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File 140065772828.png - (48.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
81802 No. 81802 ID: 186341

hey friends check it out talk about enemy quest here
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No. 121368 ID: d887c0

We haven't had the interview yet.
Also, when did we come off as flaky?
No. 121373 ID: 8c3774

The afterparty better be some D&D shenanigans.
No. 121419 ID: d887c0

What would that even look like?
No. 121427 ID: d887c0

The Dulabira's Character Classes:

I have a hard time placing him, but I imagine he'd end up a paladin or a cleric. Mostly because of all the "sexual healing" jokes to be made.

I know fighter or barbarian is probably what most people would expect, but I can see her going monk, especially after watching FotNS.

Wizard or one of the psychic classes like psion or something. She'd go full support and try to diplomance her way out of most situations.

She'd most likely roll ranger if only so she could eventually get her character flying and start literally raining arrows down on people.

Bika is a cool gal and offers to be the DM every time they play. She's pretty good at it. She always has a couple noses buried in a manual or two.

She's way too self-conscious to actually play in the game, but she keeps things written down and brings snacks, so it's totally cool.

Yes, I'm counting her now. She doesn't play either, but she says the sessions are hilarious and inspiring, and she brings the human count up to two.
No. 121433 ID: 7fad5d

it would look like the quest called Crawl to Me
No. 121470 ID: d887c0

How should we introduce Krin to the dulabira?
She's met GG already, so I imagine word has probably gotten around by now.
Should we do it one at a time or just ask everyone to SLS and make a date out of it?
No. 121479 ID: 33cbe7

The answer is always orgy.
No. 121487 ID: 6ae5c0


Introduce her to Poly first. She's the one she most wants to meet while also possibly being the most nerve-wracking for her. Poly also seems inclined to like her just from what she's heard. Then with Poly behind her, meeting everyone else will be easier.
No. 121525 ID: 5f2b81

Good call.
No. 121585 ID: d887c0

O, my god.
How did we not think of this sooner?
No. 121742 ID: 2e22fa

So, I take it that polearm fencing is a common practice on golboria.
No. 121746 ID: d887c0

It would seem so.
Poly studied skut spear fencing at one point, and then we have the new guy his thing.
I guess swords are less popular on golboria.
No. 122095 ID: 459819

Enemy Quest: The War will most likely be going with a very polearm-y theme on the Golborian shock weapons, and the closest thing to a "sword" is actually a carbine of the "spear" weapons.
No. 122098 ID: d887c0

No. 122359 ID: 06478d


It is easy to see why, polearms and spears don't require as much material to construct (less metal), iirc Golberia has lots of scary fauna, so the need for longer reaching weapons became a necessity. Also it doesn't require nearly as much training to be effective with such weapons.
No. 122577 ID: 593a9c

that patiently waiting for update feel
No. 122649 ID: 4b1927

I know that feel. Just keep the faith. Brom has a life to live, and we need to respect that.
No. 124098 ID: ea4812

I cant belive brom fuckin died
No. 124112 ID: d887c0

Don't spread rumors like that, man. It's not funny.
No. 124113 ID: b1b4f3

Brom is worse than dead. He has a child to take care of now.
No. 124114 ID: d887c0

What vital piece of information did I miss? When did this happen? Where did you learn this? Is it just another rumor?
No. 124118 ID: 2474dd

Brom announced it the IRC Channel. This is not unusual as he was a mod there too.
No. 124119 ID: d887c0

I never go to IRC. Where can I find it?
No. 124120 ID: 4f1cbc

No. 124124 ID: d887c0

Thanks, but I could not find where it was said.
No. 124125 ID: d887c0

Double Post!

I now believe that there should be fan art of Zack and the girls fawning over Brom Baby.
No. 124146 ID: 7c80fd

Real shit?
Well damn, congrates Brom!
No. 124149 ID: d887c0

Oh, yeah!
Congrats to Bromeli-dad!
No. 124345 ID: ae8ec4
File 153207784731.jpg - (16.23KB , 500x500 , feel.jpg )

My balls are empty.
My heart is full.
I love this quest.
No. 124354 ID: d887c0

As do we all, friend. Take heart in knowing that it may yet one day return.
No. 124846 ID: 92681e

congrats on the kid brom.
No. 125271 ID: 695c64

Congratulations on the babbeh Brom! I think you're gonna be a great dad.

Good luck, lots of love, and try to get enough sleep! (You won't)
No. 125327 ID: 5ab80e

Guys. When it comes to D&D classes, Zach is a classical bard.
No. 125330 ID: d887c0

Well, obvs. He's the talkative, skilled kind while Meg is the normal, musical kind. GG is a monk/barbarian, Poly is a psion, and Bika is playing a combination of Risk and Monopoly.
No. 125333 ID: 33cbe7

What if Meg is a warlock, and the Floater Collective is her patron? You don't need a bard license to play an instrument.
No. 125334 ID: d887c0

I won't believe she's a warlock until she shoots lasers out of her hands. That's just the way it is.
No. 127140 ID: 73ca64

checking in from 2019
brom probably won't be able to do anything until 6 months after babby, meaning February or something.
No. 127141 ID: d887c0

Family comes first.
Still, it would be nice to see him return.
No. 127632 ID: cbdfa8

I wish i didnt binge this.
No. 127633 ID: 080aaf

You're definitely going to wish you didn't binge Static on the Wire then.
No. 127642 ID: fa48e1

Is it like the current format? Like multiple choices?
No. 127644 ID: cbdfa8

No. 127660 ID: cbdfa8

Oh and i totally regret that too
No. 129243 ID: a489ef

if only there was a way to RSS feed this
No. 129821 ID: 34fb21

Hey am I allowed to use the alien species you created in my quest if not I’m fine I haven’t put any in yet just asking so I know
No. 129824 ID: 75cf31

brom has a kid now and is on indefinite hiatus, so you’re not gonna get an answer for a long time. this discussion has happened already in the pinned thread but it’s been buried, so just fyi: common etiquette is that if you want to use an artist’s intellectual property but can’t get in touch with them, you should assume it’s a no.
No. 131792 ID: 4c6143

is every one still alive?
No. 131848 ID: b862fb

still keeping an eye out but probs shouldn't necro these discussion threads, I think there's an IRC channel
No. 131849 ID: b1b4f3

And a discord!
No. 138045 ID: f5c405
File 166239725062.png - (141.74KB , 875x473 , Screenshot_20220612-041907.png )

Dukerino is Brom, the quest creator, and has given people blanket permission to use his setting and characters. Just mentioning to get the word out there -)

I wish him and his normie life the best of luck lol.
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