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File 140461425201.png - (70.62KB , 960x540 , 73a.png )
582991 No. 582991 ID: 186341

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
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No. 582992 ID: 186341
File 140461448038.png - (80.70KB , 960x540 , 74.png )

Your name is Allison Nguyen and you live in Fort Smith, Montana.

You've taken the day off today because your youngest is home sick. He has a low temperature. He's 8. Kerry's a new mother herself so she understood.

You got him a big thing of ginger ale because he's sick and also because he loves it. There was a time he tried to pretend not even to get out of school. Just for the ginger ale.

When your phone starts screaming and you drop the bottle your first thought is, Oh, shit. It's going to get everywhere when I open that.

Then you think, Oh, my god. The warning system.
No. 582993 ID: 186341
File 140461459110.png - (64.83KB , 960x540 , 73.png )

You look outside.

Oh, god.
Oh, no.

There's a hole opening up in the sky.

They're coming.

1]] Call your husband.
2]] Call your daughter. She's at school.
3]] Take your son and move, now. The bunker is under the school.
4]] Take your son, get in the car, and leave town. If you're fast enough you can get out of here.
No. 582995 ID: 9b57d3

3, THEN 1 while you're driving (put it on speakerphone) and 2 when you get to the school so you can find her fast.
No. 582999 ID: 40935b

Who's coming?

3- any road out of town is going to turn into a parking lot, your daughter will be one of the first into the bunker if she's right on top of it, and you can call your husband on the road.
No. 583003 ID: 186341
File 140461552659.png - (74.70KB , 960x540 , 75.png )

The invaders.
A senator or someone called them Visitors once and the name stuck. It was a bad joke.

You go upstairs and get your son.
He asks what's going on and do you have the ginger ale.
You tell him Sweetie we have to go. Did you hear the alarm?
He says it woke him up.
You bite your lip to keep from starting to cry and say We have to go, sweetie. We're going to go over to school.
He says he's sick and you say no, no, we need to go in the bunker.
He says Oh and gets out of bed. He's very pale.

In the car he asks why are they here? Dad said they wouldn't go here.
You say you don't know, because you don't. There can't be more than 10,000 people here.
You look behind you and the street is suddenly very crowded. Some people aren't in cars. They're walking. A guy in a suit and a backpack is sprinting past everyone else. His mouth is set and there are two big sweat patches in his armpits.

Four blocks from school and you see the smoke rising up.
Jesus. Some sedan powered into the back of a truck and it skidded across the whole road.
The driver is standing outside it, screaming into the truck booth. His forehead is cut open and there's blood on his collar. You check in the back and your son hasn't seen it.

1]] Try to get the cars behind you to back up so you can back up and go another way.
2]] Drive on the sidewalks and lawns. There's no time to obey traffic laws.
3]] Get out and walk. It's not far and the police are going to be putting a zone around the bunker.
No. 583004 ID: 9b57d3

3. You have no way of knowing if another road is clear and trying to argue with the cars behind you takes too long.

Just try to cover your son's eyes.
No. 583005 ID: 53ba34

drive, your son is sick, walking could make it worse.
No. 583023 ID: 2fc3e9

Four blocks isn't far to walk. 3.
No. 583028 ID: b8ceae

Carry your son up to an officer and ask for help.
No. 583031 ID: 50338d

If 2 is done orderly (with people just going around the blocked road) it's safe. If it's done recklessly, it's not.

I'd prefer not to abandon the car and block the road (just adding to the problem) but if we can't make progress otherwise, it's the only choice you have.

You're son is 8? Hmm. The last thread was 5 years after truce tying day, and Zack was 26. So if this is a flashback to his past that would mean the war lasted for at least 13 years. Course, we don't know that.
No. 583078 ID: 9b57d3

Hmm actually if there aren't people in the way we're likely to run over, 2 is the best option. Won't even have to go very fast to get around the truck, at which point we can drive at speed along the road.
No. 583099 ID: 879a42

2. You and your son's lives are in danger, this is much faster and safer than going by foot, but drive carefully over driving fast. In this situation the last thing you want to do is get in a car accident on the way there. If you have to, carry your son, he's 8 so he shouldn't weigh much. Look out for invaders.
No. 583137 ID: 186341
File 140469174710.png - (47.21KB , 960x540 , 76.png )

You try going around but there's a line of cars here too and now you're sandwiched in the middle.

Out at the front Officer Levi is waving his arms at you all.
Don't, he's calling. Go round. Don't.

The guy in front is leaning on his horn. What the fuck, he's yelling. We have to go!

Your phone's ringing. It's your husband.

1]] Go into reverse and push up against the car behind you.
2]] Scream at Officer Levi to get out of the way.
3]] Get out of the car.
4]] Go even further around the car in front of you, knock over a fence, and drive right past Levi.
5]] Answer your husband's call.
No. 583139 ID: ef7fd2

3+5, this is a clusterfuck and its better to keep moving than to be stop-and-go all the way there.
No. 583167 ID: 9b57d3

5. I think you're stuck. Nothing you can do but take comfort and hope the Visitors ignore the pileup.
No. 583178 ID: d0e0a2

Officer Levi must have good reason to be blocking cars from going this way so heed his word and not go that way. And the roads are going to be jammed up so it'll very likely be faster just to walk the four blocks to the school.

Do 3 and 5 with a little bit of 4. Drive up on the nearest open lawn and park there so you don't block up the street. Answer the phone while getting your son out of the car and tell your husband the situation while walking as fast as you two can towards the school. Then switch your phone to speaker and have your son hold it while you hike him up on your back. Use that adrenaline coursing through your veins to run as far as you can before you have to drop him and walk again.
No. 583213 ID: 186341
File 140471338413.png - (33.96KB , 960x540 , 77.png )

You pull over, pull your son out of the car and carry him out in front of the line, fumbling to open your cell phone.

You say honey I have him don't worry where are you?

He says Oh my God I was terrified.

You say honey it's okay. We're okay.

He says I just called Kell. Her class is OK. She's at school. I'm coming from work; Smith and, and Brantree.

You say I'm two blocks away. The road is f-
You look at your son.
The road is blocked off. I need to talk to someone. I, hold on.

You say Officer Levi!! And Officer Levi looks to you.

Ms. Nguyen, he says. I'm sorry I'm sorry but you can't drive here.

You say that's ok. We're going to walk the rest of the way. Is it ok that I've pulled over there and will it be ok that I won't get a ticket or,

and he says I'm sorry Mrs. Nguyen but you need to move your vehicle. It's ok we have it under, and then something bright and fuzzy hits him in the back and he says ummm.

You say, what?

He says, ummmmmmm.
No. 583214 ID: 186341
File 140471340844.png - (44.52KB , 960x540 , 78.png )

His head peels open and out like a flower made out of brain and pieces of bone and spine.

You don't consciously recognize you screaming over the sound of everyone else also screaming but you must have because your husband is saying Allison? Allison! What's wrong Allison!
No. 583215 ID: 186341
File 140471342231.png - (88.80KB , 960x540 , 79.png )

Look! someone says. Look!

There's a cyclops standing on top of a house staring down at you all.
Gulor garrak saropa, it says.
The horizon fills with monsters.

1]] Run for shelter.
2]] Grab Levi's gun.
3]] Get back in your car, drive over his body, just go.
4]] Run into or between the houses, not right for the bunker. Lose them.
5]] Beg for your life.
No. 583217 ID: ef7fd2

1 and 2, grab the gun and SCOOT. We use it only as a deterrant, we focus on moving as much ground between us and them as we can.
No. 583222 ID: 0e5a5e

No. 583223 ID: 0ee153

Sounds right. Do you know how to hold a gun properly?
No. 583227 ID: 9ddf68

1 of course, 2 only if you can grab the weapon without trouble. Cop's gun belts are made so it's a pain for anyone but the cop to take there weapon so if it's to much trouble fuck it and run like hell.
No. 583234 ID: b2c9e1


Does this mean no more dating aliens?
No. 583235 ID: 40935b

I think this is a dream- Zach's currently in the bed of a empathetic alien who may have fought in the war. Dreams could... leak, somehow.

No. 583262 ID: 321d85

Oh wait, weird...weird weird weird. Theory time! Also speculation about how this story ends.

She said that sometimes when she explodes a head she gets feedback, right? Maybe these are the last few hours of someone whose life she took in the war. ...That'd be a doozy of a double-edge.
No. 583263 ID: 321d85

But wait, is there a particular reason everyone isn't saying "drive drive drive"? 'Cause I'd go with 3 until there's an obvious reason not to.

(Like, try not to run over anybody still alive, but...)
No. 583382 ID: 879a42

1 and 2. But imagine if not only was this polythema's shared flashback, but this victim was Zach's MOTHER. Dun dun dun.....
No. 583453 ID: 186341
File 140486889772.png - (66.78KB , 960x540 , 80.png )

Levi's gun has a clip or something on it. It's not coming off the belt. The four-armed alien is crawling down the house.

You run.

The flying ones start killing people and you find out what it sounds like, and so does your son, who you're carrying.

Cover your ears, you say.
He says OK.

There's a man lying in the road staring at his intestines like it's a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. You run past him and he doesn't look.

The little ones are sprinting down the road at people. They don't even have guns but they dogpile a lady with a pantsuit and bring her to the ground in a mess of blood, spears and dogfaces.
Your breath is coming out in little half-weep gasps of exertion but you're not crying.

You're fast but they are too and one of them is ten feet away from you but then a hole punches through its chest.
No. 583455 ID: 186341
File 140486901812.png - (66.89KB , 960x540 , 81.png )

You made fun of your husband for buying the gun but now that you see both of them you realize how right he was.


He waves at you desperately.

They're down the road too! We have to go around!

You look back. The little ones are keeping their distance after Andy shot one but there are more of them coming.
The floaters are still strafing the cars.
The big four-armed one is just standing, looking around. Its arms are crossed. It almost looks relaxed.
You don't know where the cyclops is.

1]] Go through an unlocked house.
2]] Go over a fence.
3]] Keep running down the road until you get a turn.
4]] Shoot at the dog ones.
5]] Shoot at the floaters.
6]] Shoot at the four-armed one.
No. 583463 ID: b8ceae

6. Headshot or nothing.
If you're not sure you can hit it in the head, then option 1.
No. 583468 ID: b2c9e1

1 But shoot anything in the way...And if you see a cyclops that isn't in the way, SHOOT IT, IT CAN EXPLODE HEADS FROM A DISTANCE
No. 583470 ID: 0ee153

A head is a small target, and many parts of the brain do not cause instant death when shot. You aim for the center of mass and double tap.
No. 583475 ID: b2c9e1

the brain isn't the target, It's whatever it uses to explode heads, and hopefully with a damages eye, it can't aim it.
No. 583476 ID: b8ceae

While the head IS a small target the warrior is just standing there watching. You go for center-mass shots on moving targets because center-mass is large and moves predictably, but hitting the head of a stationary target isn't any harder here than on a shooting range.
Also, I am pretty sure that anything but a head shot will just make a Warrior mad.
If we injure a Warrior then the rest of them will leave us alone, since interfering with the Warrior's fight and/or vengeance would be terrible for their continued survival. That's the ideal.
Second best would be killing the warrior, since that would hurt their morale.
Worst case is getting the warrior's attention without disabling it.
No. 583477 ID: 0ee153

Warriors aren't the head-exploding ones.

Valid point if and only if our protagonist can aim worth shit. A miss is more likely with the head.

If she can aim well enough, go for the head. If not, center of mass.
No. 583479 ID: 707a11

Guys, I think that'll just anger it. Running is our move.
No. 583480 ID: 2fd516

Warriors shrug off bullets.
I'm gonna vote for 1.
No. 583485 ID: b2c9e1

I wasn't talking about warriors, your silly voice
No. 583486 ID: 0ee153

I was, and I wasn't talking to you initially. I was responding to Seven's post. Push off.
No. 583505 ID: 321d85

I think the husband is the one waving the gun, though apparently we have control of them both. Either way, I think they probably know where the school is better than I do - which way they go depends on that. Going over a fence is likely problematic, as we'd probably be vulnerable while scrambling over. If going through a house gets us to the school faster, there we go.

As far as shooting anything, the only reason to do that at at the moment would be if they were either blocking your way or would otherwise attack you. If the husband is a good shot, it might change things a bit, but overall, your goal is not to reduce the enemy's numbers (unless that's the last thing you can do; take some of them with you), but rather to make it to safety.
No. 583514 ID: 879a42

How far away are the aliens from you, and how far are they from your husband? Signal for him to follow you and shoot any coming after you or him, otherwise don't shoot so you don't draw as much attention to yourselves. I think the warrior would take it upon himself to hunt you down as a challenge if you start killing them off, and I don't feel confidant in our ability to headshot him, keep running.
No. 584067 ID: 186341
File 140527764740.png - (44.39KB , 960x540 , 82.png )

Andy raises his gun at the warrior but you push his hand down and say no! Run!

Side of the road through a house with the door ajar and in the kitchen past the open fridge. There's a carton of milk on the counter they didn't even bother to put back.

You're rushing down the hallway toward the backyard and a guy with a shotgun steps out from the bathroom yelling Freeze! Hands on your fucking head!

1]] Do as he says.
2]] They're killing people out there! We all need to get to shelter!
3]] Shoot him.
4]] We're just moving through. Put the gun down.
5]] Run back out of the house.
6]] _______
No. 584071 ID: 707a11

No. 584073 ID: 7c26f3

2, and if he's like nah, then 3,
No. 584074 ID: b8ceae

1, then 2, then 4. If he doesn't let you pass, then 5 followed by 3.
No. 584089 ID: 879a42

2, And reason with the man since he has a shotgun already pointed at you. Say,"Please my son and I need help, please let us through, we need to get to shelter." If he's just some scumbag looting the house meaning to kill you, convincingly scream "Oh god lookout!" And point behind him. If he's stupid enough to turn around point our gun up and blow his head off.
No. 584134 ID: 0ee153

2 then 3 if he doesn't cooperate.

Actually, if the hypothesis that this is a flashback from Polyphema killing someone is true, then we can't die until we reach the Oculot.

Forget what I said earlier. Strip naked, charge him, and take the shotgun from him. Club him to death with it.
No. 584139 ID: 186341
File 140532022207.png - (80.07KB , 960x540 , 83.png )

They're killing people out there, you say. We need to go!

The man points his shotgun at your son's stomach.
Hands on your head, he says.

Is this your house? Andy asks. This isn't your house, is it?

They stare at each other.
You say O my God! Look! and he's distracted just long enough for your husband to push the kid out of the way and raise his gun.

They shoot each other.

The man goes down with a chunk of his head blown off and Andy slumps against the wall. He puts a hand to his stomach and it comes away slick with dark blood.

Fffuh, he says. Oh, shoot.

He starts to sink down the wall.
He leaves a trail of blood behind him.
He looks up at you.
How's it look?

You can't speak. You just go, ahahh.

Go, honey, he says.

1]] Take your son and run.
2]] Help him up and take him with you.
3]] Stay with him.
No. 584140 ID: b8ceae

This is the exact reason I said to flee before shooting. Oh, well.
2. He's not going to survive, but you're not going to be able to be able to abandon him. Just make sure to grab at least the handgun.

Actually, what have the Visitors been doing in terms of casualties? Are they leaving no survivors or capturing civilians, or have they been mostly ignoring civilians and killing police and armed forces?
No. 584156 ID: 879a42

2 We probably won't survive this, but we want to as moral as possible. Also give your husband the shotgun. If anything gets close he should have the strength to raise it and fire. Don't expect him to cover fire though, he is weak, this is just for somethibpng big that gets really close. It will be far better than the handgun. Also take his. Try and keep him positive and awake as you head for the bunker. Also make sure the shotgun is cocked and loaded real quick.
No. 584163 ID: 2fd516

3. The intruder outright said the invaders weren't coming into the house. We stay here, blockade the doors, and try to stop the bleeding.
No. 584164 ID: 66761c

You guys serious? Leave him. Say your goodbyes, take his gun, kiss him with all the passion you have for him, and go. Kid's life is more important. It's not even a hard choice for parents to make. Come on.
No. 584168 ID: 78193a

1] Go! Your husband's a goner no matter what you do! If you stay y'all will be killed by the aliens, and if you try to drag him along you'll be sitting ducks out there! Heed what he said, take the pistol and GO! All that matters is getting to the shelter with your son.
No. 584181 ID: 53ba34

1, yes, your son is more important.
No. 584197 ID: 0ee153

No. 584209 ID: a7868d

Lets go with 3, in the form of bursting into tears and collapsing into a gibbering mess.
No. 584301 ID: 186341
File 140547564204.png - (34.24KB , 960x540 , 84.png )

His kiss tastes like copper. His hand holds yours; it's shivering and the fingers are already cold.

Take the gun, he says.
Dad are you going to be ok, your son asks.

I don't think so, kid, Andy says. You are. Stay with your mother.
He swallows the blood welling into his mouth. I'm ready, he says. I love you, Allison. I love you both so much and everything is going to be ok.
There's a crash from outside.
Run, he says.

You run out through the backyard.
Don't cry, your son says.
I'm not, you say.
You are, he says. I can walk, mom.
You just clutch him tighter and speed up.

You make it another block before the small ones find you again, two of them.

1]] Try to outrun them.
2]] Try to lose them.
3]] Shoot them.
4]] Scream for help.
No. 584302 ID: 2fd516

SHOOT them.
No. 584305 ID: d8a627

3.4: Shoot them while screaming. You saw how these things can outrun people, and how horrible they are when they catch people. Let your fear loose, but shoot them!
No. 584306 ID: 186341
File 140548000062.png - (51.33KB , 960x540 , 85.png )

You shoot one of them. The gun bucks crazily in your hand and it drops to the ground. You don't know if it's dead. The other one stops to check it.

You scream your head off for help.
You say you have a child. You say they're chasing you.

The thing is coming out of an alley 20 feet or so behind you. It smiles.

Jakara, saropa, it says.

1]] Just keep running.
2]] Make a stand and try to kill it.
3]] Distract it and lure it away from your son.
No. 584308 ID: 707a11

No. 584315 ID: 53ba34

put your son down and tell him to get to the school.
distract the thing in combat.
No. 584319 ID: 321d85

How far is it to the school? It may be unreasonable to hope that the kid can make it there on his own. Keep running, but if it's about to catch you, drop the kid, and then simultaneously turn, shoot at it, and yell at your kid to run.
No. 584328 ID: 22d852

Run, default to 3 if you can't get away.
No. 584357 ID: 1df230

2, as a way of doing 3.

I noticed that the dad's name was Alan, if the kid is a Jr this could be Zack's friend or something. ...If it is, that guy is REMARKABLY cool with us dating alien babes.
No. 584367 ID: 879a42

The thing is too close to keep running. Its a warrior semi doubt outrunning it will work, and of it gets any closer we won't have a chance to kill it. Turn around and aim for the neck. It it goes low, it hits the armored chest piece (if it has the bronze armor on) but still might hit flesh, and if it stays true or goes high the neck shot would be a slow but certain death and the head would be almost certainly an instant kill.So put your son down and turn, aim, and fire.
No. 584410 ID: b8ceae

Grab the gun and run. If if chases you then tell your son to get to the school and shoot the four-armed Visitor in the face - it shouldn't be that hard to hit at this range, since 'bucks like crazy' suggests you used the shotgun.
No. 584530 ID: 186341
File 140564472482.png - (56.97KB , 960x540 , 86a.png )

You put you kid down.
OK, you say. Keep running.
Go. Go go go go. Run. I'll stop him.

You'll die, he says. He can't let go of you.

What do you say?
No. 584532 ID: 707a11

"Honey, I love you so so so much. I need you to be strong. You're going to have a long and wonderful life. Now go."
No. 584533 ID: 53ba34

"you know about mamma bears? well, when a bear s protecting her babies she is the most dangerous thing there is, you're my baby bear. as long as it's to keep you safe, i'll be strong enough
No. 584537 ID: bb78f2

"I'm probably going to die either way, baby. Forgive me, but please, you got to live, for your father. For me. It's the one job we have, to keep you safe. Maybe they won't hurt kids. I don't know. But please live. You'd want the same for your kids, right?"
No. 584538 ID: 53548a

"I'll meet you at the school if I can't catch up with you. Just go. There's no time."

Shoot it. Aim for the head.
No. 584539 ID: 0ee153

Shoot yourself after telling him he has to. I doubt a warrior will find any sport in hunting a child.
No. 584541 ID: 879a42

Just tell him to be strong, and that you love him. Tell to get to the school and be safe.
No. 584653 ID: 337362
File 140575317917.png - (102.31KB , 960x540 , 88.png )

You tell him you know.

You tell him to be strong, and that you love him, and that you need to do this and in return he needs to have a wonderful, happy life for you.
You swallow.
And that means even when everyone else wants to fight and hate things, you don't let yourself think like them. OK?

They're monsters, he says.

Don't let yourself hate anything, ever, you say. Hate is so strong. Love is fragile. Protect love. OK?


There's no time. Run.

His fingers loosen. I can't--

You can.
Run, Zack.

You peel off from him and run the other way. He disappears round a corner.
That's the last you'll ever see of him, you think, and then you think don't be fatalistic, and then you think don't be stupid.

Your eyes are getting fuzzy and runny with tears.
No. 584654 ID: 337362
File 140575318983.png - (452.01KB , 960x540 , 86.png )

It's thundering right behind you. It's too close.

You force yourself to focus, and spin around to face the four-armed thing with your hands full of shotgun.

It roars and screams when you shoot it, right in the face.
But that doesn't stop it.
No. 584655 ID: 337362
File 140575319533.png - (318.62KB , 960x540 , 87.png )

It closes its fist along the length of the shotgun and clamps down on your forearm.

You feel a horrible suctiony shredding feeling and suddenly you feel like you're flowing away out of your arm.
You know it's not there anymore. You don't want to look.

It lifts you up and you feel yourself cracking and popping in a hundred delicate places. Hot, acrid blood forces its way up your throat.

Its ruin of a face howls at you as it wrings the life out of you.
No. 584656 ID: 337362
File 140575320282.png - (20.34KB , 960x540 , 89.png )

Saklarma saropa nebbe!

Its head jerks forward as someone clubs it from behind.
It drops you on the ground like a broken doll.

The cyclops rears back and hits the four-armed thing again in the bloody face. Bahganrka garrakton bahgiris! Saropapa gikilaroli eska!

Gulor saropaton krinbiga, the four-armed one says.

Sha. The cyclops raises his hand again. Garrakba heshadnigka fealakton.

The four-armed one shrinks back and runs back down the road.
No. 584657 ID: 337362
File 140575321785.png - (21.24KB , 960x540 , 90.png )

The cyclops kneels above you.

You can't move. Everything hurts so much.

Ihym the cyclops says. His voice is halting and guttural. Ihym zzory. Ihym zorry. Ihym zorry.

That's ok, you want to say.

Instead you cough and blood pours down your chin.
No. 584658 ID: 337362
File 140575322413.png - (92.01KB , 960x540 , 91.png )

The cyclops' eye starts to glow and blur around the edges.

You can't look away.
The pain fizzes out, starting from your face and moving in a warm numbing tingle across your ruined body. You shake with relief.
No. 584659 ID: 337362
File 140575324725.png - (289.82KB , 960x540 , 92.png )

Ihym zorry. Ihym zorry.
No. 584660 ID: 337362
File 140575325785.png - (119.72KB , 960x540 , 93.png )

That's ok.
No. 584661 ID: 337362
File 140575326342.png - (60.06KB , 960x540 , 94.png )

No. 584662 ID: 337362
File 140575327509.png - (39.02KB , 960x540 , 95.png )


You wake up, slick with sweat and gasping for air.

You haven't had that dream in a decade. And that last part has never happened before.

Polyphema is still asleep next to you. For a second when you look at her your pulse quickens, but then you relax.
Something weird just undeniably happened but that definitely wasn't her in the dream.

1]] Wake her up.
2]] Snuggle back up and try to get back to sleep.
3]] Get out of bed as quiet as you can and go get something to drink or something in her apartment.
4]] Get out of bed and go for a walk to clear your head.
No. 584663 ID: 53ba34

3, don't leave, letting her wake up and you aren't here would send the wrong message, but you do need a head clearer.
No. 584665 ID: 9ddf68

No. 584666 ID: 2fd516

I'm thinking 3.
No. 584668 ID: ebc77d

Wash your face, take a drink of water,
No. 584671 ID: 53548a

>that hair

3. If she wakes up just tell her to go back to sleep. It's too cliche not to do.
No. 584677 ID: 879a42

2. I don't see why we need to get up yet. Lay down with polyphema for comfort.
No. 584678 ID: 321d85

Hmm...the most natural response, to me, seems like just staying where you are and maybe thinking. Unless you don't want to do that, in which case either go get a drink and then go to sleep, or just go to sleep.
No. 584679 ID: 1df230

I was sort of close, kind of. :U

3. You're not going to be able to go back to sleep after that.
No. 584681 ID: b8ceae

3. Go drink some water, take a piss, then go back to bed. It'll give the adrenaline time to clear out.
No. 584687 ID: 0ee153

3 if you need to piss. 2 otherwise.
No. 584693 ID: bb78f2

Something to ask Poly later. About the war. Maybe if there's weird cyclops psychic channels that humans can apparently access in the vicinity of another cyclops when sleeping.
Doubt a human's ever done this before, so it's probably really new and no one knows the effects of actually sleeping with a cyclops does.

We don't even know if sex is a health hazard. There's no inter-species sex-ed yet man!
No. 584790 ID: 337362
File 140582952596.png - (142.95KB , 960x540 , 96.png )

You give Polyphema's thigh a farewell squeeze and slide out of bed. You find your discarded pants lying in a heap on the floor.

You hop clumsily into them as you enter Polyphema's front room.

1]] Raid the fridge.
2]] Just get a glass of water.
3]] There's a shelf of books. Find out what she's been reading.
4]] Nice sound system in the corner. What does an alien cyclops listen to these days?
5]] Polyphema's computer is open on the kitchenette counter. The cool blue glow of the desktop reflects off the linoleum.
6]] There's a pile of mail on the coffee table. Maybe you'll be able to solve this name mystery.
7]] Slip out the front door and take a walk.
No. 584792 ID: 2fd516

Wow most of these options are really rude.

No. 584793 ID: 9ddf68

2 & 3
1 if you make some for Polyphema as well.
No. 584795 ID: 53ba34

2, first
3, just look at the spines for titles.
6, just look at them, no touching.
then finally
1 and make breakfast for both of you.
No. 584799 ID: 879a42

584639 We are the enterprise of alien sex, we go where no cock has gone before. Intel says that they have the right equipment for a woman, but we are here to see how they function.(Also to see how they react socially and in a relationship, but cmon, This is some important stuff right here.)
No. 584830 ID: 22d852

This sounds good.

I'm reluctant to peek at the mail or computer or anything else to try and get her name. I mean, we could, but that kind of spoils the game. It'll be more fun to play it out.
No. 584840 ID: 256d52

Yeah, 2 & 3
Glass of water and look at the titles to distract yourself.
No. 584911 ID: 337362
File 140588766093.png - (7.37KB , 960x540 , 97.png )

Doctor Faustus, Midnight's Children, Noticia de un secuestro, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Neuromancer, La Nieve del Almirante, Batman: The Long Halloween, a chubby volume of the Complete Works, three Harry Potters, L'Envers et l'endroit, and Blood Meridian catch your eye on the shelf.

Her letters are all addressed to different names. You catch H.T. Roy and Hera Pinter, neither of which strike you as likely true.

You grab a glass of water and check the time.
It's 5 AM.

1]] Go back to bed.
2]] Go for a walk.
3]] Read something or watch something or whatever.
4]] Start making breakfast, really slowly.
5]] Wake Polyphema up.
6]] Check your phone and messsages.
7]] ______________
No. 584916 ID: 2fd516

6. Don't reply to GG just yet, because I mean that'll wake her up and that's not great.

Maybe then we can do 2, but leave a note for Polyphema so that she doesn't think you ditched her.
No. 584919 ID: 53ba34

No. 584922 ID: 9ddf68

6 of course and we can hold off on 4 for now but it wouldn't hurt to see what kind of food she has laying around so we can get an idea on what to make when we start to make breakfast.

Oh and if you have a smart phone maybe you could check the news and or weather to see what the day will be like if to do nothing more then to kill time.
No. 584925 ID: d8a627

You don't even need a smartphone to do that, just a cellphone that can connect to the internet.
No. 584933 ID: 22d852

>Her letters are all addressed to different names
Pff. Smile to yourself. Sneaky. Looks like she's been around long enough to collect a whole mess of aliases.

6, I guess? Still too early for breakfast, maybe.
No. 584934 ID: 9ddf68

to me a smart phone is any phone that can be more then just a phone
No. 584939 ID: 27ca74

Cool story bro.

Anyway, 6, don't reply to anything unless it's life-or-death important.
No. 584990 ID: b8ceae

No. 585135 ID: 337362
File 140597059234.png - (7.93KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

You check your phone.

Looks like it's going to be a hot one tomorrow. Or today, whatever. New York in the summer can get pretty heinous.
On the news you see the UK just illegalized skut-on-skut assassinations, which has been a hot-button issue there for a long time.

Nothing new and personal except an email from your sister with a youtube video called "vaporwave goat.wav" and GG's messages from last night.
No. 585136 ID: ef7fd2

Watch the video, kill some time.
No. 585140 ID: ae5012

What if it's a loud video? Better check it out later.
No. 585143 ID: 53ba34

breakfast time
No. 585145 ID: 2fd516

Go back to bed.
No. 585161 ID: bb78f2

...Your sister wasn't a part of the dream last night.
Was she at college or something? Or did your Dad survive the bullet, find you, and managed to live on and get a new wife, and ended up having another child?
I just originally imagined you lived with your Grandparents or uncle/aunt from then on, or grew up in a children's home/foster home at the least.

Watch video. Also look up the venture bros. Mecha Shiva clip.
Hmm, date idea, venture bros. marathon.

Also if Poly wakes up tell her that her internet access is unrestricted with no password and that's bad. Anybody can use her connection to do anything and it might fall on her... or we have a data plan. I forget people have data plans despite how expensive they are.
No. 585186 ID: d8a627

>...Your sister wasn't a part of the dream last night.
Actually, she was. She was already at the school, though, so she had a free ticket into the bunker.
>I forget people have data plans despite how expensive they are.
...You can access the internet pretty cheap, actually. At least, the phone I have allows me to.
No. 585647 ID: 186341
File 140623852238.png - (15.81KB , 960x540 , 99.png )

You watch it on mute. A goat brays in your face.

You crawl back into bed and kill a few minutes on Facebook as your eyelids droop.
The phone light plays across Polyphema's ribs as she breathes slow and even.

Eventually you turn the screen off and shuffle back under the covers. Polyphema sighs in her sleep and turns over, smushing her butt into your lap.
Her soft skin and your own fatigue overcome your anxiety quickly, and you're asleep again.
No. 585648 ID: 186341
File 140623852752.png - (8.31KB , 960x540 , 100.png )

You wake up in the lazy, fuzzy way people do the day after a lot of booze and good sex.

Polyphema is sitting up in bed. She twists to the left and her back makes a very audible crunching noise.
"Morning," you say.
"Morning, doll." Polyphema twists the other way, eliciting another pop, and smiles at you. "Sleep well?"
"That sounds like it hurts," you say.
"It feels lovely." She stretches her spine out. "Ooh. I was about to find a shirt and some breakfast. How do you like your eggs?"

1]] Scrambled.
2]] Sunnyside up.
3]] I'll make breakfast.
4]] Suggest a brief delay in breakfast-making and shirt-finding.

A]] I slept fine.
B]] I actually didn't sleep all that well.
No. 585650 ID: 2fd516

Hmm. Let's talk about the dream over breakfast.

No. 585651 ID: d8a627

The choices are to either outright lie, or to exaggerate?
2, C]] Woke up half way through the night, but went back to sleep shortly after. Pretty good sleep, all things considered.
No. 585652 ID: 9ddf68

2, A

no need to bring up the past
No. 585654 ID: 2fd516

The dream being different isn't exactly the far-flung past.
No. 585657 ID: b8ceae

4. Followed by 3.
C: Honesty. A nightmare woke you up, but after you went back to sleep you slept fine.

There are online translators, right? Stick those words into one of 'em to see what it tells you.
No. 585660 ID: 186341
File 140624177129.png - (20.12KB , 832x600 , 101.png )

"Sunnyside up, thanks," you say, appreciating Polyphema bend over to check her drawers for a shirt. "I had kind of a crappy dream," you say. "so I woke up in the middle of the night."
"Oh, no!"
"But I got back to bed soon."
"Poor Zack." Polyphema pulls her shirt on. "I shall drown your bad memories in tasty chicken ova. Sit tight, doll."

She swans off to the kitchenette and you pull out your phone.

You feel a little weird thinking about this in the bed of the woman you just had sex with, but it's your job. Pick your next date.
No. 585661 ID: 2fd516

GG. We need our arms.
No. 585663 ID: f96b24

GG! :D
No. 585668 ID: 88960e

You never left. Dates not over till you're home and alone.
No. 585670 ID: b8ceae

Before your next date, look up the words in your dream.
Because you don't know what the words mean (if anything) that will help you determine if it's JUST a dream, or a memory. If it's gibberish then it's just a dream. If they translate to something then it's a memory.
No. 585681 ID: 707a11

GG. Now put the phone away, you can schedule it when you're home. Naughty Zach!
No. 585688 ID: dcd676

I support this, but I'm also going to suggest GG for today
No. 585690 ID: d8a627

Can't leave GG hanging too long, but deciding on that's all that's needed for now. Worry about calling her after you've had your breakfast.
No. 585699 ID: 1df230

GG. We don't want to be dating any of the other girls yet. Especially since she already asked us out again.
No. 585704 ID: 0ee153

GG, obviously. Also look up if they were mangled versions of other human languages like "Iyhm zorry" was.
No. 585738 ID: 321d85

Hmm, I can't help but feel that there was a cutscene we didn't get during the night, where Zach tells Polyphema about his dream. Hmm. Oh, well.

Welllll, as far as those words go, an obvious option is we could ask Polyphema about them...but we may or may not be comfortable broaching that whole can of worms with her. However, as for an online translation, it might not be possible to transcribe them, if you just remember what they sound like. Of course, you could always just try and see.
No. 585803 ID: 879a42

All that's left is to take a shower, relax, and get ready for the next date. If we don't have even a little not of down time we won't perform as well on the next date. Also, where should we take GG? A movie sounds too common but any suggestion would work I guess.
No. 585821 ID: 186341
File 140634004804.png - (7.84KB , 960x540 , 102a.png )

There is absolutely no way you remember a bunch of alien gobbledygook from a dream you had hours ago well enough to reproduce it. You're not convinced you want to know.

You put your phone in your pocket and make a mental note to text GG later as you walk into the kitchen.

Polyphema puts a plate of two eggs in front of you, with a little bacon smile. She pours herself a bowl of cereal.

"You want an egg?" you ask.

"I'm perfectly fine, doll," she says. "Look." She tilts her bowl at you. It's cocoa pebbles. "Little vices. Shhh."
No. 585822 ID: 186341
File 140634005302.png - (10.06KB , 960x540 , 102.png )

"And besides," she says, leaning against the counter. "You need to recover from that scary dream."

"I'm ok," you say. "I've had them before."
"Awww. Darling." Polyphema takes a bite of cocoa pebbles. "Well if there's anything I can do to help. Do you want to talk about it? Or maybe just your shirt back? Coffee? Shower fellatio? Orange juice?"

1]] Don't worry about it. It was just a dream.
2]] Maybe I would like to talk about it.
3]] I'll need that shirt back eventually.
4]] Coffee would be good.
5]] Shower what now?
No. 585824 ID: 9ddf68


maybe 4 if you're still tired.
No. 585827 ID: 53ba34

i'll need that shirt ba- shower what now?

i think we should tell her some of the dream. it was an invader attack when you were younger.
No. 585829 ID: 40935b

Dammit, we cannot and will not keep getting flustered!

Coffee'd be fine.
No. 585832 ID: 707a11

It's part of our charm. We're being playful.

"I mean, not much to talk about. Memory of an attack on my family, not the most cheerful time. Anyway, yeah I will need that shirt--wait, shower what?"
No. 585834 ID: 2fd516

TWOOOOOOO By which I mean say it's just a recurring nightmare, but it was different tonight- ask if Oculots have some sort of dream sharing thing.
No. 585835 ID: 1df230

5, while grinning so she knows that we know. Nothing chases the bad dreams away better than beautiful woman.
No. 585838 ID: b8ceae

"I'd like to talk about it. Eventually, I mean. The first date you're supposed to at least pretend everything's beer and skittles; shocking reveals and tragic backstories are more of a third-date kind of thing."

Attempt to take her up on all the other offers at once. It will be entertaining and memorable, at least.
No. 585839 ID: 0ee153

Hey, she doesn't get to know everything about you, either. Take her up on all five offers, with the possible exception of orange juice, and you know perfectly well what she said.
No. 585850 ID: d8a627

I'll call this 2.1.
2.1, 3, 4, "5?"
Like, after 2.1, "I'll need the shirt back eventually, but for now, a cup of joe certainly would hit the spot. And are you serious about the shower?"
Maaaybe something along the lines of "You keep offering these things for me, you'll have to give me a chance to return the favor, you know." As in, offering cunnilingus.
No. 585872 ID: 321d85

Hmm, you could return the mysteriousness with something like, "Maybe I'll tell you about the dream someday."
No. 585878 ID: f0a5e4

Ooh, I like it. Keeping tidbits from each other as rewards is fantastic chemistry, and it certainly goes towards repaying her for the all the effort she's put into being Miss Tyrious all yesterday, and certainly for the forseeable future. And let's be honest, there are parts of her past she will likely not tell us for some time. Dark parts. It could be important for her to know we're not only willing to share the cards we've been dealt some day, but that we know the game, and how it's played.
No. 585884 ID: 53548a

I like this idea.

Also 135.
No. 586144 ID: 874468

Dude, you never take back your shirt when the girl who you had *fun* with last night AND made you breakfast wants to wear it. Maybe shouldn't take it back at all.
No. 586150 ID: dcd676

1, 3, 5.
No. 586329 ID: 186341
File 140652537488.png - (10.15KB , 960x540 , 103.png )

"Coffee would be wonderful. What was that one you mentioned after that?"
"Orange juice?"
"Maybe I'll tell you about the dream someday," you say.
"Maybe?" Polyphema cocks an eyebrow.
"Are you sure there's no way I can get it out of you?"
"Hmmm." You scratch your neck. "Not today. Can I get that shirt off of you?"
Polyphema grins and shrugs it off her right shoulder. "I don't know," she says. "Can you?"

After a shower you have no idea what you did to deserve Polyphema gives you your shirt back, and kisses you at the door.
"Don't be a stranger, Zack," she says. "My door, schedule, and legs are always open to you."
You kiss her back. "You're a hell of a woman, Polyphema. I'm going to find out what I should actually call you."
"I don't give a damn what you care to call me," Polyphema says. "Just call me, doll."
She closes the door and your second date is officially over.

You recall that it's your turn to pick where you and GG go.
No. 586331 ID: b8ceae

Given that there are a large number of Visitor immigrants, I would expect they brought along their own traditional forms of entertainment - albeit altered to comply with local laws.
Check out when there's going to be a Warrior almost-bloodsport of some kind and ask if she'd be interested in going.
No. 586332 ID: 2fd516

Isn't this going to be a Warrior Date? We gotta take her somewhere WE enjoy.

...uh what does Zack enjoy though?

No. 586347 ID: 89b2a2

Take her out to the china smashing place. Where you pay to smash plates and not-so-fine china.
No. 586348 ID: ebc77d

How about teaching GG a bit of parkour? Its active and she might like something that uses manurverability rather than strength.
No. 586349 ID: 707a11

Take her to this:

No. 586350 ID: 0ee153

I think this is another moment where we fill in the blanks for Zack. Hm.

Any beaches nearby?
No. 586370 ID: ef7fd2

This gets my vote, by virtue of being the Raddest Option.
No. 586376 ID: 321d85

That does seem pretty cool.
No. 586377 ID: d7800e

Some activity and a casual lunch
No. 586379 ID: 945fb0

This sounds like the best idea.
No. 586380 ID: f461c5

Fucking perfect. something you can likely beat her in, too.
No. 586391 ID: 879a42

If we are going to do the parkour route we need think of am few things. Firstly, where are we going? Likely a park of some kind. Then what? A light lunch or have dinner? ....Then what? What activity will be next? Anything? Will we take it to the next level? Of course dialogue and curve balls are expected but we can handle those. Ideas everyone?
No. 586395 ID: d8a627

Parkour at the beach, with a cooler lunch? Unless the beach has a lesser reputation about things like that. If it'll get stolen then it's better to have plans to go elsewhere. Some lunch place nearby that doesn't mind the bit of sand from beachgoers. Maybe a beachside stand itself.
No. 586421 ID: 2f4b71

>Zack and GG jumping around like loons yelling "Parkour!"
The best plan.
No. 586459 ID: 1df230

GG bowling is a thing that I have to see.
No. 586588 ID: f0a5e4

If there's an old industrial park or some abandoned residential blocks just outside city limits, those'd be perfect to practice some le parkour, but what are the odds of that? A beach sounds better for beginner parkour stuff, but you'd need plenty of obstacles to use that also aren't people. Accidentally decking people is fun once in a while, but I can't see being floored by 8+ feet of flying warrior going over well with any beach-goers.
Note, we probably want to make sure whatever we're clambering all over is as strong as GG is.
No. 586817 ID: 186341
File 140669913728.png - (10.30KB , 960x540 , 104.png )

Beach parkour sounds like a fantastic idea and you know just the spot. It's on Long Island and you'd have to take the rail but who cares.

You wonder if you should invite Alan and the usual gaggle of idiots along. Normally this would be an obvious no-no on a date but you get the feeling GG would like them and parkour-ing is bolstered by groups.

1]] Yeah. Call them. You haven't hung out enough lately anyway.
2]] No. This is a date, dingus.
No. 586819 ID: 2fd516

Does this gaggle of idiots like aliens? If no, just do 2. If yes, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, sure, but only for the parkour. After the parkour stuff you and GG gotta do something as a couple.
No. 586820 ID: b8ceae

Call GG and ask if she would be down for it. We aren't forbidden from seeing her outside of formal dates, and this is something she might enjoy.
Besides that? Introducing her to your friends is a show of respect.
No. 586821 ID: f839a9

1, I think. You can always extend the date, do something else after, if you want 1 on 1 time.
No. 586823 ID: bb78f2

3)Ask GG first
No. 586831 ID: 2fd516

Asking GG first would be letting her have control! This date is going to be more in tune with Warrior customs, remember?
No. 586882 ID: 879a42

On board with yes but ask GG first. Try to be all like hi how are you doin? Then ask if she would be okay wit- hey wait a sec guys. This is a WARRIOR date! Let's just TELL her that we are bringing them along. (Let's ask in conversation to confirm that this is indeed a warrior date and if so just say ''alright well I'm bring some friends along for a bit'')
Mind you that the idiots should only be around for the parkour, which will probably last for a couple hours having parkour and maybe drinks on the beach. Then we will get changed and do dinner is my vote.
No. 586889 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, this is good.
No. 586899 ID: f839a9

>ask her
Warrior date. Shouldn't we be taking control?
No. 586900 ID: 945fb0

No. 586909 ID: d8a627

Yeah, tell her you're bringing some friends along for the parkour, but that they'll only be a part of the group for it.
No. 586913 ID: 6868bc

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Before you invite any friends on any date with a Warrior, You need to CALL all of them and MAKE SURE they aren't racist against Visitors. Considering what happened, it isn't an uncommon trait, and it would make the date super awkward!
No. 586942 ID: 707a11

1, assuming your friends aren't xenophobic. Definitely don't ask GG first.
No. 587084 ID: 1df230

1 if they are cool. Judging by Alan, most of them should be, and I doubt we would have considered it if not. Maybe we can also play in the water after parkour. Imagine all of us on each other's shoulders again GG playing chicken.
No. 587107 ID: 256d52

1. Sounds like it'll be a great time, you can stay on a bit afterwards and I think the bigger group will help if GG's having any trouble getting the hang of it.
No. 589916 ID: 186341
File 140832227530.png - (18.34KB , 960x540 , 105.png )

You message Gary:
>Gary do you want to hardcore parkour?
i am always down to hardcore parkour.
>What if I bring my date along?
who's the date?
>A warrior lady
youre dating a warrior? wtf
>Its my job now, remember?
oh. word. is she cool?
>She's pretty cool.
cool that she's cool. where at?
>I was thinking we take the LIRR to long beach and like hit up that abandoned hotel thing.
abandoned what?
>Alan found it a while ago.
idk, the lirr? i'm poor & their prices are bullshit.
>You want me to pay? The USA will comp me.
omg. yes. i want to steal tax dollars. keep me posted.

You message Alan:
>Al. Alaman. Alamanalan.
Bra if you ask me to borrow the car again I'm going to deck you
>No I was wondering if you wanted 2parkour2nite
O! Sick
Yeah obviously. Its been 2long2handle. Hotel?
>Yea. Beach bonfire after maybe?
I like it. I'll call my peeps.
>BTW I'm bringing GG my date along.
GGs the warrior, right?
Yooo I want to meet her. Warrior chicks are hot.
>You like warrior girls?
>Wow hidden depths Alan
Musclegirls are my fetish.
bra wanna /ss/
>Gross Alan
Don't worry I won't seduce her.
Tho it would be easy for me. Because I own a car.
>You need to stop basing your personality around that

You message Anika:
>Anika me and alan and gary are parkouring with my Warrior date tonight.
Are you inviting me?
Obviously I'm not doing any parkour but I want to meet your weird Kirky conquests.
And I love watching you guys fall on your faces.
>Youre doing parkour tonight. We're going to make you
>Long Beach.
Ew. Guidos.
>No its this like abandoned hotel place Alan found from the aughts. Theres like no one around because of how sketchy it looks.
Sketchy abandoned places? Yaaas you should have led in with that!
I'll bring my camera!

You message GG.
What do you write?
No. 589917 ID: b8ceae

"You know parkour? The french martial art of running away with style and grace? I got some friends together to do that at an abandoned hotel. You in?"
No. 589922 ID: 4b571b

>Its my job now, remember?
Man that was an ironclad nda, huh.
No. 589924 ID: d8a627

Message her that alright, she convinced you to see her again, but that she's not going to get the full upper hand here. You're going for a parkour, first. As anybody who's been parkouring knows, it's no good to have just two people, so you're bringing a few friends along. Tell her you'd like to see how quick she picks it up, maybe she can start showing off and strongarm you into letting her take over a bit.
No. 590602 ID: 53548a

Long Beach? Guidos? Must be Long Beach, New York.
No. 625640 ID: 186341
File 142437389253.png - (10.04KB , 960x540 , 105a.png )

You text GG.

>hey hey gg
:warrior: Z Z topppp
:warrior: whats up dude??
>So you convinced me to hang out again
:warrior: oh yea?
:warrior: that was easy ;)
:warrior: where 2, stud?
>Some friends and i were going to long beach to parkour. You want in?
:warrior: parkour!!!! absolutely
:warrior: i want 2 meet ur friends
>They want to meet you
:warrior: r there any mormon priests on long beach?
>We can see when we get there.
:warrior: count me in
>Meet at penn @ 7?
:warrior: k def see u then ;*
:warrior: i need to make sure i dont crush my windpipe ttyl
>L8r sk8r

Date arranged.
You wonder how you should dress for it/what you should bring.

1]] It's a date. Clean up.
2]] It's parkour and you need to impress her. Get ready to sweat.
3]] It's the beach. Bring a swimsuit and some flipflops and stuff.
4]] _________

A]] Bring your own sweet self.
B]] Bring some booze.
C]] Text your friends to bring some stuff for a bbq.
D]] Text your friends to bring some stuff for a bonfire.
E]] _________
No. 625641 ID: cc75ef

2, but get your good boxers on because if the swimming's on you'll be swimming in them.

a bonfire sounds nice. booze sounds nice. bonfire+booze+parkour sounds like horrible life-changing crippling injury.
No. 625652 ID: 9ddf68

b & d
a hard invigorating date followed by drinking and a bon fire. Worse ways to spend a day. Just make sure you bring the booze so when everyone else gets ready for the bon fire your not the only one who cheeped out.
No. 625672 ID: 82efdc

2. If you're not dressed to be able to parkour, that kind of defeats the purpose. And you can do beach stuff and swim in anything.

And d.
No. 625679 ID: b5b419

E) bring some stuff for a bbq yourself put it on your sweet gov'm't monies
No. 625681 ID: b04746

Definitely food, too. I get so hungry after physical activity, and she looks like she can put away the calories, to be honest.
No. 625728 ID: 186341
File 142441293202.png - (9.85KB , 960x560 , 106.png )

You text your friends to bring stuff for a bonfire and then throw a few hot dogs and a bunch of brews into a beach bag.
Haute Cuisine at Taverna this is not, but GG is not Polyphema.

Your friends are waiting at Penn Station.
"Duder," Alan says.
"Duder," you say.
"Where's your date?" Anika asks.

"If I had to guess it would be the nine foot red woman," Gary says.

There's that familiar zh lilt on the first letter of your name.

You turn to see GG elbow her way (and she has a lot of elbow to throw) through the crowd that follows her most places. She's wearing a complicated sports bra and a tank top she's shredded to support her abundance of toned arms. "Hey, boy."

"You lucky fuckass," Alan whispers. "You're getting paid two hundred thousand bucks? You lucky fuckass."

"We'll see how lucky he is when he's putting ice on his trouser snake tomorrow morning," Gary says.

"Ready to get your ass kicked at Par-lor by a girl while your friends all watch?" GG asks.

1]] Tell her it is her who is going to get her ass kicked
2]] Affirm that you are ready to get your ass kicked
3]] Point out that it's "Parkour"
4]] Tell her you've missed her
5]] Pay for her train ticket and get out of there because it's in open Penn Station and everyone's staring again
6]] ____________
No. 625730 ID: b5b419

1 and 3.

what's in the bag, steaks?
No. 625731 ID: bb78f2

6) "Gravity is a girl? It's going to kick all of our asses today. Gravity is always the winner in parkour. And youtube watchers when we upload all of our dumb failures at looking cool.

Parkour is about falling, and failing, with style."
No. 625732 ID: bb78f2

You know what, just use the upper parts in natural conversation when you inevitabley have to explain parkour to her.

You CAN respond that Parkour's about falling with style though. So you'll look good while getting your ass kicked by gravity, and that's what counts.

Unless, GG, you're prepared to kick Gravity's ASS!
No. 625733 ID: ea0ad9

Give a chuckle, and tell her that you're sure she can beat you at Parlor, but that you'll kick her ass at Parkour in the mean time.
No. 625736 ID: e607cd

2, or possibly that 6 that Dirtbag came up with.

I mean come on, this woman is literally twice the athlete you are. There may be a learning curve to this sport, but it ain't THAT steep.
No. 625737 ID: 186341
File 142441846714.png - (13.51KB , 960x560 , 107.png )

"Gravity is going to be the one kicking my ass," you say. "And all our asses. You don't have a camera in that thing, do you? Because documenting this shit is half the fun."

"I got one on my phone," GG says. She pats her bag. "This is some snacks, some clothes, a bikini, a lotta water... oh, and a first aid kit."
"Good thinking," you say.
"It has plenty of ointment," she says. "For when I kick your ass."
"At parlor or parkour?" you ask.
"Ooops," GG says. "Shut up."
"Just clarifying."

"How long have you been here, GG?" Annika asks, as you find seats on the LIRR.
"Since I was like 16," GG says. "My family was like the first wave. Pre-truce-tying."
"Not a lot of warriors then," Gary says. "Wasn't it mostly oculot exiles?"
"We take convincing to stop rippin' shit up," GG says. "My dad could see the writing on the wall, though. And he loved tanks. There's a big diagram of an Abrams on the wall of our kitchen. I think he thought maybe they'd give him one."
"Did they?" you ask.
"Nah. He'd never fit."

A big Warrior man stops on the way to his seat and leans on GG's. "Jakara, saropa."
"Jakara," GG says.
They talk a little. GG seems a little terse. You make out your name.
"He says he didn't think humans had the guts to date warriors," GG says.
"Is that all he says?"
"I'm leaving out a lot of stuff about your arms," she says. "He thinks I'd be more comfortable with him. His necklace is real graggiik teeth."
"Meyebe you and me, vhe zhtep outsite," says the big Warrior. "Vhe Haltaka, yea?" He laughs a guttural laugh.
"What's Haltaka?" you ask.
"It's dumb," GG says. "It's a fight over mates. He's just teasing you."

1]] Ignore it. You can take teasing.
2]] Invite him to sit with you.
3]] Let's haltaka, big guy.
4]] Leave her alone.
5]] Leave her alone or I'm calling security.
6]] Mock him back.
7]] _____________
No. 625745 ID: 0cc49e

1. "Nah, you're the one going to get her ass kicked at Parkour."
No. 625747 ID: 0cc49e

Well fuck, that's what I get for not refreshing first.

6. Ask him if he's so weak he has to get his dates beating up a human.
No. 625749 ID: d958ad

Maybe a bit less provocative would be "Challenging a human? Isn't that like taking candy from a baby?"
No. 625751 ID: 0cc49e

Oh and tell him you're very flattered but you're not going to be his boyfriend just because he can beat you up. After all, warrior dating is about the winner taking the loser. It sounds like he was asking Zack out, hey?
No. 625753 ID: 186341
File 142442211960.png - (6.54KB , 960x560 , 108.png )

"Ask him if he gets all his dates beating up something with a third his weight and half the arms," you say. "Isn't that kind of taking candy from a baby?"

"It is tekk candy from little ant baby."
Evidently he knows more English than he let on because he's immediately up in your face. "Mebbe I show you. Hah?"
The grin hasn't dropped off his face. He's enjoying this.

GG is looking at you both with undisguised fascination. So are your friends, although they're also kind of freaking out.

The conductor in the other car has stopped punching tickets and is starting to hustle your way.

1]] Stand up. Get right back in this guy's face.
2]] Try to calm him down. It was just a joke.
3]] Let the conductor break this up.
4]] ___________
No. 625754 ID: a19cd5

hahaha oh wow, we are so boned
No. 625755 ID: ea0ad9

Tell him the only "Haltaka" you're going to do is Parkour. You can prove who's stronger against Gravity.
No. 625759 ID: 0cc49e

Challenge him to parkour if he's up to it. See what the conductor does.
No. 625760 ID: 1e97f1

1. He won't be able to do anything TOO violent on the train with everyone looking and it will get GG wet as fuck.
No. 625761 ID: 0cc49e

He might be willing to risk it, and Zack might get in shit too if he escalates.
No. 625763 ID: 256d52

Warriors, remember? Tough it out.
No. 625764 ID: d958ad

1, sortof.

You know, while he is calling you weak, I'm not sure he's doing so in a hateful way.
"If I was an ant I would be red, have six limbs, and be able to lift up to 5000 times my own body weight. Then you'd be in trouble, buddy."
No. 625767 ID: 186341
File 142442493612.png - (6.92KB , 960x560 , 109.png )

You stand up.
"If I was an ant," you say, "I would be red, have six limbs, and be able to lift 5000 times my body weight. And if I met a dude on the train and wanted to Haltaka him or whatever, I'd do it with something fair. You ever heard of parkour?"

He laughs.

Then he headbutts you in the face.

You're not bleeding or anything but you see stars. It's more surprising than painful (although it is painful).

1]] Headbutt him back!
2]] Kick him in the nuts or something! Fight dirty!
3]] Fall over safely and cover your head!
4]] Get that conductor the fuck over here!
5]] GG/friends help me aaah
No. 625768 ID: 0cc49e

Oh, more surprise than pain? A love tap, then. Or he's just seeing how far he can go.

Headbutt him back, then.
No. 625769 ID: 0cc49e

Fighting dirty is an option now? Might as well... Zack, does what you know about Warriors suggest they're big on honor and/or fairness or just winning?
No. 625771 ID: 321d85

Hmm. I'm thinking just standing our ground might be a good option, here. Depends. We don't want to get into an actual fight, because we'd clearly lose, "fun" or no. If you're confident in your parkour skills, you could challenge him to parkour...but that could mean he's hanging around all day, messin' up your date.
No. 625772 ID: d958ad

I think you have the right of it. Not being unconscious means he doesn't actually want to seriously injure Zack.
No. 625774 ID: 0cc49e

Probably best now that I think of it. Changing my vote to this.
No. 625775 ID: d958ad

>challenge him to parkour
You know... I think he found something "fair" to challenge us to. Warriors are much stronger than humans, but it's mostly in their arms, right? Headbutting might be a fair contest. Or at least, not quite as stacked in his favor (Warriors still have really durable faces/heads, if Zack's dream is any indication)
No. 625778 ID: 88960e

Don't physically fight back, he's stronger (kicking him in the balls or anywhere else will probably hurt our foot more than his balls). If we want to 'win', we have to do it the way we did with GG, before. Tricksy, not strong.

Best response I can think of is to laugh at the absurdity of it all. We can't beat him up, but we can take the power out of his challenge slash act of dominance by not taking it seriously.
No. 625779 ID: 534cc4

I'm all for getting back up and saying how that didn't hurt very much, and just generally being defiant. Gotta show strength and not get in a fight.
No. 625786 ID: 8bd2b1

"No no no, parkour is about running and jumping, not headbutting.

... Ah fuck it, you aren't getting it, huh."

Headbutt him back.
No. 625787 ID: 8bd2b1

Yeah, he's not actually fighting us. If he were, that headbutt would've caved our skull in. He's testing our nerve. Headbutt him back after saying something clever.
No. 625794 ID: bb78f2

"I may have lost a few braincells but I think this might be a good idea."

Headbutt. But in a friendly manner.

"What's your name, friend?"
No. 625796 ID: 6e79d4

Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy.
No. 625824 ID: 186341
File 142446393794.png - (12.23KB , 960x560 , 110.png )

You try to think of something funny to say but you can't off the top of your wounded head, so you headbutt him back.
It's like banging your head on a brick wall.

The warrior laughs even harder and steps back.
"Saropa brihganrka ekka!" he says.

"HEY," the conductor says, grabbing the warrior by the shoulder. "Hey excuse me. Don't make me throw you off the train." And then as if he hadn't just seen your counterattack, he says, "Is this guy bothering you, sir?"

1]] Yeah. Get him away from me.
2]] Where were you ten seconds ago?
3]] No. We're friends.
4]] Not anymore he isn't.
5]] It's a warrior thing. You wouldn't understand.
6]] You're acting like I didn't hit him back.
7]] _____________
No. 625826 ID: 0cc49e

4 and 6.
No. 625827 ID: bb78f2

3 and 6
Yes, I want to totally say we're friends with this warrior dude.

Man, come on, you know when you fight a warrior you get its respect. You got GG's when you won yesterday's date. This dude totally just became your bro. They're like Saiyan's man. From New Jersey.
No. 625830 ID: ea0ad9

"Nah, man, we're friends. The headbutts are a warrior thing. Wouldn't recommend it if you haven't hit your head against pavement a bunch of times, though."
All that parkour failing pays off here, thankfully. Hitting your head against a brick wall will still hurt, but not as much as without experience.
No. 625853 ID: 82efdc

Nah man, just first bumping. Skull bumping. Whatever, it's cool.
No. 625908 ID: b2c9e1

This sounds like a good plan of action.
No. 625917 ID: 6e79d4


We have got to learn to stop starting shit.
No. 625919 ID: 0cc49e

That's a funny joke
No. 625935 ID: a19cd5

voting negativo to one. This guy's the racism.
No. 625980 ID: 256d52

5) You see obviously fist bumps aren't fair with a warrior and a human because they have four hands so you two were trying some alternatives.
No. 626017 ID: ab35a6
File 142455815180.png - (12.52KB , 960x560 , 111a.png )

"No no no," you say. "This guy's my
my friend. Love this guy."
"He attacked you, sir."
"It's a warrior fistbump. Skullbump. Can you chill?"
GG and your friends are trying not to laugh.
"Vhe broze," says the Warrior.

The conductor glares at both of you, then punches everyone's tickets and moves on.

"You iz all right, saropa," laughs the Warrior. "Merheslka eska saropa!" He gives you a punch on the shoulder that makes your forearm numb.
"Thanks," you say. He laughs again and leaves.
"What's your name?" you call. He just raises a fist as he changes cars.

"That was fuckin' awesome, Z," GG says. "I was worried for a second. You handled that like a warrior."
"You got a shiner the size of an apple," Annika observes.
"Shiners are sexy," GG says.
"You fuckass," whispers Alan.
No. 626018 ID: ab35a6
File 142455815815.png - (34.49KB , 960x560 , 111.png )

It's refreshingly brisk on the beach. The wind rolls in off the water and brings a fresh breeze with it. Before the War this place would probably be crowded as hell on a night like this.

Some of Alan's friends are already here, and there's a good bonfire going.
The hulk of the abandoned hotel is dark against the evening sky.

What first?
1]] Parkour!
2]] Drink by the bonfire!
3]] Eat by the bonfire!
4]] Walk on the beach!
5]] Swim!
No. 626020 ID: b5b419

Hope you brought enough water. Parkour first!
No. 626021 ID: 0cc49e

No. 626025 ID: 2147de

Parkour es numero uno!
No. 626029 ID: 82efdc

Parkour, provided you haven't thrown off your balance with the head injury and all. Start simple before trying something stupidly dangerous.
No. 626033 ID: ab35a6
File 142456362699.png - (18.46KB , 960x560 , 112.png )

Any illusions you may have had about beating this four-armed warrior girl at parkour are quickly, brutally shattered.

She moves like poetry and when she jumps you can almost feel the takeoff as the foundations of the old place shake.
"You haven't done this before?" you call after her.
"Not with the foofy name." GG effortlessly vaults a railing. "This is awesome!"
"Have you fallen on your ass yet?" Annika calls. "I'm not recording!"
"Come on, Zack!" Gary yells. "Rep the Earth!"

GG scampers up a wall like a muscular spider. "Earth's a buncha chumps!
No. 626034 ID: ab35a6
File 142456366027.png - (10.28KB , 960x560 , 113.png )

She vaults an impossible distance and ends up on the top of another section ahead of you.

She turns around and calls across the remarkably wide gap, "Jump for it!"

"That jump is massive," you say. You look down. The fall is like fifteen feet, although the landing is a slope soft enough that you might be OK.
You're not sure if you've ever jumped this far before.
Maybe it's doable?
You're not an expert. You kicked a priest.
"Rep the Earth! Rep the Earth!" Gary is chanting.
"You guys are going to break all your bones," Annika says.
"C'mon, biiiitch!" GG yells. "If you make it I give up!"
"Was this a competition?" you say.
"It is now!"

1]] Take a running start and GO FOR IT!
2]] Take a running start and brace for a fall.
3]] GG this is stupid. You know I can't make it.
4]] I give up. You win.
No. 626038 ID: 0cc49e

The world record is 26 feet, 8 inches. If that picture is somehow to scale it's like... 20 feet. You would need a lifetime of training and lucky genetics to have a chance of making it.

Jump and brace for it. No way you can back down after headbutting a Warrior.
No. 626044 ID: 6e79d4

Tell her to get ready to catch you, jump for it.
No. 626047 ID: d958ad

Jump down then walljump off the wall to give you more horizontal distance, it works in video games. (this won't actually work)

Jump but brace for failure. It's the smart thing to do.
No. 626049 ID: ea0ad9

Jump, and hope for the best, but prepare for a fall. GG has likely won, and you should accept that, but don't just give in like a wimp, either.
No. 626050 ID: 2147de

I honestly can't decide if we can make this or if we can't...I think what we should say is something like this:
"If I don't make it, you're going to have to help me GG."
then, number 1. We GO FOR IT! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!
No. 626054 ID: ab35a6
File 142456721518.png - (9.39KB , 960x560 , 114.png )

With an eye for rolling with the inevitable punch, you take a few steps back, and leap for it.
When it becomes apparent you're not going to make it you start to tuck in and brace yourself

when three big red arms catch you and pull you up.

"Gotcha," GG says. Her fingers dig into your chest a little. "I win."
"I didn't even know this was a contest," you say.
"That just made it easier." GG puts you down.
"What have you won?"
"You," she says. "And I am a hungry overlord. Toast me a weenie."

1]] Toast it yourself.
2]] Toast her some weenies.
3]] I challenge you to something else.
4]] Suggest a different means of repayment.
No. 626055 ID: 82efdc

>2]] Toast her some weenies.
All hail the overlord. Weenies for the lord!

...start plotting something to get back later in the night.

We're around friends and they have a camera. Let's avoid grossing them out.
No. 626056 ID: d958ad

Tell her you'll give her all the sausage she wants.
No. 626058 ID: 0cc49e

See >>626055
Toast her the weenies. She's earned them. While you're doing it, ask her about names.

"So there's something I've been wondering about. Are humans the weird ones for telling everyone our names? I only know you as GG, that guy from earlier didn't tell me his name, and the other Visitors I've met haven't been forthcoming either. I'm fine with GG, you're great as GG, but I'm curious. Is GG your name, the closest translation, or just your public handle? Are we the weird ones for sharing our names to anyone who asks?"
No. 626061 ID: ab35a6
File 142457053367.png - (11.28KB , 960x560 , 115.png )

"So I've been wondering," you say. "A bunch of visitors haven't been telling me their names. Is that a thing?"
"Mmm?" GG swallows her hot dog. "What do you mean?"
"That guy on the train earlier didn't tell me his name. Visitors haven't really been forthcoming about them."
"Well like names mean a lot to us," GG says. "You have your birth name, your Kariket name, and your free name."
"What's the difference?"
"Birth is the name your parents give you, then the Kariket gives you one when you go into servitude," GG says. "Then your free one is the one you choose."
"What's servitude?"
"Every kid owes a debt to the Kariket for being allowed birth," GG says.
"The Kariket. That's that king, right?"
"Yah." GG shifts. "It sounds really terrible but usually it's just, like, symbolic. Like a lot of places they say that your debt is your education, and when you get out of school you get your own name. But you have to earn it. And also your freedom. Then you get your name."
"Did you pick GG?"
"Not exactly." GG inches closer to the fire. "My family emigrated earlier. I never got my own naming ceremony and the Kariket obviously strips the name off anyone who flees. Which is fine. It's always just some Oculot sounding thing like Varikesh or something."
"Where does GG come from?"
"My birth name," she says. "It's, uh, Grightogot Grzgkahk."
"Gright. Like exhale before the T."
"Grightogot Grzgkahk?"
She giggles. "You sound like a chicken saying it."
"Is that why you went with GG?"
"Yeah," she said. "It makes me seem more... girly. I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I'm not girly enough. And since I don't have a free name, whatever. Free names are the ones people try to hold on to. It's not, like, taboo to tell them really but like it's kind of like showing someone your bellybutton. You know?"

1]] You seem girly enough to me.
2]] Do you regret not getting your free name?
3]] Tell me more about your family.
4]] Tell me more about emigration.
5]] Tell me more about the Kariket.
6]] Change the subject.
7]] Suggest a swim or a walk or something.
8]] Drink some beer.
9]] Offer some beer to GG.
No. 626063 ID: bb78f2

I'm really curious about emigration, to be honest. Good to know for the job. Like, what it TOOK to get here and live peacefully.
No. 626065 ID: 0cc49e

1 and ask her to tell you what she wants you to know.
No. 626067 ID: 82efdc

1. C'mon, you moved like a pretty little ballerina out there.
No. 626068 ID: 321d85

I might pick an descriptive phrase more like "lithe" or "graceful".
No. 626073 ID: bb78f2

I guess I also suggest
1) Are we talkin' warrior girlly or human girly here? I'm no expert at warrior girly, but you are definitely human girly. I mean, it's Xena brand girly, or a limited edition Proffesional Wrestler Barbie girly. Nice locks of hair, healthy, and you know what looks good on you. In this case, exercise clothes.

You know, GG, what would a Parkour Barbie look like anyway? Mattel really has to get working on a Parkour and Wrestler Barbie line. Empower the young girls to look up the athleticism and insane over-dramatic soap operas.
No. 626076 ID: b2c9e1

WHIP OFF YOUR SHIRT AND SHOW EVERYONE YOUR BELLYBUTTON...Maybe leap into the water...or not, whatever.
No. 626124 ID: ea0ad9

"I think I mentioned this before, but you're already girly, in that half-amazonian way. How's about a new tradition, though? Earth names. I'm not saying you should just get your name, that wouldn't really be fair, but you could totally earn a name here, by earning some rep with a group or something. Hell, you're well on your way with us, already!"
No. 626134 ID: 0cc49e

I think this might be phrased better as nicknames. Time to tell her about you and your friends' nicknames.

Moose for Gary after that one Anchorage parkour incident with the moose, The Holy Diver after you kicked that priest in the head, and whatever other nicknames your friends have.
No. 626219 ID: e30e12
File 142467016480.png - (14.55KB , 960x560 , 116.png )

"You're girly enough," you say.
"I do."
"What was Emigration like?" you ask.
"Nothing we couldn't handle," GG says. "Middle of the night we just packed up and left. There were these agents you guys had on the other side by then. Oculots, mostly. My dad got in touch with one through a friend at work and we met them out in a field somewhere. We couldn't breathe a word to the neighbors. The rough part was the crossing. Some refugees, their agents were actually Royalists in disguise, and they'd close them partway through and they'd all get ripped to shreds. My mom was gripping my shoulder so hard I've still got the bruises I think."
"Are you happier here?" you ask.
The fire reflects in amber on GG's eyes.
"I think so," she says. "The food is a lot fucking better if you can get enough of it. And it's nice to have some control over my life. Sometimes it's kind of hard. People understood us better back home. Sometimes I just want to like punch something in public, y'know? Without everyone looking at me."
"I thought you liked being intimidating," you say.
"I think I do. I don't know." She shrugs. "I'm starting to think I just liked being liked. People liked how scary I was. The eyes here are different. The places. So many tight spaces. So coiled up. I don't know how you guys get release."
Her hand is on your lower back. Her palm is even hotter than the warmth coming off the fire. "You really think I'm girly?" she says, in a voice softer than you've ever heard her use.
"Sure. It's like Xena warrior princess slash amazon girly."
"Like how?" She scoots closer.
"Like you have nice hair, and you were all graceful out at the hotel."
"Graceful." She says it a little like grazeful.
"Yeah," you say. "And you know what looks good on you."
"It looks pretty good off me too," she says, quiet enough that other people don't hear.

1]] Gently but firmly remove her hand.
2]] Reciprocate.
3]] Suggest you wouldn't mind seeing proof.
4]] Suggest you two swim.
5]] Suggest you two find somewhere secluded where you can get into swimwear.
6]] Suggest you two get out of there.
7]] Keep asking about her past.
8]] Keep making smalltalk/weenies at the fire.
9]] Drink some beer.
No. 626220 ID: d958ad

2,4.... wouldn't 4 necessitate 5?
No. 626225 ID: 05d909

9 and 4, though after the "were swimming" fun wears off keep pressing her on her past and acclimation to being here. Also, you are gonna have to consider how you are gonna pleasure a massive amazon woman who's probably into rough sex.
No. 626228 ID: bb78f2

I am into the idea of skinny dipping.
No. 626238 ID: 0ee153

How innocent.

Anyway, 9 and 4 are good. When you get a chance, say you usually get your release in private or places where society's rules don't apply the same, like screaming at concerts or something.
No. 626248 ID: ea0ad9

2, 4, 5.5. Maybe find somewhere secluded to skinny dip, as long as she doesn't mind sudden cold water.
No. 626258 ID: e30e12
File 142468006107.png - (9.88KB , 960x560 , 118.png )

You let your hand wander across the sand to her lower back, around where the steel-hard muscle starts to have some softness to it.
"I'm not trying to start a competition again," you say. "But I like to think I've surprised people."
You grab a beer. She does the same.
"'I'm not trying to start a competition' isn't in the Warrior vocabulary," she says.
"How do you have a nudity competition?" you ask.
"Gimme a few more minutes and a few more brews and I'll find a way," GG says.

"Have you ever skinnydipped?" you ask.

"What's skinnydip mean?" She's already half-done with her beer before you've even popped the top.
"You don't have skinnydipping?"
"It sounds violent," she says.
"It's swimming sans swimsuit," you say.
"We just call that swimming naked," GG says. "Are you asking if I wanna skinnydip?"
"You were wondering how we get our release," you say. "This is a cultural exchange program."
"I like cultural exchange." GG gets up. "C'mon. Show me a good spot."

You lead her away from the bonfire and onto a dock a quarter of a mile or so out. The little grains of sand grit your feet against the old boards.
"Don't look," GG says.
"Absolutely not," you say.
You hear the quiet hiss of her athletic shorts sliding down her long legs.
"I brought my bikini all special for you and everything," she says. "Y'know how hard it is to find a bikini for someone with 4 arms?"
"What do you guys do instead?"
"This," says GG, and rockets past you. You get a blink of curved, bright red posterior before she crashes into the water. She leaves a pile of clothes behind. You're drunk enough you can't help but look; she was wearing lacy blue boyshorts.

"GodDAMN," she says, coming up from below the water. "This is cold as fuck." She looks up at the shore to you. "Your turn, dude."
"Don't look again," you say.
"I won the parkour," GG says. "I'mma look."

1]] Hey. Obey the rules of the skinnydip.
2]] Whatever. Strip and dive gracefully.
3]] Cannonball with an eye to splash the hell out of her.
4]] I'm actually good on shore.
5]] I have your clothes right here. The position of power has shifted the other way.
6]] ____________
No. 626260 ID: d958ad

1. She got her roasted weiners. One competition one reward, right?

Maybe also 5. Hmm.
No. 626261 ID: 0ee153

Either 3 or 5.
No. 626262 ID: 256d52

5. Don't forget the evil laugh.
No. 626263 ID: a19cd5

thirding option 5, we win the skinny dipping competition
No. 626264 ID: b8ceae

Alternatively, instead of threatening her clothing you could point out that there's only three times humans let others see them naked; you're not drunk and she's not a doctor.
No. 626265 ID: e30e12
File 142468392336.png - (9.39KB , 960x560 , 119.png )

"I don't know," you say. "I think I feel the balance of power shifting." You pick up her shirt and wave it at her. "Got your clothes."

She laughs, stands up all the way, and takes a few steps.
Words fail you for a moment.

"You think clothes are gonna stop me coming over there?" she asks. "We run around shirtless back home, dude. And we wrestle naked."

1]] Run toward the bonfire!
2]] Run away from the bonfire!
3]] Throw her clothes at her!
4]] Throw her clothes in the drink!
5]] Surrender and start stripping.
6]] __________________
No. 626267 ID: d958ad

Start taking off your clothes, throw her shirt at her when you're getting to your boxers(or whatever), then take those off while she's distracted so you can get into the water without being seen.
No. 626270 ID: a19cd5

A solid plan. If she's gonna see some dick she gotta EARN it
No. 626273 ID: 256d52

No surrender, but 5! Joke's on her, you're a featureless silhouette... uh, against the light of the bonfire. Yes. So if you get naked and get in the water before she gets to you, you win!
No. 626279 ID: 557364

how the hell is not being seen an objective here.
No. 626280 ID: 0d5683

Shirts are human tyranny? You feel so betrayed!

Oh well. Charge into the water, throwing clothes as you go.
No. 626300 ID: e30e12
File 142472284773.png - (8.66KB , 960x560 , 120.png )

You carefully strip, and when you're down to your boxers you throw her shirt at her face.

You cannonball into the water while she's distracted.
"Nooooo fuck you," she says. "My shirt's all wet."
"Sorry," you say. "I had to devise a tactical solution with the elements that were given to me."
"It's OK I can just dry it out at the bonfire," GG says. "C'mere. Come swim with me!"

1]] Swim for fun.
2]] Swim to get closer to her.
3]] Swimming contest!
4]] Diving contest!
5]] ____________
No. 626309 ID: 0ee153

4. Don't think you have a chance in a swimming contest, and it looks like she's determined to win the date, so everything will be a contest to her.

Hopefully Warriors didn't evolve for endurance like humans did and she can't hold her breath to dive as well as you can.
No. 626312 ID: 1324fc


Are your friends still around here, somewhere? Remember that we don't have the beach entirely to ourselves.
No. 626369 ID: e30e12
File 142476408119.png - (4.00KB , 960x560 , 121.png )

You swim with GG for a while, then come up for air to look for your friends.

You can't see them anywhere.
Also you can't see your clothes.

GG's are still piled where you left them (except for her shirt): yours are gone.
It appears your malpractice has been turned against you.

1]] Yell very funny, guys.
2]] GG can you get my clothes for me?
3]] March out naked and find your pants.
4]] Ask to borrow GG's pants. The elastic means they might kind of fit you.
5]] __________
No. 626370 ID: b283c9

3 and then 1
No. 626371 ID: d958ad

3 is so tempting... 1 should be done just to do it though.
No. 626373 ID: a19cd5

No. 626375 ID: e30e12
File 142476683391.png - (9.34KB , 960x560 , 122.png )

You march out of the water. You find Alan, Annika, and Gary further up the beach.

"Very funny guys," you say.

"We've gotcher-- oh shit," Annika says. "You're naked."
"What exactly did you expect?" you ask. Down in the water you can hear GG laughing her ass off.
"I didn't know you were cut," Gary says.
"Gary, dude." Alan is shielding his eyes. "Can we give Zach his pants back?"
Annika tosses you your pants.
"Are you jewish?" Gary asks.
"He's asian, dude," Alan says.
"Asians can't be jewish?" Gary says.
"I need to wash my eyes," Annika says. "With bleach."
"It wasn't that bad," Gary says.
"Not all of us like dick, Gary," Alan says.
"I don't know about you guys," Annika says, "but I think that caps my evening off."

1]] Get your stuff and leave the beach. There's a train due pretty soon and then no more for an hour and it's starting to get chilly.
2]] Stay a while longer by the water.
3]] _______________
No. 626376 ID: a19cd5

ahaha, oh wow.
Stay a bit longer at the beach with GG. Maybe see if you have enough alcohol left to mix up some Sex on the Beach.
No. 626378 ID: b5b419

3]] "Nah this is actually kind of relaxing, you guys are just gonna have to enjoy THIS a little longer."

flex and pose. maybe do a hipthrust
No. 626379 ID: 0ee153

No. 626381 ID: 256d52

2. Chill out a little longer. You've got a bonfire! And a warm woman!
No. 626383 ID: 05d909

Basically it's time to ditch the friends. If they are staying, you are gonna take GG home, if they are leaving, you are are going to stoke the fire and enjoy some alone time with her.
No. 626385 ID: e30e12
File 142476995106.png - (30.72KB , 960x560 , 124.png )

"This is actually kind of relaxing," you say. "I think I'm gonna hang out a little while longer."
"All the way out?" Annika asks. "Then I am definitely outta here."
"It's getting pretty late," Alan says. "Is it OK if we ditch you out here?"
"It's fine," you say.
"K, duder," Alan says. "I'd say watch out for sharks but I think your girlfriend could probably snap their necks. You lucky fuckass."
"I love you too, Alan. Night, guys."
"Night," Alan says.
"Night!" Annika says.
"Get your dick wet," Gary says.
"Shut up, Gary," Annika says.
"We're all thinking it," Gary says. "I'm just drunk enough."

You rejoin GG, who's drying her shirt out by the dwindling fire. She adds another log as you approach and sit next to her.
"That was awesome," she says. "Thanks for inviting me, Z."
"Thanks for coming," you say.
"Remember how last time I was all embarrassed about not warrior dating good?"
"I totally kicked your ass tonight."
"What about the shirt to the face?" you say.
"To stop me seeing your dick? I'm totally looking at it right now, dude."
"Oh. Right." You pull your pants halfway on.
"I'm not complaining," GG says. "I've never seen human dick before. It's bigger than I thought it would be."
"That's partially a symptom of my surroundings," you say.
"So I kicked your ass," GG says.
"Nobody's gonna argue I didn't kick your ass," GG says. "Except for if you do and then I'll kick your ass again. But, um." She scootches closer to you. The fire pops and dances. "Last time when you won you asked me how I'd end the night. If I could pick." She puts a hand on your thigh. Her hot skin against the cooling night gives you goosebumps. She smells a little like beer, a little like the beach, and a little like vanilla. "So I'm returning the favor."
No. 626391 ID: 0ee153

"After tonight? We go to your place."
No. 626401 ID: daf2af

Kiss her deep and and long.
Lie with her on the sands of the beach, framed by the flames on your bonfire.
No. 626420 ID: 0ee153

That's romantic and all but have you ever gotten sand in your crotch?
No. 626428 ID: 8bd2b1


Yeah, let's do it at her place.
No. 626469 ID: e85ffe

smooch her bro
but like
dont do it in sand unless you want sand in places you did not know existed for DAYS, trust me on this one
No. 626472 ID: 1324fc

I dunno, there aren't a lot of ways you could end this I'd be unhappy with.
No. 626494 ID: 1b5b21
File 142483652994.png - (10.67KB , 960x560 , 123.png )

"Do you want to go to your place?" you ask.
"Fuck yeah I do," GG says.
"Is it OK if I sleep over?" you ask.
"Fuck yeah it is," GG says.

The two of you catch the next train. You pay for her ticket. It rockets you off into the gathering night.
No. 626495 ID: 1b5b21
File 142483658678.png - (8.82KB , 960x560 , 125.png )

She leads you off the platform around Jamaica and you hop on the subway from there into the station. It's a long ride. She's holding your hand. It almost fits in her palm. You don't know if people notice but you don't really care.
She walks with you to a monstrously large concrete apartment building.

"Home sweet home," GG says.

"That's a big home," you say.
"I got a little room in it," GG says. "But like nobody lives there and I'm a visitor so there's no neighbors."
"You like that?"
"I like that for tonight," GG says.
No. 626496 ID: 1b5b21
File 142483659224.png - (64.38KB , 960x560 , 126.png )

She has a little studio a lot like yours. She opens the door, tosses her bag into a corner, and crosses the dark room to a desk where she flips on a table lamp. "The fluorescents in here are awful so I just use this guy all the time," she says. "It's kind of dark but I like it."
"It feels like a Rembrandt down here," you say. You look around. On the wall you can see the pennant from the monster truck rally the two of you went to, hung right below a massive iron broadsword.
"Is that real?" you ask.
"Yah," she says. "Heirloom. Who's Rembrandt?"
"A painter," you say.
GG drops onto her bed, which groans audibly, and lounges across it. "Do I look like one of those tasteful nudes?"
"Rembrandt mostly painted old dudes in puffy collars," you say.
"I want to be a tasteful nude," GG says. She pats the bed. "Come help."

1]] Get over there.
2]] Express some concern about potential coital injury.
3]] Don't get over there.
4]] Can we just talk and cuddle instead?
5]] ______________
No. 626498 ID: d958ad

1. Get over there and undress that lady. I doubt she's going to remain a tasteful nude for long. Tell her to try not to break any of your bones.
No. 626506 ID: 05d909

Get over there! This is your job, and even if it was NOT your job you'd do this anyway, right? I mean, you've had a good time with GG, and you have supreme confidence so the size difference isn't going to fuck you up at all.

Be firm, confident, and fuck her brains out.
No. 626511 ID: 1324fc

1. Yeah, be confident, and trust her not to crush you like a grape.
No. 626514 ID: 0ee153

No. 626525 ID: 1b5b21
File 142484529267.png - (41.13KB , 960x560 , 127.png )

You get on the bed with her.
She leans back against the wall and tugs her shirt off.
"I wanted my underwear to match but I needed the sports bra. Sorry."
"My underpants are covered with sand," you say. "It's ok."
"I've been thinking about that kiss at the diner all week," she says. "Kiss me."

You do as she says. She enfolds you in her arms and pulls you up against her well-cushioned chest. She wriggles out of her shorts and then wraps her legs tight around you, pulling you in whether you want to or not. You didn't even know you were cold, but the smooth, fever-hot limbs that surround you are so much warmer than the rest of the room you instinctively push up against GG for more warmth. You've never been with a woman a fraction as toned as she is; her skin is so tight that you can feel every muscle move under it.
Outside, the wind rattles the cheap frame of her window. Her heart is pumping so hard you feel you can almost hear it.

She starts to slip her underwear off, then hesitates for a second. Her tongue, which was just shoved halfway down your throat, retreats a little. She pulls back and looks at you. Her eyes shine like a cat's in the half light. She almost seems like she's about to say something. Then she shakes it off and kisses you again.

1]] Communication is key. Pause and ask what she was about to say.
2]] It's ok. Keep it up.
3]] She's a Warrior. Get a little more assertive.
4]] She's a Warrior. Get a little more submissive.
5]] ______________
No. 626526 ID: d958ad

1. We know how Warriors act in dating, but not during the act. Maybe there's something we're missing here.
No. 626528 ID: bb78f2

Okay, you can talk.
Don't forget to go down. She might squish your head like a grape but this is a cultural exchange here. I wonder if warrior foreplay even includes that?
No. 626529 ID: 0ee153

No. 626531 ID: 1b5b21
File 142484765305.png - (28.31KB , 960x560 , 128.png )

You back up a little.
"What's up?" you ask.
"What?" she says. "Nothing."
"I don't really know what Warriors do in bed," you say. "Am I missing something?"
"Oh no no not at all," GG says.
"What were you about to say?" you ask.
"Nothing," she says. "For real."
"Hey," you say. "Cultural exchange. For humans communication is key. Is there something you want?"

"Ummmm." GG curls back away from you. "No. Nothing. Umm. Maybe."
Her cheeks have turned a dark shade of red.
"There is definitely something," you say.
"Ok. Maybe," she says. "It's really really really really un-Warrior though. Maybe we should just--"
"I'm not a warrior," you say.
"That's the only reason I'm even considering telling you this. Ok." She takes a deep breath. You've never seen her look so unsure. "This is taboo taboo taboo so don't tell anybody ever."
"I won't," you say.
"No seriously it's like it's ok for humans but for a Warrior it would be like fucking your dog or something."
"Now I'm really curious."
"Ok," she says. "Um. Sometimes I have this, um. Fantasy."
"What kind of fantasy?
"I'm like asleep alone or something and a man comes along, and he finds me, and umm." She covers her face with her hands. "Oh my god," she says.
"It's ok," you say.

"I've never said this out loud before," she says. "But um. He finds me, and then he ties me up so I'm helpless and he does whatever he wants to me."

She peeks over her hands. "If I ever told any Warrior dude that he'd boot my ass out of bed. But when I'm alone, um. I ordered some, some of the rope they make for it once when I was like drunk alone one night but I've never even taken it out of the box. Oh my god. I can't believe I'm telling you this."

1]] Time to break it out then.
2]] I've never done something like this before. I'm not sure.
3]] If it makes you this uncomfortable just talking about it maybe we shouldn't.
4]] _______________
No. 626532 ID: d958ad

"Don't worry, I signed an NDA."
No. 626533 ID: a19cd5

This is the best possible response to this situation.
Also oh my god GG you are adorable.
No. 626534 ID: 7a0496

No. 626536 ID: 2839a0


1. GG has tied up her heart and left it all helpless for you. the least you can do is whatever you want~. also, remember to establish a safeword.
No. 626537 ID: 0ee153

Pretty much this.
No. 626540 ID: 1b5b21
File 142485240314.png - (12.92KB , 960x560 , 129.png )

"I've signed an NDA," you say. "Bust out those ropes and let's do this."
"I've never done it before."
"It's ok," GG says. "I've looked at some, um, tutorials. I'll walk you through it."

You cinch the loops across her breasts and waist.
She's breathing heavily. Her chest heaves up and down below your hands.
"Are you OK?" you ask. "Am I constricting anything."
"No no no," she says. "I just-- I can't believe this is happening."

"I think we need a safe word," you say. "That's a thing, right?"
"Saffron," GG says.
"Why saffron?" you ask.
"Because it tastes like home," GG says. "And it's red."
"Saffron it is," you say.
"OK now tie it--" GG clears her throat. "Tie it all together. Just above the crotch."
You tie it in, snug and complete. "There."

"What now?" she asks. She's breathing so hard she can barely speak. You're pinning her legs down but her toes are curling in anticipation.
"I think I remember what happens next," you say.
No. 626541 ID: 1b5b21
File 142485243034.png - (119.56KB , 960x560 , 130.png )

In the half hour that follows you find yourself deeply grateful for GG's lack of neighbors. Her bed is nowhere near as silent as Polyphema's, and she is putting it through its paces.
Also she's probably the loudest woman you've ever been with.
"Hit me," she says. You hit her.
"Choke me," she says, and you do.
"Harder, she says, and you comply, yanking her hair back to get both hands on her neck. It's so firm that you're not sure you could choke her if you tried.
She's so hot that it feels like she's on fire inside. Despite the size difference, she's insanely tight. You're not sure if it's the ropes or how muscular she is, but every time she moves you can feel her coiling around you.
This might be the best sex you've ever had.

"Oh fuck," she says, as you push her head into the mattress. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck"
No. 626542 ID: 1b5b21
File 142485243446.png - (6.33KB , 960x560 , 131.png )

"Oh, fuck."
GG raises her head and looks back at you.
She's bitten down on one of her bed bannisters so hard that she's ripped through it.
"Wow." You stare at the rent in the metal. "Are your teeth ok?
"Yeah," GG says. "Have you--"
"Not yet," you say. "Have you?"
"Um, yeah." GG sits up a little. "Fuck. My bed. Should we stop?"

1]] Laugh it off and ask if she wants to keep going.
2]] Stop and see if you can fix it.
3]] She hasn't said Saffron. Reprimand her for suggesting you stop.
4]] ___________
No. 626544 ID: b88e47

No. 626547 ID: ea0ad9

Holy fuck that's a hardcore rope.
3. I wanna throw something witty in but I can't think right now.
No. 626548 ID: 534cc4

A mix of 3 and 1, mainly 3. (3 with laughing from 1, but no asking to stop or not, she hasn't said saffron.)
No. 626549 ID: 0ee153

Laugh and say 3. Give her a chance to say saffron if needed.
No. 626550 ID: d958ad

"Maybe you can think of it as a memento."
No. 626571 ID: 60641c

Smack her ass hard and snarl,
"You don't have my permission to stop."
Then get back to fucking.
No. 626579 ID: e30e12
File 142489459646.png - (6.55KB , 960x560 , 132.png )

You catch her as she starts to sit up more and push her back onto the bed.
"I don't remember hearing the s-word," you say. "And I don't remember giving you permission to stop."

After 15 more minutes of aerobic sex the two of you finally collapse in a sweaty heap on the bed.

"Holy fuck," breathes GG. "Um. Saffron."
"Saffron," you say.
No. 626581 ID: e30e12
File 142489497269.png - (9.16KB , 960x560 , 133.png )

You extricate GG from her ropes and she embraces you in an encompassing bear hug. It's a good thing the night is cool and the window is open. She's still as much of a space heater as ever.

"Zaaaack," she says. "That was fucking awesome. If you tell anyone ever I'm going to crush your skull between my thighs."
"Noted," you say.
"I like you so much," she says. "I'm gonna keep you."

1]] I like you too.
2]] You know what my job is, right?
3]] Kiss her.
4]] Post-coital cigarette.
5]] Post-coital discourse on Warrior culture.
6]] Post-coital munchies?
7]] Post-coital coitus?
8]] Post-coital do something about the bed?
No. 626582 ID: b8ceae

3, 1, and tell her she clearly has it backwards. Waggle your eyebrows like a doof.

Then 2. Point out she'll have to be ok with sharing.
No. 626583 ID: 2c759a

post-coitus coitus
No. 626586 ID: 0ee153

Saffron, man.

But yeah, this. What was she told? I mean, it's not as though Zack has to break up after the six months barring unforeseen circumstances, but with the program she'll have to share for that time. Maybe Zack will have to share her, too, dunno if she's doing the same thing.
No. 626591 ID: d958ad

8 should probably wait for the morning.

Also why not some 5.
No. 626594 ID: 8bd2b1

She knows, no need to bring it up in this moment. Enjoy her company, enjoy her enjoying you. Reciprocate and stuff. Kiss, caress, etc. Follow what feels right. If post-coital coitus ends up feeling right, then great, go for it. Maybe slower and softer this time. Or hell, maybe not. You seem like you fuck like a champ, Zach. Good on ye.
No. 626597 ID: d958ad

Hmm, iirc that's not completely true. We have to date every girl once, but we can stick with one after that base requirement is over.
No. 626598 ID: 8bd2b1

That's nice. Means we aren't obligated to continue dating any of them if we don't match, for whatever reason.

Hm, think Polyphena and GG can be talked into continuing polyamorously after our official obligations are through?
No. 626599 ID: 0ee153

Let's find out more about Warrior/Oculot/visitor culture first, hey?
Fair enough. Changing my vote to this.
No. 626617 ID: 6868bc

6! Her metabolism's probably nuts, and you spent the evening getting a workout. Plus, maybe fuel for round 2.
No. 626629 ID: 05d909

Whatever you do do, do not bring up:

1. Work
2. Other lovers
3. Polyamory

None of these are appropriate post coital pillow talk.
No. 626632 ID: 330ce5

I agree with this, for now just kiss her.
No. 626641 ID: b2c9e1

Agreed~ Those topics should wait until the morning. For now, Let's talk about culture, childhood stuff...Just general talk...Then sleep, I guess.
No. 626665 ID: 321d85

This seems reasonable, but
is probably true. Well, at least according to human psychology. In any case,
might be a good idea, or just talking.

I do appreciate the spoilering, by the way.
No. 626809 ID: 3408a1
File 142502187372.png - (7.72KB , 960x560 , 134.png )

"What's it like?" you ask, munching on a granola bar. "On the other side."
"Some places it's a lot like here," GG says. "I was a city slicker then too. There were a lot more wild animals. Domesticated animals I mean. Here it's dogs and your beasts of burden aren't at all in the city except those cops on horses. But in Lemorek there were all kinds of critters. I miss the binnos."
"What were binnos?"
"Little stilt leg puffball guys," GG says. "We had one named Peepy. Dogs are a lot of fun but they don't let me have one in this apartment. I want a husky."
"What about these megabeasts that never stop growing?" you ask.
"Megabeasts were the shit," GG says. "They all rumbled around in the wilderness. You could go hiking and see their footprints."
"Were they ever a problem?"
"Nah. We had these transmitters that gave off this frequency they hated. Scared 'em away. As they got older you'd have to change the pitch, and the government logged 'em all. There were I think 200 of them around. My mom actually worked with the teams who went out and studied them. Every time a new one was born you'd wait until its puberty then go blast it with a bunch of different pitches 'till you found the one that pushed its buttons."
"What did your mom do?"
"Wrassled 'em," GG says, proudly. "To distract them."
"Sounds like it was a little more rough and tumble over there," you observe.
"It could be, yeah," GG says. "But I liked it." She finishes her granola bar and wriggles under the covers. "I like this place better, though."
"They didn't have bondage on Pomok," GG says. She pulls you down with her under the covers and wraps a leg over you. "And they didn't have Zachs."
No. 626810 ID: 3408a1
File 142502192192.png - (7.55KB , 960x560 , 135.png )

"If you got stuff to do tomorrow that's ok," GG says. "But if you want to stay and hang out that's ok too. We can watch Warrior movies and be naked at each other. I don't have work."
"You're a lot less assertive than earlier," you say.
"I got some shit outta my system," she says. "Warriors call this part jighrikik."
"What part?"
"The snuggling naked part." GG strokes your back. "It means ceasefire."
"We call it pillow talk."
"Talking of pillows," GG says, "I only got one. I hope that's ok."
"It's ok."
"Ok." GG holds you tight. "You're cool, Zach."
"You're cool, GG."
No. 626811 ID: 3408a1
File 142502192659.png - (20.99KB , 832x600 , 136.png )

Eventually GG drifts off.
Her breath is a lot quieter than a human's while she sleeps. She cools down a little bit from the fire-hot she normally is, but she's still warm. And incredibly comfy, especially in the well-padded upper body.
At some point before you fall asleep you become the little spoon. It feels more natural. You sleep like a rock.

Pick your next date.
No. 626815 ID: d958ad

Skut, I think. We know more about them than Floaters.
No. 626816 ID: b283c9

Well, let's see if we can't *land* us a floater.
No. 626817 ID: a19cd5

Votan' floater.
No. 626818 ID: 7396f8

Skut, because why not?
No. 626821 ID: 0ee153

Does it count as a date if we spend tomorrow with GG? Because I'd rather do that and then the skut/floater the day after. No preference between the two.
No. 626825 ID: 3bb60a

Skut the jets kinda weird me. That and im kinda curious about them. To bad these girls are nice. Fell off just cycling through them. We could hang with GG a bit but thats not are next date
No. 626826 ID: 321d85

I vote watch warrior movies. Then I vote the skut. Her outfit is kindof adorable.
No. 626840 ID: 5dfe8b

man i like gg a lot, but you gotta bring her down some. she knows it's your job to date others, right?
i vote floater next. or skut. either's fine. poly's cool but maybe later. also she's nothing like what her picture would suggest she'd be.
No. 626843 ID: 3408a1
File 142503341048.png - (18.56KB , 960x560 , 137.png )

The next day you wake up late and then just laze around in bed for like two hours as the noon sun filters through GG's little window.

She makes some mac and cheese and puts little bits of bacon in it. "Z you're not jewish, are you?" she asks.
"No," you say. "You're not the first to ask me that. You know about kosher and shit?"
"I read stuff," she says. "I'd be a sikh."
"Is it because they carry swords around?"
GG sits next to you on her bed with the saucepan and a couple wooden spoons. "Obviously."

GG doesn't have a couch so you just sit in her lap on the bed. She plays with your hair while you watch Altercation and Brothers of the Blade with English subtitles. Warrior movies are weird but actually pretty cool. Everything is really over-the-top sort of like anime or bollywood or something, but like Polyphema suggested it's surprisingly deep into the characters' emotions and interiors. The two guys in the one you watch are fighting over the right to duel this third guy, and there's no real antagonist. The movie's split between them all equally.
The second one is the same. This soldier comes home from the front line and finds out his brother ran their father through with their family sword and disappeared into the wilderness but it follows the brother as much as it follows the guy.
"Do all movies have this many points of view?" you ask GG.
"Most of 'em," GG says. "You want to know all the stuff at stake before the fight, you know?"

In both movies, it ends in a one-on-one duel takes up like 20 minutes of screen time. Both of them have the same music, too, in slightly different arrangements.
"That's the Duel Hymn," GG says. "Can't have a duel without the Duel Hymn,"
"Are there Warrior movies that don't end in duels?" you ask. "Romantic comedies maybe?"
"What kind of good romantic comedy doesn't end in a duel?" GG asks.
No. 626844 ID: 3408a1
File 142503345610.png - (3.75KB , 800x600 , 138.png )

After the movies, a quickie in the kitchenette (the two of you don't do the whole harness thing but you tie her wrists together), and a shower, you kiss GG goodbye and catch the subway to your house. You stop at a little cafe on the way and shoot Carlson an email saying you're ready for the skut.

Good progress, says the customarily prompt reply. Send me written Warrior / Oculot reports at your convenience / discretion. Thanks.

The skut's email is 0SKUT532@gmail.com.

That's a little less imaginative than the last two but whatever.
What do you write?
No. 626858 ID: 0ee153

Introduce yourself, say it's nice to meet her, ask if there's anything she'd like to do today?
No. 626859 ID: bb78f2

>I don't have work
I thought this WAS work. I'm confused, are they NOT being paid out the ass for this either?
No. 626864 ID: 0ee153

Well, Dirtbag, you see, normally people don't refer to dating other people as 'work' in front of their date, even if it is. Or she has a second job.
No. 626865 ID: bb78f2

Three figures though man. Why get a second job when you can fill your day with hobbies thanks to your mad payday

As for what to write.
Just standard hello and stuff, we don't have anything to build on from her name.
Be careful to look at every word you type here. Skut can be easily made into a typo you don't want to say. Revise that shit!

Definitely ask for interests!
No. 626867 ID: 7fc806

ask her name yo
ok but srsly why would gg have a second job
if shes NOT being paid out of the ass for this there should be Problems
No. 626874 ID: 0ee153

As revolutionary as it may seem, the girls likely had a life before dating us. Said life often includes jobs for most people.
No. 626884 ID: 88cebb
File 142507360381.png - (8.28KB , 960x560 , 139.png )

>Hi! I'm Zack Nguyen. Our mutual buddies at the HVAO gave me your email so I could get in touch about meeting up with you over drinks or something.
>I'd love to find out more about you (like your name for example). Maybe over dinner? Got anything on your schedule for today? What sort of stuff are you into? I'm v. flexible.
>Can't wait to get to know you. Hit me up when you're free.
No. 626885 ID: 88cebb
File 142507361474.png - (8.58KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

It takes about 15 minutes for a response.

Hi Zack :w:
My name's Bika. I just got done with work (I'm a courier :bike: :bike: ) so I'm really sweaty but I will take a :bathtub:
I like biking, boarding, and going fast. I also like to camp and to play video games but I looked it up and those are bad first date ideas :poop:
Also I like cooking. I deliver for a restaurant. They give me food for free and it's really good. Do you want to meet there? Have you ever had skutti food? I promise it's tasty and not dog food like everyone says :stuck_out_tongue:
I don't get a chance to hang out with humans much so if you have any ideas I'm all ears!! Sorry if I'm doing this wrong... skuts don't really date. But anything once!!
See you soon,

In most every picture you can find of her she's hanging out with at least two other Skuts. She's kind of cute when she smiles, in a weird dog alien kind of way.
No. 626888 ID: 0ee153

The struggle is real Although I do appreciate the time it must have taken to make those.

Anyway, yeah, let's find out what she likes. Reassure her that dates are just about spending time with someone else and getting along. Hanging at that restaurant she likes and then playing vidya sounds great. Ask what her favorite games are.
No. 626899 ID: bb78f2

Meet at restaurant, do go karts or go to amusement park and ride rollercoasters avoid rollercoasters since she's so small she probably can't ride them. Damn. Okay, fuck it, go karts.
She's likes to go fast, we go fast!
No. 626901 ID: 2f4b71

Ask her where the restaurant is, and look up arcades nearby. Particularly if they have those multi-cabinet racing games with the leaning motorcycles.
No. 626913 ID: 7fc806

arcaaaaaaades, take her to arcades!
No. 626939 ID: 330ce5

Arcade sounds like a good idea, let's take her there.
No. 626968 ID: 410d29
File 142510563704.png - (13.71KB , 960x560 , 141.png )

You make arrangements with her to meet at a street corner near Central Park, around 50th street, a few blocks from where she works. You look up the nearest arcade to it; it's about 15 minutes on foot. That's not bad.

You get off the subway and look around. It's around 6, so people are going to dinner or coming back from work and it's pretty crowded. You make out a skut here or there. You have to admit they all look kind of similar. Bika told you she'd be wearing blue and black.

You eventually find her waiting at the ordained corner, nervously clutching her bag and looking around for you. She's got a little black skirt on and thigh-high stripy socks over her digitigrade legs. Everyone around her is ignoring her existence, which is par for the course for skuts. She looks deeply uncomfortable.

1]] Wave at her from across the street where there's fewer people.
2]] Go over there and introduce yourself. Fuck who's looking.
3]] Tell her she looks cute.
4]] Ask her where she'd prefer to go first, dinner or the arcade.
5]] Tell her don't be nervous.
5]] ___________
No. 626969 ID: 0ee153

2, 3, and 4. The first 5 option never works.
No. 626971 ID: 5db52c

If I had to guess, she doesn't like being alone. She was always with a group in the pictures. She's a pack or herd creature on her own, and uncomfortable.

Only way to start salvaging this is giving her a place to be comfortable again. Which starts by being friendly and getting your ass over there and giving her someone to hang with.
No. 626973 ID: 330ce5

2, 3, and 4.
Greet her with a friendly smile!
No. 626974 ID: bb78f2

5) Go over there and maybe walk her to a more secluded place.
Which is basically just a modified 2, because yeah you should give a fuck who's looking for her sake, because she's nervous. And you're going to make a lady walk out of a awkward situation on her own Zack?
No. 626975 ID: 410d29
File 142510720596.png - (8.39KB , 960x560 , 142.png )

"Hi!" you say, walking up to her.

"Oh--" Bika turns around. "Hi."

"You look cute," you say.
She does, too. She has a little bandana tied around her tail just like in the photo.
"Thanks," Bika says.

"Soooo where do you want to go first?" you ask. "Arcade? Restaurant?"

"I don't mind," Bika says. "Either's good."

This does not strike you as the lady with the emojis and the :w: from earlier.

1]] Restaurant!
2]] Arcade!
3]] _________
No. 626976 ID: 5db52c

>This does not strike you as the lady with the emojis and the :w: from earlier.
...you okay? We can go someplace else if you're not feeling this, here.
No. 626977 ID: d958ad

I bet it's because she's not around her friends. But uh, let's see if she perks up once things get going. Arcade!

Ask her about skuts not doing the dating thing. What do they do instead?
No. 626978 ID: 8bd2b1

She's... pretty inhuman. I couldn't really see myself going for that. No judgment though, Zach. If you're into it, then by all means.
No. 626981 ID: 7b7ab3

...are we sure we got the right skut? We should make sure.
No. 626982 ID: bd8b82

it's probably nerves making her not so confident.
No. 626984 ID: 256d52

Go with the restaurant. She'll feel more comfortable there. Ask her about skut cuisine as an icebreaker.
No. 626985 ID: bd8b82

No. 626989 ID: 0ee153

Arcade first. Drop her name to confirm it's her.
No. 626992 ID: 0ee153

Changing my vote to restaurant.
No. 626994 ID: 256d52

Or better yet, the arcade! Changing my vote.
No. 626996 ID: 410d29
File 142511194325.png - (7.52KB , 960x560 , 143.png )

"Are you feeling the arcade?" you ask. "I'm feeling the the arcade."
"The arcade is good," she says. "Which one?"
"Up around 64th," you say. "It's near the Chipotle."
Bika nods. "Cool. OK."
"We don't have to go there if you're not comfortable with it," you say.
"No, it's ok," Bika says.

She follows you as you head to the arcade. "Um, um," she says, after about a half a block. She tugs on your shirt. You turn around and she takes your hand, holding onto it like the city's a storm and you're a life vest. "Sorry," she says.
"It's ok," you say.
No. 626997 ID: 410d29
File 142511196033.png - (8.75KB , 960x560 , 144.png )

"So Bika," you say, subtly checking her reaction to make sure you have the right skut. "The restaurant you work for is Skutti cuisine?"
"Mhm," she says. "I promise it's good."
"Don't worry," you say. "I believe you."

You walk in silence for another block or so.

"I can order for you when we get there," Bika says, suddenly breaking the silence. "There's this think called a bringkgit that they make with steak on this side that's even better than it was on the other side."
"What did they make it with on the other side."
"Still steak but Warlox steak," Bika says, "Warlox you have to cook it really hard or it poisons you. Well not me cuz I can eat anything raw but you."

She's capable of sentences longer than three words, it turns out. Maybe it's because she's holding your hand, or maybe it's because there's a surprising amount of skuts threading through the crowd for it being this close to central park.

1]] Ask her more about the food. You're curious.
2]] Ask her more about herself, now that she's getting more comfortable.
3]] Ask her more about skuts as a whole.
4]] Tell her more about yourself.
5]] Tell her she seems a lot more comfortable around other skuts.
6]] ___________
No. 626999 ID: d958ad

3. She can eat anything raw? How does that work exactly?
No. 627000 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and 3 sound good to me.
No. 627002 ID: 0ee153

2 and 3.
No. 627004 ID: 410d29
File 142511425276.png - (9.77KB , 960x560 , 145.png )

"ANYthing raw?"
"Not rocks," she says. "But most other things. We scavenge. Very robust gastric system. Um." She giggles. "Is that a bullet point in my favor or against?"
"It's pretty cool," you say.
"Thanks," Bika says. "Most humans just get grossed out and put rat poison in their trash."
"But would that even work?" you ask.
"No but it tastes really bad," Bika says. "Not that I eat trash. As a habit."
"Tell me more about yourself," you say.
"I don't know what is there," Bika says. "I'm Bika. I'm 8 which is 24 in skut years. I live in an itty bitty apartment with a billion other skuts. My favorite Earth thing is Jazz." The two of you stop at the arcade. There's a family of skuts leaving; the littlest is dragging a teddy bear as big as he is out the door. "I'm sorry," she says. "I wish I'd gotten in before the oculot. We're not very glamorous a race, are we?"

1]] Not as such, no.
2]] I think you guys are intriguing.
3]] Not glamorous but who needs glamor?
4]] Tell me what makes you guys tick.
5]] I admire how well you all get along. I've never seen two skuts fight.
6]] Why don't you guys talk to humans more like the other races?
7]] ___________
No. 627005 ID: d958ad

Wait how'd she know you dated the oculot first?

5, 6.
No. 627006 ID: bd8b82

glamor ain't everything. you have your own kind of charm.
No. 627009 ID: 321d85

Sounds about right.

I think we need to be thinking about/trying subtly to figure out why she was (is?) uncomfortable.
This seems like a really good observation, and may be worth considering. Do you think maybe if we did some kind of group activity? Maybe our friends and her friends could all get together?
No. 627010 ID: 321d85

Oh, and yeah, I wonder how she knew about that? The oculot, I mean.
No. 627012 ID: 0ee153

This, 5, and asking how she knew.
No. 627013 ID: 410d29
File 142511872375.png - (6.44KB , 960x560 , 146a.png )

"Glamor isn't everything," you say, noting that for some reason, Bika knows that you dated Polyphema first. You wonder if it's worth bringing up. "You guys have your own kind of charm. I like how you all get along so well. I've never seen skuts fight."
"We don't take things personally," Bika says. "It's only causes a skut fights for, and there's no causes that need fighting for here. That's why I came here. On the other side there's all kinds of causes."
"Why don't you guys talk to humans?" you ask.
She shrugs. "The company of ourselves, I guess. Humans don't have a great track record with Skuts. Kickin' us and stuff."
"I've seen Visitors kick skuts."
"They understand how to kick them better," Bika says. "It's complicated. Say one thing for Visitors, but the race angle was never a problem. Except for humans. Obviously."

"Didn't they have skuts do suicide bombings during the war?" you ask. "That seems like kind of a race call."

"Oh, yeah," Bika says. "I guess. Well it's not like we're Warriors, right? That was the Kariket. Everyone contributes to the effort somehow. I guess physiology informed it and we all have such different physiologies that regimentation didn't matter to us in the end. Y'know here I read it's about skin color that was how you based racial decisions but over there like, why shouldn't the guys with four arms be the ones who do all the manual labor? And the trash eaters take out all the garbage?"
"I still have trouble with the suicide bombers," you say. "Earth has a shaky history with them. Historically most of them were brainwashed."
Bika nods. "Kamikaze. Taliban. I read about them too. If I was brainwashed I can't tell you now that I was. Of course that probably speaks to its efficacy if that is what happened. This is why I've wanted to talk to a human. Maybe someone with two eyes can see it better than someone with six eyes."

"Was there no dissent?" you ask.

"Of course there was," Bika says. "But if you're picturing the conquest of the Kariket as one of uniting the various splinter groups of the Other Side into one multiracial coalition that's not quite it. We've been paraconglomerates for as long as recorded history. Clay tablets show skuts harvesting grain and Warriors milling it and Oculots baking it and everyone breaking bread as a whole."
"The individual oscillations could get choppy," Bika says. "But together we were heterodyne. Not that anybody wants to go back. We were all mistreated, of course. But it was because of a power-hungry dictator. Not for our phenotypes. I won't argue that the perpetrators of attempted genocide weren't racists but there was unity. Sometimes I don't know, Zack. Was it some intangible thing we had over there? Sometimes I worry that's supremacist. Sometimes I honestly wonder if that was just because of the guiding hand at the imperial rudder and if it wouldn't all just fall apart without the Kariket. Maybe that would have been better. What do you think?"

You check your watch just to confirm for yourself that it has indeed been only 15 minutes since you met this girl and back then she'd barely spoken.
No. 627014 ID: 410d29
File 142511873274.png - (17.66KB , 960x560 , 146.png )

"Oh my god," Bika says. "They have skiball here. I'm so bad at that."

1]] Play Bika in Motocrossers V.
2]] Play Bika in Time Trigger.
3]] Play Bika in Atomic Basketball Shootout.
4]] Play Bika in Street Fighter VII.
5]] Play Bika in skiball and presumably kick her ass.

Also, to answer her question:
A]] Maybe Visitors just had a handle on racial relationships better. I've gathered they're more inclined to empathy.
B]] I think a lot of it probably had to do with the Kariket. From what I've heard of him he was an imposing dude.
C]] Polyphema told me the Oculots were a ruling class but that doesn't seem to match up with what you're saying. Why is that?
No. 627015 ID: 321d85

Wow. Kinda reeling; I'm not really sure how to respond to all of that; my brain tries to automatically classify certain kinds of thoughts as racist, but I guess in the end maybe I just don't really understand what is and isn't racism? (Which might be a decent response, perhaps.)

Question for her, though; if an individual wanted to do something not customary for their race, would it have been hard for them to do it? And even if they actually were good at it?

Games: I dunno, 2, maybe 4, maybe try them all. See if she wants to play one in particular.

Listed responses: A, though perhaps having EVERYBODY oppressed made them more united, amongst themselves. Kindof a common enemy, perhaps.
No. 627016 ID: d958ad

Now, if this were a Warrior-style date the obvious choice for game would be skiball. It's not, though. Let's go with Time Trigger.

A. C isn't really an answer, but it is an interesting question...
No. 627022 ID: 7b7ab3

1 or 2 for a choice of games.

A for an answer. Not that humans lack empathy, but we've never had to share Earth with three other sapient species.
No. 627027 ID: bb78f2

I think it's just luck of the draw when it comes to cultures. Might be just something about human mental biology, as desire to separate, segregate, compartmentalize, and shit.

We're all a little behind in completely understanding the human mind, so why we have racism stuff a bit more than visitors? Dunno, the only sentient we ever had all this time was ourselves. And crows. But crows don't talk. Maybe if there's really just only one species of sentient minds in an area, the minds have to segregate each other.

2) Time Triggers. Two player game. You'd have to take turns on the damn motorcross thing.
No. 627028 ID: 6e79d4

A. Human races were divided up geographically; neighbors would be similar to you and speak the same language. It was an easy 'us-and-them' distinction. Visitors have been living alongside the radically different for so long race probably isn't an issue in the same way, but I still feel like that only explains so much.

4. Street fightaaa.
No. 627031 ID: 0ee153

Wait, the Visitors cooexisted? I got the impression the Kariket conquered the others with his reality-hopping thing, not that they evolved in the same place. If not the other Visitors, who had the Kariket conquered before he tried us? Seriously, am I missing something or is this inconsistent in the quest too?

Time Trigger or Street Fighter.
No. 627036 ID: bb78f2

What race IS the kariket?
Is he human? I don't think he's Oculot, for some reason, and if he was human it would explain why he invaded our world like he did. Then again, he's apparently ruled for centuries. Maybe human-esqe? Sounds alien to even the visitors at least.

Whoa, I've searched both threads, where'd the reality hopping thing come from?
No. 627042 ID: b2c9e1

I say we try to teach her to play skiball better, Teach her some tricks...well...any that work with her bone and muscle structure.
No. 627055 ID: 3bb60a

See is so cute, that brain that dialog. She might be a scavenger but her mind seem so expansive; philosophical. I think see just needed to get a sense of Zack in person to feel is she was going to forcefully dominated or not. Not that she is out of her shell this is looking like it will be a very interesting date.

Her question is complex. A B & C supposed as theory to gather more info, Social factors come from a lot of different scores, and try to hing them on one thing leave a lot of blinders to the truth.

[1] Also play her a motocross. She likes fast things. So far we have seen that the more comfortable this girl get the cooler she becomes
No. 627066 ID: c2ce12
File 142515485301.png - (8.75KB , 960x560 , 147.png )

"Do you want to play Time Trigger?" you ask.
"Lightgun games!" Bika says. "Hell yeah. The raison d'etre."

"So time trigger had a playstation version," Bika says, blasting a sniper in the face. "But even with the move controller thing I just couldn't get into it. I thought it was the haptics for a while but I really think it's just the arcade ambiance. If I can't smell pizza I can't shoot a lightgun straight. Cover me."
You cover her.
"Humanity was divided up geographically," you say. "A lot of ocean. It bred an us vs. them mentality."
"That could actually have a lot to do with it," Bika says. "The Other Side was one big megacontinent."
"What is the Kariket, anyway? Is he a Visitor?"
"He's an oculot," Bika says. "One of the oldest."
"Aren't Oculots a ruling class?" you ask. "That doesn't seem to mesh with the picture you're painting."
"What is ruling but another niche society needs filling?" Bika says. "Before the breach and the war it felt very natural. The Oculots led us and we respected them for it. The Warriors fought for us and we respected that. The floaters taught and reasoned and invented and were respected for it. We cleaned and did the menial work and were respected for it. I'll get the adds. You shoot the tank. It was only after we met humanity and a lot of oculots died that anyone started questioning it. I'm not saying we were better. YES I think we're gonna beat my high score. It's an interesting thought experiment, though: Do you want a place where everyone is respected but frozen in place or one where there's intolerance but mobility? Even if that mobility is systemically hampered."
She fires off the screen to reload. You see a few other skuts gathering around at a periphery to watch her play with you.
"Not that I wouldn't prefer to have my equality cake and eat it too," she says. "And the system was cracked and flawed in a lot of ways. Ego, nepotism, holy mandate. It just didn't have so much, um, racism."

1]] I think I'd sooner live in a place where I can do what I want and be hated for it.
2]] I think I'd sooner live in a place where you do what you've evolved to do and everyone gets along.
3]] Are you hungry?
4]] Say hi to your audience.
5]] Enough with co-op. Do something versus.
6]] ___________
No. 627068 ID: bd8b82

1, but mention it could just be culture talking, you have a big THE VALUE OF FREEDOM thing. not that you salute the flag ten times a day or something.
No. 627069 ID: 91cfcf

1. Freedom of choice and freedom of thought do allow for negative actions and opinions by necessity. Things can and do improve, though, and like she said, it allows for mobility.

Uh, the first few posts? They're specifically not extraterrestrials, they're from other dimensions.
No. 627070 ID: 91cfcf

Actually, ask her if she thinks the positives of our system outweigh the negatives. What she said about being brainwashed and not being able to see it might apply to us too. Which one does she prefer?
No. 627083 ID: ea0ad9

1. Mobility is a big thing for humanity, and while there's racism along with it, the forward movement just ends up leaving that racism behind for the most part. I mean, look at me, even though there's a lot of humans who still are upset with Visitors over the war, there are people like me who have no problem with any of you, at least not based solely on species.
No. 627089 ID: 7b7ab3

These. All of this. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings and whatnot. For better or for worse.
No. 627106 ID: b8ceae

"I think there's another layer to it. Racism is a problem here, but we're aware of it and almost everybody agrees it should be fixed. Things are slowly getting better.
From how you described the other side the people there don't seem to think the caste system is a problem, so if it ever changes it's only going to be because of contact with us.

As far as Skuts get treated? There's an old saying from one of our more recent evil empires. I don't remember the exact line, but it was something about breaking a child's spirit early in life makes them an obedient pet. Point is that if you can tell the difference between a skilled and unskilled Skut-kicker then you've been kicked way too damn much, and not realizing that means you've definitely been brainwashed. People don't kick things they respect. ... Except warriors, and then only if they kick them right back.

On this planet you have rights. If you get kicked then see if somebody got it on video so you can send it to the police. We don't put up with that shit."

Is the game over? Play until you win or lose.
Who goes to an arcade and only plays ONE game? If she's bad at skiball then she's probably bad at hoops too, so play Motocross or Street Fighter next. Ask if she's hungry after that.
No. 627109 ID: 6e79d4

We need both. People who aren't happy with order can leave and have freedom or vice-versa. That's like, American history in a nutshell, dissidents leaving to forge their own path. There's no hard and fast rule for all people all the time. I guess I just expect you to want a bigger piece of the pie, and there's virtue in not having blind ambition, but still.

Mm, pie. Want some pizza later?
No. 627110 ID: ccb2c1

Soooooo patronizing! Don't say this!
No. 627118 ID: 6868bc

Something worth considering: The Visitor girls all took that photo together. The fact that she knows you've dated Polyphema means they might keep in touch.

That said, finish your game. One viewpoint is that you can get by as long as you've got -some- people who'll treat you with respect. Every person born has got some subset of the world that isn't going to respect them, if you think about it. Things get better, just at so slow a pace that the people who are against change can pretend it isn't happening. At least, that's how it works on earth. Maybe the fact that people are free allows it.
No. 627120 ID: 330ce5

number 3 after the game has ended.
No. 627126 ID: 321d85

I dunno, is it? I at least think there are some potentially good points in there.

Also, I question whether 1 and 2 are actually different.
No. 627153 ID: e30e12
File 142519755046.png - (11.85KB , 960x560 , 148.png )

"I think freedom is what has to happen if you're a sentient being," you say. "There's mobility. And I think an issue for sure with it is that Racism is seen as a bigger problem than the caste system you guys operate under, so the chances of doing something about it is higher. I mean there's at least a little progress."
Bika smiles. "That's what we're doing, isn't it?"
"Yeah. And I mean if you get kicked see if someone recorded it and take it to the cops."
"No offense, Zack," Bika says, "but most people who say that haven't ever tried it. Especially not with a little tail and six eyes."
"Have you tried it?" you ask.
"The cop was the one doing the kicking, so no," Bika says.
"I'm sorry," you say.
"No no I'm not trying to guilt you." Bika blows a boss away and leads you toward Street Fighter. "Don't think that. I like this conversation. And you have a good point about the awareness of the problem. That's very true."
No. 627154 ID: e30e12
File 142519755795.png - (10.62KB , 960x560 , 149.png )

You two are an even match at Street Fighter. "Which system do you prefer?" you ask.
"I think I like MvC better," she says.
"I mean here or the other side?" you ask.
"I don't know," she says. "Um my position is a weird one. I was born on Earth. I've never been."
"But you know a lot about it."
"I read a lot," she says.
She just barely chips you out in the 5th round.

"My question," Bika says, riding the motocross thing, "is what's the difference between social progress and the act of brainwashing? If both are done with a noble ideal in place aren't they both reeducation under a different coat of paint? I mean God no I'm not implying that anti-homophobia legislation is on an equal level to religious extremism but there's a similar goal of thought-influence behind each one. You have to wonder, if you'd be willing to go down that weird existentialist road of what is reality or not, if the more noble thing is to skip trying to imprint your perception on them at all." She's so wrapped up in the game and the conversation that she doesn't notice her skirt is riding up and you can kind of see her underwear. It's stripy.
"But then of course if you don't check personal intolerance, the nature of an opinion as unpopular as intolerance leads them to gather and start trying to do some reeducation of their own..." She crashes into something, sits back, and sighs. "Maybe the ideal world is a bunch of hermmits living alone on high towers where they can't hurt or influence or anything."
"You're influencing me," you say. "It's cool."
"Am I talking too many circles?" she asks.
"I don't know," you say. "It almost feels like so taboo a topic to really play devil's advocate with. I mean there's an implication with a caste system where a skut takes out your trash and an oculot is your boss that a skut life is worth inherently less than an oculot life. If that's baked in it wigs me out."
"A skut life is worth less," Bika says. "We're weaker, we live a fraction as long, we breed in huge warrens and their gestation takes forever." She looks over and sees your face. "Oh God. Is that too frank?" She steps off the motorcycle. "Just-- I think we should table the conversation when it comes to specifics about Visitor stuff and skut stuff in particular. There are valid reasons I'd say that. I don't know if I'm ready to share them but trust me. Are you hungry? I'm mad hungry."

1]] I think you're brainwashed.
2]] Are you sure you want to stop? I think I was learning a lot.
3]] Sure. Pizza?
4]] Sure. That restaurant you mentioned?
5]] _______________
No. 627158 ID: bd8b82

4, if she is getting uncomfortable with this then we shouldn't push her.
No. 627160 ID: 91cfcf

4. If she's willing to talk more later- if- then mention that you seem to have different definitions of worth. How does she judge someone's worth?
No. 627161 ID: 256d52

4) but yeah say it was a really interesting conversation.
No. 627162 ID: d958ad

Uh. Yeah let's return to that topic later. Getting too philosophical anyway. Morality in behavioral standards and enforcement may be grey for the most part but when people start killing other people just because they're different, something has to be done.

No. 627168 ID: e30e12
File 142519939613.png - (7.15KB , 960x560 , 150.png )

"Sure," you say. "That was an interesting conversation, though."
"I never like to philosophize on an empty stomach," Bika says.
"So this bring git," you say, as the two of you step out the door.
Bika giggles. "Bringkgit."
"What is it, besides rare steak?"
"It's like a curry," she says. "On the Other Side you also season the warlox skull then cook the steak inside and then serve it using the skull as a bowl," Bika says. "And you're supposed to take little shavings of the bone off when you eat it and it's really really flavorful."
"Where do you get warlox skulls here?" you ask.
"You don't," she says. "So it's just bread bowls. I hope I didn't disappoint you too bad. It's still awesome."
"That sounds awesome."
"Skuts get creative with that kind of thing," she says. "It's all about making unappetizing things palatable. Then when we get better ingredients, boom."
"So you deliver the food and know how to cook it?" you ask.
"You pick stuff up," she says. "All the cooks chattering so much."

As you near the halfway point to where you were before, and the area gets nicer, you notice a slow winding down in Bika. She starts hunching a little more. Her steps get less certain. Her grip on your hand gets tighter. You're back in a place with hardly any skuts and a lot more humans. She looks very small.
"Are you ok?" you ask.
"Yeah," she says.

1]] Lead her through the crowd quickly. She's clearly uncomfortable.
2]] Tell her not to worry. Try to distract her with more conversation.
3]] Ask her what exactly is going on with her.
4]] _______________
No. 627170 ID: d958ad

Ask her if it's some kind of hive mind thing.
No. 627171 ID: 311774

1] Lead her through the crowd quickly by giving her a badass piggyback ride
No. 627177 ID: 256d52

Don't ask if it's some hive mind thing. She said she's not ready to share.

But I mean she's eight years old, familiar with an awful lot of stuff like the cooking and living conditions on the other side, erudite and much more sociable when there's other skuts around so there's clearly something going on.

1) Hurry it along. She'll feel better at the restaurant.
No. 627179 ID: a19cd5

Seconding plan sweet-ass shoulder skut
No. 627180 ID: d958ad

On second thought she said to table discussion about skut stuff in particular.
No. 627181 ID: a19cd5

also yeah no hivemind inquiries
No. 627182 ID: d90668

Ask her about a shoulder ride first. Being high up and the center of attention might scare the crap out of her.

I am leaning to just moving faster. She is plainly uncomfortable without more of her people around.
No. 627183 ID: 047421

#1, it's fairly obvious she is getting some of this stuff from other skuts, but we don't really know how much...
No. 627184 ID: f461c5

Ask first, of course, but SHOULDER SKUT.
No. 627186 ID: e30e12
File 142520316678.png - (8.62KB , 960x560 , 151a.png )

"Want a piggy back ride?" you ask.
"Um um," Bika says. "OK."

If there's one thing this job has taught you, you think, carrying a skut on your back through the crowd of pedestrians, it's how to ignore people staring.

She breathes nervously on your neck. Her legs are tight around your waist.
Her skin feels velvety to the touch. You realize she's covered in a very short coat of fur.

Bika hops off your back outside the restaurant. "Woo!" she says. "I didn't actually know what a piggy back ride was."
You look in the window. The clientele of this restaurant look to be entirely skut. "What did you think it was?"
"I had no idea," Bika says. "But it sounds like the sort of thing I'd want."

1]] Let's eat.
2]] So what happened back there?
3]] Bika, are skut a hivemind or something?
4]] _________________
No. 627187 ID: d958ad

2. It's not really asking about skut stuff in particular- it's her stuff.
No. 627188 ID: bd8b82

2. say you are worried about her. but that if she tells you clearly she doesn't want to talk about it, you WILL drop the subject. you don't want her to feel scared when she is alone with you.
No. 627189 ID: f461c5

When she feels uncomfortable it makes us feel like we are doing something wrong.
No. 627190 ID: 256d52

2. Just ask if she's not used to not having other skut around.
No. 627191 ID: 311774

2. Ask her if she feels uncomfortable around humans.
No. 627197 ID: b8ceae

"Over here we call awesome food made from the stuff nobody wants 'soul food'."

Eat first, ask about hiveminds at the end of the date.
No. 627198 ID: 7b7ab3

2. If she's uncomfortable away from other skut, then we should probably stick close to areas where they tend to gather.
No. 627199 ID: 7b7ab3

Also backing these.
No. 627207 ID: 5dfe8b

err err, please also ask 3?
maybe like, "what was that back there, are you uncomfortable around humans or are skuts a hivemind?"
No. 627208 ID: 6e79d4

Ask if she's nervous in crowds.
No. 627214 ID: caac4c

but hivemind implies no free thought, and lookit that chatterbox
No. 627221 ID: 27ca74

>he hasn't read Polo Quest
No. 627236 ID: 5db52c

That's not really a counterpoint. Neumono live in a hive, but they don't have a hive-mind. In their case it's a social structure, not a collective or shared intelligence. (Well, unless you want to argue that social groups inherently have a kind of emergent intelligence, but then you'd be lumping humans in too).
No. 627255 ID: 27ca74

"This has also been termed "hive mind", "group mind", "mass mind", and "social mind".[8]"

Yeah, I'm fine with lumping humans in.
No. 627281 ID: f461c5

But Neumono really do come to decisions as a group through the hive-empathy.

But what this looks like is that its the same sort of function on a more data-based scale, much like the salikai; greater numbers in an area provide greater mental processing power.

All of this is kind of dumb, though, interrupting a quest to goosh about lagostuff.
No. 627285 ID: 7b7ab3


Agreed. Let's get things back on track.
Still pulling for 2.
No. 627309 ID: 4e8b2b
File 142527227465.png - (11.71KB , 960x560 , 152.png )

"So what happened back there?" you ask. "I hope you're not uncomfortable."
"Um," she says. "I'm not uncomf-- well it's not your fault."
"Not really comfortable without other skuts around?"
"You know." Bika looks embarrassed. Strength in numbers."
"Ok." You know enough to drop it. "Let's eat."

"I've been pretty comfortable around you so far, Zack," Bika says. "You give good piggyback rides."
"You're a light passenger."
"Thanks for putting up with me." She looks through her bag. "I'll make it up to you with this."
"I can pay for it," you say.
"No need!" She comes out of her bag with some gum. "I have a lot of family who work in the kitchens. We can eat free."
Polyphema's warning about family dinners swims past your mind's eye.

A gracious waiter steps soundlessly over to you. "I can take the both of you over here," they say. You're not sure if they're male or female. It's kind of hard to tell with some skuts. They sweep your chair out neatly with their tail and click their pen in to take your order.
Bika launches into an avalanche of squeaks, pops, and snatches of guttural Visitor speech. Suddenly you smell sandalwood. "Bringkgit ok?" Bika stops her skutti to address you.
"Sure," you say.
"Anything to drink?" the Waiter asks.

1]] Just water, thanks.
2]] Maybe some wine.
3]] ______________
No. 627310 ID: 311774

Wine would be a bit unfair, given that she can process anything and not be effected by it and we can't.
Just water.
No. 627312 ID: 7b7ab3

Agreed. Besides, I don't think we could pull off another Polyphema even if we tried, and I honestly think we shouldn't.
No. 627317 ID: d958ad

What about some iced tea or something?
No. 627320 ID: 330ce5

Let's grab some water.
No. 627323 ID: 7b7ab3

Or this. This is cool too.
No. 627331 ID: 4e8b2b
File 142527651518.png - (11.89KB , 960x560 , 153.png )

"Is there iced tea?," you ask. "With lemon?"
"Absolutely." The waiter bows out. "Sit tight. It'll all be right out."

"Is this place all skut-owned?" you ask.
"The owner's actually a really charming old korean lady," Bika says. "She has no idea what she or anybody else here are doing but she trusts us. She calls me gwiyeoun jag-eun gang-aji."
"What's that mean?"
"Cute little puppy," Bika says.
"How long have you worked here?"
"A year or so," she says. "Before that I was a newspaper girl but that wasn't in NYC obviously."
"So you're 8?"
"Yep!" she says. "Going on 9 in October."
"You seem incredibly smart for 8," you say.
"Seriously. I haven't had a conversation like that sober since like college."
Bika beams. Her ears fan up and out. "I was kind of worried I'd chase you away. I get worked up about things easily and kind of spiral off into my own head... skuts can have whole conversations by themselves. Oo! Food!"

The Bringkgit bowl has been carved to look like an intimidatingly large animal skull. In lieu of a horn they've stuck a little breadstick. The inside is filled with fire-engine red curry. It smells amazing.
Bika's meal is a little garnished gamehen with a big knife sticking out of it. "Binno," she says. "Traditionally served with the arrowhead or weapon that killed it stuck inside still. Obviously this is chicken not binno but they do a good job with the marinade. It's similar."

1]] Talk with her about the psychological implications of her brief life.
2]] Talk with her about yourself.
3]] Pick back up your conversation from the arcade about freedom.
4]] Talk with her about life on Earth.
5]] Ask her if she's some kind of hivemind.
6]] _____________
No. 627334 ID: bb78f2

1) A lot of human culture is mostly based around moving out after 20 or so years after birth. Which is about how long it takes for humans to be considered educated enough to take care of themselves, and even then some of them don't move out because it's scary or practical or they're lazy or just plain unlucky. How exactly are Skut's taught education? Can they go through a full standard human education in 8 years?

If Skut's can learn way faster than humans, we might find a BUNCH in the science sectors soon.
No. 627336 ID: 7b7ab3

2 & 4. We haven't told her anything about us yet, and we said we'd drop the skut stuff for now.

Besides, the conversation's been pretty heavy so far. I say it's time to lighten up a little.
No. 627337 ID: 7b7ab3

She gets down on her species for being shorter lived than most, but they do say that the brightest candle burns half as long. We should find a way to bring that up to her in the future.
No. 627338 ID: d958ad

I noticed the sandalwood smell happened right as she told the waiter, not after the waiter brought her order to the kitchen. There is definitely something telepathic going on... but she still hasn't given any indication she's willing to talk about it. I want to bring up 5 but ask her if you can ask her a personal question, first.
No. 627339 ID: 7b7ab3

Either that or we just found out what a skut fart smells like.
No. 627341 ID: 4e8b2b
File 142527899008.png - (11.36KB , 960x560 , 154.png )

"A lot of human culture is based on getting out of your parents' house after you graduate college," you say. "Basically once you're done with that you're all grown up. How do skuts do it?"
"Not college is for sure," Bika says. "Too many skuts. We just learn from the rest of the family and we sure don't leave home."
"You learn all that sort of stuff in 8 years?"
Bika shrugs. "The candle that burns three times as fast."
"So what's it like on Earth for you guys?"
"Different, I think, than for most." Bika sips her water. "Other visitors, they love the cities. Oculots like the people, Warriors like the noise, floaters like... well, I'm not sure what floaters like, but they do. Skuts a lot of us live in the midwest, where there wasn't really anybody before, 'cause we're hardy and we like our own company."
You nod. "The skut shanties."
"That's what they call them but apparently underground they're actually really homey," Bika says. "I've never been. My family's all here. What about yours?"
"My sister lives in California," you say. "That's about it for my family. That's one of the reasons college is important for humans. Families are smallish and we can get kind of fractious if we're cooped up too long. You can get a lot of friends through college."
"How else?"
"Work, bars, events like concerts and stuff," you say.
"And dates?" Bika asks.
"And dates," you say.
You see a skut behind her unhinge his jaw and shove a whole platter of food in. Most of the skuts in here are eating with their hands, it turns out. Your table is the only one with much in the way of silverware.
Bika takes a delicate nibble of her gamehen off one of the only 2 forks in the restaurant.
"I get like zero chances to talk to strangers," Bika says. "I've never even been on a date."
"How's your first?" you ask.
"I'm not sure," she says. "Talking to a stranger when I get a chance is always exhilarating. Having no cartography of the paths their mind might turn down. But um Zack I have a question: It was never actually adequately explained to me: What exactly is a date?"
No. 627342 ID: a19cd5

Whatever you do, don't say mating ritual.
You should totally say Mating ritual.
No. 627344 ID: bd8b82

a chance to get to know someone and see if you have good enough compatibility(all ways) to take things to the next level in a relationship.

or to be crude. mating ritual.

if you ignore the fact we are different species. could you imagine us together?
No. 627345 ID: 0ee153

I don't know how well the concept translates, but two people of each other's preferred gender spend some time together doing an agreeable activity to assess whether they'd like to do anything beyond just a date. Sex, have a long-term relationship, that kind of thing.

There's lots of ways to spend time with people without implying that type of interest in a person, but date has a romantic connotation specifically.
No. 627346 ID: d958ad

Eheheh... alright, in human culture, sex is considered something that requires a lot of trust and good will between two people. A date is meant to foster understanding and trust. Also I mean, if you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, the dating process is a courting process. Gotta make sure the person you're getting romantically involved with is smart enough and socially skilled enough to be considered a good mate. It also allows the two prospective lovebirds to find out if they have similar interests or at least interests that don't conflict, which helps for a long term relationship, which is required to raise children.
No. 627351 ID: 4e8b2b
File 142528182885.png - (6.54KB , 960x560 , 155.png )

"Well," you say. "It's when two people of one another's preferred orientations spend some time together doing something fun in order to decide whether they have the kind of compatibility required to do anything beyond that date."
"Like another date?" Bika says.
"Not exactly." You clear your throat. "OK: If I'm going to be crude it's a mating ritual."
"Oh." Both Bika's ears stick straight out. "A date is a ganrka?"
"What's that?"
"It's a warrior word," Bika says. "For, um, date."
"You're familiar with the concept?"
"Of-- obviously yes," Bika says. "But I didn't think that-- I hadn't thought that skuts warranted-- I'd assumed it was like a friendship but a few degrees higher. From what I had gathered-- and oh my god, I was just talking the whole time, I must have been so-- I'm sorry. Oh jeez. I'm sorry. This is so embarrassing. I just didn't think the HVAO would make its employees conduct dating rituals with skuts. I mean we eat trash. We're not-- I wasn't thinking that-- or presuming-- um-- That this is how humans--"
The restaurant has gotten weirdly quiet.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were doing me such a, a favor," Bika says. "Obviously you don't have to-- I mean, I've loved talking to you, but of course you wouldn't want to-- um."

1]] That doesn't mean we can't keep talking.
2]] I never said that I didn't want to um.
3]] I actually think you're pretty cute, Bika.
4]] I don't know. Could you imagine us together?
5]] _______________
No. 627352 ID: 0ee153

"It's not a favor and they didn't make me do anything. I'm doing this of my own free will, I liked the talk, and I think you're pretty cute."
No. 627354 ID: d958ad

2. Also talking is what human dates are all about. Also you wouldn't have taken the job if you weren't at least somewhat interested in all four of the girls.

But also 4, what's her opinion on this? Usually when human dates happen it's because both people are already physically attracted to eachother.
...actually okay let's clear something up here. Can skuts read eachother's minds? That seems to be the case here I mean the entire restaurant shouldn't have been able to hear that.
No. 627358 ID: bb78f2

I'm not doing you a favor. I'm having an experience. Opening my mind. Learning. If we get comfortable enough around each other, I won't be against it. I'm intrigued, but obviously, comfort is the most important thing here.
No. 627360 ID: 3ca9e6

This yo
No. 627362 ID: b5b419

"Talking is mostly what a human date is about. The first date, anyway. Relax."
No. 627365 ID: 4e8b2b
File 142528943745.png - (10.45KB , 960x560 , 156.png )

"It's not a favor," you say. "I'm doing this because I want to, and because I think you're pretty cute."
"Cute like pet the dog on the head cute?" Bika asks. "Or..."
"It can be both," you say. "And if you're not comfortable around me yet, we can just talk. That's all most first human dates are. But I need to ask you something straight up."
"What is it?"
"And forgive me if it's insensitive or racist or something."
"Don't worry," Bika says.
"Can you guys read each others' minds?" you ask.

On his way back to the kitchen the waiter drops its pen and notepad.
"Oh, shit," mutters the skut who was filling his face earlier.
"I knew this wouldn't work," Bika says. "We can't read each others' minds or anything if that's what you're worried about. The thing is there's only two minds here right now. Yours and, um, mine."
"I didn't liee," Bika says. "I'm for sure Bika." It's just that," a skut behind you speaks up. "It's just, um. There's a lot of me." "I'm also Bika," the waiter says. "And I'm Bika," the other patron offers sheepishly. "All of my me's have different names so we don't freak humans out, but, um, we're Bika. I'm Bika."

1]] This is terrifying.
2]] This is fascinating.
3]] This is awesome.
4]] This makes everything make a lot more sense.
5]] ______________
No. 627366 ID: 9ddf68

please explain though.
No. 627367 ID: b283c9

That's fascinating. Very fascinating. Make sure not to tell any human scientists.
No. 627368 ID: d958ad

1. 2. 4.
No. 627369 ID: dbe554

2 and 3, ask how does that work?
No. 627370 ID: 256d52

Hi Bika.

2 and 3, with a dash of 1.
No. 627371 ID: f461c5

Well the implications of that throw the implications of being 8 years old out the window.

All of those options are correct.
Again, not one of those conversations you expect to have sober.
No. 627372 ID: d958ad

Maybe we should order that wine after all.
No. 627374 ID: 898418

"This uh, this is probably going to complicate the report on Skut culture and mindset I'm supposed to write."
No. 627376 ID: ea0ad9

5. This is interesting. So, it's not, like, a hivemind, but more of an... Overmind deal? A lot of stuff makes a lot more sense, now.

Wait, is eight your mind's age, or your body's age?
And, um, NDA can kind of go the other way here. If you want, I don't have to tell anybody about this. HVAO will be happy enough to learn that Skuts learn fast.

Finally, I should apologize. "Mating Ritual" wasn't just crude, but also an exaggeration, slightly. I wasn't kidding when I said dates were to gauge compatibility for later interactions, and even if two people who date end up finding each other only compatible enough to be friends, well, that's certainly still considered successful. Having separate minds, we can't stay in the same location as very many people for too long, but to compensate, we spend our time with people who we enjoy the company of for shorter times, like a few hours a day, or week, or so.
No. 627378 ID: 03f11c

wait so, you all sense the same stuff? share the same memories? what separates each body, other than the obvious physical separation? is this what 'family' means to you? also holy shit and also called it.
No. 627384 ID: a0f3a9

thats not how ndas work dude. By signing the nda all we agreed to is not to disclose information to the general public. we still have to report all information.
No. 627385 ID: 89941a

Is the "hivemind", pardon the description, based only in a small area around each Skut? Is that why you were nervous when there were only a few around?
No. 627386 ID: bd8b82

they ever play a game called star control? the Orz are remarkably similar, alien from another dimension that is one mind with multiple bodies. you just lack the strange speech pattern. so while you may be a finger of the mind that is Bika, you are an incredibly cute finger.
No. 627387 ID: bb78f2

Well, this explains why you don't need to go to college if at least one of you goes. That's probably a legal clusterfuck when it comes to proving you have a diploma, but it works.

So, how old is your mind, Bika?
No. 627389 ID: a0f3a9

lets maybe not compare her to the physical manifestation of an evil murderous dimensional being that wiped out an entire race because they stumbled on the wrong technology.
No. 627392 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 3, and 4. It's not really terrifying (not yet anyway) but it is the exact kind of awesome, fascinating thing we signed up for.
No. 627393 ID: b2c9e1

(just imagine all of them turning toward you at once and in a flat, monotone voice saying "We are one. Should help you get there) I say 5:all of the above.
No. 627394 ID: b8ceae


"That's actually comforting; it puts what you said before about the value of Skut life in context.
How old is your mind? How many minds are there? Is it one mind per brood or something, or one mind per family line? How does it work?"
No. 627395 ID: 0ee153

2, 4. We've got hella confidence, nothing's terrifying. Does put what she said about skut lives earlier in context, but >>627394 is still a bit far.

How individual are the different Bikas?
No. 627400 ID: 8bd2b1

There's only one Bika.

"So, you're saying that every skut is actually just another embodiment of the same mind? Sort of like separate limbs of the same entity? That's pretty fascinating. You must have an incredibly powerful mind to manage all of those simultaneous interactions.

"So, how old's your consciousness?"
No. 627402 ID: 0ee153

You misunderstand. I'm asking if the bodies have any individuality, since they do seem to dress differently, or if that's something Bika goes through to keep up appearances.

That, and what happens when one body is separated from the rest, like earlier, and then rejoins the collective? If there was any meaningful change, is that like personal growth for Bika or do they become a separate mind?

Is Bika's family in the midwest a separate mind, an estranged part of the same mind, or are those two effectively the same thing if they meet?
No. 627403 ID: 330ce5

2 and could she explain a bit more about what she means.
No. 627405 ID: ecd0ab

So is this whole thing a secret? Or are humans just really dumb and couldn't figure it out? Both of those seem like valid possibilities.
No. 627414 ID: b5b419

I don't think collective is the right term, because that's a gathering of individuals(?). Hive mind sounds more accurate, particularly as they appear to have different genders and ages.

Explains a lot of why people struggle socializing with skuts.
No. 627416 ID: f61b8d

"hahahahaha woooooowwwwww"
No. 627418 ID: 3bb60a

They might be embarrassed but hey this explains why their so cool. It also make keeping up a friendship with them easier with their short life spans. We make friends with mind and the bodies don't matter so much. This is also why she says that her life is worth less than that of the other visitors. If one body dies she only looses just that one body. Dying is an injury not a death. I still find her loveable though. This could make the implications of continued dating strange though. This weeks Bika might not be the same body as our next date with Bika. Its weird but cool.

2 and 4 lets not intimidate here.

5 well try to keep the interaction down to one face at a time for my sake at least until I get a bit more used to it and I will accept that I am making friends with Bika and Bika just happens to have more than one body. And yes dates are the start for seeking romantic connections, but we don't have to go any further on that than you are comfortable. For me nothing that has be revealed has scared or chased be off.
No. 627424 ID: e30e12
File 142532676371.png - (11.66KB , 960x560 , 157.png )

"This is amazing," you say.
"Are you gonna freak out?" Bika asks.
"Nope. It actually puts a lot of what you said into context. You're a hivemind?"
"Um kind of," Bika says. "There are 20,000 skuts or so in NYC. But there's only 37 actual individual consciousnesses." "I'm one of the tiniest ones. There's 84 of me." "That's peanuts to a lot of Skut-- ummm there isn't a word in English," the waiter says. "Skut families?" "Hives?" considers another Bika.
"Hive is a weird word," you say.
"And also it's not a queen or anything," Bika says. "It's a shared-- thing." "Anyway there are some with thousands. Hundreds of thousands, in the Other Side."
"How individual are the different Bikas?" you ask. "They dress different."
"You can paint your toes different colors," Bika says. "They still all wiggle when you want them."
"How old is your mind?"
"I think I came into being about 25 years ago," Bika says. "It's not easy to pinpoint. I'm the spillage of a couple different skut families. When they get big enough they sort of fragment and reproduce. But I have ancestral memories dating back hundreds of thousands of years."
"All that history and all those bodies must be a lot to take in," you say.
"It can get confusing," Bika says. "Especially if you spread out too far. That's why skuts don't do well with being alone. It's so much harder to focus."
"So the more of you there are in one place the smarter you get?"
"In essence," Bika says. "Nothing separates me from me but distance. It gets hard to think. So humans think we're all just kind of shy dumb weirdos." "Until now, anyway." "I messed up so so bad." The bigger families are going to freaking kill me. This is why we don't--" "The HVAO was so insistent, though, and so I talked everyone into-- this was a bad idea. Zack please please please please don't tell any other humans about this."

1]] I have to. It's my job.
2]] Why not? It's incredible.
3]] My lips are sealed.
4]] _________________
No. 627426 ID: b5b419


Honestly why aren't you bragging about it and USING it. Explains the courier job-instantaneous and perfectly safe, if you want to just deliver messages.
No. 627429 ID: bd8b82

i'm gonna have to go with 2
its different, but is she... are they... uhhh, this is hell on pronouns.

anyway, what do they think would happen if this gets out?
No. 627430 ID: 898418

#3, there are plenty of ways to spin this as something else in a report. Maybe go the genetic memory and group reinforcement route.
No. 627433 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and 3. Ask questions, but assure her that you won't do anything that would upset or endanger...
>this is hell on pronouns.
No. 627434 ID: d958ad

I think this might be kindof too big to leave out of the report. So uh, 2 mixed with 1.

Also "collective" is probably a good word to use here.
No. 627437 ID: dbe554

Which would get us into massive trouble later down the line.

I'd have to go with 2
No. 627438 ID: 03f11c

yeah, that's called a phone these days.
if they could go to space and it's an ftl thing, sure they'd be priceless. but as is, it's only good if they need to be at multiple places at once - a management position maybe.
No. 627439 ID: 3bb60a

4 We can keep it quite for now. Humans probably wont react as bad as you think. But your far more worried about the other skuts, and what they will do to you aren't you? I can be evasive for a little bit, I wont even bring it up for now. But remember the HVAO wants to improve relations not screw them up or get you hurt. They might be willing to keep this confidential for a while before releasing it so it wont come back to you. So lets brain storm on that latter. But remember. People are going to figure it out in time even if I stay silent.
No. 627440 ID: b5b419

Astronaut skuts: They're radiation resistant AND can eat compressed stuff nobody else would touch!

It's perfect, we'll send them to mars.
No. 627442 ID: 0ee153

The HVAO does want information, but they expect Zack to be discreet and maintain good relations. Plus they're sending us to do this nicely, not sending spies.

Promise to keep it a secret as long as she wants, but suggest that she think on how best to disseminate the information, since secrets are almost impossible to keep forever and if it's going to get out anyway it might as well be under her control.

In the report... well, it depends on whether or not she wants to try and make it public eventually. See what she says first. But given that it's the first week and Carlton said he wants you to be discreet, keep friendly, etc etc, I doubt he'll mind waiting to find out, since he gave us six months.
No. 627444 ID: b8ceae

Do the other Visitors know about this? You'll have to mention it, but you could probably word it in a way that strictly technically accurate.
For example, you could say that Skut have some kind of instinctive communication with their family members when they're near each other - technically true, but grossly misleading.

Also, mention that humans have really good with communications technology, and cell phones might be moddable to act as relays. Then distance wouldn't matter as long as there's cell coverage.
If she doesn't want humans to know about the hive minds then she could start doing research into it herself, since it's all public information. That would probably do wonders to placate the other families if the leak was found out.
No. 627445 ID: 7b7ab3

This is apparently the most well kept secret of skut society on earth. Just blowing the lid off it is going to end badly, one way or another. Besides, Polyphema has a ton of secrets, and we're keeping GG's subbiness a secret. Seeing as things have worked so far it might be best to keep quiet for now. When the skut are ready, that's when they'll reveal the truth.
No. 627446 ID: 7b7ab3

I also agree with this.
No. 627448 ID: f61b8d


And technically, in the original meeting:
>You'll report to us on what you know, of course, and what you learn, though we don't need to know all the details.
It may be a bit of a stretch to call this a "detail", exactly, but I think it's worth it to maintain trust with Bika.
No. 627449 ID: e6e219

Um so just to be sure am I the first human to know about this or do the higher ups in our military/government know?

Because I am fine keeping secrets from the public but will need some convincing to not mention it in my reports.

Although if letting anyone know would endanger you or your people I am fine on keeping it a secret.

Mention that if you could figure it out after a few hours someone else already has or will eventually.
No. 627453 ID: e30e12
File 142533281833.png - (10.67KB , 960x560 , 158.png )

"Why?" you ask. "It's amazing."
"Skuts are already the worst treated Visitors," Bika says. "There were 85 of me a few months ago. If people knew that our bodies were expendable, and if there was another degree of alienation between us..."
"Not everyone would be able to understand," you admit.
"Not everyone is you, Zack," Bika says. "You've been so so nice to me. But please don't tell about this."
"Do other visitors know?" you ask.
"Sort of," Bika says. "In broad strokes. They know we don't want you to know."
"The HVAO won't reveal anything if they think it's dangerous," you say. "It'll only do good if we understand each other more."
"I totally understand that I do I do but I didn't want you to find out this way," Bika says. "So please? Just don't mention it? Yet? While we figure it out?"
"OK," you say.
"Zaaack!" Bika cheers and jumps up into your arms. "You're a lifesaver."
She licks your chest.
"Oh god sorry," she says, dropping back to the ground. "Reflex."

1]] That's OK. I'm guessing this explains the orgies.
2]] Pick her back up and hug her.
3]] Pick her back up and kiss her.
4]] Now that the cat's out of the bag do you want to go somewhere with more of... you?
5]] I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around this. Can you explain more?
6]] I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around this. Can I sleep on it?
7]] ________________
No. 627454 ID: 0ee153

2 and/or 3 depending on how affectionate that lick was.
No. 627458 ID: ea0ad9

2. "If you're going to react, react like this!" and hug her.
"So, do you prefer sticking around more of you, or can you process more by being separated or something?"
No. 627459 ID: 7b7ab3

1]] No.
2]] Yes.
3]] Yes.
4]] Yes.
5]] Yes.
6]] No.
7]] Before we go any further, what pronoun do you prefer? She? They?
No. 627462 ID: bd8b82

need to be careful, if we are being watched AT ALL. us coming in here with one skut, and leaving with several would raise a few questions.
No. 627465 ID: 7b7ab3

Please don't feed my paranoia, it's bloated enough already.
Also, skut goes *boing*!
No. 627466 ID: f61b8d

Abooouuut right. Maybe "Usually a hug works best!"

Possibly 4 and 5, too.

Good point, though, probably.
No. 627467 ID: 3bb60a

2 definitely
As said kiss depending. Lets not move too fast but go for it if she seems receptive.

on 4 maybe we should just hang around were they already are this time so we don't give away her secret. If she wants another date, then we can suggest we take a few more.
No. 627468 ID: 0ee153

>trying to fuck on first date when she hasn't expressed sexual interest

Please never go outside.
No. 627470 ID: 7b7ab3

Okay, 3 might be going a bit far for now, but the little lady(?) at least deserves a hug.
Or 2 or 3 or however many bodies she(?) wants involved.
No. 627471 ID: 330ce5

2 and 5.
No. 627478 ID: e30e12
File 142533791784.png - (9.49KB , 960x560 , 159.png )

"It's OK."
You hug her.

She puts her face against your chest and sniffs deeply.
"You smell good," she says.
"It's old spice," you say.
"No, under the old spice," she says.
You feel something brushing lightly against your arm. It's her tail, wagging like crazy.
You pat her head. It's soft and velvety. "Do you want more of you to get in on this?"
"No," she says. "This feels right."
"What should I call you?" you ask. "I've been thinking of you as a 'her'."
"You can keep that up," Bika says. "I like being a girl."
"I still have some questions about how all of this works," you say.
"Whatcha wanna know?" Bika asks.
No. 627483 ID: d958ad

How do Visitors handle law enforcement against Skuts? The entire collective would have to be imprisoned for any crime... or do they punish collectives by killing one or more of their bodies? Do Skuts scavenge because it's difficult for all of their bodies to get employed and they need to compensate for the extra food requirements? I imagine running a kitchen makes it easier to get good, cheap food... Oh, it occurs to me that quality of life expenses must be pretty low since only like, one body needs to experience that sort of stuff to keep the collective's spirits up. They could even live in cramped quarters without much issue since it's really just one person. How would taxes work? Would a collective submit a form as one person...? Oh dear, the IRS will be upset. If a collective counts as one person, their combined income puts them in a higher tax bracket. The higher expenses from having more bodies can be accounted for of course, which would reduce taxable income, but still.

It occurs to me that skuts would be good at law enforcement or security. Have bodies acting as living cameras, and if one witnesses a crime, ALL of them can swarm in or call for backup from other races. They could also be good at management. Fast, accurate communication is highly beneficial for a business.
No. 627485 ID: 7b7ab3

Those are all really good points. Skuts must also have an easy time keeping themselves entertained. If they get bored they can just spread themselves out until they find something that catches their interest. Boy, a skut in a library must be a thing to see.
How quickly is new information disseminated? From the looks of it, instantaneously. If a skut loses a body do they lose any information? That's a pretty morbid question, but still.
No. 627486 ID: bd8b82

after the important questions ask "you ever wonder what kissing a human is like?" regardless of the answer you can respond "wanna find out?" and then if she says yes go in for the kill.
No. 627487 ID: bb78f2

Have you seen me other times? From before this? Or do you smell everyone I've hung out with? How good is your memory?
No. 627489 ID: bb78f2

Oh and one more thing
So how weird is it to raise another body of yours from birth to death, if that's how it works? And if that's not to sensitive a topic. I'm thinking about playing ball with a Zack Jr. right now that is also me, so now I'm confused. Not only that, but I'm also thinking about where the future Mrs. Nguyen is also me as a lady.
Just how do different skut minds interact with each other, as opposed to how they might interact with themselves in different bodies?
Do you, Bika, have something that you would consider a Mom or Dad mind? A parent mind? Do you have a relationship with that parent mind at all? Are there sibling minds?
No. 627493 ID: 0d8e58

Also, just realized that this is kinda a home cooked meal then. Thank you.
No. 627496 ID: 0d8e58

Is there anything besides distance that can mess with your connection? ...Which is kinda like asking if you are alergic to anything.
No. 627500 ID: 7b7ab3

This sounds like dangerous knowledge, if it exists. If it ever got into the wrong hands they could basically steamroll the disabled skut.
No. 627506 ID: b8ceae

She's fully capable of watching out for herself.
We don't need to know. In fact, we're better off NOT knowing. If we don't know Skut weaknesses then we can't lie about them when asked.

On an unrelated note, we should probably point out that Zack isn't exactly a genius but figured it out within about an hour of meeting her. He should offer to help coach her in how to avoid things that can tip people off.
No. 627523 ID: 557bac

If they are part of a shared consciousness, then they must retain the memories of each Skutt that sacrificed themselves in the war. Even for a species that regards an individual body as disposable, it must be traumatic to have to have that experience in her collective memory.
No. 627527 ID: e30e12
File 142536267383.png - (6.17KB , 960x560 , 160.png )

"So does information get to you instantly?" you ask. "From any of your bodies?"
"If one is far away on its own it gets sluggish," Bika says. "Take any one skut body across an ocean to like Europe and they'd probably shut down entirely."
"How do Visitors punish skuts for crime?" you ask.
"Skuts punish skuts for crime," Bika says. "The Oculots trust us to take care of our own. Sometimes it's just ostracizing, sometimes it's docking, sometimes it's mass imprisonment or even just straight up execution. When the Fixis clan killed Brughoz, they killed all 500 of them in one afternoon. By beheading. It took all day."
"That's brutal," you say.
"Only about as brutal as any other execution," Bika says. "Just more cleanup."
"How weird is it to raise yourself?" you ask.
"I'm not sure," Bika says. "I've never done anything else. I feel like it would be weirder raising somebody else. Changing a stranger's diapers? Gross."
"Have you seen me before?" you ask. "Is that how you know about my last dates."
"Ummm, maybe," Bika's ears coyly flap back a little. "I was nervous about meeting you. Nervous and fascinated."
"So basically this was a home-cooked meal? Thank you."
Bika beams. "No biggie. I love cooking."
"Have you ever wondered what it's like to kiss a human?" you ask.
"Now I am."
"Do you want to find out?"
Bika delicately pulls you down to her level by your collar, and you kiss her.
She tastes bright and a little acidic, kind of citrus-y.
After a few seconds you start to pull back, but she moans a little and wraps her arms around your shoulders. So you kind of make out for a while.
You try not to think about how you're making out with the entire restaurant. It's actually not that hard.
Then her grip on you loosens into a loose embrace and she lets you have your mouth back. She licks your face.

"I've never kissed someone who wasn't me before," she says.

1]] I've never kissed someone with more than one mouth.
2]] How was it?
3]] What else haven't you done with other people?
4]] Is it true what they say about skuts and orgies?
5]] What kind of dessert do places like this have?
6]] Let's do this again soon.
7]] ________________
No. 627529 ID: bd8b82

2"so how was it?"
3" anything else you wanna try?"
No. 627530 ID: 89941a

5&3 for me.
No. 627533 ID: 330ce5

2 and 6.
No. 627534 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 2, and 5.
No. 627536 ID: a0f3a9

1 and 2. maybe three, but that seems a little hasty. We met her like 2 hours ago. Who the hell would say 4? That would just be douchey and creepy.
No. 627538 ID: 7b7ab3

My thoughts exactly. Also, maybe tell her she tastes good? Bright and citrus-y sounds nice.
No. 627540 ID: 321d85

Man, I have no idea what one would say at this juncture. I guess 1? But then I'm kinda out of ideas. Except maybe, like, her comment implies that she HAS kissed someone who WAS herself, which seems slightly odd, perhaps? I dunno, maybe it isn't, it just seems like a function of society, which I wouldn't expect to carry over. Like...greeting yourself when you come home, or something.

I agree with the sentiments in
No. 627541 ID: fc3f9f

1,2, and 6.

Also this.
No. 627542 ID: e30e12
File 142536864276.png - (9.41KB , 960x560 , 161.png )

"You've never kissed anyone before?" you ask.
"I never thought it would be different," Bika says.
"How was it?"
"Different," Bika says. "Really really cool."
"I've never kissed someone with more than one mouth," you say. "You taste good. Citrus-y."
"Your breath tastes like bringkgik," Bika says. "I love bringkgik."
"Speaking of cool skutti food," you say. "What kind of dessert do you guys have?"

A few Bikas bring you out a great big bowl of what looks like vanilla ice cream. "What's this?" you ask.
"Vanilla ice cream," Bika says. "Earthling desserts are the best desserts."

It's a lot of ice cream, but a lot of Bikas crowd around you and help you eat it.

Your phone buzzes. You take a glance at it in your pocket.

:poly: Zack. Dollface.
:poly: Just had the best idea for what to do with you next time!!
:poly: Assuming you weren't just going to hit it and quit it? ,)
:poly: Tres seductive, tres romantic, tres educational, risk of head explosion very very slim
:poly: Text me when you get the chance, lover boy ,*

"When can I make you dinner again?" Bika asks.
"Are you sure you don't want to give me a turn?"
"It's true that the only real taste of human cuisine I've had is hot dogs from the trash outside yankee stadium," Bika says. "Not really. That was a joke." "And also those hot dogs are really really good." "Just to clarify the joke was that I've had more human food than just that." "It wasn't that I haven't eaten hot dogs out of the trash because I have. I hope you don't think that's too gross but we're not really keeping secrets right now, are we?"

You kiss Bika prime on the snout. "You're not gross, Bika. Or weird. You're a fascinating, beautiful, um...."
"Cloud?" Bika says.
"Cloud. I guess."
"I like to think of myself as a cloud sometimes. It's cheesy but I like to."
No. 627543 ID: e30e12
File 142536865571.png - (10.22KB , 960x560 , 161a.png )

You and the Bikas polish off the ice cream together, and then you give her your number. "Just disseminate that among your phones," you say. "I can make a folder thing for all your contact informations."
"K," Bika says. She texts you. "That's the number for the me you kissed."
"Why that one in particular?"
"In case you liked what you saw." Bika winks. "And if you want to try anything with anyone else I am, you're welcome to."
Harem ending, you think, and then you call yourself a weird nerd.
"This was really cool, Zack," Bika says. "Is it OK if I facebook stalk you and things?"
"Thank you." She kisses you again. "And I promise I'll cut back on the not-facebook stalking."
"Will you wave at me if I pass one of you on the street?" you ask.
"I'll try," she says. "It's hard if I'm alone in human crowds sometimes. That's what you're for now."

You give the assembled Bikas one last group hug and exit the restaurant.
Bika waves at you through the glass front entrance as she closes shop.

That was pleasantly weird.
No. 627544 ID: e30e12
File 142536866417.png - (20.32KB , 832x600 , 162.png )

It's about 10 PM. Damn. Time flies when you're uncovering vast interdimensional secrets.

Who next?
No. 627546 ID: 0ee153

It's been a little while since we've seen Polyphema, but we haven't met the floater yet.

So, we had schedule conflicts already when we were dating two girls. If we we're confident we can deal with four, definitely the floater. I'm voting that unless someone can make a convincing case for four girls being a huge unmanageable problem. In which case, Polyphema.

Oh, and don't mention the composite mind thing in the report.
No. 627548 ID: 321d85

Hahahahaha, oh man, this quest.

Hmmmmnn, well, Polyphema DID just text you.... But I guess it is true we haven't met the floater yet.... I dunno, maybe you could schedule something with Polyphema for a few days from now, but in the meantime meet the floater?
No. 627549 ID: d958ad

Time for Polyphema Episode 2.
No. 627550 ID: 7b7ab3

I say Poly again and then the floater. It's only been a week so far, and I'd like it if we could try and divide our time evenly among the girls. Also, Bika's date felt shorter than the others, but we got a lot accomplished. Remember to not mention skut cloud-minds in the report.
No. 627551 ID: 7b7ab3

Actually, this makes me think that we may have to start getting more proactive about scheduling things with our alien lovelies. I just worry about friction between the girls and things turning sour due to poor planning.
No. 627552 ID: 0ee153

Part of why I'm voting the floater is that the girls were also told about this arrangement by the HVAO or someone and that the flaoter still hasn't heard anything from Zack after... one day for GG, one for Polyphema, two for GG again, and one for Bika. So five days. Floaters aren't completely emotionless, after all, and making her wait six, seven days just to meet each other is one hell of a shitty impression.
No. 627554 ID: bd8b82

i have to agree with this reasoning.
No. 627555 ID: 6868bc

Floater next! She's waited long enough, and I'm curious about them. Do text Polyphema back, though, and ask her what her idea is; if her idea is time-sensitive, like a play or something, that might get precedence.
No. 627556 ID: 7b7ab3

Very true. Maybe it would be better if we asked Poly to meet us next week and use the last of this week to meet the floater and take care of any other HVAO business. Also, I stress again, keep the skut's secret a secret. It's going to take a lot of work to get that all sorted out.
No. 627557 ID: 7b7ab3

If Poly's idea is time sensitive then we should accompany her for certain, but only if it can't wait. We will find a way to make it up to the floater at any rate.
No. 627558 ID: 0ee153

No. 627563 ID: b283c9

10 PM's a bit late to start a whole lot, isn't it?
No. 627566 ID: b8ceae

It's not nice to try to call somebody up and arrange something at the last minute when it's already late.

Ask Poly if she's ready right now. If so, go to her.
Tomorrow, ask the floater out.
No. 627577 ID: 6692b2

yeah :(
tho do text poly back to see if its time sensitive
No. 627606 ID: 82ee52
File 142541779811.png - (7.99KB , 960x560 , 163.png )

You text Polyphema:
>Whats the idea?
:poly: You aren't getting it out of me that easily.
:poly: Dee A Tee Eee. Number 2.
:poly: Now is too late. Tomorrow?
>Counteroffer: this weekend?
:poly: Work got you down? ,)
:poly: Love 2, baby blue.
>i'll mark my calendar.
:poly: Breathlessly counting down the hours!
:poly: I have to go drink red wine and shave my legs.
:poly: See you soon, Z @)
No. 627607 ID: 82ee52
File 142541782325.png - (7.28KB , 960x560 , 164.png )

Carlson's still up for your email request. Obviously.

The Floater's email is chromaticc@gmail.com. After her send me your impressions/reports on the other three. Well done on your speed.


This'll be your final introduction to the lineup.
What to write this time?
No. 627611 ID: 7b7ab3

First introduce yourself. Then apologize for having kept her waiting for so long. Maybe ask a couple of general, friendly pre-date questions. Then ask if she is interested in meeting somewhere, sometime.
No. 627614 ID: bd8b82

say hi, introductions, your name. ask some things about herself. like if her email meas she likes colors.
No. 627616 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, these seem good.
No. 627617 ID: 6692b2

yeah but also give her shit to continue the conversation like
say some facts about yourself too when you ask her bc its a convo not an interrogation?

...i never dated. i am very bad at this.

No. 627618 ID: 7b7ab3

I will openly admit that the idea of being up in the air with her sounds interesting. It might also serve to our advantage. Poly did say that floaters are at their happiest in the air. It also reminds me that we still have to take GG skydiving someday.
No. 627627 ID: d7800e

Eh, paragliding doesn't seem like the most romantic first date (though it's got my vote as a second one). Maybe a picnic on a cliff, or go to an art gallery? Ask her what she might want to do as well.
No. 627641 ID: e30e12
File 142543668497.png - (9.00KB , 800x600 , 165.png )

>Hey! I'm Zack Nguyen. Sorry to keep you waiting.
>I've really been looking forward to meeting you. You can fly? That sounds awesome.
>What do you want to do? Picnic? Maybe an art gallery? Hit me up with a time you're available and we can get the wheels spinning.
>Can't wait to see you!

The response comes about a half hour later, as you're getting ready for bed.

Cool name. Art gallery no. Picnic sure but I don't eat.
I can do whenever.
Say where and when and I'll pick you up.


No. 627646 ID: 7b7ab3

>Say where and when and I'll pick you up.
>and I'll pick you up.
>pick you up.
No. 627650 ID: bd8b82

hmmm... sounds like she prefers outdoor activities. and everyone eats. even if her food is jetfuel smoothies.
No. 627659 ID: d958ad

She might just plug herself in or something. Wait that doesn't make sense, her organic parts need to maintain themselves and that requires protein and such. Idk maybe there's something she consumes to do that that doesn't count as food.

What about a movie? If she doesn't "eat" then that'll be a bit awkward, how about the picnic be more of a walk in the park? Tomorrow's good. Maybe schedule the date just after lunch or something so you won't have to eat during it.
No. 627687 ID: e30e12
File 142544910455.png - (12.92KB , 960x560 , 166.png )

You schedule the meetup for tomorrow after lunch, with plans to go to Central Park, and give her the location of your apartment to pick you up from.

At about 2 you're standing on the corner of your street, waiting for Meg.

"Holy shit," you hear somebody say.
From above, you hear loud, thumping synthwave, coming closer.

A floater in a leather motorcycle jacket and a slick chrome helmet comes streaking from the sky and stops dead in a hover a few feet off the ground.
From somewhere on her person, oil-black vintage synths are playing, heavy on the bass.

"Zack Nguyen?" she says.
"Um," you say. "Over here."
She tosses you a harness and a helmet. "Put these on," she says. "It clips under your armpits."

1]] Do as she says.
2]] You must be Meg. Hi.
3]] Do floaters not do introductions?
4]] Is this going where I think it's going?
5]] Maybe we should just take a taxi???
6]] There's no way you're gonna be able to lift me.
7]] ______________
No. 627688 ID: 6868bc

1. Just go with it, she wouldn't be this confident if there was any doubt she could carry you. Be as confident in her abilities as she is.
No. 627689 ID: d958ad

1,2,4. Mention that those thrusters must be quite powerful.

Try not to scream.
No. 627690 ID: 330ce5

1, we can talk later.
Besides where we're going we don't need small talk.
No. 627691 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 2, & 4. Welp, I freakin' called. Nothing else for it now. Let's just hope little miss superfly over here knows what she's doing.

Oh, spirit of Sir Isaac Newton have mercy...
No. 627692 ID: 321d85

1,2,4. Hahahaha. Let's hope she doesn't burn off your legs on accident, or something. Buckle up.
No. 627693 ID: bb78f2

7) "Radical"
No. 627694 ID: 0ee153

1, 2. "Cool. Anything you want to do specifically or just fly and talk?"
No. 627695 ID: bfbb8e

Also voting for cool one-liner.
>"Alright, let's rock!"
Best to start off with a bang. Hopefully won't end in one. The lethal, horrifying, plummeting kind, not the sexy, fun kind.
No. 627696 ID: b283c9

1 & 2, and try not to piss and/or shit your pants on the flight.
No. 627698 ID: e30e12
File 142545637355.png - (8.92KB , 960x560 , 167.png )

You strap yourself in and put your helmet on.
"Double knot your shoes," Meg says. You do.
Meg links arms back-to-back with you and clicks you into place on her back.
"Ass-to-ass," she says. "Till you buy me dinner first."
"You do eat?"
"Joke, Zack." The little flares on the bottom of her legs glow brighter. They're warm and you can feel air rushing from them, but they don't burn. "Ready?"
"So are we doing something specific or are we flying and talking?" you ask.
"We're flying," says Meg.
"Radical," you say.
"There's a radio to your right on my belt," Meg says. "Turn it on."
You find it clipped to her belt and hit the little button.
"Floater traffic control this is Chromatic," Meg says. "We are taking to the air, 40.737856, -73.914299. Inbound to Manhattan."
"On whose authority?" the voice on the other end asks.
"HVAO," Meg says. "Got a date."
"Acknowledge, Chromatic," the voice says. "Remain below cloud cover."
"Affirmative," Meg replies. "Shut it off, Zack."
You do.
"We aren't remaining below cloud cover," Meg says, then blasts off into the air like a miniature jet, with you trailing behind her. Her engines sound like the low, rising call of a monstrous, prehistoric bird.
As soon as she's up away from earshot, she cranks the music even louder. It's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGqeyQhBPMI

The sound whips past your ears and spirals off into the sky behind you.

8]] ___________________
No. 627699 ID: 0ee153

No. 627701 ID: 256d52

1. 2. 7.

Tell me princess, now WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY?
No. 627702 ID: 86c741

2, and save talking for when you won't have to compete the air and her thrusters.
No. 627703 ID: 330ce5

2, 6, and 7.
No. 627705 ID: 321d85


Ahahahaha, the imagery in that video is like, GRATUITOUSLY metal.
No. 627706 ID: e80e51

No. 627708 ID: 26d602

No, that makes for a terrible first impression. She's a person, not a carnival ride.

My big question is: what exactly is she planning? We've pretty much strapped ourselves to a rocket here without a clue of where she's taking us or what her intentions are.
No. 627709 ID: 534cc4

2, briefly, then 6 and ask what it is thats playing, then 7.
No. 627710 ID: d958ad


how the hell do those thrusters even work
No. 627712 ID: daf2af

Request Danger zone by Kenny Loggins
No. 627740 ID: 03f11c

No. 627749 ID: 7b7ab3

...Well...alright, but only if she's into it. Hopefully it won't backfire.
No. 627836 ID: 7b7ab3

2 & 5. Let's see what this baby can do.
No. 627905 ID: f1ff04
File 142566661639.png - (107.15KB , 960x560 , 168.png )

You feel the g-force yanking you forward like a rag doll. "THIS MUSIC IS COOL WHO IS IT"
"PERTURBATOR," she says.
She switches it to Danger Zone.
Your helmets tap together as she bobs her head to the guitar.
"DO A BARREL ROLL," you say.

She ratchets up her thrusters and corkscrews up into the sky, performing two barrel rolls and a couple ailerons for good measure.

You feel a blast of cold and your vision goes white for a second as you soar into the clouds

and then Meg is flying above the cloud layer and the world is rolling out beneath you.

With a click, Meg's thrusters shut off.
You stop flying upward. The wind that was roaring in your ears subsides.
In the interim between the thrusters' blast and the downward pull of gravity there is a bizarre moment of perfect stillness. The two of you reach the top of an upward parabolic arc and level out.
"Do you trust me?" asks Meg.

1]] Yes.
2]] Not yet but I bet skydiving is a great trust exercise.
3]] Turn them back on turn them back on
4]] How can I when I've just met you?
5]] Take me right into the danger zone, Meg.
No. 627906 ID: bd8b82

No. 627907 ID: f61b8d

Hmm, probably 2, or "Not yet, but I'm willing to chance it." Another option might be, "Well, I'm pretty sure the HVAO would get on your case if you let me die, so, sure!"

(1 seems a little...dumb. Like, WHAT REASON could you have for really trusting her?)
No. 627908 ID: b8ceae

"I AM strapped to your back at 5000 feet, right?"
No. 627911 ID: 7b7ab3

In the words of the great Brian Blessed:
No. 627917 ID: a7520d

2 and 5
No. 627918 ID: 0ee153

This. 1 and/or 5 too.
No. 627919 ID: b3ff00

we're gonna do a dive, aren't we.

go wih 2.
No. 627920 ID: 89941a

2 should be fun.
No. 627922 ID: ea0ad9

2. Hard to trust somebody you just met, but...
5. Take me to the danger zone anyways!
No. 627937 ID: 878f10

Take me into the danger zone, Meg.
No. 627954 ID: 7b7ab3


"We're about to find out. Let's get dangerous!"
No. 627955 ID: bb78f2

No. 628006 ID: 330ce5

2 and 5.
No. 628190 ID: a6783f
File 142583050416.png - (8.25KB , 960x560 , 169.png )

"Not yet," you say. "But I bet skydiving is a good trust exercise."
"Word," Meg says, as the two of you even out, tilt, and fall.
Right as Kenny Loggins breaks into the second chorus.

For an adrenaline-charged minute you're weightless. The city spreads out below you.
It's awesome.

Then Meg blasts herself upright with her thrusters and opens the throttle, coasting the two of you to a controlled landing square in the middle of Central Park, right on the great lawn.

You're surrounded by stunned park-goers.

1]] Ignore them.
2]] Hi, all.
3]] What are you looking at?
5]] ______________
No. 628193 ID: 724518

A very nonchalant, "Oh, hi there."
No. 628194 ID: bd8b82

fonz impression "AYYYYYYYYY"
No. 628196 ID: 0ee153

No. 628197 ID: 5db52c

Hey, everyone. 'Sup.
No. 628199 ID: 7b7ab3

2. "'Sup?"
No. 628209 ID: 6e79d4

Ignore them. You're on a date, not a circus act.
No. 628214 ID: 743178

Seconding fonz
No. 628215 ID: 7b7ab3

She is hardcore showing off. Also, she's seeing if we can hang.
So maybe playing into it is the best option. Y'know, be an accessory to awesome.
No. 628225 ID: 189a54

4 and/or >>628194 !!
No. 628249 ID: 7b7ab3

Honestly, anything but 3 would be fine. As long we stay cool and don't get all confrontational, we should come off looking awesome.
No. 628269 ID: 945fb0

voting for this.
No. 628332 ID: 58f233
File 142586981843.png - (9.37KB , 960x560 , 170.png )

"Ayyyy," you say to the assembled park guests as Meg takes her helmet off.

"That was harebrained, guy," one man says. "That was really stupid. You coulda gotten seriously hurt."

Meg snorts, crosses her legs in mid-air, then turns off her thrusters, dropping her neatly onto the grass. You take a seat in front of her.
The other picnickers warily return to normalcy.

"So," Meg says.

1]] So.
2]] Tell me about yourself, Meg.
3]] Tell me about floaters, Meg.
4]] Tell me how you guys fly, Meg.
5]] Tell me how you guys date, Meg.
6]] How do you like Earth, Meg?
7]] Tell her about yourself.
8]] _______________
No. 628335 ID: bd8b82

2. what are her personal interests that separate her from the other floaters.
No. 628338 ID: 05d909

1 then 4 then 6 then 5 then 2.
No. 628339 ID: 330ce5

2, 3 and 6.
No. 628345 ID: 0ee153

No. 628380 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 3, 4, & 6.

"So, tell me about yourself, Meg. What does a floater like you do on days they're not whisking away little humans like me? I don't even know how you guys do that. Those jets are tight. I'm guessing you don't get to fly as freely as you'd like to, here on earth."
No. 628396 ID: 0ee153

please no
No. 628400 ID: 7b7ab3

Just a suggestion.

Still stand by my choices, though.
No. 628548 ID: e30e12
File 142597473788.png - (6.43KB , 960x560 , 171.png )

"So. Tell me about yourself, Meg," you say.

"I'm Meg," Meg says. "I'm a modified all-purpose floater model constructed specifically for human-visitor interactions like this one. I like flying and war games like paintball. I like going places and I also make music. It's shitty but I like to. I have an onboard synthesizer I use when I'm bored. I have to tell you something you're not gonna want to hear. I'm nine months old. I was created at the inception of the HVAO dating program by a Floater Think Tank in Albany. Don't freak out. You're not a pedophile. I'm based off of a veteran floater soldier named Rebea. For all intents and purposes I'm her 2.0. I got her memories, her general appearance, and her personality. What's new in me is a suite of biomechanical upgrades that let me feel and express affection. I'm the only floater of my kind with the ability to love, which is pretty sick. If you're wondering whether I'm into you I cautiously am right now because I liked how cool you were in the air and you're more attractive than I was expecting. It's interesting because although most floaters have adrenaline as part of their natural suite of neurochemicals, this is the first time I've had a stress response just by talking to somebody. I'm not sure how much of this I'm supposed to divulge because I haven't been doing my required supplemental research on human courtship, but to be real I don't really care about human dating conventions. I got distracted discovering paintball, which I'd never played before, so I just watched When Harry Met Sally instead of reading the supplements. It flew over my head."

1]] Wait what can you slow down a second
2]] Wait are you telling me you were created in order to date me?
3]] Wait so your name is actually Rebea? Or
4]] Is this... usual for floaters?
5]] You're doing fine, Meg.
6]] Think tank? Biomechanical suite? Tell me about floaters.
7]] ___________________
No. 628549 ID: 321d85

Hmmmmmm 5 & 6.
No. 628550 ID: 321d85

And maybe a touch of 1.
No. 628551 ID: d958ad

Alright so um she's not quite Rebea. She's Meg. Same base personality but she's got more emotions. Looks like she's not really used to them and she doesn't have a clue what human romance is about either. This is going to be a learning experience for her.

2 seems like the most important response. Also maybe ask her to slow down a little on the side, human dating involves back and forth communication.
No. 628552 ID: 7b7ab3

Both of these and 4.
She's more nervous than we thought, apparently, so let's see if we can calm her down and have her explain things more slowly.
No. 628553 ID: ea0ad9

First of all, 1. Slow down, please! Gotta think through this all now.
>I'm based off of a veteran floater soldier named Rebea.
Wait, so, how old is Rebea, then?
>What's new in me is a suite of biomechanical upgrades that let me feel and express affection.
Floaters don't... normally have that? Glad to know I'm not a paedophile here, but it still feels wrong dating something that normally wouldn't have emotions. You're going to have to work overtime to kill the impression of emotionless machines, Meg.
>I also make music. It's shitty but I like to.
Probably best to start with the music. Shitty or not, it's an expression of the soul.
>I'm not sure how much of this I'm supposed to divulge because I haven't been doing my required supplemental research on human courtship, but to be real I don't really care about human dating conventions.
For the record, people don't normally just directly say they're stressed out. It's cool, I like that you're different like that, it's just for the record.
>I got distracted discovering paintball
You at least avoid using your afterburners, right? I'd totally be all for going up against somebody who can fly, but not somebody who can break the sound barrier as a means of combating me.
No. 628561 ID: b283c9

5 & 7: Just try to relax if you can.
No. 628562 ID: 7b7ab3

It just struck me that she apparently turns into a chatterbox when she's nervous.

Even Bika didn't do that, and she's from a naturally skittish species, with enough mouths to be truly epic at it.

That's... remarkably adorable, all things considered.
No. 628565 ID: bd8b82

i think 2 and 6. creating something that is not the average for a specific task feels a little underhanded.
No. 628569 ID: 7b7ab3

Underhanded, maybe. But something tells me that floaters aren't used to dealing with situations like this. Why else would they choose to imprint the memories and personality of a soldier- a veteran at that - onto someone literally designed to be a lover and not a fighter. We need her to explain more thoroughly.
No. 628576 ID: 330ce5

5 and 6.
No. 628580 ID: 0ee153

Worst post

I think this is normal for floater society, given what she's said so far. It seems as though floaters are made for preplanned purposes anyway.

5 and 6 for now.
No. 628582 ID: e30e12
File 142600098548.png - (7.75KB , 960x560 , 172.png )

"Relax. You're doing fine."
"Just fine?" Meg says. "For the first member of my species ever to feel anything for somebody I'm golden."
"Just slow down a little."
Meg shrugs. "You said to tell you about me. Seems like that's the most important thing to know."
"So you're telling me you were created just to date me?"
"You and all the HVAO dudes," Meg says. "You're the first. You must work quick."
"Is this... usual for floaters?"
"What do you mean?"
"Creating someone for a specific task."
"Yep," Meg says. "That's floaters."
"It just feels kind of weird dating someone who normally wouldn't have emotions."
"Wouldn't have romantic emotions," Meg corrects you. "We still make friends and shit, dude. It's not like that's the only difference. If I was Rebea I'd have a digitized voice, miniguns for hands, ammo dumps for tits, and stabilizer pontoons for legs. Also no blinking." She blinks.
"How old's Rebea?" you ask.
"Plenty old," she says. "Fought in the war right up through truce-tying day."
"They imprinted a soldier onto a floater designed to date people?"
"Rebea wasn't just a soldier," Meg says. "She was the only floater soldier to refuse a direct kill order on a human in her crosshairs."
Meg shrugs. "That's who she was. We are. I think you have a reductive view of floaters, Zack."
"No sweat. So does everyone. That's why we're having this conversation." Meg sits back on the grass. "What now?"

1]] I still have some questions about floater society: ___________
2]] You want to fly somewhere again?
3]] Um we could have a picnic but you don't exactly eat.
4]] Can I hear some of your music?
5]] I've never played paintball.
6]] ____________________
No. 628583 ID: 7b7ab3

Let's get off her species for a while. We should be able to pick up some general information just by interacting with her, anyway.

I say: 2, 4, and 5.
No. 628584 ID: 321d85

Well, I'd like to point out that any "reductive view of floaters" is getting created on the spot from the stuff she's telling us, since we didn't really know any of this stuff before, but maybe we should move on. Hmm, maybe it'd make a good transition. You could say something about that, and then say like, "so maybe tell me some different things about floaters to broaden my input. Maybe you could play me some of your music?"
No. 628586 ID: 0ee153

4 and 5, maybe fly to a paintball place if both of you are up to it.
No. 628591 ID: 7b7ab3

Wait a minute.

>"So you're telling me you were created just to date me?"
>"You and all the HVAO dudes," Meg says. "You're the first. You must work quick."

The first? As in, there might be other people dating the girls? We might have competition?!

Now I'm concerned.
No. 628592 ID: 0ee153

Uh, yeah? Why would they only hire one guy to do this?
No. 628594 ID: 7b7ab3

Sorry. Guess I'm being a little possessive.
I just don't like the idea of someone like Poly or Bika being with someone who's not Zack.
No. 628595 ID: 2a9886

I dont like the idea of someone less understanding finding out about Bika's secret before she is ready to tell.
No. 628596 ID: 0ee153

Not an actual problem, just a bit surprised it wasn't obvious/easily inferred from HVAO's offer.

Although yeah, you two are right about Bika. Might need to email her later about that. Or get a phone number or something.
No. 628598 ID: 22fdff

People, we were told about our "colleages" from the getgo. Read the first thread, oir employer mentions that we merely the first of a couple dozenpeople dating.
And I seriously doubt that they would all date the same person. So there are most likely more visitor girls, and most likely guys, that those other peolple date.

For the current situation, I would say 2,4 and 5bare good choices
No. 628599 ID: 7b7ab3

You're right. It really makes the most sense. GG, Poly, Bika, and Meg are probably what you'd call our "assignments". I freaked over nothing.

But yes, back on topic. Another rousing flight followed by getting our ass thrashed at paintball to the sound of weird floater music should open up a few cultural doorways.
No. 628610 ID: d958ad

No. 628612 ID: bb78f2

I think music's a bit much for a first date, you know? That shit's intimate.
You at least wait for the third date to ask to hear her music.
No. 628614 ID: 7b7ab3

I disagree. She's basically admitted to being a clone of someone. Showing interest in something original she's created shows we respect her as an individual.
No. 628622 ID: 2a9886

No. 628680 ID: ea0ad9

She suggested she's the sole Floater there, though. They've probably got other warriors, oculots, and skuts (Maybe not the latter since the whole group is all the same).
No. 628716 ID: 7b7ab3

Okay, so, unless I'm mistaken, the most popular plan at the moment is to take another flight with her, listen to some of her music and play some paintball. Is that about right?
No. 628718 ID: b9cef6

That seems reasonable. And just to confirm because I feel like I'm not quite getting it, but she's a copy of Rebea, with added ability to love, plus her own nine months worth of experiences on top of Rebea to form her, Meg?
Does that mean there's an eerily similar Floater out there, somewhere?
No. 628723 ID: 7b7ab3

Not sure.
>For all intents and purposes I'm her 2.0.
>That's who she was. We are.
From the wording it sounds like Rebea might be dead or something, and that Meg considers herself to be the next "incarnation" or "version" of her.
But like I said, not sure.
No. 629228 ID: b2c9e1

maybe off handedly mention that "that's fine too, I'm into strong women~"
No. 629231 ID: 3637e8

Bit early to discuss that sort of thing and anything said with a tilde at the end becomes about seven times creepier, so no.
No. 629351 ID: 1eba6d
File 142648733529.png - (107.60KB , 960x560 , 173.png )

"Now I want to try some paintball for the first time," you say. "Know any places?"
"Yeah," Meg says. "I skipped a meet for you. It's going down soon."
"Perfect. Fly me?"
"K." Meg finds the harness and tosses it to you.
You buckle it around your waist. "Can we listen to some of your music on the way?"

Meg tilts her head. "I don't really make it for other people."
"We don't have to," you say. "I just want to know more about you."
"Maybe," Meg says. "Actually sure."
She fires up her thrusters again and comes up into a low hover. You start to go back-to-back with her but she shakes her head and turns you around. "Better view forward," she says.

She's right. It is. The horizon screams its way past you in a crisp, dark skyline as you rocket through the blue.
There's a whir and then her music starts up.
You were expecting heavy EDM, maybe something like the Perturbator she played for you.

Instead it's a soaring wash of bright, synthesized harp, and then you hear Meg singing in an open, clarion soprano.

Mes vers fuiraient, doux et frêles,
Vers votre jardin si beau,
Si mes vers avaient des ailes,
Des ailes comme l'oiseau.

Ils voleraient, étincelles,
Vers votre foyer qui rit,
Si mes vers avaient des ailes,
Des ailes comme l'esprit.

It's actually kind of beautiful. Like opera you can dance to.

You slowly become aware of something besides the music that demands your immediate attention.
Meg's pants are very tight, and flying must require a lot of lower body strength because her ass is even tighter. In this position you can feel every single microadjustment she makes to her flight path, and she's unknowingly grinding against you in midair. With the addition of the thrusters making her whole body vibrate, you are involuntarily starting to get very hard.

1]] Let it happen.
2]] Try to maneuver your pelvis away a little and pray she doesn't notice.
3]] Think of your grandma or something.
4]] Tell her this isn't a comfortable position and can you stop for a second to shift?
5]] _______________
No. 629353 ID: 05d909

That's a nice tune. Not exactly a love song, more an affection ballad.

Number 3, show some self control. Only adjust yourself if absolutely necessary, as she is going to feel it if you do.
No. 629355 ID: 0ee153

No. 629356 ID: b88e47

No. 629359 ID: 0ee153

Compliment her on the music, ask if she has any goals about that sort of thing.
No. 629368 ID: b5b419

She's doing it on purpose. One.
No. 629369 ID: 1eba6d
File 142649336359.png - (8.78KB , 960x560 , 174.png )

You do your darndest to think about grandma or something.
No dice.
You try and edge away from her a little bit to give you room for adjustment.

"I'M NOT DROPPING MY FIRST DATE, ZACK." Meg reaches back to you and pulls your arms across her midsection. "HOLD TIGHT. LONG WAY TO FALL."


Well, maybe she won't notice. If she does she makes no indication of it. You do your best to lean away but it's hard when you're essentially mid-air spooning her.


3]] _____________
No. 629371 ID: d958ad

2 because if you try to take her on she will just annihilate you.
No. 629379 ID: ea0ad9

From what I've gathered, the Floaters are a Collective. Not the same sort that the Skut are, but they definitely enjoy teamwork. Go for teamplay.
No. 629380 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 2.

Besides our lack of experience and not having the advantage of flight, there's also the fact that she's our date and being on opposing sides would make it difficult for cultural exchange and whatnot.

Also, the possibility of AERIAL ASSAULT!
No. 629430 ID: 0ee153

No. 629515 ID: e30e12
File 142656375456.png - (20.44KB , 960x560 , 175.png )


Her recorded voice sings a buoyant ending refrain as you coast out of the city and toward the green upstate forests.

Près de vous, purs et fidèles,
Ils accourraient, nuit et jour,
Si mes vers avaient des ailes,
Des ailes comme l'amour!

After about a half hour of flying and trying not to think about your erection, you feel Meg slowing down. She pulls into a hover over a broad treeline, and a couple other floaters fly up and out of it to greet her.
You can see some guys down on the ground in padding and helmets. Mostly humans (or maybe oculots?) and a few warriors.

"Megumi," the floater in front says. "Thought you had a date."
"Brought the date." Meg gestures to you.
"He playing?"
"He's with me," Meg says. "Tailgunner."
"That's not legit," the floater says.
"One he's natural weight and he'll slow me down," Meg says. "And two he's a newbie. Call it a handicap."

1]] Cool cool. Gimme a paint gun thing.
2]] Gee, thanks, Meg.
3]] Actually Meg maybe I could support you from the ground?
4]] Actually Meg maybe I could just watch.
No. 629519 ID: bd8b82

2 and 1.
"gee thanks" and sound pouty but then "naw i'm keeping, where's my gun?"
No. 629535 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and 1.

Let's kick this thing off right.
No. 629546 ID: 0ee153

>sounding pouty

Otherwise, 2 and 1 sound good.
No. 629551 ID: 330ce5

I support the 2 and 1 course of action.
No. 629560 ID: e30e12
File 142657062624.png - (12.33KB , 960x560 , 176.png )

"Gee thanks Meg," you say. "Gimme a gun thing."

"You're blue," the floater says. "Up north. Get guns, get pads, and listen for the buzzer."

Meg drops you off with about a dozen other people who are all suiting up. You find a gun and a few of the extra thingers with paintballs in them. Meg says they're called hoppers.
"Are you putting on any armor?" you ask.
"Nah," she says.
"Won't you ruin your leather then?"
"No," says Meg. "Because we're not getting hit. Strap on. Back-to-back this time. So you can watch my ass instead of poke it."

You're about to ask what that's supposed to mean when the buzzer sounds and she rockets into the air.
No. 629561 ID: e30e12
File 142657064794.png - (17.50KB , 960x560 , 177.png )

"WHAT'S ON OUR SIX" Meg banks low over the treeline. Paintballs snap through the air around you.