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File 137163010433.png - (503.79KB , 800x600 , disc.png )
72481 No. 72481 ID: 0eef61

Talk about your favorite killer cyberzombie here.

Or maybe he's not your favorite, but please don't hurt 73-6's feelings.

Thread here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/516189.html
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No. 72486 ID: d1d627

sooo field upgrades. I notice they seem to work on some sort of 'roulette' function, where there's a set series of power-ups you can get from them, like item blocks in Mario Kart. Is that how they work, or is it a different system?
No. 72488 ID: 933f92

Reminds me of EYE in a good way. Not the confusing-as-fuck-sorta-rpg-where-no-one-is-sure-what-is-going-on way.
No. 72517 ID: 01531c

I get some of that feeling too.

It's like EYE, with simplified gameplay mechanisms because it's blended with Grim Fandango.
No. 72613 ID: 0a9639

If 73-6 doesn't end up with that fine slice of jivetalking brown ass I will never forgive you, Brom.

Wait...does he even have a working dick?
No. 72616 ID: 3a3fd8


it'd probably tear off and get stuck inside her mid-coitus.
No. 72630 ID: f2c20c

It looked like he was more interested in the robot.
No. 73514 ID: 0eef61

OK so I just finished Epraim for the strip poker DLL thing and I want to do one of the Static on the Wire characters now.

Which one?

and no dudes this time I did a dude last time
No. 73515 ID: bf54a8

was gonna say sara but she wears like, nothing.
No. 73517 ID: ccb4bf

penelope is half naked half the time we saw her anyhow.

i'm voting monica.
No. 73521 ID: 0eef61

im counting that as a vote for sara
i can just take her head off or something
No. 73523 ID: d26381

No. 73538 ID: 23b97a

Totally Sara. We don't have enough robots playing poker.
No. 73542 ID: ea4b0b

Voting penelope
No. 73543 ID: 256d52

And then she could open up that casing of hers and show off those fine photoreceptors she's got.
No. 73544 ID: d0a0a2

No. 73545 ID: 933f92

why not all three

But if that doesn't count penelope, starting in full gear
No. 73550 ID: 5a5dd4


Gynoids for the gynoid god, and all that.
No. 73562 ID: 57a559

No. 73563 ID: cf49fc

Penelope. I like her. She doesn't give a fuck.
No. 73583 ID: f0357f

So was 73-6 at all inspired by Grim Fandango?
No. 73585 ID: 0eef61

Yeah; That, EYE, Syndicate, Deus Ex, Dredd 3d, The Raid: Redemption, Blade Runner, Tozol Quest, and other stuff i can't remember
No. 73593 ID: f0357f

>Grim Fandango, EYE, Syndicate, Deus Ex, Dredd 3d, The Raid: Redemption, Blade Runner, Tozol Quest, and other stuff

Those are all awesome things. I'm gonna guess where those themes pop up in the quest.
>Grim Fandango - Moldies, 73-6
>EYE - skills and abilities
>Syndicate - Bureau overwatch, Fantomas soldiers
>Deus Ex - transhuman dystopia copntrolled by elites
>Dredd 3d - never watched it, maybe the coffin apartments?
>The Raid: Redemption - block apartment asymmetric combat.
>Blade Runner - mission based assassination by coroporations.
>Tozol Quest - questing
No. 73596 ID: cf49fc
File 137375064132.png - (68.36KB , 200x374 , Syndicate Agent.png )

Honestly the Fantomas don't have that big a resemblance to Syndicate Agents, aside from a fetish for scarves, flowing garments, and heavy weaponry. And we're in a cyberpunk (possibly fantastic) world, so that kinda sums up every single military and paramilitary unit. Now if they had blank white stares and were powered entirely by cocaine, then I'd see the resemblance.
No. 73602 ID: bf54a8

penelope is the one powered by future cocaine.
No. 73722 ID: 0eef61
File 137405144468.png - (8.58KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

Point of clarity:

In the latest update there's a pump action shotgun listed in 73-6's armory. This shotgun is not the silenced shotgun 73-6 picked up in the first apartment. That weapon went down the garbage chute when 73-6 was passing out, and is lost.

The shotgun he currently has is the one shown in this update, that he took from a helmeted guy in the safehouse firefight with Barduk.

He doesn't currently have a silenced firearm.
No. 73733 ID: 60ad76

for the best. silenced shotguns don't make sense anyway.
No. 73734 ID: 1b8510
File 137410689777.jpg - (133.57KB , 1600x900 , chigurh.jpg )

No. 73829 ID: 9a8231

Sooo how exactly does the number system on the bereau agents work exactly?
best I can tell, it works like this: going from the agents we've seen:
73-6 died 73 times pre-bereau, then 5 times as an agent. Not a bad record I think, but I dunno how high it goes.
14-1 though, died only 14 times pre-bereau, and has never died since. Considering his demonstrated skill, he's a living legend that lives up to the legend.
No. 73837 ID: 256d52

I think the first number is just the number of the agent. So 73-6 is the 73rd agent the Bureau's had, and it's the 6th time he's been revived.

So 14-1 is the 14th agent ever, and he never died while working for the Bureau.
No. 73844 ID: 35edd4

They're not revived, the corpse is recycled with a new mind.
No. 73886 ID: bdb3f8

Yeah, this is random bureau-acquired corpse number 73, brain number 6. From a story telling perspective, 14-1 needs to have low numbers in order for him to have worked long enough to be famous and retired, not to indicate rarity of deaths as a measure of skill. Nobody yet introduced in this setting has extra lives by any reasonable definition. Every person (a distinct concept from every body) only gets one chance.
No. 74660 ID: 4652c9
File 137559401349.png - (16.17KB , 800x600 , concept.png )

Some concept art for Keisha's DJ outfit

wikka wikka wow
No. 75273 ID: 87688e

hah, the cyberspace thing is so stupid and cliche. i love it.
No. 75281 ID: 41690e

>"I made out with Keisha like a dozen times."
>i concede.
It occurs to me that Penelope had pretty much the most successful escort mission possible. Escort missions usually suck!
No. 75294 ID: cf49fc

So that's why they call them "Escort" missions.
No. 75470 ID: 1433b2

It occurs to me that maybe being so big and buff and intimidating-looking might be why 88 has been reconstituted so many times, just imagine what'd go through a new mind after it just gets uploaded into that body..

88-1: "Holy shit, I'm big! I feel Powerful! LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!" *splat*

88-2: "Holy shit, I'm big! I feel Powerful! LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!" *splat*

88-3: "Holy shit, I'm big..."
No. 75477 ID: 4652c9
File 137720578091.png - (10.62KB , 800x600 , bureau.png )

Domestic Contractor Corporations:
The men and women keeping you safe, whether you asked them to or not.

The Bureau of Domestic Defense, infamous for their use of Reconstituted Assets (or "Moldies" as most people call them). The Bureau typically take clandestine missions most agencies would be unwilling to risk operatives on.

Although their method of filling their ranks is morbid, the Bureau has a funny sort of honor most agencies lack, preferring to tackle domestic terrorists and known extremists, rather than the more safe and lucrative tasks of quelling organized protest and union-busting.
No. 75479 ID: 4652c9
File 137720619433.png - (11.72KB , 800x600 , tribranch.png )

TriBranch Services agents make heavy use of combat stimulants, fulfilling the dual purpose of enhancing their combat capabilities and addicting them to the drugs that TriBranch doles out.

TriBranch's owner corporation is based overseas out of Taiwan. They operate globally, but are gaining increasing popularity in the Union due to the fear their agents generate and the amorality they experience while stimmed.
The mere appearance of a TriBranch agent on a riot police shield wall can often cause the crowd's immediate dispersal.
No. 75481 ID: 4652c9
File 137720657130.png - (11.33KB , 800x600 , sintek.png )

Sintek Solutions specialize in cybernetic countermeasures and hacking. They are the agency trusted with keeping cyberspace safe.
Sintek agents are rarely seen outside of their towering black arcologies, bristling with antennae and housing massive server farms that keep their online presence strong and omniscient.
Sintek knows what you want to be when you grow up, know your tax information better than you do, and have all the information about your messy breakup last month. They have little need to send agents into the field, but when they do they come equipped with the best and most destructive gear money can buy.

These are all the agencies we've encountered so far.
They are innumerable, and most are just shitty rent-a-cops, but the most immediate and recognizable megacorporations, the global security entities, number six.
No. 75492 ID: d2ad4a

Sooo let's see
Bereau-Where 73-6, 14-1 and 88-11 all come from.
'Moldies' and more honorable than the others.

Tribranch- Penelope's original company.
'Stimmers', hard to leave, and super scary.

Sintex- Cyberspace company.
'Visors', really rich, probably the second-strongest thing in Cyberspace, number one being the Deep AIs.

...I can't help but wonder if we would have gotten a better chance to recruit Visorboy if we hadn't gone with Penelope. As for which is the better move? I have no idea.
No. 75493 ID: bf54a8

sintex would be most likely to be able to kill an AI. just lure the thing on to a server cluster then cut the net connection and shut them all down.
then just magnetize the room. would waste millions on hardware but they can replace it.
No. 75494 ID: 41690e

Visorboy isn't Sintex, though. He's an independent hacker using sintex gear off the black market.

And he's actually employed by our enemies, instead of just semi-hostile. Not sure he was ever a recruitment option.
No. 75510 ID: cf49fc

But rogue AI aren't usually that stupid, traditionally they prefer to expand and consume rather than fall for a Summer Wars. Doing that would probably just destroy a server cluster and enrage a very large and angry rogue AI.
No. 75547 ID: 761017

>they prefer to expand and consume rather than fall for a Summer Wars
What do you mean by a "summer wars" scenario? I never found a good sub of it to watch.

> a better chance to recruit Visorboy if we hadn't gone with Penelope
The paperwork behind recruiting Penelope was bad enough!
The hacker is a rogue Sintex user; Sintex will Mind-Kill him if he ever appears on the grid, Bureau firewalls be damned!
No. 75557 ID: 2f4b71

>summer wars
IIRC: lure an AI that has taken over a network into a replica of that network in a separate server room, that you can then shut off from the worldwide net. Didn't work in the film, either
>good sub
The film looks visually stunning, buy the BD. Or failing that, http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=331490
No. 75597 ID: bf54a8

not a replica, a BETTER server room, where all it's outside systems would actually slow it down if it held on to them..
No. 75691 ID: 249d1e

That'd be pretty expensive.
No. 75703 ID: c23ab0


Yeah, but unlike in the film, there aren't a bunch of orthodox traditional Japanese who are just living their lives naturally as Shinto intended, and it's not their theft of the server's coolant, but the evil artificial technological world turning a cold shoulder to their honored traditions that's screwing things up. So it should work fine.

Hated Summer Wars.... SO MUCH...
No. 75714 ID: 4afb20

You complain about that, but brute-forcing a 2048-bit key with a pen and paper is totally fine?
No. 75971 ID: fab1b6

Penelopoker is done.

No. 75972 ID: e97f9d

Sara. Time for some sweet, sweet robot lovin'.
No. 75976 ID: 57a559

Monica actually wouldn't be too bad either. No, no gotta be Dahlia.
Then again, a BDSM theme pokerset with Keesh sounds really appealinging.

Damn so many choices.
No, fuck it, I got it, human Dahlia. Freckles and Eyepatch redhead, fuck yes.
No. 76064 ID: 96c896

How about Pyramus?
No. 76065 ID: e1609c

(or in the case of a tie, swap that over to what's her face, wire girl what runs all them intels)
No. 76066 ID: 07e3a8

>what's her face, wire girl what runs all them intels
Yes, wire-head Monica. We can bribe her into it with candy bars.
No. 76067 ID: aef453


>>75972's got the right idea. Votin' on Sara.
No. 76072 ID: 26e322

Voting Monica, just because she sounds more fun personality wise. The others wouldn't get as embarrassed and such.
No. 76204 ID: ae20f1

After learning a few tidbits in ITQ, I vote Sara.
Tiebreaker vote Keisha, though, because Striped Pantsu.
No. 76207 ID: 888df6

I vote Sara because robogirls are da best.
No. 76208 ID: 32e092

Voting sara
No. 76209 ID: 5a5dd4

votan sara.
No. 76215 ID: e34aeb

definitely Sara
No. 76242 ID: a9c670

Different Sara(h), Pudding
No. 76244 ID: 3af198

I vote keesh
No. 76249 ID: e34aeb

I like both :3
No. 77017 ID: ba8629

>Yeah; That, EYE, Syndicate, Deus Ex, Dredd 3d, The Raid: Redemption, Blade Runner, Tozol Quest, and other stuff i can't remember

>Dredd 3d, The Raid: Redemption

Fuck yes those were awesome!
No. 77130 ID: 23bc68
File 138281887621.png - (8.09KB , 800x600 , halp.png )

So hey! I haven't been updating! What's going on with that?
The answer is:
I married another person. I am a mormon now.

Also my tablet broke and I don't really have the budget right now to justify getting a new one.

I don't like to ask for charity or anything but if you'd like to kick a few bucks my way so I can get a tablet to replace my dead-ass old one, go here


and help a brotha out.

If you donate let's say fifteen bux I'll draw something for you when I get a tablet again. Just post that you did here and what you want me to draw.
No. 77135 ID: 2f4b71

>I married another person. I am a mormon now.
Wait what in the who now?

$15 for a Strix!
No. 77202 ID: bd48c5

Obviously he married Bite-Quest. Together they shall make the most violent and dramatic porno film of all time.
No. 77315 ID: 0173d9

no more charity required!!!
although I'll still draw for you if you give me 15bucks I like money
No. 77322 ID: 5d03b4

No. 77325 ID: 097017


Answer depends on:

> I married another person (beside spouse #1). I am a mormon now.

Responded with more, oddly detailed, mormon humor.

> I married another person (that person being spouse #1). I am a mormon now.

Expect a phone call in the next few weeks inviting you to either

A.) take an unpaid assignment as a public service

B.) give a sermon next sunday

C.) Help the 20-40 somethings assist a friend shuffling boxes in/out of a moving van.


D.) all of the above.

You see, it's usually when new mormons are confronted with one of the four options above do people see if they're going to split or stick around.
No. 77333 ID: 3651de

What kind? I got me an intuos 4. since the nibs wear like pencil lead I have a gaming mousepad shrink-wrapped to the surface.
No. 79447 ID: 77f364

I made a thing:

It's only for the first thread for now though. I hope I wasn't too verbose, there turned out to be more to summarize than I had anticipated.
No. 83366 ID: 4a20fa

Since the steam was emergency venting, and the explosion would have been overheating, I suspect we've just dumped the energy necessary and can't do both.
No. 83920 ID: 337362
File 140592538901.png - (11.19KB , 960x540 , 48.png )

>I'm half surprised nothing's unnerving Penny, yet. They're totally going to to that to her if and when something goes terribly wrong.

No. 83921 ID: 337362
File 140592540775.png - (6.39KB , 960x540 , 49.png )

No. 83924 ID: bb78f2

At least you'll finally have pupils
You aren't blind right?

Oh and since red is substituted for orange for style, does that mean all the undead guys actually have Red eyes? What happens when something is actually orange? Is it green?
No. 84007 ID: e607cd

That's not really how a limited palette works..
No. 84026 ID: 186341
File 140608221682.png - (163.25KB , 800x600 , album cover.png )

Inspired by FRACTAL, here is the Official Static on the Wire Playlist -


1. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (73-6's theme)
2. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - In Motion
3. Health Vs. Crystal Castles - Crimewave
4. CSS - Knife (Sara's theme)
5. Run The Jewels - Sea Legs Instrumental
6. Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes
7. CHVRCHES - Lies (Monica's theme)
8. The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health
9. Rustie feat. AlunaGeorge - After Light (Keisha's theme)
10. VNV Nation - Kingdom (Dartline Alchemist's theme)
11. Queens of the Stone Age - You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel
Like a Millionaire (Penelope's theme)
12. Big Black Delta - Side of the Road
13. Holy Ghost - Static on the Wire (lmao)

No. 84037 ID: 874468

Track five is fscking perfect for 73-6 on a penetration mission.
Aside from that, dat sense of humour, unf! ++

P.S. Did you just reveal that Dartline Alchemist would be a recurring character?
No. 84041 ID: 0dc9cf

We are our own worst cockblock. Why is 73 so bad at talking to girls!? Monica isn't helping though.
No. 84054 ID: f9a8f2

Because he is a zombie killing machine given life by a shadow government, presumably.
No. 87696 ID: e30e12
File 141834536933.png - (9.32KB , 960x540 , hello.png )

Hi everybody. It's Brom! The Author!

I am going on a brief hiatus while I get a new wire for my tablet.

Wire! That's the name I post under!! What a coincidence.
Oh right I totally have a questdis for this thing. I always forget about that.
Anyway how's it going everybody? We diggin the quest? Yea? Should I be spending more time on the art?
No. 87697 ID: 687279

The art's fine.
No. 87698 ID: 44ea73

Wire quest is good! Looking forward to it's inevitable conclusion and subsequent inclusion in the Major Completed Quest group.
No. 87699 ID: e30e12
File 141834710191.png - (177.67KB , 1766x888 , 3d yo.png )

Yea, the pieces are starting to move closer to the endgame. I like the universe enough that it's probably going to make a reappearance somehow, though.

Speaking of the art, it's probably obvious by now but I'm using a lot of 3d models for the vehicles and buildings and such. Check it outtttt
No. 87700 ID: e30e12
File 141834714631.png - (150.48KB , 1793x818 , 3d2 yo.png )

There's even shader settings enough that no tracing or anything is necessary. I highly recommend it to all authors. Speeds shit up immeasurably.
No. 87701 ID: bb78f2

Well, what program you're using, and what's the shader name? Is it unique and something to download online or is it a natural part of the program?
No. 87702 ID: e30e12

It's Blender.
What I've been doing is just adding a shadeless material then checking the Freestyle option in the render tab, turning off anti-aliasing, and making the alpha transparent. So it's not so much shaders as a complete lack of shaders.
No. 87703 ID: 5eea01

I kinda wish I'd worked with 3D models for my own quest. Instead, trying to emulate vector art in GIMP. Feel free to groan in horror. Can't really bring myself to restart the quest with proper tools, though. Got so much on my plate anyway.

...and it just hit me that Brom's quests are what got me to try in the first place. Props for getting me to try something new, was fun until I ran out of steam.

[http://tgchan.org/wiki/Gridlock for reference]

Still, love the look you got out of that. Something about the art style you use for questing just makes me happy. Keep up the amaze.
No. 88088 ID: 00fd2f

Just caught up on the last thread and my oh my do I like the direction this is taking. The corporate intrigue, the "humanity vs living tool" theme... (kudos on the title drop)

Moving closer to the endgame though? How come? There seems to be so much more ahead of us. Sure, we've got some cash, a small team of people who won't sell us out if push came to shove (Monica not included in there btw), a hacker ally of questionable loyalty and obscure motives known to kill our kind, an AI in the Deep Net and... that's pretty much it. Wouldn't say that's enough to pull off the great plan.

Not to mention we may encounter an existential crisis somewhere along the way.
No. 88229 ID: 534cc4

Officially welcoming lockjaw (88-1) to the team. Bring out the confetti. Also hoping to see what he can do. Huzzah.
No. 88275 ID: e8f2d2

I don't understand why he was called 88-1 when we already have the ever-eager-to-die 88-11.
No. 88277 ID: 5f402f


Dec 24 18:10:43 <Brom>that number has been recycled
Dec 24 18:10:50 <Brom>that drone you saw was 88
Dec 24 18:10:53 <Brom>someone picked up on it
Dec 24 18:11:14 <Brom>drones dont get numberz
No. 88376 ID: 8f01e8

So, did 73-6 put some kind of backdoor and/or tracking software in the Strix on Juler's shelf, or was that touch actually a purely sentimental thing?
No. 88379 ID: 0ee153

Given the lack of narration indicating otherwise and how massively stupid fucking with stuff like that is, purely sentimental.
No. 88615 ID: f70457

This is unoriginal, redundant, and I know I went way too overboard with it, but fuck it. Got inspired by the playlist Brom put up on this thread, and decided to make my own, for all 6 and a third chapters that have been posted before.

1. Burial - Distant Lights
2. Flying Lotus - Orbit 405
3. Flying Lotus - Golden Diva
4. Clark - Superscope
5. Oneohtrix Point Never - Blue Drive
6. Squarepusher - Go! Spastic
7. Jon Hopkins - Collider
8. VHS Head - Don't Look in the Closet
9. Boards of Canada - Jacquard Causeway
10. Byetone - Neuschnee
11. Thievery Corporation - Facing East
12. Aphex Twin - We Have Arrived (QQT Mix)
13. Squarepusher - The Exploding Psychology
14. AFX - Arched Maid Via RDJ
15. Squarepusher - My Fucking Sound
16. Flying Lotus - Bad Actors
17. Seefeel - Time To Find Me (Fast Mix)
18. Suns Of Temper - Clark
19. Autechre - Clipper
20. Actress - R.I.P.
21. Seefeel - Industrious
22. Venetian Snares - Aaron
23. Brothomstates - Brothomstates Ipxen
24. Burial - Archangel

(Looking back, have way too many artists with multiple songs on this list)
No. 90579 ID: b19c9a

You know I do have one question about all this. Why is Sev-Three's text always uncapitalized? Is there any reasoning?
No. 90582 ID: 12ee22

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's because it makes him seem monotone. Also it's cute, since he's a little dopey sometimes.
No. 90590 ID: b19c9a

But that makes no sense, since if anything, 38-3 should have, like, scrambled text or something to play in with the theme, since his voice is basically badly functioning, static-filled speakers.
No. 90597 ID: 1f3797


Yeah it's because he's a living corpse.

>"Yeah. You want a glass of water? Your voice sounds like a bunch of angry bees inside a kick drum."
>"preexisting condition."
No. 90598 ID: 1f3797

I can't for the life of me remember how inter-board links work.
Here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/516189.html#518416
No. 90599 ID: 91cfcf


Double arrows, forward slash, board name in the URL, forward slash, post number on the other board.

Should be... >>/quest/518416
No. 90686 ID: b19c9a

So wouldn't 38-3's real voice be like:
"i kNOw YOu wAnT TO bE usEfUl, BuT a MOLDie whO quESTiONs oRDerS Is NOt uSEfuL."
No. 90853 ID: b19c9a

So what's the info on this quest. Why's it so....um...dead looking? And I mean that as in the frequency of posts from Quest-Master and Suggestors alike not...the fact Sev-Three is a corpse.
No. 90854 ID: 0ee153

Same reason as Enemy. Bromeliad runs this, Bloom, Enemy, and Wizard Council. His tablet pen's out of the picture for another 8 or so days, iirc.
No. 90855 ID: 79940c

>Brom Bloom
Poor Arhra. The bio-assimilation has started going in reverse! He's been absorbed right into Bromo.
No. 90857 ID: e2a92b

Bloom is Arhra, not Brom.
No. 90858 ID: 0ee153

Oops, my bad. Conflated "Bloom" and "Brom".
No. 90872 ID: a07890

Let's hope no-one starts a quest called Broom. But then again, imagine it! A sweeping tale of cleaning up the town.
No. 90876 ID: 2a7417

They did once, but we swept it under the rug.
No. 90904 ID: b19c9a

No. 91089 ID: b19c9a

So what's the situation? Did Bromeliad get his tablet stylus fixed?
No. 91099 ID: 0ee153

Enemy Quest is updating again, so yes. But now there's Enemy Quest and Enemy Quest Gaiden taking up time.
No. 91590 ID: e114bc

FYI, I thought 38-3 was there in disguise in order to try to get Sev to admit to being rebellious so Sosa could put Sev down directly. It would be a rather more direct punishment.
No. 91592 ID: 570748

On one hand, we have a nice cozy unlife that consists of us killing people for money.
On the other hand, we could be free like 14-1, with the cost of burning bridges.

So let's kill the Boss and replace him with someone better.
Like, say, 14-1.
What ssay you?
No. 91599 ID: 6c8858

>a nice cozy unlife that consists of us killing people for money
Not in the cards, I'm afraid. Sosa's on to us. He's seen our "faulty" side and he won't let go. Hell, he doesn't hesitate getting rid of people, surely he won't have second thoughts about getting rid of Sev the instant he stops being useful to Sosa.

Seems like this tug-o-war ends with one coming out on top and the other one dissolved in lye.

Maybe he gave us a two-day notice specifically to fuck with us. We're already sabotaging our relationships trying to find out who the doppelganger is.
No. 91601 ID: 2a7417

14-1 probably says 'no thanks, I enjoy my free hot dogs and attactive ladies by the beach thank you.' He's his own man, not a tool for us to get our way.
The Bureau's enormous, it goes way beyond outpost Jericho We can't take them down, we can only escape under their radar. Trying to fight the entire organization is suicidal.
No. 91608 ID: bb78f2

I say we hack 38's face thingy, rob Sosa's face, and pretend to be him for the rest of our life, slowly changing the Bureau over time.

Or hire a bunch of assassin's after hacking the Bureau database, killing a majority of the heads of the Bureau, throwing it into dissaray.
We can't let the Bureau continue to exist.
We really can't allow any of these assassination companies to exist. Penny's old company basically did what the russian sex industry does to it's workers to her in order to get her to comply. The Bureau creates a culture that dehumanizes the revived corpses of unknowns and other's like Lockjaw, then apparently will threaten a regular human handler's family if they accidentally take part in the freedom of those revived corpses. The Bureau dehumanized Monica into thinking we're a weapon.

I get that we think that it's our fault that Monica had that outburst against us, that we went too far, but she was scared for herself and reduced her friend into an object as a defense mechanism. We were planning on freeing ourselves and didn't think what that could mean for Monica at all until this moment. If we pulled the last job off perfectly, and made everyone happy and ignorant until we bolted, Monica would have been fucked over HARD without us ever knowing why. We didn't think we were putting her at risk.

Monica is a law student. She wasn't going to be a handler for the rest of her life, she was just doing this to pay for school, and LOOK what they've done to her. She values the lives of the rich and influential more than the poor like that chick Penelope scared in the gang banger raid or Keisha. She can't view any of the moldies, fully sapient, thinking, feeling people, as anything other than a weapon without consequence. Monica can value one stranger over many others. There probably was a cute, idealistic, nice law student where a cold, scared handler now stands. She didn't know what this business was going to do to her, she thought this was just going to be a side job to pay for her dream. And it's all legal for some reason. Somehow, a young college student can sign up for job handling assassinations in this dark future, not even really thinking what that truly means, and that disturbs me.

Now Monica has to shut herself off from her friend, AND condemning 14's actions as "using her", because it will allow her to survive. This is not our fault, our desire for freedom is our right. Her desire to live is her right. It's the Bureau who is the enemy here. They won't let us be free, and they won't let her or her family live if we DO somehow escape (especially with 88 and Penelope and Sara... speaking of which Sara's family is at risk too).

We HAVE to destroy the Bureau. It's the only way to get the goodest end. And we can, we are a hacking god. We have friends in the digital world. Shit, we have a mental backup there too, and a badass AI friend. There's a weapons dude that's moving out of town and we have practically unlimited funds. We can hire ANYONE, even DA.

It's time to kill the Bureau.
No. 91615 ID: e607cd

DB, if you want to tear down the bad stuff, you need to start somewhere else. This is the dystopian future, man. Everything is terrible and dehumanizing. Housing, food, the government, corporations, drugs, entertainment, the internet, everything.

The Bureau is a shitty place to work, but they are the closest thing to good guys around here.
Which is to say, they only take contract work killing actual criminals, and theoretically the agents they put in harm's way are not real people. Our present team is entirely made of outliers, because they were all either brainhacked while being revived, or never died in the first place. If you want to clean up the dystopian future, you start by being in CHARGE of the Bureau. Killing it just makes everything that much worse.
No. 91617 ID: e114bc

One person getting screwed by an exec's vendetta does not mean we should destroy the company.
No. 91618 ID: a19cd5

hostile takeover has merit, in that we could turn a story quest into a civ game quest
No. 91619 ID: a19cd5

hostile takeover has merit, in that we could turn a story quest into a civ game quest
No. 91621 ID: 570748

That's why I propose we get a new leadership, one that treats its human resources as more human rather than resources.
What if we dive into the net to find an AI that's willing to do so? Surely our AI 'mother' knows other AIs that fit the bill?
No. 91751 ID: 72883a

> Hey, think big, we could really reform this business to be more moral-friendly.
As nice as it sounds, we're talking about morality of reviving dead people to use them as smart assassin robots.
Trying to make that more moral-friendly is like improving the smell of a city dump with a can of air freshener.
No. 91976 ID: 09bd04

I know it's late to say this, but I think we have to kill Keisha. Now that the Bureau is suspicious of 73-6 I highly doubt that they aren't heavily tracking him right now.
No. 92138 ID: 14179d

why couldnt we have just safely escorted keesh out with all the gazillions of money we have

tho, tbh, im rly interested in DA so im not actually complaining bc yay more DA
No. 92143 ID: c3a57c

Because we don't know anybody we could trust to 1) be able to do this, 2) not rob us, 3) not get caught or have their secrets looted and, and 4) not try to double-cross us somehow (like selling info to interested buyers about us doing sneaky shit). When you're a nobody, flashing money around can be dangerously self-destructive: All we are is a recycled assassin with computer science powers that apparently Dartline Alchemist can take away from us like flipping a switch.
No. 92156 ID: f68a09
File 143486694296.png - (39.73KB , 1100x700 , group.png )

So those of you who read Enemy Quest may have noticed that my art for that is kind of inexcusably better than my art for SotW.
The reason for that is mostly to keep it really quick to update but lately I've realized that I'm kind of proud of some of the pics I draw for Enemy and that's not as true for Static so I got off my lazy butt and redesigned everybody.

My question to U, THE READER, IS:
How important is the art in your enjoyment of the story of sotw? I'm going to polish it up a bit but how far I go (the pic related is the most effort I'd put it) depends on how far you dig it. I estimate the time it'd take to draw the update would probably double-ish. So what do y'all think? Worth the extra effort to make it bootiful?

Oh and for those who read Enemy but not SotW, give it a try! It's one of my favorite quests I've done and it's long overdue an ending.
No. 92158 ID: e607cd

Huh, really? I thought Enemy was gonna be considered the easier quest to draw. The figures there may have more detail some of the time, but it also rarely has backgrounds, and drops out to silhouettes with some regularity.

Life has taught me that I am in the minority on this, but I always think tend to think minimalist, iconic art is more charming than realistic or "better" art. Simple but stylish designs are my favorite, so from my perspective there is no upside to your proposed changes. :/
No. 92166 ID: 0df2ab

Oh man, that Sev pose. <3
No. 92168 ID: e61dcc

The shading is a bit much and to me it just weakens it. Even deatailing the shirt and pants against the cloak is kind of much. If I squint to see all black everything reads fine to me except for 88s left side with the gun and everything, but that's pen's fault, and it doesn't read in the more complex style anyway.

What about giving us some stonger poses that work well due to silhouette like the example but not bothering about unnecessary detailing that takes away from that sweet minimal spot colour style you have going?

So like drawn better but without adding stuff.
No. 92171 ID: ab7529

>How important is the art in your enjoyment of the story of sotw?
Well, to me, it's not, really. As long as there's blood spatter and Sev making silly corpse faces, the images have served their purpose. Higher effort drawings are icing, but not necessary.

So... Sara's wearing painted on robo-shorts now?
No. 92172 ID: 7ea861

You don't have to go that far as far as I'm concerned. I never found the art of SotW lacking.

See, the biggest question I'd have with this upgrade is: can you really polish it up without reworking 73-6's design?
I mean, his head is pretty much a featureless cylinder with two eyes and a stitched mouth. And that's totally in line with Grim Fandango's visual style, but if you're adding a more realistic look (like 88-1 or Pen in your picture), doesn't 73-6's huge head become out of place with its super-simplistic, exaggerated style?
If Pen is to look like she does in that pic, shouldn't 73-6 look more like >>/questdis/91837 ?
No. 92174 ID: c3a57c

I liked the art on SotW before, but this is your baby and you should take pride in your achievements. There's something to be said for not varying the art style too much in a single project though, so that your art doesn't clash with your art.
No. 92188 ID: cfa084

I had a weird little idea: Enemy Quest x Static on the Wire crossover. Aliens plus cyberpunk is always good. With this crossover you could have: oculot cyborgs, Warrior Moldies, Floater Bureau agents, and who knows what else.
No. 92320 ID: 0ac6ed

I've been reading SotW for a while (been reading most of your quests for a while) but I have a hared time switching from lurk mode to contributor. That and generally I don't feel I add much to suggestions.
No. 92322 ID: 37adba

Hey, lurking is fine, lurking is good. We already have "kome" around here to make bad suggestions so if you find you just can't contribute much to a quest try reading some old ones (I recommend the Apocalyption ones that finished and the Romanticar series ones that finished) or start your own.
It's also the case that in the orange future, we just don't have a lot of room for bad suggestions right now... it's two tents.
No. 92338 ID: fbc59e

I'm honestly on the fence on this one...
That Art upgrade is nice, and while I can say I'd rather faster updates, I don't mind the wait that much either-more time to think and grasp the situation...
Though I really oughta get back into suggesting before I weigh in on a topic like this!
No. 92395 ID: f68a09
File 143547579032.png - (8.95KB , 960x560 , Poly.png )

This crossover... the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.
No. 92396 ID: 0ac6ed

I'm okay with this
No. 92399 ID: 6ba835

Dat LED beauty mark ~
No. 92403 ID: 556f64

Why contain it? 'Scool.

i'm only slightly sorry
No. 92404 ID: 7b7ab3

>"Polyformer - More Than Meets the Eye."
She probably changes into a really expensive car, like a Porsche or something.
No. 92407 ID: 37adba

That was a pretty good expository villain dialogue, but... isn't that getting the slightest bit OLD these days?
No. 92438 ID: f68a09
File 143554014065.png - (15.42KB , 960x537 , mmx.png )

Request from the IRC

73-6 as a warboy
No. 92443 ID: 557bac

Holy shit Brom, yes
No. 92444 ID: 62423d

No. 92458 ID: a19cd5

I'm so glad I requested this
Now we just need V8 Chrome sara
No. 92508 ID: 409b75

>"cool cool cool." 73-6 cracks his knuckles. He's full of nervous energy. "keep frosty, guys. we are getting the fuck out."
Operative 73-6 is here to save everyone in this outpost.
Starting with these guys.
These guys are so out.
No. 92866 ID: cbc9e6

I'd like to express my appreciation of Brom letting the consequences of our actions come to bite us in the ass. This far down the story, it is tempting for some authors to let the players get away with some decisions for the sake of a satisfying ending.
No. 92871 ID: e114bc

Yeah that's cool and all but honestly I wish we never had to even make those decisions.

I think the quest would be more fun if the Bureau wasn't out to get us. Then we could just do some high profile missions, have some general plans for Sev to gather influence, do some timeskips, stage an escape... All this high-tension political shit is really depressing and unfun.
No. 92876 ID: e7ef85

Really? Cuz i think that one of the quest's greatest strengths is the way it's raised the stakes and scaled up its scope. Just doing a bunch of missions would have been boring, and the tension in the politics is going to totally pay off when we stick it to everyone in the bureau and make our daring escape.....
r right guys?
No. 92878 ID: bb78f2

From the amount of information 38-3 that matches up with what was said in the original meeting, I'm starting to think that we were dealing with 38-3 from the beginning. I don't know if the hit was a test by Sosa, or an attempt to get rid of one of Tai's goons instead of Sosa's.
Probably both.

I don't think we ever met Tai at all. I don't even know if she really exists.
No. 92882 ID: 6b0329

Hey, if you can set up a fake enemy that's really on your side, parading them around looking for allies, rats and opportunists is a pretty good way to do disloyalty sweeps. The main problem with that trick is that over time it makes everyone paranoid and all you have left in an organization like that are psychopaths, schemers and rats. Sosa may just be stupid enough (or operating in a corporate culture that was already damaged enough) that a Tai Jiaying-Trojan Horse is a good idea to him, though.
No. 92883 ID: ab7529

Yeah, we never met Tai. There is no Tai, not anymore.

Controlling the opposition is a pretty classic move. It's only stupid if used clumsily. Like, really, Sosa only needs to use "Tai" to keep tabs on the people against him- he doesn't need to be so sloppy as to purge them all the time. Just to take action when he has to.

That's how he's still alive- he's in a position to eliminate any serious threat before it gets him, while he watches everyone else squirm and jockey with each other. He can probably eliminate a good number of people for 'failing' Tai as coming after him, too. Bad things happening to people is less suspicious if it comes from both ends.
No. 92884 ID: e114bc

I bet the "mark" was somebody Sosa didn't even like. If you look at what he was saying, it's almost like he was going to tell Sev to give Sosa an *unfavorable message*. He thought he was untouchable for some reason.

Now, the others in that meeting... I wonder... did Sosa like them? Did we clear the room and wipe out some of his supporters without knowing?
No. 92888 ID: 6b0329

Rich people usually shake out into two kinds: Twits and sharks. The problem about killing off some of the sharks is that they tend to have family and friends that are vindictive and also sharks. The ones that would have closed door meetings like that at a party are typically of the shark variety. Putting that together: The question is not if we killed Sosa's supporters so much as how many people are now pissed off at the Bureau that weren't before and wouldn't have been.
Plus there's the bad optics of making that execution look like successful class warfare mob-violence: Rich people get scared and the downtrodden get excited when it looks like the revolution is closer to coming true.
No. 92894 ID: e607cd

I am not yet prepared to say there was no Tai to begin with. It's certainly possible, but the evidence is a little weak. She said from the start that Sosa would know immediately what was going on if we worked together, and the conversation we had was in a Bureau meeting room.

38-3 is also completely capable of jumping to conclusions (or possibly monitoring us in a way we don't yet realize), and maybe not the best at keeping what he knows in character and out of character separate. We told him Sosa's guy started talking, he was talking about Margolis running her mouth. So do watch for people knowing things they shouldn't. But my point is, there's nothing he said here that couldn't be the result of standard information gathering and extrapolation.

I figure he didn't show up in person because his disguise shell is hardlight, and not, you know, flesh and cloth.
No. 92895 ID: 2a7417

>I figure he didn't show up in person because his disguise shell is hardlight, and not, you know, flesh and cloth.
Or because he is still a day away from Outpost Jericho.
No. 92896 ID: e114bc

Brom actually stated outright that Tai was dead for a long time. It makes sense really. Sosa would not have allowed her to gain any power at all.
No. 92899 ID: 2a7417

Was this in the IRC?
No. 92901 ID: e114bc

No. 92902 ID: ab7529

Jul 06 22:04:17 <Brom>SotW Update
Jul 06 22:06:01 <Myconid>well shit, this means Tai's dead doesn't it
Jul 06 22:06:29 <Brom>it does
Jul 06 22:06:33 <Brom>she's been dead for a long time
Jul 06 22:07:44 <Brom>e7ef85 really fucking nailed it
No. 92907 ID: d4a543

Ah, a variant on the 'unsigned letter' stratagem. Anonymously offer your most ambitious subordinates a vague opportunity for treason, then kill any who fail to promptly and accurately report the incident.
No. 92909 ID: b5b419

This wasn't responded to/reposted since I didn't address Brom directly in IRC but:

I'd bet Tai wasn't completely lying.

And that 38-0 and Tai were the same person.
No. 92914 ID: 6c8858

That'd be... very depressing, actually.
No. 92920 ID: 6b0329

What genre do you think this is, high fantasy? Here in cyberpunk the world is depressing because we humans let our biggest assholes ruin everything. It's pretty much the same as reality that way.
No. 92922 ID: 72883a

Hey, I know we're in the grim orangeness of Greater Boston TM. But you gotta admit that at some points the tone has been fairly light for a cyberpunk story. We've only hit, like, two genuinely dark episodes: one with 88-11 going auto and the dialogue between 73-6 and Sara on his way back from the co-op mission with 38-3.
The rest has been more of like super-agent/heist movie in a cyberpunk setting. The "overthrowing the Corporation" plotline has surfaced very recently.
No. 92923 ID: ab7529

>The "overthrowing the Corporation" plotline has surfaced very recently.
Yeah, but we started on it way back when, in the early threads, when we made the call to listen to 14-1 and start holding money back. We had the chance to be loyal and stick with the machine (more than one, really), and we made our choice.
No. 92928 ID: ad7bba

I thought something similar.
No. 92937 ID: bb78f2

We were fucked the minute we thought Tai's offer was somewhat genuine, and if we went with the machine but still wanted to be on Tai's side, we would have been double fucked. Worst ending.

We gotta go full hog on this or die (and have the people we care about die), pretty much.
No. 92968 ID: ab7529

I just had the best idea.

If we actually manage to kill 38-3, we pop him in the moldie making pod, hack the heck out of it like we did for 88-1, and raise a newly loyal slash brain-hacked to us 38-4.

We make sure he has the memories he needs to convincingly pose as himself, and then send him back to Sosa to report mission success. And then he proceeds to follow Sosa's orders and do his dirty work completely as normal... until the next time they're alone.
No. 92970 ID: 6b0329

I like your idea and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
No. 92978 ID: 1f3797

Alternatively, we could hack him to gain emotions and free will that will make him want to escape.

It would be ironic if that's why 14-1 hacked us.
No. 92984 ID: e114bc

Unfortunately he won't have the shell upgrades 38-3 did, so he proooobably won't pass.
No. 92989 ID: ab7529

I suppose we could hit up the stalls for a pile of illegal shell upgrades while he's cooking.
No. 92991 ID: 2f4b71

Sosa seems like the sort to have already thought of that. If I were Sosa, and I had as my right-hand a reconstituted asset who is geared up for assassination and impersonation, AND is granted a noticeable degree of autonomy and some power even over outpost heads. Yeah, I'm sticking in failsafes for both rebellion AND subversion. Internal bomb, virus payload, maybe even some remote surveillance.
No. 93084 ID: e114bc

I gotta be honest, knowing that 88-1 wants to be buddies with Sev and Pen because Sev reprogrammed him... it's kinda creepy.
No. 93086 ID: 520d7d

yeah, but better than wanting to be friends with the burea.
No. 93101 ID: 534cc4

This worries me greatly.

This could mean a few things, and i will probably miss a possibility or two but what comes to mind is:

Sosa has heavy links to the stalls (Maybe Hoxton) and as informed them of sev being rogue. This is totally plausible because Sosa would be wise to cut a deal/threaten his way into working with the stalls to purchase information or have informants in the stalls about what his agents are buying and how much they spent, and who they talked to down there and what was said. The stalls may have a neutral policy but not everyone in the stalls may be willing to stick to that policy and may well have cut a deal with Sosa.

Sosa has informed other parts of the bureau about us being rogue, and hoxton knows through an informant or has connections to the bureau database. How much of the bureau is informed in this instance would probably affect our 'heat' of sorts. In any case, it's just a matter of whether the whole bureau wants us, or just a sector tightly controlled by Sosa, such as to keep our going rogue a secret as not to give any other moldies ideas. Whether we fail or succeed the bureau is gonna want to cover things up unless we dismantle it or take over.

Hoxton is no fool and knows that buying a shit ton of upgrades at once means we are going rogue, or he knows we purchased the black shell upgrade and assumed we wanted out.

Hoxton is Sosa in disguise. Unlikely.

Any way it's bad news, because it seems our going rogue is more public than we thought. At this point i think we need to step things up and be more aggressive about our departure from the bureau, and i think we need to find a way into Jericho's main database and hack the shit out of it when we get back...
No. 93102 ID: f68a09

Hoxton is the one who pointed you the way to Holden, who sells illegal souped-up black market shells.

That's how he knows
No. 93106 ID: e114bc

Yeah our cover isn't blown yet. Now, what I'm wondering is... how are we gonna stuff those shell upgrades into Pen and 88 without tripping red flags?
No. 93113 ID: 534cc4

Well i know he pointed us there, i was wondering how he found out we actually bought it. Either way, option 3 is much less dangerous than other possibilities, it means that he found out through the stalls and not an outside source, which was a worrying thought.

We have master hacking and silent running, why not just grab one and shut off it's internal signal, or better yet program the signal to constantly show that it is unused and make it they won't send a notification of it being used or what the upgrade was, (If shells can even do that) this way anyone tracking our shells just think we are holding on to them for later, because no one outside Dartline knows we have silent capabilities.

(Speaking of we need to spend the last bit of time getting using our modded board to talk to Deneb and other us about getting rid of his claws without letting him know it.)
No. 93136 ID: 2a7417

I wonder how Pen's glide upgrade is going to work

Does she get, like, a floofy skirt that flares out and turns her descent into a graceful float downward
No. 93155 ID: d4a543

Magnets. Put enough current through a coil and you can push off against the same thing that makes compass needles point north. It's at least as silly as a jetpack for sustained flight, but if 73-6 can generate enough short-burst power with his cyberware to stop bullets, Pen could plausibly hover or glide with a similar mechanism.
No. 93158 ID: 63ba7a

Wushu wire-fu
No. 93182 ID: 5e9dcc

I have a strange suspicion that when we finally confront Sosa, he's actually been dead for a long time. IDK if he's moldified or maybe a stand-in AI, but I just got this feel that Sosa might not be what he seems he is. In multiple ways.
No. 93186 ID: 91cfcf

DA is Sosa :^))
No. 93187 ID: defceb

I will flip three tits if that happens.
No. 93248 ID: a19cd5

<mageykun> Do the forgotten shell upgrades moldie, Brom.
<Brom> i havent forgotten her
<Brom> even if yall have
<Brom> at ur peril

<Brom> yall missed basically a whole character

like that is a dangerous character for us to have forgotten about, considering they have presumably free access to all the shell upgrades they'd ever need :v
No. 93249 ID: f68a09

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 93278 ID: 0fc976

All assets at the base are what the forged orders from a superior will be for.
No. 93284 ID: 88960e

Assuming Sosa / 38-3 doesn't give orders first. Things to the effect of "ur base has been compromised, do this, don't accept countermands or new orders without this proof of authenticity".
No. 93320 ID: 2f2f45

honestly I'm lowkey terrified that the dude is getting away as we speak
No. 93321 ID: ab7529

>88 can read text off of Sev's hud
Okay, so we have a two step means to check if any of our teammates are 38-3.

Sev texts dubs. If Dubs responds right, he's him. If he's not, he's 38-3.

Once we know Dubs is Dubs, he can discretely check if he has eyeballs on everyone else. He shouldn't on 38-3.

This depends on 88 having open permissions set with everyone until 38-3 is dealt with. If Dubs had to ask for permission for a connection, 38-3 posing as someone else could grant it. A permission prompt even appearing should be a red flag.
No. 93509 ID: e114bc

+Mess with the audio logs, rerouting his over-the-wire voice to the recorder so that what he says and what his handler hears are two separate things

I'm wondering if this is useful at all. What's the point exactly? Isn't the handler the only one who hears anything sent to them over the wire, anyway? Or could this be used to speak privately over a public wire?
No. 93513 ID: 0fc976

This is to hide possibly treasonous discourse from his boss. I believe we already used it during our talk with Moneybags. In addition to Monica, who isn't informed yet of the plan, her superiors can probably listen to mission recordings after the operation.
No. 93596 ID: 2b9324

How long was it since Sevs "birth"? I mean, long enough for (presumably) DA to remember him (the flash drive 14 stuffed in + "I made you, I can unmake you" leads me to assume its DA), right, but had it been years or months?
No. 93707 ID: f8b4f5

And we've already got code phrases to exchange:

"Nice dubs."
"Check 'em."
No. 94185 ID: ce25e6

im like 60% convinced the quest is presenting us with short-term badassery that might bite us in the ass longterm (lost the grenade making the best entry ever, losing time while the dude evacuates by having a miniboss battle) but im honestly having so much fun i cant be bothered to care
No. 94200 ID: 7aeb02

Oh look, someone made a game about Penelope: http://store.steampowered.com/app/357070/
No. 94202 ID: 2a7417

You sure you don't mean this one? http://store.steampowered.com/app/274230/
No. 94203 ID: f68a09

Sorry all but this is the official Penelope game:

No. 94490 ID: 57dfcc

Fun idea:

There's another out besides running for Monica. If we actually manage to regicide Sosa with a loyalty-programmed 38-4, meaning we then control Sosa's and/or Tai's identities, we can just promote her up the chain to an exec.

Hey sorry we fucked things up, here, the bureau is yours now.

May need to rez her as a non-memory wiped moldie, depends on if 38-3 has gotten in and killed her yet. (Which is not unlikely).
No. 94496 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, did my suggestion get deleted yesterday (or was it last night)? I don't recall deleting it. Or did I post it in the wrong thread?

I was asking Monica philosophical questions about Moldies and stuff to distract her from the fact we have a crazy ass plan and basically change the subject.
No. 94497 ID: 0fc976

The server only saved & posted half of it due to an error this morning and a mod deleted the incomplete post.
No. 94499 ID: bb78f2

Darn, thank you.
No. 94507 ID: 2a7417

Reminder to everyone that there are other agents still on base that could jeopardize any plans we come up with. 63 we can bribe with cookies. 90-2, I'm not so sure about. We could try asking nicely. Or, perhaps 90-3 will be more open-minded. If we do end up recruiting her, though, there's no room on the lifeboat for her.
No. 94510 ID: bb78f2

There's a high enough odds that there will be a complete purge of Jericho, human AND moldy. Abusing that fact, we can get a lot of people on our side from that alone.

The brainwashing stuff will probably be wrecked to shit, since I don't know what classifies as the Bureau for their brain programming, since they were all brainwashed. If Jericho succeeds from the Bureau proper, but still just calls themselves the New Bureau 2, will that really fuck with their heads? Is the programming actually to Sosa primarily? What IS the Bureau when it comes to their brainwashing programming, and how affective is it?

14-1 did something to Sev during his 3rd rez, I don't know what exacty he used or where he got it from, or if we'll EVER learn what it is, but it's weird. I wonder if we can fuck with the brainwashing machine to wash the minds of the other moldies without having to rez them?
No. 94512 ID: f5a4f7

Its DA. He said he gave us more than well know or something and that he can easily take it away. 14 also used "guy" referring to the person who gave him the melty stick, which isn't proof on its own but backed by what DA said that I cant dig up on mobile but was in our last interaction with him, its a solid chance.
No. 94619 ID: 489158

At risk of sounding like a dumbass...what upgrade shell technician? In which thread was she mentioned?
No. 94624 ID: 57dfcc

90-2. The moldie with the cyber eye.

She first shows up for escort duty, at the end of thread 2, when we brought Keesh and Sara back to base. >>/questarch/529792
Then in thread 5 she's in the background >>/questarch/585178 and gives us a shell upgrade >>/questarch/586057
In thread 6 she does Penny >>/questarch/614013

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a bigger problem we'd completely forgot about one of the base's reconstructed assets when planning our treason. I expected, say, 38-3 or Sosa or someone to wire ahead on a secure line so she'd be ready to shoot us in the back while we were watching for the external threat coming. Or just for her to notice something and not be cool with what we were doing.

Oh well. At least we didn't have to shoot her. Although we stuck her with an annoying idiot, which is maybe worse.
No. 94629 ID: 10abb2

thank you!
No. 94779 ID: e114bc

Brom how much of DA's backstory did you make up right on the spot? I need to know.
No. 94782 ID: bd0fbc

A round of applause, man. Marvellously done. Its rare to have an element like that done with taste and gravity such a subject deserves, and you have.
No. 94783 ID: 93390d

DA was actually planned to have this backstory from the moment he was introduced, if you'll believe it. Most of the shit i put into this quest has a gestation period of like an hour tops but I've been sitting on this reveal for years.
Thank you!
No. 94786 ID: a107fd

So DA teaches computer science the way "Heisenberg" teaches chemistry?
No. 94790 ID: 2a7417

So Dartline Alchemist's best skill is computer science too.
Tgchan *does* make good decisions.

I hope the Puppet Government's leader figure was a literal sock puppet.
No. 94792 ID: e114bc

No. 94827 ID: de848e

sev three dropped the ball and its fucking hilarious oh my god
No. 94854 ID: 4be41f

No. 97870 ID: 209a42


Should we be concerned?
No. 97872 ID: f56624

Nah, Brom's a mod and can just gank it from the ghost house's slavering maw at any point.
No. 97873 ID: 209a42

*r e l i e f*
No. 98741 ID: f56624
File 145932234926.gif - (9.14KB , 495x369 , neh.gif )

Brom posted a WIP shot of the update on irc
that was a mistake
No. 98742 ID: 2634c0

>2% MAD
No. 99360 ID: ec31f7

i keep listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY9eTihrKM0 and it reminds me of SotW for some reason and idk if its the Aesthetic of the video or what
(it starts strobe flashing red-white around the 3:00 mark jsyk)
double-o sev three's also gonna die
No. 108995 ID: f6ba27


More updates to this and maybe, god willing, a conclusion.
In the mean time I'm getting back in the swing of drawing these characters the best way I know how in my drawthread, which is Not Safe for Work: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/17869.html
No. 108997 ID: 8657f8

>a conclusion
One that doesn't involve our heroes getting blown to itty, bitty pieces, please.
No. 109003 ID: dd5b4d

Chunky pieces would be acceptable however.
No. 109007 ID: f6ba27

OK i got it out of my system http://imgur.com/a/XvxvS
Quest update either tonight or tomorrow
No. 109009 ID: f57935

No. 109012 ID: f6ba27

I wanted to match the number of pics Toxoglossa had drawn of the Sunfish characters doing it.

Then he told me exactly how many he had drawn, so that plan is out the window.
No. 109016 ID: 07e249

Toxoglossa is a dirty critter.
No. 109021 ID: 1226ae


I am somehow entirely unsurprised there's a cyberzombie porno site.
No. 109069 ID: f6ba27

i know i said i got it out of my system and then i made a miniature comedy porn odyssey


Update tonight I promise
No. 109070 ID: 6be18b

Clearly, Sevra was meant to be.
No. 109071 ID: f6ba27

Well I mean he CAN hack her nervous system
No. 109072 ID: 6be18b

Meant to be.
No. 112571 ID: be0718

If this thread were a reconstituted asset, it'd be a drone by now.

I hope anyone wanting to give 38-4 a "sweet, lovable personality" doesn't feel too bad when our bullet-taker takes too many bullets and we aren't left with enough of him to make a 38-5.
I'm mostly concerned for the OOC reason that this might encourage a hasty attempt to rescue 38-4 from a doomed situation, to the harm of someone else in our very large harem group.
No. 112604 ID: c88e6d

I am squealing happily at the sight of a new Static thread.

...Also, it's not like we haven't done infinitely more unethical things, but damn we're getting good at this resurrection thing. We are almost distressingly skilled at bringing people back as superintelligent cyberzombies.
No. 115920 ID: 99ddfc

I miss updates.
No. 122862 ID: 5d9895

Are you doing alright dude? I'm worried about you.
No. 122863 ID: d887c0

Brom goes walkabout every now and again. He could be busy with work or has to deal with other RL stuff. The best thing to do is keep his quests fed and watered until he gets back.
No. 128932 ID: f443e9

Seems to be quite the walkabout.
No. 128933 ID: b5fb67


Brom has a tiny version of himself that needs attention.
No. 128934 ID: 465a14

Brom's fine, just busy with life. Wife, new baby, playing D&D with work friends.
No. 128949 ID: 2202fb

So regardless of how he is doing, is this quest dead or on hiatus? Has he forgotten about it or does he still check in occasionally to say he still doesnt have time?
No. 128950 ID: b1b4f3

Taking care of a baby is a huge drain on your time and sanity. Wait like 5 more years and he might come back.
No. 135431 ID: a808d0

>looks at imgur link from 2017
>Makes me think of some of the greatest and creative writing projects I know of are on this board and how few people have actually experienced them.
I hope we see an end to 73 and everyone's story, but I regardless I know I am lucky to have experienced this wonderfulness at all. As with all the work of great QMs like Brom. I personally never even played many quests, I've only read.
No. 135432 ID: eb1fcc

Aye. It's a damn shame we never saw an end to this, but far as reasons to stop go "raising a kid" is pretty up there.
No. 135433 ID: 031458

Every time I think of this quest, I see a tiny glimmer of hope.
'Soon, Brom's kid will have school to go to, and he might finally have time to finish Static on the Line and Enemy Quest."

But then I remember it's been half a decade, and he's probably moved on with his life.
C'est la vie.
No. 135548 ID: 520602

this is one of the most depressing things you could have posted on this imageboard
No. 135549 ID: 520602

Also yes he said on the Discord in January that he has no interest in finishing EQ and that probably goes for SotW too. Gave his blessing for someone else to pick up the torch.
No. 135553 ID: e4a574

well i gave my blessing if someone beat my WPM on that typing test thing and nobody did

so for now no successor has revealed themself
No. 136283 ID: cdbcf8

So sense the torch that is the quest...who will take it up? The torch is still hot, so it wouldn't be easy at all to do. Maybe one would need to make a few small torches to start out with, so one could warm up the to the heat before trying to bear it. Or maybe one should instead start their own fire with torches own flame? So that they can make their own torch that can burn bright, if not brighter then the original? All I know for sure is, if we let this fire sit for long enough, it will go out...
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