this area, thereby swallowing you and the Padre.

He's evil, that's a given, but maybe darkness in this case is the answer. You know, to help snuff out his light? Shoving him into the fire, or pushing him off the cliff might trigger teleportation to another, and then the next time you see him might be near end game-breaking dawn.

Therefore, try putting out the fire with your cloak. If that does not work, try kicking the wood pile into the ocean to trigger darkness.

Once the fire is out, and darkness swarms, maybe you can continue helping burned spirits like before, and eventually, leave the hotel as yourself.

Mainly, try suffocating the fire with your cloak. And do it suddenly without talking; or ask him something to turn his back, and then snuff it. Either way, reiterating one more time, put out that fire and summon the darkness.
No. 475136 ID: 2fd111

Darkness, once our greatest enemy, is now the enemy of our enemy, but is the enemy of our enemy our friend? Now is the time to find out. Put out that fire.
No. 475137 ID: 491319

pretty sure we gave it away earlier but by any chance do you still have the cross pendant necklace on you
No. 475138 ID: 781274

"Want to know how I got these scars?"

Ok umm so . . . I don't like him tell him you'll find your own way to bring light and that you'll see his dawn set.
No. 475165 ID: 948e70


Hmmm this could work but...

I'm definitely getting the vibe that murder is not going to end well in these scenarios. He seems to see embracing darkness (death) and bringing light/salvation (cleansing fire BURNING PEOPLE) as his two main goals. I think using darkness against him then would also backfire.
No. 475222 ID: b1f99d

I know Weaver said that we should be less hesitant about taking action, but I think this situation merits a bit more consideration. His most recent response seems to imply that he is not a mortal being and even if he is mortal, he does not fear death, making threats of violence ans murder entirely moot. Additionally, he's giving us information. Let him keep talking, but the moment things get weird, or he comes closer to Nan, we need to take action. Our one bargaining chip is that he needs Nan's help. When things get weird, Nan should withhold her aid until he reveals his plan. Then we foil it (mwahahahaha)!
Then again, I get the impression that all he needs from Nan is her life (or maybe her soul).
No. 475243 ID: b1f99d

Also, if there's something shiny around, try to see your reflection. If we are traveling through people who lived in the past, it might give us a visual.
No. 475257 ID: 18c6a7


Okay. There is only one thing to do.

"The power of christ compels you!"

Or something. I dunno.
No. 475262 ID: be594e

I don't like this guy and can't tell if he's good or bad. Shove him off the cliff, lol....
No. 475283 ID: 86e91d

Guys he's not Satan, everything points he is but it could also mean he was good and turned 'bad' .

Changing my suggestion , apologize and tell him what should you do to help him. If anything fails, push him off the ledge lol
No. 475291 ID: 436013

Guys listen
Listen guys
IF he's Satan (and that's a big If, look at those capital letters) we should steal and wreck his shit big time.

Like, if we kill satan do we get his powers? That's how it works right?
No. 475320 ID: 9e57fb

Apollo, Prometheus, or Satan?
No. 475326 ID: 6a5a08

Good question.
Try making bird sounds.
No. 475329 ID: 491319

ask him if he wants to make a bet for the souls of the hotel

if you can save them he has to fuck off

first to 5 souls wins

If it IS the devil he won't be able to resist a bet. If he's mortal then, well...we'll go from there
No. 475372 ID: 2073cc

Ask if he would like to play a game, jigsaw style.
No. 475382 ID: 1ffc7d

I'm pretty sure this is Lorenzo. He's just starting to become "The Pilgrim". Compare what he just said to what The Pilgrim said, especially about dawn coming and salvation in death.

But just in case...
Break out your fiddle, Nan. Put the fear 'a Chucky D. in 'em!
No. 475421 ID: 629257
File 135418465205.gif - (10.86KB , 701x683 , 528.gif )

Nan asks who she is.
She asks for her role.

"Your role is as important as mine. I wear the crown, but you, you will see it fall. You are the stranger. And though for now you must dwell among we who bring the fire, we will let you go - but not before you light the final spark."

Nan tenses, clenching her fists.
She plants one foot.

"You are not Anasazi."

Nan charges.
She grapples with the hooded man, struggling to throw him over the edge, but he is strong, and grabs her wrists.

"Oh, you are surely ready! But not yet, stranger..."
No. 475422 ID: 629257
File 135418467482.gif - (13.65KB , 701x683 , 529.gif )

"That part comes later!"
No. 475423 ID: 629257

now is not the time for fear
No. 475425 ID: f2c20c

Jesus christ it's a fucking demon.

Kick him repeatedly in multiple locations. Feet, groin, ribs, knee. Get him off balance, get him to let go, then get him off the edge. Or into the fire, maybe.
No. 475427 ID: d4ad1a

What do you mean? He's just a ram. Nan has horns, too.

He's clearly got control of the situation but doesn't mean to hurt you. Step back. See if you can put out the fire, maybe distract him.
No. 475429 ID: 629257

fellas you seem to be missing the fact that he seems to have our intrepid protagonist pretty firmly by the wrist
No. 475432 ID: 621893

Well, since this is all a dream, and since he means you no personal harm, that means there's nothing to be scared of!
We can think through this logically!

NAN: freak the fuck out and flail around while biting him.
No. 475442 ID: 3b8cf9

Anasazi... Ana... Anna... the one killed by the pilgrim... i'm sure there's no connection... nope... not. at. all... actually knowing weaver there probably isn't...
No. 475445 ID: 1872b8

I'm more concerned about the Anasazi Lounge than Anna. We've got to make a mental note to check that up later.

If he doesn't let go, try kicking him in the stomach or the shins, whatever is easier to reach at the proximity Nan is at. If he does, try smothering the flame.
No. 475452 ID: be594e

Not sure its relevant, but notice the scars are in the shape of the Padre's cross.

I'm lost for what to do. Jump off the cliff ourselves so he can't use us! Muahahaha?
No. 475454 ID: 8fca75

That is... A good observation

Kick the guy in the balls that should let you push him over the edge. If a woman for some reason then a taco kick could work just as well.
No. 475466 ID: dd6dd0

"The name "Anasazi" has come to mean "ancient people," although the word itself is Navajo, meaning "enemy ancestors." [The Navajo word is anaasází (<anaa- "enemy", sází "ancestor").]"

No. 475490 ID: 86e91d

Fighting will be counterproductive , he is stronger and we can't shove him away anymore . Stop struggling and apologize , listen to his instructions, then we might do the opposite of what he intends to do
No. 475512 ID: b6edd6

>"That part comes later!"
So it sounds like he does want you to kill him, but in some other circumstances.

Seconding this. Nan seems to be wearing a heavy cloak, so that might make a passable fire blanket.
No. 475521 ID: 2fd111

Oh shit, three things just clicked about what he just said.
I'd say the immediately important one first, but the context is the other one, so I'll start with that.

First: He's using Nan, and at least one part of his plan involves Nan killing him, but that isn't part of the plan till later.
Secondly: He just said you're part of his plan. He needs you alive. This means either he means you no harm, or intends to capture you!
Thirdly and most importantly: If he has planed as much as he seems, he obviously saw this coming! There's no way he doesn't have something up his sleeve to prevent you from killing him, or continue the plan without him!

Back off! What can he tell us is so much more valuable than the peace of mind from his death!

Hell, even if you manage to throw him off the cliff, there is no way he won't either have ace in the hole save him/kill you, or something to screw you over in the event you do manage to kill him! Think about it! He may very well be insane, possessed, or even the devil, but he's clearly no idiot! Back off before he plays his trumpcard!

Don't let him get close, and keep an eye out, he might not be alone In the event he gets hostile(you're the only one who's shown hostility so far), get the fuck out of dodge.

If you die now ,then their deaths will be in vain/unpreventable.

(lightbulb just went off in my head gonna make this twice so it's grammatically correct both in the event this is before the burning, bare with me, this might not be true)

before: The Anazie cannot be saved without the knowledge he carries. His word is worth more than his life! You can't risk dying now! They need you!

The Anazie cannot be saved, but there is still somthing you can do. This demon of man, clearly still intends to do far more. You might be a cog in the gears of his plan, but even a single gear can stop the entire works if it does something it's not soposed to, and he knows what it is! Even if you can't find it out now, without him you'll likely not know what you can do against him till it's too late. You need to stop!

Nancy! It's not worth it! Stop!
No. 475525 ID: 948e70


Also the Anasazi lounge from earlier comes to mind...maybe this is some being of vengeance?

It's a long shot, but why not try to grill him for more information? This is going to be tricky later, but it seems like:

1. He wants you to kill him. Therefor our nonviolence path seems to be important.

2. He still might want to kill you after.

3. Holy craaaap!
No. 475648 ID: b1f99d

A few things:
If he were just a ram with big horns, he would have ears too (like Nan). I don't know what he is, and that is much scarier.
Like I said before, he isn't a normal mortal, and even so it seems as though he's expecting you to kill him. Quit attacking him physically.
Keep him talking, and try to smother the flame with your robe (that seemed like a pretty solid course of action).
No. 475660 ID: 392587

I'll buy it at a high price . . .

No. 475666 ID: 629257
File 135430251391.gif - (14.41KB , 701x683 , 530.gif )

"Take this. My gift to you. It will help keep you safe until the time is right."

He shoves something into Nan's hand and makes a fist around it.

"And when you kill me...

be thorough."
No. 475667 ID: 629257
File 135430254375.gif - (8.63KB , 701x683 , 531.gif )

No. 475668 ID: 629257
File 135430255615.gif - (8.77KB , 701x683 , 532.gif )

No. 475669 ID: 629257
File 135430256723.gif - (5.52KB , 701x683 , 533.gif )

No. 475671 ID: 2fd111

Well... that was different.
No. 475674 ID: 9e57fb

That's the one that other guy was wearing way back when, isn't it?
No. 475675 ID: b6edd6

Ask him what he saw, and tell him about how you saw a weird cultist who wanted you to kill him.
No. 475676 ID: 86e91d

Notice Anderson's uncocked gun and the lighted corridor, he took the shoot

Examine surroundings and check on Pablo
No. 475677 ID: f2c20c

The other pendant is a regular cross. This one is entirely new. It's supposed to protect us, but how, I wonder?

Is the Beast still there? I think we should tell everyone what just happened.
No. 475685 ID: 4fec1b

Weren't we running out of inventory slots?
No. 475695 ID: 42f4c5

Put on the necklace.
No. 475697 ID: 68bbc5

Put that necklace on immediately and never take it off.
No. 475733 ID: e9a993

It doesn't necessarily have to be a cross, the necklace matches the scar on his face. Regardless of the fact, I say put it on. He needs you alive for whatever his plan is, so I don't think there would be any trick behind it.

Anderson is there, and armed, so that makes things safer. Take no action, just get an update up what happened, where everyone is, and if there is any danger nearby.
No. 475827 ID: be594e

Okay, well I totally forget by now if we were supposed to be doing anything else besides going to the lounge, so....... Go to the lounge.
No. 475830 ID: be594e

Oh, but I guess now we're also free to explore the courtyard. Lets do that first.
No. 475831 ID: be594e

No it does have to be a cross. The cross shaped that way has appeared numerous other times besides the guy's face.
No. 475833 ID: 6d7a07

Ask him how long we've been standing there.
Also checl our flashlight.
No. 475841 ID: f2c20c

I think we should go to the lounge first, then the courtyard. We've been sorta stumbling around not quite going to the lounge for long enough.
No. 475861 ID: cfd7b3

Put on the necklace and check on your comrades. Ask if anyone wants to head to check out the Anasazi Lounge with you.
No. 475862 ID: cfd7b3


Also he is freaking precious. Look how excited he is to do what he thinks is right.
No. 475863 ID: 2073cc

Ask Anderson what current events are, if she disappeared and reappeared, and what he has done.
No. 475865 ID: 81e800

Nan had a flashlight in her hand before she blinked out into the past, I assume We still have it? Maybe you guys should get back into the saferoom now to regroup.
No. 475866 ID: b1f99d

Put on necklace, check inventory and finally check on the other people.