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File 146653077899.png - (61.46KB , 800x600 , 511.png )
731264 No. 731264 ID: b1960b

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/662452.html
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No. 731265 ID: b1960b
File 146653079647.png - (37.35KB , 960x560 , 512.png )

It's a few hours after you've heard the news.
Polyphema hasn't been answering her phone.

Brose and Rella are waiting outside Poly's apartment.
They have to follow you basically everywhere now, not that you doubt the wisdom in that.

"Poly?" you call uncertainly, as you walk into the front room.
It is in disarray.
There's a pile of discarded clothes leading to the bathroom. A crumpled-up beer can lays forlornly next to one shoe.
"Come in, doll," Polyphema's voice comes singsong from the bathroom. "In the bath. Come shvitz."
No. 731266 ID: b1960b
File 146653084987.png - (9.58KB , 960x560 , 513.png )

Polyphema reclines in her bathtub. Your foot brushes up against an empty bottle of wine on the floor, which rolls and bumps into the tub. The room feels like a sauna and smells like a vineyard. There's a half-empty bottle of wine on the bathroom counter, and an unopened bottle of wine next to it. A glass is perched next to Polyphema on the lip of the tub.
Robyn is playing on the stereo.

"Good evening, Zackary," she says. "You look like death warmed over, then frozen again, then put in the microwave too long." She sloshes to one side and picks up her glass. You've never seen her drunk enough to slur her words but there is a definite drag to her now. "Have some fruit of the vine and soak a spell. The water's fine." She takes a gulp of wine. "The wine's better! But the water is fine too."

1]] You're drunk.
2]] Don't mind if I do.
3]] I know you don't want to talk about this but we need to.
4]] How long have you been in that tub?
5]] I should go, actually. Just making sure you're doing well.
6]] ________________
No. 731267 ID: 0a94cb

Don't mind if I do- take her wine glass. You'll pass on the water on account of the broken pelvis.
No. 731270 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 4, 3.
Oh, Poly...
She needs help. We need her to open up and talk to us.
No. 731271 ID: 7b594e

1 is too accusatory. Besides, it's pretty obvious that she is.
Definitely 2. We need something to steady us.
3 is necessary. It's terrible and sad, but it's not going to go away, and it'll only get worse the longer it lingers.
4 is strictly her business.
5 is right out.
No. 731272 ID: 5a893f

6) set the wine down for a moment, sit down next to her and hold her hand
No. 731273 ID: fca8cc

Dip a hand in the water to see how hot it is, that'll tell you how long she's been the tub, roughly.

I don't think Poly reacts well to the idea of someone else trying to look after her. There's a contrarian streak in her, especially with authority. If we want to appeal to her to open up, it'd be better to present it as Zack wanting help or comfort or such. Whiiich isn't really a lie, either.

So, 6). Tell her, you wanted to talk about another dream you had recently, that you've been worried about. You didn't want to bring it up before, since it would have been... difficult, and a downer for sure, but, uh. You had assumed that it was downer time already, in general, with... Hiz, and everything else. You kinda wanted to talk about that, too. Not towards anything in particular, just... you know, talk for the sake of talk.

But she doesn't seem in much state for talking, right now.
No. 731274 ID: 533cc4

Drink her glass of wine so she can't. Take the unopened bottle when you leave.
No. 731275 ID: 73eb08

>>731267 , dip hand in water to see how warm it is, and so how long she's been there, but splash her a bit to cover that.
6) Are you okay?
No. 731276 ID: 2a7417

4, 3. Confound those earth-first boys, they drive her to drink!
No. 731278 ID: 25c953

we don't have to talk about it now, but we're gonna have to soon. we're not gonna pretend nothing happened either. this is a good time for an incredibly wet hug.

no more wine. not because it's bad for her but because we need to be able to walk if there's trouble and dack's pelvis can't support a half unconscious naked slippery wet girl right now.
No. 731280 ID: 398fe1

I'm not sure Zack should get in the tub. Could be real awkward with his injury.
No. 731281 ID: b1960b
File 146654112227.png - (17.18KB , 960x560 , 514.png )

"Don't mind if I do." You take her wine glass.
Unfazed, she takes the bottle, and holds it in the tub with her.
You dip your hand in the tub. It's very warm.
"How long have you been in here?" you ask.
"Not quite long enough," Polyphema says. "I'm marinating."
She slips down a little and starts blowing bubbles.

"I know you don't want to talk about this," you say, "but we need to."
She comes back up. "Talk about what?"
"You know."
"Oh, Hiz? Ol Hizzy? That what?"
"What is there to talk about?" she asks. "Little late to be talking about him, isn't it. Like talking about Crocs. Or swing music. Dead stuff. Ashes to ashes, Zacky. Ashes to ashes and man to meat."
"We can't pretend nothing happened."
"Oh honestly Zack. I'm bored of talking about people dying. That's all anyone talked about for decades. It's dreadfully boring. It's not like he did anything new. It's not like he's a trendsetter. He was alive and now he isn't. Such is the way of things." She takes another drink. "Mm. So it goes, Kurt Vonneguts."

1]] _______________
No. 731285 ID: e4f856

Kurt Vonnegut huh?
"well he is very much alive in the past, so why shouldn't we talk about him?"
No. 731286 ID: 0a94cb

Hmm. Okay, then let's talk about how he lived.
No. 731287 ID: 8d7722

Well, if she isn't ready to talk about him, you shouldn't try to force her to, because that will make her feel worse than she is now.

Tell her that you're here for her if she needs you, and maybe offer a hug. Everyone goes through grief differently, and you care about her.
No. 731288 ID: 7b594e

Alright then. Instead of talking about his death, let's talk about his life. We didn't know much about him, but we could tell he was a good person. He was friends with Poly and Bika. What did Poly know about him?
No. 731290 ID: fca8cc

We don't really talk about dead people for their benefit, Poly. More for ourselves. People who didn't get to know them, and won't, get to learn a little from people who did, and the people who did get to clear out their heads and their thoughts straight. Like Hiz did himself, talking to me about his brother.

I never got to know the guy, Poly, the way I would have liked, and thought I was probably going to, at least a little. Can't now. Next best thing would help a little, though, I think.
No. 731291 ID: 558268

This. DEFINITELY this.
No. 731292 ID: 7b7ab3

Let us grieve with you, Poly.
No. 731293 ID: b1960b
File 146654342102.png - (9.40KB , 960x560 , 515.png )

"Then let's talk about how he lived," you say. "I never got to know him how I would have liked."

"I don't want to talk about him," Polyphema says. "You can talk about him with Bika. If you're just here to check on me I'm fine and you can go. If you're here to drink wine with me then drink your wine."

1]] Sit with her and drink.
2]] I want to talk about him with you. I think it'll help you.
3]] OK. Just making sure you're safe. You know how to get in contact with me.
4]] Poly, please. This isn't like you.
5]] Hiz told me about his brother and felt better. He wouldn't want you to just keep everything in.
6]] I think you should stop drinking for today, Poly.
7]] We gotta get up now, Poly. I think you've been marinating enough.
8]] ______________
No. 731294 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 2, 5.
We must not push her too hard. Anything we do has to be done slowly and gently.
No. 731300 ID: fca8cc

8) He was worried about you, you know. About a few things, including... *tap fingers on wine glass* ... this. Passed on a bit of that worry to me, and Bika.

You sent me to help him, Poly. He doesn't get to do the same?
No. 731301 ID: 4eadca

I wish I was better at handling things like this.
I know we shouldn't try to force anything on her, but we can't just leave her like this.
Maybe we should just drink with her for a while, then see if she either feels like talking or joining us elsewhere.
No. 731308 ID: d8dc8a

Guys, gee whiz, don't be so codependent. She doesn't want to talk about him. Stop pushing it. Either spend time with her or go. I say grab a wine and dip in the tub with her. She's a big girl, she knows what she needs. Let's talk about art! Or philosophy. She brought up Vonnegut, that's a good topic.

"So it goes." Steps into tub. "What was your favorite Vonnegut? I know it's kind of overused, but I gotta stand by Slaughterhouse, myself."
No. 731309 ID: ad3d87

I'll make you a deal, Poly. If you'll get up and join me and the others, then we'll all drink together and you won't have to be alone. I'll even throw in some stories about my younger, angrier days to sweeten the deal.
No. 731313 ID: 017b21

You make a good point. Pushing it's not going to help. The first stage of grief is denial, after all.
Let's soak and drink and talk. Tell her about our past. Talk about books and music.
She'll open up when she's ready.
No. 731324 ID: cdb698

Two suggestions.
>Excuse ourselves, go into the other room, and call the girls.Ask them for advice about this situation.
>Tell her what it was like for us after we lost our parents. How hurt, sad, and angry we were after the fact.
No. 731333 ID: 8d7722

Don't try to force her to talk about it, she pretty much just told us off. If she doesn't want to talk about, we shouldn't be so rude and insist.

Just, I don't know, back down, sit and have some wine.
No. 731342 ID: e22b1d

This. What Poly's doing looks like it's more than just her way of grieving. It seems unhealthy.
No. 731345 ID: 350a50

No. 731350 ID: 5a893f

Babe please, you can grieve with me. Have a glass of Nyugen brandy. His cared a lot about you, he'd want me here with you. I want to be here with you, for you.

I'm here, babe. I'm here. Let me be your rock tonight.
No. 731351 ID: 76b0be

Well shes horribly drunk and upset so I doubt we should agitate her. Tell her you will need to talk about many unpleasant things before the end of the week but not today. Then settle down next to the tub drink some wine, hold hands, and be there with her. It does wonders just to not be alone.
Keep her from falling unconscious in the tub too.
No. 731352 ID: 358228

4, 5, 7.
No. 731354 ID: 5a893f

I would to clarify that my post is not a proposition for sex
Maybe try and get her to feel the stubble of your facial hair zack. Bring her to the now through touch.
No. 731357 ID: d8dc8a

Guys, she's drunk. Now is not the time. You won't get anywhere, you'll just piss her off. The most helpful thing you can do is to lovingly and non-judgmentally spend time with her. Just be pleasant company. The conversation can come later, and let her decide when it comes. Are you hurting too? Maybe lead with your own vulnerability, rather than trying to pry at hers, if you absolutely must.
No. 731367 ID: fca8cc

Thinking on it a bit more... the thing about Poly drinking before now is that it wasn't really doing any harm. It was a worrying trend, yeah, and maybe a sign of something harmful, but her drinking wasn't interfering with anything. She didn't drink enough to impair her judgement when it was important or to become abusive or to get in the way of her job, whatever that may be.

This, though... an oculot and a human in the program were attacked, the oculot killed. Zack is probably going to get pestered for an interview with the media soon, and they might try get at Poly too. She's elusive, but she might not be as elusive with the drink on her, and she won't be great for answering questions if they do catch her. She does have a bit of temper, and we don't want that going off.

Plus, well, she seems like she's pretty important. Influential. A mover and shaker, a pusher for certain things to happen, someone who keeps things together and headed in the right direction. Right now a lot of trouble is going to happen and a lot of people are going to be worried, and maybe do some damn fool things. It sucks for her, since she's grieving too, but... she probably has some important work she could be doing right now.

Maybe we could try to, uh. Tactfully outline those issues to her.
No. 731393 ID: fd55dc

2 5 6
No. 731394 ID: dca517

Something like these. Girl needs support, not pressure.
No. 731395 ID: fd55dc

She needs someone to snap her out of it. She has a problem and it's not going to get better on its own. Self-medicating as a coping mechanism is not good. We need to let her know there's more here to support her than just wine.
No. 731397 ID: dca517

Which is what the physical affection and emotional intimacy is for.
No. 731400 ID: fd55dc

We've been giving her that since the start. We're not going to fix this with it.
No. 731403 ID: 398fe1

Try to get her to open up. Also, get her in contact with someone who can give her professional help.
No. 731414 ID: b1960b

Gang in the future please give an indication with your vote as to which choice you want to go with, even if you expand on it from there. It makes it a lot easier on me when it comes to figuring out just what the majority is. The write-in at the end is there and numbered for a reason.
Update coming soon!
No. 731415 ID: b1960b

For example: A lot of you are essentially voting for 1 or 6 here without actually putting 1 in your vote. If your suggestion cleaves to one of the choices I'm going to count it as that choice.
I totally encourage you to rephrase it however you want: just for bookkeeping purposes include the vote number thing too.
No. 731417 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 731420 ID: b1960b
File 146658166778.png - (9.90KB , 960x560 , 516.png )

You lower yourself down and sit on the closed toilet seat, next to the tub. You look to take her hand but it's under the water and folded tight across the wine bottle.

"He was worried about you, you know," you say. "He cared a lot about you. He'd want me to be here for you."
"We don't know what he wants," Polyphema says. "We never will. That's the pisser about being dead." She takes another swig of wine
"I want to be here for you."
"Well I don't need anyone anywhere for anything," Polyphema says. "I am having a peachy time with Good Sir Cabernet of Napa Valley, thank you."
"He was worried about the, uh," You tap the side of your wine glass. "He passed on a little of that worry to me."
Polyphema's eye narrows. "The what, Zack? Glass?"
"You sent me to help him, Poly. He should get to do the same."
"Do you presume to teach me how to grieve, Zackary Nguyen?" Polyphema rises out of the bath tub. "Do you suggest I weep on your shoulder? Is that what you want from me?"
"I just--"

"I haven't wept in decades," Polyphema snarls. "I have lost more dear to me than you will ever have, human. Parents brothers sisters friends. I have buried them all. And when you grow old, and waste away, and die, while I look helplessly, agelessly on, I will bury you just the same. I have wept tears enough for a dozen of your lifetimes. I have wept tears for loved ones taken by sickness. I have wept tears for loved ones taken by time. And I have wept useless, bootless tears over the mangled and eviscerated corpses of loved one after loved one after loved one taken by violence. It has done nothing, do you understand? It solves nothing. I am finished with it. Whatever your adolescent brain has to say about life or love or grieving or opening my heart, kindly spare me. I have heard it all dozens of times. There is one constant: one possible conclusion to anything anyone will ever love: it is death."

She slumps back into the tub. "So before then, I am going to drink." She drinks.

1]] ____________
No. 731421 ID: 398fe1

Well you don't want her to drink herself to death.
No. 731424 ID: 0a94cb

Cute, but drinking's done just as little.

If she were dull to the grief, or even trying to drown it, that'd be one thing. This looks more like using it as an excuse. Rude.
No. 731425 ID: 398fe1

...wait does she even need to worry about drinking herself to death? With the way tech is going is there like, a nanite pill she can take to keep her liver going or whatever Oculot organ serves the liver's purpose?

As for you dying... well, with bionics and other recent advancements in technology, there's a possibility you will live a life approaching the length of an Oculot's.
No. 731426 ID: 7b7ab3

I have no idea how to handle this.
We are gonna need some help.
We should pull back, call the others, and ask for their advice.
No. 731427 ID: 5a893f

Did you telling me that give you some all natural brain drugs? Please, go on. Tell me more. I'm serious, im a brick wall right now, toss it at me, I can take it.
No. 731428 ID: 5a893f

It doesn't need to solve anything, by the way. Not everything that needs to get done is a solution. Who needs solutions right now? Neither of us. I just want you to hit me with what you got.
No. 731429 ID: 675ea0

She's lashing out. She's hurt, miserable, and drunk, so she's lashing out.
I'm honestly not sure what to do. I don't want to risk a confrontation with her, but I also don't want to leave her alone in this condition.
This might be a good idea. Zack and the other girls have suffered losses, too. Polyphema's not wanting for support right now. We just have to get it to her.
No. 731430 ID: fd4b38

"Well, sure. You're right. I'm too young to be able to give you any lectures about love or loss or... a bunch of stuff. Heck, I never could even if I was old, could I? You guys feel deeper more often."

"So, I'm going to talk about something more... practical. Because, before now, yeah ever since Hiz told me he was worried about you drinking I thought of it every time I saw you do it, but it wasn't really a huge concern, just a thought. It wasn't getting in the way of anything, wasn't making you fail any responsibilities or hurt anyone or anything like that, and you have the right if you want if none of that's going on."

"But there's a leak at the HVAO and a huge mess happening, right now, and a lot of stuff that could happen. What if the media found out to come here and laid siege to you for an interview, would you be able to deal with it without doing anything you'd regret? What if it wasn't the media, but the same people who went after Hiz, coming for you and me? Or what if someone else who knew Hiz, some mutual friend of yours, or anyone, came to you for help? People look up to you."
No. 731431 ID: ff896f

just drink with her in silence.
this is how she grieves and i don't really see an issue with it unless it becomes a multi-day thing.
No. 731434 ID: 2ae62a

"Huh. I see. Well, pardon me for saying so, but I respectfully disagree. I'm not sure if that's fatalism, nihilism, or what, but I disagree with it on general principle."
No. 731435 ID: 76b0be

Well damn Poly...

I suppose we will need to wait to have much of a conversation with her.

Would you like anything to eat? Some seltzer? A set of pajamas you especially like, for when you get out of the tub?
No. 731436 ID: c441c1

"Yeah but does the pain ever get easier when it happens."
No. 731437 ID: 27d8d4

Just leave! She isn't going to jump down your throat for letting her wallow after that monologue.
No. 731438 ID: 27d8d4

(Me again)

/quest/ just wants to spout more cringeworthy platitudes, but you need to just leave. You will not be the one exception who finally gets Poly to see the light. You mean just as little to her as everyone else who has ever tried vainly to help her.
No. 731441 ID: e4f856

No. 731446 ID: 558268

All I'm thinking of right now is gently patting her on the head, but I'm afraid that may come off as patronizing. For now, I think its best to just leave the room, possibly taking the unopened bottle of wine, and wait in another room for her to come out on her own as you ask the other girls for some sort of advice.

Save >>731430 for later after she's sobered up a bit. Maybe suggest coming with for the hunting trip.
No. 731449 ID: aabc74

By that "logic" everything we've done or will ever do is rendered utterly pointless in the face of an inevitable end. Of course this "logic" is really just the drunken raving of a miserable old woman who just lost someone very dear to her, so her fallacious thinking is forgivable.
We should definitely seek assistance. If we can't talk some sense into her, then maybe GG could shake some sense into her. Bika doubtlessly has thousands of years of ancestral memories worth of loss and pain. If anyone could talk to Poly on equal footing in that regard, it's her. Meg's very good at cutting through bullshit and finding an unlikely answer, so even she might help.
No. 731450 ID: 3af16b

the only way to handle this and not come off as a presumptious dick is to quietly nod and accept a drink with her.
No. 731451 ID: c74bc1

No. 731452 ID: 350a50


I agree with the others who said to save this for later.
No. 731453 ID: f562b1

Responses to final comments in previous thread:
In DOOM, kills by infighting (Tricking the enemies into killing eachother) still counted towards your kill count, didn't they? That's what the stats are based on, is that old DOOM score screen at the end of the level. For the death to still mean 0%, means that there were so many that could have been killed that it's an insignificant number, math-wise.
We should introduce the others to our friends like we did GG. Would have to introduce Bika as "This is Bika. And some of her family. *Shrug* Skut are big on family sticking together."
>"There is one constant: one possible conclusion to anything anyone will ever love: it is death."
>She slumps back into the tub. "So before then, I am going to drink." She drinks.
"Maybe, then, I'm the one who needs help. I haven't been through what you have, you're right, but because of that, it's you who needs to help me through this."
If she tries to suggest just drinking it away, tell her you don't have the tolerance built up she does.
No. 731466 ID: 3009b4

Speaking of someone who's had to deal with a lot of grief lately, the only thing that helps it is time and knowing that someone cares.

You cannot solve someone's grief. There is nothing you can say that will suddenly make Poly have some sort of realization and then everything will be better, and she's especially not going to have an epiphany while she's drunk.

What she needs to know right now is why she's loved and why she's important.

Tell her how much she means to you, and how important she is to you. Tell her everything you like about her. When you're heavy dealing with grief, you stop caring about yourself because all you can think of is your loss, and the loss of a loved one. So what she needs to hear is why she's important to you and why she should keep on going, even if it hurts.

I can't speak for everyone because everyone grieves differently, but I still find it much easier to be motivated to care about the living and other people's problems than look in on my own. One thing that kept me from seriously considering suicide (through violence or self-neglect) after Max passed was how much it would hurt my mother and brother and the other living people in my life. I'm not saying Poly is the same, but knowing why she's important and how her very existence impacts others she cares about might just give her the will to keep on going.
No. 731476 ID: b1960b
File 146663121369.png - (21.67KB , 960x560 , 517.png )

"I'll be right outside," you say.
"Suit yourself," Polyphema says.

You lean your cane on the wall and lower yourself to the floor outside the bathroom. Polyphema turns her music up.

1]] Message Bika: ___________
2]] Message GG: __________
3]] Message Meg: ____________
4]] Message someone else: __________
5]] Just wait. She'll come out eventually.
6]] Leave the apartment.
7]] _________________
No. 731479 ID: 4260bc

Message GG, Meg, and Bika: Poly's taking it hard. Total shutdown. Very drunk and sitting in the bathtub. Got angry when I tried to talk to her about Hiz. Need help/advice.
No. 731480 ID: 7b7ab3

To GG, Meg and Bika: "I'm with Poly. She's in bad shape. Very drunk, very angry. Please advise."
To the HVAO: "Arrived safely. Can I get a sit rep?"
Then we wait.
No. 731482 ID: 3009b4

Go back in and tell Poly why she's so important to you. Don't tell her what to do or try to give advice, just tell her you love her and why. Tell her how she made a difference in your life, tell her all the qualities you admire in her. No flattery, everything has to be sincere. If nothing else, if anything happens you'll have made sure you won't regret not telling her these things.
No. 731483 ID: 1e63b6

1]] Message Bika: with poly. shes not doing so hot. u ok?
2]] Message GG: geeg polys falling apart and im scared help
3]] Message Meg: u ok? im with poly. shes a wreck.
4]] Message HVAO: update plz
5]] Just wait. She'll come out eventually.
No. 731484 ID: e4f856

What smik said, >>731480 except only say she's a wreck to gg, who is in alamad or dulamad idk I forget
Spilling the beans at meg and bika might alienate poly BC image is important to her
No. 731486 ID: 350a50

Agreed, GG is the closest to Poly. She should definitely know what's up, leave the others to Poly to open up to first.
No. 731487 ID: 595d54

No, we're the closest to Poly and she isn't opening up to us. She isn't going to open to anyone.
No. 731488 ID: 558268

1, 2, AND 3 at the same time: "Poly's in the tub, very drunk and very angry. I'm kind of scared right now. Please advise." For GG though, might make it more urgent/tactful, as she's the closest to Poly.

Then 4 to the HVAO for a sitrep on what's going on over there. Lastly, 5 because you do ''not'' want to leave Poly alone right now and its best to let her get out when she wants it.
No. 731494 ID: fd4b38

5). Just wait.

... We really need to talk to her about that dream we had about the Kariket. It's a shitty time to do it but it's always going to be a shitty time to do it, and it could get shittier the longer we wait. There's too much shit the Kariket could be doing with mind control, even before considering that he's literally insane. There are people who need to know who'll only believe us if Poly backs us up on it.
No. 731498 ID: d4420c

No. 731511 ID: f562b1

>Brose and Rella are waiting outside Poly's apartment.
>They have to follow you basically everywhere now, not that you doubt the wisdom in that.
Why not ask them about things before calling HVAO?
No. 731514 ID: 3009b4


Didn't Poly's speech sound familiar?

She might have been the maid. Or had something similar happen to her.
No. 731515 ID: d8dc8a

Guys, we're not her therapist.
No. 731519 ID: 8702a0

No, but we are her lover and friend, so we can't just abandon her.
No. 731523 ID: b2d501

I THINK I get it. She saw what Kariket saw and had the same revelation over an extended period of time, except that she hasn't crawled into a tiny corner of a huge palace or ripped the determination out of everything that tried to pet her.

So since crushing existentiality isn't a core part of her personality like it is for Kariket, she made a more rational decision and drank the @#$% out of anything that screams museum piece to drown out the noise, which made her fear rot and ferment into general detachment.

In other words, Kariket is a big baby, but we can't blame him because anyone who comes to the same crushing epiphany that gave him his superpowers is going to need four kegs of wine a DAY.

Injected straight into the cerebral cortex.

And Poly, like many other long-lived short-relationship people, has a demo version.
No. 731529 ID: 3ce73f

1]] Message Bika: Just checking in. You ok? I'm with Poly. She's taking this very hard.
2]] Message GG: Hey, babe. You alright? I'm here with Poly, and she's in bad shape.
3]] Message Meg: Hey, girl. You good? I'm at Poly's. It's a bad scene over here.
7]] Ask Ambrose and Rella if there's been any updates.
No. 731551 ID: f7a64f

We made a stupid mistake by applying our ideas on grief and addiction to a hundreds of years old alien aristocrat from a very different world. Poly is grieving in her way but attacking her or pretending like shes some alcoholic wreck is arrogant to say the least.

7. Go back in, strip down and join poly in the tub, and drink wine and talk about hin until she won't anymore. Don't be judgy about the wine, in fact get the bad kind of drunk you get a wake if she keeps going until that's the case.

If she's on a path through depression than simply be there with her through it. Don't try to stop her or change her, you can't anyway. Just stay and join her and make this your memorial to Hin, talking about him in a tub while getting piss drunk.

Also, don't talk about Poly to the others, that's gossip and it's a douche thing to do.
No. 731561 ID: 3009b4

>7. Go back in, strip down and join poly in the tub, and drink wine and talk about hin until she won't anymore. Don't be judgy about the wine, in fact get the bad kind of drunk you get a wake if she keeps going until that's the case.

No, do not talk about the deceased and do not get piss drunk. Poly may need someone sober.

>Also, don't talk about Poly to the others, that's gossip and it's a douche thing to do.

No. 731566 ID: 0a94cb


Fuck apologizing, she was a huge condescending jerk back there, and that's our job, god damnit. Seriously, that whole rant of hers was way out of line.

Also she's a big baby.
No. 731570 ID: 0ebaec

>Just wait. She'll come out eventually.
that's passive aggressive, and also would take many hours. probably at least 5.
No. 731572 ID: 86b9e8

This here. Don't be an enabler. When someone spits on your decency, however ill-conceived it is, you are not obligated to apologize.
No. 731573 ID: 3af16b

>getting angry at people for saying irrational things in the throes of grief over someone she's know longer than us for probable centuries

maybe possibly do not do this, perhaps?
oy vey
No. 731574 ID: 350a50

No. 731575 ID: 4cef42

1, 2, 3: hey. here with poly. how r u?
7: Go back and just be with her. It's a very bad idea for her to be alone right now.
No. 731577 ID: 3009b4


I had a happy marriage. Apologize regardless, because it will open up communication and encourage her to listen.
No. 731578 ID: 3009b4


It is beside the point. Poly is hurting, and hurt people act irrationally. She is also many times our elder -- we are an a adult child to her, which means that ignoring her many years of experience beyond our own is insulting.

The apology shows respect, it opens up communication, it puts her in a mind set more willing to listen. It shows she's more important than our pride.

This isn't the right time to consider 'enabling' actions because she is grieving. Saving trying to deal with her alcoholism for when she's stronger.

Put on your man pants Zack -- the real adult man pants, not the faux-macho-pants that people mistake for man pants -- and go back in there, apologize and be her friend and lover. Tell her why she's special to you and only you (although you can include things people like about her later) and just make her feel loved. Screw your pride.

Also maybe rub her feet once you start talking. From personal experience this appears to be magical.
No. 731584 ID: 8d7722

Become wracked with conflicting emotions and indecision.
No. 731604 ID: 350a50

This is the only proper human reaction.

Though this sounds good too.
No. 731699 ID: b1960b
File 146680409403.png - (18.07KB , 960x560 , 518.png )

You trade texts with everyone else as you wait in Polyphema's living room.

>polys really drunk. im staying here for a while.
Sounds good. Me n Rella will take turns outside.
>any updates on whats happened?
None Im allowed to share just yet. Still nothing on who did it.
They're looking for witnesses.
>Hows the mood at HVAO?
Not good. We've plugged up the exploit that let the leak happen but we still havent found who did it
Don't know how much I can tell you. You should call Britta tmrw

>hey boo. u ok? Polys falling apart
:warrior: :(
:warrior: im ok. like its still sad i but didnt know him
:warrior: poor poly
>shes just sitting in her tub drinking. really pissed at me
:warrior: y?
:warrior: what do we do
:warrior: me neither
:warrior: should i come over

>u ok? im with poly. shes a wreck
:meg: rough
:meg: she drunk?
:meg: thought so
:meg: is she conscious
>shes in the tub
:meg: imo u should stay the night and tlk in the morning
>how are u feeling
:meg: im just fine but im wondering abt the situation
>like what
:meg: why he didnt/couldnt defend himself
:meg: /why they felt ok picking a fight with an oculot. this feels off
:meg: im getting u a gun zack. ill teach u how to use it
:meg: no arguing

>just checking in. with poly. shes not doing so hot. u ok?
:bika: Im ok but the climate here is not. There are some very angry visitors coming to see me right now. Trying to keep everyone level headed
>that sucks
:bika: Theres a lot of things that suck right now
:bika: At least its a distraction, right?
>shes distracting herself with wine rn
:bika: O. That probably isnt helping
:bika: Do u want me to talk to her? I know we dont get along awesome but i knew him

From inside the bathroom you hear a loud retching sound, echoing into a toilet bowl.
The sink turns on then off again.
Poly's music turns off. You look up.
She emerges in a cloud of steam, dressed in a bathrobe, her arms folded tight across her chest. She clicks the lights in her apartment off then sees you. She looks at you blankly.
Neither of you have spoken yet.

1]] __________
No. 731700 ID: 3009b4

Frick'n apologize, Zack. Idiot.
No. 731703 ID: 595d54

Since Smik is apparently the only one with actual experience in this and one of the few people not panicking at a girl being sad, let's follow his advice, why don't we.
No. 731704 ID: 358228

Oculots know how much a look can communicate. Words can't come close.
"I'm sorry" is all you can say.

Rather than mob her all at once, I think it would be best if one of us came at a time to be with her. GG, Meg, Bika.
No. 731706 ID: 550a81

Also, ask her if there's anything we can do for her. Does she want anyone else to come over? Would she like somebody else to talk to? Does she want to be held?
No. 731707 ID: 3009b4

Face facts, Zack. You ARE an adult kid to her and you will always be a kid to her. The age difference doesn't prevent you from being lovers but it does make her your elder.

Put yourself in her shoes. How would you like someone with a fraction of the life experience you had giving you advice on how to live your life? It'd disrespectful of your experience.

Well, you were disrespectful of Poly's years of experience. Now for the love of whatever powers you hold dear DO *NOT* TELL HER YOU WERE DISRESPECTFUL OF HER YEARS, but you can apologize for being disrespectful.

And because you were disrespectful, after you apologize you will have to agree to whatever she tells you to do.
No. 731709 ID: 7b7ab3

"I'm sorry. I've never been very good at this."

>Rather than mob her all at once, I think it would be best if one of us came at a time to be with her. GG, Meg, Bika.

>Also, ask her if there's anything we can do for her. Does she want anyone else to come over? Would she like somebody else to talk to? Does she want to be held?
Also this.
No. 731711 ID: b37d46

I think getting a gun is a good future idea so long as you go the legal route. Sure every one of your gfs can take a man out on their own, but there would be a lot more legal repercussions for a visitor doing self defense than a human.

Also apologize.
No. 731712 ID: 6ea739

Simply apologize.
We'll figure out what to do from there.
No. 731713 ID: 87876e

Just ask her if she wants you to leave. Nothing else.

I'm not sure why exactly, but apologizing seems like a bad move. Like it would come across as insincere, or if not that exactly then something similar. That Poly wouldn't react well to it. Like the kind of people she likes are people who generally don't? Like it's too... political a thing. And she's probably heard tens of thousands of apologies.

I don't know. It's a feeling.
No. 731714 ID: 0a94cb

No, that's stupid. Apologize for what? Being preachy while she was belligerent? The scales are even and she doesn't want to revisit any part of what happened right now. That's sort of her whole thing, she doesn't want to reflect on tragedy, on discord, on the failures of herself or others. She doesn't need an apology, she doesn't want an apology.

What I do think she'd appreciate is company, as long as it can keep its mouth shut. Snuggling is probably all she's in a state for right now, and what a coincidence the same is true of our pelvis.
No. 731719 ID: bb78f2

I'm sorry. I just care about you, and I'm worried. That's all. You do you, just know I'm always here, and that I love you.

If you'd like some good news...
Meg and Bika are boning. The funny thing is that I brought up the fact that if Bika's male side are interested in any of you and if they wanted to romance with ya'll that would beautiful. Then Meg rushes, pretty much said hey yo Bika that was fine boning last night right in front us both as Bika was stuttering from the coincidence that I brought it up.

You didn't hear it from me.
No. 731721 ID: bb78f2

I forgot to mention that you're not apologizing for your concerns, you're apologizing for leaving frustrated, which is something you should never do in a relationship... I think. Or is that with kids?

Or driving? Never drive angry. I think it's all of the above.
No. 731722 ID: 8d7722

Apologize for heaven's sake!
No. 731725 ID: 18a38e

No. 731729 ID: b2d501

"Hugs and killing never die. And I've scheduled my self-defense classes (read:firearms training) to next week.

...Let's cuddle up until you're horny"

Then DON'T @#$% for a while and let the pursuit of happiness kick in. Go on a basic date, no fun or excitement, just some sundaes to replace the booze requirement.
No. 731730 ID: b1960b
File 146682104160.png - (18.75KB , 960x560 , 519.png )

"I'm sorry," you say.

"Shh," she says.
She lays her head in your lap. You tense up for a second but it doesn't hurt.
She takes your hand and puts it on her head.

About a minute later she starts snoring.
No. 731731 ID: 3009b4

Sorry Zack but you're obligated to stay like that now unless you have to use the bathroom.

On the positive note, this is the best result we could hope for.
No. 731732 ID: 404149

Mute your phone. Update people on what's going on. Make sure she doesn't choke on her own vomit.
The usual.
No. 731733 ID: 18a38e

Poor thing. Let's stay with her until she wakes up. Maybe text GG to grab some Bikas and come over.
No. 731736 ID: 7b7ab3

>you're obligated to stay like that now
>Mute your phone. Update people on what's going on. Make sure she doesn't choke on her own vomit.
>text GG to grab some Bikas and come over
These, please and thank you.
No. 731737 ID: 358228

No. 731738 ID: 9215e1

Be very still. Be very quiet. Mute the phone. Let her rest.
No. 731739 ID: 572ea3

she is using your broken pelvis as a lap pillow.
this is going to be a long night
stick through the pain, dont' say a word, lean back into the seat, put phone on silent text them back saying you'll handle it and that you're going to stay over at poly's.
also ask bika if the trouble is anything you can help with

go to sleep or take a nap if you can
No. 731740 ID: cdb698

This, but include in the text that Poly is asleep, and Bika and GG should be as quiet as possible if they decide to come over. Girl needs some rest, yo.
No. 731741 ID: 9e3c72

All of those.

And honestly, that turned out far better than I expected! Could have been even better, but really, this is very delicate situation.
No. 731744 ID: 350a50

Agreed. Notify them that Poly is napping through, so to be quiet.
No. 731745 ID: 358228

Nuh uh. This doesn't even apply really, because it's already been said not to hurt (Poly is aware of it to boot), but even if it did the nurse said pain = no gain. You wouldn't sacrifice your pelvis to be a pillow.
No. 731747 ID: 7b7ab3

>go to sleep or take a nap if you can
Probably not the best idea given the circumstances.
Zack picks up on Polyphema's memories when they sleep in close proximity to each other, and I don't imagine her mind is the best place to be right now.
Besides, the last thing she needs right now is an invasion of privacy on top of everything else.
No. 731755 ID: 572ea3

number one reason to take a nap right there in my opinion.
she wont talk about her self, her past, or anything whenever we ask only giving us coffee shop talk if she decides to share, we've learned more about her through sleeping than actually talking to her. so far we are nothing but a short distraction in her long life.

take the nap, we don't have to tell her what we dream
No. 731756 ID: 3009b4

Run your fingers through her hair. Commit moments like these to memory; you don't know how long they'll last.
No. 731757 ID: 241e9d

Okie-dokie then.
1.) Do. Not. Get. An erection. Not the time.
2.) Mute phone.
3.) Text girls and ask if they can come over.
4.) Gently stroke sad alien girlfriend.
No. 731758 ID: b2d501

No. 731955 ID: 480d43

I hope Zack doesn't need the bathroom for a while.
Message your peeps to rally up and see if you can get Ambrose or Rella to hand you a pillow.
No. 731999 ID: f7a64f

I agree with sleeping while poly does. I know we made some vague promise not to intrude if we could control it, but considering she seems unwilling to share anything negative with us, I think this is the only way we'll really get to know her.
No. 732014 ID: ed7726

nah, as curious as i am betraying her trust right after a major death in her life strikes me as a bad idea.
No. 732083 ID: 358228

I think falling asleep on us was a deliberate move. She knows about the dreams, and wants us to see what's troubling her.
Remember, our promise was to try to wake up if we see something she wouldn't want us to, not to stop dreaming entirely.
No. 732195 ID: e22b1d

Doubt she's lucid enough to be constructing plans right now, especially since she's never shown the ability to actually control what we see.

Fall asleep anyway since it's how you learn the most about her. And don't invite anyone to her house without her permission, ya dummy, except maybe GG.
No. 732205 ID: 5280e9

Considering waking up was attempted last time to no effect and we just continued through the dream, it seems that we don't have a say in the matter. It may be that humans lack the psychic equivalent of muscle tone due to never having the opportunity to use it and it will come with time, but since it sounds like this is a new phenomenon that occurs between humans and oculots we're largely flying blind.
Either way, it'd be a bad idea to leave her alone when she's been drinking, same as anyone else in this situation.
No. 732307 ID: 350a50

I favor staying awake for safety reasons. There's still threat(s?) on the loose.
No. 732311 ID: f91b7b

No. 732939 ID: 13b474

Well we're good and stuck now. Best thing we can do is ask our friends and ladies what to do with a drunk, unconscious, incredibly depressed oculot. Quietly of course.
No. 732945 ID: f7a64f

Seriously though, don't text with anyone or gossip about this and really, really don't invite anyone over. That's just dumb.
No. 733002 ID: 358228

By grab some Bikas, you mean for traveling in a group and not for coming into the house, right?
>I know we dont get along awesome but i knew him

While we can ask people to come over, it's Poly's house to decide who is invited in.
No. 733017 ID: b1960b
File 146736090894.png - (2.94KB , 960x560 , 521a.png )

You mute your phone, text everyone an update, and ask GG to come over with some Bikas. You gently turn Polyphema's head to the side to keep her safe from choking on vomit.

You stroke her face. She's so soft.

You don't exactly mean to fall asleep.
No. 733018 ID: b1960b
File 146736095488.png - (2.99KB , 960x560 , 521b.png )

The orgy enters its third hour.

The candles flag low. Their lights shine dancing ghosts across the cherrybark walls, picking out, here and there, amidst the outsized cushions and hanging fabrics, bodies entwined in love's sweet ache.
The scents of champak and sandalwood hang indolent in the heavy air, twisting and intermingling in ethereal mimicry of the dozens of lovemakers below it.

Your name is Bijala.
This is the first orgy you've ever attended.
You are not laying with the lovers. It would be improper. They are gentry, noblemen, folk of repute.
You are simply a painter, with no title or honorific but that of Artist, commissioned by your patron to capture with ink and brush the contours of erotic passion.

You keep your sights set firmly on your easel, set up a few feet from a perfumed garakton pleasuring three gasping oculots at once, and try to block out the sounds and sighs of love. The musicians play sliding velvet drones and sonorous fugues.

You look up for a moment, scanning the room for your next tableau, and catch the sight of the most beautiful blue eye you have ever seen, staring back at you.
No. 733020 ID: b1960b
File 146736110402.png - (15.60KB , 960x560 , 521.png )

She steps so lightly across and between the bodies below her that she seems to float, a being transcendent even of such paradisaical surroundings. She is shamelessly, fulsomely naked.

You recognize her. This is the Garaktonnic Fire Hoop dancer, whose performance was the precursor to the main event of the night. Before, in her scarlet silk and brass bangles, she was gorgeous. Now, shucked of them, she is mesmerizing.

With each step her hips flow like music. She is flawless, and captivating, and she is walking directly toward you.

Your throat instantly dries. Other, more secret parts of you instantly moisten.

Good evening, paintress, she purrs.
Yes, mistress, you mutter, fighting to break contact with that brilliant cerulean eye.

I should wonder how you think so, she says. She places a hand on her waist and stands contraposto; the motion causes a jolting curl of lust to hook around your stomach.
It must be dreadful, mustn't it.

Sorry? you ask.

To be surrounded by all this-- she waves her hand-- and stuck behind a canvas. Have our dignified hosts even seen fit to feed you?

I'm all right, mistress.

They haven't? Well if I squint I think I see that fat fellow near the back making sweet romance to two whole plates of grapes all on his own. I'm sure he could spare a few.
She leans forward, knocking the air out of you again.
Would you like me to feed you, paintress?

1]] I suppose I could eat.
2]] Do you mean-- you feed me?
3]] I'm sure they are delicious, mistress, but I have already eaten. Thank you.
4]] I shouldn't. I'll get in trouble.
No. 733023 ID: 13b474

1 and 2. No sense being impolite, and even less sense to miss such an opportunity.
No. 733024 ID: 358228

2, 4. Plenty of time my sweet, plenty of time.
No. 733029 ID: 7b7ab3

>The orgy enters its third hour.
Golborians know how to throw a party!

Such a kind host! Who are we, a lowly paintress, to deny such hospitality?
No. 733032 ID: d4420c

2, 1.
No. 733034 ID: 0a94cb

No. 733038 ID: e4f856

No. 733046 ID: 8702a0

4, 2, 1. Like her resistance is failing.
"I shouldn't. I'll get in trouble. Unless... Do you mean-- you feed me? Well... I suppose I could eat..."
No. 733053 ID: b2d501

1. "Eggs, balut, chicken. Maybe I could get inspiration from the life cycle."


"Bika, what's for breakfast?"
No. 733057 ID: 53c4b8

Sad as I am to suggest it, waking up might be a good idea. I doubt Poly favors being poked in the head by nocturnal boners when said head is hungover.
No. 733063 ID: 08de7e


I agree with >>733046 in terms of choices, but not in the exact order. 4 first, then 1 after mulling over a bit, and finally 2 as a sort of delayed and shocked reaction, as Bijala seemed to firmly believe she has no right to interact with the upperclass outside of business.

Though, before things get really hot and heavy, and before any really personal info is revealed, >>733034.
No. 733068 ID: 350a50


A gentleman doesn't pry, Zachary.
No. 733075 ID: 857c49

4, 1, 2. Also, has anyone here ever actually tried to will themselves awake? It's not exactly a common feat.
No. 733084 ID: 818eac

... paint dickbutt.
No. 733096 ID: 9ef32f

2, then 1. Timidly, but very intrigued.
No. 733100 ID: 8d7722

Wake up.
No. 733108 ID: a075ba

No. 733112 ID: f29c01

Wake up if its one of those dreams where you CAN wake up, otherwise its time to watch Poly work her magic.
No. 733113 ID: 9ef32f

Please number your suggestions. It makes it easier for Brom to keep track of things.
No. 733119 ID: b1960b
File 146741777184.png - (13.03KB , 960x560 , 522a.png )

Do you mean-- you feed me?


By hand?

As is the fashion with grapes, she says.

I-- ah-- I shouldn't.

You should.

I'll get in trouble. My patron--

Your patron happens to be my older brother, she says. And if he complains, I'll handle him. He should know better than to dangle such pretty things in front of me. He's well aware I don't like keeping my hands to myself.

You shrink back. You're a gentlewoman of the nobility?

I am many things, she says. But nobody has yet accused me of being a gentlewoman.

But-- I-- well I suppose I could eat.

Marvelous, she says. She takes your hand from your lap and pulls you out of your chair.

What's your name, paintress? she asks, steering you toward the corpulent nobleman and his vineyard.

Bijala, you say. Can we really just--

Of course, she says.
She plucks a bunch of grapes from the silver serving tray of a nubile skut, which simply bows its head in deferential response.

Easy as that, she says.
No. 733120 ID: b1960b
File 146741777931.png - (11.43KB , 960x560 , 522.png )

You're shaking, Bijala.
She puts a grape in your mouth, then runs her thumb across your lip.

I'm sorry, mistress.

Don't be. She rubs your wrist. I find it tantalizing when people are intimidated by me.
I've seen your work. It's hung up all around my brother's house. The only beautiful things he owns. How a man of his taste found a mind like yours I can't imagine.

You like my paintings?

What you make are more than paintings, she says. You make windows into better places. Better selves. I found myself yearning to crawl through them. Or at least to find the hands that made them. To touch them, perhaps.

She enmeshes her fingers through yours. But now that they're in front of me, I find-- voluptuary that I am-- I can't be satisfied with just your hands.
I think I'd like to steal you from him.

She lays a palm on your thigh.
You're a little overdressed, Bijala, she says.
Your tongue has tied itself in knots. Your throat is too dry to speak.
She slides her hand up under the fabric of your dress until it rests on your waist. She traces your hipbone with her thumb. You're so aroused that the motion makes you whimper.

Will you lie with me? she asks.

1]] If it pleases you, mistress.
2]] Yes. Please.
3]] I can't. Your brother.
4]] I'm a virgin.
5]] I've only just met you.
6]] wake up
No. 733121 ID: a075ba

2, 6
No. 733124 ID: 350a50


Don't betray her trust.
No. 733125 ID: 53c4b8

No. 733126 ID: fe65ad

No. 733127 ID: 595d54

No. 733128 ID: fb1c7d

6. Now's not the time to be doing this.
No. 733130 ID: 8d7722

6 wake up
6 wake up
6 wake up
No. 733131 ID: e22b1d

We only promised Polyphema we'd check out if sensitive information or things she wouldn't want us to know about came up. She didn't say anything about not getting fingerbanged.

No. 733135 ID: f29c01


It's best to keep our word.
No. 733137 ID: 9ef32f

2, 4.
No. 733138 ID: 5280e9

3, 1
Though I think it is at this point that our suspicion of who Poly's brother is from conversations with her and Hiz tips over into a pretty likely looking theory. And we should probably stop watching while it is only a theory, and not a certainty, because confirmation is something that should only come from her when she trusts us.

6]] wake up
No. 733140 ID: e22b1d

Wait a second:


Polyphema lied to us about having siblings. This is the second time in this thread Enemy's referenced her having them. Wonder what's going on here.
No. 733141 ID: 5280e9

Doesn't the Kariket have the (quite possibly self-conferred) ability to revoke someone's official name and identity? And this happens to everyone who flees to Earth by default?
In that case, she'd technically sort of not be lying-ish that she has no siblings.

Or perhaps she thinks that the person her brother was died a long time ago, and refuses to think of him as a sibling at all now.
No. 733142 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 4, 6.
We've already seen more than she'd like.
Let's bow out before we hear something really important.
No. 733143 ID: 818eac

No. 733144 ID: 5280e9

Well, probably. She told us she came from a well-to-do farming family, the Kariket talks up how he came from a humble farming background according to Hiz, and also according to Hiz this is a distortion of the truth.

We need to wake up before that sort of thing becomes certain though. She should be the one to decide when to tell us. We need to talk with her about the dreams and such as soon as possible while being understanding of how shaken up she seems right now.
No. 733146 ID: 7b7ab3

Enough supposition! Let's just get out of this dream before we see too much! Let's also avoid any confrontation with Poly for now. This is hardly the best time!
If we want to continue this, then let's take it to the discussion thread.
No. 733151 ID: 0a94cb

6. The painter's just gonna die anyway.
No. 733152 ID: b2d501




Or just find the nearest [cricket] bat and wake the @#$% up already.
No. 733170 ID: b1960b
File 146743029388.png - (12.98KB , 960x560 , 523.png )

Yes. Please.

She smiles. Thank you, she says.

She lays a hand on your knee, and slowly opens your legs.

I'm a virgin, you say, before you can stop yourself.

She pauses.
I'm your first?


And you would give me this?

Yes. Yes.

Bijala. She rolls over so that she's kneeling over you. You honor me beyond words.
I prostrate myself before you.
She rests her head on your stomach. She kisses your bellybutton, then suddenly perks back up.
I just realized, she laughs. I've been so frantic to taste you; I haven't even told you my name.

I thought-- perhaps I didn't need to know it.

She laughs again. You think I'll simply take my fill of you and leave?
I told you, little paintress. I'm stealing you.
Wouldn't you like to know the name of your thief?


No. 733172 ID: b1960b
File 146743033725.png - (8.93KB , 960x560 , 524.png )

Your phone buzzes.
You jolt awake.

Your lap is wet and for a second you freak out, thinking maybe that dream got a little too exciting.
You touch the stain on your pants and realize it's nothing like that. Polyphema's crying in her sleep.

With the utmost tenderness you replace your lap (the bones of which, you decide, have had enough of that deleterious position) with a cushion from Polyphema's couch.
You cast around for your cane, and use it to get to Polyphema's room and find a blanket for her.

Once she's sleeping soundly again you check your phone. You've been asleep for a half hour.

:warrior: ok me and bika are coming over now

Her latest message is what woke you up.

:warrior: were outside. buzz in?

:meg: ik i wasnt invited but can i come anyway
:meg: im worried abt poly
:meg: zack?
:meg: r u sleeping
No. 733175 ID: 7b7ab3

Buzz in Big Red and Hot Fuzz, then tell Super Fly we were snoozing and that she can come over if she wants.
No. 733176 ID: f09ad4

Buzz in GG and Bika but text them Poly is still sleeping.

Text M you were sleeping, Poly still is. She can come over if she's ok stealthing around.
No. 733177 ID: 60151e

Hope Poly doesn't mind a bit of company during these trying times. Safety in numbers and all that.
No. 733187 ID: 010dde

Invite all the girls over, but tell them to be very quiet as Poly is still asleep. Though it does bring up the dilemma of how we're gonna break to Poly about the dreams with Zack's other three girlfriends depending on how private we want that topic to be.....
No. 733189 ID: 358228

Meg can come, GG and Bika can come in, but everybody... wait in a different room than Poly. The front parlor, or something. You'll hang with them too, and check in on Poly.
No. 733190 ID: 60151e

Best to keep all the dream stuff on a back burner until we get current, pressing matters sorted.

Yes. Don't want Poly feeling overwhelmed or smothered.
No. 733217 ID: fe74a4

No. 733251 ID: cd9ebd

To gg and meg: "come on in. quiet tho. poly is asleep still."
No. 733253 ID: 04efcb

I think we need to arange a specific date to talk about the dreams it's far to sensitive a topic to suprise Poly with.

I suppose all the girls can be here but warn them as they come in that Poly is seriously not okay and may be more than a little difficult.
No. 733269 ID: 25e2cb

>Buzz in GG and Bika but text them Poly is still sleeping.
>Text M you were sleeping, Poly still is. She can come over if she's ok stealthing around.
>everybody... wait in a different room than Poly. The front parlor, or something.
>warn them as they come in that Poly is seriously not okay and may be more than a little difficult.
Carefully constructed plan.
No. 733324 ID: 9f3729

yeah this is a good plan
No. 733401 ID: 6abd99

No. 733403 ID: 4dece0

Just be sure not to leave Poly alone for any significant length of time, we should be there when she wakes up.

Hey, wait, Ambrose and Rella said they'd take turns outside. Shouldn't GG and Bika have met one of them to let them in?
No. 733405 ID: e22b1d

Outside the room, presumably. They needed someone to buzz them into the building.
No. 733406 ID: 4dece0


Well, in that case we could get one of them to buzz GG and Bika in, and have Zack stay here with Poly.

In retrospect, one is generally supposed to inform one's bodyguards when expecting guests.
No. 733541 ID: b1960b
File 146760763322.png - (21.72KB , 960x560 , 525.png )

"Still sleeping."
GG comes back into the front room and sits down.
One of the Bikas heads into Polyphema's room to take her turn. It's the soldier who was injured against Pilop, arm still in a brace. Bika's brought her in solidarity with you, you guess.

"Poor Poly," GG says.
"Poor Hizalian," Meg says.
"Yeah." You readjust the ice pack you've put on your lap. "Did he leave anyone else behind?"
"Not on this side," Bika says. "We're discussing how to break the news on the other. Want to get ahead of whatever official channels the Kariketic government is going to use."
"I could do it," Meg says. "There's people I can talk to."
"That might be a good idea," Bika says. "Has the HVAO given you any updates, Zack?"
"Nothing you guys haven't heard," you say. "I'm waiting."
"K." Bika curls up. She looks very small. "I still haven't-- I don't know. Hiz. I'm still processing it. I've been so busy all day and now. The wind's kind of out of me."
Meg sits up and puts her arm around Bika's shoulders. She kisses her ear.

"Fuck." GG flops sideways and lays on the couch. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."
"Yeah," Bika says.

The room lapses into silence.

1]] We need to come up with a plan for how to handle it when she wakes up.
2]] I'll call Carlson, actually. Get as up to date as I can from the horse's mouth.
3]] I think I'm taking you up on those shooting lessons, Meg.
4]] Me and GG were talking about leaving the city to go hunting or something. We should make that happen ASAP.
5]] I need to tell you guys about something. I keep getting these weird dreams when I sleep with Polyphema.
6]] _______________
No. 733542 ID: 350a50

1, 3, 4
No. 733543 ID: 5a3919

1, 3, 5.

Carlson's probably super busy. Poly I think wouldn't be too down with hunting just for hunting's sake and we don't want to leave her behind. Talk about the dreams but don't talk about the specific content of any of those dreams, those are what Poly would like kept private. The fact that the dreams themselves happen I don't think she cares so much about people knowing.
No. 733546 ID: 595d54

1,3,4. Not 5. That's not a thing to take chances with. We can ask her about that specifically when there's a good time.
No. 733549 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, 4.
Immediate issue: severely depressed and potentially suicidal oculot. Plan now.
Future plans: get out of the city, go hunting, get some shooting practice, and avoid further complications.
No. 733559 ID: 5a3919


It's never a good time! Besides, we already talked about it to Hiz, in Bika's restaurant no less. The fact that oculots have freaky mind powers, and that sometimes new freaky mind powers pop up, is not a secret. Besides, one of our dreams was from GGs perspective, as I recall, and she has a right to know we saw into her head at a point in her life.

Also, as many people as possible need to know that the Kariket can mind control people. We don't need to reveal anything about Poly, we can just go "hey I get dreams where I see into the minds of people Poly has met at some point in the past, I got one that let me look into a scene from when you were a kid GG, also I got one where I saw into the kariket's morning and turns out he's literally insane and can control people's minds".

You can't not tell people that a crazy man is running around with mental domination powers, come on.
No. 733560 ID: a41fd8

No. 733566 ID: 60903a

1, 3, 4, 2.
Before we discuss the dream situation with anyone else, we should have a long, serious talk with Polyphema about how to handle it. A hunting trip should provide ample opportunity to hold such a conversation.
No. 733572 ID: 5a893f

1, 3, 4
No. 733585 ID: 3abc4f

1, 3, and 4
No. 733588 ID: 595d54

Sure you can. That's exactly the sort of thing you shouldn't ever tell someone unless you're certain they can actually do something about it.
No. 733592 ID: 358228

1. GG, you give good, restraining hugs. Poly needs several hugs. And a tall glass of water.
Not 2. Don't call them, they'll call you. Or you can check in with the agents, later.
3, 4, and not 5. There is nothing they can do about these memories without spreading the knowledge around even further.
No. 733626 ID: 5280e9

Yeah, speaking to others about the dreams is something we should do WITH Poly
No. 733733 ID: 7b3f9f

"We need to come up with a plan for how to handle it when she wakes up. Also, I think I'm taking you up on those shooting lessons, Meg. Which reminds me. Me and GG were talking about leaving the city to go hunting or something. We should make that happen ASAP."
No. 733813 ID: 960f86

Theres gonna be Hell to pay
No. 733824 ID: f08a8a

1. We are open to suggestions, ladies.

3. What manner of firearm were you considering, Meg?

4. How about a bear skin rug for the restaurant, Bika?

6. Let's get an update from the agents and see if anything's changed.
No. 734220 ID: 327d44

if we went hunting bika could make traditional skut food served out of the skull of the hunted.
No. 734289 ID: 4c106e

No. 734786 ID: b1960b
File 146813672382.png - (13.30KB , 960x560 , 526.png )

"I think I'm taking you up on those shooting lessons, Meg," you say.
"Cool," Meg says.
"Whoa." GG's head raises. "I want in on that."
"I can make that work," Meg says. "Biks?"
"I don't really need shooting lessons," Bika says. "But I'll come."
You raise an eyebrow. "Do you own guns?"
"Depends on who's asking," Bika says.
"GG and I were actually talking about going out hunting or something when my crotchbone's fixed," you say. "Maybe you could finally make that thing that comes in its own skull."
"Bringkik, you mean?"
"Yeah, the thing."
"That goes in warlox skulls. Think we'll see any warloxi in the forests of Upstate New York?"
"Maybe not. Maybe in Connecticut."
"I just know I wanna kill something," GG says. "We can't find whoever killed Hizalian I guess it'll have to be a little bunny or something."
"Nooo," Bika says. "Not the bunnies."
"A bear," Meg says.
"Yeah," GG says. "A fucking bear."
"I can see about getting us to the range tomorrow," Meg says. "If that's what we want to do."
"Maybe," you say. "Right now we gotta decide what we're going to do about Poly."

"Yeah...." GG lays back down. "But like what the fuck can we do?"
"Not a lot," Bika says. "She's... taken a lot of damage, I think. And she's never really fixed any of it up. That's the picture Hiz painted anyway."
"I think I'm going in there." Meg straightens up. "I think it'll be good for her to wake up next to somebody."

1]] You know she might puke on you in her sleep, right?
2]] I don't know. She may just want to be alone.
3]] Sounds good. We'll hold down the living room.
4]] I think I'll join you.
5]] I'd join you but my pelvis might not cooperate.
6]] I'd join you but weird stuff happens when I sleep next to Poly.
7]] Maybe we all should.
8]] Shooting lessons tomorrow sounds good to me.
9]] ______________
No. 734787 ID: 9f2de2

4, 7.
No. 734788 ID: 7b7ab3

4, 7, 8, 9]] Anyone know any hangover remedies?
No. 734789 ID: 1c3e55

9) See if you can control the next dream with Bika + Poly + anal sausage interconnecting Bika and Poly + Tin Foil helmet
No. 734795 ID: 1137e8

"Sounds good. We'll hold down the living room. Or maybe I should join you. Or maybe we all should. I don't know. Anyway, shooting lessons tomorrow sounds good to me."
No. 734801 ID: 5a893f

Bika, your probably the most experienced when it comes to Oculot mental health, well without bias, since that would be Poly.
How exactly is such a long living species supposed to stay mentally healthy when one is garenteed to go through countless tragedies? Fixing a specific problem is one thing, but the reality is that an Oculot (and potentially skuts too) is going to have to fix infinite problems until death occurs. Hiz was only 80 ish and had seroius issues himself but they were clearly manageable at that age. Poly implied perhaps she a millennial.
No. 734812 ID: 558268

4, 7, 8. Avoid 6 until Poly wakes up and possibly opens up, because merely mentioning it may hint to the others about Zack's unintentional spelunking into her memories, and it best not to reveal it until Poly's more stable.

Actually, here's a good 9: You guys know of any good hangover cures? Aside from more booze.
No. 734817 ID: 1ce34b

3, 8. We shouldn't crowd her.
No. 734825 ID: 6494e4

3, 5, 8.
Trying to crowd in around her all at once may not be the best idea, but she probably shouldn't be left alone either.
We may also want to wait about revealing the dreams until we've asked Poly if she's cool with the others knowing.
Our dulabira could only benefit from shooting lessons as it would be a good team building exercise and could help protect it.
No. 734853 ID: b50d02

3, 8, not 4. You had your turn, Zack.

I mean, what are the odds she'd have some sort of Floater-related trauma?
No. 734880 ID: 26dfb4

3, 8
9]] Let us know when she wakes up, and if she's ready for more company or not.
No. 734941 ID: 97263f

join, but give the tinfoil hat thing a try. if nothing else it'll give her a good hungover chuckle. the intention is to show we want to sleep with her but still give her privacy.
No. 734951 ID: 7b3f9f

1 is just kind of rude.
2 isn't very likely as Poly never said she wants to be alone, and she outright fell asleep in Zack's lap.
3 is tempting as we have a lot to discuss and it's hard to have a discussion with people who are trying to sleep.
4 is tempting as well as Polyphema may want Zack present when she wakes up.
5 isn't worth much as we've managed with the damage so far.
6 is something we should save talking about until we get the OK from Poly.
7 is tempting because for all we know Poly may want as many friendly faces as she can get.
8 should definitely happen as the gang needs better defenses, and they'll need to practice for the hunting trip.
No. 735021 ID: 5b4b1e

3 and 8.
Meg deserves her turn, and we have things to plan with GG and Bika.
No. 735149 ID: ab65d4

No. 735160 ID: b1960b
File 146822463354.png - (2.94KB , 960x560 , 527.png )

"Sounds good, Meg," you say. "We'll hold up the fort in here for tonight I guess. And then tomorrow, guns."
"Fuckin' A," GG says.

Meg fake-shoots you as she goes into Polyphema's room.

You fall asleep in a pile of couch cushions, red arms, and Bikas.

You dream that you're barely keeping your head above the water.
Someone holds their hand out to you.
You reach forward to grasp it.
No. 735161 ID: b1960b
File 146822464438.png - (12.73KB , 900x600 , 528.png )

"And a good morning to you too," Polyphema says.

"Humh?" You blink reality into your brain.
Your left hand is full of soft warm Oculot tit.

1]] Inquire how she's feeling.
2]] Inquire about breakfast.
3]] Inquire about whether she wants to talk about Hizalian today.
4]] Inquire as to whether she remembers last night at all.
5]] Inquire about Bijala.
6]] Inquire about any updates on the situation from HVAO.
7]] ______________
No. 735162 ID: ab65d4

1, 4, 6.
A very tentative 3, but drop it immediately at the first sign of discomfort.
Then 2.
No. 735163 ID: 0a94cb

No. 735164 ID: 7b7ab3

7]] Pull her into a hug.
1, 4, 6, and 2.
No. 735166 ID: 1f6323

1, 2, 6.
then, 7. i wanted to sleep with you but i also wanted to give you privacy.
also, maybe, 8. watching you drink in grief made me feel helpless. i get that it's how you deal, i just wish you wouldn't push me away. i really care about you and it hurts to just watch from afar.
No. 735167 ID: 094e9a

1, 2, 3, 4, 6. I omit 5 because I classify it as "old, personal stuff that's none of our business."
No. 735169 ID: 818eac

7, hug the mono-eyed slut
2, cause food
1, check for hangover
avoid 3 like the plague until you've gotten your bearings and a general feel for the atmosphere
No. 735170 ID: e4f856

7) HUG
No. 735172 ID: 327d44

do not do 3, 4, or 5. avoid that snake pit
only do 6 if you haven't gotten any messages from them and the bodyguards out in the hallway know nothing.

so just do 1 and 2. i vote breakfast first we have to have our priorities straight
No. 735175 ID: 59bd8b

7) Hug Poly
2) Inquire about breakfast
1) See how she's doing after the other two
No. 735176 ID: 9ef32f

No. 735177 ID: 16dbfa

7) Honk.
No. 735179 ID: 960f86

1, 7, 2.
No. 735181 ID: f7a64f

No inquiries, just pull her down and give her a kiss.
No. 735183 ID: 1c2a1b

1, 2, 4. I imagine she's feeling felt up.
No. 735186 ID: 558268

First of all 7: Give her a hug so as to diffuse the currently awkward moment. Then, in order, 1, 4, and 2, and finally 6 over breakfast. Only bring up 3 if the topic comes up and feels comfortable enough, and avoid 5 like the plague.
No. 735189 ID: 350a50

1, 2, 6

7: Once confirming the two of you are in private, tell her you've figured out how to back out of those dreams.
No. 735192 ID: 4f8995

7) Sit up into a hug, then 1.
No. 735193 ID: e22b1d

It's not awkward. She's our beautiful, slutty, one-eyed girlfriend. The only thing awkward is that we're touching her 8/10 boob instead of her 10/10 butt.

Escalate into make-out. Touch butt.
No. 735215 ID: 398fe1

7, tell her about the dream you had about JUST the kariket. She needs to know how he controls people.
No. 735218 ID: 358228

1, 2, 6. Honk. She's looking much more composed, and I think we'll be able to try talking with her again today. Hopefully she hasn't already hit the sauce.
No. 735234 ID: e22b1d

I stand by that. GG's boobs are 10/10. She has the boobs, Poly has the hips.
No. 735261 ID: d8dc8a

1, 2, 6, squeeze her boob and say "Honk honk."
No. 735266 ID: bb78f2

7) do me a favor and pinch me. Maybe say my name too, JUST to be sure.
No. 735278 ID: 960f86

7 - hugs about
No. 735318 ID: b1960b
File 146830243454.png - (13.07KB , 960x560 , 529.png )

You squeeze Polyphema's boob. "Honk."

She squeezes your pec. "Honk honk."
"How are you feeling?" you ask.
"You tell me how I feel," Polyphema says.
"Pretty good," you say.

She lays herself across you and gives you one of those deep, languid, morning kisses.
You touch her butt. She flexes it a little in response. It's a different kind of soft from her chest. More of a summer morning softness. Less supple and more like the kind of thing you can sink your fingers into.
Leggings rule.
No. 735319 ID: b1960b
File 146830246351.png - (18.08KB , 960x560 , 530.png )

"Yooo! Get a room!"
GG walks out of the kitchen with a frying pan in her hand.
"I have several rooms," Polyphema says. "One of which has a gaggle of visitors eating all my eggs."
"How do you want yours, Zack?" GG asks.
"You would," GG says.
"What does that mean?"
"You would want your eggs scrambled," GG says. "You're a scrambled eggs guy. That's so you."
"What does--"
"It is very you," Polyphema says.
"Where do you get that-- I want them over easy actually."
GG whisks back into the kitchen. "I'm scrambling them."

Polyphema licks your neck, then sits up. She rotates her butt a little on the morning wood bulge in your pants. "You invited the whole kit and kaboodle, didn't you?"
"Should I not have?"
"I don't mind," Polyphema says. "It's actually rather comforting. Ambrose is inside. We tried to bring Rella in but she insisted on watching the door."
"Do you remember anything about last night?" you ask.
"Yes," Polyphema says.
"Do you want to talk about--"
"No I certainly do not," Polyphema says. "It is a beautiful morning and I am hungry. Come!" She stands up. "Breakfast awaits."

1]] Cool.
2]] I'm sorry.
3]] We should talk privately first: _____________
4]] Ask Ambrose about ___________
5]] I like my eggs all kinds of ways, fyi. Not just scrambled.
6]] ______________
No. 735320 ID: e22b1d

3]] And by "talk privately" I mean "help me out with this morning glory"
No. 735321 ID: aea051

1, 5.
4]] Ask Ambrose about the investigation. Have there been any changes?
No. 735322 ID: 398fe1

3, tell her about the Kariket. Why are we keeping that secret it should not be secret it is an enemy's secret.
No. 735323 ID: 350a50

No. 735324 ID: 7b7ab3

1. No use forcing it.
4. We should ask for an update.
5. We also like them boiled.
No. 735326 ID: ce2e2f

First things first this >>735320

Then >>735324
No. 735327 ID: 74ea6e

No. 735329 ID: 358228

1, 4: Ask Ambrose if the HVAO has Visitor employees besides the cultural exchange program that he knows of. Oh, and I guess if anything happened overnight.
No. 735330 ID: fd55dc

No. 735331 ID: fd55dc

No offense Brom your plot is great and everything but I want more porn
No. 735332 ID: 91ee5f

6]] I hate to spoil the mood but I have two things I must say. First, my crotch is still broken. Second, ow ow ow, please get off, ow ow ow!
No. 735333 ID: 358228

Watch the pelvis, buddy.

No. 735339 ID: 350a50

No. He's recovering from a broken pelvis and we have more important things to do.
No. 735343 ID: 0a94cb

No. 735371 ID: e4f856

6) I haven't put insurance on my pelvis yet, we need to cool it.

We got more important shit to do than sex.
No. 735375 ID: 1cfbb0

1, 2
6]] I love you.
No. 735388 ID: 558268

1, 5, 4 pertaining to the investigation and finally >>735371 because that's just golden. XD Save 3 for later, the topic being the Kariket.
No. 735389 ID: e05b38

1), 5), and 6), kind of a variation on 3: "I just wanted to ask, I've had a few more dreams, some that didn't involve you at all that I could tell. Do you mind me talking to other people about them? Not about the content specifically, for sure nothing about you that I get from them, just like, about the dream thing itself? Like, I had one where I think I saw GG's childhood. Seems right to inform everyone that sleeping with you and me together means me maybe seeing their history."
No. 735425 ID: 960f86

No. 735519 ID: 960f86

No. 735709 ID: b1960b
File 146848391077.png - (11.91KB , 960x560 , 531.png )

"I haven't put insurance on this pelvis yet, y'know," you say. "We need to cool it."
"Am I hurting you at all?" Poly asks.
"Well-- no, actually."
"It's all about distribution and application of weight, doll." Polyphema wink-blinks. "You don't get to be a long-lived woman who loves short-lived men without knowing your way around brittle bones and hip problems." She delicately dismounts. "In fact this could be an opportunity for me to show you something interesting."
"Something interesting?" You let her help you up. "That sounds interesting."
"An interesting present," she says. "Remind me."

GG has made you not one but what looks like a half dozen eggs. You struggle valiantly against the pile with the aid of a Bika's thieving fork.

"Are there any updates you can tell me about?" you ask Ambrose.
"Nothing fun," Ambrose says. "Ms. Polyphema?"
"Right." Polyphema excuses herself from the room.

"They think they caught one of the guys," Ambrose says. "In a hospital, in midtown. Seriously burnt."
"Apparently he did fight back after all," Meg says.
"Cause of death was strangulation," Ambrose says. "With some kind of cord."
You gingerly set your breakfast aside. "What's happening at the HVAO?"
"A lot." Ambrose clears his throat. "They're, uh, some people are talking about putting the program on hold."

1]] Why?
2]] They can't. It's too important.
3]] That wouldn't stop me from being with everyone, y'know.
4]] That tears it. I'm calling Carlson.
5]] On hold for how long?
6]] Some people like only a few, or some people like this is probably going to happen?
7]] ______________
No. 735710 ID: defceb

<_Apollo_> Brom what the fuck
<_Apollo_> none of these options are to flirt with Ambrose
<Brom> sorry write it in

I'm writing it in, Brom. Flirt with Ambrose!
No. 735711 ID: 358228

6, 1, what's their reasoning, and 2. It's not (just) your vested interest speaking, but you are the most successful participant in the program and it's making a real bridge between the species.
If concerns about the budget are raised, well, you're not doing it for the money (anymore). You're doing it for Bika, Poly, Meg, and GG. *ahem* And Mr. Carlson.
No. 735712 ID: 38685c

No. 735713 ID: 960f86

3, 1
No. 735721 ID: 71d78d

2, 3, 6, 4
This program has taught humanity so much about the Visitors, has opened doors to so many possibilities, and has the potential to do so much more. It needs to continue. It's come too far to give up now.
On a personal note, even if such a thing were to happen, this dulabira will not be divided. It too has come too far to simply give up.
Exactly who all is even suggesting such foolishness? Is it really just a few or could this be a real problem?
Perhaps it would be best if we went directly to our superior about this matter.
No. 735722 ID: ef9669

6, 1.

Maybe if we ever talked to Poly about the dream thing and got her to let us talk about it, we could tell the HVAO about the kariket and they could tell other government agencies and then, maybe, someone would go "oh shit this romance program thing is important after all". Guys.
No. 735725 ID: 960f86

how about no.
No. 735726 ID: e4f856

+7) flirt with ambrose, no one can resist your pervert demonboy charms
No. 735727 ID: fb1c7d

3, 1, 6
Honestly it wouldn't stop you and it's good to make your position know. Having all the info however is also really important.
No. 735737 ID: 7a5065

These. Putting the program on hold is a bad move. It also wouldn't accomplish anything. People would still be in danger wether or not the program was active.
No. 735740 ID: 91ee5f

No way! There's only room for one human in this dulabira and that's Zackary Nguyen! And no offense to Ambrose but once you go Visitor, you ain't ever going back!
No. 735743 ID: 350a50

I get the feeling he's hot for his partner anyways.

No. 735744 ID: f562b1

6, 1, and 5: What kind of groups we got trying to close us down, and how big are they? How long does it look like the groups will stick together?

3 probably doesn't need to be said, but if it does, reword it like "Wouldn't change my routine much."
4/7: "Think it'd do any good if I spoke with Carlson? He might want to hear how things are on my end."
No. 735745 ID: ef9669

No lecturing Ambrose, he knows what's up.

And Carlson will be super busy, so no calling him unless we actually have a proper plan for what we can say that would help.
No. 735746 ID: 5a893f

3, 6
7) What does putting the program on hold even detail, besides not paying me? Now, I sure as hell love being paid for this job, but im NOT a gigolo, so I'm not going to cut and run over a silly little detail like money when progress is at stake. if these ladies will have me, I'll run a one operation pro bono program if I have to. And I have a killer resume so I can get a job lickity split, though I speculate diplomat in my future regardless.
No. 735750 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 2, 3, 6.
What exactly is their reasoning, and what would they hope to accomplish?
This program has done more in a couple weeks than the rest of humanity has managed in over two decades. Can't really recommend putting it on hold due to a few speed bumps.
Not like it matters to us. This love boat's set sail, and it's not making port anytime soon.
Who all is even talking? Are there even enough to be a concern?
No. 735762 ID: 558268

First, 3. Establish that you already are in four loving relationships and a stemmed cashflow ain't gonna stop you from continuing.

Then, say 2 and then 1, because you are entitled to a proper reason for this.

Ask 5 next. If its only for a month, just to wait until the heat gets turned down. If its any longer, or the word "indefinitely", THAT is when Zack can start raising Hell about it. Combine 6 & 7, with asking who actually wants to put the program on hold and why, and then asking if putting the program on hold is really just fancy talk for "starting to shut it down."

If all else fails, 4.
No. 735861 ID: 7b3f9f

Something like these!
No. 736090 ID: 67f8bb

1, 2, 3, 6.
No. 736308 ID: 960f86

No. 736705 ID: baafea

can we mention the fact that zack has seen the Karikets mind? that's sorta an important development from the dating...
No. 736708 ID: 595d54

No, lad, that's not something to blab about. The only times we should ever tell someone is if we're absolutely certain they can actually do something about it. Otherwise it's stupid, pointless, and risks getting people including us killed.
No. 736828 ID: 5280e9

That specifically might be something to leave for now, but noting that we're getting memories from people we've never met at times when they were alone is probably important.

It was weird enough somehow being able to pick up things from our mothers death from some kind of psychic leakover from Poly, who wasn't there, since that implies something might have been transferred at the time that was merely being unlocked. Getting a read of someone's final moments when it seems highly doubtful Poly was immediately present and we were in another world entirely suggests something even stranger is going on here. If this really is unfamiliar to oculots, it may be something connected with humans that's just being brought out by the oculot presence.
No. 736830 ID: ecd8ad

1, 2, 6
Here's what I think happened.
>Remadren mercy kills Zack's mom
>Remadren receives her last thoughts/memories
>Remadren links with Hizalian
>Hizalian links with Polyphema
>Polyphema sleeps with Zack
>Zack sees his mom's last thoughts/memories
No. 737050 ID: 5280e9

That was my original assumption and it's still my main working assumption; even though it was quite circuitous and didn't explain the reason why having a human and oculot sleep near each other resulted in this new dream phenomenon when it evidently doesn't happen between oculots and any other species, it was still the simplest. The artist drowning happened while she seemed fairly alone though, and once someone is dead they're inaccessible given what apparently happened to the Kariket, so there may be something more to whatever mechanism is underlying these dreams.

Being able to share memories when psychic communication without the fancy collars should cause exploding heads for non-oculots made the dreams interesting enough, but seeing stuff nobody should have any access to as far as we know is another thing entirely.
No. 737371 ID: e96733

A good theory, but that does not explain how Zack received that vision of GG's childhood.
No. 737593 ID: 960f86

perhaps Zach's a government sleeper cell chosen to gather information on the visitors without his knowledge, and his telepathic dream-linking with poly is simply a side effect of the ocolut based-mind wipe placed to hide the project from them? or maybe its just a poorly planed plot device.
No. 737624 ID: 9d5ded

Take it to the discussion thread.
And stop being rude.
No. 738593 ID: 320ead

1 and 6. How bad is it really?
No. 738668 ID: b1960b
File 146950268332.png - (29.09KB , 960x560 , 532.png )

"Why?" you ask.
"It's just, they're talking."
"But what's their reasoning?"
"It's not a reasoning thing," Ambrose says. "It's a-- it hasn't been well received. And now that it's cost a life, and potentially two human lives besides--"
"One of whom was one of the guys who killed Hizalian," Bika says.
"Still. A human. And that's not all: they found out when they looked into the girl about the nature of Visitor relationships. The Duelo thing."
"Dulabira." Your words sound hollow, as if you're saying them far away from yourself.
"They're calling it deviant. State-sponsored xenophobic orgies. There's no getting in front of this. The timing is-- not great."
"Who is this they?" you ask. "What's some people? Like a few some people or this is probably going to happen some people?"

"Some people," Ambrose says. "Not a lot, but. Some important people."
"Well those important people should know I don't need a program or the money to keep going," you say. "It's not going to stop me."
"I'm glad to hear it, man, but they don't care about that," Ambrose says. "They care that you're a government employee."

Meg scoots her chair out. "I need to talk to you, Ambrose."
"Meg?" You put a hand on her palm. She squeezes it.
"Give us a second," she says. "Sorry."

Ambrose comes back in first. He looks like someone just lit his house on fire. "My fucking-- shoot." He grabs his phone off the kitchen table. "I need to make some calls. I-- we'll be outside, Zack."
He nearly sprints back into the hallway, swishing past Meg, who floats casually back in.

She sits back down at the table.
"I think it's going to be OK," she says. "You guys want to shoot some guns?"
No. 738675 ID: a445b2

"Sure, sounds like fun and a good idea."

Don't ask straight-out what that was about, because she clearly doesn't want to say it in front of someone here (probably you), but give her an eyebrow raise and a "I hope I get to find out what that was about some time" look.
No. 738683 ID: 7b7ab3

"Sure, but what just happened? What did you say to him? He looked more than a little freaked out."
No. 738685 ID: 815bab

No guns until we get answers!
What does she know that we don't? Is it something we should be concerned about? Is someone going to die? Why is she trying to keep it secret? Why was Ambrose so worried?
No. 738691 ID: 59bd8b

I'm all for going for shooting lessons. Also try to find a private moment for you and Meg and tell her that you won't pry for what she said to him, but you would like to know eventually. We have no reason to really push this, not yet anyway.
No. 738694 ID: 25c66e


We can ask about what that was later, after she's done being cool about it.
No. 738697 ID: 9e2c62

Meg, you do realize that we're going to learn about whatever it is you're trying to keep a secret, right? And that if it's something we don't like, then you trying to keep it a secret from us is just going to make us angrier.
If you won't tell us, then we'll ask Ambrose, and if we find out that he can't tell us for whatever reason, then we're just going to get even angrier.
So either tell us now or let it balloon into something REALLY ugly.
No. 738698 ID: 91cfcf

>threaten to be an immature child
She isn't a kid and we don't have any authority over her, threatening to get mad is just childish. Definitely do not do this.

Worried might work, though.
No. 738701 ID: b1960b
File 146950959517.png - (10.58KB , 960x560 , 533.png )

"Sure," you say. "But what just happened? What did you say to him? He looked more than a little freaked out."

"Bika," Meg says. "GG. Go get Poly and tell her we're going to the range. We're going to be a second."
"Are you telling Zack and not us?" GG says.
"I'm not telling him anything. Just go get her."
"C'mon, GG," Bika says.
GG follows her out. "Some wild-ass secrets going around this group."

You turn back to Meg. "Meg, you gotta understand--"
"Give me your phone," Meg says.
You do.
She types quickly, for a very long time.
Then she slides the phone back to you.

:meg: You cant tell anyone about this including the other girls. What I told Ambrose is that Im the Electric Sheep, which is the codename the HVAO knows me by. What happened was after we started dating I convinced the floaters to unhook me from their surveillance protocols because it was compromising my performance in my dates. I basically unhooked from the mainframe but I left a backdoor they didnt know about. After that happened I made contact with the sec wing of HVAO and CIA and the RSK which is the leading resistance mvmt in Golboria. Im a double agent. Im giving the humans access to the floater mainframe and all of the state secrets up to my level of clearance which is very high, + im also one of the people coordinating ops/communication between RSK and earth. What i told Ambrose is that if the HVAO shuts down the program its going to keep me from doing my job because as soon as i dont have this mission i dont have any more cover. Im not going to hide this like poly hides her stuff. You can ask me any questions you want and ill tell you the answers but jsyk this is in the disappear you if they know you know realm. And that goes for earth gov not just golboria. Ive kept my anonymity from both sides until now and idk whats going to happen next but my guess is this is the justification they need to keep the program going and theyre not going to interfere with me because im the best spy theyve got right now.

1]] ______________
No. 738702 ID: 398fe1

Heh. This could be a good opportunity to let SOMEONE know that you know something important about the Kariket.

She is DEFINITELY in a position to do something about that knowledge without you dying, Zack.
No. 738703 ID: 9f3729

good idea actually
that's the kind of shit that starts a SECOND civil war
No. 738704 ID: 91cfcf

Yeah, for once that's actually a good idea.
No. 738705 ID: 91cfcf

And just to make this explicit, we should tell her via typing back on the phone.
No. 738709 ID: a445b2


Sounds good to me. Meg is here revealing things to us, engaging in what would be labeled treachery against people some of whom she probably likes. Fair's fair. Something like:

1) "ok there's a lot to ask about that but first things first if we're not saying anything to the other girls about this then I have something i have to let someone know who could maybe do something about it. only me and poly know about this right now but when I've been sleeping beside her i've been getting dreams where i'm a person she knew and i see bits of their past from their perspective, usually a moment they met her but not always. the reason i'm telling you is because one time i dreamed i was the kariket and I found out he is literally crazy from mindbonding to someone he loved when they died and also he discovered a power that lets him literally mind control people. i haven't told poly about that one because she obviously has a ton of baggage about him, she'll probably be super mad at me if she finds out i talked to you about it but you're telling me this stuff so I need to tell you stuff."

Typing back on her phone, obviously.
No. 738728 ID: 7b7ab3

If what she's saying is true, then it will make things much easier.
For now we should just hug her and kiss her and thank her for telling us and relieving our concerns.
Then let's go shoot guns, spit acid, and fire mind bullets!
No. 738729 ID: 67d5dc

About the 'tell meg about dreams' plan - didn't we promise something to Poly about that?

Just throwing it out there.
No. 738732 ID: 398fe1

Zack promised that he'd wake up if it looked like he was going to learn something Poly didn't want him to know (about her). Which he did.
No. 738733 ID: 91cfcf

>Just throwing it out there.
This was so unnecessary smh

And yeah, like that guy said, we promised to wake up before personal information about Poly and not to share Poly's personal information. Nothing about the Kariket. It'll be a bit awkward telling Meg about it without mentioning the context, but it should be doable.
No. 738735 ID: 5a893f

There's still the matter of the leak to worry about. Once word gets out to the higher ups, it will get to the leaker, and golboria's own spies within HVAO probably. They'd have to have them in there too.

The golborian spies will start singling out, even maybe attacking partners of the program, if not the program itself.
No. 738737 ID: 398fe1

Interesting point. It's possible we may have to find the leak before revealing this.
No. 738740 ID: 91cfcf

I still think we should tell Meg about this, because she's smart enough to keep it lowkey, and she probably has a better idea about the leak than we do. If she's the leak herself we're dead anyway and it doesn't make much sense.
No. 738744 ID: f562b1

Not now, though. The others may pop back in at any time, perhaps having forgotten something. Delete her text and just say, "Well, hopefully we can talk later. For now, we should all focus on the range."
No. 738745 ID: 7962a4

There's a time and a place for this, but right now is not it.
No. 738760 ID: 59bd8b

I agree that right now, with everyone right in the next room probably isn't the best time to talk about really sensitive information so let's wait until later. I say we give Meg a hug and kiss and thank her about her truthfulness, she didn't need to tell us this but she decided that we could know and she's great for letting us know.
No. 738761 ID: ee1ff4

>>738702 this, but via text.
And thank her.
No. 738771 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you delete Meg's message.
No. 738773 ID: 15f7a9

Well, if we don't tell her about the kariket thing (and I still think we should), then at least we should tell her we know something about the kariket she should probably know, if she doesn't already, but you need to talk to Poly about it since you know it from her, sort of, and she's probably not going to be happy with any conversation that's the least related to the kariket much less what you're thinking of.

Aside that, tell her you're kind of too taken aback right now to think of many questions she didn't answer already, at least ones that would be a good idea to ask. You might think of something later. Right now you're just concerned for her, and the HVAO's current record for keeping secrets. Tell her you don't know what you can offer in terms of spy stuff but if she needs anything from you to help with that sort of then then please ask.
No. 738792 ID: 5dbe68

To clarify, Poly just asked us to try to wake up if we see anything we think she wouldn't want us to see. Right now, the Kariket memory falls into a weird grey area (who knows if she was an involved party, or how she acquired the memory), and we can't exactly ask Poly about it directly.

Here's the thing, though: According to Hiz, this phenomenon is unique to Poly so far. And Poly has her reasons for keeping everything secret. I don't think we should share where we got the information yet. And as for the information itself, let's find another time to discuss this and ask questions. Let's go to the shooty place.

Make sure you're not using the notes application or anything else that gets saved to the cloud to type this out, gotta be secret about this.

I hope Ambrose is able to keep this discreet.
No. 738849 ID: 350a50

Tell her what we know about Kariket, but not how we got it. Tell her we can't reveal that due to a promise.

Do so using the same method she used to communicate.
No. 739437 ID: b1960b
File 146985778823.png - (16.54KB , 960x560 , 534.png )

You type:

if were doing insane reveals i have one. i cant tell you how i know but the kariket can control minds

You hand the phone back to Meg. She takes a look at it and her eyes go saucer-shaped. She holds the phone up.

:meg: u sure?

You nod. She backspaces.

:meg: how?

Can't tell you, you mouth.

:meg: this is something weve suspected was a possibility but not an actionable one. but ur sure?

You nod again.

:meg: if u cant say how idk if it can verify anything for them but ill bring it to them. anyway we should go join the others this is sus now

She gives you back your phone and starts to head for the living room where she sent GG and Bika. You catch her shoulder first. You show her the phone one last time.

thank you

"Don't thank me," she whispers. "It was never a question. You're the only home I need now."
She kisses you. You kiss her back.
"So what now?" she asks, a little louder. "Still in the mood to shoot?"

1]] I need to talk to Poly about something first.
2]] Poly said she had something to show me after breakfast. I should find out what.
3]] Totally.
4]] I actually kind of want to learn how to use Visitor weaponry. Is that possible?
5]] I think there's more important things we have to do now. We should go to the HVAO offices.
6]] Let's take an HVAO-given ride there. Probably a bad idea to be in the public eye right now.
7]] Let's take public transportation there. As a group. We should show up.
8]] ________________
No. 739438 ID: 1cfbb0

1, 2, 3, 4, 6.
So much is happening! I love it!
No. 739441 ID: 358228

2, 3,6, 4. What weapons do Golborians use? Or, do you have to be born with 'em?
No. 739443 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 3, 6.
No. 739444 ID: 1f0577

1, 3, 4.
No. 739450 ID: c520b7

1, 2, 3, 6
Where would we even get Visitor guns?
No. 739460 ID: a4d818

No. 739499 ID: a4d818

>Where would we even get Visitor guns?
No. 739501 ID: 16dcb0

Ask her... well, shit. It's hard to even know what we should know. Ask her if there's anything particularly relevant to you, I guess. To keeping you and the girls safe. You don't actually need to get too nosy past that, for now.
No. 739513 ID: 20845b

1 and 2 as we should see to Poly before we leave.
3 because this is going to be awesome.
4 simply because we're all curious about Visitor tech.
6 because safety first.
No. 739516 ID: ee1ff4

1 2 3 6!
No. 739546 ID: 306357

1 2 3 6. We don't know how available golborian weapons are, but we could still ask. My only question is how we would get them to the range.
No. 739562 ID: b1960b
File 146992109614.png - (28.88KB , 960x560 , 535.png )

"Totally," you say. "Actually I was curious about something. Is there a way I can try shooting a Visitor gun?"
"You mean like a shock knife?"
"I didn't even know that's what they're called but that sounds sick."
"This is an educational exercise, Zack," Meg says. "But yes. They are sick."
"Is it possible?"
"Not unless your girlfriend is a fucking badass."
"You're a fucking badass, Megumi."
"I know." Meg opens the door to the living room. "Shall we?"

Bika and GG are on one of Polyphema's couches, looking at something on GG's phone.
"That looks amazing," GG says.
"Zack," Bika says. "Do you know what a churro is?"
"Then why didn't you tell us?" Bika demands.
"We're making some." GG shows her phone to you. They were watching one of those facebook Tasty videos.
"You need a deep fryer for that," you say.
"I run a restaurant," Bika says.
"Oh. Duh. Right. Where's Poly?"
"Getting ready in her room," GG says. "Gotta make sure your eyebrows are on point before you go to the gun range."

You knock on Polyphema's door.
"Wer ist da?" she calls.
"Zack. Mind if I come in?"
Polyphema's sitting on the floor, pulling her socks on. "Guns and Ammunition, eh, Zackary?"
"I'm excited. I've never shot anything before."
"What about those games you and GG always play?"
"That doesn't count."
"What about masturbation?"
"That doesn't count either."
"What's that people say about gun owners? Compensating for something?"
"Well like once my cane is gone I need some kind of proxy phallus," you say.
"How is that hip, by the way?"
"Better by the hour," you say. "So you had something to show me?"
"A present?"
"Aha! Yes. The thing is it might have to wait if everyone's getting ready to go somewhere. It's not the kind of present I can show you quickly." She grins. "Well I could. But that wouldn't be as much fun."

1]] Now I'm really looking forward to it.
2]] You're still talking to a guy with a broken pelvis, remember.
3]] I mean..... we don't have to leave right away.
4]] There's something else I need to talk to you about: ______________
5]] ____________
No. 739563 ID: 68f59c

1, 5: notice that her dress pattern looks like a complicated series of knots, flash back to gg.
No. 739564 ID: 306357

1. Not 4. Poly doesn't ANY more stress and/or pressure right now.
No. 739568 ID: 1f0577

1, 2. And 4:

"There's something else I need to talk to you about: I need your permission for something. Something that I suspect will be kinda shitty to talk about. It's not related to any recent events and I've got hopes it's actually not much directly related to you at all, but, still, maybe, and it might be important to help with all this political trouble. I'm not asking to talk about it now, right now we should all go enjoy ourselves, but I was wondering if I could arrange to set some time with you to talk about it later? Relatively soon, though?"

So, no talking about stress stuff right now, but arrange to talk about it some time. Otherwise we never will, I think.

And I bet the mystery will intrigue her and maybe offset some of the bad vibes it'll involve.
No. 739569 ID: b2d501

2, 5) Schedule a whole day for whatever Poly is talking about, she might need the comfort.
No. 739570 ID: 7b7ab3

1. Anticipation improves the experience.
5]] Completely out of nowhere, but you do know what a churro is, right?
No. 739572 ID: e22b1d

3! 3! 3! 3! 3!
No. 739575 ID: ec5d91

Definitely 1.
>So, no talking about stress stuff right now, but arrange to talk about it some time. Otherwise we never will, I think.
You make a fair point.
>Completely out of nowhere, but you do know what a churro is, right?
I honestly laughed. Our poor, sweet, churroless babies.
No. 739576 ID: 350a50

No. 739614 ID: 358228

1. We took long enough with Meg already, save Poly's present for dessert.
No. 739626 ID: 9d357c

We should definitely arrange a time to discuss things with her. Primarily the dreams and what to do about them.
THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY HOWEVER! They're lack of tasty, cinnamon and sugar covered snacks cannot continue!
No. 739637 ID: 91ee5f


NO!!! His pelvis is still broken man! Have some mercy and save it for later!
No. 739711 ID: b1960b
File 146995455734.png - (34.82KB , 960x560 , 536.png )

"Now I'm really looking forward to it," you say.
"It has been a while since we've had some one-on-one time, hasn't it? And now you've gone and broken a bone. Well." Poly takes your hand and hoists herself up. "No offense to my enthusiastic amateur partners in love, but I think this evening you are due some caretaking by an expert."
No. 739712 ID: b1960b
File 146995461772.png - (25.48KB , 960x560 , 537.png )

"This is a Glock 19. 5 and a half pound trigger pull, 30 ounces, chambered 9x19."
Meg holds it up.
"And this--" she raises a spindly, spiky-looking Golborian weapon "--is a Koorti Shock Knife 740, civilian model, socketed for a five-facet shock core. These are baby's first firearms. One Human, one Visitor. Which one are you firing?"

1]] Gimme the Glock.
2]] Gimme the Koorti.
3]] Baby's first? I want something bigger.
4]] There's something really sexy about a girl talking guns.
No. 739716 ID: e37a06


Should probably learn with something designed for humans in mind first, then we can break our arms off with a rocket propelled jackhammer.
No. 739717 ID: 358228

You've never shot before, Zack? Pop, Glock and drop it.
No. 739718 ID: 960f86

last thing we need is zach having another trip to the ICU for manhandling a glocknade, lets fucks wit da koorti
No. 739720 ID: 52f25d

1+2 + 4
No. 739723 ID: 8b9819

That's a solid metaphor there. Golboria or earth.
No. 739732 ID: 9d357c

2 and 4. Sexy girlfriend, give us the cool alien gun!
No. 739734 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 2. Let's cook with the Koorti.
Also 4 because it's true.
No. 739735 ID: 6abd99

2 + 4
When will we get another chance to use an actual alien gun? Seize the opportunity!
No. 739746 ID: 69dc1a

We'll hopefully have time to try both, but let's start with the koorti. I'm curious about what it does and how it operates.
No. 739748 ID: 2d1f09

Say 4 first in order to set the mood, and then 2. Thing seems light enough and non-threatening to human users, and our purpose ''is'' cultural understanding, so let's adventorous!
No. 739752 ID: 350a50

1 first, then 2 once you get the hang of it.
No. 739760 ID: 5280e9

First one then the other, at least as far as how to load/unload/make safe and a couple of shots to see how they handle. Then we can pick whichever feels most comfortable/sounds coolest to focus on learning to actually shoot.

Also 4.
No. 739762 ID: 91ee5f

Since this is Zack's first time, he should ask if either of those guns has a "kick" whenever they're fired. It would suck if the gun kicked back hard enough that he smacks himself in the face. Then he would have a broken nose or a black eye or something!
No. 739822 ID: b1b519

No. 739911 ID: ea7ef9

Probably easier to get a CC permit for a human gun.
Although, things are probably moving a little fast for us to worry about getting a license
No. 739918 ID: d1fde2

That's.. what part of baby's first gun confused you? We aint filming Dirty Harry here, these are the small guns.
No. 739964 ID: b1960b
File 147004038468.png - (14.05KB , 960x560 , 538.png )

"There is something really sexy about girls talking guns," you say.
"Well there's something sexy about guys who can do it without blowing their feet off," Meg says. "So let's see if we can get you on my level. Which one first?"
"I guess the Glock," you say. "Just to ease into it."

"OK. You got your magazine." Meg holds the mag up. "Rear of the bullets are where the numbers are. See?" She pops a bullet out then slots it back in. "Start toward the front then slide it back. 10 rounds. Gets tougher with every round you load. Try it."
You try it. "That's tougher than I thought it would be."
"We can get you a speed loader if you want. OK next you slide the mag into the bottom of the gun. You've played FPSes."
You slide the mag in. It clicks nicely.
"Now once you pull the slide back the gun will be loaded," Meg says. "Never point the gun while it's loaded at anything you wouldn't want to put a hole in. Finger on the frame. We never put the finger on the trigger until we're ready to pull the trigger."
"Trigger discipline," you say.
"Exactly." She slides your finger down the line of the frame. "You can flick the side catch but that's not fun. I like pulling the slide back then letting go. Try it."
You do. It clacks. "Damn."
"Feels good, doesn't it?"
"I'll be real it feels like having a second dick," you say.
"Yup," Meg says. "You got a round chambered now. OK. Bend your knees a little and point the gun downrange."
"Like this?"
"Don't get fancy with it." Meg bends your elbow back up. "Arms out straight, thumbs together on the left..." She readjusts your shoulders. "Shoulders square... Whenever you're ready. On the exhale."

You exhale and fire.
"DAMN," you say.
Meg laughs. "Do the rest."
"The whole clip?"
"Mag, Zack. And yes."

You empty the magazine. Your face tingles.
"WOOO," GG calls from across the range, where she's shouldering a shock lance. "ZACK MCCLANE!!"
"OK I want to try the Visitor gun," you say.
No. 739965 ID: b1960b
File 147004049365.png - (15.95KB , 960x560 , 539.png )

"Now there's a few big differences between a handgun and a shock knife," Meg says. "The first is that if I hadn't called in some favors and gotten us this empty range you wouldn't even be allowed to touch it without a permit direct from the Golborian Office of Domestic Defense. Not that we haven't gone beyond caring what they think at this point. The second is the ammunition. The Koorti uses this." She holds up a stubby, crystaline pentagonal prism. "Five-facet shock core. Military models and automatics these things look like cylinders and one single core can last you a full day. This one you got five seconds full beam time before reloading. Can't give the peasants too much firepower."
She takes hold of the front of the Koorti, where a wiry metal cage sits, thumbs a release, and flips it down. "You load it breech into the front here." She flicks the Koorti closed again. "Then after the click you wait a second until you hear..." she pauses and the Koorti hums. "That. And now it's ready to go."
She points it down the range. "The other big difference with the Koorti is the recoil. As in there's almost none. It's gonna feel basically like you're running a garden hose. Now because of that we have a lot more freedom in our stance. You can fire it one-handed if you want but the Golborian Military mostly hold it like this." She tucks the Koorti back up close to her chest so that the sights are right in front of her face and pops her left elbow out and forward. "Rest your right hand along your left forearm like so. Y'see this little protrudy thing below my hand on the handle? That lays across the pit of your left elbow. Now you have stability, you got the ironsights lined up along your eye, and you got the gun locked in close with your elbow out which makes it a lot harder for anyone up close to disarm you. And it gives you a good platform to--" she punch-stabs "--stab. Like this. Don't underestimate how sharp the intensifier is."
She passes it to you. "Try it."

You gingerly line the Koorti up along your forearm. It fits ergonomically into the crook of your elbow.
"Grab your right elbowpit with your left hand for stability," Meg says. "Now when you pull the trigger the beam's going to last longer the longer you hold the trigger to a maximum of .5 seconds on the koorti. If you're shooting to kill you want to have the beam fire the whole duration, and you want to flick the gun a little so it scythes across its target. You don't have recoil but you kind of pretend you do."
"What if I'm not trying to kill?"
"Then you feather the trigger as much as you can," Meg says. "And you don't aim for clothing, because it can catch fire. When you're ready, fire."

You sight along the Koorti, then pull the trigger. A sustained scream of force and a beam of light slashes out from the intensifier, whipping down the range.
"Dude." You blink the flash from your eyes.
"Go again," Meg says. "Flick it."
You fire and flick the Koorti upward a little. It noodles out like a tracer as it flies, leaving a dark burnmark line along the back wall. "Dude."
"Now the Koorti has another firing mode we're not going to test today because I don't want anything blowing up," Meg says. "But if you see this cord along its handle here in front? You pull that out hard enough, the intensifier is going to flip down and away, and then the core is ready to launch."
"When you fire it, it's going to spear whatever it's pointed at and then it's going to explode," Meg says.
"Jesus." You run your finger across the shock core. "Even on a civilian model?"
"Yep. Most every shock weapon that firing mode comes standard. And the reason for that is big, red, four-armed, and you're dating one. It's just about the only way this little thing is going to take down a Warrior." Meg holds out her hand and you put the Koorti back in it. "So. What do you say? One of these things is going home with you. The Glock is gonna have more stopping power standard and be easier to explain if you get caught with it. Plus it's mad satisfying to fire a human gun. That's why I go with one. The Koorti is on the whole easier to use and scarier to humans, plus you're never gonna put down a Warrior with a rinky dink human pistol."
"Why would I need to?"
Meg shrugs. "You never know, right?"

1]] I'll keep the glock.
2]] I'll keep the Koorti.
3]] I don't want either of these to be honest.
4]] ________________
No. 739966 ID: 358228

3, but I mean well if you insist 2.
No. 739967 ID: 2f5847

I want the gun that can fire all day long with a potential upgrade.

It's also a knife, and from another dimension?
No. 739968 ID: 3663d3

admit for a second you thought it would be a gun that shot electric knives.
No. 739969 ID: 505f10

Glock. I can't help but think what would happen if we were found with the other one.
No. 739970 ID: f562b1

I think more along the lines of "It'd be best if I didn't need one, but the Koorti ought to handle better."
Nonlethal knockouts is also helpful.
No. 739972 ID: 25c66e

You know, we can probably swing a human firearm license through the HVAO on a super expedited basis. Whereas, the koorti is a diplomatic disaster waiting to happen; we don't want humans painting us as Visitor collaborators even more, and we don't want targeted disapproval from Visitor government.

4) I'll try to get a license through the HVAO
No. 739976 ID: a8aafc

Easier to license, less legal flak, more available ammunition, and "Zack McClane."
The koorti was dope, tho.
No. 739980 ID: 5b3b61

1. i'd rather have the glock. it would be a PR nightmare getting caught with an alien weapon. there are people who would love to twist the narrative onto making us an enemy spy/traitor and that plays into their hands.
also if we find ourselves needing to shoot warriors by ourselves that means that things got very very bad. so bad that it would almost be pointless to plan for it.
No. 739984 ID: 6c56eb

1, a fucking laser gun would be kinda difficult to explain; might get us labeled as turn-coats.
No. 739987 ID: 59bd8b

1) It'll be the easiest to explain for why we have it.
4) we should talk to the HVAO about getting a license for the Koorti. Then switch to it when we get one.
No. 739989 ID: db0da2

1, in a high stress situation there's basically no way we'll remember how to use that crazy thing, but point and click has been ingrained in us from early childhood.

How does the koorti even work?
No. 739994 ID: ee1ff4

1, the glock
If we have to shoot a warrior, we're already in a position that makes "caught between a rock and a hard place" look like a threesome. So better the one thats not a PR nightmare.
No. 739996 ID: 960f86

BOTH. or the fancy ass knife.
No. 739997 ID: b2d501

4) Let's look at shotguns.
No. 739998 ID: 5a893f

I don't like the Korti because it will most certainly kill any human we use it on, I mean, what part of the human isn't covered in cloth? The head? Good luck making THAT not a kill shot.

Bullets are super deadly to humans regardless, but it's not going to give us a 99% chance of killing the target. It will stop any human in one shot duets shock anyway, unless they're on PCP
No. 739999 ID: 2a7417

Meg just showed us how it works, and the trigger still works the same. Spamming the trigger by reflex is less-than-lethal too, so what's the problem? The only difference is it breech loads like a shotgun, another human weapon.

I'd totally bring this knife to a gunfight.
No. 740011 ID: 987bda

The Glock is easy to explain. Shock knife not so much.
If we get seen with alien weapons it's going to cause a lot of problems and throw gas on the PR inferno.

Also, we're unlikely to have to take down any warriors.
No. 740013 ID: 7b7ab3

The Koorti is awesome, but it's pretty impractical in our current situation.
No. 740054 ID: 350a50


In the event shit hits the fan, we at least know how to use visitor weapons now.
No. 740066 ID: 8963ff

Say 3, but admit that with this climate, especially with some sort of anti-alien KKK on your back, best go with 1 for now. Like everyone else said, its mostly for legal and social reasons. Add in 4, saying that you should get a license for both guns when you have the chance.

Also: "And you don't aim for clothing, because it can catch fire."

I predict that this is going to be EXTREMELY relevant later on.
No. 740073 ID: 595d54

No. 740099 ID: 869004

This. Though it is unfortunate that there is a need to arm the group, it would be unwise to do otherwise.
It is also wise to be discreet. Though it is less impressive, the glock will draw less attention and will be easier to maintain and acquire ammunition for.
No. 740101 ID: 151e06

4) Comment on the general impression of Visitor stuff seeming mostly cooler but human stuff seeming mostly more straightforward.
No. 740123 ID: b1960b
File 147012438046.png - (24.46KB , 960x560 , 540.png )

"I'm going with the pistol."
"Strong choice." Meg unloads the glock and slides the chambered bullet out. She catches it and hands you the empty gun. "I got three magazines for it I can give you. Hopefully that's overkill."
"Human guns rule." GG is holding an AK-47.
"Where did you get an AK-47," you ask GG.
"Where did MEG get an AK-47?"
"Fell off the back of a truck," Meg says. "Koorti didn't do it for you?"
"No it's awesome," you say. "But I need something easy to explain and maintain. Visitor tech kind of strikes me as a lot cooler but a lot less straightforward."
"Well humans make things easy and sturdy because humans make things for everyone," a Bika (who's cute, but on further examination a boy, but who's still cute) says. "But on Golboria there's a noble ruling class that receives a disproportionate amount of the luxury technologies, and a lower class that has significantly less. So there's not so much of a tradition of mass fabrication--"
She pauses as GG opens fire behind her with the AK and two pistols at the same time, and pumps the triggers until they're empty--
"and you have a global trend toward the ornate and esoteric. Different pattern values."
"Bika I hate to ask an unrelated question," you say. "But is that a fucking crossbow?"
"I like the classics," Bika says.
"Where's Poly?"
"In the psionics range," Meg says. "She says text us when we're done."

1]] After you're finished shooting head back to Speed Luck Skut.
2]] After you're finished shooting head back to Poly's apartment.
3]] After you're finished shooting go out for lunch with the girls.
4]] After you're finished shooting go somewhere: _____________
5]] After you're finished shooting get out of the city for a while. Maybe just drive somewhere.
6]] After you're finished shooting call Carlson.
7]] Go check out Poly's pyrotechnics before you go.
8]] _____________
No. 740124 ID: 81e9dc

3 5 6 7
No. 740126 ID: 05cb51

5, 7.

No calling Carson unless we have something specific and important to disturb him with.
No. 740132 ID: c37b6b

1, 7
Back to the ranch after the show.
No. 740135 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 7.

Let's watch Poly do some cool oculot stuff, then let's head back to Speed Luck Skut and have lunch there.
No. 740138 ID: bf8b66

Definitely 7.
No. 740139 ID: 8963ff

7 first, then 3. Maybe check out a place you haven't been to, possibly showing that you aren't afraid of going out in public with your loved ones and don't care what any bigots w9uld think.

6 is very much an optional thing, but if you decide to actually him, ask about the leak that started the whole mess. Again, optional.
No. 740148 ID: ec99e5

It's always awesome watching oculots do their thing, so 7.
Everyone's probably getting mad hungry, so let's do 3, hit up a drive-through, and grab some burgers or something.
Things are getting hot around town, so let's take lunch and do 5. Make it like an impromptu picnic.
No. 740149 ID: 2a7417

7, 6, 3, 1. Even getting out of the city requires a security detail to watch you.
No. 740157 ID: ebb71f

We've spent enough time at Poly's place for today, so not 2.
We have Speed Luck Skut for lunch and we want to stay out of the public eye, so not 3 or 4.
The HVAO may want us for something and we'll be going on a hunting trip soon enough, so not 5.
Carlson is probably insanely busy and shouldn't be disturbed, so not 6.
So 7 and 1. Let's check out Polyphema on the psionics range, then head over to Speed Luck Skut for lunch.
No. 740166 ID: cb04f4

This. Though I think it would be easier and safer to have lunch at SLS (Speed Luck Skut).
No. 740167 ID: 358228

Exactly. Take the girls out to lunch at Speed Luck Skut, and continue to feel bad that Bika doesn't charge you when you eat there.
No. 740173 ID: b1960b
File 147017406477.png - (65.60KB , 960x560 , 541.png )

You open the door to the psionics range. It's thick and soundproofed.
You're immediately blasted by a curtain of heat. It's like a sauna in here. It smells like a bonfire.
Little fluttering pieces of burning targets curl through the air.

Polyphema is blasting massive balls of violent blue flame from her hands into a target hall coated with ash. She hisses and punches the air with each fireball.
These are nothing like the one you saw her fire during that camping trip.
No. 740174 ID: b1960b
File 147017409131.png - (52.25KB , 960x560 , 542.png )

Her pace picks up. She runs out of targets and slaps a button on the counter in front of her to fly more in from the rails at the ceiling.

Her exhalations turn into punctuated growls, then a steady staccato stream of curses, then wordless shouts, and then she lets loose with a full-voiced howl of rage, and a flurry of flame that disintegrates everything in front of her. The force is such that it forces you a step backward from the backblast.

She runs a shaking hand across her forehead. She's slick with sweat.

1]] Holy shit. That was amazing.
2]] Poly? Are you OK?
3]] Hey Poly! Lunch time!
4]] Quietly back out of the room before she sees you, and text her instead.
No. 740175 ID: 987bda

Say nothing. Back out of the room. Wait outside for her, and give her a hug when she comes out.

We know how her abilities work. They're based on emotion, and she was literally venting her rage and grief.
No. 740178 ID: 960f86

No. 740179 ID: 1a3f38

This sounds good.
No. 740187 ID: 358228

It's probably a rare feat to see this and live to tell the tale. Let's work on that second half of the feat now and leave hell enough alone.
No. 740194 ID: cb04f4

>Wait outside for her, and give her a hug when she comes out.
Then this.
No. 740197 ID: 7b7ab3

I doubt she wanted Zack to see this. Probably why she said to just text her.
Not really sure what to do when she comes out. My heart says comfort her, but my mind says leave it be.
No. 740199 ID: 6be18b

No. 740200 ID: 8963ff

I agree this is the best course of action as well.
No. 740211 ID: cfd11e

"4." Says Respect For Polyphema.
"Definitely." Says Survival Instinct, nodding sagely.
No. 740214 ID: ee1ff4

No. 740218 ID: b2d501

4. Back away slowly, find her something to eat, NOW.
No. 740229 ID: 898ae2

Definitely 4!
No. 740242 ID: 59bd8b

I agree, lets leave the room without alerting Poly. Also down with not texting her, let her vent for as long as she wants.
No. 740251 ID: f562b1

5. Stay quiet, but don't leave. Once she's done for her own self, then you can pipe up.
No. 740266 ID: 595d54

Would it really be that bad to approach her now, especially if it seems we just now got here? Sure, she's venting her anger and stuff, but the point of venting is that you feel better afterward and get stuff off your chest.
No. 740276 ID: 350a50

This, but with a soft smile and an offer of a hug. Let her initiate.
No. 740296 ID: 3432a2

No. 740340 ID: d8dc8a

No. 740453 ID: 2a7417

4, nice and slowly, now...
No. 740467 ID: ebb71f

4. We're going to have to double up on our comforting for this girl.
No. 740580 ID: b1960b
File 147043984844.png - (45.79KB , 960x560 , 543.png )

You silently withdraw from the room. Probably better to text her instead.

"THAT hit the spot!"
Polyphema bursts out of the range a few seconds later. "What a perfectly purgative spot of combustive catharsis. We have got to come here more often. I haven't singed my eyebrows off, have I? How were the guns?"

She turns and sees you going in for the hug. She takes a hasty step back. "Whoa whoa, Casanova. I'm positively diaphoretic." She looks at your face. "Zack? What's with the hangdog eyes?"

1]] ______________
No. 740581 ID: 595d54

"I was fond of your eyebrows."
No. 740582 ID: 26e908

A lot of things. You know the pertinent ones.
Do you want a hug or not?
No. 740588 ID: bb78f2

I'm not entirely clear how the emotion lasers work, so I can preemptively prepared with hugs.
No. 740589 ID: 7b7ab3

"It's nothing. Look, we're about finished here. You ready to go?"
No. 740591 ID: c441c1

No. 740593 ID: 91ee5f

"I don't mind that you're positively sweating heavily. I just wanted to give you a hug."
No. 740594 ID: a41fd8

I'm not as strong as you, Polyphema.
I don't have over 300 years of experience and emotional scarring to toughen me up.
I'm not a dimension hopping, superpowered badass who told a psychopathic dictator to go fuck himself.
I'm just some stupid war orphan who never did anything with his life and got lucky.
I can't eat the pain like you can. I can't bury it where no one can see it.
So if I can't help you, then please help me.
What am I supposed to do?
No. 740597 ID: 5c83cb

"Just made sense. I mean I know how your powers work. I figured you had a lot to vent, and you just said as much. Plus you're covered in sweat and kinda smell like a campfire. Sorry. I'm just trying to be a good alamad. Boyfriend. Whatever."
No. 740601 ID: e407bb

1) "I had to turn down the fancy visitor crystal gun, Poly. I'm very sad about it."
No. 740602 ID: 6612fa

I'm Suggestion, and I support this Suggestion
No. 740604 ID: b2d501

"You're so voluptuous while flamedancing that I've worked up enough courage from sheer arousal to say that dress makes you look fat."
No. 740606 ID: 9f2de2

Tired sigh.
"Poly, we're alamads, right? Let me ask you something. If I wanted to show you that I care and that I'm concerned and that I want to support you, what would I do? Because, frankly, I'm clueless."
No. 740608 ID: 9f3729

Antivoting the condescension
THIS though, this one's alright
No. 740611 ID: 9f2de2

>"Poly, I just want you to know that I'm here, that I love you, and that I want to help in any way that I can."
No. 740612 ID: e37a06

Stress in general. Not much to do about it but trudge on.
No. 740614 ID: fb1c7d

I agree that we should say we're sad about not getting a laser shooting crystal gun. I mean, that thing was really cool.
No. 740619 ID: 7018cd

Sure, why not?
No. 740622 ID: db363a

This first,
Then this, perhaps by way of "Nah, actually--"
No. 740626 ID: 350a50

No. 740627 ID: 3009b4

Tell her you love her.
No. 740638 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, obviously.
No. 740645 ID: 59b5d7

Considering all that's happened, I'm surprised we don't look worse.
No. 740659 ID: db0da2

No. 740665 ID: 726a91

"I thought you might need a hug. I know I need a hug".
No. 740666 ID: ee1ff4

Cant a guy want a hug without making it weird?
No. 740769 ID: b1960b
File 147052889137.png - (11.62KB , 960x560 , 544.png )

"I had to turn down the fancy visitor crystal gun, Poly," you say. "I'm really torn up about it."
She laughs and relents, letting you hug her. "Oh no!"
You lower your voice as you embrace. "I love you."
"I love you too," she whispers.
"I want to help."
"Zack." She lays a hand on your shoulder. "You are helping."

"Pass the spare ribs," you say.
"Friglgpa," Bika corrects you.
"That's what I said," you say.
"So what's everyone doing after this?" GG asks, around a mouthful of caramelized steak.
"I know what you're doing," Bika says.
"What'm I doing?"
"Deliveries, delivery girl." Bika affixes a SLS hat to her head. "Lunch time is all hands on deck."
"Oh. Right. I got a job again."
"I have to go see the HVAO about some things," Meg says.
"What things?" GG asks.
"Some things."
"I suppose I'll uber myself on back to my apartment for a while," Polyphema says. "Though I'd love to link back up for dinner, darlings."

1]] I'll go with Poly.
2]] How about I go out on delivery with you, GG?
3]] I'm going with Meg.
4]] Guess I'll stick around here with Bika.
5]] I have some stuff to work out. Like finding a new apartment.
6]] ____________________
No. 740770 ID: 25c66e

No. 740771 ID: c290d1

1. Poly had something she wanted to show us.
No. 740772 ID: 505f10

Maybe 2 or 4, we should help out with jobs if we can. If i could think of anything we had to do that we could do solo, id go for that.
No. 740775 ID: 987bda

GG can take care of herself.
Meg is probably going to be doing secret stuff we're officially not supposed to know about.
Bika's going to be at a fairly secure location.
Poly's going to be grabbing an Uber and asking some random person to drive her home.

Lets take Poly home. She wanted to show us something anyway.
No. 740776 ID: 7b7ab3

Poly said earlier that she wanted to show or give us something.
Bika and GG are going to be busy, and don't need their boyfriend distracting them.
Meg has important spy stuff to tend to.
We're living at Speed Luck Skut, so we don't really need to go apartment shopping.
No. 740777 ID: 59bd8b

1) I can't in good conscience let poly go home alone being driven by someone she's never met when tensions are so high. Also she does have something to show us, so there's that too.
No. 740778 ID: ff6c67

This. Let's try to find a better, more secure means of transportation than Uber. We can't be too careful.
No. 740786 ID: 91ee5f


But seriously, this.
No. 740787 ID: bb78f2

1)) Uber's a little bit scary, hoping there's a visitor Uber option to feel safer.

Do we NOT have Ambrose and Co. for transport? How did we get there, or does Poly want privacy?
No. 740790 ID: 350a50

No. 740792 ID: ee1ff4

Ye a h
No. 740795 ID: 8963ff

DEFINITELY 1. Know this may sound a bit paranoid, but there could be a chance that an uber driver might be connected to the anti-alien group, and those fuckers knowing about where Poly lives might put her in danger as well. Oculots have those emotion based laser and fire powers, but they are the squishiest of Visitors. Maybe with Zack they're hopefully smart enough to know to back off.
No. 740804 ID: 358228

1. Dessert before dinner is so naughty, though.
Seeing as they've come after Zack before, and he's not the one that makes heads explode, I think you've got it backwards.
No. 740807 ID: 980eb2

1, but please not Uber!
Does Bika have one of those skut rickshaws we could use? Or could the HVAO pick us up? Hell, I'd take Alan and his smelly car over something as unsecured as public transportation!
No. 740808 ID: 9f3729

1: Buy into the news stories about the crazy racist uber drivers that get through the piddly screening processes they have, accompany poly
No. 740810 ID: 05c117

1]] I'll go with Poly.
This the time to say we found out that the Karaket can mind control people to her?
No. 740831 ID: a1278c

Let's take Poly home. No Uber, though.
It would also be advisable that GG not make her deliveries alone. Bika should send her some assistants/backup.
Meg should fly low and move quickly. There are people out there who would gladly shoot a Floater mid-flight.
No. 741107 ID: 1cfbb0

No. 741114 ID: 2a7417

Let's go with Poly. Geeze guys, you're getting all worked up uber nothing.
No. 741197 ID: b1960b
File 147073145742.png - (32.08KB , 960x560 , 545.png )

"I don't think Uber is a good idea," you say. "Ambrose and Rella can give us a lift."
"Oooh, us." Polyphema smiles as she takes your hand. "I like the sound of us."

"There's an author I read when I was a little girl." Polyphema watches the East River recede as the HVAO car exits the Williamsburg Bridge. The city used to have way more traffic and lights once, but that was before you lived here. Now it's possible to coast. "Author might not be the right word. Chronicler, griot... something like that. Pikluk was his name."
"He was skuttish," Polyphema says. "Anyway my favorite by him was called Sojourns of Isocasot, a travelogue of the famed titular Oculot Philosopher. And I remember, and I'm not sure why, it never really stuck with me like some other parts, but I recall this one particular passage.
"Pikluk tells us that one day on the road, the great Isocasot came upon a garakton, skinned alive and on the precipice of death, his ribcage pried open, hung upside down from a post along the path. As he continued he saw another man, this time an oculot, displayed in the same way. And then more, and closer together, and he followed them until he came to a village that had been completely destroyed, its homes burnt, its fields salted, and a great throne erected in its center. And upon that throne there sat the largest, most fearsome Warrior Isocasot had ever seen.
"Isocasot, of course, quaked with fear, and made to leave, but the Warrior recognized him, welcomed him, and promised that no harm would come to him. He invited Isocasot to ask why he had done such a thing.
"'Why, then,' Isocasot asked, 'have you laid waste to this place with such viciousness and totality?'
"'Because,' the Warrior told him, 'I am a man of great mercy and compassion.'
"How can this be, Isocasot wondered, and the Warrior told him:
"'Death is the sole chiefest fear of all the living, and the sole thing that all the living will come to face. What we dread most is singly the thing we may be assured shall befall us. It is my aim to surpass death in the horror I instill in the mind of the world, so that there may be some number of souls with the wonderful fortune of never experiencing their greatest fear.'
"And with a genial wave, he sent Isocasot on his way."

"Wow," you say.

"It's probably just a story," Polyphema says. "But Pikluk writes that the name of the Warrior who sat on that throne has been lost to history. So. What does that tell you." She shifts in her seat. "Oh! Look! Antiques!"
Ambrose is at a red light. You follow Polyphema's eye to a little East Village antiques shop.
"I don't suppose it's a good idea to go, is it," Polyphema says, reclining back. "Not when we are who we are."

1]] We'll be back soon. Once all this is just bad memories.
2]] If we bring Brose and Rella along it should be just fine.
3]] I'm the one all over the news. Just go in yourself and I'll wait in the car.
4]] Sit tight. I'mma go find you something in there.
5]] We can visit one antiques shop without things going to hell. Plus I'm concealed carrying now.
6]] Antiques are dumb anyway. Don't worry about it.
7]] ___________________
No. 741199 ID: db0da2

2 and 5.
If anything goes wrong we can give a demonstration of how fast we can run back to the car. Though really, the worst we're likely to get is someone saying mean things to us, and if that were enough to phase us neither of us would be here.
No. 741201 ID: 960f86

4 - 5
No. 741202 ID: ee1ff4

it tells us he was projecting, probably
most people dont think of death, dont actively fear it, most their fears are more tangible
i fear my loved ones getting hurt far more than i fear dying
No. 741206 ID: f2919d

I'm sorry, but there's no telling what could go wrong. I'd much rather err on the side of caution.
No. 741208 ID: 59bd8b

Yeah stuff might go wrong, but I like to think that we can go to 1 antique store and stuff not go down. Also I think it would make Poly feel better if we did.
No. 741209 ID: 0ef86b

5 and then 2
No. 741210 ID: 960f86

calling for backup just to go in an antique store? nah, just 5
No. 741211 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and 5, but we stay in a group, we watch our backs and corners, we make it quick, and we bolt at the first hint of trouble.
Poly had better appreciate it. It's a huge risk.
No. 741212 ID: 2a7417

5. Well, confirm it first. Is it likely we were tailed?
Try not to think with your gun, Zack. No, no, your other gun.
No. 741215 ID: 46894a

7]] Have you thought of online shopping? It lacks the magic, but it's a Hell of a lot safer.
No. 741218 ID: 9e2c62

This. It's unfortunate that such measures are necessary, but as long as the environment remains hostile it's best to be cautious.
No. 741232 ID: 350a50

2 and 5. Never split the group.
No. 741275 ID: 5aee0b

These guys know what's up.
No. 741283 ID: 6261fd

> Legendary Warrior who butchered and tortured so mortals would not cling to life in fear
But what if he just converted fear of the unknown to fear of the inevitable? Imagination cultivates what Napoleon said would leverage; what horrors they see now in their wretched world can be multiplied by the fear that it will become their life, existence, and god when they die. And then this fear stands top be exponentiated when this newfound independence from cohesive scripture leads them to discover the concept of infinite horrors even worse than the depravity of their greatest tyrant, of their entire WORLD. I really don't think this guy read a Lovecraft visitor-equivalent.

Pikluk was trying to make a @#$% child between Ozymandias and Dracula (horror/tyrant characters whose original legends are LONG DEAD from parody), but doesn't take into account that the flanderized characters have become legacy characters as copycats try to re-interpret their stories in twisted and creative ways, exceeding the originals' crimes and building on their philosophies to the point of enlightenment by blood, immortalizing the concepts of the characters' actions.

> What do
Brose and Rella, take some pictures. Zack and Poly, make something.

Maybe something sex-related.
No. 741443 ID: 987bda

2, 5.
No. 741449 ID: b1960b
File 147088370923.png - (39.25KB , 960x560 , 546.png )

"We can visit one antique shop without everything going to hell," you say.
Polyphema's face lights up. "Really?"
"I mean I am concealed carrying now," you say.
"I'mma just pretend I didn't hear that," Ambrose calls back to you.
"Hey Brose. Pull over. You like antiques?"
"Like Antiques Roadshow? I guess."
"I fucking love antiques," Rella says.
Ambrose hits the brakes a little hard.
"Let's get vintage," he says.

Polyphema half-dances around the store, gasping with fascinated delight at the things on display for sale. Old chandeliers and statuettes into primitive, dusty electronics, into the sleek utilitarian pre-war things, when the world was struggling with overpopulation instead of vacancy.
The guy at the register is talking quietly to a nervous-looking coworker. Ambrose leans on the front desk next to them.

"Zack! Look!" Polyphema grabs your wrist and pulls you over to a jumbo poster, hung on a back wall.

The poster shows a wrinkled, hideous effigy of an oculot, standing in the foreground of a ruined cityscape. A gnarled, dead hand sticks out from the rubble next to him.
VIGILANCE is written in all caps below him. You remember these from during the war. It's an old propaganda poster.

"Whoa," you say. "Uh."

"I love it," Polyphema says. "Look at his big inaccurate ears! What do you think? For the living room?"

1]] ____________
No. 741456 ID: d8dc8a

"Yeah, that's pretty solid."

By the way, is anyone watching the car? We should, uh, fix that.
No. 741461 ID: 9328cf

"Can't think of a reason not to."
No. 741462 ID: 350a50

"Can't say I see the appeal. War propaganda has always rubbed me the wrong way."
No. 741465 ID: 595d54

"What, none of you have weirdly giant ears? Neil Patrick Harris before his surgery, Ross Perot, nobody like those two?"
No. 741466 ID: 7b7ab3

1]] "Well, I guess it'd make for a good conversation or two. It'd also be good for reminding us how important this peace is."

Also, I think Ambrose may have a thing for Rella.
No. 741475 ID: b2d501

You could buy it and hang it upside down.
No. 741478 ID: f70920

Maybe we can start a collection of old war memorabilia.
Also, seriously? Are human ears really that big?
No. 741483 ID: 38e575

"He kinda looks like Patrick Stewart."
No. 741516 ID: 13b474

>is anyone watching the car?
Rella, probably.
Good question.
Good points.
>start a collection
Everybody needs a hobby.
No. 741521 ID: 960f86

hell yeah
No. 741522 ID: db0da2

Hell yeah dude, go for it. Irony is more precious than gold
No. 741527 ID: f924d5

You know this really reminds me of an anime some had me watch. I think was call "Attack On Titans".
No. 741539 ID: 25707a

"It's your dime, babe. It does make me wonder, though. Did golboria ever have anything like this? Propaganda stuff, I mean."
No. 741545 ID: 12af83

I'm curious about this too, did Golboria even need propaganda? The majority of the population seemed to be pretty on board with the whole invasion thing.
No. 741548 ID: 25707a

No. 741550 ID: 8963ff

1: "Maybe find a way to subtly hide the word 'Vigilance' and we're good."
No. 741551 ID: 595d54

No. 741552 ID: 6266cb

Irony is fantastic, go for it
>>741539 good question!
No. 741553 ID: 5ab89b

Not quite sure how I feel about pinups in the house.
No. 741558 ID: 8963ff

Feel more comfortable looking at it and talking about it if the fact that its a propaganda poster becomes an after thought instead of being on the forefront.
No. 741559 ID: 595d54

It's for Polyphema, not us, and why be uncomfortable about propaganda? Bad stuff happened, sure, but hiding from it doesn't do any good. It's best to acknowledge it and improve, plus making light of it is a good way to deal with it. Like Poly's observation about the ears.
No. 741561 ID: 960f86

No. 741562 ID: 960f86

No. 741576 ID: 987bda

"Don't see why not. It's not like Karaket is any less of an ugly monster now than he was, well, ever."
No. 741582 ID: 91ee5f

"Wow. So that's what the Karaket looks like. I thought he was taller than that."
No. 741586 ID: bb78f2

You know, this is a flattering image of the Karikat compared to that goatee of his.
No. 741591 ID: 25c66e

I'm not sure how I feel about Polyphema having pinups of scantily clad other guys with big ears.

Well... if it's just a poster, it's fine.
No. 741595 ID: 960f86

that sounds like the dumbest thing to hear from a guy dating multiple woman by his girlfriend.
No. 741601 ID: 595d54

Are you serious?

To be absolutely fair, a dulabira is a closed circle, you don't just go around and fuck literally anyone you want. It's still ridiculous to be insecure over a poster.
No. 741610 ID: b1960b
File 147096300771.png - (20.41KB , 960x560 , 547.png )

"I don't know. A pinup in your apartment?"
Polyphema laughs.
"It's your dime, babe," you say. "And irony is more precious than gold."
"I will call him Dumbo." Polyphema takes the poster from the wall.
"Are those ears really that huge?" you ask.
"For an Oculot? Absolutely." Polyphema brushes her hair back revealing a minute suggestion of an ear. "In Golboria they say the smaller the ear the more guarded the mind. It's a sign of patrician cunning. And beauty."
"Suddenly I feel self-conscious."
"Don't." Polyphema pinches your ear. "I like playing with them."

"You're pretty brave to be like this out in public," the store clerk says, as he rings Dumbo up.
"Like what?" you ask.
He just shrugs.

You're back in the car now, the poster rolled up at your feet. Polyphema's hand is resting on top of yours.
"I got a candlestick," Rella says. She holds it up. It has a mermaid on it.
"Do you even have any candles?" Ambrose asks.
"Now that I have a candlestick I'm gonna," Rella says.

"Do the Golborians have any propaganda like that?" You nudge the poster with your toe.
"The Golborians don't need so many posters," Polyphema says. "Nothing so overt. They live the propaganda. Kariket used to be the Kariket's name. Now it's the Golborian word for King. D'you see? This is a man who's had a grip on the entire planet for over a century now. Society has shaped itself around him in the way it shaped itself around the internet on Earth. He is a Force."

She drums her fingers on yours. "At what point do the deeds of a man supersede the man? All the suffering he's caused: has that become more Kariket than Kariket? His habits, his voice, his agonizing beard: his history and his power have unseated him. His body and his mind are vestigial. How can you live that? Or love that? Divorced from himself. Do you think it's possible? If there could ever be someone who truly understands what he is but finds a way to love him?"

1]] No. At some point it becomes impossible.
2]] Sure. Hitler had Eva Braun.
3]] I couldn't say.
4]] Tell her about what you saw when you dreamed next to her.
5]] ________________
No. 741612 ID: 595d54

2. If you understand how someone works and why they do the things they do well enough, it gets almost impossible to hate them, and barring a fluke of statistics, nobody's pure evil. Hitler was nice to dogs, flirted with Eva, and used to want to be an artist. Stalin loved his wife very much and got really fucked up when she died.
No. 741618 ID: 9328cf

2 and 3.
"Sure. Hitler had Eva Braun. But then again Kariket's gone a bit further than der führer ever did, so I couldn't say."
No. 741619 ID: c94cbb

4! This is as good an opening as we're ever going to get.
No. 741620 ID: 9f3729

2. There's people who romanticize serial killers, even. That whole "love is blind" thing isn't hyperbole, there's always going to be someone who can look past even the most abhorrent evils, or even get more enamoured for them.
No. 741622 ID: 1d4e27

It was.

No. 741623 ID: 7b7ab3

Every flame attracts its moths.
No. 741625 ID: c520b7

"I couldn't say. Seriously, he's a centuries old, psychic, alien tyrant with a taste for genocide. He and I are so completely different it's almost hilarious. You might as well ask a fish to understand an airplane."
No. 741629 ID: 1d4e27

Understanding is our job, so we have to try.
No. 741630 ID: b2d501

5) He may have had friends, a family, might have been a likable man once. Might still be a mortal man under all that violence and ruthlessness. But he's stuck on his throne, one made from propaganda and power and hate, and nobody alive knows how to bring him back. If we can't break him free, we may as well kill him and burn down his throne before he does something desperate.
No. 741631 ID: 350a50


Don't mention the dream, Ambrose and Rella are in earshot. Save it for in private at her place.
No. 741632 ID: 91ee5f

No it's not! She's not going to want to talk about something like that with Ambrose and Rella listening in.
No. 741643 ID: 3adcf8

5: "I think anyone can be loved as long as they're fully capable to love in return. He might not deserve it and someone could probably do better but if love was about what is deserved or what is best then the world would be a very lonely place...
Also the beard would have to go."

Squeeze her hand a bit
No. 741646 ID: d8dc8a

Mention that you had the dream and suggest that you talk about it soon in private.
No. 741657 ID: 7d7f18

Seconded. These are crazy, mixed up worlds we live in, and they're filled with crazy, mixed up people. Just about anything is possible!
No. 741671 ID: 8963ff

2: Goes to show even genocidal maniacs had loved ones once. Kind of makes you wonder how someone responsible for so much hatred and violence is even capable of love in the first place.

3: But I can't say, really. Its almost on an individual basis, but we tend to latch on the most famous examples as a template.

>>741630 and >>741643 both make good 5s.
No. 741702 ID: db0da2

Sure, but that isn't saying much. There are a lot of people in the world. Worlds. Deeds are just a reflection of the mind, perhaps he could find someone who's just as much of a monster as he is on the inside. They would have to be both empathic and incredibly cruel, but I'm sure someone like that exists somewhere out there.
No. 741703 ID: b1960b
File 147098179419.png - (26.78KB , 960x560 , 548.png )

"Sure," you say. "He might not deserve it, and whoever it is could do better, but if love's about what's deserved or what's best we'd be in a very lonely world."
"We are in a very lonely world, Zack." Poly squeezes your hand. You squeeze back. "That's what makes this so special."
"Still. Every flame has its moth."
"I like that." She smiles out the window. "That is a lovely thing to think."

"You'll have to pardon us for a spell, darlings." Polyphema leans in the doorway with her poster. Ambrose and Rella stand outside. "I need a little bit of one-on-one time with Mr. Nguyen."
"Sure," Rella says. "We hear screaming we'll come in. Depending on the screaming."
Ambrose gives you a thumbs-up.
"You're angels," Polyphema says. "Guardian angels. Thank you for carting my big Oculot posterior around all day."
"Our pleasure, Ms. Poly," Ambrose says.
"I got a candlestick," Rella says.
Polyphema gives Rella a half-hug then closes the door.

"Now Zackary." She casually tosses the poster tube onto the carpet, where it rolls a couple feet then bumps into her coffee table. "I'd like to do something for you I don't think anyone has ever done for you." She pulls the clip out of her hair and lets her topbun fall across her shoulders. "But it does involve your pelvis. So if I don't have your full trust, I'd understand a rain check."

1]] There's no one I trust more with my pelvis than you, Polyphema.
2]] That might be a good idea...
3]] Is there a reason I shouldn't trust you?
4]] Wait: I need to talk to you about something first. Something important.
5]] ___________________
No. 741704 ID: db0da2

No. 741705 ID: 9f3729

1, let's not turn down surprises in favor of big possibly-lethal-amounts-of-we-know-things-we-shouldn't kariket revelations until after.
No. 741709 ID: 595d54

No. 741716 ID: 7d7f18

1]] There's no one I trust more with my pelvis than you, Polyphema.

Lord knows she's been around it enough.
No. 741719 ID: 1d4e27

1. No use asking questions we already know the answer to.
No. 741720 ID: 7b7ab3

1. We trust the fate of our groin in her lovely hands.

Bet you thought you'd never see that sentence written down, huh?
No. 741722 ID: 4eadca

Still be careful, though, please!
No. 741726 ID: da8047

1 for obvious reasons.
No. 741743 ID: 5a893f

And 5) and if you hurt me anyway, it'll be a fun pain.
No. 741765 ID: 3adcf8

No. 741767 ID: 241e9d

"There's no one I trust more with my pelvis than you, Polyphema. Except that nurse back at the hospital, but that's different."
No. 741770 ID: cf8a2e

5), a variant on 4: "Wait a moment: There's something I need to talk to you about. Something important. I don't want to right now, but I keep forgetting, so I want to like... make an appointment."

Do that, then 1.
No. 741771 ID: 8963ff

No. 741772 ID: d7e052

No. 741785 ID: 6abd99

This sounds good. Put off the serious, possibly terrible talk and just enjoy the moment.
No. 741799 ID: b21072


I mean seriously she's my favorite in this whole quest of course I'm gonna pick that.
No. 741809 ID: b1960b
File 147102388208.png - (15.25KB , 960x729 , 549.png )

"There is nobody I trust more with my pelvis than you, Poly," you say.

"Maravilla." She gives you a peck on the neck. "Then drop the cane and take a seat."
She guides you to an overstuffed easy chair and lowers you to the cushion.
"Now just sit tight," she says. "Make yourself comfortable. I will be right back."

She glides off to her room.

You sit back. You look at your reflection in Polyphema's sizable plasma TV. There's an ornately styled and corked bottle of wine on the coffee table.

The stereo clicks on remotely, jerking you upright again.
A complex, pounding 7/4 drumbeat.

Polyphema's door clicks open.

You blink.
"Poly? What's with the--"

Polyphema puts a finger to her lips.

Then she starts dancing.

No. 741810 ID: b1960b
File 147102390307.png - (82.23KB , 960x560 , 550.png )

No. 741811 ID: b1960b
File 147102391335.png - (38.28KB , 960x560 , 551.png )

No. 741812 ID: b1960b
File 147102392375.png - (92.97KB , 960x729 , 552.png )

No. 741816 ID: b1960b
File 147102404585.png - (13.11KB , 960x729 , 553.png )

She ends in an impossible split, just as the drums thunder to a crescendo then halt.
The hoop slows its rotation against her heel, does a couple more lazy revolutions, and stops.
She opens her eye and smiles brightly at you.

No. 741818 ID: b1960b
File 147102410208.png - (11.48KB , 960x560 , 554.png )

1]] ______________
No. 741820 ID: 7b7ab3

"That... that was... oh, my God..."

Stunned, awestruck clapping.
No. 741821 ID: f2919d

Polyphema, you're trying to seduce me.

And it's working.

Very well.
No. 741822 ID: 43e0ce

Stunned silence followed by "I love you, Polyphema."
No. 741828 ID: 595d54


That's not something to say every time.
No. 741829 ID: 1137e8

"Firehoop dancing is the single greatest creation in the entire history of golboria, and I think my heart stopped."
No. 741834 ID: 91ee5f

*jaw drop, mouth hanging wide open in awestruck amazement* O8
No. 741836 ID: e2b272

The appropriate reactions.
No. 741838 ID: cf8a2e

"I feel culturally enlightened in all the best ways."
No. 741848 ID: 9170b0

These mixed with some wild applause.
No. 741863 ID: b1960b
File 147104012589.png - (81.86KB , 960x800 , 555.png )

"That was-- that-- Holy shit." You applaud. Polyphema straightens up and bows. "I am culturally enlightened in all the best ways."
"That wasn't the present," Polyphema says.
"It wasn't?"
"That was limbering up." Polyphema unclips her leggings from her underwear. "This is the present." She slips her panties down one leg and kicks them away.

She sashays up to your seat and pushes a lever on the side of the chair with her foot. The easy chair reclines and you tilt backward.
She kicks one leg up and out, resting it on the arm to your left. She braces herself on the top of the chair, then busts into a split.
You gawk.
She giggles.
"In my prime dancing days I could do two hoops at once, on fire," she says. "Which is how you're supposed to do it. Tricky with just the one pair of arms. I've fallen a little out of practice."
She pinches the button of your pants between her thumb and forefinger and expertly flicks it undone. "But some things I'm built for. And I'm still the champ. Like I told you this morning. Distribution..."
She flexes her thighs and lowers her hips down just a few inches, brushing along the painfully firm bulge in your pants. Her breasts push against your chest. Your heart is imitating the firehoop drums. "And application."
She unzips your fly.
"I love you," you say.

Polyphema pauses, her finger tugging down the elastic of your boxers.
"I've been wondering since the car," she says. "Since we talked about the Kariket. Do you think it's possible to truly love someone you don't understand?"

1]] Yes.
2]] No.
3]] I do understand you.
4]] Nobody really understands anybody.
5]] _____________

No. 741865 ID: 595d54

Sure. "Truly" is pointless, there's no one valid kind of love. You don't need to have a whole in-depth scan of what made someone the person they are and why they do what they do, you can just love what they do, for you, for other people, in general, whatever. As valid as anything else.
No. 741867 ID: 24100f

I sure as hell hope so.

This whole everything is built around the idea that love leads to understanding. Or maybe the other way around. Or both.
No. 741870 ID: d1fde2

You can truly love the parts you do understand. And more understanding means more to love.
No. 741872 ID: 9170b0

"Yes. Absolutely. I know this because it is a fundamental part of my life now. I don't fully understand you or GG or Bika or Meg, but I love you all the same. That is a fact."
No. 741874 ID: 7b7ab3

ALL of this.
No. 741875 ID: 350a50

"People love things they don't understand all the time."
No. 741877 ID: cf8a2e

5): "I'm not so certain if you can really draw a line between true love and not-true love. There are lots of different types of love, and every relationship has a different blend. There are ways I love you that aren't in play with GG, for example, and ways I love her that aren't in play with you. Some kinds of love you can have without understanding, some of them you can only have with, but I don't think I'd say that makes them any more or less valid by itself. Though the more love the better, I think."

"If you want me to bring it home, though: I think really understanding anything is very rare. If understanding was a prerequisite for love, I think that'd rule out almost every example of love there's been. For humans, anyway. Maybe oculots really can understand each other, by linking the way you do. Do you feel like your love for people you weren't able to link with was less for it?"
No. 741879 ID: 6af38e

That is a lot of words to someone rubbing their pussy on you.

Can we leave it at 1?
No. 741887 ID: 8eafef

1]] "Poly, take it from a guy dating four very different women from four very different alien species. The answer is an emphatic, unequivocal yes."
No. 741890 ID: 8963ff

1. A HUGE 1. >>741877 can be a choice as long as it ends with: "And even after saying all of that, I'm still rock hard."
No. 741907 ID: 25c66e

4 therefor 1.
No. 741909 ID: 6612fa

5.) "love is finding someone that makes you happy and content, so much so your very happiness is dependent on their happiness, and all i want to do is make you happy." bend your neck up and kiss her
No. 741910 ID: 7dad34

2, 5) "After all, there's no such thing as "true" love. You have to LIVE the romance along with someone beside you.

And right now I feel @#$%ing alive. Screw it, I don't have the poetry for this, let's @#$%!"
No. 741924 ID: f562b1

Regarding number 4: Oculots can, thanks to their empathy. So, I say 4: "Well, aside from Oculot empathy, you'd have a hard time finding people who completely know one another. ...Does empathy let you understand each other?"
No. 741928 ID: fe3e57

No. 741934 ID: 595d54

You're thinking of neumono. Oculot have telepathy and they're good at seeing other people's perspectives.
No. 741946 ID: b1960b
File 147106919840.png - (85.48KB , 960x800 , 556.png )

There's a lot you want to say but it's hard to focus when the blood is rushing so pointedly into one isolated part of your anatomy.
So you just say "Yes."
"Good." Polyphema pulls your dick out of your pants. "I do too."
Your toes curl. Her palms are soft as silk. "Does this feel OK?" she asks, from back in the civilized world.
"Yeah." You swallow. "Better than OK."
She runs the head of your shaft down the groove of her stomach as she raises her hips back up. "I've been waiting for this," she croons, pivoting her hips, bringing you just to the entrace of her then gliding frictionlessly down the length of your dick, teasing you. "Alllll day. Can you feel?" She's warm and damp and inviting. You twitch.
"God. Poly. Please." You're gasping.
"Please what?" She's grinning like a cheshire cat.
She giggles. "Just promise me that you won't move around and hurt yourself. Just lie back. And feel me."
She lines you up and eases herself down, inch by squishy, enveloping inch.

No. 741948 ID: b1960b
File 147106931071.png - (13.93KB , 960x560 , 557.png )

As she descends her grin melts down into the groaning, lip-biting countenance of ecstasy. Your head goes white inside and floats backward as if by magic. Her muscles, taut with the effort of her position, clench and coil in her abdomen. You can feel all of it.

She is the tightest 326 year old you've ever met.

"Am I hurting you?"
She eases herself back up. The air is sharp and cold where she was. Instinctually your hips try to rejoin hers but you stop yourself and force them to wait. She comes back down, her core hardening and flexing, and gives you a voracious, sloppy kiss as she does so.
"Hot damn I'm good," she says.
You groan in reply.
She licks your cheek. "My handsome human." Up again, down again. "My big human." Up-down. "Zack. Fill me up." She's getting into a rhythm now. "Mza gjazili saropa."
She really does like playing with your ears.
You run your hand along the ridges at her hips. She nods into your neck. You grip them firmly.
"Can you-- pull them," she says.
You pull down on them and her back arches. "Oh God. Like that."

You feel something tickling your back and building in your hips. Ohhh, shit. This crazy position combined with the dance is wreaking havoc on the Ol' Nguyen Endurance. At this rate something that never happens, honestly, is going to happen. You're going, as they say, to pop the champagne before midnight.

1]] _____________
No. 741951 ID: fe3e57

Shut our eyes, bite our tongue, and think of something really, really aggravating.
Works every time.
No. 741952 ID: 7b7ab3

"Poly Poly I'm close I'm close I'm fucking close!"
Hold onto something and grit those teeth!

>"Mza gjazili saropa."
>"My _______ human."
We have got to take some language classes.
No. 741956 ID: 5d0ade

Hold her in position for a moment to recover some ground. Say "Poly it's too good, hold still a sec", and move one hand to keep on pleasing her while you lean in for some kissing. Staying in one position for her is probably strenuous so don't keep it up too long. Put those mental efforts to work as well, think of something unsexy. Think of the wrinkly propaganda oculot.
No. 741958 ID: be8da4

This! Get a grip, communicate, and work together to attain mutual satisfaction!
No. 741960 ID: a107fd

>think of something unsexy
No, bad plan. You just end up with weird backwards horrible fetishes that way.
No. 741971 ID: 3adcf8

Count by doubles if you really have to. Or just tell her your close and she can decide what to do with that.
No. 741977 ID: f4b0f2

Warn her of your impending "misfire" and see if there's a way you two can keep this party rolling.
No. 741992 ID: 057c5f

No. 741993 ID: 960f86

> implying propaganda oculot isnt sexy af and zach doesn't blow his load immediately
seriously though, this.
No. 741998 ID: 5d0ade
File 147112132888.png - (50.07KB , 408x454 , i_would_wink_but_you_know.png )

No. 742008 ID: 960f86

No. 742009 ID: 3c974b

Redirect focus to bringing her to orgasm. Grab her breasts, tug on her ridges, rub her clit, do whatever is necessary. Having an objective should help to slow our climax.
No. 742028 ID: dcd676

These. Tell her you're getting way too close and attempt to change focus on your own initiative.

Unless she has something in mind herself, of course.
No. 742067 ID: b1960b
File 147114900417.png - (55.00KB , 831x642 , 558.png )

"Poly. Polypoly hold on hold on I'm close"
The smile stretches back across her face. She speeds up. Her butt makes a rhythmic clapping sound against your thighs but she somehow still feels weightless.
"Poly wait wait wait"
"Uh-uh." She licks her lips and shakes her head. You try to think of the wrinkly old oculot on the propaganda poster, but it's hard when the nubile, voluptuous reality of the species is riding on your dick this energetically. Her eye is so fucking blue that it leaves ghost images against your corneas.
She's going so fast now her breasts are bouncing out of her top. She whips it off, plants a hand on the back of your neck, and pulls your face against her chest.
"Loverrr," she whispers urgently, the r curling into a Golborian roll, her tongue flicking at your ear. "Cum inside me." She's flexing her butt with each pump now, willing it out of you. "Fill me full. Make me yours."
You count doubles. You try to remember the capitals. It is no fucking use. You plant a palm on her round ass and let nature take its course.

No. 742068 ID: b1960b
File 147114902777.png - (7.99KB , 960x560 , 559.png )

....... what the fuck?
No. 742069 ID: b1960b
File 147114906378.png - (12.12KB , 960x800 , 560.png )


Who is this? Where are you? Wait, why does she only have one eyeball?
"Did you enjoy your present?" she asks, then before you can say anything she kisses you.

Wait: who are you?
No. 742070 ID: 1d4e27

You are Batman. YOU ARE THE NIGHT. You shout this to everyone you see.
No. 742071 ID: 9f3729

"Ok this is gonna sound fucked up since my dicks in you right now, but this isn't a prank I have very suddenly lost all idea who I am and who you are and I am VERY confused???"
No. 742075 ID: 8963ff

"Miss, um, c-c-can you tell me what the fuck is going on? Seriously, who are you? Why did I just cum in you? WHO AM I?!?"
No. 742077 ID: 398fe1

Okay, logically this is your girlfriend because she just gave you sex as a present. So you should avoid upsetting her.

How about you tell her you need a moment, and try to remember yourself. Look around, does anything look familiar?

Try to remember, you are Zachary Nguyen, and she is one of your four cross-dimensional girlfriends. You know her as Polyphemia but that is not her real name.
No. 742088 ID: 90f3c0

"I'm afraid you've literally fucked my brains out."
No. 742090 ID: 595d54

"Why do I have retrograde amnesia?"
No. 742091 ID: b1960b
File 147115139805.gif - (10.13KB , 720x540 , 561.gif )

"This is going to sound really weird," you say. "But I think I just forgot who I am."

She laughs. It's a lovely laugh.

"I'm not kidding," you say.
"I don't know who I am or who you are."
"You-- you're Zack. Remember? Zack Nguyen."

You blink. "Oh my god. Yes. Right. Zack."
"And I'm-- Tiffany."
"No you're not, Poly."

She exhales a sigh of relief. "Oh thank God. What was that?"

1]] Just kidding!!
2]] I don't know. I think you might have just done something to me psionically.
3]] You just literally fucked my brains out, babe.
4]] This uhhh happens to me sometimes. It's embarrassing.
5]] Now that I remember I'm sorry you didn't cum.
6]] _________________
No. 742092 ID: defceb

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
No. 742093 ID: 9f3729

3 and 5, but deliver three in as serious a tone as you can.
No. 742096 ID: 398fe1

2. C'mon be honest with your girl.
No. 742097 ID: 18c9f5

2 , 3 , 5
No. 742100 ID: 90f3c0

3, 2, 5
No. 742101 ID: b2d501

2) OKAY, that's enough psychic-sexual experimentation for one week. Looks like your brain fried so hard, you lost access to your long-term non-academic memories for a few seconds. Unfortunately for you, it didn't start a few seconds earlier...

6) ... I wonder if you heard us.

3) How about next time you get amnesia, we ask how many walls it takes to break a fourth wall within a fourth wall within a salad.
No. 742102 ID: 1d4e27

2 and 3. Strong emotion is the source of Oculot abilities. Has this happened to partners from other species?
No. 742108 ID: 91ee5f

6) "Just to clarify and make sure that my memories are all still there, I'm in a relationship with four lovely extra dimensional ladies, right? And their names and species are GG the Warrior, Bika the Skut, Meg the Floater, and you, Poly the Oculot. Did I remember all of that correctly?"
No. 742111 ID: 3c974b

2, 3, 5, and >>742108.
No. 742112 ID: 595d54

By the way, while we're messing around with heads, are you aware of our presence, Zack?
No. 742115 ID: 398fe1

Even if it hasn't, I think humans are more vulnerable to it or something?
A good place to start would be to ask Poly what emotions she was feeling. Also mention her eye was getting bright.
No. 742117 ID: 7b7ab3

Also, should we maybe have this checked out? Medically? It's more than a little concerning.
No. 742118 ID: 960f86

2, 3, 5 - then attempt to discuss the philosophical ramifications of your psionic link with her hood pressed against your chin.
No. 742123 ID: b1960b
File 147115593613.png - (9.70KB , 960x560 , 562.png )

"I think you literally fucked my brains out," you say. "Like you did something to me psionically."
"Oh, god. Maybe." Polyphema carefully dismounts. "I need a towel."
"Because your semen is dripping down my thigh, darling."
"Oh. Right."
She shuffles carefully to the bathroom, legs tightly together.
"I'm sorry you didn't cum," you say.
"Don't be, doll," she calls. "That was for you. There's no way I was going to in that pose. Too much exertion." The sound of a showerhead. "The journey is as valuable as the destination." She reemerges from the bathroom and sits on the leg of your easy chair. "I love how your jaw looks when you orgasm."
"I'm in a relationship with you, GG, Meg, and Bika, right?" you ask. "I'm not forgetting anything?"
"Lois," Polyphema says. "Joking. Sorry."
"Has this happened before?" you ask. "To partners of other species?"
She shakes her head. "If it has they've stayed mum about it."
"Your eye was getting really bright."
"That confirms it." She sighs. "Damn damn damn. The pitfalls of oculot life."
"Well what were you thinking about when you did it?" you ask. "What was the emotion?"
"Oh. Nothing." Polyphema shifts. "This can happen sometimes. Little hiccups. Powers that aren't species-wide. Completely unpredictable."
"But maybe we could replicate it. This might be a new thing."
"I don't--" she covers her mouth. "That would be difficult."
"Why? What was it? Was it something bad?" You rub her leg. "You don't have to tell me."
"No. Nonono it wasn't bad. It was stupid. It was just--" Polyphema covers her eye. She is blushing hard. You've never seen her blush. "I was wntgthvyrbby."
"You're mumbling."
"Wanting to have your baby," she says.
No. 742125 ID: 595d54

Oh wow that's adorable. Well, there's always adoption, and... actually, what molecule does Golborian life use to encrypt information? Probably not DNA. ...think Meg has a functional human uterus?
No. 742126 ID: e22b1d

No. 742127 ID: 25c66e

Zach this is a serious discussion, don't get a boner. No stop, remember the refractory period.

"You know, the doc I talked to about my hip was saying medical tech is set to get crazy. Who knows in ten, twenty years?"
No. 742128 ID: 398fe1

That is adorable. But yeah, probably can't replicate it with someone we'd want to actually do it to.

Touch her belly. Ask her if she really wants that, your child growing inside her. Because... something like it might be possible with technological advances. Genetically designed Oculot baby made to resemble you.
No. 742131 ID: 209e37

oooohhhhhhhh nnnnnnooooooooo
hug the pretty cyclops
kiss kiss love love
No. 742132 ID: f562b1

>"Wanting to have your baby," she says.
Wait, does that mean she's wiping the memory because babies have no memory?
Does Kariket literally turn people into babies that way? Did he find a way to amplify that emotion (as well as feeling it himself)?!

...Regardless, sounds like something you should get used to, Zack.
No. 742134 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 742135 ID: 398fe1

What no he uses the emotion of SCORN. It's a different type of memory manipulation (in his case, being able to control the mind to alter its own memory) and in this case I think the emotion translates into a wish of "creating new life", which if you wipe someone's memory is kindof like that.
No. 742137 ID: 99be3c

"Polyphema, that is the single most romantic, flattering, heartbreaking, outright sexy thing you have ever said to me. I don't know how you're gonna top it."
No. 742140 ID: 9f3729

"I mean, that might not be entirely impossible. That CRISPR gene editing stuff's pretty neat."
No. 742141 ID: b1960b
File 147115801328.png - (9.94KB , 960x560 , 563.png )

"Well I mean-- maybe in a few decades science can--"

"OH God no I don't really want kids. No no no no." Polyphema waves her hand in front of her face. She's gone even redder. "Me as a mom? Can you imagine? I'd-- no no no. I'm 326 years old. I haven't had any children for a reason. I just--" She squirms. "I like to-- I fantasize sometimes. Like the one I told you on our hike, where I'm a classy prostitute. It helps me get-- you know. I wouldn't have been so-- I wouldn't have wiped your mind if I'd thought I might actually get pregnant."
She tries to compose herself. She is uncharacteristically flustered. "Obviously we know what fantasies to avoid now."

1]] _____________
No. 742142 ID: 595d54

"Only during sex. Imaginary family planning sounds fun. We could play the Sims together, I'm sure that would be a completely accurate and functional representation."
No. 742145 ID: 99be3c

Correction: obviously we know what fantasies to INDULGE THOROUGHLY now.
No. 742146 ID: 398fe1

Who says you're gonna avoid it? She can just wear that scarf. Or use a position where she isn't staring you in the face.

(I think the emotion she was feeling was DENIAL.)
No. 742147 ID: e22b1d

Classy prostitute?
That sounds like a fun one to explore.
No. 742150 ID: 7b7ab3

This, but only because I really, really like the idea of her playing video games.

She needs her own gaming channel on YouTube.

"Poly Plays."
No. 742151 ID: 398fe1

Wait, no, not denial. Hmm. "wouldn't have been so"... turned on? Maybe she just has some kind of weird lust=mindwipe power that doesn't really logically follow.
No. 742154 ID: b2d501

... Adopt a Skut? I mean LITERALLY ONE SKUT. When I think about it, this seems practical; since Skuts care more about the colonies' core consciousness than individual colonists, you could adopt one with a birth defect. They'll just replace the kid, and since individual Skuts don't have enough of a mind to fully think for themselves, you technically don't risk accidental death on a sapient individual.

... I wonder how many Skuts have dropped off their infants at orphanages so they don't have to worry about the dead corpses of comatose empty shells.
No. 742155 ID: 193305

"May I just say that I am VERY proud of myself right now. I managed to make a 326 year old, psychic, dimension hopping, freedom fighting badass of a woman blush like a school girl. Feeling mighty fine right now."
No. 742156 ID: c259a7

"Well, it didn't last very long. And maybe it wouldn't happen if we weren't directly face-to-face? We could experiment. Though I guess you probably wouldn't be able to get yourself to do that again right now even if you wanted to."

"Oh, speaking of oculot powers, I've been having a couple more dreams. I was wondering if it's ok with you if I talk about them to the other girls? Not like, to uncover your mysteries, just that it's a thing that happens, and stuff I learn from them that doesn't involve you. One dream I had was GG's childhood, it seems fair to let people know I could see their past if we three all sleep together."
No. 742160 ID: 398fe1

If we're gonna talk about that we should probably maybe finally bring up the Kariket's power with Poly.
No. 742161 ID: c259a7


Not right now, I think. Let's get this less troubling/downer part out of the way first, we can do that much and still keep things pretty comfortable. Poly's in a tender spot. We can talk about the kariket later. I'd say it's an odds-on chance Poly would be curious enough to ask what dreams Zack's had, anyway, and that would be better to open it than Zack bringing it up himself.
No. 742162 ID: 193305

Please don't ruin the moment.
No. 742163 ID: c57f6b

No. 742165 ID: c259a7


It wouldn't ruin the moment if it was just a brief off-hand question. "Can I talk to the other girls about stuff I see in the dreams that isn't directly related to you." It's a perfectly reasonable request and on topic. Not like it's me who decides what Zack does, though, anyway.

Still interested in figuring out what just happened. Maybe it's related to how Oculots reproduce? Maybe for some reason there's a psychic link involved as well, the lady absorbs mental information from the guy as well as genetic? And she decided to try it with Zack because she figured it wouldn't work anyway and it would help her fantasy, and him being human borked it somehow?

Anyway, we should tell her we're happy to have scratched off another square on the Poly lottery kink card, looking forward to more.
No. 742171 ID: ece26f

"Actually you've now added impregnating classy prostitutes as one my fantasies!"

A beat.

"I'm kidding."
No. 742172 ID: ee1ff4

Oh no, cute
Pull her closer and kiss her and say >>742145
No. 742173 ID: 544cb7

I think if we had a kid they'd be great. Now that you've made me think about it, I think I'm gonna have to fantasize abut it every now and then myself.
No. 742179 ID: 4012dd

tbh you're fairly maternal. more maternal than my mother.
it's ok that you decided against though, i can get that.
No. 742181 ID: 3abd97

>Obviously we know what fantasies to avoid now.
Hey, a few moments of confusion are a small price to pay.
No. 742185 ID: 350a50

"Is it possible that being deeply lost in a fantasy triggers the 'mind blank' effect?"
No. 742200 ID: b1960b
File 147120036951.png - (9.40KB , 960x560 , 564.png )

"Obviously now we know what fantasies to indulge in." You grab her around the waist. Her stomach has just the right amount of smush to it.
"Noooo!" She beats your chest in mock-protest.
You pull her into a kiss. Her no becomes an indulgent mmmm.

1]] Suggest a nap.
2]] Suggest going out somewhere: __________
3]] Suggest an apartment activity: ________
4]] Suggest regrouping with the other girls.
5]] Suggest something else: _______________
6]] Tell her about your dreams.
--A]] Tell her about your Kariket dream.
--B]] Tell her about your GG dream.
--C]] Tell her about your Bijala dream.
7]] _________________
No. 742201 ID: 4affa1

4 (GG xor Bika), 6C.
No. 742205 ID: 8963ff

6A or 6C, then 1 and 4.
No. 742207 ID: c259a7

6B and 6C, in the latter case describe how you tried to wake up in order to not creep on someone you didn't know, but you're not sure whether you succeeded or your phone woke you. Also say you had another dream but it was pretty disturbing and didn't seem to involve her directly and it'd be kind of a horrible downer to talk about. Let her decide if she wants to know about it after that.

And after those, 7) Ask if you can talk to the other girls about this dream thing.

Then 5), suggest something else: Gossip! And/or advice/conversation. Talk about how things went with GG and her parents, and about how Bika and Meg are in bed(s) now, and how you're thinking you need to come up with a way to pay Bika back for giving you lodgings and food so freely but all you've thought of so far you could do is offer your astonishing sandwich skills, and you don't know if Zackary Nguyen's pervert demonboy humanwiches will be a big seller at the Speed Luck Skut.
No. 742208 ID: 87ee39

6B because it raises even more questions about the dreams, and it's less likely to result in a Bad Time.
Then 1 and 4.
No. 742209 ID: 7b7ab3

4 and 6B.
No nap! We're in deep enough as it is!
We can tell her we've had other dreams, but they were likely not the kind she wants to discuss.
No. 742210 ID: 6abd99

>5), suggest something else: Gossip! And/or advice/conversation. Talk about how things went with GG and her parents, and about how Bika and Meg are in bed(s) now, and how you're thinking you need to come up with a way to pay Bika back for giving you lodgings and food so freely but all you've thought of so far you could do is offer your astonishing sandwich skills, and you don't know if Zackary Nguyen's pervert demonboy humanwiches will be a big seller at the Speed Luck Skut.
No. 742232 ID: 44c57e

3, 4.
Let's have a glass or two of wine, then head back to SLS. Shoot a text to the girls to let them know.
No. 742233 ID: 398fe1

6B sounds like a good idea, but I'm gonna say no to 6C, because she does not want to be reminded of her past.
No. 742263 ID: 350a50

6B, then 7: mention the dream last night, which you figured out how to back out of before anything important happened. Then ask if this place is secure, because you need to talk to her about something much more sensitive.
No. 742273 ID: 398fe1

I think we should just assume no it's not secure and besides someone could be listening at the door. If we're gonna tell her about the kariket dream we should do it via the phone trick. Maybe even while ensuring no hidden cameras could possibly see the phone.
No. 742301 ID: d8dc8a

Wait why aren't we telling her about the Kariket dream? We need to tell her about the Kariket dream. I know it doesn't feel like a good moment, but it never will. Now. Let's do it now.
No. 742304 ID: 350a50

I agree. I want to confirm whether she believes it's secure first, however, and convey that caution should be taken.
No. 742333 ID: 6c25ef

6B because it's interesting and mostly innocuous while being tangentially related to subject matter we've just been covering.

But god please no bringing up other dreams. The Kariket is an obvious no-no because it's knowledge we get killed for having and opens the door on all sorts of questions Poly deffo does not want to talk about. Bijala is a no-no because she's probably dead and also it's weird to bring up some girl she dommed one time at an orgy.
No. 742334 ID: 8ec3f1

She's definitely dead: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/630196.html#631453
No. 742347 ID: 4ed175

This plus 4.
No. 742354 ID: 544cb7

Pull her into a post coital cuddle and talk about dreams. Tell her about the kariket and have that fallout happen now if it has too. If she's not bothered you can bring up other dreams.
No. 742370 ID: 1d4e27

1, 6B, 4.
No. 742407 ID: 6612fa

mention that we think we know who she is, and if your wrong it will make for a great laugh now and in the future whenever you need something to embarrass us. tick for tat you know.
if we are right we don't really care.
the Kariket's daughter
her dad was a farmer, so was the kariket, she has family issues. its all circumstantial but its enough to throw it out there and maybe get a laugh or get a plot development.
then tell her about all the dreams, she needs to know and nows the perfect time.
No. 742414 ID: e22b1d

Is nobody going to suggest cunnilingus?
This woman just gave us an orgasm so powerful it made us forget our name and she did it in a way that was clearly kind of uncomfortable for her. C'mon people. Let's make her squeal.
No. 742415 ID: 5a11bd


I don't think she would laugh. Also I think it's as likely the kariket's her brother as her dad, and in either case she's clearly put a lot of time and emotion into denying any such connection as hard as possible. So I still say talk about the other two dreams, mention having another more disturbing dream and let her decide, and ask if we can talk to the other girls about the dream thing. And besides that have a nice time gossiping.


And that.
No. 742440 ID: ce2e2f

these tbh
No. 742480 ID: b21072

Can the hands go down to grope her ass?
Cause that's what I wanna do right now.
No. 742488 ID: e08248

No. 742489 ID: 350a50


We can use that to bring the mood back up after we have serious talk.
No. 742575 ID: 38eb84

No. 742580 ID: b1960b
File 147133226689.png - (11.76KB , 960x560 , 565.png )

You squeeze Poly's butt. You've never dated anyone with an ass quite like hers, human or otherwise. It's so round and soft but miraculously devoid of cellulite. Thick, you guess, is the word.
You finish the kiss, eventually.
"Should we see what everyone else is up to?" you ask.
"Bored of me already, Zacky boy?"
"No, just--"
"I'm pulling your leg." She kisses your cheek and hops off of you. "Let us see indeed."

"So Bika and Meg are in bed now," you say, as Poly wiggles into the kind of thong that only makes her look more naked.
"I called it!" Poly snaps the elastic.
"Did you?"
"Well to GG I did. It's not like Megumi is shy about what she's looking for, is she. Which, for now, doesn't appear to be female. Oh well. Does she taste as nice as she smells?"
"A little synthetic but yeah."
"I suppose Bika could appreciate it more," Polyphema says. "Being a gourmet and all. Our little family grows ever more incestuous."
"Speaking of family I met GG's."
"Oh? And?" Polyphema reads your face. "Ooh."
"It could have gone worse," you say. "They could have broken my pelvis."
"I wish I had been there," Polyphema says. "I could have helped. Or at least I could have watched."
"Her dad's a real-- I don't know," you say. "It was tough. I tackled him."
"Ha! Maybe you didn't need my help after all!"
"I was out of my depth," you admit. "But actually while we're on the subject of GG..."
No. 742581 ID: b1960b
File 147133231173.png - (13.46KB , 960x560 , 566.png )

You tell Polyphema about your dream of GG's childhood.

"And you're sure it was her?"
"Positive. She was me."
"That is odd," Polyphema says. "That's, what. Her, Gaddjok, Bargeld... could it be that it's people I've loved?"
You think of the Kariket dream and freeze up for a second.
"But no wait," she says. "I've never slept with your mother, and you had a dream of her. There has to be some extra degree of separation involved. Very strange. Has there been anyone else?"
"Yeah, actually," you say, suppressing the urge to talk about the one dream you're most curious about, and that you're sure she doesn't want to hear. "I dreamed about when you met Bijala."
"Aaah! Bijala!" Polyphema smiles. "That was-- damn. At that party."
"Right!" She giggles. This is a better reaction than you anticipated. "What an evening. And you were Bijala?"
"Yeah," you say. "I think I've figured out how to wake up from them, unless I just got lucky with my phone. I snapped out of it right before it got too juicy."
"It got very juicy, didn't it. I remember. Too bad you missed out! I may be good with the boys but with the ladies I'm a savant."
"I don't see how you could get much better," you say.
"Female bodies give more opportunity for finesse," Polyphema says.
"Do you prefer that?"
"I don't know. The male libido is charmingly uncomplicated. The shot of fine whiskey to a woman's vintage wine." She taps her chin. "I'd just take one of each, I think. Or several."

You check your phone. You've sent everyone messages asking what they're up to at this point in the day.

:bika: Lunch rush ebbing
:bika: Why do humans love dumplings so much :poop:

:warrior: im working
:warrior: not all of us get paid just to bone bitch ..|..
:warrior: jk ilu
:warrior: u can come along if u want this bike has a little basket

:meg: busy
:meg: cnt say more
No. 742582 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if she recognizes the name "Euli".
No. 742583 ID: 6a6812

Well, you can say that a common thread seems to be that there's an oculot somewhere in each dream. In the Gaddjok dreams it was her, and Bargeld, her and Bijala in Bijala's obviously, and then in your mom's one there was Hiz's brother and in GG's one she had a teacher. (If you want, you could mention having another dream that also had oculots in it, one was a girl but you're pretty sure it wasn't Poly. If Poly asks what the dream was in more detail tell her it was pretty disturbing and you feel like maybe she wouldn't want to know.) If I recall, the GG dream also came when the three of you were literally sleeping together, so that might have had something to do with that one, too.

Ask if you can talk to the other girls you're with about this dream thing. You'd like to confirm with GG that what you saw was a real event from her life, and it seems fair to let people who might decide to sleep with Poly and you that actually snoozing together might mean you seeing their past.
No. 742584 ID: e22b1d

Both of these

Also it seems like we have some time before everyone is back together, so recasting my vote for cunnilingus. Then after that we should split that bottle of wine and invite Brose and Rella in and see how they're doing/try to play matchmaker.
No. 742596 ID: ecb207

tell her about the katikat dream
No. 742598 ID: 26bb87

Let's have a glass or two of wine, then head on back to Speed Luck Skut. It's pretty much home base now, so it makes for an excellent rendezvous point. Everyone can meet up there when their work's done.
No. 742600 ID: 5a893f

There's one dream I really want to talk about baaaaad, but it's serious, scary, and had dangerous knowledge. Enough so that talking about it could ruin a day for us, so I don't know if or when you'd like to talk about it. I do need to talk about it with you one day soon, but I'd like you to pick the moment, poly, unless now will be as good as ever a time.
No. 742601 ID: ee1ff4

No. 742603 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 742606 ID: 586d55

So what would she like to do now?
Go to the restaurant or something else?
No. 742610 ID: dcd676

These. Everyone making informed decisions is vital to this continuing to work for us all.
No. 742613 ID: b2d501

Seems like a good idea, but are you sure she won't freak out? If she knows or IS Euli, this might open a can of worms.

Might be a "pass it on" psychic thing that allows Occulots to do a demo version of Skut hive minds. I dunno.

Bika wants a better lunch. Bring Poly and take Bika's dumplings before she stuffs them up her [cat] in public.
No. 742616 ID: a8d5ba

>why do humans like dumplings so much
Delicious gluten. And also meat.
No. 742617 ID: e22b1d

Once again I implore you guys NOT to talk to Poly about the Kariket dream in anything but the vaguest terms. She has reacted really badly to us trying to get real about her dreams before and even if there's anything she can tell us we don't already know, it isn't going to be worth the damage it'll do. If she knows we're seeing stuff like that when we sleep with her I wouldn't be surprised if she refused to let herself fall asleep next to us anymore.
No. 742618 ID: 2a7417

Can't regroup with the other girls yet. Take a nap, old man.
No. 742620 ID: c57f6b

As much as it sucks, now is probably the best possible time to bring up the kariket dream. Better to do it now than wait for it to come up at a worse moment.
No. 742622 ID: 91ee5f

No. 742624 ID: b1960b
File 147137371917.png - (6.52KB , 960x560 , 567.png )

This seems like a contentious, important question, so I'm going to call for a vote to make sure we're absolutely clear.

Do you bring up the Kariket dream to Polyphema? You're not going to be able to go halfway with it.

1]] Yes
2]] No

((If your answer doesnt have a number in it I aint gonna count it))
No. 742626 ID: e22b1d

No. 742627 ID: 586d55

2]] No.
We've already told Meg about the Kariket's power, and she in turn will spread the word to those in power, and they in turn will take action.
The last thing Polyphema wants to hear about is the goings on inside that bastard's sick, twisted, evil, swollen head.
No. 742630 ID: 6518d8


Honesty and communication is the basis for all relationship. And ours is getting muddier and muddier with secrets and petty mysteries.
No. 742631 ID: 595d54


We can't keep waiting for "the perfect time", because there won't ever be one, and keeping this secret is just going to fuck things up in the long run. It's time to tear off the bandage.
No. 742635 ID: 7b7ab3


I don't even understand why people want to talk to her about it. What would it accomplish? She hates the Kariket, she doesn't want to talk about him, she doesn't want to hear his sob story, she doesn't want to dwell on her old life, and she doesn't want Zack to invade her privacy.
No. 742636 ID: dcd676

That's right, especially with Polyphema's insistence on running from her problems with alcohol already. This needs to come out, I just worry greatly for the consequences.
No. 742637 ID: 350a50


"I saw something else. Something bad."
No. 742638 ID: 62ea32

1), if it's being pared down to two choices like that. Though I hope Zack's second priority stat would be sufficient to at least soften it out a bit with some of the approaches we've been talking about, or some other method, instead of tripping his foot straight through his mouth and out through his digestive tract to kick his own ass.
No. 742639 ID: 5a893f

No. 742640 ID: 18c9f5

1. This is important.
No. 742641 ID: e63109

No. 742642 ID: 1d9183

No. 742643 ID: 59bd8b

1) the longer we sit on it the harder its going to be to bring up. We're already talking about the dreams, might as well go whole hog.