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File 143009241599.gif - (22.60KB , 701x683 , 837.gif )
636485 No. 636485 ID: 182e75

The air is filled with ash and hot embers.
Smoke rises in thick plumes.
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No. 636486 ID: 182e75
File 143009243078.gif - (29.16KB , 701x683 , 838.gif )

Nan has entered the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.
No. 636488 ID: e2a92b

Cover your mouth! You don't want to breath in too much of that if you can help it!
Look for the chapel's entrance.
No. 636489 ID: f63e0b


Good idea. Ask Santiago to do the same. Also, ask him to watch your blind spot. You don't want to be surprised here.
No. 636491 ID: 0c02b4

Cut to the chase and make your way into the chapel?
No. 636497 ID: 86e91d

You should probably go into the chapel, it's probably locked but it's a good start.
No. 636505 ID: f37eff

check inventory
No. 636507 ID: 15fae4

grab Santiago by the shoulders and deliver a rousing speech. Kiss him.

I mean if we're in the final chapter we gotta kiss somebody and Henry's been eliminated from the pool and Lorenzo's a dirty-ass hundred year old.
No. 636508 ID: 182e75
File 143009425336.gif - (54.58KB , 701x683 , 839.gif )

The mission is ablaze. The courtyard is catching fire.

Nan heads with Santiago towards the CHAPEL, to gain entry before the fire consumes the heavy double doors.
No. 636513 ID: e2a92b

Knock first before entering. It's only polite.
No. 636519 ID: 526111

Book it! We've got... something... to do, and probably not much time to do it.
No. 636520 ID: b9cef6

Both of you rush to the doors, and put your back into getting them open! They're heavy, y'know?

Wait do we actually know if the sacrifice took place in the chapel or was that just where the congregation was burnt
No. 636521 ID: 4d329b

Cover your mouth as to deter smoke inhalation and carefully make your way into the chapel!
No. 636525 ID: ebb6db

Can you feel the heat from the fire? It is someone else's memory, after all.
No. 636527 ID: acb8e6

Keep an eye on Santiago.
No. 636531 ID: e114bc

Can you get in through another entrance? Like a window or something? iirc, they barred the doors.
No. 636534 ID: 182e75
File 143009888515.gif - (26.74KB , 701x683 , 840.gif )

Nan reaches the doors to the Chapel.
Thick flakes of ash fill the air. A sickening smell comes from the great entrance.
No. 636535 ID: e114bc

There's going to be charred corpses in there, I expect. Prepare yourself for the sight.
No. 636537 ID: 36b591

Try to open the doors carefully. The rings might be hot from the fire and you don't know what's going on inside right now. (though, yeah, it's probably lots of dead people)
No. 636539 ID: 8a782a

Open the doors.
No. 636541 ID: 6cb462

Careful, doorknob will be burning hot.
No. 636542 ID: b9cef6

Or, at worst case, people still alive.
Prepare your "I can't handle the gravity of this situation" face just in case.
No. 636544 ID: e2a92b

Watch out for the sudden rush of air you'll cause when the doors open! Stick close to the sides of the doorway.
No. 636545 ID: 920670

Ask Santiago if it's going to be alright.
No. 636546 ID: 6b82a3

Well, we're at ground zero Nan, time to gun it to the father and end this.
No. 636547 ID: b6f63d

Doorknobs are for cowards! Open that door with a good, strong kick.
No. 636549 ID: 526111

I hate to be a wuss, but let's reconsider that. Nan probably cannot kick down a heavy wooden door, let alone one that is probably close to igniting. If she attempts it, she could wound her foot, and speed is of the essence here. Lastly, she could lose her balance, which would not be a good idea if the Padre is already possessed. (which is likely, things are on fire and there's a "sickening smell")
No. 636550 ID: d3be40

Remember, you need to take out Padre before the enemy fully possesses him. Make sure that YOU'RE the one to do it.

Focus on the task. Do not look away, and leverage your experiences in the hotel against anything the enemy might do to stall you.

Good luck.
No. 636551 ID: 86e91d

Well if the mission is burning already then the Padrening is on, haul ass nan !
No. 636554 ID: 75ed76

Ask Santiago if he's got any suggestions. How much does he know about the layout? Anything?
No. 636556 ID: a2b630

Kicking the door open might startle - and distract - Lorenzo, if the Padre execution already started. Test to see if you can push the doors open first before doing anything else. If they can be opened, push.
No. 636569 ID: 2bc2af

SHIT IT'S HAPPENING. Damn I still gotta catch up!
No. 636574 ID: fe6f71

Use the pendant.
No. 636580 ID: 2bc2af

Yes do all that, but get the lead out, girl. You guys are running on a time limit here.
No. 636581 ID: 8f01e8

Door is barred. Circle around and bust in through a window, preferably closer to the altar so you don't have to wade through as many semi-incinerated parishioners.
No. 636585 ID: e114bc

I just double-checked. The doors were said to be "closed", not barred. That said, the doors also have the symbol that is anathema to the monster. Opening the doors might screw things up, I'm not sure it's a good idea. If there's another way in we should take it, but otherwise we should just make sure to close the door behind us.
No. 636590 ID: 1f3797

The handles are on the outside, which means the double doors have to be pulled, not pushed (kicked open).
I guess this is the situation where Pablo would apply his manly physique haha.

Wrap your hand in some cloth and give the door a tug. Does it move at all?
No. 636610 ID: 490e93

Check the door. If it's unlocked, sneak inside. If locked, find a different way inside.
No. 636680 ID: cd0ff2

Get in there
No. 636684 ID: 920670

Look at Santiago. Ask him if we're really going to survive this.
No. 636689 ID: b19c9a

WAIT. Feel the door and check if it's hot. Logically, if the fire was set INSIDE the Chapel to burn the attendees to ashes, the fire could still be raging just on the other side. How else would it have spread to the rest of the mission. Also is that symbol on the doors drawn in ash? I think we should check to see if it is.
No. 636780 ID: 2073cc

Check inventory.
Did anything appear to help you safely open the doors?
No. 636818 ID: 5d546b

pull your shirt over your mouth, kick open door, look badass while doing it
No. 636871 ID: f1beae

Yep, here comes rotting burning corpses / rotting burning zombies / rotting burning AND screaming people. Prepare yourself, ready anything you have that can be used as a weapon, and open the door. Try and sneak in -or- just knock that fucker down and kill everything in your path. Your choice.
No. 636872 ID: f1beae

Wait shit but actually.
Yea, no, I didn't think this through. This is kind of an obvious trap. Ready weapon, search for alternative entrance.
No. 636883 ID: 2073cc

I don't know how fast everything is going for Nan, but can you check to see IF there is an alternative entrance? Like a second floor window? Like, use that bench I see next to the entrance as a makeshift staircase to the second floor roofing and enter the church like Solid Snake? If its made of wood, and with two people lifting it, should be easy to tilt? Or is too hot for any commands right now
No. 636966 ID: 6b82a3

too soon
No. 636988 ID: 469e5e

let out a primal scream of rage and beat the door down then stop the ritual, screaming the whole time

beat the padre until your knuckles are bloody and his body is dust

No. 636990 ID: a8fc76

Are there any other possible entrances?
No. 637061 ID: 7aa8c3

>Voice of Reason
You have no power here.

We are booker dewitt. Or at least elizabeth.

Watch out for explosive what-ever-its-called-when-you-open-a-window-in-a-burnning-house-and-it-explodes.
No. 637090 ID: 6cd942

Open the door and prepare for what's to come
No. 637101 ID: 802a69


I'm just saying, the door is likely barred and tough to open, not to mention burning. And then there is a burning congregation to fight trough to get to the front, where the sacrifice is happening.
No. 637119 ID: 697921

Duck and Roll to dodge the backdraft
No. 637127 ID: f1beae

Not to mention the BIG ASS 'X' WRITTEN IN ASH THAT WOULD BE BROKEN IF WE OPENED THE DOORS. That just screams trap. Come on now. Find an alternative entrance.
No. 637132 ID: 20ca72

No, Punch through that weak shit door and release your inner Space Marine....FOR THE EMPEROR!
No. 637136 ID: 8e2dd5

Ask Santiago is he thinks it's safe to bust through the door. You want to be at the best health you can be before you face Padre.
No. 637137 ID: 8e2dd5

Be prepared for people burning inside he church. It will be a gruesome sight to see.
No. 637242 ID: 15fae4


Nan's had worse.
No. 637272 ID: 54cd88

We're definitely going the right way. X marks the spot me buckos!
No. 637356 ID: ab6319

your health bar is going down every few seconds, take a cool drink to up your heat resistance.

Watch out for things that are really hot and are going to burn your hands. If you can avoid it, don't touch metallic objects.
No. 637357 ID: 1fbb52

We must acquire a cross pendant-dagger and mount the evil. I need this to happen.
No. 637410 ID: 182e75
File 143054625226.gif - (26.75KB , 701x683 , 841.gif )

Nan asks Santiago if he thinks they're going to survive this.
"I wouldn't hold my breath, personally."

She carefully places the back of her hand to the heavy wooden door, then to the metal braces on its edge.
It's cold to the touch.

"...But I might as well put up a fight."
No. 637414 ID: dbd097

>Proceed into the door
No. 637417 ID: e114bc

No backdraft risk. Well, go in, since it appears we aren't going to be looking for an alternate entrance.
No. 637438 ID: 182e75
File 143055284182.gif - (1.24MB , 701x683 , 842.gif )

Nan opens the door to the chapel.

No. 637439 ID: e114bc

WELP. Advance. Do not fear death, you must do what must be done.
No. 637450 ID: 517120

move in quickly. prepare to grab the mallet from lorenzo.
No. 637451 ID: 7a8df0

Do what Lorenzo couldn't do. Run in and axe that motherfucker.
No. 637473 ID: 15fae4


Finish it.
No. 637491 ID: 936ba2

Lorenzo will probably be really confused. Try to explain as you move up to the stage.
No. 637492 ID: 526111

Finishing the job is our responsibility. Should the remnants of the parishioners prove hostile, help Santiago clear a path, and take your opportunity to end it as soon as you can. Also, yell to Lorenzo that now is the time to strike, just in case.
No. 637493 ID: 15fae4


No. 637495 ID: abc3c8

Hammer Time.
No. 637497 ID: 86e91d

Alright, I think the best course of action is to rush at Lorenzo with your pendant at hand.
No. 637500 ID: acb8e6

No time to wait. If we delay, the cycle will continue. Rush it.
No. 637501 ID: 54cd88

Dammit, what do we even have against him right now? A weapon? Or are we just gonna put up our dukes?
No. 637539 ID: c0efc7

No. 637541 ID: 0207a0

this is your chance, Lorenzo, do it.
No. 637543 ID: a9753c

Explain quickly that you are not the outsider, but rather a time traveler who came from a future where the ritual failed. They've seen you before, and you're here to see if you can set things right.

Santiago, make sure Nan has a path.

Nan, take the hammer and bash Padre's face in. Then give the hammer to Santiago.

Santiago, finish him off.

Make sure there is nothing left but meat chunks, and then set those chunks on fire. And THEN, place the remains in a coffin or urn and have them heated until Lorenzo can find a way to destroy them further.

Example: Nuclear weapons. Be sure to have them buried for extra effect, not like most people would survive a nuclear test zone anyway.
No. 637557 ID: 2bc2af

Dash in, pistol out. Keep your finger off the trigger till you get right on up. Pop the padre in the skull.
No. 637573 ID: e2a92b

The Padre may not be ready to smash yet! Rush up to the platform, ready to grab the hammer he's holding and bring it down for him.
No. 637574 ID: 2bc2af

It seems to me that our previous interloping in the past has been able to make one significant change. One bullet left, pop the padre.
Seems like the best course of action to me.
No. 637661 ID: ba2386

>It's cold to the touch.

I think we should take this as a sign that our logic here is backwards or there is another force acting on this place. I have a suspicion that acting normally by just hitting the Padre will end up in our demise. Be careful guys.
No. 637745 ID: 15fae4

So, uh, no one noticing the hoard of zombies looking at us?
Also, why couldn't we have been taken like 2 minutes earlier into the past? Things would be a hell of a lot easier.
No. 637754 ID: 8bd3f2

I dunno, it seemed pretty clear that the ritual sacrifice was absolutely necessary to the defeat of whatever this malevolent force is, if you're wondering why we weren't brought back sooner to STOP the fire killing everyone.

Declare yourself as The Stranger and be ready to dispatch the Padre.
No. 637755 ID: fe6f71

is the guy the padre yet? if so, shoot 'em.
No. 637798 ID: a7bf17

Get on up there Nan, I don't think the people will try to stop you, but if they do I am pretty sure santiago will attempt to fight them off.
No. 637880 ID: b73247

He is no longer the stranger. He is part of these events now.
The question remains however: Do we kill Santiago and ourselves?
No. 637887 ID: 89ffd9

Also beware the congregation, they noticed us.
No. 637950 ID: ad627d

We don't have time to hesitate.
Hesitation started this whole mess.
We need to finish it.
No. 638018 ID: 2073cc

Phase one is getting close.
Run NOW, during that split in the crowd.
Push them away, keep moving forward.

And part two is...a killing spree.
The pistol is the quickest option right now.
Nothing else, though, till plot progresses.
No. 638022 ID: e114bc

No we don't, we have to kill the "Padre". If we're successful and this changes the past, Lorenzo will have never eaten part of the monster.
No. 638029 ID: 1fbb52

Listen to this person for they speak with wisdom. Although, perhaps our interactions with Lorenzo in the past have gotten him in too deep somehow? That would fucking suck.
No. 638034 ID: a2b630

Looks like the communal bonfire isn't finished yet. Problem still stands, the smoldering audience still lives, and it looks like Lorenzo is about to kill the Padre.

That, or we came in at the time before he " hesitated ".

The Congregation doesn't look like they expected us, obviously, but they don't look themselves. Don't go immediately shooting into the fray unless they show aggression.

This is a church, after all. At least show respect until they decide they want to eat your heart out.

The main priority is either getting Lorenzo to snap out of it and kill the Padre, or when Lorenzo DOES hesitate, the two of you will have to help him kill the Padre for yourselves - and if possible, prevent him from eating a piece. Though that might be a long shot.

Priority is Padre and Lorenzo. Do not aggress the Congregation unless they aggress you first. Keep that in mind, and keep your cross close until you need it.
No. 638041 ID: 3009b4

>No we don't, we have to kill the "Padre". If we're successful and this changes the past, Lorenzo will have never eaten part of the monster.

That might have also been a clue that we have to eat him to destroy him 'thoroughly'. Please play carefully, as I'm not convinced we really know what we're doing. At all.
No. 638050 ID: e114bc

It's also possible that Lorenzo's piece won't be banished if we kill the rest of the monster in this place, and thus to kill the monster "thoroughly" we'll have to kill Lorenzo too.

That assumes the horned Lightbringer was referring to this scenario at all. It's quite possible that "thoroughly" stuff applies to a situation in the future, not this one.
No. 638067 ID: 15fae4


We don't. We got EXTREMELY lucky on Ruby Quest. I feel we're heading for a bad end.
No. 638079 ID: b19c9a

There is only one thing I can fathom right now. Nan has to take Lorenzo's place. Lorenzo will hesitate, and if we allow him to do so the cycle will continue. Nan has to be the one to kill the Padre when he becomes possessed by the darkness. She cannot waiver. She cannot falter. She cannot hesitate like Lorenzo, or this will end where it started. That's the only course of action I can see happening.
No. 638085 ID: 15fae4

Shout at Lorenzo to end it.
No. 638103 ID: 5b8a61

Kill the monster. That is your first priority.
No. 638108 ID: 5c8258

well at least we aren't late to the party, this time make sure Lorenzo does not hesitate
No. 638132 ID: 61689d

Nan is a warm summer day, she is the distraction, the circle is complete. Now kill them both, the padre and Lorenzo!
No. 638137 ID: 182e75
File 143077671456.gif - (22.56KB , 701x683 , 843.gif )

Pillars of flame engulf the walls, but make not a sound. Flickering embers and ash fill the air, but the room is freezing cold.
The acrid smell of burnt flesh overwhelms all other senses.

Nan rushes into the chapel.
Countless eyes watch her in stillness.

She yells.
No. 638141 ID: 182e75
File 143077756295.gif - (30.09KB , 701x683 , 844.gif )

No. 638142 ID: 182e75
File 143077758622.gif - (27.78KB , 701x683 , 845.gif )

No. 638143 ID: 3009b4

Don't forget to watch your back, Nan. Can't see Santiago's face; that's never a good sign.
No. 638144 ID: b9cef6

There's no time to explain, but we're here to help you! We're here to help you finish this. Finally."
Head up to him and help him MALLET the Padre when the time is right.
No. 638145 ID: e114bc

He's got the mark on his face? Interesting. Regardless, you are here to make sure he follows through at the right time.
No. 638147 ID: 2bc2af

Hip-bump him outta the way and finish what he started. There's no time to explain.
No. 638157 ID: bb78f2

Give me the hammer Lorenzo.
I'm a goat after all. I'll take the sin in.
I'll finish this once and for all.
No. 638160 ID: e2a92b

Yes, it's her. She's here to end this.
Please. Let her end the cycle.
No. 638161 ID: 8f01e8

"I am not Anasazi, and that's my hammer you're holding!"
No. 638163 ID: d3be40

"The truth is that I'm from the future! I was ALWAYS from the future! I'm an outsider, same as YOU!

Lorenzo, let me take the hammer! The ritual failed in my time, but I can rewrite history! I can be the outsider this time! Please!"
No. 638168 ID: 86e91d

I don't know. Does Lorenzo even qualify as the Stranger anymore? The same could be asked for Nan..
Brandish your revolver and do what the malicious Miami Mutilator would do.
No. 638171 ID: 469e5e


Cool it, Detective. We still have no idea where this is going.
No. 638188 ID: b19c9a

^ This.
No. 638217 ID: f0b0a8

No. 638276 ID: 07f053

"We're here to save everyone!"
No. 638298 ID: c99e27

Lorenzo was never meant to be the Stranger, he's been the Lightbringer this whole time!

. . . This means Pablo's gonna die, doesn't it?
No. 638305 ID: 8bd3f2

Everything we've heard about the nature of the Padre has been hearsay and fed to us by other characters, and the events of the ritual from Lorenzo himself rather than by our own eyes. The Padre is a puppet of the Lightbringer, had he been the real threat he could have reclaimed the piece of himself from Lorenzo at any time. Lorenzo has been using the Padre this whole time as a bodygaurd and proxy. Nothing has ever been what it seems in this place of nightmares. The fire is cold and people have lied to us.

Lorenzo has been the Lightbringer all along. Kill the Lightbringer.
No. 638341 ID: ad627d

That ain't Lorenzo
No. 638342 ID: 469e5e


No. 638344 ID: 8bf2b9

Raise your gun. You're far enough away that your aim would be indistinguishable between double-tapping the Padre and targeting Lorenzo.

As shitty as it is to consider, 638305 is probably right. This could be Henry all over again.
No. 638373 ID: 84b841
File 143088030919.gif - (23.60KB , 701x683 , 846.gif )

Nan rushes to the altar, demanding Lorenzo relinquish the hammer.

"I was so sure I'd never see you again. I've never been so happy to be wrong.
Always, in the back of my mind, I couldn't forget what you've been telling me. That this couldn't be God's plan.
I guess you were right. There's nothing here but us.

I'm glad you've come to stop me. I'm not even sure I could have done it."
No. 638377 ID: abc3c8

No. 638378 ID: defceb


Then apply hammer to Padre, Lorenzo, and anything else that moves.
No. 638379 ID: e114bc

Tell him no. It is God's plan, but he's going to falter. Take the hammer, tell Santiago to keep Lorenzo from interfering. Watch for the right moment, and strike.
No. 638380 ID: 469e5e




No. 638388 ID: abc3c8

No. 638391 ID: e2a92b

Lorenzo, STOP.

No. 638394 ID: b19c9a

Sticking with the fact we can't just straight up tell Lorenzo we're from the future, I propose Nan says this:
"No Lorenzo, this IS God's plan. Something evil IS coming back. I have seen it for myself, and it is an atrocious monstrosity walking in the skin of the Padre. I've seen the future in a vision, and everything the Padre has told you is true! A great evil IS coming, and this is the only way to banish it. But I've seen what has happened now. You will hesitate, and the evil will possess the Padre, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You have to believe in me. I will take your place, for I have also seen...that I am NOT of Anasazi descent either."
No. 638395 ID: bb78f2

"Lorenzo, that's great. Give me the hammer please."
No. 638399 ID: b19c9a

Also...make sure she has the hammer before she says this, or Lorenzo will probably try to keep her from taking it. If he tries to take it from her, have Santiago hold him off. Oh, and two more things. One, we must remember that we HAVE to wait for the sign to destroy the Padre. If we strike too early, the quest will most likely go to the bad end. If anyone here forgets, refer to the last thread, post No. 613185. Two, Nan must focus on either the Padre...or a thought that will give her the strength to do what must be done. Whatever thought it is, it must be something that will drive Nan to finish this.
No. 638400 ID: 84b841
File 143088505463.gif - (29.83KB , 701x683 , 847.gif )

With Santiago following close behind, Nan grabs the heavy stone mallet from Lorenzo.

She says there's no time to explain.
Lorenzo takes a step back, stunned.
It ends here.
No. 638401 ID: b19c9a

This is SO going to end badly. We might have swung too soon.
No. 638402 ID: 15fae4


I don't like the way this post is written. We fucked up.

Weaver, please give us at least a salvageable ending in your infinite mercy.
No. 638403 ID: a19cd5

this feels wrong. lets stop.
No. 638404 ID: 2bc2af

Nan, get the hammer at the ready. Tell Santiago to hold Lorenzo if he tries to stop you.
No. 638405 ID: 84b841
File 143088614447.gif - (37.80KB , 701x683 , 848.gif )

Nan turns to the altar.
No. 638406 ID: 15fae4



No. 638407 ID: 17e4a6

I'd be a reeeeeeaaaaal bitch if it turns out that "we" were what Lorenzo saw that distracted him from finishing the padre of.
No. 638408 ID: e2a92b


Who's hungry?
No. 638410 ID: d68790

No. 638411 ID: 17e4a6

Hold off on the predatory instincts, this might be the padre's last words of wisdom...or not
No. 638412 ID: 84b841
File 143088655998.gif - (40.41KB , 701x683 , 849.gif )

No. 638413 ID: 2bc2af

Oh god! Santiago, Lorenzo, anybody! Help!
No. 638414 ID: d68790

No. 638415 ID: bb78f2

The Stranger.
No. 638416 ID: e2a92b

Who the hell do you think I am?
No. 638417 ID: 15fae4

OK guys give up, stop suggesting, this is it

we lost NanQuest everyone

make your peace
No. 638418 ID: 17e4a6

Necklace!!!NECKLACE NOW!!!!
No. 638419 ID: 84b841
File 143088742630.gif - (75.60KB , 701x683 , 850.gif )

Nan grabs the necklace as Santiago and Lorenzo dive towards her.

A plume of flame engulfs the altar.
No. 638420 ID: b19c9a

No. 638421 ID: b19c9a

Oh we done goofed.
No. 638422 ID: b19c9a

...either that...or this isn't really the past...and we can write our own fucking ending (Given our limitations of course.)
No. 638423 ID: 17e4a6

Woah, at least we got a reaction. This might be good for us.
No. 638429 ID: 84b841
File 143088903805.gif - (3.05KB , 701x683 , 851.gif )

It doesn't burn.
It just feels cold.

There's a scream -- a roar -- and the world goes black.
No. 638430 ID: 84b841
File 143088905003.gif - (2.96KB , 701x683 , 852.gif )

Nan is

No. 638431 ID: 15fae4


Not... The same somewhere I'm thinking of, right?
No. 638432 ID: 84b841
File 143088928599.gif - (6.08KB , 701x683 , 854.gif )

A dark shadow passes.
No. 638433 ID: e2a92b

Welcome to hell, now serving: #467.
No. 638435 ID: 15fae4

Are we dead? Is this the afterlife?

Call out for someone. Anyone.
No. 638436 ID: 84b841
File 143088964962.gif - (7.26KB , 701x683 , 855.gif )

What are you doing?
No. 638437 ID: c580cf

My best.
No. 638438 ID: 15fae4


Breaking the cycle
No. 638439 ID: 2bc2af

The best I can to set things right.
No. 638440 ID: 2073cc

Maybe mindmeld shit going on.
If still possess a weapon, like gun or pendant, can kill this thing with shot to head or pendant to skull ala Nazis in Raiders Lost Ark. Seriously, her soul could be fighting his in a dreamworld right now.

Battle not lost yet, what I'm saying.
No. 638443 ID: b19c9a

Ask "Are you the Darkness that possess the Padre?"
No. 638444 ID: d90668

Trying to fix things.
No. 638447 ID: 3009b4

Say nothing. Wait.
No. 638451 ID: b19c9a

I can't believe Nan Quest is wrapping up so quick, and I have to sleep. Fuck you time. Fuck you. Good night.
No. 638453 ID: d3be40

"I'm being myself. More than I ever have been."
No. 638464 ID: 1fbb52

"Helping, as best I can. Who are you? What are you?"
No. 638489 ID: eda892

"I am going to erase you from this world to which you never belonged.
I am going to repair the past.
I am going to save the future.
And you? What are YOU doing?"
No. 638496 ID: b9cef6

"I'm just trying to save everyone. To fix everything, make everyone happy.
To save myself, and all my friends, and leave."
No. 638498 ID: 15fae4


You guys are talking to SATAN. Literally SATAN. Fuck the speech. Holy shit, he doesn't care.
No. 638534 ID: 936ba2

Stopping you.
No. 638538 ID: a8fc76

We are sparing the guilty to save the innocent
No. 638543 ID: 340148

This is the bad ending?
No. 638563 ID: a7a2eb

"Earning my paycheck."
No. 638587 ID: ed9797

Seconding this. Whatever goes down next, good or ill, we might as well do it with a nice one-liner.
No. 638590 ID: fe6f71

Check your inventory, and look around again.
No. 638592 ID: 84b841
File 143094042458.gif - (6.60KB , 701x683 , 856.gif )

Nan responds defiantly.
She's breaking the circle.
She's stopping this.

You can’t stop me. I have worked too hard for this.
You have no idea what I am.
You don’t even know who YOU are, Nancy.
No. 638594 ID: bd8b82

don't care
No. 638595 ID: d3be40

"I'm an electrician."
No. 638596 ID: fe6f71

Does this have anything to do with the fact that Nan is a goat?
No. 638597 ID: f63e0b

I know enough.
No. 638599 ID: 62f2d6

No. 638602 ID: 2a7417

"Who I am doesn't matter. I'm the Stranger!"
No. 638603 ID: 1fbb52

We'll sass him into submission, I love it.
No. 638605 ID: b9cef6

I support sass as well.
Enage maximum hand-on-hip snapping as we speak mode.
No. 638606 ID: a2b630

Aaaaaand we have... sufficiently fucked up. Dandy.

It doesn't matter who we are. Outside of this quest, most of us players know what goat symbolism has to do with the devil's work, but is that stopping us? No.

I'd check inventory, and tell him that regardless of your identity, or name, or who you are or were. What matters is what you're doing, and what you're doing is stopping him.

You're going to free the Padre, and Lorenzo, and Pablo, and Kim, and all the others. You're ending this.

Fuck off whatever else he tries to tempt you with otherwise.
No. 638609 ID: 84b841
File 143094250335.gif - (2.92KB , 701x683 , 857.gif )

How you struggle in the darkness.

And who are you now?
How many memories have you buried away as your own?
No. 638610 ID: 84b841
File 143094253609.gif - (23.09KB , 701x683 , 858.gif )

Do you still seek your children, Nancy?

Do you remember the day of betrayal?
No. 638613 ID: ed9797

I was waiting for Nan's dark past to come forward.

Grab the burnt popcorn everyone.
No. 638616 ID: fe6f71

oh fiddlesticks. check the horned dude. or bunny eared dude. whoever. better not be that devil dude.
No. 638617 ID: 15fae4


This is a hallucination, guys. Don't believe any bullshit about sins, it's just the Padre fucking with our head.

Nan did nothing wrong.
No. 638618 ID: b9cef6

"I sure don't! If it was important, I would probably remember it."
No. 638621 ID: 84b841
File 143094673391.gif - (18.18KB , 701x683 , 859.gif )

Or do you still believe you are the special one, chosen to save the world from evil?
No. 638622 ID: 84b841
File 143094678644.gif - (36.87KB , 701x683 , 860.gif )

Are you simply the one who left, when I needed you most?
No. 638624 ID: 15fae4


You don't need to be special to save the world.

You just need to be good.
No. 638625 ID: 84b841
File 143094693503.gif - (27.47KB , 701x683 , 861.gif )

Did you learn a trade?

How strange it should be the same that stood so starkly in the memories of your friend.
But surely of all these memories, that one is yours?
No. 638626 ID: 84b841
File 143094706625.gif - (18.71KB , 701x683 , 862.gif )

Did you live in a humble home?

I have seen this place. A dead man’s memory. Have you claimed that for yourself, as well?
No. 638628 ID: 84b841
File 143094725141.gif - (8.44KB , 701x683 , 863.gif )

What is your last name?
Who were your parents?

Your mind is gone. Your life is already forgotten. Your motives are not your own.

Do you have a single thought of your own making?
No. 638629 ID: 62f2d6

Ya, fuck you
No. 638630 ID: a19cd5

"Yeah. That I want to end this."
No. 638631 ID: 15fae4

S O, Y O U L I K E T O P L A Y C A S T L E V A N I A, D O N ' T Y O U, N A N?
No. 638634 ID: 6cb462

>Do you have a single thought of your own making?

No, tgchan suggestors has been doing the thinking for her.
No. 638635 ID: b9cef6

I'm not just a collection of memories, stuffed into a Nan-shaped can. I may not remember who I am, or where I'm really from. I may not even know if what I remember is real. But I have an idea, and I know who I am.
I'm Nan.
I'm an electrician. I can prove it, if you like.
I came here to fix stuff, and I'm working on that.
But yep, that's pretty much me.
Go fuckyaself."
No. 638636 ID: d3be40

"Yes: I think of you.

I think that you should stop tormenting me."
No. 638638 ID: 2a7417

Well, we didn't name her Nan. She owns that much at least.
No. 638639 ID: ed9797

That one about "leaving when I needed you the most." Is it possible that Nan really was a nun at the mission, left before the ceremony, and that's why everything went to shit.

Odds are we're just being fucked with, but it's worth considering.
No. 638640 ID: 090e2d

Do the most Nan thing there is.
Hum showtunes.
No. 638641 ID: 15fae4




No. 638642 ID: 84b841
File 143094889052.gif - (8.39KB , 701x683 , 864.gif )

Nan closes her eyes in the darkness

and begins to hum a showtune.
No. 638643 ID: 84b841
File 143094890611.gif - (4.79KB , 701x683 , 865.gif )

But not a single melody comes to mind.
No. 638644 ID: 15fae4


Do Mamma Mia!
No. 638645 ID: 66fb46


East will be our salvation.
We must go.
No. 638647 ID: b9cef6

S-s-sweet home alabama?
Nuh-nuh-nuh NUH nuhnuh NUH NUH nuhnuh nuhnuhnuhnaaah
Wait, that's not a showtune, that's a normal song.
OOOOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes streaming down the plaaaains!
No. 638648 ID: 2a7417

I am the very model of a modern major general...
No. 638649 ID: 628856

Wait, so the Padre is talking about dead men's memories, but it's Nan's apartment we see. He's also talking about "seeking your children." You know who else was looking for a way out to find his wife and kid? Henry, and he's dead, Oh shit...
No. 638650 ID: e114bc

Alright enough of this nonsense. Your memories from before this place may all be fake, but what you have done here cannot be taken away. You have been a friend for those who needed it. You listened to their troubles, their sins. If you were noone before this place, you are a redeemer now.
No. 638651 ID: 1f8505

Start humming Hotel California.
No. 638652 ID: 628856

On a dark desert highway,
cool wind in my hair.
Warm smell of colitas
rising up through the air...
No. 638653 ID: 628856

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light. My head grew heavy and sight grew dim I had to stop for the night...
No. 638654 ID: d3be40

Any songs related to a warm summer in June?

Focus on Little Holly and June.
No. 638655 ID: 628856

I love to sing-a
About a moon-a and a June-a and a spring-a,
I love to sing-a,
About a sky of blue-a, and a tea for two-a,
Anything-a with a swing-a, or a "I love you-a, "
I love, I love to sing!
No. 638656 ID: ed9797

There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"
No. 638658 ID: 628856

The she lit up a candle
and she showed me the way.
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...
No. 638662 ID: 84b841
File 143095013001.gif - (6.23KB , 701x683 , 866.gif )

Nan clenches her fists.
She can't think of a single tune. She's not sure she ever knew them.

You poor creature.

I could let you go.
You could walk out that door right now, and return to the world you knew.
Back to your old life.
No. 638663 ID: e114bc

No. 638664 ID: 1f8505


Fuck it. Let's leave this nuthouse.
No. 638665 ID: be723c

No. 638666 ID: ed9797

Hell no.
No. 638667 ID: 469e5e


do it Nan get the fuck outta there

this is an obvious trap

but there's nothing else to do
No. 638668 ID: 86e91d

Alright, true, you are nobody. But you can stop being nobody by stopping the cycle. You might never know who you really are and maybe that's for the best, acknowledging one's self means acknowledging one's actions.
Grab hold of the pendant and stomp it.
No. 638669 ID: c580cf

B-but Nan is naked! Going outside now would be indecent!
No. 638670 ID: 628856

"It's tempting, yes. I miss my bike, my job, the simple life that I had."

"But there are others, Pablo, Santiago, Kim we help each other. I would end this now if only to save you from this torment as well! I refuse, if only to save one person from this hell!"
No. 638672 ID: 469e5e


Go to the light, child.

Go to the obvious trap light.
No. 638673 ID: 090e2d

Nan is necessarily Nan.
What or who she remembers herself as is beside the point.
She calls herself Nan ergo she is.
No. 638674 ID: 469e5e


So you could say...

I think, therefore, I Nan?
No. 638675 ID: 84b841
File 143095070924.gif - (5.83KB , 701x683 , 867.gif )

But it matters not. There is no reason to let you go.
You are already forgotten.
Die here. No one will mourn you. No one will even remember you.

Nan says she will not leave.
Not until this is finished.
No. 638676 ID: 469e5e


Lie down and die. Give in.

For your final words, stammer out hoarsely.

"At least... [Cough]... At least I sucked Henry off..."
No. 638679 ID: e114bc

Is there a reason why you're holding the amulet and not wearing it?
No. 638681 ID: 628856


I would say wear it, and then give a massive "Fuck you! I am shutting your shit down!"
No. 638682 ID: 469e5e


Actually fuck that

No. 638683 ID: ed9797

"Why do you keep acting like being remembered is the important thing here? You said it to Kim, you just said it to me; who gives a fuck if anyone ever knows what happened here? It's not about that; it's not about memory at all. It's about doing what's right.
No. 638684 ID: 84b841
File 143095131982.gif - (5.01KB , 701x683 , 868.gif )

Nan shouts, defiant.
It doesn't matter who she was or wasn't.
It doesn't matter where she came from.

She's here, now.
She is Nan.
And she is going to end this.
No. 638686 ID: 469e5e


No. 638687 ID: 66fb46


Do the konami code!
No. 638689 ID: 628856


No. 638690 ID: 1fbb52

Whether we win or lose, we can go down knowing that we have given it our all.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
No. 638691 ID: 469e5e


She cried aloud with much disdain
And tore about her stark domain
And said "These walls cannot contain
A force as strong as I!"
No. 638692 ID: 628856


Grip the cross pendant in both hands,

"Our father who art in heaven; hallowed by thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!"

"Give us the day our daily bread; and forgive us for our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!"

"For thine is the kingdom, and power, and glory. FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN!"
No. 638693 ID: 469e5e


And to cap it off

No. 638694 ID: 84b841
File 143095210739.gif - (23.67KB , 701x683 , 869.gif )

Nan puts the pendant around her neck.

There is a silence, and then the ground rumbles. The light returns.
Thunder roars.
No. 638695 ID: fe6f71

Dodge any attacks, get out weapon. and be prepared to get that chanteleer down.
No. 638696 ID: 469e5e


Nan. Remember the basics of Holy Quarters Combat.
No. 638697 ID: 628856

Run down the hall as fast as you can, look for a weapon, lure him into any traps you can find
No. 638698 ID: fe6f71

No. 638699 ID: ed9797

If Hellsing has taught me anything, it's that stabbing people repeatedly with holy artifacts tends to work.

But that will probably get us killed here, so let's not do that.
No. 638700 ID: 66fb46


This is the 1v1 we've all been waiting for. Finish strong, Nan. No goddamned prisoners.
No. 638701 ID: e114bc

Welp. We still have no means of fighting the Padre directly. Better get out of there, try to find something we can use to fight with.
No. 638702 ID: 86e91d

Let's not forget what the Padre did to Kim. Run to the closest deus ex machina Nan !
No. 638707 ID: e2a92b

Friggin' finally! Do you know how long we've been waiting for the management to show up?
No. 638709 ID: 469e5e


Funny guy.
No. 638713 ID: 1ea4b8

There's still a chance The Beast is a collective of burned souls. If so, they'll be more than happy to shred this freak and teach it a lesson in overstaying its welcome on Earth.
At the first opportunity-
Nan: Lure monster into courtyard.
No. 638714 ID: 469e5e


That's a hell of a long shot

If you're wrong it means Nan now has two fuckers to deal with, on both sides
No. 638715 ID: 628856


The enemy of my enemy is my friend? We could give it a shot but we'd have to get the two entities to acknowledge one another and recognize them as the more dangerous threat.
No. 638717 ID: 94b817

That is what we are! We are the collective of all the people lost to this place. We are the memories, their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their wills, their want to end this come together to form us.
No. 638719 ID: 469e5e


"I came here to fix a hotel and eat pizza.

And I'm all out of Pizza."
No. 638721 ID: 090e2d

The sacrifice was made to call the beast to them so they could trap it in padre's body and kill it.
No. 638729 ID: 628856

If we can somehow persuade the beast to aid us, or at least fight the Padre, I assume it would like Stitches was to Ruby, saving us at the last crucial moment.
No. 638731 ID: 469e5e


Alright, if we're gonna bank on the Beast having a sense of friendship,let's do it.

Let's hope this doesn't lead us straight to a bad end.
No. 638732 ID: 628856


We need the Beast somehow realize that we are all trapped here and that if we kill the Padre, everyone goes home, the souls that comprise the beast will be freed. What we need to figure out is how we will get the beast to acknowledge this. Plus the Beast has the upper hand.

"Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast."

The beast will kill the night man.
No. 638733 ID: c4a10f

Did anybody notice that we are naked?


I say we go to the hotel's chapel, thaking care of any fire that can hurt us.
No. 638736 ID: d3be40

The mail slots may contain items. Check 117 and see if you can fight back against Padre.
No. 638739 ID: f63e0b

Yeah. Run to the courtyard.

Be prepared to keep running, though. After the courtyard, the chapel seems like the next best bet.

Depending on what you have on you... Can you throw something at that chandelier, bringing it down on the creature's head?
No. 638740 ID: ed9797

Whether or not it works, I wanna see a monster mash before this story is over, so let's lead the Padre over and start collecting bets.
No. 638745 ID: a7a2eb

Nan, run. We have to lure the Padre into some kind of trap, somehow...
No. 638755 ID: a8fc76

fire the revolver.
No. 638759 ID: 469e5e


Guns don't work against supernatural things.

Nan, do we have silver bullets?
No. 638760 ID: e2a92b

We have one bullet, maybe two, and sadly Army revolvers do not pack silver.
No. 638777 ID: a2b630

No, no, no, do NOT fire the revolver! Not yet! Don't go flying into the fray so blindly, that's what he WANTS! He WANTS you burning. He WANTS you angry!

That bullet is our only chance at putting this bastard out of his misery, we can't go wasting it immediately!

We have to bring the Padre to such a weakened state where killing him is possible. Because, obviously, we can't just go killing him with the MALLET, now, can we?

Don't get aggressive, yet. You're not the BILLY goat. You're the NANNY goat. You're the smart one. Try to duck and dodge, bob and weave, throw him in circles. You're flight of foot, that's a strong suit. You also have mean kicks. Perhaps use those if he gets too close.

Keep the cross close, but I have a feeling that'll be our key to defeating him. It may protect us, but... for how long? How long until we have to use it on him, and end him? You have to buy yourself time until you think it through.

Don't be Anderson here, dear. Learn from past mistakes. This isn't the man behind the Pilgrim Mask.

He will likely not make the same mistakes as them. Do not do the same.
No. 638779 ID: abc3c8

That, and when was the last time Nan fired a gun in her life? Our aim must be awful.
No. 638780 ID: abc3c8

wait, do we even have the gun? I think we might be naked...
No. 638782 ID: 3009b4

Let's find Santiago. This is not the place for a showdown.
No. 638783 ID: 15fae4


This is all taking place in Nan's head, I'm fairly sure. Santiago's still out there with Lorenzo.
No. 638784 ID: a8fc76

You need to find Santiago and another way to travel back to the past.

We traveled with Santiago together to the "TERRA COTTA COURTYARD".
But where is he now that we've come back?

Secondly, all the people int the church agreed with the Padre to be burned. Not because they truthfully believed it was right, but because the Padre convinced them into feeling that they "knew" it was right. We need to convince them otherwise.

Remind them, that they suffered, and it was wrong. You need to make it right, and remember for them.
No. 638785 ID: 15fae4


If the others are correct, their souls went in to The Beast.

I'm not so sure The Beast is our friend, but if it is, that's our best bet for getting the churchgoers on our side.
No. 638797 ID: 46984a

I think Nan being naked is a definite sign that any inventory we might've had is forfeit.

First, check compartments. Then flee.
The Beast gambit might work, but as was mentioned, if the Beast does not act the way we think it will, we'll have two monsters breathing down our neck.
I'd say the altar below the closet is a good bet too. It is a focal point that connects all timelines together, plus a symbolic place. The mallet might be there in this sequence too for all we know. The tough part would be getting out, though, since the altar room is a dead end.
No. 638831 ID: 2a7417

>check compartments
No. 638835 ID: fe6f71

Look at her back, near her neck There's some clothing there. or it's a choker.
No. 638836 ID: 1fbb52

It's the cross pendant.
No. 638864 ID: 5b8a61

At least we have a pic of Nan's perfect ass one last time
No. 638876 ID: a99467

God im an idiot, I only just got how much everything links together, the references to the hotel california lyrics, the fact that we are literally in hell, the whole debate on whether the number of the devil is 466 or 666, etc.
Makes me wonder how much I missed.

Anyway, go to beast first and altar second.
Best case scenario: beast kills the padre.
Worst case scenario: beast can't get in the altar room, and we can have a 1v1 with the padre.
Do we still have the gun?
No. 638890 ID: 84b841
File 143103644663.gif - (27.91KB , 701x683 , 870.gif )

Nan's inventory is gone. Only the CROSS PENDANT remains.

She decides not to risk fighting. She runs to the FIRST FLOOR LANDING, and the monstrous Padre gives chase.
Her options for escape are limited.
No. 638891 ID: 66fb46


Knock stuff over on your way down the hall!
No. 638895 ID: b9cef6

Find the STAIRWELL to the SECOND FLOOR. Ascend until we get to the THIRD FLOOR.
That's where we dived out the window before, right? Lets try that again.
No. 638899 ID: 86e91d

Well, into the courtyard it is.
No. 638902 ID: e114bc

I am pretty sure we are running into a dead end. Unless one of the doors is just plain open we're gonna have to turn and fight.
No. 638906 ID: 12668b

Now this will be a beautiful death
Jumpin' out the windoooow
no one nan should have all that power
No. 638907 ID: 469e5e


Nanye West
No. 638908 ID: 628856


Will anything catch us if we jump from the window? I mean if we need to get out to the courtyard fine, it sounds like it could work but let's try and do this without getting a possibly fatal injury.
No. 638911 ID: 84b841
File 143104484586.gif - (22.02KB , 701x683 , 871.gif )

The stairwell is gone.
The rooms are sealed with dark, sprawling marks.
Nan races to the end of the hall, hoping she has made the right decision.
No. 638913 ID: e114bc

I don't think you have. The pendant is supposed to protect you. Shouldn't you trust in it? Overcome your fear of death. Pablo did, and it gave the Padre pause.
No. 638914 ID: e2a92b

I don't suppose we can skidoo into the picture frame?
No. 638915 ID: 469e5e


Trust your instincts, Nan.
No. 638917 ID: 090e2d

Padre did not appreciate having the pendant thrust at him when he assaulted Kim so it has some effect on him.
If the end of the hall is a dead end, fasten the pendant to your palm and use it to try and ward against blows with the pendant palm.
No. 638918 ID: 6d0b4d

Try facing the pendant towards him while you run!
No. 638919 ID: aca121

We have no gun, no flashlight, nothing.

We can only keep running.
No. 638922 ID: 0cce2d

It is already facing him

Keep running, Nan
No. 638923 ID: 10f6ff

hahaha we're fucked

Look to see what's down the hall. Because, seriously, how much hall do we have left to run?
No. 638927 ID: b9cef6

Wait, wait, what's that in his hand?
Is that a big-ass key?
Is he just trying to hand us a big-ass key?

What if we just stop, and take whatever may come? Be it a big-ass key, or stabs?
No. 638928 ID: aca121

Probably just one of his fingers
No. 638929 ID: 84b841

It's a fire poker.
No. 638930 ID: 628856

As you run Nan start calling out names, of anyone you can think of. Someone will hear. Call out to the beast if you are desprete. Fuck, call to god if you think he will answer. I'm not saying there will be divine intervention but fuck, we are wearing a cross and we have a priest who fell from grace chasing us.

"And shepards we shall be. For thee my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be. E nomine patris et fili et spritu sancte."
No. 638932 ID: b9cef6

Oh, okay then.
Lets not stop and take what may come then.
You got this guys
No. 638933 ID: 628856

If necessary, should we call on the hint button? I'm starting to run out of ideas.
No. 638940 ID: 469e5e


But we lose points and we can't get the achievement
No. 638941 ID: 8c4822

head towards room 117, hope the door is open and the hole leading to the chapel is inside!
No. 638946 ID: d035ee


We had a hint at the climactic running-away scene in RubyQuest, we might need one here.

I'm all for heading to room 117.
No. 638953 ID: ebb6db

We need to find room 466. Fast. Maybe look for some sort of fire-exit that would let us go upstairs without the elevator?
No. 638956 ID: a8fc76

I also vote for a Hint.
No. 638968 ID: a7bf17

Run like hell is the only option, so it's probably the best one.
No. 638969 ID: 936ba2

Hint time please!
No. 638976 ID: 84b841

If you're not going to follow the story, you really shouldn't be trying to contribute to the direction of the ending, for anyone's sake.
No. 638977 ID: 51687e

you buncha babies

maybe wait till you're actually stuck before you start crying for hints. "we got a hint in rubyquest!" yeah well when i was a baby people had to wipe my ass for me - doesn't mean i want a repeat of my own helpless ineptitude.

keep running to the end of the hall, see what's there
No. 638978 ID: 0383d6

Let's save the hint for when we really need it. Keep running to the end, look for any immediate way of escape. If possible test the theory that the pendant can ward off the Padre, but only at the sake of not taking damage
No. 638990 ID: 5ed075

I wonder what the deal was with the beast?
No. 638991 ID: 3009b4

While you're on the run Nan -- anything about the pendent change?
No. 638993 ID: ad627d

Keep running
If we can we should jump into the courtyard
We should save trying the pendant as a last resort
No. 639006 ID: 8d99f5

It just occurred to me that we don't really know how to end this, do we? We should've thought this thought more.
I suggest we all go to questdis and try to think up a plan. In the meantime run nan run!
No. 639008 ID: 350a50

If there's no window to jump through, walljump off the wall and kick Padre in the face with your big meaty goat legs.
No. 639014 ID: b9cef6

>Use a hint!
You big fucking babies.
That is not how a man do.
Using a hint is an admission of DEFEAT! You don't ever use the hints! It makes you WEAK! It makes you a WEAK BABY who couldn't SOLVE THIS PUZZLE.
It is better to die (and savescum) than to use the hint!

>Set save point
No. 639019 ID: defa9b

Stop looking back and look in front of you while you run. The framing of the panel is perfectly set for Nan to run into something.
No. 639026 ID: 1fbb52

Indeed, eyes forward.

Glad to see so many are opposed to asking for a hint right now, that'd be fucking stupid.
No. 639027 ID: cbd77e

Best keep your eyes forward, don't want to trip and you move faster that way.
No. 639038 ID: a01509

Out the window
No. 639040 ID: e02e80

This is literally the worst possible point to use a hint. If anything we should've used it before trying to murder the Padre. The only clear option is run, so fucking run. If you run into a dead end (Which is extremely likely, lets be honest) then keep your momentum and do a FUCKING SAVAGE WALLRUN and flip off the wall to behind the Padre, then keep running from him. If we run into a dead end, it's likely that the other way won't be one.
No. 639042 ID: 5b8a61

exit to the courtyard. The beast is there and maybe you can get him to try and attack you, maybe he'll hit padre instead. But only use it as last result.
No. 639066 ID: e02e80

I'm pretty sure you mean 'resort,' but if the Beast attacks is, it probably -will- be the last result.
No. 639067 ID: e02e80

Attacks *us, even. Ironic how I make a typo there.
No. 639068 ID: a7bf17

Say, anyone remember the big thing outside the hotel that wasn't the beast? The bit where Nan had her shadow going the wrong way? Wonder if we could finagle our way out there instead.
No. 639097 ID: b19c9a

There's only one thing we can do at that moment, and that is getting into the Hotel Courtyard. The TERRACOTTA COURTYARD entrance is on the exact opposite side of the Padre and trying to get past him isn't exactly doable...or a good idea. So go for the window. If it's locked, we'll have no choice but to break it down.
No. 639098 ID: b19c9a

And this is sorta good, since I THINK...we destroyed the beast when we shined a light on it and went through it's memories.
No. 639106 ID: a8fc76


Friends, this is a place to allot all suggestions towards a positive story progression. So isn't it reasonable to suggest anything and everything that might achieve that? And isn't it just as reasonable that one should respect every idea for that purpose behind each one? I hope so.
No. 639127 ID: 1fbb52

Not if the suggestion is "I don't like dealing with the consequences of my actions, so tell me what to do."
That's fucking stupid, sorry to say. At least at this moment when there's nothing to even need a hint about.
No. 639142 ID: 49ac11

fuck hints.

keep running, come what may.
No. 639156 ID: 920670

Scream for anyone.
Pablo, Lorenzo, anyone. Anyone.
No. 639188 ID: cb3e92

I'm assuming that there no chance of ducking back into the sanctuary for safety, is there?
No. 639189 ID: 99d78f

doesn't that hallway have a window that leads to that beast thing that we may or may not have killed (i don't if it's alive)? If so then try to lead Padre to it.
No. 639194 ID: d90668

So are we just going to wait until we are cornered to fight this thing? We might be naked with just a pendent but so far all this thing has shown it can do is frighten us.

And if it can maul us to death with shadows then there was nothing we could have done anyway so might as well fight it.
No. 639195 ID: 350a50

Because we maybe can do a sweet-ass jump kick off the wall.
No. 639196 ID: 8a37f2

OH GOD WE FUCKED UP SO BAD, okay, so we have to somehow murder the padre, dear god what the fuck do we do
No. 639200 ID: 2073cc

If a way out like a window or unblocked door shows itself, take it. Otherwise, hold the pendant in your fist and punch the Padre in his head. You might lose a hand, but at least you're alive. I'm not kidding. If the suggestion box has fucked up, then some consequences must be paid. And better her limbs than he life. My thoughts.
No. 639210 ID: e02e80

Even better: Improvise LUCIFEROUS KNUCKLES OF HOLY JUDGEMENT. Sweet flip-kick off the wall, punch Padre in his stupid demonic face with the stabbiest end of the pendent. If it works, murder him. If it doesn't, run. Ideally before you get maimed. Ideally.

Another thing to consider: Yelling for Santiago? It's strange that Weaver would make us take someone with us and then have them do nothing. It's also possible he'll pull a Stitches.
No. 639221 ID: 98e8cf

I think the consensus is:
option 1 - go for room 117 (though I'm not quite sure what we want to do in there)
if it's blocked off like the others we go with
option 2 - jump out window to courtyard and try to use the beast in our favor (though we did get it shot, so... I'm not sure how understanding it will be)
if there is no window/it is blocked off we have only one course of action
option 3 - we stand and fight with the amulet. We are not afraid to die. We are The Stranger, and we're destined to get out of this alive. Hell, Nan herself is a cross (horns + ears). If nothing else just headbutt the fucker and pray for the love of God.
No. 639235 ID: 741a28

I'm for combing options 1 and 3 at this point, run to room 117 and hope something is there that can help us, if nothing is there and we've reached a dead end, we make our stand, using the cross pendant as our only means of a weapon, either wrapping it around our fist to punch with, or tying it around the head to use the goat headbutt+the cross.
No. 639237 ID: e02e80

No. 639241 ID: c14317

In agreement. Pendant on fist makes holy knuckles, turn and JUMP at the Padre before he can react, get a good punch in. You're in the process of being ash-burnt to death right now and the longer you wait to fight, the worse the odds of success.
No. 639267 ID: 2073cc

No. 639279 ID: 84b841
File 143122742099.gif - (30.53KB , 701x683 , 872.gif )

The doors are all burnt shut into their frames.

Dead end.
No. 639280 ID: a19cd5

fuck it, try and dodge past him. If that doesn't seem feasable, it's time to stab his ass with that pendant.
No. 639281 ID: a19cd5

No. 639282 ID: e02e80

Assess surroundings as quickly and as astutely as you possibly can. Other than that; Grab note, equip pendant as Holy Knuckles while doing so, then hit and fucking run.
No. 639283 ID: 9fdf82

Read the note as fast as you can. Let's freaking pray it is something good or even life saving. Failing that, holy fist the padre.
No. 639284 ID: 9fdf82

Maybe see if you can disarm the Padre while your at it, if you can, try and take the fire poker and stab him.
No. 639285 ID: d16b1f

Wrap the pendant around your hand and shove it down his throat.
No. 639288 ID: e02e80

Reading it now could be a mistake. We don't know how long it is yet. I vote we look at the first sentence of the note then pocket it and follow through with the Fuck Up Padre's Face With The Pendant plan.
No. 639290 ID: 1fbb52

I support this facefucking movement.
No. 639291 ID: 86e91d

Take note, then confront the Padre.
No. 639292 ID: 0cce2d

shit shit shit shit shit
Seconding this.
No. 639293 ID: a7bf17

Screw reading the note, the Padre is literally RIGHT THERE. Swipe it then hold that cross necklace in front of you like the last hope it is.
No. 639294 ID: 741a28

Ok so, how about this, spin and grab the note in your left hand. Then using that forward momentum from the spin, step foward with a punch using pendant
No. 639295 ID: a9753c

Pendant up, grab the note.
No. 639296 ID: 976aeb

Game over.
No. 639297 ID: e02e80

Game ain't over til it says game over, pal.
We're still in this. For now.
First, be the goat. Second, punch the Padre.
No. 639302 ID: b5b4e9

Welp. Time to face the music.

Turn and meet the Padre head on. Prepare to engage in combat. We're going down swinging.
No. 639305 ID: 26d578


...is now a good time to save?
No. 639307 ID: 741a28

You know what?
if we are going to go out fighting we might as well go to battle with singing a show tune.

No. 639310 ID: 333a1e

Santiago?! Lorenzo?! Help Please!!
No. 639311 ID: e2a92b

Dag flabbit. Read the note! (and hug T- *shot*)
No. 639312 ID: 84b841

(It's not a note. It's a shard of the broken pot.)
No. 639314 ID: e02e80

God dammit, no. Stop saying we've lost. It is NOT over yet and I REFUSE to let Nan die. Skim over the note, grab it and punch that fuck in his weird grotesque face. If that doesn't do enough damage, evade around him and get the fuck out of dodge.
No. 639315 ID: e02e80

Oh. Hm.
Saw Weaver's post just now. NanQuest's art style can be slightly problematic. I guess that excludes any chance of us having to pause to read. Do an anime-tier wall-run-flip over the Padre and punch his face with the pendant midair.
No. 639320 ID: 741a28

We believe in you Nan, we won't let you die! Punch that fucker!
No. 639321 ID: a01509

Inspect the pendant.
No. 639322 ID: e02e80

A pot shard is still relatively useful. Distraction? Weapon? Input from other users would be appreciated.
No. 639323 ID: fe6f71

should we use a hint? if not, use pendant.
No. 639325 ID: e02e80

Probably not. If we had more options I'd also recommend a hint. As it stands, the options we have are as follows:
Pot shard
And that's about it. I guess there's also trying to reason with the Padre. Yeah, right. I do think inspecting the pendant is a good idea though. Perhaps try to unlock latent vampiric abilities?
No. 639326 ID: 9f674b

back against the wall, time to fight for your life

and don't go easy on this motherfucker; i want you to OOOOOOPEN HIM UUUUUUUUUP
No. 639328 ID: 86e91d

Deal with the Padre, he only wants his 15 minutes of fame !
No. 639330 ID: daf998

Time to punch a holy man, I suppose.
Assuming (more like presuming) it doesn't work, it's been fun everyone.
No. 639333 ID: 741a28

Okay so, banking on the idea punching the padre isn't a good plan, let's think this through one last time, and finalize what it is we should do. Our options as I see them are:

1. attack the Padre using the cross pendant
2. Ask for a hint
3. Attempt to talk with padre, maybe confess our sins(?) this may buy us some more time (I myself am doubtful though)

The reason for option 3 is the padre stated "Are you simply the one who left, when I needed you most?" plus there was that picture of the weeping rabit guy, if we can get some clarification this could keep us in the game.
No. 639334 ID: e02e80

I'm thinking option 3, then if it fails, option 1. if Weaver gives us a chance to use a hint and we really need it, using a hint like a pleb is better than losing.
No. 639338 ID: 1f8505

Stand your ground.

Hold the pendant directly out in front of you.
No. 639342 ID: c22069

Time to fight for your life.

Grab the Table and use it as a Shield/Bludgeon to deflect the first blow and give you an opening to attack with the pendant or move past the padre to no longer be cornered.
No. 639343 ID: aca121

Go back to last savestate

jk. Check the note and get ready for any opportunity to run past The Padre to go back to the lobby.

The fact that he is running after us even when we have the pendant equipped it's a bad sign. Remember that we went to the past and Lorenzo didn't hit The Padre this time, he may be stronger in this timeline, so strong that the pendant may be not as efficient.
No. 639346 ID: a2b630

The Pendant...

... ... That's it!

You're all right, in a sense. The Pendant severely repelled the Padre before, if only for either distraction or dulling his power, but it was given to us for a reason. It might be our key to defeating him after all, but not in the sense you all really think -

We have sharp vase shards, a note, and a cross.

We need to arm ourselves and get that cross around the Padre's neck.
No. 639351 ID: 741a28


Hmm, so does the pendant have any clasps to hold it together? Or is it just one chain/band that holds it all together? If it has clasps we could use it as a kind of garrote
No. 639354 ID: cc08c7

Oh shit uh, idea. Apply pendant to Padre, grab piece of shattered pot, and slit that fucker's throat, or at least try to. Finish that bastard off.
No. 639356 ID: 6c8858

Padre's not going to suddenly stop and let us talk it over. He already gave us a chance to talk it over, albeit on his terms. We refused. Now that he's all "let us end it", I think we're past the point of civilized discourse.
No. 639373 ID: 0207a0

Talking to Padre is useless. The "pendant go for kill" method sounds too straight forward to work. The corridor is a dead end and all the doors are shut. I really dont see anything else to do other than "pendant go for kill" or wait for our friends to help us. Unless the pendant can open secret paths or open the doors, friends saving Nan or pendant are our only options. OR we could forget about attacking and just run elsewhere. Has anyone harmed Padre before? Does throat slitting work? Should we run?
No. 639375 ID: 333a1e

I think the Padre can easily overpower Nan if we try a face to face battle, but with the pendant there is a possibility
No. 639378 ID: eda892

Nan: Don't be afraid. Fight.
...And maybe try to steal his fire poker.
No. 639380 ID: 644bd9

This is a reach. But the padrehas a lot of fire imagery. So maybe cry? Baptism by fire and water.
No. 639383 ID: 1b60c0

Punch that motherfucker in the snout to assert dominance.
No. 639388 ID: a2b630

Alrigt, so I've had the night to think, and here's my plan -

While the Padre doesn't immediately show weakness to our cross as he did before, with Kim, I still feel it applies directly as to how to weaken him unto a killing state. Be it by symbolic rite or honest to god - aha, aha - power, he enveloped us in shadow, yet couldn't immediately kill us because we wore it. Instead, he just talked us down a bunch and then decided to kill us.

So the plan is, get the cross around the padre's neck somehow, KEEP it on, either around his neck or down his fucking burnt-ass throat, and then kill him while he's, for a lack of better word, powerfully sealed beneath it.

Now, the issue is that we're unarmed. We've hit a dead end because we anticipated we'd be given an opening by Weaver. Trying to second guess our GM was a mistake, I get it. Now, either you could lunge for the pottery shards and note and slash at him, try the hold-out-cross idea, which I personally wouldn't recommend, or, as my LEAST recommended idea, keep your cross close and charge him right through, hopefully catching him by surprise and running through his cloud and out the other end.

It doesn't matter how we get out of this corner. What matters is getting a weapon, someWHERE, someHOW, getting that cross around his neck, and finally putting an end to him.

Really, there's no other reason it would've been on the coat hangar with the padre's stuff, now is there? It couldn't have been just a key.
No. 639389 ID: 680fac

What if we press the pendant itself against the wall? It could burn through The Darkness' illusion. It could open a hole in this manufactured reality, allowing us an escape. The Darkness that posses The Padre would EXPECT us to fight him with the pendant, if we press it against the empty wall, it might open some sort of doorway.
No. 639390 ID: 680fac

The Padre would never create an arena if it was full of things that could actually hurt him. the pendant is the only thing he couldn't take from Nan, so it must have some significant power over his ability to control the world around us.
No. 639392 ID: df4c6a

This place is affected by your mind.
...Try walking through the wall.
No. 639423 ID: e74193

I can't believe I'm actually, unironically suggesting READ THE NOTE as a viable solution to a life or death situation in one of Weaver's quests.
No. 639424 ID: 0207a0

bro,there is no note weaver already told us that
No. 639442 ID: f535c7


Or hold the pendant against a burnt door or the wall
No. 639443 ID: e02e80

Right. So. All this time i've been suggesting the Holy-Knuckles-Into-Padre's-Face method, but, the Pendant-As-A-Key method makes arguably more sense. Hold the pendant towards the door. If that fails, Press the pendant directly onto the door. And, if THAT fails, Holy Knuckles Padre in the snout to assert dominance, then while he's staggering (Presumably he'd be staggering?) put the pendant around his neck. Lastly, hum a showtune, damn it. I know it's in there somewhere.
No. 639445 ID: cd0267

rush him with the pendent in your outstretched hand, we can't kill him with it but it might make him flinch (of the two times he's been affected by it he acted like a vampire to a cross) and give us an opportunity to duck under and run the other way.

>also take pot note
No. 639457 ID: c580cf

See, the door is kaput because of burn damage, which makes physical sense. The window, however, is just fucking gone for no good reason. (window is in post 166589 of thread 3, if anyone doesn't remember it) So Padre presumably shut it off. If we're going to try and use the pendant to dispel a magic blockade or as a key or some shit, the wall makes more sense to me than the door.
Not that I feel very confident about rubbing a pendant against a wall while the monster we've been avoiding the whole quest is charging directly for us. I don't feel confident about much of anything right now.
I'm leaning towards just using the pendant on Padre. Try the pendant on the wall and door first if we're blessed with the time to do so.
No. 639459 ID: 920670

No. 639489 ID: b19c9a

I am officially out of ideas. Take Missing Pot Note, read, then say your prayers and kiss your amazing rear end goodbye.
No. 639490 ID: 469e5e


guys there's no note it's a shard
No. 639493 ID: a8fc76

Wake up, you're going to burn.
No. 639495 ID: 4c4fc2

Headbutt the wall where the window should be.
No. 639496 ID: fe9b88

I'm just going to give my honest thoughts, but I've gotten really invested in this story and Weaver, man you have great talent for this. But here in lies the problem, we want to see our girl succeed, I think we assume not unscathed but come out on top. Nan dying here I think would kill that mood. It's like George R R Martin syndrome, a character you have a lot of interest in and come to know and enjoy dies in front of you, and it can ruin the series and just make it feel like you have wasted your time. Weaver man, I will take this one for the team and I don't care what everyone else says, but I'm asking you, please, don't let this be the end. At this point I expect the ending to be very bittersweet but if Nan dies here, it would just feel horrible, not only because it's a bad ending but we led the story here and its on us. Its also because I think her death would be practically meaningless. If Nan, the hero, is to die, it should be something worthwhile and have a purpose. But no one deserves to die like a cornered mouse.
No. 639502 ID: 469e5e


No. 639552 ID: 47cd7c

That's just the thing, Weaver is absolutely not going to coddle us through this and it would be dumb if he did. We weren't doomed from the start, or at least if we are, our death will have a reason, but it's up to us to not be fucking idiots so we can see ourselves get to our best possible ending. Pleading won't do any good.

On topic, the pendant isn't going to be an instant kill, that'd be dumb. That said, it's time to whip it out. Don't call out to Santiago, it's not like he's waiting around dick in hand for our beck and call. If he's even in whatever this plain of reality is, we need to ensure that he potentially has the element of surprise.

One more thought, it's a possibility that we need to die with Santiago. Loreno left a survivor at the previous ceremony, and that went really fucking well for everyone involved.
No. 639562 ID: 15fae4


If we don't wanna die, we can't get Nan killed

we gotta play smart like
No. 639574 ID: 04e33b

Turn and FIGHT you FOOL! At the very least this useless cowardly sprint gave you a "weapon" in the pottery shards. Use one as a knife.
No. 639603 ID: a8fc76

You can only run in one direction for so long
until you retrace what has already passed.
In hindsight, we probably should have headed for the elevator.
So now, we should find a way to get to another floor, by any means.
However, if worst comes to worst, "...might as well put up a fight"
No. 639738 ID: 2bc2af

Horns, lower. Nan you're not a goat right now you are a ram. Headbutt him.
Time to face your problems head on.
No. 639743 ID: e02e80

>head on
top kek
No. 639752 ID: ea2ad3

Place the table between you and the Padre (with a bit more room on your side) and as soon as he comes close enough, run towards the table, jump on it, and spring off it above the padre's head. You don't need to be an acrobat to do something like that. Watch your step as you land on the table.
No. 639753 ID: fba9e6

Hasn't Weaver made it pretty clear in the Ruby and Nan Quests that although the characters are animal-based, they're never referred to as such in the context of the story?

Anyways, I'm completely at a loss as to what to do next.
No. 639754 ID: a8fc76

Do we all remember what ocured when Kim was touched by the Padre? A contact approach is not the wisest choice here.

We can no longer run, but that does not necessarily mean we have to fight. What are the possibile actions outside of running or fighting?
If nothing better arises, It might be at the very least be interesting to talk to him? Ask him some questions maybe?

I'm also starting to get the feeling like Weaver is playing the story this way. Being completely vulnerable and trapped seems to warrant more than just our suggestions.
No. 639755 ID: d94173

Pray, my little child; the pendant is an artifact of light, an spiritual object made by a ancient religion.
Maybe It will unleash the true power it has inside if you pray for the soul of everyone in the hotel... or put your necklace in father's face hoping he start to melt.
No. 639757 ID: 3515ec


What's that on the table?
No. 639780 ID: b19c9a

I keep seeing people say the Padre is what Nan is facing right now. Guys...it's not the Padre. Nan is facing the DARKNESS THAT POSSESSED the Padre. In other words, whatever was in the Padre, just shed it's skin.
No. 639820 ID: 9fdf82


If this is true, the evil presence might not be trying to "kill" her necessarily, but possess her like it possessed the original padre? It will end the Nan we are familiar with and create a creature like the padre, but with Nan as the host. I assume the cross will stop that from happening however.
No. 639845 ID: 15fae4


Fuck no. We can not let Nan surrender to the darkness. At any cost.
No. 639847 ID: 92a16a
File 143142283233.gif - (30.07KB , 701x683 , 873.gif )

Nan spins around and grips the CROSS PENDANT tightly, holding it out.

The seething wall of shadow approaching her seems to writhe, and its approach is abruptly stopped.
The Padre halts, contorting, but does not flee.

"How long can you hold off the inevitable? Death will not wait for you."
No. 639850 ID: 15fae4


Walk forward, slowly. If it's not hurting him, it at least seems to act as a forcefield. Perhaps we can force him to retreat some. We need more room, we're really up against the wall here, literally.
No. 639851 ID: bd8b82

watch his weapon, may try to throw it at you.
No. 639852 ID: a19cd5

Fire poker, dodge-roll it. Grab the note already too.
No. 639853 ID: b9cef6

"I'm sure it won't. However, you can fuck right off."
Get MAD! Focus your MAD into the pendant!
Also sidestep the poker coming down on you.
No. 639860 ID: 1f3797

Considering Padre's reach, we're gonna need to lunge-roll, not just sidestep. But yeah.
No. 639864 ID: 86e91d

Get a good grip on the pendant, then slowly walk up to the Padre
No. 639876 ID: d3be40

"You tell me, psycho! How long have you been down here?!"

Counterattacks only. Survive as long as you can.
No. 639877 ID: 7ed6e5

Try distracting the Padre? Get him to talk, hopefully Santiago or Lorenzo will be able to help?
No. 639878 ID: 965025

well its not like we've got any other options.
march forward, gripping pendent
No. 639879 ID: 2073cc

Ask it back, what makes it above death?
Whatever you are, you fear death like I do.
This repels you, makes you writhe in pain.
You're not as immortal as you seem.
So, I ask, what's your purpose so great that you want to kill me? Why do you live?

See, I'm thinking its backstory might be its weakness. And if all this has been discussed before, then I'm sorry, I haven't paid attention. But I still mean my point.
No. 639882 ID: fe9b88


Do both, get mad, enrage! And put that into the pendant, make it fear you Nan! Teach it the meaning of death!
No. 639898 ID: a2b630

" Look who's talking. "

I'd also avoid that firepoker if it comes down, if I were you. If he decides to swing it, roll out of the way, then charge him with the cross during the opening. If he does NOT attack you, I'd charge him anyway.

But it looks like he's going to swing, so when he does, dodge it, then charge him afterward, cross and head in tow.
No. 639911 ID: 742a95

No. 639914 ID: 742a95

"Death has waited for me so far. What's a couple more minutes."
No. 640047 ID: e89c59

Fire Poker, 12 o'clock high. Dodge forward and sink that Cross Pendant into the Padre's grimy bagged face.
No. 640117 ID: 9863ec

can you undo the black shit on the door to your right with that pendant? looks like padre-san is getting ready for an attack and space to dodge would be nice.
No. 640120 ID: 15fae4


Nah, that's burn damage. No holiness can fix that.
No. 640123 ID: 8e778d

Walk forward slowly, tell him in your most serious voice:

"So, what you're saying is... death waits for no Nan?"
No. 640251 ID: 8bf2b9

Make him wear the talisman.
No. 640258 ID: fe6f71

Keep an eye out for that cane. It looks like he's ready to attack you with it. Maybe you should try getting rid of it, if you have the chance?
No. 640274 ID: fba9e6

This might be the only real idea posted here so far. Fuck it, give it a shot.
No. 640278 ID: 742a95

Fire poker comin' in. Dodge and roll, equip Holy Knuckles, punch Padre's gross sorta grubby bagface, then fasten the pendant around his neck.
No. 640295 ID: ba62c1

Cease talking. Let's make some test advances.

Try to walk a little closer to the padre, make quick sudden movements. If it doesn't retreat, think of something else.
No. 640307 ID: 94b817

Please tell me someone here is good at darksouls! DODGE ROLL OR SOME SHIT!
No. 640314 ID: f69381

Use the necklace cross like a flail. Hit this fool in his saggy nutsack. or just poke his eyes our or something
No. 640317 ID: 92a16a
File 143160432687.gif - (31.36KB , 701x683 , 874.gif )

Nan pushes the reaction. She thrusts out the pendant and takes a quick step forward towards the encroaching darkness.
No. 640321 ID: 92a16a
File 143160470306.gif - (30.71KB , 701x683 , 875.gif )

The Padre does not back away.
When Nan steps towards him, he brings the fire poker down in a deadly arc.

Not entirely unwary, she attempts to dodge, and catches the brunt of the impact just below her wrist.
Nan can feel the bones in her arm snap as white-hot pain jolts through her.

The pendant is knocked across the floor and clatters against the dead-end wall.
The Padre does not approach further.
No. 640324 ID: 0207a0

I sure hope that white thing in the wall can help us
No. 640330 ID: 86e91d

Eh I don't know, it's hard to figure out what to do when our actions don't have meaningful consequences.
Ok, if you are gonna die then you might aswell put up a fight like that raccoon said before.
No. 640332 ID: 2a7417

It's not real. It's not real! Swipe up the pendant and bring it to bear against the wall some more. Around window-height, perhaps?
No. 640333 ID: cc415a

well, your legs still work don't they? go beast mode, juke this pissant and see if there's anything more promising than a dead end over to the west
No. 640335 ID: fe4bfc

Ok we know the pendent will probably hurt or kill the padre if we can hit him with it. But he can bludgeon us to death if we try. We need some way of disarming him or restraining him to do so.

With one arm disabled we cant risk any attacks unless we are sure they will connect. So quickly pick up the pendent and wrap the chain firmly around your hand to avoid loosing it again. Then see if it has a effect on the wall behind you when touched to it. If it holds back the darkness it might affect other things around here.

Start yelling for Santiago. He has to be around here somewhere so try and get his attention. If we can meet back up with him he might be able to help.
No. 640337 ID: 1fbb52

Well shit, let's not do that again. Grab the pendant and try pressing it onto the wall as some before have suggested, there seems to be some kind of reaction. But don't turn your back on the Padre.
I'm not sure we should treat it like that, considering where we are. Even if it isn't real, we shouldn't be reckless.
I think he's taking up the entire hallway with all that ashen shit.
No. 640341 ID: 350a50

This. Where the pendant touched the wall, it cleared away the ashes. Clear the window, Nan.
No. 640374 ID: 1fb972

Hmm, this maybe easier to do it we knew what is Nan's dominant hand. But grab the pendant, press it against something like the door. See if anything happens. Failing that, next time he take a swing at you with the poker dodge first, then attempt to wrestle the poker from him, if something happened with the door press the pendant to the poke, something positive could happen.
No. 640376 ID: 9fdf82

Actually, scrap that last idea. Let's think about this in terms of the fight. If Nan goes for the pendant I'm assuming the Padre will attempt to take another swing at her. Nan should grab it in her left hand, and quickly get out of the way. What I noticed is that the padre use the poker to get Nan to drop the cross. What we need to do is after a successfull dodge, either attempt to get the poker away from the padre as that is his main weapon, or we can take a step into the Padre's guard and apply the pendant to his chest or something. What I am in favor of doing is after the padre's attack press the pendant to his hands, in an attempt to make him drop the weapon. This way he will be disarmed and we can have a reach advantage if we combine the poker and the pendant.
No. 640377 ID: b9cef6

It was an ilusionary wall!
No. 640383 ID: fe6f71

investagate wall again, and look out for Padre's raised hand.
No. 640386 ID: 6ba835

Welp. After we get out of this, that hand's gonna hurt like a bitch.
But luckily the adrenaline hasn't worn off yet, so start rubbing that pendant, girl.
No. 640419 ID: 8bf2b9

Without facing away, pick up the pendant and press it against the wall. Then throw it at the Lightbringer, make him back off.
No. 640430 ID: 49ac11

summon an army of rats
No. 640431 ID: 49ac11

i just realized we were probably supposed to sing the song santiago wrote for anna
No. 640436 ID: 090e2d

Step back as to be out of range of his swings and inspect what the pendant did to the environment as you retrieve it.
No. 640455 ID: b19c9a

I feel like we should plead for a hint from Weaver. I honestly am so out of clever ideas.
No. 640456 ID: 5a226f

Try and anticipate any attacks the Padre may throw at you. Pick up the PENDANT in your good hand, wrapping the chain around your hand to make sure you don't drop it again. Apply PENDANT to WALL. If you get the opportunity for a counter-attack that you know will connect, go for one of two strategies: Dive in using pendant as HOLY KNUCKLES, or keep your distance and smack him using the pendant as a HOLY FLAIL.
No. 640477 ID: 28b6be

It could be an illusory wall. Keep your eyes on the Padre, and be wary. Try to kick the wall behind you. If you turn to pick the pendant up, we may be hit again.
No. 640494 ID: a8fc76

We're lucky the Padre hit us with the fire poker.
If he had grabbed Nan's arm, incredible misfortune would have followed.

Since he did not take hold of Nan,
that means that the padre did not want to touch Nan, most likely because of the pendant.

Whatever is decided next, we need to keep the necklace.
No. 640496 ID: a8fc76

Create distance between yourself and the padre.
Place the pendent on the wall(?)
No. 640538 ID: 76f020

>>639847 >>640321
> The seething wall of shadow approaching her seems to writhe, and its approach is abruptly stopped.
> The Padre halts, contorting, but does not flee.

> The Padre does not approach further.

... why? I feel like there's something missing here. By all accounts he should have gained some ground by now. Especially when he knocked the pendant away, even if it was just a few inches.

What's holding him back if it's not the pendant?
No. 640575 ID: 15fae4


Either the Padre is simply choosing not to approach or the Pendant's area of effect has been sort of locked, and isn't moving.

I highly doubt Nan is giving off some sort of holy nun aura that's preventing her from getting fucked up.
No. 640662 ID: a2b630

" You know, I find it funny. You talk about ME holding off the inevitability of death, when last I recall, YOU'VE been keeping her waiting an awful long time, too. "

Maybe try not to go for the cross openly. If the Padre is hesitating, I'd recommend diverting his attention from you trying to get the pendant back. Either with talking or with fists, but the latter I wouldn't recommend.

Among potential distracting comments I could only offer the following, if that's the route you take -

" You've been keeping an awful lot of folks waiting, Padre. Whether they're all my memories or the memories of others, the congregation trusted your decision in trying to purge the evil I'm now looking at. They gave their lives to try and purge that evil, as many others have after them, and as I'm probably going to as well, if I don't get out of this."

" But whether you get all holier-than-thou to me or not, whether I'm some Beast mimicry involving the memories of countless others, or taking countless memories for myself, whether I get out of this alive or I fail like so many others, or whether you meet your end here or break loose and send hell upon Earth, it's not going to stop me from trying anyway. "

" I'm not sure what place you have to talk, anyway. Are you sure there aren't any memories you're still... attached to, if that's the right word? Because when I spied you in your quarters with the bible, from the closet, you didn't look half as menacing as you do now. And... you saw me, but left me alone, back there. I still have to ask why."

" Not to play any offense, because let's be honest, you're plenty menacing here. I'm shaking in my fur. "
No. 640720 ID: 92a16a
File 143174116794.gif - (28.02KB , 701x683 , 876.gif )

Nan scrambles backwards, grabbing the pendant. She holds it against the wall behind her, in her good hand.

She spits back at the Padre.
And what about you? How long have you been hiding from death?

"I have left that path. We are in a world of death, and I will be the one to sow it.

This world needs me.
In death, you all will be forgotten.
That is the only way to escape your sins."

No. 640723 ID: 6e1eb1

God does not wish us to escape our sins. He wishes us to redeem ourselves.
No. 640726 ID: 403654

Draw a bigger cross on the wall with the pendant.
No. 640727 ID: b9cef6

Continue to Shamwow up that illusion with your pendant. It's all we got.
No. 640737 ID: d6ffb2

"And what is your sin that makes you so deserving to reap a world of death?"
No. 640746 ID: 1f8505

Leap forward with all your might and smash that cross pendant into his forehead.
No. 640754 ID: 2bc2af

Something seems to be happening to the walls/floor when the pendant touches them.
Press it up against and push back (as in behind you)!
I have no idea what'll happen, but it's gotta be better than trying to go forward.
No. 640755 ID: d6ffb2


Anyone else notice that the cross has touched it gotten this golden color? I think what we need to do now is perform a good old fashioned exorcism, and expel the presence from with in the Padre. Leap forward and slam the cross into his forhead!

"I deny your world of death and sin and accept the light, and so will you! The power of Christ compels you!"
No. 640760 ID: 8bf2b9

"Then be forgotten!"
No. 640765 ID: 92a16a
File 143174840809.gif - (17.40KB , 701x683 , 877.gif )

The writhing shadows are slowly encroaching all around the hall. Whatever kept the Padre back, it seems to be slowly weakening.
Without turning her back on the figure, Nan presses the pendant against the wall behind her, tracing a familiar symbol.

Nan attempts a distraction to hide this. She turns the Padre's claims back on him again, about his own sins.

"You speak of sin?
You carry your head so high for one so wicked, sister. You speak nobly, but sin festers in your soul.

How could you abandon the church? Why should they suffer while you run free?

How many died by your carelessness?
How many souls did YOU burn that night, while the music boomed, in the fire your thoughtless hands let roar?

What of your violence? You crippled a man in rage, and dared call yourself protector of his children.

You MURDERED Henry, a lost soul who only sought his family.
You left Anna to suffer. Where were you when she was screaming for help? Off playing in dreamland!
You sent a young man to die at his father’s hands, then left the father to bleed.
And Kim -- you were supposed to protect her, and now look at her! How much longer does she have now? Hours? Mi
No. 640766 ID: 1f8505


"Nobody's perfect."
No. 640770 ID: bb78f2

Henry's was a threat to the group. Disabling him while in the state we were in would have been incredibly difficult.
The young man had a right to choose his path. We will not make choices for others. That fight was between father and son. We couldn't save Anderson, but we wanted to ease his suffering.
In truth, Kim sounded like she knew what she was doing. She's very smart. You were terrifying, but in truth we could not predict that you were a violent man. We tore her away from you as soon as we realized how much of a threat you were.

We are not holy.
We are not better.
We are only a simple goat. What do you expect us to be?

This hotel? This chaos? No person, no entity, had the right to create this prison, to torment the souls inside it like this. No one deserves this hotel. Not even you, Padre, or whoever you are. We still hardly understand you.

We don't understand any of this. You plague us with these accusations, expecting us to understand everything.
You are a sinner, I am a sinner. We should just accept this. You surround yourself with purposeless madness, and should it even truly have a purpose, you needlessly hide it under a veil, as if you yield TRUE understanding, when you're just as close minded as the rest of us mortals.
No. 640772 ID: d3be40

Padre speaks in contradictions. Some of these sins come from the people whose memories you ate, yet he derides you for becoming an amalgamation of those people.

Don't let him decide what's right or wrong. If death means to be forgotten, then why should he of all people, an avatar of death, have the right to decide what laws must be remembered forever?!
No. 640773 ID: 09bb9b

Nan, Flip Padre the bird.
No. 640776 ID: 76f020

No, see, the difference between us is

It's not about being perfect

Everyone has sin

But Nan never stopped trying to find the light

Whereas you only looked into darkness

and that's why you're lost
No. 640777 ID: 8bf2b9

"If you are going to prosecute me, let the whole picture be known! I avenged Anna for a serial killer's crime against her! I chose not to let a father endanger his own children! I chose not to let Anderson's sacrifice be in vain! I protected Pablo from old scars YOU reopened! I protected Santiago from YOUR temptations, I am protecting Kim now from YOU! I am protecting everyone from YOU, I PROTECT FROM YOU, I AM A PROTECTOR!"
No. 640778 ID: 09b7fb


But he's the one who hurt Kim in the first place. If he's so holy, why would he harm someone, then claim someone else was sinning because he hurt them?
No. 640780 ID: 3009b4

The Church burned because of you.
How many souls died by your PURPOSE?
Crippling is nothing compared to your sin, and Henry died because he was selfish - Ana died due to his selfishness.

Selfishness in desperation because you won't let people go. You hurt Kim and then have what, the gall to blame us?

Dude, expected better mind games from a sealed evil in a can.
No. 640786 ID: e2a92b

Sin is a choice, to turn away from God.
We have not turned away from the churchfolk, who are committed to their own path - we're still fighting for their sake now.
When we struck that man, we were choosing to protect the children
Henry left us no choice.
Anna was not a matter of our choice. Henry's actions caused that as well.
The deaths of the Anderson and Anders' son, were the results of their choices. Anderson chose to go out bravely, fighting you.
We have chosen to protect Kim, and we're trying to do everything in our power to help her. To help everyone.
We're making the best choices we can. In the end, it's all we can do.
And that's what He'd want us to do.
No. 640787 ID: d6ffb2


I'm with this guy, let us be humble if he thinks us too noble. As for the others we could only do what we could with what little we had but we did try to help them regardless, after all... Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone.
No. 640789 ID: 696535

This. Nothing too preachy. Straight and to the point.
"Nobody's perfect. Not even you."
No. 640794 ID: 2073cc

You fucker. You're the source of their darknesses, not me. I'm the lightbringer, bitch.
No. 640797 ID: 5a226f

I don't think talking will get us very many places, but it might at least buy us some time.
No. 640813 ID: 15fae4


Well, shit, we're kind of out of options, aren't we? Nan is coming down with a pretty bad case of broken arm, the Padre is encroaching, the pendant is nigh-useless.
No. 640817 ID: d6ffb2


I thin what we are doing is the correct choice for the moment. Keep him monologing, let him get closer, right at the apex is when we need to make a move with the cross. If you look at the posts weaver has made, you see that wherever the pendant has touched in this area has made a golden light. So right when all seems lost we need to take action, slam the CROSS into the the Padre's forehead.
No. 640819 ID: 10b82c

ALL THAT WAS YOUR OWN FAULT! 100% of it! do not try to pin the blame on others when the responsibility is yours alone.
No. 640820 ID: 183e1b

Guys, the wall.
It changed a bit.
It's now a lighter colour for some reason.
Maybe we can use the pendant to make a way out ?
No. 640821 ID: a01509

"It is not your place to decide my fate."
No. 640828 ID: d6ffb2


Draw an EXIT DOOR using the CROSS
No. 640870 ID: 403654

Glass house there padre. Then let us both bring our sins to light.
Only fair and fits the motif.
No. 640880 ID: fe6f71

Stall him. as in, argue with him. tryo to put blame on him, whatever. Don't make him angry, but keep the conversation going.
No. 640905 ID: a2b630

" The justification of those acts is a matter of perspective, I understand. You can see me as sinfully as you like for that. I won't deny what happened, or that even thought I acted with good intentions, that it held catastrophic consequence -- but you have no room to talk over me. "

" Your Congregation depended on you. Your Church depended on you. All of them, THEY depended on you. Me, too. And instead you listened to a bunch of voices in your head and led them to the church to burn, putting your fate into the hands of a man who couldn't swing the axe to save his own life and a nanny goat whose clearest talents is musical performance and electric thoroughfare. "

" I could try to say whatever may please for my actions, but there are no excuses for you. You have no room to talk. None. The fire was YOUR doing. The congregational murder was YOUR doing. YOU abandoned the church, YOU led us here to ROT... You fucked up, and now I've been called here to clean up your mess. "

" I'm not going to make the same mistakes you did, or the same mistakes Henry made, or any of them. I'm going to cleanse you, banish your evil, and free this place, whether I come out of it alive or not. "

" But you will keep death waiting no longer than I will, Padre. You won't discourage me any more than I'll discourage you, regardless of what hell awaits us. "
No. 640971 ID: 6e1eb1

Wasn't he just done telling you that you did none of those things? If you have no past, you have no sin. He has already cleansed you.
No. 640977 ID: b19c9a

No. 640978 ID: b19c9a

Also begin rubbing the pendant on the wall as though you were trying to rub dirt/ash away.
No. 640982 ID: 2bc2af

Let he without sin cast the first stone!
No. 640994 ID: a2b630

She's already making a "familair symbol" into the wall. Nan already seems to have a plan, let us just help her enact it without trouble, shall we?

Also, Nan, take note how he contradicts himself. He's deliberately lying to you, like he did Henry, and the Padre, and the others. Continue turning it against him, continue preaching the good word, as I previously recommended, though perhaps in your own way...
No. 641015 ID: 1fbb52

She's gonna try and make a ward against the Padre on the wall.
No. 641128 ID: 090e2d

My sins are between me and God, Padre.
It is he and he alone who can cast judgement upon me.
You, of all people, ought to know this.
No. 641152 ID: b19c9a

I would like to remind everyone of post No.640321.
The Padre doesn't seem to want to approach Nan. SOMETHING seems to be keeping him back. He doesn't seem to mind swinging at her, and thus we should NOT turn our back on him, lest he try to swing at us without being able to dodge.
No. 641153 ID: 92a16a
File 143192846560.gif - (23.92KB , 701x683 , 878.gif )

Nan shouts back, in fury, as she continues to trace the symbol on the wall.

How dare you make those accusations?
You steal memories but leave blame. You cast guilt for surviving.
Lives have been saved. Peace has been offered. And all this protection has been from you.
YOU are the threat. You started this. You burned those people!
No. 641154 ID: 92a16a
File 143192880727.gif - (33.75KB , 701x683 , 879.gif )

The wall behind Nan yields to the pendant. A portal of glowing light erupts in a burst of glimmering shards.

The Padre jabs a clawed finger in her direction.



No. 641156 ID: 92a16a
File 143192886779.gif - (20.14KB , 701x683 , 880.gif )

No. 641157 ID: 92a16a
File 143192889114.gif - (23.05KB , 701x683 , 881.gif )

The CROSS PENDANT shatters in Nan's hand.
No. 641158 ID: e114bc

That won't stop you from fixing it. Venture into the portal.
No. 641159 ID: e2a92b

And that's why now, it's up to us to end it.
Burn in hell, Padre!
(...you can kick in any time now, 'familiar symbol'! ;>_<)
No. 641162 ID: b19c9a

GET YOUR ASS IN THAT PORTAL...if it IS a portal.
No. 641164 ID: b19c9a

No. 641171 ID: d68790

You don't need the pendant Nan, you never did. We never did.
No. 641172 ID: 680fac

he cannot say that this is all because of Nan, she would never have been able to plant the seed of doubt had Lorenzo succeded.

the only reason this ALL ever happened is because it already has.
a cycle.
and nan is here for one purpose. TO BREAK SAID CYCLE.
father Valasco is without sin, and the padre cannot claim to have had Valasco's intentions.
what the Padre is now is a twisted caricature of the poor father's past.
Nan may be the cause of this, but only because he allowed her to be. had he wanted to stop it all, he could have.
but he doesn't.
The Darkness now controls Velasco's corpse, and even though it accuses Nan of stealing the identity of another, it is guilty of both the same sin and of hypocrisy.
No. 641174 ID: 680fac

by god, you're right!
could the pendant be just a magnifying glass for Nan's true potential?
oh wait, is this gonna be a cheesy "the power was within you all along" deal?
'cause i''m totally down with that.
No. 641183 ID: b9cef6

"By god, you're right! I'm almost certain I've eaten shellfish once or twice!"
Apply YOU to WINDOW! But don't, like, fling yourself out, just step out onto the ledge.
No. 641184 ID: a2b630

ALRIGHTY, you've distracted him long enough, I say hold absolutely NO hesitation whatsoever in jumping into that portal, ANY TIME NOW WOULD BE GREAT.
No. 641191 ID: bb78f2

They fly back into the portal.
No. 641193 ID: ad627d

You are the one who said that you brought me here.
So if it's anyone's fault, it's yours asshole.
Peace be with you.

Peace into the portal.
No. 641195 ID: 86e91d

On to the portal !
No. 641202 ID: a8fc76

Why not have/trick the padre go into the portal?

It could eliminate the "darkness" that lives within him.

And it might fulfill Nan's suspected role as "light-bringer".
No. 641205 ID: d3be40

"This began with the enemy from beyond our planet.

It continued with you,

and it continued with me.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?"

Head into the portal. Find one of the cores of the source of the entity that invaded your world and end this.

Or, you know, run.
No. 641226 ID: 403654

Suplex padre into the portal. Or if he lunges at you comically sidestep and trip him so he falls in. Keep taunting him to make this happen. Make him mad.
No. 641233 ID: 9fdf82

Nan, go though the portal. You don't need the cross anymore, it served it purpose, to save your life.Like the padre said, this a world governed by death, let's find one that is beloved of life. Now, let's right the wrongs of the past!
No. 641263 ID: 92a16a
File 143198278551.gif - (24.32KB , 701x683 , 882.gif )

Nan wastes no time. She lunges through the portal.

The Padre gives chase.
No. 641266 ID: 469e5e


Where is Nan?
No. 641269 ID: 92a16a
File 143198352276.gif - (18.51KB , 701x683 , 883.gif )

Nan has entered the HOTEL CHAPEL.
No. 641270 ID: b9cef6

"Hey Santiago
Hey Santiago
How long have I been gone
Did we kill the Padre?"
No. 641272 ID: a7bf17

Call out to Santiago, first of all. And move to the door on the other side of the room. I don't know if the Padre can follow you through the portal, but I don't want to take any chances.
No. 641275 ID: 2a7417

Call out to Santiago, ask where he's been. Move towards the symbol on the wall, investigate it.
No. 641276 ID: 86e91d

Make sure no one's following you, then speak with Santiago.
No. 641277 ID: 489e9f

Might want to be careful about Santiago... remember what happened between him and you the last time you were in the chapel.

And you weren't even naked then.
No. 641278 ID: 469e5e


Have you no trust? Santi's a good guy. That rape was in the paaaast, man
No. 641279 ID: bb78f2

Nan, I would like to to kneel and pray.

You know, not ONCE did we ever pray.
No. 641281 ID: 469e5e


Is Nan even religious?
No. 641298 ID: 9fdf82

Ask Santiago if he is okay, but stay on your guard, I don't like the black look in his eyes, Be prepared to defend yourself, run if necessary. Move towards the altar, see if there is anything we can use.
No. 641318 ID: b19c9a

"Santiago! I don't have much time! The Padre is behind me! What have you found!? What's happened!?"
No. 641319 ID: b19c9a

Dude. Santiago ALWAYS has a bad look in his eyes. He's had a bad look in his eyes since we first met him. He's had a bad look in his eyes SINCE THIS THREAD BEGAN.
No. 641322 ID: 469e5e


That's just his natural look of love
No. 641333 ID: 4aea00


Agreed, Santiago always had the crazy look well established, but at least then his eyes we're halfway normal eyes, I don't like how they are black now. I suspect we may have to fight him if he is possessed by something
No. 641343 ID: a2b630

Okay, regrouping is one thing, but we also have the Padre hot and burning on our trails, and we can't afford any sort of slacking!

Nan, get Santiago moving! The two of you, if you regroup at all, need to make it fast, because that blood moon looks unpleasant, and so does the look of murder on the Padre now. Get moving! Courtyard! Now!
No. 641348 ID: 469e5e


It's just the angle, you can see a little pinprick of eye there.
No. 641350 ID: 92a16a
File 143200501569.gif - (24.06KB , 701x683 , 884.gif )

Nan hurries to cross the room, calling up to Santiago.
"I don't know what happened - I found a way through the old room to get here. Don't open the door, the courtyard--"

A deafening peal shakes the entire room, like the sound of thunder, or the ringing of some enormous bell.

Shadows burst writhing from the doorway.
No. 641353 ID: 3009b4

>"I don't know what happened - I found a way through the old room to get here. Don't open the door, the courtyard--"

That sounds like an open invitation to me!
No. 641354 ID: abc3c8

No. 641356 ID: 3009b4

Being slightly more serious, perhaps Nan can do some sort of rodeo-dodge to have the Padre go through the door first.
No. 641357 ID: e114bc

Santiago you better give us something to do aside from open these doors because things are looking PRETTY BAD!

...maybe try something with that plank-based symbol? We just went through a portal with that shape, maybe we can do something similar here?
No. 641358 ID: 8bf2b9

The courtyard's now the only available option.
No. 641361 ID: 403654

Courtyard? Does that mean Beast versus padre showdown! Unless the courtyard leads to the real world and we free padre...nah, let the souls of the burned take down the creature they died to destroy!
No. 641368 ID: 6cb462

Trust Santiago and don't open the door, and don't alert the Padre of Santiago being here. in fact, don't even look at Santiago.
No. 641372 ID: 4aea00

Santiago! If you have any form of weaponry use it on the padre, either throw it at him or jump on to him and start using it, but you need stall him long enough for Nan to get the door open. Nan, get the doors open immediately and get the Padre's attention, get him outside!
No. 641378 ID: e2a92b

Is the burn mark speaking to you, like the one in the elevator or under the bed? Go for it! If not, throw open the doors and dodge out of the way as Beast and belligerent begin their barrage!
No. 641384 ID: 965025

yeah whatever we do, let's not give away santiago's position. We don't need our backup dead
No. 641389 ID: a2b630

On one hand, I want to listen to Santiago and not open the courtyard door, but on the other hand, Santiago also didn't know the Padre was right fucking behind us and we're now in a VERY much enclosed space with him and his naughty murder time shadow puppet show.

Either we open those doors and get Padre the FUCK away from Santiago, or we think of something else, FAST, because I don't want us to fuck up majorly and get a bad ending here.
No. 641390 ID: 2073cc

Assuming the door opens out toward Nan, she opens it. Hides behind it, lets the beast devour the Padre. Hoping that's the case.
No. 641392 ID: b19c9a

No. 641403 ID: a2b630

On second thought, maybe now would actually be a good time for a hint, yea, I forgot we sitll had that.

Is there a code to use the only hint button, or, uh, what?
No. 641405 ID: 15fae4


Guys, c'mon, it're fiiine, we're fiiiiiiine.
We don't need a hint, let's just figure this out. We've got 1 or 2 panels before we die, that's plenty of time to find an opening.
No. 641408 ID: b19c9a

We're trying NOT to die. At this point we're shooting for whatever good ending we can scrape together and salvage from this.
No. 641410 ID: ede152

If not the door then the symbol on the wall
No. 641437 ID: a7bf17

Guys that was Nan talking just then, not Santiago. But aside from that, the courtyard is the only option. Getting eviscerated by the Padre doesn't sound too great.
No. 641439 ID: f0e552

perhaps we can follow in the steps of the Mexican bull fighters and open the door for the padre as he charges into it and gets raped by the beast.
No. 641455 ID: 330c24


I think this is suitable battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAw-EFuwC3A

But seriously, I'd recommend running into the courtyard, maybe causing the Padre and the Beast to run into each other? Epic battle or epic team up?
No. 641464 ID: 86e91d

Well, we lost our only protection against the Padre. Might as well invite the Beast to the party.
No. 641473 ID: f346ca

don't fire the torpedo
No. 641486 ID: 7e9753

open the door. be ready for whatever it is on the other side.
No. 641504 ID: fe6f71

look at the window. I think the.... well, can't call it beast, so how about Lunar? Anyway, maybe that's why he doesn't want us to open it. Can we use to big cross somehow? If we have no other option, or if Santiago doesn't have any idea, then do open the door. But for now, buy time by stalling the Padre.
No. 641513 ID: 680fac

this IS a tricky one, huh?

alright. we got here by thinking outside the box, so let's keep that going.
this guy had the right idea, this is a world that was created by the 'Darkness' (is that what we're calling it?) in the Padre.
so we need to think like this place is.
the padre wouldn't put wood to hurt him in the place he designed, no matter its shape.
if what is outside is The Beast (that needs a new name, given we now know what it really is) cool, we have an ally, or at least a wild card.
which is more than we have now.
if it's Lunar (as someone called him) then we have nothing to worry about, right?
the way that i see it, Lunar is the Darkness in The Padre, and us seeing him was like a lab rat seeing the lab worker, a being far more powerful than we can imagine.
and if the darkness is trapped within the padre, what we saw in the past (Lunar) was actually the Darkness before it possessed The Padre.
and Lorenzo said it himself, the Darkness is trapped within The Padre. this is the only reason he was ever vulnerable.

the Darkness can't be in two places at once, which leaves any 'Lunar' as a mirage or scare tactic built in to the world the Padre built.
a mere distraction for the mice running the maze.

so go, fling open the door and run out with no fear within you, Nan. and face what comes.
No. 641517 ID: 680fac

that, or it's some unspeakable Eldrich horror we've never encountered.
in which case,
aww shit.
No. 641519 ID: 469e5e

Guys, slow down. When we tried to kill the Padre by snatching the hammer, we acted without thinking, and it got us fucked up. Santiago may have a good reason to not open the doors.
No. 641520 ID: 680fac

also, sorry. forgot your name while typing that, my bad. all credit to Dreamcloud for Lunar's name.
No. 641530 ID: 090e2d

the HOTEL CHAPEL is the complete opposite of the FIRST FLOOR LANDING.
There are no fires, shadows or blocked exits. The only symbol the darkness has shown any aversion to is featured prominently.
This is a room we got to by punching a hole in Padre's world when we imprinted said symbol on it.
From the outside we see the red light of fire which makes it likely that this world is inside Padre's.
Opening that door would probably let his world and by extension his powers in to it.
Let's not open the door.
No. 641536 ID: fe6f71

alright. don't open the door
No. 641562 ID: ecdd59

>lets keep thinking outside the box
>fling open the door and run out

Its not so much that we should think outside the box, its more that someones locked us in a box with satan on one side and cthulhu on the other.

We definitely should try to do something, but the thing is that it looks like the only thing we can do is go through the doors, even with Santiago's warning.
No. 641567 ID: 489e9f

In fairness to Santiago, he warned us to not open the door -before- Padre arrived. At the moment, I don't think we have any choice.

We'll just need to hope Padre and the Beast will be too busy with each other to worry with Nan.
No. 641577 ID: 6cb462

I'd say lets see what we can do here first for now, especially since Santiago is here to help. If things start to get really bad, then we can go through the door, but lets save that as a last resort.
No. 641579 ID: b9cef6

Can we knock over the cross and use it to clamber up?
No. 641586 ID: 8bf2b9

There's no time, he's less than a second away from Nan!
No. 641587 ID: 469e5e


"No time" was what we said in the church and look where that got us
No. 641597 ID: a8fc76

Run South, from viewer perspective.
Not through the doors.
But forward, to the length end of the red silhouette.
No. 641611 ID: ad627d

run to the hole or hatch near the bottom of the symbol on the wall
No. 641620 ID: c6ec0b

Tell Santiago to run you got this covered.

(There is no way he is going to do a heroic sacrifice on our watch)

If he jumps down on the Shadow to buy us time I will be so pissed!!!
No. 641629 ID: 6cb462

I don't think we should say anything to him, otherwise, we will just be giving away his location, and ruin any kind of sneak attack he may have.

But don't worry, if he goes for a heroic sacrifice, we'll just go in after him.
No. 641631 ID: 15fae4


Are we seriously so attached to Santiago we're gonna let ourselves die if he goes to kill himself?
Just kidding. I love him. Santiago lives or riot.
No. 641660 ID: 7e9753

this. this is pretty much the only thing we can do.

youre right, we wasted our time thinking too much, now we need to do get shit done FAST.
No. 641664 ID: b19c9a

Hey wait...what if there's something up in the room behind Santiago that can help us? Like a pipe or something! OR SOMETHING TO GIVE US A CLUE!? SANTIAGO NEEDS TO TELL US WHAT'S IN THAT ROOM!
No. 641708 ID: 92a16a
File 143214960463.gif - (12.63KB , 701x683 , 885.gif )

Nan rushes to the door. In the darkness beyond, vague shapes move slowly. Faint murmuring pierces the booming noise of the Chapel. There's no mistaking it.
The Beast is out there.

The door is locked on this side.
The bolt is wrapped with what appears to be human hair.
No. 641715 ID: 2a7417

Are there any other exits beyond the balcony, the Padre's entrance, and this door?
No. 641716 ID: e114bc

>lock involving human hair
...some sort of ward? We can probably use that ourselves later. If the Padre is still coming after you, warn Santiago then take the bolt.
No. 641718 ID: b9cef6

>Locked with human hair
But nobody here is human
Do not let the beast in. We would kill the Padre, but we would die as well.
I still say we try and get up to Santiago. He can lean over and pull us up! Or we can knock down the cross and climb up it! Or a combination of those two!
No. 641720 ID: 9fdf82

Uncurl the hair fast. Make sure that when you open the door, you pull yourself back with it so that the beast will see the Padre as soon as you open the door, once the fight has begun try and sneak away and meet up with Santiago. Take the hair if you want, it may or may not come in handy later.
No. 641723 ID: d362c7

>Take the hair if you want

DEFINITELY take the hair. It's the active element in keeping the Beast out, and is therefore probably quite handy to have around.
No. 641727 ID: 61932c

Doubtful that Nan can undo the hair binding with a broken arm. At least at any sort of speed that keeps the Padre from finishing her. Nan, Try and dodge the Padre's poker if he swings downwards at you, and let *him* cut the 'lock of hair' off the door. Then step back and hope that the beast goes after the padre, and you're able to climb up to Santiago while the beast is dealing with him.
No. 641730 ID: 469e5e


That... Might just be crazy enough to work.
No. 641744 ID: 680fac

forgive me if i sound insane. but the penta-cross thing made of wood might have a purpose after all.
keep in mind this is ALL conjecture, so take it with a grain of salt.

what if we could lift it?

i know i've probably thought about this too much,
but what if we lift the cross to the circular window?
we can assume the window leaves a spotlight-esque circle of red light, i'm sure.
if we could put the five points of the wooden symbol on it,
the shadow it leaves on the ground could shape a... pentagram-type-thingamajig.
while the wood may not have power over the padre, the shape might.
it could also trap him there, in the circle, like a demon-pentagram relationship.
then we could open the doors and run out the other way while the padre is trapped with the beast.
we don't get hurt, padre gets dead, and the souls of the 466 victims of the fire get their revenge.
only one problem.

how do we get the symbol up there?
No. 641746 ID: 680fac

or i'm reading too deeply into it.
totally possible.
No. 641753 ID: 090e2d

That door did not stop the Beast in chapter 6 so either it doesn't want to get in yet or it can't.
If the former let's hope it stays that way and if the latter, do not fiddle with the lock.
Even if it went for the Padre it could effortlessly pulp Nan on its way past her.
If it doesn't and we try to run past the struggle you can bet your asses the Padre would not ignore Nan as she runs past them.

Also, where's Lorenzo? He dove towards Nan as well.
No. 641757 ID: aec905

Well, rip the hair off. Bite it off if you must.
No. 641766 ID: 8bf2b9

Call up for Santiago's help!
No. 641783 ID: 61932c

And if Nan doesn't do something, the Padre will just rip her to shreds. Currently the only thing I'm seeing as a potential way to get Nan and Santiago out is to let the Padre smack open the door and hope the beast rushes him. Only other option is to ask Santiago to jump onto the Padre and then after he's dead, then what do we do?
No. 641789 ID: a2b630

Actually... that's crazy enough to work.

Now you need to get Padre to cut the hair, and let the beast see HIM, not you, first.

If he's not angry enough already, taunt him, play as if you're taunting him away from Santiago, continuing to build more tension against him about his sins, about what he did, and if he swings, dodge, dodge with whatever Dungeons and Dragons level roll numbers you can handle, but for the love of god, you can't take Padre on with a crippled arm.

Lifting the cross, or doing anything else is too heavy of work with one arm, and they're on the other side of the room. You've only got one option now.

You have a penchant with pissing people off, Nan. Start milking it.
No. 641806 ID: 9fdf82


Ok! Now we are cooking with gas! Nan, begin taunting the Padre, get ready to dodge immediately after he attacks. If the beast takes the bait immediately haul ass away and meet up with Santiago.
No. 641807 ID: 350a50

No. 641818 ID: 0207a0

Guys im pretty sure Padre is faster than us.
No. 641833 ID: 18d18f

>human hair
wait... what
Noone here is human, nor does anyone have hair.
No. 641837 ID: 1fbb52

The way the characters look is most likely not what they actually are; they're all represented by these animals for easier identification. A good example would be how Henry out on the Pilgrim mask and his horns just disappeared. Also note that nobody is reffered too as "a goat" or "a rabbit." So I don't think we should read too deeply into the human hair thing.
No. 641838 ID: ecdd59

everyone is human shoosh
No. 641852 ID: 15fae4


there's no confirmation on whether or not anyone is human and it really has no effect anyways

i prefer to think of them as furries because i am an unstoppable yiff machine
No. 641862 ID: aec905

Are you seriously discussing that?
You should be discussing that Nan has a broken arm, hinting that future attempts at dodging could go worse. Also, broken arm.
No. 641879 ID: a2b630

Look, whether we can dodge it or not, the firepoker in the Padre's hands have been proven to break bone and metal time upon time. We can't take the Padre on our own, not even with Santiago here, not in his current state.

If we're doing anything, we have to give ourselves an opening, even if it means taking a risk we know can end gruesomely to try and find that opening to catch ourselves up.

Which means we're going to goad the goddamned Padre into opening the door for us, and we're gonna, ironically enough, PRAY to that cross that he's too blinded in anger to make accurate shot.

... Which means we probably have to make a really cruel verbal shot at him, don't we? I'm not gonna like this...
No. 641890 ID: 61932c

She got a broken arm because she held her arm up with the relic, and paid the price. So far she's managed to avoid 90% of the things thrown at her, the only thing she's not avoided was Henry's dagger to her hand and that was thanks to it being pitch black.
No. 641925 ID: 5a226f

Antagonize Darkness, anticipate his attack, and get the fuck out of there. Try and get up to Santiago however possible.
No. 642009 ID: 680fac

okay, maybe i needed more sleep, the broken arm totally slipped my mind. sorry, i derped.
our only option is a bit of makeshift divine intervention.
the Darkness believes it's a god, so let's make it mad.
accuse it and insult it as best as possible. point out the flaws in its arguments.
give it pause, and then make it furious.
that poker has been known to break metal before, it doesn't have to hit the hair,
just the general vicinity of the door handles.
maybe convince him to jab it and get it stuck in the door, looney toons style.
then he'll either get stuck until he can pull enough yank it out,
or he'll yank the whole door off the hinges.
win/win. the issue is getting him there.
stand in front of the hair and stand against him defiantly, back against the door,
then duck when he jabs at you.
high stakes, high reward.
and by reward i mean survival and avenging 466 souls,
as well as removing a horrible old-god thing from existence. (if we survive that long.)
No. 642059 ID: 17ded5

This is usually around the point of an adventure game where I start dying multiple times in rapid succession as I try to find the working plot combination.
No. 642099 ID: 680fac

this is disturbingly accurate.
No. 642158 ID: c6ec0b

Nan is a strong independent woman she doesn't need help from no man.
Goats can eat anything
Eat that hair
Time for the Beast to go Godzilla on the Padre
OnO "let them fight"
No. 642187 ID: 403654

I dont think we need the padre here to break the lock. I mean it's just hair, i think could break it even with one hand. A quick sharp tug should snap it and nan can hide behind the doors while the beast goes at padre...I hope Santiago doesn't get caught during this.
No. 642199 ID: 1d157d

Human hair is actually pretty strong, especially when it's a tangled mess like that. I don't think Nan could tear it with a single tug.
No. 642209 ID: b19c9a

But I think the Padre can cut through it with one misplaced swing from his Iron Poker.
No. 642212 ID: 9d330d

I learned this from Corpse Party.
I do think we have a chance of getting the Padre to open it, especially considering it would probably burn right off.
No. 642213 ID: a8fc76

Run to the symbol
No. 642215 ID: a2b630

Alright, now, we need something particularly nasty to taunt him with...

Nan, this is your part. What do you remember that which will piss him off SO severely, SO blindly, that will make him only focus on lashing out and not focusing on his accuracy of swing?
No. 642222 ID: 2315e6


"im disappointed Padre. You chase after me like a baby whose mother took her tit away, why? Maybe it's because I'm all you have left in this world? But do you know what you are to me? You're nothing but a pathetic, hypocritical, failure! God has abandoned you, everything you once loved abandoned you, such as you deserve! YOU DESERVE TO WASTE AWAY INTO NOTHING!"
No. 642256 ID: 680fac

"i am responsible for your very EXISTENCE! is this how you treat your mother?
I gave you your life! I can end it!"
No. 642257 ID: a19cd5

guys the goal is to enrage him, not induce him to hysterical laughter
No. 642289 ID: a2b630

" ... No, you know what? I'm tired of running. "

" Because I'm not at fault here. /You/ are. And I will repeat myself once again. "

" Those people did not /need/ to burn to lure the monster in, it /persuaded/ you to think they did. It was already there. It just needed your doubt, your fear, it needed /fuel/... and you built it a furnace. "

" You were already possessed, Father Velasco. You were already haunted. Those people did not deserve to burn, nor are at fault for doing so. Lorenzo was not distracted by me, nor hesitated because of me, but because of what strange new behavior /you/ upheld. We are not here because of /me/. We are here because of /you/."

" You failed us, Padre. You failed your congregation, your children, your friends, all of us are here because you were played for a fool, and now look at us. You, failed us. You failed all of us. And now we're going to burn here in hell because /you were too cowardly to cut your own throat!/ "

" I'd sooner burn you myself than give you the satisfaction of letting us down again! If you so desperately want to "fix" your self-acclaimed "problem" you're blaming me for, go ahead and fix me! "

" You can't do anything else right, after all! "
No. 642291 ID: a19cd5

He's already charging at us to kill us, the time for a grand speech has passed and failed us. We'd be dead three words in. think FAST.
No. 642302 ID: 9fdf82

"Even Filbert was more butch than you!"

Or something along the lines of...

"What the matter Velasco? You can't control your flock? Not even this one black sheep?"
No. 642305 ID: 61932c

I sort of think that the Beast is sort of there to try and dissuade anyone from trying to run outside. It strikes me as less likely to be allied with the Padre and more just angry at everything in general. That's why I'm so against us trying to open the door. If the padre is the one that opens the door, it might think he's trying to walk out, and attack him for it. Either way I'm 90% sure that if we throw Santiago at him, it'll end up with Santiago's death and we'll still be fucked, and I'm honestly running out of potential ideas aside from 'lets let the two monsters duke it out until we can get our shit back together'.
No. 642322 ID: f3077c

yes let's talk the monster to death
No. 642329 ID: 680fac

i think that's the idea here,
if we can enrage him and get him to open the door, we buy ourselves more time.
like having two kaiju duke it out, the humans just watch.
No. 642395 ID: 9d330d

I'm with you here. I questioned the danger at first, but I don't think we have any other choice. "The symbol will keep you safe until the time is right." The symbol is no longer protecting us, I don't think we can rely on another lucky way out. The time to make a final strike is now.

If the Padre doesn't immediately rush us, I do think the best way to get him angry is to play on the original Padre's doubts, the Thing possessing him isn't going to care that you think it's evil: "Maybe only I can see it, they will never understand what I am doing." Tell him that his sacrifice that was for nothing.
No. 642471 ID: b7778d

I'm reminded of what Weaver said in the hotel room confrontation. If we keep talking our way through things, someone's eventually going to get bored of listening and stab us.
No. 642488 ID: 680fac

that's why it has to be short, sweet, and to the point.
i think. xD
No. 642489 ID: fd0bb2

or we could just try not trying to talk diplomatic with the homicadal embodiment of evil
No. 642494 ID: 15fae4


I thought the plan was to enrage him. I dunno if the Padre is capable of emotion, but it can't hurt to try.
No. 642615 ID: 92a16a
File 143245907605.gif - (24.85KB , 701x683 , 886.gif )

Backed into a corner, Nan decides to risk opening the door. She begins tearing at the door's bindings, intending to open it.
But she has precious little time.

She glances over her shoulder.
No. 642616 ID: 26e769

No. 642617 ID: e2a92b

No. 642618 ID: 15fae4


Is he decaying more? He's not even keeping a consistent shape, I can't see his hat.
No. 642619 ID: e2a92b

He's gotten so ugly, he had to put another bag over his bag-head.
No. 642620 ID: d362c7

Make a tactical dodge just as he's about to hit you! Get him to open the door for you.
No. 642631 ID: 1f3797

Dodge! If he does a downward swing, hopefully the hook on his fire poker will cut the ward.
No. 642655 ID: a2b630

Oh, boy, here he comes.

Now, like the others said, we don't need to say much. Most of the things I've been offering as words to taunt him are just a bunch of options, extended time, really. But we have none.

You're in a church, talking to a former church man. We're gonna need something really scathing if he's too slow to swing, but if he's going to swing immediately, you need to let him get close enough to where his hook will catch the door if he swung, then dodge.

So either we need a REALLY CRUEL thing to say, or we need to play chicken and pretend not to be afraid until the last second.

Don't balk, Nan. You know you can't take him. But the Beast can. Once he swings, once he opens that door, just run. And don't stop running. Run through the doorway the Padre came from, calling to Santiago to meet up with you. And don't look back.
No. 642657 ID: 61932c

Alternatively, We could shout for Santiago to catch us then try and jump up to let him grab ahold of our good arm. I'm kind of hesitant to run down a pathway that the Padre has traversed.
No. 642660 ID: 3009b4

... I think that's Santiago.
No. 642666 ID: 680fac

oh no.
okay. this is... unfortunate.
well, i feel like weaver may be telling us: "hey, you do know words ain't gonna work here?"
well, the only idea i have is to dodge out of his way when he attacks, which has already been said.
maybe we could dodge toward him, like a roll. so he could follow the swing downwards,
which could get it stuck in the floor for a few precious seconds.
so, duck and roll into him, then run sideways toward the wooden symbol,
knock it over and roll it towards Santiago, then climb to the balcony.
oh, and do it fast enough to avoid, uh, y'know, death.
well shit.
i feel like weaver is ACTIVELY TRYING to get us to use the hint.
don't cave, everyone, we can do this. we can BEAT this.
No. 642669 ID: 680fac

woah, wait. what are you...
actually, maybe.
we never see father Velasco's face (i'm pretty sure)
so, he could be anyone in the cast, dead or alive.
he could also be no one.
we can't see the padre's face,
so maybe he's Santy, hell he could be Pablo.
you could be onto something, but that might
just be wishful thinking.

i see it though.
No. 642671 ID: 680fac

oh good point.
screw this balcony shit,
which requires climbing and pushing of stuff,
when you can just run out the door you came in through.
voice of reason had a stroke of genius.
i just had, well, a stroke.
No. 642672 ID: 47897c

Hmm... Just something else to consider, but what if which ever we DIDNT pick became the Padre? So we picked Santiago and he's right here, so unless by some kind of time shennanegans it couldn't be him. But that leaves only Pablo... What if Velasco isn't a first name, but a last name. So could the Padre's real name be Pablo Velasco? Just a bit of food for thought

As for a course of action, honestly I think we either need to dodge REALLY fast, have Santiago taunt the Padre instead (that might work, crazy people can say some really mentally scarring stuff) in order to stall for just a little bit more time, or take weavers bait and ask for a hint.
No. 642687 ID: ec0228

You're fucked Nan, unless Santiago leaps from the second floor which is unlikely because he's not an idiot.
Keep tearing the hair off, it just can't get any worse right?
No. 642709 ID: 61932c

No, Nan. Your only chance is to let the Padre swing at you and dodge it! He's not trained in combat, the most he seems to be able to do is swing that poker in an overhead attempt to bash someone's head in. Use that. It's a vertical arc, step aside and run for it when he breaks down the door!
No. 642712 ID: 45a76d

I think the tactical dodge is the best idea, but here's a random thought...

What about using her horns to tear open the hair around the door? I can't think of any items that would help, but we still have our sweet anthro powers.
No. 642720 ID: 469e5e


Nanny goats have pretty blunt horns. She'd lose too much time and get poker'd.

No. 642735 ID: e114bc

Also Nan isn't really a goat. All characters are human, merely represented as animal people.
No. 642741 ID: 469e5e


Let's not debate this again.
It doesn't really matter either way.
No. 642787 ID: 92a16a

When did I ever say you guys get a hint
No. 642793 ID: abc3c8
File 143251916678.jpg - (31.01KB , 480x360 , dodge.jpg )

there is a very simple way we can get out of this.
No. 642800 ID: cd5876

No. 642807 ID: d3be40

Punch the window?


You may need to resort to biting the heir off the lock. If only you had the revolver.
No. 642818 ID: 7e9753

god good what happened to his face.

use your naked goat speed to dodge the blow.
No. 642830 ID: 15fae4


we don't need a hint, we're tough enough
No. 642946 ID: a8fc76

Break the window
No. 642947 ID: bb78f2

Nan... it's just hair.

Kick the fucking door.
No. 642948 ID: 15fae4


Hair has a lot of strength when it's tightly coiled together.
No. 642966 ID: 680fac

i have no ides if you're being facetious or not.

i guess we're on our own.
No. 642970 ID: 680fac

it could be loose and weak enough now that Nan's had a good thrashing with it.
kick the door, to propel yourself in your dodge.
use it like one of those starting things in swimming tournaments.
it might open the door, and if not, you get a head start.
No. 642971 ID: 680fac

i always figured Velasco was a last name. i was just spitballing, but i don't know.
it could also be that Pablo is like a 'good side' of Velasco.
No. 642972 ID: 1c5d74

Seconded. And even if it doesn't break, if she dodges successfully, the force from the poker smash should finish it off.
No. 642997 ID: 350a50

If doing a jumping kick does break the door open, we'll lose our momentum and fall to the ground, where we will either be trampled by the Beast or poker'd by Padre.

Just dodge.
No. 643003 ID: 61932c

"Here are typical ultimate strengths of different materials when pulled.These can all vary depending on purity:

Nylon thread: 75 MPa
Human hairs: 200 MPa"

Tangled up like that, makes those hairs much stronger as they're like a net where each push and pull is supported by another strand. We would need something to cut it, and unfortunately we don't exactly have time to try and chew through it while the Padre is about to poker her Nanny goat butt.

If we want the door open, we have to let the Padre be the one to do it.

I also think that if we open the door the beast will go after whomever opened it.
No. 643006 ID: 8c4822

looks to me like whatever was making the padre into an enormous terrifying column of darkness is being stripped away by the red light

time to try and push the padre into the light, or lead him into it if we can avoid getting too close
No. 643042 ID: fe6f71

No. 643116 ID: 403654

Can we ignore the door and have Santiago break the window to let the beast in? He can probably find something to throw...but that'd take too long.
No. 643147 ID: ebb6db

Do a quick somersault to dodge so as he swings, he accidentally tears the hair off of the door handle with his fire poker.
No. 643190 ID: 825af6

...Goddammit. Why the fuck do y'all think Nan is some kind of soldier or acrobat or whoever the fuck could pull off dodging powerful paranormal entities or punch doors down or whatever? She's a simple handyman, fer fuck's sake! Every time she's tried solving things with that kind of direct physical action she's either failed or come out worse off! (As y'all directing her to use the cross on the Padre attests to.) So, please, for the love of fuck, stop suggesting that shit!

Y'know, perhaps Santiago has a knife hidden on him; It wouldn't be out of character for him to. None of you even thought of that, did you? So how 'bout Nan calling out to Santiago to throw her anything he has that can cut.

Though, honestly, I'm thinkin' that y'all blew it and there's no way to get Nan out of this alive, but there's still the (slim, and getting slimmer by the second) chance for her to take the Padre out before her end.
No. 643200 ID: 61932c

Yes, the safest course of action would be to ask if Santiago could throw a *KNIFE* At Nan, hope it doesn't hurt Nan at all, have her pick it up, and cut through the hair, all while the padre is still coming towards her. Or do you expect he'll stop and wait patiently as nan grabs for the knife on the floor, turns around, and cuts through the hair?

Nan has dodged 90% of the stuff that has come at her. She has dodged the padre before, remember all the way back in, I think the first chapter, the fire burning in the cafe with the Padre there?

The only time she has been injured while attempting to avoid an attack has been Henry hitting her hand with his knife, and he jumped her in pitch blackness.

No, Nan is not a soldier, nor an Acrobat. At the same time, the padre is not a fighter. He seems to mainly use the poker in overhead swings like a club. He shows no signs of agility, just the strength to swing the poker hard enough to break Nan's wrist. Strong enough to break the latch, strong enough to break the door, strong enough to get the beast focused on *him*. That is currently I believe, the only way to get nan out of this alive. Can the beast kill the padre? I don't know. Can the padre kill the beast? Again, I don't know. I do know however that if they're fighting each other, They're not going after Nan to try and kill her.
No. 643213 ID: 350a50

Exactly. Once they're distracted with one another, Santiago can help Nan onto the balcony.
No. 643357 ID: 610910


That's assuming he's inclined to. You can never tell with him.
No. 643359 ID: 9d330d

I don't think we have time for that. It'll take a few seconds for Nan to yell for what she wants from Santiago, a second for Santiago to throw it down, a second for Nan to grip it in her single hand. The Padre isn't going to sit idly and that's even assuming Santiago hasn't lost his inventory too, and that Nan has enough strength to use it in her non-dominant hand.

The last panel implies the Padre is closing in. I think that means there's no time to talk and we need to get focused on dodging right now, unless it states otherwise.

But assuming Santiago is there for a reason, is there anything useful in the room above?
There was a candle, a black bible, and another wooden symbol. If the candle was still lit it might be able to burn through the hair, assuming we can get it down without extinguishing it.
No. 643390 ID: 680fac

i'm not saying to fucking DROP KICK the door.
brace legs against it, and use it as a boosting platform.
no need to become airborne.
No. 643391 ID: 680fac

not necessarily. we have no idea if this place obeys physics.
the hotel before we got into this one didn't.
why should the one that's more evil?
running is definitely our best option,
and who knows where -that- door goes.
who's to say that a door can't lead to more than one place?
nothing here is concrete.
we'd be wise to use that to our advantage.
No. 643594 ID: a8fc76

Forget the door.
Run to the far side of the room
No. 643616 ID: 61932c

Yeah, maybe the Padre will let us just walk by without clubbing us in the head. Really?
No. 643710 ID: 61932c

There's a plenty good idea already going around. Let the Padre break the door down, get the hell out of dodge as the beast hopefully rushes at his face.
No. 643729 ID: c02531

Do you guys think that the Padre is that stupid to open the door for is? Even if we trick him?

It will not be that cliché, guys.

Stop with the door, and run the way around the Padre. Search (Or break something) for an object sharp enough to cut through that hair rope.
No. 643730 ID: 489e9f

Better cliche than completely fucking impossible.

There's an infinitely higher chance for Padre to be either stupid or berserk enough to break the door for us, than there would be for him to let us run past him, search for something jagged, run past him -again-, and chop through the door ourselves.

I say we just goad him into anger. That at least has some chance, even if small, of working.
No. 643739 ID: 9fdf82

Am I actually reading this? We are not boned, screwed or anything of the sort, that which does not kill us makes us stronger! You want the padre to go berserk? Then turn and face him, then Nan, with all the power you can muster, kick him in the fucking balls! I don't care how powerful or supernatural you are, you get a knock to the junk, you are going to crumple with pain and then rage. Give him a little payback for your wrist. Then once he rages then get the fuck out of dodge!
No. 643745 ID: a2b630

Sorry, remember the last time we tried getting within an inch of him?

For fuck sake, people. The solution is in front of us. We're experts at making folks mad. Say something short to make HIM mad, then dodge, and let the Beast deal with him.

No acrobatics, no nut-kicking, no calling for Santiago - GIVING AWAY HIS POSITION NO LESS - for some fucking knife, just piss the Padre off and scat.

How hard is this? Do you all WANT her to lose her leg, or other arm?
No. 643845 ID: 2073cc

What if Nan hummed a hymnal?
Not a showtune, but a song you hear when in church? Like, start off low, then rise in volume, until the Padre gets mad. And strikes for her where she dodges at the last minute.

Like how Starlord annoyed Ronan the Destroyer in that movie? Or am I like forcing a meme here? Cause I'm trying for a way to anger the Padre.
No. 643858 ID: 9fdf82


That's... Not a bad idea actually. How about this one, it's both a very famous church hymn but it's also been used in a bunch movies and shows, so Nan might know it

No. 643859 ID: 15fae4


Not a bad plan, but we don't really have the time. We won't get the first note out before Padre attacks.
No. 643874 ID: 6cb462

Take him down mother 1 style I see. sounds good
Hum a melody, simple as can be.
No. 643875 ID: abc3c8

We're so dead.
No. 643893 ID: a2b630


Look, Nan, ignore the others. They're going to get you killed. Keep trying to loosen the hair on the door as much as possible, but when Padre goes to swing, you're still going to dodge, understand? Bit on it and chew it through, if you have to, but with the Padre closing in, you probably can't do much. Just try to do enough so he'll cut it when he swings after your dodge.

We don't have time for any of this bullshit.
No. 643896 ID: 350a50

Sticking her face next to the hair to chew on it will mean she can't see the swing coming, which will get her skull bashed open.

Just watch Padre, calculate his blow, dodge. Don't overthink this.
No. 643901 ID: 9fdf82


Okay so I have a question. Firstly, how can Nan cut away at the hair with only her hands/teeth AND watch the padre? It's already been established that the next attack from the padre is imminent, so wouldn't it make more sense to watch the immediate danger rather than try to focus on two things at once? Especially when the danger is extremely close. Secondly, why shouldn't Santiago help at this point? I get the feeling that even if the padre knew he was there he would still go for Nan because he's already pissed off at her enough to want her dead. I think that not using him would be to ignore a crucial asset at this point, at least he could buy Nan a couple more seconds to loosen the hairs up before she has to focus all attention on dodging him, don't you think? Honestly, I'm tired of all the beating around the bush and arguing because it gets us nowhere fast. I through out those last ideas because it was at least a possible way to at least buy us more time. Just my last thoughts on this.
No. 643982 ID: e0f7d7

No. 644027 ID: 680fac

this might seem strange, but it just might work.
...claim sanctuary.
"i claim sanctuary!"
might just work, or if not, make him mad.
No. 644031 ID: 6ae03e


Pulling a hunch back of Notre dame... Short, and to the point. Yeah that could work!
No. 644061 ID: 090e2d

The Padre is already as mad at Nan as anyone will ever be and Nan is extremely short on time. She needs to either focus on what she's doing or prepare to try to dodge.
No. 644178 ID: 6ae03e

Alright. Given that Nan has literally seconds before the next attack from the padre, but what we have been doing is all wrong, we've been treating this situation as a group-think scenario but its that kind of shit that gets people killed. Everyone should throw out their own ideas at this point because right now we need as many good ideas as we can get.

Nan, prepare to dodge but with the last seconds you have before hand yell to Santiago to help, it will distract the padre for at least a few seconds before we need to act.

Honestly I think we should at least yell to Santiago to do something as to not use him up to this point is like having a sniper in a good vantage point and then saying "No! He needs to stay there and be cool and stealthy! He doesn't need to do his job!"
No. 644186 ID: 489e9f

>literally seconds

Try a fraction of a single second.
No. 644207 ID: 680fac

good point, so.. think of something new, different.

so, first, let's ask: "what CAN'T we do?"
can't fight because of a broken arm,
can't run because the padre's attack is too fast,
can't open the door because of the hair,
can't yell to Santiago, or talk at all for that matter (due to our timeframe).
if we disregard every suggestion made thus far, what are we left with?
it's clear weaver is trying to direct us somewhere, but where?
weaver's like a dungeon master, trying to urge everyone in the right direction.
so if these are all made impossible, then they must be incorrect.
let's think guys, what can we do, that we haven't already though of?
No. 644214 ID: e114bc

No. 644217 ID: d3be40

Paint the cross with her blood?
OOH! Look to the left, is there a door on the fourth-wall?
No. 644224 ID: 6ae03e

Hey, what about the window on the door? Could that be breakable?
No. 644231 ID: 680fac

YES! perfect examples! thank you both!
good point about the fourth wall, Kome.
that seems like that's where the entrance would be.
and secondly, while the glass may be concievably broken,
we might not have anything to break it with, Harbard.
good job thinking outside the box though.
No. 644236 ID: 6ae03e

Think it's possible to combine the dodge and the window smash? Think of it this way, beast is right outside the door, padre comes in with and over head swing from the left, Nan ducks/dodges under his attack, window gets smashed and h its the beast instead, now the beast has a direct incentive to attack the padre?
No. 644242 ID: 26d578


I honestly think this could work.

I recall a puzzle in Trilby's Notes where this was exactly what you had to do, and under similar circumstances to what Nan's facing right now.

I mean, we have nothing on our person (not even clothes), so what's left to lose?
No. 644244 ID: c6b81b

Examine fourth wall.
If there is no exit, accept your fate. Die.
No. 644275 ID: 680fac

what if... Nan isn't there at all? it could be in her mind, hence why she was able to make that gateway with the pendant.
whenever she went through the lantern before she was found unconscious later by other people, maybe she's still in the other hotel.
what if this is all in her head, which is why she couldn't take her items with her?
all she had was the pendant, in which she believed great power resided.
i know it sounds hella cheesy but, is the power within her all along?
maybe that's why we've been given an impossible task, PHYSICALLY.
we have to think outside the box,
by THINKING ourselves outside of the box!
no words or actions can help us, and there's no time to observe our surroundings.
this may be a gamble, but maybe we should allow him to strike us. he hasn't hurt us in this realm yet. be... defiant.
he teleported us here. perhaps this is a battle of minds, not of strength. if we break the illusion of this place, we can win.
case-and-point, the pendant made a portal, because we thought it would.

...i really hope i'm not crazy, cause that's all I've got.
No. 644278 ID: 15fae4


You guys have lost your damn minds. Listen to yourselves.
No. 644279 ID: 6ae03e


Sorry, but I really doubt that dying is going to work. If this is a kind of mental realm then I have this theory, if nan dies here, then would her physical body just be comatose and pretty much be brain dead. Honestly, if we are going to do
something like that then at least consider this. The padre was talking about being there for him earlier. So here in the chapel, and this is another kind of crazy idea, but when you go by this kind of logic, who knows, but what if Nan embraced the padre in a hug?
No. 644281 ID: a19cd5

what the fuck is all this
dodge the swing, dodge towards the arm holding it. not away, that will leave you open to catch the tail end.
No. 644287 ID: 15fae4


You're literally telling Nan to Hug Padre.

If Padre wanted a hug, he wouldn't have broken her fucking arm holy shit

Are you all taking crazy pills or what
What are you thinking
No. 644289 ID: e114bc

I was joking.
No. 644312 ID: cfb12a

Nan Tell santiago to distract the padre so you have enough time to get the hair of the door handle.
when finished with the hair, Tell santiago to hide (if he isn't dead). Hide behind the door when it's open.
proceed to watch the bloody fight.
If successful laugh, Hug Santiago if he is alive, hug everyone else, hum "I don't want to set the world on fire", then freak the absolute fuck over something.
No. 644318 ID: 1fbb52

Do you like having skin?

Dodging is quite clearly the majority vote. If he swings from the side, dodge towards and underneath it.
No. 644420 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143313863708.gif - (26.31KB , 701x683 , 887.gif )

Nan scrambles to open the door, in desperation. She frantically unwraps the hair with only one hand. She has precious little time, and she keeps most of her attention on the looming Padre.

He does not hesitate to lash out.
No. 644421 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143313870256.gif - (28.07KB , 701x683 , 888.gif )

The door is mostly open, save for the bolt and a few last wraps, when the heavy fire poker swings, and Nan ducks narrowly underneath its vicious arc.
No. 644422 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143313876247.gif - (26.87KB , 701x683 , 889.gif )

The Padre is not thrown by this.
Before Nan can recover, the poker comes down hard, staking her to the ground through her foot.
No. 644424 ID: 0207a0

are we nailed to the floor or just have a hole in our foot?
No. 644425 ID: defceb

>staking her to the ground

We're totes stuck. Whelp, we're fucked. As far as I can tell we can either flop into the light and hope or open the door.
No. 644427 ID: 15fae4


Open the door. What do we have to lose, honestly.
No. 644428 ID: a19cd5

no other ootion now, get that dang door open ASAP
No. 644429 ID: 30d5e8

Get that door open. Unleash the Beast.
No. 644431 ID: 1f8505


Use your head horns to cut through the hair.
No. 644432 ID: e114bc

The bolt is still there. There's no time to both move the bolt and open the door.

The Padre seems to have gone around the red light. Could be a safe area, try to get there. See if you can pull the poker out so you can move. Or just wait until the Padre pulls it out, and lunge there.

Tell Santiago that a little help here might be nice.
No. 644436 ID: ae4602

Don't worry Nan, as famous prince once said
"Pain is only weakness leaving the body. Grip the poker, hold on to it. Velasco isn't going anywhere.

"We go together padre..."

Open the door, show no fear Nan, show him your sting.
No. 644437 ID: 0fc976

Gnaw off foot.
No. 644449 ID: 6cb462

Check and see that you are not infected like Kim was.
No. 644450 ID: 7b65b9

Call out for Santiago to help, and hope he isn't going to watch you die. I'd also recommend undoing the hair on the door with one hand, and trying to hold the poker with the other so Padre can't strike you with it again.
No. 644454 ID: 7b65b9

Since you're naked by the looks of it, and obviously terrified, if you can, try pissing on him. Maybe it'll hit his hand and he'll lose grip on the poker.
No. 644457 ID: d035ee

She's female, there'd be no way to aim... XD

Continue opening door, pausing to dodge if necessary, check your foot if you have a free moment.
No. 644458 ID: 0207a0

well since youre fucked anyway, throw yourself at the door because its not like there is aything more helpful to do
No. 644459 ID: d3be40

Hold the poker and call out to Santiago to distract Padre. Use the poker to snap the last few hairs.
No. 644464 ID: a7bf17

Once again, our options are limited. Seems opening that door is the only way to go. At the very least he probably cant hit Nan with the poker while it is stuck in her foot.
No. 644465 ID: 680fac

"...The door is mostly open, save for the bolt and a few last wraps..."
"save for the bolt."
"the bolt."
it's fucking locked.
is it locked from this side? even if it is, and we have enough time to get the hair,
we'd still need to unbolt it which takes MORE time. which we may not have.
and i don't imagine it'll be easy to concetrate when you have a flame-stoking tool lodged in your foot.
throw all effort at the door, it's all we have. or, maybe grab hold of the poker?
i really don't know at this point.
No. 644467 ID: 680fac

it may not stay that way for long.
try not to jynx it.
No. 644485 ID: 86e91d

You are not going anywhere anyway so open the door
No. 644486 ID: 8c4822

fling yourself towards the red light, even if it means twisting your ankle awkwardly
No. 644492 ID: 090e2d

I vote for gambling with the light if it's within reach.
It's not going to get Nan killed any harder than anything else at this point.
The padre is going to maul her with his free claw hand no matter what we try and if we get the door open we are now directly in front of the Beast.
No. 644495 ID: 7e9753

ok, heres an idea.

in our first encounter with the beast, it went right through that door cool aid man style with pretty much no trouble; so why is the door a problem now?

my first guess was that the hairs holding the door were magic or some shit and it kept the beast away. while this may still be the case, since theres still some hairs in there, i was thinking that maybe it was something else.

so, my idea is that maybe what is keeping the beast away is actually that giant cross, ala cross pendant, and maybe it doesnt works on the padre since he has grown resistant to the cross's power.

this is all an hypothesis, so take it with a grain of salt.

and to the people saying that the padre was avoiding the light, look at >>642615
No. 644520 ID: a2b630

Well, we have a good start now. Regardless of fear, his weapon is now lodged in our foot. He can't swing it without freeing our foot up to kick him where his sun doesn't shine.

I say grab the poker, make sure he can't pull it out of your foot, and get the door unwrapped with your free hand, pronto. You've got no other options at this point. If he's going to kill you, you're taking him with you.
No. 644529 ID: 2bc2af

Santiago for the love of god please help holy shit!
No. 644534 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143320128817.gif - (34.42KB , 701x683 , 890.gif )

Santiago yells something, but the words are lost.
No. 644535 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143320141927.gif - (16.98KB , 701x683 , 891.gif )

Santiago catches the Padre's attention, clinging to the towering figure's shoulders and clutching at its head.


If you open that door, you had better be damn sure of yourself!"

No. 644536 ID: b19c9a

Okay....NOW we're fucked.
No. 644537 ID: b19c9a

Gentlemen. It was a pleasure posting with you. Goodbye Nan. I wish we hadn't been so stupid. The only thing I can suggest is open the door, and doom us all.
No. 644538 ID: 040c81

Well, at least we go out in dramatic fashion. Open the door.

And in the words of Spike Siegel: "Bang"
No. 644539 ID: 408e5c

Yank that poker out of your foot and the ground, then throw the door open and get out of the way!
No. 644540 ID: e114bc

Pull the poker out, first, so you can get out of the way of what's behind the door.
No. 644541 ID: b19c9a

We don't even know if Nan has the strength to pull a poker out that PINNED HER FOOT TO A ROCK FLOOR.
No. 644542 ID: 408e5c

There's no point in not even trying though, calm down dude.
No. 644543 ID: 7b65b9

Well, maybe the beast will go after the Padre, and not us? Hopefully the beast has some reason to hate the Padre. So I still think you should open the door.
No. 644544 ID: 4ec5ce
File 143320299066.gif - (16.67KB , 701x683 , 892.gif )

No. 644545 ID: b19c9a

...Nan...you better open that FUCKING DOOR.
No. 644547 ID: 7b65b9

I vote we take the poker the Padre left in our leg, wack him with it in an attempt to save Santiago, and then cut the hair with it, and run like hell away from the beast.
No. 644548 ID: a8828c

We have nothing left. Unstake your foot, bust that door open, and pray.
No. 644549 ID: b9cef6

Open that fucking door. Unbolt the bolt and jank it open.
Ooen that door with CERTAINTY.
No. 644550